Batcheller Road, Cassadaga, Chautauqua County, New York

GPS Coordinates: 42.3492012, -79.3469009

Compiled By: Mark S. Peebles

Photo by Mark S. Peebles

BATCHELLER, Dolly. Born 1820, died 12-4-1822. Age: 2 - Dau of Joseph & Dorothy (Needham) Batcheller
BATCHELLER, George Stillman. Spouse of Eliza Ann Lamphear. Born 7-5-1825, died 6-24-1907. Age: 81 - Son of Joseph & Dorothy (Needham) Batcheller, born Pomfret, NY, died Stockton, NY
BATCHELLER, Joseph Meriam. Born 8-15-1820, died 3-15-1822. Age: 1 - Son of John & Sarah (Read) Batcheller, born and died Grafton, MA, twin of Mary Elizabeth Batcheller
BELOTE, Lucinda Marie "Linda" (Davis). Spouse of William Mack Belote. Born 2-27-1823, died 9-9-1901. Age: 78 - Dau of Alva & Jerusha M. (Giles) Davis, died Clymer, NY
BELOTE, William Mack. Spouse of Lucinda Marie "Linda" Davis. Born 4-21-1825, died 2-7-1899. Age: 73 - Son of Isaac & Elizabeth (Codding) Belote, born Evans, NY, died Clymer, NY
BELOTE, William Wesley. Born 1858, died 11-20-1921. Age: 63 - Son of William M. & Lucinda M. (Davis) Belote, died Chautauqua Co., NY
ELLIS, Sally Margaret (David). Spouse of Robert H. Ellis. Born 1944, died 4-22-2014. Age: 69 - Dau of Brian & Peggy David, born Cardiff, Wales, died Chautauqua Co,. NY
GATES, Betsey. Spouse of Henry Gates, Jr. Born 1785, died 9-1-1822. Age: 37 - NFI
GATES, Henry, Jr. Spouse of Betsey. Born 8-15-1785, died 8-29-1822. Age: 37 - Son of Henry & Anna M. (Eames) Gates, Sr., born Framingham, MA, died Chautauqua Co., NY
GATES, Jonathon. Born 5-20-1791, died 1801. Age: 9 - NFI
GATES, Joseph Eli, died 1829 - NFI
HIRD, Donna R. Born 6-15-1959, died 7-17-2012. Age: 57 - Dau of John D. & Barbara (Kowalski) Hird, born CA, died Niagara Falls, NY
KEITH, Edward. Born 2-26-1842, died 9-16-1849. Age: 7 - Son of Ruel L. & Ursula (Tower) Keith, born and died Pomfret, NY
KEITH, Lewis. Spouse of Patty Tower. Born 4-28-1793, died 10-13-1871. Age: 78 - Son of Cpt. Josiah & Rhoda (Lathrop) Keith, born Easton, MA, died Stockton, NY
KEITH, Patty (Tower). Spouse of Lewis Keith. Born 5-5-1791, died 10-13-1827. Age: 35 - Born Rutland, MA, died Stockton, NY
KEITH, Ruel L. Spouse of Ursula Tower. Born 4-3-1794, died 1-16-1871. Age: 76 - Son of Cpt. Josiah & Rhoda (Lathrop) Keith, born Easton, MA, died Pomfret, NY
KEITH, Ursula (Tower). Spouse of Ruel L. Keith. Born 6-26-1803, died 4-15-1847. Age: 42 - Dau of Jeduthan & Mary (Smith) Tower, born Paris, NY, died Pomfret, NY
LELONEK, Dennis R. Born 5-13-1947, died 5-29-2005. Age: 58 - Son of Raymond E. & Virginia C. (Maszczak) Lelonek, born Buffalo, NY
LELONEK, Raymond E. Spouse of Virginia Christine Maszczak. Born 12-1924, died 5-1-2016. Age: 91 - Born Buffalo, NY - WW II Vet, US Army TEC 5
LELONEK, Virginia Christine (Maszczak). Spouse of Raymond E. Lelonek. Born 4-8-1928, died 2-3-2018. Age: 89 - Dau of Klara (Lemanski) Maszczak, born Buffalo, NY, died Dunkirk, NY
STILLMAN, George, died 10-4-1822 - NFI
TOWER, Mary (Smith). Spouse of Jeduthan Tower. Born 3-4-1756, died 12-30-1837. Age: 81 - Born Rutland, MA, died Pomfret, NY
WARMBRODT, Kenneth Charles. Born 4-18-1950, died 10-18-1997. Age: 47 - Son of of William & Evelyn Warmbrodt, born Dunkirk, NY, died EGYPT, world traveller & philosopher

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