Submitted by PHGS Member: Dolores Davidson 2000
Photo by Wendy Phillips

ABBOTT, Emeline (Swart). Spouse of Ezra. Born 1806, died 1900
ABBOTT, Ezra. Spouse of Emeline S. Born 1-28-1801, died 1-23-1892
ABBOTT, Henry S., died 2-21-1843. Age: 17y 11m 21d - Son of Ezra and Emeline (Swart) Abbott
ADAMS, John Quincey, died 4-14-1846. Age: 3y 10m 20d - Son of Moses and Almira Adams
ALDRICH, Brent. Spouse of Kara. Born 9-26-1980, died 9-2-2018. Age: 31 - Son of Emmit Aldrich and Hollie Champlin. Born in Ashtabula OH, lived in Panama NY. Worked construction. Wed 12-4-2012 in Clymer NY, three children. (Spouse survives)
ALEXANDER, Kenneth L. Born 1926, died 1952
ALLEN, Charlotte. Spouse of John, died 2-10-1863
ALLEN, Clarissa L., died 12-19-1863 - Dau of John and Charlotte Allen
ALLEN, Emily M., died 7-20-1857. Age: 12y 4m 15d - Dau of John and Charlotte Allen
ALLEN, John, died 7-11-1862 - Stone broken
ALLEN, John W., died 7-12-1857. Age: 20 - Son of John and Charlotte Allen
ALLEN, Mary. Spouse of Marshall, died 2-01-1853
ALLEN, William S., died 7-19-1857. Age: 14y 7m - Son of John and Charlotte Allen
AMBROSE, Bernice I. (Goldfinch). Born 1910, died 1960
ANDERSON, August A. Spouse of Iona P. Born 1863, died 1933
ANDERSON, Carl Axel. Born 1893, died 1959
ANDERSON, Carl Elmer, died 9-09-1891. Age: 1y 0m 19d - Son of James and Mary Anderson
ANDERSON, Christine O. Born 1900, died 1920
ANDERSON, Gerda. Born 1876, died 1955
ANDERSON, Holland B. Spouse of Ruth G. Born 1910, died 2002
ANDERSON, Iona (Pier). Spouse of August A. Born 1866, died 1938
ANDERSON, James. Born 1859, died 1927
ANDERSON, Leonard [Oke]. Born 1919, died 1996 - Son of Antoine and Gerda Anderson
ANDERSON, Lorena, died 1960
ANDERSON, Mary. Spouse of James. Born 1864, died 1909
ANDERSON, Ruth (Glarner). Spouse of Holland B. Born 1915, died 2001
ANDREW, Emma. Born 1852, died 1890
ANTHONY, Elizabeth. Spouse of John, died 3-28-1855. Age: 81
APPLEBEE, Bethana (Eddy). Spouse of David, died 7-14-1892. Age: 75y 9m 6d
APPLEBEE, David. Spouse of Bethana E, died 9-09-1902. Age: 88y 8m 9d
APPLEBEE, David Bethan, died 4-16-1833. Age: 9y 1m 3d - Son of David and Bethana (Eddy) Applebee
APPLEBEE, Sophronia - Dau of David and Bethana (Eddy) Applebee
APPLEBY, Clayton E. Spouse of Margaret C. Born 1871, died 1954
APPLEBY, Margaret C. Spouse of Clayton E. Born 1872, died 1956
APPLEBY, Mary E. Born 8-28-1898, died 10-15-1902
ARNOLD, Calvin. Spouse of Mary A., died 12-03-1851. Age: 28y 3m 13d
ARNOLD, Leora M. (Jennie?). Spouse of Lew N. Born 4-24-1930, died 1-13-2006. Age: 75 - Dau of Elmer and Beatrice Findley Jennie
ARNOLD, Lew N. Spouse of Leora M. Born 1926, died 11-12-2000
ARNOLD, Lina, died 7-27-1872. Age: 21 - Dau of Calvin and Mary Arnold
ARNOLD, Mary A. Spouse of Calvin, died 3-28-1901. Age: 73y 3m 19d
ARNOT, Samuel - War of 1812 Vet
AUSTIN, Alice K. Spouse of Carey C. Born 1883, died 1960
AUSTIN, Carey C. Spouse of Alice K. Born 1872, died 1934
AUSTIN, Ellis J. Born 1922
AUSTIN, Eveline. Born 1845, died 1912
AUSTIN, Lyle E. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1877, died 1938
AUSTIN, Mary A. Spouse of Lyle E. Born 1879
BABBITT, Amos. Spouse of Sarah M., died 9-23-1855. Age: 65y 4m 27d
BABBITT, Elizabeth E. Spouse of Edwin L. Born 2-24-1824, died 7-03-1849
BABBITT, Laura M. Born 1816, died 1901
BABBITT, Sarah M. Spouse of Amos, died 1-11-1846. Age: 51y 8m 15d
BAILEY, Carrie (Burch). Born 1858, died 1942
BAILEY, Marian (Stebbins). Spouse of William. Born 1921, died 1947
BAKER, Clayton. Spouse of Gladys. Born 1896, died 1987
BAKER, Gladys. Spouse of Clayton. Born 1899, died 1989
BAKER, Hannah M. Spouse of A. H., died 5-08-1849
BALLING, Leon F. Spouse of Lucille P. Born 1902, died 1988
BALLING, Lucille (Pettit). Spouse of Leon F. Born 1906, died 1992
BALLING, Nancy Arlene. Born 5-13-1940, died 12-5-2018. Age: 78 - Dau of Leon and Lucille (Petit) Balling. Born and lived in Jamestown NY. A real estate broker for many years.
BANTLE, Jessie Mae (Hobart). Spouse of Lester A. Born 10-02-1905
BANTLE, Lester A. Spouse of Jessie Mae Hobart/ Vindetta Moore. Born 1904, died 1-01-1982
BANTLE, Vindetta (Moore). Spouse of Lester A. Born 1-03-1904
BARBER, Benjamin. Spouse of Margaret. Born 7-26-1812, died 2-27-1889
BARBER, Margaret. Spouse of Benjamin. Born 9-13-1812, died 12-16-1886
BARBOUR, Albert H. Born 5-07-1842, died 2-10-1917
BARBOUR, Cynthia, died 9-30-1864
BARBOUR, Mercy Ann. Spouse of William H. H., died 6-05-1871. Age: 36y 10m 17d
BARBOUR, William H. H. Spouse of Mercy Ann, died 3-26-1888. Age: 74y 0m 14d
BARLING, Sarah. Spouse of Jason, died 12-08-1830 - Dau of Jason Barling
BARNS, Maria. Spouse of William. Born 4-22-1796, died 2-26-1875
BARR, Adam A. Spouse of Elizabeth C., died 4-20-1945
BARR, Elizabeth C. Spouse of Adam A., died 1969
BARR, Ireta (Graves). Spouse of Lorne F. Born 1915, died 1988
BARR, Lorne F. Spouse of Ireta G. Born 1918, died 1995 - Son of Adam and Elizabeth Barr
BARRY, Garth E. Spouse of Marion R. Born 1919, died 10-3-1989 - Wed 7-12-1946
BARRY, James. Spouse of Olive. Born 1877, died 1956
BARRY, John. Spouse of Phebe, died 1-01-1860. Age: 68y 1m 17d
BARRY, John J., died 7-19-1851. Age: 27y 6m 20d
BARRY, Leo W. Born 1906, died 1982
BARRY, Marion R. Spouse of Garth E. Born 5-11-1920, died 8-22-2004. Age: 84 - Dau of Arlington and Edith (Darling) Munson
BARRY, Olive. Spouse of James. Born 1882, died 1961
BARRY, Phebe. Spouse of John, died 3-04-1870
BARRY, Phebe Augusta, died 3-31-1867 - Dau of John and Phebe Barry
BATES, John D., died 8-16-1849. Age: 43
BEALS, Julia
BECKER, Alice Faye, died 5-29-1951
BENEDICT, Frankie. Born 1868, died 1878
BENEDICT, Hiram B. Spouse of Mary. Born 3-25-1830, died 7-10-1886
BENEDICT, Mary. Spouse of Hiram B. Born 5-06-1835
BENNETT, Amelia A. Spouse of Wesley C. Born 1837, died 1896
BENNETT, James. Spouse of Lenlissa R. Born 1865, died 1942
BENNETT, Lena. Born 1885, died 1950
BENNETT, Lenlissa (Randolph). Spouse of James. Born 1865, died 1914
BENNETT, Wesley C. Spouse of Amelia A. Born 1828, died 1898
BERRY, Benjamin H. Spouse of Winifred N. Born 1888, died 1961
BERRY, Dallas. Born 1844, died 1905 - Civil War Vet, Co G 72nd Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Wounded in Action 5-3-1863 at Chancellorsville VA. Transferred to Co I 120th Inf 7-24-1864, then to Co G 73rd Inf. Mustered out with company 6-29-1865 near Washington DC.
BERRY, Elmer L. Born 1866, died 1921 - Son of Dallas Berry
BERRY, John J., died 7-19-1851. Age: 27y 6m 26d
BERRY, Paul F. Born 1927, died 1960
BERRY, Robert Bruce. Spouse of Ann Johnson, died 12-6-2007. Age: 71
BERRY, Winifred N. Spouse of Benjamin H. Born 1901, died 1996
BLACKMER, Ambrose. Spouse of Rhoda/ Martha. Born 1822, died 1907
BLACKMER, Holland. Spouse of Mary. Born 1785, died 1862
BLACKMER, John H. Spouse of Naomi. Born 1760, died 1849. Age: 91y 0m 16d
BLACKMER, Martha. Spouse of Ambrose. Born 1838, died 1923
BLACKMER, Mary. Spouse of Holland. Born 1788, died 1885
BLACKMER, Naomi. Spouse of John H. Born 1759, died 1849
BLACKMER, Rhoda. Spouse of Ambrose. Born 1821, died 1861
BLANCHARD, Charles. Spouse of Helen E. Born 1841, died 1911 - Son of Caleb Blanchard
BLANCHARD, Helen E. (Flanders). Spouse of Charles. Born 1853, died 1925
BLISS, Charles R. Born abt 1839, died 9-17-1902. Age: 63 - Civil War Vet, Co F 112th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Three-year enlistment; mustered out with company 6-13-1865 at Raleigh NC
BLISS, Henry O., died 6-25-1883. Age: 72y 1m 9d
BLISS, Henry W., died 11-03-1945
BLISS, Sarah B., died 1-30-1880. Age: 13y 10m 13d - Dau of William and E. L. Bliss
BLISS, William H. H. Born 1840, died 1918 - GAR Star - Civil War Vet, Co F 112th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Three-year enlistment; dicharged for disability 1-2-1863 at Folly Island SC
BOHALL, James F. Born 8-19-1843 - Civil War Vet, Co F 112th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Three-year enlistment; mustered out with company 6-13-1865 at Raleigh NC
BOHALL, John A. Born abt 1840, died 1-17-1901. Age: 55 - Civil War Vet, Co E 15th Engr NYS Vols, Pvt. One-year enlistment, mustered out with company 6-13-1865 at Ft Barry VA as John A. Brokull.
BOND, Ethel (Hawkins). Spouse of Frank J. Born 1900, died 1988
BOND, Frank J. Spouse of Ethel H. Born 1898, died 1927
BORGERDING, Cornelius J. Spouse of Donna C. Born 1886, died 1969
BORGERDING, Donna (Casselman). Spouse of Cornelius J. Born 1882, died 1964
BOSE, Bessie M., died 9-15-1905. Age: 8m 11d
BOWEN, Betsy Ann. Spouse of Charles A., died 10-23-1863. Age: 30y 0m 7d
BOWEN, Charles A. Spouse of Betsey Ann/Luvilla W. Born 10-05-1818
BOWEN, Charles N.
BOWEN, Delos, died 10-02-1867 - Son of Charles A. and Luvilla (Weaver) Bowen
BOWEN, George T. Born 1815, died 1890
BOWEN, Luvilla (Weaver). Spouse of Charles A., died 7-19-1835
BOWEN, Willie A., died 5-02-1874 - Son of Charles A. and Luvilla (Weaver) Bowen
BOWMAN, Anna W. Spouse of Edward M. Born 1937
BOWMAN, Edward M. Spouse of Anna W. Born 1934
BOWMAN, Edward R. Born 1962, died 1967
BRALEY, Earl M. Spouse of Nettie B. Born 1871, died 1930
BRALEY, Nettie B. Spouse of Earl M. Born 1882, died 1963
BRAUTIGAM, Betty L. Spouse of Kenneth D. Born 1929
BRAUTIGAM, Kenneth D. Spouse of Betty L. Born 1921, died 1984 - Star marker - WW II Vet
BRAYTON, Julia P., died 6-12-1843. Age: 7m 19d - Dau of Stephen and Harriet Brayton
BRIDGES, Marian. Spouse of Paul H. Born 1911, died 1991
BRIDGES, Paul H. Spouse of Marian. Born 1911, died 1985
BROOKS, Andrew L. Spouse of Etta P. Born 1863, died 1933
BROOKS, Etta P. Spouse of Andrew L. Born 1862, died 1944
BROOKS, Florence. Born 1891, died 1928 - Dau of Andrew L. and Etta P. Brooks
BROOKS, Glenn F. Born 1886, died 1931
BROOKS, Jehiel. Spouse of Rosella P. Born 1816, died 1895
BROOKS, John P. Born 1896, died 1933 - WW I Vet, US Army, Btry E, 36th CAC
BROOKS, Luther. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1856, died 1929
BROOKS, Mary E. Spouse of Luther. Born 1857, died 1943
BROOKS, Rosella (Powers). Spouse of Jehiel. Born 1821, died 1914
BROWN, A. Ivan. Born 1924
BROWN, A. Marion. Spouse of Dorothy M. Born 1894, died 1938
BROWN, Alice H. Born 1855, died 1898
BROWN, Byron J. Born 1847, died 1858
BROWN, Charles W. Spouse of Priscilla P. Born 1822, died 1888
BROWN, Dorothy L. (Button). Spouse of Robert W. Born 1929, died 1986
BROWN, Dorothy M. (Button). Spouse of A. Marion. Born 1903, died 1986
BROWN, John J. Spouse of Matilda L. Born 1818, died 1893
BROWN, Levi G. Spouse of Sybil M. Born 1831, died 1915 - GAR Star - Civil War Vet, Co G 15th Engrs NYS Vols, Artificer. One-year enlistment; mustered out with company 6-13-1865 at Fort Barry VA.
BROWN, Lovina. Spouse of Emery, died 10-20-1850. Age: 43y 0m 12d
BROWN, Matilda L. Spouse of John J. Born 1817, died 1906
BROWN, Polly C. (Hubbard). Spouse of William, died 11-21-1875
BROWN, Priscilla (Palmer). Spouse of Charles W. Born 1819, died 1891
BROWN, Robert W. "Brownie". Spouse of Dorothy C. Born 03-04-1925, died 07-18-2010. Age: 85 - son of Marion and Dorothy Button Brown-born in New York City
BROWN, Sybil M. Spouse of Levi G. Born 1831, died 1905
BROWN, William, died 2-14-1864
BROWN, Willie. Born 1859, died 1861 - Son of Levi G. and Sybil M. Brown
BROWN…?, Asenath;
BROWNE, Margaret. Spouse of G. H. Born 8-02-1786, died 12-07-1866
BUGBEE, Abijah. Spouse of Betsey, died 10-15-1854. Age: 60
BUGBEE, Betsey. Spouse of Abijah, died 10-26-1863. Age: 64y 3m 17d
BUGBEE, Hiram. Born 1833, died 1897 - Son of Abijah Bugbee
BUGBEE, Velina, died 1832. Age: 16 - Dau of Hiram Bugbee
BULL, Berniece B. Spouse of Glenn W. Born 7-1897, died 9-01-1969
BULL, Glenn W. Spouse of Berniece B. Born 2-1888, died 8-01-1972
BURCH, Charles E., died 12-17-1887. Age: 41 - GAR Star - Civil War Vet
BURCH, Edwina M. Spouse of Finley M. Born 1880, died 1964
BURCH, Finley M. Spouse of Edwina M. Born 1887, died 1970
BURGESON, Inez C. Spouse of O. Gilbert. Born 1897, died 1985
BURGESON, O. Gilbert. Spouse of Inez C. Born 1897, died 1997
BURNHAM, Fannie E. Spouse of Thomas G. Born 1845, died 1920
BURNHAM, Mabel (Knapp). Born 1874, died 1903
BURNHAM, Thomas G. Spouse of Fannie E. Born 1836, died 1902
BURT, Benjamin - War of 1812 Vet
BURT, Charles. Spouse of Charlotte M. Born 1840, died 1918
BURT, Charlotte (Measor). Spouse of Charles. Born 1858
BURT, Edith (Johnson). Spouse of Frank A. Born 1885, died 1981
BURT, Edna E. Born 1870, died 1873
BURT, Eunice. Born 1843, died 1923
BURT, Frank. Born 1868, died 1873
BURT, Frank A. Spouse of Edith J. Born 1885, died 1973
BUTTON, A. E. Spouse of Mary Randolph, died 1853. Age: 32
BUTTON, Abby L., died 3-21-1866. Age: 13 - Dau of S. P. and Mary H. Button
BUTTON, Adaline (Ransom). Spouse of Joseph F. Born 1818, died 1894
BUTTON, Almira. Born 2-18-1863, died 9-30-1880 - Dau of Lucius and Pauline (Mallory) Button
BUTTON, Almira (Lamb). Spouse of Lucius. Born 11-26-1813, died 7-24-1860 - Dau of Lamb, First wife of Lucius
BUTTON, Alvin. Spouse of Lodema Doud. Born 1803, died 1886
BUTTON, Alvin Jr. Born 1836, died 1839. Age: 3y 6m 20d - Son of Alvin Sr. and Lodema (Doud) Button
BUTTON, Benjamin - Son of Joseph and Polly Button
BUTTON, Benjamin, died 10-15-1939
BUTTON, Benjamin O., died 10-19-1897
BUTTON, Clair. Spouse of Ruth M. Born 1887, died 1955
BUTTON, Clayton. Born 1910, died 1910
BUTTON, Clifford M. Born 1857, died 1896 - Son of Francis Button
BUTTON, David Ward, died 10-16-1852
BUTTON, Earl L. Born 1881, died 1920 - Spanish-American War Vet, Co K Reg 202 NY Vol
BUTTON, Edith (Stearns). Spouse of Ralph J. Born 1905, died 1996
BUTTON, Elijah. Spouse of Rhoda W, died 2-03-1873. Age: 84y 1m 27d
BUTTON, Ellen E. Spouse of James N. Born 1916, died 2003
BUTTON, Ernest J. Spouse of Mary E. ROBSON. Born 1872, died 1950 - Son of Francis and Samantha Button
BUTTON, Evelyn (Ackerly). Spouse of Leon E. Born 1913
BUTTON, Evelyn June (Ploss). Spouse of Ernest Eugene. Born 06-27-1925, died 03-01-2011. Age: 85 - Dau of Delbert and Melissa (Pero) Ploss. Wed11-4-1944
BUTTON, Frances M. Spouse of Newton. Born 1851, died 1936
BUTTON, Francis. Spouse of Mary R. Babbitt/ Samamnth. Born 12-24-1829, died 11-02-1883. Age: 54 - Son of Alvin Sr. and Lodema (Doud) Button. - Civil War Vet, Co E 112th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Three-year enlistment. Mustered our with company 6-13-1865 at Raleigh NC.
BUTTON, Franklin. Spouse of Matilda Cook?. Born 1831, died 1905 - Son of Alvin Sr. and Lodema (Doud) Button
BUTTON, Fred H. Spouse of Mabel E. Born 1867, died 1901 - Son of Francis and Samantha Button
BUTTON, Gertrude, died 9-29-1996
BUTTON, Gladys A. Spouse of Rue D. Sr. Born 1904, died 1993
BUTTON, Guy S. Born 1885, died 1961
BUTTON, H. C. Born 1864, died 1896
BUTTON, Harriet
BUTTON, Hattie E. (Rice). Spouse of John R. Born 1876, died 1946
BUTTON, Hattie L. (Steves). Spouse of Leon E. Born 1859, died 1920
BUTTON, Hazel Mae. Born 1912, died 1913
BUTTON, Horace H. Spouse of Norma ADAMS. Born 1-07-1887
BUTTON, Ida A. Born 1883, died 1895 - Dau of Leon E. and Hattie L.(Steves) Button
BUTTON, Ida M. Born 1855, died 1876 - Dau of Franklin and Matilda Button
BUTTON, Ira. Spouse of Laura K, died 10-26-1866. Age: 54y 7m ?
BUTTON, James N. Spouse of Ellen E. Born 1912, died 1970
BUTTON, Jennie (Main). Born 1856, died 1943
BUTTON, John. Spouse of Susan WARD. Born 1813, died 1899
BUTTON, John R. Spouse of Hattie E. Rice. Born 1877, died 1947 - Son of Newton Button
BUTTON, Johnnie, died 8-11-1853 - Son of Ira and Laura (Knapp) Button
BUTTON, Joseph F. Spouse of Adaline R. Born 1817, died 1889
BUTTON, Joseph H., died 1-15-1865. Age: 22y 8m ? - Son of Lucius and Almira (Lamb) Button - Civil War KIA, Co F 112th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Three-year enlistment; Killed in action 1-15-1865 at Fort Fisher NC
BUTTON, Joseph Jr., died 10-10-1859
BUTTON, Laura (Knapp). Spouse of Ira, died 8-14-1895. Age: 79y 5m 5d
BUTTON, Laura I. Born 1925
BUTTON, Leon E. Spouse of Evelyn ACKERLY. Born 1911, died 2003
BUTTON, Leon Earl. Spouse of Hattie L. Steves?. Born 1860, died 1936 - Son of Franklin and Matilda (Cook) Button
BUTTON, Lodema (Doud). Spouse of Alvin. Born 1802, died 1890
BUTTON, Lucius. Spouse of Almira Lamb/ Pauline Mallory. Born 8-16-1813, died 2-02-1899
BUTTON, Lucy, died 1-12-1853
BUTTON, Mabel A. Born 5-07-1868, died 9-25-1880 - Dau of Lucius and Pauline (Mallory) Button
BUTTON, Mabel E. (Smith). Spouse of Fred H. Born 1869
BUTTON, Margaret T. Spouse of Paul J. Born 1904, died 1969 - [Together forever]
BUTTON, Marguerite (Wilson). Spouse of Raymond O. Born 1898, died 1993
BUTTON, Marilyn J. Born 1928
BUTTON, Mary. Born 1856, died 2-09-1859 - Dau of Joseph F. and Adaline (Ransom) Button
BUTTON, Mary (Gifford). Spouse of Joseph, died 1-18-1867. Age: 84y 2m 2d
BUTTON, Mary (Randolph). Spouse of A. E., died 1883
BUTTON, Mary (Steward). Spouse of Earl, died 6-22-1905
BUTTON, Mary B. Born 1883, died 1968
BUTTON, Mary E. (Robson). Spouse of Ernest J. Born 1877, died 1969
BUTTON, Mary L. Born 1897, died 1986
BUTTON, Mary R. (Babbitt). Spouse of Francis. Born 1828, died 1863
BUTTON, Mary S., died 6-01-1968
BUTTON, Matilda (Cook). Spouse of Franklin?. Born 1835, died 1906
BUTTON, Maude Ella (Brown). Born 12-30-1907, died 3-09-1992
BUTTON, Newton. Spouse of Frances M. Born 1850, died 1911 - Son of Simeon and Mary Button
BUTTON, Norma (Adams). Spouse of Horace H. Born 1890, died 1986
BUTTON, Paul J. Spouse of Margaret T. Born 1910, died 1990 - Together forever]
BUTTON, Pauline (Mallory). Spouse of Lucius. Born 2-24-1824, died 7-26-1914
BUTTON, Phebe (Page). Spouse of Rufus. Born 2-08-1804, died 1-03-1864. Age: 82y 10m 25d
BUTTON, Ralph J. Spouse of Edith STEARNS. Born 1915, died 1977 - WW II Vet
BUTTON, Raymond O. Born 1897, died 1977
BUTTON, Rhoda (Ward). Spouse of Elijah, died 2-01-1874. Age: 81y 0m 5d
BUTTON, Rue D. Sr. Spouse of Gladys A. Born 1905, died 1983
BUTTON, Rufus. Born 11-06-1775, died 8-15-1855. Age: 75y 2m 23d
BUTTON, Ruth M. Spouse of Clair. Born 1890, died 1980
BUTTON, S.P., died 1858. Age: 32
BUTTON, S. Alvin. Born 1854, died 1933
BUTTON, Samantha. Spouse of Francis. Born 1841, died 1926
BUTTON, Susan (Ward). Spouse of John. Born 1817, died 1908
CAMMARANO, Anthony David. Born 1946, died 1998
CAMPBELL, Dawn. Born 1917, died 1922
CAMPBELL, Lena F. Born 1896, died 1920
CARD, John W. Born 1833, died 1904
CARD, Mary V. Born 1837, died 1908
CARD, Phebe. Spouse of Timothy, died 3-11-1879. Age: 85y 8m 29d
CARD, Selina A. Born 9-13-1849, died 8-18-1853
CARD, Thomas. Spouse of Rebecca. Born 7-20-1762, died 12-16-1850 Son of Jonathon and Sarah Card, born in East Grenwich RI, died in Panama NY. At least seven children. - Revolutionary War Vet, VT Continental Line, Pvt. Capts. Joseph Briggs and Clark Parker. Col. Herrick. (DAR # A019088)
CARD, Timothy. Spouse of Phebe, died 12-27-1863. Age: 74y 4m 18d
CARLSON, Augusta (Anderson). Born 1891, died 1973 - Dau of Anderson
CARLSON, Frances O. (Opalecky). Spouse of George C. Born 2-16-1945, died 6-18-2019. Age: 74 - Dau of Frank J. and Iona R. (Mandaville) Opalecky. Born in Jamestown NY, lived and died in Panama NY. Wed 6-7-1992, no children named. (Spouse survives)
CARLSON, Gertrude. Born 1912, died 1996 - [Together forever]
CARLSON, Myrl E. Born 1911, died 1969 - [Together forever]
CARROLL, Polly. Spouse of Noah, died 5-31-1842. Age: 30
CARVER, Frank D. Spouse of Mary A. Born 4-24-1861, died 4-01-1945
CARVER, Harry F. Born 1894, died 1966
CARVER, Mary A. Spouse of Frank D. Born 9-04-1864, died 10-01-1955
CASLER, Dollie. Spouse of Justus. Born 1866, died 1950
CASLER, Evander. Spouse of Gertrude H. Born 5-18-1899, died 5-07-1988 - WW I Vet, US Army, PFC
CASLER, Gertrude H. Spouse of Evander, died 6-17-2008. Age: 91
CASLER, Joan Carol. Born 1940, died 1945 - Dau of Evander and Gertrude Casler
CASLER, Justus. Spouse of Dollie. Born 1857, died 1943
CASLER, Maude (Wiltsie). Born 1881, died 1958
CASSELMAN, Emily (Tripp). Spouse of Josiah R. Born 10-23-1847
CASSELMAN, Josiah R. Spouse of Emily T. Born 8-22-1843, died 6-24-1926 - Civil War Vet, Co F 112th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Three-year enlistment; mustered out with company 6-13-1865 at Raleigh NC
CHAMBERLAIN, Allen E. Spouse of Gladys I. Born 1907, died 1978
CHAMBERLAIN, Gladys I. (Button). Spouse of Allen E. Born 1908
CHAMBERLAIN, Nathan. Born 1798, died 12-21-1850
CHAMBERLAIN, Solomon, died 9-10-1865. Age: 26y 10m ?
CHAMBERLAIN, Sylvia. Born 12-24-1907, died 12-28-1987
CHANDLER, Charles L. Born 1893, died 1955
CHRISTENSEN, Alice Grace (Spinks). Spouse of Irving. Born 8-25-1920, died 3-3-2009. Age: 88 - Dau of Newton and Mildred (Vital) Spinks Sr.
CLARK, Clara (Kester. Born 1890, died 1966
CLARK, Elizabeth (Jones). Spouse of Asahel. Born 8-07-1801, died 7-05-1881
CLARK, Harriet, died 9-05-1838
CLARK, Prince. Spouse of Waty, died 8-20-1881. Age: 60 - Son of Roswell and Susanna Cook Clark
CLARK, Rosabelle L. Born 1-13-1841, died 5-21-1860 - Dau of Asahel and Elizabeth (Jones) Clark
CLARK, Susanna (Cook). Spouse of Roswell, died 5-29-1863. Age: 84
CLARK, Waty. Spouse of Prince, died 1-15-1883. Age: 73
CLINTON, Howard. Born 1849, died 1897
COE, Clair G. Born 2-11-1887, died 7-17-1887 - Child of John H. and Rosetta Coe
COE, Floy E. Born 2-16-1882, died 12-08-1889 - Child of John H. and Rosetta Coe
COE, John H. Born 4-02-1847, died 6-21-1934
COE, Leon R. Born 5-23-1884 - Son of John H. and Rosetta Coe
COE, Rosetta. Spouse of John H. Born 1-29-1859, died 6-02-1939
COLE, James C. Jr. Spouse of Jean G. Born 3-21-1925, died 8-19-1992 - WW II Vet, US Army, Cpl
COLE, Jean (Gardner). Spouse of James C. Jr. Born 10-5-1927, died 1982. Age: 54 - Dau of Wallace and Thyra Genevieve (Haines) Gardner
COLWELL, Iva Ona. Born 1856, died 8-03-1884. Age: 25y 8m 20d
COLWELL, Jenifer J. Born 1837, died 1908
COLWELL, Lydia I. Born 1851
CONE, Betsy E. Born 1827, died 1898
CONE, Celista Melissa, died 10-26-1850. Age: 14y 10m 23d - Dau of David and Sarah (Whitcomb) Cone
CONE, David. Spouse of Sarah W. Born 1792, died 1898
CONE, Delancey D. Spouse of Julia L. P. Born 1842, died 1920 - GAR star - Civil War Vet, Co G 15th Engrs NYS Vols, Pvt. One-year enlistment; mustered out with company 6-13-1865 at Fort Barry VA.
CONE, Julia L. (Palmer). Spouse of Delancey D. Born 1850, died 1939
CONE, Luther, died 4-19-1849 - Son of David and Sarah (Whitcomb) Cone
CONE, Sarah (Whitcomb). Spouse of David. Born 1795, died 1878
CONKLIN, Zoe Grace. Born 06-25-2009, died 06-25-2009. Age: Infant - Dau of Todd and Andrea (Ferraro) Conklin
COOK, Abbie E. (Dean), died 9-11-1916. Age: 79y 1m 2d
COOK, Addie J. Spouse of Edwin D. Born 1869, died 1938
COOK, Adelia (Hawkins). Spouse of DeForest. Born 1846, died 1922
COOK, Amelia (Boone). Spouse of Wareham K. II. Born 9-11-1811, died 7-15-1892
COOK, Amos. Spouse of Esther, died 12-16-1887
COOK, Amy (Bentley). Spouse of William G. Born 3-28-1812, died 1-02-1892
COOK, Betsey (Anthony). Spouse of E. G., died 4-30-1865. Age: 51y 8m 28d - Dau of Anthony
COOK, Betsey L. (Spinney). Spouse of Henry B. Born 12-26-1837, died 7-04-1886
COOK, Cora M. Spouse of Myron S. Born 1870, died 1957
COOK, DeForest. Spouse of Adelia H. Born 1845, died 1907
COOK, Ebenezer, died 9-23-1878. Age: 69y 7m 15d
COOK, Edward. Spouse of Mary E. H. Born 1839, died 1912 - Son of Ebenezer and Betsey Cook
COOK, Edwin D. Spouse of Addie J. Born 1869, died 1951
COOK, Edwin P. Born 12-30-1894, died 2-17-1895
COOK, Elisha. Spouse of Hannah H. Born 3-02-1803, died 8-25-1884. Age: 81y 5m 23d
COOK, Ellen E. Spouse of Ebenezer G., died 9-18-1867. Age: 23y 0m 13d
COOK, Elva. Born 1884, died 1923
COOK, Esther. Spouse of Amos, died 4-29-1891
COOK, Eusebia Minerva (Oliver). Spouse of Thaddeus D. Born 1851, died 1900
COOK, Floyd E. Born 1885, died 1938 - Son of Thaddeus D. and Eusebia Minerva Oliver Cook
COOK, Frances (Eggleston). Spouse of Orlando. Born 1842, died 1914
COOK, Frederick P. Born 1-30-1898, died 7-14-1961
COOK, Hannah (Hawkins). Spouse of Elisha, died 6-21-1872. Age: 65y 2m 16d
COOK, Harriet, died 5-25-1897. Age: 67y 2m 5d
COOK, Henry B. Spouse of Betsey L. SPINNEY. Born 4-22-1837, died 11-17-1918
COOK, John. Spouse of Rhoda H. Born 1875, died 1905
COOK, Lizzie (Webb). Spouse of L. C. Born 1841, died 1907
COOK, Lyman C. Spouse of Lizzie Webb. Born 1838, died 1903
COOK, Mabel. Born 1878, died 1902 - Dau of Edward and Mary E. (Harkness) Cook
COOK, Margaret (Sweet). Born 11-07-1843, died 7-30-1913
COOK, Mary E. (Harkness). Spouse of Edward. Born 1846, died 1925
COOK, Maud F. Spouse of William G. Born 1902, died 1905
COOK, Maude Louise. Born 2-20-1874, died 5-04-1876 - Dau of William and Mary Cook
COOK, Merle J. Born 1905, died 1917 - Son of John and Rhoda (Hawkins) Cook
COOK, Myron S. Spouse of Cora M. Born 1864, died 1937 - Son of Orlando and Frances (Eggleston) Cook
COOK, Orie L. Born 1872, died 1894
COOK, Orlando. Spouse of Frances E. Born 1838, died 1906
COOK, Phebe. Spouse of Duane. Born 10-18-1871
COOK, Philander. Born 1-22-1835, died 10-30-1875 - GAR Star - Civil War Vet, Co G 72nd Inf NYS Vols, Cpl. Captured in Action 5-3-1863 at Chancellorsville VA. Returned and re-enlisted as a veteran. Transferred to Co I 120th Inf 7-24-1864 as 2/Lt. Mustered out with company 6-3-1865 near Washington DC.
COOK, Rhoda (Hawkins). Spouse of John. Born 1874, died 1957
COOK, Richard E. Born 10-08-1930 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
COOK, Ross - Son of Wareham and Amelia Boone Clark
COOK, Sally, died 3-26-1891. Age: 57y 0m 20d - Dau of Amos and Esther Clark
COOK, Thaddeus D. Spouse of Eusebia Minerva OLIVER. Born 1848, died 1916
COOK, Walter S., died 10-30-1862. Age: 16y 1m 21d - Son of William and Amy Cook
COOK, Wareham. Spouse of Amelia B. Born 7-17-1810, died 10-10-1879 - Wareham K. Cook II
COOK, William G. II. Born 6-27-1842, died 6-08-1920
COOK, William Gay. Born 1-14-1808, died 4-12-1894
COOMBES, Lucy D. Born 1921, died 1988
COOPER, Scott Allan. Born 12-05-1968, died 10-15-1979
COOVER, Benjamin E. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1844, died 1917
COOVER, Mary A. Spouse of Benjamin E. Born 1850, died 1929
CORNWELL, Peleg, died 10-28-1848. Age: 53y 1m 10d
COUCH, Ella M. Spouse of Frank W. Born 1853, died 1933
COUCH, Frank W. Spouse of Ella?. Born 1824, died 1902
COUCH, Sarah S. Born 1887, died 19--
COULTER, Charlotte L. Spouse of George. Born 1859, died 1948
COULTER, Claude C. Spouse of Ruth?. Born 1897, died 1968
COULTER, George. Spouse of Charlotte. Born 1846, died 1920 - GAR Star - Civil War Vet, Co D NY Cav
COULTER, Ruth M. Spouse of Claude. Born 1893, died 1969
COVEY, Joshua. Spouse of Keren?. Born 8-26-1785, died 12-22-1847. Age: 82y 4m 3d
COVEY, Keren. Spouse of Joshua. Born 2-27-1865, died 6-18-1944. Age: 79y 4m 9d
CRABTREE, Lillian (Carver). Born 1892, died 1932
CRAMER, Avis I. Born 1892, died 1981 - Dau of Frank S. and Carrie Cramer
CRAMER, Beryl A. Spouse of John H. Sr. Born 1902, died 1979
CRAMER, Carrie E. Spouse of Frank S. Born 1867, died 1947 - [Mother]
CRAMER, Clarissa, died 10-26-1853
CRAMER, Cynthia. Spouse of T. Smith. Born 1830, died 1908
CRAMER, Elias. Spouse of Melissa, died 7-20-1861. Age: 57y 1m 26d
CRAMER, Emmanuel M. Born 1858, died 1929
CRAMER, Frances M. Born 1890, died 1966
CRAMER, Frank S. Spouse of Carrie E. Born 1868, died 1925 - [Father]
CRAMER, James O. Spouse of Susie. Born 1864, died 1939
CRAMER, John H. Spouse of Beryl A. Born 1897, died 1981
CRAMER, John Henry Jr. Born 1926, died 1927 - Son of John H. and Beryl A. Cramer
CRAMER, Mary. Spouse of Handy, died 4-11-1873. Age: 68y 3m 2d
CRAMER, Melissa. Spouse of Elias. Born 2-04-1812, died 5-05-1884
CRAMER, Minnie A. Born 1870, died 1949
CRAMER, Silas Vail. Born 1902, died 1970
CRAMER, Susie. Spouse of James O. Born 1867, died 1931
CRAMER, T.Smith. Spouse of Cynthia, died 5-27-1882. Age: 50
CRANE, Henry. Spouse of Mahala S, died 5-08-1842. Age: 49
CRANE, Mahala (Smith). Spouse of Henry, died 11-1864. Age: 66
CROSCUT, Albert W. Spouse of Ora S. Born 1893, died 1980
CROSCUT, Mary E. Born 1907, died 1982
CROSCUT, Melvin J. Born 1904, died 1969
CROSCUT, Ora S. Spouse of Albert W. Born 1894, died 1974
CROSS, Ambrose. Spouse of Jane E. Born 1838, died 1921 - Son of Palmer and Mary (Rice) Cross
CROSS, Calvin. Born 1836, died 1838 - Son of Harvey and Nancy (Manley) Cross
CROSS, Eber. Spouse of Polly R. Born 1823, died 1897 - Son of Palmer and Naomi (Blackmore) Cross
CROSS, George. Born 1863, died 1921
CROSS, Harvey. Spouse of Nancy Manley. Born 1808, died 1893
CROSS, Jane E. (Howles). Spouse of Ambrose. Born 1843, died 1904
CROSS, Jason D. Born 1842, died 1916
CROSS, Julia. Spouse of Palmer, died 11-17-1861
CROSS, Laura (Brown). Born 1843, died 1907
CROSS, Mary (Rice). Spouse of Palmer, died 4-12-1883. Age: 66
CROSS, Nancy (Manley). Spouse of Harvey. Born 1815, died 1900
CROSS, Naomi. Spouse of Rev. Palmer, died 8-14-1832. Age: 43 - Dau of Blackmore Wife #1
CROSS, Palmer. Spouse of Mary R, died 4-02-1889. Age: 70y 3m 24d
CROSS, Palmer, Rev. Spouse of Naomi B/ Julia, died 2-08-1870. Age: 83
CROSS, Polly (Rexford). Spouse of Eber. Born 1824, died 1901
CROSS, Sarah. Born 1851, died 1931
CROSS, Will. Born 1877, died 1897 - Son of Ambrose and Jane E. (Howles) Cross
CROSSLEY, Robinson
CROUCH, Doris J. [Bonnie]. Spouse of Ensign J. Born 6-18-1918, died 4-27-2000 - WW II Vet, USMC, CPL
CROUCH, Ensign [Sign]. Spouse of Doris J. Born 1916, died 1995
CUSIMANO, I. James. Born 12-12-1942, died 6-14-2004
DANIELS, Laura A. (Randall). Spouse of W. S., died 9-02-1854. Age: 20 - Dau of M. and L. Randall
DANIELS, W. S. Spouse of Laura A., died 9-13-1854. Age: 28
DARLING, Nettie (Hosier), died 1-1956
DAVIS, Abby J. Born 1880, died 1966
DAVIS, Ann. Spouse of William
DAVIS, Franklin L., died 7-21-1853 - Son of Reuben and Harriet Davis
DAVIS, James M., died 1-09-1850 - Son of Reuben and Harriet Davis
DAVIS, Mary A. - Dau of Reuben and Harriet Davis
DAVIS, Mary G. Born 7-14-1809, died 9-19-1838 - Dau of Enoch and Sally Davis
DAVIS, P. T., died 9-30-1865 - [Our sister]
DAVIS, Reuben, died 8-30-1879. Age: 75y 5m 22d
DAVIS, William R. Born ca 1806
DAY, Hobart. Born 5-25-1788
DAY, Sally, died 5-18-18?? - Dau of Ballart
DEAN, Eliza Ann (Cowles). Spouse of James. Born 1825, died 1902
DEAN, Gladys E. Born 1901, died 1916 - [Gone but not forgotten]
DEAN, Lena Ann. Spouse of Lewis E. Born 1868, died 1923
DEAN, Lewis E. Spouse of Lena Ann. Born 1864, died 1939
DEAN, Thomas Jr., died 6-01-1882. Age: 50y 2m 7d - Son of Thomas Dean
DeFOREST, David B. Born 1-24-1910, died 4-12-1978 - WW II Vet, US Army,T/Sgt
DELAND, Sarah A., died 4-07-1854. Age: 37
DENTON, Sally P., died 3-08-1850. Age: 20y 0m 2d
DEVEREAUX, John, died 3-05-1871. Age: 18
DICKSON, Alice M, died 7-04-1888
DICKSON, George W. Spouse of Sophia L. Born 1851, died 1928 - Son of Washington and Betsey Dickson
DICKSON, Sophia L. Spouse of George W. Born 1850, died 1934
DICKSON, Vesta L. Born 1890, died 1890. Age: 4m 15d
DODGE, Mary P. Spouse of William E., died 1-30-1889. Age: 59
DODGE, Orson, died 8-12-1868. Age: 2m 21d - Son of William and Mary Dodge
DODGE, Orville L., died 12-28-1872. Age: 15y 8m 4d - Son of William and Mary Dodge
DODGE, Willard / Millard O., died 4-13-1872. Age: 19y 3m 21d - Son of William and Mary Dodge
DOLE, Allene (Muzzy). Spouse of Robert B. Born 1-16-1913, died 1-29-2015. Age: 102 - Dau of Wallace P. and Bernice (Emory) Muzzy, born in Panama NY, died in Bethel Park PA. A teacher. One daughter.
DOLE, Carrie E. Born 1863, died 1953 - Dau of Charles and Cynthia Dole
DOLE, Charles. Spouse of Malvina L. Born ca 1823
DOLE, Charles N. Spouse of Myrna Patterson. Born 6-1-1933, died 1-14-2003. Age: 69 - Son of Ernest M. and Ruth (Button) Dole - WW II Vet, US Navy
DOLE, Daphine (Conoe) Sheroldaway. Spouse of Roland. Born 1927, died 1971
DOLE, E. Donald. Spouse of Patricia Sard. Born 3-14-1928, died 1-20-2004. Age: 75 - Son of Ernest M. and Ruth (Button) Dole - WW II Vet, US Navy
DOLE, Ernest M. Spouse of Ruth/Dorothy Smith Ewing. Born 10-20-1901, died 10-5-2000. Age: 98 - Son of Linus V. and Emma (Stuart) Dole
DOLE, Gertrude. Born 1878, died 1964
DOLE, Malvina L. (Richardson). Spouse of Charles, died 7-08-1861. Age: 32y 10m 20d
DOLE, Myrna L. Spouse of Charles N. Born 1-09-1939
DOLE, Ralph V. Spouse of Winifred S. Born 1903, died 1984 - Son of Linus and Emma Dole
DOLE, Robert B. Spouse of Allene M. Born 10-06-1907 - Son of Linus and Emma Dole
DOLE, Roland. Spouse of Daphine C. Born 1927, died 2002
DOLE, Ruth H. (Button). Spouse of Ernest M. Born 1899, died 9-24-1961. Age: 98 - Wed 12- 31-1924
DOLE, Wayne R. Spouse of Colleen Rogers. Born 10-31-1948, died 12-23-2015. Age: 67 - Son of Roland and Daphne (Connoe) Dole, born in Jamestown NY, died in Mayville NY. Four children. Ashes - Uncateforized Vet, Natl Guard, 6 years.
DOLE, Winifred (Salisbury). Spouse of Ralph V. Born 1903, died 1973
DOOLITTLE, Adah R. Spouse of Arthur A. Born 1906, died 1993
DOOLITTLE, Arthur A. Spouse of Adah R. Born 1909, died 1969 - Eagle marker - WW II Vet
DOOLITTLE, Elmer R. Spouse of Myrtie. Born 1863, died 1917
DOOLITTLE, Florence M. Born 1897, died 1966
DOOLITTLE, Minnie. Born 1888, died 1961
DOOLITTLE, Myrtie. Spouse of Elmer R. Born 1867, died 1935
DOUD, Benjamin J. Born 12-22-1808, died 5-01-1879
DUMOND, Edyth. Born 1894, died 1975
DURHAM, Charles H. Spouse of Eleanor A. Born 11-23-1843, died 5-27-1905 - GAR Star - Civil War Vet, Co E 112th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Three-year enlistment. Mustered our with company 6-13-1865 at Raleigh NC.
DURHAM, Eleanor A. Spouse of Charles H. Born 6-26-1846, died 4-21-1923
DURHAM, Ellen Clark (Cook) ? Clark/? Durham. Born 1-14-1853, died 8-11-1908


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