Jamestown Evening Journal

Published by John A Hall & Son, Jamestown NY.
Monday, January 18, 1886

Submitted by PHGS Member Kathi Desko

Recently I purchased the "Jamestown Evening Journal" for Monday, January 18, 1886. In the hope that it might help someone else, I am posting some of the items in it. 

From the "Around About US" Column:

 George E Towne is prominently spoken of as Republican candidate for supervisor of Hanover.

 Lyman Covell, aged ninety one, is dead. He had resided seventy years in Elmira and was the oldest and one of the most prominent citizens.

 P. R. Woodring, prominent dry goods dealer of Meadville, is under bail for appearance at court on a charge of attempting to defraud creditors.

 The bill rendered by Pinkerton's detective agency for services in attempting to ferret out the murderer of Mrs. Amelia Miles, at Medina,amounts to nearly $300.

 S. T. Howard, of LeRoy, claims the ownership of the first national banknote ever put into circulation. He secured it while a government employee at Washington.

 William L. Scott's stable of running horses was taken last week from Erie to Cape Charles, the future home of the Algeria running stable. The stable comprises twenty-one head of horses and colts.

 James Hopkins, of Corry, is under arrest for refusing to support his daughter who is an invalid. He had expended only $1.90 for her in a year. Bowman & Boyle, lawyers, conduct the case of the daughter without charge.

 At a recent sitting of the Allegheny county grand jury, no effort was made to indict "Dee" Howard, the telegraph operator who was arrested for leaving the switch open at Scio, which caused the wreck of the Flyer train a short time ago.

 Real Estate transfers:

Recorded with the county clerk at Mayfield NY:

 Jan. 13

 Charlotte S Tiffany to Andrew Johnson land in Ellicott, 1050.

 James A Henn to Robert and Susanna Croy land in Hanover and Sheridan, 4500.

 Chauncey Keyes to Herman Sixeby land in Chautauqua,2400.

 Albert J Keyes to Herman Sixbey land in Chautauqua, 1.

 Alonzo J Swart to Lucy Lewis, et al., land in Harmony, 1.

 Charles Johnson to Charles Olson land in Jamestown, 230.

 Francis D Steele to Eva Rolland land in Jamestown, 1600.

 Jan. 14

 George S Wheeler to Lewis J Briggs land in Gerry, 172 35.

 Jan. 15

 John C Page to Kate M Cobb land in Sherman, 300.

 Lucretia J Hartman to Lewis Schultz land in Sheridan, 2832.

 Wm T Falconer to Edwin C Williams land in Poland. 150.

 Simeon C Davis to Fred H Lammers land in Jamestown, 962 50.

 Chas F Allis to William Parker land in Chautauqua, 340.

  Events/News in the vicinity :


 Jan. 15 - The singing school in the Creal district is doing finely under the management of Fred Marsh.

 Jennie Nelson is visiting friends in McKean county, Pa.

 Mrs. Warren Fitts, of Youngsville, is with her parents, her husband having gone to Kansas to visit his son.

 A creamery is under headway on the Dr. Martin farm.


 Jan. 15- The seminary has been obliged to close this week on account of diphtheria in the school.

 Mrs. Ely is very ill. Mrs. Mahala Preston is also quite ill.

 John Herrick is confined to the house with rheumatism.


 Jan 15-- The Honorable A.B. Sheldonand wife are off on a western trip, to be absent some five or six weeks, intending to go to California before they return. They were at Ottawa, Kansas on the 9th.

 Henry Keith, for a year past connected with the bank of Sherman, left Tuesday to accept of a position in the bank of Buffalo, at Buffalo, N. Y.

 Postmaster Van Dusen has been suffering for several days with the quinsy.

 The Rev. C. W. Miner and wife were welcomed to the new Methodist parsonage by a reception given in their behalf.

 F.W. Edmunds has a new steam grist mill at the railway station in full operation.

 Sherman is now blessed with six grocery stores and three grist mills, and the average inhabitant is happy.


 Jan 14-- Fourteen degrees below zero this morning. 

The residence of Joseph Luce, two and one-half miles north of this village, was destroyed by fire yesterday morning. The fire caught in the roof, or chamber, and was not discovered until it was beyond control. Only an organ and a small quantity of bedding were saved. Mr. Luce has a large family of small children, some of whom are sick, and he is placed in very sad circumstances. Not only his shelter and clothing, but his large store of provisions for the winter are destroyed just when most needed. We understand there was a small insurance on the property but not enough to go far in restoring the loss. Mr. Luce is not in circumstances to easily bear this calamity, and the neighbors and friends will help the family through the winter.

From Jamestown Evening Journal, Monday, January 18,1886

 District & County Officers, 1886

Sheriff-Clarence H Lake, Mayville

 Under Sheriff-Charles A Merrill, Jamestown

 County Clerk-Austin H Stafford, Mayville

 Deputy Clerk-V A Albro, Mayville

 Treasurer-Willis D Leet, Mayville

 County Judge-John S Lambert, Fredonia

 Special County Judge-Marvin Smith, Jamestown

 Surrogate-Daniel Sherman, Forestville

 Special Surrogate-Lester F Stearns, Dunkirk

 District Attorney-Arthur B Ottaway, Westfield

 Coroners-George W Munger, Portland; L C Crandall, Westfield; Charles Blood, Dunkirk; H J Yates, Jamestown

 Superintendents of the Poor-Horace C Taylor, Portland; Harvey S Elkins , Poland; S LeRoy Hurlbert, Hanover

 Poor House Keeper- Leander S Phelps

 Keeper of Lunatic Asylum-I A Haskins

 Loan Commissioners-Mark C Cadwell, Fredonia; Otis D Hinckley , Clymer

 Justices of Sessions-Oscar H Houck, Arkwright; Albert W Hull , Forestville

 School Commissioners-Chas H Wicks,1st dist; Panama; Emmons J Swift , 2nd dist; Forestville

 Member of Assembly, 1st dist, Jerome Babcock, Busti; 2nd dist, Newel CHeney, Poland

 State Senator, 33rd dist, Commodore P Vedder, Ellicottville

 Member of Congress, 34th dist, Walter L Sessions, Panama<

 Clerk of the Board of Supervisors-Otis D Hinckley, Clymer

 Collector Internal Revenue 27th Dist, NY-H S Pierce, Rochester

 Deputy US Internally Revenue Collector  Cattaragus and Chautauqua Counties-P B Coxe, Salamanca

 Deputy US Marshall- P H Hoyt, Jamestown NY

 Jamestown Evening Journal January 18, 1886

 E G Partridge, Jamestown NY ....Furniture

 J H Clark, Jamestown ..................Foundry

 A (?) Waterhouse, MD Jamestown .....Physician, surgeon, oculist & Aurist

 J Dewey Jamestown ............real estate & loan agency

 W F Endress Jamestown .......coal, wood & stone

 Sailsbury & Davidson Jamestown ....Singer Sewing Machines

 John Conway (was C A Berry) Jamestown ....plumbing

A M Harrington Jamestown ....insurance, real estate

 George W Breed Jamestown .....furniture & undertaking

 J Whitley & Son Jamestown ....clothing

 L L Mason Jamestown ....jeweler & optician

 A J McCall Jamestown ....watches, clocks & spectacles

 H F Reynolds Jamestown ......Vermont marble dealer

 Harlow Williams Jamestown ....veterinary

 Ocobock & Co Jamestown ....railroad & steamship ticket agents

 C R Lockwood Jamestown ....law office

 Hevenor & Brother Jamestown ...linens

 Kendall Oil Co Jamestown ...oils

 Wm M Robertson Jamestown ....secondhand store, scales & storage

 C W VanVleck Jamestown ....undertaker

 Hudson Shaver Jamestown ...selling a farm

 O Williams Jamestown ...real estate & loan agent

 Mrs. W K Vandergrift Jamestown ...advertising for girl for general housework

 Fred G Bush Jamestown ...advertising store for rent now occupied by John G Lonngren

 Martin Merz Jamestown ...book bindery

 Logan & Adams Jamestown ....clothing

 W H Proudfit Jamestown ...clothier

 C S Scofield Jamestown ...dry goods & millinery

 Fuller's James town ....jewelry

 A E Allen Jamestown ....opera house<

 W S Brown Jamestown ....grocer (?)

 Carnahan & Brown Jamestown ....clothing

 The drafted men of '63 are securing a large number of signatures to a petition to the legislature, asking to be reimbursed for services rendered in the late war.

 B Cowing, of Ellicott, weighed his big steers Saturday. They "kicked the beam" at 3,800 pounds. Mr. Cowings big steers are unsurpassed, all things considered.

 On Friday evening last a large number of friends and relatives gathered at the residence of Mr & Mrs Lewis C Woodward, in Kiantone, bringing music and refreshments with them. Dancing was indulged in until an early hour Saturday morning, when they all departed for their homes in a most happy mood.

 The funeral of the late Elmer Freeman, which was held from No. 324 Lake View avenue this morning at 11 o'clock, was well attended.The bearers were W A Price, A A Price, Abel Kimberly, Joseph Cowdry, William Mace, B B Fenton . The Rev. John Peate of the M E church, officiated and the choir of that church sang several selections. The remains were interred in Lake View cemetery.

 W E Candee of Dunkirk, charged with investigating the books and accounts of Dwight Miner's defunct bank in that city, has made a report in which he says the books have been mutilated so that it is almost impossible to give all the transactions of the institution. David Russell, chairman of the depositors committee also makes a report in which he intimates that others besides Miner were concerned in the rascality that has been unearthed.

 The Directors of the state bank at Randolph voted a statement of condolence to the family & friends of the late Dr. Andrew B Parsons. A full statement on request signed by Chas P Adams cashier & Addison Crowley president.

 The funeral of the late Mrs. Caroline Johnson was largely attended yesterday. The Rev. Mr. Hultgren of the Lutheran church. conducted the services, which were held from the church. The procession was very long, between thirty-five and forty sleighs being in line.

 A Westfield correspondent of The Journal writes : " A large part of our people are sanguine that the new road to connect with the Chautauqua Lake road will be built. The subscriptions for stock have brought out some good responses, but the canvass has just begun."

 John Ryan was sentenced to 60 days in the Erie county penitentiary by Justice Yates this morning, for an assault and battery committed about three weeks ago, but as Ryan has made himself scarce since then, he could not be sentenced until today. Officer Johnson leaves with him this afternoon.

 Jamestown (NY) Evening Journal Jan. 18, 1886


 D W Prosser has gone west on a business trip.

 J S Patterson left to day noon for Pittsburg.

 J T Larmonth left today noon for Lima, Ohio.

 J R Newman is quite ill at his home in this village.

 Silas Fenner left for Fostoria, O. this morning for a week's visit.

 Mrs. B A Knight is visiting friends in Hornellsville for a few days.

 T C Cornell and wife returned to their home in Randolph, Saturday afternoon.

 W S Gifford left on train 3 to-day on a business trip. He was accompanied by Mrs. Gifford.

 C R Vandervort left for the west in the interest of the Broadhead worsted mills, this morning.

 J R Shaler, of Meadville, superintendent of eastern division of the Nypano was in town to-day.

 John Fobes, of Olean, who has been visiting L B Warner and family, returned to his home this morning.

 John Galloway, B K Solliday, and E T Smith went to Lima O, to-day, to visit the oil field of that region.

 Corydon Hitchcock left this morning for a business trip west, in the interest of Jamestown manufacturers.

 Samuel P Phipps, of Franklin Pa, is visiting his nephew, Samuel P Brigham, 921 East Second street, for a week.

 William Harrop, of this village, and W H Mix, of Sugar Grove, left to-day noon for the west on a business trip.

 Among those at the Humphrey house to-day are Wm Berliner, M Dickerson , New York; L S Phelps, Dewittville.

 Fred W Sears, of Sears & Jagger, accompanied by Mrs. Sears, left Sunday for a trip to New York and towns in Vermont.

 Miss Adams, of Sherman, has been visiting Miss Alice Miller , of Harrison street. Both left for visits in Sinclairville and Fredonia.

 Dr. W M Bemus went to Randolph this morning to attend Robert Carson , one of Randoplh's prominent citizens, who is quite seriously ill.

 Mr & Mrs Henry Smith arrived home this morning from New York city where they went to attend the funeral of Mr Smith's mother.

 Lyman Woodard and John Needham left this morning for a business trip in the east, in the interest of the Chautauqua Manufacturing company.

 At the Allen house to-day are W H Rowland, James T Crowell, Dunkirk; C C Camp, Olean; and Samuel Alexander and wife, East Randolph.

 Mrs. Hammond, of Corry, who has been visiting the family of J P Brown, No. 312 Cherry street for several days, left for a visit to Bradford this morning.

 Mr & Mrs H H Gifford left this morning for a three months' trip to Florida. They stop in Buffalo, Albany and New York on their way to the "sunny south."

 Mr & Mrs John A Hall Jr arrived this morning from Breckenridge, Colorado, and are the guests of Mr & Mrs Edward L Hall, 202 Forest avenue. They will remain in the east a number of weeks.

 George W Ford and Charles Page, delegates of the Knights of Labor lodge of Jamestown, left for Albany this morning to attend the twentieth annual meeting of the workingmen's assembly which is in session this week.

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