Bradford PA
This cemetery is spread over a large area

ABBOTT William James spouse of Marcia Powell born 7/30/1928 died 3/20/2014 age 85y Son of Thomas & Anna Russell Abbott b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 11-15-1967 in Allegany NY U.S. Air Force graduating from Army Russian Language School Monterey CA Commisioned second lieutenant upon completion of the  Air Force Flight School Waco TX discharged as first  lieutenant
ABERS Ervin A. "Pete"  spouse of Frances Grimm/Georgieanna Powers Lyons born 2-14-1927  died 5-12-2001 age 74 - b. Great Valley NY- Son of John Henry & Rose Fedick Abers Nov. 15 1975 
ABERS Georgieanna Powers Lyons spouse of Ervin A. born 1-8-1925 died 5-6-2002 age 74 - b. Three Forks W.Va.- Dau. Of Gilbert A. & Margaret Fowler Powers- m. 1st James E. Lyons  Jan. 26 1945- 2nd Ervin Nov. 15 1975 
ADAMS Mary Alice spouse of Thomas P. born 2-10-1937 died 11-1-2005 age 68  Dau. of Edwin D. & Margaret J. Hyde King b. Terre Haute Indiana d. Smethport Pa. Wed 10-5-1974 
ADAMS Paul E. "Tex" spouse of Janice L. Newhouse born 7-2-1927 died 6-15-2008 age 80 - Son of Clarence & Tressie Stone Adams b. Salyersville KY d. Erie PA Wed 3-19-1948 U.S. Army with Troop A 91st Constabulary Squadron of 1st Constabulary Regiment WW2 
ADAMS Serretta J. spouse of unknown Adams born 8-06-1909 died 6-19-2003 age 93 - Dau of Charles A. & Laura A. (Wheeler) Truax b. Bradford-PA d. Bradford-PA
ALEXANDER Gerald M. "Meach"  spouse of  Gwendolyn L. Thrush born 1/11/1928 died  12/18/2012 age 84y Son of A.O. & Eleanor Meachem Alexander b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA Wed 10-25-1952 in Bradford PA Gwendolyn  died 10-26-2002  U.S. Army served in Germany during the Korean War - awarded Soldiers Medal 1950-1952
ALEXANDER Serretta L. spouse of A. O'Hara Alexander born 4-09-1917 died 2-21-1983 age - Dau of Francis J. & Ruby Coral (Golden) Darrin b. Sands Spring-OK d. Bradford-PA
ANDERSON Jean  spouse of  Kenneth A.  born  3/28/1938  died  3/15/2013  age  74y  Dau of Howard E. & Hazel V. Shelgren Double b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 11-24-1962 in Bradford PA
ANDREWS Dolores M. spouse of  Winnet born 1-18-1925 died 6-27-2006 age 81 - Dau. of John & Florence Leffler Terry  b. Jamestown N.Y. d. New Castle Pa.  Wed: 1949 
ANDREWS Mary E. spouse of  born 1-11-1936 died 12-21-2007 age 71 - Dau. of LaVerne & Viola Gayhart  b. Hornell NY d. Bradford PA Former husbands Oliver Harvey & Robert Andrews 
ARLIA Alfred Emelio  spouse of  Corinne E. Bjorquist  born  4/10/1928  died  2/21/2014  age  85y  Son of Salvator & Smelia Falcetta Arlia b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 3-28-1960 in Miami FL Corinne died 11-24-1985 U.S. Marine Corps WW2 1943-1948
ARNETT Betty L.  spouse of  George D.  born  4/26/1930  died  1/20/2014  age  83y  Dau of William E. & Lucille A. Dane Briney b. Three Rivers MI d. Bradford PA  Wed 2-5-1949 in Bradford PA Married 64 years
ASH Elmer Ralph spouse of Irene B  born 6-27-1906 died 5-26-1972  - wed 11-24-1928
ASH Irene Bates spouse of Elmer Ralph born 12-13-1908 died 1-23-1996  - dau of Lewis E. and Dona Bates 
AUSHERMAN Geraldine Ruby spouse of Melvin R. Sr. born 6-27-1944 died 6-12-2007 age 62 - Dau. of Willard & Pauline Neff Kidd  b. Bethesda MD  d. Bradford PA 
AYERS Catherine P. spouse of Hugh born 10-21-1938 died 1-9-2010 age 71y  Dau. of Felix & Eva Stewart McLaughlin b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 12-6-1958 in Bradford PA
AYERS Hugh W. spouse of  Catherine P. McLaughlin born 5/13/1936  died 12/2/2014 age 78y Son of Herbert & Florence Worner Ayers Sr. b. Ridgway PA d. Bradford PA Wed 12-6-1958 in Bradford PA  U.S. Air Force for 23 years
AYERS Lewis A. born 4-04-1932 died 10-31-2004 age 72 - Son of Herbert & Florence (Wormer) Ayers b. Bradford-PA d. Bradford-PA Vet-Korea US Navy
BARGER Ralph E. spouse of Twila J. Newhouse born 9-23-1941 died 12-24-2010 age 69y Son of Frank C. & Virginia Fox Barger b. Limestone NY d. Bradford PA Wed 11-17-1962 in Limestone NY
BARNETT Fred J. spouse of Marjorie B.  born 7-28-1906  died 4-12- 2002 age 95 - b. Omro WISC.- Son of Frank & Edith Little Barnett 
BARNETT Marjorie B. Brown  spouse of Fred J. died 12-24- 1996  - m. May 30 1936 in Brookville 
BARTHOLOMEW Harold W. spouse of Peggy Stamp born 10-5-1920 died 7-15-2011 age 90y -Son of Willard & Lorena McKay Bartholomew b. Bradford PA d. Buffalo NY Wed 8-28-1945 Peggy died in 1998 U.S. Navy in the Pacific Theatre WW2 awarded Asiatic-Pacific Medal with 8 stars American Area Medal WW2 Victory Medal American Defense Medal & Good Con
BARTLETT L. Wayne "Slick"  spouse of Patricia Schadt born 6-11-1932  died 8-27-2001 age 69 - b. Bradford PA - m. April 16 1955- Son of Hazel Bartlett US Army Korea Co. F 65th Inf. Reg. 
BARTON Julianna Rose   born  6/4/2003  died  8/15/2013  age  10y  Dau of Frank W. & Jessica L. Stidd III  b. & d. Bradford PA
BAXTER Mary  spouse of Unmarried  born 4-15-1857  died 6-9-1939  age 82 - b. Chippewa Co. WI - d. Bradford PA- Dau. of James Monroe & Eliza Ann Hazzard Baxter 
BEATTY Joan H. spouse of Raymond E.  born 1-21-1927  died 4-16-2002 age 75  - b. Falls Creek- Dau. Of Henry C. & Viola Fox Himes 
BEATTY Raymond E.  spouse of Joan H.  died 2-20-1994  - m. April 8 1950 in Falls Creek 
BECKWITH Charles W.  born 5-09-1928 died 7-19-2004 age 76 - Son of George and Marie (Allen) Beckwith b. Bradford-PA d. Buffalo-NY Vet-US Army 1946-49 Honor Guard detail for Gen. D. MacArthur
BEERS Frances M.  spouse of  Richard K.  born  3/2/1927  died  7/21/2012  age  85y  Dau of John & Grace Trumbino Bennardi b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA Wed 5-5-1956 in Bradford PA Richard died 6-7-1989
BEHAN Cindy S . born 7-12-1960 died 6-28-2008 age 47  - Dau. of Forrest "Don" & Gloria Lyons Behan Bennardi b. & d. Bradford PA 
BELL, Jeanne K.    Spouse of Russell W.Bell Born 10/24/1923 Died 10/12/2016 Age 92 - Dau of John and Helen (Johnson) Brown, Born in Bradford, Married Nov 3, 1945 in Bradfors, died in Bradford, 1 son, 2 daughters.
BENJAMIN Erik Lee born 12-18-1977 died 4-19-2003 age 25 - Son of Kim R. & Karen (Mangel) Benjamin b. Bradford-PA d. Mesa-AZ fiance of Stephanie Hixenbaugh Pat grson of Gerald & Vivian Benjamin Mat grson of Lloyd & Betty Mangel  Vet-AZ Nat Grd 258 Eng Div
BENNARDI Gloria spouse of  born 1-30-1934 died 9-5-2008 age 74 - Dau. of Ernest & Geraldine Foote Barrrett b. & d. Bradford PA 
BENNETT Carol J. spouse of Milo F. Jr. born 11/7/1939    died 4/16/2013 age 73y Dau of Carl & Thelma Johnson Winkie b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-8-1962 in Bradford PA
BENNETT Clara Marie spouse of Eugene Harvey born 7-27-1916 died 10-15-2010 age 94y Dau. of Earl L. & Amelia Giltz Burt b. Pleasantville PA d. Sligo PA Wed 8-7-1935  in Pleasantville PA Eugene died 9-10-1979
BENNETT Milo F. Jr. spouse of Carol J. Winkie born 6-6-1933 died  9-5-2010 age 77y  - Son of Milo F. & Mary Cunningham Bennett Sr. b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-8-1962 in Bradford PA  U.S. Navy Korean War as a diesel engine operator aboard the USS Kyne
BENNETT William E. spouse of Carol E. Reynolds born 12/8/1944 died 4/18/2012 age 67y Son of Eugene Harvey & Clara Marie Burt Bennett b. Plummer PA d. Bradford PA Wed 7-20-1968
BENTLEY Lorraine  B Spouse of  Howard E. Bentley Born 9/23/1925 Died 6/30/2017 Age    91 Dau of Eugene W. and Anna I. (Johnson) Bond, Born in Bradford, Married in Bradford, died in Bradford, 2 sons, 2 daughters           
BENTON Richard Dana "Rick"  born  12/7/1943 died  6/16/2012  age  68y  Son of Oscar Freeman & Virginia Dana Benton b. San Antonio TX d. Erie PA  Mr. Benton was active in many community organizations as an officer and/or board member and gave numerous programs on many topics
BERKHOUSE Ronald M. spouse of Margaret J. "Peggy" Ransom born 7-3-1955 died 8-30-2007 age 52 - Son of Russell L. Berkhouse & Louise M. Godding McCormack  b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed 5-17-1980 in Limestone NY 
BERKOWITZ Marlene "Mona" spouse of Howard W. born 10-31-1955 died 1-17-2006 age 50  Dau. of Jerome & Alice Manacher Fishkin b. Bradford Pa. d. Orlando Fla. Wed: 2-23-1990
BERREAN Marian A. spouse of Duane "Breany" born 2-21-1922 died 8-12-2006 age 84 - Dau. of Clyde & Nora Kelly Wingard b. Bradford Pa. d. Cape Coral Fla. Wed: 6-28-1944 in Baltimore Md. 
BICEK Milo S. spouse of Margaret Greek born 5/17/1929 died 12/19/2011 age  82 Son of James & Frances Snorek Bicek b. Montgomery MN d. Bradford PA Wed 11-1-1952 in Bradford PA Married 59 years U.S. Navy aboard the USS Stoddard & USS Forest Royal Korean War
BICKEL William J.  spouse of Helen M. Snow  born 3-4-1909  died 1-28-2003  age 93 - born in Coal Hill Venango County to Johnathon & Vesta Tarr Bickel 
BIGLEY Thomas C. spouse of Alice Geist born 3-15-1905 died 5-19-2006 age 101 - Son of Mack & Manda Confer Bigley  b. Venus  d. Bradford Pa.  Wed:  3-26-1934 in Coudersport Pa. 
BIRD Jack H. spouse of Sarah Y.  born 5-18- 1912  died 5-8-2002  age 89 - b. Bradford PA- Son of Gerad A. & Nina Howlett Bird Us Army WW II 
BIRD Sarah Y. Yates spouse of Jack H.  died 11-11-1988  - m Oct. 13 1933 in Bradford PA
BISHOP Mary Lou spouse of  born 12-29-1934 died 9-8-2007 age 72 - Dau. of Anthony & Hazel Burr Julian  b. & d. Bradford PA 
BLACK Stanley G.  spouse of  Shirley Cicerello  born  7/10/1934  died  1/23/2013  age  78y  Son of Augustus E & Caroline Clark Black b. Derrick City PA d. Bradford PA Wed 9-2-1972 in Bradford PA U.S. Navy 1953-1956 then enlisted in U.S. Air Force & served as a master sergeant until retirement in 1977 serving in the Korean and Vietnam conflicts
BLAIR Wesleah D.  Spouse of  James D. Blair Born 8/20/1925 Died 9/21/2017 Age 92 Dau of Wesley and Laurel G. (McKune) Dart, Born in Tuna, PA, married at Church of Ascension, died in Bradford,            
BLAKE Wilbur E. spouse of Maxine Ruth Margeson born 3-9-1922 died 9-14-2008 age 86 - Son of Elmer & Elizabeth Smith Blake b. Ridgway PA d. Bradford PA Wed 10-25-1953 in Bradford PA U.S. Army WW2
BLANCHARD Mark E. spouse of Judy Hardy born 4-30- 1962  died 10-28-2002  age 40 - b. Olean NY- Son of Richard & Mary Wood Blanchard- m. Aug. 4 2001 in Bradford PA 
BOTTONE Bettie L.  spouse of  Joseph A.  born  3/30/1924  died  6/24/2012  age  88y  Dau of Leslie & Lois Gould Scowden b. Farmers Valley PA d. Bradford PA Wed 1945 Joseph died 10-5-1979
BOTTORF Audrey N. spouse of Harry L. born 7-25-1924 died 10-29-2011 age 87y Dau. of Charles R. & Viola Dixon Walk b. Tyrone PA d. Warren PA Wed 11-25-1943 Harry died 11-20-1978
BOWEN Lynette spouse of  Richard Bowen Born 6/30/1936 Died 2/11/2017 Age 80  -  Dau of Bertil Karl and Gertrude (Heleander) Peterson, Born in Bradford, married June 29, 1968, died in Jamestown, 3 daughters, 2 sons                 BOYLE Judith A.  spouse of  Terence E.  born  1/28/1950  died  4/4/2012  age  62y  Dau of Carl H. & Helen Bigley McKee b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-25-1969 in Bradford PA
BRADFORD Victor R.  spouse of Mildred Griffith born 20-25- 1895  died 11-11-1963  age 68 - b. Nyack NY - son of John & Harrit Barlow Bradford- m. Oct. 16 1943 
BRADLEY Mildred spouse of Laurence E. born 10-17-1916 died 5-25-2007 age 90 - Dau. of Earl L. & V. Noelk Mathern  b. Galeton PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed  1940
BRALEY Marjorie G. spouse of Bill born 5-27-1935 died 8-26-2006 age 71 - Dau. of Darwin S. & Lina Cook Dailey b. Gifford Pa. d.Bradford Pa. Husband #1 Lee Foster 
BRANDOW Charles O. spouse of Donna E. Burkett born 3-19-1940 died 9-23-2009 age 69y  Son of Charles O. & Mary Margaret O'Brien Brandow b. Limestone NY d. Bradford PA U.S. Army Vietnam
BRANDOW Donna  E.  spouse of Charles O. born  5/27/1940  died  3/22/2014  age  73y Dau of Harry William & Wilma Elizabeth Meyers Burkett b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 5-24-2008
BRENNAN Rosemary spouse of John V . born 1-7-1947 died 12-12-2006 age 59 - Dau. of Octave & Blanche Rose Marzucco Lord  b. & d. Bradford Pa. 
BRESSAN Jill M. born 12-4-1959 died 1-18-2009 age 49y - Dau. of Paul W. & Edith Gilbert Robertson Jr. b. Bradford PA d. Coudersport PA Former Husband Kenneth Giamanco 
BREWER Esther A. spouse of Walter  born 11-15- 1922 died 11-16-2001  age 79 - b. Buffalo NY - Dau. of Oscar & Anna Hoehn Schwartz m. Mar. 23 1946 
BREWER Robert J. Spouse of Ruth A. (Braven) Born 6/4/1949 Died 7/5/2017 Age 68 Son of Walter F. and Esther (Schwartz) Brewer, Born in Buffalo, Married Sept 12, 1974 in Jamestown, died in Buffalo, 1 son; Served in US Coast Guard from 1967 to 1971
BRIDGE LeRoy L. "Willie"  spouse of Velma A. Lewis born 12-9-1931 died 7-14-2002  age 70 - b. Bradford PA- Son of Harry E. & Helen A. Kloss Bridge- m. Sept. 30 1950 in Allegany NY 
BRIDGE Myrtle M. spouse of Earl L. born 3-29-1922 died 1-4-2011 age 88y Dau. of Simon & Selma Lindquist Anderson b. Wetonka SD d. Bradford PA Wed 4-28-1946 in Mount Jewett PA  Earl died 6-3-1989
BRIDGE Patricia spouse of Norbert H. "Jack" born 8/1/1930 died 2/13/2012  age  81y  Dau of Douglas & Eleanor Anderson Roulo b. Olean NY d. Bradford PA Wed 4-3-1950 Married 61 years
BROUGHTON Mary Leigh spouse of William I. B  Jr. died 12-5- 1978  - m. Mar. 7 1946 
BROWN Ayden Timothy spouse of born 5/22/2011 died 1/2/2012 age 7mo Infant Son of Andrew T. & Jessica Stull Brown b. &  d. Bradford PA  GOD BLESS
BROWN Carl B.  spouse of  born  3/29/1936  died  2/29/2012  age  75y  Son of Cecil & Wilma Simar Brown b. Olean NY d. Bradford PA Wed Wife #1 Gloria who died 6-28-1983 Wed Wife #2 Joyce Bennett-Ostrander on 6-6-1998 U.S. Air Force 1957-1963
BROWN George E. spouse of Dona M. Vaughn born 7-29-1933 died 4-5-2009 age 75y - Son of George A. & Evelyn M. Zeigler Brown b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 4-26-1952 in Bradford PA U.S. Army 1953-1955
BROWN Richard L. Spouse of Joan (Cummings) Born 7/5/1931 died 5/30/2017 Age 85 Son of Leo and Kathryn (Pear Son) Brown, Born in Bradford, died in Bradford, Married May 30, 1953 in St. Francis of Assissi Church, 3  Daughters, 2  Sons; served in US Army 1952 - 54, stationed in Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.
BROWN Roscoe J. Jr.  spouse of  Thelma E. Allen  born  8/24/1921  died  4/13/2013  age  91y  Son of Roscoe J. & Marie C. Hjelm Brown Sr. b. Barnes Warren Cty PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-10-1944 in Bradford PA Thelma died 10-23-1999  U.S. Army 1942-1943 discharged a Corporal
BURGER June R.  born 6-15-1915 died 6-10-2004 age 88 - Dau of James E. & Lena (Pattison) Burger LPN b. Bradford-PA d. Lancaster-PA
BURKETT Laura M. "Cookie" Spouse of Thomas E. Born 4-1-1941 died 3-8-2015 Age 73 - Dau of Edward Lee and Ellen Mae (Albert) Coast,  two daughters, three sons 
BURKETT William B. Spouse of Eva Lucille (Selner) Burkett Born 3/17/1931 died 5/13/2017 Age 86 Son of Harry W. and Wilma E. (Meyers) Burkett, Born in Bradford, died in Limestone, NY, 2 Daughters
BURKHART, Aurelia B. Spouse of Vincent P. Burkhart Born 4/26/1925 Died 10/29/2016 Age 91 - Dau of Emilio and Maria (Diaz) Bueno, Born in Canton, OH, Married Feb 14, 1946 in Donora, Died in Bradford, 2 daughters
BURKHART Vincent P. spouse of Aurelia "Lola" Bueno born 10-05-1924 died 10-01-2004 age 79 - Son of Gerald & Bridget (Hartman) Burkhart b. Donora-PA d. Bradford-PA Wed 2-14-1946 in Donora-PA Vet-WWII US Army 1943-45 5 Bronze Stars
BURLINGAME Donald C. spouse of Christi L. Nelson born 6-7-1936 died 10-31-2007 age 71 - Son of Herman E. & Ethel McIntosh Burlingame b. Port Allegany PA d. Bradford PA Wed 11-2-1998 in Limestone NY U.S. Air Force 
BURNS Eva M. spouse of Gerald E . born 7-16-1935 died 11-23-2010 age 75y  -Dau. of John R. & LuLu Violet Goodnoe Platko b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 5-28-1977 in Bradford PA  Gerald E. died 11-18-1988
BURNS Emma Jane Spouse of  William G. Burns Born 7/9/1930 Died  8/13/2017 Age 87 Dau of Carl and Daisy (Solley) Sunderlin, Born in Patchinville, married May 13, 1972, died in Bradford, 3 daughters, 1 son.
BURNS William  G. spouse of Emma Jane Sunderlin-Rorabaugh born 7-2-1926 died 11-20-2006 age 80 - Son of George W . & Clarissa May Richards Burns b. & d. Bradford Pa.  Wed: 5-13-1972 U.S. Army serving in Rhineland for General Patton 302nd Infantry WW2 Bronze Star
BURRITT Olive Geraldine spouse of Ronald Dale Sr. born 1-26-1936 died 11-5-2009 age 73y  Dau. of William Glenn & Thelma Violet Bair Weaver b. Rossiter PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-22-1957 in Bradford PA 
BURRITT Ronald D. Sr.  spouse of Olive G. Weaver  born  7/23/1932  died  12/8/2012  age  80y  Son of Arthur S. & Pearl L. Bowkett Burritt b. North Hornell NY d. Bradford PA Wed 6-22-1957 in Bradford PA  U.S. Navy served in Europe & Korea - Awarded the National Defense Medal the European Occupational Medal & Korean Occupational Medal
BURTON Geraldine M. born 6/6/1932 died 7/1/2013 age 81y  Dau of Leonard & Mabel Hanyon Eidson b. Degolia PA d. Bradford PA
BURTON Linda K.  born 12-25-1956 died 6-28-2006 age 49 - Dau. of Kenneth W. & Geraldine M. Eidson Burton  b. Olean N.Y. d. Bradford Pa. 
BURTON Virginia A. spouse of Roland born 10-3-1921 died 12-7-2009 age 88y  Dau. of Dominic & Tracy Alesso Alessi b. Soldier PA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-8-1958 in Tacoma WA  Roland died 12-9-1992
BUTLER Janet L.  born 5-25-1950 died 7-6-2006 age 56 - Dau. of Jack & Dorothy Jane Keesler Butler  b.& d. Bradford Pa. 
BUTTON Richard C. "Rich" spouse of Carol A. Zumstein born 10-28-1948 died 3-9-2011 age 62y Son of Clifton B. &  Marjorie Raught Button b. Springville NY d. Bradford PA Wed 2-24-1971 in Olean NY U.S. Navy 1968-1972
CAMERON Alissa A. spouse of  born 8-25-1987 died 1-5-2008 age 20 - Dau. of Donald J. & Judy A. Hendryx Cameron b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA  Auto Accident
CAMERON Donald J. spouse of Judy Hendryx born 10-12-1952 died 1-6-2009 age 56y - Son of Fred E. & Lillian Worthington Cameron b. Daytona Beach FL d. Erie PA Wed 7-17-1982 in Bradford PA 
CAMPAGNA Constance Louise spouse of Dominic Campagna born 10/22/1931 died 9/13/2015 age 83  Dau of Clarence E. and Alma Adda (Barlett) Masten, born in Bradford, married in Angola, NY, Died in Lancaster, NY, 3 daughters, 1 son
CAMPBELL Albert A. "Al" spouse of Shirley Ford born 2-17-1932 died 11-4-2011 age 79y Son of John H. & Grace A. Closser Campbell b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed 9-18-1954 in Bradford PA  U.S. Army 1949-1953
CAMPBELL Bonnie Y. born 3/3/1941 died 7/4/2013 age 72y Dau of James P. & Marjorie J. Glasford Yaeger b. Niagara Falls NY d. Lakeland FL
CAMPBELL Dawn P. spouse of Jack born 8-14-1924 died 7-3-2009 age - Dau. of Able & Helen Jones Myers b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 3-3-1944  in Bradford PA
CAMPBELL Gloria K.  spouse of  Malcolm F.  born  10/13/1926  died  5/25/2014  age  87y  Dau of Lewis Elson & Mabel C. Eckhart Paynter b. Tonawanda NY d. Bradford PA Wed 12-15-1950 in Rockville MD Malcolm died 10-1-2005
CAMPBELL Howard A.  spouse of Vincie Clark born 6-16-1940 died 8-29-2002 age 62 - b. Bradford PA- Son of Oakley B. & Mary H. Hardy Campbell 
CAMPBELL Joyce Dione  spouse of Joel born 3-3- 1933  died 1-12-2002  age 68 - b. Bradford PA - Dau. of Duane & Alice Geely Vaughn m. Aug. 15 1970 
CAMPBELL Oakley B. spouse of Mary H. Hardy born 7-25-1900 died 12-12-1948  - wed Nov. 10 1923 Limestone NY
CANNON Billy John  spouse of Gertrude May Darrin born 7-24-1915 died 5-17-1993 age - Son of Harry John & Francis Marion (Taft) Cannon b. Limestone-NY d. Bradford-PA Wed 2-10-1938 in Bradford-PA
CANNON Gertrude May spouse of Billy John Cannon born 3-10-1917 died 9-11-1992 age - Dau of Edwin Charles & Caroline Elizabeth (Golden) Darrin b. Port Allegany-PA d. Bradford-PA Wed 2-10-1938 in Bradford-PA
CARLETTA George A. spouse of Sheila Stiles born 5-9-1937 died 8-1-2002 age 65 - b. Bradford PA- Son of Frank & Elizabeth Shook Carlette- m. Sept. 20 1968 in Bradford PA- US Navy also in the US Air Force 
CARPENTE Eleanor M. "Squirt" born 6/19/1929 died 1/24/2013 age 84y Dau of Frederick M. & Susie Martindale Troutman b. Minia d. Wellsboro PA
CARR Sandra L.  born 3-22-1944 died 6-15-2006 age 62 - Dau. of Floyd & Leatrice Miller Sweet  b. Andover N.Y. d. Bradford Pa. 
CASE Louise  spouse of Donald L. born 2-3-1917 died 2-26-2009 age 92y - Dau. of Glenn & Laura Elder Patterson b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-9-1936 in Limestone NY 
CEDAR Robert M. born 1/26/1984 died 11/18/2014 age 30y Son of Michael G. & Michelle Taylor Cedar b. Meadville PA d. Buffalo NY U.S. Army served one tour of duty for Operation Iraqi Freedom and one tour in Afghanistan - Awarded Army Commendation Medal National Service Defense Medal Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal with Army Service Ribbon Parachutist Badge discharged 3-31-2007 as a sergeant
CHAMISKY Joseph spouse of Myrtle M  born  died 5-12-1984 age - m. Sept 21 1960 
CHAMISKY Myrtle M.  spouse of Joseph  born 9-21-1917  died 12-8-2003  age 86 - dau of Frank & Mary Barlow Enos 
CHANDLER Sandra V.  spouse of  Edward C.  born  8/17/1941  died  8/22/2013  age  72y  Dau of Arthur & Lorraine Anderson Peterson b. Olean NY d. Erie PA Wed 7-8-1961 in Bradford PA Edward died 8-14-2012
CHITTESTER Elizabeth W. spoouse of Norman E . born 12-30-1928 died 4-5-2008 age 79  _ Dau. of Arthur S. & Anna E. Walker Watson b. Ridgway PA d. Queensbury NY Wed 8-4-1979 
CHRISLEY Margaret L. "Peg"  spouse of  Edward W.  born  9/8/1929  died  7/26/2014  age  84y  Dau of Egbert F. "Ebbie" & Marie Gillen Bell b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 12-18-1948 in Olean NY Edward died 2-9-1982
CIRIGLIANO Elmer N.  spouse of  Rose Pire  born  10/24/1911  died  11/6/2013  age  102y  Son of Joseph & Angeline Fortunato Cirigliano b. & d. Bradford PA Preceded by his first wife Frances Holden Cirigliano who died in 1980  U.S. Army WW2 serving in Rome Arne Southern France Rhineland & Stars 1942-1945
CIRIGLIANO Terry L. "Ciggy" born 1946 died 10-27-2007 age 61 - Son of Elmer & Frances Cirigliano b. Pleasantville PA d. Bradford PA U.S. Air Force Vietnam War serving at Benwa Air Base during Tet Offensive
CLARK Donna L. spouse of David L.born 9-19-1955 died 5-7-2011 age 55y -Dau. of Ruth Jarrett Lounsberry b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-24-1996 in Bradford PA
CLARK Florence R. "Pal" spouse of William born 11-19-1928 died 5-6-2006 age 77 - Dau. of Charles & Rose Mae Curtis Neely  b. Bradford Pa. d. Smethport Pa. 
CLARK, Jan E. spouse of Carl W. "Bill" born 8-3-1951 died 8-30-2010 age 59y   - Dau. of Geoffrey & Shirley Hallock Meabon b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 11-8-1969
CLARK Margaret E. spouse of Walter N. born 9-2-1920 died 12-11-2008 age 88y - Dau. of John H. & Margaret Bergman Jones Sr. b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 4-3-1944 in Bradford PA 
CLARK Rebecca R. "Becky" spouse of George M. born 6-20-1928 died 11-16-2007 age 79 - Dau. of Richard B. & Pearl Frambes Hughes b. Limestone NY d. Coudersport PA Wed 5-7-1948 in Bradford PA
CLARK Richard G. "Dick" spouse of Clara R. Green born 1-6-1926 died 11-12-2008 age 82 - Son of George W. & Pearl M. Oliphant Clark b. Kane PA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-15-1947 in Bradford PA U.S. Army WW2 as a guard during the Nuremburg Trials
CLEVELAND Mildred T. spouse of Ralph E. born 3-4-1913 died 11-21-2008 age 95 - Dau. of William & Heneretta Heers Teller b. Wellsville NY d. Bradford PA Wed 1-7-1938 in Wellsville NY Mausoleum
CLOSS Ann M. spouse of George M. born 4-24-1916 died 5-8-2006 age 90 - Dau. of Wilbur D. & Myrtle E. Fink Stiles  b. West Union N.Y.  d. Bradford N.Y.  Husband #1 Merle Ostrander 
COBB Eugenia L. "Jean" spouse of Donald Sr. born 2-12-1941 died 7-25-2008 age 67y - Dau. of Frank & Vicky Reitz Colosimo b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-27-1956 in Bradford PA 
CODER, James E. Born 2/18/1945 Died 11/21/2016 Age 71 - Son of Jewell (Johns DePaul) and Ron Coder, Born in Bradford, died in Bradford, 1 daughter
COLETTI Andrea "Andy Jo" spouse of  born 9-30-1974 died 2-8-2008 age - Dau. of Gene & Kathy Coletti b. Olean NY d. Oxford NC 
COLLEY Beverly Lou  spouse of  George   born  11/25/1938  died  1/9/2015  age  76y  Dau of Lawrence & Marjorie Mills Nichols b. Olean NY d. Bradford PA Wed 8-22-1980 in Bradford PA
COLLINS Alice Elizabeth  born  7-15-1918 died 2-22-2007 age 88 - Dau. of William J. & Ilene Rupert Collins b. & d. Bradford Pa. 
COLOSIMO Anthony P. "Pat" spouse of  Jo Ann Sargent born 5/19/1940 died 4/10/2012  age  71y Son of John & Josephine Caserio Colosimo b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA Wed 12-1964 in Limestone NY Jo Ann died 12-16-1995 U.S. Army
COLOSIMO Mildred Marie spouse of  Livio B. born 5-18-1916 died 8-15-2011 age 95y -Dau. of Ralph A. & Fortunata Pantusco Rose b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA Livio B. died 8-25-1994
COMERS Charlene Patsy spouse of Douglas M. born 2-19-1941 died 7-2-2007 age 66 - Dau. of Ira & Virginia Lockwood Nearing  b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed  8-29-1964 in Arlington VA 
COMILLA Gleyn L. born  6/7/1930  died  1/7/2015  age  84y  Son of Louis & Frieda Hicks Comilla b.  & d. Bradford PA  U.S. Army veteran stationed in Germany during the Korean War
CONFER, Beebe R. Spouse of Robert Confer Born 2/22/1924 Died 1/22/2017 Age 92 - Dau of Joseph F. and Georgia (Belle) Diller, Born in Bradford, married Dec 27, 1943 in Bradford, died in Barboursville, VA, 1 duaghter, 1 son.
CONFER Shirley J. spouse of Philip Sheridan born 9-17-1928 died 11-15-2007 age 79 - Dau. of Joseph K. & Gladys M. Marsh Hane b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 12-17-1948 in Bolivar NY 
CONKLIN Rachel M. spouse of Milton Maxwell born 3-20-1915 died 11-16-2007 age 92 - Dau. of Charles & Ellen White Ward b. Grassflat PA d. Bradford PA Wed 9-10-1936 in Franklinville NY 
CONKLIN Rodger B.  spouse of  Marcia Riggs McCormack  born  4/20/1943  died  9/5/2014  age  71y  Son of Frank & Mary Alice Baldwin Conklin b. & d. Bradford PA U.S. Marine Corps 1962-1967
CONNER Virginia B. spouse of Martin born 10-10-1933 died 8-20-2008 age 74y - Dau. of George L. & Mary Lipps b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-20-1955 
COOK Linda A. born 1-23-1951 died 5-12- 2002 age 51 - b. Bradford PA- Dau. Of Harold & Gertrude Cook
CORNELIUS Olive Bernice spouse of Victor born 3-17-1915 died 4-13-2009 age 94 - Dau. of William & Lovina Tissue Frazee b. Markleysburg PA d. Sinclairville NY Wed 3-17-1936  CORNELIUS Patricia B. Spouse of Richard R. Cornelius Born 2/17/1932 died 1/12/2016 Age 83  Dau of Roy Monroe and Esther P. (Sloan) Benton, Born in Bradford, Married May 17, 1951 in Hill Memorial United Methodist Church in Bradford, Died in Rew, 3 daughters, 1 son
COVERT Archie W. spouse of Bonnie Smith born 1-12-1943 died 11-4-2006 age 63 - Son of John W. & Annabelle Deming Covert b. & d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 5-19-1979 
COX JR. Tony (Infant) spouse of  born 3-23-2007 died 9-17-2007 age 5m - Son of Tony R. & DiAnn Kontz Cox  b. & d. Bradford PA
COY Russell E. "Russ"  spouse of  Janice I. Goldin  born  7/11/1932  died  2/21/2014  age  81y  Son of Frank L. & Mary E. Jones Coy b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 3-29-1952 Married 61 years
COY Russell L. "Larry"  spouse of Melanie A. Maynard  born 9-18-1956  died 7-23-2002 age 45 - b. Bradford PA- Son of Russell E. & Janice I. Goldin Coy- m. Feb. 9 1980 in Bradford PA- US Navy Vietnam War 
CRANDALL Edwin R.  born 8-11- 1904  died 6-6-2000  age - b.Tiona PA 
CRANMER Muriel J. born 5/23/1935 died 6/21/2016 age 81  Dau of Eleanor (Culbertson) Kloss and Arthur Elrod, died in Delaware, 1 daughter, 4 sons
CRANMER John L.  ["Jack"] spouse of Muriel ELROD  [#1] born 11-07-1934 died 10-15-2004 age 69 - Son of John D. & Florence (Costello) Cranmer "Jack" b. Olean-NY d. Bradford-NY Divorced #1 Wed #2 Linda L. Henton on 3-19-1988 in Lewis Run-PA Vet-US Air Force for 13 yrs
CRAWFORD Everett Wendall  spouse of  Sylvia E. Bennett  born  6/29/1930  died  8/29/2013  age  83y  Son of Edwin & Clara Dotson Crawford b. Wellsville NY d. Bradford PA Wed 9-14-1956 in Bradford PA  Sylvia preceded him
CRISMAN Maurice A. spouse of Mary Jane Evans born 5-24-1921 died 11-5-2008 age 87 - Son of Harrison Benjamin "Harry" & Florence Leona Sandeen Crisman b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-5-1946 in Pittsburg KS U.S. Army WW2 awarded Air Medal with Oak Leaf Clusters - Rank of Captain - also Korean War as an Army Artillery Pilot observer 
CROOKS Josephine  A.  spouse of  George F.  born  8/9/1919  died  8/22/2012  age  93y  Dau of Clarence E. & Ila Howe Cramer b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 5-6-1944 in Limestone NY George died 10-26-1954
CROSS JoAnn E. spouse of born 8-7-1950 died 7-18-2011 age 60y  -Dau. of Rozel Glenn & Harriett Estella Taylor Cross b. Bradford PA d. Marienville PA
CROUSE Donald F.  spouse of  Betty L. Stromberg  born  10/5/1929  died  8/6/2014  age  84y  Son of William F. & Nila Beth Carpenter Crouse b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-18-1955 in Bradford PA Married 59 years  U.S. Navy served aboard USS O'Hare DD889 1948-1952
CRUM Debra E. spouse of born 6-3-1957 died 9-24-2011 age 54y Dau. of Wayne & Kay Stolte Duree b. Flora IL d. Bradford PA
CURCIO Christopher J.  born 7-2-1971 died 3-18-2005  - son of John P. Rebecca J. Weaver Curcio motor Vehicle accident
CURCIO Rose Ann spouse of  Patsy born 10-13-1923 died 10-26-2009 age 86y  Dau. of James & Antonette Iaderosa Vigliotti b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-10-1945 
CURRIE John H. born 3/31/1953  died  2/4/2015  age  61y  Son of John H. & Virginia Hoyt Currie b. Kane PA d. Bradford PA  John participated in Special Olympics
CURTIS Florence G.  spouse of Logan H. born 1-26-1906  died 10-24- 2000  age - Dau. of Frederick & Caroline Green Closser m. Dec. 4 1928- b. Angelica NY 
COUSINS Marian B. Spouse of James J. Cousins Jr. Born 2/2/1923 Died 7/12/2017 Age 94 Dau of Earl and Zelma M. (Palmatier) Burrell, Born in Genessee, Married Sept 14, 1946 in Pavilion, NY, died in Bradford, 3 daughters; Served in US Navy from 1943-1945 as a communications expert in Wash DC during WWII.
DAILEY Virginia E. spouse of Lewis B. "Nub" born 6-20-1917 died 2-4-2009 age 91y - Dau. of Frederick & Nettie Young Sager b. Tidioute PA d. Bradford PA Wed 2-14-1931 in Bradford PA 
DART Lauren W. spouse of Sala A. Davidson born 12-7-1934 died 6-8-2006 age 71 - Son of Wesley & Laurel McKune Dart  Wed 1984 Pennsylvania National Guard
DART Sala A. spouse of Lauren W. born 4-1-1944 died 6-8-2006 age 62  Dau. of Lawrence & Edna Store Davidson Wed: 1984
DAVIS Aiden M. born 10/13/2004 died 7/24/2015 age 10 Son of Amanda Davis and David M. Reynolds
DAVIS Donald A. "D. Albert" spouse of Delphine Venanzi born 12-12-1920 died 3-8-2011 age 90y Son of Archie & Jennie Swanson Davis b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 11-23-1945 in Bradford PA U.S. Army Air Corps WW2
DAVIS Donald W. Jr. spouse of Becky Skaggs born 3-15-1952 died 6-6-2009 age 57y - Son of Donald W. &  Beverly Monti Davis Sr. b. Olean NY d. Bradford PA Wed 7-23-1977 in Bradford PA 
DAVIS Lorraine E. spouse of William G. born 4-26-1923 died 3-3-2009 age 85y - Dau. of Charles & Viola Dixon Walk b. Tyrone PA d. Bradford PA  Wed 6-18-1949 in Smethport PA 
DAVIS William G.  spouse of  Lorraine E. Walk  born  8/14/1919  died  2/26/2015  age  95y  Son of Edward & Eva Styner Davis b. Pittston PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-18-1949 in Smethport PA U.S. Army served with the Battery A 12th Battalion Coast Artillery - Reenlisted & served with the 82nd Airborne Division - He participated in the invasion of Normandy & several other major battles - Discharged at rank of Master Sergeant with awards of Bronze Star Medal la Crois De Guerre from the French Gov't among others
DeGOLIER Agner B. spouse of Walter DeGolier born 6/29/1950 died 5/9/2016 age 65  Dau of Frank J. and Ruth M. (Osness) DePaul, Born in Bradford, Married Aug 23, 1969 in Bradford, died in Bradford, 1 son
DeGOLIER Marjorie Helen spouse of Robert Harold born 4-4-1921 died 5-19-2006 age 85 - Dau. of Walter & Angeline Buchanan Hallock  Wed: 6-25-1938
DeGOLIER William A. "Bill" spouse of Monica M. Gattuso born 6-18-1940 died 3-3-2011 age 70y Son of Robert & Marjorie Hallock DeGolier b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-31-1968 U.S. Air Force 1960-1964
DEHNER, Larry D. Born 2/3/1969 Died 12/10/2016 Age 47 - Son o Robert L. and Doris M. (Shall) Dehner, Born in Bradford, died in Bradford, 1 son; enlisted US. Army 7/27/1989 was a tank turret repaiman in Fort Polk, LA, honorably discharged 7/31/92 as EO-3
DiFONZO Frank D. spouse of Phyllis Jones born 7-27-1926 died 3-12-2009 age 82y - Son of John & Henrietta Pingie DiFonzo Sr. b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA Wed 4-14-1951 in Cluster City PA U.S. Army 4th Infantry Division in Germany at European Theater - earned two Battle Ribbons 
DISTROLA Robin L. spouse of Robert A. born 4-24-1952 died 9-4-2010 age 58y - Dau. of Lawrence E. & Ruth A. Cooper Carty b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA Wed 9-18-1972 in Bradford PA Robert A. died 3-3-2005
DISTROLA Stephen G.  spouse of  born 7/2/1926 died 6/13/2012 age 85y  Son of Phillip & Mary DeAugustino Distrola b. & d. Bradford PA U.S. Navy
DITTY Rosamary M.  spouse of  William E.  born  6/19/1936  died  12/7/2012  age  76y  Dau of Clarence & Goldie Starkey Crimmel b. San Francisco CA d. Bradford PA Wed 11-21-1959 in New Bethlehem PA Married 53 years
DREHMER Timothy spouse of Darlene Hartburg born 4-5-1944  died 10-8-2011 age 67y  Son of Orton David & Mary M. Healy Denning Drehmer b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-16-1965 in Bradford PA 
DREIHAUP Ray O.  spouse of  Lucille Morris  born  9/18/1919  died  1/9/2013  age  93y  Son of Clemens E. & Ivy Owens Dreihaup b. Bradford PA d. Tionesta PA Wed 11-27-1940 in Bradford PA Lucille died 4-28-1998 U.S. Army WW2 in Korea
DRESSLER Joann M. Taft  spouse of LeRoy E.  born  died 1-22-2000 age - m. Oct. 8 1998 
DRESSLER LeRoy E.  spouse of Joann M.  born 12-12-1933  died 3-15-2001  age 67 - b. Bradford PA - Son of LeRoy L. & Frances Closser Dressler US Army 
DRUMMOND Donald Bruce spouse of Patricia Bodine born 4-23-1933 died 12-2-2008 age 75y - Son of Malcolm & Ruth Cornelius Drummond b. Bradford PA d. Boston MA Wed 6-6-1959 in Texas City TX U.S. Air Force 7th Radio Relay Squadron Battalion near Bordeaux France 
DRYSDALE Mildred K. spouse of Norman K. born 12-1-1909 died 5-29-2008 age 98 - Dau. of George & Mabel Cornelius Lane b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 4-16-1927 in Bradford PA 
DUKE Paul C. III  born 11-2-1952 died 9-28-2005 age 52 - son of Paul C. Duke Jr. & Sarah Richard Blaisdell Dorn grandson of Zippo founder
DUNHAM Jean H.  spouse of  Max E.  born  1/13/1920  died  11/18/2012  age  92y  Dau of Leonard D. & Jane A. Kidd Hughes b. Copper Cliff Ontario Canada d. Bradford PA Wed 11-21-1942 in Bradford PA Max died 5-22-1980
DUNMIRE Catherine Ann spouse of Vyrl "Lee" Dunmire born 7/23/1948 died 5/5/2016 age 67  Dau of Carl A. and Margaret Ann (Clarissen) Reynolds Sr., Born in Bradford, Married Aug 11, 1977, died in Bradford
DUNMIRE Vyrl " Lee"  spouse of  Cathy Reynolds  born  5/26/1951  died  6/21/2014  age  63y  Son of Vyrl O. & Catherine Brenneman Dunmire b. Brookville PA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-11-1977
EDMONDS Eleanore S. spouse of  Edward V. born 9-8-1922 died 7-30-2006 age 83 - Dau. of George & Sarah Chamberlain Seal  b. Gibson  d. Erie Pa. 
ELIASON Roberta R. spouse of Theron Andrew born 3-29-1911 died 6-3-2006 age 95 - Dau. of Samuel O. & Dora Dunn Campbell  b. Kinzua Pa. d. Bradford Pa.  Wed: 6-14-1938
ELLIOTT Lisa K. spouse of Lawrence J. born 6-2-1961 died 5-28-2010 age 47y - Dau. of Howard O. & Beverly L. Nichols Dixon b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 4-14-1984 in Smethport PA 
ELROD Kathryn Ann (Richmond) Born 4/9/1942 died 5-2-2015 Age 73 Dau of Robert V. and Jean (Kellgren) Richmond, Born in Bradford, PA., Died in Bradford, PA., 1 Daughter, 2 sons
ERNEST Gertrude L. spouse of  Lewis W.  born 1/13/1910 died 4/15/2012  age 102y  Dau of William & Della Link Briggs b. Stockton NY d. Bradford PA Wed 11-11-1933 in Frewsburg NY Lewis died 1-3-1971
ERVIN Jay L. spouse of Cheryl Dalton Hatch born 11-18-1957 died 3-1-2008 age - Son of Charles E. "Bud" &  Lillias J. Cramer Ervin b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 11-13-1993 in Salamanca NY 
FARGO Betty J. spouse of Charles S. born 7/2/1925 died 12/6/2011 age 86y Dau of Carl & Ada Geddes Hartburg b. Niagara Falls NY d. Bradford PA Wed 8-10-1946 Charles died 12-6-1982
FESENMYER Dorothea C.  spouse of  Howard L.  born  1/19/1929  died  12/21/2014  age  85y  Dau of Basil & Harriett Robbins Gildersleeve b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-19-1950 in Bradford PA Married 64 years
FIELD Eva Truax spouse of William J.  born 5-28-1913 died 6-16- 2001  age 88 - b. Bradford PA  Dau. of Charles A. & Laura A. Wheeler Truax- m. Nov. 27 1932 
FIELD William J.  spouse of Eva T died 1-1-1990 age - m. Nov. 27 1932 
FIELDS Clementine P. spouse of Neal R. born 6-29-1932 died 2-5-2010 age 77y - Dau. of Luke &  Margaret Effiito Pascarella b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-27-1959 in Bradford PA 59 years 
FIELDS Donald  born 6-23-1935 died 3-19-2009 age 74y - Son of Harry & Grace Fields b. Bradford PA d. Casselberry FL 
FILANO Adolph W.  Evelyn H. Hellberg  7-29-1916  9-27-2006  90  Son of James E. & Rosy Ulizio Filano b. Stanley Pa. d. Findlay Ohio Wed: 6-10-1945 in Bloomfield N.J.  U.S. Army Finance Corps WW2 & Korean War
FILANO Evelyn H. spouse of Adolph W. born 9-11-1915 died 2-28-2008 age 92 - Dau. of William & Hattie Swanson Hellberg b. Sykesville d. Findlay OH Wed 6-10-1945 
FINLAND Inez M. spouse of James B. born 4-30-1933 died 12-2-2010 age 77y Dau. of Emerson & Emma McLaughlin Cramer b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-8-1960 in Bradford PA
FINN Raymond L. spouse of Carolyn G. Woodward  born  7/18/1931  died  10/4/2013  age  82y  Son of Thomas & Annie Brown Finn b. Rixford PA d. Bradford PA Wed 2-16-1952 in Derrick City PA Married 61 years  U.S. Army during the Korean War - He received the Korean Service Medal with two Bronze Stars 1952-1954
FISH Marsha A.  spouse of  James L.  born  2/12/1948  died  2/15/2012  age   64y  Dau of Paul F. & Althea J. Jones Hale b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 11-11-1967 James died 1-16-2001
FITTON Victory Annelise spouse of  born 1-3-2009 died 3-14-2009 age 10m - Infant Dau. of David & Jennifer Tingley Fitton b. & d. Bradford PA 
FLYNN Charles W. spouse of Juneas Nelson born 10-12-1913 died 1-21-2008 age 94 - Son of Carroll M. & Mayme Mastin Flynn b. West Pike PA d. West Seneca NY Wed 10-26-1946 in Jamestown NY  U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer in U.S. & South Pacific  WW2
FORD Angela Dawn born 7/21/1969 died 2/28/2013 age 43y Dau of Mick & Judy A. Schlopy McGuire b. Kane PA d. Derrick City PA
FORQUER Jacquelyn J. died 7-18-2006 age - Dau. of Chester & Eleanora Johnson Chrisman  b. Kane Pa. d. Bradford Pa.
FORQUER, Robert J. Born 6/15/1937 Died 1/19/2017 Age 79 - Son of John William and Altie Viola (Rook) Forquer, Born in Kane, died in Bradford, 2 daughters, 2 sons; Served in US Navy from August 24, 1954 to Aug 1, 1958 on USS Tarawa with rank of airman apprentice.
FOSTER Rebecca "Becky" spouse of Michael A. born 8-18-1943 died 5-19-2011 age 67y  Dau. of Jack A. & Maxine Marble Keys Woodmansee b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 5-18-1985 in Bradford PA
FRALEY Thomas E. spouse of Connie Cocherell born 9/6/1945 died 1/7/2014 age 68y  Son of Jack & Kathleen Cottillion Levis b. & d. Bradford PA  U.S. Marine Corps during the Vietnam War also the Battle of Khe Sanh - awarded the National Defense Service Medal Presidential Unit Citation Letter of Commendation Vietnam Service Medal with 2 Stars Vietnam Campaign Medal with device & Combat Action Ribbon
FRAMPTON Karen E. spouse of born 7-13-1942 died 10-12-2011 age 69y Dau. of Clyde & Helen Dry Alferink b. & d. Buffalo NY
FRAMPTON Nancy A.  spouse of Donald born 4/14/1929 died 3/19/2014 age 84y Dau of Raymond & Helen Hockenberry Whitford b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 3-3-1951 in Ridgeland S.C.
FRANKLIN Alfred L. III  spouse of Linda Lee died 5-1-2000  age - 
FRANKLIN Linda Lee Cannon  spouse of Alfred L. III  born 9-9-1948 died 10-21-2001  age 53 - b. Bradford PA - Dau. of Wayne L. Cannon & Betty Ellenberger Cannon Orr 
FREER Gladys H. spouse of Howard R. born 11-23-1926 died 11-25-2007 age 81 - Dau. of Hiram M. & Susan Clark Grimes b. Portville NY d. Cuba NY Wed 1-3-1946 in Smethport PA
FRIEDMAN Bennett B. born 6/30/1923 died 3/17/2013 age 89y U.S. Army WW2 serving in the 7th Army as an interpreter for the questioning of Reichmarshall Hermann Goering after the fall of Germany
FRONTINO Cynthia M. died 12/6/2015 Age 67
FRONTINO Frank P. Spouse of  Florence E. (Ralston) Born 1/25/1922 Died 9/15/2017 Age 95 Son of Samuel and Mary (Michelizio) Frontino, Born in Bradford, Married May 23, 1952, died in Bonita Springs, FL, 1 son, 2 daughters;  was enlisted in US Army in 1942 serving in Central Europe and Rhineland, honorably discharged in 1946.
FRONTINO Owen Michael Infant born U/K died 11/2/2012 age Infant Son of Joseph L. & Amber N. Roark Frontino b. & d. Bradford PA
FRONTINO Thomas M. born 11-29-1952 died 4-18-2002 age 49 - b. Bradford PA- Son of John J. & Dorothy P.Pieerotti Frontino
FULTZ Robert L. spouse of Marjorie K. Kohl born 5/15/1920 died 4/14/2013 age 84y Son of Joseph & Emma Seaman Fultz b. Degolia PA  d. Bradford PA Wed 7-1-1961 in Bradford PA  Marjorie died 9-5-2005 U.S. Army with the 609th Tank Destroyer Battalion in Northern France Rhineland Ardennes-Alsace & Central Europe - Awarded the American Defense Medal European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with 3 Bronze Stars
GAGE June M.  Gerald D.  7-12-1924  9-15-2006  82  Dau. of Walter & Eva Ballard Moffatt b. & d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 3-23-1944 in Allegany N.Y. 
GALLAGHER Clare Luke S spouse of James E.  born 1897 died 1994 age - Large Mausoleum with Frank & Minnie Luke 
GALLAGHER James E.  spouse of Clare Luke born 1891 died 1975 age - Large Mausoleum with Frank & Minnie Luke 
GALLAGHER Thomas F.  spouse of Carol Lynne O'Neil  born 12-27-1936 died 4-14-1992  - b. Chicago ILL- Son of Thomas & Grace Ann Corcoran Gallagher 
GEE Christie E. spouse of Francis "Babe"  born 3-8-1933 died 6-11-2006 age 73 - Dau. of Alfred M. & Elma Holly Ekas b. Olean N.Y. d. Buffalo N.Y. Wed: 9-12-1953 
GETZ Gloria E. spouse of John L. born 7/5/1925 died 1/30/2015 age 89y Dau of George & Ida Schroeder Russert b. Buffalo NY d. Bradford PA Wed 7-1-1961 in Buffalo NY John died 9-17-1998
GLOVER Rick E. "Red" spouse of Debora Lynn Reid born 6-27-1957  died 10-6-2001  age 44 - b. Buffalo NY- Son of Floyd E. & June Arline Finley Glover m. Mar. 19 1983 
GODDING Leona Mae spouse of Charles H. born 4-24-1938 died 11-4- 1963 age 25 - b. Bradford PA - Dau. of Donald & Louise Patterson Case 
GOGEL Idell A. Waldron Stephens  spouse of Paul & Elroy  born 7-19-1905 died 3-29- 2002 age 96 - b. Red Rock PA- Dau. of William H.  Bessie Farnham Stephens m.1st Paul Waldron 
GOODMOTE Margaret E. "Maggie" spouse of William A. born 6-10-1933 died 5-21-2007 age 73 - Dau. of Calvin & Violet Gardner Bridge  b. & d. Buffalo NY 
GOODMOTE William A.  died 9-7- 2001  age 77 -
GOODNOE Alice L. Spouse of Richard Ray Goodnoe Born 12/23/1933 died 1/17/2016 Age 82  Dau of Samuel and Elsie (Keister) McWilliams, Married July 10, 1954, died in Bradford, 4 daughters, 2 sons
GORDON Tammy L.  spouse of Stephen  born 4-28-1964  died 3-9-2001  age 36 - b. Bradford PA- Dau. of Kenneth & Barbara Frost George m. Aug. 24 1993 
GOSS Betty L. spouse of William M. born 11-25-1922 died 12-16-2006 age - Dau. of Newton & Dora Dinger Brocious  b. Timblin  d. Bradford Pa.  Wed:  10-3-1942 in Maryland
GOSS William M. spouse of Betty L.  died 6-22-1999  - wed Oct 3 1942
GOURLEY David L. spouse of Doris Rayburn born 3-25-1927 died 10-16-2009 age 82y  Son of Blair & Laura Reesman Gourley b. Hamilton d. Bradford PA  Wed 7-27-1959 in Indianapolis IN U.S. Army European Theatre WW2
GOURLEY Doris A. spouse of David L. born 12/7/1935 died 10/5/2012 age 76y Dau of William & Bertha Weekley Rayburn b. Barboursville W.VA d. Erie PA Wed 7-27-1959 in Indianapolis IN Married 50 years
GOURLEY Michael J.  born 5-22-1968 died 8--27-2006 age 38 - Son of David L. & Doris Rayburn Gourley b. Delaware Ohio d. Bradford Pa. 
GOURLEY Tina M. spouse of Randy L. born 6/16/1968 died 2/13/2015  age  46y  Dau of Joseph & Gloria M. Lyons Bennardi b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-17-1994 in Bradford PA
GRACE Margaret V. Carey  spouse of W. B. born 4-8-1907  died 8-27- 2001  age 94 - b. Bradford PA - m. Feb. 1936- Dau. of Andrew & Hulda Mellander Eliason 
GRAHAM, Anna S. Spouse of William Jack Graham Born 11/2/1925 Died 10/20/2016 Age 90 - Dau of Harry F. and Marie (Johnson) Strand, born in Degolia, married April 23, 1949 in Bradford, died in Bradford, 3 daughters.
GRAHAM Malcolm  spouse of Marjorie V.  born 8-4-1916  died 10-31-2001  age 85 - b. Bradford PA - Son of William N. & Marion L. Kezer Graham m. Sept. 30 1950
GRAHAM Marjorie V. Spouse of  Malcolm Graham Born  9/6/1920 Died 8/3/2017 Age 96 Dau of Kenneth and Verna (Dieter) Carey, Born in Bradford, Married Sept 30, 1950 in Bradford, died in Bradford, 1 son, 2 daughters.
GRAHAM Robert N. Spouse of Mary (Gontero) Graham Born 8/28/1922 died 6/4/2017 Age 94 Son of William N. and Marion L. (Kezer) Graham, born in Bradford, Married Oct. 21, 1950 in Bradford, died in Chapel Ridge, 2 Daughters
GRANDINETTI Richard N. Spouse of Anita P. (Coldren) Born 3/14/1936 died 12/28/2015 Age 79  Son of Louis S. and Joanne (Curcio) Grandinetti, Born in Bradford, Married May 17, 1958 in St. Bernard Church, Died in Olean NY, 4 sons - Veteran of Korean War, serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, discharged in 1956
GRAY Richard William spouse of Myrtle Mae Stiver born 9-14-1915 died 3-9-2008 age 92  _ Son of Robert E. & Clara F. Davis Gray b. Warren PA d. Bradford PA Wed 4-15-1939 in Hubbard OH Mausoleum
GREEN Eugene "Gene" spouse of Margaret  born 6-8-1920  died 11-26-1983  age 63 - b. Bolivar NY - Son of William D. & Alma Wing Green m. Mar. 30 1946- US Army WW II 2nd Lieutenant 
GREEN Linda K. spouse of Richard B. born 2-21-1944 died 4-28-2010 age 66y - Dau. of Harvey & Mamie Gorton Jamison b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA Wed 9-6-1996 Mausoleum
GREER Harriett E. Stewart  spouse of Richard H.  died 6-3-1997 age - m. May 9 1936 
GREER Richard H.  spouse of Harriett E.  born 2-27-1914  died 3-8- 2001  age 87 - b. Bradford PA - Son of Lawrence S. & Lottie I. Keith Greer 
GREGG Mona M. spouse of Samuel W. Jr. born 5-14-1914 died 3-9-2008 age 93  _ Dau. of John P. & Violet Alcock Maze b. Kane PA d. Bradford PA Wed 5-9-1952 in Miami Beach FL 
GRIFFIN Ashley Susan  spouse of Aaron T. born 8-6-1982 died 11-18-2008 age 26 - Dau. of Gregory W. & Cherie Evans Booth b. Olean NY d. Bradford PA Wed 12-30-2006 in Bradford PA 
GRIFFIN Jack A. born 7-27-1959 died 10-1-2010 age 51y - Son of James A. & Lois M. Lord Griffin b. & d. Bradford PA
GRIFFIN James A. spouse of Lois M. Lord born 7-15-1930 died 7-8-2011 age 80y Son of John W. & Eva Stockton Griffin b. Lockport NY d. Erie PA Wed 12-14-1949 in Bradford PA Lois died 5-14-1990 U.S. Navy
GRONEMEIER Gayle C. spouse of Frederick M. Gronemeier born 9/10/1942 died 7/1/2016 age 73  Dau of William and Katherine (Rock) Carman, Born in Schenectady, NY, Married Aug 15, 1964 in Saranac Lake, died in Bradford, 1 son, 1 daughter
GUNTON George A.  spouse of Evelyn Goring born 1-3-1888  died 8-22-1972  age 84 - b. Luzerne - Son of Eugene Gunton m. June 19 1954 
HAIGHT Edward S. Jr. spouse of  born 12-21-1934 died 5-13-2006 age 71 - Son of Edward S. & Freda Exley Haight  b. Kane Pa.  d. Kettering Ohio 
HALL Kayson L.  born 10-16-2008 died 10-16-2008  - Infant Son of Melinda Marie Ackley & Jesse Lee Hall
HALLOCK Marcia E. spouse of  born 8-23-1949 died 9-5-2008 age 59 - Dau. of Chester M. & Mary Anne Wilmoth Hallock b. & d. Bradford PA 
HANNON Bryan Timothy spouse of born 3-28-1990 died 8-21-2011 age 21y Son of Robert J. & Tammie Hedlund Hannon b. & d. Bradford PA  Auto Accident
HANSON Erma L. spouse of Dale Hanson Sr. born 9/23/1939 died 4/15/2016 age 76  Dau of Harold L. Mangel and Winifred E. (Hibberd) Mangel, Born in Corryville, Married at First Baptist Church, died in Bradford, 3 daughters, 1 son
HARDY Kevin Lee Sr. spouse of Agnes M. Kayes born 3-7-1957 died 2-12-2008 age 50 - Son of Howard & Maureen Pritchett Hardy b. Dodge City KS d. Bradford PA Wed 10-8-1983 in Weston Mills NY 
HARRIS Wellington L. born 7-1- 1896  died 8-22-1972  age 76 - b. Powell- Son of John Harris Veteran of WW I 
HARTEN Demaris Elaine "Dee" spouse of Miles Benjamin born 9-11-1930 died 6-29-2007 age 76 - Dau. of Dean Russell & Marion Agnes Watts Davis  b. Punxsutawney PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed 1-29-1954 in Punxsutawney PA 
HARTEN Frances C. spouse of John F.  born 4-26-1919 died 9-16-2011 age 92y -Dau. of Claude M. & Nellie Kaber Coulter b. Tarpon Springs FL d. Derrick City PA Wed 2-12-1946 in Bradford PA John F. died 9-18-1996
HARTEN Miles Benjamin Spouse of Demaris (Davis) Born 1/23/1929 Died 7/8/2017 Age 88 Son of Miles B. and Tryphena (Sinclaire) Harten-Judy, Born in Buffalo, NY, Married Jan 29, 1954 in Punxsutawney, died in Bradford, 2 sons; he served in the US Marine Corps until honorably discharged in 1952.
HAVEN Edna M. spouse of Archie born 10-25-1906 died 7-8-2008 age 101 - Dau. of George L. & Nettie J. Burroughs Ernest b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-23-1938 
HAYDEN Shirley M. (Neel) Spouse of  Donald P. Sr. Born 12-4-1927 died 3-17-2015 Age 87 - Dau of James and Naomi (Swineford) Neel, three sons.   
HAYNOSKI Patricia M. born 12/10/1965 died 2/18/2014 age 47y Dau of James B. & Inez M. Cramer Finland b. Bradford PA d. DeBois PA
HEARNLEY William M. spouse of Elizabeth A. Johnson born 4-13-1918 died 3-26-2010 age 91y - b. Danville IL d. Kenmore NY Wed 10-11-1941 in Bradford PA  U.S. Navy Pacific Theatre WW2
HEASLEY Doris G. spouse of Richard H. born 11-7-1918 died 2-24-2007 age 88 - Dau. of James & Ida Brennan Gregg  b. Orchard Park N.Y. d. Bradford Pa. Wed 6-12-1943 in Rochester N.Y. 
HEDLUND Jr. Perry F. spouse of Virginia "Jane" born 4-14-1918 died 10-21-2006 age 88 - Son of Perry F. & Clara Swanson Hedlund Sr. b. Guffey d. Bradford Pa. Wed:  8-17-1943 in Allegany N.Y. U.S. Army Normandy Invasion 948th Ordinance  WW2
HEDLUND Richard W.  Marsha Glander  3-12-1948  10-6-2006  58  Son of Jerome F. & Mary E. Hale Hedlund b. Bradford Pa. d. Buffalo N.Y. Wed: 4-26-1980  U.S. Navy aboard USS Shadwell
HEDLUND Virginia "Jane"  spouse of  Perry F. Jr.  born  10/9/1919  died  3/24/2012  age  92y  Dau of George & Oda Mae Anchors Wingard b. Kane PA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-17-1943 in Allegany NY Perry died 10-21-2006  Mausoleum
HEFFNER John T. born 11-3-1935 died 8-8- 2002 age 66 - b. Bradford PA- Son of Samuel F. & Erma M. Perrington Heffner- US Navy 1953- 1957 in the P2v Squadron as a yeoman 
HEFFNER Samuel F. Jr. Spouse of Gail E. (Porter) Heffner died 4/8/2017 2 Sons.
HEITZINGER Richard R. spouse of Frances H. Orinko born 4/11/1927 died 1/7/2012 age 84y Son of Albert L. & Leona B. Rettig Heitzinger b. Bradford PA d. Ft. Myers FL Wed 5-27-1950  U.S. Navy WW2 Awarded American Theater & Victory Medals
HELENBROOK Virginia E. spouse of Harris W. born 1-27-1913 died 12-5-2006 age 93 - Dau. of Robert Lee & Lora B. Allen Edmonds  b. Bradford Pa.  d. Sayre Pa.  Wed:  3-31-1951
HELLER Lena M.  spouse of James  born 10-22-1934 died 8-30- 2001  age 66 - b. Bradford PA - m. Mar. 3 1973- Dau. of Patrick & Elizabeth Barber Colley 
HEMINGWAY Fred spouse of Ruth Rickert born 4-30-1921 died 6-4-2010 age 89y - Son of Paul & Stella Muscleman Hemingway b. Philadephia PA d. Erie PA Wed 1-23-1945 in Philadelphia PA Ruth died 7-9-2000  Wed Wife #2 Elizabeth Sears McCutcheon on 11-5-2006
HEMMERLY Donna M. spouse of Robert L. born 2-11-1929 died 5-4-2011 age 82y -Dau. of Albert F. & Elda Loretta Stephens Xander b. Seneca PA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-19-1950 in Bradford PA Robert L. died 1-19-1997
HENDERSON Cynthia A. Pierce  spouse of William R.  born 8-4-1947  died 9-26- 2001 age 54 - b. Dunkirk NY - Dau. of Horace & Lucille Bull Pierce 
HENDERSON Lucille D. spouse of Kenneth L. born 7/10/1920 died 11/23/2013 age 93y Dau of Ralph & Antoinette Stelluto Perno b. Kushequa PA d. Bradford PA Wed 2-13-1942 in Hagerstown MD Kenneth died 2-6-1999
HENDERSON William J.  Rita M. Buisson  5-3-1941  9-19-2006  65  Son of Eugene & Agnes Dinges Henderson b. & d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 4-10-1966 in New Orleans La. U.S. Air Force
HENDERSON William R.  spouse of Cynthia A. died 4-25-1993 age - m. Mar. 23 1967 
HENDRYX Pauline A. spouse of Thomas C. born 6/29/1926 died 9/29/2012 age 86y Dau of John G. & Maryu E. Kosmal Cassick b. Custer City PA d. Erie PA Wed 6-19-1948 in Bradford PA Married 64 years
HENDRYX, Thomas C. Spouse of Pauline A. (Cassick) Born 12/15/1924 Died 10/17/2016 Age 91 - Son of Thomas K. and Frances (Crawford) hendryz, Born in Bradford, Married June 19, 1948 in St. Bernard Church, died in Bradford, 1 daughter, 3 sons.
HERBSTRITT Joseph  born 12-27-1877 died 11/13/1944 
HERMES Jack C. spouse of  born 1-28-1927 died 4-13-2010 age 83y - Son of John D. & Christene Coulter Hermes b. & d. Bradford PA  U.S. Army WW2 
HERON Frank H. spouse of Vera E.  died 12-27-1991  - wed Aug 15 1941 in Bradford PA
HERON Vera E. spouse of Frank H. born 9-23-1917 died 10-4-2005 age 88 - dau of Lawrence & Esther Lobdell English wrote "History of Crook Farm"
HICKOK Frederick DeVere "Dee" Hickok Jr.  spouse of Margaret A. Henretty  born 1-29-1928 died 11-25-2003 age - son of Frederick DeVere & Brenda Bedient Hickok Sr. m. Sept 24 1955 US Navy 
HILLARD Olive Jeanne spouse of  Cliffton born 1-16-1927 died 7-13-2011 age 84y -Dau. of James & Lucelia Pryon Yount b. & d. Bradford PA Cliffton died 8-18-2001
HOLEC John E. spouse of Marie T. Elinski born 9/19/1915 died 7/1/2012 age 96y Son of Andrew & Tessi Ferina Holec b. Neward N.J. d. Bradford PA Wed 7-26-1942 in Wilcox PA
HOLEC Marie T.  spouse of John C.  born 12-8-1922 died 9-12-2002  age 79 - dau of John & Catherine Kotchen Elinski m. July 26 1942 in Wilcox 
HOLLENBECK William R. Spouse of Patricial Carol (Frampton) Born 4/5/1935 died 5/25/2017 Age 82 Son of Brooks B. and Alice Rose Hollenbeck, born in Bradford, married Sept 10, 1960, 2 boys, 1 girl
HOLSINGER Betty Marie  born 1-18-1935 died 12-29-2008 age 73y - Dau. of Leonard & Elsie Middlebrough Schuetrum b. & d. Bradford PA Former Husband Charles W. Holsinger who died 8-2-2005
HOLZWARTH E. Russell  spouse of Mary J.  died 11-28-1965 age - m. Mar. 27 1948 
HOLZWARTH Mary J. Thayer  spouse of E. Russell  born 5-21-1928  died 1-18-2002  age 73 - b. Degolia - Dau. of Delbert & Sara O'Neil Thayer 
HOLZWARTH Ralph A. Sr. spouse of Phyllis I. Record born 10-7-1925 died 9-3-2008 age 82y - Son of Edward J. & Esther I. Fritz Holzwarth b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-24-1945 
HOOVER Terrance J. Ph.D.  spouse of Linda J. Popovich born 9/24/1946 died 7/10/2012 age 65y Son of John Claire & Edna Mae Smith Hoover b. Clearfield PA d. Olean NY Wed 8-1-1970 in Bradford PA  Dr. of of Philosophy in Educational Administration
HOPKINS, Victor C. Spouse of Gloria (Wagner) Hopkins Born 7/3/1922 Died 12/13/2016 Age 94 - Son of Charles L. and Edna (Osgood) Hopkins, born in Warren, Married April 9, 1948 in Allegany, died in Bradford, 2 daughters.
HOWARD Arlene (Dymock) Spouse of Robert D. Born 9-10-1925 died 3-20-2015 Age 89  - Dau of William and Gertrude (Holmes) Dymock, One son, one daughter 
HOWARD William H. born 7/26/1924 died 12/21/2013 age 89y Son of Harold W. & Ester Howard b. Bradford PA d. Charleston W.VA U.S. Navy WW2 in the South Pacific
HOWES Gary L. Spouse of Anne Marie (Tanner) Born 10/14/1946 died 8/9/2016 Age 69  Son of Truman and Helen (Kehoe) Howes, Born in Bradford, Married Feb 10, 1968 in Bradford, died in Smethoport, 2 daughters, 1 son - Served US Air Force during Vietnam
HOWES Heather L.  born 9-11-1972 died 8-11-2008 age 35y - Dau. of Gary L. & Anne M. Tanner Howes Sr. b. Olean NY d. Pittsburgh PA 
HUNGIVILLE Maurice N. "Maury"  born 7-10-1936  died 7-5-2002 age 65 - b. Bradford PA- Son of Maurice & June Neill Hungiville
HUNT Patricia M. spouse of Roy Henry born 10-24-1943 died 12-20-2009 age 66y  Dau. of Philip & Dorothy Rubery Phillips b. Sunderland England d. Bradford PA Wed 3-21-1964 in Birmingham England  Roy Henry died 9-17-1993
HUNTOON Lloyd F. spouse of  born 11-25-1945 died 3-15-2009 age 63y - Son of Walter & Ruth Lounsberry Huntoon b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA U.S. Army 1963-1965 stationed in Germany 
HUTCHINS Mildred G. spouse of Albert E. born U/K died 10-1-2007  - No other information available
INGRAM Bernicen Beckman  spouse of Charles H. born 10-31-1921  died 9-25- 2001 age 79 - b. Bradford PA- Dau. of Bernard J. & Wanda Smith Beckman 
INGRAM Charles H.  spouse of Bernice  died 3-26-1999  age - m. Sept. 7 1940 
JAMISON Lawrence E. "Larry" born 5-26-1937  died 4-27-2002 age 65 - b. Bradford PA- Son of Harvey & Mamie Gorton JAMISON- US Navy Captured June 27 1958 by Fidel Castro's rebel forces near Guantanamo Bay Cuba released July 16 1958 
JENNINGS Bernice E. spouse of Vernon Lee born 2/20/1933 died 4/26/2013 age 80y Dau of Glenn & Welthy Snell Reed b. Portageville NY d. Bradford PA Wed 9-26-1950 in Bradford PA
JENNINGS Glenn V. spouse of  Marci Distrola  born  4-10-1960 died 1-17-2011 age 50y Son of Vernon Lee & Bernice E. Reed Jennings b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 7-20-1979 in Bradford PA
JENNINGS Vernon Lee  spouse of Bernice E.  born 9-6- 1928  died 6-21-2001  age 72 - b. Bradford PA - Son of Clyde & Burles Shine Jennings m. Sept. 26 1950- US Army WW II & Korean War 
JOHNSON Ann E. born 8-17-1905  died 12-1- 2001  age 96 - b. Port Allegany PA - Dau. of Otto & Josephine Carlson Johnson 
JOHNSON  C. Howard spouse of Mary Ann Crandall born 4-28-1918 died 1-10-2008 age 89 - Son of Carl L.D. & Matilda Neilson Johnson  b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 11-14-1942 in Olean NY  Celebrated 65 years of marriage on 11-14-2007
JOHNSON Clara F. Murphy  spouse of James Earl died 12-14-1992  age - m. March 8 1972
JOHNSON David E. spouse of  born 8-22-1912 died 9-17-2007  - Son of Edward G. & Anna Larson Johnson  b. Bradford PA  d. Lakewood OH  U.S. Air Force serving in South Pacific  WW2
JOHNSON Evelyn W. spouse of Lynn Ellsworth born 11-17-1914 died 5-18-2005 age 90 - dau of Charles & Thelma Burt Gannoe m. June 22 1940
JOHNSON Florence J. spouse of  born 10-31-1916 died 6-8-2009 age 92y - Dau. of Edward G. & Anna Larson Johnson b. Bradford PA d. Buffalo NY 
JOHNSON Glenn W. spouse of Clare Iverson born 6-14-1922 died 9-4-2008 age 86 - Son of Edward & Anna Larson Johnson b. Bradford PA d. Willow Grove PA Wed 6-12-1948 
JOHNSON James Earl "Banjo"  spouse of Clara F.  born 2-24-1932  died 2-4-2004 age 71 - son of James E. & Violet Grimes Johnson US Army Korean War
JOHNSON Leona C.  spouse of Carl A. born 3-18-1899  died 8-22-1972  age 73 - b. Warren - Dau. of Henry & Lena Hook Funk m. Aug. 26 1919 
JOHNSON Lynn Ellsworth "Ellie" spouse of Evelyn W. Gannoe born 10-7-1915 died 5-28-2008 age 92 - Son of Frederick & Jennie Hofstedt Johnson b. Clarendon PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-22-1940 in Olean NY Mausoleum 
JOHNSON Rae H.  spouse of Frank  born 3-15- 1897 died 8-11-1972 age 75 - b. Bradford PA - Dau. of Fred E. & Lucy William White m. May 1 1917 
JOHNSON Sarah Marie spouse of  born 7-28-1959 died 3-5-2008 age 48 - Dau. of William M. & June Y. Speckernagle Johnson b. Bradford PA d. St. Mary's PA 
JOHNSON Tyler Jacob born 9/6/1994 died 8/13/2013 age 18y Son of David & Stacey Abers Johnson b. Bradford PA d. Buffalo NY
JOHNSTON Glenda L. spouse of  born 5-10-1928 died 2-12-2011 age 82y Dau. of Clarence & Nora Robinson Bish b. Ridgway PA d. Bradford PA
JOHNSTON Jill Ann  spouse of Ralph M. Jr.  born 2-24-1956  died 6-14-2001  age 45 - b. Bradford PA - Dau. of Edward W. & Margaret "Peg" Bell Chrisley 
JOHNSTON Ralph M.  spouse of Jill Ann  born 12-17-1960 died 6-14-/2001  age 40 - b. Bradford PA - Son of Ralph M. & Betty Conner Johnson m April 7 1979 
JONES Josephine W. "Jo" spouse of Homer A. born 9/5/1920 died 10/14/2013 age 93y Dau of Michael J. & Rhea May Kennelly b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-25-1943 in Bradford PA Homer died 9-20-1990
JONES Joyce N. spouse of Alvin Charley Sr. born 7-26-1927 died 12-6-2010 age 83y Dau. of John & Katheryn Bauer Klenck b. Warren PA d. Bradford PA Wed 3-10-1960 in Warren PA  Alvin died 1-27-2004
JORDAN Earl E. born 10-3-1928 died 6-15-2006 age 77  - b. Bolivar N.Y. d. Bradford Pa.  U.S. Navy and Air Force
JULIAN Bernard H. spouse of Sallie B. Rhodes born 6/4/1937 died 6/6/2014 age 77y Son of Anthony D. & Hazel Burr Julian b. Bradford PA d. Lewis Run PA Wed 5-15-2014
KABER Cary R. spouse of Patricia born 9/30/1935 died 12/2/2011 age 76y Son of David C. & Helen Allen Kaber b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-16-1962 in Bradford PA U.S. Air Force
KALB Ruth F. spouse of  born 1-13-1908 died 7-4-2010 age 102y  -Dau. of Embury Boyer & Eva Reilly Kalb b. Fostoria OH d. Boca Raton FL
KEANE Maxine H. spouse of Jack born 7/6/1919 died 5/20/2013 age 93y Dau of Emanuel & Mary Marsh Ketchner b. & d. Bradford PA Jack died in 1975
KEESLER Donald A. Spouse of  Helen J. (Johnson) Born 9-24-1924 died  4-1-2015 Age 90 - Son of Clifford and Gertrude (DePledge) Keesler, one daughter, one son - US Marine Corps Veteran of WWII      
KEESLER Helen J. spouse of Donald A. born 3/1/1926 died 2/26/2015 age 88y Dau of Carl A. & Leona C. Funk Johnson b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 11-19-1945 in Bradford PA Married 69 years
KELLGREN Francis E. spouse of Katheryn Foster / Vivian born 8-24- 1923 died 8-8-2001  age 77 - b. Bradford PA - Son of Frank & Dorothy Bennett Kellgran US Army WW II 
KEMICK Donald A. "Mick" Jr. spouse of Linda Marie Rodgers born 3-12-1950 died 5-5-2009 age 59 - Son of Barbara Bennett Ferris - Adopted & raised by Donald A. & Jane Virginia Bennett Kemick Sr. b. Father Baker's Orphanage in Lackawanna NY d. Bradford PA W ed 1976 
KEMICK James A. Sr. spouse of Jean Marie Lyons born 3/20/1925 died 5/1/2014 age 89y Son of Edward Clarence & Florence Marie Roberts Kemick b. Lewis Run PA d. Bradford PA Wed 10-23-1948 Jean died 11-7-2000 U.S. Navy WW2 receiving the Pacific Theater Ribbon with four bronze stars & the American Theater Ribbon 1943-1946
KENYON Karen A. "Nan" born 4-8-1939 died 4-21-2000  age - b. Olean NY 
KETCHNER James Richard "Dick" spouse of Delores "Dee" Scull born 8-17-1928 died 1-27-2011 age 82y Son of Emanuel & Mary Marsh Ketchner b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 5-1-1954 in Corydon PA U.S. Marines 1949-1952 "Once a Marine always a Marine"
KILPATRICK James L. born 3/6/1975 died 11/30/2012 age 37y Son of Lyle & Donna Mackey Kilpatrick b. & d. Olean NY
KINNEY Carol F. spouse of Richard D. born 12-25-1936 died 5-2-2009 age 72 - Dau of William R. & Anne G. Purvis Hoskins b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 2-1-1958 
KIRK Robert A.    spouse of Hazel (Dollahon) Born 8/8/1927 died 2/23/2016 Age 88  Son of Robert H. and Laura (Miller) Kirk, Born in Lamesa TX, Married in TX and Died in Bradford, 1 daughter, 2 sons - Served in Merchant Marines
KLEINBERGER William H. spouse of Virginia Christopher Ledden born 12-9-1918 died 12-12-2007 age 89 - Son of William & Marie Harris Morris Kleinberger b. Philadelphia PA d. Bradford PA Wed 3-29-1980 Wed Wife #1 Irene E. Flynn on 11-29-1941 who died 11-15-1978 1st Lieutenant U.S. Army Air Force bomber pilot European Theater of Operations WW2
KLOSS Brian J. 9-8-1972  10-15-2006  34  Son of Ronald & Molly Schessler Kloss b. Bradford Pa. d. Jamestown N.Y. 
KLOSS David M. spouse of  Sharon D. Glass born 9-12-1949 died 7-3-2006 age 56 - Son of Edward L. & Eleanor C. Culbertson Kloss  b. & d. Bradford Pa. Wed: 4-29-1972  U.S. Air Force 1968 - 1972
KNAPP Gary H.  born 9-28-1936 died 11-7-2008 age 72 - Son of Harland H. & Evelyn Davis Knapp b. & d. Bradford PA U.S. Army Air Force Korean War
KOHLER Jeanette spouse of Alan born 5/30/1917 died 12/25/2013 age 96y Dau of Carl & Selma Brown b. Bradford PA d. Salamanca NY Wed 1-12-1935 Alan died in 1988
KORNACKI Paul J. spouse of Dorothy A. Lyons born 2/26/1928 died 11/3/2012 age 84y Son of John & Victoria Detman Kornacki b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 5-5-1947 in Bradford PA Dorothy died 6-15-1997 U.S. Army veteran of the Korean War
KRANTZ Patricia Jean spouse of Ottis Warner born 6/14/1931 died 1/11/2015  age  83y  Dau of Glenn D. & Florence Huddleson Williams b. Franklin PA d. Bradford PA Wed 12-30-1950 in Custer City Ottis died 5-31-1996
KRIZ Pearl E. spouse of William A. born 8-6-1926 died 7-4-2011 age 84y -Dau. of Floyd H. & Mabel A. Wolfgang Means b. Punxsutawney PA d. Bradford PA Wed 9-13-1947 in Bradford PA
LARSEN Greta M. spouse of Neils Edward Larsen Born 8/13/1918 died 3/19/2016 Age 97  Dau of Christian Ludvig Robert and Laura (Henrikson) Molin, Born in Karlsunde Denmark, died in Bradford,  1 daughter
LARSEN Yrsa born 1/24/1944 died 1/3/2015 age 70y Dau of Niels Edward & Greta Molin Larsen b. Karlslunde Denmark d. Bradford PA
LARSON Audrey B. spouse of David M. born 8-20-1922 died 2-1-2009 age 86y - Dau. of Evan J. & Marinda Storms Leonard b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-5-1943 in Bradford PA 
LARSON Rebecca M. Gamble spouse of Walter "Flash"  born 12-31-1916 died 4-16-2002  age 85  - b. Port Allegany PA- Dau. Of Roland P. & Edna Mae Redington Gamble - m. June 22 1940 in Duke Center PA 
LARSON Walter B. "Flash" spouse of Rebecca M. Gamble born 1-11-1913 died 12-13-2007 age 94 - Son of Ernest W. & Alma Kunkinen Larson b. Marvindale PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-22-1940 in Duke Center PA 
LATHROP Pamela J. spouse of Lawrence J. born 5/3/1939 died 2/16/2015 age 75y Dau of Herbert & Ethel Chamberlain Peterson Sr. b. Brookville PA d. Bradford PA Wed 5-28-1977 in Bradford PA
LEDERMAN Jean born 7-13-1916 died 7-24-2007 age 91 - Dau. of Lloyd & Effie Cummins Powell  b. Bradford PA  d. Buffalo NY 
LEE Anna Mae spouse of Victor John born 1-25-1928 died 11-15-2007 age 79 - Dau. of Leroy & Louise McKee Crawford b. Castile NY d. Bradford PA Wed 8-14-1976 in Bradford PA
LEE Ruby spouse of Clifford G. born 6-30-1930 died 9-30-2010 age 80y - Dau. of George W. & Pearl M. Oliphant Clark b. Kane PA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-15-1947 in Bradford PA
LINCOLN Joseph William "Bill"  spouse of Mildred P born 9-25-1915  died 9-14-2002 age 86 - only child of Willian Van Rennsalaer Lincoln & Zella Greer Lincoln US Army Cavalry Corps 5 th US Armored Div. then US Army Air Force as a B-17 heavy bomber pilot Ret. Lt. Colonel 
LINCOLN Mildred Painter spouse of Joseph William died 11-26-1997 age - m. April 25 1940 in Los Angels CA 
LIANG, ZAO Shon Spouse of Chinyu Victoria (Huang) Liang Born 3/21/1940 Died 12/20/2016 Age 76 - Son of Ki Sin and Fu Shi Liang, Born in Lu-Kang, Tiawan, Married Jan 12, 1972 in Michigan, 3 daughters.
LOCKETT Patricia J. spouse of Farragon Thomas born 6-17-1929 died 11-9-2009 age 80y  Dau. of George H. & E. Onolee Benjamin Ranson b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-21-1952 in Bradford PA  Mausoleum 
LOCKWOOD Achsah E. spouse of unknown Gifford  [#1?] born 11-13-1913 died 4-30-2004 age 90 - Dau of Charles & Dora (Hollabaugh) Lubold b. Salamanca-NY d. Bradford-PA Wed #2? Harris "Harry" Lockwood on 1-01-1955 in Olean-NY
LOGAUGH Myrtle E. Flickinger  spouse of Thomas H. born 1-28-1897 died 5-24-2002  age 105 - b. Sayre- Dau. Of William & Lucy Jenkins Flingkinger
LOGAUGH Thomas H.  spouse of Myrtle E.  died 2-12-1967  - m. Nov. 1918 
LOOP Jane E. spouse of Kylon Benjamin born 6-13-1941 died 4-11-2010 age 69y - Dau. of Otto J. "Chub" & Velma "Cookie" Cook Weaver b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-14-1971 in Bradford PA  Kylon Benjamin died 8-15-1973
LOUK Ellis L. "Nook" spouse of Susie Spencer born 4/8/1929 died 10/21/2012 age 83y Son of Olin D. & Dorothy Nichols Louk b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA Wed 1-3-1953 in Sinclairville NY Susie died 3-31-2005 U.S. Army Korean Conflict 1950-1952
LOWERY Dennis W. spouse of Deborah Sainsbury born 1-20-1945 died 6-27-2010 age 65y - Son of William J. & Bernice B. Butts Lowery b. Rochester NY d. Gibsonia PA Wed 6-20-1970 in Pittsburgh PA  Mr. Lowery was very active in the Community and was awarded the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Presidential Medal of Distinction in 2004
LUCE Rudolph C. spouse of Betty Lois Geseman born 4-2-1926 died 7-22-2009 age 83y  Son of William & Ada Luce b. Onoville NY d. Willow Creek PA Wed 10-4-1945 in  Falconer NY 
LUKE Frank B.  spouse of Minnie Staley  born 1871 died 1940  age - Large Mausoleum 
LUKE Minnie S. spouse of Frank B.  born 1873 died 1960  age - Large Mausoleum 
LUSHBAUGH Virginia spouse of Raymond  E. born 5-8-1940 died 9-18-2008 age 68 - Dau. of Noe Otto & Vera Blanche Reid Couteau b. Brookston d. Bradford PA Wed 11-11-1975 
MABEN Edwin E. spouse of Cecelia W. Karczewski born 11-6-1929 died 1-21-2009 age 79y - Son of David M. & Katherine Johnson Maben b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 5-23-1975 in Lockport NY U.S. Army Korean War 
MACK Frank G .  spouse of Betty Garris born 11-12-1940 died 3-28-2011 age 70y  Son of Floyd V. & Beatrice A. G'danitz Mack b. DuBois PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-6-1964 in Kane PA U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam War
MACKEY Irma J.   spouse of Frank M. born   4/4/1922 died 5/26/2013   age 91y   Dau of David J. & Sarah J. Myers Simons Sr. b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 3-21-1944 in Bradford PA  Frank died 6-22-1995
MARQUARDT Louis John  spouse of born  11/5/1933  died  11/2/2013  age  79y  Son of Minnie M. Miller Marquardt b. Dunkirk NY d. Bradford PA  U.S. Marine Corps during the Korean War 1951-1954 Re-enlisted in the Marines in 1955-1957 - Member of the Army National Guard until March of 1961
MASTEN Doris J.  born 9-23-1925 died 3-12-2007 age 81 - Dau. of Clarence E. & Alma Barlett Masten b. Sigel d. Bradford Pa. 
MATTIS Josephine Elizabeth Elinski  spouse of Peter K. died 8-1-1998  - m. Dec. 23 1950 in Bradford PA
MATTIS Peter K.  spouse of Josephine Elizabeth born 8-23-1920 died 4-28-2002  age 81 - b. Wetmore PA- Son of John & Josephine Mattis-  US Army WW II 79th Division 2nd Battalion 315th Infantry in George Company 
MAUREY Joan spouse of Raymond Thomas "Tom" Jr. born 1930 died 9-21-2006 age 76 - Dau. of Irving K. & Elizabeth T. Peck b. Chicago Ill. d. Stone Mountain Ga. Wed: 1956
MAYS Aletha R. spouse of Raymond L. born 2-23-1921 died 5-29-2010 age 89y - Dau. of Charles & Irma Keesler Herzog b. Colegrove d. Bradford PA Wed 2-5-1944 in Bradford PA Raymond L. died 10-4-1996
McANDREW Bonnie Sue spouse of Kevin J. born 9-16-1958 died 7-12-2009  age 50y - Dau. of Philip Pascarella & Josephine Cramer Crooks b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-23-1984 in Bradford PA
McBRIDE Eugene Wesley spouse of Margaret Hadley born 10-27-1934 died 11-27-2007 age 73 - Son of Stella McBride Young b. Smethport PA d. Jamestown NY Wed 12-10-1977 in Warren PA U.S. Navy Korean War
McBRIDE Margaret H. spouse of Eugene McBride Born 6/10/1932 died 3/29/2016 Age 83  Dau of Margaret Deschler and Vernon Hadley, 1 son, 2 daughters
McCAFFERTY Minnie S.  spouse of William A.  born 1875 died 1951 age - 
McCAFFERTY William A. spouse of Minnie S.  born 1874 died 1943 age - 
McCALL Jeanetta J. (Fitzpatrick) Born 7-1-1951 died 3-20-2015 Age 63 - Dau of William F. and Gloria Jean (Adams) Fitzpatrick Jr., 2 sons   
McCARTHY Elizabeth K. spouse of Charles R. born 3-8-1910 died 12-11-2010 age 100y Dau. of George & Anna Reimann Ungemah b. & d. Bradford PA Charles R. died 6-2005 Former Husband Jack  D. McCutcheon who died 4-1983
McCLOSKEY H. Ann  spouse of born 3/30/1923 died 2/25/2013 age 89y Dau of Charles & Matie Robbins Starkweather b. & d. Bradford PA Wed Husband #1 Frederick Cloud Jr. on 10-24-1942 who died 12-22-1950 Wed Husband #2 William C. McDevitt who died on 8-16-1990 Wed Husband #3 William Vogan McCloskey on 8-20-1992 in Arcade NY
McCORD Josephine A. "Jo" born  6/30/1920  died  4/21/2013  age  92y  Dau of Carl P. & Rose M. Deschler Arnold b. & d. Bradford PA Wed Husband #1 Harold L. Johnson on 6-2-1946 who died 2-23-1966 Wed Husband #2 Howard L. McCord on 3-19-1973 who died in 1984
McCORMICK Bruce A. Sr.  spouse of Sharon Reed born 1-24-1951 died 6-2-2009 age 58y - Son of Robert & Marjorie A. Ackley McCormick b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA Wed 9-4-1966 in Bradford PA 
McCORMICK, Carolyn D. Spouse of Carlton Verne McCormick Born 5/10/1931 Died 12/18/2016 Age 85 - Dau of Lyman A. and Myrtle Lola (Patterson) Clyne, Born in Bradford, Married Aug 2, 1947, died in Bradford, 1 daughter, 1 son.
McCRACKEN John E.  spouse of Noreen L. died 12-5- 1983 age - m. Dec. 31 1949 
McCRACKEN Noreen L.  spouse of John E.  born 9-13-1931  died 11-23-2001  age 70 - b. Bradford PA- Dau. of Darwin S. & Lina G. Cook Dailey 
McGIBBENY Ralph E. spouse of Dorothy Jean Kohl born 12/1/1921 died 8/7/2012 age 90y Son of Ralph & Olive Rook McGibbeny b. Pittburgh PA d. Erie PA Wed 10-21-1950 in Bradford PA Dorothy died 11-16-1993  U.S. Army WW2 Received four Bronze Battle Stars European African Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon & the combat Infantryman's Badge
McGINNIS Roland L. "Rollie"  spouse of C. Patricia Brown  born 5-4-1934 died 12-1- 2001  age 67 - b. Bradford PA- Son of William & Cecile Wright McGinnis m. Sept. 18 1954
McKENYON Shirley A. spouse of  born 2-12-1930 died 7-1-2007 age 77 - Dau. of George C. & Anna P. Parks McKenyon  b. Bradford PA  d. Danville IN  - Shirley played cornet solos & quartets - Also played in the Citizens Band for near 50 years - Played Taps for VFW & American Legion for Memorial Day services & Military Funerals
McKINNEY William Sr. spouse of Leona (Riley) McKinney Born 12/1/1949 died 3/1/2016 Age 66  Son of Charles and Doris M. (Button) McKinney, Born in Bradford, Married August 18, 1973 in Bradford, died in Bradford, 1 daughter, 2 sons - Inducted into the US Army Sept 29, 1969 and served in Vietnam, honorably discharged on August 31, 1971
McNERNEY Alice H. spouse of  Edward born 5-31-1930 died 6-26-2006 age 76 - Dau. of Allen & Hazel Ward Hane  b. & d. Bradford Pa. 
MEABON Geoffrey J. "Jack" spouse of Shirley R. Hallock born 11/10/1920  died  9/21/2012  age  91y  Son of Jay Nathan & Lillian Wilson Meabon b. Gerry NY d. Bradford PA Wed 3-21-1947 in Jamestown NY U.S. Army Air Corps 4-10-1942 12-10-1945
MEABON Shirley R.  spouse of Geoffrey J. "Jack"  born 1-31-1927  died 10-27- 2001 age 74 - b. Bradford PA- Dau. of Charles M. & Esther M. Rose Hallock m. Mar. 21 1947 
MEALY Glade L.  spouse of Mary E. died 1-17-2000 age - m. May 9 1947 
MEALY Mary E. Braden spouse of Glade L.  born 12-27- 1927  died 10-22-2001 age 73 - b. Farmers Valley- Dau. of Leo & Frances Massey Braden 
MEANS Arnold C. spouse of Naomi V. Flanders born 10/5/1931 died 3/10/2013  age  81y  Son of Floyd H. & Mabel A. Wolfgang Means b. Punxsutawney PA d. Bradford PA Wed 5-4-1957 in Bradford PA  U.S. Army serving in Seoul South Korea with the 25th Medical Infantry Division
MEANS Ira Clair  born 4-8-1941 died 6-9-2006 age 65 - Son of Floyd H. & Mabel A. Wolfgang Means b. Bradford Pa. d. Erie Pa. U.S. Army - Germany 1960-1963
MEANS Naomi V. (Flanders)Spouse of Arnold C. Means Born 12/24/1934 died 5-7-2015 Age 80 Dau of Loren and Elsie (Kennedy) Flanders, Born in Bradford, Pa., Died in Bradford, PA., Married May 4, 1957 in First Wesleyan Church, 1 daughter and 3 sons
MERRY Richard Alfred II born 8-29-1937 died 9-14-2009 age 72y  Son of Richard Alfred & Elizabeth Rice Merry b. Bradford PA d. Pittsburgh PA 
MICHAELS Charlotte "Ruth" spouse of Leo David born 11-4-1932 died 5-29-2009 age 76y - Dau. of Wayne & Avis Gilligan b. Brookville PA d. Whitman MA Wed 1954 
MICHAELS Robert W. spouse of Sara J. Northrop born 10/8/1927 died 1/3/2012 age 84y Son of Walter & Lois Clarke Michaels b. Bradford PA d. Smethport PA Wed 9-17-1949 in Bradford PA U.S. Navy WW2 - Recalled to duty serving during Korean War
MILLER Donald Eugene spouse of Sheridean Marks born 9-10-1948 died 8-29-2009 age 60y  Son of Jerome "Jerry" & Katherine Lorayne Peters Miller b. Bradford PA d. Clarksburg W VA Wed 5-1-1992  U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam during Tet Offensive - Two Purple Hearts
MILLER, Gladys J. Spouse of Charles "Corky" Miller Born 6/14/1945 Died 10/25/2016 Age 71 - Dau of Louis E. and Burles J. (Glady) Valerius, Born in Bradford, Married Nov 4, 1967, died in Bradford, 1 son.
MILLER Homer F. spouse of Emma Ray born 10-13-1911 died 11-4-2009 age 98y  Son of Homer Merle & Minnie Ashbaugh Miller b. Turkey City  PA d. Bradford PA Wed 2-14-1998 in Bradford PA  Wed Wife #1 Helen L. Mull on 5-23-1936 in Mayville NY who died 4-8-1992 - Wed Wife #2 Margaret Colley in 1994 who died in 1996
MILLER Jeanne M. spouse of John S. born 10-31-1917 died 11-7-2006 age 89 - dau of John & Minnie Harris Banks Wed: 11-28-1935 in Corsica Pa.
MILLER John S. spouse of Jeanne M. Banks born 10-22-1914 died 7-6-2007 age 92 - Son of Samuel & Margaret Haught Miller  b. Port Homer OH  d. Bradford PA  U.S. Army Air Corps  WW2 
MILLER Marilyn  spouse of Richard Blaise born 7-18-1941 died 7-4-2010 age 68y - Dau. of Raymond S. & Esther M. Hugar Lushbaugh b. Driftwood PA  d. Olean NY Wed 6-21-1963  Richard Blaise died 9-23-1985
MOFFATT, Winifred Joann Spouse of James F. Moffatt Born 7/7/1935 Died 1/4/2017 Age 81 - Dau of Raymond and Winifred (Eaker) Schimp, Born in Bradford, Married Sept 1, 1963 in Bradford, died in Bradford, 1 son, 2 daughters
MONG Warren L. spouse of Dorothy Virginia died 1-21-1968  - wed Sept 15 1929
MONROE Louise R. born 12/30/1943 died 6/7/2015 age 71 Dau of Dorr and Ruth (Penn) Monroe Sr., Born in Smethport, died in Smethport
MONTIE Lucille M. spouse of  Newton I. born 12-1-1916 died 4-29-2011 age 94y -Dau. of Frederick & Elnora McIntyer Neilly b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-8-1994  Wed Husband #1 Robert L. Byham on 7-14-1939 who died 9-2-1976
MONTIE Newton J.  spouse of Lucille Neilly born 3-15-1915  died 11-29-2001  age 86  - b. Bradford PA- Son of John & Florence Woodruff Montie m. Oct. 8 1994 
MONTUORI Frederick A. spouse of Barbara J. Buchanan born  9/16/1949  died  6/4/2013  age  63y  Son of Anthony & Eleanor Johnson Montuori b. Bradford PA d. Pittsburgh PA Wed 7-6-1974 in Limestone NY  U.S. Air Force during the Vietnman War 1972-1974
MOONAN Ryan Keith spouse of  born 11-27-1985 died 6-2-2007 age 21 - Son of Timothy D. Moonan & Martha L. Anderson Morris  b. Bradford PA  d. Kane PA 
MOORE Barbara J. spouse of  Robert J. born 10-14-1935 died 8-5-2011 age 75y  Dau. of Harold & Acena Green Wightman b. Town of Wirt NY d. Bradford PA Wed 10-6-1952 Robert died 11-18-2004
MOORE Cheri L. spouse of Dennis born 9-7-1960 died 7-15-2010 age 49y  -  Dau. of L. Wayne "Slick" & Patricia Schadt Bartlett b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-23-1985 in Limestone NY
MOORE Loretta J. spouse of Oscar R. born 1-27-1937 died 5-21-2009 age 72 - Dau. of Robert E. & Etta Brace Johnson b. Corning NY d. Bradford PA Wed 6-9-1990  Wed Husband #1 James G. Fox on 11-29-1963 who died 4-23-1983 
MOORE Thomas O.  born 7-16-1973 died 1-7-2009 age 35y - Son of Stanley W. & Nancy Crowe Moore b. Bradford PA d. Olean NY 
MOREHOUSE Harland Dana spouse of Margaret born 3-3-1899  died 8-7-1972  age 73 - b. Bradford PA- Son of Leslie & Josephine Guthrie Morehouse m. Dec. 10 1922- Veteran of WW I 
MOREHOUSE Lee D.  spouse of  Lois C. Buerger  born  1/13/1924  died  11/2/2013  age  89y  Son of Harland & Margaret Fineran Morehouse b. Derrrick City PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-19-1949 in Ellicottsville NY in 1940 joined the ROTC program - active duty during WW2 serving stateside & in Germany - Recalled to active duty & served in the Korean War as a field artillery forward observer - Entered Army Reserves & served his country for 21 years retiring at the rank of Major
MOREHOUSE Lois B. spouse of Lee  D. born 7/11/1927 died 5/2/2012 age 84y Dau of Edgar & Clara Sicart Burger b. Shawnee OK d. Bradford PA Wed in Ellicottsville NY
MOREY Margery C. born 9/21/1916 died 10/12/2012 age 96y Dau of Edwin "ER" &  Irene Randell Culbertson b. Coudersport PA d. Brockport NY Wed Husband #1 Leo Winkie on 10-2-1937 who died in 1960 Wed Husband #2 Rev. Roger Morey who died in 1986
MORGAN Carol Sue spouse of Terry E. born 7-12-1964 died 7-4-2008 age 43 - Dau. of Earl E. & Erma L. Ladlee McCool b. Bradford PA d. Smethport PA Wed 10-14-2006
MORRISON Richard Cleon spouse of  born 7-12-1916 died 2-4-2008 age 91 - Son of Cleon Rolla & Elva Violet English Morrison b. Kinzua PA d. Bradford PA 
MORSE Charles J. born 6/27/1935 died 9/11/2012 age 77y Son of Richard & Elizabeth Dawson Morse b. Rootville PA  d. Bradford PA U.S. Air Force Korean War 1955-1958
MORTIMER Charles L. spouse of Lois E. Smith born 6/12/1922 died 2/19/2013 age 90y Son of Charles & Flossie Howard Mortimer b. Corry PA d. Pittsburgh PA Wed 8-22-1945 in Bradford PA  Lois died 7-10-1989 U.S. Navy served with the Sea Bees WW2
MURPHY Donna M. spouse of Richard J. born 7/7/1928 died 2/20/2015 age 86y Dau of Frederick M. & Esther Williams Salisbury b. Bradford PA d. Sandwich MA Wed 11-24-1961 in Bradford PA Married 53 years
MURPHY Frederick J. spouse of Valerie L.(Knapp) Murphy born 10/22/1928 died 6/22/2016 age 87  Son of Merle and Ruth (Leaster) Murphy, Born in Bradford, Married May 29, 1953 in St. Francis Church, died in Bradford, 3 daughters, 1 son; Served in the US Army during the Korean War, honorably discharged Dec 27, 1952
MUSTO Janice M.  spouse of Richard G.  born 10-2-1925  died 8-30- 2001 age 75 - b. Smethport PA- m. Sept. 2 1947- Dau. of Harry E. & Mary A. Roller Ferman 
MUSTO Richard G. spouse of Janice M. born 7-27-1915 died 2-21-2001  age 85 - b. Millport- Son of William & Edna Burdic Musto US Army Air Corps Europen Theater & African & Middle Eastern Theater 1942-1945 
NEARING Dennis Earl spouse of Martha Simons born 8/9/1941 died 5/20/2014 age 72y Son of Robert J. & M. Pauline Anderson Nearing b. Bradford PA d. El Paso TX Wed 11-2-1991  U.S. Army
NEIL L. Dale spouse of Harriett B. Sheldon  born  10/12/1931  died  9/19/2013  age  81y  Son of Charles H. & Margaret McCartney Neil b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 3-5-1955 in Bradford PA Married 58 years  U.S. Army served in Seoul Mil Post 8096th AU during the Korean War - awarded National Defense Service Medal Korean Service Medal with one Bronze Service Star United Nations Service Medal Presidential Unit Citation & the Combat Infantryman Badge
NELSON Myrtle A. spouse of Rudolph C. born 10-12-1907 died 1-6-2008 age 100 - Dau. of Oscar W. & Anna Olsson Anderson b. Nessel MN d. Fort Myers FL Wed 1973 
NEU Nathan S. spouse of Florence S. Fishkin born 11-24-1915 died 4-25-2006 age 90 - Son of Sydney S. & Eva Schellenberg Neu b. Pittsburgh Pa. d. Bradford Pa. Wed:  7-4-1946
NICHOLAS David W. spouse of Cherri L. Hartburg born 1/1/1952 died 4/21/2013 age 61y Son of William D. & Bonnie A. Moore Nichols b. Nashville TN d. Bradford PA Wed 6-7-1991 in Bradford PA
NICHOLAS Oliver W. "Pat" born 3/4/1935 died 5/1/2014 age 79y Son of Oliver & Wilma Evens Nicholas b. Olean NY d. Bradford PA
NORCROSS Judith K. spouse of James E. Norcross born 12/27/1946 died 4/8/2016 age 69  Dau of Francis and Wilma (Stewart) Beckwith, born in Bradford, Marrried Feb 3, 1968 in Lewis Run, died in Bradford, 1 daughter, 3 sons
NORTHROP Mary A. born 7/24/1929 died 9/18/2014 age 85y Dau of Eugene & Elna Johnson Northrop b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA  U.S. Air Force serving during the Korean Conflict stateside as a registered nurse
NUZZO Clara Jean "Puddy" Spouse of  John Anthony Nuzzo Born 12/10/1946 Died 8/21/2017 Age 70 Dau of William and Ann (Hohnerlein) Abrams, Born in Bradford, Married June 22, 1968 in Bradford, died in Harrisburg Run, 1 daughter, 2 sons.
NUZZO Colleen H. spouse of David Nuzzo born 5/9/1952 died 9/17/2015 age 63  Dau of John H. "Harry" and Gwen J. (Harmon) Hannon, Born in Bradford, Married May 8, 1976 in St. Bernard Church, Died in Bradford, 1 daughter 1 son
NUZZO Marie Langworthy spouse of Matthew J. died 5-17-1967  - m. 1951 
NUZZO Matthew J. spouse of Marie L born 2-1-1922  died 4-5-2002 age 80 - b. Bradford PA- Son of Patsy & Angeline Rosa Nuzzo- US Army WW II serving as a tech 5th grade 
OAKS Todd L. spouse of  born 6-16-1982 died 1-28-2008 age 25 - Son of Cindy L. Oaks b. & d. Bradford PA  Raised by his grandparents Marvin W. & Bonny E. Troutman Oaks U.S. Army Specialist E4 Vehicle Mechanic Iraq
O'HARA Virginia B. born 3/30/1928 died 12/8/2013 age 85y Dau of Lloyd & Catherine Page Moore b. Bradford PA d. Cheektowaga NY The Widow of  Samuel  S. Wallace & Addision I. O'Hara
O'NEIL Michael J. "Mick" spouse of V. Alicia Kamholtz born 7-9-1950 died 8-29-2011 age 61y -Son of Howard W. "Buster" & A. Carolyn Straight O'Neil b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 4-9-1988 in Salamanca NY U.S. Air Force Rank of Sergeant Vietnam Conflict
O'NEIL Rosalie N.  spouse of PAtrick J. Sr. born 4-30-1941 died 6-13-1986 age 45 - b. Bolivar NY- Dau. of Charles & Nora Roach Green m. Dec. 22 1958 
ONUFFER Susan spouse of  born 8-5-1956 died 10-1-2009 age 53y  Dau. of Charles & Mary Jane Onuffer b. Bradford PA d. Greensburg PA 
ORDIWAY Kay Roth  spouse of Thomas C. born U/K died 4/15/2013 Dau of John & Catherine Roth (no other information available)
OSBORNE Elizabeth B. spouse of Alfred E. born 4-12-1919 died 2-1-2008 age 88 - Dau. of Charles T. & Marguerite Moore Holsinger b. Backus PA d. Bradford PA Wed 12-23-1950
OSECKY William G. spouse of Betty Crum  born 11-7-1927 died 8-3- 2002  age 74 - b. Jere W.Va.- Son of Samuel & Marina Osadchuk Osecky- m. Dec. 1 1956 in Bradford PA 
OSTBERG Emily C. Bartlett  spouse of Ernest L. born 10-9-1917 died 7-29- 2002 age 84 - b. Pekin- Dau. Of Lucius & Bertha Young Bartlett- m. Nov. 6 1947 
OSTBERG Ernest L. spouse of Emily C. died 5-6-1999 
PARK Joan M. 9-19-1939  9-11-2006  66  Dau. of Robert & Sarah Ewing Park b. & d. Bradford Pa.
PARRETT David T.  born 11-25-1948 died 10-29-2006 age 57 - Son of Russell Parrett & Tirzah Coast Parsons b. & d. Bradford Pa. Veteran U.S. Air Force
PASCARELLA Gerald spouse of Sandra A. Schwab born 2-7-1939 died 10-2-2007 age 68 - b. Bradford PA  d. Rixford PA  Wed 2-8-1964 in Eldred PA  U.S.Air Force 1961-1975 
PASCARELLA Linda S. spouse of Terry  born 1-13- 1953 died 1-10-2002 age 48 - b. Bradford PA- Dau. of Harold J. "Ace" & Inez M. Holden Witchen m. June 26 1999 
PASCARELLA Terrence P. born 2/27/1953 died 5/4/2016 age 63  Son of Helen (Rensel) Zandi and Frank J. "Larry" Pascarella, Born in Bradford, died in Bradford, 1 daughter
PATERSON Frederick C. "Buzz" Spouse of  Lorraine F. Newton Born 6/3/1933 Died 7/18/2017 Age 84 Son of Frederick C. Jr. and Elizabeth M (Matter) Paterson, born in Bradford, died in Palmerton, 1 son, 1 daughter
PATTISON Hazel E. born 1/19/1916 died 2/26/2013 age 97y Dau of Oran & Regina Strong Walter b. Bradford PA d. Olean NY The Widow of Clarence Daugherty & Lester Pattison
PAUL Joyce Arlene spouse of Perry E. Jr. born 8-30-1926 died 10-31-2008 age 79 - Dau. of Leon & Twila Bigley Ford b. Port Allegany PA d. Hurricane W.VA Wed 9-18-1947 in Derrick City PA Wed 60 years 
PAUL Perry E. Jr.  spouse of  Joyce A. Ford  born  3/19/1926  died  3/7/2012  age  85y  Son of Perry E. & Margaret Clark Paul b. Bradford PA d. Putnam W.WA Wed 9-18-1948 in Derrick City PA Married 60 years
PEEBLES Jack W. spouse of Virginia A. Smith born 12-12-1915 died 8-26-2008 age 92y - Son of D. J. & Hortense Brawley Peeble b. Stow IL d. Bradford PA Wed 1-13-1940 in Bradford PA 
PEEBLES Virginia A. spouse of Jack W. born 4-23-1919 died 1-4-2011 age 91y Dau. of Guy C. & Viola Wienke Smith b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 1-13-1940 in Bradford PA
PENOYER Frank  spouse of Mae  died 12-26-1980  age - m. June 28 1931 
PENOYER Mae  spouse of Frank  born 5-24-1906  died 12-7-2001 age 95 - b. Lewis Run PA- Dau. of Earl E. & Blanche Loveless Beeman 
PERSICHINI Gerald "Jerry" spouse of Patricia Koniak born 9-4-1932  died 4-25- 2002 age 69 - b. Bradford PA- Son of Phillip & Laura LaCavera Persichini- m. Oct. 6 1956 in Salamanca NY- US Army Korean War 
PETERSON Doris M. spouse of  DeRoy I. "Pete" born 4-2-1924 died 4-3-2011 age 87y  -Dau. of Clyde & Lucille Cornelius Rimer b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 11-24-1979 in Bradford PA DeRoy died 10-18-1982
PETERSON Myra E. spouse of Martin E. born 8-15-1937 died 3-7-2010 age 72y - Dau. of Mervin H. & Mary Ann Quinn Yohe b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 2-17-1959 in Limestone NY 
PETERSON Thomas F.   spouse of  born  5/15/1947  died  3/27/2012  age  64y  Son of Forest & Kathryn Ruth Peterson b. Bradford PA d. Butler PA
PETTIT, Clara M. spouse of Raymond C. Petti born 9/16/1935 died 6/6/2015 age 79 Dau of Joseph and Gertrude C. (Azure) Maile, Born in Bradford, died in Bradford, Married Feb 19, 1961 in Bradford, three daughters, two sons
PHILLIPS Betty Lou spouse of Larry born 4-28-1942 died 6-30-2009 age 67y - Dau. of Lawrence & Mabel Hulizer Gustafson b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 5-28-1972 in Bradford PA
PHILLIPS Dorothy Jane Spouse of  Frank James Phillips Born 9/11/1926 Died 8/24/2017 Age 90 Dau of William and Celia (Wilson) Bowes, born in DuBois, Married July 5, 1950 in DuBois, died in Bradford, 2 daughters, 1 son.
PIERCE Sandra S. spouse of Michael P. born 1/24/1952 died 11/10/2012 age 60y Dau of Henry M. & Alberta Conners Cohn b. Galveston TX d. Smethport PA Wed 12-24-1983 in Bradford PA Michael died 2-3-1988
PLATKO Sue Ann Leona spouse of Steve born 5/16/1934 died 5/12/2014 age 79y Dau of Frederick & Bernice Woodring Karrasch b. Custer City PA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-23-1952 Married 61 years
PLOWMAN William A. "Bill" spouse of Estella M. "Dolly" Yohe born 1-12-1963 died 4-25-2008 age 45 - Son of William E. & Beverly Anderson Plowman b. Kane PA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-16-2003
PLOWMAN William E. spouse of  Beverly Anderson born 9-28-1940 died 11-25-2011 age 71y Son of William A. & Esther Yount Plowman b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-30-1961in Olean NY
POPE Gertrude E.  spouse of Charles Sr.  born 4-8-1919  died 9-27- 2001 age 82  - b. Hinsdale NY- m. 1949- Dau. of Clayton & Catherine Perry Willover 
POTTS Betty J. spouse of Donald L. born 3/18/1931 died 12/9/2012 age 81y Dau of Ralph & Agnes Burger Tibbits b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 7-14-1951 in Bradford PA Married 61 years
POWELL Effie Cummings spouse of Lloyd S.  born 1878  died 11-24-1963  - b. Edenburg PA 
POWELL Joyce F. spouse of Marlin "Chet"  born 7-8-1926 died 11-25-2009 age 83y  Dau. of Arthur E. & Julia Dunn Francis b. & d. Bradford PA 
POWELL Lloyd Swartwood spouse of Effie Cummings born Oct 30 1873 died 8-8-1948 age 74 years, 9 months, 1 week, 2 days
PRENTICE Dorothy E. spouse of Edward C. born 4-19-1916  died 6-20-2001 age 85 - b. Bradford PA- Dau. of Delbert & Sara O'Neil Thayer 
PRENTICE Edward C.  spouse of Dorothy C.  died 7-7-1991 age - m. July 29 1934 
PRICE Elizabeth M. "Betty" spouse of William James born 8-5-1924 died 10-20-2007 age 83 - Dau. of Paul K & Leah Parkhurst Niver  b. Bradford PA  d. Marshburg PA  Wed 12-6-1946 in Bradford PA 
PRICE Frederick P. spouse of  born 11-5-1951 died 7-19-2007 age 55 - Son of William J. & Elizabeth M. Niver Price  b. Salamanca NY  d. Pittsburgh PA  U.S. Navy aboard USS Enterprise in Vietnam - Helped evacuate refugees at the close of the War
PRICE Michael E. born 6/29/1953 died 1/30/2013 age 59y Son of William James & Elizabeth M. "Betty" Niver Price b. Salamanca NY d. Bradford PA U.S. Navy served as a gunner mate on board the USS Donald B. Berry during the Vietnam War 1971-1975
PRICE William James  spouse of Elizabeth M. Niver  born 10-29-1924  died 10-22- 2001  age 76 - b. Mt. Ayre- Son of Perle & Mary Ryan Price m. Dec. 6 1946- Army Corps of Engineers 
PROPER Frederick E. spouse of Gloria J. Poling born 7/5/1924 died 2/19/2013 age 88y Son of Frederick S. & Florence Stewart Proper b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 4-3-1954 in Bradford PA Gloria died 3-26-1999  U. S. Navy 1943-1945
PROSSER, Jeffrey Arthur Spouse of Theresa (Prescott-Barth) Born 12/1/1960 Died 1/26/2017 Age 56 - Son of Arthur William and Anne Marie (Kipler) Prosser, born in Bradford, Married Aug 8, 2008 in Foster Brook, died in Pittsburgh, 5 daughters, 5 sons
QUICK Dennis C. "Poppi" Born 10/3/1947 died 5/22/2017 Age 69 Son of Vincent L. Quick and Rosalba (Parodi) Quick-Gilliam, born in Bradford, 1  Daughter, 2 Sons; Enlisted Sept 27, 1966 in US Air Force, served two tours in Vietnam, honorably discharged July 2, 1973.
QUINN Barbara J.  spouse of Ronald D.  born 9-27-1935 died 2-12- 2001 age - Dau. of Leo & Grace Bernard Therminy b. Bradford PA- m. Dec. 18 1954 
QUINN Ronald D. Spouse of Barbara J. (Therminy) Quinn Born 2/13/1934 died 6/6/2017 Age 83 Son of Daniel B. and Ruth I. (Phillips) Quinn, born in Bradford, Married Dec 18, 1954 in First United Methodist, died in Bradford, 2 Sons.
RANKIN Dexter N. born 5/7/1953 died 9/8/2013 age 60y Son of Malcolm R. & M. Helen Tremblay Rankin b. & d. Bradford PA He was active in McKean County Special Olympics & had competed at regional & state level events
RANKIN Linda J. spouse of Philip G. born 2-26-1945 died 2-11-2011 age 65y Dau. of Otto & Velma Cook Weaver b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed 5-7-1965 in Bradford PA U.S. Army Vietnam War
RAVER Evelyn J. spouse of Melvin F. born 7-20-1914 died 1-31-2011 age 96y Dau. of Edward & Anna Johnson b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 5-23-1942 Melvin F. died in 1972
RAYBUCK Michael K. Sr. spouse of Darla K. Knowlton born 8-01-1956 died 4-18-2003 age 46 - son of Donald R. & Thomasine M. (Ball) Raybuck b. DuBois-PA d. Dallas-TX Wed 8-05-1978 in Bradford-PA
REA Lawrence S. spouse of Susan M. Burns born 12-31-1941 died 10-15-2007 age 65 - Son of William L. & Stella L. Towner Rea  b. Kane PA  d. Erie PA  Wed  7-20-1973 
REED Ethel F.  spouse of Edward born 1-7-1897 died 12-15- 1981 age - Dau. of Herrick & Martha Hammond b. Bradford PA 
REED Kenneth L. spouse of Ida M. Henderson born 6/30/1929 died 9/16/2013 age 84y Son of Edward & Myrtle Timblin Reed b. Indian Creek PA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-2-1952 in Bradford PA Ida died 4-10-1995
REED Thomas L. "Old Man" born 10/23/1958 died 4/28/2012 age 53y Son of Glenn & Anna Mae Crawford Lee b. & d. Bradford PA
REED William J.  born 9-22-1939 died 7-23-2008 age 68y - Son of Glenn W. & Wealthy Snell Reed b. Bradford PA d. Smethport PA U.S. Army as a radio operator Vietnam
REESE Charles E. spouse of Sandra Barrile (Fetterman) Reese Born 3/24/1943 died 2/10/2016 Age 72  Son of Orlo Merle and Louise (Peterson) Reese, Born in Dayton, OH, Married March 1, 1992 in Hill Memorial, Died in Bradford, 1 daughter, 2 sons - Army Veteran served Aug. 2, 1962 through July 27, 1964 when he was honorably discharged. Re-enlisted May 16, 1966 and served for a year in Vietnam, before he was discharged Feb 1968.
REID  Elizabeth S. "Lizzy"  spouse of  born 12-7-1977 died 2-5-2007 age 29 - Dau. of Michael S. & Teri L. Nichols Reid  b. & d. Bradford Pa. 
REID Robert A. born  3-3-1949 died 1-29-2011 age  Son of Franklin James & Gertrude Elizabeth Simon Reid b. Olean NY d. Harrisburg PA
REMINGTON Donald F. spouse of Barbara Troutman born 6-2- 1939 died 8-1-2002  age 63 - b. Bradford PA- Son of Cyril G. & Genevieve T. Hancock Remington- m. April 18 1980 in Bradford PA- US Army
RENSEL Max P. spouse of Naomi Dahlgren born 12-15-1933 died 1-28-2008 age 74 - Son of Paul & Twila Neal Rensel b. Sheffield PA d. Cary NC Wed 10-3-1956 in Annapolis MD U.S. Army Korean & Vietnam Wars
RENSEL Naomi R. spouse of Max P. born 3/1/1936 died 2/16/2014 age 77y Dau of Francis & Anna Marie Shultz Dahlgren b. Bradford PA d. Durham N.C. Wed 10-31-1956 in Annapolis MD
RENWICK Stephanie L. spouse of  born 2-19-1956 died 4-8-2010 age 54y - Dau. of Charles L. & Elsie Means Benson  b. & d. Bradford PA  Mausoleum 
REYNOLDS Paul E. Sr. spouse of Natalie M. Scott born 4/4/1951 died 1/6/2013 age 61y Son of Carl & Margaret Ann Clarissen Reynolds Sr. b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 3-5-1977 in Bradford PA U.S. Navy 1971-1974
RICHMOND Larry R. spouse of Geneva L. "Jean" Button born 4/18/1940 died 5/6/2012 age 72y Son of Robert & Jan Kellgren Richmond b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 7-9-1966 in Bradford PA Geneva died 2-2-2004
RILEY David E. spouse of Doris I. Franks born 6/26/1954 died 12/18/2012 age 58y Son of David H. & Luella Lovell Riley b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-25-1991
RHOADES Jacqueline Y. "Turkey" spouse of Stanley I. born 6/20/1943 died 12/10/2013 age 70y Dau of Louis & Freda Smith Gardner b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed 2-6-1962 in Bradford PA Married 51 years
ROBERTS Evelyn J. spouse of Merle W. born 7-6-1924 died 10-3-2008 age 84 - Dau. of David M. & Katherine Johnson Maben b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 11-20-1948 Husband #1 Richard Harwell South  U.S. Army WW2 awarded American Service Medal & WW2 Victory Medal 
ROBERTS R. John  spouse of Ruth A.  born 3-8-1919  died 9-19- 2001 age 82 - b. Salamanca NY- Son of Fred & Maude Earl Roberts US Army WW II Philippine Theater 
ROBERTS Ruth A. Barrett  spouse of R. John  born 2-2-1917  died d 8-8- 2001 age 84 - b. Bradford PA- Dau. of John P. & Alice Johnston Barrett m. Mar. 8 1940 
ROBERTSON Edith M. spouse of Paul W. Jr. born 4/15/1921 died 10/24/2012 age 91y Dau of Frederick & Elizabeth Britton Gilbert b. Buffalo NY d. Bradford PA Wed 10-15-1949 Married 59 years
ROBERTSON Paul W. Jr. spouse of Edith Gilbert born 4-1-1925 died 5-7-2009 age 84 - Son of Paul W. & Bernadine Johnson Robertson b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-15-1949 in Bradford PA U.S. Army Air Corps WW2 - Awarded European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal & two Bronze Stars the Good Conduct Medal the Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal
ROGERS Ruth E. spouse of William Barney born U/K died 9-22-2007 age 92 - Dau. of August & Anna S. Wall Nelson  b. Mount Jewett PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed 1936
ROGGENBAUM Frances McKay  spouse of Richard C. died 12-2- 1993 age - m. June 3 1936 
ROGGENBAUM Richard C. spouse of Frances  born 1-4-1915  died 7-18-2001  age 86 - b. Bradford PA- Son of Carl & Grace Leonard Roggenbaum
ROLLER Debra A. spouse of  Stephen J. born 12-15-1960 died 7-4-2007 age 46 - Dau. of Louis & June Gordon Vespasiano  b. Neward NJ  d. Bradford PA  Wed  5-11-1991 in Johnstown PA 
ROSE Judith (Oliver) Spouse of Ralph A. Rose Born 6/2/1934 died 4/2/2017 Age 82 Dau of Carl M. Oliver and Marjorie (Fitzgerald) Oliver, born in Bradford, Married Aug 28, 1954 in St. Francis Churck, died in Derrick City, 4 Daughters.
ROSENBERG Harold Raymond spouse of born 8/29/1922 died 1/10/2012 age 89y Son of Agar C. & Delia M. Rosenberg b. & d. Erie PA Wife #1 Grace Gore Wife #2 Reva Myers Swatsler U.S. Army Air Corps - After serving 39 months overseas with the 22nd Bomb Group he attained the Rank of Technical Sergeant
ROSS Bette Jane spouse of Bernard A. born 11-20-1920 died 12-14-2006  age 86 - Dau. of Albert L. & Pearl E. Jennings O'Neill  b. Bradford Pa.  d. Smethport Pa.  Wed: 10-12-1955 
ROSSI Dominick Jr. spouse of Jane Swackhamer born 6-12-1928 died 4-7-2007 age 78 - Son of Dominick & Eva Burton Rossi Sr.  b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed  7-6-1974 in Bradford PA  U.S. Army Served in Europe
ROSSI Mark F . spouse of Alla May Gibson born 1-20-1921 died 11-22-2008 age 87 - Son of Dominick & Eva Burton Rossi b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 2-10-1949 Former Bradford City Councilman & Mayor of Bradford - Served with XIX Corps WW2 Awarded American Theater Service Medal & European African Middle Eastern Service Medal with 5 Bronze Stars
ROUNDS Arthur G. spouse of Cecelia Cherilla  born 4-23-1909 died 7-19-1975 age 66 - son of Frank & Zennia Petitt Rounds m . 1933 
RUFFNER Shirley J. spouse of  Merle E. born 8/8/1939 died 1/30/2015 age 75y Dau of Louis E. & Burles Glady Valerius b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 4-26-1958 in Bradford PA Married 56 years
RUSSELL Robert A. Jr. spouse of Gladys June Kerby born 7-15-1921 died 8-11- 2002 age 81 - b. Warren- Son of Robert & Mildred Bly Russell Sr.- m. May 31 1946 in Lewis Run PA- US Army WW II Tec 5
RUSSIN Mildred Thelma "Millie" spouse of Norman B. born 4/4/1918 died 1/3/2013 age 94y Dau of Brian & Emma Rogers Connor b. Morgantown W.Va d. Oil City PA Wed 2-14-1987 in Bradford PA Married 25 years Wed Husband #1 Raymond Woodly on 4-6-1936 who died 4-16-1984
RUSSIN Norman B. spouse of Mildred T. "Millie" Connor Woodley born 12/7/1927 died 1/16/2013 age 85y Son of John & Mary A. "Mae" Slavik Russin b. Cleveland OH d. Oil City PA Wed 2-14-1987 in Bradford PA U.S. Army WW2 and a member of the Tidioute VFW also a member of the Military Honor of the Cootie (Honor Degree of the Veterans of Foreign Wars)
RUTHERFORD Eva M. spouse of John M. Rutherford Born 8/20/1919 died 2/26/2016 Age 96  Dau of Nestor and Anna Marie (Johnson) Iverson, Born in Bradford, Married June 1977, Died in Warren, 1 son
RUTHERFORD John M. born 12/18/1918 died 4/28/2013 age 94y Son of W. Scott & Alice Murray Rutherford b. Wallace W.VA d. Bradford PA Wed Wife #1 Catherine Freeman in April 1941 who preceded him Wed Wife #2 Eva Iverson-Morris in June 1977 U.S. Army served with the 6th Infantry Division in the Philippines Islands and Korea WW2  Mausoleum
RYAN Norma Jean  born 5-7-1931 died 5-11-2007 age 76 - Dau. of Glenn J. & Isabelle E. Boyd Ryan  b. & d. Bradford PA 
RYAN Sharon Mae born 9-2-1950  died 10-14- 2001  age 51 - b. Warren PA- Dau. of Alvin "Pete" Reid & Isabelle Johnson Beardsley 
SABA,Mary Katherine   Born 5/5/1917 Died 11/6/2016 Age 99 - Dau of Mohanna and Affiffee (Kassab) Saba, Born in Indiana, died in Bradford.
SAGE Alene D. "Lee" Spouse of Enos Bovaird Sage Born 11/14/1925 died 5/11/2017 Age 91 Dau of Frank Zinn and Carrie (Sloat) Hutton, born in New Cumberland, Married May 10, 1947, died in Chapel Ridge, 2  Daughters, 2 Sons.
SAGE Enos Bovaird  spouse of Alene D. Hutton  born 2-14-1923  died 12-4-2002  age 79 - son of Enos Harrington & Margaret Bovaird Sage m. May 10 1947 in Greensburg US Army WW II 114th Inf. Regiment 
SALADA Richard L. "Dick" Sr. spouse of Joan Greek born 7-21-1930 died 4-1-2009 age 78y - Son of George L. & Julia Griffith Salada b. DuBois PA d. Bradford PA Wed 7-9-1949 in Bradford PA 
SALVUCCI Gene P. spouse of Louise Costello born 2-3-1921 died 1-13-2005 age 83 - son of Julio & Ermalinda Antonori Salvucci US Air Force Medical Corps & 66th Infantry Div. WW II
SALVUCCI Louise M    Spouse of    Gene P. Salvucci    Born    5/17/1925    Died    7/6/2017    Age    92        Dau of Nick J. Sr. and Palma (Rocco) Costello, Born in Bradford, Married April 14, 1948 in the St. Bernard Church, died in Bradford
SAMBROIA Madelyn P. spouse of Guy A. born 2-8-1933 died 3-13-2008 age 75  _ Dau. of Tony & Pat Pranski Bottone b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 1-12-1952 in Smethport PA  Mausoleum 
SANDY W. Scott spouse of Elizabeth "Betty"  died 1-6-1978  - Father of Patricia (Gleason) and Cheryl (Ross)
SARGENT James W. spouse of  Josephine A. Zurat born10-19-1918 died 7-29-2010  age91y - Son of James H. & Mae Sargent b. Winslow IN d. Bradford PA Wed 2-22-1941 in Bradford PA  U.S. Army WW2 serving under General Patton - Member of the 10th Armored Division's 90th Cav Recon Tank Squad which fought their way across Europe - Awarded the Silver
SCANLON Carole A. born 6/1/1944 died 9/29/2013 age 69y Dau of Joseph A. & Rose Elinski Holec b. Kane PA d. Bradford PA
SCHEFFER Clara Kathryn "Kay" spouse of  Jack A. born 7-7-1924 died  11-26-2010 age 86y  Dau. of Guy E. & Enola McKenzie Knappenberger b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-18-1950 in Limestone NY
SCHEFFER Jack  spouse of Kay Knappenberger  born 12-3-1924 died 10-21-2000 age - Son of Charles & Grace Holzwarth Scheffer m. Aug. 18 1950- US Army WW II -b. Bradford PA 
SCHENFIELD Gloria June spouse of Louis J. born 8-14-1924 died 4-2-2010 age 85y - Dau. of Clarence & Ila Howe Cramer b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-22-1944 in Duke Center PA  Mausoleum
SCHIMP Steven A. born 3-4-1981  died 4-16-1981  age - Son of Edward & Karen Baker Schimp- b. Buffalo NY 
SCHLOPY Ava Jean born 7-29-2007 died 10-8-2007 age 2m - Twin Dau. of Mary Ann Anthony & Rod Schlopy Jr.  b. & d. Bradford PA 
SCHLOPY Robert L. "Slope" born 7/17/1965 died 5/20/2012 age 46y  Son of Ray "Rusty" & Sandra Smead Schlopy b. Kane PA d. Bradford PA
SCHLOPY Roy Lee  born 1-21-1954 died 3-21-2008 age 54  -Son of Clifford W. & Lola Marion VanCamp Schlopy b. Olean NY d. Bradford PA
SCHOOLMASTER Henry A. "Hank" Jr. spouse of Joan L. Lindermuth born 1-13-1918 died 3-26-2008 age 90  _ Son of Henry A. & Eva Williams Schoolmaster Sr. b. Manchester Center VT d. Bradford PA Wed 1-21-1955 in Bradford PA  U.S. Army WW2 
SCHWAB David B. born 3/4/1929 died 9/24/2013 age 84y Son of Delmar & Charlotte Nancarro Barrett b. & d. Bradford PA
SCOTT Samuel T. Jr. spouse of  born 5-3-1955 died 4-21-2010 age 54y - Son of Samuel T. & Glenna Dailey Scott b. & d. Bradford PA 
SEAGREN Eva E. spouse of Clarence W. born 2-22-1916 died 5-2-2007 age 91 - Dau. of Herbert R. & Maude Burrows Housler  b. Hazel Hurst PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed  4-16-1940 in Russell PA 
SEAGREN Mary Elizabeth spouse of Anard S. born 11-15-1921 died 9-28-2011 age 89y Dau. of Ivan C. & Marcella E. McDonald Luckman b. Erie PA d. Bradford PA Wed 5-10-1947 in Farmers Valley PA  Anard died 3-1-1978
SEEKER Barbara A. spouse of Carl L. Sr. born 6/4/1942 died 7/4/2014 age 72y Dau of Anthony & Catherine Ross Lechiara b. Bradford PA d. Warren PA Wed 1962 Carl died in 1971
SEEKER Faith T.  spouse of James L.  born 4-17-1916  died 7-9-2001  age 85 - b. Bradford PA- Dau.of Alton & Minnie Keller Seaward 
SEEKER James L. spouse of Faith T. Seaward died 9-3-1998  age - m. April 2 1934 
SEVREY Charles A. "Charlie" spouse of  born 7-30-1977 died 9-28-2007 age 30 - Son of Kirk & Vickie Godding Sevrey  b. Bradford PA  d. Buffalo NY 
SHELLEY Edwin spouse of Lillian born 1900 died 1945  - son of Lida 
SHELLEY Levy J. born 4-11-2001  died 5-24-2001  age 6w - b. Lewisburg PA- Son of Richard Atchenson & Loriann Shelley 
SHELLEY Lida  spouse of Delbert born 2-17-1872 died 12-8-1957  - Delbert buried at Clara cemetery Potter C. PA
SHEMBEDA Joseph E. spouse of June A. Riggs born 8/24/1929 died 1/15/2012 age Son of Frank & Mary Skutnik  Shembeda b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-16-1950 Married 61 years
SHERWIN Betty J.  spouse of Bruce  born 8-26-1926  died 3-26-2001  age 74 - b. Bradford PA- Dau. of Walter R. & Helen Hare Duncan m. Nov. 15 1952 
SHERWIN Norma Marie spouse of Maurice Sherwin born 2/9/1918 died 5/29/2015 age 97 Dau of Alva and Eva Mae Elrod, Born in Bradford, died in Alaska, Married Dec 21, 1942, one daughter
SHIELDS Belva M. spouse of Richard F. born 8/2/1923 died 2/6/2013 age 89y Dau of Robert & Marie Uhl Henry b. St. Mary's PA d. Bradford PA Wed 10-10-1960 Richard died 11-13-1996
SHIPMAN Marian E. spouse of Robert "Red" born 2-17-1917 died 4-6-2009 age 92y - Dau. of Frank & Mary Jones Harriett b. Tidioutte PA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-12-1934 in Allegany NY 
SHUEY Bradley C. spouse of  born 10-7-1955 died 12-1-2009 age 54y  Son of Bryson Case & Sally Fowler Shuey b. & d. Bradford PA 
SHUEY LaMar B. "Lee" spouse of Peggy Burke born 11-24-1949 died 7-31-2008 age 58y - Son of Sally Fowler Shuey & Bryson Case a stepson of Frederick E. Shuey b. Tacoma WA d. Charleston SC U.S. Navy
SHUGARS Ruby M. spouse of Leonard born 5-17-1929 died 10-2-2008 age 79 - Dau. of Windal Fox & Clara Knapp b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 7-30-1946 
SHUMAN Isabel Janice  spouse of Jack born 3-3-1914  died 2-2- 2000 age - Dau. of James Moody & Elizabeth Crabb Fraser 
SICA Karen M.  spouse of Phillip Peter born 12-8-1942  died 10-30- 2001 age 58 - b. Bradford PA- Dau. of Louis & Katheryn Sayers Curcio m. Jan. 15 1966 
SIEBERT Lois B. spouse of Wilbur J. born 1922 died 1/20/2014 age 92y Dau of Paul J. & Ruth Donaldson Brown b. Curwensville PA d. Bradford PA Wed 10-13-1951 in Bradford PA
SIEBERT Wilbur J. spouse of Lois Brown born 1919 died 7/2/2012 age 93y Son of Harry A. & Selma Anderson Siebert b. Roulette PA d. Bradford PA Wed 10-13-1951 in Bradford PA Wed Wife #1 First Lt. Eunice Powell RN on 6-18-1946 who died 4-7-1950  U.S. Army Commissioned a second lieutenant & served as company commander in the European Theatre of Operations serving in France Germany & Austria & received Bronze Star Medal & several other honors - Served in the U.S. Army Active Reserves until his retirement in 1967
SIMON Erdis K.  spouse of Lawrence E.  born 12-14-1908 died 12-8- 2001 age 92 - b. Joplin MO- Dau. of Custav & Elizabeth Lucinda Stempke 
SIMON Lawrence E.  spouse of Erdis K. Stempke died 8-8-1991 age - m. June 4 1930 
SIMONDS Lawrence J. born 5/30/1964 died 10/5/2012 age 48y Son of Lester L. & Caro A. Work Simonds b. & d. Bradford PA
SIMONS Paul M. spouse of Ida  A. Tyger born 10-4-1914 died 8-6-2008 age 93y - Son of David Jerome & Sarah Jane Myers Simons Sr. b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-6-1938 in Bradford PA 
SIMONSEN Herbert O.  spouse of Pauline  born 6-5-1915  died 6-25-2001  age 86 - b. Bradford PA- Son of Olaf & Alma Bengson Simonsen 
SIMONSEN Pauline Runyan  spouse of Herbert O. died 10-21-1988 age - m. Dec. 11 1936 
SKAGGS Bonnie J. spouse of Ralph  born 2-20-1943  died 9-13-2001 age 58 - b. Franklinville NY- m. Dec. 31 1968- Dau. of Donald & Ruth Marie Oyer Learn 
SKAGGS Tammy L spouse of Harold D. Skaggs born 2/23/1964 died 9/22/2015 age 51  Dau of Robert and Phyllis (Neely) McCracken, Born in Bradford, Died in Bradford, 2 daughters, 1 son
SMEIGH Claire Marie spouse of Paul Gerald "Jerry" born 12-14-1918 died 12-29-2009 age 91y  Dau. of Clifford James & Florence A. Cotton Martin b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-22-1943 in Bradford PA 
SMITH Chauncey M. spouse of Lynn Blanchard Smith born 1-5-1940 died 3-24-2007 age 67 - Son of Chauncey W. & Maude G. Whelan Smith  b. Kittanning PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed 12-1-1962 in Bradford PA  Served in the Pennsylvania National Guard
SMITH Clare L. spouse of  born 7-14-1922 died 11-12-2009 age 87y  Dau. of George & Blanche Granger Smith (Raised by Carl & Luella Carman) b. Salamanca NY d. Bradford PA 
SMITH Genevieve M. spouse of William D. born 10/9/1920 died 12/7/2011 age 91y Dau of Albert B. & Jennie T. Donnelly Morrell b. Milford CT d. Camp Hill PA Wed 11-6-1948 in Bradford PA William died 9-21-2002
SMITH Izora Blanch "Zoe" spouse of Lloyd Walter born 12-16-1919 died 7-28-2010 age 90y  -Dau. of Frederick DeVerne & Berda Bendient Hickok b. Unknown d. Greenville SC Wed 1940
SMITH James S. spouse of  Joan D. (Dunahay) Smith Born 4/15/1930 Died 7/30/2017 Age 87 Son of Lawrence a. and Margaret (Armstrong) Smith Sr., born in Bradford, Married Feb 9, 1957 in Bradford, died in Bradford, 1 son, 2 daughters
SMITH James W. spouse of Carol born 8-6- 1967 died 8-3- 2002 age 34  - b. Olean NY- son of Charles W. & Constance Stonebreaker Smith- m. May 20 1989 in Bradford PA 
SMITH Lynn spouse of  Chauncey M. born 7-24-1941 died 3-8-2011 age 69y  Dau. of Charles C. & Margaret Cicerella Blanchard b. Hollywood FL d. Bradford PA Wed 12-1-1962 in Bradford PA
SMITH Maude G.  spouse of Chauncey W. born 3-27-1917  died 9-2-2001  age 84 - b. Kittanning- m. April 14 1936- Dau. of Thomas & Ida Hill Whelan 
SMITH Orlo K. "Smitty" spouse of Elizabeth Seeker born 7/29/1915 died 9/7/2012 age 97y Son of Chauncey L. & Ida English Smith b. Kittanning PA d. Bradford PA Wed 1-20-1984 in Bradford PA Elizabeth died 12-22-2009 U.S. Navy 1943-1945
SNYDER Norma I. born 9/9/1925 died 9/14/2012 age 87y Dau of Daniel & Estella Driggs Blair b. Ducher OH d. Bradford PA
SOBLE Arlene M. Spouse of Leroy J. Soble Born 1/4/1931 died 4/15/2017 Age 86 Dau of Maynard R. and Mildred (Farrell) Stoddard, born in Bradford, Married Dec 30, 1950 in First United Methodist, died in Bradford, 2 Sons.
SOBLE Daniel LeRoy spouse of Kelly R. (Johnson) Soble born 1/15/1952 died 9/13/2015 age 63  Son of LeRoy and Arlene (Stoddard) Soble, born in Bradford, Married May 25, 2005, Died in Bradford, 1 son, - US Air Force enlisted Dec. 7, 1970, honorable discharged August 1, 1978 as Technical Sergeant AC130
SOUTH Roy E. spouse of Sylvia born 2-21-1938 died 9-5-2008 age 70 - Son of George & Mary Johnson South b. Jackson KY d. Duke Center PA Wife #1 June Smith U.S. Army
SPEHAR Violet M. spouse of Carl P. born 3-29-1919 died  5-7-2008 age 89 - Dau. of Albert & Ana Robertson Anderson b. Aberdeen Scotland d. Bradford PA Wed 4-15-1939 
SPENCER Donald C. born 11-10-1920  died 11-8-2000 age - Son of Leon & Martha Frutiger Spencer b. Bradford PA 
SPRAGUE James E. spouse of Phyllis Lawrence born 11-16-1927 died 6-20-2010 age 82y - Son of Jesse E. & Anna E. Neiger Sprague b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-4-1948 in Niagara Falls NY  U.S. Army 
SPRAGUE Phyllis J. spouse of  James E.  born 11/1/1929  died 5/24/2010 age 82y Dau of James S. & Rhea P. Franklin Lawrence b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-4-1948 in Niagara Falls NY
STACK Richard J. "Dick" spouse of Barbara McKenyon born 11-11-1930 died 7-1-2009 age 78y - Son of James N. & Evelyn Peters Stack b. Olean NY d. Erie PA U.S. Air Force & U.S. Army 
STANFORD George E. Spouse of  Loretta (Zeigler) Stanford Born 5/19/1932 Died 7/22/2017 Age 85 Son of Ralph and Laura A. (Yeater) Stanford, born in Bradford, Married July 24, 1954, died in Bradford, 2 daughters; Enlisted April 17, 1951 in US Navy, served in the Korean War, awarded the Naational Defense Service Medal, Korean Service Medal "S" and the United Nationals Service Medal, honorably discharged April 7, 1955.
STANFORD Loretta L. spouse of  George E. born  9-1-6-1930 died 11-18-2011 age 81y Dau. of William F. & Arlene Ranf Zeigler b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA Wed 7-24-1954 57 years of Marriage  
STARKWEATHER Robert C. "Robin" born 4/20/1942 died 2/18/2014 age 71y Son of Robert E. & Bertha Hassek Starkweather b. Bradford PA d. Smethport PA
STECK Bruce O. spouse of Joyce M. Heizinger born 1/30/1928 died 9/15/2013 age 85y Son of Leonard & Louise O'Neil Steck b. Degolia PA d. Bradford PA Wed 3-12-1955 Joyce preceded him - Former wife Bonnie Grassi  U.S. Marine 1945-1948 Reenlisted in U.S. Air Force 1951-1968
STECK Rodney A. "Herk" spouse of  Carol L. Johnson  born 6-21-1933  died 6-25-2011  age 78y  Son of Leonard & Louise O'Neil Steck b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 7-21-1973
STEIN Charles Kenneth spouse of Helen Grant  ?  died ?  age - 
STEIN H. Diane born 5-19-1947 died 6-3-2010 age 63y - Dau. of William & Adele Friedman Stein b. Bradford PA d. Bethesda MD
STEIN Helen Grant  spouse of Charles Kenneth  born 1891 died ?  age - 
STEINHAUSER Thomas L. born 5/4/1963 died 2/15/2015 age 51y Son of Richard & Lynda Fowler Steinhauser b. & d. Bradford PA Former Wife Kathy Walters -  He trained in Martial Arts for over 20 years & achieved the status of Black Belt
STEWART Jeanne J.  born 11-21-1948 died 5-6-2007 age 58 - Dau. of William O. & Virginia A. Maben Henderson  b. & d. Bradford PA 
STEWART, Rickey Born 10/9/1960 Died 12/19/2016 Age  - Son of Lacy and Jane (Skillman) Stewart, born in Bradford, died in Portville, 3 sons
STEWART Ronald Lee Born 11/1/1961 died 8/22/2016 Age Son of Lacy Jr. and Jane Louis (Skillman) Stewart, Born in Bradford, died in Erie.
STEWART Shirley J. spouse of Clarence S. born 4-29-1928 died 11-10-2010 age 82y Dau. of Joseph & Sadie Burroughs Burrows b. Eldred PA d. Olean NY Wed 3-11-1946 in Baltimore MD Clarence died 10-6-1995
STIDD Joseph D. born 8/26/1958 died 4/18/2012 age 53y Son of Daniel M. & Audrey B. Fiori Stidd b. & d. Bradford PA U.S. Army 1976-1979
STINSON James M. spouse of Mary Harlan born 3/21/1926 died 1/2/2013 age 86y Son of James M. & Myrtle Barnes Stinson b. Erie PA d. Bradford PA Wed 4-21-1956 in Rew PA U.S. Marines Corps WW2 in the Pacific Theater & stateside during the Korean War 1944-1951
STIVER Minnie M. spouse of DeRoy "Bud" born 8/3/1934 died 1/15/2015 age 80y Dau of George A. & Ellen Irene Stouffer Manges b. Banks Township Indiana County PA d. Bradford PA Wed 10-6-1952 in Maryland  DeRoy died 5-31-2004
STODDARD Clinton J. spouse of Diane Marie (Millard) Stoddard born 3/10/1929 died 9/1/2015 age 86  Son of Clinton William and Nola JUANITA (Stewart) Stoddard, Born in Bradford, Married Oct 12, 1951 in Mount Jewett, Died in Smethport, 1 son, 2 daughters - Member of U.S. Air Force, enlisted in September 1950, honorably discharged Sept 14, 1954, member of American Legion Post #108
STODDARD Diane Marie spouse of Clinton J. born 11/14/1933 died 1/11/2013 age 79y Dau of William Harrison & Beverly June Westerburg Millard b. Kane PA d. Bradford PA Wed 10-12-1951 in Mount Jewett PA
STOKES Kathleen M. spouse of Kevin L. born 1/5/1964 died 12/4/2012 age 48y Dau of David C. & Sandra J. Moore Remington also her Step-father Olin Don Louk b. Bradford PA d. Smethport PA Wed 5-13-1989
STOVER Mary F. Hoffman spouse of Peter M.died 1989  - wed 1940 
STOVER Peter M. spouse of Mary F. Hoffman born 5-15-1916 died 6-23-2007 age 91 - Son of Grover C. & June Marie Fitzgerald Stover  b. Duke Center PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed 1940 
STOVER Richard O. spouse of Geraldine R. Decker born 1/3/1923 died 1/28/2015 age 92y Son of Shirley & Victorine Stover Dana b. Bradford PA d. Sarasota FL Wed 1-31-1945 in Peru IN Geraldine died 10-1989 U.S. Navy with a commission as a primary flight instructor WW2
STURTEVANT Floyd C. spouse of Cynthia L. Hart born 3/25/1949 died 8/11/2014 age 65y Son of  Floyd E. & Goldie Snead Sturtevant b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA Wed 6-7-2008 in Bradford PA  U.S. Air Force Vietnam War
STURTEVANT Floyd E. spouse of Goldie M. born 1-26-1923 died 10-11-2005  - b. Hazel Hurst PA son of Charles L and Jennie L George Sturtevant US Army WW II
STURTEVANT Goldie M. Smead  spouse of Floyd E.  died 2-14-1994  - wed June 9 1946 
STURTEVANT Lester Sr. spouse of  Linda M. Hess born 9-23-1950 died 9-18-2011 age 60y  -Son of Floyd E. & Goldie M. Snead Sturtevant b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-23-1991 in Salamance  U.S. Air Force Vietnam War Member of National Guard
SULLIVAN Edna J. spouse of Lyle L. born 6/9/1943 died 12/26/2012 age 69y Dau of Andrew & Jessi Sneal Conner b. Salamanca NY d. Raleigh NC Wed 12-13-1975 Lyle died 8-27-2005
SWANSON Dee E. spouse of Jack A.  born Unknown died 4-6-2010  - Dau. of Craig & Julia Blackmon Norton b. Fillmore NY d. Bradford PA  Wed 10-31-1953 in Bradford PA 
SWANSON Jack S.  spouse of Dee E. (Norton) Swanson born 5/23/1932 died 8/24/2015 age 83 Son of Carl E. and Bernice E. (Foster) Swanson, Born in Bradford, Married Oct 31, 1953 in Bradford, Died in Pavilion, 1 daughter, 2 sons - Veteran of US Navy serving in the Korean Conflict, he was awarded the National Defense Service Medal and the Navy Occupation Service Medal.  He was honorably idscharged on Jan 6, 1956
SWANSON Joyceln E. spouse of John C . born 10-25-1929 died 4-15-2006 age 76y - Dau. of Alton George & Mattie Burg Schultz  b. Johnsonburg Pa. d. Erie Pa.  Wed: 8-7-1948 
SWANSON Peter D. spouse of born 2-7-1941 died 12-2-2011 age 70y Son of Carl E. & Bernice Foster Swanson b. Bradford PA d. Geneva NY U.S. Army Vietnam War
SWEENEY, Gloria D. Spouse of Kenneth W. Coffman Sr. Born 9/1/1926 Died 10/7/2016 Age 90 - Dau of Edward S. and Rachel (Simpier) Chandler, born in Bradford, married March 27, 1975 in Lewis Run, died in Bradford, 2 daughters, 1 son.
SWEET Joseph J. spouse of Betsy G. Greene born 2/21/1949 died 12/2/2011 age 62y Son of Floyd & Leatrice Miller Sweet b. Cuba NY d. Pittsburgh PA Wed 11-21-1970  U.S. Army serving two tours in Vietnam
SWEETAPPLE Beverly A. born 9/7/1930 died 5/26/2014 age 83y Dau of Willis & Mary Meals Sweetapple b. Clintonville PA d. Bradford PA  U.S. Navy veteran 20 year volunteer for the former Bradford Special Police
SWEETAPPLE, Violet Frances Spouse of Willis H. Sweetapple Jr. Born 8/14/1923 Died 12/12/2016 Age 93 - Dau of Nicola and Anna Chiarenza, Born in Clearfield, married June 23, 1947 in Bradford, died in Smethport, 1 son, 2 daughters; served in U.s. Army, honorably discharged in 1944.
SZAFRAN Thomas A. spouse of Geneva born 8/7/1949 died 4/17/2014 age 64y Son of Joseph & Frances Woloszyn Szafran b. Oil City PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-29-1991 in Bradford PA
TANESKY Joseph J. spouse of Nancy Hanson-Dusch born 2-4-1939 died 3-4-2011 age 72y Son of Anthony & Bertha Elrod Tanesky b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 11-14-1967 in Bradford PA U.S. Army Vietnam War
TATE Barbara E.  spouse of Gary C.  born 10-21- 1941  died 5-10-2000 age - b. Allegany NY- m. Aug. 12 1961- Dau. of Clair & Emma Lippert Edwards 
TAYLOR Berne E. spouse of Janice C. Colt born 6-10-1912 died 9-19-2007 age 95 - Son of Burton & Grace E thridge Taylor  b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed 11-26-1936 in Meshoppen PA 
TAYLOR Pamela A. spouse of Millard L. born 1/21/1956 died 1/5/2014 age 57y Dau of Kensler A. & Marilyn Reed Schultz b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 4-23-1994 in Bradford PA
TAYLOR Priscilla Rae spouse of Jack K. born 10-8-1917 died 1-22-2008 age 90 - Dau. of Charles Raymond & Gertrude Lockwood Freehan b. Great Barrington MA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-30-1941 
TEAGUE Nancy B. spouse of Russell E. born 11/30/1934 died 1/11/2011 age 77y Dau of Jack H. & Sarah Yates Bird b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-17-1955
TERTINEK Brenda Sue spouse of Peter born 6-21-1948 died 12-13-2007 age 59 - Dau. of Stanley H. & Elsie Pyle Merry b. Bradford PA d. Columbus IN Wed 5-3-1972 
THERMINY, Bruce J. Spouse of Carol L. (Frutiger) Therminy Born 8/13/1936 Died 10/20/2016 Age 80 - Son of Leo and Grace (Bernard) Therminy, Born in Bradford, Married July 9, 1971 in Bradford, died in Bradford, 2 sons, 1 daughter; served in U.S. Navy from 1954-1958 with honorable discharge.
THOMAS Agnes L. spouse of Lewis Lyle born 3-30-1912 died 8-25-2007 age 95 - Dau. of George J. & Margaret Fry O'Brien  b. Pitcairn PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed  12-28-1937 in West Palm Beach FL 
TINGLEY Frank H. spouse of  Margaret Rathfon born 10-16-1923 died 12-29-1985 age 62y Son of Francis & Lela Kervin Tingley b. New Limerick ME d. Buffalo NY Wed 2-16-1946 in Buffalo NY
TINGLEY Thomas E. "Huckie" spouse of Deborah Osgood born 3-13-1960 died 3-20-2009 age 49 - Son of Merle & Anna Gatesman Tingley b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 8-1-1981 in Bradford PA 
TITUS Lucy E. spouse of Robert C. born 6/7/1929 died 12/17/2014 age 85y Dau of Andrew & Gladys Dufton Nelson b. Rixford PA d. Bradford PA Wed 9-4-1948 in Olean NY
TITUS Robert C. spouse of Lucy E. Nelson born 6-4-1928 died 4-14-2008 age 79 - Son of Leonard & Julia Deets Titus b. Venango PA d. Bradford PA Wed 9-4-1948 in Olean NY 
TRACY Richard A. "Dick" spouse of Linda L. Bellville born 12/24/1941 died 12/23/2013 age 71y  Son of Claude L. & June E. Passmore Tracy b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-13-1967 in Wichita Falls TX U.S. Army 1962-1983 serving 20 years 8 months as a master sergeant during the Vietnam War
TRAVIS Paul M. spouse of  born 11-6-1961 died 1-8-2007 age  45 - Son of Paul Martin & Janice Maire Allen Travis b. & d. Bradford Pa. Mausoleum
TRAVIS Theodore C. spouse of Sandra Jean Lindquist born 6-19-1944 died 2-27-2007 age 62 - Son of Theodore & Ruth Witter Travis b. Hornell N.Y. d. Bradford Pa. Wed 5-11-1968 in Bradford Pa. U.S. Marines
TREMAINE William E. Jr.  spouse of Mary Ann Shuey born 7/5/1930 died 5/19/2014 age 83y Son of William & Delores Lyons Tremaine b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 1-8-1977 Mary Ann died 6-27-1994 U.S. Army with the Second Infantry Division 38th Field Artillery Battalion in Korea and awarded the Meritorious Service Medal
TROUTMAN Sr. Mayhlon R. "John" 5-18-1932  9-16-2006  74  Son of Frederick M. & Susie E. Martindale Troutman b. Ulysses Pa. d. Erie Pa. U.S. Army Korean War
TROUTMAN Brooks L.  spouse of Jerry Lea died 3-30-1993  - - m. Dec. 15 1978 
TROUTMAN Jerry Lea Braley  spouse of Brooks L.  born 12-15-1951 died 5-28-2002 age 50 - b. Bradford PA- Dau. Of Lee Foster & Marjorie Dailey Braley 
TROUTMAN Mayhlon R. "John"  Sr. Born 5-18-1932 died 9-16-2006 age 74 Son of Frederick M. & Susie E. Martindale Troutman b. Ulysses Pa. d. Erie Pa. U.S. Army Korean War       TUTTLE Alice V. spouse of Nathan  1877 died 1958  - his Wife" buried here from the Kinzua cemetery
TUTTLE Nathan spouse of Alice V.  1874 died 1926  - buried here from the Kinzua cemetery
TYLER Marguerite S. "Peg" spouse of William H. Sr. born 8-15-1919 died 1-6-2008 age 88 - Dau. of Charles D. & Mayme Travis Smith b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 11-5-1939 in Ridgway PA 
TYLER Marshall Joseph Michael spouse of Evelyn A. Connor born 12-12-1937 died 10-14-2007 age 69 - Son of Retired Brig. Gen. Marshall A. & Mary Foy Tyler b. Philadelphia PA d. Bradford PA Wed 10-14-1961 in Philadelphia PA U.S. Marine Corps Naval Reserve Air Station in Willow Grove
TYLER. William Hazelton  Jr. spouse of Frances Elaine Adams born 9-13-1940 died 7-31-2007 age 66 - Son of William H. "Bill" & Marguerite "Peg" Smith Tyler Sr.  b. Bradford PA  d. Las Vegas NV  Wed 5-2-1963  U.S. Air Force serving as Air Medic Photographer & Recruiter - Volunteered to participate in the early space program & rode rocket sleds to study effects of high G-forces on the human body - Also served as a Tank Commander in U.S. Army - 22 years served in Military
UPTHEGROVE Nora M. "Mamie" spouse of Gene E. born 8/1/1931 died 10/27/2014 age 83y Dau of Angus & Margaret E. Matatall Farrell b. Bradford PA d. Durham NC Wed 12-14-1951 in Bradford PA Gene died 3-2-1998
VanCUREN David "Gene" born 5/27/1949 died 5/11/2010 age 62y Son of Hazel VanCuren b. & d. Bradford Pa
VanCUREN Kenneth R. spouse of Marilyn J. Blair born 12-3-1936 died 10-6-2007 age 70 - Son of Charles & Abigail Robinson VanCuren  b. Austin PA  d. Bradford PA  Wed  9-1-1979  U.S. Army  Mausoleum
VanDEUSEN Frederick Jr. Dr. born 10/14/1937 died 10/3/2013 age 75y Son of Frederick K. & Frances Smith VanDeusen Sr. b. Fort Edward NY d. Bradford PA Former Wife Rosamond Haire
VanHOUTTE Robert E. Spouse of Lois Jean (Morey) Van Houtte Born 7/22/1935 died 4/27/2017 Age 81 Son of Amos V. and helen M. (Siffrinn) VanHoutte, born in Olean, married April 28, 1962 in Bradford, died in Bradford, 3 Daughters.
VanHOUTTE James J. spouse of Mary Sue Chatley born 2-13-1933  died 9-21-2002 age 69 - b. Olean NY- Son of Amos & Helen Siffrin VanHoutte- m. Oct. 15 1955 
VAUGHAN Betty Lucille died 5-12-1977  age 69 - 
VAUGHAN Okey L. spouse of Betty Lucille (Plubell) Vaughan born 3/1/1926 died 4/24/2016 age 90  Son of Okey L. and Florence Vaughan Sr., died in Bradford, 4 sons; US Navy veteran who served during WWII where he was awarded the American Theater Ribbon, The European Theater Ribbon, and Victory Medal.  He was honorably discharged on May 22, 1946
VAUGHN Alice E. spouse of  Duane born 6-26-1915 died 1-17-2011 age 95y Dau. of Robert & Cora Leona Masterson Feely b. Bessimer PA d. Bradford PA Wed 9-26-1932 in Colegrove PA Duane died 4-9-1976
VEITE Wanye J. Spouse of Geneva A. (Cramer) Veite Born 10/14/1966 died 5/15/2017 Age 50 Son of Sheila (Seeker) Veite and Clifford Veite, born in Bradford, Married July 1, 1996 in Marienville, died in Pittsburgh, 1 Daughter, 1 Son.
VERRELLI Lillian C. spouse of Louis born 7-10-1925 died 6-9-2006 age 80 - Dau. of DeForest Watson & Cora Jane Pressler Watson Flanders b. Coudersport Pa. d. Bradford Pa. Husband #1 Steve Zurat
WALDO Doralyn K. spouse of Albert L. born 12-28-1913 died 9-22-2007 age 93 - Dau. of LeRoy H. & Leona Brown Thomas  b. Bradford PA  d. Pittsburgh PA  Wed 6-8-1932 
WALKER Bonnie N. spouse of Richard W. Walker born 3/23/1928 died 5/11/2016 age 88  Dau of John C. and Bonnie (James) Nelson, Born in Winchester, KY, Married Nov 10, 1961 in First Presbyterian Church, died in Bradford, 1 daughter
WALKER Richard W. spouse of Bonnie Nelson born 12/4/1922 died 6/3/2014 age 91y Son of Fred &  Lelia Cassidy Walker b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 11-10-1961 in Bradford PA U.S. Navy WW2 1940-1945
WALLACE Virginia Marie spouse of John Dorman born 2/19/1924 died 3/10/2013 age 89y Dau of Archie David & Mary Agnes Hall Williams b. Bradford PA d. Smethport PA Wed 6-10-1950
WALTER Coila M.  spouse of  John G.  born  2/2/1916  died  3/29/2012  age  96y  Dau of Thomas E. & Margaret Kane Coyne b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 2-14-1942 in Bradford PA
WALTER Donald Earl spouse of Jean Marie Johnson born 1-13-1913 died 12-14-2008 age 95y - Son of Ralph E. & Elsie L. Shell Walter b. Hummelstown PA d. Bradford PA Wed 2-26-1944 in Bradford PA
WALTER John G.  spouse of Coila Coyne born 2-19-1917  died 12-26- 2001 age 84 - b. Kane PA- Son of John W. & Gertrude Brooks Walter m. Feb. 14 1942- US Army Air Force WW II 1942-1945 
WALTERS Mary Elizabeth "Polly" spouse of David E. "Curly" born 1924 died 9/10/2014 age Dau of George M. & Mabel Urban Taylor b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 1-20-1946 in Bradford PA Married 68 years
WARD Wendy S. spouse of Levi Ward born 7/29/1955 died 6/13/2016 age 60  Dau of John R. and Patricia (Benson) Mathys, Born in Kane, Married in 1988, died in Warren OH, 3 daughters
WARFIELD Howard J. spouse of Patricia Mann born 7-27-1934 died 7-14-2005 age 70 - son of Howard Warfield Sr. & Agatha Warfield Farrell m. Oct 13 1973
WARNER Mary Lou spouse of Donald H. born 2-4-1938 died 4-17-2007 age 69 - Dau. of John & Grace Closser Campbell  b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed  5-29-1965 in Bradford PA
WASSAM Cora Grace Spouse of William A. Wassam Sr. Born 1-10-1928 died 4-28-2015 Age 87 - Dau of Frank E. Smith Sr. and Ada (Carl Smith-Scott, born in Bradford, PA., died in Cyclone, married June 24, 1947 in Akron, OH, 3 daughters, one son.
WEART Zachary Isaac "Zach" spoue of  born 7-25-1986 died 7-21-2009 age 22y - Son of David E. & Pamela L. Wiedemann Weart b. Homestead FL d. Bradford PA 
WEAVER Katheryn  spouse of James F. born 5-26-1915 died 3-15-2007 age 91 - Dau. of Frank & Jennie Wightman Acker b. Trumansburg N.Y. d. Shamokin Pa. 
WEAVER Otto D. "Chub"  spouse of Velma L "Cookie"  born 2-25- 1914  died 3-13- 2001 age 87 - b. Wilcox PA- Son of Otto J. & P. Beatrice Smith Weaver 
WEAVER Velma L. "Cookie" Cook  spouse of Otto D. "Chub" died 2-8-1996  age - m. May 22 1935 
WEBSTER Dorothy R. spouse of Roswell "Ross" born 3/28/1934 died 12/10/2011 age 77y Dau of Herschel & Florence VanGorder Farrell b. Corning NY d. Bradford PA Wed 10-20-1956 in Corning NY Roswell died 2-24-2003
WEHRER Mary Ann Spouse of William C. Wehrer Born 5/20/1935 Died 7/30/2017 Age 82 Dau of Richard and Amelia (Erwin) Dainty, born in Uniontown, Married Jan 18, 1952 in Homestead, died in Bradford, 1 son.
WELLS Evelyn M. spouse of  Lewis D. born 5-20-1915 died 5-17-2011 age 95y  -Dau. of Lloyd G. & Edna L. Wheeler Baldwin b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-20-1936 in Jamestown NY Lewis D. died 1-9-1998
WELLS Jack M. spouse of Celia C. Case born 10-24-1926 died 7-11-2010 age 83y - Son of Clyde & Charlotte Martin Wells Sr. b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 3-24-1945 in Macon GA Celia died 10-5-2003  U.S. Army serving with the 4018 QM Truck Company - Also in 1945 he enlisted to serve with the 494th Military Band at Ft. Richardson AK
WELLS Robert D. spouse of Ruth  born 8-28-1937 died 4-22-2006 age 68 - son of Lewis D. & Evelyn Baldwin Wells
WHITE William F. spouse of  Dorothy E. "Dot" Means born  8-4-1926 died 2-3-2011 age 84y Son of Floyd C. & Edna Marilyn Chase Luense b. Bradford PA d. Gloucester VA Wed 4-17-1948 in Bradford PA Dorothy died 5-7-2004 U.S. Navy serving as a Navy Sea Bee transporting troops from ship to shore WW2  Mausoleum
WILLIAMS Ernest E. spouse of Marion A. Nicklin born 9-12-1914 died 6-21-2009 age 94y - Son of Edgar Andrus & Harriet McVagh Williams also Stepmother Elsie Williams b. Chanute KS d. Bradford PA Wed 3-10-1938 in Chanute KS 
WILLIAMS Marion A. spouse of Ernest E. born 9/9/1916 died 12/14/2012 age 96y Dau of Clarence & Iva Rhodes Nicklin b. Rocky Grove PA d. Bradford PA Wed 3-10-1938 in Chanute KS
WILLIAMS Michael Gary born 12/16/1980 died 9/8/2013 age 32y Son of Michael D. & Sandra L. Eidson Williams b. Bradford PA d. Olean NY
WILLIAMS Sylvia C. (Post) Spouse of Rev. Orville H. Williams Born 4/5/1905 died 5-6-2015 Age 92 Dau of C. Post and Emsie (Mason) Post, Born in Detroit, MI, Died in Bradford, PA., Married in Detroit in 1944
WILSON Dick Dwight spouse of Joy Packard born 5-3-1925 died 12-15-2008 age 83y - Son of Henry D. & Grace E. Armstrong Wilson b. Napa CA d. Pittsburgh PA Wed 8-7-2004  Wed Wife #1 Beverly Jean Mesler on 4-27-1946 who died 5-26-2001 U.S. Navy WW2 in Asiatic Pacific Theater also European African Middle Eastern Theater
WILSON Susan A  Born 6/20/1954 Died 8/30/2017 Age 63 Dau of Guy E. and Wilma (Howe) Wilson, Born in Bradford, died in Limestone, NY.
WILSON Wilma L.  spouse of  Guy E.  born  4/18/1925  died  2/2/2012  age  88y  Son of Unknown b. Allegany NY d. Erie PA Wed 11-29-1949 in Allegany NY
WINGARD E. Grace spouse of Albert H. born 10/6/1914 died 6/17/2014 age 99y Dau of Fleming & Cora Deemer Douthit b. Paradise PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-14-1947 in Bradford PA Albert died 11-1-1994
WILT Lynn A. spouse of Darrell L. Wilt born 1/5/1958 died 9/26/2016 age 59  Dau of John Zurnstein and Elmo (Farnsworth) Zurnstein, Born in Bradford, PA, Married June 21, 2003 in Aiken, Died in Erie, PA., 1 daughter, 3 sons.
WILTON Carolyn Grace Spouse of Robert Charles Wilton Born 7-6-1921 died 4-2-2015 Age    91 - Dau of Anthony and Laura (Bellamy) Covine, born in Bradford, PA., died in Bradford, PA., Married Nov. 17, 1941 in Bradford, PA., two sons, three daughters
WINKIE Edwin C. "Ed" spouse of Judith O'Connor born 8-14-1942 died 2-21-2010 age 67y - Son of Leo & Margery Culbertson Winkie b. Bradford PA d. Rochester NY Wed 4-29-1967 in Bradford PA 
WIXOM Earl  spouse of Mary died 1984 age - 
WIXOM Mary Tuttle spouse of Earl  born 11-18-1910  died 9-25- 2001  age 90 - b. Kinzua PA- Dau. of Nathan & Alice Van Horn Tuttle 
WOLCOTT Betty B. spouse of Norman R. Jr. born 6-22-1915 died 2-5-2010 age 94y - Dau. of John C. & Jane Campbell Bowery b. Buffalo NY d. Bradford PA Wed 12-31-1943 in Columbia SC Norman R. died 6-24-2008
WOLF Joy V.  born 2/27/1935 died 6/1/2012 age 77y  Dau of Jacob Abraham & Edna Mulley Wolf b. Buffalo NY d. Bradford PA Joy earned a Master's degree in Christian education & certification in Psychotherapy working with Adolescents & also in Psychiatric intensive care
WOLF Sara Marie spouse of Jacob A. born 9-25-1917 died 5-27-2007 age 89 - Dau. of Louis J. & Rose E. Orange Kreinson  b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed 7-1-1956 
WOOSTER Juanita Marie    Spouse of    Larry Wooster    Born    7/21/1936    Died    8/26/2017    Age    81        Dau of Ralph and Edra Mitchell,born in Wolf Run, PA, Married Feb 1963, died in Waldorf
YEHL Evan Michael  born  1-28-1990 died 5-2-2008 age 18 - Son of Michael & Andrea Forquer Yehl b.& d. Bradford PA Auto Accident
YOHE Harry Alton  spouse of Theodora K. died 9-4-1983  - m. Aug. 13 1949 
YOHE Joyce L. spouse of  Clair Roland born 10/29/1932 died 2/28/2013 age 80y Dau of Harry C. & Muriel G. Brown Rupert b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-16-1953 in Allegany NY Clair died 7-31-1998
YOHE Theodora K.  spouse of Harry Alton  born 8-7- 1925  died 10-19-2001  age 76 - b. Corry- Dau. of Rheinhold & Elizabeth Wagner Koethner 
YOHO Clarence J. spouse of Jean K. born 10-5-1924  died 2-21- 2001  age 76 - b. Benwood W.Va.- Son of Clarence & Bertha McKown Yoho US Army WW II Europen Theater- Purple Heart 
YOHO Jean K. Becker  spouse of Clarence J. died 11-1-1992  - m. Sept. 23 1944
ZEIGLER Blaise W.  born 12-2-1987 died 2-3-2007 age 19 - Son of David W. & Patricia Miller Zeigler d. Pittsburgh Pa. 
ZEIGLER William R. spouse of Carol I. Ward  born  1/18/1940  died  2/28/2013  age  73y  Son of William Frank & Arline R. Ranf Zeigler b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 3-17-1958 in Bradford PA Married 54 years
ZENNER Emma  spouse of John Edward born 5-11-1917 died 12-9-2009 age 92y  Dau. of James G. & Harriet Grace Rook McCutcheon b. Bradford PA d. Bridgeport CT Wed 9-22-1941 in Bradford PA
ZENNER John Edward spouse of Emma M. McCutcheon born 4-27-1916 died 1-18-2007 age 90 - Son of Charles & Sarah Johnston Zenner b. Bradford Pa. d. Bridgeport Conn. Wed: 9-22-1941 in Bradford Pa. 
ZETTS Eric J. spouse of  born 3-17-1965 died 6-26-2010 age 45y - Son of James  Charles & Nancy Lea Shotts Zetts b. Bradford PA d. Indiana PA
ZETTS Nancy L.  spouse of James C. born 1-19-1944 died 10-10-2010 age 66y Dau. of Wallace & Ruth Boyd Shotts & Nolan & Elva Anderson Shotts b. Olean NY d. Erie PA Wed 6-6-1964 in Bradford PA 
ZIMMERMAN John E.  spouse of Cheryl Ann Miller  born 10/10/1940  died 2/9/2012  age 71y Son of Robert V. & Izola Neureiter Zimmerman b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 3-3-1967 in Cyclone PA U.S. Army serving in Germany

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