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With thanks to Jack R. Dunfee of Carlisle Pa. who secured 15 biographies.

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ALLEN, EDWARD L.—Was born in Leicester, New York, August 14th, 1868, the son of Elias and Rosetta Sheldon Allen. He graduated from the Rochester Free Academy in 1887 and was married December 4th, 1895 to Martha C. Van De Vyver; they have three children—Marjorie, Edward Robert, and Elizabeth. Mr. Allen came to Jamestown August 14th, 1901 and is now Secretary of the Post Publishing Company and Editor of the Morning Post. He is a Republican, Presbyterian, and member of the University Club and Alpha Zeta Fraternity. Mr. Allen’s office address is No. 311-313 Washington St. and his home address is No. 406 West 6th St.

BARGAR, MARY ALICE—Daughter of Elias Cummings and Alice Totman Bargar, came to Jamestown in 1890. From teacher of Latin in Jamestown High School, she became City Clerk of Jamestown. Miss Bargar is a Methodist, a Republican, and a member of D. A. R., Board of Commerce, Synergian Society, Americanization Council, Jamestown Alumni Assn. of Syracuse University and the Woman’s Republican League. She resides at 52 Liberty St.

BEMUS, WILLIAM MARVIN, M.D.—The son of Col. George H. and Julia Prendergast Bemus, and father of Capt. Selden B. Bemus and Lieut. William M Bemus, Jr. He was born at Meadville, Pa., September 2nd, 1855, attended Grammar and High School and Allegany College there, Cary Military School at Oakfield, N. Y., and the University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia. Dr. Bemus came to Jamestown in July 1878 and married Minnie Barrows on April 28th, 1881. he was a Major (Surgeon) in the war with Spain, Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board (World War), and Chairman of Jamestown Chapter of the Red Cross. He is a member of the Jamestown Medical Society, Chautauqua Medical Society, N. Y. State, and A. M. A. A Republican in politics, he is an Episcopalian and member of the Sportsmen’s Club, a Mason, Odd Fellow, K. of P., Sons of the Revolution, United Spanish War Veterans, and American Legion. His office and home address is No. 517 No. Main St.

BLACKMON, GEORGE M.—Lawyer, son of Marshall E. and Julia Blackmon, was born in Buffalo, New York, December 9th, 1884. Educated in the common and High School and University of Buffalo (L.L.B.), he married Mary Tracy September 12th, 1911 and has one daughter—Rita Blackmon. Mr. Blackmon was formerly Claim Agent of the Erie Railroad and attorney for the Spirella Co. at Meadville, Pa.; coming to Jamestown April 1st, 1914 and later associating with attorneys Jude and Johnson in practice of law under the firm name of Jude, Blackmon and Johnson. He is a Republican, a Catholic, and member of Jamestown Club, Chadakoin Club. Delta Chi Fraternity, Knights of Columbus and B. P. O. Elks. His office address is No. 400 Wellman Building, his home address is No. 12 Cross man St.

BLANCHARD, AMOS, M.D.—Was born in Jamestown on August 13th, 1864, the son of F. and Sarah Jane Allen Blanchard. Educated at Jamestown High School and Buffalo University, he married Eliza A. Leet on October 2nd, 1889 and had one son, Maurice L. Blanchard. Dr. Blanchard is independent in politics and a member of B. P. O. E. He resides at 204 W. 6th St.

BLYSTONE, WALTER I.—Son of Joseph and Mary Peiffer Blystone, was born in Venango, Pa., June 27th, 1855. He married Sarah E. Wilcox December 17th, 1879 and came to Jamestown in April 1886. He is the father of Paul Blystone and of two daughters—Mary and Florence. Educated in the common schools he is well known manufactures, and member of the First Methodist Church. He is Independent in politics and a member of the Masonic Fraternity. His residence is at 423 East 4th St.

BROWN, GUY LIVINGSTONE—Clergyman; born at Youngsville, Pa., May 15th, 1870, the son of Oliver P. and Marian D. Brown. He married December 20th, 1893 (Grace E.) and has five children—Gertrude, Carroll, Donald, Lewis and Pauline. Educated at Potomac University and Sugar Grove Seminary, he now occupies the pulpit of the First Baptist Church, having come to Jamestown from the first church at Wichita, Kansas. His is independent in politics, a member of the Baptist Church, the Kiwanis Club and Masonic Fraternity. He resides at 117 Church St.

CARLSON, SAMUEL A.—Was born in Jamestown October 26th, 1868. He served two terms on the Common Council, was Commissioner of Public Works for ten years, was elected Mayor in 1908 and is now serving his seventh term in that office. His administration has seen the municipal ownership of the water plant, light plant, city hospital, and public market. His advocacy of municipal ownership of public utilities has attracted wide attention and secured a large amount of advertising for Jamestown. His appointees as Mayor have been selected largely without reference to political affiliations and he has shown wisdom in his selections. Mr. Carlson is Independent in politics and advocates social and civic welfare measures and stands for open discussion of all questions affecting the public good. Formerly engaged in the manufacturing business, he is now president of the Birmingham Motors co. He is a Mason and member of other fraternal orders. His office is located in City Hall.

CAWCROFT, ERNEST—Lawyer, Corporation Counsel of the City of Jamestown. He resides at 320 East 5th St.

CLARY, JAMES A.—Son of Joseph and Patty Armstrong Clary, was born in Mercer County, Pa., May 16th, 1859. Educated I the common schools, he came to Jamestown in 1882 and married Elizabeth Eberman on March 14th, 1883 and has one son, Frederick E. Clary. Mr. Clary is Vice President of the Journal Printing Company and Editor of the Jamestown Evening Journal. He is a Republican, Methodist, member of the Jamestown Club, Moon Brook Country Club, Masons, Elk and Knights of Pythias. His office address is No. 14 W. 2nd St. and his home address is No. 308 Lincoln Street.

COOK, WILLIAM LESTER—Son of Fred W. and Mary A. Cook, was born in Lakeview, N. Y. on February 7th, 1891. He married Leah Ellen Olmstead on January 21st, 1916 and has two children, William Lester Cook, Jr., and Elizabeth Ellen Cook. Educated in high school and the Rochester College of Optometry, he came to Jamestown May 15th, 1920 to practice Optometry. He is a Republican, Congregationalist, member of the Kiwanis Club, Knights of Pythias, American Optometric Assn., the New York, Tri-City and Rochester Optometric Societies. His office address is No. 226-227 Wellman Bldg. and he resides at No. 404 Monroe St.

COOPER, HENRY HINGSTON—Son of Robert J. I. and Eliza Hingston Cooper. He was born at Buffalo on November 1st, 1859, was educated at Number One School, and came to Jamestown in 1885. He has one daughter, Gertrude Cooper Granger. Mr. Cooper was Mayor of Jamestown 1899-1901 and was at one time engaged in boat building. His now Vice President of the Jamestown Brewing Co. On October 20th, 1919 he married Ethel Taylor and resides on the Lakewood Road. He is a Republican, Episcopalian, Elk, Eagle, and member of the Chadakoin Boat Club.

COTTIS, GEORGE W.—Was born at Guelph, Ontario. He practices Surgery in Jamestown and is ably assisted by his wife, Dr. Eliza Fancher Cottis. He is a member of the American Medical Assn., American College of Surgeons, Buffalo Academy of Medicine, American Legion, Rotary Club (Director) and Jamestown Board of Commerce (Director). He favors civic improvements including a municipal milk plant, increased school facilities, paving, and a modern charter with city-manager form of government. His office address is No. 310 Wellman Bldg.

DEAN, BENJAMIN S.—Lawyer, son of Philo N. and Rossella S. Dean, was born at Randolph, New York, May 10th, 1860. He was educated in the common schools and married (Emyle C.) June 28th, 1884, and has one daughter—Bonny B. Dean. Mr. Dean came to Jamestown November 30th, 1885. He was formerly a journalist and is now a lawyer and manufacturer. A Republican, member of the Saturday Night and University Clubs, he resides at 609 E. 8th Street and has an office in the Fenton Building.

FESS, RAYMOND C., M.D.—Son of John and Hannah Pentelow Fess, was born at Bowmansville, N. Y., August 7th 1885. He married Lulu L. Barker on April 16th, 1911 and they have two children—Lois Lorene and Doris Muriel. Dr. Fess came to Jamestown September 1st, 1912 to practice his profession. He is a Baptist, a Republican, a Mason and member of the Moon Brook Country Club. His office and home is located at 412 No. Main St.

FOWLER, J. SAMUEL—Lawyer, son of Dexter S. and Annettie Losee Fowler, was born in the town of Harmony, June 15th, 1874. He married Velma Steward December 7th, 1898 and has a son, Donald S. Fowler. He was educated at Jamestown High School and Albany Law School and is a member of the law firm of Fowler and Hunt. Mr. Fowler was Deputy Attorney General 1909-1910 and State Senator 1917-18-19-20. He is a Republican in politics. His office is located in the Wellman Building and his home at Long View on Chautauqua Lake.

FREEBURG, RAYMOND ALEXIS—Architect; son of John August and Anna Swanson Freeburg is a native of Jamestown. On November 3rd, 1918, he married Esther Anderson. He is a graduate of the Jamestown Business College and the Carnegie Institute of Technology and is licensed as an architect under the laws of the State of New York. He made the plans for additions to the Crescent Tool Co., school building for the Salamanca Board of Education, William J. Maddox, Monarch Furniture Co., Holy Trinity English Lutheran Church Parsonage, and the Standard Table Co. During the war he was Superintending Architect of the Lawrence Park War Housing Work at Erie, Pa., and Building Inspector and Superintendent at Columbus Barracks, Columbus, Ohio. A Republican in politics, member of the Engineering Society, Norden Club, Mt. Moriah Lodge, F. & A. M. and of the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, he resides at No. 31 Fairmount Ave.

GREELEY, JANE LINCOLN—Physician; daughter of Edward Hanford and Louisa Ware Greeley was born November 8th, 1864 at Methuen, Mass. Educated in the public schools of Concord, N. H.; Abbott Academy, Andover, Mass.; and the Woman’s Medical College of New York, she came to Jamestown November 1st, 1898. She was a teacher before she became a physician. Miss Greeley is an active member of the Frst [sic] Congregational Church, a Republican, member of the Jamestown Medical Society, Mozart Club, A. A. A., Board of Commerce, and resides and has an office at 111 E. 5th St.

GUENTHER, HENRY—Son of John A. and Anna M. Guenther, was born in Germany on March 3rd, 1861. He came to Jamestown in April, 1869, and was educated in the Public Schools. He married (Emma C.) May 1st, 1885 and has three children, John H., Desmonda V. and Regina T. A Democrat in politics and formerly engaged in the manufactures of cigars, he is now Postmaster of Jamestown and resides at 829 Spring St.

GUINNANE, PATRICK S.—Lawyer, son of John and Rose Guinnane, born in Jamestown December 25th, 1892, married Irene Kilzer Happel September 21st, 1915 and has one daughter, Jane Elizabeth Guinnane. He was educated at Jamestown High School, Union University, and Albany Law School. Mr. Guinnane is a member of the Democratic State Committee, SS. Peter and Paul’s Church, Knights of Columbus, Saturday Night Club and the Moon Brook Country Club. He was formerly with the Traveler’s Insurance Col, State Agricultural Department and the Secretary of State’s Office; now practicing law at 408 Fenton Building. He resides at 57 Spruce St.

HALL, ELLIOT SNELL—Son of Elliot C. and Tirzah S. Hall, was born in Kiantone, New York. He was educated at the Jamestown High School, Amherst College (A.B.) and Johns Hopkins University (Ph. D.) and was formerly Professor of Chemistry at Amherst College. Mr. Hall is now President of the Board of Education, an Independent Republican, Congregationalist, and a member of the Congregational Club and Chi Phi Fraternity. His office address is No. 127 Forest Ave. and his home address is No. 138 Forest Ave.

HALL, FREDERICK PERRY—Born in Busti, the son of John A. and Emily Perry Hall, came to Jamestown in boyhood. He married Lucy Mason in 1883 and is father of Henri M., Levant M., Frederick P. Jr., Charles E. (died 1919) and John Adams. Mr. Hall is President and General Manager of the Journal Printing Co., Vice President, Union Trust Co., and Treasurer of the Furniture Manufacturers’ Bldg., Inc. He is a Republican and a Vestryman of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, a member of the Jamestown Club and Moon Brook Country Club, and of all Masonic bodies to 32d degree. His office address is No. 12 W. 2nd St.; his home address No. 211 Lakeview Ave.

HALL, LEVANT MASON—Son of Frederick Perry and Lucy Mason Hall. He was born in Jamestown on December 25th, 1886 and graduated from Jamestown High School and Williams College (1909). He married Mildred Griffin on October 21st, 1913. Mr. Hall is Secretary and Advertising Manager of the Journal Printing Co., a Republican, an Episcopalian and a Mason. He is a member of the Moon Brook Country Club, Chadakoin Boat Club, Rotary Club, and Lake View Tennis Club. His office address is No. 12 W. 2nd St., and his home address is No. 212 Van Buren St.

HYDE, FREDERICK WILLIAM-Son of William Lyman and Frances Elizabeth Hyde. He was born February 21st, 1858 at Dunkirk, N. Y., and came to Jamestown November 30th, 1874. He married Carrie J. Jones on the 21st of August, 1894 and has one daughter, Carolyn Elizabeth Cheney. Mr. Hyde was formerly a newspaper editor and banker and is now City Treasurer. He is a Republican, Presbyterian and member of the Army and Navy Club (N. Y.), Masonic bodies, Spanish War Veterans, and Exempt Firemen’s Assn. His home address is No. 334 E. 5th St.

HANSON, FELIX VALENTINE—Clergyman, son of Adolph and Aleda Hanson, was born in Sweden in 1877 and married (Josephine) in 1903. He was educated at Augustana College and Rock Island Seminary which conferred on him the A.M. and B.D. degrees, and at Central University, Chicago, which conferred on him the Ph. D. degree. From the pastorate at Red Oak, Iowa, he came to Jamestown to become pastor of the Lutheran Immanuel Church. Dr. Hanson has taken an active interest in Republican politics, is a member of the Kiwanis club, is President of the Board of Directors of the Gustavus Adolphus Home, and Vice President of the New York Conference. He resides at 556 E. 2nd St.

HAYWARD, MRS. ALICE GIFFORD—Daughter of Walter C. and Eliza C. Robertson Gifford, was born at the Gifford Homestead near Lakewood October 29th, 1866. She married Mr. Hayward on July 10th, 1889 and has one son, Dr. Walter Gifford Hayward. Educated in the Jamestown Public Schools and Cooper Institute, she is a Republican, a member of the First M. E. Church, Woman’s Republican League and active in the W. C. T. U. Her home address is 113 E. 8th St.

HITCHCOCK, ARTHUR HIRAM—Lawyer, son of Horace and Martha Rosette Kirk Hitchcock, was born at Mayville, N. Y., November 30th, 1875. Educated at Mayville High School and Albany Law School, he came to Jamestown September 1st, 1895. On June 22nd, 1918, he married Harrena Bowser Truby of Leechburg, Pa., and has one son, Horace John Hitchcock. A Republican, Episcopalian, he is a member of the Y. M. C. A., K. of P., and of the Odd Fellows—Mt. Tabor Lodge 780, Chautauqua Encampment No. 54 and Canton Abraham No. 53. He is Major of the 3rd Battalion, 5th Regiment of Patriarchs Militant of New York State and was one of 26 to receive the Grand Decoration of Chivalry conferred by the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows at Toronto, Canada, September 21st, 1921. Mr. Hitchcock has practiced law at 9 W. 3rd St. since September 1st, 1899 and resides at 557 E. 2nd St.

HUNT, HERBERT LINCOLN—Lawyer, son of Henry N. and Harriet Crofoot Hunt, was born in the town of Poland, New York. He married S. Annetta Becker September 20th, 1892 and has a daughter, Gertrude Stanton Hunt. Educated at Jamestown High School and Albany Law School, he came to Jamestown in 1889. Mr. Hunt is a Progressive Republican, Unitarian, member of the law firm of Fowler and Hunt. His office is No. 432 Wellman Bldg., his home at 210 Crossman St.

JACKSON, ROBERT H.—Lawyer, was born February 13th, 1892 at Spring Creek, Pa., the son of William E. and Angelina Houghwout Jackson. Educated at Frewsburg and Jamestown High Schools, and Albany Law School, he came to Jamestown in 1910. He married Irene Gerhardt April 24th, 1916; William Eldred and Mary are his children. Mr. Jackson is an Independent Democrat, a member of the Moon Book Country Club, Sportsmen’s Club, University Club, Saturday Night Club, Buffalo Lawyers’ Club, Jamestown Bar Assn., and B. P. O. Elks. His office is located in the Fenton Building and his home on the Lakewood Road.

JOHNSON, OLIVER RICHARD—Was born in Jamestown on July 2, 1886. He graduated from Jamestown High School in 1905 and from Cornell University in 1909. He is now practicing architecture under the firm name of Johnson and Ford was formerly connected with Warren and Wetmore of New York City. Mr. Johnson is a Republican, a 32 degree Mason, a member of the Moon Brook Country Club and of Cornell Club of New York City. His office address is 610-611 Fenton Bldg., and his home address No. 513 Spring St.

JONES, CLAYTON M.—Lawyer; native of Jamestown (1879), son of Andrew P. and Sophia Jones. He married Aimee Cederquist on September 11th, 1914 and has two children—Marianne Louise and Clayton M. Jr. Mr. Jones is a graduate of Jamestown High School and of the Electrical and Mechanical, Engineering, and Law course at Ohio State University. Formerly engaged as an Electrical and Mechanical Engineer, he is now practicing law in Jamestown and has an office in the Fenton Building. He became a Progressive upon the formation of that party by Theodore Roosevelt and later affiliated with the Republican Party. He is a member of the Norden Club and resides at 307 Monroe St.

JUDE, GEORGE W.—Lawyer. He was born February 22nd, 1867 at Findley Lake, N. Y., the son of Joseph and Mary Arm Jude. Educated in the country school, Sugar Grove Seminary, Otterbein College, University of Chicago and as a Law Clerk, he came to Jamestown June 27th, 1897. He married Lyda Pearl Boardman on December 30th, 1902 and has one child—Robert Boardman Jude. Mr. Jude is a member of the law firm of Jude, Blackmon and Johnson. He is a Presbyterian, Republican, Mason, Elk, and Odd Fellow. His office address is No. 400 Wellman Bldg., his home address No. 301 E. 8th St.

MASON, JOHN CHAMBERLAIN—A native of Jamestown and son of Levant L. and Eunice Stevens Mason. He married (Caroline) January 14th, 1888, and has two children, William and Eunice. Educated at the local High School, he engaged in the jewelry business and succeeded his father in the business. He is an Episcopalian, Republican, Mason, and Elk. His business address is No. 305 Main St., his home address No. 12 Fulton St.

NORQUIST, FRANK O.—Son of John M. and Mary C. Norquist, was born in Sweden and came to Jamestown October 4th, 1869. He married Josephine W. Anderson on July 31st, 1889, and has two children, Judith J. and Reynold O. Mr. Norquist is President of the Allied Furniture Co., a Republican in politics, a Methodist, member of the Norden Club and K. of P. He resides at 517 East 5th St.

NORQUIST, MARCUS J.—Was born December 2th, [sic*] 1878 at Farmington, Pa., and came to Jamestown in 1879. His father was Charles J. and his mother Mary C. Norquist. He married Jane Etta Rowe January 31st, 1900 and they have two daughters—Elizabeth Rowe and Mary Caryl. Mr. Norquist was educated at Allegheny College and is connected with the Premier Furn. Co. He is a Presbyterian, Republican, and member of the Moon Brook Country Club. He resides at 405 East 4th St.

*[In biography birthday is given as "2th", I believe a typo, as his World War I Draft card for Marcus Julius Norquist of 129 Van Buren, Jamestown, NY, relative given: Jane E Norquist, gives birth date as 24 Dec 1878.]

NYSTROM, DANIEL—Clergyman, son of John and Emma Nystrom, was born in Sweden December 10th, 1886. He graduated with A. B. degree from Gustavus Adolphus College, studied theology at Chicago Lutheran Seminary and Augustana Theological Seminary, and was ordained at Duluth, Minn., June 18th, 1911. On March 11th, 1915, he married Victoria Barr and has one son, Daniel Barr Nystom, Jr. Dr. Nystom was Editor of the Lindsborg Posten (weekly) for three years and an instructor in Bethany College for two terms. From 1911 to 1913 he was pastor of Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church of Chicago and from 1913 to 1917 he was pastor of the Messiah Evangelical Church at Lindsborg, Kansas. He is now pastor of the First Lutheran Church of Jamestown, the largest church in the Augustana Synod. He resides at the parsonage, No. 116 Chandler St.

OKERLIND, CHARLES ALFRED—The son of Charles L. and Louise Okerlind, was born at Stockholm, Sweden, October 31st, 1865 and came to Jamestown in June, 1892. He married Elvena Melin February 4th, 1897 and has one son, Melin Alfred. Mr. Okerlind was educated in the Public Schools and is now President of the American National Bank. He is a Lutheran, a Republican, and a member of the Norden Club, Masons, I. O. O. F., and K. of P. His office address is 204 Main Street and his home address 29 Center Street.

PICKARD, CLARE A.—Lawyer, son of Alonzo C. and Rozilla Flagg Pickard, was born in Busti, New York on September 9th, 1866. He came to Jamestown in January 1895 and married Rachael Giles February 25th, 1896, and they have three children, Clarence Giles, Rachael Longshore, and Rozilla Putnam Pickard. Mr. Pickard received a High School education. He is now head of the firm of Pickard and Bodine (attorneys). Director, Jamestown Chair Co. and Chautauqua Abstract Co., Vice Pres. Jamestown Cigar and Candy Co., Treasurer of the Monarch Stationery and Paper Co. He is a member of the Jamestown Club, Lawyers Club of Buffalo, New York State Bar Association, the Masons (all bodies), Knights of Pythias, and Eagles. Mr. Pickard’s office address is No. 332 Wellman Bldg., his home address No. 611 Prendergast Ave.

PICKARD, RAY F.—Son of Alonzo C. and Rose Flagg Pickard, was born in Busti, New York on April 27th, 1868. He married Blanche Lounsbury June 14th, 1899 and has one child, Jean H. Pickard. Educated at Allegheny College (A.B. and A.M.) he came to Jamestown in 1892. He is a Methodist, Republican, Mason and member of the Sons of Veterans. His office address is No. 534 Wellman Bldg., his home address is No. 312 Crossman St.

PRICE, WILSON C.—Son of Charles H. and Mary B. Price, was born in Jamestown July 3rd, 1875. He married Theodora C. Penfield October 23rd, 1915 and has two children—Barbara K. and Charles P. Price. Educated at Jamestown High School (1893), Leland Stanford University (A.B. 1897) and Harvard Law School (L.L.B. 1900), he is now engaged in the practice of law at No. 406 Fenton Bldg. He is a Republican, a Baptist, a member of the Jamestown Club, Jamestown Bar Assn., and the Chadakoin Boat Club. He resides at No. 317 Crossman St.

RANDELL, ALFRED EDWARD—Clergyman, was born in London, Eng-, April 10th, 1877, the son of Alfred and Annie Randell. He studied at Brighton College and finished his education at Northwestern College and Chicago Theological Seminary. He married (Magdalen A.) on May 1st, 1902 and has six children—Grace E., Ralph L., Margaret L., D. Gordon, Orson, B., and Annie Joyce Randell. Dr. Randell is pastor of the First Congregational Church, an Independent Republican, member of the University Club, and Knights Templar of Aurora, Ill. He resides at the parsonage, 316 E. 4th St.

RINGROSE, THOMAS HOLLINGSWORTH—Son of Thomas and Ellen Hollingsworth Ringrose was born at Manchester, England, July 6th, 1883. He married Florence Sutcliffe November 5th, 1912 and has a son, Thomas Sutcliffe Ringrose. He was educated in the British elementary, secondary, and higher grade schools, and came to Jamestown in March, 1912. An Episcopalian and Republican, he is a member of F. & A. M. and the Sons of St. George. Mr. Ringrose is President and General Manager of the International Casement Co.; his office is located at No. 84 Hopkins Avenue and he resides at No. 37 Spruce St.

TURNELL, JOEL—Born July 13th, 1885 at Proctor, Vermont. He was educated in the Jamestown Public Schools and was associated with the Erie Railroad Co. for 15 years serving in every branch of the railroad service. He married Ethel Walden November 24th, 1909 and they have one daughter, Helen. In 1919 he became owner and Manager of the Chautauqua Storage and Transfer Company and has an office at 509 W. 3rd St. He is Independent in politics, has been an active Lutheran and has practiced the Christian religion as a whole, at all times. He is an active Mason and member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles. He resides at 8 East Hamilton St.

UNSWORTH, JOHN W.—Son of Ralph and Mary Unsworth, was born at Preston, England, August 27th, 1869. He married E. Wilson October 8th, 1890 and has three children, Ellen, Mary and T. Ralph. Educated in the common schools and business college, Mr. Unsworth came to Jamestown May 1st, 1892, leaving the city some time later, he returned again in May 1898. He has for many years been connected with the Jamestown Worsted Mills and is now a foreman at that company’s mills in this city. A Republican in politics, Mr. Unsworth is a member of the Overseas Club of London, the Sons of St. George and the Masonic Fraternity, being a Shriner and 32d degree Mason. He is also a member of Camp Vimy, British and Canadian Ex-Service Men. He resides at No. 1 Shaw Avenue.

VAN VLACK, HALL G.—Son of George W. and Mariette M. Van Vlack, was born in Perrysburg, N. Y., January 5th, 1885. He married (Mercy D.) January 1st, 1910 and has three children—Norman P., Louise A., and Hall G. Jr. Educated at Forestville High School and the University of Michigan Medical School, he came to Jamestown April 1st, 1921 and is associated with Dr. G. W. Cottis in the practice of Orthopedc [sic] Surgery. He was in Mesopotamia form 1911 to 1917 as a University of Michigan representative in the investigation of medical education among the Arabs. During this time he ran a hospital and clinic for the Arabian Mission. In 1916 caring for the wounded Turks first for the Turks and then under British rule. He was also connected with the Medical Department, U. S. Army. Dr. Van Vlack is a Progressive Republican, Baptist, and 32d degree Mason. He resides at 67 Allen St.

WELLMAN, HOMER M.—Was born at Butler, Pa., October 17th, 1876, the son of Morris and Mary E. Wellman. He married Eurydice A. Brown June 27th, 1905 and has three children—John M., Irene, and Walter Wellman. He graduated from Jamestown High School in 1898 and from the Department of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Michigan in 1903. He served as Captain, 110th Infantry, 28th Division in the World War and was wounded. He returned to Jamestown in 1919 and is a practicing physician, specializing in the diseases of children. Dr. Wellman is a Republican and Mason, has an office at No. 609 Wellman Bldg., and resides at No. 227 Fairmount Ave.

WELLMAN, WARREN D.—Son of William Dighton and Laura Martin Wellman, was born in Harmony Township, February 15th, 1855. He married Dora Phelps July 14th, 1886 and has two children, Clarice L. and Donald P. He was educated in the Jamestown schools, Sugar Grove Union School, Rochester Business University, and Eclectic Medical Institute, of Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a doctor and has an office in the Wellman Bldg. He is interested in the Jamestown Sample Furniture Co. and Wellman Bros. Inc. A Republican in politics, he is a Mason, and resides at No. 703 Washington St.

WILSON, CHARLES C.—Son of John T. and Mariette J. Wilson, was born in Jamestown October 3rd, 1864. He married Mary C. Hall on January 9th, 1890 and has one son, Marvin C. Wilson. Educated in Jamestown High School, he was for many years engaged in the wholesale lumber business with his father and later as manager of the J. T. Wilson Estate. He is a Republican, a Mason, an Elk, and member of the Jamestown Club and Sportsmen’s Club. He resides at 325 East 4th St.


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