Woodlawn, Hillside & Old Pioneer Cemeteries

Village of Canisteo, Steuben County


Three cemetries within the Village of Canisteo are co-located: Old Pioneer, Hillside and Woodlawn.
Pioneer is between the old and new sections of Hillside. Woodlawn is on the flats below Hillside. One section of Hillside is on the flats across the dirt road that borders Woodlawn.

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NOTE: These lists are from gravestone readings, enhanced by information from obituaries and other sources. They are not an official record of the cemeteries. They are  works in progress.

There were burials made over time with no tombstones, and there were some that disappeared. If a person is listed in an obituary for a cemetery but no stone is found, we list them. If there is no stone or obituary documenting burial in the cemetery but it is highly like the person was buried at the cemetery, it is so noted. In some cases obituaries have listed the wrong cemetery. In some cases a person was buried in one cemetery and later moved to another.

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