Sunnyside Cemetery

Watts Flats, Chautauqua County, New York

GPS Coordinates: 42.04654, -79.41217

Compiled By: Mark S. Peebles

Photo by Carol Brown

AMIDON, Edwin Adelbert. Spouse of Gertrude May Loveloess and Mary Tanner. Born 10-27-1857, died 11-17-1931. Age: 75 - Son of George J. and Isabelle J. (Adams) Amidon, born Clymer, NY died Westfield, NY, 5 children with Mary, 1 daughter with Gertrude
AMIDON, Mary (Tanner). Spouse of Edwin Adelbert. Born 1861, died 4-1-1893. Age: 31 - Died in Harmony, NY, 5 children
APPLEBY, Emmogene. Spouse of. Born 1850 - NFI
APPLEBY, Frank H. Spouse of Myra O. Terry. Born 1-1872, died 5-25-1953. Age: 81 - NFI
APPLEBY, Myra (Terry). Spouse of Frank H. Appleby. Born 11-17-1877, died 2-17-1958. Age: 80 - Born and died in Watts Flats, NY
BADGLEY, Albert. Spouse of Mary Kimball and Samantha "Min" Walradt. Born 4-27-1829, died 4-23-1890. Age: 60 - Son of John D. and Asenath (Curtis) Badgley,, born Monroe, Co., NY, died Watts Flats, NY, 4 children with Mary and 1 daughter with Min
BADGLEY, Samantha "Min" (Walradt). Spouse of Albert Badgley. Born 1836, died 1910. Age: 73 - Born Otsego Co., died Watts Flats, NY, 1 daughter
BARROWS, Sharlotte (Hay). Spouse of Rufus Barrows. Born 9-24-1817, died 8-8-1913. Age: 95 - Born MA, died Harmony, NY, 3 children
BOHALL, George G. Spouse of Eunice. Born 1847 - Born in PA, 2 daughters - Civil War Vet, CO F 14TH PA CAV
BOHALL, Minnie May. Born 6-1-1885, died 9-3-1899. Age: 4 - Born and died Chautauqua Co., NY
BROWN, Harold. Born 1907, died 1993. Age: 85 - Son of Howgal and Nellie J. (Faulkenburg) Brown
BROWN, Harry. Born 1905, died 1922. Age: 16 - Son of Howgal and Nellie J. (Faulkenburg) Brown
BROWN, Howgal Lebbeus. Spouse of Nellie Jerusha Faulkenburg. Born 12-1864, died 4-9-1925. Age: 60 - Son of Hiram and Hanna (Winston) Brown, born Townville, PA, died Blockville, NY, 7 children
BROWN, Nellie Jerusha (Faulkenburg). Spouse of Howgal Lebbeus Brown. Born 7-1866, died 1913. Age: 46 - Dau of John and Francis (Breed) Faulkenburg, born in PA, 7 children
BURROWS, Caroline "Carrie" (Ross). Spouse of Francis "Frank" R. Burrows. Born 1-15-1879, died 5-14-1945. Age: 66 - Dau of Noah and Elmina (Roberts) Ross, born Steuben, PA, died Lakewood, NY, 1 daughter
BURROWS, Francis "Frank" R. Spouse of Caroline "Carrie" Ross. Born 5-1867, died 1943. Age: 75 - Son of John and Candace (Phelps) Burrows, born Waterford, PA, 1 daughter
BURT, George. Born 1886, died 1912. Age: 25 - NFI
BURT, Martha. Spouse of William Burt. Born 8-1-1834, died 3-6-1888. Age: 53 - NFI
CHAPMAN, Clyde Almont. Spouse of Ruth Irene Willetts. Born 11-24-1892, died 11-29-1958. Age: 66 - Born in Lakewood, NY, died Watts Flats, NY, 2 children
CHAPMAN, Donna E. (Frye). Spouse of Merle E. Chapman. Born 8-22-1930, died 1-25-2019. Age: 88 - Dau of Frederick W. and Mary P. (Andrews) Frye Griffin, born in Bonnywood, NY, died in Jamestown, NY
CHAPMAN, Irene E. Born 1-23-1925, died 10-25-2018. Age: 93 - Dau of Clyde and Ruth (Willetts) Chapman, born Watts Flats, NY, died Jamestown, NY, unmd.
CHAPMAN, Larry B. Born 6-20-1951, died 2004. Age: 52 - NFI - Vietnam War Vet, US Army
CHAPMAN, Merle Alan. Born 1952, died 1960. Age: 7 - Son of Merle E. and Donna E. (Frye) Chapman
CHAPMAN, Merle Eugene. Born 6-18-1927, died 3-29-2005. Age: 77 - Son of Clyde A. and Ruth I. (Willetts) Chapman, born Watts Flats, NY, died Ashville, NY
CHAPMAN, Ruth Irene (Willetts). Spouse of Clyde Almont Chapman. Born 1894, died 1979. Age: 84 - Dau of William A. and Elida E. (Gunton) Willetts
COON, Roberta May. Born 3-27-1939, died 3-28-1939. Age: 1 Day - Dau of Robert N. and Alice L. (Chapman) Coons-Sturgeon, born and died Columbus, PA
DEAN, Bertha B. (Terry). Spouse of Perry A. Dean. Born 3-1876, died 1939. Age: 63 - Dau of Charles and Mehitable (Dolliver) Terry, 1 daughter
DEAN, Perry A. Spouse of Bertha B. Terry. Born 1866, died 1938. Age: 73 - Bron in Sweden
DERBY, Barbara Jean. Spouse of. Born 2-7-1939, died 1-4-2013. Age: 73 - Dau of Elvin Morris and Marjorie (Ross) Derby, born Watts Flats, NY, died Jamestown, NY, 4 sons
DERBY, Elvin Morris. Spouse of Dorothy Freel and Marjorie I. Ross. Born 10-27-1900, died 2-17-1971. Age: 70 - Son of Elvin Morris and Eva D. (Stewart) Derby - World War I Vet, US Navy
DERBY, Marjorie I. (Ross). Spouse of Elwin Morris Derby. Born 1-25-1907, died 7-15-1990. Age: 83 - Dau of Emmett E. and Emma H. (Hagerich) Derby, born in PA
DERBY, Richard Emmet. Spouse of Patricia Marie Brown. Born 5-11-1932, died 8-13-2005. Age: 73 - Son of Elvin Morris and Marjorie (Ross) Derby, born Ashville, NY, died North East, PA, 1 son - Korean War Vet, US Navy
EDDY, Adelbert. Spouse of Elnora Alice Swart. Born 9-20-1865, died 1927. Age: 61 - Son of John and Polly (Hitchcock) Eddy, born in Watts Flats, NY
EDDY, Elnora Alice (Swart). Spouse of Adelbert Eddy. Born 12-5-1866, died 1-1-1916. Age: 49 - Dau of Clemence E. and Emily R. (Card) Swartz, born in Stedman, NY, died Sugar Grove, PA
EGGLESTON, Dorothy Elaine (Smith). Spouse of Frederick L. Eggleston. Born 10-17-1933, died 7-12-1984. Age: 50 - Dau of Jerry M. & Gertrude L. (Yager) Smith, born in Jamestown, NY, died Corry, PA
EGGLESTON, Frederick LaVerne. Spouse of Dorothy Elaine Smith. Born 7-15-1928, died 3-3-2014. Age: 85 - Son of Claude Sylvester and Eva Mae (Woodin) Eggleston, born and died in Corry, PA
FALCONER, Robert Rufus. Spouse of Laura Amy Malere Benson. Born 5-17-1908, died 8-4-1959. Age: 51 - Son of Clinton B. and Bertha M. (Towne) Falconer - World War II Vet
FANALE, Guido D. Spouse of Ione Sweet. Born 1895, died 1981. Age: 85 - NFI
FANALE, Ione (Sweet). Spouse of Guido D. Fanale. Born 1903, died 1969. Age: 65 - Dau of Carl H. and Jennie I. (Winslow) Sweet Ryan, born in PA
FLEEK, Edward. Born 1859, died 1910. Age: 50 - NFI
FULLER, Bernice (James). Spouse of Kenneth G. Fuller. Born 1904, died 1995. Age: 90 - NFI
FULLER, Beulah E. Born 5-31-1935, died 12-3-2001. Age: 66 - NFI
FULLER, Kenneth G. Spouse of Bernice James. Born 1901, died 1991. Age: 89 - NFI
FULLER, Liddie Ann. Born 1866, died 1906. Age: 39 - NFI
GESAMAN, Mildred. Born 1909, died 1938. Age: 28 - NFI
HANNIGAN, John, died 2-14-1891 - NFI
HARDINGER, Richard R. Born 7-5-1928, died 5-18-1974. Age: 45 - NFI - World War II Vet
HOAG, Charley Joseph. Spouse of Maggie F. Born 1863, died 1935. Age: 71 - Son of Sanford and Ophelia (Gates) Hoag
HOAG, Maggie F. Spouse of Charley Joseph Hoag. Born 1870, died 1907. Age: 36 - NFI
HOAG, Sanford. Spouse of Ophelia Gates. Born 11-1830, died 11-1900. Age: 70 - Son of Charles and Roxy Hoag, born in NYS
HODGES, Myra L. Born 6-3-1885, died 1-20-1886. Age: 7 Mths - NFI
HUBBART, Helen M. (Morton). Spouse of Warner L. Hubbart. Born 1897, died 1923. Age: 29 - Born in Niobe, NY
HUBBART, Hettie. Born 1874, died 1967. Age: 92 - NFI
HUBBART, Warner L. Spouse of Helen M. Morton. Born 1880, died 9-6-1951. Age: 71 - Died in Chautauqua Co., NY
HUBBART, William James. Born 5-6-1919, died 3-20-1922. Age: 96 - Son of Warner L. and Helen M. (Morton) Hubbart, born and died in Watts Flats, NY
HURLBURT, Charles Edson. Spouse of Marguerite (Wilson) Button and Midred M. Born 1898, died 1974. Age: 75 - Son of Charles W. and Ella Hurlburt
HURLBURT, Charles W. Spouse of Ella Hurlburt. Born 1868, died 1932. Age: 63 - NFI
HURLBURT, Ella. Spouse of Charles W. Hurlburt. Born 1868, died 1952. Age: 83 - NFI
HURLBURT, Mildred M. Spouse of Charles Edson Hurlburt. Born 1905, died 1996. Age: 90 - NFI
HURLBUT, Arthur E. Spouse of Lillian. Born 1858 - NFI
HURLBUT, Edson. Spouse of Martha Walradt. Born 1818, died 1899. Age: 80 - NFI
HURLBUT, Leon C. Born 1889, died 1914. Age: 24 - Son of Arthur and Lillian Hurlbut
HURLBUT, Lillian. Spouse of Arthur E. Hurlbut. Born 1863 - NFI
HURLBUT, Martha (Walradt). Spouse of Edson Hurlbut. Born 4-1832, died 2-6-1910. Age: 77 - Dau of H. R. and Jane (McFee) Walradt, born in Otsego County, NY, died Harmony, NY
KING, Mertie H. (Hubbart). Spouse of Oliver E. King. Born 4-4-1870, died 1-19-1957. Age: 86 - Dau of William and Elizabeth Harrington Hubbart, born in Harmony, NY, died Dewittville, NY
KING, Oliver E. Spouse of Mertie H. Hubbart and Pearl E. Saxton. Born 11-12-1866, died 3-20-1952. Age: 85 - James and Margaret King, born KS, died Jamestown, NY
KLAWON, Martin Arthur. Spouse of Shirley Demaris Furlow. Born 11-9-1926, died 4-27-1972. Age: 45 - Born in Detroit, MI, died Randolph, NY - Korean War Vet, US Army
LAMB, Elaine May "Sis" (Eggleston). Spouse of Kenneth B. Lamb. Born 1-28-1954, died 4-10-2018. Age: 64 - Dau of Fred and Dorothy Smith Eggleston, born in Jamestown, NY, died Watts Flats, NY
LAMB, John W. Spouse of Maryette F. Born 1839, died 1912. Age: 71 - Born in VT
LAMB, Maryette F. Spouse of John W. Lamb. Born 1841, died 1930. Age: 88 - Born and died in NYS
MALOY, Esther Hazel (Furlow). Spouse of Frank E. Maloy. Born 6-20-1910, died 10-16-1962. Age: 52 - Dau of Merritt C. and Bertha M. Furlow, born in Ellington, NY, died Buffalo, NY
MALOY, Frank E. Spouse of Esther Hazel Furlow. Born 1907, died 5-6-1957. Age: 49 - Son of Clair and Florence (McNitt) Maloy
MATSON, Rhoda J. (Burt). Spouse of William A. Matson. Born 9-1855, died 9-28-1901. Age: 46 - Dau of Ethan Allen and Esther Matilda (Slayton) Burt, born and died in Harmony, NY
MATSON, William A. Spouse of Rhoda J. Burt. Born 6-1856, died 6-19-1933. Age: 77 - Elisha and Ann Matson, born and died in Harmony, NY
MEASOR, Addie (Lamb). Spouse of Leslie P. Measor. Born 1860, died 1913. Age: 52 - Dau of John and Maryette Lamb
MEASOR, Leslie P. Spouse of Addie Lamb and Ora Belle Nutt. Born 1861, died 1944. Age: 82 - NFI
MOORE, Clarissa - NFI
NECKERS, Diane J. Spouse of Howard C. Neckers. Born 2-27-1930, died 10-8-2010. Age: 80 - NFI
NECKERS, Howard C. Spouse of Diane J. Neckers and Clara Cross. Born 1913, died 1991. Age: 78 - NFI
OVIATT, A. J. Spouse of Celia Northrop. Born 1844, died 1912. Age: 65 - NFI
OVIATT, Celia. Spouse of A. J. Oviatt. Born 1845, died 1909. Age: 63 - Dau of Jane Northrop
RATHBUN, Clayton. Born 1877, died 1920. Age: 42 - Son of John N. and Phebe (Barrows) Rathbun
RATHBUN, John N. Spouse of Phebe Barrows. Born 1844, died 1920. Age: 73 - NFI
RATHBUN, Phebe (Barrows). Spouse of John N. Rathbun. Born 1853, died 1933. Age: 79 - NFI
ROBERTS, Noble. Born 7-25-1811, died 8-27-1896. Age: 85 - NFI
ROSS, Alfred. Spouse of Luetta Ross. Born 1893, died 1975. Age: 84 - NFI
ROSS, Luetta. Spouse of Alfred Ross. Born 1905 - NFI
SEEKINGS, Duane L. Born 10-12-1956, died 10-18-1956. Age: 6 Days - NFI
SEEKINGS, Maitland M. Born 1934, died 1962. Age: 27 - NFI
SERVOSS, Samuel C. Born 1858, died 1941. Age: 82 - Son of Albert and Eunice (Badgley) Servoss
SMITH, Dania. Spouse of Norman C. Smith. Born 1856 - NFI
SMITH, Elizabeth. Spouse of - NFI
SMITH, John. Spouse of - NFI
SMITH, Norman C. Spouse of Dania Smith. Born 1831, died 1900. Age: 68 - - Civil War Vet, 151 REG CO F PA VOL
SWART, Rev. Clemence David. Spouse of Emily Roxana Card. Born 4-17-1843, died 2-11-1915. Age: 71 - Son of Clemens and Rowena (Sullivan) Swart, born and died in Watts Flats, NY - Civil War Vet, Company G, 15th Regiment, New York Engineer Volunteers
SWART, Emily Roxana (Card). Spouse of Rev. Clemence David Swart. Born 3-14-1844, died 2-10-1931. Age: 85 - Dau of Lorenzo D. and Sylvia M. (Church) Card, born in Panama, NY, died East Springfield, PA TANNER, Ella. Spouse of Gilbert Tanner. Born 1858, died 1930. Age: 71 - NFI
TANNER, Gilbert. Spouse of Ella Tanner. Born 1854, died 1915. Age: 60 - NFI
TERRY, Alvira (Freeman). Spouse of Joseph Terry. Born 3-12-1839, died 3-10-1898. Age: 58 - NFI
TERRY, Burdette D. Born 1876, died 1938. Age: 61 - NFI
TERRY, Doris Irene (Slayton). Spouse of Michael Terry. Born 12-1-1904, died 9-20-1999. Age: 94 -
TERRY, Durward Isaac. Spouse of Gladys M. Radyea. Born 1901, died 1984. Age: 82 - Son of Burdette T. Terry
TERRY, Freeman J. Born 7-4-1856 - - Son of Joseph and Alvira (Freeman) Terry
TERRY, George B. Spouse of Vera I. Terry. Born 1886, died 1958. Age: 71 - NFI
TERRY, Horace Nelson. Spouse of Eliza Ecker. Born 12-1849, died 1948. Age: 98 - Son of Washington H. Terry
TERRY, Joseph. Spouse of Alvira Freeman. Born 4-8-1833, died 3-30-1909. Age: 75 - NFI
TERRY, Lawrence B. Born 1-17-1918, died 9-19-1987. Age: 69 - NFI - World War II Vet, US Army
TERRY, Marcia. Spouse of Truman Terry. Born 1-17-1805, died 3-6-1888. Age: 83 - Dau of Cornelius and Elizabeth H. (Sawyer) Terry, born in Gorham, NY, died Watts Flats, NY
TERRY, Mary B. Born 1846, died 1912. Age: 65 - NFI
TERRY, Maurice N. Spouse of Barbara A. Chapman. Born 10-29-1927, died 4-21-2005. Age: 77 - Son of Michael and Doris (Slayton) Terry - Korean War Vet, US Army
TERRY, Michael. Spouse of Doris Irene Slayton. Born 1904, died 1982. Age: 77 - Son of Burdette T. Terry
TERRY, Vera I. Spouse of George B. Terry. Born 1893, died 1967. Age: 73 - NFI
TERRY, Washington Horace. Born 1-21-1826, died 1898. Age: 72 - Born in Harmony, NY, died Dewittville, NY
WEBBER, Burr L. Born 1900, died 1902. Age: 2 - NFI
WESTERLAND, Jess Charles Allen. Born 1980, died 1981. Age: 1 - NFI
WESTERLUND, Carl A. G. Spouse of Nancy Lee Derby. Born 6-2-1935, died 6-20-2017. Age: 82 - Son of Carl E. and Hanna Greta Westerlund of Sweden, - Cold War Vet
WESTERLUND, Nancy Lee (Derby). Spouse of Carl A. G. Westerlund. Born 1936, died 10-8-2003. Age: 67 - NFI
WHEELER, Laura. Born 1901, died 1990. Age: 88 - NFI
WILLETS, Alleta (Ekerman). Spouse of George Willetts. Born 3-6-1846, died 7-20-1910. Age: 64 - Dau of John Magnus Ekerman, Born and died in NYS
WILLETS, Charles O. Spouse of Jennie Willetts. Born 11-29-1894, died 10-18-1918. Age: 23 - Son of Daniel M. and Jennie (Gunten) Willets, born in PA
WILLETS, George. Spouse of Alleta Ekerman, died 1920 - NFI
YAGER, Berniece E. Spouse of Leo S. Yager. Born 1928, died 2004. Age: 75 - NFI
YAGER, Leo S. Spouse of Berniece E. Yager. Born 1928, died 1990. Age: 61 - NFI
YEAGER, Budd Robert. Born 7-20-1933, died 8-26-2012. Age: 79 - Son of George M. and Winnie L. (Maloy) Yeager, born in Jamestown, NY, died Ashville, NY

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