Wesfield NY
East Main Road, US Rte 20 between Westfield and Portland
Formatted by GAYLE THOMSON

Photos by Wendy Phillips


ABBEY, Gerry L. Spouse of Jeanne. Born 1915, died 1974
ABBEY, Jeanne I. Spouse of Gerry. Born 1917
ABBEY, Richard L. Spouse of Jean. Born 11-21-1964, died 2-7-2021. Age: 56 - Son of Dale L. and Sally D. (Toy) Abbey. Born, lived, and died in Westfield NY. Two children, mother unclear. (Jean survives)
ADAMS, William P. Born 1870, died 1937
AMIDON, C. Monroe. Spouse of Estella. Born 1883
AMIDON, Estella A. Spouse of C. Monroe. Born 1888, died 1966
ANDERSON, Ada G. Born 1866, died 1921
ANDERSON, Charles A. Born 1870, died 1944
ANDERSON, Edna M. Spouse of Jay. Born 1873, died 1946
ANDERSON, Elizabeth H. Born 1878
ANDERSON, Ella. Born 1836, died 1917
ANDERSON, Jay E. Spouse of Edna. Born 1868, died 1947
ANDERSON, Jerusha. Spouse of Samuel, died 7-18-1837. Age: 75
ANDERSON, Samuel. Spouse of Jerusha, died 6-27-1837. Age: 75
ANDERSON, Swan. Born 1831, died 1884
ANTHONY, Ethel M. Spouse of Raymond. Born 1917
ANTHONY, Miles O. Born 1906, died 1956 - Father"
ANTHONY, Raymond F. Spouse of Ethel. Born 1908, died 1970
ARMFELT, Olive S. Spouse of Oscar. Born 1905
ARMFELT, Oscar W. Spouse of Olive. Born 1902, died 1971 - Mason
ARMSTRONG, Marcella Clarke. Spouse of Richard. Born 1904
ARMSTRONG, Richard Dennis. Spouse of Marcella. Born 1905, died 1977
ARNOLD, Abigail Thayer. Spouse of Horace, died 5-16-1866. Age: 56y 5m 16d - Dau of Samuel Thayer and Phebe Allen
ARNOLD, Arvilla S., died 3-1870
ARNOLD, Betsey, died 10-16-1837. Age: 17 - Dau of Elisha & Patience Arnold
ARNOLD, Chauncey, died 2-01-1853. Age: 11y 9m 1d
ARNOLD, Cornelia F. Spouse of Elisha, died 2-19-1872. Age: 25y 11m 10d
ARNOLD, Edwin. Born 10-06-1859, died 12-03-1912 - Son of William & Mary Farington Arnold
ARNOLD, Elisha. Spouse of Patience P, died 6-21-1841. Age: 63
ARNOLD, Elva. Spouse of D. D.
ARNOLD, Francis F. Born 1833, died 1834 - Son of Horace & Abigail Arnold
ARNOLD, Harmon C., died 1-01-1871
ARNOLD, Hiram. Spouse of Sally E. Born abt 1807, died 1-01-1871 - Son of Elisha & Patience Arnold
ARNOLD, Horace. Spouse of Abigail T, died 4-15-1869. Age: 62y 1m 24d
ARNOLD, Mary Farington. Spouse of William. Born 1838, died 1918
ARNOLD, Patience Potter. Spouse of Elisha, died 9-05-1854
ARNOLD, Sally Ely. Spouse of Hiram. Born 1812, died 1907
ARNOLD, William. Spouse of Mary F. Born 1836, died 1867
BABCOCK, Bessie May. Born 1931, died 1946 - Bd. with Darold & Maris Arnold
BABCOCK, Darald C. Spouse of June. Born 1928 - Name as spelled
BABCOCK, Darold R. Spouse of Maris. Born 1907 - Father" Name as spelled
BABCOCK, June M. Spouse of Darald B. Born 1929, died 1968
BABCOCK, Maris N. Spouse of Darold R. Born 1911, died 1954 - "Mother"
BACON, David. Spouse of Ruth E., died 10-20-1906. Age: 80y 4m 7d - Bacon momument
BACON, Elmer E. Born 1864, died 1900
BACON, Ernest C. Born 1869, died 1942
BACON, Ruth E. House. Spouse of David, died 5-08-1893. Age: 65y 8m - Bacon monument
BAILEY, Eva Bacon. Born 1862, died 1933 - Bd. with Bacon's
BARBER, Martha - See MINIGER Martha Barber
BARGER, Inez E. Spouse of John. Born 1879, died 1961
BARGER, John R. Spouse of Inez. Born 1866, died 1953
BARKER or BAKER, Bert S. Spouse of Florence. Born 1886, died 1961
BARKER or BAKER, Florence B. Spouse of Bert. Born 1888, died 1961
BARNES, Alpha. Spouse of Sarah L. Born 6-08-1823, died 1-01-1895 - Son of James & Amanda Noble Barnes
BARNES, Amanda Noble. Spouse of James, died 4-21-1884. Age: 81y 10m 12d
BARNES, Calista Amanda. Born 3-28-1826, died 5-03-1846. Age: 20 - Dau of James & Amanda Noble Barnes b. Westfield NY
BARNES, Eva L. Spouse of James. Born 4-20-1853, died 9-18-1927
BARNES, James. Spouse of Amanda N, died 1-19-1864. Age: 67y 8m 14d
BARNES, James T. Spouse of Eva. Born 2-03-1852, died 10-11-1928 - Son of Alpha & Sarah L. Bigelow Barnes
BARNES, Sarah L. Spouse of Alpha. Born 11-07-1823, died 5-30-1889 - Dau of Thomas & Jerusha Putnam Bigelow
BARRY, Stanley Lee. Spouse of Ammelia J. (Cooper). Born 4-24-1934, died 2-8-2021. Age: 86 - Son of Leo and Mary (Shaw) Barry. Born, lived, and died in Westfield NY. Worked 37 yers fro Welch Foods. Wed 10-5-1955, five children. (Spouse survives)
BAUMGART, Gustave. Spouse of Hettie. Born 1858, died 1936
BAUMGART, Hettie. Spouse of Gustave. Born 1855, died 1937
BEERS, Maybelle (Stephens). Spouse of Edward S. Born 4-13-1922, died 1-8-2018. Age: 95 - Dau of Arthur and Elizabeth (Mitchell) Stephens. Born in Bakerton PA, lived and died in Westfield NY. Wed 7-27-1940 in Kittaning PA, four children. (Spouse d. 5-17-1993)
BEIGHTOL, C. Vernon. Spouse of Nellie. Born 1880, died 1964 - Persons-Beightol monument
BEIGHTOL, Nellie. Spouse of C. Vernon. Born 1880, died 1969 - Persons-Beightol monument
BELL, Henry. Spouse of Jane. Born 1837, died 1917
BELL, Jane. Spouse of Henry. Born 1839, died 1912
BENNETT, Augustus M., died 6-23-1843. Age: 17m - Son of Marilla Bennett
BENNETT, Carolyn. Spouse of Glen. Born 1903, died 1972 - "Mother"
BENNETT, Duane, died 1933. Age: Infant - Son of Glen & Carolyn Bennett One date--assume dod
BENNETT, Glen. Spouse of Carolyn. Born 1902 - Father"
BENNETT, Gordon. Born 1926, died 1967 - Son of Glen & Carolyn Bennett
BENNETT, Janie. Spouse of Rolling. Born 1873, died 1935 - "Mother"
BENNETT, Marilyn J. Born 1929, died 1969
BENNETT, Rolling C. Spouse of Jane. Born 1871, died 1950
BESTINE, Unknown, died 1977. Age: Baby - Baby grave, first name not given
BIGELOW, Emerson. Born 3-08-1820, died 9-15-1840 - Son of Thomas & Jerusha Putnam Bigelow
BIGELOW, Jason. Spouse of Philinda. Born 1815, died 1900
BIGELOW, Jerusha Putnam. Spouse of Thomas, died 5-28-1865. Age: 85
BIGELOW, Lewis A. Spouse of Martha. Born 1853, died 1941
BIGELOW, Marion E. Born 1892, died 1969
BIGELOW, Martha J. Spouse of Lewis. Born 1892, died 1969 - Dau of Caldwell or Cadwell
BIGELOW, Philinda. Spouse of Jason. Born 1822, died 1886
BIGELOW, Thomas. Spouse of Jerusha P, died 3-11-1871. Age: 89y 6m 3d
BILSBORROW, Charles. Born 1842, died 1885
BILSBORROW, George. Spouse of Mary. Born 1832, died 1912
BILSBORROW, George M. Spouse of Lydia, died 9-16-1900. Age: 43
BILSBORROW, James, died 3-22-1876. Age: 84y 6m 0d
BILSBORROW, Jennie. Born 1866, died 1942
BILSBORROW, John R. Born 1868, died 1882 - Son of George & Mary Bilsborrow
BILSBORROW, Leonard H. Born 1870, died 1882 - Son of George & Mary Bilsborrow
BILSBORROW, Lydia. Spouse of George. Born 12-26-1854, died 4-15-1887
BILSBORROW, Mary. Spouse of George. Born 1834, died 1914
BILSBORROW, Sarah Graves. Born 1811, died 1886
BLODGETT, Eva S. Spouse of Leland. Born 1910
BLODGETT, Leland A. Spouse of Eva. Born 1903, died 1971
BLOWERS, Able L. Spouse of Phebe C. Born 1798, died 1887 - Blowers-Coates monument
BLOWERS, Alice, died 1908 - Bd. with Roy & Mary Blowers One date--assume dod?
BLOWERS, Bertha F. Born 1857, died 1929 - Blowers-Coates monument
BLOWERS, Harry W. Born 1858, died 1913 - Blowers-Coates monument
BLOWERS, Jennie. Born 1861, died 1926 - Blowers-Coates monument
BLOWERS, Mary B. Spouse of Roy. Born 1860, died 1953
BLOWERS, Phebe Crandall. Spouse of Able L. - Blowers-Coates monument
BLOWERS, Roy S. Spouse of Mary. Born 1867, died 1956
BOURNE, Betty Lou. Born 1930 - Christensen-Bourne monument
BOURNE, Caroline, died 9-24-1841. Age: 2y - "In memory of children of Wm. & Laura Nelson Bourne" who went west Wm. d 3-15-1846 Wyeth Co. MO
BOURNE, Charles C. Born 1-20-1898, died 8-19-1953 - Bourne-Ferguson monument - WW I Vet
BOURNE, David. Born 1856, died 1935 - Bourne-Ferguson monument
BOURNE, David W. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1902, died 1967
BOURNE, Dorothea H. Spouse of Lewis. Born 1911
BOURNE, Elizabeth, died 6-14-1848. Age: 18m - "In memory of children of Wm. & Laura Nelson Bourne" who went west Wm. d 3-15-1846 Wyeth Co. MO
BOURNE, Emma D. Born 1871, died 1920 - Bourne-Ferguson monument
BOURNE, George P. Born 1856, died 1937 - Bourn-Ferguson monument
BOURNE, Inez F. Born 1872, died 1944 - Bourne-Ferguson monument
BOURNE, J. Gladys. Born 1894
BOURNE, Leonard F. Born 1908, died 1909 - Bourne-Ferguson monument
BOURNE, Lewis F. Spouse of Minnie. Born 1854, died 1928
BOURNE, Lewis F., died 1933
BOURNE, Lewis F. Sr. Spouse of Dorothea. Born 1903, died 1969
BOURNE, Margaret P. Spouse of David. Born 1915
BOURNE, Mary. Born 1857, died 1911 - Bourne-Ferguson monument
BOURNE, Minnie E. Spouse of Lewis. Born 1866, died 1936
BOURNE, Nellie B. Born 1896, died 1920 - Bourne-Ferguson monument
BOURNE, Rachel. Spouse of William, died 1-30-1860. Age: 26
BOURNE, William, died 7-04-1843. Age: 73
BOURNE, William. Born 1-11-1795, died 2-25-1861
BOURNE, William F. Born 3-07-1914, died 2-01-1975 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
BOWEN, A. Lee. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1891, died 1966
BOWEN, Elizabeth. Spouse of A. Lee. Born 1889, died 1958
BOWEN, Ervin R. Spouse of Mary. Born 1887, died 1972
BOWEN, Evelyn A. (Breads). Spouse of Norman E. Born 2-1-1926, died 10-6-2015. Age: 89 - Dau of Howard W. and Emma (Stursa) Breads, born and died in Westfield NY. Wed 9-22-1946 in Westfield, three children.
BOWEN, Mary J. Spouse of Ervin. Born 1890, died 1970
BOWEN, Norman E. "Nubby". Spouse of Evelyn A. Breads. Born 8-12-1921, died 7-10-2008. Age: 86 - Son of Ervin & Mary Hayner Bowen. Wed 9-22-1946 - WW II Vet, US Army
BOWERS, Leonard A. Spouse of Mary. Born 1857, died 1934
BOWERS, Mary I. Spouse of Leonard. Born 1861, died 1925
BOYD, Archie S. Spouse of Lora. Born 1888
BOYD, Lora M. Spouse of Archie. Born 1894
BRANN, Edward F. Born 1884, died 1922 - Brann-Thompson monument
BREADS, Gary Alan. Born 1951, died 1975 - Son of Robert D. and Majrorie J. (Jackson) Breads
BREADS, L. Darwin. Born 1902, died 1957 - Mason emblem
BREADS, Marjorie J. (Jackson). Spouse of Robert D. Born 7-20-1928, died 10-30-2016. Age: 88y - Dau of William H. and Inez (Eldred) Jackson, Sr. Born in Centerville, PA, lived and died in Westfield NY. Wed 6-19-1948; five children (two deceased). (Spouse survives.)
BREADS, Robert D. Spouse of Martjorie J. Jackson. Born 4-4-1926, died 4-22-2019. Age: 93 - Son of L. Darwin and Alberta (Fowler) Breads. Born, lived, and died in Westfield NY. Dairy farmer and worked for Renold Inc for over 30 years. Wed 6-19-1948; five children - WW II Vet, US Navy, Electrician's Mate. 1944-1946
BROOKER, Barbara Ann. Born 1963, died 1963
BROWN, Albert J., died 11-15-1856. Age: 12y - Son of Jonathon & Mary Burrows Brown Double stone
BROWN, Albert S. - No dates or unreadable?
BROWN, Betsey. Spouse of Benjamin, died 5-04-1849. Age: 37
BROWN, David A., died 10-17-1856. Age: 17 - Son of Jonathon & Mary Burrows Brown Double stone
BROWN, Hiram, died ?1852? - Stone unreadable
BROWN, Jonathon. Spouse of Mary B, died 11-28-1856. Age: 51y 9m 20d
BROWN, Julia M. Spouse of W. L. Born 1846, died 1916
BROWN, Lyman, died 12-03-1861
BROWN, Mary A. Born 1849, died 1910
BROWN, Mary Burrows. Spouse of Jonathon. Born 2-12-1812, died 8-11-1891
BROWN, Rose G. Spouse of W. L. Born 1854, died 1925
BROWN, Thankfull, died 2-05-1854. Age: 78
BROWN, Warren L. Spouse of #1 Julia M., #2 Rose G. Born 1851, died 1931 - No children
BRYANT, Margaret. Spouse of Godfrey. Born 7-09-1826, died 3-01-1861 - Wife of Godfrey"
BURCH, Clarence G. Born 1870, died 1953 - Bd. with Hiram & Louisa Burch, Burch monument
BURCH, Hiram. Spouse of Louisa. Born 12-15-1831, died 3-09-1916 - Son of Oliver & Mary Burch Burch monument
BURCH, Jonathon. Spouse of Sarah "Sally" H, died 4-21-1835or38. Age: 72y 8m
BURCH, Louisa. Spouse of Hiram. Born 3-22-1841, died 12-22-1901 - Burch monument
BURCH, Mary S. Spouse of Oliver. Born 9-29-1808, died 3-04-1851 - Burch monument
BURCH, Mitilda, died 5-03-1823. Age: 18y 7m 0d - Dau of Jonathon and Sarah Hosford Burch
BURCH, Oliver. Spouse of Mary. Born 6-16-1801, died 12-24-1883 - Burch monument
BURCH, Sarah ["Sally"] Hosford. Spouse of Jonathon, died. Age: 74y 2m 7d - Sally" "Wife" Book record 1845
BURCHARD, Charles L., died 1-08-1876. Age: 23y 11m 13d - Burchard monument
BURCHARD, Daniel E. Spouse of Hannah, died 1-17-1888. Age: 84y 10m 4d - Burchard monument
BURCHARD, Emeline, died 1-28-1873. Age: 45y 7m 20d - Burchard monument
BURCHARD, Hannah B. Spouse of Daniel E., died 9-17-1873. Age: 74y 2m 27d - Burchard monument
BURCHARD, Henry, died 4-16-1883. Age: 35y or 85y - Burchard monument
BURCHARD, Martha, died 9-15-1842. Age: 7y - Dau of Daniel E. & Martha Burchard Burchard monument
BURDEN, Harriet N., died 5-10-1826 - Cadwell-Isham-Burden Lot 20
BURNSIDE, Joanna Ruth (Ringer). Born 4-27-1925, died 2-6-2018?. Age: 92 - Dau of William and Bessie (Stedman) Ringer. Born in Steuben PA, lived in Portland NY, died in Erie PA. Two daughters, father not named.
CADWELL, Nancy. Spouse of Samuel. Born 7-03-1798, died 1-24-1883. Age: 84y 6m 21d - Cadwell-Isham-Burden Lot 20
CADWELL, Samuel. Spouse of Nancy. Born 6-07-1795, died 5-23-1878. Age: 82y 11m 15d - Cadwell-Isham-Burden Lot 20
CAMPBELL, Alice B. Spouse of George. Born 1875, died 1942
CAMPBELL, George. Spouse of Alice. Born 1877, died 1941
CAMPBELL, Kenneth J. Born 1913, died 1948 - Bd. with George & Alice Campbell
CANFIELD, Edna V. Born 1878, died 1970 - Bd. with Moses & Julia Canfield
CANFIELD, Guy M. Spouse of Marguerite H. Born 1880, died 1958
CANFIELD, Julia M. Spouse of Moses. Born 1849, died 1928
CANFIELD, Marguerite Holbrook. Spouse of Guy M. Born 1883
CANFIELD, Moses H. Spouse of Julia. Born 1849, died 1911
CARLISLE, Frederick J. Born 1853, died 1891
CARLISLE, Inez S. Born 1885, died 1928
CARLSON, Charles E. Spouse of Bonny Sunday. Born 6-24-1948, died 10-30-2001. Age: 53 - Son of Leonard and Elizabeth Smith Carlson - Vietnam Vet, US Army
CARLSON, Leonard A. Spouse of Elizabeth Smith. Born 4-22-1911, died 1-06-2000. Age: 88 - Son of Alem & Nora Carlson, b. Ellery NY. Wed 9-21-1937
CARLSON, Patricia May (Stevens). Spouse of Robert Carlson. Born 7-30-1947, died 4-2-2014. Age: 66 - Dau of Edwin and Adeline (Woodcock) Stevens, born and died in Brocton, NY. Wed in 1996, 5 children
CARPENTER, Ernest W. Spouse of Grace. Born 1884, died 1966
CARPENTER, Grace P. Spouse of Ernest. Born 1884, died 1961
CEASEY or CRACY, Samuel - Stone broken-unreadable
CEASEY or CRACY, Thomas, died 10-06-1812. Age: 22
CETTELL, Karen Elaine. Born 1960, died 1961
CHAPMAN, Constance ‘‘Connie’’ June Saxton. Born 11-6-1935, died 10-13-2001. Age: 65 - dau of Clarence and Laura M. Breads Saxton Sr. Acanthus Chapter Order of Eastern Stars
CHAPMAN, Flora A. Spouse of Lewis. Born 12-18-1848, died 9-06-1881
CHAPMAN, Joseph W. Spouse of Mary. Born 1833, died 1908
CHAPMAN, Joseph W. Born 1871, died 1943
CHAPMAN, Julia. Born 1881, died 1916
CHAPMAN, Lewis. Spouse of Flora. Born 7-16-1843, died 5-16-1929
CHAPMAN, Mary E. Spouse of Joseph W. Born 1837, died 1916
CHAPMAN, Rachel. Spouse of Thomas. Born 2-24-1804, died 2-26-1876
CHAPMAN, Rachel N. Born 1884, died 1965
CHAPMAN, Terry A. Born 8-17-1946, died 11-7-2017. Age: 71 - Son of Maurice T. and Julia E. (Robins) Chapman. Born and lived in Westfield NY, died in Erie PA. Worked 40 years as press operator at Belknap Business Forms. One son, mother not named. - Vietnam Vet, US Air Force. 1965-1969
CHAPMAN, Thomas S. Spouse of Rachel?. Born 10-04-1799, died 2-26-1861
CHAPMAN, William E. Born 1881, died 1916
CHENEY, Girl, died 1956. Age: Baby - Baby grave first name not given
CHENEY, Lois E. Born 1895, died 1918
CHERRY, Hamilton. Spouse of Phebe P. C. Born 1810, died 1892 - Cherry side of Churchill-Cherry monument
CHERRY, Moses, died 11-19-1844. Age: 1m 3d - Son of Hamilton & Phebe Cherry Small stone--Cherry side of Churchill-Cherry monument
CHERRY, Phebe P. Churchill. Spouse of Hamilton. Born 1816, died 1896 - Dau of John & Mary House Churchill Cherry side of Churchill-Cherry monument
CHILDS, Hervie G. Spouse of Myrtle. Born 1894, died 1971
CHILDS, Howard M. Born 1925 - Bd. with Hervie & Howard Childs
CHILDS, Myrtle H. Spouse of Hervie. Born 1898
CHRISTENSEN, Robert G. Born 1927 - Son of Christensen, Christensen-Bourne monument
CHURCHILL, Amy R. Born 1848, died 6-19-1867. Age: 19 - Dau of Daniel & Julia A. House Churchill Churchill monument
CHURCHILL, Carrie. Born 1865, died 1869 - Bd. with Leroy & Julia Churchill. Churchill monument
CHURCHILL, Daniel. Spouse of Julia A. Born 1820, died 1895 - Son of Sylvester & Theodosia House Churchill Theodosia dau of John House Churchill monument
CHURCHILL, George C. Spouse of Nellie. Born 1873, died 1956
CHURCHILL, James L. Born 1880, died 1942
CHURCHILL, John. Spouse of Mary H & Olive. Born 1787, died 1854 - Son of Churchill, Wed twice Big stone--Churchill side of Churchill-Cherry monument
CHURCHILL, Julia A. House. Spouse of Daniel. Born 1819, died 1893 - Dau of David and Nabby House "Mother" "Wife" Churchill monument
CHURCHILL, Julia E. Born 1869, died 1889 - Bd. with Leroy & Julia Churchill. Churchill monument
CHURCHILL, Leroy. Spouse of Nancy. Born 1842, died 1883 - Son of Daniel & Julia A. House Churchill Churchill monument
CHURCHILL, Lulu M. Born 1871, died 1932
CHURCHILL, Martha M., died 5-31-1821. Age: 3y 5m 0d - Dau of Churchill Small stone--Churchill side of Churchill-Cherry monument
CHURCHILL, Mary House. Spouse of John. Born 1788, died 1834 - Dau of Dea. John & Joanna House "Wife" Big stone--Churchill side of Churchill-Cherry monument
CHURCHILL, Nancy J. Spouse of Leroy. Born 1845, died 1926 - Churchill monument
CHURCHILL, Nellie. Spouse of George. Born 1877, died 1959
CHURCHILL, Olive. Spouse of John. Born 1799, died 1861 - Big stone--Churchill side of Churchill-Cherry monument
CLARK, Jay W. Born 1886, died 1954
CLUTE, Arthur W. Spouse of Mable. Born 1912
CLUTE, Mable I. Spouse of Arthur. Born 1913, died 1975
COALS, Baby, died 9-26-18??. Age: 2m - Bd. with O.J. & Jane Coals, dod unreadable
COALS, Jane E. Spouse of O. J. Born 10-27-1831 - Stone is sunken
COATES, Jessie Blowers. Spouse of A. W. Born 1857, died 1889 - Blowers-Coates monument
COATES, Theodora. Born 1884, died 1911 - Blowers-Coates monument
COCHRAN, Benjamin A. Spouse of Ethel. Born 1890, died 1970
COCHRAN, Ethel M. Spouse of Benjamin. Born 1892
COCHRAN, M. Clebert. Spouse of Janice E. (Conti) Cochran (survives). Born 8-1-1942, died 7-3-2015. Age: 72 - Son of Albert L. and Dorothy (Walker) Cochran; raised by grandparents David and Elva Cochran, born and died in Westfield NY. Wed 4-17-1971 in Westfield NY, three children
COCHRANE, Earl Edwin. Born 1927, died 1930
COGSWELL, Roy N. Born 1896, died 1954
COLLEY, Donald, died 9-25-1977. Age: 61
CONGDON, Florence E. (Johnson). Spouse of Robert J. Born 4-29-1923, died 9-7-2017. Age: 68 - Dau of Frank and Florence (Sharp) Johnson. Born, lived, and died in Jamestown NY. Wed 11-24-1946, three daughters,
CONGDON, Pearl H. Spouse of Walter B. Born 1885, died 1966 - Hatsell-Congdon stone with Velma Hatsell
CONGDON, Robert G. Spouse of Florence E. Johnson. Born 10-16-1928, died 11-9-2015. Age: 87 - Son of Walter Benjamin and Pearl (Hatsel) Congdon, born in Watertown NY, died in Jamestown NY. Worked 45 yrs for Jamestown Electro-Plating Works. Wed 11-24-1946 (69 yrs), three daughters.
COOLEY, Althea Whitaker. Born 1921, died 1963
COOLEY, John M. Spouse of L. Mae. Born 1896, died 1969
COOLEY, L. Mae. Spouse of John. Born 1897, died 1977
CORNELL, Gladys. Spouse of Leo. Born 1911
CORNELL, Leo J. Spouse of Gladys. Born 1907, died 1967
COUCH, A. P. Born 1827, died 1908
COUCH, Abigail Adams. Spouse of William, died 5-15-1832. Age: 66 - Bd. Union Cem. w/husband
COUCH, Abigail Russell. Spouse of William. Born 1801, died 1890
COUCH, Harmon A. Born 1829, died 1890. Age: 33 - Civil War Vet, Co F 157th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1863 at westfield for three years. Discharged for disability 4-5-1864 at Jacksonville FL
COUCH, William. Spouse of Abigail A. Born 1759, died 4-27-1845. Age: 86 - Baptised in Wethersfield CT 5-13-1879, died in Westfield NY. Stone in Union Cem. Stone dates not readable - Revolutionary War Vet, 12th MA Militia, Pvt. Capts Collars, Warner; Cols Ashley, Brown. (DAR #A026441)
COUCH, William. Spouse of Abigail R. Born 1794, died 1831 - Son of William & Abigail Adams Couch
COUCHMAN, Elle E. Born 11-19-1860, died 10-01-1882 - Dau of George & Mary Couchman. Couchman monument
COUCHMAN, George. Spouse of Mary. Born 8-31-1827, died 10-11-1888 - Couchman monument
COUCHMAN, George W. Born 1858, died 1920 - Son of George & Mary Couchman Couchman monument
COUCHMAN, Mary. Spouse of George. Born 1-02-1829, died 1-22-1869 - Couchman monument
COWSON, Thomas, died 4-11-1811. Age: 2m 19d - Son of Thomas & Mary Cowson
CRAFTS, Cynthia Halse. Spouse of Walter. Born 2-18-1788, died 7-20-1845 - Matching Crafts headstones
CRAFTS, Olive L. Weaver. Born 7-27-1815, died 12-10-1885 - Matching Crafts headstones
CRAFTS, Phebe Halsey. Spouse of Walter - Bd. as "Mrs. Walter", dod unreadable
CRAFTS, Phebe Louise. Born 11-13-1818, died 8-16-1876 - Matching Crafts headstones
CRAFTS, Walter. Spouse of Cynthia H. Born 3-05-1775, died 12-09-1844 - Matching Crafts headstones
CRISPEN, Boy, died 1955. Age: Baby - Baby grave first name not given
CRISPEN, Travis R., died 1954. Age: Baby - Baby grave
CRONK, Lillian E. Spouse of Nelson. Born 1890, died 1973
CRONK, Nelson B. Spouse of Lillian. Born 1883, died 1951
CROSBY, Samuel C. Spouse of Mary Foote. Born 12-20-814, died 5-17-1881. Age: 66y 5m - second child of Isaac Crosby m. Dec 15 1841
CROSSGROVE, Armina. Spouse of Hugh, died 11-16-1878. Age: 69
CROSSGROVE, Frank M. Born abt 1836, died 1-23-1863. Age: 27y 7m 16d - Civil War Vet, DOD, Co E 112th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Westfield for three years. Died of Typhoid fever 1-25-1863 at Hampton VA
CROSSGROVE, Hugh. Spouse of Armina, died 1-12-1879. Age: 77
CROSSGROVE, Mary Elizabeth Kelsey. Spouse of William, died 12-09-1899
CROSSGROVE, Walton Arthur. Born 5-27-1854, died 9-24-1883 - Son of William A. & Mary Elizabeth Kelsey Crossgrove
CROSSGROVE, William A. Spouse of Mary Elizabeth K. Born 5-05-1829, died 10-18-1861
CULVER, Harmon. Spouse of Mary. Born 08 Oct 1794, died 2-20-1867. Age: 72y 4m 12d
CULVER, Mary. Spouse of Harmon. Born 1809, died 1893
CURRIER, Unknown, died 1954. Age: Baby - Baby grave first name not given
DALRYMPLE, Carl Richard. Spouse of Elinor S. Saxon. Born 7-14-1927, died 3-17-2021. Age: 93 - Son of George H. and Martina E. (Flygari) Dalrymple. Born and died in Jamestown NY, lived in Westfield NY. Two daughters, mother not named. Wed Elinor 7-2-1966. - WW II Vet, US Army.
DALRYMPLE, Elinor S. (Saxon). Spouse of Carl R. Born 5-2-1925, died 3-6-2007. Age: 89 - Dau of Clarence J. and Laura (Breads) Saxton Sr. Lived in Westfield NY. Wed 7-2-1966, no children named. - WW II Vet, US Army.
DASCOMB or DESMOND, Lois. Spouse of William. Born 10-18-1800, died 1875 - Dau of Jedediah & Rachel Adams Thayer Wife of Wm. Dascomb or Desmond--unreadable, Bd. with parents Book record d. 1875
DIBBLE, Christopher V. Spouse of Jane C. Born 10-21-1824, died 10-07-1894
DIBBLE, Jane C. Freeman. Spouse of Christopher V. Born 1-02-1823, died 12-09-1888
DICKEY, Nathaniel, died 8-06-1827. Age: 22
DICKSON, Agnes J. Born 1860, died 1942 - Dickson-Arnold monument
DICKSON, Chester Arnold. Born 1884, died 1913 - Dickson-Arnold monument
DICKSON, Eliza Spurr. Born 1815, died 1869 - Dickson-Arnold monument
DICKSON, Laura A. Born 1878, died 1961 - Dickson-Arnold monument
DICKSON, Mary L. Spouse of "Father". Born 1823, died 1900 - "Mother", Dickson-Arnold monument
DICKSON, Redman S. Born 1842, died 1906 - Dickson-Arnold monument
DICKSON, Sarah A. Born 1855, died 1929 - Dickson-Arnold monument
DICKSON, Warren W. Born 1855, died 1925 - Dickson-Arnold monument
DICKSON, William H. Spouse of "Mother". Born 1812, died 1892 - Father" Dickson-Arnold monument
DOTY, A. R. ["Baby Boy A. R."], died 1906. Age: Baby - One date--assume dod
DOTY, Alva R. Born 1873
DOTY, Edith H. Spouse of Louie?. Born 1899, died 1971
DOTY, Grace B. Born 1879
DOTY, Louie L. Spouse of Edith. Born 1891, died 1946 - Son of Wellington & Pheb Doty
DOTY, Phebe. Spouse of Wellington. Born 1865, died 1927
DOTY, Wellington. Spouse of Phebe. Born 1853, died 1922
DOUGAN, James C. Born 1947, died 1965
DRAKE, Edwin. Spouse of Eliza. Born 1828, died 1910
DRAKE, Eliza. Spouse of Edwin. Born 1816, died 1902
DRAKE, George. Born 1858, died 1927 - Bd. with Edwin & Eliza Drake
DRAKE, Malinda. Born 2-02-1861, died 11-21-1890 - Dau of Edwin & Eliza Drake
DRAKE, Ruth - No data on stone
DRAKE, William N. Born 1854, died 1897 - Bd. with Edwin & Eliza Drake
DURYEA, Isabelle Mae Schroefer "Diz". Spouse of Guy O. Born 7-6-1913, died 10-23-2005. Age: 92 - Dau of William Schroeder & Effie Mae Curtis Schroeder Kingsley-born in Buffalo
EAMES, Sophronia M. Spouse of William. Born 1876, died 1958
EAMES, William F. Spouse of Sophronia. Born 1873, died 1926
ECKMAN, Flora A. - See. Whipple, Flora A.
EINFELDT, James T. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1911, died 1976
EINFELDT, James T. Jr. Born 1939, died 1955 - Son of James T. Einfeldt
EINFELDT, Margaret W. Spouse of James. Born 1912
ELLIS, Alfred O. Spouse of Hellen M. Born 1835, died 1885 - Civil War Vet, Co G, C, D 112th Inf NYS Vols, 1/Lt. Enrolled 1862 at Portland for three years. Mustered out with company 6-13-1865 at Raleigh NC
ELLIS, Algie F. Born 1879, died 1899
ELLIS, Cora [Clara A.], died 1861 - Dau of Elisha and Diana Ellis No dates on stone
ELLIS, Edmund, died 10-06-1856. Age: 38y 3m 8d - Ellis monument
ELLIS, Elizabeth. Born 1793, died 1876
ELLIS, George E. Born 1864, died 1939
ELLIS, Hellen F. Born 1833, died 1920
ELLIS, Hellen M. Skidmore. Spouse of Alfred O. Ellis. Born 1837, died 1908
ELLIS, Hollis Fay. Spouse of Jennie. Born 1844, died 1909 - Ellis monument
ELLIS, Ida E. Born 1856, died 1935
ELLIS, James E. Born 1870, died 1893
ELLIS, Jennie. Spouse of Hollis Fay. Born 1847, died 1936 - Ellis monument
ELLIS, Lora B. Born 1866, died 1890
ELLIS, Mary E. Spouse of Porter. Born 1860, died 1931
ELLIS, Neil C. Born 1891, died 1943
ELLIS, Porter Zerah. Spouse of Mary. Born 1858, died 1936 - Son of Alfred & Hellen Ellis
ELLIS, R. E. Born 1832, died 1911
ELLIS, W. Alton. Born 2-08-1869, died 7-08-1895
ELWOOD, Hannah. Spouse of Peter P., died 4-02-1834. Age: 42y 0m 10d - Dau of Holt
ELWOOD, Peter P. Spouse of Hannah H, died 2-18-1868. Age: 77y 9m 23d
ELY, Eunice. Spouse of Herman. Born 7-22-1788, died 11-17-1844 - Dau of Jonathon & Sally Burch
ELY, Herman. Spouse of Eunice B, died 12-02-1868. Age: 85y 9m 6d
ELY, Jane. Born 10-23-1819, died 3-12-1839 - Dau of Herman & Eunice Burch Ely
ERTEL, Evelyn M. Spouse of William. Born 6-28-1912, died 4-17-1977
ERTEL, William F. Spouse of Evelyn. Born 12-10-1903, died 11-11-1967
EVANS, Renetta M. MCCaughry "Ree". Spouse of Fred W. Born 1-21-1920, died 10-2-2008. Age: 88 - Dau of M. Glenn & Georgia Hilliard McCaughry-born in Canton, MI. Wed 12-8-1945 in Michigan - WW II Vet, US Army Nursing Corps
FARINGTON or FARRINGTON, Daniel M. Spouse of Marian. Born 1795, died 1881
FARINGTON or FARRINGTON, Jane E. Born 1820, died 1918
FARINGTON or FARRINGTON, Marian E. Spouse of Daniel. Born 1804, died 1859
FARINGTON, Edwin W. Spouse of Margaret, died 4-20-1858. Age: 50y 10m 1d
FARINGTON, John A., died 1842. Age: 1y 7m 0d - Son of Edwin W. & Margaret Farington
FARINGTON, Margaret H. Spouse of Edwin W., died 3-08-1891. Age: 76y 6m 8d
FARRINGTON, Emma C. Tower. Spouse of D. M. Born 6-10-1857, died 11-28-1890 - Wife of D. M. Farrington" Bd. as Tower Or near Tower
FAY or HOUSE?, Ruth - "Wife of ?"--stone unreadable House-Fay marker
FAY, George A. Spouse of Lavinia H, died 8-29-1888. Age: 52 - House-Fay marker
FAY, Hollis. Spouse of Phebe MIXER, died 7-27-1868. Age: 75y 3m 17d
FAY, Lavinia House. Spouse of George A., died 6-20-1891. Age: 60 - House-Fay marker
FAY, Phebe Mixer. Spouse of Hollis, died 10-19-1868. Age: 75y 3m 17d
FELLOWS, Olive. Spouse of John. Born 12-16-1809 - Dau of Luther & Olive Stockwell Thwing--assume bd. here?
FELTON, Anna, died 9-14-1884. Age: 4m
FELTON, Mary. Born 1844, died 1919
FERGUSON, Henry F. Born 1893, died 1918 - Bourne-Ferguson monument
FINLEY, James. Spouse of Jane. Born 11-28-1829, died 11-13-1904
FINLEY, Jane. Spouse of James. Born 3-27-1827, died 2-02-1891
FINLEY, Susie. Born 1869, died 1911 - Bd. with James & Jane Finley
FISH, Hiram, died 12-23-1876. Age: 87y 1m 18d
FISHER, Girl, died 1964. Age: Baby - Baby grave first name not given
FLANDERS, Adaline Skidmore. Spouse of John, died 12-26-1868. Age: 56y 11m 27d
FLANDERS, John. Spouse of Adaline S, died 2-08-1873. Age: 66y 2m 1d
FORD, Alwyn W. Spouse of Mae. Born 1874, died 1927
FORD, George E. Spouse of Gertrude. Born 1858, died 1907
FORD, Gertrude C. Spouse of George. Born 1869, died 1904
FORD, Mae E. Spouse of Alwyn. Born 1880, died 1960
FOX, Milton. Born 1900, died 1934
FOX, Sarah. Born 1873, died 1961
FRANCES, Donny, died 1939 - One date--assume dod?
FRANCIS, Fred D. Spouse of Lillian. Born 1870, died 1943 - Francis-White monument
FRANCIS, Lillian M. Spouse of Fred. Born 1874, died 1952 - Francis-White monumnet
FREELAND, Henry W. Spouse of Loussy. Born 1879, died 1956
FREELAND, Loussy. Spouse of Henry. Born 1877
FREEMAN, George L. Born 10-20-1795, died 12-15-1884 - Metal marker Bd beside Christopher & Jane Freeman Dibble
FULLER, Ellen S. Spouse of Louis?. Born 1887, died 1963
FULLER, Louis H. Spouse of Ellen. Born 1875, died 1955
FURMAN, Mary M. Born 1892, died 1935
GALLOWAY, James. Spouse of Rachel, died 9-20-1896. Age: 68
GALLOWAY, Nellie A. Born 1865, died 1952 - Bd. with James & Rachel Galloway
GALLOWAY, Rachel A. Spouse of James, died 4-07-1908. Age: 66y 4m 23d
GARDNER, L. Born 1886, died 1952 - Metal marker
GATES, Catherine. Spouse of Richard, died 9-20-1873. Age: 74y 5m 16d
GATES, Mary Ann, died 1840 - Stone unreadable. Record book: died 1840
GILBERT, Unknown, died 1977. Age: Baby - Baby grave first name not given
GLEASON, Baby Boy, died 2-19-1960. Age: Baby - Baby Boy
GOLDEN -- See HALL, James C.
GOLDEN, Howard Earl. Spouse of Deborah. Born 4-8-1950, died 10-9-2017. Age: 66 - Son of Kenneth and Helen (Beers) Golden. Born in Westfield NY, lived and died in Brocton NY. Worked many years as a machinist for Renold's Inc. Two sons. (Spouse survives)
GOODRICH, Betsey, died 4-25-1840. Age: 11y 1m 16d - Dau of Burrell T. & Susan Goodrich
GOODRICH, Burrel T. Spouse of Susan, died 10-09-1866. Age: 70
GOODRICH, Susan, died 10-1847. Age: 15y 5m 0d - Dau of Burrell T. & Susan Goodrich
GOODRICH, Susan. Spouse of Burrel T., died 1-16-1850. Age: 57
GOODWIN, Frank H. Born 1861, died 1937
GOODWIN, Margaret. Born 1816, died 1881
GRANGER, Byron. Born 1850, died 1900 - Son of Granger, Granger monument
GRANGER, Orpha A. Spouse of Samuel. Born 1826, died 1917 - Granger monument
GRANGER, Oscar. Born 1856, died 1938 - Granger monument
GRANGER, Samuel M. Spouse of Orpha. Born 1816, died 1895 - Granger monument
GREEN, Clyde W. Spouse of Elsie. Born 1880, died 1948 - Son of Green, "Father"
GREEN, Elsie L. Spouse of Clyde W. Born 1875, died 1914 - "Mother"
GRIFFITH, Gerald S. Born 1901, died 1974
HAGER, Edwin. Spouse of Emily Thankful. Born 1829, died 1914 - Son of John & Elizabeth Weaver Hager
HAGER, Elizabeth. Spouse of Stephen, died 1851 - Unreadable stone -- Book record says 1851
HAGER, Elizabeth Weaver. Spouse of John. Born 1791, died 1863
HAGER, Emily Thankful. Spouse of Edwin. Born 1837, died 1922
HAGER, Ida May. Born 1862, died 1875 - Dau of Edwin & Emily Thankful Hager
HAGER, John. Spouse of Elizabeth W. Born 1795, died 1882
HAGER, Mary Cordelia. Born 1857, died 1862 - Dau of Edwin & Emily Thankful Hager
HALL, Adalaide Shaw. Spouse of Warren Levi. Born 1890, died 1953
HALL, Alfred Hoover Sr. Spouse of Kay Nundy. Born 4-22-1934, died 4-20-2006. Age: 71 - Son of Harold T. and Mary (Kilgore) Hall. Wed 11-26-1960, one son.
HALL, Alice Izora. Born 1896, died 1898
HALL, Amanda D. Spouse of George. Born 1857, died 1910
HALL, Anon G. Born 1857, died 1917 - Son of Henry & Sarah Hall
HALL, Caroline. Spouse of Corydon W. Born 1830, died 1898
HALL, Carrie Victoria. Spouse of Delos Webster. Born 1856, died 1922
HALL, Charles Guy. Born 1870, died 1926 - Son of Herman Cornelius & Caroline Hubbell Hall
HALL, Corydon W. Spouse of Caroline. Born 1833, died 1896 - Civil War Vet, Co D 164th Inf NYS Vols, Sgt. Enlisted 1862 at Buffalo for three years. Mustered out with regiment 7-15-1865 near Washington DC
HALL, Delos. Spouse of Eunice Selina E. Born 4-26-1807, died 5-17-1884 - Son of Perry & Catherine "Laney" Klump Hall
HALL, Delos Webster. Spouse of Carrie Victoria. Born 1857, died 1923 - Son of Levi Lewis & Lois Webster Hall
HALL, Edna Morse. Spouse of Sidney C. Born 1894, died 1939
HALL, Elaine Grace (Smith). Spouse of James T. Born 8-4-1930, died 11-18-2020. Age: 90 - Dau of Omar and Maude (Royce) Smith Sr. Born, lived, and died in Westfield NY. A grape farmer near Westfield NY. Three children.
HALL, Ely. Born 7-28-1837, died 6-13-1863 - Son of Delos & Eunice Selina Ely Hall b. 7-28-1837
HALL, Eunice Selina Ely. Spouse of Delos. Born 2-03-1809, died 9-24-1886
HALL, Fanny. Born 1823, died 1825 - Dau of Perry & Catherine Klumph Hall Stone broken--unreadable Family file b. 1823 d. 1825
HALL, Ferdinand. Spouse of Louisa ELY. Born 6-28-1815, died 4-22-1869
HALL, George D. Spouse of Amanda. Born 1851, died 1947
HALL, Hamilton. Born 1854, died 4-18-1870 - Son of Perry & Arvilla Armstrong Hall
HALL, Hamilton. Spouse of Louisa S. Born 1828, died 1912
HALL, Harold Taylor. Spouse of Mary Kilgore. Born 4-28-1898, died 1964 - Son of James E. and Lotta (Taylor) Hall. Born, lived, and died in Westfield NY. At least one son.
HALL, Henry. Born 1850, died 1905 - Hall & Taylor monument
HALL, Herman Cornelius. Spouse of Juliet C [#3]. Born 1837, died 1924 - Father" Wed #1 ? Wed #2 Caroline Hubbell Wed #3 Juliet Chamberlain
HALL, James C., died 4-06-1870. Age: 19y 2m 19d - Son of Jane Golden, Adopted son of Delos & Eunice Selina (Ely) Hall
HALL, James Erie. Spouse of Lotta Taylor. Born 9-3-1864, died 1939 - Son of Erie and Eliza A. (Crosgrove) Hall. Born, lived and died in Westfield NY. Wed 1897, two children.
HALL, James T. Spouse of Elaine G. Smith. Born 11-24-1929, died 7-7-2002. Age: 72 - Son of Harold T. and Mary (Kilgore) Hall. Born in Canada. A grape Farmer near Westfield NY. Three children. - Korean War Vet, USMC
HALL, John, died 4-11-1815 - Son of Perry & Catherine Klumph Hall Book record says mother Charlotte
HALL, Josephine E. Born 1903, died 1925 - Hall & Taylor monument
HALL, Julia Royce. Born 4-30-1961, died 4-21-2016. Age: 54 - Dau of James T. and Elaine G. (Smith) Hall. Born, lived, and died in Westfield NY. Owned and perated several small businesses.
HALL, Juliet Chamberlain. Spouse of Herman Cornelius. Born 1840, died 1924 - Mother" 3rd wife
HALL, Kay (Nundy). Spouse of Alfred H. Sr. Born 4-5-1940, died 2-17-2019. Age: 78 - Dau of Lloyd and Mary (Thomas) Nundy. Born, lived and died in Westfield NY. A homemaker. Wed 11-26-1960, one son.
HALL, Laney [Catherine]. Spouse of Perry, died 3-06-1854. Age: 66 - Dau of Klumph. Wife of Perry
HALL, Levi Lewis. Spouse of Lois W. Born 1830, died 1918
HALL, Lewis P. - Son of Henry & Sarah Newcomb Hall No dates
HALL, Lois Webster. Spouse of Levi Lewis. Born 1834, died 1907
HALL, Lotta (Taylor). Spouse of James T. Born 1874, died 1944 - Hall & Taylor monument
HALL, Louisa Shoff. Spouse of Hamilton. Born 1839, died 1917
HALL, Margaret. Born 1861, died 1927
HALL, Margaret P. Born 1910, died 1960
HALL, Maria. Spouse of David. Born 5-11-1806, died 1-01-1849 - Dau of Luther & Olive Stockwell Thwing--assume bd. here? assume 2nd date dod?--Westfield NY.
HALL, Mary K. (Kilgore). Spouse of Harold T. Born 1900, died 1945 - At least one son. Hall & Taylor monument
HALL, Oscar George. Born 1832, died 1894
HALL, Oscar Ion. Born 1856, died 1868
HALL, Perry, died 1-29-???? - Bd. with Hamilton Hall One date--assume dod? Cannot read year
HALL, Sidney C. Spouse of Edna M. Born 1886, died 1931
HALL, Thirza Edna. Born 1889, died 1892
HALL, Wallace. Born 1895, died 1907 - Bd. with Delos & Carrie Hall
HALL, Warren Levi. Spouse of Adalaide SHAW. Born 1891, died 1965 - Son of Delos Webster & Carrie Victoria Hall
HALL?, Unknown - 1 of 2 stones under bushes--cannot read
HALL?, Unknown - 1 of 2 stones under bushes--cannot read
HALMARK, Unknown, died 1958. Age: Baby - Baby grave first name not given
HAMMOND, Blanche E. Spouse of Clinton. Born 1895, died 1960
HAMMOND, Clinton L. Spouse of Blance. Born 1888, died 1956
HANES?, Dortha C. Spouse of Harland. Born 1903, died 1972 - First name as spelled
HANES?, Harland P. Spouse of Dortha. Born 1904, died 1972
HANES?, Perry L. Born 1935, died 1939 - Son of Harland & Dortha Hanes
HANSEN, Walter G. Born 1915, died 1964
HARDENBURG, Alice L. Born 1839, died 1917 - Hardenburg monument--6 sm stones in same row
HARDENBURG, Diana L. Born 1840, died 1880 - Hardenburg monument--6 sm stones in same row
HARDENBURG, Earl. Born 1854, died 1907 - Hardenburg monument
HARDENBURG, Florence M. Born 1874, died 1956 - Hardenburg monument--6 sm stones in same row
HARDENBURG, Harold. Born 1887 - Hardenburg monument--6 sm stones in same row
HARDENBURG, Henry. Born 1835, died 1926 - Son of Hardenburg, Hardenburg monument--6 sm stones in same row
HARDENBURG, Katie. Born 1869, died 1870 - Hardenburg monument--6 sm stones in same row
HARDENBURG, Susan. Spouse of Volkert. Born 1796, died 1868 - Hardenburg monument
HARDENBURG, Volkert. Spouse of Susan. Born 1799, died 1892 - Hardenburg monument
HARRIS, Blanche L. Spouse of William. Born 1893
HARRIS, Carl L. Spouse of Sarah. Born 1863, died 1918
HARRIS, Henry. Spouse of Mary. Born 3-30-1800, died 5-17-1890
HARRIS, Mary. Spouse of Henry. Born 9-11-1802, died 7-02-1880
HARRIS, Sarah E. Spouse of Carl. Born 1869, died 1933
HARRIS, William G. Spouse of Blanche. Born 1898
HASKIN, Ruth. Born 1902
HASKINS, Isabelle A. Spouse of Max C. Born 1910 - "Mother"
HASKINS, Max C. Spouse of Isabelle. Born 1909, died 1956. Age: 47 - struck by the truck while driving a tractor "Father"
HASKINS, Max Jr. Born 1929, died 1953 - Bd. with Max C. & Isabelle Haskins - WW II Vet
HASKINS, Robert S. Born 7-21-1933, died 6-30-1951 - Bd. with Max C. & Isabelle Haskins
HASSETT, Sarah. Spouse of Samuel, died 12-06-1881. Age: 60y 2m 13d
HATSELL, Jennie Elizabeth Crossgrove. Spouse of John. Born 6-08-1860, died 7-07-1882 - Dau of William A. & Mary Elizabeth Kelsey Crossgrove Bd. with parents "Wife of John Hatsell"
HATSELL, John. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1853, died 1903
HATSELL, Margaret. Spouse of John. Born 1853, died 1942
HATSELL, Velma. Born 1892, died 1964 - Hatsell-Congdon stone with Pearl H. Congdon
HAYNES, Hannah. Spouse of Sanford, died 6-29-1819. Age: 56
HAYNES, Sanford. Spouse of Hannah, died 1-03-1819. Age: 54
HEALY, Beri. Spouse of Madonna JOHNSON. Born 1867, died 1922 - Johnson-Jacobs-Healy monument
HEALY, Charles Heman. Born 1865, died 1912 - Johnson-Jacobs-Healy monument
HEALY, Ernest. Born 1898, died 1953
HEALY, Fannie A. Born 8-12-1826, died 1-30-1912 - "Mother" Munson-Bennett-Healy monument
HEALY, Madonna Johnson. Spouse of Beri. Born 1877, died 1904 - Dau of Locke & Alice Johnson "Wife" Johnson-Jacobs-Healy monument
HEALY, Nancy. Born 1833, died 1913 - Johnson-Jacobs-Healy monument
HEALY, Rose. Born 1871, died 1930 - Johnson-Jacobs-Healy monument
HEALY, Sarah Ann. Born 1869, died 1941 - Johnson-Jacobs-Healy monument
HENRY, Edwin G. Born 5-27-1923, died 4-30-1966 - WW II Vet
HILLER, A. B. Spouse of Lucinda F. Born 1807, died 1892
HILLER, Bessie E. Born 1877, died 1931 - Dau of George Ferris & Della Hiller
HILLER, Della A. Spouse of George. Born 1849, died 1908
HILLER, George Ferris. Spouse of Della. Born 1848, died 1909
HILLER, Grace F. Born 1870, died 1936 - Bd. with George & Della Hiller
HILLER, James. Born 9-10-1892, died 8-06-1906 - Son of Oliver & Louesa Hiller Drowned Hiller-McTaffe monument
HILLER, Katherine A. Spouse of William. Born 1859, died 1938
HILLER, Kitty -- see MCTAFFEE, Kitty
HILLER, Lousea M. Spouse of Oliver. Born 1864, died 1951
HILLER, Lucinda Ferris. Spouse of A. B. Born 1820, died 1887 - Wife of A. B."
HILLER, Oliver A. Spouse of Lousea. Born 1862, died 1945
HILLER, William A. Spouse of Katherine. Born 1860, died 1933
HILLER?, Babes - One stone marker "Babes" No dates Hiller-McTaffee monument
HIPWELL, Frank. Spouse of Grace. Born 1873
HIPWELL, Grace. Spouse of Frank. Born 1873, died 1931
HOLBROOK, Anna H. Spouse of George. Born 1874, died 1944
HOLBROOK, Cadina F. Born 6-25-1819, died 7-18-1885 - Bd. with Simon & Sarah Holbrook
HOLBROOK, Evaline J. Born 1868, died 1954 - Bd. with Simon & Sarah Holbrook
HOLBROOK, Frederick A. Born 1856, died 1941 - Bd. with Simon & Sarah Holbrook
HOLBROOK, George W. Spouse of Anna. Born 1880, died 1950
HOLBROOK, Henry W. Spouse of Isabel. Born 1848, died 1927 - Son of Holbrook "Father"
HOLBROOK, Isabell J. Spouse of Henry W. Born 1846, died 1921 - "Mother"
HOLBROOK, Jennie K. Spouse of Samuel. Born 1869, died 1951
HOLBROOK, Mary L. Spouse of Simon. Born 1863, died 1952
HOLBROOK, Samuel F. Spouse of Jennie. Born 1873, died 1948
HOLBROOK, Sarah A. Spouse of Simon B. Born 1829, died 1906
HOLBROOK, Simon B. Spouse of Sarah. Born 1827, died 1908
HOLBROOK, Simon F. Spouse of Mary. Born 1873, died 1947
HOMEWOOD or HUMEWOOD, Charlotte. Spouse of James, died 8-08-1861
HOMEWOOD or HUMEWOOD, Isaac, died 11-10-1863. Age: 22
HOMEWOOD or HUMEWOOD, James. Spouse of Charlotte, died 3-27-1878. Age: 32y 11m 6d
HOPSON, Adelaide J. [or USBORNE, Adelaide J.?]. Born 1859, died 1940 - Hopson-Usborne (or Osborne) monument
HOPSON, Ann Murry. Spouse of Henry Munger. Born 1884, died 195-
HOPSON, Charles Wilson. Born 1887, died 1957 - Memory plaque on big Hopson monument circle
HOPSON, George. Born 1893, died 1972 - Memory plaque on big Hopson monument circle
HOPSON, Georgia Hiller. Born 1885, died 1923 - Bd. Hopson monument circle
HOPSON, Grace H. Born 1895, died 1973
HOPSON, Harold S. Born 1892, died 1921 - Hopson monument
HOPSON, Harold S. Born 1892, died 1921 - Hopson-Usborne (or Osborne) monument
HOPSON, Harry B. Born 1857, died 1912 - Hopson-Usborne (or Osborne) monument
HOPSON, Helen Kinsella. Born 1902, died 1942 - Dau of Kinsella Memory plaque on big Hopson monument circle
HOPSON, Henry Munger. Spouse of Ann. Born 1882, died 1942 - Son of Hopson, Bd. Hopson monument circle
HOPSON, Jennie - See MUNGER Jennie
HOPSON, Newell P. Born 1855, died 1928 - Bd. Hopson monument circle
HOPSON, Vincent H. Born 1917, died 1945 - Memory plaque on big Hopson monument circle - WW II Vet, Lt.
HORSCRAFT, Rosamond Hodges. Spouse of Thomas. Born 4-08-1817, died 5-31-1887 - Born in England
HORSCRAFT, Sophia E. Born 4-26-1855, died 6-19-1945 - Dau of Thomas & Rosamond Hodges Horscraft
HORSCRAFT, Thomas. Spouse of Rosamond H. Born 1-18-1818, died 12-09-1883 - Born in Kent Co. Engl
HORVATH, Elizabeth. Born 1903, died 1971
HORVATH, Julus. Born 1892, died 1972 - First name as spelled
HOUSE, Almedia A. Born 1870, died 1950
HOUSE, Cora E. Born 1856, died 1938
HOUSE, Cyrus. Born 1825, died 1902
HOUSE, Daniel P. Spouse of Lavinia, died 1-06-1864. Age: 64
HOUSE, David. Spouse of Nabby Saunders. Born 7-27-1792, died 1868
HOUSE, David. Spouse of Mary. Born 1832, died 1909
HOUSE, Edwin M., died 7-13-1843. Age: 5y 9m 2d - Son of David & Nabby Saunders House
HOUSE, Edwin M. Born 1861, died 1934
HOUSE, Ellen. Born 1835, died 1892
HOUSE, Ellen J. Born 1852, died 1913
HOUSE, Emmit D. Born 1868, died 1939
HOUSE, Frank. Born 1852, died 1855
HOUSE, Harriet. Born 1820, died 1870
HOUSE, Joanna Prudden. Spouse of John, died 6-10-1823. Age: 71 - Dau of Col. Prudden, "Wife", Book records 1928, Bd. Union Cem.
HOUSE, John. Spouse of Joanna P. Born 6-23-1760, died 3-10-1838. Age: 78 - Deacon b. Morristown NJ d. Westfield NY Bd. Union Cem - Revolutionary War Vet, PA Militia, Pvt. Capt Henry Kuster's Co 3rd Btry, Lancaster Co. PA (DAR # A057493)
HOUSE, John. Born 1821, died 1899
HOUSE, Lavinia. Spouse of Daniel P., died 3-22-1879. Age: 77
HOUSE, Lizzie. Born 1868
HOUSE, Louisa Jane, died 7-11-1831. Age: 2y 1m 0d - Dau of David & Nabby Saunders House
HOUSE, Mary A., died 12-30-1844. Age: 17 - Dau of Daniel P. & Lavinia House
HOUSE, Mary A. Spouse of David. Born 1838, died 1912
HOUSE, Nabby, died 4-09-1831. Age: 9y 6m 10d - Dau of David & Nabby Saunders House
HOUSE, Nabby S. Born 1865, died 1905
HOUSE, Nabby Saunders. Spouse of David. Born 10-23-1797, died 6-06-1886
HOUSE, Nancy Mary -- See MEAD, Nancy Mary House
HOUSE, Ruth -- See FAY or HOUSE, Ruth
HOUSER, Grace O. (Hatch). Spouse of William P. Born 5-2-1928, died 12-30-2017. Age: 89 - Dau of Leo Oliver and Gladys Grace (Crandall) Hatch. Born in Malta NY, died in Westfield NY. Seven children. (Spouse predeceased )
HUGHES, Jennie M. Born 1883, died 1914
HuHEEY?, Gertrude Norton. Born 1908, died 1973 - Bd. with James & Elizabeth Noton
HULBERT, Caleb. Spouse of Catherine B. Born 5-31-1805, died 8-26-1892
HULBERT, Catherine Brown. Spouse of Caleb, died 11-19-1875. Age: 55
HULBERT, Henry L. Spouse of Phebe. Born 1815, died 1876
HULBERT, Jabez. Spouse of Lovicy, died 10-15-1849. Age: 73 - dod--Book record
HULBERT, Katie. Born 1848, died 1916 - Bd. with Henry & Phebe Hulbert
HULBERT, Lovicy. Spouse of Jabez, died 12-06-1859. Age: 82 - Dod from Book record
HULBERT, Phebe. Spouse of Henry. Born 1822, died 1850
HULBERT, W. Erwing. Born 1845, died 1859 - Bd. with Henry & Phebe Hulbert
HUNT, Clebert A. Spouse of Olive. Born 1900
HUNT, Duane C. Spouse of Maude. Born 1904, died 1972
HUNT, Maude C. Spouse of Duane. Born 1904
HUNT, Olive M. Spouse of Clebert. Born 1900, died 1972
HYDE, Frank C. Born 1866, died 1955


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