Mina, NY
Its on a road between Route 430 and Peek & Peek ski Resort

Submitted  by Dee Davidson
Formatted by Gayle Thomson


ANGERVINE, Ella   Born 1853 Died 1878     Verify- TS
ANGERVINE, Eva   Born 1866 Died 1882     Verify- TS
ANGERVINE, Frank A.     Died 12-09-1872 Age 21y11m0d   -   Son of John and Ann Angervine Verify- TS
ANGERVINE, Jesse   Born 1856 Died 1877     -   Child of Angervine Verify- TS
ANGERVINE, John W.     Died 5-27-1875 Age 27y5m29d   -   Son of John and Ann Angervine Verify- TS
ANGERVINE, Mary   Born 1858 Died 1879     Verify- TS
ANGERVINE, Nelson     Died 5-18-1883 Age 68y3m0d   Verify- TS
BARNES, Chauncy Spouse of Lydia Born 11-13-1831 Died 12-05-1910     Verify- TS
BARNES, Lydia D. Spouse of Chauncy   Born 12-29-1841 Died 9-20-1905     -   May be Lydia Peck Verify- TS,G
BEEBE, Ellen Spouse of  Born 1903 Died 1959     -   "Mother" Verify- TS
BEEBE, Robert   Born 1927 Died 1983     -   Son of Beebe, "Father, dob may not be correct Verify- TS
BOOZEL, Homer Mck? Spouse of Julia  Born 6-21-1896 Died 3-23-1954     -   Vet-WWI Navy NY Pvt Btry E 58th Field Art Verify- TS
BOOZEL, Julia A. Spouse of Homer  Born 3-26-1901 Died 6-28-1982     -   "In God's care" Verify- TS
BOOZEL, George H. Spouse of Ginger V.  Born 1927       Verify- TS
BOOZEL, Ginger V. McCray Spouse of George H.  Born 1934       Verify- TS
BOOZEL, Loretta Lou   Born 1966 Died 1966     -   Twin to Roberta Lee Verify- TS
BOOZEL, Raemona Lee   Born 1960 Died 1966     -   Dau of Boozel Verify- TS
BOOZEL, Roberta Lee   Born 1966 Died 1966     -   Twin to Loretta Lou Verify- TS
BRASTED, Nelson M.     Died 1-30-1891 Age 6y9m24d   -   Son of William Brasted Verify- TS
CARRIER, James A.   Born 1836 Died 1904     -   Son of Carrier, Vet-CW Sgt 7th 111D Bat Verify- TS
CAVETT, Daniel   Born 1809 Died 1891     Verify- TS
CAVETT, Margaret   Born 1815 Died 1892     Verify- TS
CAVETT, Nellie R.           -   No data Verify- TS
CLIFFORD, Agnes           -   No data Verify- TS
CLIFFORD, Lucille            -   No data Verify- TS
COE, Paulina/Palina     Died 5-08-1858 Age 8    -   Dau of W. & H. Coe Verify- TS
COLBURN, Harriet M.     Died 1-03-1846 Age ?   -   Dau of Lorenzo & Sally (Whitney) Colburn Verify- TS,G
COLBURN, Lorenzo  Spouse of Sally W    Died 5-30-1875 Age 75y0m12d   -   At rest", Wed 1-22-1822 Verify- TS,G
COLBURN, Sally Whitney Spouse of Lorenzo     Died 4-10-1875 Age 74y6m2d   -   At rest", Wed 1-22-1822 Verify- TS,G
COLE, Sally Spouse of Enos     Died 4-12-1834     -   "In memory of Sally "  Verify- TS
DARROW, Amassa Spouse of Sarah A.   Born 1-22-1812       -   1850-60 censuses indicate single date is dob Verify- TS,G
DARROW, Mary A.   Born 8-23-1838 Died 11-13-1889     -   Dau of Amassa & Sarah A. (Finn) Darrow Verify- TS
DARROW, Sarah A. Finn Spouse of Amassa  Born 5-13-1810       -   Dau of Nehemiah & Elizabeth (Lawrence) Finn, 1850-60 censuses indicate single date is dob Verify- TS,G
DECLOW, Carlie   Born 1887 Died 1891     Verify- TS
DECLOW, Lucy   Born 1858 Died 1945     Verify- TS
DECLOW, Martie   Born 1888 Died 1891     Verify- TS
FARNSWORTH, Betsy Ann Lewis Spouse of Titus B.     Died 5-11-1867 Age 51y1m29d   Verify- TS
FARNSWORTH, Daughter]     Died 7-11-1847 Age Infant   -   Infant Dau of Oren & Sarah Farnsworth Verify- TS
FARNSWORTH, Elizabeth A. Johnson Spouse of Mander    Died 5-31-1874 Age 74y11m22d   Verify- TS
FARNSWORTH, Emma     Died 10-21-1869 Age 5y3m19d   -   Dau of W. H. & E. Farnsworth Verify- TS
FARNSWORTH, Fran..?     Died 3-08-1851 Age 45    -   First name illegible, "Blessed are the dead and the?  The Lord, for they rest from their labor and follow them." Verify- TS
FARNSWORTH, Isaac W.     Died 2-24-1885 Age 17y4m12d   Verify- TS
FARNSWORTH, James A.     Died 8-08-1853     Verify- TS
FARNSWORTH, Mander Spouse of Elizabeth A.     Died 11-29-1874 Age 74y6m24d   Verify- TS
FARNSWORTH, S .F.           -   Separate stone, not data Verify- TS
FARNSWORTH, Sarah J.     Died 7-10-1853 Age 5y3m0d   -   Dau of T. B. & B. A.  Farnsworth Verify- TS
FARNSWORTH, Titus B. Spouse of Betsy Ann L    Died 10-28-1879 Age 67y11m22d   -   Son of John F. & Sarah Bassett [Whitney] Fansworth), "Gone Home to Rest" Verify- TS,G
FENTON, Azzan W. Spouse of Sarah C  [#1] & Lydia [#2]   Died 2-04-1852 Age 87y11m9d   -   aka "Zan" Verify- TS,G
FENTON, Lydia Spouse of Azzan W.    Died 8-29-1878 Age 66y4m1d   -   Wife #2, "The pure in heart shall rise again" Verify- TS,G
FENTON, Robert H.     Died 5-15-1880 Age 48y10m0d   Verify- TS
FENTON, Sarah Clary Spouse of Azzan W.     Died 2-04-1852 Age 62    -   Wife #1, Wed 11-17-1812 in The Protestant Presbyterian Congregation (Cambridge-Washington-NY) Verify- TS,G
FINN, Elizabeth Lawrence Spouse of Nehemiah  Born 2-05-1785 Died 11-06-1867     Verify- TS
FINN, Eva L. Spouse of Robert   Born 1871 Died 1905     -   Dau of Trenchard Verify- TS,G
FINN, Fern M. Spouse of J. Lawrence  Born 1902 Died 1979     Verify- TS
FINN, Harold Lee   Born 1902 Died 1981     -   Son of Robert & Eva Finn Verify- TS,G
FINN, Helen A. Spouse of James Madison  Born 1-09-1828 Died 1919     -   Dau of Philo Hawley Verify- TS,G
FINN, J. Lawrence Spouse of Fern? Born 1896 Died 1976     Verify- TS
FINN, James Madison Spouse of Helen A.   Born 11-07-1823 Died 1913     -   Son of Nehemiah & Elizabeth (Lawrence) Finn Verify- TS,G
FINN, Loviza [or Lovisa Jane]   Born 11-16-1804 Died 11-06-1867     -   Dau of Nehemiah & Elizabeth (Lawrence) Finn Verify- TS
FINN, Mary Ellen   Born 1890 Died 1965     Verify- TS
FINN, Nehemiah Spouse of Elizabeth L  Born 10-12-1781 Died 9-02-1859     -   Son of Anthony & Catherine (Burt) Finn, b. Warwick-Orange Co-NY Verify- TS,G
FINN, Nemiah  [Nehemiah]   Born 8-04-1856 Died 9-02-1899     -   Son of James & Helen Finn, should be Nehemiah, d. 9-02-1899 Verify- TS,G
FINN, R. Lee [Robert Lee] Spouse of Eva L.   Born 10-23-1866 Died 5-07-1923     -   bd. as R. Lee Verify- TS,G
FISHER, Samuel   Born 1808 Died 1884     Verify- TS
GOODYEAR, Gertrude A. Spouse of John? Born 1889 Died 1973     Verify- TS
GOODYEAR, John F. Spouse of Gertrude  Born 1888 Died 1969     Verify- TS
GREEN, Anna   Born 1912 Died 1967     Verify- TS
GREEN, Belle E. Spouse of James  Born 1892 Died 1959     Verify- TS
GREEN, Charles   Born 1900 Died 1978     Verify- TS
GREEN, James A. Spouse of Belle  Born 1879 Died 1955     Verify- TS
GREEN, Lucille Spouse of Richard  Born 1911 Died 1978     Verify- TS
GREEN, Margaret   Born 1908 Died 1984     Verify- TS
GREEN, Richard M. Spouse of Lucille  Born 1914       Verify- TS
GREENMAN, Belle Whitney Spouse of Charles  Born 1883 Died 1904     Verify- TS
GRIFFIN, Benjamin W. Spouse of Lillian  Born 1870 Died 1965     Verify- TS
GRIFFIN, John P. Spouse of Sarah  Born 1842 Died 1919     Verify- TS
GRIFFIN, Lillian D. Spouse of Benjamin  Born 1872 Died 1930     Verify- TS
GRIFFIN, Sarah C. Spouse of John: Born 1840 Died 1927     Verify- TS
HAD, John B.   Born 1925 Died 1980     Verify- TS
HASKELL, Elmina Spouse of Hartwell B.     Died 2-18-1876 Age 72y8m24d   -   May be second wife Verify- TS,G
HASKELL, Hartwell B. Spouse of Elmina  [#2?]   Died 7-04-1874 Age 66y3m8d   Verify- TS
HASKELL, Roger Spouse of Sally   Born 8-27-1776 Died 7-10-1843     Verify- TS
HASKELL, Sally W. Spouse of Roger  Born 10-29-1776 Died 6-14-1843     -   May be Sally Wood of Middleboro-Plymouth-MA Verify- TS,G
HETRICK, Clarence J.   Born 1887 Died 1969     -   Son of Clarence & Lavine Hetrick, Vet-WWI Cpl 4th Cav Verify- TS
HETRICK, John Spouse of Lavina  Born 1858 Died 1959     Verify- TS
HETRICK, Lavina Spouse of John  Born 1866 Died 1959     Verify- TS
HILL, Daughter     Died 5-12-1860 Age 10y11m0d   -   Dau of ? J.A. Hill Verify- TS
HOMOKI, Gabriel   Born 1909 Died 1979     Verify- TS
HUMES, Richard J.   Born 1863 Died 1965     Verify- TS
JOHNSON, Thomas           -   Vet-War of 1812 Verify- TS
JUDE, Addie F. Spouse of Elmer  Born 1862 Died 1941     Verify- TS
JUDE, Bette Spouse of Norman  Born 1927       Verify- TS
JUDE, Clara B.   Born 1888 Died 1965     -   Dau of Elmer & Addie Jude Verify- TS
JUDE, Elmer J. Spouse of Addie  Born 1862 Died 1941     Verify- TS
JUDE, Emil E. Spouse of Hazel  Born 1895 Died 1977     Verify- TS
JUDE, Hazel B. Spouse of Emil  Born 1898 Died 1965     Verify- TS
JUDE, Joanna   Born 2-02-1851 Died 12-11-1891     -   Dau of Joseph & Mary Ann (Graham) Jude Verify- TS
JUDE, Joseph Spouse of Mary Ann G  Born 1-21-1830 Died 5-25-1878     Verify- TS
JUDE, Mary Ann Graham Spouse of Joseph  Born 4-26-1829 Died 11-03-1904     Verify- TS
JUDE, Mildred   Born 1891       -   Dau of Elmer & Addie Jude Verify- TS
JUDE, Norman Spouse of Bette  Born 1916 Died 1970     Verify- TS
JUDE, Pauline Elaine     Died 10-03-1960     -   One date--assume dod? Verify- TS
KETCHAM, William     Died 1-20-1855 Age 1y5m24d   Verify- TS
KINNER, Edith Lewis   Born 1897 Died 1971     Verify- TS
LEWIS, Jepthan M.     Died 12-07-1874 Age 74y8m8d   -   "Gone to rest" Verify- TS
MANN, Fannie L. Spouse of Jay  Born 1870 Died 1965     Verify- TS
MANN, Freddie     Died 11-13-188? Age 1y5m11d   Verify- TS
MANN, George A.   Born 1898 Died 1976     -   Son of Jay & Fannie Mann Verify- TS
MANN, Henry M. Spouse of Martha Born 1826 Died 1911     Verify- TS
MANN, Howard   Born 1898 Died 1918     Verify- TS
MANN, James Spouse of Miranda  Born 1866 Died 1962     Verify- TS
MANN, Jay E. Spouse of Fannie  Born 1868 Died 1909     Verify- TS
MANN, Jessie F.   Born 1863 Died 1928     Verify- TS
MANN, Martha A. Spouse of Henry M.   Born 1830 Died 1905     Verify- TS
MANN, Mary L.     Died 1-24-1882 Age 20y10m4d   -   Dau of Henry M. & Martha Mann, "The lord is my shephard, I shall not want" Verify- TS
MANN, Miranda Spouse of James  Born 1869 Died 1946     Verify- TS
MANN, Will H.   Born 1888 Died 1957     Verify- TS
McGERL, G. Thomas   Born 1899       -   Error in records--may be died 1979 or born 1879 died 1899 Verify- TS
McGERL, Hugh   Born 1896 Died 1962     -   Uncle" Verify- TS
MERRY, Isabelle Spouse of Charles B.     Died 2-03-1886 Age 20y1m?d   -   "Mother" Verify- TS
MILLARD, Clarissa Greenman Spouse of  Born 1-01-1834or 84 Died 4-24-1909     -   Dau of Jesse B. and Electa M. (More) Greenman, Error(s) in this data Verify- TS
MOOR/MOORE/MORE, John A. Spouse of Sarah  Born 1827 Died 1893     Verify- TS
MOOR/MOORE/MORE, Sarah D. Spouse of John  Born 1828 Died 1902     Verify- TS
MORE, Augusta     Died 12-18-18?8 Age 12y10m??d   -   Dau of Jesse B. & Electa More; age part. illegible, "Sleep on dear daughter, And into thy rest, God called her home, He thought it best" Verify- TS
MORE, Elizabeth Spouse of Henry F.     Died 1-07-1869 Age 62y10m21d   Verify- TS
MORE, Henry F. Spouse of Elizabeth Born 5-26-1807 Died 1-01-1895     -   b. Roxbury-Delaware-NY Verify- TS,G
MORE, James Spouse of Mary  Born 1852 Died 1923     Verify- TS
MORE, James C. Spouse of Jane Born 1834 Died 1894     Verify- TS
MORE, Jane Spouse of James C.   Born 1830       Verify- TS
MORE, Mary Spouse of James  Born 1854 Died 1920     Verify- TS
MORE, Monroe C.     Died 3-20-1866 Age 7y2m0dd   -   Son of James C. & Jane More Verify- TS
MUNGER, Lydia Spouse of Charles     Died 4-27-1858 Age 33y5m17d   Verify- TS
NORMAN, Frank W.   Born 1913 Died 1981     Verify- TS
NORMAN, Gary W.   Born 1965 Died 1966     -   Son of Frank W. Norman Verify- TS
NURN, Matt   Born 1856 Died 1928     -   Origin of this surname seems to be of Russian or Estonian area, USSR Verify- TS,G
PERRY, Lucinda  [Barbara Lucinda] Spouse of Morgan Lewis     Died 6-09-1895or96 Age 70y2m13d   -   Dau of Carrier, bd. as "Lucinda" Verify- TS
PERRY, Mettie  [Mettie Lyodete]   Born 1859 Died 1940     -   Dau of Morgan Lewis & Barbara Lucinda (Carrier) Perry; bd. as Mettie Verify- TS
PERRY, Morgan Lewis Spouse of Barbara Lucinda C  Born 2-28-1822 Died 12-18-1893 Age 71y10m13d   -   Son of Squire & Phebe (Marshall) Perry, bd. as Morgan Verify- TS
PLOSS, L.   Born 3-12-1836 Died 2-06-1888     -   Our father, at rest" Verify- TS
PLOSS, Nellie   Born 1895 Died 1976     Verify- TS
SCHLOSSER, M. Ellen Spouse of Robert  Born 1884 Died 1967     Verify- TS
SCHLOSSER, Robert B. Spouse of M. Ellen  Born 1874 Died 1960     Verify- TS
SKELLIE, Andrew     Died 7-30-1841 Age 7y   -   Son of James & Janett (Doig) Skellie Verify- TS
SKELLIE, Ann Eliza Spouse of James A.    Died 11-07-1886 Age 48y7m6d   Verify- TS
SKELLIE, Emogene Spouse of John? Born 1854 Died 1947     Verify- TS
SKELLIE, Hannah Spouse of Alexander     Died 1-13-1852 Age 58y0m11d   -   May be Hannah Cleary or Clary wed. 11-03-1812 The Protestant Presby Congregation (Cambridge-Washington-NY) Verify- TS
SKELLIE, Hugh I. or Y. Spouse of Sally S.     Died 2-26-1874 Age 78y9m21d   -   Vet-War of 1812 Verify- TS
SKELLIE, James Spouse of Janett     Died 4-07-1852 Age 53y10m4d   Verify- TS
SKELLIE, Janett Doig Spouse of James   Born 3-29-1806 Died 8-19-1877 Age 71y4m20d   Verify- TS
SKELLIE, John D. Spouse of Emogene  Born 1840 Died 1902     -   Son of John?& Sophia?Skellie Verify- TS
SKELLIE, John H. Spouse of Sophia  Born 1815 Died 1896     Verify- TS
SKELLIE, Morris H.      Died 8-13-1870 Age 2y8m8d   -   Son of James A. & Ann Eliza (?) Skellie Verify- TS
SKELLIE, Sally S. Johnson Spouse of Hugh     Died 2-17-1873 Age 62y6m0d   Verify- TS
SKELLIE, Sophia Spouse of John? Born 1817 Died 1900     Verify- TS
SMITH, Carrie Finn Spouse of  Born 1858 Died 1929     -   Dau of James & Helen Finn; bd. with Finn's Verify- TS,G
STAGE, Dorothy   Born 1921 Died 1974     Verify- TS
STANLEY, Charles Spouse of Emily Born 1824 Died 1888     -   Son of Stanley, Served on gunboat Gen. Thomas, late War (assume CW vet) Verify- TS
STANLEY, Charles A.     Died 1-30-1871 Age 6y9m24d   -   Son of Charles & Emily Stanley Verify- TS
STANLEY, Emily J. Spouse of Charles   Born 1830 Died 1884     Verify- TS
THOMPSON, Cecille M. Spouse of Paul  Born 1911       Verify- TS
THOMPSON, Paul E. Spouse of Cecille  Born 1911 Died 1973     Verify- TS
TRESLER, Andrew R.   Born 1941 Died 1941     -   Son of Tresler, "Our beloved son, Rest in peace" Verify- TS
TRESLER, Ethel M. Spouse of Ray  Born 1905 Died 1982     -   "At rest" Verify- TS
TRESLER, Lawrence R.   Born 6-04-1931 Died 8-14-1965     -   Son of Ray & Ethel Tresler, Vet-Korea NY Cpl 59th Ord Ammo Reno Plat Verify- TS
TRESLER, Luis A.   Born 1887 Died 1958     Verify- TS
TRESLER, Mary A. Spouse of William  Born 1868 Died 1947     Verify- TS
TRESLER, Ray F. Spouse of Ethel  Born 6-18-1895 Died 9-24-1966     -   Vet-WWI NY Pvt Co G 112th Inf Verify- TS
TRESLER, William A. Spouse of Mary  Born 1862 Died 1942     Verify- TS
UNKNOWN, A. E. S            -   Separate stone, no data, initials only Verify- TS
UNKNOWN, E. M.            -   initials only Verify- TS
UNKNOWN, H. F.            -   initials only Verify- TS
UNKNOWN, H. R.            -   initials only Verify- TS
UNKNOWN, H. S.            -   initials only Verify- TS
UNKNOWN, J. B. M.           -   initials only Verify- TS
UNKNOWN, N. M. B.    Born ??34       -   dob illegible, initials only Verify- TS
UNKNOWN, Nancy Jo ??    Born 1940 Died 1968     -   first name only Verify- TS
WAGNER, Anna M. Spouse of Frank  Born 1898 Died 1981     Verify- TS
WAGNER, Eleanor M. Spouse of Francis  Born 1909       Verify- TS
WAGNER, Francis K. Spouse of Eleanor  Born 1921       -   Son of Frank & Anna Wagner Verify- TS
WAGNER, Frank L. Spouse of Anna  Born 1893 Died 1966     Verify- TS
WEAVER, Catharine Spouse of J. W.     Died 8-1850 Age 24    Verify- TS
WEAVER, Denelda A. Findley Spouse of Henry Elverton     Died 3-04-1881 Age 21y3m1d   -   Dau of Findley of Findley Lake NY, probably childbirth Verify- TS,G
WEAVER, Eunice Perry Spouse of Robert II   Died 8-16-1871 Age 44y2m3d   -   Asleep in Jesus" Verify- TS
WEAVER, Henry Elverton Spouse of Denelda A.   Born 8-20-1851 Died 1910     -   Son of William Perry & Maria (Wood) Weaver, Wed 12-31-1877 Verify- TS,G
WEAVER, Isabel Spouse of Thomas S.     Died 8-14-1881 Age 81y9m14d   Verify- TS
WEAVER, Maria Wood Spouse of William Perry   Born 1827 Died 1903     -   Wed 1-05-1848 Ellington NY Verify- TS,G
WEAVER, Mary R.      Died 11-03-1883 Age 5y3m14d   -   Dau of William Adelbert & Celestia Ann (Perry) Weaver; other siblings included Perry Adelburt Weaver b. 2-24-1877 Verify- TS
WEAVER, Robbie     Died 9-01-1881       -   Son of Henry Elverton & Denelda A. (Findley) Weaver Verify- TS
WEAVER, Robert II [Robert Cook?] Spouse of Eunice P [#1] Born 7-15-1826 Died 4-02-1915or16     -   Son of Robert Cook, wed twice? Verify- TS
WEAVER, Sarah H. Spouse of Robert II Born 1843 Died 1874 Age 31y4m15d   -   "All is well" Verify- TS
WEAVER, Thomas S. Spouse of Isabel   Died 11-15-1849 Age 57y7m7d   -   Vet-War of 1812, possible brother of Robert Verify- TS
WEAVER, William Adelburt Spouse of Celestia Ann PERRY   Died 6-01-1883 Age 34y0m11d   -   Son of William Perry & Maria (Wood) Weaver; wed Ellington-Chautauqua-NY 4-05-1876 Verify- TS,G
WEAVER, William Perry Spouse of Maria W  Born 2-18-1821 Died 1914     -   Son of Thomas & Isabel (Weaver) Weaver also bd. here Verify- TS,G
WELLS, Hannah Spouse of Joseph     Died 12-12-1843 Age 79    Verify- TS
WHITNEY, A. L.     Died 5-13-1887 Age 33    Verify- TS
WHITNEY, Aaron Spouse of Electa L    Died 9-23-1877 Age 79y0m9d   -   Son of Benjamin & Sarah (Bassett) Whitney Verify- TS,G
WHITNEY, Alice Betsey Spouse of William Benjamin  Born 1-17-1856 Died 7-22-1945     -   Dau of Johnston Verify- TS,G
WHITNEY, Bertha     Died 12-26-1872 Age 10m11d   -   Dau of Zebulon & Mary Ann (McDowell) Whitney Verify- TS,G
WHITNEY, Betsey [Betsey Elizabeth] Spouse of Isaac   Born 1824 Died 1906     -   Dau of Nason; bd. as Betsey Verify- TS,G
WHITNEY, Clara D. Spouse of Warren  Born 1908       Verify- TS
WHITNEY, Edwin I.   Born 1882 Died 1932     Verify- TS
WHITNEY, Electa Spouse of Aaron     Died 8-15-1874 Age 79y9m15d   -   Dau of James Zebulon & Phebe (Hoyt) Leach Verify- TS,G
WHITNEY, Ella   Born 1853 Died 1878     -   Dau of Isaac & Betsey Whitney Verify- TS
WHITNEY, Ellen  [Hannah Ellen] Spouse of Warren Wesley   Born 1883 Died 1946     -   Dau of Leavitt, bd. as "Ellen" Verify- TS,G
WHITNEY, Eva   Born 1866 Died 1882     -   Dau of Isaac & Betsey Whitney Verify- TS
WHITNEY, Infant     Died 1909     -   Bd. near Whitney stones Verify- TS
WHITNEY, Isaac Spouse of Betsey Elizabeth N  Born 1813or1819 Died 1904     -   Son of Aaron & Electa (Leach) Whitney Verify- TS,G
WHITNEY, Jesse   Born 1856 Died 1877     -   Child of Isaac & Betsey Whitney Verify- TS
WHITNEY, Lucy I. Spouse of William  Born 1885 Died 1945     Verify- TS
WHITNEY, Mary   Born 1859 Died 1879     -   Dau of Isaac? & Betsey? Whitney Verify- TS
WHITNEY, Mary Ann McDowell Spouse of Zebulon  Born 1845 Died 1907     -   Dau of McDowell, Zebulon thought to have died in CA 1920 Verify- TS,G
WHITNEY, Mary I.   Born 1844 Died 1873     Verify- TS
WHITNEY, Sally     Died 6-10-1846 Age 9y8m??d   -   Dau of Aaron & Electa (Leach) Whitney, age part. illegible Verify- TS
WHITNEY, Shirley J.   Born 1926 Died 1973     Verify- TS
WHITNEY, Verna     Died 1914     -   Bd. near Whitney stones; Note--a Verna Whitney was b. French Creek-Chautauqua-NY 12-26-1813 and d. 3-02-1914 and was Dau of Warren Wesley & Hannah Ellen (Leavitt) Whitney Verify- TS
WHITNEY, Warren C. Spouse of Clara? Born 1905 Died 1983     Verify- TS
WHITNEY, Warren Wesley Spouse of Hannah Ellen Leavitt Born 5-03-1880 Died 1967     -   Son of William Benjamin & Alice Betsey (Johnston) Whitney Verify- TS,G
WHITNEY, William Benjamin Spouse of Alice Betsey J  Born 6-25-1845 Died 1-06-1928     -   Son of Isaac & Betsy Elizabeth (Nason) Whitney, Vet-CW 112 NY Co D Verify- TS,G
WHITNEY, William Joseph   Born 11-21-1866 Died 9-26-1896     -   Son of Zebulon & Mary Whitney Verify- TS
WHITNEY, William M. Spouse of Lucy  Born 1877 Died 1967     Verify- TS
WRIGHT, Baby Boy     Died 1957     -   One date--assume dod? Verify- TS
YAGER, Helen S. Spouse of LaVerne  Born 1912       Verify- TS
YAGER, LaVerne H. Spouse of Helen  Born 1906 Died 1960     Verify- TS


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