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the sign is right next to the road, but the cemetery itself is back in the field

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ALEXANDER, Campbell, died 1812
BARRUS, Byron. Spouse of Sophia, died 4-17-1867. Age: 36
BARRUS, Sophia S. Spouse of Byron, died 6-05-1868. Age: 38
BATES, Jonathon, died 1-20-1840. Age: 67y 8m 5d
BATES, Sarah Hannah. Spouse of Edward Gay. Born 1834, died 1860
BATES; Edward Gay. Spouse of Sarah H. Born 1818, died 1907
BUESINK, Lois Marie. Spouse of David. Born 7-28-1939, died 8-3-2006. Age: 67 - Dau of LeRoy and Mabel Parker Brown-married 7-26-1957
BUNKER, Emma Y. Born 1872, died 1947 - [Sister] to Frank J.
BUNKER, Frank J. Born 1875, died 1955 - [Brother] to Emma Y.
BUNKER, Lucinda. Spouse of Obadiah, died 11-17-1858. Age: 60 - Dau of Gay?
BUNKER, Mark F. Spouse of Mary. Born 1847, died 1920
BUNKER, Mary E. Spouse of Mark. Born 1852, died 1916
BUNKER, Polly Trivett. Spouse of William B., died 9-10-1898. Age: 76 - Dau of ? Osborn and Hannah (Knapp) Trivett b. Hector NY
BUNKER, William B. Spouse of Polly T. Age: 65 - Son of Obadiah and Lucinda (Gay) Bunker, b. Wolcott VT, Resident of Island Bend VT, Wed 10-19-1893, No dates
BURDICK, L. - Stone in ground
CARRIS, A. D. Spouse of Nellie, died 3-19-1913. Age: 76
CARRIS, Alonzo D. Spouse of Alonzo, died 3-19-1913. Age: 75y 11m 25d
CARRIS, Arthur B. Spouse of Della. Born 1872, died 1953
CARRIS, Betsey C. Born 1885, died 1920
CARRIS, Charles W. Spouse of Winifred "Ted" Pitt. Born 6-4-1930, died 3-21-2014 - Son of Edgar and Irene (Perdue) Carris, born Ripley, NY and died Erie, PA, PA, a fruit farmer for 60 yrs. Wed 2-2-1951 in Tampa FL, 3 children
CARRIS, Della S. Spouse of Arthur?. Born 1883, died 1956
CARRIS, Dewitt,. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 7-4-1810, died 3-03-1895
CARRIS, Edgar D. Spouse of Irene M. Perdue. Born 1881, died 1968
CARRIS, Elizabeth E. Spouse of Dewitt. Born 11-01-1823
CARRIS, Eunice B. Spouse of Eunice. Born 1879, died 6-25-1910. Age: 31y 1m 5d - Dau of John [b. ME] and Mary (Hug) McDonald
CARRIS, Irene M. Spouse of Edgar D. Born 1898, died 1978
CARRIS, Nellie J. Spouse of A. D., died 10-16-1887. Age: 31y 1m 21d
CHACE, Charity G. Spouse of James, died 5-26-1882. Age: 77y 6m 14d
CHACE, Emily C., died 9-02-1851. Age: 16y 10m 0d - Dau of James and Charity Chace
CHACE, Emma Gertrude. Born 10-28-1867, died 6-11-1875 - Dau of John B. and Sarah Ann Chace
CHACE, G. William. Spouse of Grace. Born 1870, died 1948
CHACE, Grace G. Spouse of G. Wm. Born 1876, died 1958
CHACE, James. Spouse of Charity, died 12-14-1854. Age: 59y 7m 27d
CHACE, John B. Spouse of Sarah Ann. Born 9-14-1828, died 3-30-1885
CHACE, Philip. Born 10-23-1768, died 1-22-1847 - Born in Freetown MA
CHACE, Sarah A. Spouse of George H., died 2-13-1881. Age: 38y 0m 13d
CHACE, Sarah Ann. Spouse of John B. Born 12-12-1832, died 10-11-1914
CLAMPFER, Henry D. Spouse of Julia. Born 1820, died 1910
CLAMPFER, Henry D., died 5-06-1910. Age: 89y 7m 27d - Born in PA
CLAMPFER, John, died 5-04-1874. Age: 18y 1m 22d - Son of Henry D. and Julia Clampfer Killed unloading wood at meat market -per Mayville Sentinel
CLAMPFER, Julia. Spouse of Henry D., died 1-25-1878. Age: 59y 1m 11d
DARLING, Nancy, died 2-28-1874 - Granddau of Perlina Rhinehart
DECKER, Arthur N. Born 1900, died 1921
DECKER, C. Earl. Spouse of Mary. Born 1833, died 1940
DECKER, Frances A. Born 1914, died 1982
DECKER, Francis. Born 1866, died 1914
DECKER, Fred. Born 1888, died 1916
DECKER, Mary. Spouse of C. Earl. Born 1883, died 1963
DECKER, Mike. Born 1857, died 1949
DECKER, Violet Irene - No dates
DRAKE, Lovisa. Spouse of Moses. Born 4-12-1787, died 5-27-1845 - Born in Chatham Columbia Co NY d. Batavia Genesee Co NY
FULLER, Daniel. Spouse of Mary. Born 1825, died 1907
FULLER, Lottie, died 12-26-1875. Age: 23y 10m 22d - Dau of Daniel and Mary Fuller
FULLER, Mary A. Spouse of Daniel. Born 1825, died 1878
GAGE, Isaac B., died 11-27-1850. Age: 36
GAGE, John. Spouse of Sybyl, died 11-22-1855. Age: 69
GAGE, Philander, died 2-20-1843. Age: 36
GAGE, Sybyl. Spouse of John, died 8-05-1863. Age: 78
HARRIS, Robert L. Spouse of Katherine Wood. Born 8-10-1934, died 9-10-2015. Age: 81 - Son of Wilbur J. and Dorothy (Philip) Harris. Born, lived, and died in Ripley NY. Ripley postmaster for 30 years. Wed 8-26-1955, three children. (She survives)
HEATH, Alfred G., died 7-19-1873. Age: 21y 7m 11d - Son of Jackson and Mary Heath
HEATH, Ellen G., died 5-02-1875. Age: 18y 8m 18d - Dau of Jackson and Mary Heath
HEATH, Jackson. Born ca 1828 - Son of Dennis and Annis Heath, b. Chautauqua Co NY, Father b. 7-23-1802 Tyringham Bershire Co MA, Grandson of Elijah Heath
HEATH, Jackson [J.V.B.]. Spouse of Mary 1829* 8-1889 Son of Dennis and ? Heath. 1850 Sherman Census: one of 14 children. At least three children.
HEATH, Mary A. Spouse of Jackson. Born 1826, died 1905
HENRY, Earl E. Spouse of Barbara L. (Headley) Smith. Born 10-5-1935, died 6-20-2018. Age: 82 - Son of Harry C. and Gertrude M. (Brown) Henry. Born in Cherry Hill PA, Farmed in South Ripley NY, died in Kingsville OH. Wed 6-29-1982, four children. (Spouse survives) Ashes
HOUGHTON, Elizabeth Lamphere. Spouse of Thomas B., died 2-11-1892. Age: 69y 2m 11d - Born in Herkimer Co NY
HOUGHTON, Thomas B. Spouse of Elizabeth L. Born abt 1822, died 11-20-1862. Age: 42
HUG, Barbara. Spouse of John. Born 1822, died 1906
HUG, Barbara, died 3-19-1906. Age: 83y 5m 0d - Born in Switzerland
HUG, Clyde M., died 6-03-1907. Age: 1y 1m 8d - Son of Jesse E. and Edna M. (Sinden) Hug
HUG, Edna M. Born 1889, died 1907
HUG, Edna M. Spouse of Jesse, died 7-01-1907. Age: 18y 8m 6d - Dau of E. D. and Esther (Miller) Sinden
HUG, Estella. Spouse of John. Born 1857, died 1942
HUG, John. Spouse of Estella. Born 1854, died 1916
HUG, John S. Spouse of Barbara. Born 1821, died 1868
HUG, Solomon. Born 1849 - Son of John? and Barbara? Hug
HUGG, John. Born 6-24-1854, died 4-03-1916 - Son of John [b. Switzerland] and Anna (Schiller) Hugg
JONES, C. Clarence. Born 1902, died 1906 - Son of Fred and Elizabeth Jones
JONES, Elizabeth B. Spouse of Fred L. Born 1870, died 1945
JONES, Frances E. Born 1921, died 1926 - Dau of Fred and Elizabeth Jones
JONES, Frances E. Born 1921, died 1928 - Dau of Fred and Elizabeth Jones
JONES, Fred L. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1868, died 1942
JONES, George C., died 11-08-1906. Age: 4y 3m 29d - Son of Roy A. and Mary D. (Bowers) Jones
JONES, Maria H. Spouse of Thomas A. Born 2-19-1845, died 3-17-1915 - Dau of William and Mandana (Bunker) Perdue, b. Canada, Grandau of Nathaniel Obadiah and Lucinda (Gay) Bunker
JONES, Marjorie B. Born 10-14-1911, died 4-27-1915 - Dau of Roy A. and Mary D. (Bowen) Jones
JONES, Mary. Spouse of Robert. Born 1805, died 1885 - *Same Jones marker
JONES, Robert. Spouse of Mary. Born 1800, died 1875 - *Same Jones marker
JONES, Thomas A. Spouse of Maria H., died 8-13-1911. Age: 63y 3m 3d - Son of Robert [b. England] and Mary (Manning) [b. Enland] Jones
JONES, Unnamed, died 5-09-1907 - Child of F. L. and Elizabeth (Bloor) [b. IA] Jones
LANPHERE, Asa Clark. Spouse of Mary Jane Daley. Born 10-8-1831, died 7-11-1909 Son of Alpheus and Bathsheba (Walworth) Lanphere, born in Herkimer Co NY, died in Ripley NY
LANPHERE, Mary Jane. Spouse of Asa Clark. Born 1838, died 5-01-1910. Age: 76y 9m 29d - Dau of George and Debby (Dinman) Dracy
LANPHERE, Asa Clark. Spouse of Mary Jane, died 7-11-1909. Age: 77y 9m 3d - Son of Alpheus and Bathsheba Lanphere
LITTLE, Anna. Spouse of John. Born 1832, died 2-02-1887
LITTLE, John. Spouse of Anna. Born 1827, died 6-21-1894
LOVE, Emily L. Spouse of George N. Born 1835, died 2-02-1903. Age: 67y 6m 9d - Dau of Samuel and Clarissa Peck, b. PA
LOVE, George Nelson. Spouse of Emily. Born 1832, died 1-07-1904. Age: 71y 8m 0d - Son of James and Betsey Love, Here 50 yrs, b. Ireland
LUCE, Ardelia. Spouse of Dr. Lester, died 1-25-1864. Age: 26y 10m 23d
MAGOON, Eliza. Spouse of Ephraim, died 2-20-1891. Age: 64y 5m 20d
MAGOON, Emily S., died 1-10-1869. Age: 13y 3m 0d - Dau of Ephraim and Eliza Magoon
MAGOON, George B. Born 1876, died 1953 - Son of Henry and Lucy Magoon
MAGOON, Henry. Spouse of Lucy. Born 1-25-1851, died 10-27-1920
MAGOON, Homer, died 1-19-18?0. Age: 17 - Son of Ephraim and Eliza Magoon
MAGOON, Lucy Elvira. Spouse of Henry, died 4-18-1938. Age: 87y 10m 1d - Born in Enterprise PA
MAGOON, Willie E., died 5-05-1862. Age: 0y 10m 26d - Son of Ephraim and Eliza Magoon
MARK, Caroline Gage Spouse of, died 3-09-1845. Age: 35
McDONALD, Adelburt. Born 1881, died 1906
McDONALD, Adelburt E. Spouse of None, died 11-19-1906. Age: 25y 2m 14d - Son of John and Mary (Hug) McDonald, d. Typhoid, Single, Machinist, Lived here 6 yrs
McDONALD, Mary. Born 1859, died 1922
McDONALD, William. Born 1883, died 1895
MEEDER, Catherine Spouse of, died 2-28-1913. Age: 83y 10m 25d - Dau of John and Mary (Suptoff) Perdue, b. Canada
NEWLOVE, William. Born 1826, died 1899
ORCUTT, Jacob. Spouse of Sarah, died 5-12-1874. Age: 93y 4m 21d
ORCUTT, Sarah. Spouse of Jacob, died 1-16-1875. Age: 87y 3m 3d
PALMER, Lorenzo, died 1836 - Son of Alfred and Sophia Palmer, One date
PALMER, Sylvester, died 1837 - Son of Alfred and Sophia Palmer, One date
PERDUE, Jennie B. Spouse of John W. Born 1859, died 1930
PERDUE, John W. Spouse of Jennie. Born 1856, died 1915
PERDUE, Lydia. Spouse of Oscar F. Born 1852, died 9-13-1881. Age: 28y 11m 13d
PERDUE, Mandana B. Spouse of William. Born 7-06-1825, died 5-28-1903 - Dau of Nathaniel Obadiah and Lucinda (Gay) Bunker, b. Berkshire, Franklin Co., VT
PERDUE, Mina M. Spouse of Oscar F. Born 1854, died 1934
PERDUE, Oscar F. Spouse of Lydia and Mina. Born 1848, died 1925 - Wed twice?
PERDUE, William. Spouse of Mandana Bunker. Born 5-11-1818, died 8-15-1895 - Born in Ireland
PERKINS, Dorothy M. Born 1900, died 1930 - Dau of Jones?--stone matches adjoining Jones markers
RHINEHART, Edgar F., died 10-01-1862. Age: 6y 4m 8d - Son of James and Jane Rhinehart
RHINEHART, H. Eugene. Born 1858, died 1906 - Son of James and Jane Rhinehart
RHINEHART, H. Eugene, died 2-21-1906. Age: 47y 3m 11d - Son of James and Jane [b. England] Rhinehart
RHINEHART, James, died 7-30-1911. Age: 86y 4m 6d - Son of Peter Rhinehart
RHINEHART, James. Spouse of Jane. Born 3-24-1825, died 8-11-1911
RHINEHART, Jane. Spouse of James. Born 12-06-1831, died 10-29-1900
RHINEHART, Perlina. Spouse of Peter, died 3-05-1875. Age: 84
ROBERTS, Elizabeth. Spouse of Mead J. Born 1842, died 1924 - [Mother] *Same Roberts marker
ROBERTS, Jared. Spouse of Sarah. Born 1805, died 1885 - Son of Amassa and Katurah (Lindsey) Roberts, b. Fenner Twp Madison Co NY. *Same Roberts marker.
ROBERTS, Katurah Lindsey. Spouse of Amassa - *Same Roberts marker
ROBERTS, Leroy W. Born 1865, died 1902 - Son of Mead and Elizabeth Roberts, *Same Roberts marker
ROBERTS, Mead J. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1836, died 1917 - [Father], *Same Roberts marker
ROBERTS, Sarah. Spouse of Jared. Born 1807, died 1887 - *Same Roberts marker
ROUSE, Carlos B., died 6-14-1885. Age: 46y 0m 14d
SEELEY, Baby. Born 1-20-1901, died 2-03-1901
SEELEY, Charles E. Born 1851
SEELEY, Elmer E. Spouse of Frances. Born 1861, died 1914
SEELEY, Frances. Spouse of Elmer. Born 1869, died 1914
SEELEY, Genevieve Spouse of, died 9-12-1898. Age: 68 - Dau of J. A. and Mary Stetson
SEELEY, Jenette. Spouse of Frank. Born 10-1-1829, died 9-12-1898. Age: 68 - Dau of J. A. and Mary Stetson
SEELEY, Juliana, died 6-11-1870. Age: 37
SEELEY, Sarah A., died 10-05-1883. Age: 6m 3d - Dau of H. C. and L. J. Seeley
SEELEY, Sarah Almy Spouse of - Dau of Horace and Lydia J. (Wallace) Almy, No dates
SINDEN, Charles E. Spouse of Maggie. Born 12-26-1850, died 4-12-1928
SINDEN, Edward. Spouse of Sarah. Born 3-24-1797, died 9-21-1864 - Born in Kent Co England
SINDEN, Edward H. Spouse of Maggie. Born 7-07-1856, died 11-29-1919 - Son of Zebulon and Sophia (Ferguson) Sinden
SINDEN, Edward H. Spouse of Esther. Born 1856, died 1919
SINDEN, Esther A. Spouse of Edward. Born 1857, died 1927
SINDEN, Guy H. Born 1876, died 1895 - Son of Willis and Gertrude Sinden
SINDEN, James, died 3-21-1864. Age: 18 - Son of William and Phebe Sinden
SINDEN, Maggie E. Spouse of Charles E. Born 1856, died 1893
SINDEN, Maggie Nocton. Spouse of Edward, died 2-25-1893. Age: 36y 4m 22d - Dau of Owen [b. Ireland] and Ann (Ireland) [b. England] Nocton, b. Meadville PA
SINDEN, Phebe. Spouse of William. Born 1825, died 1903 - [Mother]
SINDEN, Phebe Burch Spouse of, died 3-19-1903. Age: 77y 6m 1d - Dau of Nemiah and Polly (Rice) Burch
SINDEN, Sarah. Spouse of Edward, died 11-13-1875. Age: 75y 8m 1d
SINDEN, Sophia. Spouse of Thomas. Born 12-24-1833, died 12-14-1915
SINDEN, Thomas, died 9-06-1907. Age: 89y 3m 25d - Son of Edward and Sarah (Morgan) Sinden [both b. England], b. England, Here 60 years
SINDEN, Thomas. Spouse of Sophia. Born 12-24-1833, died 9-06-1908 - Son of Edward and Sarah Sinden
SINDEN, William. Spouse of Phebe. Born 1822, died 1926 - [Father] Son of Edward and Sarah Sinden
SINDEN, William, died 8-30-1905. Age: 83y 2m 17d - Son of Edward and Sarah (Morgan) Sinden [both b. England], Here 60 years, Widowed
SINDEN, Zebulon. Born 2-02-1828, died 5-17-1914 - Son of Edward and Sarah (Morgan) Sinden [both b. England], b. England
SMITH, Barbara Headley. Spouse of Charles F. - No dates
SMITH, Charles F. Spouse of Barbara H - No dates
SMITH, Emily J. Spouse of Francis, died 2-20-1874. Age: 20y 4m 22d
SMITH, F. Eugene. Born 1872, died 1890 - Son of F. and J. Smith, Stone matches Heath stone
SMITH, Ruth I. Born 1914, died 1915 - Dau of Francis and Emily Smith, "Baby Ruth I."
STONE, Franky M., died 3-12-1868. Age: 5m 15d - Son of H.V. and S. Stone
STONE, Julia Ann. Spouse of Harry F., died 8-11-1858. Age: 21y 11m 17d
TARR, Frances A. Spouse of Franklin. Born 1878
TARR, Franklin W. Spouse of Frances. Born 1862, died 1942
THORP, Albert. Spouse of Maria. Born 1833, died 1893
THORP, Alfred. Spouse of Harriet, died 11-08-1909. Age: 76y 11m 10d
THORP, Andrew J. Spouse of Volusia A. Born 1840, died 1901
THORP, Archibald,. Spouse of Betsey, died 5-08-1854. Age: 76
THORP, Betsey. Spouse of Archibald, died 1-11-1848. Age: 72
THORP, Charles W., died 8-19-1877. Age: 1y 5m 0d - Son of James and Rachel Thorp
THORP, Eliza. Spouse of John, died 7-04-1887. Age: 74
THORP, Emily. Spouse of James, died 5-16-1869. Age: 59y 0m 6d
THORP, Harriet. Spouse of Alfred, died 7-19-1882. Age: 45y 11m 12d
THORP, James. Spouse of Emily and Rachel. Born 1806, died 6-22-1889. Age: 82y 5m 8d - Wed twice?
THORP, James Grant. Born 10-08-1872, died 2-08-1875 - Son of Albert and Maria Thorp
THORP, Jennie. Born 1865, died 1945
THORP, John. Spouse of Eliza, died 6-03-1880. Age: 81
THORP, Lillian A. Spouse of Rolland T. Born 1862, died 11-02-1891 - Dau of Edwin and Amelia Haynes, born in Ellery. *Same Thorp marker
THORP, Maria, died 1-16-1853. Age: 41 - Dau of Archibald and Betsey Thorp
THORP, Maria. Spouse of Albert. Born 1835
THORP, Mattie B. M. Born 1869, died 1903 - *Same Thorp marker
THORP, Rachel E. Spouse of James, died 10-05-1881. Age: 47y 0m 26d
THORP, Rolland T. Spouse of Lillian H. Born 1858 - *Same Thorp marker
THORP, Volusia A. Miles. Spouse of Andrew J. Born 1842, died 1922
THORP, William, died 10-15-1887. Age: 90
TRIPP, July, died 2-05-1929. Age: 84
TRIVETT, Channing T. Spouse of Nancy. Born 4-06-1811, died 9-20-1891
TRIVETT, James L., died 11-22-1857. Age: 7y 2m 28d - Son of Channing T. and Nancy Trivett
TRIVETT, John M., died 9-10-1879. Age: 43y 5m 5d
TRIVETT, Nancy M. Spouse of Channing T. Born 2-12-1813, died 1-18-1875
URCH, Esther. Spouse of GeorgeW., died 4-02-1883. Age: 40y 7m 17d
URCH, George W. Spouse of Esther, died 3-06-1904. Age: 67
WHITCHER, Charlotte. Spouse of J. K. Born 5-10-1822, died 3-06-1892
WHITCHER, Ida H. Spouse of Orrin. Born 1857, died 1917
WHITCHER, J. K. Spouse of Charlotte. Born 11-07-1821, died 3-21-1883
WHITCHER, Orrin L. Spouse of Ida. Born 1850, died 1919 - Son of J.K. and Charlotte Whitcher
YOKUM/YOKOM, Elwood. Born 1912, died 10-01-1938. Age: 26y 4m 12d
YOKUM/YOKOM, Laura R. Spouse of Lester W. Born 7-15-1915, died 9-29-2001. Age: 86 - Dau of Lenox and Eva Grimes Noble
YOKUM/YOKOM, Lester W. Spouse of Laura R. Noble. Born 1909, died 1979 - Son of Warren Yokom

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