Red Bird Corners, Sinclairville, Chaut. Co.
Located on Route 380, Near Towerville
Contributed by PHGS Member: Dee Davison 

Photo by Mark Peebles

NOTE: From records found at Westfield Patterson Library/ 1946 reading, no researcher name given. Includes a lot of handwritten notes on family lines.
Compiled by Loraine C. Smith, Town of Ellery Historian, 2004
Another listing

ABBEY, Richard C. Spouse of Kay Kahler. Born 9-19-1941, died 3-11-2019. Age: 77 - Son of Donald and Mae (Graves) Abbey. Born in Brocton NY, lived in Archibald OH and Jamestown NY, died in Buffalo NY. Wed 7-21-1962 in Toledo OH, two children. (Spouse survives)
ALLEN, Delilah H. Spouse of Charles C., died 11-5-1850. Age: 42
ALLEN, Mary A., died 7-8-1854. Age: 15y 8m - Dau of Charles and Delilah H. Allen
ALLEN, Mercy M., died 7-8-1854. Age: 1y 8m 3d
ALLEN, Tabitha G. Spouse of Austin - Dates unreadable
AVERY, Abigail, died 1846 - Orren Fenton lot
BALLARD, Cyrus F. Spouse of Sarah, died 11-11-1859. Age: 61
BALLARD, Sarah. Spouse of Cyrus F., died 7-5-1861. Age: 67
BARBER, Virgen De Lourdes. Spouse of David J. Born 6-18-1972, died 1-11-2016. Age: 43 - Dau of Benjamin Ramos and Rosaura DeJesus, born in Arroyo Puerto Rico, lived in Jamestown, died in Erie PA. Wed 12-2-2000 in Sinclairville NY, two daughters. (He survives)
BARGAR, Catherine A. Spouse of Nathaniel C., died 1-13-1847. Age: 25 - May be Tompkins
BARGAR, Lewis, died 11-10-1896. Age: 43
BARGAR, Lewis C., died 12-4-1871. Age: 16y 8m 9d - Son of Nathaniel C. and Tamar
BARGAR, Martha J., died 4-17-1845. Age: 1y 10m 7d - Dau of Nathaniel C. and Tamar
BARGAR, Mary. Born 1871, died 1894
BARGAR, Mary A., died 5-23-1845. Age: 4y 5m 10d - Dau of Nathaniel C. and Tamar
BARGAR, Nathaniel C. Spouse of Tamar T. Born 6-24-1808, died 1-16-1859
BARGAR, Tamar Tompkins. Spouse of Nathaniel C., died 2-23-1871. Age: 55y 11m 10d
BECKER, Abraham. Spouse of Margaret "Polly", died 3-5-1870. Age: 66y 6m 8d
BECKER, Alexander, died 2-12-1847. Age: 12y 9m 7d - Son of Abraham and Margaret Becker
BECKER, Arnold. Spouse of Doris G. Wiser, died 3-21-1966 - Wed Sept. 1936
BECKER, Eleanor Jenett, died 11-9-1849. Age: 3y 2m 14d - Dau of Abraham and Margaret Becker
BECKER, Eugene H. Spouse of Rosetta B. Born 1849, died 1917
BECKER, Frank E. Born Nov. 10, 1876, died 12-4-1901 - Son of Myron Becker and Sally Matilda Maybee Becker. Drowned in Red Bird creek
BECKER, George M. Spouse of Hettie E. Born Sept. 5, 1875, died 6-24-1956 - Son of Myron Becker and Sally Matilda Maybee Becker
BECKER, Hettie Emerson. Spouse of George M. Born July 25 1972, died 3-7-1947. Age: 74 - Dau of Milo and Esther Loomis Emerson. Wed 2-5-1905
BECKER, Margaret (Firf) [Polly]. Spouse of Abraham, died 10-27-1851. Age: 46y 7d
BECKER, Marvin, died 2-14-1872. Age: 29y 5m 5d - Son of Abraham and Margaret Becker
BECKER, Mary M. Spouse of Elias, died 9-22-1851. Age: 18y 7m 10d - 1st Wife
BECKER, Myron W. Spouse of Sally M. Born 3-22-1842, died 11-4-1932 - Civil War Vet, Co D 100th Inf NYS Vols, Cpl. Wounded at Drewrys Bluff VA. Discharged 12-17-1864.
BECKER, Rosetta B. Spouse of Eugene B. Born 1860, died 1919
BECKER, Sally Maybee. Spouse of Myron W. Born Jan. 20, 1846, died 12-4-1902
BRIGGS, Mary E. Born 1853
BROWN, Electa M. Spouse of John A., died 3-28-1872. Age: 28y 7m 18d
BROWN, Joseph W., died 2-11-1841. Age: 1y 8m 6d - Son of Anthony M. and Betsey Brown
BROWN, Rettam, died 1-18-1932. Age: 72
BRUNSON, Abel. Spouse of Sally Love, died Sepet.30-1861. Age: 75y 6m 5d - Wed 1793, twelve children.
BRUNSON, Ephraim, died 3-4-1823. Age: 10d - Son of Abel and Sally (Love) Brunson
BRUNSON, James, died 8-11-1822. Age: 1y 8m - Son of Abel and Sally (Love) Brunson
BRUNSON, Jane. Spouse of John E Crick. Born Feb. 5, 1837, died 9-5-1867
BRUNSON, Marietta (Lenox). Spouse of Oliver A. Born 1835, died 1909 - Brunson or Bronson
BRUNSON, Mary - No Dates
BRUNSON, Oliver Abel. Spouse of Marietta Lenox. Born 1839, died 12-31-1900. Age: 68 - Son of Abel and Sally (Love) Brunson - Civil War Vet, Co F 154th Inf NYS Vols Pvt. Captured in action at Gettysburg, paroled and mustered out with company 6-11-1865.
BRUNSON, Sally (Love). Spouse of Abel, died 12-25-1867. Age: 76y 6m 10d - Dau of John and Sally (Rose) Love. Given name is Sarah Jane. Wed 1793, twelve children.
BURNS, Alvah, died 4-6-1861. Age: 52y 8m 12d
CARPENTER, Amanda C. Maybee. Spouse of Kingsley, died 3-20-1876. Age: 38y 10m 13d
CARPENTER, Betsey. Spouse of Comfort, died 6-9-1859. Age: 77y 8m
CARPENTER, Comfort. Spouse of Betsey, died ?-12-1853. Age: 77
CARPENTER, Helen D. Born 1889, died 1926
CARPENTER, Kingsley. Spouse of Amanda C. Born 1833, died 1926 - Civil War Vet, Co H 112th Inf NYS Vols, Wagoner. Mustered out with company 6-13-1865
CONDIN, David. Born 1821, died 1902
CONDIN, Eleanor. Born 1861
CONDIN, Mary, died 7-28-1901. Age: 68 - [Mother]
CONDIN, Maude. Born 1889
CONDIN, Richard J. Born 1853
CRANDALL, Lee P. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1848, died 1928
CRANDALL, Mary Austin. Spouse of Lee P. Born 1855, died 1933
CRICK, Sarah Jane Brunson. Spouse of John E. Born 1837, died 1967 - Dau of Abel and Sally (Love) Brunson
CROSS, Clayton C. Spouse of Marie E Nieder. Born 8-25-1911, died 5-12-2000. Age: 88 - Son of Allen and Alta Halstead Cross
CROSS, Marie E. Spouse of Clayton C. Born 7-9-1918, died 9-3-2005. Age: 87 - Dau of Joseph and Anna Bates Neider. Wed 8-3-1935
DEAN, Frank James. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1845, died 1924
DEAN, Jennie A. Born 1873, died 1874 - Daughter
DEAN, Mary A. Spouse of Frank James. Born 1847, died 1918
DEMOTT, Byron, died 5-9-1855. Age: 8y 10m 12d - Son of Daniel and Celia DeMott
DEMOTT, Daniel, died 3-19-1851. Age: 51y 9m - Son of John and Susan (Skinner) DeMott
DEMOTT, Elmina. Spouse of Lorenzo, died 9-11-1884. Age: 68
DEMOTT, John. Spouse of Susan Skinner. Born 1776, died 12-24-1831. Age: 55
DEMOTT, Orry, died 7-10-1850. Age: 3y 1m - Son of Lorenzo S. and Elmina DeMott
DEMOTT, Susan (Skinner). Spouse of John, died 4-1834
DENIKE, Jane E. Spouse of John, died 1-19-1871. Age: 67y 10m 24d - Dau of John and Mary Tompkins
DENIKE, John. Spouse of Jane E., died 3-3-1860. Age: 57
DENIKE, Loweree T., died 2-23-1835. Age: 1y 11m 6d - Son of John and Jane E Denike
DENISON, Charles G. Spouse of Tabitha A, died 6-15-1890. Age: 90y 10m 7d
DENISON, Tabitha Allen. Spouse of Charles G., died 1857. Age: 54y 7m 9d
DENTON, Harriet P. Spouse of Wesson, died 3-17-1860. Age: 70y 8m 11d
DEWEY, Ida. Spouse of Don or Dan. Born 1881, died 1933
DEXTER, Harriet P. Spouse of Jesse, died 2-17-1860. Age: 70y 8m 11d
DONLAN, Fred. Spouse of Fred. Born 4-17-1868, died 5-10-1947. Age: 79 - Son of Henry and Mary Dowd Dolan
DONLAN, Hattie Hall. Spouse of Hattie Hall, died 1949. Age: 70 - Dau of Albert and Sarah Dowd Hall
DOWD, Amanda Sager. Spouse of Norton. Born Oct. 7, 1895, died 5-26-1927
DOWD, Clarence H. Spouse of Nellie Holland, died 2-11-1964. Age: 81 - Son of George and Hulda Parker Dowd
DOWD, George. Born 1905, died 1914
DOWD, Nellie Holland. Spouse of Clarence H.
EDWARDS, Ariel M. (Himes). Spouse of Bennie C. Born 2-18-1923, died 1-10-2019. Age: 95 - Dau of Edgar and Kitty Himes. Born in Brookville PA, died in Jamestown NY. A homemaker. Five children.
EDWARDS, Bennie C. Sr. Spouse of Ariel Himes. Born 7-16-1919, died 9-10-2008. Age: 89 - Son of Bonnie Clyde and Bessie (Blackmer) Edwards
EDWARDS, Burton, died 1918
EDWARDS, Dorothy Adams. Spouse of Ralph C. Born 4-8-1909, died 7-13-1984. Age: 75 - Dau of Marcy E. and Mabel Mae (Luce) Adams
EDWARDS, Mark, died 1922
EDWARDS, Ralph C. Spouse of Dorothy Adams. Born 9-11-1907, died 3-11-1991 - Son of Bonnie and Bessie Blackmer Edwards
FAULKNER, Edna S. Spouse of Warren D. Born 2-14-1900, died 7-16-1994 - Dau of Ira and Sophia Mathis Spooner. Wed 3-22-1919
FAULKNER, Warren D. Spouse of Edna S. Born 8-31-1890, died 6-28-1967. Age: 76 - Son of Delos and Mary Tefft Faulkner
FENTON, Abigail Avery, died 1846 - Mother of Lucy J.
FENTON, Jane A. Born 1847, died 1862
FENTON, Lucy J. Avery. Spouse of Orren. Born 1815, died 1882
FENTON, Mary C. Born 1839, died 1860
FENTON, Orren. Spouse of Lucy J. Born 1814, died 1855
FORD, Norman D. Born 12-1-1898, died 7-7-1983. Age: 84 - Son of David and Rose Reynolds Ford, born in Franklin PA
FROST, Lyle C. Born 9-17-1871, died 3-24-1889
FURLOW, Amelia Charlotte (Kibbe). Spouse of Charles H. Born 1848, died 1918 - 1855 Gerry census: Dau of Henry S. Sr. and Cyrena (Norton) Kibbe. Died in Ellery NY. Eight children.
FURLOW, Birdie - No Dates. On stone with Charles and Amelia Furlow
FURLOW, Charles H. Spouse of Amelia C. Kibbe. Born 1838, died 4-11-1920 - Son of James and Esther (Carpenter) Furlow. Eight children
FURLOW, Ernest Stephen. Born 11-16-1885, died 10-2-1937 - 1880 Little Valley census: Son of Charles H. and Amelia C. Furlow. Born and died in Ellery NY.
FURLOW, Florence - No Dates. On stone with Charles and Amelia Furlow
FURLOW, Grace - No Dates. On stone with Charles and Amelia Furlow
GAGE, Ella A. Spouse of William T., died 3-6-1872. Age: 18y 8m 3d
GAGE, Elmer T. Born Feb. 26, 1872, died 3-3-1874. Age: 2y 11d - Son of William and Ella Gage
GREEN, Elijah. Born Dec. 25, 1824, died 1-11-1883
HALL, Albert E. Spouse of Mathilda Dowd/ Eleanor M. Born 1846, died 1916
HALL, Eleanor M. Spouse of Nelson Giles/ Albert E., died 1926. Age: 80
HALL, Samuel F. Born June 11, 1861, died 12-7-1817
HAZARD, Caleb. Spouse of Hannah N, died 2-18-1895. Age: 87y 9m 21d
HAZARD, Hannah Newbury. Spouse of Caleb, died 3-14-1868. Age: 51y 3m 11d
JOSLYN, Doris E. Spouse of Robert J. Born 2-12-1918, died 12-23-2005. Age: 87 - Dau of John B. and Mabel Lindquist Anderson. Wed 8-19-1939
JOSLYN, Georgia L. Born 1902, died 1917
JOSLYN, Gordon R. Spouse of Ruth E. Clauson. Born 2-26-1923, died 10-6-2003. Age: 80 - Son of Stephen A. and Sarah Ann Pickard Joslyn - WW II Vet, US Navy, USS Murrelet Minesweeper in the Pacific Theatre
JOSLYN, Henry P. Born 1849, died 1930
JOSLYN, Mary F. Born 1844, died 1922
JOSLYN, Sarah A. Born 1888, died 19??
JOSLYN, Stephen. Born 1877, died 1939
JOSLYN, Thomas J. Born 1840, died 1921
KIBBE, Cyrena (Norton). Spouse of Henry Sr. Born Jan. 14, 1825, died 6-26-1898 - Dau of Zacheus Norton
KIBBE, Ernest. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1866, died 1930 - Son of Henry S. Sr. and Cyrena (Norton) Kibbe
KIBBE, Father, died 1871 - [Father] Possibly Henry Stephen Jr.
KIBBE, Henry Stephen Jr. Spouse of Sarah A. Tilyou 2-13-1847*, died 1-19-1871. Age: 23y 11m 6d - Son of Henry S. Sr. and Cyrena (Norton) Kibbe. One daughter.
KIBBE, Henry Stephen Sr. Spouse of Cyrena Norton. Born 5-14-1815, died 4-16-1876 - Son of Ira and Polly Kibbe.
KIBBE, Lillian 4-14-1858*, died 6-30-1871. Age: 13y 2m 16d - Dau of Henry S. Sr. and Cyrena (Norton) Kibbe
KIBBE, Mary A. Spouse of Ernest. Born 1872, died 1929
KIBBE, Morrie E. Born 1931, died 1933 - Son of Earnest and Mary Kibbe
KIBBE, Mother, died 1891 - [Mother] Possibly Sarah A. Kibbe
KIBBE, Nancy, died 3-26-1846. Age: 6m 12d - Dau of Henry S. Sr. and Cyrena (Norton) Kibbe.
KIBBE, Sarah A, (Tilyou). Spouse of Henry S. Jr 7-29-1891, died 8-21-1891. Age: 42 - One daughter.
KILBURY, Charlie. Born 1870, died 1915
KILBURY, Robert. Born 1845, died 1908 - Civil War Vet, Co B 112th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Wounded at Cold Harbor Va, mustered out 6-27-1865
KILBURY, William. Born 1839, died 1908 - Civil War Vet, Co B and K 112th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company 6-13-1865 in Raleigh NC.
KIRK, Earl S., died 8-11-1842. Age: 19d - Son of E. Arnold and Mary S (Love) Kirk
KIRK, Mary S. (Love). Spouse of E Arnold. Born 3-21-1821, died 11-10-1844. Age: 23y 7m 19d - Dau of John and Mary S. (Ward) Love
KLOCK, Amanda M. Stom. Spouse of G.F., died 4-3-1853. Age: 24y 10m 10d
KLOCK, John. Age: 5w 3d - Son of G. F. and Laura J. Wicks Klock
KLOCK, Leonard, died 2-3-1858. Age: 2m - Son of G. F. and Laura J. Wicks Klock
KLOCK, Omer O., died 7-11-1861. Age: 5y 10m 10d - Son of Oliver and Lucina Purdy Klock
LANGWORTHY, Benjamin. Spouse of Lurana A. Born Aug. 28, 1789, died 2-19-1867
LANGWORTHY, Caroline. Born 1835, died 1897
LANGWORTHY, James. Spouse of Rebecca. Born 1834, died 1864
LANGWORTHY, Lurana Arnold. Spouse of Benjamin. Born Agu. 28, 1789, died 6-15-1877
LANGWORTHY, Melissa. Born 1-20- 1828, died 4-5-1898 - Dau of Benjamin and Lurana
LANGWORTHY, Rebecca. Spouse of James, died 4-3-1853. Age: 41y 4m
LENOX, Diana Seeley. Spouse of William L. Born Dec. 7, 1829, died 10-1-1899
LENOX, Electa. Spouse of Prescott. Born 1845, died 1910
LENOX, John. Age: Infant - Son of William and Lana Becker Lenox
LENOX, Lana Becker. Spouse of William. Born 4-1-1801, died 12-19-1881
LENOX, Solomon. Spouse of Solomon. Born Aug. 9, 1842, died 12-19-1881 - Son of William and Lana Becker Lenox
LENOX, William. Born Feb. 28, 1801, died 5-24-1849. Age: 48y 2m 24d
LENOX, William W. Born 4-20-1832, died 12-31-1863
LINK, William F, died 6-9-1862. Age: 1y 1m 13d - Son of Orlando and Nancy Link
LITTLE, Doris G (Wiser) Becker. Spouse of Arnold Becker/ Robert Little. Born Feb. 8, 1916, died 11-13-2000. Age: 84 - Dau of Floyd and Caroline (Fuller) Wiser
LOVE, Dallas 6-22-1849, died 6-17-1850. Age: 1 - Son of Nelson and Minerva (Butts) Love. Twin to Dascum
LOVE, Dascum. Spouse of Mina Austin. Born June 22, 1849, died 6-3-1839. Age: 62y 11m 9d - Son of Nelson and Minerva (Butts) Love. Twin to Dallas
LOVE, Eva M. Born 3-31-1855, died 7-6-1861. Age: 6y 3m 6d - Dau of Levi and Emily (White) Love
LOVE, Henry. Spouse of Roxanne DeMott/ Amy. Born 8-6-1800, died 2-28-1838. Age: 38 - Son of John and Sarah (Rose) Love Sr. Six children with Roxanne, one with Amy.
LOVE, Jennet 10-13-1839, died 3-13-1842. Age: 2y 5m - Dau of Nelson and Minerva (Butts) Love
LOVE, John Jr. Spouse of Mary S, died 3-18-1857. Age: 69 - Born in New England.Settled in Chaut Co in 1809. A tavernkeeper. - War of 1812 Vet
LOVE, Joy. Spouse of Rosina Flagg. Born 6-28-1829, died 3-7-1912 - Son of John and Mary S. (Ward) Love Jr. Wed 5-24-1854, one son
LOVE, Katherine (Love). Spouse of Erastus Love 1811, died 1-3-1840. Age: 29 - Dau of John and Mary S. (Ward) Love Jr. Wed 2-28-1830, 5 children
LOVE, Lester, died 4-27-1857. Age: 28y 8m 28d - Son of Henry and Roxanne (DeMott) Love
LOVE, Lester. Born 1-11-1828, died 8-3-1828. Age: 6m - Son of John and Mary S. (Ward) Love Jr.
LOVE, Levi. Spouse of Emily E. White. Born 3-24-1825, died 6-14-1873. Age: 48 - Son of Henry and Roxanne (DeMott) Love
LOVE, Margaret. Born 4-19-1823, died 6-23-1826. Age: 3y 2m - Dau of John and Mary S. (Ward) Love Jr. Wed 12-25-1850, three daughters
LOVE, Margaret. Spouse of Christopher. Born 1803, died 2-3-1823. Age: 20
LOVE, Mary S. (Ward). Spouse of John Jr. Born 1789, died 1-29-1857. Age: 69
LOVE, Mina (Austin). Spouse of Dascum. Born Sept. 4, 1845, died 7-7-1838 - Given name is Almina
LOVE, Minerva (Butts). Spouse of Nelson, died 11-23-1854. Age: 40y 7m 6d
LOVE, Nelson. Spouse of Minerva Butts. Born 2-3-1814, died 3-11-1863. Age: 49y 1m 8d
LOVE, Rosina M (Flagg). Spouse of Joy. Born 10-1836, died 1915 - Dau of Alonzo and Caroline Flagg. Wed 5-24-1854, one son
LOVE, Roxanne (DeMott). Spouse of Henry. Born 11-8-1803, died 12-29-1831. Age: 28 - Dau of John and Susan (Skinner) DeMott
LOVE, Sally R. Born 3-28-1819, died 12-9-1823. Age: 4y 8m - Dau of John and Mary S. (Ward) Love Jr.
LOVE, Sarah (Rose). Spouse of John Sr.. Born 11-5-1766, died 5-27-1842. Age: 75y 6m 22d
LYONS, Adelia J., died 4-12-1869. Age: 6y 2m 7d - Dau of Samuel and Caroline Lyons
MACEY, Harold A. Spouse of Myrtle. Born 4-17-1914, died 7-15-2000. Age: 86 - Son of Alfred and Fannie Galbraith Macey
MACEY, Myrtle A. Tilyou Straight. Spouse of Harry J. Straight/ Harold A. "John" Macey. Born 4-25-1920, died 10-27-2008. Age: 88 - Dau of Willis G. and Alice McKoon Allen
MAYBEE, Amanda C. Spouse of Kingsley Carpender, died 3-20-1876. Age: 36y 10m 13d - Dau of John and Matilda Maybee
MAYBEE, Eliza, died 4-5-1873. Age: 16 - Adopted Dau of John and Matilda Maybee
MAYBEE, Eunice D., died 3-10-1845. Age: 8m 9d - Dau of John and Matilda Maybee
MAYBEE, John. Spouse of Matilda P, died 6-27-1874. Age: 72y 2m 26d
MAYBEE, Matilda Pickard. Spouse of John. Born Dec. 13, 1808, died 11-29-1885
MCDONOUGH, Alice M. Born 1891, died 1915
MELLOR, Everett N. Born June 3, 1884, died 3-2-1936
MELLOR, Walter E. Born 07-18-1929, died 02-21-2011. Age: 82 - Son of Everett and Iva Kibbie Mellor
MELLOR, William. Born 1850, died 1896
MILLER, Chattie Myers. Spouse of Erwin. Born 1879, died 1896 - Dau of John and Helen Myers
MILLER, Erwin. Spouse of Chattie M. Born 1896, died 1904
MILLWARD, Albert E. Spouse of Mabel E. Crowell. Born 9-6-1876, died 1958 - Born in Bradford Co PA. At least five children.
MILLWARD, Carol A (Hilton). Spouse of Roderick. Born 12-29-1940, died 9-2-2014. Age: 73 - Dau of Frederick E. and Mary J. (Lutgen) Hilton. Born in Charlotte Center NY, died in Sinclairville NY. Two daughters. (Spouse survives)
MILLWARD, Garnet C. (Hall). Spouse of Glenn E. Born 10-26-1923, died 12-24-2010. Age: 87 - Dau of Arthur and Grace (Einhouse) Hall. Born in Ellery NY, lived in Sinclairville NY, died in Gerry NY. Wed 2-22-1947, four children.
MILLWARD, Gary L. Born 8-9-1941, died 1-7-2021. Age: 79 - Son of Lee John and Virginia (Backlund) Millward. Born and lived in Jamestown NY, died in Warren PA. Two daughters, mother not named. - Cold War Vet, US Navy
MILLWARD, Glenn E. Spouse of Garnet C. Hall. Born 01-09-1924, died 02-19-1994. Age: 70 - Son of Albert E. and Mabel E. (Crowell) Millward. Born in Gerry NY, lived in Sinclairville NY. Wed 2-22-1947, four children.
MILLWARD, Joshua T. Born 5-31-1987, died 6-16-1987. Age: 16d
MILLWARD, Kathleen Adair. Born 1948, died 1949
MILLWARD, Katie Lynn. Born 1-24-1989, died 1-28-1989. Age: 4d
MILLWARD, L. John. Spouse of Virginia Backlund. Born 4-3-1918, died 1-17-1982. Age: 63 - Son of Albert and Mabel (Crowell) Millward. Born in Charlotte Center NY, died in Buffalo NY. Sales Manager at McFadden Ford. Six children.
MILLWARD, Mabel E. (Crowell). Spouse of Albert E. Born 1899, died 1965 - Born in Stockton NY. At least five children.
MURRAY, Florence I. Born 1907, died 19??
MURRAY, George T. Born 1871, died 1909
MYERS, Carrie. Born 9-29-1867, died 7-28-1887. Age: 19 - Dau of John P. and Helen (Persons) Myers
MYERS, Carrie. Born 1879, died 1896
MYERS, Helen Lucinda (Persons). Spouse of John P. Born 1841, died 1912 - Wed Feb. 6, 1865
MYERS, John P. Spouse of Helen L. Persons. Born 1832, died 1906 - Wed Feb. 6, 1865
MYERS, Susie F. Born 1874, died 1891 - Dau of John P. and Helen (Persons) Myers
NICHOLSON, Jared, died 2-17-1832. Age: 62
NORTON, Arkinzo. Spouse of Rebecca S. Born Jan. 26, 1823, died 4-11-1904
NORTON, Betsey. Spouse of Alphonzo, died 5-4-1849. Age: 25y 9m 18d
NORTON, David F., died 2-28-1850. Age: 3m 15d - Son of Arkinzo and Rebecca S Norton
NORTON, Foster D. Born June 4, 1860, died 6-30-1883
NORTON, Hattie L. Born 8-16-1866, died 3-14-1908
NORTON, Rebecca S. Spouse of Arkinzo. Born June 18, 1826, died 9-1-1901
NORTON, Rose. Born 1849, died 1937
NORTON, Sylvia Thompson. Spouse of Zacheus H. Born 2-16-1794, died 7-20-1842. Age: 48y 5m 4d - Born in VT, died in Gerry NY.
NORTON, Zacheus H. Spouse of Sylvia Thompson. Born 12-17-1788, died 4-27-1839. Age: 50y 4m 10d - Born in RI, died in Sinclairville NY.
NYSTROM, Dr. Daniel. Spouse of Irene M., died 11-19-1982 - Wed May 8 1959
NYSTROM, Irene M. Sager. Spouse of Dr. Daniel. Born 12-25-1912, died 1-18-2005. Age: 92 - Dau of Henry and Alice Peterson Sager
OVEROCKER, Eliza. Spouse of Jacob M. Born Dec. 29, 1814, died 3-11-1883
OVEROCKER, Jacob M. Spouse of Eliza. Born 9-13-1810, died 4-1890. Age: 80
PATTERSON, George, died 12-4-1825. Age: 69
PENOYER, Nancy. Spouse of Silas
PERSONS, Ann Ploss. Spouse of Harrison G. Jr. Born 1835, died 1920 - Dau of WIlliam and Katherine Ploss
PERSONS, Birdena W. Spouse of Morris A. Born 7-7-1913, died 9-24-1992. Age: 79 - Dau of Marcy E. and Mabel Mae (Luce) Adams. Wed 12-7-1932
PERSONS, Cora. Born Feb. 1869, died 1927 - Dau of Harrison and Ann Ploss Persons Jr.
PERSONS, Ellis C. Spouse of Nellie Catherine H. Born July 19, 1882, died 1933 - Son of Lawrence and Luella (Ploss ) Persons
PERSONS, Franklin E. Spouse of Lana J. Born 4-11- 1833, died 8-16-1903 - Son of Harrison and Susan (Stom) Persons Sr - Civil War Vet, Co H 44th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt, captured in acton at Gaines MillsVA, paroled. Mustered out with company 10-11-1864
PERSONS, Fred E. Born June 29, 1861, died 1-24-1885
PERSONS, Grant. Born 1865, died 1867 - Son of Harrison and Ann Ploss Persons Jr.
PERSONS, Harrison G. Spouse of Susan S. Born Nov. 12, 1808, died 11-20-1903. Age: 95 - Son of Elias and Sally (Sarah) Churchill Persons
PERSONS, Harrison G. Jr. Spouse of Ann P. Born Feb. 1835, died 1915 - Son of Harrison and Susan (Stom) Persons Sr
PERSONS, Hattie. Born 1847, died 1851 - Dau of Harrison and Susan Stom Persons Sr
PERSONS, James E. Spouse of Mabel R. Born Nov. 10, 1880, died 1943 - Son of Lawrence and Luella (Ploss ) Persons
PERSONS, Lana J. Maybee. Spouse of Franklin "Frank". Born Dec. 18, 1833, died 9-13-1912
PERSONS, Lawrence. Spouse of Luella P. Born May 11, 1848, died 1916 - Son of Harrison and Susan (Stom) Persons Sr
PERSONS, Lester. Born 1843, died 12-17-1909 - Son of Harrison and Susan (Stom) Persons Sr - Civil War Vet, Co F 154th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Disability discharge 2-4-1863
PERSONS, Luella (Ploss) [Ella}. Spouse of Lawrence. Born 1856, died 1935 - Dau of William Ploss Katherine Becker
PERSONS, Mabel R. Norton. Spouse of James E. Born 1886, died 19??
PERSONS, Maila. Born FEb. 2, 1876, died 1876 - Dau of Franklin E Jr and Lana J. Maybee Persons
PERSONS, Morris A. Spouse of Birdena W. Born 9-18-1909, died 5-3-1991. Age: 81 - Son of James and Mabel Norton Persons - WW II Vet
PERSONS, Nellie Catherine Holland. Spouse of Ellis C. Born 1889, died 1889
PERSONS, Susan Stom. Spouse of Harrison G. Sr. Born 8-3-1809, died 8-17-1875. Age: 65 - Wed Sept. 8, 1826
PERSONS, Virginia. Born 1918, died 1930
PERSONS, William Lawrence. Born 8-18-1911, died 1931 - Son of Ellis C and Nellie Catherine Persons
PICKAR, Melinda A. Decker. Spouse of Peter M., died 7-16-1847. Age: 23
PICKARD, Abraham. Spouse of Sally Ann W. Born 1810, died 1896 - Son of Major Henry and Maria Vanderwarker Pickard
PICKARD, Adam. Spouse of Polly, died 10-12-1836. Age: 43
PICKARD, Adam V. Spouse of Stella. Born Mar. 11, 1865, died 3-5-1904
PICKARD, Benjamin A. Spouse of Hila. Born 1836, died 9-8-1916
PICKARD, Betsey Becker. Spouse of Sylvanus, died 11-17-1878. Age: 73y 4m
PICKARD, Caty. Spouse of James, died 7-15-1845. Age: 56y 11m 13d
PICKARD, Eliza. Spouse of James S. Wicks. Born April 10, 1829, died 6-9-1883
PICKARD, Eliza P. Spouse of Eliza P., died 4-6-1859. Age: 20y 4m 4d - Dau of Sylvanus and Betsey Becker Pickard
PICKARD, Emeline Klock. Spouse of John F. Born 1834, died 1908
PICKARD, Eugene. Born 4-29-1859, died 7-7-1890
PICKARD, George J. Spouse of Mira A. Born Nov. 12, 1864, died 3-5-1904
PICKARD, Goldie, died 4-9-1889. Age: 5y 20d - Dau of Eugene and Emma Wheeler
PICKARD, Hannah M. Born 8-1-1855
PICKARD, Hila. Spouse of Benjamin A. Born 1838, died 1875
PICKARD, James. Spouse of Caty, died 9-21-1859. Age: 73y 4m 9d
PICKARD, James. Spouse of Mary F. Overocker. Born 10-24-1842, died 11-30-1915 - Son of Richard and Mary (Pickard) Pickard. Wed 2-7-1866, two children - Civil War Vet, Co B 72nd Inf then Co C 120th Inf, Pvt. Mustered out with company 6-3-1865.
PICKARD, James S. Born Feb. 11, 1850, died 1-19-1886
PICKARD, Jarvis - Son of James and Mary F. Pickard
PICKARD, John F. Spouse of Emeline K. Born 1832, died 1898
PICKARD, John Johannes. Spouse of Maragret Maria G. Born May 28, 1760, died 8-30-1827 - Son of James [Jacobus] and Gertrude Hartman Pickard
PICKARD, Major Henry. Spouse of Maria V. Born 1803, died 1882 - Son of John J and Margaret Maria Gerlock Pickard
PICKARD, Maragret Maria Gerlock. Spouse of John Johannes, died 3-26-1851. Age: 64y 3m 3d - This couple may not be here
PICKARD, Margaret Sager. Spouse of Mervin. Born 1876 - Dau of Frank W. and Esther Robinson Sager
PICKARD, Maria Vanderwarker. Spouse of Major Henry, died 1860. Age: 52y 3m 2d
PICKARD, Mary. Spouse of Richard. Born 11-28-1819, died 4-9-1885
PICKARD, Mary F. Spouse of James. Born Aug. 16, 1843, died 2-3-1918
PICKARD, Mary Fenton. Spouse of Peter ??, died 2-8-1835. Age: 45
PICKARD, Mehitable, died 11-11-1854. Age: 67
PICKARD, Melvina A. Spouse of Peter M. Born 1824, died 7-16-1847. Age: 23 - Dau of Conrad Decker and Eva Stom Decker
PICKARD, Mira A. Persons. Spouse of George J. Born Jan. 5, 1869, died 10-30-1902
PICKARD, Peter. Born Jan. 17, 1790, died 9-28-1872 - Son of John J and Margaret Maria Gerlock Pickard. Removed to Busti cemetery
PICKARD, Polly. Spouse of Adam, died 2-6-1873. Age: 78y 2m 7d
PICKARD, Richard. Spouse of Mary. Born May 2, 1815, died 12-25-1859
PICKARD, Sally Ann Waite. Spouse of Abraham. Born 1815, died 1898
PICKARD, Sarah Ann. Spouse of Joshua. Born Mar. 20, 1837, died 3-9-1885
PICKARD, Stella. Spouse of Adam V.
PICKARD, Sylvanus. Spouse of Betsey B, died 1-23-1880. Age: 79y 1m 16d
PICKARD, Willie. Born May 11, 1874, died 6-3-1874
PICKARD, Willis M. Born Oct. 17, 1878, died 3-21-1879
PIRE, Martha J., died 9-8-1836. Age: 5y 1m - Dau of Amon B Pire
PLOSS, Emmet G. Born 1857, died 1913
PRESCOT, Sarah A. - No Dates
PRESCOTT, Charles W. - No Dates
PRESCOTT, Electa Lenox. Born 1845, died 1910
PUTNAM, Lovel G, died 10-21-1863. Age: 11y 8m - Son of Royal and Nellie (Haviland) Putnam
PUTNAM, Martha M. Roberts. Spouse of Murray P. Born 1852, died 1929
PUTNAM, Murray P. Spouse of Martha M. Born 1856, died 1929 - Son of Royal Putnam and Almira Emory
RAPPOLE, Bessie. Born 1879, died 1880 - Dau of D.E. and Dora Rappole
REARDON, Clyde, died 2-2-1885. Age: 1y 3m 27d - Son of Dennis William and Olive Reardon Augusta Cobb
REARDON, Denis William. Born 1841, died 6-15-1884 - Civil War Vet, Co A 25th MI Vols, Sgt
REARDON, Robert James. Spouse of Thelma B, died 4-7-1909 - Son of William Denis Reardon and Harriet Waterman
REARDON, Thelma BALL. Spouse of Robert James
REED, E.C. Spouse of Ella, died 1-14-1858. Age: 53
REED, Ella. Spouse of E.C., died 11-17-1859. Age: 43y 11m 15d
RHINEHART, Lenora Persons. Spouse of Lucious H. Born 1876
RHINEHART, Lucious H. Spouse of Lenora P. Born 1873
ROBBINS, Alice M. McDonnough. Born 1891, died 1915
ROBBINS, Hattie R. Born 1866, died 1916
ROBINSON, Fay. Born Oct. 17, 1871, died 9-29-1895 - Son of Jason and Olive Vanderwark Robinson
ROBINSON, Jason. Spouse of Olive Vanderwark. Born 1-15-1840, died 1914 - Son of John and margaret Robinson, born in Gerry NY, a blacksmith. Wed 12-3-1866, five children - Civil War Vet, Co D 76th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Wounded at the Wilderness VA. Disability discharge 5-8-1865.
ROBINSON, John. Born Nov. 6, 1869, died 11-4-1901. Age: 32 - Son of Jason and Olive Vanderwark Robinson
ROBINSON, Liscomb C. Born Oct. 1, 1824, died 6-30-1888 - Civil War Vet, Co C 9th Cav NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered in 11-9-1862 to serve 9 months. Mustered out 1-9-1864 at Culpeper Court House VA
ROBINSON, Olive (Vanderwark). Spouse of Jason. Born Jan. 15, 1845, died 1-10-1910
ROGERS, Abbigail, died 9-7-1841. Age: 52
ROGERS, Amos, died 4-24-1837. Age: 35y 1m 4d
ROGERS, Elias. Spouse of Sibbil, died 8-8-1862. Age: 95y 9m 7d
ROGERS, Polly Anderson, died 3-2-1838. Age: 62y 4m
ROGERS, Sibbil. Spouse of Elias, died 5-6-1855. Age: 81
ROOKER, Benjamin. Spouse of Luranna Arnold. Born 8-28-1789, died 2-19-1867 - Born in MA. Came from Catuga Co to Chaut Co in 1834. At least 4 children
ROOKER, Ella. Born 8-17-1858, died 2-10-1862. Age: 3* - Dau of William L. and Mary A. (Rappole) Rooker
ROOKER, Franklin Leroy. Born 1847, died 1877 - Son of William L. and Mary A. (Rappole) Rooker
ROOKER, Luranna (Arnold). Spouse of Benjamin. Born 8-28-1789, died 6-15-1877 - At least 4 children
ROOKER, Mary Ann (Rappole). Spouse of William L. Born 9-1-1823, died 1-25-1879
ROOKER, William L. Spouse of. Born 3-4-1822, died 4-26-1877 - Son of Benjamin and Luranna (Arnold) Rooker
ROOKER,Melissa. Born 1828, died 1898 - Dau of Benjamin and Luranna (Arnold) Rooker
ROSE, Elsie M. Spouse of James W. Born 7-16-1912, died 6-21-2001. Age: 88 - Dau of Frank and Clara Young
ROSE, James W. Spouse of Elsie M., died 5-21-1987 - Wed Oct 18 1940
SAGER, Alice (Peterson). Spouse of Henry. Born 1881, died 1914
SAGER, Amanda Dowd. Born May 26, 1827, died 10-7-1895 - Dau of Henry and Mary (Fuller) Sager
SAGER, Charles W. Spouse of Sarah A. Lenox. Born July 21, 1837, died 7-20-1905 - Son of Henry and Mary (Fuller) Sager
SAGER, Esther (Robinson). Spouse of Frank W. Born 1849, died 1930 - Wed April 14 1873
SAGER, Frank W. Spouse of Esther Robinson. Born Dec. 3, 1848, died 9-8-1907 - Son of Henry W. and Mary (Fuller) Sager. Wed April 14 1873
SAGER, Henry. Spouse of Alice Peterson - Son of Frank W. and Esther (Robinson) Sager
SAGER, Henry W. Spouse of Mary Fuller. Born 1-14-1800, died 4-21-1858 - Son of Henry and Mary (Fuller) Sager
SAGER, Homer Earl. Born 4-7-1889, died 2-1-1951. Age: 62 - Son of Frank W. and Esther (Robinson) Sager
SAGER, Louisa. Born Nov. 10, 1879, died 9-20-1884 - Dau of Frank W. and Esther (Robinson) Sager
SAGER, Lydia
SAGER, Mary (Fuller) [Polly]. Spouse of Henry W. Born 10-15-1802, died 4-14-1884
SAGER, Orina, died 12-27-1870. Age: 2y 1m 9d
SAGER, Sarah A. (Lenox). Spouse of Charles W. Born Oct. 12, 1838, died 2-24-1912
SCOTT, Jerusha, died 11-12-1838. Age: 3y 29d
SEEKINGS, Earl S. Spouse of Pansy R. Born 7-31-1910, died 10-28-1990. Age: 80 - Son of Samuel Mace and Elizabeth Ottaway Seekings
SEEKINGS, Pansy R. Spouse of Earl S. Born Sept. 5, 1912, died 7-8-1999. Age: 86 - Dau of John and Liefy Stowell Person
SHARP, John Lee. Born 1-15-1944, died 8-9-1965. Age: 21 - Son of Sterl U. and Nellie Bennett Sharp. Killed in car accident near Marlinton WV - Cold War Vet, US Army, Co 63 BSC TNG Regt, Pvt.
SHARP, Nellie M. (Bennett). Spouse of Sterl U. Born 1-25-1923, died 8-1-2016. Age: 93 - Dau of Raymond and Sophie (Nelsen) Bennett, born and died in Jamestown NY, lived in Dewittville NY. Three sons
SHARP, Sterl U. Spouse of Nellie M Bennett. Born Oct. 4, 1914, died 4-22-2000. Age: 85 - Son of Dexter and Rosa Beverage Sharp. Wed 12-29-1942
SHEALEY, Minnie Enos. Born 1862, died 1929
SHEDD, Eva Louise, died 10-10-1874. Age: 1y 8d - Dau of Ezra H. and Hannah S
SHEDD, Ezra Hubert "Hub". Spouse of Hannah. Born April 30, 1848, died 1925 - Son of James Parker and Martha Wyman (Nichols) Shedd
SHEDD, Harland F., died 5-19-1861. Age: 1y 9m - Son of James P and Martha Wyman (Nichols) Shedd
SHEDD, James Parker. Spouse of Martha Wyman N. Born May 14, 1820, died 10-10-1889
SHEDD, Lott N., died 4-14-1880. Age: 23y 6m
SHEDD, Martha Wyman Nichols. Spouse of James Parker
SHEDD, Sarah Shaver. Spouse of Ezra "Hub". Born 1850, died 4-9-1931. Age: 80 - Dau of Martin Luther and Castara (Austin) Shaver
SIMMONS, Amos. Born 1738, died 1825. Age: 87 - Born in MA, died in Ellery NY - French and Indian War and Revolutionary War Vet, Lt. Mitchell's Regt MA Militia
SIMMONS, Unknown. Spouse of Amos, died 1818
SMEDLEY, Catherine Pickard. Spouse of Elijah, died 6-9-/1849. Age: 35y 5m 23d - Dau of Adam I. Pickard and Mary Richmond
SMEDLEY, Elijah. Spouse of Catherine P - Missing stone. He may be here also
SMITH, Jennie. Spouse of Reverend A. J. Born 1867, died 1905
STOM, Adam. Spouse of Sally M. Born Jan. 11, 1818, died 6-20-1879
STOM, Lawrence, died 7-23-1860. Age: 79y 2m 23d
STOM, Mary J. Wheeler. Born Sept. 19, 1846, died 10-23-1875
STOM, Sally M Pickard. Spouse of Adam. Born Mar. 23, 1824
STONE, Myrtle Dean. Spouse of Thomas Franklin. Born 1875, died 19??
STONE, Thomas Franklin. Spouse of Myrtle D. Born 1870, died 1935
STOWELL, Orilla Tefft. Spouse of William, died 3-13-1853. Age: 38y 6m
STOWELL, Ruth A., died 3-19-1853. Age: 6d - Dau of William and Orilla Stowell
STRONG, Adaline J. Spouse of Philo. Born July 21, 1830, died 12-13-1896
STRONG, Clarinda. Born 6-16-1824, died 4-31-1848
STRONG, Frankie, died 3-15-1862. Age: 3 - Child of Philo and Adaline Strong
STRONG, George L., died 2-10-1875. Age: 5y 1m - Son of Philo and Adaline Strong
STRONG, May R., died 3-14-1862. Age: 5m - Child of Philo and Adaline Strong
STRONG, Philo. Spouse of Adaline J. Born Mar. 23, 1820, died 9-9-1880
TAYLOR, Emma Jean. (Sterner). Spouse of Eugene E. Born 1859, died 1942
TAYLOR, Eugene Everett. Spouse of Emma J. Born 1858, died 1934
TAYLOR, Sidney Sterner. Born 11-6-1898, died 1-15-1977 - Son of Eugene E. and Emma J. (Sterner) Taylor, born in Aston IA, died in Gerry NY.
TEFFT, Alice O. Born 8-17-1845, died 10-24-1861
TEFFT, Asa. Spouse of Elizabeth C. Born Feb. 21, 1819, died 3-19-1903
TEFFT, Betsey. Spouse of Luke. Born April 17, 1816, died 9-28-1907 - Dau of John Bloomer and Rhoda Darrow Messenger
TEFFT, Burt L. Born July 4, 1875, died 10-22-1882
TEFFT, Elizabeth C. Spouse of Asa. Born Aug. 12, 1819, died 1-7-1892
TEFFT, Elizabeth N. Spouse of John. Born Feb. 9, 1776, died 1-14-1852
TEFFT, George H. Spouse of Isabella C. Born Apirl 27, 1842, died 1920 - Son of Luke and Betsey Bloomer Tefft
TEFFT, Isabella C. Spouse of George. Born 9-27-1844, died 19??
TEFFT, John. Spouse of Elizabeth N. Born Mar. 7, 1842, died 1-31-1845 - Son of Luke and Betsey Bloomer Tefft
TEFFT, Lewis. Spouse of Margaret S. Born 1853, died 11-10-1896 - Son of Luke and Betsey Bloomer Tefft
TEFFT, Luke. Spouse of Betsey. Born Sept. 18, 1809, died 7-15-1891 - Son of John and Elizabeth Miller Tefft
TEFFT, Margaret S. Spouse of Lewis. Born 1851, died 1929
TEFFT, Nancy. Spouse of Silas Penoyer. Born May 1795, died 9-2-1865
TEFFT, P.W.T. - No Dates
THOMPSON, Bernard E. [Bus]. Spouse of Betty. Born 02-10-1920, died 07-25-2009. Age: 89 - Son of George and Mable Bell Snyder Thompson, born in Punxsutawney PA. Wed 6-6-1941 - WW II Vet, US Army
THOMPSON, Jay F Jr. Spouse of Rita E. Born 6-6-1929, died 9-2-2001. Age: 72 - Son of Jay F and Jennie Wakefield Thompson
THOMPSON, Lillian. Born 1871, died 1874 - Dau of Melvin and Priscilla Slone Thompson
THOMPSON, Melvin. Spouse of Priscilla S. Born 1815, died 185?
THOMPSON, Priscilla Slone. Spouse of Melvin. Born 1825, died 1883
THOMPSON, Rita E. Spouse of Jay Jr, died 1-24-1995 - Wed July 22, 1967
TILYOU, Jason J. Spouse of Rose A. Born 1845, died 1929
TILYOU, Rose A. Spouse of Jason J. Born 1855, died 19??
TOMPKINS, Amos. Spouse of Emily H. Born Oct. 10, 1818, died 9-3-1908. Age: 83y 11m 23d
TOMPKINS, Emily Hale. Spouse of Amos. Born May 6, 1816, died 3-23-1870. Age: 80y 10m 21d
TOMPKINS, John. Spouse of Mary, died 3-26-1874. Age: 92y 3m 18d
TOMPKINS, Mary. Spouse of John, died 1-19-1871. Age: 67y 10m 24d
TOMPKINS, Nathaniel. Spouse of Pauline, died 4-22-1849. Age: 38y 8m 22d - Son of Amos and Emily Hale Tompkins
TOMPKINS, Pauline. Spouse of Nathaniel, died 2-22-1847. Age: 36
TOWER, Alton. Born Feb. 23, 1859, died 3-18-1919
TOWER, Clarissa D, died 6-19-1903. Age: 77 - Dau of Elisha and Philena Morgan Tower
TOWER, Cora T. Born July 11, 1869, died 10-12-1870 - Dau of Simeon Morgan and Sarah M Denison Tower
TOWER, Elisha Sr. Spouse of Philena, died 1-6-1866. Age: 77
TOWER, Flora T. Born July 11, 1868, died Oc.t6-1870 - Dau of Simeon Morgan and Sarah M Denison Tower
TOWER, Iridell Elisha. Born Mar. 18, 1866, died 11-5-1869. Age: 3 - Son of Corydon and Harriet Fanny Felt Tower
TOWER, Philena. Spouse of Elisha. Born June 1, 1792, died 12-17-1860. Age: 68 - Dau of Simeon Morgan and Rhobe Allyn
TOWER, Sarah M Denison. Spouse of Simeon M. Born Nov. 22, 1831, died 4-20-1929
TOWER, Simeon Morgan. Spouse of Sarah M. Born Sept. 11, 1822, died 8-31-1901 - Son of Elisha and Philena Morgan Tower
TOWER, Son, died 7-24-1817 - Son of Elisha and Philena Morgan Tower
TRUDE, Vernette "Polly". Born 1844, died 1918
VANDEWARK, John B. Born Jan. 22, 1781, died 1-29-1865
VANDEWARK, Magdalena "Lana", died 12-24-1825. Age: 40y 2d - Dau of John and Anna Margaret Gerlock Pickard
VOIT, Frank T. Born 1859, died 1910
VOIT, S. Christeen. Born 1864, died 1922
WAITE, Addie D. Born 1852, died 1913
WAITE, Millard F. Born 1848, died 1932
WAKEMAN, Francis M. Born 1854, died 1939
WAKEMAN, Lottie A. Born 1866, died 1942
WAKEMAN, Thomas J., died 4-1-1865. Age: 37y 7m 19d
WHEELER, Mary J. Born Sept. 19, 1846, died 10-23-1875
WHIPPLE, Olive, died 5-12-1841. Age: 7y 11m 22d - Dau of Cyrus A. and Mary Ann Whipple
WHITE, Fanny. Spouse of Josiah. Born Mar. 16, 1788, died 2-1-1877
WHITE, Charlie O., died 3-20-1863. Age: 7y 1m 12d - Son of Henry and Mirabell White
WHITE, Henry. Spouse of Mirabell. Born Nov. 3, 1823, died 6-8-1908
WHITE, Josiah. Spouse of Fanny. Born Nov. 12, 1781, died 3-23-1868
WHITE, Mirabell. Spouse of Henry. Born Oct. 17, 1828, died 8-3-1894
WIARD, Darius. Spouse of Mary, died 3-15-1845. Age: 60y 7m 21d
WIARD, Mary. Spouse of Darius
WILLIAMSON, S. Leora Tower. Born 8-26-1856, died 2-17-1891
WINTON, Archie L. Spouse of Elaine Wickstrom. Born Feb. 2, 1932, died 6-11-2000. Age: 68 - Son of Floyd and Dorothy (Persons) Winton. Owner/operator of Arlaine Farms in Sinclairville. Wed 9-3-1955 in Levant NY, four sons.
WINTON, Elaine (Wickstrom). Spouse of Archie L. Born 9-3-1937, died 9-14-2018. Age: 81 - Dau of Elmer and Violet (Frederes) Wickstrom. Born in Jamestown NY, lived in Sinclairville NY, died in Chaut Co. With husband, owner/operator of Arlaine Farms in Sinclairville. Wed 9-3-1955 in Levant NY, four sons.
WINTON, Elmer Wallis. Born Oct. 4, 1865, died 12-11-1940
WOODWORTH, Jervace. Spouse of #1 ?, #2 Eliza, died 12-30-1863. Age: 59y 4m 13d - Son of Robert and ? Woodworth
WOODWORTH, Robert #1 ?, #2 Sabrina. Born, died 3-26-1844. Age: 71
WOODWORTH, Sabrina. Spouse of Robert, died 1-8-1864. Age: 72y 4m 21d - Second wife of Robert

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