Hebron, PA

(GPS Coordinates: 4150'35.90"N, 78 4'4.63"W)

Compiled from the records of The Potter County Historical Society
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Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to Hebron census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.
Birthdates marked with * are calculated from existing death dates and ages.

ALLEN, Alta. Born 1865, died 1872 - Dau of Wesley and Ann (Mitchell) Allen
ALLEN, Ann E. (Mitchell). Spouse of Wesley. Born 6-7-1842, died 2-1-1909 - Dau of Mahlon and Elizabeth (Gilbert) Mitchell. Wed 1864, one daughter.
ALLEN, Sarah M. Spouse of Ebenezer. Born 4-28-1818, died 5-22-1896
ALLEN, Wesley. Spouse of #1 Ann Mitchell, #2 Emily Perry Roby. Born 2-13-1842, died 8-16-1930. Age: 88 - Born in Almond NY. Wed Ann 1864, at least one daughter. Wed one year to Emily in 1910 Hebron Census - Civil War Vet, Co B, 188th NY Inf, Pvt.
ATKINSON, George W. Born 3-1874, died 1957 - Son of Moses and Emma J. Atkinson. (1900, 1880 Hebron Census)
AYERS, Elijah D. Spouse of Nancy/ Sarah. Born 12-1821, died 1905 - Married to Nancy in the 1850 and 1880 Hebron Census. (1900 Coudersport Ward 2 Census)
AYERS, Ira M. Born 1857, died 5-23-1857. Age: 10 - Son of Elijah D. and Nancy Ayers. (1850 Hebron Census)
AYERS, Milton. Born 1854, died 4-9-1857. Age: 13 - Son of Elijah D. and Nancy Ayers. (1850 Hebron Census)
AYERS, Nancy. Spouse of Elijah. Born 3-1-1822, died 6-2-1887 - 1st wife of Elijah
AYERS, Sarah. Spouse of Elijah. Born 1835, died 1898 - 2nd wife of Elijah
BABCOCK, S. Elvira (Stillman). Spouse of Rev. H. E. Born 6-02-1844*, died 2-7-1873. Age: 28y 8m 5d
BAKER, Isaac B. Spouse of Permelia (Dingman). Born 1822, died 5-7-1880 - Sawmill accident. - Civil War Vet, Co H, 46th PA Vols, Pvt.
BAKER, Isaac B., Jr. Spouse of Polly A. Luce. Born 1853, died 1936
BAKER, John B. Born 1872, died 1959
BAKER, Loscelia. Born 2-4-1889, died 3-25-1889 - Dau of L. S. and A. L. Baker
BAKER, Lottie Amy. Born 3-7-1888*, died 10-7-1888. Age: 7 m - Dau of J. S. and N. R. Baker
BAKER, Mrs Alice. Born 1895, died 1959
BAKER, Permelia (Dingman). Spouse of Isaac. Born 1828, died 1904
BAKER, Polly Amy (Luce). Spouse of Isaac B. Jr. Born 1854, died 1916
BIROSH, Caroline Pauline (Sholtes). Spouse of William Halle, William F. Born 3-24-1914, died 12-2-2006. Age: 92 - Dau of John and Mary C. (Disman) Sholtes. Born in Fairbank, d. East Lake OH (daughter's home). Wed 2nd William 2-05-1941 in Morgantown WV (He d. 2-11-1978)
BIROSH, Charles R. Jr. Spouse of Joan M. Price. Born 7-23-1946, died 12-11-2006. Age: 60 - Son of Charles R. and Leona (Kimple) Birosh Sr. Wed 6-1965.
BIROSH, Joan M. (Price). Spouse of Charles R. Jr. Born ??, died 9-29-2006 - Wed 6-1965.
BIROSH, Leona C. (Kimpel). Spouse of Charles R., Sr. Born 7-8-1923, died 12-1-2008. Age: 85 - Dau of Cedrick Hovermiller and Pearl Leona (Triber) Kimpel. Born in OH. Wed 5-1-1943 in Washington DC, he died 11-2-1993. 1 son.
BROCK, Amy. Spouse of Isaac. Born 1-04-1809*, died 2-7-1904. Age: 95y 1m 3d - Born in NY. Wed 2-5-1826 in NY, 7 children. (1850, 1900 Hebron Census)
BROCK, Isaac. Spouse of Amy. Born 10-10-1805*, died 4-26-1879. Age: 73y 6m 16d - (1850 Hebron Census)
BROCK, Lydia. Spouse of Perry B. Born 5-17-1849*, died 10-2-1868. Age: 19y 4m 16d - 1st wife of Perry.
BROCK, Perry B. Spouse of Lydia ?/ Sarah Weimer. Born 6-1848, died 1929 - Son of Isaac and Amy Brock. (1900 Hebron Census)
BROCK, Sarah L. (Weimer). Spouse of Perry B. Born 6-1851, died 1921 - Dau of Michael and Rebecca (Barr) Weimer. Born in Roulette, PA. (1900 Hebron Census)
BROWN, J. Leonard. Spouse of Arneda Dingman. Born 6-9-1908, died 3-27-1952 - Born in Mechanicsville, NY.
BURDICK, Almeron Green. Born 11-15-1841, died 12-14-1861 - Son of LeRoy, Sr. and Angeline (Greene) Burdick. Born in Alfred, NY - Civil War Vet, Co G, 53rd PA Vols, Pvt. Died at Camp California in Fairfax VA.
BURDICK, Arden Randolph. Spouse of Leta Hancock. Born 11-1893, died 1950 - Son of Elvin G. and Susie (Staysa) Burdick. (1900 Hebron Census)
BURDICK, Elizabeth Angeline. Born 1-26-1850, died 5-6-1872 - Dau of LeRoy, Sr. and Angeline (Greene) Burdick. Born in Persia NY.
BURDICK, Elvin Gains. Spouse of Susie Staysa. Born 8-9-1858, died 1935 - Son of Leroy, Sr. and Esther (FitzRandolph) Burdick. Born in Hebron PA. Wed 7-9-1890 in Coudersport. (1900 Hebron Census)
BURDICK, Elvin S. [Corky]. Spouse of Dorothy Springer. Born 9-24-1935, died 8-11-2010. Age: 74 - Son of A. Randolph and Leta (Hancock) Burdick. Born in Hebron PA. Wed 6-5-1954 on Crandall Hill, 5 children
BURDICK, Esther (FitzRandolph). Spouse of Leroy, Sr. Born 8-28-1828, died 2-23-1905 - 3rd wife of Leroy, Sr. (1880 Hebron Census)
BURDICK, Leroy, Jr. Born 10-9-1856, died 10-17-1874 - Son of Leroy, Sr. and Maryette (Greene) Burdick.
BURDICK, Leroy, Sr. Spouse of Angeline Greene/ Maryette Green/ Esther FitzRandolph. Born 6-14-1818, died 7-22-1905 - Son of Silas Burdick and ? (Maxon) Burdick. Wed three times. Angeline (w. 9-20-1840) and Maryette (w. 11-24-1853) were sisters. Wed Esther 11-28-1857 (1880 Hebron Census.)
BURDICK, Leta M. (Hancock). Spouse of Arden R. Born 1896, died 19?? - (1920 Hebron Census)
BURDICK, Rhea (Meacham). Spouse of Arden J. Born 5-27-1926, died 1-31-2016. Age: 89 - Dau of Arnold E. and Irene (Hackett) Meacham, born and died in Coudersport PA. Wed 9-2-1944 in Milport PA, five children. (He d. 3-19-1997)
BURDICK, Silas. Spouse of ? Maxon/ Elizabeth Crandall/ Fannie Clough/ Keziah Burdick. Born 6-20-1785, died 7-25-1869. Age: 84 - Son of Abraham, Jr. and ? (Gardiner) Burdick. Born in Rensslaer Co. NY. Wed 4 times.
BURDICK, Susie (Staysa). Spouse of Elvin G. Born 6-1866, died 1928 - Wed 7-9-1890 in Coudersport. (1900 Hebron Census)
CAMPBELL, Ellamay S. (Stearns). Spouse of James H. Born 4-9-1929, died 6-25-2021. Age: 92 - Dau of Don Gerald and Zeruah A. (Harris) Stearns. Born in Hebron PA, lived and died in Coudersport PA. Wed 3-24-1951 in Hebron, one son.
CAMPBELL, James H. Spouse of Ellamay Stearns. Born 1-8-1930, died 7-20-2012. Age: 82 - Son of James P. and Lula J. (Thompson) Campbell, born in Coudersport. Wed 3-24-1951 in Hebron, one son. - Korean War Vet, US Army
CAREY, Arch L. Born 11-8-1924, died 4-15-2014. Age: 89 - Son of Frank J. and Mildred Tracy Carey, born in Coudersport. - WW II Vet, US Air Corps
CARLEY, Infant, died 3-15-1906. Age: 1m - Son of James C. Carley. Died in Ladona of whooping cough.
CHAMPLIN, Maude B. Born 12-3-1885, died 5-14-1904
CLAIR, Joseph. Spouse of Maria Emerson/ Haritta. Born 10-13-1814, died 3-12-1894 - Son of Joseph and Sally (Green) Clair. Wed 2 yrs to Haritta in 1900 Hebron Census.
CLAIR, Maria (Emerson). Spouse of Joseph. Born 8-1-1817, died 3-12-1894 - Dau of Martin and Polly (Olds) Emerson
CLARK, Daniel A. Born 7-31-1864, died 3-19-1865. Age: 7 m - Son of Porter H. and Emeline A. (Mantania) Clark
CLARK, James L. Spouse of Edda Doris Heidrun. Born 10-3-1943, died 3-25-2014. Age: 70 - Son of Milford L. and Beatrice M. "Tootie" Tucker Clark. Born in Coudersport, career military. Wed 5-14-1983 in Heidelberg GER, one son - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Army, 1964-2010
CLARK, Mary (Matteson). Born 1-08-1877, died 2-1-1935. Age: 58y 24d
COLE, Lydia E. Born 9-30-1847*, died 6-25-1861. Age: 13y 8m 25d
COMBS, Martha. Born 7-30-1871, died
COMBS, William W. Born 5-25-1868, died 10-23-1929
CONKLIN, Lillie. Born 1883, died 10-25-1890. Age: 7 - Dau of B. and Daisy Conklin
DINGMAN, Alice (Emerson). Spouse of George J. Born 5-1877, died 1951 - Dau of Roswell and Sarah O. Emerson. Wed 11-4-1920. (1900 Hebron Census)
DINGMAN, Almon H. Born 3-14-1937, died 1971 - Son of Isaac A. and Eleanor (Palmatier) Dingman on active duty with the Army in Panama
DINGMAN, Almond D. Spouse of Effie Snyder. Born 10-26-1876, died 1924 - Son of Isaac F. and Eve (Weimer) Dingman. Wed 7-15-1906. (1900 Hebron Census)
DINGMAN, Amy F. (Brock). Spouse of Henry. Born 6-1830, died 1920 - Dau of Isaac and Amy Brock. (1850, 1900 Hebron Census)
DINGMAN, Arthur. Born 1881, died 1883
DINGMAN, Effie May (Snyder). Spouse of Almon Dingman/ Judson. Born 1890, died 1939 - Wed Almon 7-15-1906, wed Judson 1926.
DINGMAN, Eleanor (Palmetier). Spouse of Isaac A. Born 6-28-1916, died 5-12-2006. Age: 89 - Dau of Harry C. and Sophia (Mosch) Palmatier. Born in Coudersport, a bookkeeper. Wed 6-1935, 5 children.
DINGMAN, Eve L. (Weimer). Born 5-15-1855, died 5-29-1918 - Dau of Michael and Rebecca (Barr) Weimer. Wed 11-1-1875
DINGMAN, George J. Spouse of Alice Emerson. Born 9-26-1874, died 1942 - Son of Isaac F. and Eve (Weimer) Dingman. Wed 11-4-1920. (1880, 1900 Hebron Census)
DINGMAN, Hannah (Turner). Spouse of John. Born 10-23-1792, died 12-9-1869 - Dau of Nathan Turner, born in NY. (1850 Hebron Census)
DINGMAN, Henry D. Spouse of Amy F. Brock. Born 1825, died 8-19-1897 - (1850 Hebron Census) - Civil War Vet, Co G, 53rd PA Vols, Pvt. Discharged by General Order on May 20, 1865.
DINGMAN, Isaac A. Spouse of Eleanor Palmatier. Born abt 1914, died 9-19-1982 - Son of Almon D. and Effie (Snyder) Dingman. (1920 Hebron Census)
DINGMAN, Isaac F. Spouse of Eve L. Weimer. Born 4-1855, died 1922 - Son of Henry and Amy (Brock) Dingman. Wed 11-1-1875. (1850, 1880, 1900 Hebron Census)
DINGMAN, Isaac Judson. Spouse of Effie (Snyder) Dingman. Born 9-10-1878, died 11-14-1938 - Son of Isaac F. and Eve (Weimer) Dingman. Wed 10-20-1925 (1880, 1900 Hebron Census)
DINGMAN, James L. Born 9-12-1940, died 2-8-2005. Age: 64 - Son of Isaac A. and Eleanor (Palmatier) Dingman, born in Olean NY
DINGMAN, John. Spouse of Hannah Turner. Born 12-23-1787, died 8-6-1878 - Son of Henry and Margaret (Shotter) Dingman, born in Kinderhook, Columbia Co NY. Wed 7-18-1815 in Norwich, Chenango Co. NY Came from Chenango Co, NY in 3-1816. - War of 1812 Vet, New York Militia, Seth Sexton's Company, Chenango Co.N.Y
DINGMAN, Michael I. Spouse of Julie A. Carpenter. Born 2-7-1951, died 11-3-2003. Age: 52 - Son of Isaac A. and Eleanor (Palmatier) Dingman. Born in Olean NY, a self-employed welder. Wed 11-1-1969 in Shinglehouse, two children - Vietnam Vet, US Navy
DINGMAN, Minnie. Born 5-18-1879*, died 6-28-1879. Age: 5w 3d - Dau of William and Mary Dingman.
DINGMAN, Rosemarie I. Spouse of Almon H. Born 9-9-1938, died 5-8-2014. Age: 75 - Born in Berlin GER, d. Fayetteville NC. Wed Almon in1958 in Berlin, 4 children. Companion of 16 yrs was Roger A. Wilson.
ELLSWORTH, Samuel. Born 7-1-1878, died 1971
EMERSON, Ephraim. Spouse of Roxanna. Born 9-20-1824, died 7-10-1894
EMERSON, Roxanna. Spouse of Ephraim. Born 3-11-1827, died 2-17-1891
FRILLIGAN, Charles. Spouse of Phoebe L. Born 1856, died 1929 - Wed 11-27-1898.
FRILLIGAN, Phoebe L. Dibble (Mrs.). Spouse of ? Dibble/ Charles. Born 1871, died 1937 - Wed Charles 11-27-1898.
FRINK, Lewis. Born 1869*, died 12-4-1876. Age: 7 - Son of William and Livona Frink
FRINK, Lyle. Born 4-30-1878*, died 8-26-1891. Age: 13y 3m 26d - Son of William and Livona Frink
GORMAN, Jessie. Born 6-3-1864*, died 10-3-1869. Age: 5y 4m - Dau of C.W. and A. Gorman
GREEN, George Stephen. Born 1-21-1846, died 1-14-1914 - Son of Stephen Greene. Died in Alfred Station NY. - Civil War vet, Co D, 76th PA Vols, Pvt. Served from 10-18-1864 to 7-18-1865.
GREEN, Stephen R. Born 1816*, died 3-15-1889. Age: 73 - Civil War Vet, 46th PA Vol
GREENE, Albert C. Spouse of Lettie T. Born 1882, died 1953
GREENE, Lettie T. Spouse of Albert C. Born 1887, died 19??
HASKINS, Carlton R. [Pete]. Spouse of Marquirita Burney/ Judith A. Markey. Born 10-11-1933, died 4-29-2011. Age: 77 - Son of Floyd C. and Cecil Kent Haskins, born in Coudersport. Wed Marquita 8-17,1956, divorced. Wed Judith 4-11-1984. 2 daughters.
HASKINS, Judith (Marky). Spouse of Carl Thompson/ Carlton [Pete] Haskins. Born 5-??-1938, died 8-15-2009. Age: 71 - Dau of Carl and Muriel (Dorr) Marky. Wed Carl 10-5-1957, three children. Wed Pete 11-4-1976.
HAUBER, Benjamin L. Spouse of Theresa Aikens. Born 2-16-1981, died 8-14-2021. Age: 40 - Son of David W. and Evelyn (Kenyon) Hauber. Born in Coudersport, lived in Cary NC. Wed 3-18-2006 in Emporium PA, four children.
KENYON, Rachel (Carey). Spouse of B. Earl. Born 3-5-1918, died 9-12-3012. Age: 93 - Dau of T. Frank J. and Mildred (Tracy) Carey. Born in Coudersport, a book keeper. Wed 8-22-1937 in Coudersport, at least 2 children
KNOWLTON, Joel D. Born 5-31-1952, died 1-23-2005. Age: 52 - Son of Wayne and Mildred (Carey) Knowlton, born in Coudersport, a tax assessor.
LUCE, Simeon B. Born 11-7-1822, died 9-1-1887
LYMAN, Alneron T. Born 1864, died 1952
LYMAN, Dora D. Born 1893, died 1957
LYMAN, Mary (Sheldon). Born 4-??-1874, died 12-14-1909 - [Mother] Dau of George W. and Mary (Snyder) Sheldon
MATTESON, Ada E. (Stillman). Spouse of Jefferson W. Born 2-1854, died 12-13-1915 - Dau of Mr. And Mrs. Russell Stillman. (1900 Hebron Census)
MATTESON, Arthur E. Spouse of Dawn L. Thompson. Born 10-18-1876, died 12-6-1962 - Son of Jefferson W. and Ada (Stillman) Matteson. Wed 11-28-1903 in Ceres NY. (1920 Hebron Census)
MATTESON, Dawn L. (Thompson). Spouse of Arthur E. Born 2-1883, died 1961 - Dau of William and Jennie (Randall) Thompson. (1900, 1920 Hebron Census)
MATTESON, Jefferson W. Spouse of Ada E. Stillman. Born 2-1849, died 1923 - Son of Monoah and Amelia Mattison. (1850, 1900 Hebron Census)
MAYS, James A. [Bert]. Born 4-4-1938, died 12-5-2007 - Son of James and Ferne (Greene) Mays. Born in Elmira, NY - WW II Vet, US Army
MCGONEGALE, Ellen. Born 6-8-1837, died 1-28-1877 - Dau of L. McGonegale
MEACHAM, Almon N. Spouse of Rena Matteson. Born 1876, died 1952
MEACHAM, Rena (Mattison). Spouse of Almon N. Born 1879, died 1932 - Dau of Jefferson W. and Ada (Stillman) Matteson.
MERTEN, Robert B. Born 4-3-1936, died 1-29-2006. Age: 69 - Alfred O. Merten and Ruth M. (Burr) Merten. Born in Irvington NJ, a minister and musician.
METZGER, Infant. Born 1935, died 1935 - Male
MILLARD, Adelbert D. Spouse of Lottie Ayers. Born 1-5-1854, died
MILLARD, John R. Spouse of Mary E. Barber. Born 1831, died 1903 - Wed 7-4-1878 in Hornellsville NY. - Civil War Vet, Co H, 130th Cav (aka 1st Dragoons) NYS Vols, Pvt.
MILLARD, Lottie (Ayers). Spouse of Adelbert D. Born 3-29-1864, died 11-16-1884
MILLER, Merritt M. Spouse of Shirley R. Burdick. Born 11-25-1924, died 4-23-2003. Age: 78 - Son of John F. and Vesta K. (Knight) Miller. Born Lockport, NY, d. Coudersport, PA, worked 33 years at Pitt-Corning. Wed 6-23-1945 in Hebron Twp, PA, four children
MILLER, Shirley R. (Burdick). Spouse of Merrit M. Born 3-15-1926, died 8-8-2010. Age: 84 - Dau of A. Randolph and Leta (Hancock) Burdick, born in Coudersport. Wed 6-23-1945 on Crandall Hill, 4 children.
MITCHELL, Elizabeth. Spouse of Mahlon. Born 1815*, died 3-15-1877. Age: 62
MONROE, Claude Reynolds. Born 2-8-1881, died 11-30-1906 - Adopted son of Stephen P. and Mary Ann (Lyman) Reynolds. (1900 Hebron Census)
MONROE, Earl. Born 1811, died - Son of Claude R. Monroe
PEPPER, Monte D. Spouse of Nan Pepperman. Born 5-21-1933, died 5-6-2002. Age: 69 - Son of Emory E. and Lillian E. (Blow) Pepper. Born Coudersport, PA d. Coudersport, PA. Wed 3/04/1956. - Korean War Vet, US Air Force 1952-56
PEPPERMAN, Grace E. (Snyder). Spouse of Llewllyn D. Born 8-6-1908, died 6-30-2006. Age: 97 - Dau of Fred and Etta J. (Dingman) Snyder. Wed 5-16-1928 in Portville, NY. Taught school in Coneville, PA.
PEPPERMAN, Llewllyn D. [Shorty[. Spouse of Grace E. Snyder. Born 5-22-1907, died 1-20-2001 - Prob. son of Thomas J. and Frankie (Sprague) Pepperman. Wed 5-16-1928 in Portville, NY.
PHILLIPS, Allen Richardson. Born ??, died ?? - Vietnam Vet
RADISH, Frances Rilla (Barr). Spouse of John L. Jr. Born 2-9-1918, died 5-11-1993. Age: 74 - Dau of Fred Miles and Lillie Sardenia (Matteson) Barr (Ashes). Removed with stone from Card Creek to Hebron cem in 2004.
RADISH, John L. Jr. Spouse of Frances Barr. Born 7-12-1917, died 2-23-1990. Age: 72 - Removed with stone from Card Creek to Hebron cem in 2004.
RANDOLPH, Lizzie F. Born 5-12-1844, died 4-6-1886
REYNOLDS, Jennie. Born 1862, died 1918 - Adopteddau of Stephen and Mary Reynolds
REYNOLDS, Lamont D. Born 1858, died 1899
REYNOLDS, Mary Ann (Lyman). Spouse of Stephen P. Born 6-4-1828, died 12-17-1918 - Dau of Burrel and Dorcas (Irons) Lyman. (1850, 1900 Hebron Census)
REYNOLDS, Orpha. Spouse of W. C. Born 1828, died 1888 - Probably dau of George and Bridget (Wells) Stilman. (1850 Hebron Census)
REYNOLDS, Sarah Angelia. Born 1-29-1856, died 6-28-1863 - Dau of Stephen and Mary Reynolds
REYNOLDS, Stephen P. Spouse of Mary A. Lyman. Born 11-27-1827, died aft 6-1900 - (1850, 1900 Hebron Census)
RUBAR, Charleen D. (Van Pelt). Spouse of Gerald. Born 8-10-1937, died 10-27-2016. Age: 79 - Dau of Arthur and Dorothy (Thompson) Van Pelt. Born in Coudersport PA, lived in Oswayo PA, died in Sayre PA. An elemetary school teacher. Wed 7-12-1986 in Sweden Valley PA, no children named. (He d. 12-31-2003)
SHELDON, Amanda A. Born, died 12-13-1877. Age: 18y 3m 18d - Dau of George W. and Mary A. Sheldon
SHELDON, Horace. Born 1846, died 1899
SHELDON, Miles N. Born 8-25-1861*, died 12-27-1881. Age: 20y 4m 2d - Son of George W. and Mary A. Sheldon
SHELDON, Robert. Born 10-18-1868*, died 6-26-1872. Age: 3y 8m 8d - Son of George W. and Mary A. Sheldon
SITTER, Henry J. Jr. Born ??, died 10-21-1997 - Wed 4-10-1980 in St. Petersburg FL
SITTER, Lois M. (Criss). Spouse of ? Clark/ Henry J., Jr. Born 5-3-1921, died 12-18-1999. Age: 78 - Dau of Merle S. and Myrtle (Dingman) Criss. Three children from first marriage. Wed Henry 4-10-1980 in St. Pertersburg FL.
SNYDER, Belle (Randall). Spouse of John. Born 1876, died 1951
SNYDER, Daniel Webster. Born 1868, died 1939
SNYDER, Elnora. Spouse of Jacob. Born 1848, died 1928
SNYDER, Etta Josephine (Dingman). Spouse of Fred S. Born 10-1883, died 1956 - Dau of Isaac F. and Eve (Weimer) Dingman. (1900 Hebron Census)
SNYDER, Floyd M. Born 1916, died 1955 - Son of John and Belle (Randall) Snyder
SNYDER, Fred S. Spouse of Etta J. Dingman. Born 1879, died 1955
SNYDER, Georgeianna A. (Cole). Spouse of Steven L. Born ??, died 1993 - Wed 12-3-1942 in Coudersport PA
SNYDER, Hannah (Stein). Spouse of Solomon. Born abt 1805, died bf 1870 - Born in PA, died in Eulalia Twp. Wed abt 1825, 8 children.
SNYDER, Jacob. Spouse of Elnora. Born 1836, died 1909
SNYDER, John. Spouse of Belle Randall. Born 1874, died 19??
SNYDER, M. E. Born 1870, died 1927
SNYDER, Robert. Born 1907, died 1911 - Son of John and Belle (Randall) Snyder.
SNYDER, Solomon. Spouse of Hannah Stein. Born abt 1800, died 1-31-1882 - Son of George Michael and ? Schneider. Born in Richmond PA, died in Eulalia Twp. Wed abt 1825, 8 children.
SNYDER, Steven L. Spouse of Georgeianna A. Cole. Born 12-5-1909, died 9-4-2005. Age: 95 - Son of John and Belle (Randall) Snyder. Born in a logging camp at Sartwell Creek, a farmer and blacksmith. Wed 12-3-1942 in Coudersport, 3 sons.
STEARNS, Charley L. Spouse of Leona Burch. Born 6-9-1874, died 1943 - Son of Roscoe C. and Sarah (Weimer) Stearns. Wed 3-25-1901. (1900, 1920 Hebron Census)
STEARNS, Consider B. Spouse of Sarah Stillman/ Sardinia Hurlburt. Born 4-16-1822, died 3-13-1895 - Was an Associate Judge. Wed Sarah in 1848. Wed Sardinia 5-26-1889. Suicide with a razor.
STEARNS, Don G. Born 9-1895, died 19?? - Son of Roscoe C. and Ella (Burdick) Stearns. (1900, 1920 Hebron Census)
STEARNS, Ella (Burdick). Spouse of Roscoe C. Born 5-1866, died 1941 - Dau of Leroy, Sr. and Esther (FitzRandolph) Burdick. Wed 9-11-1894 in Hebron. (1880, 1900 Hebron Census)
STEARNS, Gertrude. Born 12-20-1876, died 1-14-1878
STEARNS, Glen. Born 1927, died 1935
STEARNS, Infant. Born ??, died 1905
STEARNS, Leone M. (Burch). Spouse of Charley L. Born 1877, died 5-9-1933 - Wed 3-25-1901. (1920 Hebron Census)
STEARNS, Roscoe C. Spouse of Sarah G. Weimer/ Ella Burdick. Born 3-27-1849, died 11-1-1909 - Son of Consider and Sarah (Stillman) Stearns. Wed Sarah on 6-4-1871. Wed Ella 9-11-1894 in Hebron. (1850, 1900 Hebron Census)
STEARNS, Sarah (Stillman). Spouse of Consider B. Born 6-26-1816, died 9-12-1888 - Dau of George and Britty Stillman. Born in Alfred NY. Wed in 1848. Pottercoclippings.html
STEARNS, Sarah G. (Weimer). Spouse of Roscoe C. Born 10-29-1844, died 4-29-1893 - Dau of George, Jr. and Laura (Lyman) Weimer. Born in Pleasant Valley Twp, PA. Wed on 6-4-1871.
STEARNS, Zeruah. Born 1901, died 1960
STILLMAN, Amos Russell. Spouse of Caroline (Stearns. Born 7-30-1813*, died 4-3-1893. Age: 70y 8m 4d - Civil War Vet, Co H, 46th PA Vols, Cpl.
STILLMAN, Bridget [Britty] (Wells). Spouse of George. Born 4-8-1792, died 3-13-1858 - Born at Petersburg, NY. Rensselaer County. (1850 Hebron Census)
STILLMAN, Caroline (Stearns). Spouse of Amos R. Born 12-17-1824, died 7-13-1890. Age: 66 - Born in Allegany NY, died in Hebron PA.
STILLMAN, Frank. Born 12-14-1847, died 7-15-1892. Age: 44y 7m 1d - Son of Amos and Caroline Stillman. (1850 Hebron Census)
STILLMAN, George. Spouse of Bridget Wells. Born 3-14-1791, died 8-16-1867 - Born at Berlin, NY. Rensselaer County. (1850 Hebron Census)
SWIFT, Alfred A. Spouse of Eva K. Snyder. Born 1906, died 5-22-1991 - Son of Claude and Matilda (Pye) Swift. Wed 6-10-1926 in Hornell NY, eight children. (1920 Hebron Census)
SWIFT, Eva K. (Snyder). Spouse of Alfred A. Born 3-3-1904, died 5-28-2005. Age: 101 - Twin dau of Fred S. and Etta J. (Dingman) Snyder - a school teacher. Twin - Iva K. Spring. Wed 6-10-1926 in Hornell NY, eight children
TALLMAN, Elizabeth G. Spouse of Roswell. Born 9-12-1812, died 10-11-1903. Age: 91 - Born at Gibson PA. Wed 6-12-1838, one daughter.
TASSELL, Edwin. Born 10-1899, died 1954 - Son of Dr. William and Lydia (Stearns) Tassell. (1900 Sharon Census)
TASSELL, Lydia (Stearns). Spouse of Dr. William. Born 8-1861, died 1942 - (1900 Sharon Census)
TASSELL, William, Dr. Spouse of Lydia Stearns. Born 9-1855, died 1935 - Medical Doctor. (1900 Sharon Census)
THOMPSON, Alva A. [Burt]. Spouse of Julia Hanson/ Lydia Avery. Born 11-1860, died 1937 - Son of Andrew J. and Eliza A. (Meacham) Thompson. Wed Julia 12-24-1881. Wed Lydia 3-24-1888. (1900, 1920 Hebron Census)
THOMPSON, Eliza A. (Meacham). Born 3-10-1837, died 7-22-1914 - Mother of Alva A. (1900 Hebron Census)
THOMPSON, Ernest J. Born 1889, died 1947 - Son of Alva A. and Lydia (Avery) Thompson. (1900 Hebron Census)
THOMPSON, Jennie Luverne (Randall). Spouse of William W. Born 4-7-1860, died 1946 - Wed 3-17-1879. (1880, 1920 Hebron Census)
THOMPSON, Kathryn S. (Schaub). Spouse of William W. Born 1-9-1925, died 4-9-2013. Age: 88 - Dau of Albert A. and Dorothy (Davey) Schaub, born in Coudersport. Wed 2-28-1943 in Coudersport, 2 sons
THOMPSON, Lydia (Avery). Spouse of Alva A. Born 12-1867, died 1931 - Wed 3-24-1888. (1900, 1920 Hebron Census)
THOMPSON, Paul. Born 1914, died 1938
THOMPSON, William Erwin. Spouse of Nellie Johnson. Born 1891, died 1950 - Son of William W. and Jennie L. (Randall) Thompson. Wed 5-16-1916.
THOMPSON, William Willis. Spouse of Jennie L. Randall. Born 3-7-1859, died 1938 - Wed 3-17-1879. (1880, 1920 Hebron Census)
WELCH, Bert. Born 11-15-1881, died 1-4-1902
WELCH, Daisy M. Born ??, died ?? - No other information
WELCH, Harriet. Born 1861, died 1943
WELCH, Ray A. Born ??, died 8-30-1951
WELCH, Thomas. Born 1862, died 1929
WILSON, Rosanne (Dingman). Spouse of Roger. Born 12-28-1938, died 1992 - Dau of Isaac and Eleanor (Palmatier) Dingman
WITTER, Eliza P. Spouse of C. C. Born 1856, died 1894

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