2546 Lake Road, Silver Creeky, Chautauqua County, New York

GPS Coordinates: 42., -79.2294420

Compiled By: Mark S. Peebles

Photo by Mark Peebles

BALL, Rev. Edmond G. "Eddie". Born 1918, died 5-14-2001. Age: - Born and died Silver Creek, NY
BOLAND, Rev. Daniel "Dan". Born 2-15-1919, died 9-2-1967. Age: - Born and died Buffalo, NY
BREAKEY, Rev. John W. Born 7-12-1912, died 12-14-1972. Age: - Born Philadelphia died Silver Creek, NY
BYRNE, Rev. Gerard "Gerry". Born 7-20-1910, died 10-10-1972. Age: - Born County Down, N. IRE died Silver Creek, NY
CANNON, Rev. Richard W. "Dick". Born 1928, died 3-11-2002. Age: - Born Buffalo, NY, died Los Angeles, CA
CARRIGAN, Rev. Daniel Dan. Born 1914, died 9-7-1981. Age: - Born County Covan, IRE, died Ft. Myers Beach, FL
CASHMAN, Rev. Patricke Pearse "Pat". Born 1917, died 9-27-2002. Age: - Born Bayonne, NJ, died Silver Creek, NY
COWHIG, Rev. Johnathan Michael. Born 1897, died 11-27-1986. Age: - Born Kinsale, IRE, died Dunkirk, NY
CROSSAN, Rev. Joseph "Joe". Born 9-8-1891, died 7-30-1974. Age: - Born Tullyonven, IRE, died Dunkirk, NY
CULLEN, Rev. Robert J. "Bob". Born 1916, died 9-25-1994. Age: - Born Glasgow, SCT, died Silver Creek, NY
DALEY, Rev. Fr. John. Born 5-23-1903, died 2-15-1988. Age: - Born Carrickmacross, IRE, died Dunkirk, NY
DALY, Rev Fr. Thomas Joseph "tom", Jr. Born 12-26-1927, died 9-29-1997. Age: - Born Lackawanna, NY, died Buffalo, NY
DONNELLY, Rev. Charles "Charlie. Born 12-14-1888, died 10-13-1973. Age: - Born Limerick, IRE, died Silver Creek, NY
EKINS, Sr. Mary John. Born 1899, died 2-24-1998. Age: - Born and died Silver Creek, NY
FALKNER, Sr. Peggy Doris "Mary Mark". Born 11-8-1916, died 10-18-2012. Age: - Born ENG, died Dunkirk, NY
FLYNN, Rev. Thomas A. "Tom". Born 1922, died 6-4-1982. Age: - Born Doonbeg, IRE, died Silver Creek, NY
FUREY, Rev. J. Joseph "Joe". Born 11-2-1914, died 5-2-1956. Age: - Born Stranorlar, IRE, died Manhattan, NY
GARVEY, Sr. Francesca Mary "Rita". Born 1924, died 3-12-2017. Age: - Born Parkerburg, WV, died Silver Creek, NY
GREENE, Rev. William Vernon "Bill". Born 7-11-1933, died 9-6-2013. Age: - Born New London, CT, died Silver Creek, NY
GRIMME"Rev. Richard L. "Father Dick". Born 1915, died 12-9-1994. Age: - Born Altoona, PA, died Silver Creek, NY
HASSETT, Rev. Anthony "Tony". Born 1929, died 9-5-1999. Age: - Born Wexford, IRE, died Dunkirk, NY
HOGAN, Sr. Francis de Sales. Born 8-9-1894, died 2-13-1978. Age: - Died Silver Creek, NY
HOZA, Rev. Francis "Frank". Born 1916, died 9-16-1987. Age: - Born Uniontown, PA, died Dunkirk, NY
KEPPNER, Rev. Paul L. Born 1917, died 10-28-1999. Age: - Born Buffalo, NY, died Dunkirk, NY
KOSTER, Rev. Kenneth A. "Ken". Born 1925, died 2-11-1981. Age: - Born and died Buffalo, NY
LEDDY, Rev. Seamus G. "James". Born 1918, died 6-8-2002. Age: - Born Milltown, IRE, died Dunkirk, NY
LIVELY, Sr. Mary Pius. Born 5-6-1898, died 11-13-1955. Age: - NFI
MACCOURT, Rev. Michael M. Born 2-20-1888, died 12-1-1977. Age: - Born Banbridge, N IRE, died Silver Creek, NY
MALLOY, Sr. Theresa Marie. Born 8-28-1924, died 1-22-2016. Age: - Born Anaconda, MT, died Silver Creek, NY
MCCORMICK, Sr. Mary Columcille. Born 1892, died 10-3-1980. Age: - Died Silver Creek, NY
MCCULLAGH, Rev. Francis J. Frank. Born 1913, died 12-18-1994. Age: - Born Belfast, N IRE, died Silver Creek, NY
MCGRATH, Fr. John. Born 5-7-1898, died 8-5-1939. Age: - Glenfleak, IRE, died Silver Creek, NY
MCKEY, Sr. Elizabeth "Mary Joseph". Born 5-16-1891, died 8-13-1964. Age: - Born Dromore, IRE, died Silver Creek, NY
MCNICHOLAS, Rev. Raymond J. "Ray". Born 4-22-1924, died 9-21-2009. Age: - Born Chicago, IL, died Lackawanna, NY
MONAGHAN, Rev. Patrick "Paddy". Born 1907, died 11-11-1951. Age: - Born Castlepollard, IRE, died Chicago, IL
MULDOON, Sr. Ellen. Born 1917, died 7-28-2003. Age: - Born County Galway, IRE, died Silver Creek, NY
MULLEN, Rev. Joseph P. "Joe. Born 1-14-1895, died 3-7-1971. Age: - Born Castlebar, IRE, died Silver Creek, NY
NORMANLY, Rev. Thomas V. "Tom". Born 5-5-1928, died 5-21-2007. Age: - Born and died Buffalo, NY
O'BRIEN, Rev. John P. Born 5-24-1894, died 3-20-1968. Age: - Born Cork, IRE, died Derby, NY
O'BRIEN, Rev. Martin. Born 11-24-1902, died 8-7-1980. Age: - Born Toomyvara, IRE, died Silver Creek, NY
O'ROURKE, Rev. Thomas P. Born 1901, died 1-1-1988. Age: - Born Upperchurch, IRE, died Silver Creek, NY
POWERS, Rev. Thomas. Born 7-13-1902, died 11-5-1962. Age: - Born Bronx, NY, died Morristown, NJ
PRYER. Sr. Mary Carmel. Born 12-8-1901, died 8-14-1952. Age: - NFI
SCANLON, Rev. Michael V. "Mike". Born 1908, died 11-8-1981. Age: - Born Buffalo, NY, died Parkersburg, WV
SCHMITT, Rev. William B. "Bill". Born 8-8-1942, died 10-10-2019. Age: - Born Orchard Park, NY, died Silver Creek, NY
SPENCER, Rev. Eugene. Born 1889, died 1-9-1984. Age: - Born Bunker Hill, MI, died Silver Creek, NY
STOKES, Rev. Richard J. Born 1908, died 9-24-1995. Age: - Born Thurles, IRE, died Silver Creek, NY
SWEENEY, Rev. Joseph. Born 6-10-1908, died 1-13-1969. Age: - Born Lettermacaward, IRE, died Derby, NY
TOAL, Rev. Peter. Born 8-27-1903, died 5-11-1973. Age: - Born County Tyrone, Died Silver Creek, NY
TRACEY, Rev. Fr. Thomas "Tommie". Born 1909, died 12-22-1988. Age: - Born Londonderry, IRE, died Silver Creek, NY
TSENG, Sr. Anna. Born 1-5-1921, died 11-28-2012. Age: - Born Nanchang, China, died Dunkirk, NY
WALDRON, Rev. Fr. Paul P. Born 6-29-1888, died 6-4-1976. Age: - Born Alillemore, IRE, died Silver Creek, NY
WALSH, Sr. Mary Brendan. Born 5-2-1902, died 8-5-1976. Age: - Died Silver Creek, NY
WATERS, Rev. Arthur William "Art". Born 4-28-1911, died 3-14-1989. Age: - Born Kildangan, IRE, Silver Creek, NY

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