Town of Poland, NY
Submitted by PHGS Member: Mary Matthews

photo by PHGS member Wendy Phillips

ABBEY, Infant. Born 6-30-1960, died 6-30-1960. Age: 1 min.
ABBY, William E, died 5-6-1958. Age: 74y 2m 2d
ALMGREN, Roy E. Spouse of Sharon Cook. Born 10-28-1934, died 7-2-2007. Age: 72 - Son of Kenneth and Fannie Dudgeon Almgren-born in Lander PA. Wed 10-20-1956
ANDERSON, Faye Lillian, died 11-24-1970. Age: 69
ANDERSON, Mildred R. Born 1891, died 19??
ANDERSON, Sigfred S. Born 1899, died 1-29-1962. Age: 62y 10m 19d
ANDERSON, William E. Born 1884, died 5-6-1958. Age: 74y 2m 2d
ARNOLD, Barbara Jean, died 3-21-1940
ARNOLD, Harvey J., died 12-22-1852. Age: 73y 3m 26d - Widowed
ARNOLD, Howard L. Spouse of Josephine Garris. Born 11-15-1934, died 4-1-2021. Age: 86 - Son of Paul and Ethel (Hedrich) Arnold. Born in Randolph NY, lived and died in Kennedy NY. Wed 1-12-1957, one son. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US Army, Operations Intelligence, M/SGT. Career.
ARNOLD, Robert Marshall, died 2-7-1930. Age: 2
ARNOLD, Sarah Watson, died 1-20-1946. Age: 60y 8m 17d - Born in Coldsprings NY
ARNOLD, Stillborn, died 2-27-1945
BAKER, Edith Hill. Spouse of George R. Born 5-6-1880, died 10-18-1945. Age: 65y 5m 12d - Dau of Waldo and Ortensia (Phillips) Hill
BAKER, George R. Spouse of Edith Hill. Born 9-4-1878, died 4-1-1947. Age: 65y5m 28d - Son of Orris and Etta (Bennett) Baker
BAKER, Infant, died 11-6-1946 - Stillborn
BAKER, Lloyd. Spouse of Sarah. Born 1828, died 5-4-1892 - Civil War Vet, Co A 14th Hvy Arty NYS Vols
BAKER, Nettie, died 9-10-1893-98. Age: 37y 2m - Dau of Lloyd and Sarah Baker
BAKER, Ronald L. Spouse of Eva D. Parsons. Born 6-14-1936, died 8-31-2015. Age: 79 - Son of Lyle H. and Dolores G. (Farrar) Baker. Born in Kennedy NY, Lived in Falsoner NY, died in Jamestown NY. Wed 4-17-1956 in Falconer NY., five children. (She survives)
BARAN, Leon P. Sr. Spouse of Grace M. Jackson. Born 9-3-1935, died 7-16-2008. Age: 72 - Son of Michael and Pauline Stawoiski Baran-born in Youngsville, PA-US Marine Corps Veteran. Wed 6-7-1958
BARBER, Elihu C. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 2-4-1799, died 1-1873 - Born in Williston VT - War of 1812 Vet, drummer boy
BARBER, Elizabeth. Spouse of Elihu C. Born 10-27-1802, died 3-8-1893
BARBER, Gertrude E (Bley), died 3-15-1877. Age: 38y 8m 7d
BARBER, Hiram, died 4-20-1813. Age: 1m 15d - Son of C__D Barber
BARBER, Horace L. Born 7-12-1841, died 6-14-1921. Age: 79y 11m 2d - Son of Elihu.
BARBER, Jane Small - Unreadable marker
BARBER, Lloyd. Born 1828, died 5-4-1892 - Civil War Vet, Co A 14th Hvy Arty NYS Vols
BARBER, Martha. Born 1842, died 4-4-1926. Age: 83
BARBER, Melvina A., died 12-7-1860. Age: 27 - Dau of Elihu C. and Elizabeth Barber
BARBER, Permelia, died 6-1-1831?
BARRY, Viola A Walker Hill. Born 1853, died 1918 - W.R.C.
BARTLETT, Mrs., died 5-3-1892
BATEAU, Mary M. Born 1888, died 2-26-1963. Age: 77
BAW, August, died 4-8-1941. Age: 77y 2m 22d - Born in Sweden, died in Cheektawaga, NY. Unmarried
BEARDSLEY, Charlotte A. Born 1-7-1936, died 9-20-2017 - Dau of Austin and Edith (Ryberg) Beardsley. Born in Jamestown NY, lived and died in Kennedy NY. Worked at Frewsburg schools for many years.
BEARDSLEY, Harold M. Spouse of Kathryn Reynolds. Born 6-13-1930, died 3-7-2008. Age: 77 - Son of Austin and Edith Ryberg Beardsley-U.S. Army Veteran. Wed 4-23-1955
BECKER, Agnes (Ewing). Spouse of Marvin - Wed 9-4-1920
BECKER, Albert. Born 1902, died 19??
BECKER, Austin J. Spouse of Jennie Wright. Born 11-7-1853, died 1-11-1930. Age: 76
BECKER, Clarisa, died 9-27-1888 - Killed by car
BECKER, Elizabeth. Born 1904
BECKER, Ella M. Born 1884, died 19?
BECKER, Lennie L. Born 2-1-1852, died 12-6-1939. Age: 87y 10m 5d
BECKER, Leonard L. Sr. Spouse of Evelyn Dahlgren. Born 1-11-1909, died 3-17-2008. Age: 99 - Son of Lewis and Ella Walrod Becker. Wed 3-29-1929
BECKER, Lewis. Born 1878, died 19??
BECKER, Marvin W. Spouse of Agnes Ewing. Born 4-3-1900, died 6-24-1974. Age: 74 - Son of Austin and Jennie (Wright) Becker
BEDELL, Atta E. Spouse of F. R. Bedell. Born 1890, died 1918
BELL, Anna. Spouse of Henry M. Born 1876, died 10-31-1945 - Dau of Dow Waite
BELL, Henry M. Spouse of Anne Waite. Born 2-2-1880, died 5-9-1947. Age: 67y 2m 27d - Son of Bruce and Elizabeth (Beiter)Bell
BEMUS, W. L., died 2-21-1888. Age: 23y 21d - Killed in Union City, PA
BENSON, Bertram. Born 6-17-1925, died 4-20-2002 - Son of John A. and Nora J. Benson.
BENSON, Bruce B. Born 1948, died 1996 - Shares stone with Virginia F.
BENSON, Donald R. Spouse of Margaret L. Griebel. Born 1919, died 1994 - Son of John A. and Nora J. Benson. Wed 8-8-1949 in Altoona PA, one son. - WW II Vet, USMC, S/Sgt
BENSON, John A. Spouse of Nora J. Born 1892, died 6-16-1954 - WW I Vet
BENSON, Margaret Louise (Griebel) [Peg]. Spouse of Donald Rex. Born 8-31-1925, died 5-15-2017. Age: 91 - Dau of Augustine and Rosana (Kruez) Griebel. Born in altoona PA, lived and died in Jamestown NY. A registered nurse. Wed 8-8-1949 in Altoona PA, one son. (Spouse d.1994)
BENSON, Nora J. Spouse of John A. Born 1893, died 19??
BENSON, Virginia F. Born 8-22-1922, died 5-1977 - Dau of John A. and Nora J. Benson. Shares stone with Bruce.
BIRD, Amos James, died 5-11-1864. Age: 19 - Son of Nelson and Clarissa (Griffith) Bird - Civil War KIA, Co C, 9th Cav, NYS Vols. Killed at Yellow Tavern VA
BIRD, Annette (Jenks). Spouse of F. Alberte. Born 1855, died 1910 - Dau of Monroe and ? (Hill) Jenks
BIRD, Charley, died 4-5-1862 - Son of Nelson and Clarissa (Griffith) Bird
BIRD, Clarissa (Griffith). Spouse of Nelson. Born 9-15-1815, died 7-31-1889. Age: 78y 10m 15d - Dau of John and Tryphena Bemus Griffith
BIRD, Delia, died 4-4-1857. Age: 8y 6m 21d
BIRD, Emma A., died 3-17-1862. Age: 4y 19d - Dau of Nelson and Clarissa ( Griffith ) Bird
BIRD, F. Alberte. Spouse of Annette Jenks. Born 8-26-1853, died 5-25-1940. Age: 87y 9m 2d - Son of Nelson and Clarissa (Griffith) Bird. Wed 2-6-1889
BIRD, Florence L., died 4-25-1892. Age: 6m 12d - Dau of Alberte and Nettie Jenks Bird
BIRD, George W., died 10-31-1846. Age: 25y 3m 22d - Son of Nelson and Clarissa (Griffith) Bird
BIRD, Nelson. Spouse of Clarissa Griffith. Born 7-17-1814, died 7-15-1889. Age: 74y 11m 28d - Son of Amos and Mary(Griffith) wed 1/20/1843
BIRD, S. Byron, died 1-11-1856 - Son of Nelson and Clarissa (Griffith) Bird
BIRD, Willard F., died 2-6-1929. Age: 78y 1m 10d - Son of Nelson and Clarissa (Griffith) Bird
BLOOD, Baby, died 11-25-1909 Infant - Child of Jefferson and Gertrude Blood
BOE, August A
BOLL, Nellie, died 8-3-1933. Age: 52
BOWEN, Idris E. Born 10-27-1894, died 12-31-1971 - Son of Josiah and Lottie Starle Bowen
BRIDENBAKER, Alice M. McNell, died 6-1-1962. Age: 70y 4m 19d - Born in Michigan
BRINK, Hiram. Born 1862, died 1887
BROWN, Genevieve. Born 1916, died 2-3-1928. Age: 11y
BROWN, Nellie M. Born 1915, died 9-21-1965. Age: 49y 10m 24d
BROWN, Robert Arch, died 9-4-1922. Age: 1y
BUEL, Shaler,, died 3-17-1905. Age: 76 - Son of Joel and Hannah Buel
BULLOCK, Adelaide, died 6-4-1945. Age: 78y 2d - Born in Pine Valley, PA
BUNCE, A. Wellington. Born 3-5-1838, died 12-8-1931. Age: 93y 9m 3d
BUNCE, Abbie Parsell. Spouse of Persis. Born 4-24-1805, died 6-2-1898
BUNCE, Adelia Marie. Born 2-1-1838, died 12-8-1930. Age: 85y 4m 22d - Dau of Benona and Fidelia Bliss Waite
BUNCE, Persis. Spouse of Abbie Parsell. Born 10-26-1801, died 4-1-1865
BUNCE, Sanford S - Son of Peris and Abbie bur. Thanyer cem
BURNSIDE, Richard Charles Sr. Born 1907, died 10-14-1971. Age: 64
BUSH, Allen, died 4-10-1927. Age: 1 min. - Son of Ohmer Bush and Mary Scott
BUSH, Clede Everett. Born 11-30-1929, died 9-25-1950 - Son of Ohmer Bush and Mary Scott
BUSH, Mary Scott. Spouse of Ohmer. Born 2-25-1901, died 7-11-1969 - Sister of Sarah Scott Taylor
BUSH, Ohmer. Spouse of Mary Scott. Born 1-29-1888, died 5-3-1970 - WW I Vet
BUTT, Stillborn, died 2-22-1920
CAEN ?, George Covey, died 8-29-1962. Age: 62
CARLEY, Cynthia Richey. Born 1859, died 1906
CARLSON, Charley A. Born 1875, died 6-3-1953. Age: 78y 2m 19d - Born in Sweden. Ran a c meat market in Kennedy NY
CARLSON, Ida A. Born 1860, died 5-25-1950. Age: 89y 8m 29d - Born in Poland
CARLSON, Vernon H. Spouse of Nancy Prince. Born 09-10-1936, died 11-24-2009. Age: 73 - Son of Edwin and Lorene Griffin Carlson-US Army Veteran
CASWELL, Deforest Earle, died 5-20-1957. Age: 57
CEASE, Adelbert B. (Delbert). Born 1852, died 11-20-1939. Age: 87 - Died in Brokenstraw, Warren Co. PA
CHAPPLE, Arnold, died 3-10-1895
CHILDS, Kenneth S. Spouse of Ida Waite. Born 1909, died 10-6-1963 - WW II Vet, US Army, 10th Mt. Div
CLARK, Abigail (Hitchcock). Spouse of Joseph. Born 12-26-1819, died 2-29-1896 - Dau of Samuel Hitchcock
CLARK, Adelaide A. Born 11-12-1853
CLARK, Adelbert. Born 1847, died 1892
CLARK, Adena L. Spouse of Ray A. Born 1907
CLARK, Alford. Born 6-9-1859, died 6-10-1859 - Son of D. J. and (Susan Wheeler)
CLARK, Amy R. Born 1849, died 6-9-1945. Age: 96y 8m 24d
CLARK, Christina, died 11-20-1932. Age: 90y 8m 24d
CLARK, Claude A. Spouse of Emma. Born 1869, died 7-31-1956. Age: 87y 5m 17d
CLARK, Coralian. Born 8-7-1848, died 8-17-1927. Age: 79 - Dau of Henry N. Hunt and Myria Ives 2nd wife of D. J. Clark
CLARK, David J. Spouse of Susan. Born 4-8-1838, died 12-26-1926 - Son of Joseph and Abigail Hitchcock Clark. Civil War Vet, Co A 112th Inf. NYS Vols, CPL. Mustered out with Company 6-13-1865
CLARK, David Jr. Born 4-25-1863, died 12-26-1924 - Son of David and Susan Wheeler Clark
CLARK, Donald E., died 8-13-1950. Age: 18y 6m 3d
CLARK, Eghert Roselle, died 5-11-1921. Age: 76
CLARK, Emma L. (Swanson). Spouse of Claude A. Born 1873, died 3-4-1944
CLARK, Hannah E. Spouse of R. V. Parks. Born 7-21-1850, died 4-6-1978
CLARK, Homer L. Born 1891, died 5-1-1905. Age: 13y 5m 10d - Son of Seldon and Millie Clark
CLARK, Joel B. Born 8-5-1840, died 7-2-11915 - Son of Joseph and Abigail Hitchcock Clark Civil War Vet, Co A 112th Inf NYS Vols. Mustered out with company 6-13-1865.
CLARK, Joseph. Born 7-21-1850, died 4-5-1878
CLARK, Lucretia, died 7-29-1936. Age: 92
CLARK, Millie Blanche. Born 1874, died 3-8-1856. Age: 81
CLARK, Ray A. Spouse of Adena L. Born 1905, died 3-1-1972. Age: 66 - Lot C, Gr 7
CLARK, Selden M. Born 1866, died 10-31-1951 - Warren Co, PA
CLARK, Susan (Wheeler). Spouse of David J. Born 2-11-1840, died 1-27-1864 - Dau of John and Julia (Love)Wheeler
CLARK, Wm. Joseph, died 12-27-1928. Age: 49
CLYDE, Anne, died 8-24-1889. Age: 59 - Dau of Henry and Elizabeth (Harrington) Norman
COE, Orvilla M.Hill. Spouse of Samuel Hill. Born 10-20-1954, died 11-26-1890. Age: 36y 1m 6d - Dau of Jerome and Mary Hill
COE, Samuel. Spouse of Orvilla Hill. Born 8-10-1853, died 6-24-1892. Age: 38
COLBURN, Burdette R. Born 1891, died 11-11-1963. Age: 72y 6m 18d
COLBURN, Zora Marie. Born 1881, died 10-16-1928. Age: 66
CONGLETON, Margaret C., died 4-23-1935. Age: 82y 8m 27d - Born Olondbee, Canada
COOK, George Maxwell, died 8-15-1936. Age: 27y 11m 7d
COOK, Anna L. Born 6-30-1885, died 12-3-1961. Age: 76y 5m 3d - Dau of Edward and Matilda(Larson) Wright
COOK, Beulah M. Born 1899, died 19??
COOK, Eva, died 1-30-1905. Age: 1d - Dau of Leigh and Anna Cook
COOK, Helen, died 1-30-1905. Age: 1d - Dau of Leigh and Anna Cook
COOK, Herbert L. Born 1-29-1907, died 5-10-1964. Age: 57 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, PFC
COOK, Howard Geo. Born 1891, died 7-11-1962. Age: 70
COOK, Lee A. Spouse of Anna Wrig. Born 8-9-1883, died 12-28-1959 - Son of Geo. and Sarah (Griswold) Cood
COOK, Paul L. Jr. "Butch". Spouse of Cheryl Braughler. Born 05-03-1959, died 03-02-2010. Age: 50 - Son of Paul L. Jean Johnson Cook Sr. Wed 5-1-1982
COOK, Wm. Frederick. Spouse of Jessie Elwell. Born 8-8-1912, died 1-28-1942
CORBETT, Harriet L. Born 6-30-1833
CORBETT, Henry V. Born 5-25-1814 - Son of _____ and Sally Corbett
COVEY, Ethel Marie Guth. Spouse of #1 Philip Guth, #2 Mahlon Covey. Born 04-15-1910, died 10-09-2009. Age: 99 - Dau of James Ford and Pearl Turney Ford-born in Flushing, OH
COVEY, Harland Eccles. Spouse of Lottie May. Born 7-1882, died 2-8-1942. Age: 59 - Son of Willard and Mary S. (Eccles) Covey, born in Kennedy NY died in Jamestown NY. Wed in 1912.
COVEY, John Willard Sr. Spouse of Juanita D. Minor. Born 1913, died 4-18-1857 - Son of Harland and Lottie (Carlson) Covey
COVEY, Juanita D. Spouse of John Willard Sr. Born 4-2-1920, died 12-21-2004 - Dau of Calvin and Alice McNitt McNell. Born in Frewsburg NY, died in Jamestown NY. 10 children, father unclear. J. Willard d. 40-18-1957, Robert d. 11-10-1991.
COVEY, Julia C. (Love). Spouse of Paul V., died 9-4-1994 - Wed 4-4-1938 in Falconer NY
COVEY, Lottie May (Carlson). Spouse of Harland E. Born 1893, died 12-3-1935. Age: 41y 7m 14d - Born in Kennedy NY, died in Jamestown NY. Wed 1912.
COVEY, Mary S. Born 2-6-1847, died 12-4-1916. Age: 69y 9m 28d - Dau of Joseph and Jane (Wright) Eccles
COVEY, Paul V. Spouse of Julia. Born 12-28-1914, died 5-4-2002. Age: 87 - Son of Harland and Lottie (Carlson) Covey. Wed 4-4-1938 in Falconer NY
COVEY, Shirley J. Born 3-31-1939, died 4-16-2019. Age: 80 - Dau of Paul V. and Julia (Love) Covey. Born, lived, and died in Jamestown NY.
COVEY, Stillborn, died 7-28-1943
COVEY, Stillborn, died 9-15-1948
COVEY, Willard. Born 1824, died 3-24-1905. Age: 80y 7m 27d - Son of John and Mary Covey
CRICK, Maria Genette. Born ab. 1853, died 8-5-1865. Age: 11y 1m 28d - Dau of Thomas and Julia Ellison Crick "We miss Thee"
CROFOOT, Chas. Spouse of Mary, died 11-2-1942. Age: 78y 3m 18d - Son of Pamela bur. Dry Brook Cem
CROFOOT, Infant (Charlene), died 8-24-1957
CROFOOT, Mary Wilson. Spouse of Charles. Born 7-4-1860, died 11-26-1917. Age: 57y 4m 22d - Dau of David and Kejiah Colleen Wilson
CROP, Mike - No marker
CROSS, Diana C. (Ormond) [Donna]. Spouse of Robert E. Born 7-31-1943, died 12-4-2015. Age: 72 - Dau of Charles and Julia (Boe) Ormond, born in Jamestown NY, lived in Kennedy NY. Dairy Farming fro 40 yrs. Wed 53 years, three children.
CUMMING, John R. "Jay". Spouse of Carrie Almgren. Born 4-24-1949, died 11-29-2005. Age: 56 - Son of Melvin and Frances Cumming-born in Bristol CT-US Air Force Veteran. Wed 8-20-2005
DANFORTH, Claribel. Born 1878, died 7-22-1964
DANFORTH, Sydney. Born 1872, died 4-11-1958. Age: 85y 6m 28d
DARLING, Margaret (Eccles), died 11-12-1936. Age: 21y 3m 14d
DARLING, Thomas Jr.
DAY, Priscella, died 3-1-1890. Age: 87y 8m 13d - Dau of Arthur or Anthony and Hannah (Vine) Day
DEVINE, Maude E. Born 1871, died 4-28-1952
DEVINE, Merton Frank. Spouse of Maud E. Simmons. Born 1869, died 5-24-1951. Age: 82y 2m 28d
DILLABAUGH, Esther. Born 2-28-1843, died 12-7-1928 - Dau of Justin McIntyre
DRACHLIN Flora Sutton, died 8-8-1928. Age: 72
ECCLES, Albert. Born 1-30-1851, died 11-26-1916. Age: 65y 9m 27d - Son of Joseph and Jane Wright Eccles
ECCLES, Charlie
ECCLES, Charlotte A. Born 1910
ECCLES, Erma A. Born 1918, died 2-7-1970
ECCLES, Frank A. Spouse of Carrie I Hedberg. Born 4-4-1891, died 5-25-1957. Age: 66y 1m 21d - Son of Gilbert and Mary (Cass) Eccles wed 12/6/1935
ECCLES, Gilbert W. Spouse of Norma Yahn. Born 5-26-1902, died 8-19-1973 - Son of Gilbert and Mary (Cass) Eccles
ECCLES, Gilbert Wright. Born 3-28-1841, died 1-2-1923. Age: 81y 9m 5d - Son of Joseph and Jane (Wright) Eccles - Civil War Vet, Co C 9th Cav NYS Vols. Wounded 9-26-1864. Disability discharge 11-23-1865
ECCLES, Glenn. Born 1888, died 4-18-1935. Age: 45y 11m 7d
ECCLES, Jennie C. Born 8-10-1902, died 11-1-1961. Age: 59y2m 21d
ECCLES, Margaret. Spouse of Thomas Darling
ECCLES, Maria Cerette, died 8-8--1865. Age: 11 - Dau of Thomas and Julia ____
ECCLES, Marvin E. Born 1895, died 3-26-1943. Age: 47y 11m 18d
ECCLES, Mary (Cass). Born 8-5-1856, died 11-16-1915. Age: 59y 3m 11d - Dau of Smith and Diantha Woodard Cass
ECCLES, Mary S. Spouse of Willard Covey
ECCLES, Nina E. (Waite). Spouse of Glenn. Born 3-29-1897, died 1-11-1928 - Dau of Wellington and Annie (Rowe) Waite
ECCLES, Robert W. Spouse of Beatrice M. Dailey. Born 1-16-1929, died 3-22-2007. Age: 78 - Son of Glenn and Charlotte Robbins Eccles-U.S. Navy and Army Air Corp WW II Veteran. Wed 12-30-1954
ECCLES, William M. Spouse of Mavis. Born 3-2-1897, died 1-21-1966. Age: 68 - Wed Mavis Washburg 10-25-1924; divorced 10-1935
EIGHMEY, Lucy. Born 7-29-1934, died 7-29-1974
EKDALL, Eric - No marker
ELDRIDGE, Edna A., died 12-21-1942. Age: 51y 4m
ELDRIDGE, Cora Cole. Born 1-31-1887, died 4-18-1973 - Dau of Chas. Emory and Lucinda Kennedy Cole
ELDRIDGE, Ethna M. Spouse of #1 Alonzo Walls, #2 Ralph B. Eldridge. Born 2-3-1920, died 3-9-2009. Age: 89 - Dau of Harvey and Goldie Morehead Houser-born in Madison, PA. Wed #2 11-26-1964
ELDRIDGE, Floyd. Born 1905, died 7-28-1938. Age: 32y 6m 28d
ELDRIDGE, Floyd J., died 1-22-1937. Age: 1m
ELDRIDGE, James J. Born 1884, died 5-7-1940. Age: 55y 8m 27d - Son of James H. and Lura (Partridge)
ELDRIDGE, Leonard B. Born 1889, died 10-1-1954. Age: 65y 5m 12d
ELDRIDGE, Madge I. (Williams). Spouse of A. Myrl. Born 7-8-1918, died 12-9-2015. Age: 97 - Dau of Gerald and Florence (Bloomer) Williams, born in Clarks Corners NY, died in Jamestown NY. Wed 5-28-1936 in Kennedy NY, three children. (He d. 9-18-2000)
ELDRIDGE, Ralph D. Spouse of Ethna Houser. Born 3-7-1911, died 12-24-2004. Age: 93 - Son of Leonard and Edna Ellis Eldridge m. Nov 27 1964
ELLIS, Edna. Born 1891, died 1942
ELLIS, Margaret A.Swanney. Spouse of Stewart P. Born 1865, died 12-28-1950. Age: 85y 23d
ELLIS, Ruth A. Born 1893, died 4-17-1972. Age: 78
ELLIS, Stewart P. Born 1861, died 3-24-1939. Age: 78y 1m 12d
ELLIS, Will. Born 1887, died 19--
EMKE, Fay E. Spouse of Herbert. Born 8-31-1933, died 5-16-2002. Age: 68 - Dau of James and Eleanor Pierce Collard m Dec 11 1954
ERICSSON, Christine Louise. Spouse of Henry. Born 9-1-1869, died 1-24-1956. Age: 86y 4m 23d
ERICSSON, Clair H. (Clare), died 11-3-1922. Age: 78 - WW I Vet, US Army, 307 Fld Arty
ERICSSON, Harold. Spouse of Doris. Born 10-26-1901, died 9-22-1973 - Son of Henry and Louise (Munter) Ericsson
ERICSSON, Henry. Born 10-15-1861, died 6-3-1933. Age: 71y 7m 19d - Son of Erick Anderson Katherine Anderson
ERICSSON, Joyce L. Spouse of Shirley B. Born 1-6-1927, died 11-6-2006. Age: 79 - Dau of Harry and Julia Olson Waid. Wed 6-6-1946
ERICSSON, Lonnie, died 3-31-1943 Infant
ERICSSON, Norman D. "Baldy". Spouse of Donna M. Graham. Born 03-07-1931, died 03-28-2010. Age: 79 - Son of Harold and Doris Brainard Ericsson-US Air Force Veteran. Wed 11-25-1951
ERICSSON, Shirley B. Spouse of Joyce L. Waid. Born 9-14-1925, died 6-20-2008. Age: 82 - Son of Harold H "Swat" and Doris Brainard Ericsson
EWING, Emma. Born 1884, died 10-10-1964. Age: 80y 6m 10d
EWING, John D. Born 1879, died 2-23-1953. Age: 73y 4m
FAIRBANKS, Carolin. Born 7-28-1830, died 6-11-1854 - Dau of P. and P. Fairbanks
FAIRBANKS, Parley Jr. Spouse of Polly, died 1-28-1866. Age: 81y 5m 3d
FAIRBANKS, Polly. Spouse of Parley Jr., died 1-23-1853
FARRAR, Laura M. Born 3-14-1886, died 5-28-1945. Age: 59y 2m 14d - Dau of Robert and Adelia Bowles
FARREN, George E. Spouse of Maxine Rohrick. Born 8-26-1913, died 12-20-1973 - Son of Daniel and Bessie Langdon Farren US Army WW II 2nd Armored Tank Div.
FERRIS, Isaac - No marker
FERRY, 0 - No marker
FISHER, Emily J Devine M. Spouse of Ezra Fisher - Wed 1/13/1873
FISHER, Ezra. Spouse of Emily J Devine M, died 12-29-1902. Age: 79y 1m 16d - Son of John and Nancy Fisher
FISHER, Ezra Reginald. Born 1-27-1867, died 7-9-1937. Age: 80y 5m 15d - Son of Ezra and Minerva (Rolph)
FISHER, John. Spouse of Julia Parsons. Born 9-17-1849, died 11-7-1935. Age: 74y 1m 21d - Son of Ezra and Minerva (Rolph)
FISHER, Luella. Born 2-27-1857, died 3-31-1935. Age: 78y 1m 14d - Dau of Freeman and Endora(Yerrington) Brown no marker
FISHER, Sidney B., died 6-24-1898. Age: 51y 1m 3d - Son of Ezra and Minerva (Rolph)
FITCH, A. T. Spouse of Electa C. Born 1824, died 1893
FITCH, Allela Button. Spouse of Jose Fitch. Born 11-26-1849, died 12-8-1924. Age: 75y 12d - Dau of Ira Button
FITCH, Electa C. Spouse of A. T. Born 1825, died 1885
FITCH, Joseph Clark. Born 9-8-1846, died 6-22-1909 - Son of return and Electa Clark Fitch
FLUENT, Jennie. Born 11-29-1907, died 7-26-1973 - Dau of John and Martha (Hanson) Pollard
FLUENT, John M., died 1949. Age: 95y 1m 26d - Born in Poland
FLUENT, Lee Roy. Born 6-20-1897, died 4-26-1968 - WW I Vet, USMC, Cpl
FLUENT, Mary Jane. Spouse of Mullison J. Born 8-14-1866, died 9-10-1945. Age: 79y 23d - Dau of Simon Seekins and Mgt.(Rounds)
FLUENT, Mullison J. Spouse of Mary Jane Rounds
FOY, Dallas. Spouse of Rose S. Born 7-29-1844, died 11-30-1919 - Son of David Civil War Vet, Co G 13th Arty NYS Vols. Mustered out June 20, 1865.
FOY, David Lot owner
FOY, Flynn. Born 5-6-1855, died 12-10-1919. Age: 64y 7m 10d - Son of David and Lucy Foy
FOY, Glenn A. Born 1885, died 1-31-1962. Age: 76y 10m
FOY, Harry J. Born 1913, died 11-16-1929. Age: 16
FOY, Loretta H. Born 1884, died 5-1-1962
FOY, Rose S. Spouse of Dallas. Born 7-29-1855, died 2-9-1951 - Dau of Ansell and Phoebe (Crawford) Goodspeed
FREDERICK, Martha Marie Wheelock. Born 1830, died 8-18-1923. Age: 93
FREW, Cathy L. Straight. Spouse of Ray D. Born 7-14-1947, died 9-1-2007. Age: 60 - Dau of Bruce E. and Harriet Buck Straight. Wed 7-6-1968
FREW, Josiah L. Spouse of Velma (Waite). Born 11-8-1907, died 8-19-1973 - Son of Darwin and Mary (Weight) Frew US ArmyWW II 715th M P Bat
FREW, Velma L.(Waite). Spouse of Josiah. Born 1909, died 7-29-1968. Age: 58 - Wed 7-24-1943
FULLER, Jack Edward, died 6-21-1924. Age: 16
GIBBS, Clara. Born 1887, died 4-19-1927. Age: 40
GIBSON, Maude Bell. Spouse of Clarence Town
GILEA, Maria. Born 1827, died 1860
GILES, Ephriam F. Born 1813, died 1898
GILES, James M. Born 1847, died 1917
GILES, Lucinda. Born 1843, died 2-15-1849. Age: 6y 1m - Dau of Ephraim E. and Maria Giles
GROIT, James, died 1981 - Only one date
GROIT, Louisa ?
GROIT, William
GTURNER, lenn Sheran, died 11-5-1945. Age: 65y 11m 6d
GUTH, Ethel Marie, died 10-9-2010
GUTH, Philip J. Born 5-19-1902, died 6-25-1962. Age: 60y 1m 6d
GUTH, Randall James, died 8-27-1955. Age: 23hrs
HAGLIN, Dean Leslie. Born 7-1-1948 - Son of Tore and Vivian Uiola Hill Haglin
HAGLIN, Sarah B. Spouse of #1 Walter B. Waite, #2 Joseph P. Woodworth. Born 5-4-1819, died 1-18-1892
HAGLIN, Tore. Spouse of Vivian Viola Hill. Born 8-11-1914 - Son of S. August and Lovisa Pihlblad Haglin
HAGLIN, Vivian Viola (Hill). Spouse of Tore. Born 10-14-1922, died 10-17-1966 - Wed 5-29-1947
HALLADAY, Amos, died 6-15-1964
HALLADAY, Henry F. Spouse of Louisa Walrod. Born 2-22-1838, died 6-3-1926. Age: 88y 3m 12d - Son of Fletcher Halladay
HALLADAY, Louisa M. (Walrod). Spouse of Henry F. Born 1843, died 10-7-1911 - Dau Harvey and Matilda (Church) Walrod
HALLADAY, Maybelle. Born 1884, died 1939
HARDINGER, Lee - No Marker
HARDINGER, Veda - No Marker
HARRINGTON, Nettie, died 12-26-1949. Age: 91y 4m 22d - Owner of Harrington Lot
HARRINGTON, Sally. Spouse of Sir Richard H., died 8-4-1847. Age: 74y 4m 3d
HARRINGTON, Sir Richard H. Spouse of Sally, died 2-9-1874. Age: 67y 9m 7d - War of 1812 Vet
HAYS, Maurice. Born 5-10-1874, died 4-28-1942. Age: 67y 11m 28d - Single
HEATH, Lisa M. Born 1-5-1966, died 2-6-2007. Age: 41 - Dau of William Mowrey and Nancy Pavlock
HENRY, Janie L. Spouse of James Henry. Born 6-7-1867, died 4-13-1946. Age: 78y 10m 6d - Dau of Galusha and Jane (Bunce) Waite
HILL, Alvira Oakes. Spouse of John Dempster. Born 4-28-1852, died 8-20-1930. Age: 78 - Dau of Henry and Lydia Stoddard Oakes
HILL, Charles Wheaton. Spouse of Orrissa M. Phillips. Born 5-12-1847, died 5-14-1925. Age: 77y 10m 2d - Son of Jerome and Marie (Day) Hill 9th NY Cav. Co. K wed /.21/1883
HILL, Frank I. Born 1887, died 7-29-1924 - Father of Dr. Reino F. Hill
HILL, Freddie. Born 1872, died 1875
HILL, Infant, died 10-9-1888 Infant - Infant of Waldo and Ortensa D. Hill
HILL, Infant, died 1877. Age: 1d
HILL, Jennie E. Born 1886, died 12-28-1969. Age: 83 - Mother of Dr. Reino F. Hill
HILL, Jerome. Born 8-17-1807, died 10-18-1887
HILL, John D. Spouse of Alvira Oakes. Born 1841, died 1913 - Civil War Vet, Co H 72nd Inf NYS Vols. Wounded at Gettysburg, Pa. July 1, 1863. Discharged July 18, 1864
HILL, Mary M. Spouse of Jerome Hill, died 5-17-1873. Age: 61y 6d
HILL, Orissa. Spouse of Chas. W. Born 11-3-1842, died 11-21-1918. Age: 76y 18d - Dau of Addison and Sally Ann (Waite) Phillips wed 2/21/1883
HILL, Ortensia. Spouse of Waldo L. Born 11-3-1842, died 10-4-1888 - Twin of Orissa wed 10/26/1876
HILL, Viola A. Walker. Born 1853, died 1918
HILL, Waldo Lake. Spouse of Ortensa D. Phillips. Born 7-20-1843, died 11-13-1923 - Son of Jerome and Mary (Day) Hill - Civil War Vet. Served in a Wisconsin unit.
HILL, William H. Born 3-14-1842, died 9-27-1883 - Civil War Vet, Wounded. (Not Confirmed)
HIMES, Clyde A. Spouse of Mary Uhrin. Born 4-20-1924, died 1-9-2001. Age: 76 - Son of Elmer and Sarah Miller Hines. Wed 10-15-1960 - WW II Vet, US Army
HODGES, Adelbert (Delbert). Born 1858, died 0-17-1945. Age: 87y 7m 24d - Catt. Co. Home
HODGES, Fanny. Born 1867, died 3-30-1966. Age: 98
HOLT, Harry N. Sr. Spouse of Shirley A. Born 8-26-1934, died 5-1-2001. Age: 66 - Son of Donald M. and Alta B. Cole Holt, born in Cleveland OH. Wed 11-19-1955
HOLT, Shirley A. Spouse of Harry N Sr. Born 7-2-1934, died 6-14-2001. Age: 66 - Dau of Austin and Edith Ryberg Beardsley
HOLTON, (Houghton) Frankie. Spouse of George. Born 11-9-1857, died 5-16-1938. Age: 80y 6m 7d - Dau of Chauncey and Susan (Hilts) Stone
HOLTON, (Houghton)George. Spouse of Frankie. Born 7-24-1854, died 12-2-1916. Age: 62y 4m 8d - Son of Wrias and Electa (Clark) Houghton
HORNER, Elizabeth. Born 1889, died 1958
HOWARD, Alconda. Born 1-16-1830, died 6-1-1903
HUNT H. N. - No marker
HUNT, Adelia. Spouse of Everington. Born 7-20-1848, died 4-8-1935. Age: 86y 8m19d - Dau of Turner and Electa Clark Pitch
HUNT, Alton. Born 10-6-1845, died 10-12-1894. Age: 49y 6d - Son of H.N. and Cynthia Ives) Hunt
HUNT, Alva. Born 1858, died 10-22-1889. Age: 31y 7m 4d - Child of Henry N. and Harriet Crofoot Hunt
HUNT, Charles. Spouse of #1 Estelle Sparks, #2 Adelaide, died 4-14-1913. Age: 60y 4m 1d
HUNT, Cynthia M. (Ives). Spouse of Henry N. Born 11-5-1813, died 6-12-1856 - Dau of Amasa Ives
HUNT, Effie M., died 9-20-1951. Age: 81y 5m
HUNT, Ervington. Spouse of Adelia. Born 8-25-1841, died 4-12-1937. Age: 95y 7m 17d - Son of Henry N. and Meyra Ives Hunt
HUNT, H. Francis M.D. Born 9-3-1868, died 10.13.1934. Age: 66y 1m 10d
HUNT, Henry Nelson. Spouse of Cynthia M. Born 3-5-1808, died 8-6-1895. Age: 87y 5m 1d - Son of Elnathan Hunt
HUNT, Nettie E. Born 1858, died 1949
IVES, Amasa. Spouse of Betsey - Monument broken
IVES, Betsey. Spouse of Amisa Ives, died 12-30-1851. Age: 71or 91
JENKS, James Monroe. Spouse of Jane Hill, died 2-1-1894. Age: 72y 1m 19d
JENKS, Jane. Spouse of James Monroe, died 5-1-1889. Age: 58 - Dau of Geo. and Polly (Swan) Hill
JENKS, Melentha, died 4-15-1865 or 66. Age: 5m 8d - Dau of Obidiah and Melentha Jenks
JENKS, Melintha (Mary) M. Spouse of Obidiah. Born 7-19-1792, died 6-1-1856 - Dau of Benj. and Olive Mason
JENKS, Obidiah. Spouse of Melintha Mason. Born 12-21-1792, died 5-31-1873. Age: 80 - Son of James and Phebe (Tripp) Jenks James Jenks was a Rev. soldier wed 1815
JOHNSON, Doris. Spouse of Leroy. Born 9-28-1918, died 10-22-2005. Age: 87 - Dau of Hiram and Elizabeth Ellis Marsh. Wed 1-2-1937-born in Ashville
JOHNSON, Evelyn J. Spouse of Lynn E. Born 8-15-1916, died 5-27-2006. Age: 89 - Dau of Bert and Arlene Hitchcock Marsh. Wed 1-15-1938
JOHNSON, Jacqueline (Kaspryzyk) [Janis]. Born 7-25-1939, died 8-25-2018. Age: 79 - Dau of Victor and Alice (Bartoszewicz) Kaspryzyk. Born in Buffalo NY, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Retired from Cummins Engine in Lakewood NY. Four sons. Father not named.
JOHNSON, Laverne C. "Mert". Spouse of Dorothy J. Anderson. Born 10-29-1924, died 06-16-2010. Age: 85 - Son of Carl H. and Gertrude E. Coe Johnson. Wed 7-26-1968
JOHNSON, Ronald, died 8-22-1938
JONES, Fred b. Spouse of Hazel, died 12-22-1938. Age: 77
JONES, K.B. Born 1908, died 1967 - Look my friends as you pass by As you are now so once was I As I am now so you shall be Prepare to die and follow me
KASPRZYK, Alice M. Spouse of Victor. Born 5-1-1918, died 4-8-2000. Age: 81 - Dau of Walter and Frances Wasierska Bartoszewicz
KASPRZYK, Victor. Spouse of Alice M, died 3-8-1977 - Wed 1-21-1939
KOZLOW, Betty J. Spouse of Robert M. Born 4-6-1926, died 4-12-2005. Age: 79 - Dau of Sigfred and Faye Ellis Anderson m. Jan 8 1947
KOZLOW, Robert M. Spouse of Betty J. Anderson. Born 01-08-1926, died 09-23-2010. Age: 84 - Son of Leo and Ellen Hamilton Kozlow-US Navy WWII Veteran. Wed 1-8-1947
LAMPHERE, Luella A. Born 5-25-1939, died 5-26-1939. Age: 22 hrs - Dau of Alta Elizabeth ''Betty'' Walrod Moon
LANNING, Mabelle, died 11-20-1939. Age: 55y 3m 18d
LARSON, Anna Marie, died 12-24-1969. Age: 94y 7m 22d
LARSON, Harriet A. (Cook). Spouse of Gunnar E. Born 7-26-1933, died 9-6-2015. Age: 82 - Dau of William and Jessie (Elwell) Cook. Born in Town of Ellery, lived in Jamestown NY, died in Buffalo NY. A school bus driver for 25 years. Wed 1-20-1973, five children. (He d. 1-30-2004)
LAWRENCE, Arthur H. Born 1880, died 2-1-1948. Age: 67y 7m 9d
LAWRENCE, Fitz R. Spouse of Virginia M. Skinner. Born 11-11-1932, died 6-25-2007. Age: 74 - Son of Fitz and Vera I. Hare Lawrence-U.S. Navy Korean War Veteran. Wed 9-4-1959
LAWRENCE, Mildred C. Born 1882, died 19??
LE ROY, Edson Clarence Sr., died 2-11-1967. Age: 76y 8m 8d
LE ROY, May Elmera, died 1-1-1967. Age: 63y 22d
LEE, Fred, died 5-13-1956. Age: 79y 6m 18d
LINDAHL, Oscar G. Spouse of Laura Benson. Born 11-1-1894, died 11-1-1972. Age: 78y 11d - Wed 12/18/1918
LINDQUIST, Sandra M. (Gerring). Spouse of W. Bruce. Born 4-4-1946, died 4-8-2019. Age: 73 - Dau of Harold R. and Edith (Swan) Gerring. Born in Jamestown NY, lived in Kennedy NY and Myrtle Beach SC, died in Chaut Co. Worked in family business, Southern Tier Wood Products. Wed abt 1969, two sons. (Spouse survives)
LITTLE, Frances. Age: 6
LITTLE, Freeman D. Born 1863, died 10-17-1908. Age: 45 - Son of Wm. and Sarah Simpson Little
LITTLE, James, died 11-23-1890. Age: 62 - Peddler - killed by car
LITTLE, Sarah A., died 1-10-1890. Age: 54y 5m 22d
LITTLE, William, died 10-1-1884. Age: 63y 1m 21d
LUCE, Infant, died 12-20-1965 - Son of Paul E. and Gertrude Dorenkamper Luce. Died in Jamestown NY.
LUCE, Joel Ray. Spouse of Patricia M. Covey. Born 12-31-1947, died 2-9-2005. Age: 57 - Son of Clarence A. and Ethel M. (Hollister) Luce. Born in Salamanca NY, died in Kennedy NY. Wed 2-1-1967, Frewsburg NY, two children. - Vietnam Vet, US Navy aboard USS Busse, Gunner's Mate. 1965-1968
LUCE, Nancy S. (Wiltsie). Spouse of Paul E. Born 3-26-1936, died 11-9-2011. Age: 75 - Dau of George and Beatrice (Hoyt) Wiltsie. Born in Jamestown NY, lived in Steamburg NY, died in Erie PA. Three children, father unnamed.
LUCE, Patricia M. (Covey). Spouse of Joel R. Born 6-4-1946, died 7-24-2019. Age: 73 - Dau of Leon H. and Mavis (Sisson) Covey. Born in Frewsburg NY, lived in Kennedy NY, died in Erie PA. Wed 2-1-1967 in Frewsburg NY, two children.
LUCE, Paul Edwin. Spouse of #1 Gertrude Dorenkamper, #2 Nancy S. Wiltsie. Born 1-28-1927, died 4-12-2012. Age: 85 - Son of Clarence A. and Ethel M. (Hollister) Luce. Born in Corydon PA, lived and died in Steamburg NY. Four children with Gertrude who d. aft 1965. - WW II Vet, US Navy Seabees
LYKE, M. Jennie. Born 1859, died 1939. Age: 78y 9m 24d
LYONS, Alice Hall. Spouse of Herbert W, died 6-28-1927. Age: 35
LYONS, Herbert W. Spouse of Alice Hall. Born 2-22-1888, died 10-9-1927. Age: 39y 7m 17d - Son of Wm. and Florence Hepworth Lyons
LYONS, Infant, died 6-23-1927
MACEY, Ann M. Born 1842, died 1915
MACEY, Florence. Born 1876, died 2-12-1972. Age: 95 - Dau of Wm. and Laura Woodard Forbes wed Reuben 5/26/1876
MACEY, Reuben. Born 12-25-1877, died 4-24-1947. Age: 69y 4m - Son of Wm. and Anne (Miller) Macey
MACEY, William. Born 1838, died 1894
MAIN, Chad M. Born 10-14-1979, died 4-13-2001. Age: 21 - Son of Bruce and Rhonda Holt Main
MARSH, Alonzo, died 1-21-1892
MARSH, Arlene M. (Hitchcock). Spouse of Bert L. Born 1897, died 19?? - Six sons
MARSH, Berton Leigh. Spouse of Arlene M. Hitchcock. Born 9-5-1876, died 8-9-1949. Age: 72y 11m 4d - Son of Otis S. and Julia F. (Wemple) Marsh. Six sons
MARSH, Clifford E. Born 08-15-1922, died 03-20-2010. Age: 87 - Son of Berton Leigh and Arlene (Hitchcock) Marsh, born in Kennedy NY, died in Erie PA. Two daughters - WW II Vet, US Army, Germany
MARSH, Elizabeth (Ellis) [Lizzie]. Spouse of Hiram H. Born 1883, died 2-20-1964. Age: 80y 6m 19d - Eleven children
MARSH, Ellis L. Born 1907, died 2-5-1959 - WW I Vet
MARSH, Gertrude E. Spouse of Ellis. Born 1910
MARSH, Glenn R. "Shorty". Spouse of Dorothy F. Williamson. Born 9-26-1923, died 12-23-2006. Age: 83 - Son of Hiram H. and Elizabeth (Ellis) Marsh. Wed 9-30-1944
MARSH, Hiram H. Spouse of Elizabeth Ellis. Born 10-4-1873, died 8-7-1934. Age: 60y 10m 4d - Son of Otis S. and Julia (Wemple) March, born in Poland NY, died in Randolph NY. Eleven children
MARSH, Hiram J., died 3-20-1905. Age: 70y 4m 17d - Son of Hiram and Laura Marsh
MARSH, Infant, died 12-14-1962
MARSH, James
MARSH, James Lee, died 12-14-1962. Age: 40 or49
MARSH, Julia F. (Wemple). Spouse of Otis S. Born 1842, died 9-1-1926. Age: 83 - Three children
MARSH, Laura (Love). Spouse of Hiram. Born 1813, died 6-26-1899. Age: 88y 8m 27d - Dau of Richmond and Charlotte (Rose) Love. Eleven children. Husband died in CA.
MARSH, Lawrence S. Spouse of Lola Mead. Born 3-7-1909, died 4-8-2001. Age: 92 - Son of Hiram H. and Elizabeth (Ellis) Marsh
MARSH, Lola Mead. Spouse of Lawrence S, died 1995
MARSH, Marsh
MARSH, Matilda L. Spouse of Hiram J. Born 1833, died 1900. Age: 67 - Dau of Wm. and Jane Little
MARSH, May, died 4-24-1908. Age: 40y 16d - Dau of Wm. and Wealthy O'Dell ___
MARSH, Myron C. Born 1921, died 7-25-1940. Age: 18y 6m 28d
MARSH, Orville H. Born 1932, died 12-14-1936. Age: 4y 2m 11d - Son of Leigh and Hazel (Parker) Marsh
MARSH, Otis C. Born 1814, died 10-1-1964. Age: 50y 1m 16d
MARSH, Otis S. Spouse of Julia Wemple. Born 11-25-1839, died 1-1-1904 - Son of Hiram and Laura (Love) Marsh. Three children - Civil War Vet, Co C 9th Cav NYS Vols. 1861-1865. Wounded at Charlestown, 8-8-1864. - Lot 45C
MC INTYRE, Harvey E. Born 1885, died 12-26-1937. Age: 52y 4m 15d
MCCUTCHEON, Charles A. Born 1878, died 1936 - Uncategorized Vet
MCCUTCHEON, Clarence A., died 7-7-1936. Age: 58y 2m 7d
MCCUTCHEON, Esther. Born 1843, died 1926
MCCUTCHEON, Helen I. Spouse of Charles A. Born 1891, died 6-13-1967. Age: 75 - Dau of John F. and Christine Swanson
MCCUTCHEON, Thadius. Born 1832, died 1897
MCGINNIS, Hugh, died 11-16-1894. Age: 41
MCINTYRE, Cardello (Dell). Born 1855, died 4-10-1924. Age: 68 - Struck by cars South Dayton
MCINTYRE, Eva Bell. Spouse of Harvey. Born 1885, died 1-24-1954. Age: 68
MCINTYRE, Sophia A. Spouse of Dell. Born 6-24-1858, died 11-9-1893. Age: 37y 1m 15d
MCNAUGHTON, Elizabeth, died 1-1-1849. Age: 13y 7m - Dau of Mariah and John McNaughton
MCNELL, Alice E. Born 1892, died 1962
MEAD, Ronnie J. Spouse of Bonnie S. Rissel. Born 12-1-1943, died 12-1-2017. Age: 74 - Son of ? and Gladys I. Mead. Born in Battle Creek MI, lived and died in Chaut Co NY. Owner/operator Kennedy Supermarket for 19 years. Wed 1-16-1965 in Kennedy NY, two sons. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US Army 82nd Airborne. 1960-1964 and Army reserves until 1967.
MERRILL, Nelson C. Born 7-21-1833, died 2-10-1855
MILLER, Alberta A. Born 1905
MILLER, Charles L. Born 1878, died 7-8-1955. Age: 76y 10m 6d
MILLER, Charles owner
MILLER, Elizabeth (Macey). Born 4-29-1873, died 8-3-1963. Age: 90 - Dau of Wm. and Ann (Miller) Macey
MILLER, Emily Mary. Born 1863, died 8-4-1945. Age: 82y 7m 14d
MILLER, Ethel Baker. Born 1900
MILLER, James. Born 6-5-1866, died 8-25-1920. Age: 54y 2m 1d - Son of John and Fennie (Turner) Miller
MILLER, Leland R. Born 7-31-1907, died 11-16-1959 - Son of James and Elizabeth (Macey) Miller
MILLER, Milton W. Born 1904
MILLER, Nellie M., died 5-9-1958. Age: 75y 7m 7d
MILLER, Sydney. Born 1859, died 1911
MILLSPAW, ?. Born 6-7-1795, died 1-5-1878
MINOR, Juanita D. Spouse of #1 J. Willard Covey, #2 Robert. Born 4-2-1920, died 12-21-2004. Age: 84 - Dau of Calvin and Alice McNitt McNell 1st hub J. Willard COVEY died 4-18-1957
MINOR, Robert J. Spouse of Juanita D., died 11-10-1991
MOON, Alta Elizabeth (Walrod) [Betty]. Spouse of George Jeffrey Jr. Born 5-28-1921, died 1-23-2005. Age: 84 - Dau of Albert Clinton and Maude Louella (Holmes) Walrod, born in Clarks Corner NY, died in Greenhurst NY. Two daughters surnamed Lanphere
MOON, George Jeffrey Jr. Spouse of #1 Drucilla, #2 Alta Elizabeth Walrod. Born 7-20-1912, died ? - Son of Gerogr J. Sr. and Nora Moon, born in Bradford PA, died in Jamestown NY. Two children with Drucilla
MOREY, Ashel
MOREY, Benjamin Co. Born 1840, died 1903. Age: 40 - Civil War Vet, Co A 14th Hvy Arty NYS Vols
MOREY, Delithia Ann. Born 5-13-1830, died 5-13-1916. Age: 86 - Dau of James H. and Annie Edwards Crandall
MOREY, Lucina (Asenath), died 2-15-1884
MOREY, Phillip. Born 1839, died 1-28-1910. Age: 77y 5m 9d - Son of Asiel and Asenith (Squires) Morey Civil War Vet, Co H 154th Inf, Pvt, Enlisted at Randolph. Transferred to 57 Co 2nd Bn Veteran Reserve Corps. Mustered out 9-25-1865
MORGAN, Anna J. Spouse of Gerald D. Born 1896, died 1945
MORGAN, Anna Walrod, died 12-4-1945. Age: 59y 5m 4d
MORGAN, Elizabeth Horner. Born 1889, died 9-22-1958. Age: 69y 3m 3d - Born in Barrows, England
MORGAN, Gerald E. Born 1879, died 5-30-1969. Age: 89y 5m 4d
MORGAN, Wesley Amil, died 10-5-1926. Age: 10
MORSE, Ida W. Spouse of Leo S. Born 1878, died 4-24-1966. Age: 87
MORSE, Leo S. Spouse of Ida W. Born 3-25-1876, died 11-12-1945 - Son of Almer and Anna Shultz Morse
MUNSON, DeMaris (Wheeler). Spouse of Marshall D. Born 4-3-1933, died 11-1-2015. Age: 82 - Dau of Henry C. and Julia (Honaker) Wheeler, one of 16 children. Born in Catt Co., died in Jamestown NY. Wed 3-17-1956, two children. (He d. 7-25-2013)
NEIL Sue S., died 5-29-1954
NEWTON, Emma L. Born 4-26-1850, died 6-17-1891 - Dau of John and Rosinae Newton
NEWTON, John W. Spouse of Rosinae. Born 4-29-1827, died 11-21-1894
NEWTON, Rosinae. Spouse of John W. Born 7-19-1835, died 12-22-1882
NOBLES, Dwight F. Born 3-27-1832, died 3-26-1913. Age: 80y 11m 27d - Son of Russell P. and Pollie (Farnom) Russell ___
NOBLES, Gertrude L. (Cox). Born 1873, died 1908 - Dau of Geo. and Eva (Morse) Cox
NOBLES, LeRoy, died 5-8-1910. Age: 52y 4m 21d - Son of Dwight and Laura Phillips Noble
NOBLES, Lura A. Born 11-28-1832, died 12-3-1893. Age: 61y 4d - Dau of Adam and Sarah Hines Phillip
NOBLES, Luran, died 3-17-1913. Age: 16y 9m 21d - Dau of LeRoy and Gertrude Cox Nobles
NOBLES, Myron P. Born 1892, died 7-12-1907. Age: 14y 8m - Son of LeRoy and Gertrude Cox Nobles
NORD, Nelson L. Spouse of Janet M Wheeler. Born 3-5-1938, died 8-3-2000. Age: 62 - Son of Earnest and Ruth Nelson Nord. Wed 6-29-1963 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
NORMAN, Eugene, died 8-30-1902. Age: 29y 2m 11d
NORTH Torrence I. Spouse of Bernice Walrod. Born 1895, died 7-23-1960. Age: 76y 2m 19d - Son of Nicholas and Angeline Robinson North. Wed 12/21/1897
NORTH, Bernice O. Born 1893, died 7-23-1960. Age: 66y 11m 27d
NORTON, Anna. Born 8-11-1893, died 3-13-1933. Age: 39y 7m 2d - Dau of Walter and Ida Remington Waite
NORTON, Ella. Born 4-14-1888, died 12-29-1910 - Dau of Walter and Ida Remington Waite
NORTON, Ellora Aiken. Spouse of Ray N 3rd wife. Born 4-19-1893, died 10-4-1949. Age: 56y 5m 15d - Dau of Frank and Grace Shaw Aiken
NORTON, Emma L. Born 1893, died 1933
NORTON, Howard R. Spouse of Lola E, died 10-20-1997. Age: 78 - Wed 5-30-1944
NORTON, Lloyd Earl, died 5-15-1923. Age: 3d
NORTON, Lola E. Spouse of Howard R. Born 1-29-1922, died 11-3-2000. Age: 78 - Dau of Ernest and Dorothy Leach Ackler
NORTON, Robert Walter, died 11-24-1920. Age: 1y
NUNN, Frances R. Born 1906, died 6-22-1968. Age: 62
NUSE, Sharon Ann (Stonefoot). Spouse of Stephen Sr. Born 4-17-1963, died 6-17-2019. Age: 56 - Dau of Robert and Rita (Ratkiewicz) Stonefoot. Born in Dunkirk NY, lived in Kennedy NY, died in Greenhurst NY. A hospice aide. Wed 7-11-1998, three children. (Spouse survives)
O DELL, Grace. Born 1875, died 1911
O DELL, William A., died 8-17-1899 - Son of A. and Polly Odell ___
OLSEN, Edger. Born 1884, died 11-10-1963. Age: 79y 1m 18d
OLSEN, Matilda McIntyre, died 2-21-1864. Age: 74y 10m 6d
OLSEN, Tillie. Born 1889, died 1964
ORMOND, Robin C. Spouse of Anne M. Funcell. Born 10-31-1927, died 9-6-2017. Age: 89 - Son of Charles and Julia (Boe) Ormond.Born in Greenwood Wisc, died in Greenhurst NY. Owned and operated multiple ares businesses. Four children. Divorced from Anne who survives. - WW II Vet, US Navy
OSTERSTUCK, Clarinda P. Spouse of Wesley. Born 1891, died 19??
OSTERSTUCK, Lillian M. Born 11-26-1912, died 1-13-1927. Age: 14y 1m 18d - [Our Darling] Dau of Wesley and Clarinda (Walrod) Osterstuck
OSTERSTUCK, Wesley. Born 1889, died 5-18-1957. Age: 67y 10m 23d
PARKER, Juanita M. Spouse of Donald E. Born 09-01-1921, died 07-31-2009. Age: 87 - Dau of Sigfred and Faye Ellis Anderson. Wed 11-1-1941
PARKS, Edmond R. Born 1824, died 8-8-1868. Age: 45 - Civil War Vet, Co G 13th Hvy Arty NYS Vols. Mustered out 6-17-1865
PENFIELD, Alden Hubert. Spouse of #1 Zadie Bunce, #2 Polly M. Born 5-15-1869, died 3-19-1943. Age: 73y 10m 4d - Son of Elijah and Sarah A. (Potter) Penfield wed Zadie 6-5-1890
PENFIELD, Polly M. Spouse of Alden H., died 10-20-1889. Age: 64
PENFIELD, Zadie (Bunce). Spouse of Alden H. - Wed 6-5-1890
PENHOLLOW, Irvin. Born 1889, died 2-26-1966. Age: 77y 4d
PENHOLLOW, Nellie. Born 1888, died 19??
PETERS, Anne Marie (Funcell). Spouse of Richard S. [Pete]. Born 08-08-1930, died 08-14-2009. Age: 79 - Dau of James J. and Mildred Nelson Funcell Sr. Wed 8-30-1975-died in Las Vegas, NV
PETERSON, Bernard W. Born 1-18-1920, died 1-5-1945 - WW II KIA, US Army, 505 Parachute Inf, 82nd Airborne Div, Cpl
PETERSON, Mildred W., died 8-5-1962
PETERSON, Nellie Eighmen (Cease). Born 1876, died 1933
PETERSON, Wayne E. Ceas. Born 1898, died 11-20-1963. Age: 65
PHILLIPS, Addison H. Spouse of Sally Ann, died 11-16-1876. Age: 59y 7m 5d
PHILLIPS, Alice V., died 5-28-1859. Age: 14y 1m - Dau of Addison H and Sally Ann Phillips
PHILLIPS, Almeda. Spouse of Samuel. Born 1827, died 5-1-1906. Age: 79y 10m 15d - Dau of Joseph and Mary Barber
PHILLIPS, Cassious M. Born 1847, died 1907
PHILLIPS, Daisy E. Born 1935, died 1906
PHILLIPS, Dora J. Born 1853, died 1925
PHILLIPS, Henry A. Spouse of Ida J. Born 8-5-1852 - Monument
PHILLIPS, Ida J. Spouse of Henry A. Born 6-1-1858, died 12-9-1886
PHILLIPS, Isodora J. Born 11-5-1854, died 1-26-1925. Age: 70y 2m 21d - Dau of Samuel and Almedia Barber Phillips, a music teacher
PHILLIPS, M. Antoinette. Spouse of Winfield C. Born 1842, died 5-6-1910. Age: 67y 6m 28d - Dau of Walter and Sarah Jane Hill Waite
PHILLIPS, Marvin A. Born 5-3-1858, died 10-21-1932. Age: 74y 5m 18d - Son of Samuel and Almeda (Barber) Phillips
PHILLIPS, Mina. Born 2-24-1865, died 3-8-1868 - Dau of Winfield C and Antoinette Waite Phillips
PHILLIPS, Morven S. Born 1858, died 1932
PHILLIPS, Orissa M. Spouse of Charles Hill
PHILLIPS, Sally Ann. Spouse of Addison H., died 9-14-1877. Age: 53y 9m 27d
PHILLIPS, Samuel. Spouse of Almeda. Born 1825, died 9-19-1897. Age: 72y 4m 15d - Son of Isaac and Antha Phillips
PHILLIPS, Volney A. Born 11-8-1878, died 6-14-1880 - Son of Henry A. and Ida J Phillips
PHILLIPS, Winfield C. Spouse of M. Antoinette. Born 4-5-1837, died 6-14-1924. Age: 87y 2m 9d - Son of Adam and Sally (HINDS) Phillips
PHILLIPS, Zaida, died 3-21-1862. Age: 1y 7m - Dau of Addison H and Sally Ann Phillips
PITCHER, Minerva A. Spouse of W.C., died 6-12-1853. Age: 25y 9m 9d
PITCHER, W. C. Spouse of Minerva A
POWELL, Roger and Jennie - Lot Owner - Lot 51 C
POWELL, Ronald A. Spouse of Elizabeth Pangborn. Born 6-15-1943, died 1-20-2019. Age: 75 - Son of Roger and Jennie (Bateau) Powell. Born in Jamestown NY, lived and died in Kennedy NY. A truck driver for Jamestown Container. Wed 6-15-1968 in Jamestown, one daughter. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US Air Force.
PRICE, Baby stillborn, died 8-24-1922
PRICE, Paula L. (Brant). Spouse of Marion J. Born 8-4-1948, died 2-15-2021. Age: 72 - Dau of Archie and Doris (Towers) Brant. Born in Jamestown NY, lived in Sinclairville NY, died in Erie PA. Wed 4-5-1975, two children. (Spouse survives)
PRICE, Peggy M., died 10-24-1951. Age: Infant
PRICE, Walter & Alberta - Lot Owner - Lot 51 C
QUITTENTON, Ada E. (Hill). Spouse of Richard Isiah. Born 6-15-1882, died 11-11-1969
QUITTENTON, Adjaide Cross. Spouse of William. Born 6-16-1840, died 1-15-1924. Age: 83y 6m 9d - Dau of Irish and Sally (Miles) Cross, born in Randolph NY
QUITTENTON, Baby. Born 1951, died 1951
QUITTENTON, Richard Isiah. Spouse of Ada E. Born 3-20-1873, died 12-10-1932. Age: 59y 8m 20d - Son of Wm. and Adjaide Cross Quittenton, a twin. Born in Great Valley NY
QUITTENTON, William. Spouse of Adjaide Cross. Born 1833, died 1-19-1911. Age: 77y 10 17d - Son of Richard, born in Chelsham Surrey England
RAKESTRAW, The Rev. Nathan J. Spouse of Beatrice Town. Born 3-11-1917, died 3-16-2009. Age: 92 - Son of Hillery and Alice Rhodes Rakestraw-born in Kennett Square, PA. Wed 10-4-1947
RAY, Michael G. Born 8-6-1975, died 3-20-2007. Age: 31 - Son of Gerald and Anne Covert Ray
REESE, Elsie V. Spouse of Walter. Born 3-2-1936, died 3-20-2000. Age: 64 - Dau of Mark H and Esther Hildom Walrod
REESE, Walter. Spouse of Elsie V, died 1982
REMINGTON, Alice F. Spouse of William. Born 4-25-1892, died 10-15-1931. Age: 39y 5m 20d - Dau of Alonzo and Emma Hill Taylor
REMINGTON, William. Spouse of Alice. Born 1881, died 2-3-1939. Age: 57y 1m 19d
RICHEY, Charles A. Born 1879, died 1-18-1953. Age: 73y 2m 8d - Single
RICHEY, George Grove. Born 1845, died 5-6-1892. Age: 47 - Son of Wm. Single
ROBBINS, Clarence D. Spouse of #1 Janice M. Hahn, #2 Charlene Mead Peck. Born 4-6-1937, died 8-2-2017. Age: 80 - Son of Harold Sr and Geneva Robbins Born I Falconer NY, died in Kennedy NY. Long history of civic service in Town of Poland area. Wed Janice 8-20-1960, four sons. She d. 3-10-1995. Charlene survives. - Cold War Vet, US Army and Natl Guard. 1954-1967.
ROBBINS, Harold William Jr. Born 10-21-1933, died 1-14-2016. Age: 82 - Son of Harold William and Geneva (Burnside) Robbins, born in Westfield NY, died in Port Lucie FL. Co-owner of Hanson Cartage Inc. Wed 4-11-1954 in Falconer NY, four children. (She d. abt 2012) - Korean War Vet, Natl Guard, Co B, 27th Armored Recon Bn, Mess Sgt. 1952-1955
RUSSELL, Ackley, died 10-16-1906. Age: 62y 3m 12d - Son of Albert and Martha (Atkins) Russell ___
RUSSELL, Albert. Born 1818, died 1886. Age: 68
RUSSELL, Alton, died 4-1-1942. Age: 81y 1m 22d - Single
RUSSELL, Emma. Spouse of Carl S, died 7-30-1944. Age: 67y 5d
RUSSELL, Eva S., died 3-9-1875. Age: 16y 5d
RUSSELL, Fenn W. Born 1861, died 2-15-1944. Age: 82y 3m 3d
RUSSELL, Glenn. Born 9-20-1886, died 11-13-1900 - Son of Walter and Laura Russell
RUSSELL, Laura Ann (Marsh). Spouse of Walter Russell. Born 10-14-1842, died 10-2-1924 - Dau of Hiram Marsh 1
RUSSELL, Lucinda J., died 1-29-1907 - Dau of James and Celesta Marvin MOTHER
RUSSELL, Martha, died 5-7-1894. Age: 73y 10m26d - Dau of Wm. P. Atkins
RUSSELL, Thur, died 6-5-1919. Age: 52
RUSSELL, Truman - [Father]
RUSSELL, Walter B. Born 6-16-1836, died 8-14-1903 - Civil War Vet, Co A 112th Inf NYS Vols
SAVAREE, Vernon H. Spouse of Elaine Town. Born 07-21-1919, died 05-19-2010. Age: 90 - Son of Peter and Julia Barton Savaree-US Army WWII Veteran. Wed 6-24-1950
SCHNEIDER, Phillip George. Spouse of Jan, died 11-18-2020. Age: 79 - Son of Ben W. and Jeannette (Anderson) Schneider. Computer programmer, owner of Jepson Group. Born in Jamestown NY. Wed abt 1962, three children. (Spouse survives)
SCHRADER, Charles, died 11-11-1953. Age: 73y 10m 24d
SCHRADER, Harry, died 6-2-1919. Age: 35
SCHRADER, John. Born 6-27-1876, died 9-7-1937. Age: 61y 2m 11d - Son of Wm. and Minnie Netuine Schrader, unmarried
SCHRADER, Joseph F. Born 1882, died 8-18-1950. Age: 68y 1m 21d
SCHRADER, Mayme L. Born 1888, died 19??
SCHRADER, Mrs. Minnie. Born 2-24-1850, died 8-21-1905
SCHUYLER, Gertrude Hunter, died 9-13-1923. Age: 78
SCOTT, Arthur M. Born 4-23-1866, died 10-27-1926. Age: 60y 4m 20d - Son of Edwin and Sarah (Hill) Scott
SCOTT, Arthur Milton. Born 11-1-1906, died 7-19-1959 - Son of Arthur and May Scott
SCOTT, Edwin G. (S). Born 1837, died 1-25-1921. Age: 83
SCOTT, Howard W. Born 1-11-1898, died 9-19-1945. Age: 72y 10m 26d - Uncategorized Vet, 712 Mil. Police Bn, Pvt
SCOTT, Sarah M. Born 9-20-1845, died 3-2-1914 - Dau of Jerome and Mary (Day) Hill
SEEKINS, Aaron. Born 1876, died 1897
SEEKINS, Alvin F. Spouse of Mary Ellen. Born 8-19-1886, died 8-22-1973 - Son of Eben and Mary (Anderson)Seekins
SEEKINS, Cyril (Dodd), died 12-20-1931. Age: 62
SEEKINS, Debrah. Spouse of Ebenezer. Born 1806, died 3-6-1887. Age: 77
SEEKINS, Ebenezer. Spouse of Debrah. Born 1803, died 1871
SEEKINS, Florence M. Born 1922, died 10-29-1965. Age: 41y 10m 25d - Single
SEEKINS, George A., died 7-6-1905. Age: 3m 5d - Son of Geo. P. and Nettie Seekins
SEEKINS, Hannah. Born 1834, died 1894
SEEKINS, Margaret. Spouse of Simeon. Born 12-27-1838, died 12-25-1925. Age: 86y 11m 23d - Dau of Cyerl and Perrilla (Pixley)
SEEKINS, Simeon. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1824, died 1897
SEYMOUR, Charlotte. Spouse of Silas. Born 8-28-1817, died 1-3-1898
SEYMOUR, Silas H. Spouse of Charlotte. Born 6-23-1811, died 3-29-1875
SHIRLEY, Georgiana. Spouse of Howard J. Born 1911, died 1961
SHIRLEY, Howard J. Spouse of Georgiana. Born 1909, died 7-26-1945. Age: 36 - Uncategorized Vet
SHULTERS, (Shelters)Clarence. Born 6-26-1851, died 7-20-1927. Age: 76y 24d - Son of Geo. and Elizabeth Ocboc Shelters
SHULTERS, (Shelters)Cynthia M. Born 11-30-1850, died 6-20-1946. Age: 95y 6m 20d - Dau of Henry Shulters and Cynthia Ives
SILSBY, George H., died 11-11-1953
SILSBY, Jennie Proper. Born 1876, died 2-21-1954. Age: 77y 8m 22d
SIMMONS, Juliette. Born 1844, died 3-20-1922. Age: 77
SIMMONS, Lorenzo D. Born 1850, died 12-26-1932. Age: 82
SIMMONS, Russell. Born 1818, died 12-24-1901. Age: 83y 5m 21d - Son of Andrew and Elizabeth Baker Simmons
SIMPSON, Jane, died 4-11-1884. Age: 87
SIMPSON, Mary E. Spouse of Jerles, died 10-16-1880. Age: 18y 9m 10d
SIMPSON, Sarah. Born 1836, died 1890
SMITH, Cora S. Born 1892, died 11-19-1970. Age: 78
SMITH, Faba, died 6-9-1851. Age: 1y 1m 6d - Dau of Hiram and Lydia Smith
SMITH, George Silas. Born 1897, died 10-28-1967. Age: 70
SMITH, Joe E. Spouse of Alice Luce. Born 5-12-1945, died 6-17-2006. Age: 61 - Son of William F. and Frances Jones Smith-born in Oklahoma City, OK. Wed 1-6-1996
SPARLING, Edison C. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1890, died 1967
SPARLING, May E. Spouse of Edison C. Born 1883, died 1967
SPARLING, Oscar G. Spouse of May E. Walrod. Born 1883, died 1915
SPINLER, Robert W. Spouse of Hazel Chase. Born 8-29-1948, died 5-15-2000. Age: 51 - Son of Charles and Elizabeth Straight Spinler. Wed 11-7-1970
SPRINGER, Perry A. Born 1850, died 2-12-1926
SPRINGER, Albert Perry. Spouse of Lottie Nordstrom. Born 9-20-1850, died 2-9-1926. Age: 75y 4m 10d - Son of smith J. and Alene Ackley Springer
SPRINGER, Charlotte, died 10-27-1940. Age: 82y 3m 26d - Dau of John and Anna Johnson Norstrom
SPRINGER, Erwin. Born 1888, died 5-8-1970. Age: 82y 3m 19d
SPRINGER, Evah. Born 1895, died 1-30-1971. Age: 75y 10m 22d
SPRINGER, Lottie L. Spouse of Albert Perry. Born 1858, died 1940
SPRINGER, Olive (Mrs), died 10-8-1888 - Dau of David and Catherine (Eccles) ___
STAPLES, Charles, died 3-30-1905. Age: 45y 8m 28d - Son of Sewell and Julia Marsh Staples
STAPLES, Clayton F. Spouse of Olive Waite. Born 2-6-1888, died 10-23-1958 - Son of Chas. and Malinda (Russell) Staples Co. E 309 Inf. WW I
STAPLES, Malinda. Born 12-1-1862, died 11-10-1932 - Dau of Albert and Martha (Atkins) Russell
STAPLES, Olive Waite. Born 5-9-1972. Age: 71
STEADMAN, Jennett M. Spouse of Isaac, died 6-25-1867. Age: 21y6m 12d
STOCKWELL, A. Miles D., died 1-1864
STOCKWELL, Ada H., died 7-4-1921 - Dau of Dan'l and Prudence (Harrington) Stockwell
STOCKWELL, Alta J. Schuyler, died 10-21-1939. Age: 65y 8m 19d
STOCKWELL, Alta S. Spouse of Ivan A. Born 1874, died 1939
STOCKWELL, Amelia, died 2-2-1929. Age: 85
STOCKWELL, Clara D. Born 1892, died 9-3-1962. Age: 70y 7m 18d
STOCKWELL, Daniel A. Spouse of Rose Bemus. Born 1854, died 1921
STOCKWELL, Daniel S. Spouse of Prudence Harrington, died 3-11-1857. Age: 17y 5m 11d
STOCKWELL, Hoyt D. Born 1894, died 11-30-1967. Age: 73y 1m17d
STOCKWELL, Ivan A. Spouse of Alta S. Born 1878, died 2-20-1939. Age: 61y 1m 16d
STOCKWELL, Patricia M. Spouse of Wayne A. Born 3-17-1924, died 4-10-2006. Age: 82 - Dau of Oscar and Laura Benson Lindahl. Wed 1-18-1941 in Fredonia, NY
STOCKWELL, Prudence Harrington. Spouse of Daniel S., died 4-15-1883. Age: 70
STOCKWELL, Rose Bemus. Spouse of Daniel A. Born 1860, died 10-3-1898. Age: 38 - Dau of Frank and Esther McCutcheon Bemus
STOCKWELL, Sophronia, died 1856. Age: 26y 1m 17d
STOCKWELL, Wm. H. Born 1841, died 1912 - Civil War Vet, Co. A 112th NYS Vols
STONE, A. Lincoln, died 3-7-1866. Age: 1y - Son of A. and SA Stone
STONE, Abner A. Born 10-30-1842, died 11-20-1911. Age: 69y 21d - Son of Daniel and Velonica Rolph Stone - Civil War Vet, Co C 13th Hvy Arty NYS Vols
STONE, Aseenitha. Born 2-29-1844, died 6-4-1907
STONE, Chauncey
STONE, Clarinda
STONE, Cleon C. Born 1879, died 4-26-1908. Age: 38y 8m 18d - Son of Ormandsu and Oril Newton Stone
STONE, Henrietta J., died 9-28-1867. Age: 171m 25d - Dau of Abner and _______ Stone
STONE, James N. Born 1828, died 9-27-1888. Age: 60 - Son of David and Velonia Stone
STONE, Oril A. (Newton). Spouse of Ormandus N. Born 4-19-1845, died 3-5-1907. Age: 62 - Dau of Jesse and Louisa (Puddy) Newton, born in Carroll, Catt Co, died in Poland NY. Wed 7-3-1867 in Napoli NY. Four children
STONE, Ormandus Norman #1 Sarah, #2 Oril Newton. Born 8-4-1845, died 9-17-1922. Age: 77y 1m 13d - Son of Daniel and Velonia (Rolph) Stone. Wed Oril in 7-3-1867 in Napoli NY. Four children - Civil War, Co. G. 13th Hvy Arty NYS Vols
STONE, Sarah. Spouse of Ormandus N., died 10-19-1890. Age: 74
STONE, Sarah (Wagner). Spouse of Chauncey, died 1-10-1910. Age: 89y 10m 22d - Dau of Laverne Wagner and Lucy Hiller (Miller) Wagner (the monument is broken)
SWANNEY, Margaret Ann
SWANSON, Henry. Born 1865, died 10-1-1949. Age: 80y 4m 17d
SWANSON, Anna Marie. Born 7-15-1831, died 9-26-1901. Age: 70y 2m - Dau of _____ Anderson
SWANSON, Emma. Spouse of Claude A. Clark
SWANSON, Louise Minnick. Spouse of Henry. Born 1870, died 7-1-1954. Age: 85y 2m 9d
SWEATMAN, Doris K. (Kunkel). Spouse of Walter W. Born 5-1-1919, died 8-3-2017. Age: 98 - Dau of Arthur and Ruth (Bacon) Kunkel. Born in Portland NY, Lived in Kennedy NY, died in Gerry NY. Wed 9-23-1939, nine children. (Spouse d. 11-27-1927)
TAFT, Della, died 4-25-1929. Age: 70
TAFT, Ellen A. Born 1856, died 1929 - [Mother]
TAYLOR, Alonzo H. Born 1861, died 9-26-1908. Age: 46y 7m - Son of John Taylor
TAYLOR, Altaa. Born 1889, died 1891
TAYLOR, Claude
TAYLOR, Earl M. Born 1888, died 1892 - Son of Alonzo and Emma Taylor
TAYLOR, Emma. Born 12-3-1867, died 5-31-1933. Age: 65y 5m 28d - Dau of John D. Hill and Alvira Oakes Hill
THOMPSON, Margaret L. Remington Cullen. Spouse of Charles F. Jr. Born 07-27-1927, died 08-17-2010. Age: 83 - Dau of Lewis N. and L. Margaret Lawhead Remington. Wed 7-15-1961 in Tacoma Park, MD
TOWERS, Gordon & Effie
TOWERS, Jean Grace. Born 1922, died 4-28-1944. Age: 16y 5m 10d
TOWN, Bertha. Born 1898, died 19??
TOWN, Clarence. Spouse of Maud Gibson. Born 7-25-1870, died 12-25-1944. Age: 74y 5m - Son of Marion and Maria Veily Town
TOWN, Ira, died 9-28-1917. Age: 1/2hr. - Son of Leon and Bertha (Hopkins) Town
TOWN, Leon I., died 8-3-1967. Age: 73
TOWN, Maude Belle. Born 3-15-1874, died 3-11-1945. Age: 70y 11m 28d - Dau of Thomas Gibson and Blanche Quaint
TROST, Fritz M. Born 1886, died 8-11-1953. Age: 67y 3m 5d
TROST, Hazel L. Born 1890, died 9-18-1971
TURNER, Samantha (Russell), died 3-18-1937. Age: 80
TURNER, Arthur R., died 2-17-1971. Age: 64y 3m 26d
TURNER, Gracie E., died 2-11-1887 - Dau of Frank and Samantha Turner
TURNER, James Frank. Born 1858, died 4-17-1933. Age: 74
TURNER, Mytrle, died 8-4-1964. Age: 79y 2m 23d
VANSTROM, Alfred S. Spouse of Helen E. Born 8-23-1917, died 9-16-2004. Age: 87 - Son of E. Albert and Florelle Stone Vanstrom
VANSTROM, Helen E. Baker. Spouse of Alfred S., died 1-21-1991 - Wed 12-18-1937
WAITE, Addie E. (Scott). Spouse of Ray W. Born 1876, died 1954 - Dau of Edwin G. and Sarah (Hill) Scott
WAITE, Alberta H.
WAITE, Allen, died 10-17-1939. Age: 5y 9m 14d
WAITE, Alton R. Spouse of Birdena. Born 1891, died 10-6-1923. Age: 31
WAITE, Anna. Spouse of Jabez, died 4-29-1850. Age: 65y 9m 29d
WAITE, Annie. Born 1862, died 1866
WAITE, Annie. Spouse of Wellington. Born 1872, died 1920
WAITE, Ansel Benoi. Spouse of #1 Fidelia Bliss, #2 Charlotte Phillips. Born 7-27-1836, died 7-12-1905 - Son of Jabez and Ann (Straton) Waite - Lot 37
WAITE, Arthur H. Born 1886, died 4-28-1971. Age: 84
WAITE, Augusta. Born 1851, died 1906
WAITE, B. Jane. Spouse of Galutia Minor Waite. Born 1832, died 8-15-1918
WAITE, Berdena, died 5-15-1964. Age: 71
WAITE, Bernice M. Born 1868, died 9-18-1944. Age: 76y 17d
WAITE, Bessie B. Spouse of Clarence L. Born 1892, died 3-2-1965. Age: 72y 2m 19d
WAITE, Bessie G. Born 4-23-1891, died 12-21-1917 - Dau of Marcus L. and Henrietta Halladay Waite
WAITE, Bessie M. Born 1887, died 12-23-1967. Age: 80
WAITE, Birdena. Spouse of Alton R. Born 1891, died 1923
WAITE, Carl M. Spouse of Tressa. Born 7-25-1889, died 6-4-1965. Age: 74y 10m 8d - Son of Marcus L. and Henrietta Halladay Waite
WAITE, Caroline A. Spouse of William J., died 2-6-1914
WAITE, Charlotte A. (Phillips). Born 1821, died 8-28-1902 - Lot 15
WAITE, Claire Mina, died 9-5-1920. Age: 2
WAITE, Clarence L. Spouse of Bessie Hegberg. Born 7-2-1893, died 11-26-1972. Age: 79 - Son of Richard and May Noble Waite
WAITE, Daniel - No marker
WAITE, Doris Caroline. Spouse of Kenneth William. Born 7-18-1925, died 9-13-2008. Age: 83 - Dau of John and Ethelyn Hamilton Latona. Wed 4-4-1942
WAITE, Dow. Born 4-25-1851, died 11-9-1928. Age: 78y 6m 15d - Son of Galusha M. and Jane Bunce Waite
WAITE, Earl. Born 1892, died 1916 - Son of Myron and Minnie (Sikstrom) Waite. One daughter - WW I, died in war
WAITE, Elgie. Born 1893, died 1926 - WW I Vet, Co M, Prov. Reg. 156 D.B.
WAITE, Elton Stillman. Spouse of Ethel G. Born 1897, died 8-3-1970. Age: 73 - Died in Warren PA
WAITE, Ethel Lot owner - Lot 90
WAITE, Ethel Grace. Spouse of Elton S. Born 1898, died 5-23-1966. Age: 67
WAITE, Ethel L. Spouse of Herbert L. Born 1881, died 7-21-1967. Age: 86
WAITE, Etta M., died 9-16-1932. Age: 63
WAITE, Fidelia (Bliss). Spouse of Ansel B., died 2-15-1851. Age: 36y 17d - 1st wife
WAITE, Floyd O., died 9-26-1881. Age: 6y 5m 10d - Son of H. G. and May (Burlington) Waite
WAITE, Frances M., died 11-22-1972. Age: 68y 8m 12d
WAITE, Frank M. Born 1866, died 5-5-1942. Age: 57y
WAITE, Galusha Minor. Spouse of Jane Bunce. Born 1816, died 1886
WAITE, Glenn. Born 1883, died 5-7-1942. Age: 58y 10m 24d
WAITE, Hattie. Born 1857, died 1870
WAITE, Hattie M. Born 1885, died 1886
WAITE, Herbert L. Spouse of Ethel. Born 9-1-1882, died 2-19-1973
WAITE, Horace G. Spouse of Mary Fredrick. Born 1847, died 1929 - Civil War Vet, Co G 13th Hvy Arty NYS Vols
WAITE, Ida. Born 6-3-1862
WAITE, Ida Adelia. Spouse of Walter B. Born 1862, died 7-17-1918. Age: 56 - Dau of Wallace and Emma Markham Pangborn
WAITE, Infant, died 9-14-1946
WAITE, Irene G. Spouse of Clarence M. Born 9-19-1924, died 10-10-2007. Age: 83 - Dau of John and Nellie Carley Abers-born in Lander PA. Wed 1-4-1947
WAITE, Jabez
WAITE, Jack C. Spouse of Louise, died 02-02-2011. Age: 86 - Son of Glenn and Olive Waite-US Army WWII Veterarn
WAITE, Jane Bunce. Spouse of Galusha Minor, died 2-27-1853. Age: 26y 9m 18d
WAITE, John C. Born 1895, died 19??
WAITE, John Myron, died 4-23-1933 Infant
WAITE, LeRoy & Virginia
WAITE, Lowell Clarence. Born 5-20-1923, died 5-24-1923. Age: 4d - Son of Clarence and Bessie Hegberg Waite
WAITE, Lynn N. Born 4-25-1902, died 6-5-1904
WAITE, M.C. Born 8-7-1892, died 9-21-1896
WAITE, Marcus L. Spouse of Henrietta E. Halladay. Born 8-14-1849, died 2-12-1934. Age: 84y 5m 29d - Son of John B and Delitha (Crandall) Waite
WAITE, Mary. Born 1817, died 1882
WAITE, May E. Spouse of Richard. Born 10-7-1868, died 3-26-1847. Age: 78y 5m 21d - Dau of Dwight and Laura Phillips Noble
WAITE, May F. Born 1855, died 3-25-1943. Age: 87y 2m 28d
WAITE, Minnie M. Born 1871, died 2-10-1941. Age: 69y 6m 4d
WAITE, Myron. Born 1862, died 2-17-1923. Age: 60 - Son of Caroline A. Waite
WAITE, Nettie E. Born 12-2-1864, died 10-23-1939. Age: 74y 10m 21d - Dau of Henry and Louisa Walrod Halladay
WAITE, Olive L. Spouse of #1 Glenn Waite, #2 Clayton (Crayton?) Staples. Born 1900, died 5-9-1972. Age: 71
WAITE, Pearl, died 12-24-1958. Age: 77
WAITE, Peris Bunce. Spouse of Bernice Clark. Born 7-31-1865, died 4-26-1921. Age: 55 - Son of Caroline A. (Bunce) Waite and Wm. J. wed 9/19/1885
WAITE, Ray Waite. Spouse of Addie E. Scott. Born 10-30-1876, died 2-18-1954. Age: 73y 5m 12d - Son of Walter B. and Ida Remington Waite. Wed 9-20-1901
WAITE, Reid. Born 7-12-1888, died 2-10-1964 - Son of Horace B. and Mary Frederick Waite
WAITE, Richard M. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1-17-1859, died 8-25-1939. Age: 80y 7m 8d - Son of Galusha and Jane Bunce Waite
WAITE, Robert, died 6-1-1915
WAITE, Robert Rowe. Spouse of Laurene Lewis. Born 12-30-1909, died 12-22-1965 - Son of Wellington and Annie Rowe Waite Cpl. 313 Bomb Sq. AAF WW 11
WAITE, Rodney A. Born 1927, died 9-18-1930. Age: 3
WAITE, Russell
WAITE, Russuth L., died 1-29-1851. Age: 11y 5m 11d - Son of J. B. and D. A. Waite
WAITE, Sarah B. Hall
WAITE, Tracy Henry. Born 12-5-1892, died 1012-1959. Age: 66y 10m 7d - WW I Vet, US Army, R.Q. Co. 7 Inf. 3 Div. Pvt
WAITE, Tressa. Spouse of Carl M. Born 1900, died 1965. Age: 64
WAITE, Vern Vern infant
WAITE, Walter. Spouse of Ida Adelia
WAITE, Wellington. Spouse of Annie Rowe. Born 10-30-170, died 2-8-1951 - Son of Galusha and Jane Bunce Waite
WAITE, Wesley
WAITE, William J. Born 6-27-1836, died 7-12-1905 - Son of Ansel B. and Fidelia (Bliss) Waite
WAITE, William K. Born 3-30-1898, died 8-13-1930. Age: 33
WALKER, Viola. Born 1853, died 1918
WALLIS, David (Daniel) Owner 20
WALLIS, Emily, died 5-3-1817. Age: 11y 6m 27d - Dau of David and Susan M. Wallis
WALLIS, Emma Viola. Born 2-5-1855, died 9-9-1919. Age: 64y 7m 4d - Dau of Eber and Elizabeth Wares Baker
WALLIS, Erwin, died 11-16-1923
WALLIS, Erwin, died 1-17-1848. Age: 29
WALLIS, Florence, died 3-19-1851. Age: 21m 26d - Dau of L. and Miriam ? Wallis
WALLIS, Guy, died 2-4-1936. Age: 59y 10m25d
WALLIS, Lafayette. Spouse of Lucy A. Born 1825, died 2-25-1908. Age: 83y 24d - Son of Daniel and Susan Woodard Wallis
WALLIS, Lucy A. Spouse of Lafayette. Born 1832, died 12-30-1894. Age: 63y 4m 27d - Dau of Benj. and Lucy Ann Russell
WALLIS, Marshall. Age: 26y 5d
WALROD, Albert C. Spouse of Maud L. Born 1862, died 9-23-1944. Age: 82y 1m 1d
WALROD, Almon A. Spouse of Minnie A. Born 1889, died 8-12-1966. Age: 77y 5m 18d
WALROD, Anna (Mrs.) Morgan
WALROD, Beatrice. Born 8-3-1923, died 7-18-1925. Age: 1y - Dau of Mark and Esther Walrod
WALROD, Bertha M. - No marker
WALROD, Beverly L. "Burch". Spouse of Milan M. Born 12-11-1929, died 08-27-2010. Age: 80 - Dau of Edwin and Ethel Jacobson Larson. Wed 6-30-1951
WALROD, Blanche M. Born 1899, died 19??
WALROD, Charles A. Born 9-22-1849, died 7-6-1930. Age: 80y 9m 14d - Son of Harvey and Matilda Church Walrod
WALROD, Clara E. Spouse of Albert C. Born 1866, died 3-27-1901. Age: 35 - Dau of David and Catherine Proper
WALROD, Clare Almond. Born 12-6-1930, died 12-9-1939 - Son of Mark and Esther Hildom Walrod
WALROD, Clarinda P. Born 11-15-1845, died 2-16-1917. Age: 71y 3m 1d - Dau of Harvey and Matilda Church Walrod
WALROD, Claud A. Born 1881, died 3-26-1962. Age: 80y 5m 29d
WALROD, Dollie J. (Della). Spouse of Lavern M. Born 1866, died 4-23-1944. Age: 77y 11m 8d
WALROD, Edith, died 5-19-1931. Age: 22y 11m 7d
WALROD, Elmer W. Born 1861, died 1914
WALROD, Esther. Spouse of Mark H, died 5-6-1966. Age: 68
WALROD, Freda. Spouse of Charles A. Born 9-17-1861, died 5-11-1932. Age: 70y 7m 24d - Dau of Isaac Jacobson
WALROD, Grace Irene Parker. Born 1887, died 12-18-1935. Age: 48y 11m 9d
WALROD, Harvey. Born 11-12-1812, died 12-4-1893 - [Father]
WALROD, Herman L. Born 1894, died 12-30-1962. Age: 68
WALROD, Horace Walker. Born 12-26-1910, died 12-29-1910. Age: 2m 7d - Son of Walker Elmer Walrod and Gladys Valmany Tumer ___
WALROD, Judson M. Born 12-19-1854, died 1-5-1938. Age: 84y 10d
WALROD, Lavern M. Spouse of Dollie J. Born 1859, died 9-2-1933. Age: 74y 2m 18d
WALROD, Mark Hiram. Spouse of Esther. Born 1-10-1896, died 8-4-1963 - WW I Vet, US Army, Btry F 321 Fld. Arty. Pvt
WALROD, Mary O. Spouse of Judson. Born 7-29-1861, died 8-20-1898
WALROD, Matilda. Spouse of Harvey. Born 1888. Age: 93 - [Mother]
WALROD, Maud, died 5-24-1965. Age: 79
WALROD, Maud L. Spouse of Albert C. Born 1885, died 19??
WALROD, May E. Spouse of Oscar G
WALROD, Merle D. - No marker
WALROD, Minnie A. Spouse of Almon A. Born 12-18-1885, died 12-10-1950. Age: 64y 11m 22d - Dau of Swan and Sophia Nelson
WALROD, Ruth (Benson). Spouse of William A. Born 10-2-1917, died 2-19-2008. Age: 90 - Dau of Lynn E. Sr. and Bertha (Page) Benson. Wed 8-24-1951
WALROD, Seth - No marker
WALROD, Stanley A. Born 1904, died 11-8-1968. Age: 63
WALROD, William A. Spouse of Ruth O. Benson. Born 6-28-1916, died 6-22-2007. Age: 90 - Son of Almon A. and Minnie Nelson Walrod. Wed 8-24-1951Lot 30
WALTZER, August. Born 1892, died 6-29-1971. Age: 79y 2m 20d
WAMPLE, Julia F.Marsh
WASHBURG, Bessie. Born 4-23-1891, died 12-21-1917. Age: 26y 7m 28d - Dau of LaFayette and Nettie Halladay Waite ___
WASHBURG, Laurence. Spouse of Luella M. Eccles. Born 2-5-1881, died 4-14-1959 - Son of Andrew and Louise Jones Washburg
WASHBURG, Luella M. Spouse of Laurence. Born 3-14-1884, died 11-29-1970
WELLS, John, died 4-9-1930. Age: 77
WHEELER, Alton Case. Born 1903, died 6-20-1936. Age: 32y 9m 17d
WHEELER, Eliza Jane. Born 2-14-1843, died 5-29-1919 - Dau of John Simpson
WHEELER, Henry Carl. Spouse of #1 Mary Jeanette Stom, #2 Alice Fisher, #3 Louisa Carpenter. Born 1846, died 1897 Son of John and Julia Ann (Love) Wheeler, born in Gerry NY, died in Poland NY. One duaghter with Mary (She d. 1875). Alice one son with Alice (She died in childbirth in 1879.) One son with Louisa. - Civil War Vet, Co C 9th Cav NYS Vols. Enlisted at Poland NY, mustered out with unit 6-1-1865.
WHEELER, Henry Case. Spouse of #1 Susan Scott, #2 Julia A. Honaker. Born 10-19-1879, died 9-7-1957 - Son of Henry C. and Alice (Fisher) Wheeler, born in Cleveland OH, died in Chaut Co. NY. Five children with Susan, three with Julia. - Uncategorized Vet
WHEELER, J. (Mrs) Owner 25
WHEELER, Jack B. Born 02-23-1931, died 02-21-2014. Age: 82 - Son of Henry K. and Julia (Honaker) Wheeler, born in Catt Co, died in Jamestown, an electrician. - Korean War Vet, US Navy - 1951-1954
WHEELER, Julia Ann (Honaker). Spouse of Henry Case. Born 1888, died 3-24-1955. Age: 66y 6m 22d
WHEELER, Sidney A. Born 7-4-1914, died 9-23-1944 - Son of Henry C. and Susan (Scott) Wheeler - WW II, US Navy, Baker 2C
WHEELER, Warren A., died 5-14-1874. Age: 19y 6m 17d
WHITE, Arthur L. Born 1887, died 1906
WHITE, Caroline, died 67-15-1921. Age: 83
WHITE, Marjorie, died 7-20-1919. Age: 5
WILCOX, Evelyn. Spouse of Leo J. Born 8-30-1918, died 3-30-2008. Age: 89 - Dau of Fred E. and Hazel Warner Jones. Wed 11-28-1953
WILCOX, Leo J. Jr. Born 10-6-1957, died 12-18-1959 - [Our Son] Son of Leo and Evelyn Jones Wilcox
WILLARD, Mark, died 12-23-1864. Age: 44
WILLIAMS, A. S. - Owner lot 44
WILLIAMS, Albert S. Born 5-9-1827, died 5-6-1897. Age: 69y 11m28d - Son of Lucius and Sophronia Wms.
WILLIAMS, Aldello E. Born 1-13-1864, died 6-21-1925. Age: 71y 5m 8d - Son of Albert and Mary Jane Shelters Wms.
WILLIAMS, Banoni, died 3-16-18?9. Age: 23y 10m
WILLIAMS, Clara M. - Owner 26C
WILLIAMS, Edgar. Spouse of ? Waite. Born 3-11-1861, died 1-12-1928. Age: 67 - Son of Albert and Mary Jane Shelters Williams.
WILLIAMS, Esther L. Spouse of Gordon A. Born 5-25-1926, died 3-14-2008. Age: 81 - Dau of William and Ruth Mead Ellis
WILLIAMS, Florence. Born 1897, died 19??
WILLIAMS, Gerald. Born 1897, died 19??
WILLIAMS, Gordon A. Spouse of Esther L. Born 7-7-1929, died 4-14-2018. Age: 88 - Son of Gerald and Florence (Bloomer) Williams. Born in Kennedy NY, lived in Falconer NY, died in Montoursville PA. Two children.
WILLIAMS, Horase S., died 12-14-1946. Age: 43y 1m 13d - Falconer Fire Dept
WILLIAMS, Inez. Born 1867, died 7-19-1887 - Dau of Wm. J. and Caroline (Bunce) Waite
WILLIAMS, Julia A. Spouse of Aldello. Born 9-26-1850, died 5-5-1880
WILLIAMS, Lois I. (Penhollow). Spouse of Albert E. Born 10-16-1919, died 4-21-2014. Age: 94 - Dau of Irvin and Nellie (Crandall) Penhollow, born and died in Jamestown NY. Wed 3-13-1939 in Jamestown. He d.11-12-2011.
WILLIAMS, Mary Jane. Spouse of Albert S. Born 2-2-1896, died 8-28-1932 - Dau of Geo. Shulters
WILLIAMS, May Juliette. Spouse of Aldello. Born 6-1-1862, died 9-30-1924. Age: 62y 4m - Dau of Richard Rush and Rachel DeGrace Howe
WILLIAMS, Volney E. Born 7-12-1850, died 7-18-1868 - Son of Albert S. and Mary J. Wms
WILLIS, Phyllis A.(Whattler). Spouse of Robert L. Born 2-11-1930, died 2-16-2019. Age: 89 - Dau of Harry and Mildred (Taylor) Whattler. Born in Clear Creek NY, lived in San Jose CA, died in Gerry NY. Wed 7-3-1949, four children. (Spouse d. 10-4-1982)
WILLSIE, (WILTSIE) Eva Rose (Miss), died 5-7-1936. Age: 79y 10m 6d
WILLSIE, Mary, died 11-1-1993
WILLSIE, Rhoda M., died 9-1-1933. Age: 83
WILSEY, Adeline (Sheldon). Spouse of Joshua. Born 1815, died 6-18-1902
WILSEY, Joshua. Born 1806, died 1869
WILSON, David. Born 1900, died 7-1-1900. Age: 77 - Son of John and Sarah Mofitt Wilson
WILSON, Keziah, died 1-26-1901. Age: 77y 1m 4d - Dau of Daniel and Hannah (Collin) Wilson
WOODWORTH, Joseph. Spouse of Sarah B Hall, died 1-21-1892
WOODWORTH, Sarah B. Hall. Spouse of Joseph
WRIGHT, Darius. Born 1828, died 5-24-1910. Age: 63y 2m 29d - Son of David and Anna Hopkins Wright - Civil War Vet, Co K, 14th Hvy Arty NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted at Poland NY for 1 yr. discharged 6-4-1865.
WRIGHT, Della E. Spouse of William. Born 1893, died 19??
WRIGHT, Edward. Spouse of Matilda Lawson. Born 10-26-1855, died 6-16-1947. Age: 91y 7m 20d - Son of Darius and Ellen Marsh Wright
WRIGHT, Edward, died 11-1888. Age: 10m - Son of Ed and Emma Lawson Wright
WRIGHT, Edward Owner Lot 83. Spouse of Emma
WRIGHT, Ellen Marsh, died 4-20-1909. Age: 76y 6m - Dau of Hiram and Louisa Love Marsh
WRIGHT, Flora, died 8-1-1955. Age: 87y 3m
WRIGHT, Jefferson. Spouse of Flora Caswell. Born 2-7-1863, died 8-14-1926. Age: 63y 5m 28d - Son of Darius and Ellen Marsh Wright
WRIGHT, William Sr. Spouse of Della E. Born 8-29-1886, died 8-9-1957. Age: 70y 11m10d - Son of Edward and Mathilda Wright - WW I Vet
YAW, Betsey (Stark). Spouse of John Jr. Born 5-31-1799, died 2-18-1871. Age: 71y 8m 28d - Born in CT, died in Chaut Co. Wed 7-30-1815 in Colrain MA, at least seven children.
YAW, John, Jr. Spouse of Betsey Stark. Born 12-3-1796, died 5-12-1872. Age: 75y 5m 9d - Son of John and Sarah (Ethridge) Yaw, born in Colrain MA, died in Poland NY. Wed 7-30-1815 in Colrain, at least seven children. - War of 1812 Vet
YORK, Celia (Converse). Spouse of Jeremiah, died 8-4-1840. Age: 56
YORK, Jeremiah. Spouse of Celia
YOUNG, Ada Elnora (Hill). Born 5-15-1888, died 11-11-1969. Age: 87 - Dau of John D. and Olvira (Oakes) Hill

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