All Saints Episcopal (Brookland) Cemetery

GPS Coordinates: 4150'6.46"N, 7747'43.78"W
Brookland (Ulysses Twp), PA
Walked and Photo by Donna Allen
August 2003

BARTLETT, Charles. Born 5-12-1864, died uncut - Son of John and Mary Ann Bartlett
BARTLETT, Jane, died 6-8-1881. Age: 13y 6m 5d - Dau of Bartlett
BARTLETT, Mary A. - Dau of Bartlett [stone too weathered]
BARTLETT, Mary Ann. Spouse of John - [His Wife]
BIELE, Richard H. Born 1932, died 1988
BROWN, Andrew. Spouse of Ruth A. Born 1884, died 1953
BROWN, Anna H. (Hryczyk). Spouse of Clair D. Born 1915, died 1994 - [Together Forever]
BROWN, Clair D. Spouse of Anna Hryczyk. Born 1907, died 1987 - [Together Forever]
BROWN, Clinton W. Born 4-12-1887, died 6-26-1955 - WW I Vet - PA Co A 305 Eng, Pvt
BROWN, Ruth A. Spouse of Andrew. Born 1873, died 1957 - [Asleep In Jesus]
BUCKLEY, Myra (Whitney) White. Spouse of Wilson White/ Raymond J. Jr. Born 1-28-1920, died 12-31-2007 - 4 children with Wilson.
BUCKLEY, Raymond Joseph, Jr. Spouse of Myra Whitney. Born 1-19-1918, died uncut
BUNNELL, Henry F., Jr. Spouse of ?. Born 10-22-1947, died 6-8-2004. Age: 56 - Son of Henry F., Sr. and June Betty (Frost) Bunnell. Born in Colesburg, a truck driver. Five sons
BUNNELL, Henry F., Sr. Spouse of June B. Frost. Born 1926, died uncut
BUNNELL, June B. (Frost). Spouse of Henry F. Born 7-11-1926, died 4-8-2012. Age: 85 - Dau of Chancy and Pearl (Sanford) Frost, born in Castile NY. Wed 8-5-1944 in Genesee, three children.
BUNNELL, Robert Eugene. Born 1951, died 1973 - Son of Henry F., Sr. and June Betty (Frost) Bunnell.
BUNNELL, Willard J. Born 1878, died 1954
CONNOLLY, Jerome A. Born 1954, died 1954
CONNOLLY, Jerome E. Spouse of Marian A. Born 1933, died 1962 - WW II Vet - 3rd MSL BN, Cpl E4
CONNOLLY, Marian A. Spouse of Jereome E. Born 1935, died 1962
CONNOLLY, Rodney L., died 1954 - No data
COWBURN, Ellen E. Born 1863, died 1929
COWBURN, G. B. - No data
COWBURN, Mercy. Spouse of H. S. Born 4-6-1836, died 7-5-1893
DECKER, Charles. Born 1882, died 1960
DENT, Anna Maria. Spouse of Thomas Gold Hull. Born bf. 1849 - Dau of Henry Hatch and Anna Maria (Adlum) Dent.
DENT, Henry Hatch. Born 5-24-1875, died 4-22-1876 - Son of William and Fanny E. (Johnstone) Dent
DENT, Henry Hatch. Spouse of Anna Maria Adlum. Born 2-11-1815, died 11-19-1872 - Son of William Hatch and Catherine (Brawner) Dent, born in Charles County MD. Wed 1841 in MD.
DENT, Margaret Katharine. Born 8-22-1842, died 8-19-1917 - Dau of Henry Hatch and Anna M. (Adlum) Dent
DOYLE, Leslie K. (Heath), Rev. Spouse of Gary. Born 10-7-1963, died 5-6-2009. Age: 45 - Dau of Harold E. and Marian A. (Spigelmyer) Heath. Born Lewistown PA, an Episcopal Minister. Wed 5-26-1990 in Coudersport, 3 children.
DUNBAR, George R. Spouse of Lemira. Born 8-26-1838, died 4-2-1893 - [Father]
DUNBAR, Lemira. Spouse of George R. Born 9-25-1842, died 2-7-1905 - [Mother]
DUNBAR, Sibyl A. Born 6-13-1859, died 1-30-1941
DYKEMAN, Elizabeth Jane (Thimpson). Spouse of William. Born 11-9-1831, died 4-24-1901 - Dau of Miles and Elizabeth (White) Thompson, born at White's Corners PA. Wed abt 1848.
DYKEMAN, Ida M. Spouse of Miles. Born 1858, died 1902
DYKEMAN, Miles. Spouse of Ida M - [dates underground]
DYKEMAN, William. Spouse of Elizabeth J. Thompson. Born 4-8-1824, died 1-5-1901 - Born in NY
EISENHART, Ray L. Jr. Spouse of Sandra Knowles. Born 11-25-1939, died 12-4-2008. Age: 69 - Son of Ray and Helen (Druckenmiller) Eisenhart. Born in Millford Square PA, d. Marienville PA. Wed 7-16-1966 in Milford Square. - Cold War Vet, US Air Force, 1957-1962
FRENCH, Aubrey B. Born 1915, died 1988 - WW II Vet - S 1 US Navy
GAMBLE, Bonnie E. (Seekings). Spouse of Quentin A. Born 3-1-1946, died 1-9-2021. Age: 74 - Adopted dau of Lester and Ann (Labow) Seekings. Born in Oneida NY, lived in Potter Co PA and Mayville NY, died in Erie PA. Dairy farmer. Wed 6-1968 in Mayville NY, no children named.
GAMBLE, Charles E. Born 1905, died 1988 - Son of Charles H. and Carrie Mae (Eaton) Gamble.
GAMBLE, Quentin A. Spouse of Bonnie Seekings. Born 6-8-1968, died 3-3-2017. Age: 69 - Son of Edward L. and Ruth A. (French) Gamble. Born in Coudersport PA, lived in Brookland PA, died in Bath NY. A dairy farmer and an LPN. Wed 6-8-1968 in Mayville NY, no children named. - Vietnam Vet, US Army. 1967-1970
GARDNER, Flaudy B. Born 1890, died 1982
GARDNER, Floyd. Born 1931, died 1931
GRAHAM, Maxine H. Spouse of James Everett. Born 2-2-1932, died 1-6-2011. Age: 78 - Dau of Franklin Earl and Dorcas Azeala May Mitterer. Born in Ulysses. Two children.
GRAM, James E. Spouse of Maxine M. Born 1932, died 1974
GRAM, Maxine M. Spouse of James E. Born 1932, died uncut
GRANT, Carrie N. Spouse of Loring Henry. Born 1908, died 1995
GRANT, Loring Henry. Spouse of Carrie. Born 1900, died 1976 - WW II Vet - US Army, Pvt
GREENE, Albert F. Spouse of Alice. Born 1910, died 1988
GREENE, Alice S. Spouse of Albert F. Born 1907, died 1966
HAIGHT, Arthur D Sr. Spouse of Margaret W Ellison. Born 1895, died 1980
HAIGHT, Arthur D, Jr. [Jim]. Spouse of Ethel Nichols/Wilma (Goble) Knechtel. Born 12-30-1926, died 1-24-2007. Age: 80y - 10-15-1953 in Laurenceville. Wed Wilma 2-28-1997. - WW II Vet, US Army
HAIGHT, Edith E. (Phillips). Spouse of Arthur D, Jr. Born 1934, died 12-13-1996 - 2nd wife. Wed10-15-1953 in Laurenceville, at lease 1 daughter
HAIGHT, Margaret W. (Ellison). Spouse of Arthur. Born 1907, died 1999
HALL, Dennis. Spouse of Joan Ellison. Born 1948, died 1986
HALL, Joan (Ellison). Spouse of Dennis. Born 1943, died uncut
HOLIDAY, Georgia R. Spouse of Rev James L. Born 1908, died 1989
HOLIDAY, James L., Rev. Spouse of Georgia - R. Born 1909, died 1977
HULL, Anna Maria (Dent). Spouse of Thomas G. Born 1-30-1849, died 9-10-1920 - [She Hath Done What She Could] Dau of Henry Hatch and Anna Maria (Adlum) Dent. Wed 12-12-1876 in Brookland
HULL, Anna Maria Adlum. Born 1888, died 1984 - Dau of Thomas G. and Anna Maria (Dent) Hull
HULL, Thomas Gold. Spouse of Anna Maria Dent. Born 10-20-1879, died 2-11-1885 - Wed 12-12-1876 in Brookland
HULL, Thomas Gold, II. Born 1880, died 1885. Age: 5 - Son of Thomas G. and Anna Maria (Dent) Hull
HULTS, James C. Spouse of Patricia Sunderlin. Born 1939, died 2001 - Six children. - Korean War Vet
HULTS, Patricia (Sunderlin). Spouse of James C. Born 9-29-1942, died 10-27-2005. Age: 63 - Dau of Jeff and Doris (Snyder) Sunderlin. Born in Mahaffey, worked at Galeton Production. Six children.
HULTS, Timothy Wayne. Born 1961, died 1962 - Son of James and Patricia (Sunderlin) Hults
JACOBS, Edwin. Spouse of Eva Dunbar. Born 1872, died 1947 - Son of John F. and Theresa Jacobs.
JACOBS, Eva (Dunbar). Spouse of Edwin. Born 1871, died 1938
JACOBS, Leon R. Born 9-??-18??, died 1-18-1937 - WW I Vet - PA S2 US
JACOBUS, Leonard, died 11-2-1897. Age: 10m 27d - Son of Frank Jacobus
JEFFERY, Milton T. Born 12-8-1910, died 8-27-1990 - WW II Vet- U S Army, Tec 4
JOHNSON, Albert F. Spouse of Leota. Born 1896, died 1964
JOHNSON, Leota A. Spouse of Albert. Born 1909, died 1985
KILKENNY, Alice M. Born 1904, died 2001 - [Mother]
KILKENNY, Cynthia (Murray). Spouse of Rev Strathmore. Born 1940, died uncut
KILKENNY, Strathmore. Spouse of Cynthia Murray. Born 1929, died 1970 - [Was a minister]
KNOWLES, Regina J. (Janik). Spouse of Robert H. Born 1920*, died 11-20-2006 - Lived in Ulysses
KNOWLES, Robert H. Spouse of Regina Janik. Born 10-3-1920, died 12-11-2017. Age: 97 - Son of Harry Earl and Alice Bertha Emma (Geyer) Knowles. Born in Bucks Co PA, died in Wellsboro PA. Four children. - WW II Vet, US Army, Europe
LANDIS, Moniac. Spouse of Richard R. Born 2-18-1917, died 9-3-1991
LANDIS, Richard R. Spouse of Moniac. Born 12-14-1910, died 2-9-1951
LEACH, Bessie. - Dau of Frederick Leach
LEACH, Charles, died 5-12-1864. Age: 28 - Son of John and Mary Ann Leach
LEACH, John. Spouse of Mary Ann - No data
MCCLURE, Julia. Spouse of J E. Born 3-11-1837, died 1-17-1891
MITTERER, Dorothy A. Spouse of Frank E. Born 5-1-1911, died 9-2-1998
MITTERER, Frank E. Spouse of Dorothy. Born 1-5-1906, died 6-15-1988
MOORE, John Chandler. Born 1893, died 1985 - [Was a minister]
NICHOLS, Chad A. Spouse of Kim Lucas. Born 4-5-1981, died 8-28-2004. Age: 23 - Son of Keith Nichols and Betty Ann Bunnell, born in Coudersport. Wed 5-6-2000, one daughter
NOBLES, Florence. Spouse of Harvey - R. Born 1903, died 1982
NOBLES, Harvey R. Spouse of Florence. Born 6-26-1894, died 6-28-1957 - WW I Vet - PA Co B 315 Inf, Pvt PH
OBOURN, Gilbert A. Spouse of Hoa T. Vo. Born 3-16-1940, died 12-3-2006. Age: 66 - Son of Wilbur and Mae (Brown) Obourn. Born inCoudersport, owned a fruit farm. Wed 7-29-1972, 2 daughters. - Cold War Vet, US Air Force in the 1960s
PAINTER, Bernard E. Spouse of Echo Hager. Born 12-27-1926, died 10-31-1989 - WW II Vet - US Army, S Sgt
PAINTER, Echo (Hager) St. John. Spouse of Bernard E. Born 2-1-1925, died 6-5-2013. Age: 88 - Dau of Edwin Arthur and Lizzie (Myers) Hager, born in PA, one of 14 children.
PAINTER, Eugene, died 1-1-1962. Age: Infant - Son of Bernard E. and Echo (Hager) Painter
PATRICK, Marlene A. Born 1942, died 1984 - [In Gods Hands] Dau of Franklin Earl Mitterer and Dorcas Azeala May Mitterer.
PHOTOPOULOS, Catherine H. (Reres). Spouse of Stephen P. Born 1-28-1934, died 7-14-2020. Age: 86 - Dau of John and Sophia Reres. Born in Atlantic City NJ, lived in Ulysses PA and Greer SC, died in Greer. Wed 12-4-1955 in Atlantic City, six children. (Spouse d. 6-13-2012)
PHOTOPOULOS, Stephen P. Spouse of Catherine H. Reres. Born 8-10-1932, died 6-13-2012. Age: 79 - Son of Peter Stephen and Athena Photopoulos, born in Kastoria Greece.Wed 12-4-1955 at Atlantic City NJ, 6 children.
POLO, A. Luigi [Louis]. Born 1875, died 1922
POLO, Helen. Born 1919, died 1924
PROSSER, Bula. Born 6-13-1892, died 9-24-1892 - Dau of George and Ella Prosser
PROSSER, Carl. Born 4-27-1895, died 8-8-1898 - Son of George and Ella Prosser
PROSSER, Ella B. Spouse of George W. Born 1863, died 1927
PROSSER, George W. Spouse of Ella B. Born 1858, died uncut
PROSSER, Gladys. Born 7-24-1894, died 1-20-1902 - Dau of George and Ella Prosser
RUSSELL, Julie M. (Roediger). Spouse of Lewis H., III. Born 11-2-1960, died 8-24-2008. Age: 47 - Dau of Christian Robert and Laura (Hershberger) Roediger. Born in Douglas WY. Wed 2-13-1989 in Douglas, 5 children
SHAFER, Alice P. Spouse of Warren B. Born 1907, died 1998
SHAFER, Claude D. Spouse of Mertie. Born 1884, died 1940 - [Father]
SHAFER, Mertie E. Spouse of Claude E. Born 1881, died 1940 - [Mother]
SHAFER, Warren B. Spouse of Alice P. Born 1907, died 1975
SMITH, Charles Norman, Jr. Spouse of Linda Harris. Born 1947*, died 5-13-2006. Age: 59 - Son of Charles N., Sr. and ? Smith. Born in Little Rock AR, owned Smith's Vinyl Siding in Hendersonville NC. Four children.
SMITH, Dorr W., Sr. Spouse of Mary V. Born 1915, died 1982
SMITH, John A. Born 11-30-1960, died 12-1-1960
SMITH, Mary V. Spouse of Dorr W Sr. Born 1920, died 2001
SNAY, Ryan V. Born 5-21-1985, died 4-10-2006. Age: 20 - Son of Michael and Shannon (Witham) Snay, born in Danville PA. Killed in motorcycle accident.
SNYDER, Ethel I. (Furman). Spouse of F Elliott. Born 1892, died 1976
SNYDER, F. Elliott. Spouse of Ethel I. Furman. Born 1888, died 1958
SNYDER, Harry L. Born 4-9-1920, died 9-7-1964 - WW II Vet - PA 3615 OM TWCH CO, Tec 5
SNYDER, Helen A. (Brown). Spouse of Leon J. Born 1909, died 1996
SNYDER, Leon J. Spouse of Helen A. Brown. Born 5-9-1914, died 12-21-2004. Age: 90 - Son of Elliott and Ethel (Furman) Snyder. Born in Sweden Hill, a farm hand and logger. Two children
SNYDER, P. Elliott. Born 1888, died 1958
SOCKALERIS, John W. Born 1917, died 1982 - A Penobscot Indian - WW II Vet
SORRELL, Richard A. Spouse of Joanne R. Millard. Born 7-16-1925, died 4-9-2010. Age: 84 - Son of Percy A. and Beatrice Nelson Sorrell, Washington, DC. Wed 6-10-1949, in Washington DC, 5 children
STAMBAUGH, Albert J. Spouse of Jennie Dykeman. Born 1876, died 1909 - Wed 12-20-1898.
STAMBAUGH, Jennie (Dykeman). Spouse of Albert J. Born 1878, died uncut - Dau of Miles and Ida M. Dykeman. Wed 12-20-1898.
STERNER, W. Scott. Born 1881, died 1948
STERRETT Adlumnia (Dent). Spouse of Rev. James Macbride Sterrett. Born 3-10-1847, died 2-19-1925 - Dau of Henry Hatch and Anna Maria (Adlum) Dent. Wed 1-20-1876 in Brookland.
STERRETT Adlumnia Dent. Born 3-2-1884, died 4-21-1888 - Dau of James Macbride and Adlumnia (Dent) Sterrett
SUNDERLIN, D. Leona. Born 1917, died 1970
THOMPSON, Della. Spouse of Howard L. Born 2-19-1931, died 6-20-1997
THOMPSON, Howard L. Spouse of Della. Born 10-31-1927, died 5-21-2000
TORMEY, Allison J. Spouse of Doris Flynn. Born 1905, died 1984
TORMEY, Doris (Flynn). Spouse of Allison J. Born 1910, died 1970 - Dau of Hugh L. and Neva M. (Thompson) Flynn
VAN DINE, Hazel. Spouse of Charles E. Born 7-25-1896, died 10-31-2000
VANDINE, Charles E. Spouse of Hazel. Born 3-5-1894, died 5-7-1975 - WW I Vet, U S Navy, COX
WABNUM, Loren Dale. Born 12-31-1951, died 4-23-2003. Age: 51 - Son of Chris Puckee and Ruby Wabnum. Born in Shawnee County KS. Member of the Prairie Band of Potawatomi Nation. - Vietnam Vet
WALLACE, John P. Born 8-29-1828, died 3-24-1892
WEBB, Merrick A. Jr. [Mick]. Spouse of #1 Martha, #2 Ruth I. Snyder. Born 5-22-1941, died 3-6-2016. Age: 74 - Son of Merrick A. and Ethel Webb, Sr, born in Hagerstown MD, lived and died in Galeton PA. A trucker. Two sons with Martha. Wed Ruth 8-11-2001 in Ulysses PA - Vietnam Vet, US Army
WHITEN, John Raymond. Spouse of Miriam Hagedorn. Born 1920, died uncut
WHITEN, Miriam (Hagedorn). Spouse of John Raymond. Born 1922, died uncut
WHITNEY, Alvin L. Spouse of Rosie B. Born 1923, died 1970
WHITNEY, Joel A. Born 1952, died 1981
WHITNEY, John Raymond., Rev. Dr. Spouse of Mirium Hagedorn. Born 1-28-1920, died 3-2-2006. Age: 86 - Son of Alvin and Nina (Raymond) Whitney, born in Coudersport. Episcopal minister, priested in 1953. Wed in 1943, one son. - WW II Vet, Combat Intelligence, Capt, in New Guinea and Phillipines
WHITNEY, Miriam (Hagedorn). Spouse of John Raymond. Born 10-10-1922, died 9-1-2013. Age: 91 - Dau of Dr. Hervey M. Helen K. Hagedorn. Born in Philadelphia, a teacher. Wed 4-10-1943 in Providence RI, one son
WHITNEY, Rosie B. Spouse of Alvin L. Born 1925, died uncut
WILCOX, Lucy. Spouse of Asher, died 12-18-1890. Age: 86
WILSON, Mabel A. Born 1922, died 1987
WITHAM, Ernest E. Born 5-26-1926, died 5-7-1995 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec 5
WITHAM, Ewin. Spouse of Mae A. Born 1911, died 1988
WITHAM, Mae A. Spouse of Ewin. Born 1917, died 1988
WOOD, Melvin K. Born 4-14 1920, died 3-24 1962 - WW II Vet, US Navy, A S
YEAGER, Thelma R. Born 1904, died 1989

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