Panama-Bear Lake Road, Panama, Chautauqua County, New York

GPS Coordinates: 42.01420, -79.46470

Compiled By: Mark S. Peebles

Photo by Carol Brown

ATWOOD, Betsey (Strong). Spouse of Solomon Atwood. Born 1784, died 3-24-1872. Age: 87 - Dau of Asahel & Rhoda (Tiffany) Atwood, born West Stockbridge, MA, died Alma, MI
BADGLEY, Alzina "Mary" (Hoag). Spouse of Asa Badgley. Born 1-28-1820, died 1-12-1880. Age: 59 - Dau of Amos & Susannah (Chase) Hoag, Jr., died Harmony, NY
BADGLEY, Asa. Spouse of Alzina "Mary" Hoag. Born 5-7-1818, died 10-23-1877. Age: 59 - Son of John & Asenath (Curtis) Badgley, Jr., died Chautauqua Co., NY
BADGLEY, Ellen Asenath. Born 4-29-1848, died 5-11-1863. Age: 15 - Dau of Asa & Alzina (Hoag) Badgley, born PA, died Harmony, NY
BADGLEY, Little Emma. Born 4-1850, died 1852. Age: 1 - Dau of Asa & Alzina (Hoag) Badgley, born and died Harmony, NY
BADGLEY, Nathan. Born 3-12-1825, died 12-27-1864. Age: 39 - Son of John & Asenath (Curtis) Badgley, Jr.
BARKER, Jonathan. Born 8-1835, died 5-27-1838. Age: 2 - Son of Pellum & Permelia (Tillotson) Barker, died Niobe, NY
BARKER, Lafayette. Born 7-28-1852, died 9-12-1853. Age: 1 - Son of Stephen S. & Catherine (Smith) Barker, born and died Panama, NY
BARKER, Pellum. Spouse of Permelia Tillotson. Born 2-25-1801, died 2-18-1853. Age: 51 - Son of Joseph & Betsey (Washburn) Barker, born Sherburne, NY, died Niobe, NY
BARKER, Permelia (Tillotson). Spouse of Pellum Barker. Born 4-23-1806, died 5-8-1866. Age: 60 - Dau of Asa & Hannah (Chapman) Tillotson, born Sherburne, NY, died Harmony, NY
BEALS, Hannah (Barker). Spouse of William Jordan Benedict & Sumner Beals. Born 7-30-1829, died 1873. Age: 43 - Dau of Pellum & Permelia (Tillotson) Barker, born and died Harmony, NY
BEALS, Judith. Born 1862, died 1864. Age: 1 - NFI
BEALS, Permelia. Born 1858, died 1876. Age: 17 - NFI
BEALS, Sumner. Spouse of Hannah Barker. Born 1805, died 1873. Age: 67 - Second husband of Hannah Barker
BENEDICT, Daniel. Spouse of Sally Ferris & Lucy A. Losee. Born 10-14-1792, died 12-9-1889. Age: 97 - Son of William J. & Sally (Ferris) Benedict, born Sherburne, NY, died Brokenstraw, PA
BENEDICT, Sally (Ferris). Spouse of Daniel Benedict. Born 5-31-1795, died 12-27-1864. Age: 69 - Dau of Timothy & Mary Ferris, born Sherburne, NY, died Chautauqua Co., NY
BENEDICT, William Jordan. Spouse of Hannah Barker Beals. Born 8-24-1822, died 6-27-1853. Age: 30 - Son of Daniel & Sally (Ferris) Benedict, born Sherburne, NY, died Harmony, NY
BROOKS, Seth Collins. Born 1798, died 5-9-1866. Age: 67 - Son of Thomas & Zurviah (Collins) Brooks
COMSTOCK, Malinda (Ward). Spouse of William Comstock & Dennis E. Johnson. Born 10-1-1802, died 5-28-1874. Age: 71 - Dau of Elijah & Azubah (Newton) Ward, born Southborough, MA, died Niobe, NY
COMSTOCK, Warren. Born 12-19-1841, died 4-13-1904. Age: 63 - Son of William & Malinda (Ward) Comstock, born Mayville, NY, died Bear Lake, PA
COMSTOCK, William. Spouse of Malinda Ward. Born 1810, died 1877. Age: 66 - Son of Alexander & Elizabeth (Willis) Comstock, born Pennsylvania, PA, died Niobe, NY
CORNISH, Aaron Jackson. Spouse of Sarah Marie Benedict. Born 3-18-1819, died 4-7-1899. Age: 80 - Son of Rev. Joel D. & Catherine (Van Allen) Cornish, born Otsego, NY, died Sherman, NY
CORNISH, Mary A. Born 4-1860, died 11-4-1880. Age: 20 - Dau of Aaron J. & Sarah M. (Benedict) Cornish
CORNISH, Sarah Marie (Benedict). Spouse of Aaron Jackson Cornish. Born 10-10-1823, died 12-2-1885. Age: 62 - Dau of Daniel & Sally (Ferris) Benedict, died Sherman, NY
DANIELS, Louis Clyde. Born 1875, died 9-2-1875 - Son of George & Ellen I. (Darrow) Daniels
DANIELS, Lucena, died 11-21-1833 - NFI
DARROW, Lucinda (Tillotson). Spouse of Cornelius Darrow. Born 6-5-1812, died 11-7-1881. Age: 69 - Dau of Stephen & Catherine (Huntley) Darrow, born Sherburne, NY, died Niobe, NY
DARROW, Mary Rosetta. Born 2-18-1851, died 9-25-1854. Age: 3 - Dau of Cornelius & Lucinda (Tillotson) Darrow
DARROW, Regena E. Born 5-15-1833, died 11-21-1833. Age: 6M - Dau of Cornelius and Lucinda (Tillotson) Darrow
DARROW, Stephen Tillotson. Spouse of Marietta A. "Mary" Coates. Born 8-26-1834, died 12-20-1873. Age: 39 - Son of Cornelius and Lucinda (Tillotson) Darrow
DARROW-RANSOM, Marietta "Mary" (Coates). Spouse of Stephen Tillotson Darrow. Born 5-15-1841, died 8-23-1907. Age: 66 - Born Otsego, NY, died Sherman, NY
DAVIS, Lt. O. S. - NFI - Civil War Vet, Lt. 23rd Michigan Infantry
DEVEREAUX, Almeda Loanda (Rowley). Spouse of George Washington Devereaux. Born 5-7-1830, died 2-12-1857. Age: 26 - Dau of Malitta (Holcomb) Rowley, born Sugar Grove, PA, died Chautauqua Co., NY
ESTEE, John. Born 2-15-1815, died 9-14-1889. Age: 74 - Son of Silas & Mary P. (Hodge) Estee
ESTEE, Mary Polly (Hodge). Spouse of Silas Estee. Born 7-17-1787, died 4-16-1876. Age: - Dau of Israel & Mary (Stiles) Hodge, born Salem, NY, died Harmony, NY
ESTEE, Silas. Spouse of Mary Polly Hodge. Born 2-10-1786, died 11-18-1842. Age: 56 - Son of Silas Estee, born Salem, NY, died Warren, PA
HUNTER, James H. Spouse of Jenett D. Mallory & Almira A. Purdy. Born 9-28-1802, died 9-24-1866. Age: 63 - Son of Joseph & Jane (Hill) Hunter, born Thompson Ridge, NY, died Harmony, NY
LOOMIS, Frank F., died 1-7-1864 - Son of Seth & Jane (Freelove) Loomis, born Locke, NY
MATHER, Francis William. Spouse of Mary Tillotson. Born 1-30-1801, died 12-29-1878. Age: 77 - Son of Nathaniel & (Eunice DeWolf) Mather, born Lyme, CT, died Harmony, NY
MATHER, Mary (Tillotson). Spouse of Francis William Mather. Born 5-12-1812, died 2-18-1894. Age: 81 - Dau of Asa D. & Hannah (Chapman) Tillotson, born and died Harmony, NY
MATHER, Nathaniel Sr. Spouse of Eunice DeWolf. Born 5-20-1759, died 1-30-1852. Age: 92 - Son of Joseph & Joanna (Matson) Mather Sr., born Lyme, CT, died Niobe, NY
MATHER, Dr. Nathaniel Jr. Born 8-13-1799, died 9-5-1868. Age: 69 - Son of Nathaniel & (Eunice DeWolf) Mather, born Lyme, CT, died Harmony, NY
MCKISSICK, David Reali. Spouse of Margaret Lucy Kirby. Born 12-8-1861, died 4-23-1897. Age: 35 - Son of John R. & Catherine A. (Darrow), born Chautauqua Co., NY, died Denver, CO
MCKISSICK, John. Born 1-5-1864, died 10-5-1881. Age: 17 - Son of David R. & Margaret L. (Kirby) McKissick, born NY, died Denver, CO
MILLER, Phoebe (Tillotson). Spouse of John Jay Miller. Born 8-29-1806, died 4-18-1851. Age: 44 - Dau of Asa D. & Hannah (Chapman) Tillotson, born Sherburne, NY, died Harmony, NY
NORTON, Zachariah. Born 1780 - NFI
PURDY, James. Born 5-14-1781, died 2-4-1872. Age: 92 - Son of James Peter and Phebe (Carpenter) Purdy, Jr., born Pittstown, NY, died Harmony, NY
PURDY, Patience (Mills). Spouse of Stephen Purdy. Born 3-28-1801, died 10-19-1866. Age: 65 - Born Pittstown, NY, died Harmomy, NY
SERVOSS, Albert. Spouse of Eunice Badgley. Born 9-22-1815, died 5-14-1906. Age: 90 - Dau of Samuel & Maria (Frank) Servoss
SERVOSS, David L. Born 10-19-1850, died 4-10-1879. Age: 28 - Son of Albert & Eunice (Badgley) Servoss
SERVOSS, Eunice (Badgley). Spouse of Albert Servoss. Born 11-2-1826, died 7-14-1895. Age: 68 - Born and died NYS
SERVOSS, Mark C. Born 12-12-1853, died 1-5-1870. Age: 16 - Son of Albert & Eunice (Badgley) Servoss
TILLOTSON, Asa. Spouse of Hannah Chapman. Born 1-12-1774, died 5-23-1849. Age: 75 - Son of John & Naomi (Huntley) Tillotson, born Lyme, CT, died Harmony, NY
TILLOTSON, Emily (Estee). Spouse of Jonathan H. Tillotson. Born 1-27-1813 - Dau of Silas & Mary P. (Hodge) Estee, born Erie Co., died Harmony, NY
TILLOTSON, Hannah (Chapman). Spouse of Asa Tillotson & Jonathan Hall. Born 9-18-1778, died 4-16-1865. Age: 86 - Dau of Stephen & Hannah (Tubbs) Chapman, born Norwich, CT, died Harmony, NY
TILLOTSON, Jonathan H. Spouse of Emily Estee. Born 1-14-1805, died 10-2-1890. Age: 85 - Dau of Asa & Hannah (Chapman) Tillotson, born Sherburne, NY, died Niobe, NY

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