A Historical Vignette of Chautauqua County Politics
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The following information has been gathered from many sources and people who have been extremely cooperative in making this brief booklet of Chautau­qua Political History possible.  A booklet of this nature can do little more than skim the surface of the political activity of the County and its rich history.  It is our hope that in this cursory view the reader will be made curious to discover for himself the wealth of information and knowledge -that lies below the surface and is truly at the heart of this County and its development.


Admittedly, large blocks of information have been omitted, as well as thousands of names of those who, for the past 160 years have contributed greatly to Chautauqua's history, but there are sources in various libraries throughout the County and material compiled by village and town historians where the interested reader can find the story of these many residents and their accomplishments.


A history of a county is recorded in a different mariner than the politics of a county.  What survives in records of past history are names of supervisors, justices, assessors, etc., basically, just the "bones", rather than the "flesh" that made these people -the elected servants of the populace.  It will be for another person at another time to write a history that brings to light the dimensions of these men who, through the years, maintained the democratic process of the American political way of life.


We wish to acknowledge the following sources:


CHAUTAUQUA NATIONAL BANK-Series of advertisements presented as a pub­lic service.


"COUNTY AND TOWN OFFICERS"-L 966, published by Chautauqua County, Mayville, N. Y.


MRS.  RALPH McCUTCHEON-Historian, Town of Ripley.


"HISTORY OF CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY AND ITS PEOPLE" ­John P. Downs, editor-in-charge; Fenwick Y. Hedley, editor-in-chief; Volume 1, American Historical Society, Inc., New York, N. Y., 1921


We also wish to acknowledge the many advertisers who have made this publication possible and those people, too numerous to name, who have doggedly sought out each advertiser to help to bring our booklet to the interested public.



A Historical Vignette of Chautauqua County Politics


Chautauqua County's political heritage before its official establishment is unique and clearly recorded.  Like much of western New York, it became embroiled in the battle between two great nations fighting for empires in mid-eighteenth century - England and France.  The land during these early years was settled sparsely by the white pioneers, but the forests and valleys were the sites for many Seneca Indian vil­lages.  The two peoples lived generally in peace, un­til after the French and Indian War, which took little account of these people - red or white.  With the end of the war in 1763, the lands of western New York were ceded to England by France.  Twelve years later came another war and another change.


This area became part of the newly formed United States, but was clamed simultaneously by Massa­chusetts and New York.  The complexity of the situa­tion was resolved in 1786 when a treaty was signed between Massachusetts and New York, giving Massa­chusetts the right to sell the land and New York the prerogative to govern the land.  To add to this confusion, was the claim made by the Seneca Indians that the land was still theirs.


Historical records indicate that the Indian claim -was recognized and was valid because Robert Morris, "the financier of the American Revolution?" who bought the land in 1791 from Massachusetts, endeav­ored to come to cm agreement with the Indians over their claim.  This he accomplished, with the aid of rep­resentatives of the Holland Land Company, in 1797.  During the summer of that year, Indian leaders and agents from Morris and the Holland Land Company met at the fork of the Genesee River and conducted a estate transaction encompassing 4,000,000 acres.


From this clear title, and the efforts of Paul Busti and Joseph Ellicott, the land was surveyed and de­veloped.  The settlers came slowly, and at first the area known as Chautauqua was a political sub-divi­sion of Ontario County.  After the formation of Genesee County, the town of Chautauqua established in 1805 was represented by John McMahan on their Board of Supervisors from 1805 - 1807.  When Niagara County was formed, the town of Chautauqua and its newly established neighbor, the town of Pomfret, were repre­sented on Niagara's Board of Supervisors.  From the years 1808 to 1810, Arthur Bell, Thomas Prendergast, and Matthew Prendergast served on Niagara County's -Board of Supervisors, representing the town of Chautauqua, while Philo Orton served in the same capacity for his town of Pomfret.


In order that an area could become a county in the early 19th century the low stated that there had to be 500 inhabitants eligible to vote for a member of the assembly.  One of the many restrictions relating to whom was eligible to vote was that one had to be a taxpayer.  By 1810 a sufficient number of eligible voters lived within the boundaries of the County, and a peti­tion was sent to the State legislature, permitting Chau­tauqua County to organize in 1810 with its county seat in Mayville.


Until revision of the State Constitution in 1821, county officials were appointed arbitrarily by the 'Council of Appointment in Albany.  According to records the initial county government was composed of a judge, four assistant justices, two coroners, a clerk, sheriff, and a surrogate.


From this date on, Chautauqua became a distinct political subdivision of New York State, and after 1821 when the selection of county officials became a local function, the modern political history, of the County began.  It is sometimes difficult to place in proper perspective election campaigns, candidates, and po­litical parties of the early 19th century because our present political life focuses on two major national parties.  Although there have arisen from time to time during the, mid-decades of the 20th century other po­litical parties, their impact has been minimal in terms of wide popularity and like many third parties, their platforms of reforms and progress have been absorbed by the major parties.


However, the history of political parties during the 19th century was much akin to the tumultuous growth of the United States itself as it moved westward to its "manifest destiny".  The Federalists and the Democrat-Republicans battled for control of Chautau­qua County previous to the War of 1812.  With the decline soon after the war of the Federalist, the Demo­cratic-Republican Party of New York State found itself at odds over the election of Governor Clinton.  The County voters supported Clinton.  Before this turmoil had died down, the Anti-Masonic wave reached into the cities, villages, and hamlets of the County.  In 1830 throughout the County as well as New York itself, Anti-­Masonic candidates were elected.


Following this hectic period of hate and persecu­tion came the more peaceful era under the leadership of the Whig Party.  This period was soon shattered as the Whigs split over the slave issue, opening the doors for the American Party, better known in history as the "Know-Nothing Party".  This party, which carried the County in 1854, was known for its anti-Catholic, anti­-foreigner positions but was eventually buried as a political entity by the slave issue.


R.E. Fenton, one of the founders of the newly or­ganized Republican Party, brought to Chautauqua County its long tradition of Republicanism.  Fenton's nomination for the State governorship in 1864 brought also the backing of Abraham Lincoln.  From this point in history, Chautauqua has been known as "the ban­ner Republican County".  To testify to this annual sup­port of the Republican Party's political philosophy is, the fact that only once has a Democrat been elected to the state assembly from this district.  He was the noted Chautauqua historian Obed Edson in 1882.  Once the County voted for Cleveland for Governor of New York but later failed to vote for him when he was elected to the Presidency.  Until Franklin D. Roosevelt carried the County in the election of 1936 the County had supported Republican candidates since Fenton initiated the Republican Party in the 1860's.  Since 1936, one reversal to long historical pattern has oc­curred.  This was in the last presidential election on, 1964 - when Lyndon B. Johnson, Democratic candidate, carried the County, 40,675 votes to Goldwater's 19,069.  Added to this was the victory of Robert F. Kennedy, Democrat, over Republican incumbent Keating, for the United States Senate from New York State, 30,534 to 29,460

Town of Arkwright

Arkwright was named for the inventor of the spinning machine known as the water frame, Sir Richard Arkwright.  Located in the northeastern part of Chau­tauqua County, this township is noted for its natural beauty.  Its 23,000 acres of rolling hills and lush scenery are highlighted in one of the County's most pic­turesque sights - Arkwright Falls on Canadaway Creek.  In addition to the falls, the generally high ele­vation provides easily accessible sites for far-reaching panoramas of the beautiful surrounding countryside.


The town's past is rich in the history of the area. Chicken Tavern, operated by the Aaron Tonwe family for over a century, 1822-1931, served not only as a stop­over for the mail stage from Silver Creek to Jamestown, but a popular center for dining and dancing for the people of the area.


Dairying has been synonymous with the Town of Arkwright.  In 1862 the town received statewide recognition when Asahel Burnham established the first cooperative cheese factory.  The Town has been an­nually 4mnong the leaders in the County in the pro­duction of dairy products.


During the depression the Federal Government; established a Game Management Area of 2,140 acres as a relocation area for farmers.  Since then the State has taken title to this acreage.



Town of Arkwright

William Wilcox                                                                   1830-1836 Levi Baldwin                                                                         1837-1840

Lewis E. Danforth                                                              1841

Levi Baldwin                                                                       1842

Lewis E. Danforth                                                              1843

William Wilcox.................................................................. 1844-1852

Levi Baldwin......................................................................     1853-1854

Chauncey Abbey..............................................................                                     1855-1856

Levi Baldwin                                                                       1857

Chauncey Abbey                                                               1858-1859

John C. Griswold                                                                1860-1861

Chauncey Abbey                                                               1862-1865

John C. Griswold                                                                1866

Delos J. Rider                                                                      1867

John C. Griswold                                                                1868

Oscar H. Houck                                                                  1869

Levi C. Baldwin                                                                  1870

Leander S. Phelps............................................................. 1871-1872

Geo. W. Briggs.................................................................. 1873-1875

John C. Griswold............................................................... 1876

Edson I. Wilcox                                                                  1877-1878

Ezra Scott........................................................................... 1879-1880

Richmond Putnam............................................................. 1881-1882

Eaton Bushman                                                                  1883

John C. Griswold                                                                1884

Ezra Scott                                                                            1885

Cassius M. Griswold                                                         ................................ 1886-1887

Richmond Putnctm........................................................... 1888

Charles C. Cole.................................................................. 1889-1891

Marvin Cardot................................................................... 1892-1895

Frank W. Horton...............................................................                                     1896-1899

Marvin Cardot                                                                    1900-1901

Marvin Horton                                                                   1902-1905

Edgar A. Tarbox                                                   1906-1909

Charles C. Cole                                                                 1910-1913

R. A. Mathewson                                                             1914-1917

John D. Griswold                                                              1918-1919

Edgar  Towne                                                                   1920-1921

Clifton A. BaR                                                                  1922-1931

Arthur J. Black                                                                  1932-1933

Marvin Cardot                                                                  1934-1937,

Walter T. Ryder                                                                1938-1941

Earl Cardot                                                                        1942-1945

H.         L. Johnson                                                            1955

Earl Cardot                                                                        1956-1966


Town of Busti

John Frank erected a tannery at Busti Comers in 1812, now the community of Busti.  The vats used in the tannery were the first made of logs.  The Town of Busti was separated from Ellicott and Harmony on April 16, 1823 and was named after the General Agent of the Holland Land Company, Paul Busti.  The first store was set up by Van Velzer in 1830 and in 1837 Stephen J. Brown began the practice of medicine which he continued for the next 20 years in the community.


The early political history of Busti, along with its many important historical aspects, had one interesting sidelight.  An important town figure was Arba Blodgett, a War of 1812 veteran, who settled near the Pennsyl­vania border.  The custom, as in all towns in their earlier years, was to hold town meetings in various homes.  A part of this tradition was that the host of the town meeting would supply liquor for the voters.  Arba Blodgett, in addition to his attitude toward the drink­ing of hard whiskey, was a strong abolitionist, a man of commitment.  He refused to furnish the customary bottle at the town meeting held in his home and ac­cepted the criticism and ridicule of his fellow voters.  His son, Loren, was accorded an international reputa­tion as one of the "world's greatest statistical compilers".


Near the Blodgett homestead, which also served as part of the Underground Railroad, lived the family of William Storum, who were colored.  His daughter married Lewis Clark, a fugitive slave, from whose life Harriet Beecher Stowe developed her character, George Harris, for her popular novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin The story of the Storum family didn't end in this bit of history.  William's granddaughter married the son of one of early America's most famous Negroes, Frederick Douglas.


The first town meeting was held in the "long room" on March 2, 1824, of the first hotel, built by Her­man Bush.  Daniel Sherman was elected as the first supervisor.


An illustrious citizen from the township was George Stoneman. -Although considered eccentric, the father of General George Stoneman of the U. S. Army, helped greatly in developing the area.  His son, John Stoneman, became a State Senator and finally ven­tured west as an attorney.  He was later elected gov­ernor of California.  Stoneman's daughter, Kate, one of four, graduated from Albany Normal School and be­came the first woman lawyer of New York State.


The Town of Busti, with the Village of Lakewood, has grown considerably over the years and much of its farmlands have became residential areas.  Population 1960 - 7,766




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Town of Busti

Daniel Sherman                                                                     1824-1828

Emry Davis                                                                           1829-1832

Daniel Sherman                                                                     1833

Emry Davis                                                                           1834-1835

Pardon Hazeltine                                                                  1836-1839

Emry Davis                                                                           1840

Henry C. Sherman                                                                1841-1842

Lorenzo Matthews                                                               1843

Henry C. Sherman                                                                1844-1845

Stephen J. Brown                                                                 1846

Emry Davis                                                                           1847 Lorenzo Matthews                     1848-1850

Theron Palmiter                                                                    1851-1852

Lorenzo Matthews                                                 1853 Theron Palmiter                                                                             1854

John B. a cock                                                                       1855

Emry Davis, Jr.                                                                     1856-1858

John A. Hall                                                                          1859-1860

Emry Davis                                                                           1861-1862

John R. Robertson                                                                1863-1864

Elias H. Jenner                                                                      1865

William B. Martin                                                                 1866-1867

John R. Robertson                                                                1868

Harmon G. Mitchell                                                             1869-1870

John A. Hall                                                                          1871

Elias H. Jenner                                                                      1872

Alonzo C. Pickard                                                                1873-1875

Jerome Babcock                                                                    1876-1878

Barber Babcock                                                                     1879-1880

Jacob B. Foster                                                                     1881-1882

Fred A. Bentley                                                                    1883-1885

Warren A. Frank                                                                   1886-1887

Jerome Babcock                                                                    1888-1889 William Northrup, Jr.        1890-1897

Andrew J. Bennett                                                                1898-1901

Fred A. Bentley                                                                    1902-1903

Ellsworth J. Daugherty                                                         1904-1907

J. William Sanbury                                                                1908-1910

John I. Veness                                                                       1911

Jesse A. Foster                                                                     1912-1913

Fred P. Simmons                                                                   1914-1917

Axel Levin                                                                             1918-1921 Fred C. Davis                    1922-1947

Emmett C. Eckman                                                               1948-1956

Joseph Gerace                                                                       1957-1965

                                                                                                                                                Jack H. Gustafson............................................                                                                                                                                                                          1966

Town of Carroll


The large tract of land then known as the Town of Ellicott was once again divided into a new township, the Town of Carroll, in 1825.  The name was given to this new area in honor of Charles Carroll of Carrolton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, who, alone of the signers, added his address so there would be no doubt of his identity. The population of the new town in 1825 was 1714 with 7 aliens.


Although 1825 was the date of the beginning of the town, its history began when John Frew, in the spring of 1809, built a log cabin and put-his first crops into the ground.  He paid $2.25 per acre and later be­came the town’s most important citizen.  At one time in-


the town's environs than anywhere in the County.  Few served as town supervisor from 1816-1822 and was often selected for higher offices, but he would not accept these positions.  An interesting anecdote about the town's politician and first citizen was that he had killed the last deer in 1813 at a place known as the "'great deer lick" located at the 4 comers which is presently the Main and Third Street junction in James­town.


Another important early resident of this area was George W. Fenton, who was employed by Joseph Ellicott to survey the land.  Fenton, after making numerous canoe trips with goods and provisions up the Allegheny River to French Creek, settled in the area. His family, was one of the first three families settling in Carroll.  His son Roswell, born September 6, 1807, was the first white child born in Chautauqua County, and another, Reuben, brought much honor to the town and the County while serving as New York State Governor and U. S. Senator.  Another early figure was .John Owen, a French and Indian War and Revolution­ary War veteran, who fought at Quebec and with Ethan Allen at Ticonderoga.  These families were in­strumental in moving the people of this area to estab­lish their own town.


The first town meeting was held at the home of William Sears on March 6, 1826; James Hall was elect­ed Supervisor and John Frew became the town clerk.


Although the economic character, of the area has ,undergone radical changes, the early history of the town' focused on the logging and lumber industry of the early 19th century.  Historians state that "no more Magnificent forest existed in the United States than in primitive Carroll".  Farming and industry have re­placed these great forests and the community of Frewsburg is the center of the area that sprung up around the first steam operated saw mills developed by John .Frew. Population - 2661



Town of Carroll

James Hall                                                                           1827-1833

James Parker                                                                       1834-1837

Ezbai Kidder                                                                        1838

James Hall                                                                           1839

Phineas Spencer................................................................                                     1840

Judiah E. Budlong                                                              1841

Gordon Swift......................................................................     1842-1844

John Frew                                                                            1845

Reuben E. Fenton                                                                1846-1852

Edwin Eaton                                                                        1853

Wm. H. H. Fenton                                                              1854

Charles L. Norton                                                               1855

James Parker                                                                       1856-1857

Charles L. Norton..............................................................                                     1858-18&4

W. H. H. Fenton................................................................                                     1865-1871

Lucius M. Robertson                                                        1872

Edwin Eaton                                                                        1873

William Sheldon                                                                 1874

Albert Fox                                                                           1875

Temple A. Parker                                                                1876-1877

Edward -L.  Hall                                                                  1878

Lucius M. Robertson                                                        1879

George G. Davis                                                                 1880

Silas W. Parker                                                                   1881-1887

Marcus T. Howard                                                             1888-1890

John Venman                                                                      1891-1893

Charles E. Dodge                                                               1894-1897

John Venman                                                                      1898-1903

D. L. Hunt                                                                            1904-1907

R. Bennett                                                                           1908-1919

Loye T. Durand                                                                  1920-1927

Allen F. Cass                                                                      1928-1947

Carl T. Thierfeldt                                                                1948-1955

William L. Wiltsie                                                 1956-1959

W. Edward Bryant                                                             1960-1961

Wallace Fenton                                                                  1962

Town of Charlotte

The first house in the Town of Charlotte was built by John Pickett on April 1, 1809.  Pickett was the lead­er of a group of pioneers who paddled down the Mill Creek to Cassadaga and landed in the present loca­tion of the village of Sinclairville, named after Major Samuel Sinclear, Revolutionary War hero and member of a celebrated New Hampshire family.  Charlotte Center was first settled by Robert W. Weaver, another Revolutionary soldier.


Charlotte was gifted with many outstanding citi­zens, and history books point out the many prominent doctors and lawyers from Sinclairville.  Stephen H. Allen served 6 years as a judge and later served on the bench of the highest court in Kansas.  Charles M. Reed, educated at Albany Law University, become a Special Surrogate.  Obed Edson, the County's foremost historian, always referred to Charlotte as his "home town".


The first member of the legislature in 1844 was Nathaniel Johnson, who settled in Sinclairville in 1814, after serving as a soldier in the Revolutionary Army.  Dr. George S. Harrison, who came to the town in 1825, practiced medicine for 44 years.  The popular physician served 3 years as supervisor and was one of the leading Democrats of his era.


The Town was organized in April of 1829 and at the first town meeting on March 2, 1830, Nathan Lake was elected as supervisor and Walter Chester as town clerk.  The Village of Sinclairville was incorporated in 1887; William Reed was elected its first president.  On November 5, 1875, the Sinclairville Fair Ground Asso­ciation was incorporated, and later, in 1881, a Board of Trades was organized.  The Village, in 1899, purchased and later expanded the gravity system for supplying water that had originally been built in 1892.  A unique aspect of Sinclairville is that part of it is located in the Town of Gerry. Population - 1,323



Town of Charlotte

Nathan Lake                                                                          1830

Bela Tracy                                                                            1831

Samuel F. Forbush                                                                1832

Bela Tracy                                                                            1833-1834

Nathan Lake                                                                          1835

John Chandler                                                                       1836

Nathan Lake                                                                          1837





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                                                                                                                                                Orton Clark               --------------------------------................. :                                                                                                                                                1838-1841

                                                                                                                                                Nathan Lake                ------- -----                                         1842










Orton Clark                                                                           1843-1844

Nathan Lake                                                                          1845

Randolph W. Seaver                                                             1846-1848

Joseph E. Kimball                                                                 1849

Orsemus A. White                                                               1850-1851

John M. Edson                                                                     1852-1854

Daniel Arnold                                                                       1855

Wm. M. Wagoner                                                                 1856

Allen A. Stevens                                                                   1857

Henry C. Lake                                                                      1858

Orton Clark                                                                           1859-1860

Henry C. Lake                                                                      1861

Timothy D. Copp                                                                1862-1863

Henry Reynolds                                                                   1864-1866

Obed Edson                                                                          1867

Allen A. Stevens                                                                   1868

Geo. S. Harrison                                                                   1869-1871

Horace E. Kimball                                                                 1872-1874

Albert Richmond                                                                  1875

William Reed                                                                         1876-1877

Obed Edson                                                                          1878-1879

Chas.  F. Chapman                                                               1880-1883

Henry Sylvester                                                                    1884-1886

Edwin F. Lake                                                                       1887-1888

R. Corydon Seaver                                                                1889

John A. Love                                                                        1890-1893

John H. Dickie                                                                      1894-1895

Edwin F. Lake                                                                       1896-1899

R. Corydon Seaver                                                                1900-1901

Edwin F. Lake                                                                       1902-1907

John G. Rose                                                                        1908-1909

G. E. Montague                                                                    1910-1911

John G. Rose                                                                        1912-1913

Edwin H. Edson                                                                    1914-1923

Howard P. Roberts                                                               1924-1927

Edwin H. Edson                                                                    1928-1931

Walter S. Burnham                                                                1932-1935

Thomas S. Spear                                                                   1936-1944

William J. Mansfield                                                             1945

Albert Bulger                                                                        1946-1951

Arthur Benedict                                                                    1952-1959

Perry Colburn                                                                       1960

Town of Chautauqua

The Town of Chautauqua, in all the histories of the County, is referred to as the "Mother Town".  This township was for all practical purposes the County of Chautauqua in the early 1800's.  It included all of the present County area, except some few eastern town­ships.  It was set off from Batavia April 11, 1804, and was organized into a separate political unit on March 11, 1808.  All the towns of the county have been formed from Chautauqua-Pomfret, 1808; Portland, 1813; Har­mony, 1816; Clymer, Ellery, Stockton, 1821.


A Meadville, Pennsylvania doctor, Alexander McIntyre, began the first settlement by building a bar­ricade against the Indians in 1804.  According to stories of the past, this same doctor had been captured by the Indians and, while living among them, learned of their habits and medicinal practices.  The stockade was visited by William Peacock, who was sent out in the








Same year by the Holland Land Company to survey and map out a town at the head of the lake.


The Peacock name is still well known because of the inn located in Mayville bearing the name, but the first inn on this site was erected of logs by Captain John Scott in 1807.  Scott later became a supervisor in 1813.  The Lowry family, who settled in 1808, opened a primitive inn noted for the scene of many fights be­tween the settlers and the Pennsylvania boatmen.  The family was a celebrated one, under the guidance of "Mother Margaret", who, with her ten boys, migrated from Ireland to establish a home in this remote area.  One son, John, became the County Clerk-in 1828.


1808 was an important early date for the settlers of that area.  Jonas Williams, Isaac Sutherland, Asa Ransom, appointed as commissioners to find a location for a county seat, "erected a Large hemlock post" at Mayville to designate the spot.  Based on the anticipa­tion of the County Seat's location in Mayville, many residents came to settle there.  Attorneys Anselm Potter and Durnis Bracket were the first to locate in the vicin­ity so they could be near the courthouse.  Another attorney, William Smith, opened his law office in May­ville and, in 1821, was appointed Surrogate, a position he held for 19 years.  He was also the founder of the Mayville Sentinel, in 1834, with William Kibbe.


The community was named after Mary Busti, daughter of the Holland Land Company's General Agent, Paul Busti.


Mayville continued to attract citizens; among the most influential was Samuel S. Whallon who after his arrival in 1812, became a prominent merchant.  He was elected to the Assembly and, in 1856, elected as mal Commissioner.  Robert Whiteside, a contemporary of Whallon, served in the Assembly and was later elected to the post of County Treasurer.


The new courthouse became a reality in 1835. An angry mob, on February 6, 1836, destroyed the Land Office.  The office was moved to Westfield to pro­tect the records and it remained there for many years.


In 1832 the County Form was built in Dewittville and -additions were made in 1839, 1851, 1858, 1868.  A new building was erected in 1870, at a cost of $36,226.  This building for the unfortunates was considered one of the finest in the State.


Chautauqua Institution, for which- the town is noted, had its seed in the Chautauqua Movement of 1873. Population - 4,376



Town of Chautauqua

Mat. Prendergast.............................................................. 1811

Samuel Ayers....................................................................                                            1812

John Scott..........................................................................                                     1813

John E. Marshall                                                                1814

Mart. Prendergast                                                              1815-1816

John Dexter                                                                         1817

Martin Prendergast                                                            1818-1833

Jabez B. Burrows                                                  1834-1836

Wm. Prendergast, 2d                                                         1837-1839

 Alvah Cottrell                                                                    1840-1841

Baxter Barnes                                                                      1842

Cyrus Underwood                                                             1843-1844

William Green                                                                     1845

Alvah Cottrell                                                                     1846

W. W. Crafts                                                                       1847-1848

Stephen Hunt                                                                     1850-1851

Hiram A. Pratt                                                                     1852

W. W. Crafts                                                                       1853

David Woods                                                                     1854-1855

John Birsall                                                                         1856-1857

William Gifford                                                                   1858-1859

M. G. Freeman                                                                    1860

M. Prendergast                                                                   1861-1864

Daniel H. Hewes                                                                 1865

W. P. Whiteside                                                                 1866

M. P. Bemus,                                                                       1867-1872

Ezra J. Scofield                                                                    1873-1874

Sidney R. Lawson                                                              1875-1876

James M. Hunt                                                                   1877

Lewis T. Harrington                                                           1878-1879

Ezra J. Scofield                                                                    1880-1883

Eldred Lott                                                                          1884

J. Franklin Hunt                                                                  1885-1887

Herman Sixbey                                                                    1888-1889

George W. Hewes                                                              1890-1893

Thomas Hutson                                                                 1894-1896

Willis H. Tennant                                                               1897-1899

August Anderson                                                             1900-1903

Thomas Hutson                                                                 1904-1907

M. W. Scofield                                                                   1908-1913

Martin P. Whallon                                                             1914-1939

George H. Fischer                                                              1940-1955

Seymour W. Rollman                                                         1956-1961

Paul D. Nelson                                                                    1962


Town of Cherry Creek


Cherry Creek was set off from the town of Elling­ton on May 4, 1829.  The locality was once famous for its cherry trees.  Its name is derived from a, now well­ known incident that occurred on an island in the mid­dle of the stream.  Joshua Bentley, who was surveying the area, found the geographical center of the town and cut down a small cherry tree to make a sharpened stake to post this location.  The stream and the town arising along side of its banks became known as Cherry Creek.


The settlement of Cherry Creek abounds with in­teresting tales of hardships and successes like those of its first settler, Joseph M. Kent, who, in the spring of 1815 planted the first crop of potatoes.  The crop failed and, destitute of funds and provisions, Kent hewed a 60-foot canoe and loaded it with 1,500 lbs. of maple sugar and block salt and launched the craft into the Conewango Creek.  He "ran down" to Pittsburgh to ex­change his goods for flour, pork salt, and sundry sup­plies.  This arduous trip with his son George took three weeks, but they finally returned to Cherry Creek.  Joshua Bentley, another hardy pioneer, was the second settler of the area.


Alvah Hadley settled in the southwestern part of the town and his son, Ozro A. Hadley, served later as acting governor of Arkansas.  A later supervisor of the Town of Cherry Creek was James Carr, who came in 1823.  He also served as supervisor of Ellington in 1828 and '29.


The first town meeting was held in March, 1830 in the hotel of George H. Frost.  The hotel owner was













Foote Ave. Ext.                         Phone 484-1728



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Largest Home Furnishers

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Elected supervisor and Robert James became the Town Clerk.


The Village of Cherry Creek was incorporated on May 20, 1893 and was governed by a president, 2 trustees, clerk, treasurer and collector.  The first elec­tion was June 17, 1893 and C. A. Mount was chosen first President.  Trustees included I. S. Benton, W. E. Shepardson and H. Clinton Blount.  The Village has a population of 649, as of 1960 census.


Because of its location in the fertile Conewango Valley, the town has good farm and dairy land, which constitutes the main commerce of the area. Population - 1,206



Town of Cherry Creek

James Carr                                                                            1830

Robert James, Jr.                                                                  1831-1832

James Carr                                                                            1833

George H. Frost                                                                    1834-18@)5

James Carr                                                                            1836

Oliver Carpenter                                                                   1837

Horace Bronson                                                                    1838

William G. Carr                                                                     1839

James Carr                                                                            1840

Wm. Kilbourn                                                                       1841-1843

A. F. Robbins                                                                        1844

Oliver B. Main                                                                      1845

James Carr                                                                            1846

Chas.  A. Spencer                                                                 1847-1848

Oliver B. Main                                                                      1849-1850

Joseph Kent                                                                          1851

Tames Carr                                                                           1852

D. B. Parsons                                                                        1853-1854

Silas Vinton                                                                           1855

Joseph Kent                                                                          1856

Horatio Hill                                                                           1857-1858

Silas Vinton                                                                           1859-1860

R. W. Parsons                                                                       1861

Anthony Morian                                                                  1862

R. W. Parsons                                                                       1863

Horatio Hill                                                                           1864

R. W. Parsons                                                                       1865

George N. Frost                                                                    1866

Anthony Morian                                                                  1867

Silas Vinton                                                                           1868

George N. Frost                                                                    1869

W. C. Carpenter                                                                    1870

Silas Vinton                                                                           1871

George N. Frost                                                                    1872-1873

Harry Billings                                                                       1874

George N. Frost                                                                    1875-1877

Wm. S. Blaisdell                                                                    1878-1879

I. James Richcwdson                                                            1880

Samuel A. Ferrin                                                                   1881-1888

William F. Stetson                                                                1889

Wm. I. Phillips                                                                      1890

Samuel A. Ferrin                                                                   1891-1892

Richard A. Hall                                                                     1893-1895

Charles L. Wheeler                                                                1896-1903

C. A. Mount                                                                         1904-1905

Edgar W. Curtis                                                                    1906-1909

Ellis W. Storms                                                                     1910-1911

Edgar W. Curtis                                                                    1912-1913

C. L. Edwards                                                                       1914-1923

Wesley J. Young                                                                   1924-1947

Robert Rider                                                                         1948-1961

Frank McPartlan                                                                   1962

Town of Clymer


The Town of Clymer is referred to as a "new because it was set off from Chautauqua, the "Mother Town".  On February 9, 1821 the town began its political identity and was named after a patriotic Pennsylvanian and signer of the Declaration of Inde­pendence, George Clymer.  Clymer itself lost much of its area when in 1824 the Town of Mina was set off.  This was followed in 1827 by French Creek.


The town was first settled in 1822 when a band of 18 pioneer families located in the territory embracing the original town of Clymer two years previous.  John and Gardner Cleveland settled in the nearby vicinity.  The Cleveland family, and later the Rice family, were well represented during that era by their many child­ren.  Cleveland, a Revolutionary War veteran, had 3 children and 34 grandchildren.  William Rice had 12 children, three of whom were prominent in New York State education.  Victor, born in 1818, became the Buf­falo City School superintendent in 1854 and from 1854 to 1857 served as superintendent of Public Instruction of New York State.  This position is comparable to the Commissioner of Education of New York State.  William S. Rice taught school in Buffalo-o for 21 years and later was named City Superintendent.  A sister, Emily A., became the principal of Yonkers Female Academy.  Another son, William added to the fame of the family, serving as justice for many years and, in 1840, being e of 3 delegates representing the County at the Assembly.


Ira Gleason came in 1837 and served in various public capacities during his lifetime.  Otis D. Hinckley was the Clerk of Board of Supervisors for 20 years and, in 1875, represented the 1st Assembly District in the State Legislature.  Lorenzo P. McCray served on the Board of Supervisors longer than anyone except the venerable Joseph A. McGuinnies.


Clymer, during the mid 19th century, was noted for its tanning industry and, in 1860, Leonard Kooman established the largest leather business in the County.  This was joined by other tanneries and Clymer became the center for this work in the County. -


Today, on its fertile land are some of the finest farms and dairy farms in the County. Population - 1,377










CLYMER, N.Y.                   Phone 355-2224





Town of Clymer

Ande Nobles                                                                      1821

John Heath                                                                          1822-1823

Gardiner Cleveland                                                            1824-1827

A. S. Underwood                                                               1828

Alex. Willson, Jr.                                                                1829

John Heath                                                                          1830

William Rice                                                                        1831-1834

H. A. Phinney                                                                     1835

William Rice                                                                        1836-1839

Ira F. Gleason                                                                      1840

Wm. Rice                                                                             1841-1842

Moses Randall                                                                   1843-1844

Wm. Rice                                                                             1845

Samuel Bly                                                                          1846-1847

Lyman Brown                                                                     1848

Charles Brightman                                                             1849-1850

Stephen W. Steward                                                          1851-1855

Jesse Brown                                                                        1856

Stephen W. Steward                                                          1857

Charles Brightman                                                             1858-1859

Hercules Rice                                                                      1860

L. S. Terry                                                                            1861

Hartson S. Ayer                                                                 1862-1863

Joshua Hatton                                                                    1864-1867

Hartson S. Ayer                                                                 1868-1870

Jesse Brown                                                                        1871-1872

Otis J. Green                                                                        1873-1874

Jesse Brown                                                                        1875

0. D. Hinckley                                                                     1876-1873

Lawyer E. Terry                                                                  1879-1882

John A. Slotboom                                                              1883-1889

James D. Gallup                                                                  1890-1896

Lorenzo P. McCray                                                            1897-1921

Simon C. Ton                                                                      1922-1925

E. L. Caflisch                                                                       1926-1927

Simon C. Ton                                                                      1928-1942

Harold Legters                                                                    1943


















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Jamestown, New York






Compliments of




International Association of Machinists

and Aero Space Workers






Jamestown, N.Y.





Town of Dunkirk and

City of Dunkirk

The first white men who touched upon the corpor­ate limits of the Dunkirk area were surveyors under the leadership of Andrew Ellicott.  This was in August of 1790.  The party, led by Ellicott, who later became Surveyor General of the United States, arrived by boat from Lake Erie.  They were soon followed in 1798 by Seth Pease, who led a party of surveyors from the Holland Land Company.  Although many white men had traversed the area, the first settler was Zattu Cushing, who is credited with development of the town and city.  He come from Erie, Pennsylvania on the lake boat named "Good Intent".  In 1804 Cushing purchased the western part of what is now Point Gratiot Public Park.  Cushing paid $3.33 per acre and purchased much of the land but settled in an area which later became the Town of Poland.  Seth Cole, who came with Cush­ing, was the first settler in the present town.  He pur­chased land in 1805 and took his first crop to Buffalo over the frozen waters of Lake Erie.


In 1808 Timothy Goulding built a house in the corporate limits of the present city and Solomon Chad­wick settled at the Harbor the same year.  Four years later Dunkirk earned the distinction of being the only town actually engaged in a battle during the hostilities of the War of 1812.  The "battle" was caused by a British gunboat attempting to seize a salt boat on the way from Erie to Buffalo.  British soldiers embarked from a Large, heavily armed schooner to raid the area.  The British forces were met by 40 American troopers, under Captain Tubbs, who were stationed at Widow Cole's home.  Widow Cole became a heroine in the American tradition of Paul Revere and Molly Stark when she rode for reinforcements stationed at Canaia­way.  This battle, although victorious for the small band of Americans, put an end to the salt trade over the Portage Road.


Dunkirk was a busy place in 1817 and had high hopes when the announcement was made of the act authorizing the building of the Erie Canal.  Land prices skyrocketed and economy was inflationary, based on the future of the Canal. The same year Daniel Garnsey purchased land in the area and soon became one of Dunkirk's leading citizens.  He later became the first member of Congress from Chautauqua County.


In 1835 Dunkirk's population was 628, a 100% increase since 1830.  But the year of 1837 was disas­trous for Dunkirk as well as other posts of the nation.  When the banks of New York and the nation suspend­ed speae payment, calamity struck the business sec­tion of the area.  The wild land speculation, the high prosperity, extended credit, all based on the develop­ment of a rail terminal in Dunkirk, led to much suffer­ing for all.  Waldon Smith, business man, staunch citi­zen, a leader in the move to bring the terminal to Dunkirk, was overwhelmed by this event.  The steamboats, the docks and harbors were soon empty and it took until 1844 for the people of the area to receive any new hope.  It was then that the first bank opened under the direction of A. J. Webb.


Finally, the railroad made it to Dunkirk on January 3, 1851, and good fortune returned to Dunkirk.  With the railroad came an increase in population.


Dunkirk, in its long and colorful history during the 19th century, saw many distinctive events.  In 1825 Lafayette debarked from Dunkirk Harbor and Lincoln, an February 16, 1861, on his way, to Washington for is inauguration, stopped in Dunkirk and made a short speech discussing the "gathering storm".  Four years later, at midnight of April 28, 1865, the people of Dunkirk received in solemn reception the funeral train of the great and revered president.  During the four years of the Civil War Dunkirk was the center for military troop movement.  The troops venturing south­ward and westward left from the Dunkirk Harbor.


In 1880 Dunkirk became incorporated as a city. Its population in 1915 reached 15,704 and, as the County's second largest city, has a population today of ap­proximately 18,205. Population of the Town - 1,541


City of Dunkirk

George M. Agell                                                                   1860

John S. Beggs                                                                       1861-1873

Alex W. Popple                                                                    1874

William Bookstaver                                                             1875-1883

David Russell                                                                       1884

Wm. Bookstaver                                                                  1885-1890

Julien T. Williams                                                                 1887-1891

W. J. Cronyn                                                                         1891

Samuel S. Gifford................................................................. 1892

Cornelius Stumm................................................................. 1892-1893

Ralph B. Day........................................................................ 1893

John C. Platte                                                                        1894-1895 James C. Russell                                                                                1896-1897

Henry K. Williams...............................................................                                       1896

Frank G. Gould.....................................................................                                       1897

John K. Patterson, Jr..........................................................                                       1898-1905

Henry Mayo                                                                         1898-1899

Thomas J. Cummings                                                          1900-1909

B. L. Harrison                                                                        1906-1907

Rollin W. Snow                                                                    1908-1913

John S. Walters ...                                                                1910-1913

Nelson J. Palmer                                                                   1914-1919

Peter Gregoreski                                                                   1914-1921

L. W. Sharp                                                                           1920-1923

Charles D. Loeb...................................................................                                              1920-1927

H. E. Durrell..........................................................................                                              1920-1921

F. Lewandowski                                                                   1920-1921

Michael Crzysz                                                                     1922-1931

Edward Konwinski                                                               1922-1931

Murle L. Rowe                                                                      1922-1933

R. W. Van Scoter                                                                  1924-1929

H. K. Leworthy                                                                     1928-1945

Edmond A. Nowak                                               1928-1935

Jacob Ludes                                                                          1930-1949

Archie B. Supkowski..........................................................       1932-1933

Edward Konwinski..............................................................       1932 1935

John F. Weingart................................................................       1934-1935

Walter L. Roberts................................................................       1936-1949

Anthony S. Strychaiski......................................................       1936-1937

Edward T. Kaminski............................................................       1936-1941

Joseph M. Klajbor                                                               1938-1949

Robert N. Palmer                                                                  1942-1943

Joseph Michaiski                                                                 1942-1943

Herbert C. Madden                                                              1944-1945

Frank Price                                                                            1944-1947

Florian F. Wlodarek                                                             1948-1953

Arthur Strubing                                                                    1946-1965

Seth Johnson                                                                        1954-1967

Zenon Panfil                                                                         1954-1956

Chester Woloszyn                                                               1952-1965

Frank Gillson                                                                         1950-1956

August Jankowski                                                               1950-1951

Earl Monroe                                                                          1950-1951

Emil Puder                                                                             1952-1953

Peter Tofil                                                                              1954-1967

Newell McCroskey                                                              1960-1967

F. McKinley Briggs                                                             1966-1967

Chester Tarnowski                                                               1966-1967

Town of Ellery

The development of the Town of Ellery is closely connected with one of its first settlers, William Bemus.  In 1806, Bemus and another hardy pioneer, Jeremiah Griffith,. brought their families to this beautiful area along the shores of the lake.  Soon after settling, Bemus erected the town's first sawmill in 1808.  He followed this with the building of a gristmill in 1811.


On February 29, 1821, the town was formally set off from Chautauqua and its first supervisor was elect­ed later that year.  Ellery became the tenth town in the County.


As the eastern terminus of the Bemus Point-Stow Ferry, and with the completion soon of Long Point State Park, the Town of Ellery will continue as one of the area's most attractive spots for tourists.  Tourism, the town's principal industry, began in a large blockhouse built by William Barrows in 1809.  The famous tavern was known as Red Bird.


Bemus Point, named after William Bemus is the town's only village and has a population of 443. Population - 3,953


Town of Ellery

Almon Ives                                                                             1821

Peter Loucks                                                                           1822

Abijah Clark                                                                            1823

Almon Ives                                                                             1824-1827 Jonadab Winchester                                                              1828

Robertson Whiteside                                                              1829

John Hammond                                                                       1830

Jonadab Winchester                                                                1831

Almon Ives                                                                             1832

Odin Benedict                                                                         1833-1839

Minot Hoyt                                                                            1840

Odin Benedict                                                                         1841-1842

Geo.  F. Vandervort                                                                1843

Odin Benedict                                                                         1844-1847

Geo.     F. Vandervort                                                             1848

Odin     Benedict                                                                     1849

Geo.     F. Vandervort                                                             1850

Wm. S. Aldrich                                                                       1851-1853

Ira Haskins                                                                              1854

Elias  Clark                                                                              1855

Leman Pickett                                                                         1856-1857

Wm. C. Benedict                                                                     1858-1863

James   Hale                                                                            1864

Wm. C. Benedict                                                                     1865-1866

John R. Russell                                                                       1867

John S. Bemus                                                                        1868-1869

Oscar Hale                                                                                              1870-1871

Wm. C. Benedict                                                                     1872

Geo.  W. Belden                                                                   1873-1874




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Oscar Hale                                                                              1875-1876

Asa Cheney                                                                            1877-1883

Wm. C. Benedict                                                                     1884-1885

Oscar Hale                                                                              1886-1887

Samuel Weaver                                                                        1888

Benj.  A. Pickard                                                                     1889-1890

S. Dwight Thum                                                                     1891-1897

Frank F. Pickard                                                                     1898-1905

A. M. Cheney                                                                         1906-1917

O. C. Casselmcm                                                                    1918-1921

A. M. Cheney                                                                         1922-1933

Earl J. Parker                                                                           1934-1935

Clark L. Lord                                                                          1936-1947 Albert S. Samuelson                                 1948-1949

William G. West                                                                     1950-1951

Richard Evans                                                                         1951

Town of Ellicott


On June 1, 1812, the Town of Ellicott celebrated its first birthday.  The town, named in honor of Joseph Ellicott, was established from a large area of land set off from the Town of Pomfret.  In April of 1813, at the' home of Joseph Akin, the voters of the town elected James Prendergast as their first supervisor and Eben­ezer Davis as the town clerk.  At this meeting, presided over by John Silsby, the nearest justice, Laban Case, served as moderator.


With this action, Ellicott, along with Gerry and Hanover, became one of the three towns admitted after the original formation of the County.  The second town meeting was again held at the home of Joseph Akin in 1814, later adjourned to Laban Case's tavern.


The records indicate that the political leaders of the town back in 1813 voted $250 for bridges and roads and that the supervisor was asked to solicit funds from the County.  The town laid out roads in those early years, with an additional $100 for bridges in 1814.  Interestingly, the bridge across the outlet at Prendergast's cost $37.67 and one at Joseph Akin's home cost $29.00. The bridges were funded by labor and material subscribed by local citizens in lieu of money.


1806 was the year in which many settlers came to live and stay in this area.  William Wilson, George Fenton and James Culbertson initiated the first settle­ment along the banks of the creek.  In 1815, Benjamin Ross came to the town and the next year began Ross Mills.  One of the earliest temperance societies was developed in Ellicott by Samuel Whiter More, who, in 1827, was appointed postmaster of Fluvanna.  His hotel was an important and popular summer resort for those who believed in temperance.


Ellicott, because of its excellent mill sites at cer­tain points along the Chadakoin River, attracted early industry.  The Levant Junction of the Chadakoin and Cassadaga become an important area before the mid 19th century in the manufacturing of bricks.  Through­out the 1840's, some 500,000 bricks were manufactured annually at Levant.  In addition to the industrial sites, a large body of pine timber covered much of the original town.


The original boundaries of the town once en­compassed the present City of Jamestown and the Village of Lakewood.  Falconer, named after prosper­ous businessman, Robert Falconer, became a thriving community and now has a population of 3,343. Population - 10,451



Town of Ellicott

James Prendergast                                                               1813-1815

John Frew                                                                              1816-1822

James Hall                                                                             1823-1825

Solomon Jones                                                                     1826

Nathaniel Fenton                                                                                 1827

Solomon Jones                                                                     1828-1829

Nathaniel Fenton                                                                 1830

Samuel Barrett                                                                      1831-1840

William Hall                                                                           1841-1842

Horace Allen                                                                         1843

Samuel Barrett                                                                      1844

Henry Baker                                                                          1845-1846

Augustus F. Allen                                                               1847-1848

Charles Butler                                                                       1849-1850

R. V. Cunningham                                                                1851

Aug.  F. Allen                                                                       1852

Henry Baker                                                                          1853-1854

Simon W. Parks                                                                    1855

Aug.  Allen                                                                           1856

Francis W. Palmer                                                                1857

Lewis Hall                                                                              1858-1859

Aug. Allen                                                                            1860-1868

Jerome Preston                                                                     1869-1870

Aug.  Allen                                                                           1871-1874

Lewis Hall                                                                              1875-1876

Corydon Hitchcock                                                             1877

John T. Willson                                                                    1878-1879

Robert N. Marvin                                                                 1880-1883

Daniel Griswold                                                                    1884-1885

G. A. Bentley, 2d                                                                  1886-1888

Alonzo Halladay                                                                  1889-1895

Hollis Price                                                                            1896-1897

Murrick B. Pratt...................................................................                                              1898-1903

H. N. Crosby........................................................................                                              1904-1906

Ranson B. Lydell................................................................. 1907-1908

Conrad Anderson                                                1909

H. L. Ames                                                                            1910-1919

Menzo W. Neate                                                                  1920-1925

Edward Ellison                                                                      1926-1927

M. W. Neate                                                                         1928-1937

Guy B. Saxton                                                                       1938-1942

Carrie N Willett                                                                     1943-1949

Harold T Swanson                                                               1950-1956

Frederick E. Mattison                                                          1960


Town of Ellington

        From the Town of Gerry cane the land for. the establishment of a new township, Ellington, on April 1, 1824.  Cherry Creek was set off five years later from Ellington on May 4, 1829.  Ellington's settlers in the early years came mostly from New England.  With them they brought the industrial traditions of the rural New England towns and villages.  Simon Lawrence built a sawmill on Clear Creek in 1820, the same year Ward King erected the first gristmill.  Elijah and Elliot son began the first tannery in 1829.  With the devel­opment of these mills and tanneries, more and more people settled in the township.  Settlement in the years of 1822 and '23 brought the area's population to a point where the residents desired their own township.


   The first town meeting was held at the home of Lucretia French, on March 1, 1825.  Supervisor John Thacher was elected, along with Town Clerk Cornelius N. Nicholson.  The first post office was located in the house, of Benjamin Follet on Old Church Road from 1816-1823.  Lucretia French held the position of post­master until 1829, and then the post office was moved to Bates Settlement when Vina Bates became the postmaster.  In 1817, in the home of Abner Bates, the first public religious service was held in the town.


             September 8, 1865 was a tragic day in the history of Ellington, when the township suffered a great flood that destroyed buildings and property and the lives of four children of one family.


Seventy-five local citizens, meeting on January 12, 1850, raised $3,650 for the construction of Ellington Academy which began in 1852.  This prominent edu­cational institution was granted its academic charter by the Regents of the University of New York on February 11, 1853.


             Ellington, located in the center of the town, was settled in 1819 after "Captain" Ebenezer Green, Jr. tapped the maple trees and made sugar on what is now the village park.


             Ellington is noted for its excellent dairy products and its butter and cheese were famous throughout the area.  In addition, great forests occupying the land at­tracted many shingle and saw mills. Population - 1,314.


Town of Ellington

James Thatcher                                                                       1825

Cornelius H. Nicholson                                                          1826-1827

James Carr                                                                              1828-1829

Gideon Evans                                                                          1830

John Woodward, Jr.                                                                1831-1834

Benj. Barnard                                                                          1835-1837

John Woodward, Jr.                                                                1838-1840

Geo.  J. Phipany                                                                     1841-1843

Jarvis B. Rice                                                                          1844-1846

Geo.  J. Phipany                                                                     1847

John F. Farnham                                                                     1848-1854

Mason D. Hatch                                                                     1855

Charles B. Green                                                                     1856-1857

J. F. Farnham                                                                          1858-1860

Charles B. Green                                                                     1861

J. F. Farnham                                                                          1862-1863

Samuel Griffith                                                                       1864-1865

George Waithe                                                                        1866-1867

Phillip M. Smith                                                                     1868-1869

Corey Briggs                                                                           1870-1871

Samuel Griffith                                                                       1872-1873

Theodore A. Case                                                                   1874-1875

Oliv.  Putnam                                                                          1876-1881

Austin H. Stafford                                                                  1882-1883

T. A. Case                                                                               1884-1888

Ernest F. Rowley                                                                    1889-1890

Sardius Frisbee                                                                        1891-1895

T. A. Case                                                                               1896-1907

Charles J. Main                                                                       1908-1911

Charles H. White                                                                    1912-1917

J. B. Anderson                                                                        1918-1933

Garfield 0. Gilbert                                                                   1934-1943

M. L. Bagg                                                                              1944-1961

William Cole                                                                           1962-1963

Gaylord Swanstrom                                                                1964-1965

Kenneth C. Lawrence                                                             1966

Town of French Creek


French Creek was first settled by Pioneers from Essex and Oneida Counties during the War of 1812. In1811, Andy Nobels arrived with his family and by 1817 Polly Forbes was teaching school.  Parkley Bloss, an 1815 arrived, became the first highway commission­er and, with compass in Pocket and a rope for a surveyor' s chain, plotted the roads of the newly formed town in the 1830's.


The first town meeting was held at the home of William Harper in March of 1830, almost one year after the founding of the town, April 23, 1829, from a section of Clymer. The town's name came from the stream that runs through the area, once used by French soldiers moving to and from Canada, on their many expeditions to Pennsylvania and Ohio.


Silas Terry, a resident of French Creek from 1820-1855, became one of its most important early political figures.  He served as justice of French Creek for 16 Years and as tax collector of Clymer.  From 1844-1848 he served French Creek on the Board of Supervisors and in 1849 was elected to the Assembly.


The town is normally a f arming and dairy community but the building of the Tennessee Gas Trans­mission Company’s pumping station doubled the town's assessment. Population - 906


Town of French Creek

Alex.  Willson, Jr.                                                                 1830-1832

Nathaniel Thompson                                                           1833

Ira F. Gleason                                                                        1834-1837

Daniel Hooker                                                                       1838



Philo S. Hawley                                                            1839-1842

D. L. Gleason                                                                        1843

Silas Terry                                                                             1844-1845

Nehemiah Royce                                                                  1846-1847

Silas Terry                                                                             1848

Nehemiah Royce                                                                  1849

Thomas D. Jones                                                                 1850

Nehemiah Royce                                                                  1851

Philo S. Hawley                                                                    1852

Nehemiah Royce                                                                  1853-1855

John Sliter                                                                             1856

Marvin Hooker                                                                     1857

Stephen W. Steward                                                            1858

H. P. Fenton                                                                          1859-1860

R. J. Beach                                                                             1861-1862

Almond  S. Park                                                                    1863

Lawyer   S. Terry                                                                  1864-1865

Dana P.  Horton                                                                   1866-1867

James A. Merry                                                                   1868-1869

D. M. Hapgood                                                                    1870

Henry R. Case                                                                       1871-1872

John Jones                                                                            1873

H. R. Parsons                                                                        1874

John Jones                                                                            1875

Reuben J. Beach                                                                   1876-1877

Orson Allis                                                                            1878

Nehemiah Royce                                                                  1879

Henry R. Case                                                                       1880-1882

Orson Allis                                                                            1883

Edward Jaquins                                                                    1884-1885

Henry R. Case                                                                       1886-1888

James Rhoades                                                                     1889





Compliments of






North East, Pa.



Geo. I. Hapgood                                                                   1890-1891

Henry R. Jones                                                                     1892-1893

Henry R. Case                                                                       1894-1906

Edmond A. Austin                                               1907-1911

Silas Webber.......................................................................                                              1912

Lucas C. Gleason................................................................                                              1913-1915

Frank A. Jones           .........................................................                                              1916-1917

Lucas C. Gleason                                                                 1918-1919

Amos L. White                                                                     1920-1921

Pat G. Harrington                                                                 1922-1923

Fred J. Wardes                                                                     1924-1935

Arthur R. Habink                                                  1936-1939

Earl Storer                                                                              1940-1947

Edward Beckerink                                                                1948-1965

Oliver V. Whitney............................................................... 1966

Town of Gerry

   Gerry, with the towns of Hanover and Ellington, was among the first three towns to follow the formation of the County.  Named after Elbridge Gerry, signer of the Declaration of Independence, Gerry became a town on June 1, 1812, separating itself from the town of Pomfret.  In later years, parcels of Gerry were made into the towns of Ellington, Cherry Creek, and Char­lotte.  Practically all the families settling in the area then were from Vermont.  These industrious settlers named their community Vermont and their post office had the name of Vermont until 1867, when it was changed to Gerry.


The first town meeting was held at Samuel Sin­clear's in 1813.  At this meeting a law passed was that all "ox sleds to be 4 ft. in width.  Penalty for being 'cetched' on road with an ox sled less than 4 ft. wide, $5.00". In 1822, the post office was established and Dexter Hatch served as postmaster.


Industry in the early decades of the 19th century brought not only settlers and prosperity to the Gerry area, but fame, as well.  During these years it was often referred to as "New - Pittsburgh".  It all began when Caleb Mathews, a manufacturer of pottery, es­tablished his business at Vermont Corners.  By 1839 three factories producing excellent quality pottery were in full force.  In addition to this industry, Riley Greenleaf, in 1845, invented and successfully operated the first machine for cutting veneer.


   An important and highly regarded resident of Gerry was Sidney E. Palmer, who served as postmaster from August 1, 1841 until 1896, upon his death. In addition to this service of some 55 years as post-

master, Palmer also was elected to the post of town clerk, board of supervisors for five years, and, in 1860, represented the second assembly district of Chautau­qua County in the State Legislature.


Today, Gerry, like many of its neighboring towns and communities, has as its chief industry dairy farming. Population - 1,468



Town of Gerry


Samuel Sinclair                                                                        1813

Amos Atkins......................................................                                                       1814

Samuel Sinclair..........................................                                                       1815-1816

Selah Pickett                                                                           1817

Samuel Sinclair                                                                        1818-1820

Joel Burnell                                                                             1821

Hugh B. Patterson                                                  1822-1827

Joel Burnell                                                                             1828

Nathan Lake                                                            1829

H. B. Patterson                                                       1830

James Scofield, Jr.                                                   1831

H. B. Patterson                                                                       1832-1835

Samuel Fargo                                                                           1836

Willard Bucklin                                                                       1837

Wm. M. Wagoner                                                   1838

William Bliss                                                                           1839

Willard Bucklin                                                       1840

Wm. R. Wilson                                                       1841-1842

Sidney E. Palmer                                                                     1843

Willard Bucklin                                                                       1844

Wm. M. Wagoner                                                   1845

Willard Bucklin                                                                       1846-1848

William Bliss                                                                           1849

Wm. Mellen                                                                            1850

James Bucklin                                                                         1851-1852

Lyman L. Eaton                                                      1853

Sidney E. Palmer                                                                     1854

Willard Bucklin                                                                       1855

Sidney E. Palmer                                                     1856

W. Bucklin                                                                              1857

Samuel Griffith                                                                       1858-1859

Robert Lenox                                                          1860

Galusha Beardsley                                                  1861-1862

Geo. A. Aldrich                                                                      1863-1864

Galusha Beardsley                                                                  1865-1866

B. Frank Dennison                                                                  1867-1868

G. Beardsley                                                                           1869-1870

Wm. H. Scott                                                                          1871-1872

Sidney E. Palmer                                                                     1873-1874

Jarvis K. Wilson                                                                     1875-1877-

Wm. H. Scott                                                                          1878

John H. Phelps                                                                       1879

Charles A. Tracy                                                    1880-1888

Henry Starr                                                                             1889-1895

John A. Almy                                                         1896-1901

Orson N. Salisbury                                                                 1902-1907

Obed E. Ostrander                                                                  1908-1911

Geo.  N. Thompkins                                                               1912-1915

Park L. Starr                                                                            1916-1933

G. Clayton Damon                                                                 1934-1939

Everett J. Edson                                                                      1940-1949

Walter J. Paterson                                                                   1949-1956

C. Elmer Carlson                                                                     1960


Town of Harmony


Harmony, like many of the other towns of Chau­tauqua County, was an offshoot of the "Mother Town", Chautauqua.  On February 14, 1816, the area began its status as a, separate township, although its original settlers had already been there a decade.  Thomas Bemus, son of William Bemus, settled in what is now Harmony in January of 1806.  Following him was Reu­ben Stayton, Jr. who, in 1809, erected the area's first sawmill which, in later years, was a major industry of the township located on a hilly section of the County.


             The town's first school began in a traditional log cabin in 1823, only to be destroyed by fire two years later.




























Compliments of

LODGE 1791


International Association of Machinists and

Aero Space Workers



"Salute to the Veterans of WW I”




















   In 1861, the small settlement of Panama became an incorporated village.  Panama was the trading center for the area residents.  The current population of Panama is 450.


   Harmony, in addition to its dairying and farming industry and operation of sawmills, and lumbering, has a moor tourist attraction - Panama Rocks. Population - 1,797


Town of Harmony

Palmer Phillips                                                                      1816-1823

Reuben Slayton                                                                    1824

Theron Bly                                                                            1825-1831

Henry Hill                                                                              1832

Theron Bly                                                                            1833-1834

Zeal Ward                                                                             1835-1836

Theron Bly                                                                            1837-1838

Robert Hewes                                                                       1839-1841

Daniel Williams                                                                    1842

John Steward                                                                        1843-1847

Theron S. Bly                                                                        1848-1849

John Steward                                                                        1850-1852

Morris Norton                                                                      1853

John Steward                                                                        1854

Albert Gleason                                                                     1855-1857

Ebenezer G. Cook                                                                 1856

Sardius Steward                                                                   1858-1860

Reuben F. Randolph                                                            1861

John Steward                                                                        1862-1864

Walter L. Sessions                                                               1863

Loren B. Sessions                                                                1864-1870

Frank G. Steward                                                                  1871-1872

Loren B. Sessions                                                                1873-1889

Jared Hewes                                                                          1890-1895

J. Samuel Fowler                                                                   1896-1899

James Hawkins                                                                     1900-1901

Edwin W. Connelly                                                              1902-1903

Leon E. Button                                                                     1904-1906

Ambrose Cross                                                                    1907

E. W. Connelly                                                                     1908-1911

Leon E. Button                                                                     1912-1915

James Pringle                                                                        1916-1917

Harry B. Button                                                                    1918-1919

Leon E. Button                                                                     1920-1935

Arthur L. Richardson                                                          1936-1949

Leon E. Button                                                                     1950

Town of Hanover

The Town of Hanover lies in the northeastern part of the County and hors a long and colorful history dating back to Amos Sottle who was the first settler along the banks of the Cattaraugus Creek in 1799.  The first purchase of land was recorded in the name of Charles Avery in 1804.  An important early settler was Joseph Brownell who arrived in December, 1809 and soon after become Hanover's first supervisor when it became a township.


Hanover was formed from the Town of Pomfret on June 1, 1812.  In following years it, too, lost land when the Township of Villenova was formed in 1823.  In 1827 another section of the original township became part of the Town of Sheridan. This year was highlighted also by a great increase of settlers.  The mouth of the Cattaraugus provided an open door for exploration into the heart of the County.


The first town meeting was held in the home of DanielHolbrook on April 9, 1814 and Joseph Brownell rejected to the supervisor's post.  The first election for member of the Assembly was in April, 1813 when 112 votes were cast - 67 for James Williams and 45 .for Jacob Houghton.  Nathan Mixer, a Forestville resi­dent who arrived in 1817, served as supervisor for 10 years and was elected to three terms as member of the State Assembly.


The Village of Silver Creek, located in the northwest comer, has a population of 3,310 while Forestville, earlier known as Walnut Falls, has 905 residents.


The Town borders on both Erie and Cattaraugus Counties and the main east west travel routes flow through the area.  It is the closest township to the metropolitan Buffalo area.  The major industry of the area is fruit production, primarily grapes, in addition to several small growing factories recently located in the Silver Creek area.  The town boundaries touch up­on portions of the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation-i. Population ion - 7,301


Town of Hanover

Nedebiar Angell                                                                       1813

Joseph Brownell                                                                      1814

David Russell                                                                          1815

Joseph Brownell                                                                      1816-1819

an Mixer                                                                                  1820-1821

an Mixer                                                                                  1823-1824 Seth Snow                                                                                 1825

Nathan Mixer                                                                          1826-1827

Daniel Russell                                                                          1828-1830

Nathan Mixer                                                                          1831-1832

Oliver Lee                                                             1833-1835

Nathan Mixer                                                                          1836

Wm. Colville, Jr.                                                                     1837

E. R. Avery                                                                             1838

A. F. Morrison                                                                       1839

E. B. Guernsey                                                                 ...............................................       1840

Thomas C. Hale                                                         ............................................              1841

Jeremiah Ellsworth                                                                 1842

Orson Stiles...........................................................................                                              1843

Jeremiah Ellsworth................................................................ 1844-1845

William Colvin....................................................................... 1846

H. H. Hawkins....................................................................... 1847

Adolphus F. Morrison.......................................................... 1848

Charles H. Lee.......................................................................                              1849

William Colville.....................................................................                              1850-1851

Charles H. Lee.......................................................................                              1852

Hiram Smith                                                                            1853-1854

Clark C. Swift ..                                                                      1855-1856

Hiram Smith, 2nd...................................................................                                    1857-1859

Chandler Scott.......................................................................                                    1860-1862

Cyrus D. Angell.....................................................................                                 1863

William D. Talcott                                                                  1864

Nahum S. Scott -.                                                                    1865-1866

Chandler Scott                                                                        1867

Ian D. Hiller                                                                            1868-1869

Harman B. Brown                                                                 1870-1871

Smith Clark                                                                             1872-1873

Leroy Andrus                                                                         1874

Carlos Ewell                                                                            1875-1876

Oliver Lee Swift                                                                      1877-1878

John G. Record                                                                        1879






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at the time of the fast Presidential Election -


POPULATION OF UNITED STATES                                                      192,119,000

Under 21-Not Eligible to Vote                                                                      78,244,800

OLD ENOUGH TO VOTE                                                               113,874,200

Total Votes Cast-All Candidates                                                      -70,303,305

MEMBERSHIP NON-VOTER'PARTY                                            43,570,895


Are YOU a member of this group?








PRESIDENT                                                  VAUGHN RUDY                                                          TRUSTEE        ------------------   GEORGEJOHNSON

1st VICE PRESIDENT                                  GEORGE RITZER

2nd VICE PRESIDENT                                JOSEPH CANALE

3rd VICE PRESIDENT                                 HARRY BLOOM

4th VICE PRESIDENT                                 DOMINIC CAMPISANO TREASURER                                                  ROBERT HANSON SECRETARY                                                ALEX CAMERON





TRUSTEE                                                      GEORGE JOHNSON TRUSTEE                                                                 DEWEY GREEN

TRUSTEE                                                      DELBERT CORCORAN

DELEGATE                                                   JOSEPH FOTI

DELEGATE                                                   JAMES DUTCHESS

DELEGATE                                                   ALBRO FESSENDEN

SGT.-AT-ARMS                                          LEWIS MEEHAN

Seth M. Thompson                                           1880-1881

Jason B. Knapp                                                    1882-1885

Albert H. Stebbins                                               1886-1891

John McAdam                                                      1892

Herbert H. Stebbins                                             1893

Asa E. Dye                                                            1894-1899

Frank   L. Smith                                                     1900-1901

David  T. Smith                                                     1902-1905

Frank   A. Rider                                                     1906-1911

James  0. Bennett                                                 1912-1913

Loren  W. Stebbins                                             1914-1924

Elmer B. Gens                                                        1925

Fred P. Birdsey                                                     1926-1932

Henry J. Martin                                                    1933-1937

Carl Stearns                                           1938-1939

Hall R. Clothier                                                     1940-1963

Hamilton H. Clothier                                            1963

City of Jamestown

James Prendergast purchased, in 1806, 3,500 acres of land near Mayville and, with this event, came the eventual founding of the largest city in the County, Jamestown.  The story is told of how Prendergast's young son set out to find a strayed team of horses and that before he caught up with them he had tra­versed the great pine tree region of the Conewango Valley.  In 1808 he purchased 1,000 acres of this beauti­ful land.


      Prendergast and a companion, John Blower, visited the newly acquired land for possible sites for settlements.  A year later, in 1809, Blower built a cabin on the lake's outlet.  Settlers followed rapidly and the area within a year was dotted with many homesites.  Prendergast, in 1812, erected a dam at the outlet, only to have the Grand Jury decide in favor of the various settlers who claimed it was a common nuisance.  The founder of Jamestown had to tear down the dam and pay a fine of $15.00.


      Growth came rapidly to this area and through an act passed by the State Legislature on March 6, 1827, a village was incorporated.  The first village election was held at the home of Solomon Jones and five trus­tees, a treasurer, a clerk, and a tax collector were elected.  Following the elections, a commission was appointed, composed of E. T. Foote, Horace Allen, S. A. Brown, Abner Hazeltine, and Joseph Waite, to draft a constitution and by-laws.  The constitution developed by the commission was highly regarded as it stated the duties and the rights of the citizens of the village and their elected officials.


      One of the first duties of the village fathers was to provide fire protection.  This was decided on June 5, 1827, and on August 31, 1829, $300 was raised through taxes to organize the first fire company.  The fire com­pany not only protected the residents from the ravages of fire, but became an important political force in the early years of the village.


With the coming of the railroad, Jamestown's status changed from a small, quiet community to an expanding industrial area and on March 31, 1886, after one year of preparation, a city charter was passed -by the legislature.  This act was signed by Governor David B. Hill.









Jamestown, New York

Salamanca, New York


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International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers




"A Dedicated Group Who Have Worked

Through the Years to Improve our Society"


      On April 13, 1886, the residents of the new city held their first elections.  They elected as Mayor, Oscar F. Price; City Clerk, Fred R. Peterson; Aldermen: Adam Ports, John G. Wicks, W. T. Bradshaw, T. E. Grandin, C. F. Hedman, J. S. Ellis, Conrad A. Hulf, E. F. Carpen­ter, H. S. Hull and E. R. Bootey; Police Justice, Henry J. Yates; Justices of the Peace: Marshall P. Strunk, De­forest D. Woodford, Egburt E. Woodbury and Herbert  V. Bain; and, Assessors: James C. Swanson, John W. Johnson and John M. Farnham.  There was no contest for the office of mayor and Price received 1780 votes of the 1950 cast.


Following cm evaluation of the vote by the old village's board of trustees, Major Hiram Smith, a mem­ber of the board, reviewed the history of Jamestown and declared the election valid and turned over the reigns of the new city to the elected officials.  In ad­dition to elected offices, the charter established various commissions including hospital, city planning, civil service, board of water and lighting, and hoard of estimate and review.  Jamestown, even in its early stages, became a pioneer city, advocating municipal ownership of public utilities.  In 1920,, on July 4, Mayor Samuel A. Carlson gave a famous speech at the con­vention of the New York State Conference of Mayors, convened in Jamestown.


. An important political event almost came to "pass" 1893 when officials and interested citizens made an effort to move the County Seat from Mayville to James­town.  The proposition -lost, not so much because of the voters outside of the City, but because of the 282 votes cast in Jamestown against the proposition.  These votes made the difference in bringing the County Seat to the City of Jamestown.


        On September 26, 1890, three propositions were put before the voters: construction of sewer system ­carried; paving construction - lost; equipment for light plant - passed.  On July 4, 1891, at 9 p.m., elec­tric lights flashed throughout all parts of the City.  In .1895, the cornerstone was placed for the building of the City Hall.


        Mayor Price served the city until his retirement in 1894.  He was followed by Eleazer Green, who was elected to the mayoral post almost unanimously.  Green was a leading attorney in the area and a Prominent Republican.  He took the oath of office May 7, 1894.  In 1895, he was elected District Attorney for the County and was succeeded by Oscar Price as Mayor to fill in the interim.  Henry H. Cooper was elected and took office on April 11, 1898.  The spring of 1900 he was succeeded by J. Emil Johnson, under whose administra­tion a municipal water plant was acquired.  In 1908 began the long and prosperous reign of Samuel A. Carlson.


        The population pattern on Jamestown indicates its steady growth: 1827 – 393, 1830 – 884, 1840 – 1,212, 1860 – 3,155, 1890 – 16,038, 1892 – 18,627, 1900 – 22,892, 1915 – 37,780, 1915 – 37,780, 1960 – 41,818.          


Mayor Samuel A. Carlson's long term of office was interrupted by the election of Lars A. Larson in 1928-1930; L. F. Roberts from 1934-1936.  In 1938 Harry Erickson became mayor of the City.  L. F. Roberts again was elected to office in 1940-1942.  He was fol­lowed by Samuel A. Stroth in 1942.  The mayors serv­ing the City of Jamestown since the 1940's have been: Stanley A. Weeks, Carl Sanford, William D. Whitehead, and Frederick H. Dunn, the current mayor. Population - 41,818








Organized 1936


Representing 10,000 workers in Southwestern New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania areas.





                                      PENNSYLVANIA                                                                NEW  YORK

                                             Lodge        No.  422 - Bradford                                           Lodge        No.    332 - Jamestown

                                             Lodge        No.  638 - Bradford                                           Lodge        No.    626 - Jamestown

                                             Lodge        No.  993 - Warren                                              Lodge        No.    973 - Jamestown

                                             Lodge        No. 1097 - Corry                                                Lodge        No.    1240 - Jamestown

                                             Lodge        No. 1286 - Bradford                                          Lodge        No.    1273 - Dunkirk

                                             Lodge        No. 1328 - Warren                                             Lodge        No.    1551 - Jamestown

                                             Lodge        No. 1508 - Corry                                                Lodge        No.    1555 - Westfield

                                             Lodge        No. 1644 - Bradford                                          Lodge        No.    1558 - Jamestown

                                             Lodge        No. 1748 - Corry                                                Lodge        No.    1559 - Jamestown

                                                                                                                                             Lodge        No.    1791 - Jamestown

                                                                                                                                             Lodge        No.    1839 - Jamestown

                                                                                                                                             Lodge        No.    1888 - Jamestown

                                                                                                                                             Lodge        No.    1895 - Jamestown

                                                                                                                                             Lodge        No.    2102 - Cattaraugus

                                                                                                                                             Lodge        No.    2105 - Jamestown

                                                                                                                                             Lodge        No.    2107 - Jamestown

                                                                                                                                             Lodge        No.    2111 - Jamestown

                                                                                                                                             Lodge        No.    2169 - Jamestown

                                                                                                                                             Lodge        No.    2278 - Mayville, Falconer and Frewsburg



                                                George Clinger – President                                               Allen Anderson - Secretary-Treasurer

                                                Gust Peterson - Vice President                                        Andrew Billgren - Trustee

                                                Walter Graves - Recording Secretary                             Charles Courtney - Trustee

                                                Louis Miller - Conductor-Sentinel                                   Robert Rein - Trustee

Clyde Green - Legislative-Educational Director



                                                Arthur B. White - Sr.  Business Representative           Sam J. Nalbone - Business Representative

                                                Robert L. Byham - Business Representative                 Samuel C. Forscey - Business Representative


Justice On The Job - Democracy In Action






                   SUPERVISORS                               E. H. Magnuson                         1930-1937

                                      City of Jamestown                                                           Frederick E. Clary                       1931-1932

                                                                                                                                  Edward L. Allen                            1932

Daniel Griswold                                                      1886                                          Samuel C. Alessi                           1933

Jerome B. Fisher                                                     1886                                          Gail L. Cheney                             1934-1937

John Woodard                                                     1887-1891                                 Harry W. Burgeson                   1934-1937,1940-1943

Henry B. Lammers                                                 1887                                          Theodore N. Nelson                  1934-1935, 1938-1943,1950-1965

John J. Aldrich                                                        1888-1896                                 Robert E. Bergman                        1934-1937

Fred R. Peterson                                                     1892                                          Paul W. Blystone                          1934-1935

James A. Clary                                                       1893-1894                                 Coyle A. Boyd                             1938-1943

Clarence H. Lake                                                     1895-1896                                 Arthur 0. Morse                           1938-1955

Wm. J. Maddox..                                                    1897-1898                                 E. Walde Peterson                         1938-1953

James A. Clary                                                       1897-1904                                 Anthony R. Saeli                          1938-1939, 1944-1945

Archie Falconer                                                       1899-1902                                 Fred V. Landy                               1938-1941

Charles J. Anderson                                                1901-1902                                 Michael D. Lombardo                   1942-1953

John W. Willard                                                      1903                                          Raymond C. Finch                        1944-1947

Luther S. Lakin, Jr.                                                 1903-1909                                 Walter 0. Barrett                           1944

Charles J. Anderson                                                1904-1906                                 Henning P. Pearson                       1944-1947

Augustus F. Allen                                                   1905                                          Harry M. Filbrick                         1944-1947

Leon L. Fancher                                                      1906-1914                                 Stanley A. Weeks                         1948-1949

C. F. Abrahamson                                                   1907-1908                                 S. S. Edson                                    1955

F.O. Anderson                                                       1909                                          Clifford Holt                                 1954-1956

                                                                                                                                  Neil A. Kennedy                           1948-1952, 1954-1956, 1960-1961

E. George Lindstrom                                               1910-1915                                 Robert Helgren                              1950-1956, 1960-1961

Frank O. Olson                                                       1910-1917                                 Everett L. Erickson                       1956

H. M. Hansen                                                         1915                                          Leonard P. Crissey                       1952-1956, 1960-1961

Paul W. Blystone                                                    1916-1918                                 Burton W. Lesser                          1960-1963

Gustaf A. Lawson                                                  1916-1933                                 Harry J. Holroyd                          1948-1949, 1960-1961

N. Oscar Johnson                                                   1918-1923                                 Daniel F. Lincoln                          1961-1967

Frank E. Wallace                                                     1919-1931                                 Daniel R. Larson                           1962-1965

Ara V. Stone                                                           1919-1924                                 F. David Jungquist                        1962-1965

A. Fred Helgran                                                      1919-1933, 1936-1937             Fred J. Cusimano                          1962-1965

Allen Thayer                                                           1919-1922                                 Edison LeRoy, Jr.                         1964-1965

John D. Swift                                                          1923-1924                                 Bert C. Bloomquist                       1966-1967

H.  V. N. Bodine                                                     1924-1929, 1933                       Anthony Riolo                              1966-1967

Frederick E. Clary                                                   1924-1929                                 Theodore  Vimmerstedt                1966-1967

Hugo E. Sellvin                                                       1924-1933, 1936-1937             Claude Townsend                         1966-1967




International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers



LODGE No. 1 8 8 8


ORGANIZED 1949                                                                 'PRESENT MEMBERSHIP 465


Makers of world's finest Voting Machines for honest elections


                     PRESIDENT                                                                                                                                           TRUSTEE

                                   Hugh B. Hamilton                                                                                                                                 Harry Carlson


                                   VICE PRESIDENT                                                   FIN. SEC.-TREAS.                                             TRUSTEE

                                   Milton Roberg                                                         Erma J. Hamilton                                                 Gordon Stearns


                                   SENTINEL CONDUCTOR                                     RECORDING SECRETARY                              TRUSTEE

                                   Gordon Larson                                                        E. Richard Erickson                                            James Washburg



Jamestown, New York.

Established in 1924


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Town of Kiantone

Although the Town of Kiantone did not exist as a separate political entity until November of 1853, when it was set off from the Town of Carroll, its his­tory began when Joseph Akin settled along the banks of the Stillwater Creek in 1807.  His attempt to build a settlement to be known as Akinsville failed when he could not get clear title to the land.


The name Kiantone perpetuates the memory of the Indian tribes who occupied a village on- the banks of the Kiantone Creek which was called by them Kyen Thono.


Long before its first town meeting as a separate township on Feb. 21, 1854, at the home of E. Frissell, Kiantone was the residence of many important political figures.  James Hall, who arrived in the spring of 1812, served in various official capacities in the towns of Carroll and Ellicott.  In 1833 Hall was elected to the State Assembly although the Whig Party held a ma­jority of almost 2,000 votes over the Democratic Party.  Nevertheless, the very popular and able Hall was elected by a majority of 1,700 votes.  Another impor­tant name in the early political development of Kian­tone was Abner Martin.  Other than a period between the years 1828-1840,' when he lived with his father in he lived always in Kiantone.  He was active in Support of the Republican Party from its origin until about 1880 when he joined the Prohibition Party.  He was one of the early leaders in promoting enfranchise­ment of women.


Ellen A. Abner, daughter of this active political leader, was the first woman in the County to regularly pursue the study of law.



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In 1873 she entered the Uni­versity of Michigan and graduated in 1875.  After ad­mission to the Illinois Bar in 1876 she practiced law in Chicago.


An interesting historical event occurred in the town during the mid 1800's when a settlement of co­lonial spiritualists was established on the creek banks.  The 174 acre tract, known as "The Domain" and dedi­cated to the "common interest and general welfare" of all members erected square and octagonal shaped 'houses.  The colony fell into decline after 1858 and it, joined one of the many "communal" settlements that dotted our nation in the mid 1800's.


Today, because of its location, Kiantone has taken on the characteristics of a suburban area, blending together with its once flourishing dairy industry. Population - 1254



Town of Kiantone

Ezbai Kidder 1854

Lucian V. Axtell 1855-1856

Charles Spencer 1857

D. G. Morgan 1858

Russell M. Brown 1859

George A. Hall 1860

Russell M. Brown 1861

W. Woodward  1862-1865

Aaron J. Phillips 1866-1867

W. Woodward 1868

Joel Scudder 1869-1872



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Findley Lake, N. Y.                       Phone 769-2024






Aaron J. Phillips                                                                   1873

John B. Russell                                                                     1874-1875

Charles W. Creal                                                                  1876

Woodward                                                                            1877

Charles W. Creal                                                                  1878-1880

Joel Scudder                                                                         1879

C. W. Creal                                                                            1881

C. E. Woodward                                                                   1882

Geo. C. Frissell                                                                      1883-1885

Samuel Kidder                                                                      1886-1887

Azariah Hall                                                                          1888-1889

Samuel Kidder                                                                      1890

Allen A. Gould                                                                     1891-1897

Andrew B. Carter                                                                 1898-1901

Alonzo J. Martin                                                                  1902-1907

Parker E. Miller                                                                     1908-1909

Geo. C. –Kidder                                                                    1910-1917

Alonzo J. Martin                                                                  1918-1921

Homer M. Preston                                                                1922-1927

Samuel P. Kidder                                                                  1928-1931

Lewis H. Cheney                                                                  1932-1933

Harold C. Bratt                                                                      1934-1937

Lewis W. Cheney                                                 1938-1941

Don W. Castle                                                                      1942-1951

Harold Bratt                                                                          1952-1956

Frank W. Bratt                                                                      1960-1961

Elliot H. Kidder                                                                     1962

Town of Mina

Alexander Findley is credited as being the first settler in this area.  He came from the northern part of Ireland to America in 1790 and purchased land in Mina in 1811, attracted, no doubt, by the beauty of the lake which was later named after him.  The erection of his first saw mill in 1815 led to further development of the area and by 1824 sufficient population brought about a separation from the Town of Clymer to organize the Town of Mina.


The Town's first meeting was held at the schoolhouse nearby the home of Findley in April of 1824.  Supervisor Nathaniel Thory and Town Clerk Roger Haskel, among others, were elected to provide leader­ship for the town.


The 1824 election results indicated 44 votes for the gubernatorial candidate Young and 20 for DeWitt Clin­ton. the years between 1841-1845 the strength of the.  Whigs and the Democrats were nearly equal, causing, on three occasions, tie votes for supervisors and once for highway commissioner.  Since the origina­tion of the Republican Party, the Town of Mina has had a preponderance of citizens enrolled in its ranks.  The enrollment figures of 1962 record 364 voters en­rolled in the Republican Party compared to 73 enrolled in the Democratic Party.


The natural beauty of this area is greatly en­hanced by Findley Lake which attracts many tourists yearly to augment the dairy farming industry of the town. Population - 1,188



Town of Mina

Nathaniel Throop                                                                 1824-1827

Roger Haskell                                                                       1828

Nathaniel Throop                                                                 1829

Otis Skinner                                                                          1830-1831

Elias E D. Wood                                                                   1832

Joshua LaDue                                                                       1833

Ralph Palmer                                                                        1834-1837

d vid DeClow                                                                        1838

Valorous Lake                                                                       1839-1842

Jesse B. Moore                                                                    1843

David DeClow                                                                      1844

Wm. Putnam                                                                         1845

Gideon Barlow                                                                      1846-1848

Cyrus Underwood                                                               1849

Luke Grover                                                                          1850

Edward Buss                                                                         1851

Gideon Barlow                                                                      1852

Alexander Eddy ..................................................................                                                 1853

Ora B. Pelton .......................................................................                                                 1854

George Ross ....................................................................... 1855

Luke Grover ........................................................................ 1856-1857

Edward Buss .......................................................................                                                       1858

David DeClow                                                                      1859

George Relf                                                                           1860-1861

Thomas R. Coveny                                                              1862

Edward Buss                                                                         1863

George Relf                                                                           1864-1865

Franklin DeClow                                                   1866

George Relf                                                                           1867

Thomas R. Coveny                                                              1868

Henry Q. Ames                                                                     1869-1870

Franklin DeClow .................................................................                                              1871

George Relf .........................................................................                                              1872

John E. Ottaway .................................................................                                              1873-1875

Ebenezer Skellie ..................................................................                                       1876-1877

Dana P. Horton ...................................................................                                                 1878-1882

Ottaway..............................................................................                                 1883

Horton                                                                                   1884

Ottaway                                                                                 1885

D. P. Horton                                                                          1886

Samuel Barringer ................................................................ 1887

Wm. A. Knowlton ..............................................................                                              1888-1890

Dana P. Horton                                                                     1891

Alfred M. Douglass ........................................................... 1892-1893

D. P. Horton ........................................................................ 1894-1897

John A. Hill                                                                           1898-1901

W. Laverne Nuttall                                                              1902-1921

Frank J. Greenman                                                                1922-1939

Ray 0. Jones.........................................................................                                                       1940

Roy Chesley .......................................................................                       1941

R. O. Jones                                                                            1942-1956

Bryon Rouse                                                                         1956-1961

Julien Buesink                                                                      1962


Town of North Harmony

   North Harmony is the only town to be formed in the County after the turn of the century.  On December 19, 1918, North Harmony was officially separated from the Town of Harmony.  Although it was new as a town, a century of settlers and settlements preceded this event.


   In 1806 Thomas Bemus settled at Stow, which is the western terminus of Stow-Bemus Point Ferry. Cheney family settled in the same year on land that still bears their name. Ashville, named because of the conversion of wood ashes into "black salts", became the trading center of the area.


Today dairy farms dot the hills and valleys while, on the lake shore, lovely homes and cottages are located in the newest of the County's towns. Population - 2,132



Town of North Harmony

H. B. Bouton                                                                         1919

Ross D. Cowles                                                                    1920-1947

Leon Bulling                                                                         1948-1953

Stanley Loomis                                                                     1954-1961

Charles W. McDonnell                                                       1962


Town of Poland

The area that later became the Town of Poland was endowed with huge forests of pines and hardwoods. The immense pines were of such outstanding quality that the term "Poland Quality" was employed to distinguish high-grade lumber. These forests attracted many settlers, although the original developer of the land, Dr. Thomas Kennedy, never re­sided in the area.  Dr. Kennedy purchased a tract of 1,006 acres in 1803 which included the great pine for­ests.  In 1805 the first saw mill was erected in conjunc­tion with a settlement.  Richard Marvin, another im­portant mill owner, constructed sawmills in 1832.  Members of the Marvin family died from the fever that struck residents of the area during the decades be­tween the 1830's and 1850's.  The sickness throughout these years originated from the unsanitary conditions caused by the 100 acre pond built by Dr. Kennedy to float the logs for his sawmills.  This continued sickness made the area unattractive and many families moved away until the shores of the pond became a haven for criminals and toughs.  Finally, a group of men tore the dam away in 1848 and drained the swamp.


          April 9, 1832 was the birth of the Town of Poland.  It was set off from Ellicott and the residents held their first town meeting at the home of A.  McGleason and S. R. McGleason on March 5,1833.  Two men originally from New England were elected to the post of super­visor and town clerk.  They were Nathaniel Fenton and Nelson Rowe, respectively.  Town meetings were moved from Kennedyville to Poland Center for the next twenty-five to thirty years.


            The first post office was located in Kennedyville in 1840 and later to Falconer, which was named after W. T. Falconer, who held half interest in the sawmill and owned Large tracts of land.


          The population of the area followed closely the lumber industry and the pattern was as follows: 916 in 1835; 1539 in 1880; 1600 in 1890, which was the high mark; and 1442 in 1915.  Since the disappearance of the great forests, fine dairy farms have become the chief industrial mainstay of the township. Population - 2,036



Town of Poland

Sumner Allen                                                                        1842

W. W. Chandler                                                                   1843-1844

Henry N. Hunt                                                                      1845

Sumner Allen                                                                        1846


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UNION No. 649











David Tucker                                                                          1847-1848

Pierce Woodward                                                                    1849-1850

Eliakim Crosby                                                                       1851-1852

M. W. Smith                                                                           1853

Henry N. Hunt                                                                       1854-1855

Galusha M. Wait                                                                    1856

P. Woodward                                                                          1857-1858

Wm. T. Falconer                                                                     1859-1863

Sumner Allen                                                                          1864

Daniel Griswold                                                                      1865-1868

Harvey S. Elkins                                                                     1869-1872

Josiah H. Monroe                                                                   1873-1874

Amos Bill                                                                                1875-1876

J. H. Monroe                                                                          1877-1882

Amos Bill                                                                                1883

Ira C. Nichols                                                                          1884

Newell Cheney                                                                       1885

Ira C. Nichols                                                                          1886-1888

N. Cheney                                                                               1889

Ira C. Nichols                                                                          1890

Lyman F. Weedan                                                                   1891

Ira C. Nichols                                                                          1892-1893

Ernest F. Rowley                                                                    1894-1895

John H. Anderson                                                                   1896-1909

C. N. Taylor                                                                           1910-1913

Ray G. Crandall                                                                      1914-1925

C. N. Taylor                                                                           1926-1927

Leslie G. Sands                                                                       1928

W. R. Carr                                                                               1929-1932

T. P. Mattison                                                                        1933

Geo. B. Waite                                                                         1934-1943

Eric Lundeen                                                                           1944-1947

Clarence Anderson                                                                  1955-1959

Roger Powell                                                                           1960-1963

Gordon T. Wolfe                                                                    1964-1965

Roger Powell                                                                           1966

Town of Pomfret

The Town of Pomfret has a rich history reaching back into the first beginnings of Chautauqua County in 1808. The County was divided into two areas after its organization in 1808 - Chautauqua and Pomfret.  Surveying in the Pomfret area began in 1798 and in 1803, immediately after the Holland Land Company offered the land for sale, Thomas McClintock became the first settler to reside within the limits of the town.  Joining McClintock were Low Mininger and David Eason and in 1804 another early pioneer arrived who later had much to do with the establishing of the town - Zattu Cushing.


In 1807 all the County was the town of Chautau­qua and the town meetings were held at Cross Roads.  Zattu Cushing who, at that time, resided at the present location of the village of Fredonia, rallied all the voters of his section of the township to hold the next meeting at Fredonia.  This action led to the establishing of the Town of Pomfret.


The political history of this township was some­what overshadowed by the many developments in other areas of daily activities. In 1806 the Risleys opened the first store in the County at Fredonia. This establishment later became famous as the Risley Seed Gardens and in 1830 was the mostextensive in the United States.  During the gold rush of 1849 Risley onion seeds were paid for by their weight in gold.  During the early years the force of Canadaway Creek helped in the establishment of over thirty factories. 1821 found the town using natural gas for lighting, another first in - America. 


Two years later Fredonia Academy was founded.


Fredonia, the largest village in the County, was settled in 1804 and in 1817 the Chautauqua gazette appeared, printed in the village. The populous area soon became incorporated as a village in 1829. Its population was estimated between 600 and 700. Fredonia became the birthplace of the first grange in 1868 - Patrons of Husbandry, and also the place where the Women's Christian Temperance Union was organized. Dr. Squire White was the first "educated" physician in the County in 1808. In addition to caring for the sick, he taught school.


Louis McKinstry was probably one of the first im­portant political figures of the mid 1800's.  Born in 1844, he served the County for 50 years and annually was elected, unanimously, assistant clerk of the Board of Supervisors.

Population - 8,477


Town of Pomfret

Philo Orton                                                                             1811-1817

Leverett Barker                                                                       1818-1822

Abiram Orton                                                                         1823-1825

Benj. Douglass                                                                        1826-1828

Leverett Barker                                                                       1829

Geo. A. French                                                                       1830-1833

Owin McClure                                                                        1834

Elijah Risley, Jr.                                                                      1835

Elisha Norton                                                                          1836

Pearson Crosby                                                                      1837

Squire White                                                                           1838-1839

Elisha Norton                                                                          1840-1844

Leverett Barker                                                                       1845-1846

Daniel W. Douglas                                                                  1847

Rosell Greene                                                                          1848-1849

Wm. Risley                                                                             1850

Alvah H. Walker                                                                     1851-1853

Hiram F. Smith                                                                       1854

Abner W. Camp                                                                      1855

Elisha Norton                                                                          1856

Edmund Day                                                                           1857-1858

E. Norton                                                                                1859-1860

Orson Stiles                                                                            1861-1862

Henry B. Benjamin                                                                 1863-1864

Orson Stiles                                                                            1865

Horace White                                                                          1866

Geo.  D. Kinckley                                                                   1867-1868

John P. Hall                                                                            1869

Franklin Burritt                                                                       1870-1872

Harmanus C. Clark                                                                 1873

F. Burritt                                                                                 1874

James D.Wells                                                                        1875

Theo.  S. Moss                                                                       1876-1877

Milton M. Fenner                                                                   1878-1879

Geo. S. Josselyn                                                                     1880

John S. Lambert                                                                      1881-1882

Benj. F. Skinner                                                                      1883-1885

Arthur R. Moore                                                                    1886

Otis M. Hall                                                                           1887-1888

Warren B. Hooker                                                                   1889-1890

Darius G. Pickett                                                                    1891

Iames R. Adams                                                                      1892

Hollis D. Leet                                                                         1893-1899

Gaius M. Tremaine, Jr.                                                           1900-1905

Wm. S. Steans                                                                         1906-1913

Edward N. Button                                                                  1914-1930

A. R. Maytum                                                                        1931-1937

Florian G. Spoden                                                                   1938-1963

Stewart Dudley                                                                       1964


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Kelly's Hotel Bar and Restaurant


State Line, N. Y.


An historic land mark since the early days of the coach.  Weary travelers found the warmth and hospitality of the Kelly Hotel a haven from their travels over the important route between the East and Midwest for, in those days, this was a regular Stage Coach Stop.  Today, the tradition of Good Food and Hospitality still exists on Route 20.








The Colonial Squire










24-Hour Sunoco Service




Thruway Exit 61


Shortman Road                               Ripley, N. Y.




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Owned and operated by Doris and Gilbert Skinner


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Olean Wholesale Grocery

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Shurfine Foods


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Anna and Hank Butcher, Props.





Town of Portland

The Town of Portland was created on April 9, 1813 but did not maintain its original boundaries.  The Town of Ripley and the Town of Westfield were later carved out of its town limits.


The first settler arrived in 1804.  He was Captain James Dunn from Meadville, Pennsylvania, who had purchased some 1,100 acres of land near the center of the present town of Portland.  In 1805, when his family arrived, he erected a log cabin.  This was the begin­ning of a town which in ten years grew from 100 to 352 people.  At the outbreak of the War of 1812, 30 families had a,-rived to live in this beautiful country­side.


The first post office in Chautauqua County was established in Portland in 1806, under the direction of postmaster James McMaham.


A second post office appeared in mid-year of 1806 at Canadaway, four miles east of present Fredonia.  Three years later the third post office was set up in Fredonia.


In addition to the post offices, many taverns ap­peared throughout the township.  Prior to 1839 there were 16 taverns located in the area, the first being in the home of Capt.  James Dunn in 1808.


Dr. Lawton Richmond was the first physician, hav­ing arrived in 1809.  He was followed by another very important settler, Deacon Elijah Fay, who settled where Brocton is located today.  He is credited with development o the grape industry of the County.  In 1818, he set out the grapevines and was soon imitated by set­tlers throughout the northern part of the County.


In the years following the Civil War, 75 people came to Portland to establish a communal society known as the Harris Community.  Like many others of that period in American history, the community, after a brave start, came to an end in 1883.


Brocton was incorporated as a village on March 20, 1894. On April 17, 189 it held its first election. Garrett E. Ryckman was elected the first president of the village. Today the village has a population of 1,416. Population - 3,605



Town of Portland

Thos. Prendergast                                                                   1814

David Eaton                                                                            1815-1817

Thos.  B. Campbell                                                                 1818-1826

Elisha Arnold                                                                          1827-1829

Nathaniel Fay                                                                         1830

Elisha Arnold                                                                          1831-1832

David Eaton                                                                            1833-1835

Asa Andrews                                                                          1836

Timothy Judson                                                                     1837-1839

Asa Andrews                                                                          1840

T. Judson                                                                                1841-1843

John R. Coney                                                                        1844 -1845

T. Judson                                                                                1846-1847

Ebenezer Harris                                                                      1848

T. Judson                                                                                1849

Asa Blood                                                                               1850

J. R. Coney                                                                             1851

T. Judson                                                                                1852-1854

Charles A. Marsh                                                                   1855


Darwin G. Goodrich                                                         1856

R. D. Fuller                                                                        1857

D. G. Goodrich                                                                  1858

Horace C. Taylor                                                              1859

Gideon Taylor                                                                   1860

A. Taylor                                                                           1861-1862

Albert Hayward                                                                1863-1864

Joseph B. Fay                                                                   1865-1866

Alfred Eaton                                                                     1867-1868

Joseph E. Harris                                                               1869

Theo.  S. Moss                                                                 1870-1877

H. C. Taylor                                                                       1878

J. A. H. Skinner                                                                 1879

Herman J. Dean                                                                1880-1884

Elisha H. Fay                                                                     1885-1886

Theo.  C. Moss                                                                 1887-1888

Brewer D. Phillips                                                             1889-1890

Augustus Blood                                                              1891

D. Phillips                                                                          1892

Oscar L Porter                                                                   1893

Charles O.  Furman                                                          1894-1897

Theo.  C. Moss                                                                 1898-1899

Chas.  F. Crandall                                                             1900-1905

W. H. Fox                                                                          1906-1907

B. S. Swetland                                                                   1908-1909

George R. Pettit                                                                1910-1919

C. F. Crandall                                                                    1920-1921

0. A. Ottaway                                                                    1922-1926

J. S. Dunham                                                                     1927-1962

Gerald P. Tubbs                                                                1963


Town of Ripley

  Ripley nestles between the foothills of the Alle­ghenies on the South and the shores of Lake Erie on the north.  Its western boundary is the Pennsylvania State line and the Parker Road and its imaginary ex­tension to the lake is its eastern limit.  Comprising ap­proximately 31,000 acres, it is traversed east and west by Route 20, the New York State Thruway, and Route 5; also, by the New York Central and Norfolk and Western Railroads.  These roads are bisected north and south by Route 76.


  Ripley attained status as a township on March 1, 1816 and has, this past year observed the occasion of its sesquicentennial.  The first of its primeval forest giants were felled in 1804, when Alexander Cochrane secured the first free and clear title to Chautauqua County lands.  Ripley is believed to have been named for General Eleazer W. Ripley, under whom its first supervisor, Amos Atwater, fought in the War of 1812.


  When the town was well on the way to becoming a dairy and grain producing area, grapes were first introduced in 1869.  Approximately 2,000 acres of vine­yards, by far the largest single agricultural commodity, now provide economic stimulus to the town, and the smaller farms are gradually merging into larger ones.  Lansmith Cherry & Fruit Company and R. C. McAteer Company process into maraschino cherries all of that which can be secured locally, bringing in much more besides.  The McAteer Company has recently merged with Paradise Fruit Company and their efforts are being extended to include the production of glazed fruit.







Interstate 90 - Shortman Road

Ph. 736-9174

Ripley, New York






Home of Atlas Products


Holiday House Restaurant





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116 West Main St.


Ripley, N, Y.





There are the several establishments necessary to the pulsing life of a small town; but it is essentially rural and residential, many of its people commuting necirby towns cmd cities for the procurement of ir livlihoods.  Since the 1957 opening of the New State Thruway, several new business enterprises have sprung to life at the Ripley.cipproach to it -stra- t-egically located at the point of its connection with the Pennsylvania Interstate Highway.


Ripley residents are generally agreed that one must travel far indeed to surpass the summer's day beauty of rolling hills to the south and blue Lake Erie to the north.



Tovm of Ripley

Amos Atwater                                                                  1816

Thos. Prendergast                                                           1817-1825

Ebenezer Wcird                                                                1826

Thos. Prendergast                                                           1827

Henry Fcdrchild                                                               1828-1832

Orrin Wyllis                                                                      1833-1834

G. H. Wattles                                                                    1835-1836

Eathan Sawin                                                                    1837-1838

Chcirles B. Brockway                                                      1839-1840

Hezekiah. Mason                                                             1841-1842

Moses A. Tennant                                                          1843-1845

Matthew S. McClintock                                                  1846

M. A. Tennant                                                                  1847-1848

Stephen Prendergast                                                       1849-1850

Geo. Goodrich                                                                   1851

C. B. Brockwcry                                                                1852

Moses A. Tennant                                                          1853

Selden Marvin                                                                  1854

4trk C. 0. Doughaday                                                       1855

Simeon Collins                                                                  1856

C. B. Brockway                                                                 1857

S. Collins                                                                           1858-1861

H. A. Prendergast                                                            1862

S. Collins                                                                           1863

C. B. Brockway                                                                 1864-1863

Addison Mason                                                               1869

L. G. Hamilton                                                                   1870-1871

Addison Mason                                                               1872

Erbin C. Wattles                                                               1873-1876

C. B. Brockway                                                                 1877

Nathan J. Horton                                                              1878

Lyman Bennett                                                                 1879-1880

John A. Tennant                                                              1881-1882

Fred B. Brockway                                                             1883

Wm. L@ Stanton                                                             1884-1888

F. B. Brockway                                                                 1889

Lyman Bennett                                                                 1890-1891

Fred N. Randall                                                                 1892-1893

C. B. Brockway                                                                 1894-1895

Joseph A. McGinnies                                                      1896-1927

C. L. Rickenbrode                                                             1928-1939

Everett F. Neckers                                                            1940-1945

Clarence A. Patterson                                                     1946-1951

Clarence Bccrden                                                             1952-1955

Walter C. Collins                                                              1956-1959

Andy D. Meeder                                                              1960







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Town of Sheridan

Sheridan’s colorful history ranges from its many taverns of the early 19th century when it served as a gateway to the Great West, to the "Rope Walk", built in 1833. Sheridcm was made a town in 1827 and on May 8 elected its first supervisor, Lyscom Mixer, and its first town clerk, Enoch Haskin.


Francis Webber and Hcczadicih Stebbin purchased the first land from the Holland Land Company in 1804 and by 1830 over 100 homes dotted the area, population of approximately 1,000 people.  The town was formed out of 32 lots from Pomfret and 35 lots from Hanover.


Sheridan might be given credit for having the first lobbyist in the County. In the winter of 1826, William E. Griswold, Haven Bringham cmd Nathaniel Grey journeyed to Albany to lobby the legislature to enact a, law granting the residents of the area their own township. These men were supported by a donation of $50-00 by Griswold's older brother. The three emissaries from Sheridcm were successful, and on their return decided to name the town Sheridcm, after the populcir poet. It hccppened that Grey was a great admirer of Sheridcin.  The name was adopted at the town meeting and Sheridan took its place in the great grape and fruit belt of the County.


The first post office was begun in June of 1806. It was located in Holmes Tavern because Orasmus Holmes was the postmaster in addition to tavern master. An interesting cmd certainly unique building was erected in 1833 by Thomas Chcipman.  It was a building 14 ft. wide and 165 ft. long and was known as the “Rope Walk”. The making of rope was traditionally a home trade and when rope got too long the makers twisted it outdoors.  This Rope Walk was built to twist rope under the shelter of a roof. Population - 2,539





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2 locations on E. Main Road

Sheridan, N. Y.





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Dunkirk, N. Y.







Town of Sheridan

Lyscom Mixer                                                                       1827-1830

Nathaniel Gray                                                                      1831           

Lyscom Mixer                                                                       1832

Nicholas Mallett                                                                   1833

E. Fcirnham                                                                           1834

Nathcmiel Gray                                                                     1835

J. S. Patterson                                                                       1836-1837

Nathaniel Gray                                                                      1838

Willcird W. Brigham                                                            1839-1842-

John I. Eacker                                                                       1843

John N. Gregg                                                                       1844

cirry Hall                                                                                1845-1849

Edmund Mead                                                                      1850-1852  

J. I. Eacker                                                                             1853

Edmund Mead                                                                      1854

Newton P. Smith                                                                   1855

E. Mead                                                                                 1856

Newell Gould                                                                        1857

Wm. 0. Strong                                                                       1858-1859

John C. Craston                                                                    1860-1862

Buel Tolles                                                                            1863-1867

Joseph C. Doty                                                                     1868













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General Contractors and Builders

Offices:10 Union - Phone 326-3641 Westfield, New York





244 W. Second St.   Bliss Rd.

Ph. 326-3066           Ph. 326-2564



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Entertainment on Week Ends Westfield, N. Y.




B. Tolles -------------------------------------------------              1869-1870

1. C. Doty ------------------------------------------------             1871-1872

Geo. W. Eacker -----------------------------------------             1873

Stewart T. Christy -------------------------------------              1874

Henry J. Cranston ---------------------------------------           1875-1876

G. W. Eacker----------------------------------------------------     1877-1878

Asahel C. Brace ------------------------------------------------     1879

G. W. Eacker----------------------------------------------------     1880-1881

A. C. Brace------------------------------------------------------     1882

G. W. Cranston ------------------------------------------------      1883

Harvey M. Bailey  -----------------------------------------------  1884

Wm. R. Miner -------------------------------------------------      1885-1890

Edgar J. Griswold --------------------------------------------        1891-1897

Geo.  E. McLaury ---------------------------------------------      1897-1905

W. J. Doty ------------------------------------------------------     1906-1917

B. 0. Schlender  ------------------------------------------------      1918-1921

R. D. Borthwick -----------------------------------------------      1922-1951

Ralph E. Hamlet ----------------------------------------------       1952-1953

Burton Miner ---------------------------------------------------     1954-1955

Norman Bell ----------------------------------------------------     1956


Town of Sherman

The Town of Sherman began its separate existence on April 7, 1832.  Although the first settler, Dearing Dorman, didn't appear until 1823, soon after many settlers bent on farming were attracted to the fertile hills and valleys of the area.  From 1823 to 1832 the residents of Sherman were part of the town of Clymer and later part of Mina township.


At its first meeting in 1833 the electorate selected Otis Skinner as their supervisor' He had previously been a Town of Clymer justice and officiated at the first marriage on March 23, 1825.


The village of Sherman was incorporated in 1890.  Benjamin Kip and Otis and Elijah Miller were the earliest settlers in the area where the village is located today. The village's current population is 873. The first municipal election occurred on October 31 1890 and ha e Francis A. Ellis, and Charles E. Cobb were elected as trustees.  Henry F. Young became the village treasurer, John McKean, the tax collector, and Thomas J. Newell, the village clerk.


In August of 1865 tragedy struck the township when great floods damaged the town.  This occurred again in August, 1892. when an iron railroad bridge, business establishments and homes were destroyed in an even more destructive flood.  Fire also left scars on the township when, in 1865, a fire swept away the post office and town clerk's office with all the records.  Again, in 1869, a ranging fire destroyed the business block on Main and Miller Street.


Today the main industry of Sherman is the production of dairy products.

Population - 1,511


Town of Sherman

Otis Skinner -----------------------------------------------------    1833

B. H. Kipp -------------------------------------------------------   1834

Otis Skinner -----------------------------------------------------    1835

Loren Park -------------------------------------------------------    1836-1837

Otis Skinner ------------------------------------------------------   1838

Platt S. Osborne                                    1839

Lucius Cook                                          1840-1842

e Hctrt                                                   1843

Osborne                                                1844-1845

P. Hull                                                   1846-1847

Benjamin H. Kipp                                1848-1849

Lester R. Dewey                                   1850

Loren Park                                            1851

Lewis Sperry                                        1852-1853

Benjamin J. Coffin                                1854

L. Parks                                                 1855

Wm. Green                                            1856-1857

Miles J. Clcirk                                      1858-1859

Henry Bliss                                           1860-1861

Henry W. Sperry                                  1862-1865

Sylvanus H. Myrick                             1866

Henry Sheldon                                      1867

H. W. Sperry                                        1868

A. W. Benson                                       1869

John T. Green                                       1870-1872

Virgil A. Fenner                                    1873

John T. Green                                       1874

Jerome 1. Dean                                     1875-1876

Enoch Sperry                                        1877-1878

Albert B. Sheldon                                 1879-1881

Charles H. Corbett                                1882-1883

Enoch Sperry                                        1884

B.J. Coffin                                            1885-1891

Edgar 0. Buss                                        1892

Morris L. Edmunds                              1893-1897

Frank E. Miller                                     1898-1899

Wctrren B. Whitney                             1900-1901

Sheldon                                                 1902-1909

Benjamin                                               1910-1913

Keith                                                     1914-1919

1. 0. Ottaway                                        1919-1923

W.L. Nuttall                                          1924-1939

Fred H. Newell                                     1940-1955

Albert W. Croscut                                1955


Town of Stockton

Like many of its neighboring towns, Stockton became a separate township from land detached from Chautauqua.  The year was 1821.  On February 9, 1821, the residents who had the privilege of voting gathered at the home of Hiram Lazell and elected their first officials.  Stockton was named after Richard Stockton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.


The settling of this picturesque countryside of rolling hills and lakes began when Jonathan Bugbee, a young man, alone and on foot, toured the central wilderness of the County.  In 1809 he purchased, at $2.50 per acre, 205 acres of this land he found so attractive.  In 1821 he opened a hotel at a clearing in Centralia, in the southern section of the town.


Following the trails of Bugbee were pioneers like Hiram Lazell and Elijah Nelson who, in 1815, began settlement north of Bugbee's, called "Delanti". Adam Lyon, from Massachusetts, settled, in 1809, on the west bank of Cassadaga Lake.  His sister, Mary, was the founder of Holyoke Female Seminary.  Samuel Shephard, originally Massachusetts resident, became the first justice of the town.


Cassadaga. became an incorporated village in





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The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation


1921, although its settlement reaches back to 1816. Its population is 820 today.                                


Stockton, with its two lakes, Bear and Cassadaga, hosts many tourists during the summer months, but dairying and farming are the major source of revenue in the town.      


Population - 2,156


Town of Stockton

Calvin Warren -----------------------                 1821-1822   

Henry Walker ------------------------                1823-1825   

Calvin Warren ------------------------               1826        

W. Ellsworth --------------------------               1827

Aaron Lyn -----------------------------               1828

Hiram Lazell -------------------------                  1829-1830                                            

W. Ellsworth --------------------------               1831-1832

John Grant ----------------------------                1833

A. Lyn ---------------------------------                 1834

John Grant ----------------------------                1835

Calvin Smith -------------------------                 1836-1837

Chauncey Warren --------------------              1838-1839     

Delos Beebe ---------------------------               1840-1841

Phillip Lazell --------------------------                1842

Thomas Rolph --------------------------            1843-1844

C. Warren -------------------------------              1845

Eleazer Flagg, Jr -----------------------              1846

C. Warren -------------------------------              1847

Milton Smith ---------------------------              1848-1853   

Geo.  S. Harrison --------------------                 1854

Judge L. Bugbee -----------------------             1855

Ebenezer Moon ------------------------             1856

Wm. P. Burdick ------------------------              1857-1858

J. L. Bugbee ----------------------------              1859

Phillip Lazell ---------------------------               1860-1861

Merrill Crissey -------------------------              1862-1863

Harlow Crissey-------------------------              1864-1865

Eliphalet Mitchell ---------------------              1866-1867

Chauncey Warren ---------------------             1868-1869

Walker Parkhurst ---------------------              1870-1871

Joseph E. Batchellor ------------------             1872-1873

Lucien C. Warren ---------------------              1874-1879

Charles W. Chapman ----------------              1880-1881

Jay A. Flagg ----------------------------             1882-1883

Darius G. Pickett --------------------                 1884

Phin M. Miller ------------------------                1885

Newton Crissey -----------------------              1886-1889

L. C. Warren -------------------------                 1890

Charles D. Payne ---------------------               1891

C. Frank Chapman -------------------               1892-1897

Michael C. Donovan -----------------              1898-1899

L. C. Warren -------------------------                 1900-1903

M. C. Donovan ----------------------                1904-1905

Clayton S. Putnam -------------------               1906-1907

L. C. Warren --------------------------                1908-1909

Everett J. White -----------------------              1910-1911

C. D. Payne ----------------------------               1912-1921

Delmar Frederickson ------------------             1922-1923

Wm. Pickett -----------------------------             1924-1933

Max Pierce -------------------------------            1934-1939

      Chauncey W. Maring -------------------                         1940-1949

      Robert Tanner ----------------------------                          1950-1962

      Clifford Briggs ---------------------------                           1963



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MURRY PRICE                               Westfield, N. Y.

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Town of Villenova

Villenova, "New Village", became a. separate town on January 24, 1833.  It was made from land that once was part of Hanover.


The topography of the town lies in its rugged hills and broad valleys.  This same rugged terrain attracted a pioneer from Vermont, John Kent, who, in 1809, decided to settle in the area.  More New Englanders soon after made their trek westward to settle among the hills and valleys and plant their crops and raise their dairy cows.


An important settler was Ezra Puffer, a native of Sudbury, Massachusetts, who arrived in 1812.  He was a cultured person who had scientific and literary tastes.  He was considered, throughout the County, as a first rate surveyor.  Puffer served as the first justice of the peace and is credited with writing many legal papers of that period.


The first town meeting, held in 1823, recorded the election of Puffer to the post of supervisor and Milton Foot as town clerk.


There are no incorporated villages in Villenova.  Around Hamlet, first settled in 1819 when Auren and Nathaniel Smith built a sawmill, are grouped many of the residents of the area.


Population - 969



Town of Villenova


Ezra Puffer                                              1823-1824

Villeroy Balcom                                      1825-1830

Daniel Wright                                          1831

V. Balcom                                               1832

H. Allen                                                  1833

Austin Pierce                                          1834-1836

John C. Dibble                                        1837

Luther Pierce                                           183-8

A. Pierce                                                 1839

Nathan Gurney                                       1840

Daniel Wright                                          1841

Joseph G. Hopkins                                 1842-1843

Nathan Gurney                                       1844

George Hopkins                                      1845-1847

Villeroy Balcom                                      1848

A. Pierce                                                 1849

Timothy G. Walker                                1850-1851

Martin Crowell                                      1852

Hiram Cornell                                        1853

Martin Crowell                                      1854-1855

James Wright                                        1856-1857

Martin Crowell                                      1858-1862

Horace Burgess                                    1863

S. Corey                                                 1864

M. Crowell                                       1865-1867

Tyler H. Searl                                        1868-1869

Horatio G. Pope                                    1870

Rollin L. Shepard                                  1871

Tyler H. Searl                                        1872-1873






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5 Market Street                      Westfield,   N. Y.










Julius A. Terry                                          1874

David S. Bennett                                      1875-1876                  

Rollin L. Shepard                                      1877        

Tyler H. Searl                                            1878        

Manley M. Sessions                               1879

T. H. Searl                                                  1880        

Eugene A. Dye                                         1881        

Horace Sanderson                                   1882

Hamilton B. Parker                                   1883-1886                  

Wm. A. Judd                                             1887        

Frank M. Waite                                        1888-1889

H. B. Parker                                               1890-1891 

Albert H. Libby                                        1900-1901

Wallace J. French                                     1902-1904

A. N. Wcirner                                            1905

E. J. Bronson                                             1906-1909

A. N. Warner                                             1910-191

C. O. Clement                                            1912-1917

J. D. Butcher                                             1918-1919       

C. O. Clement                                            1920-1921

Percy J. Abbey                                         1922-1925

Nelson Hemphill                                       1926-1929

Wm. L. Straight                                        1930-1935

Charles Stattuck                                       1936-1945

Lyle Ivett                                                   1946-1949                  

Henry Deet                                                1950-1951

Herman Warner                                        1952-1959

Donald V. Crowell                                    1960


Town of Westfield

The history of the Town of Westfield spans three centuries. In 1795 James McMahan, of Pennsylvania visited this area of Chautauqua County. He again came in 1801 and contracted to buy 22,014 acres of unsurveyed land at a cost of $2,050. He surveyed the first road in the county in 1805 and established the first County post office in 1806, for which he served postmaster.


Edward McHenry settled near McMahan an opened a tavern in 1802.  The first schools in the County were started in Westfield.  William Murray began teaching in what is now Westfield in 1803.  Anna Eaton taught in a school built in 1807.


On March 29, 1829, Westfield became a separate town, made up of land from Ripley and Portland. It held its first town meeting at the Westfield Hotel on April 7, 1829 and Amos Atwater was elected supervisor and Daniel Rockwell, town clerk.


Barcelona was laid out by the Barcelona Company in 1831, with great hopes of becoming a major lake seaport. Three years before, Judge Truman B. Campbell built a lighthouse for the government at

Barcelona. It was lighted with natural gas carried through wooden pump logs.


Westfield is the heart of the grape belt and contains the home office and plant of the largest grape   processors in the United States.  The Village of Westfield has a population of 3,873 people.


Population - 5,498






WESTFIELD, N- Y. 14787


"About Industry In Chautauqua County"

In 1920 the old but once beautiful Hungerford Mansion, located on the corner of English and Portage Streets in Westfield, New York, was purchased by Dr. C. E. Welch.  This fine structure, representing architecture of the 1850's, was bought for the purpose of forming a new company to he known as Ajax Flexible Coupling Co. Inc.


The company was formed to manufacture "industrial shock absorbers".  Today, these products core commonly known as Flexible Couplings, used for power transmission.  About 1935 a new product was added; the Ajax-Shaker Shaker, a device for imparting a mechanical vibrating action generally used for conveying materials.  With the advent of the Shaker, Ajax started to manufacture the vibrating conveyors for material handling.  Then, in 1950, they pioneered and introduced a new "Dihedral" gear tooth coupling for heavy duty steel mill service.  Now over half a million couplings and thousands of Ajax vibrating conveyors are in operation throughout the world.


From early beginnings, Ajax has grown from a small shop, employing only a few people and having a minimum of equipment, to a modern machine and fabricating shop occupying 50,000 square feet of floor space, employing approximately 180 people.


Today, the Hungerford Mansion no longer houses any machinery or equipment, but is still maintained for general offices.



Town of Westfield

nn McWhorter                         1829-1830

Amos Atwater                          1831-1833    

Robert Cochran                        1834-1835   

George Hall                               1836-1837

Wm. Saxton                               1838

Elijah                                          1839-1841

Thomas B. Campbell                1842

James Pratt                                1843

T. B. Campbell                          1844

John G. Hickley                        1845-1847

Alvin Plumb                              1848

Austin Smith                             1849-1850

George Hall                               1851             

A. Plumb                                    1852

Joshua R. Babcock                  1853-1854      

J. G. Hinckley                            1855

Wm. Vorce                                1856-1857

G. W. Patterson                        1858-1860

Sextus H. Hungerford              1861-1866

G. W. Patterson                        1867

Francis B. Brewer                     1868-1869

Henry C. Kingsbury                1870-1871

F. B. Brewer                               1872-1879

Edward A. Skinner                   1880-1882

Edwin H. Dickerman                1883-1885

S. Fred Nixon                            1886-1905

H. W. Thompson                     1905-1915

Gerald G. Gibbs                         1916-1917

J. Robert Douglas                    1918-1921

James E. Hull                             1922-1923

John F. Welch                          1924-1927

W. Burt Wilson                        1928-1939

Lowell B. Watson                    1940-1943

Henry Felton                             1944-1955

A. Elmer Allen                          1956-1964

Robert A. Owens                     1965









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