Kennedy, Chautauqua County, New York
Submitted By Dee Davidson
Photos by Wendy Phillips

ABBEY, Singleton E. [Sing]. Spouse of Mary E. Miller. Born 10-27-1917, died 10-25-2005. Age: 87 - Son of Clarence and Catherine McKee Abbey. Wed 6-9-1939 in Sheridan
ABBOTT, Liberty C., died 8-9-1894 - Civil War Vet, Co E 5th Cav NYS Vols, Maj. Discharged July 19, 1865.
ABBY, Christopher George. Born 10-30-1968, died 10-30-1968 - Lot owner: Wesley Abbey lot owner
ABERS, Charles G. Spouse of Emma H., died 3-14-1996 - Wed 8-5-1926
ABERS, Emma H. Spouse of Charles G. Born 12-11-1908, died 10-15-1997. Age: 88 - Dau of Carl and Emma (Badke) Heilman, born in Konin Poland.
ADAMSON, Baby Potters Field
AGNEW, June. Born 1880, died 10-20-1966. Age: 86
AGNEW, William Charles. Born 1876, died 12-5-1949. Age: 73y 2m 16d - Son of William and Minnie Lehay Agnew
AKINS, Charles, died 3-19-1898 - Cicil War Vet, Co A 112th NYS Vols. Mustered out with company June 13, 1865.
AKINS, Dana E. Born 1884, died 4-23-1958
AKINS, Florance Irene. Born 1889, died 9-20-1969. Age: 80
ALBRIGHT, Erva (Eccles). Spouse of Neil Edward. Born 4-21-1924, died 3-19-2007 - Dau of Harry Josiah and Versa Crandall Eccles. Wed 8-18-1943
ALBRIGHT, Marjorie Ann. Spouse of Reece. Born 1897, died 12-6-1981
ALBRIGHT, Reece. Spouse of Marjorie Ann. Born 4-4-1895, died 4-1-1968 - WW I Vet
ANDERSON, Augusta C. Spouse of Edwin O. Born 1-1-1874, died 10-12-1949 - Dau of Hans Peter and Johanna Johansson Hanson
ANDERSON, Bernice C. (Nolan), died 2-22-1964. Age: 77 - 2nd marriage to Nolan
ANDERSON, Bonnie J., died 12-23-1944. Age: 11days - Died in Chicago, IL
ANDERSON, Caroline S. Spouse of Gust A. Born 1851, died 5-11-1928
ANDERSON, Carroll C. [Joe]. Spouse of Gloria Smith. Born 02-26-1927, died 12-06-2009. Age: 82 - Son of Frank and Roberta Curtiss Anderson. Wed 6-4-1949 - WW II Vet, US Navy
ANDERSON, Charles J. Born 1878, died 6-6-1963. Age: 84
ANDERSON, Christeen (Christina) Kock. Born 1844, died 7-11-1932. Age: 88
ANDERSON, Clarence A. Born 1886, died 1-4-1948. Age: 61y 3m
ANDERSON, Clarence E. Spouse of Gertrude E, died 8-24-1985. Age: 73 - WW II Vet
ANDERSON, Constance (Ericson). Born 7-8-1903, died 11-9-1994 - Ashes
ANDERSON, Dewitt, died 12-6-1984. Age: 81
ANDERSON, Edwin O. Spouse of Augusta C. Born 1-20-1881, died 10-9-949 - Son of John August and Johanna Starr Anderson
ANDERSON, Elwood L. Born 1910, died 10-13-1966. Age: 56y 6m
ANDERSON, Emma M. Spouse of Milton. Born 1874, died 6-7-1953. Age: 78y 9m 7d
ANDERSON, Estelle. Born 1909, died 11-26-1913. Age: 4y 5m - [Our Darling]
ANDERSON, Ethel J. Spouse of Gustof A. Born 5-16-1905, died 6-26-2007. Age: 102 - Dau of Archie and Georgiana Hines Way-born in Spring Creek PA. Wed 5-30-1936
ANDERSON, Gertrude Elizabeth. Spouse of Clarence E, died 1-24-1985. Age: 67
ANDERSON, Gloria Smith. Spouse of Carroll. Born 7-15-1931, died 1-6-2007. Age: 75 - Dau of Ward H. and Ethel Jane Pattyson Smith Sr. Wed 6-4-1949
ANDERSON, Gust A. Spouse of Caroline S Moburg. Born 1847, died 5-12-1926. Age: 77y 1m 12d - Son of Jonas Anderson. Death by Strangulation (Hanging)
ANDERSON, Gustof A. Spouse of Ethel J. Born 1902, died 5-24-1983. Age: 80
ANDERSON, Herbert E. Spouse of Marie E.G. Born 1886, died 5-20-1964. Age: 77 - Born in Sweden
ANDERSON, Hobart. Born 1887, died 5-6-1945. Age: 57
ANDERSON, John H. Born 1855, died 12-21-1929. Age: 74 - Born in sweden
ANDERSON, Josephine (Hickey). Spouse of Rudolph, died 12-19-1958. Age: 68y 8m
ANDERSON, L. Marie J. Born 1905, died 1-16-1960. Age: 75
ANDERSON, Marie E.G. Spouse of Herbert E. Born 1882, died 2-3-1970. Age: 87 - Born in Sweden
ANDERSON, Mary Jude. Born 4-22-1951, died 10-8-1952. Age: 1y 5m
ANDERSON, Maud - Lot Owner
ANDERSON, Milton E. Spouse of Emma M
ANDERSON, Olivia. Born 1856, died 2-12-1936
ANDERSON, Pearl E. Born 1876, died 5-4-1934. Age: 58
ANDERSON, Percy W, died 2-15-1975. Age: 79 - Uncategorized Vet
ANDERSON, Rudolph. Spouse of Josephine, died 6-11-1978. Age: 80y 7m 12d
ANDREWS, Orrin, died 5-4-1883 - Civil War Vet, Co A 23rd NYS Vols. Discharged July 26, 1863.
ARHEIT, Fred August. Spouse of Lucene H. Born 1898, died 9-13-1971. Age: 73
ARHEIT, Lucene H. Spouse of Fred August. Born 1901
ARP, Jack, L. Born 1932, died 3-4-1962. Age: 29y 7m - Fractured Skull
BAIN, Alonzo, died 11-6-1922 - Civil War Vet, Co K 41st Ohio Vols. Mustered out with company June 27, 1865
BAKER, Ella M - Lot owner, married to ?Gates. Buried in Valley View Ellington
BAKER, Harold R. Born 1902, died 4-14-1944. Age: 41y 5m
BAKER, Karen Louise (Foster). Born 1943, died 10-21-1966. Age: 23 - Auto Accident
BAKER, Lloyd. Born 11-22-1916, died 9-2-1948. Age: 31y 9m 10d - WW II Vet - Legion Lot, 120 A
BALDWIN, Ebenezer, died 6-4-1867 - Civil War Vet, Co G 49th Inf NYS Vols. Discharged April 29, 1862.
BALDWIN, William, died 9-16-1878 - Civil War Vet, Co G 9th Cav NYS Vols. Mustered out with company June 6, 1865.
BALL, Charlie A, died 2-28-1928. Age: 82 - Death cert says Charity A. Ball
BALL, Clayton George. Born 1896, died 2-27-1967 - WW I Vet, NYFFC 2 Mech Regt Air SVC
BALL, Gordon Walter. Born 1926, died 4-16-1929
BALL, Marion Helen, died 4-24-1984. Age: 84/87
BARTLETT, Carolyn M. Born 1937
BARTLETT, George L. Spouse of Hettie M. Born 1864, died 9-4-1937. Age: 73 - [Father]
BARTLETT, Hettie M. Spouse of George L. Born 1869, died 1-12-1939. Age: 64 y 2m - [Mother]
BARTLETT, Thomas S. Born 1932, died 3-21-1969. Age: 36y 7m
BAXTER, Leroy, died 11-19-1865 - Civil War Vet, Co C 9th Cav NYS Vols. Wounded at Winchester, VA Sept. 19, 1864. Mustered out with company July 17, 1865.
BECKER, Charles F. Spouse of Gladys J. Born 1904, died 8-21-1959. Age: 55y 7m 24d - Son of Fred and Nettie Buffon Becker
BECKER, Gladys J. (Harvey) Rath. Spouse of Charles F. Born 1907, died 11-7-1967 - Auto Accident
BEMUS, Erastus, died 4-16-1875 - Vet, US Navy
BENNETT, Michael William. Spouse of Diana M. Abers. Born 8-7-1976, died 11-12-2007. Age: 31 - Son of William E. Bennett and Marlene F. Hammond. Wed 8-20-2005
BENSON, Mary D. Spouse of Richard A. Born 02-19-1928, died 12-11-2010. Age: 82 - Dau of Robert and Venice Strong Snow. Wed 1-5-1953
BENTLEY Amy E, died 11-4-1939. Age: 56y 3m
BENTLEY, Charles E. Born 1886, died 3-29-1913. Age: 27 - TB
BENTLEY, Flora (Webster). Born 1863, died 5-5-1933. Age: 63 - Dau of Charles and Laura (White) Webster
BENTLEY, John A, died 9-6-1942. Age: 62y 3m
BENTLEY, Luther J, died 11-10-1959. Age: 73 - Son of George and Hulda Sulfridge Bentley
BETTS, Arthur C. Spouse of Violet J. Boe. Born 5-25-1927, died 8-30-2001. Age: 74 - Son of Carl and Naomi Betts. Wed 3-24-1951, four children. - WW II Vet, US Army, Pacific
BETTS, Violet J.(Boe). Spouse of Arthur C. Born 10-28-1931, died 12-29-2018. Age: 87 - Dau of Marion and Marian (Hitchcock) Boe. Born in Randolph NY, lived in Kennedy and Falconer NY, died in Erie PA. A homemaker. Wed 3-24-1951, four children.
BILLINGS, Elva Elizabeth. Born 1853, died 1-30-1917. Age: 63
BILLINGS, Harley A. Born 1852, died 9-19-1935. Age: 83y 5m
BILLINGS, Harley Burdette. Born 1885, died 11-10-1959. Age: 73y 10m
BILLINGS, Hazel, died 1-11-1973. Age: 87
BILLINGS, Juna T. Spouse of Oscar D. Born 1848, died 3-4-1911 - Dau of Moses and Caroline Billings
BILLINGS, Oscar D. Spouse of Juna T. Born 1841, died 9-22-1918. Age: 77 - Civil War Vet, Co A 56th PA Vols. Discharged Aug. 8, 1863.
BLOSS, Martin, died 1-22-1954. Age: 75y7d
BODAMER, Julia (Hetz). Born 1870, died 10-2-1939. Age: 69
BOE, Marion K. Born 1911, died 12-16-1943. Age: 32y 8m
BOE, Marion U. Born 1910, died 10-6-1965. Age: 55
BOLDS, Emmett, died 3-9-1965. Age: 78y 28d
BOYD, Clyde Leslie. Born 1910, died 8-5-1935. Age: 24y 10m - Killed in a Motorcycle Accident
BOYD, Harold, died 11-12-1983. Age: 71 - WW II Vet
BOYD, Lillian. Spouse of Marion Calvin, died 10-10-1890. Age: 79
BOYD, Lillian B. (Hansen) [Beanie]. Born 10-9-1915, died 6-5-2007. Age: 91 - Dau of George and Ellen Johnson Hansen
BOYD, Marion Calvin. Spouse of Lillian Cobb
BOYD, Mildred Pauline. Born 6-30-1919, died 5-2-1920. Age: 10m - Dau of Marion and Lillian Cobb Boyd
BOYD, Minnie P. Born 1881, died 12-3-1986. Age: 87
BOYD, Purl J. Born 1879, died 7-7-1960. Age: 81y 2m
BRANT, Archie L. Spouse of Cleora Radaker. Born 2-6-1919, died 9-26-2005. Age: 86 - Son of Clayton and Ethel Bentley Brant - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
BRANT, Clayton E. Spouse of Ethel L, died 8-31-1980. Age: 89
BRANT, Ethel L. Spouse of Clayton E, died 2-3-1979. Age: 91
BRANT, Harman. Born 5-23-1866, died 3-15-1929. Age: 82y 9m 20d
BRANT, Harry W. Born 2-12-1903, died 2-25-1977. Age: 73y 11m 4d
BRANT, Infant, died 8-4-1948. Age: Infant - Infant Son of Archie Brant
BRANT, May. Spouse of Harman. Born 7-7-1871, died 10-10-1924. Age: 53 - TB
BRANT, Rev. Elwood. Spouse of Jeanne Umphred. Born 04-02-1921, died 06-14-2010 - Son of Clayton and Ethel Brant. Wed April 1943
BRANT, Robert C. Born 3-25-1954, died 1-8-2008. Age: 53 - Son of Rev. Elwood and Jeanne Umphred Brant
BRIDENBAKER, Myrtle E. Spouse of Ray G. Born 1888, died 12-13-1961
BRIDENBAKER, Ray G. Spouse of Myrtle E. Born 1888, died 3-26-1964
BULL, Maurice H. Born 11-13-1916, died 4-27-1964. Age: 46 - Ashes - Legion Lot 123A
BURCH, Emma Jane (Crooks). Born 1870, died 4-4-1925. Age: 55
BURCH, Estelle. Spouse of George E, died 1-7-1940. Age: 61 - Dau of William and Alice Kilburn Kapple
BURCH, George E. Spouse of Estelle, died 12-5-1939. Age: 67 - WW I Vet
BURCH, Mary Alcesta. Spouse of Walter S. Born 1842, died 9-15-1914. Age: 75y 5m
BURCH, Ruth M. Spouse of Squire I. Born 7-18-1891, died 7-17-1983 - Dau of Charles and Lucia Trask Anderson
BURCH, Squire I. Spouse of Ruth M. Born 1883, died 12-18-1948. Age: 65y 4m 16d
BURCH, Wallie J. Born 1872, died 1923
BURCH, Walter S. Born 1871, died 1927. Age: 56
BURCH, Walter S. Spouse of Mary Alcesta. Born 1834, died 4-24-1918. Age: 83
BURCH, Willie. Born 1861, died 1864
BUSH, Albert, died 4-14-1883 - Civil War Vet, Co A 90th Inf NYS Vols. Wounded at Cedar Creek, VA Oct.19, 1864. Mustered out with company July 10, 1865.
BUSH, Edwin M., died 10-1-1981. Age: 85 - WW I Vet
BUSH, Edwin Milton. Born 1859, died 12-4-1922. Age: 63y 5m 1d
BUSH, Ethel L, died 1-13-1981. Age: 87
BUSH, Gertrude M. Born 1864, died 4-24-1939. Age: 71y 11m 17d
BUTTERFIELD, Phyllis E., died 12-10-1943. Age: 5 y 1m - 3rd degree burns
BUZENBURG, Evelien. Born 6-16-1927, died 6-16-1927
CAMPBELL, Levi, died 8-15-1904 - Civil War Vet, Co D 76th NYS Vols. Wounded at the Wilderness May 6, 1864. Mustered out with company June 21, 1865.
CARLSON, Adolph Philip. Born 1894, died 10-3-1964. Age: 70
CARLSON, Andrew. Spouse of Mollie A. Born 1885, died 11-19-1967. Age: 82 - Born in Sweden
CARLSON, Florence W. Born 1883, died 12-14-1964. Age: 81 - Dau of Harmon and Henrietta Leonard Wilder
CARLSON, Mollie A. Spouse of Andrew. Born 1881, died 1961. Age: 80
CARLSON, Thelma (Anderson). Spouse of Philip
CARR, Lou Ella (Williams). Born 1899, died 1-31-1926. Age: 25
CASE, Allen H. Born 7-16-1935, died 1-10-1964. Age: 28
CASEWLL, Bruce R. Sr. Spouse of Shirley J. Bennett. Born 9-14-1941, died 5-21-2019. Age: 77 - Son of Russell and Betty (Reynolds) Caswell. Born and died in Jamestown NY, lived in Kennedy NY. A truck driver. Wed 7-2-1960 in Ivory NY, three children. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US Navy aboard USS Caloosahatchee A098. 1959-1963
CHAMBERS, Cecelia A. Spouse of Leonard O. Born 11-10-1920, died 10-24-2010. Age: 89 - Dau of Anton and Ida Speas, born in Brookston PA
CHAPEL, Hattie Amelia. Spouse of Sherman. Born 1860, died 2-12-1916. Age: 55 - Death cert says father unknown Mother Rosina Cobb
CHAPEL, Sherman C. Spouse of Hattie Amelia, died 12-18-1930. Age: 75y 7m 3d - Son of Truman and Hanna Beers Chapel
CHAPMAN, Alice A. (Hitchcock). Spouse of #1 John McLane, #2 Edward W. Foster Sr. Born 10-18-1928, died 9-9-2018. Age: 89 - Dau of Vern Hitchcock and Bertha DeBell. Born in Kennedy NY, lived in Jamestown NY. Eleven children. (Both spouses predeceased)
CHAPMAN, Allen C. Born 8-5-1951, died 5-29-2012. Age: 60 - Son of Maynard C. and June (Butts) Chapman. Born in Jamestown NY, lived in Kennedy NY, died in Gerry NY. Two children, mother not named. - Cold War Vet, USMC. 1971-1973
CHAPMAN, Bruce E. Spouse of Susan M. Morrison. Born 2-4-1953, died 4-23-2011. Age: 58 - Son of Maynard C. and June (Butts) Chapman. Born in Jamestown NY, lived and died in Falconer NY. Coached Little League and wrestling for 27 years. Wed 7-27-1974 in Levant NY, four children. (Spouse survives)
CHAPMAN, Maynard C. Spouse of June I. Butts. Born 7-19-1926, died 5-18-1983. Age: 56 - Wed 7-22-1950, two sons. - Cold War Vet, US Army
CHATLEY, Hattie Belle. Spouse of Edgar. Born 12-4-1864, died 3-6-1955. Age: 90y 3m 4d
CHENEY, Newel, died 12-8-1915 - Civil War Vet, Co C 9th Cav NYS Vols, Capt. Discharged Oct. 25, 1864.
CHILDS,George Clifford. Born 1876, died 6-3-1924. Age: 48
CHILDS, Dorothy. Born 1907
CHILDS, Gertrude C (Nelson). Born 1902, died 3-28-1962. Age: 59y 10m 12d
CHILDS, Maiinie L (May). Born 1881, died 1-6-1968. Age: 86
CHRIS(T), Earl T, died 3-18-1932. Age: 16
CHRIS(T), Nellie B. Spouse of W. Harvey. Born 1880, died 11-21-1926. Age: 46 - Dau of Ezra Barbe and Roxie Wood Barber
CHRIS(T), Olive P. Born 1906, died 6-17-1923. Age: 14 - Dau of W.H and Nellie Barber Chris
CHRIS(T), W. Harvey. Spouse of Nellie, died 3-30-1935. Age: 55
CLARK, Albert. Born 1886, died 4-21-1915. Age: 19 - Fractured Skull
CLARK, Anna B. Spouse of Orrin B. Born 1857, died 1-30-1927. Age: 69
CLARK, James, died 11-23-1861 - Civil War Vet DNB, Co F 74th Inf NYS Vols. Enlisted Aug. 1, 1861. Accidently killed in Camp near Washington DC Nov. 23, 1861.
CLARK, Orrin B. Spouse of Anna B. Born 1858, died 6-9-1945
COBB, Beatrice M. (Ralph). Born 11-25-1914, died 1-18-2015. Age: 100 - Dau of Guy and Jesse (Moffatt) Ralph, born in Brookfield OH, died in Kennedy NY. Wed 7-1-1933 in Randolph NY, five children. (He d. 8-13-1951)
COBB, Claude W. Spouse of Emma. Born 1876, died 10-23-1960. Age: 83y 10m 4d - Son of Nathan Clark Ann White Cobb
COBB, Emma (Becker). Spouse of Claude W. Born 3-4-1874, died 10-29-1962. Age: 89y 7m 25d
COBB, Nathan Clark. Born 1840, died 1930
COBB, Richmond Clark. Born 2-27-1910, died 8-13-1951. Age: 41 - Son of Oren and Mary (Hopkins) Cobb. Died of shock and drowning.
COE, Harold Robert, died 6-6-1923 - Son of Leon and Lena F. Simpson Coe
COE, Infant, died 9-10-1951. Age: Infant
COE, Lena F. Spouse of Leon W, died 3-15-1979. Age: 79y 3m 8d
COE, Leon W. Spouse of Lena F, died 3-9-1978. Age: 84y 8m 9d
COE, Miles L. Spouse of Orinda Simpson. Born 1866, died 3-21-1931. Age: 64
COE, Orinda S. Spouse of Miles L. Born 1861, died 4-5-1928. Age: 66y 5m 10d - Dau of John and Amanda Gates Simpson
COE, Richard Coe, died 4-30-1964. Age: 62
COLBURN, Emory E. Spouse of Mary J. Born 1847, died 1-11-1913. Age: 65 - Son of Erastus and Eliza BILL Colburn [FATHER]
COLBURN, Frankie. Spouse of Pearl. Born 1883, died 1887 - Removed to Kennedy cemetery 4-14
COLBURN, Mary J. Spouse of Emory E. Born 1848, died 3-16-1826. Age: 79 - [Mother]
COLBURN, Pearl. Spouse of Frankie. Born 1879, died 1881 - Removed to Kennedy cemetery 4-14
CONLEY, Duane M. Spouse of Lois Louise. Born 1853, died 9-17-1935. Age: 81y 11m - [Father]
CONLEY, Lois Louise I. Spouse of Duane M. Born 1855, died 1-4-1933. Age: 77 - [Mother] Dau of Martin and Mary Davis Ingersol
COOK, Emma H. Spouse of Frank A. Born 1877, died 5-30-1940 - [Mother] Dau of Albert and Helen Griswold Harvey
COOK, Frank A. Spouse of Emma Harvey. Born 6-23-1877, died 5-23-1947. Age: 69y 10m - Son of George and Sarah Griswold Cook [FATHER]
COOK, Grace H. Born 1899, died 6-29-1966. Age: 67 - Dau of Frank A and Emma Harvey Cook
COOK, Virginia Mae. Spouse of Warren F. Born 1909, died 1-31-1965
COOK, Warren F. Spouse of Virginia Mae. Born 1909, died 1-31-1965
COVELL, David R,. Spouse of Sylvia D. Crandall. Born 6-28-1943, died 7-6-2017. Age: 74 - Son of Ralph L. and Ellen (Stone) Covell. Born and died in Jamestown NY, lived in Falconer NY. Retired tool designer for Reliance Mold and Die. Wed 9-2-1968 in Kennedy, two daughters. (Spouse survives)
COVELL, Lawrence A. Spouse of Lydia. Born 1894, died 6-6-1976. Age: 82 - Died in Wellsville, NY
COVELL, Lydia (Prentice). Spouse of Lawrence A. Born 1902, died 10-16-1983. Age: 81 - Died in Wellsville, NY
COX, John A. Spouse of Mary Ann. Born 1862, died 6-24-1941. Age: 80y 9m - Born in England
COX, Lewis Henry. Born 1895, died 1-2-1954 - Son of John A and Mary Ann Miller Cox - WW I Vet
COX, Mary Ann M. Spouse of John A. Born 5-27-1859, died 3-2-1918. Age: 59y 9m - Born in England
COX, Ruth Eva. Born 1901, died 1902 - Dau of John A and Mary Ann Miller Cox
CRANDALL, Autumn. Spouse of Herbert W. Born 1912
CRANDALL, Herbert W. Spouse of Autumn. Born 2723, died 3-16-1990
CRANDALL, Kathleen Z, died 10-26-1974. Age: 76 - Died Dade City FL.
CRANDALL, Vernon R. Sr. [Bugg]. Spouse of #1 Evelynn M. Stone, #2 Beth M. Williams. Born 07-02-1925, died 03-12-2010. Age: 84 - Son of Howard D. and Kathleen Penfield Crandall. Wed Evelynn 2-23-1946; wed Beth 8-17-1991
CRANDELL, Howard D. Born 3-29-1898, died 3-9-1948. Age: 49y 11m 13d - WW I Vet - Legion Lot, 119 A
CRAWFORD, Gertrude J. Spouse of Judd Keath. Born 1883, died 7-12-1970
CRAWFORD, Judd Keath. Spouse of Gertrude J, died 4-29-1962. Age: 80y 7m
CRAWFORD, Leroy A. Born 1906, died 8-1-1969. Age: 63
CRAWFORD, Stewart J. Spouse of Ruth Harper. Born 11-20-1912, died 4-3-2006. Age: 93 - Son of Judd Keath and Gertrude J. Gilbert Crawford. Wed 7-15-1943 in Berea, OH
CRIST, Norene M. Baker. Spouse of #1 Leslie M. Baker, #2 Nicholas Crist. Born 10-23-1910, died 2-2-2007. Age: 96 - Dau of Arthur and Ola Nickle Sweet. Wed Leslie 10-28-1933 Nicholas 1-19-1980
CROOKER, F.F. Born 1844, died 10-3-1909
CROOKER, Lydia (Benson). Born 1844, died 3-5-1922. Age: 77
CROSBY, Henry B., died 11-3-1919 - Civil War Vet, Co C 9th Cav NYS Vols. Mustered out June 1, 1865.
CROSBY, Kate C. Born 1871, died 4-11-1957. Age: 85
CROSBY, M. M. Born 1859, died 11-8-1942. Age: 82y 5m
CROSBY, Marion Metille. Born 1896, died 12-5-1951. Age: 54y 5m - Died in Orlando, FL
CROSS, Elsie L. Born 1867, died 1925. Age: 67 - Dau of Nelson and Julia Leach Bush
CROSS, Norman R., died 02-04-2011. Age: 76 - Died in Irmo, SC
CUMMINGS, Orrin A., died 6-10-1879 - Civil War Vet, Co G 9th Cav NYS Vols. Mustered out June 6, 1865.
DAHLGREN, Edith M. Born 3-22-1891, died 1-21-1968 - Dau of John A and Hilda S. Engwall Dahlgren
DAHLGREN, Hilda Salina (Engwall). Spouse of John A. Born 9-4-1865, died 4-29-1921. Age: 55y 7m 25d - Dau of August and Marie E. Kwan Engwall born in Sweden
DAHLGREN, John A. Spouse of Hilda Salina. Born 1854, died 2-9-1946. Age: 91y 8m 12d - Born in Sweden
DALGREN, Elmaer V, died 6-24-1974. Age: 80 - Legion Lot, 119 A
DANIELSON, Belle E. Spouse of Daniel Amel, died 1-14-1927. Age: 54y 8m 27d - Dau of Edward B and Ellen Boyden Elkins
DANIELSON, Daniel Amel. Spouse of Belle Elkins. Born 3-4-1869, died 12-10-1924 - Born in Sweden
DANIELSON, John P. Born 5-2-1845, died 5-14-1922. Age: 77y 11d - Shoemaker
DANIELSON, Rachel Ellen, died 4-13-1943. Age: 47y 7m - Dau of Daniel Amel and Belle Elkins Danielson
DANN, Charles H, died 12-26-1938. Age: 73
DANN, Emma R, died 9-28-1938. Age: 76
DAVIS, James F, died 3-15-1913 - Civil War Vet, Co G 49th Inf NYS Vols. Woundedat the battle of the Wilderness May 6, 1864. Mustered out July 11, 1865.
DEBELL, George
DEBELL, Maria Utter. Born 1861, died 6-22-1914. Age: 53
DEGRAFF, H. B., died 9-27-1887. Age: 62
DENNISON, Alton J. Born 1900, died 9-3-1963
DENNISON, Frank. Born 10-5-1889, died 12-13-1969. Age: 80 - WW I Vet
DENNISON, Gordon E. Spouse of Sandra K. Ropps. Born 6-12-1941, died 9-21-2006. Age: 65 - Son of Raymond and Esther Hamilton Dennison m. July 16 1966
DENNISON, Ralph V., died 6-4-1963. Age: 82y im
DENNISON, Raymond V. Born 1902, died 5-4-1968. Age: 66
DENNISON, Richard Lee. Born 6-11-1896, died 11-5-1965 - WW I Vet
DEPASQUALE, Cameron B. Born 6-15-1989, died 4-7-2006. Age: 16 - Son of Daniel and Katherine Benson DePasquale
DEWEY, Beatrice Covell. Spouse of Earnest. Born 1924, died 1-1-1964. Age: 39 - Dau of Lawrence A and Lydia Prentice Covell, died in East Otto NY
DEWEY, Ernest W. Spouse of Beatrice. Born 1920
DORT, Donna (Akins). Spouse of Paul Q. Born 10-27-1924, died 11-19-2018. Age: 94 - Dau of Dana and Florence Irene (Dix) Akins. Born, lived, and died in Kennedy NY. Worked 52 years for Postal Service, was postmaster for 40. Wed 1-12-1946 in Kennedy, one son and an adopted daughter.
DORT, Paul Q. Spouse of Donna Akins. Born 1920, died 3-27-1987 Wed 1-12-1946 in Kennedy, - WW II Vet
DYER, Herschel. Born 1862, died 1913. Age: 51 - On lot of George Lane Dyer
ECCLES, Harry Josiah. Born 7-9-1893, died 6-2-1955 - WW I Vet
ECCLES, Josiah B, died 11-7-1912 - Civil War Vet, Co C 9th Cav NYS Vols. Mustered out June 1, 1865.
ECCLES, Shirley May (Moore). Spouse of George C. Born 2-13-1925, died 2-6-2016. Age: 90 - Dau of Charles and Mabel (Willis) Moore, born in Sugar Grove PA, lived in Kennedy NY, died in Marietta GA. Wed 9-11-1942 in Kennedy, three children. (He d. 9-4-1999)
EDSALL, Edith Grace, died 10-22-1922. Age: 7
EDSALL, Joseph, died 9-1-1926. Age: 56y 10m 14d
EMERSON, Carol J. (Heilman). Spouse of Jack L. Born 11-22-1952, died 01-31-2014. Age: 61 - Dau of Ed and Vivian (Gailbrath) Heilman, born in Jamestown, died in Buffalo. Wed 6-26-1971, 3 children. -
EMERSON, Linnie Murn [Murn]. Spouse of Lucille I. Hebner. Born 04-12-1922, died 03-17-2010. Age: 87 - Son of Lavern and Eva Hawkins Emerson. Born in Union City, PA. Wed 12-20-1942, two children
EMERSON, Lucille I. (Hebner). Spouse of Linnie M. Born 10-23-1923, died 3-14-2017. Age: 93 - Dau of Charles and Irene (Pollard) Hebner. Born and died in Jamestown NY, lived in Kennedy NY. A homemaker. Wed 12-20-1942, two children.
ERICSON, Earnest A. Spouse of Lulu Mead. Born 5/13/1873, died 4-4-1944. Age: 70y 19m 20d - Son of Charles and Bretta Carlson Ericson
ERICSON, Elwood L. Spouse of Betty Jane Bird. Born 4-8-1910, died 10-13-1966. Age: 56 - Son of Ernest A. and Lulu Malona Ericson
ERICSON, Lulu (Mead). Spouse of Ernest A. Born 1/17/1873, died 1-28-1927. Age: 54 - Dau of James and Bina Harris Malona
ERICSON, Paul Meridith, died 1908. Age: 1m - Son of Earnest A and Lula Malona Ericson
ERICSSON, Clifton R, died 8-23-1959. Age: 66y 11m
ERICSSON, VIna R. (Waite). Born 1897, died 8-10-1970. Age: 72
FAIRBANKS, Fred. Spouse of Harriet. Born 1876, died 1-30-1949. Age: 72y 3m 27d
FAIRBANKS, Harriet. Spouse of Fred. Born 1876, died 4-10-1952. Age: 75y 8m 23d
FAIRBANKS, Leland, died 11-25-1884 - Civil War Vet, Co E 9th Cav NYS Vols. Discharged Oct. 18, 1862.
FARGO, Addis E. Spouse of Adelia, died 5-24-1930. Age: 78 - Son of Ariel and Martha Cobb Fargo
FARGO, Adelia H. Spouse of Addis E. Born 11-1-853, died 10-30-1918 - Dau of John Heslink born Holland
FARGO, Elmer E. Spouse of Flora L Scott. Born 1866, died 4-15-1953. Age: 76y 6m
FARGO, Flora L. (Scott). Spouse of Elmer E. Born 1860, died 4-23-1947. Age: 86y 7m
FARGO, Mabel Ruth. Born 3-9-1877, died 6-18-1972. Age: 83 - Dau of Addis E and Adelia Heslink Fargo
FARGO, Nora M, died 10-22-1953. Age: 76 - Dau of Addis E and Adelia Heslink Fargo
FELT, Michell Lee. Born 2-16-1970, died 6-1970. Age: 4m 10d
FINLEY, Audrey V. (Finley). Born 1903, died 9-6-1945. Age: 40 - Catt Co NY
FISCHER, Kathleen A. (Honey). Spouse of Eric. Born 2-13-1949, died 10-23-2018. Age: 69 - Dau of Donald M. and Arlene M. (Kasten) Honey. Born in Jamestown NY, lived in Kennedy NY, died in Greenhurst NY. Business mgr at Jamestown YMCA. Two sons. (Spouse d. 9-1-1983)
FORLANDER, Henry G. [Hank]. Born 4-17-1922, died 1-5-2006. Age: 83 - Son of John Albert and Hulda Anderson Forlander, born in St. Petersburg, FL
FORLANDER, Hulda, died 2-25-1972. Age: 89
FORRESTER, Glen Mason. Spouse of Mattie Irene. Born 8-6-1884, died 12-23-1971. Age: 87
FORRESTER, Mattie Irene Miller. Spouse of Glen Mason. Born 2-28-1884, died 8-18-1981. Age: 97
FOULK, Bernice [Bonnie]. Spouse of Edward L. Born 4-13-1923, died 1-14-2005. Age: 81 - Dau of William and Gertie Bontrager Swartzentruber
FOULK, Edward L. Spouse of Bernice, died 9-24-1976 - Wed 8-2-1945
FOX, Helen Maud (Marvin). Born 1900, died 10-21-1970. Age: 70
FRALICK, Addie. Born 1873, died 1-17-1955. Age: 82y7m
FRALICK, Charlie E. Born 1864, died 10-30-1942. Age: 79
FRALICK, Vivis. Born 2-14-1943. Age: Stillborn
FRAME, Albert C. Spouse of Martha J. Born 1878, died 2-15-1963. Age: 82
FRAME, Mabel Louise. Born 9-22-1905, died 4-21-1959. Age: 54y 6m
FRAME, Martha J.(Mason?) [Mattie]. Spouse of Albert C. Born 1877, died 3-26-1955. Age: 76
FRAME, Willard B, died 12-24-1979. Age: 69
FREAY, Charles Frank. Spouse of Jennie E. Born 1-20-1872, died 2-10-1963. Age: 91 - Spanish American War Vet
FREAY, Grant
FREAY, Helen
FREAY, Jennie E. (Anderson). Spouse of Charles Frank. Born 5-18-1883, died 5-1964. Age: 80
FREY, Charles F. Spouse of Charlotte. Born 10-15-1854, died 1921. Age: 57 - [Father] Drowned
FREY, Charlotte. Spouse of Charles F. Born 1849, died 1923 - [Mother]
FRICKER, Emma Jean (Spaulding). Spouse of Robert H. Born 12-5-1916, died 8-21-1960. Age: 43y 8m - Dau of Frank E. and Sarah Melissa (Oaks) Spauding. Born in Salamanca NY, died in auto accident in Jamestown NY, broken neck. Six children.
FRICKER, Jody A. R. Spouse of Brenda Self. Born 10-10-1959, died 1-6-2007. Age: 47 - Son of Robert W. and Vera (Eddy) Fricker. Died in motorcycle accident in Mississippi - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
FRICKER, Robert H. Spouse of Emma Jean. Born 7-22-1911, died 8-21-1960. Age: 50 - Born in Massilon OH, died in auto accident in Jamestown NY, Five children.
FRICKER, Vera L. (Eddy). Spouse of Robert W. Born 8-12-1934, died 2-5-2016. Age: 81 - Dau of Kenneth and Dorthy (Scruise) Eddy. Born in Ashville NY, lived in Frewsburg NY, Jamestown NY. Five children. (Husband predeceased)
FULLER, George Emery. Born 1919, died 1920. Age: 9m
GILBERT, J. Anderson. Spouse of Renie Lorinda. Born 1853, died 11-11-1932. Age: 79
GILBERT, Renie Lorinda T. Spouse of J. Anderson. Born 1856, died 5-5-1915. Age: 58 - Dau of Garwood and Persis Bassett Torrence
GILMORE, James, died 11-7-1956. Age: 66y 2m Potters Field
GOLDEN, Ephram. Born 10-9-1891, died 5-8-1951. Age: 59y 6m 29d - WW I Vet - Legion Lot, 120 A
GOODWIN, Arthur, died 7-15-1952. Age: 86
GRAHAM, Dennis C. Spouse of Donna Lou Franklin. Born 2-20-1940, died 5-20-2019. Age: 79 - Son of Hubert Sr. and Vinnie Graham. Born in Jamestown NY, lived and died in Kennedy NY. A millwright at MonoFrax for 38 years. Wed 4-29-1961 in Clarks Corners NY, two children. (Spouse survives)
GRAHAM, Vinnie G. Spouse of Hubert M. Born 2-10-1914, died 1-24-2007. Age: 92 - Dau of Alexander and Mae McLean Gardner, born in Troupsburg NY. Wed 12-31-1931 in Angelica NY
GRAY, Dora B. Spouse of Earl S. Born 1879, died 2-14-1948. Age: 68y 5m
GRAY, Earl S. Spouse of Dora B. Born 4-8-1877, died 9-3-1954. Age: 77y 4m 25d
GROVER Charles O. Spouse of Mattie Akin. Born 7-1865, died 8-10-1947. Age: 82y
GROVER, Mattie A. Spouse of Charles O. Born 3-26-1871, died 9-13-1948. Age: 77y 5m 18d - Dau of Charles and Harriet Buel Akin
GRUBB, Anni or Ani D. Born 1899, died 11-12-1929 - Suicide by drowning
GRUBB, Ava E. Born 1878. Age: 92 - Born in VA
GRUBB, Infant, died 5-23-1913-15
GRUBB, Katherine, died 1912. Age: 13d
GRUBB, Oscar M. Spouse of Ava E. Born 1877, died 12-1-1952. Age: 75 - Born in Grant Virginia
HAGLUND, Florence R. Born 10-26-1919, died 9-22-2008. Age: 88 - Dau of Frank and E. Marjorie Ranck Rissel
HALL, June Elaine. Born 1926, died 8-26-1932. Age: 6y 2m 25d - Fractured skull
HALL, Ursula May 1892. Born 1892, died 11-21-1948. Age: 51y 11m
HALLENBECK, Ward Leo. Born 1914, died 1-20-1958 - WW II Vet
HARE, Annis L, died 1-11-1931. Age: 25
HARE, Hoyt T, died 8-21-1976. Age: 79
HARE, Infant. Age: Stillborn
HARRIS, Alonzo D, died 24-Apr-10 - Civil War Vet, Co G 49th NYS Vols. Wounded in battle of the Wilderness May 6, 1864, Discharged May 26, 1865.
HARVY, Edward S. Spouse of Heneietta. Born 1847, died 3-28-1926. Age: 78
HARVY, Henrietta R. Spouse of Edward S. Born 11-13-1856, died 2-23-1940. Age: 83y 3m 20d - Dau of Andrew and Margaret Rhinehart
HARWOOD, Phyllis M. (Sharp). Spouse of Raymond F. Born 4-22-1931, died 10-21-2017. Age: 86 - Dau of Darrell and Helen (Anderson) Sharp. Born and lived in Kennedy NY, died in Syracuse NY. A registered nurse. Wed 11-15-1953 in Kennedy, three children. (Spouse survives)
HASKELL, Marion, died 11-18-1939. Age: 47 - Died Little Rock AK
HAWKINSON, Charles J. Born 1891, died 2-29-1952. Age: 60y 9m 5d
HAWKINSON, H. May. Born 1886, died 6-29-1961. Age: 75y 2m 20d
HEATH, Clifford M Blood. Born 1-8-1905, died 2-18-1953. Age: 48y1m 10d - WW II Vet
HEATH, Infant, died 2-9-1951. Age: Stillborn
HEATH, Infant, died 8-5-1954. Age: Stillborn
HEGBURG, Carl R., died 4-27-1973. Age: 74
HEGBURG, Charles Israel. Spouse of Ida Christine. Born 1867, died 6-16-1938. Age: 71
HEGBURG, Essel Katherine H - No dates
HEGBURG, Ida Christine. Spouse of Charles Isreal. Born 1867, died 8-22-1931. Age: 71
HEGBURG, Verna Ida Marie, died 3-16-1935. Age: 6 hours
HEILMAN, Walter L. Spouse of Julie Radspinner. Born 5-20-1945, died 2-12-2020. Age: 74 - Son of Walter Sr. and Pollyanna (Wright) Heilman
HILL,Sarah C. HILL. Spouse of Theodore W, died 6-17-1939. Age: 66y 9m
HILL, Amelia (Bogert), died 5-25-1910. Age: 68y 7m 8d - Dau of William Bogert
HILL, Frances A. Spouse of W. Gibson. Born 10-22-1913, died 1-9-2008. Age: 94 - Dau of Lynn H. and Fannie Al Wheelock Taylor. Wed 5-18-1934
HILL, Kathryn Etta. Born 1878, died 1967. Age: 89
HILL, Theodore A. Spouse of Sarah C, died 8-9-1954. Age: 81y 4m
HILL, Wilma. Spouse of Norman C., died 6-16-2006. Age: 96 - Dau of Fred and Myra Hitchcock Schermerhorn
HITCHCOCK, Arthur. Spouse of Mabel L. Born 1902, died 8-3-1955. Age: 53y 2m
HITCHCOCK, Frank G. Born 1-19-1866, died 2-14-1950. Age: 84 - Son of Milo and Louisa Hill HIitchcock
HITCHCOCK, Fred. Spouse of Katie A. Age: 82y 5m - Son of Milo and Louisa Hill HIitchcock
HITCHCOCK, Katherine B. Born 3-24-1874, died 1-1-1950. Age: 75y 9m 8d - Dau of ? and Elizabeth Hetz
HITCHCOCK, Katie A. Spouse of Fred. Born 1876, died 10-21-1955. Age: 79y 8m
HITCHCOCK, Mabel L. Spouse of Arthur. Born 1911
HODGE, Andrew W, died 8-3-1958. Age: 83
HODGE, Anna Myrtle S. Born 1880, died 11-6-1951. Age: 72y 6m 27d
HODGE, Gertrude B. Born 1882, died 6-3-1942. Age: 60
HODGE, William. Born 7-13-1870, died 11-19-1952 - Uncategorized Vet
HOLMBURG, Maxine M. (Huckelbery). Spouse of Arnold C., died 12-24-2015. Age: 76 - Dau of Amos J. and Virginia (Bates) Huckelbery, born in Kennedy NY, died in Falconer NY. Four children, all surnamed Steppe. Wed Arnold 6-25-1988, in Falconer NY, he d. 11-20-2013.
HONEY, Donald M. Spouse of Arlene M. Kasten. Born 12-27-1924, died 5-9-2001. Age: 76 - Son of Bennett V. and Eleanor W. Will Honey - WW II Vet, US Army, Europe
HOPKINS, Eva (Wright). Spouse of Peter. Born 1865, died 4-8-1957. Age: 92
HOPKINS, John, died 3-30-1986. Age: 77
HOPKINS, Peter. Spouse of Eva Wright. Born 1851, died 7-29-1931. Age: 79y 10m10d
HOPKINS, Weston M. Born 1885, died 11-1-1961. Age: 75y 11m 23d
HORST, Albert, died 1-24-1913. Age: 44
HOTCHKISS, Clifford Clyde. Spouse of Cynthia R. Norberg. Born 9-24-1941, died 7-8-2019. Age: 77 - Son of Clyde and Edith (Maynard) Hotchkiss. Born in Salamanca NY, lived in Falconer NY, died in Buffalo NY. Worked 36 years for MRC-TRW. Wed 4-21-1966 in Falconer, two daughters. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US Navy. Career - 28 years. Retired as Master Chief Construction Electrician.
HOTCHKISS, Clyde Lewis. Spouse of Edith R. Maynard. Born 8-6-1918, died 5-20-2000. Age: 81 - Son of Harlow and Leota (Lewis) Hotchkiss. Born in Randolph NY, died in Kennedy NY. Wed 7-28-1940, three children.
HOTCHKISS, Edith R. (Maynard). Spouse of Clyde L. Born 1-23-1922, died 5-25-2014. Age: 92 - Born in Salamanca NY, died in Kennedy NY. Wed 7-28-1940, three children.
HUCKELBERY, Alice Bell (Walker) [Allie]. Spouse of Jessie J. Born 1884, died 10-7-1946. Age: 61y 11m
HUCKELBERY, George. Spouse of Oma Morse. Born 1904, died 7-22-1987. Age: 83 - Son of Jessie J. and Alice B. Huckelbery
HUCKELBERY, James Bruce Jr. Spouse of Pamela A. Larson, then companion off Sharon Rumbaugh. Born 2-13-1953, died 3-7-2019. Age: 66 - Son of James and Violet (Koresko) Huckelbery. Born and died in Jamestown NY, lived in Kennedy NY. Two children, prob. with Pamela. (Predeceased by spouse, survived by companion)
HUCKELBERY, James Bruce Sr. Spouse of Violet J. Koresko. Born 9-25-1931, died 3-26-2017. Age: 85 - Son of Amos J. and Virginia (Bates) Huckelbery. Born and lived in Jamestown NY, died in Erie PA. Worked for Jamestown Board of Public Utilities. Wed 8-23-1952 in Kennedy NY, four children. - Korean War Vet US Army. 1952-1954.
HUCKELBERY, Jessie Jay. Spouse of Allie B. Born 6-18-1882, died 3-15-1962. Age: 79y 8m - Son of Frank and May Huckelbery.
HUCKELBERY, Oma (Morse). Spouse of George. Born 10-11-1899, died 8-5-1986. Age: 86 - Dau of Leo and Ida (Wallace) Morse
HUCKELBERY, Pamela Ann (Larson). Spouse of James B. Jr. Born 2-26-1955, died 8-3-1999. Age: 44 - Son of James and Violet (Koresko) Huckelbery. Prob mother of James' two children.
HUCKELBERY, Robert Amos. Born 1934, died 1937. Age: 2y 11m
HUCKELBERY, Violet J. (Koresko). Spouse of James B. Sr. Born 7-25-1935, died 1-11-2012. Age: 76 - Dau of Stephen and Julia (Madaras) Koresko. Born, lived, and died in Jamestown NY. Wed 8-23-1952 in Kennedy NY, four children.
HULTMAN, Letrice (Price) Abers. Spouse of #1Donald Abers, #2 Donald Hultman. Born 2-4-1931, died 3-6-2018 - Dau of Charles and Beatrice (Field) Price. Born in Pueblo and grew up in Pueblo CO, lived in Kennedy NY, died in Meadville PA. Wed Abers in 1952, two children. (He d. 1981) (Both husbands predeceased)
HUNT, Charles H, died 1-5-1914. Age: 68
HUNT, Edwin R., died 9-27-1883 - Civil War Vet, Co B 12th Cav PA Vols. Discharged Jan. 12, 1864.
HUNT, Jessie Dunbar, died 3-8-1920. Age: 38
HUNT, Richard Pell, died 3-7-1914. Age: 51
IRELAND, N. S., died 5-17-1888 - Civil War Vet, Co A 112th Inf NYS Vols. Discharged Dec. 27, 1863.
JACKSON, Carrie Rhoda P. Spouse of Isaac, died 5-12-1937. Age: 79y 11m 20d - Dau of John and Caroline Markham Price
JACKSON, Isaac. Spouse of Carrie Rhoda, died 11-25-1930. Age: 77
JACKSON, Melvin Henry. Born 1853, died 1931
JENKS, Dennis M. Born 1857, died 1-2-1919. Age: 61
JENKS, Mabel L, died 10-20-1956. Age: 68y 1m
JENKS, Marilyn A, died 1935/1937
JENKS, Nettie M. Born 1865, died 4-18-1931. Age: 65
JOBES, Glenn M. Spouse of Lucille M, died 11-26-1966. Age: 73y 11m 25d - Died VA Hospital - WW I Vet
JOBES, Lucille M. Spouse of Glenn M. Born 1799, died 11-11-1885. Age: 86
JOBES, Milton Lewis, died 1911. Age: 3
JOHN, Relton E. [Shorty]. Spouse of #1 Lillian Marie Ferry, #2 Mabel C. Swanson. Born 06-02-1923, died 03-15-2010. Age: 86 - Born in Kittnning PA - WW II Vet, US Army
JOHNSON, Alice M. Spouse of John Albert. Born 1894, died 4-28-2986. Age: 91
JOHNSON, Baby Potters Field
JOHNSON, Carl Frederick, died 7-25-1908. Age: 78y 1m 13d
JOHNSON, Clifford M, died 4-14-1973. Age: 51
JOHNSON, John Albert. Spouse of Alice M. Born 6-7-1881, died 12-22-1933. Age: 51y 6m 15d - Son of John and Sophie Johnson
JOHNSON, Marie Christine, died 10-29-1931
JOHNSON, Martin A., died 4-7-1961. Age: 66y 9m
JOHNSON, Shirley M. Spouse of Ralph L. Born 5-21-1942, died 5-1-2009. Age: 66 - Dau of Albert and Grace Elizabeth Meacham. Wed 7-1-1961
JOHNSON, Viola G. Spouse of Paul L. Born 11-23-1920, died 02-16-2011. Age: 90 - Dau of Carl E. and Myrtle E. Schulyer Anderson. Wed 11-26-1934
KEITH, Dennis Laverne, died 9-4-1951. Age: 17m
KELLEY, Michael E., died 2-25-2006
KELSEY, Amos. Born 1860, died 6-7-1925. Age: 65y 6m 11d - Son of Elba and Harriet Brown Kelsey
KELSEY, Edith. Spouse of Lewis. Born 1878, died 9-22-1936. Age: 57y 11m 18d
KELSEY, Infant, died 8-10-1929. Age: Stillborn
KELSEY, Julia or Juvia. Born 1885, died 1-7-1947. Age: 61y 5m
KELSEY, Lewis. Spouse of Edith. Born 12-11-1864, died 4-12-1955. Age: 90y 4m 1d
KIMBALL, Elton B. Born 1900, died 1918. Age: 18
KIMBALL, Ezra T. Spouse of Jennie A. Born 1865, died 1-29-1914. Age: 48
KIMBALL, Ira Burnett. Spouse of Irene S, died 1-8-1960. Age: 68
KIMBALL, Irene S. Spouse of Ira Burnett, died 4-8-1977. Age: 83 - Cold War Vet
KIMBALL, Jennie A. Spouse of Ezra T. Born 1864, died 11-23-1942. Age: 79y 1m - Died Gowanda State Hosp.
KIMBALL, Marian A. Born 1898, died 7-10-1961. Age: 62y 9m
KIMBALL, Mary Katherine (Hauffe) [Marikay]. Spouse of Stanley B. Born 9-11-1922, died 12-27-2017. Age: 95 - Dau of Chester N. and Clara E. (Rost) Hauffe. Born in Columbus OH, lived in died in Falconer NY. With husband, farmed KimVale Farm. Wed 11-25-1942, four children.
KIMBALL, Stanley B. Spouse of Mary Hauffe. Born 6-14-1921, died 6-30-2006. Age: 85 - Son of Ira B. and Irene (Schermerhorn) Kimball. Wed 11-25-1942, four children. - WW II Vet, US Army
KING, Berdina. Spouse of Glenn R. Born 1893, died 12-9-1928. Age: 35
KING, Glenn R. Spouse of Berdina. Born 1888, died 19??
KINNE, Gertrude. Spouse of Ray S. Born 4-18-1893, died 2-3-1975. Age: 81
KINNE, Ray S 1890. Spouse of Gertrude. Born 1890, died 6-7-1972
LACKEY, Alice. Born 1863, died 4-11-1923 - Dau of Francis and Mary Jane Walters Hardinger
LAGERLEAF, Gust, died 6-25-1935. Age: 65 - Unmarried
LANGDON, Abraham B., died 9-28-1862 - Civil War Died, Co. G 49th NY Vols, Cpl. Discharged at hospital in Washington DC Sept 1862, died 9-28-1862
LANGWORTHY, Irene V. Spouse of William D. Born 11-9-1912, died 4-1-2008. Age: 95 - Dau of Daniel and Hattie Galbraith Abers. Wed 9-25-1930
LAWSON, Charles. Spouse of Rhonda. Born 1860, died 4-27-1954. Age: 94 - Born in Sweden
LAWSON, Frederick C, died 4-7-1965. Age: 57
LAWSON, Glen, died 10-04-2010
LAWSON, Rexford M, died 2-9-1982. Age: 87 - Legion Lot, 119 A
LAWSON, Rhoda E. Spouse of Charles. Born 1873, died 1-31-1952. Age: 78y 6m 13d
LEBARON, Amanda. Spouse of Hixson. Born 1870, died 6-2-1937. Age: 66
LEBARON, Arthur H. Spouse of Marguerite S. Born 19??, died 4-22-1958. Age: 57y 6m
LEBARON, Blanche. Born 11-6-1914, died 2-12-1986
LEBARON, Blanche L. Spouse of Irving G. Born 1914, died 2-10-1986. Age: 77
LEBARON, Gordon I. Spouse of Rosann Anderson. Born 10-6-1925, died 1-8-2008. Age: 82 - Son of Irvin G. LeBaron and Alice Hucklebery Bogardus. Wed 8-19-1944
LEBARON, Gordon I. Spouse of Roseann. Born 1925
LEBARON, Hixson W. Spouse of Amanda. Born 4-17-1870, died 3-10-1940
LEBARON, Irving G. Spouse of Blanche L. Born 1905, died 1-13-1964
LEBARON, Margaret L, died 12-2-1975. Age: 64y 5m 17d
LEBARON, Marguerite S. Spouse of Arthur H. Born 1898, died 10-13-1971. Age: 81 - [Wife]
LEBARON, Roseann (Anderson). Spouse of Gordon I. Born 1926
LEBARON, Susan M. Born 1948, died 12-18-1968. Age: 20 - Dau of Gordon and Roseann Lebaron, died in an auto accident
LEBER, Henry. Spouse of Ione, died 1900. Age: 92 - Born in Germany
LEBER, Ione. Spouse of Henry, died 12-15-1988. Age: 80 - Ashes
LEONARD, Arnold G. Spouse of Astrid V., died 4-22-1969 - Wed 10-24-1931 in Erie PA
LEONARD, Astrid V. Spouse of Arnold G. Born 2-8-110, died 5-1-2002. Age: 92 - Dau of Emil and Selma Svensson Anderson
LEONARD, Cynthia L. Spouse of Gordon H. Sikes. Born 2-8-1943, died 8-21-2006. Age: 63 - Dau of Arnold and Astrid Anderson Leonard
LEWIS, Loraine E. Spouse of Loren F. "Bud", died 10-24-2008. Age: 87 - Dau of George B. and Rudy Ericsson Waite. Wed 5-24-1940
LINN, Ernest W, died 3-9-1982. Age: 87 - Legion Lot, 119 A
LITTLE, Robert. Born 1838, died 2-1-1915. Age: 77
LOCKE, June I. (Butts) Chapman. Spouse of #1 Maynard C. Chapman, #2 Norman J. Locke. Born 10-22-1933, died 12-7-2020. Age: 87 - Dau of Elton and Katherine (Deming) Butts. Born, lived, and died in Chaut Co. Wed Maynard 7-22-1950, two sons. (Maynard and sons bd this cem) Wed Norman 9-29-1990
LOCKE, Norman J. Spouse of June I. (Butts) Chapman. Born 2-22-1936, died 2-3-2015. Age: 78 - Son of Merton J. and Grace (Crosby) Locke. Born in West Seneca NY, lived in Kennedy NY, died in Buffalo NY. Two children, mother not named. Wed June 9-29-1990.
LOOMIS, Howard C. Spouse of Linda Harvey. Born 6-6-1934, died 1-24-2015. Age: 80 - Son of Clyde Henry and Bessie Mae (Meacham) Loomis, born in Randolph NY, died in Jamestown NY. Wed 5-22-1964, two sons. Uncategorized Vet, US Army. 1958-1960
LUCE, Esther I. Born 8-19-1904, died 11-23-1920 - Dau of Nathan and Myra Luce
LUCE, Michael Alan. Spouse of Marlene Kote, died 3-26-2017. Age: 62 - Son of Paul E. and Gertrude (Dorenkamper) Luce. Born in Jamestown NY, died in Groveport OH. Wed 42 years, two children. (She survives) - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Navy. 23 years.
LUCE, Myra (Bentley). Spouse of Nathan. Born 5-18-1881, died 5-2-1945. Age: 63y 11m Given name is Alvira Lola.
LUCE, Nathan. Spouse of Myra Bentley. Born 2-5-1881, died 11-24-1956. Age: 76
LUCE, Parker A., died 2-10-1979. Age: 76
LYDELL, Asenath. Born 1846, died 11-7-1922. Age: 76 - Dau of Luther LydellL and Mary Hitchcock
MALONA, Clement Paul. Born 1882, died 4-21-1960. Age: 78
MALONA, James, died 6-14-1919. Age: 78
MALONA, N. Bina. Born 1846, died 7-13-1926. Age: 79y 7m
MALONE, Jean D, died 7-17-1975. Age: 80
MALONEY, Clarence L. Spouse of #1 Eleanor Hucklebery, #2 Wilma Farquharson. Born 5-2-1910, died 12-1-2002. Age: 92 - Son of Larry and Maggie (Moudy) Maloney, born in Fairview Twp OK. Wed Eleanor 3-21-1931, seven sons. Wed Wilma 4-21-1995
MALONEY, Diane L. (Beebe). Spouse of Jerald E. Born 1-17-1938, died 4-17-2006. Age: 75 - Dau of John S. and Beatrice E. (Swanson) Beebe. Wed 6-29-1957, two children.
MALONEY, Donald Clarence. Spouse of #1 Margaret Anderson, #2 S. Ann Seager. Born 4-11-1931, died 4-17-2013. Age: 82 - Son of Clarence and Eleanor (Huckelbery) Maloney, born in Poland NY. Worked 47 yrs for Chaut Co Highway Dept. Wed Margaret 7-4-1953, 1 son. (She d. 3-9-2003). Wed Ann 11-28-2009 - Korean War Vet, US Army. 1952-1953
MALONEY, Eleanor (Hucklebery). Spouse of Clarence L. Born 1914, died 6-15-1953. Age: 39y 8m - Wed 3-21-1931, seven sons
MALONEY, Halcyon Georgia (Christoferson). Spouse of Rue G. Born 6-26-1943, died 8-17-2018. Age: 75 - Dau of Ralph E. and Halcyon M. (Bowen) Christoferson. Born, lived, and died in Chautauqua Co NY. Wed 2-14-1964 in Fluvanna NY. Three daughters. (Spouse survives)
MALONEY, Jerald E. Spouse of Diane L. Beebe. Born 1-26-1936, died 10-24-2019. Age: 83 - Son of Clarence and Eleanor (Huckelbery) Maloney. Born and lived in Kennedy NY, died in Erie PA. Wed 6-29-1957, two children. - Cold War Vet, US Army. 1958-1960
MALONEY, Richard L. Spouse of Michiko Toyama. Born 4-19-1932, died 3-11-2006. Age: 74 - Son of Clarence and Eleanor (Hucklebery) Maloney. Wed 9-20-1980 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
MARLATT, Floyd V. Spouse of Louise Brain, died 5-24-1977. Age: 70
MARLATT, Louise (Brain). Spouse of Floyd V, died 1961. Age: 47y 11m
MARSH, Doris (Speas) [Doad]. Spouse of Milton E. Born 12-10-1932, died 6-25-2007. Age: 74 - Dau of Anton and Ida (Schauers) Speas. Wed 1-20-1951
MARZALEN, Blaise. Spouse of Louise. Born 1862, died 3-19-1957. Age: 94y 6m 6d - Born in France
MARZALEN, Louisa. Spouse of Blaise. Born 1866, died 5-7-1957. Age: 90y 7m 12d - Born in France
MARZALEN, Louise. Born 6-15-1901, died 2-28-2006. Age: 104 - Dau of Blaise and Louise Plano Marzalen, born in Mullen WI
MATTESON, Alice. Spouse of Clarence S. Born 8-9-1905, died 5-23-2005. Age: 89 - Dau of Grant and Lena White Shelters
MATTESON, Clarence S. Spouse of Alice, died 10-21-1991 - Wed 10-21-1931
MEABON, Alberto A. Spouse of Gertrude F. Born 3-19-1877. Age: 67
MEABON, Gertrude Fish. Spouse of Alberto A. Born 1881, died 12-29-1927. Age: 46y 3d - Dau of William and Elizabeth Saunders Fish
MEABON, Marian L. Spouse of Mynford W. Born 10-9-1915, died 3-13-2002. Age: 86 - Dau of Warren L. and Adalaide Shaw Hall m. Apr 13 1945
MEACHAM, Benjamin R. Spouse of Emma Jane. Born 1882, died 9-24-1949. Age: 68y4m
MEACHAM, Dyer. Born 1840, died 3-21-1922. Age: 81
MEACHAM, Emma Jane. Spouse of Benjamin R, died 10-28-1950. Age: 62y 10m 18d
MEACHAM, Freda Lillian, died 8-1948. Age: 5 hours
MEACHAM, Maryette M. [Mary]. Born 1851, died 3-15-1922. Age: 71
MEYERS, Frances E. Born 1900, died 11-16-1946. Age: 45y10m - Unmarried
MEYERS, Grace Belle. Born 1878, died 1-25-1970. Age: 91
MINIGER, Howard. Spouse of Joyce Wakefield, died 9-10-1983. Age: 66 - Uncategorized Vet
MINIGER, Joyce (Wakefield) Ostrander. Spouse of Howard Miniger, #2 E. Leon Ostrander. Born 7-25-1919, died 2-19-2002. Age: 82 - Dau of Charles L. and Ethel E. (Lampson) Wakefield
MONTGOMERY, Charles Oscar. Born 1934, died 7-1-1937. Age: 3 - Drowned
MONTGOMERY, Esther M (Henry). Spouse of Richard E, died 6-25-1981. Age: 44 - [His sister] ??
MONTGOMERY, Oscar. Born 1886, died 9-8-1941. Age: 55y 6m 4d - Son of Oscar and Clara Stewart Montgomery
MONTGOMERY, Richard E. Spouse of Esther M. Born 8-25-1935, died 8-17-1959. Age: 23y 11m - Uncategorized Vet
MOON, Marguerite M, died 3-10-1953. Age: 39y 11m 15d
MOORE, Charles W. Born 6-11-1897, died 8-3-1969. Age: 71y 1m - WW I Vet - Legion Lot, 124 A
MOORE, Inf,, died 2-18-1911. Age: Stillborn - Dau of Iva and Myrtie Phillips Moore
MOORE, Iva. Spouse of Myrtie. Born 1861, died 2-20-1958. Age: 96y 8m
MOORE, Jeanette. Born 8-8-1913, died 1914 - Dau of Iva and Myrtie Phillips Moore
MOORE, Mabel E.W. Born 9-7-1886, died 2-5-1971. Age: 84
MOORE, Myrtie (Phillips). Spouse of Iva. Born 10-6-1871, died 3-11-1949. Age: 77y 5m
MORRISON, Earl N. Spouse of Leona M. Johnson. Born 9-25-1925, died 5-18-2007. Age: 81 - Son of Glenn and Carrie Benson Morrison. Wed 2-23-1946
MORSE, Frank H JR, died 7-22-1931. Age: 2
MORSE, William Almer, died 8-11-1921. Age: 5 - Son of Earle and Charlotte Wade Morse
MURRAY, J. Thompson. Born 1904, died 9-24-1929. Age: 24 - Accidental Gunshot
MURRAY, John W. M. Spouse of Mabel E. Born 1877, died 9-30-1945. Age: 68y 7m
MURRAY, Mabel E (Thompson). Spouse of John W.M/. Born 1877, died 6-23-1962. Age: 85y 2m 6d
MYERS, Frances E. Born 1900, died 11-16-1946 - Unmarried
MYERS, Frank C. Spouse of Maude Cunnings. Born 1871, died 3-12-1941. Age: 69y 11m
MYERS, Grace Belle. Born 1878, died 1-25-1971. Age: 91
MYERS, Mary Elizabeth. Spouse of William Charles. Born 1849, died 9-1-1929. Age: 80
MYERS, Maude (Cummings). Spouse of Frank C. Born 1873, died 8-7-1950. Age: 77y 2m 5d
MYERS, Stewart - Lot owner - 2 lots unknown burials
MYERS, William Charles. Spouse of Mary Elizabeth. Born 1845, died 8-30-1909. Age: 64
NELSON, August J. [Gust]. Spouse of Julia, died 8-28-1957. Age: 86y 6m - Born in Sweden
NELSON, Clayton R. Born 1901, died 9-9-1960. Age: 59y 5m
NELSON, Edgar, died 10-14-1936. Age: 53
NELSON, Eva M.R. Born 11-7-1896, died 11-4-1936. Age: 39y 11m 18d - Dau of Albert and May Aarmstrong Reed
NELSON, Henry. Spouse of Wilhelmina. Born 1850, died 9-15-1920. Age: 70
NELSON, Julia. Spouse of August J, died 5-1-1957. Age: 85y 9m - Born in Sweden
NELSON, Wilhelmina Peterson Carlson. Spouse of Henry. Born 1851, died 10-17-1928. Age: 77
NEWMAN, Ernest D. Born 1917, died 6-21-1969. Age: 52 - Drowned
NEWTON, Blanche (Colburn). Spouse of Clair D. Born 2-28-1882, died 11-26-1955. Age: 73y 8m 28d
NEWTON, Clair (Durrell ). Born 7-30-1921, died 8-2-1921. Age: 4 days
NEWTON, Clair D. Spouse of Blanche. Born 10-12-1880, died 6-10-1952. Age: 71y 7m 28d
NOLAN,Charles E. Born 1882, died 7-25-1972. Age: 92
NOLAN, Elizabeth May, died 4-28-1955. Age: 81y 4m - Ashes
NOLAN, James A, died 2-10-1970. Age: 66 - Ashes buried 9-20-1971
NOURSE, Bertha J. Spouse of Howard. Born 1902, died 1-20-1954. Age: 51y 1m 2d
NOURSE, Howard. Spouse of Bertha J. Born 1903, died 3-28-1961. Age: 58
NOURSE, John H. Born 1932, died 1-20-1953. Age: 20y 10m 15d
OAKES, Benjamin Louis. Born 1892, died 6-29-1922. Age: 29
OAKES, Dudley Melvin Jr. Born 1930, died 5-13-1967. Age: 37
OAKES, Franklin H. Born 1863, died 5-25-1962. Age: 85y 3m 25d
OAKES, Pearl (Nichols), died 5-25-1962. Age: 90
O'BRIEN, Colleen Marie, died 1966. Age: 2 days
OLSON, Alma J. Born 1885, died 9-8-1967. Age: 81 - Born in Sweden
OLSON, Arthur R. Spouse of Marjorie J. Carlson. Born 2-25-1924, died 2-14-2017. Age: 92 - Son of Gustus Olson and Alma Johannson. Born in Detroit MI, lived in Jamestown NY, died in Bradford PA. Worked over 30 years for BPU. Wed 1975 in Las Vegas NV, no children. - WW II Vet, US Navy, 1941-1947. Korea aboard USS Ellis and USS Wisconsin. 1947-1954
OLSON, Gustof H. Age: 88y 10m - Born in Sweden
OLSON, Marjorie J. (Carlson). Spouse of Arthur R. Born 1-11-1930, died 2-25-2017. Age: 87 - Dau of Harold [Pete] and Genevieve Carlson. Born, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Died 11 days after husband. Wed 1975 in Las Vegas NV, Ashes
ORMOND, Baby. Age: Infant Potters Field
ORMOND, Charles E., died 1-14-1982 - Wed 8-20-1924
ORMOND, Julia E. Born 10-16-1903, died 9-2-2003. Age: 99 - Dau of Henry and Radena Erickson Boe. Diamond Rebekah Lodge
OSGOOD, Phyllis Jean (Stone). Spouse of Gerald. Born 11-15-1929, died 03-07-2011 - Dau of Leo Richard and Lura Sample Stone
OSTRANDER, E. Leon. Spouse of Joyce M. (Wakefield) Miniger, died 8-13-1999 - Wed Joyce 11-2-1985. She is buried as Miniger, this cem.
PALMER, Dorothy K., died 4-11970. Age: 51
PALMER, Mabel C. Spouse of Ralph S. Born 7-2-1896, died 9-16-1968 - Dau of Abner M and Catherine Tachenteen Chessman
PALMER, Mariam A. Born 1911
PALMER, Mary Nichols, died 10-26-1940. Age: 64y 6m 2d
PALMER, Ralph S. Spouse of Mabel C. Born 5-20-1886, died 11-29-1972 - Son of Gurnsey and Esther Howe Palmer
PALMER, Rita (Pelkey). Born 1914, died 9-16-1943. Age: 29y 1m
PARKER, Wilma Malona. Born 1874, died 1924
PARSONS, Brenda. Born 1964, died 2-19-1966. Age: 27m - 3rd degree burns/100% of her body [Our darling baby]
PARSONS, George R. Jr. Spouse of Sally Verrett. Born 12-30-1944, died 12-9-2008. Age: 63 - Son of George R. and Mildred Kinney Parsons
PARSONS, John A. Born 2-28-1948, died 11-25-2016. Age: 68 - Son of Frank and Mildred (Kinney) Parsons, Sr., born, lived, and died in Jamestown NY. Six children - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy.
PARSONS, Raenae G. Spouse of Frank Jr., died 09-22-2010. Age: 61 - Dau of John and Madeline Blood Willover
PATTYSON, Nettie Mae. Spouse of Wilbur W. Born 1885, died 1-12-1949
PATTYSON, Wilbur W. Spouse of Nettie Mae. Born 1879, died 11-22-1936 - Son of Wesley and Lenora Wood Pattyson
PENNER, Deward. Spouse of Marion H. Born 1908
PENNER, Marion H. Spouse of Deward. Born 1904, died 11-13-1965. Age: 60
PERKINS, Walter Dewitt. Born 1-2-1899, died 10-18-1918. Age: 19y 9m - WW I KIA, US Army, Co C 38th inf 3 Div, Cpl. Killed/Battle Argonne Offensive Meuse France
PIERCE, THOMPSON Zenith, died 7-15-1953. Age: 45y 1m 8d
PRICE, Clarence Reilly. Spouse of Barbara Abers. Born 5-25-1934, died 6-1-2008. Age: 74 - Son of Charles Raymond and Beatrice Field Price, born in Pueblo, CO. Wed 9-16-1956
PRINCE, Nancy J. Spouse of Douglas. Born 4-17-1943, died 11-2-2008. Age: 65 - Dau of James and Lorraine Langworthy Wisor. Wed 9-26-1959
QUACKENBUSH, Linda J. (Felt), died 1-19-1986. Age: 40
RAMOS, Julio A. [Tony]. Spouse of Marsha. Born 8-28-1958, died 1-7-2021. Age: 62 - Son of Maximino and Georgina (Guiles) Ramos. Born in Jayuya Puerto Rico, lived in Jamestown NY and Philadelpha PA, died in Philadelphia. Two sons, Divorced from Marsha.
RAMSEY, Datvia Maria, died 12-16-1975. Age: 23 hours
RAMSEY, Florence M. Spouse of John H. Born 1881, died 5-23-1965. Age: 83
RAMSEY, Gregory, died 1953. Age: 1y 7m
RAMSEY, John H. Spouse of Florence M. Born 1879, died 4-24-1951. Age: 71y 11m 17d
RARICK, Donald E. Spouse of Margaret A. Becker. Born 9-3-1923, died 10-11-2003. Age: 80 - Son of Ray and Mary Yeisly Rarick - WW II Vet, US Army, Europe
RARICK, Margaret A. Becker. Spouse of Donald E., died 11-11-2000 - Wed 9-4-1945
RAYNOR, David O. Born 1967, died 10-28-1968. Age: 1
REED, Adelbert A. Born 1875, died 3-31-1967. Age: 91 Potters Field
REED, Albert H. Born 8-9-1868, died 9-7-1954. Age: 86
REED, Edward W. Born 1898, died 19?? - Son of Adelbert Reed Potters Field
REED, James B, died 3-24-1949. Age: 85y 3m 3d Potters Field
REINHOLD, Amanda (?). Born 1877, died 11-12-1946. Age: 70 - Born in Sweden
REYNOLDS, Howard E. Born 1916, died 3-11-1966. Age: 50
RHINEHART, Andrew J. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1830, died 11-15-1911. Age: 82y 10m 18d - Son of James and Mary Wheley Rhinehart
RHINEHART, Margaret (Hutchens). Spouse of Andrew J. Born 1831, died 11-6-1913. Age: 82y 1m 11d
RICH, Elton Sherman. Spouse of Ida N. Born 1854, died 10-7-1908. Age: 54
RICH, Elton Sherman, died 10-3-1940. Age: 45
RICH, Ida N. Spouse of Elton Sherman. Born 1855, died 1-9-1944. Age: 88
RIFFEL, Antoinette M. Born 1898, died 10-23-1951. Age: 53
RIFFEL, Baby girl, died 12-25-1975. Age: Stillborn
RIFFEL, Joseph C. Born 3-31-1898, died 2-4-1940. Age: 51 - WW I and WW II Vet - Legion Lot, 121 A
RIFFEL, Joseph D. Spouse of Olga H., died 7-10-1972 - Wed 7-18-1941 in Newark NJ
RIFFEL, Michael Conrad. Born 12-11-1964, died 12-11-1964. Age: 9m - Son of Joseph D. and Olga Hospodar Riffel
RIFFEL, Olga H. Spouse of Joseph D. Born 8-31-1920, died 10-14-1995. Age: 75 - Dau of Michael and Maria (Onuska) Hospodar, born in Newark NJ.
RIGBY, David?, died 7-5-1922. Age: 24 - Son of James Wooster and Bertha Ann Klinger Rigby Fractured Skull
RISLEY, Benjamin F. Spouse of Mary Jane Tarrt. Born 1848, died 2-9-1920. Age: 71
RISLEY, Elsie (Bates). Spouse of Henry C. Born 1855, died 9-15-1936. Age: 80y 9m 8d - Dau of Corydon Bates
RISLEY, Henry C. Spouse of Elsie Bates. Born 1846, died 12-31-1931. Age: 85y 3m 5d
RISLEY, Mabel. Spouse of Paul M
RISLEY, Mary Jane T. Spouse of Benjamin F. Born 1854, died 9-21-1946. Age: 92y 1m 19d - Dau of Isaac and Mary Weikle Tarr
RISLEY, Paul M. Spouse of Mabel, died 10-22-1908. Age: 70
RISSEL L,. Frank. Born 1886, died 1-15-1980. Age: 93
RISSEL, Edith Marjorie. Born 1885, died 10-3-1951. Age: 65y9m
RISSEL, Howard W. Born 1891, died 4-9-1987 - Ashes on ground
RISSEL, W. Lucille. Spouse of Warren L. Born 02-25-1924, died 04-05-2010. Age: 86 - Dau of Lee and Nellie Kirk Maynard
RISSELL, Warren. Born 2-12-1923, died 7-7-1966. Age: 43 - WW II Vet - Legion Lot, 119 A
ROGERS, Sadie. Born 9-6-1884, died 10-18-1858. Age: 74
SANDBERG, Marian (?)
SANDBERG, Raymond E, died 6-24-1962. Age: 52 - WW II Vet
SAXTON, Anna J. Spouse of Perry. Born 12-22-1842, died 3-30-1930 - Dau of John M and Harriet F Perrige Peckham, born in RI
SAXTON, Garner J, died 10-19-1989. Age: 80
SAXTON, Glenn J. Spouse of Ivah Myrtie, died 11-29-1950. Age: 81y 6m 12d
SAXTON, Ivah Myrtie (Howe?). Spouse of Glenn J, died 1-6-1985. Age: 96
SAXTON, James, died 11-17-1907 - Civil War Vet, Co E 5th Cav NYS Vols. Discharged July 19, 1865. (Not Confirmed)
SAXTON, Myrtle Belle. Born 1868, died 3-31-1907. Age: 39
SAXTON, Perry L. Spouse of Anna J Peckham. Born 2-28-1842, died 4-3-1924 - Son of Seymour and Faithy Cone Saxton
SAXTON, Reuben, died 3-4-1879 - Civil War Vet, Co A 112th Inf NYS Vols. Mustered out with company June 13, 1865. (Not Confirmed)
SCHERMERHORN, Avery F. Born 1854, died 12-25-1929. Age: 75
SCHERMERHORN, Eva A. Born 1855, died 4-16-1943
SCHERMERHORN, Eva Mildred, died 2-13-1973. Age: 86
SCHERMERHORN, Frederick E. Spouse of Myra. Born 1866, died 7-22-944. Age: 77
SCHERMERHORN, Myra. Spouse of Frederick E. Born 1872, died 1-7-1949. Age: 75y 7m - Dau of George and Sarah Mattocks Hitchcock
SEEKINS, Goldie STANTON. Born 6-14-1889, died 9-16-1975. Age: 86
SEELEY, Carrie. Spouse of Orval. Born 1890, died 6-26-1975
SEELEY, Orval. Spouse of Carrie. Born 1876, died 1-31-1948
SELQUIST, Carl. Spouse of Emma H. Born 1878. Age: 73y 3m 26d - Born in Sweden
SELQUIST, Emma H. Spouse of Carl. Born 1873, died 3-5-1949. Age: 76y 10m5d - Born in Sweden
SEMANS, Charles S. Born 1901, died 8-29-1970. Age: 69
SEWELL, Sarah J, died 12-15-1938. Age: 69y 1m 2d - Died at St. Cloud FL. Ashes
SHELTERS, George Gerald, died 4-17-1908. Age: 77 - Ashes
SHELTERS, Harry Kinney. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1877, died 5-12-1966. Age: 89
SHELTERS, Janet U. Born 1912
SHELTERS, Lela I. Spouse of Frederick G. Born 3-15-1917, died 12-25-2006 - Dau of Archie and Alma Philbrick Ackley. Wed 3-24-1938
SHELTERS, Mary A. Spouse of Harry Kinney. Born 1878, died 3-6-1971. Age: 91
SHELTERS, Mary Elizabeth S, died 2-22-1922. Age: 7y/m ?
SHUART, David R. Spouse of Bobbi Gostomski. Born 11-14-1958, died 9-3-2015. Age: 56 - Son of Cletus W. and Rhea (Rogers) Shuart. Born in Kennedy NY, lived and died in Erie PA. Two children. (She survives)
SHULTERS, George F, died 11-23-1912 - Civil War Vet, Co H 100th Inf NYS Vols. Discharged Dec. 1, 1862.
SMITH, Alice M. Born 1906, died 4-6-1942. Age: 35y11m - [Mother]
SMITH, Dorothy Evelyn. Born 1901, died 5-12-1966. Age: 64
SMITH, Ernest I., Dr. Born 1874, died 2-18-1925. Age: 56
SMITH, Ethel J. Born 1907, died 2-1-1965
SMITH, Floyd R.
SMITH, Frederick. Born 1927, died 2-21-1983. Age: 56
SMITH, Howard W, died 1-1-1903. Age: 54y5m
SMITH, Irene E. Born 1835, died 1914. Age: 84
SMITH, Nella M. Born 1888, died 19??
SMITH, Summer A., died ? - Civil War Vet, Co A 112th Inf NYS Vols. Discharged June 16, 1865. (Not Confirmed)
SMITH, Ward H. Born 1906, died 7-14-1976. Age: 70
SNOW, Amy Jo. Born 12-9-1968, died 1-24-1969. Age: 1y 1m 15d
SNYDER, Julia Hallenbeck. Born 1914, died 11-9-1967 - Auto Accident
SOUTHLAN, Harry Newton. Born 1884, died 10-9-1963. Age: 77
SOUTHLAND, Charles N. Born 1905, died 5-9-1972 - [Dad]
SOUTHLAND, Edward D. Born 1906, died 2-10-1967
SOUTHLAND, Violet B. Born 1888, died 1-11-1963. Age: 74
SPAULDING, Charles O. Born 1913
SPAULDING, Ernest W. Spouse of Ethel M. Born 1873, died 10-10-1949. Age: 76y 4m 10d
SPAULDING, Ethel M. Spouse of Ernest W. Born 1875, died 7-5-1943. Age: 67y 6m
SPAULDING, Frank E. Born 1876, died 8-4-1964. Age: 89
SPAULDING, Irene Dora. Born 1915, died 7-3-1972
SPAULDING, Oscar Erwin. Born 1844, died 4-6-1918. Age: 74
SPAULDING, Ursula D. Born 1847, died 7-29-1919. Age: 74
SPEARS, Baby. Age: Infant Potters Field
SPEAS, Anton. Spouse of Ida M. Schauers. Born 9-6-1886, died 1-8-1968. Age: 81 Born in Switzerland. Nine children.
SPEAS, Ida M E. (Schauers). Spouse of Anton. Born 1897, died 8-14-1964. Age: 67 - Dau of Edward and Amelia (Wenebret) Schauers. Born in Germany. Nine children.
SPEAS, Jeffrey A. Born 1962, died 1962. Age: Infant - Son of Robert A. and Suzanne L. (Hull) Speas
SPEAS, Robert A. Spouse of Suzanne L. Hull. Born 8-31-1940, died 3-10-2020. Age: 79 - Son of Anton and Ida (Schauers) Speas. Born in Warren PA, lived and died in Ellington NY. Owner/operator of Bob's Corner Service Station for 55 years. Wed 8-15-1959, five children.
SPEAS, Rodney S. Born 1963, died 1963. Age: Infant - Son of Robert A. and Suzanne L. (Hull) Speas
SPEAS, Suzanne L. (Hull). Spouse of Robert A. Born 4-8-1941, died 8-7-2007. Age: 66 - Dau of Leonard Hull and Ada DiDomenico. Wed 8-15-1959, five children
SPEAS, Todd M. Born 1968, died 1-8-1968. Age: Infant - Son of Robert A. and Suzanne L. (Hull) Speas
SPEAS, William Ernest. Born 5-3-1917, died 8-30-1985. Age: 68 - Son of Anton and Ida M.E. (Schauers) Speas. Born in Ludlow PA
SPIRES, Eddy Andrew. Born 1-31-1894, died 4-26-1960 - Son of Anthony and Katherine Eddy Spires
SPRAGUE, Alton Burnell. Spouse of Dorothy, died 01-09-2011. Age: 91 - Son of Fred and Bernice Sprague - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps
SQUAILIA, Kathryn B., died 1952. Age: Infant - Dau of Pasqual A. and Kathryn B. Squailia
SQUAILIA, Kathryn B. Spouse of Pasqual A. Born 7-26-1918, died 1-29-2001. Age: 82 - Dau of George and Ellen Johnson Hansen.
SQUALIA, Pasqual A. Spouse of Kathryn B. Born 3-8-1912, died 7-8-1967. Age: 55 - WW II Vet - Legion Lot, 122 A
STAFFORD, Joseph D., died 12-11-1902 - Civil War Vet, Co A 112th Inf NYS Vols. Mustered out with company June 13, 1865.
STAGG, Evelyn (Freay). Born 12-22-1911, died 11-12-1999. Age: 87 - Dau of Charles and Jenny Anderson Freay
STANTON, George, died 4-7-1970. Age: 84y 7m
STANTON, George, died 8-5-1836. Age: 12
STANTON, Marion J. Spouse of William J.S. Born 1906
STANTON, Reola Catherine. Born 1915, died 1917
STANTON, Thomas William. Born 1926, died 4-18-1927 - Son of Kelly and Goldie Clark Stanton
STANTON, William J S. Spouse of Marion J. Born 1903
STEPPE, Ted Allen [Tiger], died 8-15-1964. Age: 7m
STEPPE, Theodore W. Born 8-29-1938, died 11-26-1988. Age: 50
STETSON, Carl S. Born 2-16-1890, died 2-25-1970. Age: 80 - WW I Vet - Legion Lot, 119 A
STONE, Bernice O. Born 12-04-1925, died 02-27-2011. Age: 85 - Dau of Ellis Davison Sr. and Wilma Stearns Davison Ornce
STORMS, Harold A. Spouse of Helen may
STORMS, Helen Jeanette, died 5-2-1924. Age: Stillborn - Dau of Harold F and Helen Storms May Clark
STORMS, Helen May (Clark). Spouse of Harold A. Born 1899, died 1-22-1928. Age: 26
STORNES, Helen B.G. Spouse of Rangwolld. Born 1915, died 3-3-1964. Age: 49
STORNES, Rangwolld. Spouse of Helen B.G. Born 1914, died 8-21-1987. Age: 73 - Born in Norway
STRATTON, Earl, died 12-11-1913. Age: 38
SWAN, Albin
SWAN, Alma
SWAN, Anna A. Born 4-2-1870, died 3-26-1951. Age: 79y11m 24d
SWAN, Carl J. Born 1848, died 4-6-1915
SWAN, Ernest, died 11-1-1940. Age: 66y 11m
SWAN, Harold, died 5-15-1922. Age: 23hours
SWAN, Harold Gust, died 4-6-1915. Age: 21 - Accident
SWAN, Hilda E. Born 1915, died 5-8-1926. Age: 10
SWANSON, Charles
SWANSON, Elmer Albert. Born 1882, died 1924. Age: 40
SWANSON, Johannes, died 6-28-1895. Age: 82
SWANSON, John B. Age: 50y 7d - No dates
SWANSON, Laura J (Gilbert). Born 1888, died 1912. Age: 23y 11m 14d
SWANSON, Laura/Lena, died 5-2-1916. Age: 78
SWANSON, Randall L. Spouse of Pauline Abers. Born 5-14-1948, died 6-20-2016. Age: 68 - Son of Fred and Lois (Fairbanks) Swanson. Born and died in Jamestown NY, lived in Kennedy NY. Head custodian at Washington Middle School. Wed 11-16-1968, two daughters. - Vietnam Vet, USMC 1966-1968
TARR, Ida V. Born 12-20-1863, died 9-15-1836 - Dau of Edwin and Lucerne Bates Ostrander
TARR, Washington. Born 1863. Age: 66 - Son of Isaac and Mary Weikel Tarr
TAYLOR, Charles H. Spouse of Flora V. Born 1847, died 6-11-1933. Age: 86 - Son of Eli and Lucinda Jenks Taylor - Civil War Vet
TAYLOR, Fannie W. Born 1889, died 1-16-1964. Age: 75
TAYLOR, Fayette, died 1881 - Civil War Vet, Co H 112th Inf NYS Vols.
TAYLOR, Flora V. Spouse of Charles H. Born 1850, died 5-9-1939. Age: 88y 11m - Dau of John and Mary Morton Jobes
TAYLOR, Lynn. Born 1873, died 1-31-1948
TAYLOR, Mary M. Spouse of Zachary K. Born 1852, died 10-11-1929. Age: 77
TAYLOR, Orlando J., died 5-3-1913 - Civil War Vet, Co C 9th Cav NYS Vols. Captured 10-18-1862 at Haymarket VA Returned to company and re-enlisted. Mustered out with company 7-17-1865.
TAYLOR, Zachary K. Spouse of Mary M. Born 1848, died 2-5-1930. Age: 81y 10m 2d
TERRILL, Gloria Jean (Taylor). Born 6-23-1947, died 10-4-2018. Age: 71 - Dau of Stillman and Mae (Ash) Taylor. Born in Pittsburgh PA, lived in Kennedy NY, died in Jamestown NY. Two daughters, father not named. Wed Lavern 7-4-2007, he survives.
TERRILL, Marylou Hays. Spouse of Lavern C. Born 2-15-1932, died 8-27-2006. Age: 74 - Dau of Robert and Mildred Long Hays. Wed 2-13-1954
THOMAS, Grace E. Spouse of Roy C. Born 1914, died 19??
THOMAS, Irene J. Born 1899
THOMAS, Roy C. Spouse of Grace E. Born 1907, died 7-23-1960
THOMPSON, Almina. Spouse of John C, died 6-20-1927. Age: 77
THOMPSON, David L, died 4-2-1953. Age: 77
THOMPSON, Grace (Mead), died 1-27-1949. Age: 68y 6m 27d - Born in Garland PA
THOMPSON, John C. Spouse of Almina. Born 1847, died 11-6-1917 - Civil War Vet, Co C 57th PA Vols.
THOMPSON, John C, died 6-19-1919 - Civil War Vet, Co C 9th Cav NYS Vols. Discharged July 17, 1865.
THOMPSON, Kenneth, died 10-25-1914. Age: 7y 7m 15d
TITUS, Gretchen M. Spouse of Henry J, died 3-15-1956. Age: 61y 8m 25d
TITUS, Henry J. Spouse of Gretchen M. Born 1881, died 4-23-1965. Age: 83
TOMPKINS, Caroline. Spouse of George L. Born 1849, died 8-9-926
TOMPKINS, George L. Spouse of Caroline. Born 1837, died 11-19-1921 - Son of Silas and Louise Jackson Tompkins
TONGER, John Edward. Born 8-28-1949, died 8-29-1951
TORSELL, Bonnie Jean, died 4-24-1942. Age: 4d
TRANMER, Julia L. Spouse of Raymond. Born 1901, died 2-16-1967. Age: 65
TRANMER, Raymond. Spouse of Julia L. Born 1901
TUBBS, Frank. Spouse of Irene Edna. Born 1879, died 9-5-1969. Age: 89
TUBBS, Irene Edna. Spouse of Franklin A. Born 1894, died 12-31-1957. Age: 63 - Died Meadville PA hospital
TUBBS, Kenneth Leroy. Born 6-13-1923, died 6-13-1923 - Son of Franklin A and Irene Risley Tubbs
TUBBS, Trillis K, died 7-19-1919. Age: 1 y
TUCKER, William H, died 11-6-1917 - Civil War Vet, Discharged June 29, 1865.
TYLER, Irving S. Spouse of Julie Johnson. Born 5-14-1891, died 6-15-1963. Age: 72 - Born in South Bend MI - WW II Vet
TYLER, Julia (Johnson). Spouse of Irving S. Born 1891, died 6-27-1985 - Kinzua Valley Health care center
TYMONKO, Doris, died 5-30-1979. Age: 51y 5d
TYMONKO. John. Spouse of Doris Hospodar. Born 02-28-1919, died 04-01-2010. Age: 91 - Son of Michael and Sadie Kotcha Tymonko-born in Haskill, NJ. Wed 6-23-1951
VALLENTINE, Donald Richard, died 9-7-1974. Age: 40 - Navy Veteran
VALLENTINE, Dora E. (Case). Born 1912
VALLENTINE, Emmons C. Born 1901, died 9-29-1969. Age: 28
VAN HISE, Richard J. Spouse of Elsie E. Mays. Born 08-26-1935, died 07-07-2009. Age: 73 - Son of James and Myrtle Van Hise, born in Tonawanda, NY. Wed 5-26-1984
VOLLENTINE, Anne (Nolan), died 12-25-1980. Age: 80
VOLLENTINE, Charles A. Spouse of Lola H May. Born 1867, died 5-2-1958. Age: 90 - Born in Malvern PA
VOLLENTINE, Gerald. Born 10-17-1894, died 2-10-1970. Age: 75 - WW I Vet - Legion Lot, 119 A
VOLLENTINE, Lola H (May). Spouse of Charles A, died 3-9-1958. Age: 82 - Born in Bowling Green VA
VOSBURG, Charles J. Born 8-10-1890, died 1916 - Fractured skull by RR Train Falconer NY
VOSBURG, Ruth E. Born 1-15-1899, died 4-26-1919
VOSBURG, WIlliam M. Born 3-1856, died 5-26-1923. Age: 67y 2m 17d
VOSBURG, Willie J.D., died 9-16-1919. Age: 37 - Typhoid Fever
VOSE, Sarah H. Born 6-23-1843, died 2-22-1915. Age: 71y 8m - Dau of Nathan and Susan Carpenter Ryder
WAITE, George B. Spouse of Ruby. Born 8-12-1889, died 12-3-1966. Age: 77 - Son of Walter and Ida Remington Waite
WAITE, Ruby. Spouse of George B, died 2-14-1949. Age: 52y 2m 2d
WAKEFIELD, Iva Belle. Spouse of Richard L. Born 2-16-1917, died 3-31-2004. Age: 87 - Dau of Carl and Reva (Ralph) Foulk, born in Masury OH. Wed 8-27-1937
WAKEFIELD, Richard L. Spouse of Iva Belle F. Born 3-10-1918, died 2-7-2007. Age: 88 - Son of Charles and Ethel Lampson Leroy. Wed 8-27-1937
WAKEFIELD, Scott Wayne. Born 11-10-1971, died 11-11-1971. Age: 1d - Lot owner: Richard Wakefield SR.
WALKER, Alice F. (Firth). Spouse of Herman C. Born 5-25-1927, died 10-30-2017. Age: 90 - Dau of Clyde and Gertrude Barnes Firth. Born in Busti NY, lived in Kennedy NY, died one week after her husband in Jamestown NY. A nurse at WCA Hospital for many years. Wed 6-1-1956 in Jamestown NY, three children
WALKER, George J. Spouse of Nellie May. Born 1861, died 2-9-1949. Age: 88
WALKER, Herman G. Spouse of Alice (Firth. Born 12-11-1928, died 10-23-2017. Age: 88 - Son of Ralph and Grace (Garfield) Walker. Born, lived, and died in Chautauqua Co NY. A logger and farmer. Wed 6-1-1956 in Jamestown NY, three children. - Cold War Vet, US Army. Germany during Korean War
WALKER, J Gardner. Spouse of Lurane A. Born 1863, died 5-31-1936. Age: 75
WALKER, Lurane A. Spouse of Gardner J, died 12-30-1951. Age: 87y 5m
WALKER, Nellie May (Huntington). Spouse of George J. Born 1866, died 12-24-1917. Age: 51
WATERMAN, Cyrus, died ?? - Civil War Vet, Co A 112th Inf NYS Vols. Mustered out with company June 13, 1865. (Not Confirmed)
WEEDEN, Austin E. Spouse of Gertrude M
WEEDEN, Gertrude M (Dailey). Spouse of Austin E. Born 5-4-1869, died 1-19-1897 - Dau of William and Maria Brewster Daily
WEEDEN, Lyman F. Spouse of Mary C, died 5-24-1916. Age: 78y 8m 5d - Son of Joseph and Margaret Waite Weeden
WEEDEN, Mary C (Benson). Spouse of Lyman F. Born 1841, died 8-9-1933. Age: 92
WESTPHAL, Arlene D, died 6-28-1929. Age: 71 - Cremated
WHITCOMB, Dennis, died 6-4-1928. Age: 77
WHITCOMB, Ilene Esther, died 8-19-1921. Age: 5m - No Marker
WHITCOMB, Mabel Belle, died 1-26-1924. Age: 24 - No Marker
WHITE, Joseph L, died 11-24-1910 - Civil War Vet, Co C 9th Cav NYS Vols. Discharged Aug. 9, 1863.
WHITMORE, Wilma (Newman)
WILBUR, Amos Ray. Born 1844, died 11-24-1929
WILBUR, Esther M. Born 1850, died 6-19-1936
WILBUR, Harry E. Born 1884, died 3-3-1952. Age: 85
WILCOX, Daniel, died 6-6-1888 - Civil War Vet, Co C 16th Wisconsin Inf. DischargedJuly 10, 1864.
WILCOX, Edwin, died 11-21-1976. Age: 71
WILLIAMS, Alverna B. Born 1916
WILLIAMS, Amy L. Spouse of Reuben R. Born 1872, died 2-16-1970. Age: 95
WILLIAMS, Bert A. Born 1862, died 2-7-1936. Age: 73 - Son of Norman and Rebecca Ross Williams
WILLIAMS, Bruce Edward. Born 1938, died 7-5-1957. Age: 19 - Fractured Skull
WILLIAMS, Delbert A. Spouse of Ida May. Born 1872, died 12-17-1946. Age: 74y 6m
WILLIAMS, E. C., died 1879 - Civil War Vet, Co C 9th Cav NYS Vols. Discharged June 1, 1865.
WILLIAMS, Ida May. Spouse of Delbert A. Born 1878, died 10-29-1947. Age: 69
WILLIAMS, Laura M (Waite). Born 1909, died 8-26-1934. Age: 25
WILLIAMS, Margaret P. Born 4-29-1919, died 12-30-1024. Age: 5 - Dau of Reuben and Amy Williams
WILLIAMS, Reuben R. Spouse of Amy L. Born 1867, died 6-3-1944
WILLIAMS, Vincent G. Born 2-8-1914, died 9-3-1959. Age: 45y 6m
WILLING, Eva Myrtle. Born 1902, died 8-11-1934. Age: 31
WILLIS, Alton [Oddy]. Spouse of Helen K. Chzanowski - Wed 11-8-1947 - Legion Lot, 125 A
WILLIS, Clarence Lee, died 3-24-1973. Age: 81
WILLIS, Helen K. (Chzanowski). Spouse of Alton. Born 1-22-1925, died 1-12-2009. Age: 83 - Dau of Frank and Anna (Gominiak) Chzanowski. Wed 11-8-1947 - Lot B 28
WILLIS, Helen M. Spouse of Howard. Born 1-30-1915, died 7-25-1982. Age: 67
WILLIS, Henry Warren. Born 1865, died 12-20-1935. Age: 66y 4m 12d - Son of Henry and Malinda Walker Willis
WILLIS, Howard. Spouse of Helen M
WILLIS, L. Josiah, died 6-7-1918. Age: 88 - Son of Henry and Malinda Walker Willis
WILLIS, Lawrence H, died 11-8-1975. Age: 86 - WW I Vet - Legion Lot, 124 A
WILLIS, Nancy (DeBell). Born 1865, died 12-20-1931. Age: 66 - Dau of Ezra and Lucinda Ohmans DeBell
WILLOVER, Abram J. Spouse of Hazel M. Born 1899, died 10-15-1964. Age: 64
WILLOVER, Hazel M. Spouse of Abram J, died 1-15-1953. Age: 52y 2m 2d
WILTSIE, Cora P. Spouse of James P Sr. Born 1902, died 12-20-1958. Age: 56y 8m - [Mother]
WILTSIE, James P. Jr. Spouse of Beatrice Kinne. Born 11-25-1921, died 2-16-2008. Age: 86 - Son of James P. and Cora Phillips Wiltsie. Wed 10-4-1941 - WW II Vet, US Army
WILTSIE, James P. Sr. Spouse of Cora P, died 12-19-1985. Age: 85 - WW I Vet
WILTSIE, Wendy Jean, died 1-25-1967. Age: 1 - Fractured skull
WRIGHT, Howard. Spouse of Lulu P
WRIGHT, Lulu P. Spouse of Howard. Born 1890, died 1944
YANNIE, Darlene (Crandall). Born 11-22-1936, died 1-11-1961. Age: 24y 1m
YOUNG, Boyd. Spouse of Charlotte
YOUNG, Charlotte. Spouse of Boyd

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