Villenova (GPS Coordinates: 4222'35.17"N, 79 5'48.49"W)

From South Dayton, drive 2.16 miles west on Rte 322 to Cemetery Rd. Turn right onto Cemetery Rd. The cemetery entrance is.5 miles on the right.

Photo by Mark Peebles Photo by Mark Peebles

This listing began with the list on the Chautauqua County Genweb site.
The original list is the work of Edna Brown in 2003.
We update it with information from local sources and from our members


Dates and ages followed by an asterisk (*) have been calculated using existing date/age data.

ABBEY, Adelia. Born ??, died 5-4-1931. Age: 71y 1m 7d - Died in Buffalo
ABBEY, Elmer. Born ??, died 6-21-1892. Age: 14 - Son of J. H. and Mary Abbey. Born E. Ashford NY, died Villenova
ABBEY, Eugene W. Spouse of Hazel B. Tyler. Born 1884, died 3-24-1964. Age: 79 - Born and died in Charlotte
ABBEY, Hazel B. (Tyler). Spouse of Eugene W. Born 3-1890, died 5-27-1974. Age: 81 - Dau of John and Adelia Tyler. Born NY, died Jamestown.
ABBEY, Mary (Hinman). Born 8-29-1841, died 9-20-1899. Age: 58y 21d - Dau of Seth and Clarissa Hinman. Born Canada, died Cherry Creek
ABBEY, Shirley Mae (Easterly). Born 4-12-1938, died 7-27-2002 - Dau of Freeman A. and Irene M. (Miller) Easterly. Born in Machias NY, died Cherry Creek.
ABBOTT, Lois S. Spouse of Stephen. Born ??, died 6-25-1872
ABBOTT, Stephen. Spouse of Lois S. Born 8-16-1861, died 8-16-1864. Age: 77
ACKERMAN, Eugene. Born 1848, died 2-24-1920. Age: 72 - Died in South Dayton
AIKEN, Robert. Born 8-10-1910, died 4-19-1913. Age: 2y 8m 9d - Son of Jay S. Aiken, died Villenova
ALDRICH, Ammarilla J (Dow). Spouse of Geo. B. Born 9-9-1805, died 4-16-1885
ALDRICH, Gail H. spouse of Laura M. Hanmann. Born 1907, died 8-4-1975. Age: 67 - Born in NY, died Dunkirk - Uncategorized Vet
ALDRICH, George B. Spouse of Ammarilla J. Dow. Born 6-1-1800, died 7-4-1880. Age: 80y 1m 3d
ALDRICH, George C. Spouse of Jeannette (Dibble) Tiffany. Born 9-29-1829, died 4-2-1912. Age: 82y 6m 3d - Son of George B. and Amarilla (Dow) Aldrich. Born Pomfret, died Villenova
ALDRICH, Jerry Lee. Spouse of Vivian B. Born 1932, died 8-7-1979. Age: 46 - Died in Erie PA
ALDRICH, John D. Born 9-29-1829, died 4-21-1912 - Son of George B. and Amarilla J. (Dow) Aldrich. Born Pomfret, died Villenova
ALDRICH, Laura M. (Hanmann). Spouse of James Perault/ Gail H. Born 1909*, died 12-27-1993. Age: 84 - Died in Irving NY.
ALDRICH, Lydia A. (Wilcox). Spouse of Rollin C. Born 1846, died 1-16-1930. Age: 82 - Dau of Erastus and Roxy (Bugbee) Wilcox. Died at Cherry Creek
ALDRICH, Manley Jessey. Born 1883, died 2-1-1932. Age: 48 - Son of Rollin C. and Lydia (Wilcox) Aldrich Died at Cherry Creek
ALDRICH, Nancy A. (Manning). Spouse of Richard G. Sr. Born 4-19-1939, died 1-7-2019. Age: 79 - Dau of Willard and Dorothy (Ruper) Manning. Born in Knapp Creek NY, lived in Jamestown NY. Owned the Coffe Shop in South Dayton NY. Wed 4-13-1957, three children.
ALDRICH, Polley Ann (Benedict). Spouse of John D. Born 6-10-1827, died 3-28-1896. Age: 68y 9m 18d - Dau of Boughton and Lucy Benedict. Born Sherburn NY, died Villenova
ALDRICH, Richard Gail Sr. Spouse of Nancy A. Manning. Born 6-11-1931, died 8-13-1997. Age: 65 - Died in Jamestown, NY. Wed 4-13-1957, three children. - Uncategorized Vet
ALDRICH, Rollin Clark. Spouse of Lydia W. Born 1848, died 7-5-1934. Age: 86 - Son of George C. and (Wilcox) Aldrich. Died at Cherry Creek
ALDRICH, Rumsey H. Spouse of Sarah A. Born 1854, died 6-25-1927. Age: 73 - Son of John and Betsey Aldrich. Born and died in Villenova
ALDRICH, Sarah A. Spouse of Rumsey. Born 1854, died 6-16-1933. Age: 79 - Born and died in Villenova
ALDRICH, Vivian B. Spouse of Jerry Lee. Born 1935, died Uncut
ALFF, Cora (Gardinier). Spouse of John A. Born 1884, died 11-15-1965. Age: 80 - Born in Villenova, died Westfield
ALFF, Frank. Spouse of Mary Wilcox. Born 1854, died 4-12-1912 - Died in Villenova
ALFF, John Addison. Spouse of Cora G. Born 1877, died 6-16-1955. Age: 77y 7m 16d - Died in Gowanda
ALFF, Leonard V. Born ??, died 1901. Age: Infant - Son of John A. and Cora G. Alff
ALFF, Mary (Wilcox). Spouse of Frank. Born 2-21-1858, died 3-9-1910. Age: 52y 0m 18d - Dau of Daniel and Polly Wilcox. Born in Ellington, died Buffalo
ALFF, Matthew G. Born 6-3-1900, died 9-19-1921. Age: 21 - Son of John and Cora Alff. Born Villenova, died Jamestown NY
ALFF, Olive G. Spouse of Roy R. Born ??, died 11-12-1983. Age: 78 - Died in Gowanda
ALFF, Roy R. Spouse of Olive G. Born 1903, died 1969 - Son of John and Cora Alff
ALGER, Clara E. (Corkwell). Spouse of Clarence, Jr. Born ??, died 6-11-1998. Age: 82 - Died in Tonawanda
ALLEN, Betsey A. Spouse of Oliver E. Born ??, died 6-3-1852. Age: 21y 6m 2d
ALLEN, Esther D. Jane (Cushman). Spouse of A.J. Cushman. Born 1850, died 5-31-1923. Age: 73 - Died in Erie PA
ALLPORT, Helen L. (Jay). Born 1915, died 10-21-2000 - Died in Gowanda
ALVARES, Jesus. Born 1967*, died 3-16-1991. Age: 24 - Died in Jamestown
ANDERSON, Carver A. Spouse of Roxie B. Born 1890, died 3-12-1967. Age: 76y 10m 21d - Born in Ellington, died Hanover
ANDERSON, Frederick Preston. Born 1926, died 1-10-1945. Age: 18y 7m 13d - Died in Buffalo
ANDERSON, Roxie B. Spouse of Carver A. Born ??, died 8-8-1972. Age: 76 - Born in NY, died Dunkirk NY
ANNIS, Noah Little. Born ??, died 12-13-1862. Age: 67y 5m 12d
ARNOLD, Alethea () Johnson. Spouse of Mr. Johnson/ Eli Arnold. Born 6-30-1776, died 3-15-1853. Age: 76y 8m 15d - Born in CT. No known children
ARNOLD, Alta M. (Covert). Born ??, died 1-11-1996. Age: 69 - Died in Buffalo NY
ARNOLD, Andrew D. Born 1895, died 1919 - WW I Vet, 87Div, 346th Inf, Co. D PFC
ARNOLD, Anna (Reynolds). Spouse of Rev. John. Born 1-20-1788, died 3-1813 3-1813. Age: 24y 6d - Dau of Daniel and Waite Reynolds, born in Bennington Co VT. First wife of John
ARNOLD, Charles Henry. Born 2-27-1918*, died 3-1-1918. Age: 3d - Died in South Dayton
ARNOLD, David. Spouse of Hannah Prindle/ Mary Davis. Born 10-15-1740, died 3-17-1822 - Son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Richardson) Arnold. Born New Haven Co, CT, died in Villenova NY. Wed Hannah 7-6-1763 in Waterbury, CT (she d. 7-21-1766). Wed Mary 9-20-1769 in Waterbury, two children - French and Indian War Vet, 2nd Regt, CT, 7th Co. Pvt Also, possibly Revolutionary War
ARNOLD, Earl. Spouse of Katherine. Born 8-6-1888, died 11-23-1964. Age: 76y 3m 17d - Son of John and ??? Arnold, born in Villenova, died Buffalo. - WW I Vet,301 Service Co QMC, Pvt
ARNOLD, Eli Rev. Spouse of Wealthy Caldwell/ Althea Johnson. Born 9-1-1772, died 7-5-1857. Age: 84y 10m 4d - Son of David and Mary (Davis) Arnold b. Great Barrington MA. Wed Wealthy 6-10-1795 in CT, 3 children. Wed Althea in 1820 in NY. Eli was an original settler (1810) Villenova Cem is on land originally owned by Eli.
ARNOLD, Grant Dennison. Spouse of Sarah Grosby. Born ??, died 1-15-1949. Age: 84y 11m 29d - Born in Arkwright, died South Dayton
ARNOLD, John. Born 3-17-1796, died 11-9-1811. Age: 15 - Son of Eli and Wealthy (Caldwell) Arnold, born in St. Lawrence Co NY, died in Villenova NY.
ARNOLD, Mary (Davis) Swain. Spouse of Walter Swain/ David. Born 10-15-1740, died 9-9-1836. Age: 96 - Dau of Joseph and Mary (Wheeler) Davis, born in New Haven Co, CT. Wed David 9-20-1769 in CT
ARNOLD, Milton E. Born 1927, died 2-1-1990. Age: 62 - Son of Earle and Katherine Arnold. Died in Dunkirk. - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
ARNOLD, Sarah (Grosby). Spouse of Grant D. Born ??, died 10-28-1948. Age: 74y 10m - Born Gainsville NY, died South Dayton.
ARNOLD, Wealthy (Caldwell). Spouse of Rev Eli. Born 8-21-1764, died 9-11-1819. Age: 55y 21d - Wed 6-10-1795 in CT, 3 children
ASTRY, Evelyn M. Born 1919, died 1932 - Dau of William Martin and Mary (Volk) Astry
ASTRY, Florence (Young). Spouse of Fred H. Born 1889, died 5-22-1971 - Died in Dunkirk
ASTRY, Floyd H. [Ace]. Spouse of Thelma Tucker. Born 2-24-1929, died 12-31-2008. Age: 79 - Son of William Martin and Mary (Volk) Astry, born in South Dayton, died Dunkirk. A fireman for 25 yrs. Wed 5-14-1949 at Cherry Creek NY, three children
ASTRY, Fred H. Spouse of Lottie A. Kester/ Florence Young. Born 1882, died 10-19-1967. Age: 84 - Born in Dayton, died South Dayton
ASTRY, Henry Martin. Born 1857, died 12-11-1933. Age: 76 - Born in Fair Plains, died South Dayton
ASTRY, John F. Born 1934, died 6-21-1964. Age: 30 - Died in Chibougamau Quebec Canada
ASTRY, Lottie A. (Kester). Spouse of Fred. Born 1888, died 2-1-1915 - Dau of William and Mary Kester. Born South Dayton, died FL
ASTRY, Lyle William. Born 8-19-1922, died 5-7-1979. Age: 56 - Son of William Martin and Mary (Volk) Astry, born in NY, died Dunkirk - WW II Vet, US Air Force, SSgt.
ASTRY, Mary. Spouse of Henry. Born ??, died 8-5-1957. Age: 95y 5m 15d - Born in NY, died Gowanda
ASTRY, Mary A. (Volk). Spouse of William M. Born 1898, died 11-11(16)-1968. Age: 70 - Born in NY, died Dunkirk
ASTRY, Thelma A. (Tucker). Spouse of Floyd H.. Born 7-12-1930, died 7-28-2009 - Wed 5-14-1949 at Cherry Creek NY, 3 children
ASTRY, William Martin. Spouse of Mary A. Volk. Born ??, died 9-23-1989. Age: 99 - Died in Irving NY
AUSTIN, Allene (Dayton). Spouse of Harry. Born ??, died 8-23-1978. Age: 83 - Born in Villenova, died Jamestown
AUSTIN, Harry. Born 1895, died 7-31-1957. Age: 62y 4m 14d - Born at Cherry Creek, died Gowanda
AUSTIN, son. Spouse of. Born 4-16-1910, died 4-16-1910. Age: Stillborn - Son of Mark and Ina Austin. Born and died in Villenova
BABCOCK, Bertha B. Spouse of Johnathan. Born 1880, died 5-11-1963. Age: 82 - Born in South Dayton, died Gowanda
BABCOCK, Charles Alvero. Spouse of Frances P. McIntyre. Born 11-13-1844, died 2-7-1921. Age: 76 - Son of Charles Babcock. Died in South Dayton
BABCOCK, Christopher J. Spouse of Sarah A. Ranlett. Born 12-14-1814, died 1-1-1894. Age: 79y 17d - Son of Asa and Elizabeth Babcock. Born Smyrna NY, died South Dayton
BABCOCK, Edith M. Born 1873, died 9-1-1893 - Dau of Charles Alvaro and Francis P. (McIntyre) Babcock. Born Hanover NY, died Nashville NY
BABCOCK, Frances P. (McIntyre). Spouse of Charles Alvara. Born 3-10-1846, died 6-21-1925. Age: 79y 3m 11d - Dau of Justin and Saphronia McIntyre. Born Villenova, died Cleveland OH
BABCOCK, Harriet. Spouse of C. J. Born 4-1-1823, died 9-10-1861. Age: 38y 5m 9d
BABCOCK, Herman T. Born 6-6-1854, died 5-28-1885 - Son of C. J. and Harriet Babcock
BABCOCK, Jonathan Mead. Spouse of Bertha B. Born 1878, died 5-5-1933. Age: 55 - Son of Samuel and Jane Babcock. Born Villenova, died Collins
BABCOCK, Julius C. Born 12-7-1839, died 2-6-1888 - Son of C. J. and Rebeckah A. Babcock
BABCOCK, Rebeckah Ann. Spouse of C. J. Born 12-22-1817, died 4-11-1843
BABCOCK, Sarah A. (Ranlett). Spouse of Christopher J. Born 4-29-1827, died 8-14-1904. Age: 77y 3m 15d - Dau of William and Orpha Ranlett. Born Hamburg NY, died Villenova
BACON, Alice L. (Wheeler). Spouse of Dexter. Born 6-9-1860, died 8-12-1915. Age: 55y 2m 3 - Dau of Otis and Elizabeth Wheeler. Born Villenova, died Buffalo NY
BACON, Alice Louise. Spouse of Dana. Born ??, died 10-9-1916 - Died in South Dayton
BACON, Dana Dexter. Spouse of Alice Louise. Born 6-29-1893, died 10-2-1918. Age: 25y 3m 5d - Prob Husband of Alice Louise. Died Norfolk VA
BACON, Dexter F. Spouse of Alice Wheeler. Born 1858, died 1-15-1907. Age: 48 - Son of Wallace W. and Marilla Bacon, died South Dayton
BACON, Infant. Born 10-9-1916, died 10-10-1916. Age: 1d - Child of Dana and Alice L. Bacon. Born and Died in South Dayton
BACON, Maryett (Jay). Spouse of William W. Born 1832, died 9-1-1921. Age: 88 - Born and Died in Villenova
BACON, William Clinton. Spouse of Rose West. Born 1858, died 3-17-1927. Age: 67 - Son of Wallace and Marriette Bacon. Born and died in Villenova.
BACON, William Wallace. Spouse of Maryett Jay. Born 6-24-1830, died 6-1-1898. Age: 67 - Son of William and Polly Bacon. Born Herkimer Co. NY, died Villenova
BAHAM, Edgar Earle. Born ??, died 4-9-1940. Age: 49y 6m 6d - Born in Buffalo, died South Dayton
BALCOM, Elvis. Born 1854, died 1866. Age: 8
BALCOM, Mary Jane (Phillips). Spouse of Villeroy, Jr. Born 1834, died 11-27-1921. Age: 87 - Dau of Isaac and Diantha Phillips. Born in Madison Co. NY,, died Villenova
BALCOM, May. Born 1866, died 1869. Age: 3 - Dau of Villeroy, Jr. and mary (Phillips) Balcom
BALCOM, Sarah (Arnold). Spouse of Sylvenus. Born 1856, died 7-13-1912. Age: 55 - Dau of Lewis and Lorinda Arnold. Died in Jamestown
BALCOM, Sylvenus. Spouse of Sarah Arnold. Born 1858, died 9-27-1929. Age: 81 - Died in South Dayton - Civil War Vet, Co. C; 194th NY Inf
BALCOM, Villeroy Jr. Spouse of Mary Jane Phillips. Born 12-29-1904, died 11-23-1892 - Son of Villeroy, Sr. and Ann (Puffer) Balcom.
BALCOM, Villeroy Sr. Spouse of Ann Puffer. Born 7-25-1791, died 2-2-1868. Age: 76 - Seven children
BALDWIN, Howard E. Spouse of Mona I. McGee. Born 5-26-1926, died 9-14-2009. Age: 83 - Son of Mervin E. and Ruby I. (Jordan) Baldwin, born in Olean, d. in Gowanda, a trucker for 25 yrs. Wed 8-4-1951, 4 children - WW II Vet, US Army, 1945-1950
BALDWIN, Howard E. Jr. [Sonny]. Spouse of Claudette Frentz. Born 12-17-1967, died 9-27-2018. Age: 50 - Son of Howard Sr. and Mona (McGee) Baldwin. Born in Olean NY, lived and died in South Dayton NY. Worked 25 years for NYSDOT in Mayville NY. Two daughters. (Spouse survives)
BALDWIN, Mona I. (McGee). Spouse of Howard E. Baldwin, Sr. Born 6-23-1932, died 4-17-2014. Age: 81 - Dau of Joyce and Daisy (Sommers) McGee, b. in Duke Center, PA. d. in Erie, PA, Graduated from Otto-Eldred HS. Wed 8-4-1951, 4 children
BALL, Mattice. Spouse of Anna Maria Schultes. Born 2-14-1757, died 1-12-1905 - Son of Johannes Ball, born in Albany Co NY, died in Forestville NY. Wed 2-27-1786 in Berne NY. - Revolutionary War Vet, 15th Albany Co Militia
BARKER, Charles J. Born 1894, died 1-23-1979. Age: 84 - Born in Dayton, died Gowanda
BARKER, Ruth (Abbott). Spouse of Charles J. Born 1892*, died 12-5-1992. Age: 100 - Died in Jamestown
BARNES, Arlene (Sweetland). Spouse of Wilber. Born ??, died 7-9-1983. Age: 86 - Dau of Herbert and Dora (Finch) Sweetland
BARNES, William O. Born 1899, died 12-28-1964. Age: 65 - Born in Fitchbury MA, died South Dayton
BARNHART, Nettie May. Born 10-28-1909, died 10-31-1909. Age: 3d - Dau of George and Nettie Barnhart. Born and Died in South Dayton
BARRUS, Betsey (Stebbins). Spouse of Benjamin. Born 3-17-1787, died 8-5-1828 - Dau of Hessadiah and Betsey (Babcock) Stebbins, born in Hampden Co MA. Twelve children
BARRY, Evelyn (Williams). Spouse of Rowland C. Born 1919, died 1-6-1996
BARRY, Rowland C. Spouse of Evelyn Williams. Born 1914, died 2-16-1976. Age: 62y 13d - Born in NY, died Buffalo.
BARSTOW, Nettie (Percy). Spouse of Leonard. Born 3-16-1884, died 12-2-1908. Age: 24y 8m 16d - Dau of David and Olive Percy. b. Leon NY, died Villenova
BATCHELLOR, Abner. Born 1-9-1810, died 6-19-1860
BATCHELLOR, Anna E. Born 3-4-1856, died 7-2-1876
BATCHELLOR, Mary. Spouse of Abner. Born 9-15-1817, died 2-4-1884
BATCHELLOR, Nettie. Born 10-3-1850, died 1-1-1913 - Dau of Abner and Mary Batchelder. Born Leon, died Dayton
BATTLES, Almira (Hulett). Spouse of Robert Gray/ Martin. Born 1844, died 5-6-1899. Age: 56 - Dau of Acel and ??? Hulett. Born Dayton, died Villenova
BATTLES, Martin. Spouse of Almira (Hulett) Gray. Born 4-22-1830, died 11-7-1912. Age: 82y 6m 15d - Son of James and Rachel Hadley Battles, died South Dayton
BEACH, Lucy. Spouse of Sylvester H. Born ??, died 5-14-1861. Age: 38y 8m 4d
BEACH, Maho S. Born ??, died 2-22-1865. Age: 2y 6m 7d - Son of Sylvester H. and Polly K. (Doane) Beach
BEACH, Pollie K. (Doane). Spouse of Sylvester H. Born ??, died 11-2-1873. Age: 41y 3d - Dau of Emerson and Julia A. Doane
BEACH, Sylvester H. Spouse of Lucy/ Pollie Doane. Born ??, died 8-26-1873. Age: 46y 4m 20d
BEARDSLEY, Esther M. (Randle). Spouse of Noah C. Born 2-11-1835, died 2-14-1917. Age: 82y 3d - Dau of Nathan and Phyleura Randle. Born Brookfield NY, died Dunkirk
BEARDSLEY, Franklin W. Spouse of Mary W. Born 1850, died 6-30-1903. Age: 55 - Son of Noah and Esther M. (Randle) Beardsley, died South Dayton. h.
BEARDSLEY, Noah C. Born 8-25-1814, died 6-14-1899. Age: 84y 10m 19d - Born in Cayuga Co. NY, died South Dayton
BEIGHTOL, Jaranai (Sangkit). Spouse of Jeff. Born ??, died 9-7-1996. Age: 52 - Born in ThailanDied in died Erie PA.
BENNETT, Allen. Born 4-1867, died 11-6-1917. Age: 50 - Died in Villenova
BENNETT, Amy E. Born ??, died 11-1-1887. Age: 17y 3m 10d - Dau of Waterman and Sylvia Bennett
BENNETT, Doris Evelyn. Born ??, died 11-11-1910. Age: 12 - Died in Hamlet
BENNETT, Dorris. Spouse of. Born 10-6-1910, died 11-10-1910. Age: 1m 4d - Dau of Allen and Allie Bennett. Born and Died in Villenova
BENNETT, Helen Estelle. Born ??, died 9-5-1914. Age: 35d - Dau of Allen Benett
BENNETT, Sylvia. Spouse of Waterman. Born ??, died 1-19-1903. Age: 58y 6m
BENSON, Elbert J. Born 1871, died 3-18-1928. Age: 57 - Born in New Albion, died Villenova
BENSON, Elizabeth (Yochum). Born 1899, died 9-11-1952. Age: 52y 10m 3d - Born in Eden NY, died Silver Creek
BENSON, Herbert D. Spouse of Elizabeth Yochum. Born 1898, died 8-2-1994 - Died in Hartford CT
BENSON, Loren A. Born 1927, died 12-3-1997. Age: 70 - Son of Herbert D. and Elizabeth (Yochum) Benson Died in Houston TX
BENSON, Minnie Elizabeth. Spouse of Elbert J. Born 1874, died 7-10-1950 - South Dayton. Born Canada
BERG, Mike. Born ??, died 5-29-1907. Age: 38 - Died in Arkwright
BERNETT, Adelbert. Born 1908, died 1-4-1982. Age: 74 - Son of Charles and Ida M. Burnett, died Dunkirk
BERNETT, Charles. Spouse of Ida May. Born 1871, died 11-8-1936. Age: 65y 12d - Born in Germany Died in Silver Creek
BERNETT, Ida May. Spouse of Charles. Born 1872, died 3-7-1954. Age: 82y 27d - Born in Perrysburg, died Villenova
BERNETT, Juva May. Spouse of Thomas W. Born 1892, died 2-6-1960. Age: 67 - Died in Morgantown WV
BERNETT, Thomas West. Spouse of Juva M. Born 1888, died 9-1-1960. Age: 72 - Died in Sandusky OH
BERR, Mike. Born 1819, died 5-29-1907. Age: 88 - No other Info
BERWALD, Bathsheba (Wickham). Spouse of Charles. Born 1830, died 3-14-1907. Age: 77 - Dau of James and Lucinda Wickham, died South Dayton
BERWALD, Charles. Spouse of Bathsheba Wickham. Born 1827, died 3-3-1891 - Born in Prussia, died gangrene in South Dayton
BESECKER, Kenneth L. Born 1920, died 4-4-1921. Age: 11d - Son of John Besecher. Born in the west, died Dayton
BEWLEY, Herman. Born 1897, died 7-26-1978. Age: 80 - Born in PA, died Gowanda
BEWLEY, Mildred I. (Carlberg). Spouse of Herman. Born ??, died 5-10-1980. Age: 76 - Born in IL, died South Dayton
BISELL/BEISEL, Sarah E. (Rundell). Born 1894, died 9-17-1920. Age: 27 - Dau of James and Mettie Rundell, died Troy PA
BISHOP, Lucina Abigail. Born 1837, died 10-27-1920. Age: 83 - Died in Forestville
BIXBY, Harry S. Spouse of Evelyn J. Bixby. Born 1918, died 9-19-1976. Age: 78y 8m 5d - Born in Dayton, died Buffalo. - WW I vet, AEF, 106 Arty, PFC
BLACK, Donald M. Spouse of Shirley A. (Schultz). Born 8-11-1939, died 9-8-2004. Age: 74 - Son of Alvin Joseph and Sophie J. (Fronckowiak) Black, born in Buffalo. Wed 2-6-1954 in Weisbaden Ger., 3 children - Korean War Vet, USMC, Corp
BLANCHARD, Floyd. Born ??, died 9-27-1911. Age: 64
BLANDING, Edna L. (Ostrander). Spouse of George P. Born ??, died 6-9-1992. Age: 80 - Died in Dunkirk
BLANDING, Ella (White). Spouse of Herbert. Born 1874, died 7-8-1941. Age: 66y 9m 2d - Born in Hanover, died Villenova
BLANDING, Ethel. Born 5-10-1891, died 2-18-1906. Age: 14y 9m 8d - Dau of Bert and Ella Blanding, died Cherry Creek
BLANDING, George P. Born 2-9-1904, died 3-13-1982. Age: 78 - Son of Herbert and Ella (White) Blanding, died Irving NY
BLANDING, Herbert. Spouse of Ella White. Born 1869, died 10-15-1924. Age: 55 - Son of George and Sarah Blanding. Born Leon, died Villenova
BLANDING, Royal. Born ??, died 12-31-1843. Age: 63 - Has soldier's flag - War of 1812???
BLODGETT, Bernard B. Spouse of Mary E. Barnum. Born ??, died 6-1-1891. Age: 88 - Died in Cherry Creek
BLODGETT, Mary E. (Barnum). Spouse of Bernard B. Born ??, died 12-4-1894. Age: 68y 4m 14d - Dau of Azar Barnum
BLODGETT, unknown. Born ??, died 2-7-1883. Age: 85y 8m 9d
BOGUE, Daisy Dell (Johnson). Spouse of Winthrop Bogue/ Elmer E. Stearns. Born 1881, died 5-11-1953. Age: 71y 9m 13d - Born in Shelby OH, died Villenova
BOGUE, Dorothy (Murphy). Born 1915, died 2-4-2000
BOGUE, Ivon E. Spouse of Dorothy (Murphy) Clark. Born 1908, died 10-5-1987. Age: 79 - Son of Winthrop and Daisy (Johnson) Bogue
BOGUE, Raymon E. Spouse of Olive J. (White). Born 1932, died 6-27-1998. Age: 66 - Son of Ivon and Connie (Carnes) Bogue, died Gowanda - Korean War Vet, US Navy
BOOTS, Augustus. Born ??, died 12-15-1930. Age: 81 - Died in Machias NY
BOOTS, Emma. Born 1863, died 6-28-1929. Age: 66 - Born in Germany, died South Dayton
BOROWIAK, Daniel L. Spouse of Lynn Sawyer. Born 1-4-1956, died 2-18-2006 - Son of Thomas and Sally Anne (Hilliker) Borowiak. Wed 10-4-1980, 3 children
BOSS, Kate. Spouse of William E. Born ??, died 2-17-1890. Age: 39
BOSS, William E. Spouse of Kate. Born ??, died ?? - Dates unreadable
BOWERS, Edith C. (Towne). Spouse of George B. Born 5-9-1887, died 1-2-1973. Age: 84y 7m 24d - Born in Arkwright, died Dunkirk
BOWERS, George B. Born 1904, died 3-16-1972. Age: 80y 3m 22d - Born in Buffalo, died Dunkirk
BOWERS, Martha A. (Kester). Spouse of Fred. Born 7-6-1849, died 1-26-1898. Age: 48y 6m 20d - Dau of John and Esther Kester. Born Erie Co. NY, died South Dayton
BRADIGAN, Frederick R. Born 1889, died 12-1-1966. Age: 77 - Born in Forestville, died Falconer
BRADIGAN, James R. Sr. Spouse of Elaine Lincoln. Born 7-11-1930, died 1-12-2012. Age: 81 - Son of Ross and Doris (Rundell) Bradigan, born in Silver Creek NY. Wed 2-2-1951, 4 children. (Elaine d. 1-18-2010) - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
BRADIGAN, Minnie F. (Butcher). Spouse of Frederick R. Born 7-1891, died 3-26-1976. Age: 85 - Dau of William and Marge Butcher. Born NY, died Gerry
BRADIGAN, Ralph Warren. Born 1904, died 5-22-1950. Age: 45y 11m 24d - Born in Forestville, died Gowanda
BRASH, James Darrell. Spouse of Norma (McPeek) Tessey. Born 2-5-1932, died 8-7-2010. Age: 78 - Son of Milo B. and Mary (Donovan) Brash, born in Champaign IL, died in Erie PA. Two Daughters - Vietnam Vet, US Army, 1st Lt
BRASH, Norma Lee (McPeek) Tessey. Spouse of James D. Born 10-4-1928, died 12-1-2012. Age: 84 - Dau of Frank D. and Viola (Hurd) McPeek, born in Holiday Cove WV, died in Gowanda NY. CIA Intelligence officer for 26 yrs. Two sons
BRAUN, Eva (Thompson). Spouse of Joseph O. Born 3-29-1904, died 10-27-1999. Age: 95 - Dau of Earl and Syliva (Greeley) Thompson. Born Greenville PA, died Springville
BRAUN, Joseph O. Born 1902, died 9-26-1985. Age: 83 - Died in Gowanda
BRENNEMAN, Millie E. (Matteson). Born 1910, died 6-25-1994. Age: 84 - Dau of Silas Guy and Bell (Congden) Matteson.
BREWER, Perleyette. Spouse of Elias B. Born 6-1-1836, died 5-19-1885
BRISLEY, Geneva M. (Slater). Spouse of Leo E. Born ??, died 7-8-1980. Age: 77 - Died in Gowanda
BRISLEY, Leo E. Spouse of Geneva M. (Slater). Born 8-6-1898, died 11-9-1981. Age: 83 - Died in South Dayton
BRISLEY, Leslie R. Spouse of Nancy M. Kelley. Born 2-21-1923, died 5-21-1977. Age: 54y 3d - Born in NY, died South Dayton. - WW II Vet
BRISLEY, Nancy M. (Kelley). Spouse of Leslie. Born 1-28-1934, died 10-20-1999. Age: 65 - Dau of Harrie E. and Jenette M. (Baker) Kelley. Born Pomfret, died Westfield
BRITTAIN, L. Daniel. Spouse of Rebecca S. Lucas. Born 6-11-1969, died 3-9-2011. Age: 41 - Son of Lawrence and Donna (Tatchell) Brittain. Born in Dunkirk NY, died in Hopkinsville KY. Wed 8-22-1992 in South Dayton NY, 2 children. Killed in motorcycle accident.
BROCK, Carl F. Born 1890, died 3-6-1971. Age: 80 - Born in NY, died Gowanda
BROCK, Marguerite E. Spouse of Carl F. Born ??, died 11-4-1987. Age: 76 - Died in Conneaut OH
BRONSON, baby. Born 1-20-1900, died 4-19-1900 - Child of Elbert J. and Mary G. Bronson. Born and died in Villenova
BRONSON, Clyde H. Born 3-19-1897, died 6-21-1898 - Son of EJ and Mary Bronson. Born and Died in Hamlet
BRONSON, Elbert J. Spouse of Gertrude A. Rowe/ Mary Garber. Born 1-1856., died 10-31-1943. Age: 87y 9m 2d - Born in Villenova, died Cherry Creek
BRONSON, Gertrude A. (Rowe). Spouse of Elbert [Bert]. Born 1857, died 12-18-1893 - Dau of Leroy and Hulda Rowe. Born Cherry Creek, died Villenova. First wife of Elbert
BRONSON, Mary G. (Garber). Spouse of Elbert J. Born 4-1869, died 7-3-1935. Age: 66 - Dau of Henry and Sophia (Reuich) Garber. Second wife of Elbert, died Hamlet
BRONSON, Rosina A. Spouse of T. Smith. Born 1835, died 5-1-1907. Age: 72
BRONSON, Ruby E. Spouse of Fred Weaver??. Born ??, died 7-17-1901. Age: 13 - Dau of Elbert J. and Gertrude (Rowe) Bronson. Born in Villenova, died Hamlet
BRONSON, T. Smith. Spouse of Rosina A. Born 1-14-1834, died 4-21-1904. Age: 70y 3m 7d - Son of Allen L. and Mary A. Bronson. Born Cherrry Creek, died Hamlet
BROOKMAN, Carl. Spouse of Flora M. Born 1877, died 9-5(6)-1953. Age: 75y 9m 21d - Born in Mukleburg German, died Villenova
BROOKMAN, Flora M. Spouse of Carl. Born ??, died 2-17-1958. Age: 76y 5m 15d - Born in Arkwright, died Gowanda
BROWN, Chad Justin. Born 1980, died 9-3-1993. Age: 13 - Died in Buffalo
BROWN, Chauncey Holmes. Spouse of Florence A. Simpson. Born 8-15-1890, died 12-13-1974. Age: 84 - Born in NY, died Jamestown. Four children
BROWN, Clara May. Born 11-21-1893, died 4-23-1993. Age: 99 - Dau of Louis and May Brown, died Irving NY
BROWN, Clayton Louis. Born 11-1885, died 8-1-1961. Age: 75 - Died in Gowanda
BROWN, Daniel B. Spouse of Theresa Seeley. Born 4-4-1954, died 8-24-2017. Age: 63 - Son of Betty Brown. Born in Titusville PA, Lived in Forestville NY, died in Irving NY. Four children. (Spouse survives)
BROWN, Edna B. (Bennett). Spouse of Ralph C. [Jack]. Born 9-24-1924, died 4-5-2021. Age: 96 - Dau of Timothy and Zula Bennett. Born in McCurtin Co OK, lived and died in South Dayton NY. A homemaker. Wed 1951, seven children.
BROWN, Evelyn June (Bewley). Spouse of Robert C. Born 6-24-1927, died 4-13-2018. Age: 90 - Dau of Herman and Mildred Bewley. Born and lived in South Dayton NY. A Social Worker. Three children. (Spouse predeceased)
BROWN, Florence Agnes (Simpson). Spouse of Chauncey H. Born 3-11-1895, died 12-15-1979. Age: 84 - Dau of Thomas R and Elizabeth (Appenheimer) Simpson.Born in NY, died Erie Co NY. Two children
BROWN, George A. Born ??, died 3-20-1898. Age: 67y 7m 9d - Son of Hosea and Hannah Brown
BROWN, Hannah. Spouse of Hosea. Born ??, died 5-23-1866. Age: 68y 1m
BROWN, Helen D. (White). Spouse of Steven L. Born ??, died 6-30-1995. Age: 93 - Died in Westfield
BROWN, Linda A. (DeGraw). Spouse of Richard. Born 12-18-1940, died 5-24-2021. Age: 80 - Dau of Alfred and Roselen (Spencer) DeGraw. Born in Union NY lived in South Dayton NY and Dunkirk NY, died in Dunkirk. Owner/operator of Villiage Restaurant in South Dayton. Wed 3-30-1984 in South Dayton, three daughters. (Spouse survives)
BROWN, Louis Holmes. Spouse of May F. Babcock/ Nellie Wheeler Phillips. Born 9-1860, died 8-22-1945. Age: 84y 10m 23d - Born in South Dayton, died Collins
BROWN, Mabel (Denison). Spouse of Clayton L. Born ??, died 11-7-1963. Age: 78 - Dau of John O. and Mary A. Denison. Born NY, died Collins
BROWN, Mary F. (Babcock). Spouse of Lewis H. Born 4-1864, died 8-29-1922. Age: 58y 4m 22d - Dau of Jonathan and Susan A. Babcock. Born Villenova, died Buffalo
BROWN, Nellie M. (Wheeler). Spouse of ? Phillips/ Louis. Born 10-1863, died 4-16-1938. Age: 74y 7m 29d - Dau of Milton and Elizabeth F. Wheeler, died Jamestown
BROWN, Paul Richard. Born 1921, died 1-25-1935. Age: 13y 10m 11d - Son of Steve and Helen D. (White) Brown. Born Forestville, died Dewittville
BROWN, Ralph Chauncey [Jack]. Spouse of Edna B. Bennett. Born 9-6-1917, died 2-19-2000. Age: 82 - Son of Chauncey Holmes and Florence A. (Simpson) Brown. Died in Jamestown. Wed 1951, seven children. - WW II Vet, US Army, PFC
BROWN, Robert C. Spouse of Evelyn J. Bewley. Born 9-26-1924, died 11-27-2011. Age: 87 - Son of Chauncey H. and Florence A. (Simpson) Brown. Born in Dayton NY. Three children.
BROWN, Steven L. Born 1903, died 2-11-1986 - Son of Paul R. Brown, died Avon Park FL
BUCK, Lois I (Alff). Born 1920, died 1-22-1994 - Dau of John and Cora Alff
BUCKENTIN, Mary (Bollon). Spouse of Theo. Born 3-3-1832, died 2-17-1912. Age: 79y 11m 14d - Dau of Christ and Mary Bollon. b. Germany, died South Dayton
BUCKENTINE, son. Born ??, died ?? - Son of Christopher and Mary Buckentine. Born Germany
BUREK, Genevieve I. Born 1921, died 9-26-1969. Age: 48 - Born in NY, died Dayton
BUREK, Peter J. Spouse of Genevieve I. Born ??, died 3-20-1995. Age: 76 - Died in South Dayton
BURKHALDER, Frank. Born 4-1-1899, died 9-5-1899. Age: 5m 4d - Son of Nicholas W. and Montie (Perry) Burkhalder. Born and Died in South Dayton
BURKHALDER, John Perry. Born 4-2-1897, died 3-7-1899. Age: 1y 11m 5d - Son of Nicholas W. and Montie (Perry) Burkhalder. Born and Died in South Dayton
BURKHALDER, Montie (Perry). Spouse of Nicholas W. Born 9-25-1858, died 4-27-1899. Age: 39y 7m 2d - Dau of John and Sophrona Perry. Born Hanover, died South Dayton
BURKHALDER, Nicholas W. Spouse of Montie Perry. Born 12-29-1851, died 8-28-1922. Age: 71 - Son of N. and Caroline Berkhalter. Born Buffalo, died South Dayton
BURNAP, William. Born ??, died 8-7-1932. Age: 48 - Died in Dayton or Chautauqua
BURNETT, Virginia E. Born 7-1-1921, died 2-1-1924. Age: 2y 7m - Dau of Thomas and June Burnet. Born WV, died Jamestown
BURNHAM, Byron P. Born 12-22-1834, died 6-9-1914. Age: 79y 7m 17d - Son of Horace and Lucy Burnham. Born Arkwright, died South Dayton
BURNHAM, Elmina. Spouse of Byron. Born 1845, died 1932
BURRELL, Mercy M (Markham). Spouse of ?. Born ??, died 4-19-1895 - Dau of Benjamin and Mariah Markham. Died in Hamlet
BURRIS, J. Arthur. Born 1900, died 4-16-1971. Age: 70y 6m 6d - Born in Canada, died Jamestown
BURRIS, Marion H. Spouse of J. Arthur. Born ??, died 8-31-1974. Age: 72 - Born in NY, died Jamestown.
BURTNER, Beatrice Margaret (Barrett). Spouse of Frederick S. Born 8-11-1920, died 1-18-2019. Age: 98 - Dau of Elias and Margaret (Harris) Barrett. Born in Sherman NY, lived in Fredonia NY. Worked 48 years at the Grape Experimental station in Fredonia. Wed 38 years, two children.
BURTNER, Frederick Stevenson. Spouse of Beatrice M. Barrett. Born 5-18-1914, died 1978 - Born in Chelsea OK, died in Chaut Co NY.
BUSKIS, Richard. Born ??, died 10-10-1966
BUTCHER, Albert William. Born 1885, died 11-8-1961. Age: 76 - Son of William and Mary (Easy) Butcher. Born Villenova, died Arkwright
BUTCHER, Alice A. Born 3-2-1961, died 5-15-1999. Age: 38 - Dau of William and Myrtle (Abbey) Butcher, died Olean
BUTCHER, Bertha. Born 1-14-1919, died 1-14-1919. Age: Infant - Dau of John and Edith Butcher. Born and Died in Villenova
BUTCHER, Caroline L. Spouse of Pearman Butcher. Born 1884, died 1938
BUTCHER, Charles Henry. Spouse of Laura O. Butcher. Born 1892, died 9-24-1964. Age: 72 - Born in EnglanDied in died Jamestown
BUTCHER, Clyde Easy. Born 1905, died 7-12-1971. Age: 65 - Born in NY, died Hanover
BUTCHER, Darwin Fred. Born 1904, died 2-23-1921. Age: 16 - Son of John and Edith (Percy) Butcher. Born and Died in Villenova
BUTCHER, Edith Maryette (Jackette). Spouse of Richard. Born ??, died 9-29-1937. Age: 37y 11m 24d - Born in South Dayton Died in Dunkirk
BUTCHER, Edith May (Percy). Spouse of ? Searls/ John D. Born 3-12-1880, died 4-26-1948. Age: 68y 1m 14d - Dau of David W. and Olive Mary (Mosher) Percy. Born Persia NY, died South Dayton. One dau with Searls, 2 children with John.
BUTCHER, Elizabeth. Spouse of Dyson. Born 8-8-1819, died 8-9-1883. Age: 73y 9m 21d - Born in England, died in Villenova
BUTCHER, Elvira M. (Wilson). Spouse of Walter. Born 4-1-1917, died 7-20-1997 - Dau of James E. and Matilda Wilson. Born Villenova, died Buffalo.
BUTCHER, Harold Richard. Born 1919, died 8-11-1929. Age: 9 - Son of Richard and Edith Butcher. Born Dayton, died Buffalo
BUTCHER, Hezekiah D.(Kelly). Born 1918, died 11-17-1979. Age: 65 - Born in Arkwright, died Jamestown
BUTCHER, James. Spouse of Matilda (). Born ??, died 1-13-1940. Age: 58y 8m 1d - Born in England, died in Villenova
BUTCHER, James. Born 8-1855, died 9-12-1925. Age: 69 - Son of Dyson and Mary Butcher. Born England, died in Villenova. Masonic symbol on marker
BUTCHER, James E. Born 1889, died 9-22-1957. Age: 67y 3m 21d - Son of William and Marge Butcher, born Villenova, died Gowanda
BUTCHER, Janet Ella (Ingersoll). Born ??, died 8-3-1993. Age: 89 - Died in Dunkirk
BUTCHER, John D. Spouse of Edith M. Percy. Born 5-29-1882, died 11-6-1945. Age: 63y 5m 7d - Born in England, died in South Dayton.
BUTCHER, Josephine E. (Luce). Born 1920, died 5-27-1981. Age: 61 - Died in Westfield
BUTCHER, Laura O. (Searle). Spouse of Charles H. Born ??, died 7-30-1979. Age: 81m 8m 1d - Born in NY, died Jamestown
BUTCHER, Lee Adelbert. Born 8-27-1905, died 1-4-1906. Age: 4m 7d - Son of John Butcher. Born and died in Villenova
BUTCHER, Mable L. (Perkins). Spouse of Hezekiah D. Born 1918, died 5-20-1992. Age: 73 - Died in Gerry
BUTCHER, Mary E. Spouse of William. Born 1862, died 2-14-1951. Age: 88y 6d - Born in Little Port England, died in Villenova
BUTCHER, Mary LaVona (Coats). Born ??, died 8-19-2000
BUTCHER, Matilda (Wilson). Born 1882, died 11-9-1967. Age: 85 - Born in England, died in Collins
BUTCHER, Maude (Martin). Spouse of Albert W. Born 4-1890, died 11-29-1967. Age: 78 - Dau of Charles and Louisa Martin. Born NY, died in Collins
BUTCHER, Myrtle P. (Abbey). Spouse of William C. Born ??, died 12-28-1993
BUTCHER, Nelson W. Spouse of Ethel. Born 3-20-1909, died 11-14-1981 - Son of Clyde and Janet Butcher, died IN
BUTCHER, Paula. Born 10-15-1949, died 12-15-1949 - Dau of Albert and Marilee Butcher
BUTCHER, Paula Marie. Born ??, died 1-24-1950. Age: 3m 9d - Born in Dunkirk, died South Dayton
BUTCHER, Pauline Edith. Born 4-3-1948, died 4-12-1948. Age: 9d - Dau of Ralph H. and Josephine E. Butcher, born in Gowanda, died Buffalo
BUTCHER, Pearman. Born 6-15-1886, died 12-15-1915. Age: 29y 5m 29d - Son of Dyson and Caroline Butcher. Born England, died in Villenova
BUTCHER, Pearman. Born 9-1860, died 8-9-1928. Age: 67 - Son of Dyson and Elizabeth Butcher, born in England, died in Villenova
BUTCHER, Pearman. Spouse of Caroline L. Born 3-1884, died 12-16(29)-1954. Age: 70y 8m 27d - Son of William and Marge Butcher. Born in Villenova, died Chautauqua
BUTCHER, Richard. Born 1894, died 6-9-1971. Age: 76 - Born in NY, died Gowanda
BUTCHER, Rolanda. Born 2-10-1953, died 2-10-1953. Age: Stillborn - Dau of Richard and Genevieve Butcher. Born and Died in Gowanda
BUTCHER, Ronald/Roland Paul. Born 1941, died 4-27-1961. Age: 19 - Son of Ralph and Josephine Butcher. Born Jamestown, died Dayton
BUTCHER, Walter E. Born 1912, died 2-9-1976. Age: 63 - Born in NY, died Villenova
BUTCHER, William. Spouse of Mary E. Born ??, died 8-9-1935. Age: 84 - Died in Villenova
BUTCHER, William C. Spouse of Myrtle P. Abbey. Born ??, died 3-10-1992 - Died in FL
BUTTS/BOOTS, Emma. Born ??, died 6-28-1919. Age: 66 - Died in South Dayton
CAMPBELL, Clifford W. Spouse of Lessie Litteral. Born 3-25-1899, died 9-8-1971. Age: 71 - Born in Buffalo, died in Collins NY - PVT US Marine Corps WWI
CAMPBELL, Ellen (Abbott). Born 1893, died 10-29-1963. Age: 70 - Born in NY, died in Gowanda
CAMPBELL, Lessie (Litteral). Spouse of Clifford W. Born ??, died 7-14-1980. Age: 81 - Died in Jamestown
CAMPBELL, Mark W. Born 6-7-1974, died 1-31-2014. Age: 81 - Son of Dale L. and Karen L. (Moynihan) Campbell, 3 daughters. Born and died in Dunkirk NY
CANFIELD, Maude C. (Tanner). Born 1886, died 2-15-1968. Age: 81 - Dau of Adelbert M. and Sarah Tanner. Born in NY, died in Westfield
CARDOT, Catherine (Wright). Spouse of Elijah Covel/ John. Born 8-17-1813, died 10-3-1896. Age: 83y 16d - Dau of Jabez Wright. Born in PA, died in Villenova
CARLSON, Christian A. Spouse of Erin Mansfield. Born 12-11-1987, died 11-15-2017. Age: 29 - Son of J.P. and Terry Carlson. Born in Gowanda NY, lived and died in Raliegh NC. No children named. (Spouse survives) Ashes
CARY, Flora (Tanner). Born 1893, died 1-8-1975. Age: 81 - Dau of Adelbert M. and Sarah Tanner. Born in NY, died in Warsaw NY
CARY, Martin D. Born 4-7-1921, died 1-17-1991. Age: 69 - Died in Erie PA - US Navy WWII
CASE, Nancy C. (Easterly). Spouse of Victor L. Born 8-20-1946, died 11-17-2002 - Dau of Freeman A. and Irene M. (Miller) Easterly. Born in Olean NY, died in Irving NY. Wed 1-17-1964, 3 daughters
CASLER, Clair W.(N.). Born 5-1-1894, died 1-4-1912. Age: 17y 8m 3d - Son of Wells and Ella Casler. Born in New Albion NY, died in Villenova
CHAFFIN, Anna M. Spouse of Edwin E. Born 1868, died 3-18-1958
CHAFFIN, Blance A. Born 1900, died 3-8-1919. Age: 18y 11m - Dau of Edwin and Anna Chaffin. Born in Leon NY, died in Buffalo NY
CHAFFIN, Daniel. Born ??, died 1-19-1953. Age: 82y 9m 11d - Born in WY, died in Jamestown
CHAFFIN, Edwin E. Born 1868, died 4-23-1944. Age: 76y 3m 21d - Born in Ellington, died in Leon NY
CHAFFIN, Lib (Coon). Spouse of William. Born 1846, died 12-8-1922. Age: 76 - Died in Leon NY
CHAFFIN, Mary E. (Moshier). Spouse of William. Born ??, died 3-25-1868. Age: 30y 6m 23d
CHAFFIN, Merle Edwin. Born 8-13-1907, died 10-1-1968. Age: 61 - Born in NY, died in Jamestown
CHAFFIN, Roy. Born ??, died 8-19-1892. Age: 3m 6d - Son of Edwin and Anna Chaffin. Born and died in Cherry Creek
CHAFFIN, William. Born 4-1-1829, died 8-31-1897. Age: 68y 4m 30d - Son of Peter and Clarrissa Chaffin. Born in Maple Hill Catt. Co NY, died in Villenova
CHALMERS, Ernest L. Spouse of Myrta Ruttenbur. Born ??, died 4-22-1934. Age: 67y 5m 23d - Born in IL, died in Hamlet
CHALMERS, Myra (Ruttenbur). Born 1870, died 11-6-1944. Age: 74y 6m 18d - Born in Villenova, died in Little Valley
CHASE, Eugene A. Spouse of M. Adelle. Born 11-10-1849, died 5-30-1918. Age: 68 - Son of Asa P. and Sarah Chase. Born in E. Hamburg NY, died in South Dayton
CHASE, H. Philena. Spouse of Herbert S. Born 5-25-1849, died 6-28-1891. Age: 41 - Born in Otsego Co. NY
CHASE, M. Adelle (Pierce). Spouse of Eugene. Born 11-1854, died 1926 - Dau of Luther and Eliza Pierce, died in Cambridge MA
CHITWOOD, James Joseph. Spouse of Norma J. Brown/ Margaret E. Colvenbach. Born 6-10-1930, died 12-2-1987 - Cremated, ashes scattered. Wed Norma 2-11-1952 in San Diego CA, 2 children. Wed Margaret 9-18-1960 in Clay Co FL, 2 children
CHITWOOD, Margaret Ellen (Colvenbach). Spouse of James Joseph. Born 5-25-1947, died 10-7-1990. Age: 43 - Died in Jamestown
CHYU, Nancy (Darling). Born ??, died 9-24-2000 - Dau of Glenn C. Jr. and Gweneth J. (Clement) Darling
CLARK, Angel Marie. Born 2-2-1988, died 2-2-1988. Age: 1hr 10 min - Dau of Judy Kelley Clark, died in Buffalo
CLARK, Augusta W. Born 1884, died 10-25-1964. Age: 79 - Born in Germany, died in Randolph. Mother of Thelma Clark Jackett
CLARK, Charles M. Born 1856, died 11-8-1920. Age: 64 - Died in Collins NY
CLARK, Ella (Randolph). Spouse of Charles M. Born ??, died 11-5-1916. Age: 58y 4m 25d - Dau of John and Elizabeth Randolph, died in Collins Center NY
CLARK, Grace Marie (Moore). Spouse of Orin C. Born 3-13-1912, died 1-8-2001 - Dau of Albert and Grace (Irish) Moore. Born in Hanover, died in Dunkirk NY
CLARK, Hyrum. Born 3-19-1821, died 7-19-1944 - Son of Joseph C. Clark and Phylinda (Carpenter) Clark, 4 siblings
CLARK, Orin Cyrus. Spouse of Grace M. Moore. Born 8-4-1910, died 1-9-2001 - Born in Harrison, Sioux Co, NE, died in South Dayton NY
CLEMENT, Anna Lila (Perkins). Spouse of Gifford Day. Born 5-27-1902, died 2-22-1950 - Dau of Dennis D. and Mary Elizabeth (Danker) Perkins. Two daughters
CLEMENT, Charles David. Spouse of Frangelia Wood. Born 9-24-1860, died 5-8-1930. Age: 69 - Son of George W. and Alcesta (Day) Clement, died in Villenova
CLEMENT, Chester Chauncey. spouse of Dora L. Draegert/ Lilian M. Born 1893, died 8-4-1961. Age: 68y 5m 21d - Born in Smith Mills, died in Jamestown
CLEMENT, Doris May. Born 12-1-1926, died 7-12-1927. Age: 7m 12d - Dau of Gifford and Anna (Perkins) Clement. Born in Villenova, died in Buffalo
CLEMENT, Francelia (Wood). Spouse of Charles D. Born 10-28-1871, died 1-22-1925. Age: 53 - Dau of Joe and Margaret Wood. Born in Leon, died in Villenova
CLEMENT, Gifford Day. Spouse of Anna L. Perkins. Born 9-24-1903, died 9-1-1943. Age: 39y 11m 7d - Son of Charles D. and Francelia (Wood) Clement. Born in Villenova, died in Hanover
CLEMENT, Lilian Margaret. Spouse of C. Chauncey. Born 12-1894, died 12-17-1983. Age: 89 - Died in Jamestown
COLLINS, Fannie Maranda. Spouse of Gamaliel. Born 1-2-1819, died 5-14-1887
COLLINS, Gamaliel. Spouse of Fannie Miranda. Born 4-17-1817, died 4-11-1893
COMPO, Richard/Roland. Born ??, died 10-29-1918. Age: 8m - Died in South Dayton
COMSTOCK, Shelly-Ann M. Born 4-11-1994, died 3-1-2008. Age: 13 - Dau of Bradley Comstock and Catherine Pasinski
CONGDON, Claude Arthur. Born 1891, died 9-20-1953. Age: 61y 6m 25d - Son of Edgar L. and Harriet Congdon, died in Villenova
CONGDON, Curtis R. Born 4-21-1918, died ?? - Son of Claude and Myrtle (Crowell) Congdon. Born in Leon, died in Buffalo
CONGDON, Earl R. Spouse of Kathleen J. Moore. Born ??, died 1-10-1981. Age: 51
CONGDON, Edgar Lewis. Spouse of Harriet. Born ??, died 3-3-1928. Age: 77 - Died in Irving NY
CONGDON, Effie May. Born 1881, died 3-3-1928. Age: 46 - Born in Villenova, died in Forestville
CONGDON, Harriet. Spouse of Edgar. Born 1854, died 3-31-1924. Age: 69 - Born and died in Hanover
CONGDON, Hoyt. Born 1915, died 11-1-1915 - Son of Claude and Myrtle Congdon. Born and died in Sheridan
CONGDON, Kathleen J. (Moore). Spouse of Earl R. Born 9-14-1930, died 2-22-1987. Age: 56
CONGDON, Myrtle (Crowell). Spouse of Claude. Born 4-1895, died 1-23-1965. Age: 69y 8m 28d - Dau of Curtis H. and Lettie M. Crowell. Born in Villenova, died in Buffalo
CONGDON, Patricia Ann. Born 12-30-1951, died 12-31-1951. Age: 1d - Dau of Earl R. and Kathleen J. Congdon. Born and died in Gowanda
CONNELLY, Mary. Born ??, died 8-11-1978. Age: 84 - Born in NY, died in Jamestown
CONSTANTINE, Mable Lillie. Spouse of Harold A. Thies/. Born 1911, died 4-25-1973. Age: 61 - Born in NY, died in Warsaw NY
COOK, Mary (Depledge). Spouse of Robert. Born ??, died 7-2-1853. Age: 49y 11m 20d
COOK, Robert. Spouse of Mary Depledge. Born ??, died 10-30-1836. Age: 30
COON, Julia (Sloan). Born ??, died 10-15-1972. Age: 57y 2m 25d - Dau of Charles and Lena B. Sloan, died in Buffalo
CORBIN, Perry Erbin. Born 9-7-1914, died 9-7-1914. Age: 1.5 hrs - Son of Erbin Corbin Born and died in Hamlet
CORKWELL, Alice K. (Leitz). Spouse of William G. Born 1-1-1914, died 5-4-2005. Age: - Dau of John and Florence (Baker) Leitz. Wed 8-24-1932, one son.
CORKWELL, Clyde C. Spouse of Vivian M. Born 1883, died 8-29-1951. Age: 68y 6m 10d - Born in Kiefersville OH, died in Gowanda
CORKWELL, Lynda L. (Smith). Born 1945, died 9-22-1991. Age: 46 - Dau of Peter and Bernice F. (Parish) Smith, died in Buffalo
CORKWELL, Vivian M. (Falk). Spouse of Clyde C. Born 1891, died 6-24-1972. Age: 81y 1m 4d - Dau of William and Helen (Remington) Falk. Born in NY, died in Buffalo
CORKWELL, William G. Spouse of Alice K. Lietz. Born 1911, died 1-27-1995. Age: 83 - Died in South Dayton
CORTRIGHT, Alberta J. (Trombley) [Birdie]. Spouse of John A. Courtright. Born 7-13-1933, died 4-25-2014. Age: 80 - Dau of Alton and Madolin (Ganslow) Trombley. Born in Gowanda, NY and d. in South Dayton, NY. Co-founder of South Dayton Builders Supply and Cortright's Floral Shop
CORTRIGHT, Alberta J. (Trombley). Spouse of John A. Born 7-13-1933, died 4-25-2014. Age: 81
CORTRIGHT, John A. Spouse of Alberta (Tromley). Born 1931, died 11-25-1996. Age: 65 - Korean War Vet
COVERT, Leatha E. (Rose). Spouse of Walter Sr. Born ??, died 2-13-1980. Age: 79 - Died in Villenova
COVERT, Walter Sr. Born 1896, died 5-10-1977. Age: 80 - Born in NY, died in Gowanda
CRAW, Maude Jane. Born ??, died 4-9-1944. Age: 64y 6m 23d - Born in Hornell NY, died in Dunkirk
CROWELL, Abbey Jeanette (Aldrich). Spouse of Albert Horace. Born 1878, died 5-20-1965. Age: 86 - Dau of Rollin C. and Lydia (Wilcox) Aldrich, three children. Born and died in Cherry Creek.
CROWELL, Albert Horace. Spouse of Abbie J. (Aldrich). Born 1871, died 5-12-1935. Age: 64 - Son of ? and Ellen Hickok (Congdon) Crowell. Three children. Died in Cherry Creek
CROWELL, Anna (Faulkner). Spouse of David. Born 1807, died 1883 - Born in Chenango Co. NY. Six sons
CROWELL, Clyde. Born ??, died 9-21-1872. Age: 7m 19d - Son of Wm S. and Mary P. Crowell
CROWELL, Corydon C. Born 8-18-1958, died 8-11-1984. Age: 25 - Died in Dunkirk
CROWELL, David. Spouse of Anna Faulkner. Born 1799, died 3-5-1841 - Son of David and Elizabeth (Hines) Crowell, died in Villenova. Six sons
CROWELL, David. Spouse of Elizabeth Hines. Born 12-1779, died 2-25-1860. Age: 81y 2m - Son of James and Rhoda (Higgins) Crowell. Born in Saratoga Co NY, died in Villenova. Three sons.
CROWELL, Dime (Wheelock). Spouse of Edmund G. Born 10-1-1884, died 7-6-1961. Age: 76 - Dau of Millard F. and Persis E. (Lewis) Wheelock. Born in Villenova, died in Dunkirk
CROWELL, Donald V. Spouse of Hazel N. Mathewson. Born 5-19-1918, died 10-9-1998. Age: 80 - Son of Vincent and Ruth (Danker) Crowell, died in Gerry
CROWELL, Donna Dell. Born ??, died 2-16-1821. Age: 11m 8d
CROWELL, Edith Marion. Born ??, died 11-23-1919. Age: 2 - Died in Villenova
CROWELL, Edmond G. Spouse of Dime W. Born 5-18-1882, died 3-11-1931. Age: 48 - Son of Edmond W. and Mary A. (Bronson) Crowell Born and died in Villenova
CROWELL, Edmond W. Spouse of Mary A. Bronsen. Born 12-27-1838, died 2-7-1893. Age: 54y 1m 11d - Son of William and Grace (Wright) Crowell. Born in Villenova, died in Hamlet.
CROWELL, Elizabeth (Hines) [Betsey]. Spouse of David. Born 1781, died 5-22-1834. Age: 41 - Seven Children
CROWELL, Eric Dennis. Born 1974, died 7-5-1986. Age: 11 - Son of Robert and Greta Crowell, died in Dunkirk
CROWELL, George. Born 1837, died 8-13-1863. Age: 26y 3d - Son of David and Anna (Faulkner) Crowell
CROWELL, Grace A. (Wright). Spouse of William. Born ??, died 8-26-1873. Age: 60y 8m - Dau of Daniel Wright
CROWELL, Harley Curtis. Spouse of Janet J. (Dorman). Born 10-18-1921, died 7-10-1992. Age: 70 - Son of Vincent J. and Ruth V. (Danker) CrowellA dairy farmer in Frednia NY. Wed 1953, four children.
CROWELL, Hazel Nellie (Mathewson). Spouse of Donald V. Born 6-7-1918, died 1-12-2013. Age: 94 - Dau of Carl and Nellie (Abbey) Mathewson, born in Villenova, died in Dunkirk. Wed 12-31-1941, 6 children.
CROWELL, Helen (Dye). Spouse of Norton F. Born 8-11-1922, died 1-22-2015. Age: 92 - Dau of Nelson A. and Mable (Wright) Dye, born in Silver Creek NY, died in Greenhurst NY. Family dairy farm. Wed 9-3-1941, four sons. (He survives)
CROWELL, Janet J. (Dorman). Spouse of Harley C. Born 12-21-1933, died 2-9-2020. Age: 86 - Dau of Robert and Agnes (Richardson) Dorman. Born and live din Fredonia NY, died in Dunkirk NY. A dairy farmer. Wed 1953, four children.
CROWELL, Mary Ann (Bronson). Spouse of Edmond W. Born 12-27-1844, died 9-26-1924. Age: 79 - Dau of Allen L. and Harriet (Warner) Bronson. Born and died in Villenova
CROWELL, Mary Philena. Spouse of William S. Born 1835*, died 5-18-1892. Age: 57 - Born in Arkwright, died in Villenova
CROWELL, Mildred. Born 8-11-1902, died 3-26-1910. Age: 7y 7m 15d - Dau of Albert H. and Abbie J. (Aldrich) Crowell, died in South Dayton
CROWELL, Ruth V. (Danker). Spouse of Vincent J. Born ??, died 12-6-1980. Age: 82 - Died in Irving NY
CROWELL, Susanna A. Born 10-2-1833*, died 7-2-1855. Age: 21y 9m - Dau of Soloman and Anna Crowell
CROWELL, Vincent Joseph. Spouse of Ruth V. Danker. Born 1897, died 2-1960. Age: 62 - Born and died in Villenova
CROWELL, William S. Spouse of Grace A. Wright. Born 7-3-1815*, died 4-20-1867. Age: 51y 9m 17d - Son of David and Elizabeth (Hines) Crowell. Two children
CULVER, Esther E. Born ??, died 7-30-1858. Age: 4y 11m 22d - Dau of Samuel and Laura Culver
CULVER, Eunice (Goldthwait). Born ??, died 9-10-1902. Age: 88 - Dau of Jessie and Sally Goldthwait, died in Collins NY
CURTIS, Albertus Fay. Spouse of Louise E. Rump. Born 8-1856, died 4-11-1942. Age: 86y 8m - Born in Cherry Creek, died in South Dayton
CURTIS, John Henry. Born 11-21-1896, died 4-6-1995. Age: 98 - Son of Alburtus F. and Louise E. (Rump) Curtis. Born in Dayton NY, died in Gowanda
CURTIS, Louise Elizabeth (Rump). Born 1867, died 2-19-1962. Age: 94 - Born in Dayton, died in South Dayton
CUSHMAN, Adelbert E. Born 5-1843, died 10-11-1924. Age: 81 - Son of Paul Cushman. Born and died in Villenova
CUSHMAN, Alphonzo P. Born 12-1-1839, died 10-26-1882 - Son of Paul and Amy (Tripp) Cushman. - Civil War Vet, 100 Regt NY
CUSHMAN, Amy (Tripp). Spouse of Paul. Born 2-15-1806, died 5-23-1882. Age: 76y 3m 7d - At least three children
CUSHMAN, Benjamin A. Born 2-1879, died 10-29-1951. Age: 72y 8m 14d - Son of Adelbert and DeEtta (Wentworth) Cushman. Born in NY, died in Cassadaga
CUSHMAN, Clara Emily. Born ??, died 3-13-1951. Age: 68 - Died in Detroit MI
CUSHMAN, DeEtta A. (Wentworth). Spouse of Adelbert. Born 3-1846, died 4-24-1932. Age: 86
CUSHMAN, Harriet M. Born ??, died 3-5-1856. Age: 22 - Dau of Hiram and Lucinda Cushman
CUSHMAN, Hiram. Born ??, died ?? - Name on bottom of marker but can't read
CUSHMAN, Joshua. Spouse of Keziah. Born 3-31-1767, died 2-28-1858. Age: 90y 7m 28d - At least one son.
CUSHMAN, Keziah. Spouse of Joshua. Born 3-20-1769, died 5-15-1858. Age: 89y 1m 25d - At least one son.
CUSHMAN, Paul. Spouse of Amy Tripp. Born 5-7-1805, died 5-25-1879. Age: 74y 18d - At least three children
CUSHMAN, Saul. Born ??, died 11-3-1891 - Died in Pine Valley NY
DAGGETT, Arthur. Born 10-5-1855, died 7-28-1911. Age: 55y 9m 23d - Son of Lyman and Mary Daggett. Born in Rochester, died in Collins NY
DAGGETT, Madge (Clark). Spouse of Arthur. Born ??, died 10-11-1916. Age: 42y 1m - Dau of Charles M. and Ella Clark, died in Buffalo NY
DAHM, Beatrice (Peck). Spouse of Jesse. Born 1900, died 2-7-1990
DAHM, Jesee Earle. Born 3-31-1893, died 2-2-1965. Age: 71y 10m 1d - Born in Norwalk OH, died in Dayton; MI - WW I Vet, CML Warfare Service, 2nd Lt
DAKE, Leonard E. Born 1845, died 11-21-1933. Age: 88 - Died in Conewango or Ellington - Civil War Vet
DAKE/DUKE, Margriette and Margerie. Born 6-6-1911, died 7-14-1911. Age: 1m 8d - Twin daughters of James and Ethel Dake. Born and died in Villenova
DANKER, Dorothy (Sager). Spouse of Roger. Born ??, died 4-22-1988. Age: 74 - Adopted Dau of George C. and Edna M. Sager, died in Helmuth NY
DANKER, Frank H. Spouse of Maude H. Goldthwaite. Born 8-1873, died 11-5-1956. Age: 83y 1m 13d - Son of Henry and Mary Danker. Born in Leon, died in Villenova
DANKER, Helen (Park). Spouse of Milton H. Born ??, died 6-22-1966. Age: 54 - Born in Arkwright, died in Gowanda. Three sons
DANKER, Henry Jr. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1-1837, died 8-8-1910. Age: 73 - Son of Henry Sr. Born in Germany, died in Villenova. Seven children.
DANKER, Henry Sr. Born 1801, died 1885 - Born in Germany, died in Villenova. Seven children.
DANKER, Ina Stanton (Goldtwaite). Spouse of John J. Born 9-2-1878, died 1-14-1971. Age: 92y 4m 12d - Dau of Jesse and Clara Goldthwait. Born in Villenova, died in Dunkirk. At least one son.
DANKER, James M. Born 3-21-1942, died 10-31-1963 - Born in NY, died in Japan - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
DANKER, Jesse G. Born 6-2-1923, died 6-2-1923. Age: Stillborn - Son of John and Ina S. (Goldwaite) Danker. Born and died in Villenova
DANKER, John James. Spouse of Ina S. Goldwaite. Born 11-30-1875, died 11-16-1944. Age: 68y 11m 16d - Son of Henry Jr. and Mary Danker, died in Villenova
DANKER, Mary E. Spouse of Henry. Born 7-1835, died 1909
DANKER, Maude Hattie (Goldthwaite). Spouse of Frank H. Born 5-1871, died 5-1-1940. Age: 68y 2m 24d - Born in Dayton, died in Villenova
DANKER, Milton Henry. Spouse of Helen E Park. Born 10-14-1906, died 12-3-2005 - Son of John and Ina S. (Goldwaite) Danker. Three sons
DANKER, Onnolee Mae (Colander). Born 1934, died 1997 - Dau of Axel Ivar and Florence (Kelly) Colander
DANKER, Roger F. Born 1906, died 11-17-1984. Age: 78 - Died in Jamestown
DARLING, Glenn Charles Jr. Spouse of Gweneth Clement. Born 10-5-1917, died 10-29-1998. Age: 81 - Son of Glenn C. Sr. and Arlouine (McKee) Darling, a dairy farmer. Born in Conewango Valley NY, died in Tucson AZ. Wed 11-11-1939, two children
DARLING, Gwenneth Jane (Clement). Spouse of Glenn C. Jr. Born 7-6-1919, died 10-23-2009 - Dau of C. Chauncey and Dora L. (Draegert) Clement, born in Catt Co. NY, died in Tucson AZ. Wed 11-11-1939, two children
DARTS, Kirk G. Born 1884, died 3-12-1973. Age: 88 - Died in Jamestown
DARTS, Maud M. (Butcher). Spouse of Kirk G. Born 2-1893, died 4-7-1975. Age: 84 - Dau of William and Marge Butcher. Born in NY, died in Jamestown
DARTS, Paul. Born 6-13-1915, died 11-9-1998. Age: 83 - Kirk and Maud (Butcher) Darts. Born in Jamestown, died in Olean
DAVIDSON, Alice V. (Balcom). Spouse of Theodore C. Born 1859, died 6-25-1947. Age: 88y 1m 14d - Dau of Villeroy Jr. and Jane Balcom. Born and died in Villenova
DAVIDSON, Ethel. Born ??, died 1-9-1959. Age: 74y 7m 2d - Born in Villenova, died in Gowanda
DAVIDSON, Theadore C. Spouse of Alice V. Born 1861, died 3-20-1932. Age: 71 - Born in Cherry Creek, died in Villenova
DAVIS, Debra Y. Born 6-12-1970, died 5-7-1971. Age: 10y 25d - Born in NY, died in Dunkirk
DAVIS, Ellen M. Spouse of Villeroy. Born ??, died 8-1-1887. Age: 42y 11m 25d
DAVIS, Villeroy. Spouse of Ellen M. Born ??, died 1-19-1900. Age: 64y 10m 7d - Son of Samuel and Eliza Davis. Born in Alleghany Co. NY, died in Villenova
DAWLEY, Juva D. (Crowell). Born 8-30-1914, died 10-7-2005 - Dau of Albert and Abbie J. (Aldrich) Crowell
DAY, Alice. Born 1859, died 1875 - Prob daughter of Horace (3) and ? Day
DAY, Ella. Born 1861, died 1875 - Prob daughter of Horace (3) and ? Day
DAY, Elnora J. (House). Spouse of Franklin B. Born 4-16-1834, died 4-22-1904 - Dau of James and Hannah (McIntyre) House. Second wife of Franklin, one daughter. Died in South Dayton
DAY, Frankie. Born 1864, died 1865 - Prob son of Horace (3) and ? Day
DAY, Franklin B. Spouse of MaryEtte (Mott)/ Elnora J. (House). Born 6-27-1833, died 10-11-1899. Age: 66y 3m 14d - Son of Horace and Sarah (Chase) Day. Two daughters with Mary Ette. One daughter with Elnora. Born in Villenova, died in Fort Ripley MN
DAY, Horace (2). Spouse of Sarah (Chase). Born 5-29-1795, died 2-24-1881. Age: 85y 9m 26d - Son of Horace Day (1). Two sons
DAY, Horace (3). Born 1827, died 1865 - Son of Horace and Sarah (Chase) Day - Civil War Vet, Co B, 2nd regt, NY Mtd. Rifles
DAY, Orliva. Born 1841, died 1902 - Prob child of Horace (3) and ? Day
DAY, Sarah H (Chase). Spouse of Horace (3). Born 11-16-1799, died 3-15-1879. Age: 78y 3m - Two Sons
DAYTON, Allen. Born 1899, died 2-12-1987. Age: 87 - Son of Penfield L. Sr. and Mary F. (Wright) Dayton, died in Villenova
DAYTON, Elsie A. (Rathjens). Spouse of Penfield L. Jr. Born ??, died 3-26-1995. Age: 88 - Dau of William and Anna (Steger) Rathjens, died in Eden NY
DAYTON, Marian E. (Porter). Spouse of Allen. Born ??, died 8-19-1994. Age: 88 - Died in Villenova
DAYTON, Mary F. (Wright). Spouse of Penfield Sr. Born ??, died 8-17-1950. Age: 77y 7m 5d - Dau of Daniel and Florence L. (Sheffield) Wright. Born in Villenova, died in Randolph
DAYTON, Penfield Lewis Jr. Born 1904, died 4-10-1983 - Died in Gowanda
DAYTON, Penfield Lewis Sr. Spouse of Mary F. Wright. Born 1859, died 5-17-1939. Age: 80y 25d - Born in Clarksburg NY, died in Villenova
DECKER, Beulah (Sharp). Born 1894, died 3-19-1973. Age: 79 - Born in NY, died in Dunkirk
DECKER, DeForest D. Spouse of Frances J. Town. Born 1868, died 2-10-1923. Age: 54 - Son of George and Flora B. Decker. Born in Villenova, died in Kansas City MO
DECKER, Frances J. (Town). Spouse of Deforest D. Born ??, died 9-28-1917. Age: 46 - Dau of Oliver and Hattie (Boss) Town, died in Villenova
DECKER, George O. Spouse of Beulah S. Born ??, died 5-4-1974. Age: 79 - Son of Deforest D. and Frances J. (Town) Decker. Born in NY, died in Dunkirk
DECKER, Nelson B. Born 8-9-1899, died 2-21-1903. Age: 3y 6m 12d - Son of Deforest D. and Frances J. (Town) Decker. Born and died in Villenova
DEET, Henry A. Spouse of Lena M. Matteson. Born 1894, died 3-1-1975. Age: 80 - Born in NY, died in Gowanda
DEET, Herman L. Spouse of Mable F. Killock. Born ??, died 11-18-1988. Age: 68 - Died in Irving NY
DEET, Lena May (Matteson). Spouse of Henry A. Born 6-1893, died 9-15-1980. Age: 87 - Dau of Silas Guy and Belle (Conger) Matteson. Died in Olean NY
DEET, Mabel F. (Killock). Born 1921, died 11-25-1984. Age: 62 - Died in Irving NY
DELAHOY, Bessie Electa (Wright). Spouse of Marc I. Born ??, died 12-30-1957. Age: 76y 10m 8d - Born in NY, died in Royalton NY
DELAHOY, infant. Born 9-17-1963, died 9-17-1963. Age: Stillborn - Niagara Falls
DELAHOY, Marc Ira. Spouse of Bess Electa Wright. Born ??, died 7-26-1943. Age: 64y 9m 10d - Born and died in Cherry Creek
DELANEY, Jane Marion (Nobles). Spouse of Michael W. Born 1949, died 9-29-1995 - Dau of Austin and Marion Nobles
DENISON, Edwin Erastus. Born 6-28-1890, died 12-29-1914. Age: 24y 6m 1d - Son of John and Mary Denison. Born in Villenova, died in South Dayton
DENISON, John Curtis Jr. Born 6-28-1890, died 10-28-1916. Age: 26 - Son of John Curtis and Mary A. (Orcutt) Denison, died in Loveland CO. Two Sons
DENISON, John Curtis Sr. Spouse of Mary A. Orcutt. Born 7-1-1860, died 3-10-1938. Age: 77 - Son of Curtis and Sarah Denison, died in South Dayton
DENISON, Mary A. (Orcutt). Spouse of John C. Sr. Born 9-26-1863, died 9-7-1940. Age: 76y 11m 11d - Dau of Erastus and Mary (Stafford) Orcutt. Two Sons
DEPLEDGE, Margarette (Cook?). Spouse of Thomas. Born ??, died 2-23-1841 - Dau of Robert and Mary Cook
DERNULE, Cora. Born ??, died 4-9-1970
DIBBLE, Joseph P. Born ??, died 2-27-1857. Age: 83y 1m 23d
DOMBRUMSKI, John. Born ??, died 11-29-1926. Age: 60 - Died in South Dayton
DOW, Angeline B. Born ??, died 11-23-1851. Age: 25y 8m 4d - Dau of Daniel and Sally Dow
DREWNIAK, Sharlene. Born 4-7-1947, died 12-3-2004 - Three daughters
DROGMILLER, Charles. Born ??, died 6-13-1913 - Died in South Dayton
DRUMMER, Andrew G. Spouse of Georgia. Born 1862, died 8-21-1924. Age: 62 - Born in Hamburg, died in South Dayton
DRUMMER, Elsie Irene. Born 10-15-1906, died 10-16-1906. Age: 2d - Dau of Andrew G. and Georgia Drummer Born and died in South Dayton
DRUMMER, Georgia. Spouse of Andrew G. Born 1867, died 3-9-1938. Age: 71 - Died in Washburn MA
DUNETT, Alice. Born ??, died 3-9-1920. Age: 70
DUNTLEY, Kevin R. Spouse of Luise Margarete. Born 3-3-1951, died 12-2-2018. Age: 67 - Son of Paul and Audrey Flora Duntley. Owner/operator of a dairy farm. Two sons. (Spouse survives) Ashes
DUTTON, Charles F. Born ??, died 11-5-1951. Age: 70y 9m 9d - Died in Collins NY
DYE, Abel. Spouse of Malvina C. Rood. Born 2-2-1825, died 12-25-1889 - Son of John A. Sr. and Hannah Dye. Lived in Hanover, 12 children
DYE, Adaline. Spouse of William. Born ??, died 1861
DYE, Alice A. Born 1849, died 1862 - Dau of Daniel and Roxy (Hewitt) Dye
DYE, Alta (Rood). Spouse of Ernest B. Born ??, died 1-30-1955. Age: 81 - Died in Bradenton FL
DYE, Alvin A. Spouse of Josephine Russell. Born 3-1849, died 10-6-1925. Age: 76 - Son of Ledgard and Clarinda (Fletcher) Dye, died in Villenova
DYE, Amy P (Smith). Spouse of Thomas. Born 11-25-1834, died 3-13-1893. Age: 58 - Died in Villenova
DYE, Andrew Jackson. Spouse of Hulda A. Wright. Born 12-25-1833, died 1-16-1894. Age: 59 - Son of John and Hannah Dye. Born and died in Villenova, four children
DYE, Ann Eliza (Barker). Spouse of Elisha. Born 1841, died 12-28-1908
DYE, Anna Katherine. Born ??, died 10-6-1908. Age: 7m - Dau of John and Frankie Dye. Born in Conewango NY, died in Cherry Creek
DYE, baby. Born 4-4-1873, died ??. Age: Infant - Dau of Abel and Melvina C Dye
DYE, Bessie. Born 1888, died 1-5-1919. Age: 31 - Dau of William Henry and Ella Dye. Born in Caloton, died in South Dayton
DYE, Charles H. Spouse of Mary Elizabeth Allison/ Bernice Hinton. Born 3-18-1838, died 2-6-1897 - Son of George W. and Philinda (Wright) Dye. Wed Elizabeth 9-1865, she d. 12-13-1892. At least one son. Wed Bernice 7-15-1894 - Civil War Vet, wife received a pension
DYE, child. Born ??, died 8-1914. Age: Infant - Child of N. A. Dye
DYE, Clarinda (Fletcher). Spouse of Ledgard. Born 2-12-1826, died 12-20-1900. Age: 74 - Dau of Joseph and Abigail Fletcher, died in Villenova
DYE, Earl. Born 1844, died 1873 - Son of Daniel and Roxy (Hewitt) Dye. Lived in MI, d. while visiting Villenova. - Uncategorized Vet
DYE, Edgar E. Spouse of May E. Born 11-1858, died 2-19-1925. Age: 67 - Son of Ledgard and Clarinda (Fletcher) Dye. Born in Villenova, died in South Dayton
DYE, Edgar William. Born 9-26-1925, died 11-5-1976 - Died in VanNuys CA - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
DYE, Edith M. Spouse of Timothy G. Born ??, died 6-29-1976. Age: 90 - Born in NY, died in Gowanda
DYE, Edmond. Born ??, died 7-10-1841. Age: 5y 3m 2d - Son of John and Betsey (White) Dye
DYE, Edmond J. Born 10-9-1866, died 3-2-1875. Age: 8y 4m 24d - Son of Andrew Jackson and Huldah A. (Wright) Dye
DYE, Elisha. Spouse of Ann E. Barker. Born 7-20-1837, died 5-7-1908. Age: 70y 9m 17d - Son of John A Sr. and Hannah (Wright) Dye. Born and died in Villenova. Wed 2-19-1865, two sons
DYE, Ella E. (Selden). Spouse of Henry. Born 11-20-1857, died 6-27-1913. Age: 55y 7m 7d - Born in Mansfield NY, died in South Dayton
DYE, Elma. Born ??, died 2-17-1866 - Dau of Lafayette Dye
DYE, Emma. Spouse of Marion. Born ??, died 3-7-1947. Age: 85y 11m 11d - Born in Dayton, died in Villenova
DYE, Emma. Born ??, died 1-3-1861. Age: 6y 1m - Dau of Henry and Martha Dye
DYE, Ernest B. Spouse of Alta Rood. Born 1867, died 6-23-1952. Age: 84y 9m 12d - Son of Elisha and Ann E. (Barker) Dye. Born and died in Villenova
DYE, Eva. Born ??, died 5-1-1842. Age: 6 - Dau of Henry and Martha Dye
DYE, Eva (Eve) G. Born ??, died 5-4-1862. Age: 6y 11m 4d - Dau of Henry and Martha Dye
DYE, Floyd E. Born 4-1887(9), died 1928
DYE, Frankie. Spouse of John. Born ??, died 12-28-1909 - Died in Cherry Creek
DYE, Georga. Born ??, died 1-5-1864. Age: 2y 6m 21d
DYE, George W. Spouse of Philinda (Wright). Born 11-18-1812, died 10-18-1879. Age: 66y 11m - Son of John A. Sr. and Hannah Dye. Ten children
DYE, Glen. Born ??, died 1-28-1875. Age: 12y 9m 18d - Son of Andrew Jackson and Huldah A. (Wright) Dye
DYE, Hannah. Spouse of John Sr. Born ??, died 11-22-1863. Age: 72y 4m 2d
DYE, Harry. Born 9-1884, died 5-1-1967. Age: 82 - Son of Marion and Emma Dye. Born in Villenova, died in Otto NY
DYE, Henry. Born ??, died 3-9-1871. Age: 63 - Son of John A. Sr. and his 1st wife. Born in Pitcher Chenango Co. NY
DYE, Henry H. Born 1-29-1854, died 11-29-1872. Age: 18y 10m - Son of George W. and Philinda (Wright) Dye
DYE, Huldah A. (Wright). Spouse of Andrew Jackson. Born 7-8-1836, died 1-22-1887 - Dau of Edmund and Polly (Judd) Wright
DYE, Inez M. Born ??, died 2-16-1879. Age: 2y 7m 6d - Dau of Andrew Jackson and Huldah A. (Wright) Dye
DYE, infant. Born ??, died 2-27-1962. Age: Infant - Son of Melvin Dye
DYE, Jay. Born 1861, died 9-21-1933. Age: 72 - Son of Joel and Ann Dye. Born and died in Villenova
DYE, Joel J. Born ??, died 9-21-1824. Age: 43y 8m 19d
DYE, John. Born 11-25-1882, died 11-28-1907. Age: 25y 3d - Son of Marion and Emma Dye. Born in Villenova, died in Lake View NY
DYE, John A. Sr. Spouse of Sarah Barnes/ Hannah. Born 7-11-1774, died 3-11-1846. Age: 71y 8d - Prob born in Stonington CT. Wed Sarah before 1799, 7 children. Seven children with Hannah
DYE, Josephine Elvira (Russell). Spouse of Alvin A. Born 7-1851, died 1935
DYE, Julia A. Born ??, died ??
DYE, Lafayette. Spouse of Louisa A. Foster. Born 11-11-1826, died 5-20-1905. Age: 78y 6m 9d - Son of John A. Sr. and Hannah Dye. Born in Pitcher NY, died in Dayton NY
DYE, Ledgard. Spouse of Clarinda Fletcher. Born 12-25-1819, died 1-30-1886 - Son of John A. Sr. and Hannah Dye.
DYE, Lewis L. Born 11-3-1860, died 9-3-1891 - Son of Ledgard and Clarinda (Fletcher) Dye. Born and died in Villenova NY
DYE, Louisa Adelia (Foster). Spouse of Lafayette. Born ??, died 12-17-1916. Age: 84 - Died in South Dayton
DYE, Louisa Annette. Born ??, died 8-1-1937. Age: 78y 21d - Unmarried. Born in Villenova, died in Chautauqua NY
DYE, Lyle Rawson. Spouse of Phyllis Sweetland. Born 1921, died 1-20-1987. Age: 65 - Died in South Dayton. Wed 5-7-1942, 3 children.
DYE, Mabelle A. Spouse of Nelson. Born 1880, died 11-21-1965. Age: 85 - Born in Villenova, died in Gowanda
DYE, Marion. Spouse of Emma. Born 3-31-1853, died 10-3-1912. Age: 59y 6m 2d - Son of Joel and Anna Dye Born and died in Villenova
DYE, Martha. Spouse of Henry. Born 5-1813, died 11-22(25)-1900. Age: 87 - Born in Pitcher NY, died in Leon NY
DYE, Martin V. Born ??, died 8-1-1842. Age: 4y 6m - Son of Henry and Martha Dye.
DYE, Mary (Wright). Spouse of Earl. Born 1846, died 6-11-1927. Age: 81 - Dau of James and Electa Wright. Born and died in Villenova
DYE, May E. Spouse of Edgar E. Born 11-1860, died 4-12-1936. Age: 74 - Born in Villenova, died in South Dayton
DYE, Montie C. Born 1878, died 1878 - Son of Alvin A and Josephine E Dye
DYE, Nelson. Spouse of Mabelle A. Born 1868, died 1927 - Son of Andrew Jackson and Huldah A. (Wright) Dye
DYE, Philinda (Wright). Spouse of George. Born 1-1-1816, died 1-24-1892. Age: 76y 24d - Dau of Charles and Polly Wright. Born in Herkimer Co., died in Villenova. Wed in 1834 in Villenova, 10 children
DYE, Phyllis (Sweetland). Spouse of Lyle R. Born 12-7-1922, died 10-26-2007 - Dau of Clair and Christine (Burkhalder) Sweetland. Wed 5-7-1942, 3 children.
DYE, Ralph James. Spouse of Marion. Born 1905, died 12-1-1967. Age: 62 - Son of Nelson and Mabelle A. Dye, died in Sarasota FL
DYE, son. Born 7-23-1907, died 7-23-1907. Age: Stillborn - Son of Nelson A. and Mable Dye
DYE, Stanley. Born ??, died 1894
DYE, Thomas Jefferson. Spouse of Amy Smith. Born 6-20-1830, died 4-27-1905. Age: 74 - Son of John and Hannah Dye. Born in Pitcher NY, died in Villenova, Wed abt 1861, two children
DYE, Timothy George. Born 1881, died 4-28-1955. Age: 73y 8m 2d - Born in Cherry Creek, died in South Dayton
DYE, William Henry Harrison. Born 1844, died 2-9-1917. Age: 72 - Son of Henry W. Dye. Born in Orange Co. NY, died in South Dayton
DYE, William M. Born ??, died 12-30-1862. Age: 34
DYE, Willie H. Born 11-1-1866, died 12-21-1884 - Son of Ledgard and Clarinda (Fletcher) Dye
EARLE, Alfred L. (Allen B.). Born ??, died 10-10-1918. Age: 22 - Died in Camp Upton NY. 4 Co. Gas Engr USA
EARLE, Beatrice Ann. Born 1932, died 1-24-1934. Age: 2 - Dau of Gerald and Ann Earle. Born and died in Perrysburg
EARLE, Charles. Spouse of Nina. Born 1870, died 6-22-1930. Age: 60 - Died in Collins NY
EARLE, Clyde. Born 5-6-1891, died 12-18-1918. Age: 27y 7m 12d - Son of Charles and Nina Earle. Born in Charlotte NY, died in N. Collins
EARLE, Nina Viola (Crowell). Spouse of Charles. Born 1874, died 2-22-1931 - Died in Gowanda
EARLE, Patricia Ann. Born ??, died 1-24-1933. Age: 2m - Dau of Gerald Earle
EARLE, Victoria Leggert Mead (Neal). Spouse of Harold J. Born ??, died 6-20-1975. Age: 57y 4m 5d - Born and died in Buffalo
EASTERLY, Caroline (Torrey). Spouse of L. Price. Born 1866, died 1958
EASTERLY, Esther. Spouse of Floyd. Born 1884, died 10-17-1957. Age: 73y 6m 27d - Died in Gowanda
EASTERLY, Floyd. Spouse of Esther. Born 1887, died 4-28-1936. Age: 49y 10m 8d - Born in Leon, died in Villenova
EASTERLY, Freeman A. Sr. Spouse of Irene M. (Miller). Born 1916, died 2-5-1982. Age: 65 - Died in Villenova
EASTERLY, Harvey E. Born 1919, died 4-1-1973. Age: 54y 1m 17d - Born in NY, died in Lackawanna - WW II Vet
EASTERLY, Irene May (Miller). Spouse of Freeman A. Sr. Born 1916, died 10-15-1990. Age: 74 - Died in Irving NY
EASTERLY, L. Price. Spouse of Mary/ Caroline Torry. Born 1859, died 4-17-1950 - Born in Machias NY, died in Silver Creek
EASTERLY, Mary A. Spouse of L. Price. Born ??, died 9-15-1937. Age: 71y 6m 24d - Died in Villenova. Born in Leon
EBERHART, Joseph P. Spouse of Vina P. Born ??, died 7-10-1991. Age: 81 - Died in Olean
EBERHART, Vina (Pelkey). Born 1902, died 3-10-1984. Age: 82 - Died in Irving NY
ECKER, Allen R. Born 10-15-1930, died 12-9-2020. Age: 90 - Son of Merle and Florence (Straight) Ecker. Born, lived, and died in Chaut Co. A dairy farmer.
ECKER, Bessie (Arnold). Spouse of Edson G. Born 3-20-1896, died 3-10-1987. Age: 90 - Dau of John Arnold. Died in Forestville
ECKER, Edson Grover. Spouse of Bessie (Arnold). Born 7-1883, died 12-27-1951. Age: 67y 5m 2d - Son of Franklin M. and Etta (Hullett) Ecker. Born in South Dayton, died in Silver Creek
ECKER, Florence Ann (Straight). Spouse of Merle. Born 1914, died 10-2-1981. Age: 67 - Died in Gowanda
ECKER, Merle. Spouse of Florence A. Born ??, died 11-15-1987. Age: 77 - Died in Irving NY
EDICK, Clarence J. Born 1877, died 6-20-1962. Age: 85 - Son of Andrew J. and Mary Edick. Born in Markham, died in Jamestown
EDICK, Homer J. Spouse of Jennie M. Born 1871, died 1936
EDICK, Jennie M. Spouse of Homer J. Born 1880, died 12-26-1951. Age: 71y 10m 24d - Born in Leon, died in Gowanda
EDICK, John S. Born 1889, died 1918 - Uncategorized Vet, RCT Co. 31 New Reg
EDICK, Nellie L. Spouse of William R. Born 1880, died 2-16-1971. Age: 90
EDICK, Paul Homer. Born 5-18-1907, died 12-9-1907. Age: 0y 6m 21d - Son of Homer and Jennie Edick. Born and died in Villenova
EDICK, William R. Spouse of Nellie L. Born 1880, died 1936 - Uncategorized Vet
EGBERT, Dale Francis (Benson). Spouse of Henry R. Born 10-29-1921, died 9-18-2002 - Dau of Fred and Walza (Brawley) Benson. Born in Cold Springs NY, died in Forestville NY. Five children, a son surnamed Shields and four with Henry. Wed Henry 1-7-1961
EGBERT, Henry A. Spouse of Mary A. Eggert. Born ??, died 3-9-1960. Age: 79 - Born in NY, died in Collins
EGBERT, Henry R. Spouse of Dale F. Benson. Born 10-11-1920, died 2-20-2019. Age: 98 - Son of Henry A. and Mary A. (Eggert) Egbert. Born in Lockport NY, lived in South Dayton NY, died in Tonopah AZ. A dairy farmer. Wed 1-7-1961, four children. - WW II Vet, US Army, S/Sgt. Japan
EGBERT, Mary A. (Eggert). Spouse of Henry A. Born 1881, died 2-7-1949. Age: 67y 9m 27d - Born and died in Buffalo
EMKE, Daryl. Born ??, died 4-25-2000. Age: Inf.
EMKE, David H. Born ??, died 9-23-1999
EMKE, Rebecca Lynn. Born 11-15-1982, died 1-4-1983. Age: 49 - Dau of Dwayne Emke, died in Buffalo
ENGLE, Marie. Born ??, died 3-19-1918. Age: 6.5m - Died in South Dayton
ENGSTROM, Ella B. (Nyhart). Born 1893, died 1-1-1991. Age: 98 - Dau of George W. and Emma J. (Meyers) Nyhart. Died in Jamestown
ERHART, Bertha Jane. Spouse of George P. Born ??, died 7-19-1971. Age: 85 - Born in NY, died in Ellicott
ERHART, George P. Born 1885, died 5-12 9165. Age: 80 - Born in Dayton, died in Jamestown
ERICKSON, Dona M. (Astry). Spouse of John F. Born ??, died 10-12-1975. Age: 34 - Born in NY, died in Hanover
ESSEX, Martha A. Born 6-28-1865, died 6-10-1935. Age: 69y 11m 12d - Born in Cherry Creek, died in Hanover
ESSEX, Nora B. (Orcutt). Spouse of Oscar. Born 1874, died 4-11-1920. Age: 46 - Dau of Erastus and Mary Orcutt. Born in Charlotte, died in South Dayton
ESSEX, Oscar. Spouse of Nora B. (Orcutt). Born ??, died 10-8-1944. Age: 76y 3m 18d - Son of Henry and Ann A. EssexBorn in Cherry Creek, died in Otto NY
ESSEX, Stephen. Born ??, died 3-24-1947. Age: 74y 7m - Born in Charlotte NY, died in Olean
ESTUS, Edgar Albert. Spouse of Josephine W. Born 10-4-1919, died 11-29-1962. Age: 43y 1m 24d - Born in Elliotville NY, died in Chemung NY - WW II Vet, TECS 4025 Signal SVC GP
ESTUS, Jean Carol (Howard). Born 5-8-1924, died 5-29-2001 - Dau of Clifford R. and Eva M. (Hills) Howard. Born in Pomfret, died in Buffalo
ESTUS, Ross F. Born 1923, died 8-28-1976. Age: 52 - Born in NY, died in Gowanda - WW II Vet, US Navy
EVERHART, Harold T. Born 1909, died 3-29-1975. Age: 65 - Born in NY, died in Gowanda
FAGLER, Joachim R. Born 11-23-1808, died 3-17-1875
FALK, William F. Spouse of Helen Remington. Born 1869, died 4-8-1925. Age: 56 - Died in Jamestown
FANCHER, Calista (Livermore). Spouse of Geo. W. Born 2-1838, died 2-8-1908. Age: 70 - Dau of Jesse and Polly Livermore. Born in Hanover NY, died in South Dayton
FANCHER, George W. Spouse of Calista Livermore. Born 9-3-1848, died 8-4-1928
FANCHER, Katte. Spouse of Charles E. Born 5-1875, died 10-24-1949. Age: 74y 5m 20d - Died in Buffalo
FANCHER, Lassie LaVerne. Born ??, died 5-29-1932. Age: 9m - Died in Buffalo
FARNHAM, Clefton H. Born 5-5-1917, died 4-22-2001
FARNHAM, Dorothy E. (Ruckh). Born 3-20-1918, died 8-1-1998. Age: 80 - Dau of Orson and Bertha (Volk) Ruckh, died in Palmetto FL
FARRAR, Grace M. Born 1884, died 3-11-1971. Age: 86 - Born in NY, died in Hanover
FIEBELKORN, Ira P. Born 1905, died 4-6-1986. Age: 80 - Died in Gowanda
FISHER, Clara Alice (Waite). Born 1865, died 10-25-1935. Age: 70y 6m 6d - Born in Forestville, died in Jamestown
FISHER, Clifford W. Spouse of Clara A. Born ??, died 12-15-1954. Age: 91y 3m 20d - Son of Jeremiah and Sally Fisher. Born in Villenova, died in Jamestown
FISHER, Jeremiah G. Spouse of Sally M. Cook. Born 5-8-1829, died 5-5-1907. Age: 77y 11m 27d - Born in Italy Yates Co. NY, died in South Dayton
FISHER, Jessie L. Born 1885, died 7-30-1972. Age: 87 - Born in Villenova, died in Jamestown
FISHER, Maude E. () Dutton. Born ??, died 3-19-1984. Age: 96 - Mother of Emma J. Dutton Foster. Died in Buffalo
FISHER, Ronald Lee. Born 1947, died 6-27-1980. Age: 32 - Born in Clifford Springs NY, died in Villenova
FISHER, Sally M. (Cook). Spouse of J. G. Born 2-24-1835, died 1-14-1905. Age: 69y 10m 20d - Dau of Robert and Mary Cook. Born in Villenova, died in South Dayton
FLANIGAN, Mabel Estelle (Matteson). Spouse of George Earl. Born 12-21-1900, died 4-14-1921. Age: 20 - Dau of Silas Guy, Sr. and Belle (Congdon) Matteson. Born in Villenova, died in Cattaraugus - killed in a train accident
FLUKER, Adelbert J. Born ??, died 4-4-1939. Age: 84y 0m 14d - Born in Villenova, died in Perrysburg
FLUKER, Ann Elizabeth (Fluker). Born 2-9-1860, died 8-11-1917. Age: 57y 6m 2d - Dau of James and Electa Fluker; w. Willis J. Fluker. Born and died in Villenova
FLUKER, daughter. Born ??, died 3-29-1889. Age: Infant - Dau of Willis G. and Elsie Fluker
FLUKER, Edith C. (Martin). Spouse of Floyd. Born 1894, died 5-4-1966. Age: 72 - Born in Brant NY, died in Gowanda
FLUKER, Electa (Markham). Spouse of James. Born 1-11-1839, died 5-25-1890
FLUKER, Elise I. Born ??, died 10-1-1918. Age: 60
FLUKER, Elizabeth W. Spouse of John. Born 3-15-1801, died 7-18-1884
FLUKER, Ernest James. Born 1888, died 11-10-1965. Age: 77 - Born and died in Villenova
FLUKER, Floyd E. Spouse of Edith C. (Martin). Born 1891, died 1-13-1972. Age: 80 - Son of Willis J. and Ann E. (Fluker) Fluker. Born in NY, died in Villenova
FLUKER, John. Born ??, died 10-24-1866. Age: 68
FLUKER, Keziah. Spouse of William. Born ??, died 10-3-1888. Age: 54y 6m 12
FLUKER, Marjorie A. Born 1907, died 1-29-1988. Age: 81 - Died in Gowanda
FLUKER, Minnie J. Spouse of Adelbert J. Born 1858, died 12-28-1937. Age: 78y 9m 13d - Died in Perrysburg
FLUKER, Richard James. Born 8-7-1917, died 8-7-1917. Age: Infant - Born and died in Villenova
FLUKER, William. Spouse of Keziah. Born 12-31-1828, died 10-1-1913. Age: 84y 9m - Died in Villenova
FLUKER, Willis G. Born 1860, died 5-15-1921. Age: 61 - Son of James and Electa Fluker. Born in Villenova, died in South Dayton
FLUKER, Willis J. Spouse of Ann E. (Fluker). Born 1854, died 1936
FORD, Alvin. Spouse of Pauline. Born ??, died 3-1-1871. Age: 96y 17d
FORD, Kittie. Born ??, died 2-6-1875. Age: ??y ??m 22d - Dau of Alvin and Pauline Ford
FOSTER, Albert W. Born 1856, died 6-1-1932. Age: 76 - Died in South Dayton
FOSTER, Emma Jane (Dutton). Spouse of Albert W. Born ??, died 12-14-1942. Age: 79y 1m 13d - Dau of Maude E. () Dutton. Born in Cherry Creek, died in Buffalo
FOSTER, Floyd V. Born 1905, died 1970
FOSTER, Jamie Mark. Born 3-18-1973, died 3-18-1973. Age: 20 min - Born and died in Dunkirk
FOSTER, Julia A. Spouse of Luther H. Born 2-19-1816, died 11-4-1887
FOSTER, Luther H. Spouse of Julia A. Born 5-5-1800, died 2-6-1875
FOSTER, Ruth L. (Casten). Spouse of Floyd V. Born ??, died 2-12-1979. Age: 72 - Born in NY, died in Gowanda
FOX, Donald Eugene. Spouse of Louise (Sutter). Born ??, died 8-17-1999 - Died in Gowanda - Korean War Vet
FOX, Ella V. Spouse of Walter J. Born 10-29-1895, died 12-21-1977. Age: 82 - Born in NY, died in Hanover
FOX, Walter J. Spouse of Ella V. Born 10-2-1889, died 6-6-1974. Age: 84 - Born in NY, died in Hanover
FRAME, Ira L. Spouse of Jacqueline D. (Englehardt). Born 1927, died 1978
FRAZIER, Florence Maude (VanWormer). Spouse of Harold Everhart/ John. Born 1910, died 12-11-1992 - Died in Bradenton FL
FREEBURG, Herbert W. Born 1896, died 1985
FREEBURG, Lillian (Kester). Born 1895, died 1980
FRITTS, Alberta L. (Ingersoll). Spouse of Warren H. Born 11-23-1915, died 9-19-1990. Age: 74 - Died in Gowanda
FRITTS, Warren H. Spouse of Alberta Ingersoll. Born 4-26-1912, died 5-6-1962. Age: 50y 0m 10d - Born in Collins, died in Buffalo - WW II Vet, US Navy Reserve, MOMM2
FROST, Dennis Dean. Born ??, died 11-20-1953. Age: 5m 13d - Son of Fern Frost. Born in Silver Creek, died in Arkwright
FROST, Edward Jr. Spouse of Mary J. Born 2-15-1867, died 4-10-1931. Age: 64 - Son of Edward L. and Eliza (Percy) Frost, died in Buffalo
FROST, female. Born ??, died 9-11-1947 - Born and died in Silver Creek
FROST, Frank. Born 12-24-1926, died 12-24-1926. Age: Infant - Son of Ray and Fern Frost. Born and died in Leon
FROST, Gretchen E. (Mowers). Spouse of Vern. Born 1933, died 3-27-1939. Age: 37y 0m 5d - Died in Gowanda
FROST, Leo Mark. Born 10-12-1910, died 11-3-1910. Age: 3w 1d - da Son of Edwin and Jennie Frost. Born and died in Villenova
FROST, Leroy. Born ??, died 8-18-1906. Age: 11 - Son of Edwin Frost, died in Villenova
FROST, Lester J. Sr. Spouse of Lucille M. Born ??, died 6-2-1997. Age: 85 - Son of Raymond and Mabel (Brisley) Frost, died in Brocton NY - WW II Vet
FROST, Lucille M. (Peters). Born 1914, died 5-4-1970. Age: 56y 3m 3d - Born in Davis PA, died in Buffalo
FROST, Mabel R. (Butcher). Spouse of Roy E. Born 1915, died 8-27-1989 - Dau of Pearman and Caroline Butcher, died in Tarpon Springs FL
FROST, Mable (Brisley). Spouse of Ray Frost. Born 1894, died 2-2-1920. Age: 26 - Dau of John and Ester Brisley. Born in Cattaraugus, died in Villenova
FROST, Mary Jennie (Stocker). Spouse of Edward Jr. Born 1873, died 4-29-1930. Age: 56 - Died in Villenova
FROST, Raymond H. Born 1890, died 2-16-1952. Age: 62y 8m 29d - Son of Edward Jr. and Mary J. (Stocker) Frost. Born and died in Hanover
FROST, Roy E. Born 1916, died 9-14-1965. Age: 48 - Born in NY, died in Hanover
FROST, Ruth G. Born ??, died 9-19-1939. Age: 6y 4m 20d - Dau of Vern and Gretchen E. Frost. Born in Villenova, died in Gowanda
FULFORD, Jesse B. Born 1905, died 12-26-1984. Age: 79 - Died in Jamestown. Uncle of Robert Norris
FULLINGTON, Millard C. Spouse of Ruth I. Born ??, died 9-16-1980. Age: 78 - Died in Gowanda
FULLINGTON, Ruth C. Born 1901, died 5-3-1978. Age: 76 - Born in OH, died in Gowanda


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