Ripley, NY
Formatted by Gayle Thomson
ACKLES, Thomas Died 10-9-1864 Age 32y9m22d Our Brother", Vet-CW Verify- TS
ADAMS, Eli. S. Spouse of Nettie Born 1844 Died 1900 Verify- TS
ADAMS, Estela M. Died 6-18-1870 Verify- TS
ADAMS, Georgia E. Born 1864 Died 1933 Verify- TS
ADAMS, Harley Spouse of Wilhelmina Born 1873 Died 1940 Son of Eli? & Nettie? Adams, "Father" Verify- TS
ADAMS, Moses Vincent Died 6-03-1957 Age 88y Verify- TS
ADAMS, Nettie Eli. S. Born 1849 Died 1912 Verify- TS
ADAMS, Roy E. Born 1886 Died 1911 Son of Eli? & Nettie? Adams Verify- TS
ADAMS, Wilhelmina Spouse of Harley Born 1872 Died 1941 Verify- TS
ATHANOS, Ralph Died 1934 Age Baby Verify- TS
AVERILL, C. Persival Died 1-14-1848 Age 4 Son of E. & F. (?) Averill Verify- TS
AVERILL, Erastus Died 5-20-1848 Age 24y10m15d Verify- TS
BABCOCK, Harry P. Born 1901 Died 1946 Son of William? & Minnie? Babcock, Vet-US Navy AM IcI Verify- TS
BABCOCK, Minnie Spouse of William Born 1869 Died 1951 Verify- TS
BABCOCK, William Spouse of Minnie Born 1864 Died 1931 Verify- TS
BEZCY, Joel A. Died 1850or59 Verify- TS
BOGERT, George D. Born 1895 Died 1948 Verify- TS
BOGERT, Joe Died 1906 Verify- TS
BOGERT, Lydia Died 1905 Verify- TS
BOGERT, Susan H. Born 1861 Died 1939 Verify- TS
BONDI, Florence Spouse of Born 1901 Died 1972 "Mother" Verify- TS
BREWER, Cora A. Spouse of James Born 1886 Died 1958 Verify- TS
BREWER, Frank H. Spouse of Grace Born 1885 Died 1970 Vet-US Navy Seaman Verify- TS
BREWER, Grace A. Spouse of Frank Born 1892 Died 1975 Verify- TS
BREWER, James S. Spouse of Cora Born 1886 Died 1951 Verify- TS
BREWER, Melissa M. Spouse of Samuel Born 1922 Died 1965 Verify- TS
BREWER, Samuel H. Spouse of Melissa? Born 1909 Died 1966 Vet-Pvt 38 Base Hd Verify- TS
BROWN, Alta R. Died 10-04-1920 Age 60 Verify- TS
BROWN, Grace R. Born 1892 Died 1905 Dau of Brown Verify- TS
BROWNSON, Martha Dunn Spouse of Salmon M.D. Died 5-04-1877 Age 70 Dau of Dunn? Verify- TS
BROWNSON, Salmon Spouse of Martha DUNN Died 10-28-1855 Age 50y6m0d Son of Brownson Verify- TS
BURGESS, L. Cordelia Died 8-06-1848 Age 4 weeks Dau of Rev. Alven & Lorra C. (?) Burgess Verify- TS
BURNHAM Assume this is a marker stone only as no data transcribed Verify- TS
BURNHAM, Charles Spouse of Eliza Son of Burnham, No marker, No dates, Near Morgan lot in ctr of cem. Verify- R
BURNHAM, Eliza Spouse of Charles No marker, No dates Verify- R
BURNHAM, Elsworth C. Born 1917 Died 1918 Son of F. E. & L. J. (?) Burnham Verify- R
BURROWS, Aseneth Stetson Spouse of Ezra Died 4-1873 Age 37 Dau of Stetson? Verify- TS
BURROWS, Caroline Spouse of Ezra Broken stone Verify- TS
BURROWS, Claramon Died 6-26-1840 Age 11 Dau of Ezra & Caroline (?) Burrows Verify- TS
BURROWS, Emma J. Age 37 Dau of Ezra & Aseneth (Stetson) Burrows Verify- TS
BURROWS, Ezra Spouse of Caroline & Aseneth Died 8-06-1862 Age 58 Wed twice? Verify- TS
BURROWS, James Spouse of Louisa Died 2-07-1861 Age 58 Verify- TS
BURROWS, Louisa Spouse of James Died 7-18-1847 Age 59y0m9d Verify- TS
BURROWS, Melissa G. Died 8-05-1845 Age 1y?m?d Dau of Ezra & Caroline (?) Burrows Verify- TS
BURROWS, Rhoda A. Died 11-13-1853 Age 2y8m18d Dau of Ezra & Aseneth (Stetson) Burrows Verify- TS
BURROWS, S. H. B. Died 7-04-1840 Age 1y8m0d Son of Ezra & Caroline (?) Burrows Verify- TS
CARLSON, Alma Spouse of August? Born 1874 Died 1931 Verify- TS
CARLSON, August Spouse of Alma? Born 1876 Died 1925 Verify- TS
CARPENTER, Ira L. Spouse of Kate? Born 1875 Died 1928 Verify- TS
CARPENTER, Kate L. Spouse of Ira? Born 1875 Died 1949 Verify- TS
CARPENTER, Myrtle I. Born 1900 Died 1905 Dau of Ira? & Kate? Carpenter Verify- TS
CASWELL, Claud C. Spouse of May? Born 1876 Died 6-06-1961 Verify- TS
CASWELL, May H. Spouse of Claud? Born 1875 Died 1941 Verify- TS
CLIFF, E. E. Spouse of Mary? Born 1848 Died 1917 Verify- TS
CLIFF, Mary J. Spouse of E.E.? Born 1851 Died 1936 Verify- TS
CUMMINGS, Adrian S. Died 6-12-1962 Age 84 Verify- TS
CUMMINGS, George W. Born 1873 Died 1898 Verify- TS
CUMMINGS, Harold L. Born 1893 Died 1895 Verify- TS
CUMMINGS, Henry Jay Born 1880 Died 9-06-1968 Verify- TS
CUMMINGS, John Died 1-16-1879 Age 82y9m21d Verify- TS
CUMMINGS, John A. Born 1849 Died 1927 Verify- TS
CUMMINGS, Mary E. Born 1856 Died 1954 Verify- TS
CUMMINGS, Mary Ellen Died 4-23-1954 Age 98y Verify- TS
CUMMINGS, Nettie J. Born 1873 Died 1930 Verify- TS
CUMMINGS, Sarah A. Born 1875 Died 1896 Verify- TS
CUMMINGS, William J. Born 1878 Died 1904 Verify- TS
CUMMINGS, William Sloan Born 1820 Died 1889 Verify- TS
CURTIS, Gideon Dunn Spouse of Sarah? Born 1862 Died 1932 Verify- TS
CURTIS, Sarah [Sadie M.] Spouse of Gideon? Born 1860 Died 5-20-1922 Verify- TS
DARLING, Mildred Spouse of Perry? Born 1900 Died 1955 Verify- TS
DARLING, Perry W. Spouse of Mildred? Born 1907 Verify- TS
DAVENPORT, Alta Amy Born 1859 Died 1920 Verify- TS
DAVENPORT, Cora W. Spouse of Guy? Born 1876 Died 1965 Verify- TS
DAVENPORT, Guy William Spouse of Cora? Born 1878 Died 1942 Verify- TS
DAVIS, Clarence Spouse of Helen? Born 1913 Died 1981 Son of Davis, Vet-US Army PFC Verify- TS
DAVIS, Deanna E. Born 1946 Died 1950 Dau of Clarence? & Helen? Davis Verify- TS
DAVIS, Helen Spouse of Clarence? Born 1914 Died 1979 Dau of Owen Oakes Verify- TS
DIETER, Isaac Died 4-10-1875 Age 70y7m16d Verify- TS
DONALDSON, George T. Spouse of Lida? Born 1878 Died 1936 Verify- TS
DONALDSON, Lida J. Spouse of George? Born 1877 Died 1963 Verify- TS
EDWARDS, David F. Born 1875 Died 1948 Verify- TS
EDWARDS, Lucy Spouse of A. Jr. Died 6-07-1846 Age 33 Verify- TS
EDWARDS, William Born 1844 Died 1897 Vet-CW 9th Cav Co I Verify- TS
ELDRIDGE, Claud W. Spouse of Mable? Born 1903 Died 1969 Vet-WWII T/4 484 Eng Verify- TS
ELDRIDGE, Mable Morgan Spouse of Claud? Born 1902 Died 1979 Dau of Morgan?, "Mother", Same as Mable below? Verify- TS
ELDRIDGE, Mable V. Born 10-20-1902 Died 10-24-1979 Same as Mable above?, B. South Ripley NY Verify- TS
ELLSWORTH, Lillie Mae Born 1911 Died 1979 Verify- TS
FENNER, Almon R. Died 1-11-1952 Age 4y9m2d Son of Calvin & Hannah (?) Fenner, no dates Verify- TS
FENNER, Mary Dau of Nelson & Mary (?) Fenner, no dates Verify- TS
FENNER, Nathaniel Spouse of Rachel Born 12-28-1787 Died 12-19-1851 Age 63y11m21d Verify- TS
FENNER, Rachel Spouse of Nathaniel Died 3-04-1854 Age 65y7m23d Verify- TS
FRANCIS, Donald D. Born 1901 Died 1902 Son of Francis, Bd. on Knox lot Verify- TS
GODFREY, Loomis A. Born 1832 Died 1916 Verify- TS
HAIN, Lois C. Born 1866 Died 1-04-1952 Verify- TS
HALLAM, Ann Spouse of Thomas? Born 1830 Died 1899 Verify- TS
HALLAM, Charles J. Born 1857 Died 1933 Verify- TS
HALLAM, Thomas Spouse of Ann? Born 1830 Died 1911 Verify- TS
HEMSTED, Thomas Died 1-07-1835 Age 16 Son of Gideon C. & Eliza (Wylie) Hemsted, Gideon b. 1-05-1783, Eliza b. 12-08-1790 Verify- TS
HICKS, David Spouse of Ester Died 6-19-1851 Age 61y5mod Verify- TS
HICKS, Ester Spouse of David Died 6-19-1951 Age 61y5m0d Verify- TS
HICKS, James H. Died 8-20-1850 Age 1y8m13d Son of David & Mary (?) Hicks Verify- TS
HINEMAN, Josephine Spouse of J. Born 1853 Died 1907 Verify- TS
HOLLIDAY, Elizabeth Hunt Spouse of HOLLIDAY Born 1887 Died 1947 Dau of Hunt?, Bd. with Hunt's Verify- TS
HOOPER, Susan A. Spouse of Simon F. Died 3-08-1853 Verify- TS
HOPPER, Ann Eliza Spouse of W. S. Born 1841 Died 1862 Verify- TS
HOPPER, Emma A. Born 1842 Died 1863 Verify- TS
HOPPER, Eunice A. Born 1846 Died 1907 Verify- TS
HOPPER, Florence Born 1874 Died 1892 Verify- TS
HOPPER, Lewis E. Born 1870 Died 1888 Verify- TS
HOPPER, Mattie E. Born 1865 Died 1880 Verify- TS
HOPPER, W. S. Spouse of Ann Eliza Born 1833 Died 1900 Verify- TS
HUNT, Jane Spouse of Sylvester? Born 1853 Died 1921 Verify- TS
HUNT, Lee Born 1884 Died 1901 Son of Sylvester? & Jane? Hunt Verify- TS
HUNT, Sylvester Spouse of Jane? Born 1851 Died 1913 Verify- TS
JANES, Frank Spouse of Minnie? Born 1898 Died 5-16-1965 Verify- TS
JANES, Minnie Spouse of Frank Born 1898 Died 1959 Verify- TS
KERR, Alice Born 2-10-1860 Died 12-17-1871 Dau of Michael & Sarah (?) Kerr Verify- TS
KERR, Sarah Spouse of Michael Born 8-06-1825 Died 10-02-1868 Verify- TS
KIMBLE, Betsey Spouse of Orra No dates Verify- TS
KIMBLE, Delia. Born 1844 Died 1930 Dau of Orra & Betsey (?) Kimble Verify- TS
KIMBLE, Orra Spouse of Betsey Died 3-19-1866 Age 43y9m7d Son of Kimble, "Our Father" Verify- TS
KIMBLE, Russell D. Died 8-18-???? Son of Orra & Betsey (?) Kimble Verify- TS
KLEIN, Charles A. Born 1882 Died 1928 Son of Klein, "Father" Verify- TS
KLEIN, Henry James Born 1908 Died 1927 Son of Charles A. Klein Verify- TS
KNOX, Alvira Spouse of Silvanus Born 1837 Verify- TS
KNOX, Hattie Spouse of John Wesley Born 1880 Died 1910 Verify- TS
KNOX, Hattie E. Spouse of Loren? Born 1877 Died 1895 Verify- TS
KNOX, John Wesley Spouse of Hattie Born 1879 Died 10-14-1957 Verify- TS
KNOX, Loren Spouse of Hattie? Born 1871 Died 1893 Verify- TS
KNOX, Silvanus Spouse of Alvira Born 1816 Vet-CW Verify- TS
LEE, Chester D. Born 1866 Died 1905 Verify- TS
LEE, Cora E. Spouse of Milton O. Born 1855 Verify- TS
LEE, Milton O. Spouse of Cora Born 1849 Died 1885 Verify- TS
LEWIS, Adrian Lawrence Born 1922 Died 1923 Verify- TS
LEWIS, Adrian S. Born 1878 Died 1962 Verify- TS
LEWIS, Dae (male) Born 1881 Died 10-01-1961 Verify- TS
LEWIS, Ella Born 1855 Died 1946 Verify- TS
LEWIS, Lina Mae Born 1855 Died 1911 Verify- TS
LEWIS, Mary Born 1879 Died 1956 Verify- TS
LEWIS, Mildred M. Born 1893 Died 1973 Verify- TS
LEWIS, William Born 1838 Died 1928 Verify- TS
LOWES, James Born 1850 Died 1922 Verify- TS
LOWES, Jane T. Died 1905 Verify- TS
LOWES, Margaret Born 1883 Died 1947 Verify- TS
LOWES, William D. Born 1880 Died 1957 Verify- TS
MAIN, Charles H. Spouse of Martha? Born 1851 Died 1925 Son of Norman? & Ruth? Main Verify- TS
MAIN, Martha L. Spouse of Charles? Born 1857 Died 1932 Verify- TS
MAIN, Norman B. Spouse of Ruth Born 1826 Died 1912 Verify- TS
MAIN, Ruth A. Spouse of Norman B. Born 1829 Died 1925 Verify- TS
MANN, Aileen Adell Born 1919 Died 1920 Dau of B. & R. H. (?) Mann Verify- TS
MARTIN, James H. Born 1876 Died 9-24-1951 Verify- TS
McCLINTOCK, Emily Died 10-21-1854 Age 19y11m Dau of Matthew & Lovina (?) McClintock Verify- TS
McCLINTOCK, Lovina Spouse of Matthew Died 12-28-1882 Age 78y0m17d Verify- TS
McCLINTOCK, Matthew Spouse of Lovina Died 9-08-1877 Age 79y9m?d Verify- TS
McINTOSH, James D. Spouse of Lana Son of McIntosh, No dates Verify- TS
McINTOSH, Lana Spouse of James No dates Verify- TS
McKIBBIN, James C. Born 1822 Died 1880 Verify- TS
MEEHL, Iris Viola Spouse of Born 1903 Died 2-29-1956 "Mother" Verify- TS
MILLER, Amelia Born 1849 Died 1935 Verify- TS
MILLER, Edward Died 2-1868? Age 5 Son of L. A. & J. R. (?) Miller Verify- TS
MILLER, Hannah C. Spouse of John Born 1834 Died 1894 Verify- TS
MILLER, Hatty Mae Died 6-20-1878 Age 3y0m4d Dau of L. A. & J. R. (?) Miller Verify- TS
MILLER, Louis A. Died 6-09-1875 Age 24 Verify- TS
MILLER, Marie Isabel Died 7-03-1878 Age 4 Dau of L. A. & J. R. (?) Miller Verify- TS
MILLER, Roland Y. Born 1877 Died 1895 Verify- TS
MOREY, Daniel F. Died 9-07-1853 Age 45y0m22d M.D. Verify- TS
MOREY, Emma A. Born 1842 Died 1863 Verify- TS
MOREY, Eunice Spouse of Harcourt Born 4-22-1780 Died 9-05-1876 Verify- TS
MOREY, Harcourt Spouse of Eunice Died 10-14-1848 Age 62y1m3d Verify- TS
MOREY, Kenneth Born 1902 Died 1945 Son of Morey, Temporary marker, Vet-WWI Verify- TS
MOREY, Lois A. Born 1878 Died 6-17-1952 Verify- TS
MOREY, Mary Ann Taylor Spouse of Isaac B. Born 1821 Died 1895 Dau of Taylor? Verify- TS
MOREY, Milton J. Born 1864 Verify- TS
MOREY, Phebe No dates Verify- TS
MORGAN, Clara A. Spouse of Emory? Born 1861 Died 1925 Verify- TS
MORGAN, Emory W. Spouse of Clara? Born 1857 Died 1941 Verify- TS
MORGAN, Esther G. Spouse of Ray? Born 1904 Verify- TS
MORGAN, Jessie C. Died 10-06-1950 Age 67 Verify- TS
MORGAN, Phebe Spouse of C. Born 1831 Died 1899 "Mother", "At rest" Verify- TS
MORGAN, Ray C. Spouse of Esther? Born 1892 Died 1968 Verify- TS
MYERS, Lucinda Spouse of John T. Born 4-22-1795 Died 4-10-1867 Verify- TS
NASON, Sarah E. Died 9-02-1875 Dau of Elisha & Elizabeth (?) Nason Verify- TS
NEAVES, Catherine Eliza Spouse of Chauncey Died 6-20-1863 Age 35y0m28d Verify- TS
OAKES, Lena L. Spouse of Owen? Born 1882 Died 1941 Verify- TS
OAKES, Murat L. Born 1880 Died 1922 Verify- TS
OAKES, Owen Spouse of Lena? Born 1869 Died 10-04-1959 Verify- TS
OAKES, Ralph N. Born 1902 Died 1928 Verify- TS
OHMER, Isabel Spouse of Martin? Born 1858 Died 1931 Verify- TS
OHMER, Martin Spouse of Isabel? Born 1852 Died 1927 Verify- TS
OTIS, Debbe Spouse of Matson Died 6-20-1852 Age 77 Verify- TS
OTIS, Matson Spouse of Debbe Died 9-01-1857 Age 85y0m12d Verify- TS
OWEN, Leda Born 1903 Died 1933 Verify- TS
PEASE, Rose Godfrey Spouse of Born 1858 Died 1946 Dau of Godfrey? Verify- TS
PETTY, George Born 1886 Died 1968 Verify- TS
POLLOCK, Charles E. Spouse of Elda Born 1883 Died 1959 Father" Verify- TS
POLLOCK, Elda E. Spouse of Charles E. Born 1891 Died 1927 "Mother" Verify- TS
POLLOCK, Murietta Born 1917 Died 8-24-1952 Dau of Charles E. & Elda (?) Pollock Verify- TS
PRINDLE, Ransom Burton Died 7-18-1955 Age 37 Son of Winnie & Asenath (?) Prindle Verify- TS
PRINDLE, Winnie Spouse of Asenath Died 9-19-1954 Age 70 Verify- TS
PULMAN, Mary F. Died 7-08-18?0 Age 0y11m4d Dau of B. & S. (?) Pulman Verify- TS
PURDUE, Alta Davenport Spouse of Gerald? Born 1905 Died 12-29-1979 Dau of Davenport? Verify- TS
PURDUE, Clara Spouse of George? Born 1856 Died 1936 Dau of William S. & Sarah Ann (Austin) Cummings Verify- TS
PURDUE, George R. Spouse of Clara? Born 1854 Died 1927 Verify- TS
PURDUE, Gerald E. Spouse of Alta Born 1904 Verify- TS
RANDALL, Unknown Born 6-08-1877 Died 8-12-1885 Name illegible Verify- TS
RATHMELL, Edna M. Spouse of Philip S. Born 1915 Died 1978 Verify- TS
RATHMELL, Philip S. Spouse of Edna Born 1909 Verify- TS
ROBINSON, Thomas Son of Robinson, No marker -- report in Mayville Sentinel; d. Northville-Chautauqua-NY Verify- TS
ROSS, Anna N. Spouse of Louis? Born 1871 Died 1956 Age 81y1m6d b. Sweden Verify- TS
ROSS, Howard S. Born 1895 Died 1954 Age 58y7m3d Son of Louis? & Anna? Ross Verify- TS
ROSS, Louis A. Spouse of Anna? Born 1872 Died 1946 Verify- TS
RUSH, Mary A. Born 11-02-1871 Died 12-04-1871 Dau of J. & Ann (?) Rush Verify- TS
SAMPLE, Juliana Spouse of Robert Died 9-20-1870 Verify- TS
SAMPLE, Robert Spouse of Juliana Died 6-12-1848 Age 77 Verify- TS
SEARS, Edward D. Born 1879 Died 1951 Verify- TS
SHAW, Alice G. Spouse of Dennis? Born 1874 Died 3-13-1956 Verify- TS
SHAW, Dennis James Spouse of Alice? Born 1871 Died 12-08-1952 Verify- TS
SHAW, John F. Verify- TS
SHAW, Mary Born 1841 Died 1913 Verify- TS
SLOCUM, James W. Born 1874 Died 1923 Son of Slocum, Odd Fellows emblem Verify- TS
SLOCUM, Mary A. Spouse of Warren? Born 1913 Verify- TS
SLOCUM, Warren L. Spouse of Mary? Born 1911 Verify- TS
SMITH, Elwin LaVern Died 11-14-1949 Age 0y2m12d Verify- TS
SMITH, Marvin J. Born 8-01-1942 Died 9-10-1942 Verify- TS
STETSON, Fannie Born 2-16-1816 Died 4-12-1892 Verify- TS
STODDARD, Catherine Spouse of Chauncey Died 6-26-1865 Age 57 Wife #1? Verify- TS
STODDARD, Chauncey Spouse of Catherine & Esther Born 3-22-1809 Died 4-13-1890 Son of Stoddard, Wed twice? Verify- TS
STODDARD, Esther J. Spouse of Chauncey Died 12-24-1887 Age 62 Wife #2? Verify- TS
STODDARD, Nelson E. Died 1-18-1894 Age 54 Son of Chauncey & Catherine (?) Stoddard Verify- TS
STODDARD, Samuel F. Died 9-02-1898 Age 62y1m3d Son of Chauncey & Catherine (?) Stoddard Verify- TS
SWOAP, Herbert L. Spouse of Izella? Born 1874 Died 9-26-1960 Verify- TS
SWOAP, Izella Spouse of Herbert? Born 1873 Died 1949 Verify- TS
TALLMAN, Isaac Spouse of Jane Died 1-24-1869 Age 68y8m11d Verify- TS
TALLMAN, Jane Spouse of Isaac Died 7-31-1868 Age 62 Verify- TS
TAYLOR, Almarita Spouse of John Died 9-04-1865 Age 56y11m4d Verify- TS
TAYLOR, Eva L. Died 11-08-1861 Age 1y0m25d Dau of George W. & Mary (?) Taylor Verify- TS
TAYLOR, Frankie Died 4-22-1868 Age 2y0m12d Son of George W. & Mary (?) Taylor Verify- TS
TAYLOR, George W. Spouse of Mary Born 1836 Died 1897 Verify- TS
TAYLOR, John Spouse of Almarita Died 10-01-1881 Age 78y8m0d Verify- TS
TAYLOR, Mary J. Born 1850 Died 1922 Verify- TS
TAYLOR, Mary L. Spouse of George W. Died 6-05-1874 Age 33y9m8d Verify- TS
TRIPP, David Verify- TS
TRIPP, Eileen M. Spouse of George Died 9-16-1865 Age 31 Verify- TS
TRIPP, George Spouse of Eileen Died 4-03-1874 Age 43y2m9d Verify- TS
TRIPP, Harriet Died 7-25-1861 Age 15 Dau of Pardon & Margaret (?) Tripp Verify- TS
TRIPP, Leslie J. Died 3-22-1862 Son of George & Eileen (?) Tripp Verify- TS
TRIPP, Pardon Spouse of Margaret Died 4-23-1848 Age 46y3m0d Verify- TS
TRIPP, W. H. Died 3-07-1870 Age 29y2m18d Verify- TS
TRUESDAIL, Baby Died 5-07-1910 Age Baby Child of Truesdail, One date--assume dod? Verify- TS
TRUESDAIL, Eddie F. Born 1886 Died 1909 Verify- TS
TRUESDAIL, Ellen Spouse of George Born 1848 Died 1913 Verify- TS
TRUESDAIL, Eunice Born 2-2?-1811 Died 7-12-1887 Verify- TS
TRUESDAIL, Florence Bondi Spouse of Born 1901 Died 1972 Dau of Bondi?, "Mother" Verify- TS
TRUESDAIL, George Spouse of Ellen Born 1838 Died 1908 Son of Truesdail, Vet-CW 101 PA Vol Co B Verify- TS
TRUESDAIL, Mildred E. Born 1908 Died 1911 Verify- TS
TRUESDAIL, Samuel Spouse of Lodemia Son of Truesdail, No dates, Wife bd. East Ripley Cem Verify- TS
TRUESDAIL, Samuel Born 6-13-1773 Died 11-23-1856 Verify- TS
TRUESDAIL, William H. Born 1871 Died 1937 Verify- TS
TUCKER, Caroline Died 10-21-1884 Age 77y9m7d Verify- TS
TUCKER, David Died 3-1847 Age 52y8m22d Verify- TS
TUCKER, David F. Died 3-03-1848 Age 0y11m14d Son of David & H. L. (?) Tucker Verify- TS
WEBSTER, Chauncey Unreadable Verify- TS
WETMORE, Anna May Age Baby Dau of Robert & Olive (?) Wetmore, "Our Baby", no dates Verify- TS
WETMORE, Olive M. Spouse of Robert B. Born 1882 Died 1968 Verify- TS
WETMORE, Robert B. Spouse of Olive Born 1887 Died 1940 Verify- TS
WHEELWRIGHT, John Son of Wheelwright, No dates, Twin to Joseph Verify- TS
WHEELWRIGHT, Joseph Son of Wheelwright, No dates, Twin to John Verify- TS
WHEELWRIGHT, Sarah A. Died 9-27-1921 Age 50y7m0d Dau of Wheelwright, Sister to twins Verify- TS
WORSTER, David S. Spouse of Julia? Born 1822 Died 1908 Verify- TS
WORSTER, Ebenezer Died 3-11-1852 Age 73y5m6d Verify- TS
WORSTER, Julia A. Spouse of David? Born 1825 Died 1891 Verify- TS
WORSTER, Theressa Born 1847 Died 1902 Verify- TS
YOKOM, Hattie Orcutt [sic YOCUM] Spouse of Warren Edison Born 11-16-1884 Died 1969 Dau of Orcutt? Verify- TS
YOKOM, Warren Edison [sic YOCUM] Spouse of Hattie ORCUTT Born 1874? Died 6-23-1854 Son of Albert & Elizabeth (Neff) Yokom, b. Welland Co-Ontario-Canada Verify- TS,G



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