St. Gabriel Cemetery
 Rt 155
Port Allegany, Pa.McKean Co.

Walked & Submitted by Nancy Thomas



Photo by Nancy Thomas

ABBOTT E. Jean  spouse of Ronald E  born 1924 died 1997     Left side
ABBOTT Ronald E  spouse of E. Jean  born 1924 died 1962    WWII Vet Left side
AGLIARDO Angela M    born 1909 died 1995     Left side
AGLIARDO Angelo M    born 1900 died 1995     Left side
ALLMAN Pauline L   born 11-10-1895  died 5-22-1985     S Sgt. US Army WW II  Korea Left side
AMELL May Z.     spouse of        born    5/1/1928    died    1/18/2015    age    86y    Dau of Frank & Virginia Zeli Kaziska b. Charleroi PA d. Coudersport PA
ANJESKI Donald R.    spouse of    Rebecca A. Kinney    born    9/21/1947    died    10/31/2013    age    66y    Son of Elmer A. & Florence Prisbylla Anjeski b. Tallahassee FL d. Coudersport PA Wed 9-17-1983 in Port Allegany PA U.S. Air Force Vietnam War 1966-1970
APP Mary C    born 1915 died 1983     Left side
ARNETT Deborah L  spouse of Thomas J  born 1964 died 2004     Left side
ARNETT Thomas J  spouse of Deborah L  born 1959 died 1997     Left side
ASTLE Hope M spouse of Thomas born 1917 died 1986     Left side
ASTLE Thomas spouse of Hope M born 1905 died 1993     Left side
BABOLA Florence   born 1912 died 1991     Left side
BABOLA John spouse of Lillian M born 1907 died 1989     Left side
BABOLA Lillian M spouse of John  born 1909 died 1982     Left side
BABOLA Stanley George   born 2-22-1909  died 7-28-1992     TEC 4 US Army WWII Left side
BABOLA Takla    born 1882 died 1951     Left side
BAILEY J. Frank    born 1886 died 1917     Right side
BAKER Catherine E    born 1921 died 1948     Right side
BAKER Cecelia M  spouse of Fred K  born 1899 died 1955     Left side
BAKER Fred  spouse of Mary E  born 1865 died 1943     Left side
BAKER Fred H    born 4-21-1913  died 2-24-1974     CPL US Army  Left side
BAKER Fred K  spouse of Cecelia M  born 1896 died 1966     Left side
BAKER Mary    born 6-26-1921  died 6--29-1921     d/o Fred K. & Cecelia M Baker Left side
BAKER Mary E  spouse of Fred  born 1870 died 1927     Left side
BALDREE Roberta M  spouse of William J  born 1936 died 2003     Left side
BALDREE William J  spouse of Roberta M  born 1932 died 1985     Left side
BARREN James L spouse of Marion F born 1906 died 1959     Left side
BARREN Marion F spouse of James L born 1910 died 2003     Left side
BARRNO Clarence B  spouse of Genevieve H  born 1907 died 1976     Right side
BARRNO Genevieve H  spouse of Clarence B  born 1908 died 1996     Right side
BAYLINE Eva B  spouse of John M  born 1910 died 1995     Right side
BAYLINE John M  spouse of Eva B  born 1894 died 1984     Right side
BAYLINE Jon E  spouse of Marian W  born 1916 died 1979     Right side
BAYLINE Marian W  spouse of Jon E  born 1919 died blank     Right side
BECKER Ella S    born 12-21-1888  died 2-24-1968     Right side
BECKER Mary Patricia    born 12-10-1923  died 12-13-1923     Right side
BENSON Donald C  spouse of Stella Z  born 1908 died 1971     Right side
BENSON Stella Z  spouse of Donald C  born 1914 died 1996     Right side
BENZIEN Edna M spouse of George born 1897 died 1975     Left side
BENZIEN George spouse of Edna M born 1894 died 1980     Left side
BISHOP Charles W    born 1838 died 1927     Left side
BISHOP Frank    born 1873 died 1930     Left side
BISHOP Mary A    born 1849 died 1924     Left side
BOLAND Joseph M    born 1889 died 1950     Right side
BONNEAU Gladys M   born 1938 died 1971     Left side
BOROWSKI John P.    spouse of    Marion Alice Patton    born    2/14/1918    died    8/10/2014    age    96y    Son of John P. & Katherine Petlak Borowski Sr. b. Kato PA d. Turtlepoint PA Wed 6-27-1953 U.S. Army with a rank of Staff Sergeant - Earned medals from the American Campaign European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Good Conduct Medal & WW2 Victory Medal - He participated in battles in Central Europe & Rhineland including the Battle of the Bulge  Left Side
BOROWSKI Katherine   born 1874 died 1973    beloved mother Left side
BOROWSKI Marion A  spouse of John P  born 9-26-1922  died blank     Left side
BOROWSKI Michael J spouse of Viola A born 1901 died 1982     Left side
BOROWSKI Viola A spouse of Michael J born 1904 died 1971     Left side
BOSNICK  Anthony spouse of Mary born 1885 died 1928     Left side
BOSNICK Anthony J    born 8-16-1909, died 6-23--1979    CM1 US Navy WW II Left side
BOSNICK Eleanor E    born 6-26-1917  died 10-11-2001    1st Lt US Army WW II Left side
BOSNICK Joseph B    born 1913 died 1942     Left side
BOSNICK Mary spouse of Anthony born 1886 died 1972     Left side
BOSNICK Monument            Left side
BOSWORTH Donna J. spouse of  Eugene L. born 5/26/1939 died 1/6/2013 age 73y Dau of Edward & Mary McGill McElwee b. Liberty Township PA d. Port Allegany PA Wed 1-29-1957 in Port Allegany PA
BOSWORTH Eugene L. spouse of Donna J. McElwee born 12-13-1932 died 8-15-2008 age 75y    - Son of R.T. & Nina Vanocker Bosworth b. & d. Port Allegany PA Wed 1-29-1957 in Port Allegany PA U.S. Navy Korea 
BOTERA Anna R   spouse of Ralph A  born 1905 died 1993     Left side
BOTERA Ralph A  spouse of Anna R   born 1897 died 1973     Left side
BOUDON Adrian C spouse of Jeanette V born 1890 died 1961     Left side
BOUDON Agnes M  spouse of Henry L  born 1892 died 1971     Right side
BOUDON Henry L  spouse of Agnes M  born 1892 died 1978     Right side
BOUDON Henry L    born 11-3-1915  died 1-26-1989     2nd Lt US Army WW II Right side
BOUDON Henry L. Jr  spouse of Mary S born 1915 died 1989     Right side
BOUDON Jeanette V spouse of Adrian C born 1891 died 1972     Left side
BOUDON Joan    born 4-26-1916  died 3-18-1917     Right side
BOUDON Louis A  spouse of Theresa F  born 1866 died 1935     Right side
BOUDON Mary S  spouse of Henry L. Jr born 1918 died 1989     Right side
BOUDON Theresa F  spouse of Louis A  born 1869 died 1952     Right side
BOWMAN, Douglas F. MD spouse of Barbara Klaylo born 8-23-1946 died 11-25-2008 age 62y    - Son of Franklin & Irene Mench Bowman b. Chestertown MD d. Smethport PA Wed 8-14-1971 in Lilly 
BOZZO Caroline H  spouse of Jerome G born 1925 died ? - dau of Howard C. & Lillian A. Abel Herger mar. 6-17-1943 Right side
BOZZO Francis died 6-21-1956     Right side
BOZZO Jerome G  spouse of Caroline H born 1920 died blank Right side
BRADLEY Hugh E  born 1877  died 1964    father Left side
BRADLEY Loretta M born 1917 died 1981 Left side
BRESSAN Dominic born 1884 died 1962 Left side
BRESSAN Elvira born 1921 died 1921 Left side
BRESSAN Eugene born 1917 died 1918     Left side
BRESSAN, Eugene M. spouse of Margaret VanSickles born 6-27-1952 died 12-13-2007 age 55y    - Son of Lawrence & Ruth M. Levitt Bressan b. Olean NY d. Port Allegany PA Wed 5-1994 Married Wife #2 Rhonda Andreano on 9-13-2005
BRESSAN Lawrence J  spouse of  Ruth M  born 8-7-1923  died 3-31-1994  CPL US Army WWII Left side
BRESSAN Mary A born 1890 died 1953 Left side
BRESSAN Peggy born 8-25-1956  died 3-6-2000  forgiven- w/o Gene Left side
BRESSAN, Ruth M.  spouse of  Lawrence J. born  5-21-1929 died 9-19-2010 age 81y  - Dau. of Howard & Myrtle Smith Butler b. Emporium PA d. Smethport PA Wed 10-1-1947 in Port Allegany PA  Left Side
BRETHERICK Bernard M.D born 1906 died 1949 Left side
BRIDER Katherine born 1882 died 1955 Left side
BRIDER Patrick born 1849 died 1932 Left side
BROTHERS Ellen A born 1856 died 1932 Right side
BROW Carolyn A.    spouse of    Warren L.    born    9/18/1935    died    5/12/2013    age    77y    Dau of W.G. & Lela Maggie "Midge" Lane Rumsey b. Coudersport PA d. Smethport PA Wed 9-4-1963 in Reno NV
BROWNE Grace C born 1891 died 1966 Left side
BUCKHEIT Geraldine M spouse of Joseph C born 1905 died 1952     Left side
BUCKHEIT Joseph C spouse of Geraldine M born 1900 died 1969     Left side
BURGAR Fred J  spouse of Harriett C born 1907 died 1974     Right side
BURGART Bertha   spouse of Herbert E  born 1-3-1903  died 3-10-1994     Right side
BURGART Catherine F   spouse of Joseph F born 1902 died 1942     Right side
BURGART Harriett C  spouse of Fred J born 1917 died 1978     Right side
BURGART Herbert E  spouse of Bertha   born 12-27-1901  died 10-18-1954     Right side
BURGART Herbert J    born 4-27-1932  died 11-9-2002    SP 3 US Army Korea Right side
BURGART Joseph  spouse of Mary A born 1864 died 1921     Right side
BURGART Joseph F. Jr  spouse of Catherine born 3-17-1893  died 12-21-1963     Penn. 6 BN Repl & TNG CEN WW I Right side
BURGART Mary A  spouse of Joseph born 1869 died 1953     Right side
BUTLER B. Maynard    born 1886 died 1919     Right side
BUTLER Basil E    born 3-10-1904  died 6-11, 1968?     New York Sgt. 120 Base Unit AAF WW II Right side
BUTLER Edward H  spouse of Ella M born 1877 died 1951     Right side
BUTLER Edward W    born 1913 died 1987     Right side
BUTLER Ella M  spouse of Edward H born 1881 died 1956     Right side
BUTLER Joseph M    born 1858 died 1926     Right side
BUTLER Margaret L    born 1867 died 1921     Right side
BUTLER Monument            Right side
CADEN Catherine F    born 1888 died 1945     Right side
CADEN Elizabeth    born 1883 died 1978     Right side
CADEN George H    born 1887 died 1944     Right side
CADEN Jane Orsley    born 1861 died 1953     Right side
CADEN John D    born 6-10-1919  died 7-17-1963     Penn. TEC 5 439 AAA AWCAC WWII Right side
CADEN John M    born 1879 died 1969     Right side
CADEN Monument            Right side
CAFFO Albert B    born 10-10-1903  died 8-18-1961     Right side
CAFFO Emily    born 4-17-1874  died 2-27-1945     Right side
CAFFO Louise    born 9-17-1874  died 3-15-1958     Right side
CAFFO Martin    born 3-31-1920  died 5-12-1958     Right side
CAFFO Robert Emil    born 6-3-1943  died 6-4-1943     Right side
CAFFO Ruth L    born 8-11-1911  died 5-9-1980     Right side
CANNON Elizabeth      died 5-1-1917     Left side
CAPUTO Rose    born 1888 died 1928    Mother Left side
CASHATT Dawson C    born 1881 died 1954     Left side
CASHATT James W    born 1910 died 1950     Left side
CASHATT Nellie L    born 1883 died 1942     Left side
CASTLE Adolphus           Co B 184 Pa. Inf. Right side
CASTLE Theresa    born 1877 died 1942    sister Right side
CASTLE Thomas    born 1879 died 1936    brother Right side
CAULEY Ambrose V  spouse of  Lucy E born 1878 died 1958     Right side
CAULEY Gerald B  spouse of Winifred M born 1904 died 1994     Right side
CAULEY Lucy E  spouse of Ambrose V born 1879 died 1945     Right side
CAULEY Winifred M  spouse of Gerald B born 1912 died 1986     Right side
CHARLES Jules Jr. spouse of  Margaret Polosky  born 6-18-1915 died 9-27-2010 age 95y - Son of Jules G.N. & Julie DeBaker Charles b. Cecil PA d. Coudersport PA Wed 5-7-1938 in Monessen PA  Married 68 years U.S. Navy WW2
CHARLES Margaret E. spouse of Jules Jr. born 7-4-1914 died 2-6-2007 age 92 - Dau. of Anton & Patricia Snyder Polosky b. Homestead Pa. d. Smethport Pa. Wed 5-7-1938 in Monessen Pa. Left side 
CHERRINGTON Anna Marion    born 1924 died 1956     Right side
CHERRINGTON Austin C    born 1892 died 1981     Right side
CHERRINGTON M. Virginia    born 1927 died blank     Right side
CHERRINGTON Marion    born 1896 died 1982     Right side
CHIMENZ Joan M spouse of Leo J born 1928 died blank     Left side
CHIMENZ Leo J. spouse of  Joan M.Stoker born 4-26-1919 died 12-17-2010 age 91y Son of John & Tillie Simmons Chimenz b. New York NY d. Smethport PA Wed 5-24-1970 in Maryland  U.S. Army WW2 Left side
CHISMIRE Frank E    born 9-2-1908  died 8-12-1988     Maj. US Army WW II Left side
CLARK Fred J  spouse of Nettie M  born 1876 died 1943     Left side
CLARK Grace E spouse of Thomas L  born 1887 died 1959     Left side
CLARK Nettie M  spouse of Fred J  born 1878 died 1950     Left side
CLARK Thomas L  spouse of Grace E born 1884 died 1959     Left side
COLE Marjorie S  spouse of Robert John  born 1910 died 1994     Right side
COLE Robert John  spouse of Marjorie S  born 1-16-1907  died 9-2-1967     Penn. T Sgt 553 Bomb SQ AAF WW II Right side
COLLIER Alberta Leapal    born 11-30-1930  died 9-27-1986     Left side
COLWELL, Robert B. spouse of Angeline Fapore born 8-27-1925 died 8-22-2007 age 81    - Son of William N. & Nellie M. Bryan Colwell  b. Port Allegany PA   d. Pittsburgh PA  Wed  9-20-1947 in Emporium PA  Corporal U.S. Army WW2 
CONEYS Ethal U  spouse of  John P born 1919 died 2000     Left side
CONEYS George R  spouse of  Irene R born 5-24-1918  died 3-13-1993     PFC US Army WW II Left side
CONEYS Harry T spouse of Marjorie E born 1922 died 1952     Left side
CONEYS Irene R  spouse of George R born 1927 died blank     Left side
CONEYS John P  spouse of Ethel U born 1926 died blank     Left side
CONEYS Marjorie E spouse of Harry T born 1920 died 1979     Left side
CONNOLLY Alyce H  spouse of Joseph F born 1915 died 1993    mar. 2-5-1940 Right side
CONNOLLY Arthur J   born 1900 died 1960     Left side
CONNOLLY Cecelia A    born 1872 died 1842     Right side
CONNOLLY Elizabeth M    born 1898 died 1971     Right side
CONNOLLY Helen K    born 1903 died 1942     Right side
CONNOLLY Helen S. "Tessie" spouse of  William P. born 5-17-1916 died  9-2-7-2011  age 95y  Dau. of John & Mary Kuzilla Singler b. Grassflat PA d. Coudersport PA Wed 12-22-1938 in Bradford PA  William P. died 6-24-1946       
CONNOLLY Joseph A    born 1856 died 1917    erected  by his wife Left side
CONNOLLY Joseph F  spouse of Alyce H born 1911 died 1991     Right side
CONNOLLY Monument            Right side
CONNOLLY Peter P    born 1943 died 1991     Right side
CONNOLLY Sharon A    born 1948 died 1989     Right side
CONNOLLY William M    born 1860 died 1917     Right side
CONNOLLY William P.   born 1905 died 1946     Right side
CONVEY John P spouse of Mary C born 1901 died 1965     Left side
CONVEY Mary C spouse of John P born 1899 died 2001     Left side
COOK Henry J    born 1864 died 1944     Right side
COOK Leo H    born 3-4-1898  died 9-8-1953     Penn. Pvt. Medical Dept. WW I Right side
COOK Marie    born 1901 died 1921     Right side
COOK Mary Ann    born 1866 died 1950     Right side
COOK Robert L    born 1912 died 1931    s/o Chas.& K.E. cook Left side
COONS Marie Hazen     born 1914 died 1998     Right side
CORAH Betty N  spouse of Robert E  born 1928 died blank     Right side
CORAH Linda Lee    born 1960 died 1960     Right side
CORAH Robert E  spouse of Elizabeth M born 4/27/1928 died 3/1/2006 age 77  son of Ambrose R & Alice Hall Corah m. Mar 27 1947 in Lewistown Md Right side
COYLE Edward P    born 1875 died 1921     Right side
COXE Elizabeth "Biz"    spouse of        born    4/4/1948    died    10/20/2013    age    65y    Dau of Albert & Ruth Caffo b. Port Allegany PA d. Lehigh Acres FL
CUNEO Cecelia R  spouse of Frederick L. Jr  born 5-6-1912  died 5-21-2000     Left side
CUNEO Frederick L. Jr  spouse of Cecelia R  born 8-1-1918  died 5-8-1965     Penn. Lieutenat USNR WW II AM Left side
CURRIER Joseph R spouse of Margaret C born 1900 died 1971     Left side
CURRIER Margaret C spouse of Joseph R born 1897 died 1986    Left side
DALTON Charles B    born 1894 died 1968     Left side
DALTON James B    born 1870 died 1948     Left side
DALTON Little Margaret    born 8-3-1887  died 12-2-1897     d/o James & Nellie Dalton Left side
DALTON Nellie Mae    born 1873 died 1937     Left side
DANIELS Ronald W  spouse of Sarah J  born 1935 died blank     Right side
DANIELS Ronald W "Jake-Satch"  spouse of Sarah J & Kathy L. born 6-28-1935 died 11-16-2006 age 71    - son of Llyod R. & Mary E. Eicher Daniels Right side
DANIELS Sarah J  spouse of Ronald W  born 1941 died 1985     Right side
DANIELS Sarah J. Buerk  spouse of Ronald W  born 1941 died 9-10-1985      - wed Feb 13 1960 Right side
DANIELSON Richard L  spouse of Virginia M  born 1912 died 1982     Right side
DANIELSON Virginia M  spouse of Richard L  born 1916 died 1990     Right side
DECARLO Vito Joseph    spouse of  born 9-27-1928 died 11-25-2011 age  83y  Son of Angelo & Katherine Mecca DeCarlo b. Brant NY d. Port Allegany PA  U.S. Army Korean War        
DEMARET Elizabeth M spouse of Oliver J born 1905 died 1962     Left side
DEMARET Oliver J spouse of Elizabeth M born 1903 died 1981     Left side
DONEHOE John J    born 1890 died 1955     Left side
DRESLLINSKI StanSlaus F   born 12-10-1894  died 10-16-1959     Penn. Pvt. 9 ORDNANGE SYPPLY CO. WW I Left side
DUNN A. Pearl  spouse of James C born 1888 died 1962     Left side
DUNN James C spouse of Pearl  born 1883 died 1967     Left side
DUNN John Kenneth "Jack" spouse of Patricia K. Chase born 10-8-1933 died 9-9-2011 age 77y -Son of James & Pearl Shawley Dunn b. Port Allegany PA  d. Buffalo NY Wed 2-14-1998  Wife #1 June Place Wife #2 Betty Hagg
DUNN Lizzie J    born 1869 died 1953     Left side
DUNN Monument            Left side
DUNN Thomas A    born 1875 died 1940     Left side
DUNNIGAN Anna    born 1875 died 1940     Left side
DUNNIGAN Mary    born 1878 died 1949     Left side
DUNNIGAN Monument            Left side
DUNNIGAN Nellie    born 1871 died 1939     Left side
DUNNIGAN Timothy S    born 1872 died 1929     Left side
DURAN Jerry G  spouse of Patricia A  born 1934 died blank     Right side
DURAN Patricia A  spouse of Jerry G  born 1932 died blank     Right side
DYNDA Erica C    born 11-7-1976  died blank     Left side
DYNDA Lynne M    born 8-10-1946  died 11-14-2002     Left side
EDGREEN Gerald A    born 11-26-1913  died 5-31-1999     Right side
EDGREEN Hazel Shields    born 12-3-1924  died 5-23-1996     Right side
EISWERTH David G  spouse of Jane B born 1920 died 1990     Right side
EISWERTH H. Charles    born 8-12-1914  died 4-11-1981     M. Sgt. US Army WW II Right side
EISWERTH Henry C    born 1914 died 1981     Right side
EISWERTH Henry J    born 1888 died 1953     Right side
EISWERTH Jane B  spouse of David G born 1922 died 1993     Right side
EISWERTH Marie B    born 1891 died 1970     Right side
ELEY Leonard J  spouse of Mary P   born 11-2-1913  died 2-13-1963     Penn. Tech 1565 Eng. Depot Co. WW II Right side
ELEY Mary P   spouse of Leonard J  born 12-2-1915  died 2-17-1996     Apart for now together in Heaven Right side
ELLISON Edwin F  spouse of Helen C  born 1905 died 1989     Left side
ELLISON Helen C  spouse of Edwin F  born 1912 died 1992     Left side
ELLISON, Agnes I spouse of  Arthur A. born 9-26-1910 died 12-7-2004 age 94    - dau of Fred & Elizabeth Zimmet Streich Left side
ELLISON, Arthur A. spouse of  Agnes I born 1907 died 9-28-1977       - wed June 26 1934 Left side
ESCHBACHER Clara L    born 6-6-1892 died 4-30-1969     Left side
EVANS Bertha M    born 10-26-1914  died 1-7-1974     Right side
EVANS Irene M  spouse of Milo L. born 1-4-1896  died 2-4-1942     Right side
EVANS Milo L. spouse of Irene M  born 7-3-1876  died 10-20-1954     Right side
FARMELO Donald R  spouse of Margaret M  born 1934 died 1984     Left side
FARMELO Margaret M  spouse of Donald R  born 1935 died blank     Left side
FARREIL Anita C   born 1900 died 1993     Left side
FARREIL E. Leo    born 1899 died 1958     Left side
FARREIL James R   born 1931 died 1937     Left side
FARRELL Katherine    born 1883 died 1923    w/o Henry L Eley Right side
FEENEY Eleanor C  spouse of Patrick J    died 1924     Right side
FEENEY Patrick J  spouse of Eleanor C    died 1919     Right side
FIEDLER Clarence C  spouse of Kathryn A  born 1899 died 1967     Left side
FIEDLER Kathryn A  spouse of Clarence C  born 1899 died 1961     Left side
FIEM Dominick spouse of Patricia J born 1920 died 1999     Left side
FIEM Patricia J.    spouse of    Dominick "Bum"    born    7/29/1926    died    9/1/2013    age    87y    Dau of John & Lillian Chapin Babola b. Port Allegany PA d. Warren PA Wed 7-11-1949 in Port Allegany PA  Left Side
FILIPOVITZ Albert  spouse of Victoria  born 1877 died 1934     Right side
FILIPOVITZ Victoria  spouse of Albert born 1887 died 1922     Right side
FITZPATRICK Bessie H  spouse of James J born 1911 died 1997     Left side
FITZPATRICK James J  spouse of Bessie H born 1915 died 1976     Left side
FITZPATRICK Timothy A    born 1954 died blank     Left side
FITZSIMMONS E. Albert    born 8-14-1896  died 12-23-1973     Right side
FITZSIMMONS Edward P  spouse of Grace O  born 1890 died 1943     Right side
FITZSIMMONS Gertrude E    born 1915 died 1982    marker Right side
FITZSIMMONS Grace O  spouse of Edward P  born 1894 died 1981     Right side
FITZSIMMONS Harold E    born 10-5-1889  died 8-11-1966     Pvt. 17 BN INF. REPL TNG CP WW I Right side
FITZSIMMONS Homer P    born 1-16-1893  died 10-16-1959     Penn WACR 4 Co 153 Depot Brig WW I PH Right side
FITZSIMMONS J. Howard    born 1891 died 1938    son Right side
FITZSIMMONS John    born 2-23-1903 died 3-7-1969    Pvt. Army Air Force WWII Right side
FITZSIMMONS Michael L  spouse of Katherine born 1862 died 1939     Right side
FITZSIMMONS Pearl T  spouse of William J  born 1901 died 1969     Right side
FITZSIMMONS Roderick   born 1-147-1908  died 7-3-1972     Penn. PFC 25 AERO DEPOT GP  WW II Right side
FITZSIMMONS William J  spouse of Pearl T  born 1904 died 1969     Right side
FLEMING James   born 1847 died 1920     Right side
FOSTER Nancy G  spouse of W Howard born 6-1-1933  died 11-3-1997     Left side
FOSTER W. Howard "Dewey" Spouse of Nancy (Gatesman) born 4/21/1930 died 11/13/2017 Age 87 Son of Norman and Lena (McKenzie) Foster, Born in Bradford, Married Dec 31, 2000, died in Port Allegany, 1 daughter, 3 sons; Drafted into the US Army, he served in the Korean Conflict with the Heavy Mortar Co., 279th Infantry Regiment. He received the Korean Service Medal with a Bronze Star, Combat Infantry Badge, United Nations Service Medal, National Defense Service Medal and Good Conduct Medal.He was honorably discharged in 1953.
FRANZEN Lena H    born 8-15-1900  died 2-7-1977     Right side
FRANZEN/BURGART Monument            Right side
FRISON Ann Marie      died 2-4-1971     Left side
FRISON Bruce E   born 6-19-1952  died 8-9-1969     Left side
FRISON Dorothy Irene  spouse of John Robert "Bob" born 2-22-1922 died 11-3-2009 age 87y  Dau. of William &  Mary Orpha Black Miller b. Bradford PA d. Smethport PA Wed 2-19-1946 in Mount Alton PA 
FRISON John Robert "Bob" spouse of Dorothy Irene Miller born 10-3-1922 died 9-24-2009 age 86y  Son of Jacob "Jack" S. & Bernie M. Ledden Frison b. Hammond IN  d. Smethport PA Wed 2-19-1946 in Mount Alton PA Left side
FRISON Mary E      died 10-9-1955     Left side
FRISON William Stephen    spouse of    Mary Beth Wallace    born    12/8/1949    died    12/26/2013    age    64y    Son of John Robert & Dorothy Irene Miller Frison b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA Wed 12-5-1970 in Port Allegany PA
FTIZSIMMONS Katherine  spouse of Michael L born 1866 died 1946 Right side
FUNDATOR Alexander  spouse of Charles born 1894 died 1979 Left side
FUNDATOR Charles spouse of Alexander  born 1881 died 1963 Left side
GABISCA Alice spouse of William  born 1867 died 1947 Left side
GABISCA William  spouse of Alice born 1867 died 1955 Left side
GALEOTTI, Louis H. spouse of Rose B.   died 11-30-1968  - wed Jan 1 1940 Left side
GALEOTTI, Rose B.   Spouse of Louis H.   born 12-02-1912 died 6-19-2005 Age 92 - Dau of Eli & Sophia Lessar Majot b. Fairmont-WV d. Coudersport-PA Wed 1-01-1940 (he d. 11-30-1968) Left side
GALLAGHER   born 11-20-1858 died 11-1-1941 Right side
GALLAGHER James J    born 6-8-1850, died 5-6-1939 Right side
GALLAGHER/RUDING Monument Right side
GAMBLE Cecil P  spouse of Lillian R  born 1913 died 2001 Right side
GAMBLE, Lillian M. spouse of Cecil P. born 1-6-1914 died 10-2-2008 age 94 - Dau. of William & Naomi Welch Rosenswie b. Eldred PA d. Bradford PA Wed 7-27-1935 in Eldred PA 
GASS Eulalia Snyder born 1903 died 1938     Left side
GAWRISESKI Joseph born 10-12-1888  died 9-26-1939 Right side
GERBETZ Frank born 1877 died 1943 Right side
GILLEN Doris H  spouse of Joseph P born 1917 died 1999 Left side
GILLEN Joseph P  spouse of Doris H born 1909 died 1965 Left side
GILLULY Benedict Leo I  spouse of Mary Louise  born 1889 died 1963     Right side
GILLULY Kathleen A  spouse of  Thomas P born 1913 died 1992     Right side
GILLULY Mary Louise  spouse of Benedict Leo I  born 1886 died 1951     Right side
GILLULY Thomas P  spouse of Kathleen A  born 1915 died 1997     Right side
GILLULY William F born 7-27-1916  died 12-11-1992 2nd Lt US Army Air Corps WW II    Right side
GIOVINO Michael A born 8-28-1957  died 1-3-1997 MAJ US Army Right side
GLASS Margaret    born 1896 died 1970  Right side
GLASS Thomas A.   born 1-3-1919  died 4-17-1973 Penn. Sgt Us Army WW II Right side
GNAGEY Genevieve    born 1878 died 1946 Right side
GNAGEY Harry E    born 1878 died 1975  Right side
GNAGEY Leota E    born 1907 died 1929 Right side
GOLDEN Edward S  spouse of Mary E  born 1871 died 1937 Right side
GOLDEN Francis A    born 1824 died blank     Right side
GOLDEN Leo R    born 7-2-1890  died 2-19-1946     New York MESS Sgt. 51 Trans. Corps Right side
GOLDEN Mary E  spouse of Edward S  born 1872 died 1963 Right side
GOLDEN Minnie    born 1891 died 1924 Right side
GOODYEAR George E  spouse of Marthanna S born 1910 died 1996  Right side
GOODYEAR Marthanna S spouse of George E  born 1909 died 1959 Right side
GORMAN Ella    born 1860 died 1938  Left side
GORMAN Pasty    born 1862 died 1944     Left side
GRIMES Helen  spouse of Robert  born 1913 died 1966 Left side
GRIMES Robert  spouse of Helen  born 1914 died 1991 Left side
GRIMES Robert W born 7-28-1914  died 5-28-1991 T Sgt. Us Army WW II Left side
GULLONE Joseph  born 1906 died 1927     Left side
GULLONE Nicholas A    born 10-23-1916  died 4-14-1990     Left side
GUNCHEON Margaret M   born 1901 died 1984     Left side
GURSKE William J    born 3-6-1910, died 2-18-1981     Pvt. US Army WW II Left side
HALEY Timothy L      died 10-30-1934    Penn. Pvt. 6 SUP TN 6 DIV. Right side
HAMLIN Dorothy D  spouse of Leon C Jr. born 1917 died 1995     Right side
HAMLIN Leon C Jr. "Bud"  spouse of Dorothy D  born 1920 died 2004     Right side
HAMMITT Henry M    born 1903 died 1977    Pvt. US Army WW II Right side
HANLON Alice E spouse of John J born 1891 died 1970     Left side
HANLON Anna    born 1851 died 1912     Right side
HANLON Exilda R   born 1911 died 1987     Left side
HANLON John J spouse of Alice E born 1882 died 1971     Left side
HANLON Kernon    born 1841 died 1917     Right side
HANLON Marcus F    born 1877 died 1967     Right side
HANLON Monument            Right side
HARDES Daniel J spouse of Helen A born 1890 died 1957     Left side
HARDES Helen A spouse of Daniel J born 1909 died 1983     Left side
HARRIS Elizabeth A  spouse of Henry B. Jr  born 1921 died blank     Left side
HARRIS Henry B. Jr  spouse of Elizabeth A  born 5-4-1920  died 10-8-2001    M. Sgt. US Army WW II mar. 8-16-1947 Left side
HART Kathleen G. born 9-24-1949 died 2-17-2011 age 61y -Dau. of Joseph & Doris Fitzsimmons Gillen b. Olean NY d. Port Allegany PA
HARTNETT Katherine    born 1867 died 1946     Right side
HEALY Charles F  spouse of Winifred  born 1852 died 1923     Right side
HEALY Gertrude H  spouse of John H born 1886 died 1963     Right side
HEALY Gertrude H    born 1886 died 1963     Right side
HEALY Helen E spouse of John "Jack" H born 1906 died 1993    Left side
HEALY James F  spouse of Marjorie S  born 1923 died 2002     Right side
HEALY John "Jack" H spouse of Helen E born 1909 died 1991     Left side
HEALY John H  spouse of Gertrude H  born 1883 died 1968     Right side
HEALY John H    born 1883 died 1963     Right side
HEALY Marjorie S  spouse of James F  born 1924 died blank     Right side
HEALY William H   born 1912 died 1951     Right side
HEALY Winifred  spouse of Charles F  born 1857 died 1924     Right side
HELLMAN Josephine R   born 1915 died 1979     Left side
HELLMAN Leo Alfred   born 1909 died 1985     Left side
HELLMAN Thomas Gary   born 1942 died 1963     Left side
HENDERSON Maria  spouse of Robert born 1860 died 1937     Left side
HENDERSON Robert  spouse of Maria born 1859 died 1936     Left side
HENDERSON Willliam E    born 1887 died 1954     Left side
HENSEN Grace    born 1908 died 1973     Left side
HERGER statue of lady Right side
HERGER, H. Michael  spouse of Marjorie E. Keefe born 10-14-1923 died 3-17-2007 age 83    - Son of Howard C. & Lillian A. Abel Herger  b. Buffalo NY  d. Port Allegany PA Wed Wife #2 on 6-5-1987  U.S. Army Air Corps  WW2 Assigned to Strategic Bombing with the 8th Air Force Division & Tactical Bombing with the 9th Air Force Division carrying out 5 
HERGER Howard C    born 2-9-1898  died 10-17-1981     Right side
HERGER infant  died 9-23-1959     d/o Michael & Marice Herger Right side
HERGER Joan E. born 8-6-1922  died 6-6-1943  - dau of Howard C. & Lillian A. Abel Herger Right side
HERGER Lillian    born 7-23-1893  died 8-14-1975 Right side
HERGER Marice Butler  spouse of H. Michael 1st wife born 5-16-1922  died 10-31-1985      - wed Sept 21 1946 in Jersey City NJ  Right side
HODAS John  spouse of Mary  born 1881 died 1931 Left side
HODAS Mary  spouse of John  born 1887 died 1928 Left side
HOFFMAN Anna spouse of John born 1876 died 1963 Left side
HOFFMAN Arthur W   born 3-24-1916  died 1-27-1959 Penn. PFC SVC BTRY 339 FA BN WW II Left side
HOFFMAN Beatrice  spouse of Edward A  born 1919 died 1997 Left side
HOFFMAN, Cleora L. spouse of John A. born 1-25-1916 died 2-2-2009 age 93y - Dau. of Frank Herman & Mae McGinley Foster b. Brownstown PA d. Smethport PA Wed 2-12-1942 in Port Allegany PA  Left side
HOFFMAN Edward A  spouse of Beatrice  born 6-23-1912  died 3-10-1996 AMM1 US Navy WW II Left side
HOFFMAN John spouse of Anna born 1870 died 1952 Left side
HOFFMAN John A spouse of Cleora F born 9-8-1909  died 4-17-1983Left side
HOLLAND Anthiony B    born  died 6-24-1923 Penn Pvt. CL 17 ORD Cuard Co Right side
HOOSE Eva W  spouse of Fred H  born 1891 died 1939 Right side
HOOSE Fred H  spouse of Eva W  born 1880 died 1956     Right side
HOSEY Katherine A.   born 1905 died 1995 Right side
HUGHES Elnor F    born 1-5-1890  died 6-28-1976 Left side
HUGHES Joseph Edward  spouse of Mary L born 6-18-1922  died 3-30-2004     Capt. US Army  Sir Forces WW II Left side
HUGHES Joseph V  spouse of Mary B born 3-9-1891  died 2-19-1968     Penn. CPL HQ Co 41 Division WW I Left side
HUGHES Mary A    born 7-24-1857  died 12-30-1938     Left side
HUGHES Mary B  spouse of  Joseph V born 1899 died 1974     Left side
HUGHES Mary L  spouse of Joseph Edward born 1931 died 1997     Left side
JOHNSON Jean Marie   born 1-16-1925  died 8-22-1997     beloved wife & mother Left side
JOHNSON Monument            Left side
JOHNSON Wayne Edwin   born 3-5-1917  died 4-14-1959     Penn. SkI USNR WW II Left side
JORDAN Anna F.  spouse of  Norman born 11/6/1919 died 1/17/2013 age 93y Dau of Charles & Alexandria Rytel Fundator b. Austin PA d. Smethport PA Wed 7-4-1938 in Coudersport PA  Norman preceded her U.S. Navy WW2 having served as the Chaplain for the Gulf Coast Waves Unit 27 - She was a member of U.S. Memorial Foundation & helped with the design & funding for the Port Allegany Veterans Memorial
KAUFFMAN Paul S   born 1921 died 1963     Left side
KAZIMER Edward P   born 1962 died 1994     Left side
KAZIMER Joseph G   born 1914 died 2004     Left side
KAZIMER Louise M   born 1922 died 2000     Left side
KAZISKA baby   born 1970 died 1970     Right side
KAZISKA Bertha E spouse of Frank A. Sr born 8-19-1903  died 11-2-1996     Left side
KAZISKA Frank A. Sr spouse of Bertha E born 1933 died 2005     Left side
KAZISKA Frank J  spouse of Virginia Z  born 1904 died 1995     Right side
KAZISKA Margaret M. spouse of Ralph born 1943 died blank     Left side
KAZISKA Ralph  spouse of Margaret M. born 1938 died 1994     Left side
KAZISKA Ralph A    born 1962 died 1962     Right side
KAZISKA Virginia Z  spouse of Frank J  born 1910 died 1980     Right side
KEENEY, Gerald  spouse of Margaret "Marge" J. Bengel born 11-24-1937 died 10-13-2007 age 69    - Son of Lloyd & Mary Alice Richie Keeney  b. Clairton PA  d. Coudersport PA 
KEENEY Margaret J.    spouse of    Gerald    born    6/10/1938    died    4/17/2014    age    75y    Dau of Joseph C. & Alice V. O'Rosky Bengel b. Jeannette PA d. Coudersport PA
KEITH Ella Bailey    born 10-22-1891  died 9-16-1995     Right side
KELLEY Clark Allan spouse of Joyce Amelia born 1921 died 2004     Left side
KELLEY Joyce Amelia spouse of Clark Allan born 1927 died blank     Left side
KENNEY Della    born 1847 died 1938     Left side
KERR Daniel W. Sr  spouse of Ruth M  born 1908 died 1977     Left side
KERR Ruth M  spouse of Daniel W. Sr  born 1910 died 1999     Left side
KINNEY Thomas R. spouse of Sherri E. Abbott born 4-2-1949 died 11-11-2008 age 59 - Son of Robert F. & Bernadine Thrash Kinney b. & d. Port Allegany PA Wed 8-10-1991 in Port Allegany PA U.S. Army Vietnam
KNIGHT Anna M  spouse of Deforest L  born 1918 died 1996     Left side
KNIGHT Deforest L  spouse of Anna M  born 1911 died 1998     Left side
KNOWLTON Monument            Right side
KOLAT Rosalie C spouse of Stanley J born 3-1-1922  died 5-12-1999     PHM 3 US Navy WW II Left side
KOLAT Stanley J spouse of Rosalie C born 12-23-1915  died 4-24-1974     Penn. SSMB 2 US Navy WW II Left side
KOROMHAZ Bertha    born 1876 died 1954     Left side
KOROMHAZ Michael    born 1868 died 1933     Left side
KROMAS Michael J    born 1898 died 1935     Left side
LANE Daniel F  spouse of Joyce O  born 1923 died 1993     Right side
LANE Joyce O  spouse of Daniel F  born 1927 died blank     Right side
LAWLER Frank T    born 9-8-1897  died 5-14-1969     Right side
LAWLER Katherine A    born 10-10-1881  died 7-7-1944     Right side
LAWLEY Monument            Right side
LEAPAL Jeremiah G. "Jerry" spouse of  born 4-1-1941 died 7-21-2011 age 77y  -Son of Albert & Stella Dzinski Leapal b. Port Allegany PA d. Philadelphia PA Sergeant First Class U.S. Army 1956-1962
LEAPAL Katherine A born 9-24-1927 died 12-4-1927     Left side
LEAPAL Stella A born 6-16-1910 died 4-11-1995     Right side
LEMON Henry Jersey born 10-1-1874  died 10-14-1936    Left side
LEMON John F born 1900 died 1972 Left side
LEMON Mary K born 1903 died 1973  Left side
LEMON Mina R born 6-14-1874  died 4-14-1965 Left side
LEWANDOWSKI Gloria Jean spouse of born 5/24/1952  died  11/5/2012 age 60y Dau of Raymond J. & Marie E. Smith Lewandowski b. Sayre PA d. Port Allegany PA
LICASTRO Dolores E    3-28-1926  4-16-1996 
LICASTRO Joseph spouse of Rose M  born 2-12-1896  died 1-1-1975     PFC US Army Left side
LICASTRO Monument           Left side
LICASTRO Rose M  spouse of Joseph born 6-2-1902  died 4-20-1985     Left side
LILLIBRIDGE Burton J  spouse of Mary Y  born 1919 died 1988     Left side
LILLIBRIDGE Mary Y  spouse of Burton J  born 1914 died 1993     Left side
LILLY Katherine J. spouse of  Roy K. born 6/19/1915 died 1/20/2010 age 96y Dau of John & Catherine Petlak Borowski b. Snow Shoe d. Port Allegany PA Wed 10-8-1938 in Port Allegany PA Left side
LILLY Roy James    born 6-29-1946 died blank     Left side
LILLY Roy K  spouse of Katherine J  born 1918 died 1996     Left side
LINNAN Esther S    born 1884 died 1965     Right side
LINNAN Joseph P    born 1886 died 1961     Right side
LINNAN Martin    born 1860 died 1936     Right side
LLOYD Gregory H    born 1951 died 1991     Left side
LLOYD, Mary Edna   born 1-13-1923 died 1-3-2005 age 81    - dau of Elmer G. & Mary Elizabeth Crosson Hays Left side
LOCKWOOD Edward    born 6-4-1895  died 5-5-1982     Left side
LOCKWOOD Helen M    born 1918 died 2004     Left side
LOGUE Margaret A     died 11-8-1934     mother Left side
LOSEY Mary Ann (McElwee) spouse of Richard D. Sr. born 7/13/1934 died 2/6/2017 age 82  Dau of Edward and Mary (McGill) McElwee. Born in Port Allegany PA. Died in Smethport PA. wed 11-13-1954  in Port Allegany, died in Smethport, 1 daughter, 2 sons
LOSEY Richard D Sr. spouse of Mary Ann McElwee born 10/12/1934 died 10/10/2017 age 82  Son of John and Grace (Brooks) Losey. Born and lived in Austin PA. A truck driver wed 11-13-1954 died in Smethport, three children (Spouse d. 2-6-2017)
 LYMAN           Right side
LYMAN Gladys M  spouse of Joseph L born 1889 died 1972     Right side
LYMAN John M  spouse of Lena L born 1885 died 1969     Right side
LYMAN Joseph L  spouse of  Gladys M born 1884 died 1949     Right side
LYMAN Lena L  spouse of John M born 1890 died 1968     Right side
LYMAN Robert J   born 9-17-1917  died 7-16-1968     Penn. Major US Army RES WW II Left side
LYMAN Robert J   born 1917 died 1968     Left side
LYNCH Peter    born 1846 died 1923     Left side
LYONS Araline D spouse of Arch C born 1897 died 1987     Left side
LYONS Arch C spouse of Araline D born 1892 died 1956     Left side
MAJOR Sr., Donald H.  Mary C. Meyers  10-4-1927  9-28-2006  78   Son of Harold & Delores Sheppard Major b. Austin Pa. d. Coudersport Pa. Wed: 6-26-1948 in Austin Pa. 
MALONEY Dr. John    born 1873 died 1956     Right side
MANNING Kathy J    born 11-19-1955  died 10-8-2005     Right side
MARASCO Agnes E Marrone    born 1915 died 1984     Right side
MARASCO Albert R    born 6-7-1912  died 6-17-1979     M Sgt US Air Force WW II Right side
MARCHINETT Anna D spouse of Louis P born 1912 died 1992    Molly" Left side
MARCHINETT Louis P spouse of Anna D born 1909 died 1993     Left side
MARRONE Almerinda    born 1883 died 1956     Right side
MARRONE Charles J    born 9-20-1936  died 6-18-2004    S Sgt US Air Force Korea Right side
MARRONE Charles J    born 1936 died 2004    marker Right side
MARRONE Charles P    born 1869 died 1928     Right side
MARRONE John H    born 1909 died 1945     Right side
MARRONE Monument            Right side
MARRONE, Herman C. "Herk" spouse of Josephine Ann born 4-14-1919 died 4-2-2002      - wed Sept 9 1950 The Flying Horsemen Right side
MARRONE, Josephine Ann spouse of Herman C. born 5-9-1929 died 11-26-2004      - dau of Myron & Helen Pierce Kelsey Dental hygienist Right side
MARZO Albin    born 1909 died 1919     Left side
MARZO Margaret    born 1917 died 1930    d/o N.& Mary Marzo Left side
MARZO Mary  spouse of Nicholas  born 1885 died 1975     Right side
MARZO Nicholas  spouse of Mary  born 1883 died 1962     Right side
MCCAIG Mabel R    born 10-17-1880  died 8-19-1952     Right side
MCCARNEY Michael    born 1853 died 1939     Right side
MCCLOSKEY Frank T  spouse of Margaret E  born 1884 died 1968     Right side
MCCLOSKEY Margaret E  spouse of Frank T  born 1887 died 1953     Right side
MCCORMICK Alex A    born 1875 died 1928     Left side
MCCORMICK John A    born 1851 died 1921     Left side
MCCORMICK Mary B    born 1879 died 1968     Left side
MCCORMICK Monument            Left side
MCCREADY Lilian J  spouse of Samuel E born 1887 died 1918    w/o Samuel E  McCready Left side
MCELWEE Charles E  spouse of Margaret E  born 1877 died 1949     Right side
MCELWEE Clarence W    born 1910 died 1989     Right side
MCELWEE Edward L  spouse of Mary A  born 1904 died 1979     Right side
MCELWEE Margaret E  spouse of Charles E  born 1883 died 1971     Right side
MCELWEE Mary A  spouse of Edward L  born 1908 died 1978     Right side
MCGEE Alice C  spouse of Hugh  born 1869 died 1929    wife Right side
MCGEE Hugh  spouse of Alice C  born 1860 died 19--,    husband Right side
MCGILL Blanch A  spouse of Vincent J  born 1884 died 1944     Right side
MCGILL Vincent J  spouse of Blanch A  born 1881 died 1976     Right side
MCGONNELL Dewey B spouse of Florence M born 1899 died 1993     Left side
MCGONNELL Florence M spouse of Dewey B born 1912 died 1974     Left side
MCGONNELL James R   born 1895 died 1972     Left side
MCHUGH Daniel  spouse of Karoline M  born 1885 died 1970     Left side
MCHUGH Karoline M  spouse of Daniel  born 1883 died 1970     Left side
MCHUGH Mary  spouse of Raymond P  born 1912 died 1992     Left side
MCHUGH Raymond P  spouse of Mary  born 1914 died 2001     Left side
MCMAHON Anna E    born 1895 died 1982     Left side
MCMAHON James M    born 1920 died 1944     Left side
MCMAHON PFC John J    born 1896 died 1930?     Left side
MCNALLY George B   born 1902 died 1956     Left side
MCNALLY Herbert F   born 1898 died 1943     Left side
MCNALLY JoAnn M  spouse of Joseph F  born 1926 died 2002     Left side
MCNALLY John S   born 1898 died 1971     Left side
MCNALLY Joseph F  spouse of JoAnn M  born 1924 died blank     Left side
MCNALLY Margaret   born 1967 died 1946    mother Left side
MCNALLY Monument            Left side
MCNALLY Robert H   born 1866 died 1934     Left side
MCNICHOL Balbina   born 1890 died 1978     Left side
MCNICHOL Thomas   born 1867 died 1960     Left side
MCNUITY Andrew B   born 8-25-1911  died 11-19-1978     Left side
MCNULTY Agnes   born 4-24-1906  died 1-14-1968     Right side
MEYERS Mary E  spouse of Peter S born 1907 died 1990     Left side
MEYERS Peters  spouse of Mary E born 1898 died 1958     Left side
MICHELITSCH  Donald J  spouse of Eleanor J  born 1917 died 1994     Left side
MICHELITSCH  Eleanor J  spouse of Donald J  born 1925 died 1990     Left side
MICHELITSCH Cecelia B  Bly   born 1898 died 1936    w/o Chas. Michelitsch Right side
MICHELITSCH Charles J spouse of Mildred M born 8-16-1905  died 5-24-1957     Penn. CMOMM USNR WW II Left side
MICHELITSCH Edward A  spouse of Helen G  born 1911 died 1994     Right side
MICHELITSCH Helen G  spouse of Edward A  born 1915 died 1985     Right side
MICHELITSCH Mildred M spouse of Charles J born 4-23-1910  died 5-4-1990      Left side
MICHELITSCH? Karl    born 1874 died 1933    father Right side
MICHELITSCH? Lena E    born 1890 died 1975    mother Right side
MICHELLITSCH Monument           Right side
MILLER Alma E  spouse of Paul F  born 1918 died 2003  age 84  b. Clearfield PA dau of Hilery & Elsie Gardner DeLisle Left side
MILLER Gerald J  spouse of Thelma M  born 1917 died 2000     Right side
MILLER Jane A    born 1869 died 1958     Right side
MILLER Jennie M  spouse of Lawrence A born 1901 died 1983     Right side
MILLER John N    born 1850 died 1957     Right side
MILLER Larry Leo   born 6-28-1912  died 4-3-1952    Penn. PFC 2540 Base Unit AAF WW II Right side
MILLER Lawrence A  spouse of Jennie M born 1896 died 1960     Right side
MILLER Margaret M     born 1906 died 1994     Right side
MILLER Matthew L    born 1977 died 1977    marker Right side
MILLER Paul F  spouse of Alma E  born 1911 died 1964     Left side
MILLER Thelma M  spouse of Gerald J  born 1916 died 1998     Right side
MORGAN Alice M    born 1865 died 1950     Right side
MORGAN Beatrice    born 1887 died 1977     Right side
MORGAN Michael F    born 1856 died 1931     Right side
MORGAN Richard H    born 1888 died 1974     Right side
MORMAN John H  spouse of Lena May  born 1877 died 1961     Left side
MORMAN Lena May  spouse of John H  born 1875 died 1958     Left side
MOSES Mary E  spouse of Raymond H  born 1911 died 1968     Right side
MOSES Raymond H    born 5-24-1910  died 4-15-1978     MOMM 1 US Navy WW II Right side
MOSES Raymond H  spouse of Mary E born 1910 died 1978     Right side
MULAUSKI Elizabeth K  spouse of Sigmond J  born 1907 died 1989     Left side
MULAUSKI Mike  spouse of Stella  born 1863 died 1942     Left side
MULAUSKI Sigmond J  spouse of Elizabeth K  born 1905 died 1996     Left side
MULAUSKI Stella  spouse of Mike  born 1869 died 1961     Left side
MULLIN Florence spouse of Robert P  born 1891 died 1971     Left side
MULLIN Mary R    born 1869 died 1952     Left side
MULLIN Patrick -- family           Left side
MULLIN Robert P  spouse of Florence born 1886 died 1931     Left side
MURPHY            Right side
MURPHY Carrie E    born 1903 died 1921     Right side
MURPHY Esther W    born 1902 died 1930     Right side
MURPHY Helen  spouse of Stephen born 1904 died 1991     Right side
MURPHY Henry  spouse of Nellie J  born 1878 died 1952     Right side
MURPHY John  spouse of Mary E  born 1854 died 1937     Right side
MURPHY John Lorenzo    born 11-3-1893  died 6-10-1959     Penn. Pvt. Co B 2 Div BN WW I Right side
MURPHY Joseph    born 1837 died 1954     Right side
MURPHY Mary E  spouse of John  born 1853 died 1940     Right side
MURPHY Nellie J  spouse of Henry  born 1880 died 1956     Right side
MURPHY Stephen  spouse of Helen born 1897 died 1971     Right side
NADOLSKE George E  spouse of Hanna D  born 1904 died 1966     Right side
NADOLSKE Hanna D  spouse of George E  born 1901 died 1990     Right side
NARAMORE Patricia E. Peavy    born 3-27-1950  died 3-19-1997     dau. Right side
NEEFE Mary T  spouse of Milton E  born 3-25-1918, died 12-15-1967     Left side
NEEFE Milton E  spouse of Mary T  born 10-1-1915  died 4-12-1978    CPL US Army WW II Left side
NELSON Lydia Z    born 1927 died 1977     Right side
NENNO Amos W    born 1887 died 1925     Right side
NENNO Elizabeth Ann    born 1941 died 1963     Right side
NENNO Jean Marie    born 1950 died 1974    dau  Right side
NENNO Madeline E  spouse of William A  born 1913 died 1989     Right side
NENNO Madge Marie    born 1920 died 1927     Right side
NENNO William A  spouse of Madeline E  born 1910 died 1985     Right side
NEUBERET Michael S    born 7-13-1932  died 3-27-1982     SFC US Army Vietnam Left side
NEUBERT, Dorothy M. spouse of  Michael born 9-4-1933 died 7-18-2006 age 72     - Dau. of Burton & Lillian Wolff Himes  b. Ridgway, Pa.  d. St. Mary's, Pa.  Wed: 11-19-1949 
NICHOLS DeAlton born 1893 died 1973     Right side
NICHOLS Euphresia born 1893 died 1973     Right side
NICHOLS Georgia H    born 1886 died 1971     Right side
NICHOLS Robert Herman born 1868 died 1936     Right side
NUGENT Edward born 1859 died 1930    father Right side
NUGENT Edward L born 1885 died 1917     Right side
NUGENT L. Francis born 1887 died 1927     Right side
NUGENT Lauretta born 1865 died 1939    mother Right side
NUGENT Monument Right side
O'CONNOR Barbara S    born 2-8-1918  died 11-2-1998    loving mother Right side
O'CONNOR Elizabeth S  born 1946   died 1946     Left side
O'CONNOR Harold C    born 1912 died 11987     Right side
O'CONNOR James L  spouse of Mildred Herwig  born 1876 died 1938     Left side
O'CONNOR Margaret  spouse of Maurice T  born 1876 died 1942    Mother Left side
O'CONNOR Maurice T  spouse of Margaret  born 1871 died 1943    Father Left side
O'CONNOR William Harold    born 1900 died 1918     Left side
O'CONNOR, Lawrence J spouse of Marian L. born 1911 died 7-5-1989      - wed Oct 9 1940 in Olean NY 
O'CONNOR, Marian L. spouse of Lawrence J born 11-26-1918 died 2-15-2005 - dau of Claude & Cora Bennett Covert 
O'MALLEY Kathleen Teater    born 1923 died 2001    2nd Lt. Army nurse Corps WW II Right side
ORLOWSKI Megan Marie spouse of  Edward  born 6-25-1988 died 12-17-2010 age 22y  Dau. of Steve & Anna Coons Crum b. Coudersport PA d. Port Allegany PA Wed 8-21-2010 in Port Allegany PA  Auto Accident
OSTRANDER Howard F spouse of Mary K born 1941 died 2004     Left side
OSTRANDER Mary K spouse of Howard F born 1944 died blank     Left side
OSTRANDER, John B.    6-1-1934  9-`7-2006  72   Son of Clayton & Mary Gullone Ostrander b. Port Allegany Pa. d. Warren Pa. Veteran U.S. Army 
OSZUSTOWICZ Charlotte E  spouse of Leonard A  born 1921 died 1984     Right side
OSZUSTOWICZ Leonard A  spouse of Charlotte E  born 10-17-1917  died 3-3-1995     Tec 4 US Army WW II Right side
OSZUSTOWICZ Monument            Right side
PATTON Herbert W  spouse of Virginia A born 1918 died 1985    Doc" Left side
PATTON Theresa H    born 7-28-1891  died 8-14-1969     Right side
PATTON Virginia A  spouse of Herbert W born 1926 died blank     Left side
PAYNE Christina L    born 1957 died 1976     Right side
PAYNE William M. spouse of Arlene Y. (Weiss) born 12/20/1934 died 6/8/2015 age 80 Son of Clarence and Marian I. (Major) Payne, Born in Olean, died in Port Allegany, Married Oct. 9, 1954 in Coudersport, one son
PEAVY James F  spouse of Margaret V  born 12-24-1948  died 12-6-1987    son Right side
PEAVY Margaret V  spouse of James F  born 12-2-1916  died 7-23-1996      mother Right side
PESOCK Betty W  spouse of Peter P  born 1933 died blank     Left side
PESOCK Peter P  spouse of Betty W  born 6-28-1924  died 3-9-2005     CPL US Army WW II Korea Left side
PETRUZZI Angeline A  spouse of Elmer A  born 1906 died 1999     Right side
PETRUZZI Elmer A  spouse of Angeline A  born 1904 died 1967     Right side
PIETROWSKI Edward M died 7-27-1922 father Left side
POPOWSKI  Henry W  spouse of Beverly R born 1935 died 2/27/2001    wed Oct 29 1960 Left side
POPOWSKI Beverly R spouse of Henry W  born 4/19/1931 died 6/19/2006 age 75 - b. Coudersport PA dau of Chester F. & Ireva R. Holcomb Simar Left side
PRANSKY Anthony W  spouse of Helen M  born 1919 died 2005     Right side
PRANSKY Helen M  spouse of Anthony W  born 1926 died blank     Right side
PULVENO Anthony J    born 1900 died 1947    member Penn State Police 23years Right side
PULVENO Louis  spouse of Roselia born 18787 died 1952     Right side
PULVENO Roselie  spouse of Louis born 1879 died 1968     Right side
REDINGTON Agnes  spouse of Harry F  born 1914 died 1994     Right side
REDINGTON Harry F  spouse of Agnes  born 1912 died 1993     Right side
REES Rita T. Spouse of Paul S. Kauffman Born 7/26/1930 Died 1/5/2017 Age 86 - Dau of George J. and Theresa R. (Hoffman) Stoker, Born in Erie, Married May 3, 1947 in Port Allegany, died in Smethport, 3 sons, 1 daughterLeft side
REYNOLDS Elizabeth J    born 5-27-1924  died 2-15-1983     Right side
REYNOLDS Florence W  spouse of Henry P. born 1891 died 1964     Right side
REYNOLDS Henry P  spouse of Florence W. born 1884 died 1935     Right side
REYNOLDS Mary B  spouse of V. Edward  born 1915 died 1997     Right side
REYNOLDS V. Edward  spouse of Mary B  born 1915 died 1990     Right side
RIALTI Ethel spouse of Fred born 1910 died 1997     Left side
RIALTI Fred spouse of Ethel born 1906 died 2001     Left side
RICHARDSON Anna M spouse of Charles L born 1874 died 1963     Left side
RICHARDSON Audrey C spouse of T. Carlton born 1908 died 1993     Left side
RICHARDSON Charles L spouse of Anna M born 1883 died 1955     Left side
RICHARDSON T. Carlton spouse of Audrey C born 1912 died 1985     Left side
ROLLER Mildred B   born 1907 died 1954     Left side
ROMANIO Adolph    born 1874 died 1920     Left side
ROMANIO Anna    born 1875 died 1944     Left side
ROMANIO Bina    born 1913 died 2000     Left side
ROMANIO Della A    born 1896 died 1973     Left side
ROMANIO Jane A.    spouse of        born    11/8/1929    died    8/13/2014    age    84y    Dau of Steve A. & Veva Hzen Romanio b. Port Allegany PA d. Hamburg NY   Right Side
ROMANIO Steven A    born 1902 died 1971     Right side
ROMANIO Steven A .   born 12-3-1927 died 1-15-2007 age 79    - Son of Steven A. & Veva Hazen Romanio b. Port Allegany Pa. d. Lake Worth Fla. 
ROMANIO William A    born 10-3-1900  died 4-6-1992     TLC 4 US Army WW II Left side
ROMANIO. Veva L    born 19--, died blank     Right side
ROSS Carl A "Pat"    born 1908 died 1988     Left side
ROSSETTE Charles F  spouse of Jennie J born 1902 died 1984     Left side
ROSSETTE Clara M  spouse of William F born 1893 died 1953    Left side
ROSSETTE Jennie J  spouse of  Charles F born 1901 died 1973     Left side
ROSSETTE Minnie  spouse of Pacifico born 1862 died 1943     Left side
ROSSETTE Pacifico  spouse of Minnie born 1859 died 1932     Left side
ROSSETTE William F  spouse of Clara M born 1894 died 1986     Left side
ROSSETTI Millie Frank    born 6-12-1886  died 7-30-1963     Penn. Pvt Co F 314 Inf. WW I Left side
ROWAN, Mary Alice spouse of Patrick born 3-16-1922 died 12-7-2009 age    87y - Dau. of Carl & Ester Dry Troutman b. Salisbury NC d. Erie PA Wed 5-29-1943 in Washington DC  Left Side
ROWAN Patrick C  spouse of Mary Alice  born 7-13-1922  died 4-30-1986     CY US Navy WWII Left side
ROYER Augustine C    born 1892 died 19--     Left side
ROYER Charles A    born 1884 died 1955     Left side
ROYS Kathryn J. spouse of Max A. Jr. born 9-10-1917 died 2-26-2005 age 87    -   dau of Jofn & Catherine Fitzstephen Caden Right side
ROYS Max A. Jr. spouse of Kathryn J. born 4-2-1918 died 9-24-1972       - wed Jan. 8 1944 Penn. Tec 4  330 Inf. WW II BSM Right side
RUDING Eugenia C  spouse of Martin R  born 1887 died 1930     Right side
RUDING Martin R  spouse of Eugenia C  born 1878 died 1933     Right side
RUMSEY L. Maggie spouse of Wright G Sr born 10-18-1906  died 11-16-1997     Beloved wife mother Grandmother Left side
RUMSEY Wright G Sr spouse of L. Maggie born 4-29-1898  died 10-9-1969     Penn. Pvt. Med Det  16 Cavalry WW I Left side
RUSCHKA Amalia  spouse of Ignatius born 1864 died 1956     Left side
RUSCHKA Ignatius  spouse of Amalia born 1861 died 1941     Left side
RYTEL Frank    born 1890 died 1984     Left side
SCANLON Michael F    born 1887 died 1951     Right side
SCANLON Orrie C    born 1889 died 1969     Right side
SCHWARTZMAN Mary Bosnick   born 11-16-1911  died 7-31-1998    loving wife devoted mother Left side
SEARFOSS Raymond    born 7-29-1928  died 4-15-1973     Penn. Pvt. US Army WWI Left side
SHEVAK Henry J   born 1911 died 1967     Left side
SHEVAK James J   born 1916 died 1944     Left side
SHEVAK John F spouse of Rose K born 1884 died 1961     Left side
SHEVAK Rose K spouse of John F born 1886 died 1969     Left side
SHEVAK Rose M   born 1909 died 1974     Left side
SHIELDS George F  spouse of Jennie E   born 1879 died 1943     Right side
SHIELDS Jennie E   spouse of George F  born 1881 died 1953     Right side
SHURTZ Charles B    born 1867 died 1935     Left side
SHURTZ Johana    born 1872 died 1946     Left side
SIMONS Jean Baker    born 1927 died 1950     Left side
SIMPIER N    born 1846 died 1925    at rest Right side
SIMPLER Joseph    born 1870 died 1933     Left side
SKOK Andrew spouse of Mary born 1893 died 1959     Left side
SKOK Mary spouse of Andrew born 1900 died 1983     Left side
SMITH Agnes M. spouse of Norman born 1890 died 1963     Right side
SMITH Joanna M  spouse of Kenneth  born 1922 died 1991     Right side
SMITH Joseph B spouse of Winifred M  born 1892 died 1973     Right side
SMITH Joseph H    born 1856 died 1932    father Right side
SMITH Kenneth  spouse of Joanna M  born 1921 died 1997     Right side
SMITH Norman (Henry)  spouse of  Agnes born 1885 died 6-13-1953     Right side
SMITH Winifred M  spouse of Joseph B born 1894 died 1980     Right side
SMOKER, Margaret Marie    Spouse of Stephen M. Smoker Born 4/5/1957 died 8/9/2016 Age 59  Dau of William and Ann (Chappel) Ryan, Born in Pittsburgh, Married July 9, 1988 in Port Allegany, Died in Port Allegany, 1 daughter, 5 sons
SNYDER Mary E    born 1865 died 1935     Left side
SNYDER Paul L    born 1891 died 1958     Left side
SPEAREN Cythia M    born 1959 died 1985     Right side
SPOKAR Walter    born 4-25-1909  died 2-22-1968     Right side
STEELE Rosalie H  spouse of William C  born 1921 died 2001     Right side
STEELE William C    born 11-10-1920  died 1-9-1979     S Sgt. US Army  WW II Right side
STEELE William C  spouse of Rosalie H  born 1920 died 1979     Right side
STEWART Mary E.   born 1869 died 1919     Right side
STOKER George J spouse of Theresa R born 1901 died 1973     Left side
STOKER Theresa R spouse of George J born 1902 died 1996     Left side
SULLIVAN Etta J    born 1863 died 1939    mother Right side
SULLIVAN Stanley G    born 1927 died 1988     Right side
SUSMAN John    born 1886 died 1918     Left side
SWEENEY Cornelia F    born 1884 died 1971     Right side
TARBOX Lester L. spouse of  Jacqueline M. Kazimer born 4-30-1945 died  9-10-2011 age 66y -Son of Herman & Katherine Hults Tarbox  b. Coudersport PA d. Port Allegany PA Wed 9-4-1965 in Sartwell PA
TAUSCHER Gloria  spouse of John H  born 1926 died 2003     Right side
TAUSCHER Helen M  spouse of Kenneth E  born 1918 died 1995     Right side
TAUSCHER John H  spouse of Gloria  born 1925 died blank     Right side
TAUSCHER Kenneth E  spouse of Helen M  born 1915 died 1984     Right side
TAYLOR Bernard N  spouse of Seba M born 1913 died 2004     Right side
TAYLOR Fay N  spouse of Lucy  born 1882 died 1940    father Right side
TAYLOR Jesse C     died 1-15-1995     Left side
TAYLOR Lucy  spouse of Fay N  born 1893 died 1928    mother Right side
TAYLOR Robert T.Jr    born 4-5-1950  died 9-18-1982     S Sgt. US Air Force Vietnam Right side
TAYLOR Seba M  spouse of Bernard N born 1918 died blank     Right side
TAYLOR Thomas Jr    born 4-5-1950  died 9-18-1982     Right side
TEATER Delwin M  spouse of Mary K  born 1853 died 1930     Right side
TEATER Martin A  spouse of Mary C  born 1886 died 1942     Right side
TEATER Mary C  spouse of Martin A  born 1887 died 1969     Right side
TEATER Mary K  spouse of Delwin M  born 1856 died 1928     Right side
THIELGES Clara    born 1878 died 1958     Left side
THIELGES Joseph L    born 1900 died 1970     Left side
THIELGES Nick    born 1858 died 1931     Left side
THIELGES Nora M    born 1899 died 3/7/2002    age 102 Left side
THRASH Connie S  spouse of John R. born 4-17-1963  died 3-16-2002     Left side
THRASH Harold C  spouse of Margaret J  born 1898 died 1989     Left side
THRASH John H  spouse of Vera C  born 9-7-1921  died 3-12-1993     CPL US Army AirCorps WW II Left side
THRASH John R  spouse of Connie S  born 10-31-1955 died 6-19-2002     Left side
THRASH Margaret J  spouse of Harold C  born 1897 died 1981     Left side
THRASH Thomas A    born 1928 died 1933     Left side
THRASH Vera C  spouse of John H  born 4-1-1922  died 3-18-2004     Left side
TILLEY Mary E   born 1918 died 2005     Left side
TORRES Elio G  spouse of Georgina G  born 1921 died 1991     Right side
TORRES Georgina G  spouse of Elio G  born 1915 died 1989    marker Right side
TOWNSEND Irene A.    spouse of    Robert    born    6/12/1919    died    11/3/2014    age    95y    Dau of Frank & Margaret Mills McCloskey b. Renovo PA d. Kane PA Wed 1-31-1942 in Port Allegany PA   Left Side
TOWNSEND Robert L  spouse of Irene A  born 7-5-1920  died 2-22-2001     Sgt. US Army  Air Forces  WW II Left side
TREAT, Patricia A. Leapal spouse of Leonard F. Sr. born 12-18-1932 died 8-27-2008 age 75y    - Dau. of Albert & Stella Leapal Duran b. Port Allegany PA d. Olean NY Wed 2-22-2002 in Port Allegany PA 
TRISCUIT Justine  spouse of L.E. born 1885 died 1943    w/o L.E. Triscuit Right side
TRONETTI Dominic A  spouse of Eleanor M  born 9-24-1911  died 12-16-1995     PFC US Army WW II Right side
TRONETTI Eleanor M  spouse of Dominic A  born 1915 died blank     Right side
TRONETTI Eleanor M  spouse of Dominic A  born 10-5-1915 died 11-20-2006 age 91    - dau of L. Roland & Mary Parcel Dann m. Nov. 28 1931   Right side
TRONETTI Enrico  spouse of Filomena  born 1868 died 1948     Right side
TRONETTI Filomena  spouse of Enrico  born 1870 died 1957     Right side
TRONETTI Maude K    born 1911 died 2002    mar. 10-24-1932 Right side
TRONETTI Rose Marie    born 1933 died 1933     Right side
TRONETTI Samuel D           baby lamb no dates Left side
TRONETTI Sevrino-"Sam"  spouse of Velma born 1900 died 1977     Right side
TRONETTI Sherry Lynn    born 5-25-1963  died 11-22-1980     Left side
TRONETTI Velma  spouse of Sevrino born 1918 died 1981     Right side
TRONETTI Vincent J    born 4-30-1896  died 9-4-1971     Penn. PFC Co A   9 Inf  2 Division WW I Right side
TUMGER Catherine    born 1869 died 1962     Left side
TUMSER Adolph    born 1862 died 1933     Left side
TUMSER Adolph J    born 1901 died 1987     Left side
TUMSER Helen    born 1911 died 1918     Left side
TURNER  Eleanore A.    spouse of    H. Clayton    born    10/22/1930    died    3/16/2014    age    83y    Dau of Thomas & Berth Astle Kaziska b. Port Allegany PA d. Sayre PA Wed 11-1-1947 in Port Allegany PA 54 Years of Marriage H. Clayton died 1-2-2001
TURNER Glenn V   spouse of Lucille J born 4-29-1913  died 9-13-1987     CRL US Army WW II Left side
TURNER Janet Lynn     died 1955     Left side
TURNER Lucille J spouse of Glenn V born 1919 died 1999     Left side
TYSON C. LaRue  spouse of Henrietta A  born 1917 died 2001     Right side
TYSON Henrietta A  spouse of C. LaRue  born 1917 died 1998     Right side
UNKNOWN          plain stone Right side
UNKNOWN          foudation for stone Right side
UNKNOWN          foundation for stone Left side
UNKNOWN          just a foundation Left side
UNKNOWN          just a foundation Left side
UNKNOWN           stone looks like flower pot Left side
UNKNOWN Frances V    born 1886 died 1971     Right side
UNKNOWN John    born 1877 died 1932     Right side
UNKNOWN Mary P    born 1884 died 1974     Right side
UNKNOWN William K    born 1889 died 1929    Co. M  18 BT Right side
VANGORDER Angela K    born blank  died blank     Right side
VANMETTE C. Richard Sr  spouse of Ruth born 1907 died 1976     Left side
VANNETTE Charles Richard  spouse of Kathryn I born 11-10-1945  died 5-1-1995     Dick" mar.7-2-1969 Left side
VANNETTE Kathryn I Edgar  spouse of Charles Richard  born 6-25-1940  died blank    Kath" Left side
VANNETTE Ruth  spouse of C. Richard born 1907 died blank     Left side
VANWERT Burt W  spouse of Margaret born 1857 died 1941     Left side
VANWERT Margaret  spouse of Burt W born 1863 died 1941     Left side
VICIC Anna  spouse of Martin  born 1893 died 1970    mother Right side
VICIC, Coila L.  Edward  5-4-1936  9-7-2006  70   Dau. of William & Lula Grenell Fuller Sr. b. Port Allegany Pa. d. Erie Pa. Wed: 7-13-1957 in Smethport Pa. 
VICIC Edward Sr  spouse of Coila L  born 1920 died 1996     Left side
VICIC Joseph    born 8-7-1915  died 8-13-1977     Tech 4 US Army WW II Right side
VICIC Martin  spouse of Anna  born 1885 died 1955    father Right side
WAGNER Gordon J    born 7-25-1906  died 10-5-1979     PFC US Army WW II Left side
WAGNER Victor M    born 1915 died 1937     Right side
WATTS Grace M   born 1895 died 1969     Left side
WEISER Lewis Sr    born 1913 died 1989     Left side
WEISS Marie   born 1-19-1891  died 8-27-1952     Left side
WHITE Genevieve Shevak    born 1914 died blank     Right side
WHITE Grover C  spouse of Marie J born 1885 died 1950     Right side
WHITE Marie J  spouse of Grover C born 1873 died 1961     Right side
WIEPPER Catherine  spouse of Nicholas G  born 1863 died 1946     Right side
WIEPPER Nicholas G  spouse of Catherine  born 1850 died 1957     Right side
WILLIAMS Agnes M spouse of Roy A born 1916 died 1987     Left side
WILLIAMS Raymond B   born 11-23-1966  died 3-31-1967     our baby- marker left corner Left side
WILLIAMS Robert D   born 1970 died 1970     Left side
WILLIAMS Roy A spouse of Agnes M born 12-26-1967  died 10-30-2001     SP 4 US AArmy Left side
WILSON Carl R spouse of Patricia J born 8-19-1937  died 4-12-2003     S Sgt. US Air Force Vietanm Left side
WILSON Patricia J spouse of Carl R born 2-11-1938  died blank     Left side
WOOD Margaret Bretherick   born 1910 died 1985     Left side
WOOD Thoedore J   born 1927 died 1987    SI US Coast Guard WW II Korea Left side
YAKSETICH Joseph    born 1889 died 1966    brother of Anna Vicic Right side
YOUNG Eileen E    born 1931 died 1973    mother Left side
YOUNG Francis H    born 5-28-1925  died 10-14-1974     COX US Navy Left side
ZLOBEC Alan M    born 1955 died 1973     Right side
ZLOBEC Frank  spouse of Mary  born 1885 died 1947 Right side
ZLOBEC Frank Stanley II   born 1958 died 1965 our son Right side 
ZLOBEC Louis C  spouse of Marjorie H born 8-00-1924  died 12-00-2003     Right side 
ZLOBEC Marjorie H  spouse of Louis C born 12-00-1927  died 5-00-1997     Right side 
ZLOBEC Mary  spouse of Frank  born 1890 died 1964 Right side 

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