World War I Veterans

This page contains the names of men and women from Chautauqua County who served in World War I.

We owe them thanks and recognition.

  • The service column uses these standard military abbreviations: KIA Killed in action; DOW Died of Wounds; DOD Died of Disease; DNB Died Non-Battle; DOI Died of Injuries; FOD Finding of death/Missing presumed dead; Dead no other info; POW Prisoner of War. If the service begins with Vet, the soldier survived the war.
  • If we do not know a soldier's burial place, the place where he enlisted is in square brackets in the burial column.
  • "Unnamed Cem, this site" in the Burial column is this page.
  • The ~  means we do not know.

Check the  Medal of Honor page to see details about Chautauqua County's Medal of Honor recipients

Name Service Death Date Burial Place
ABBEY, Floyd  Vet ~ ~ Portland Evergreen
ABRAM, Clarence Lewis [Abe] Vet, US Army PFC.  3-25-1995 Cassadaga
ACKROYD, Arthur Vet US Army, Co D 59th Pioneer Inf, Pfc, NY 11-24-1952 Fluvanna
ADAMOWIEZ, Peter Vet US Army, Aviation Sec Signal Corps 1919 St. Hedwig
ADAMS, Frank B Vet US Army, Co E, 348th Inf and Co D. 153rd DBRD, Pvt 1926 St. Hedwig
ALBRIGHT, Reece Vet ~ 4-1-1968 Riverside Kennedy
AMES, Charles Albert Brunson Vet 1-26-1969 Allen
ANDERSON, George S. Vet US Army, 418 Supply Train, Col 7-17-1958 Valley View
ANDERSON, Gifford Leach Vet Career (Also WW II Vet) 1-4-1970 Valley View
ANDERSON, Ray V. Vet, US Navy, BM2 11-1-2978 Greenwood, Stockton
ANDERSON, Vern A. KIA, Co C 309 Inf. 78th Div, Pvt. Killed in France 1918 Valley View
BAILEY, Harry Vet US Army, Co E 74th Inf NG, Pvt 2-11-1940 Greenwood, Harmony
BAKER, Arthur C. Vet ~ 1923 Quincy
BAKER, Ralph George Vet ~ 8-1-1955 Magnolia
BALL, Clayton George  Vet NY FFC 2nd Mech Regt Air SVC 2-27-1967 Riverside Kennedy
BANKS, William J Jr KIA, died in France 10-6-1918 Forest Hill
BARBER, Harley J. Sr. Vet, US Army, 3rd Div, Btry A. 3-5-1982 Mayville
BARBER, William A. Vet US Army, HQ Troop, 12th US Cav, Musician 3/C 11-19-1937 Maple Grove, Ashville
BARCLAY, Burt J Vet US Army, S/Sgt 3-20-1977 Fluvanna
BARKELL, Robert P.  Vet US Army, 348th Inf, PFC 9-7-1962 Cassadaga
BARMORE, Allen Vet ~ 1937 Gerry Village
BATES, George Palmer Vet ~ 12-20-1971 Magnolia
BEEBE, Harvey H. Vet, US Navy 10-21-1984 Cassadaga
BEEBE, Vincent Edwards Vet, US Army, Co B 117th Engrs 42nd Div in Europe. Fought at Champagne, Argonne, and Ardennes. 4-21-1980 Cassadaga
BEMIS, William R.  Vet US Army, 307th Trench Mortar, Pvt 11-7-1958 Cutting Cem
BENNETT, Clifford C. Vet US Army, Co L 59th Pioneer Inf, Pvt. 8-21-1963 Fentonville
BENNINK, Hermey Vet ~ 1978 Holland
BENSON, John A.  Vet ~ 6-16-1954 Myrtle
BERNARD, Ernest Fred Vet, US Army, Military Police 12-28-1992 Cassadaga
BIALASZEWSKI, Michael Vet US Army 110 Co Trans Corps, Pfc 5-9-1965 St. Hyacinth
BIELAWSKI, Max Vet US Army, Co D 29 Inf, Pvt 1-29-1961 St. Hyacinth
BILLINGS, James A. Vet ~ 1955 Magnolia
BLAUSER, Samuel Wendell, Jr. Vet ~ 9-18-1976 Fentonville
BODIN, Edward F.  Vet ~ 8-2-1983 Cassadaga
BOOZEL, Homer McKinley Vet US Army, Btry E 58th Field Arty, Pvt 3-23-1954 West Mina
BOSWELL, Guy William Vet US Army, Co G 77th Div 1948 Busti
BOURNE, Charles C. Vet ~ 8-19-1953 Westfield/Portland
BRACISZEWSKI, John Vet US Army 9-12-1979 St. Hyacinth
BRADLEY, Rollie M. Vet ~ 12-27-1966 Mina
BRATT, Victor H Vet Pvt. 10-5-1918 Lake View
BRIGGS, Edward Walter Vet, US Army Engrs, Major. Retired.  8-25-1955 Cassadaga
BRIGGS, Walter E. Vet US Army, Pvt. Career 12-26-1967 Maple Grove, Ashville
BROOKS, John P. Vet US Army, Btry E, 36th CAC 1933 Panama Union
BROWN, Reuben [Carl] Vet US Army, 307th Fld Arty, 2/ Lt 7-13-1964 Bemis Point
BUCKHOLTZ, John A Vet US Army 10-18-1979 St. Hyacinth
BUDNIEWSKI, John B Vet US Army, Co B 363rd Inf 1935 St. Hedwig
BUNT, George F  Vet US Army, 26th Regt 10-29-1926 Portland Evergreen
BURCH, George E Vet ~ 12-5-1939 Riverside Kennedy
BURCH/BURTCH, Frederick Melvin  Vet ~ 10-23-1975 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
BURKE, Roman Joseph Vet 10-23-1985 Allen
BURLEY, Marion C. Vet ~ 1920 Quincy
BURMASTER, Lester Christ Vet, US Navy, SM2 11-8-1944 Evergreen Lawn
BUSH , Ohmer  Vet ~ 5-3-1970 Myrtle
BUSH, Edwin M. Vet ~ 10-1-1981 Riverside Kennedy
BUTTON, George Fields Vet Co H 147th Inf NYS Vols 1927 Westfield
BUTTS, Vance L. Vet Co A 311 Mch Gun Bn, Pvt 5-24-1955 Maple Grove, Ashville
CAFLISCH, J. Carl Vet 6-29-1961 Holland
CAMPBELL, Harold E. Sr.  Vet US Army, Co M 103rd Inf, Pvt. 5-31-1970 Cassadaga
CARLSON, C. Rudolph   Vet US Navy 3-26-1981 Lake View
CARLSON, Clarence A Vet US Army, Mech 11-4-1971 Fluvanna
CARLSON, Eric A. Vet US Army, Btry E 6 Fld Arty, Pvt 11-23-1964 Maple Grove, Ashville
CARLSON, Howard R Vet ~ 9-29-1983 Fluvanna
CASLER, Evander Vet US Army, Pfc 5-07-1988 Panama Union
CATTLEY, Marshall E. Vet US Army, Co A 306 MC Bn 77 Div 1965 Fluvanna
CHRISTIAN, John J.  Vet US Army, Btry A 307 Fld Arty 78th Div, PFC, NY 2-7-1962 Evergreen Sinclairville
CHRISTIE, Eugene F. Vet US Army, 319th Field Arty. 82nd Airborne Div, Pvt 4-26-1934 Quincy
CIEPIELA, Joseph F Vet US Navy 12-6-1967 St. Hyacinth
CLARK, Walter John Vet 1-27-1939 Allen
CLELAND, Glenn W.  Vet US Army, Pvt, NY 9-28-1918 Evergreen Sinclairville
COBB, Raymond V.  Vet, US Army, Btry C 307th F. Arty. 7-4-1932 Cassadaga
COOGAN, Joseph A. Vet US Army Reserves, Maj. 1956-1972 7-27-1956 Quincy
COPE, William Vet Purple Heart 4-1-1954 Cassadaga
CORNELL, Purl D.  Vet US Army 11-23-1975 Mayville
CORNELL, Rex A. Vet US Army, Co A 112th Inf 28th Div, Pvt (PA) 6-18-1950 Grant
COX, Lewis Henry Vet ~ 1-2-1954 Riverside Kennedy
CRANDELL, Howard D Vet ~ 3-9-1948 Riverside Kennedy
CRAWFORD, Lewis L. Vet US Marine Corps, Pvt. 1918-1922 6-6-1974 Magnolia
CREEK, Murray D.  Vet ~ ~ Levant
CULVER, Clarence E. Vet US Army, 74th inf NY Natl Guard  12-31-1999 Sunset Hill
CUMMINGS, Adelbert Vet US Army, Lt.  5-1-1988 Cassadaga
CUMMINGS, Louis Ernest Vet, Co A, 346th Inf, PFC 7-2-1969 Evergreen Lawn
CZARNIAK, Stanley F Vet US Army, Co L 345 Inf, Pvt 1-2-1968 St. Hyacinth
DAHL, Robert W. Vet 3-21-1964 Allen
DAHLER, Henry Vet ~ 1929 Magnolia
DAILEY, Roy Burton Vet, US Army, Pvt. 9-27-1961 Evergreen Lawn
DAMCOTT, John Frederick KIA, US Army, Co. C 308th Inf. 77th Div, Pfc. Killed in action at Argonne Forest, France  10-5-1918 Holland
DANIELS, Marion L. Vet Career 9-14-1964 Grant
DENNISON, Frank Vet ~ 12-13-1969 Riverside Kennedy
DENNISON, Richard Lee Vet ~ 11-5-1965 Riverside Kennedy
DERBY, Harold  Vet ~  6-18-1983 Cassadaga
DEWEY, Ralph Smith Vet ~ 1-21-1959 East Ripley
DILL, John Whitcomb KIA, US Army, Co M, 9th Inf, Sgt 11-4-1918 Portland Evergreen
DOBRYNSKI, Max Vet US Army, Co I, 1st Tr Bn 153rd DB, Pvt 1924 St. Hedwig
DOBRZYNSKI, Stanley R Vet Cook Base Hospital  7-31-1932 St. Hyacinth
DOKTOR, John V Vet US Army, Co 120th Engrs. 6-26-1970 St. Hedwig
DONNELL, Robert II KIA, USMC, Sgt. Purple Heart, AM, +9 GS 11-18-1970 Holland
DOUGAN, Roy C. Vet US Marine Corps, Cpl 6-5-1971 Quincy
DRAKE, Charles Edward Vet ~ 7-11-1955 East Ripley
DRAKE, Orah E. (Barber) Vet ~ 6-10-1992 East Ripley
DRISCOLE, Denis T. Vet US Army, Co E 348 Inf, Pvt  8-18-1947 Sherman
DUE, Martin Vet ~ 11-1-1952 Fluvanna
DUE, Robert S. Vet, Canadian Army. 2-25-2018 Unnamed Cem, this site
DURANT, Edward L. Vet US Army, Inf, 2/Lt 3-9-1945 Quincy
EARLE, Gerald R. Vet US Army 2-8-1972 Evergreen Sinclairville
ECCLES, Harry Josiah Vet ~ 6-2-1955 Riverside Kennedy
ECKLUND, Andrew R. Vet ~ 1971 Maple Grove, Ashville
EDDY, John A. Vet US Army, Brty C 319th Regt PA Vols, Pvt 3-10-1969 Maple Grove, Ashville
EDWARDS, Albert Tom Vet US Guard, Co D 14th Bn, Cpl 2-21-1964 Fluvanna
EGGLESTON, Oren M. Vet US Army, 144th Co Trans Corp, Pfc 8-7-1966 Greenwood, Harmony
ELMORE, Nelson A. M. Vet, US Navy, Machinist's Mate 6-5-1920 Evergreen Lawn
ENGLAND, William Fred Vet, US Guards 9-18-1934 Allen
ENGSTROM, Levin E. Vet US Army, Co H 6th Div 52nd Inf  1975 Panama Union
ENOS, Charles H. L.  Vet ~ 8-13-1922 Fentonville
ERICKSON, John M.  Vet 321? Co F, Cpl 09-15-1956 Busti
ERICSSON, Clair H. (Clare)  Vet US Army, 307 Fld Arty 11-3-1922 Myrtle
FAFINSKI, John Vet US Army, HQ Co, 8th regt FARD 6-24-1956 St. Hedwig
FARLEY, Frederick Vet, US Navy aboard USS Lamar in the Pacific. 1943-1946 10-2004 Gerry Village
FAULKNER, Herman Jesse MIA, US Army, 7th Inf 3rd Div. On Tablets of the Missing, Aisne-Marne American Cemetery  7-15-1918 Grant
FAY, Edward Howard [Howard].  KIA. Pvt 10-9-1918 Portland Evergreen
FESSENDEN, Benjamin H. Vet ~ 4-16-1970 Evergreen Sinclairville
FESSENDEN, Durward B. Vet, US Army, Pvt  7-23-1989 Cassadaga
FIELD, Frederick E. Vet Canadian Army 7-19-1977 Valley View
FIELD, Helen Jane (Barhite) Vet Canadian Army 6-12-1975 Valley View
FITCH, Harvey Vet ~ 2-22-1967 Portland Evergreen
FLUENT, Lee Roy  Vet US Marine Corps, Cpl 4-26-1968 Myrtle
FOSTER, Oliver Vet ~ 2-15-2001 Mina
FOX, Ernest L. Vet 12-31-1976 Allen
FOXTON, Harry W. Vet 4-15-1970 Evergreen Lawn
FRANKLIN, Wayne G. KIA, US Army, Co A 30th Inf, Pfc. 7-15-1918 Westfield
FREDRICKSON, Albin L. Vet ~  1968 Cassadaga
FREDRICKSON, Leonard G. Vet ~ 7-19-1966 Portland Evergreen
FREDRICKSON, Paul Walter  Vet ~  1961 Cassadaga
FULLER, Ernest Clarence Vet US Marine Corps, 1st Brigade 1-9-1917 Maple Grove, Ashville
GAIDZINSKI, Joseph Vet US Army, Co D, 302 Ammo Bn, Pvt 12-18-1953 St. Hedwig
GESTWICKI, Thomas J Vet US Army Corps Engineers 12-31-1958 St. Hyacinth
GIBBS, George D.  Vet US Army, Co.C 10th BN, 4th squadron, Cpl 1940 Sherman
GOLDEN, Ephram Vet ~ 5-8-1951 Riverside Kennedy
GORNIKIEWICZ, Edward Vet US Army, A Co, 61st Inf, Pvt 11-30-1963 St. Hedwig
GOSCH, Otto John Vet 6-11-1972 Allen
GOZDIEWSKI, Stanley E Vet US Army, Co D, 153 Depot Brigade, Pvt 6-21-1970 St. Hyacinth
GRAHAM, Halcy Leroy Vet ~ 3-21-1956 East Ripley
GRAMINSKI, Andrew Vet US Army, Co D, 309th Inf. PFC 7-5-1967 St. Hedwig
GREEN, Robert W. Vet US Army, 364th Inf, 91st Div CA. 4-27-1937 Maple Grove, Ashville
GREENLUND, Douglas T. Vet ~  4-19-1963 Cassadaga
GRESKOVIAK, Paul P Vet US Army E Btry, 106 Field Arty, Pvt 2-8-1948 St. Hyacinth
GUIDO, Giuseppe Vet US Army, Calvary, 3rd Mountain Co, Trieste 12-6-1970 Holy Cross
GULICK, Norma F.  Vet US Army, Nurse 1-09-1979 Sherman
GUZIEC, Michael J Vet US Navy, F3 7-28-1965 St. Hyacinth
HAIR, Arthur M. Vet US Army 5-15-1983 Mina
HAIR, Margaret Vet US NRF 3-12-1974 Mina
HALL, Hugh  Vet ~ 1-3-1981 Cassadaga
HANK, Henry F. Vet US Army, Pvt 4-13-1977 Sherman Valley
HANSON, Carroll E. Vet ~ 12-6-1957 Magnolia
HARRINGTON, Edward M. Vet US Army, Co F 16 RR Engrs, Sgt 10-11-1938 St. Matthias
HARVEY, Hart Harold [Pete]  Vet ~ 8-29-1981 Fluvanna
HAWKER, Edward Ludwig Vet ~ 10-12-1972 East Ripley
HENGST, Clarence M.  Vet ~   1979 Holland
HETRICK, Clarence J. Vet US Army, Trp E 4th Cav, Cpl. 7-24-1969 West Mina
HIRZ, Leo John, Sr. Vet US Army, Co E 325th Inf. Pvt. 9-26-1917 to 1-22-1918 6-17-1962 St. Matthias
HOFFMAN, Felix R Vet US Army, 153 Depot Brigade, Pvt 3-28-1966 St. Hyacinth
HOLTHOUSE, Jesse A.  Vet ~ 1937 Holland
HOLTZ, Vern  Vet ~ 8-1-1983  Cassadaga
HOLTZ, Walter L. Vet US Army, Bat F 34th Fld Arty 1980 Evergreen Sinclairville
HORNBURG, Raymond Vet , Med Det 349th Inf, Pvt. 1-1-1963 Evergreen Lawn
HOULE, Adrian  Vet US Army, 30th Co 151st Depot Brig, Bugler 8-08-1967 St. James
HOWARD, Charles Edwin Vet ~ 3-26-1954 East Ripley
HOWE, Jay Franklin Vet US Army, Co G 308 Inf, Pvt. Purple Heart, wounded at Vesle, France August 16, 1918. 1961 Sherman
HOWELL, Orrin Vet, US Army, 308th Inf 77th DIV, Pvt 4-9-1952 Evergreen Lawn
HUGO, Harry Joseph  Vet ~ 9-5-1961 Levant
HULL, Harry C. Vet, Co H 1st Casual Regt Cpl 10-22-1961 Evergreen Lawn
HURD, Arthur J. Vet, US Aef Regular. 1915-1918 11-12-1924 Evergreen Lawn
HYDE, Clarence D. Vet US Army 1-21-1975 Quincy
JACKSON, George C. Vet US Army, PA Inf 8-20-1964 Christian
JANOSINSKI, Michael Vet US Army 65 Arty CAC, Pvt 1-22-1948 St. Hyacinth
JOBES, Glenn M  Vet ~ 11-26-1966 Riverside Kennedy
JOHNSON, Alvin A.  Vet ~ 1978 Portland Evergreen
JOHNSON, Fredrick  Vet ~ 9-10-1906 Sherman
JOHNSON, Henry A. Vet ~ 1947 Magnolia
JOHNSON, James L. Vet ~ 1971 Quincy
JOHNSON, Park J. Vet ~ 10-13-1953 Quincy
JOPSEPHSON, Gordon W. Vet US Navy 9-28-1999 Cassadaga
JURS, John Alexander Vet ~ 5-28-1964 Villenova
KANGIGOWSKI, Edward Vet US Army, D Btry, 106 Field Arty, Pvt 1933 St. Hyacinth
KARALUS, John Vet US Navy 1931 St. Hyacinth
KARALUS, Joseph Vet US Army, 115 Co TransCorps,Pvt 2-2-1962 St. Hyacinth
KATULSKI, Simon Peter Vet 1-10-1943 St. Hyacinth
KELLEY, Harrie E. Vet ~ 3-21-1979 Villenova
KENNY, Clarence Vet US Army, HQ Co, 27th Field Arty  1972 Sherman
KIDDER, Raymond S. Vet ~ 1972 Quincy
KIEREPKA, Jan Vet US Army, Co E, 319the FA and 82nd Div NA, Pvt 1929 St. Hedwig
KIGHTLINGER, Grant  Vet US Army, Cpl 7-19-1968 Cassadaga
KLISZEWSKI, Edward Vet US Army, Co B, 12th Brdg WSG WSA, Pvt 1921 St. Hedwig
KNAPP, James Carter  KIA, US Army, Co D 312th Inf, 1/Lt 10-24-1918 Forestville/Pioneer
KNOTT, Clifford M.  Vet ~ 7-3-1971 Cassadaga
KOPER, John Vet US Army and US Navy 5-9-1968 St. Hyacinth
KOZLOWSKI, Stephen Vet US Army, Co S, Trans Corps, Pvt 5-8-1946 St. Hyacinth
KREUGER, Floyd Ralph Vet, US Navy, CCM 2-10-1967 Evergreen Lawn
KRZYZANOWSKI, Leo A Vet US Army, Pfc 4-26-1983 St. Hyacinth
KUCZYNSKI, Frank W Vet US Army, Btry D 11 Field Arty, Wagoner 5-25-1961 St. Hyacinth
KUJAWA, Frank J Vet US Army Co A, 18 Inf, Pfc 8-3-1965 St. Hyacinth
KUJAWA, Ignacy J Vet US Air Service, Pvt 1918 St. Hyacinth
KULAKOFF, John D. Vet US Army, 316 Aero, Cpl 4-28-1967 Forestville/Pioneer
KURJIAN, Armond Vet US Army, Co A 16 Inf, Pvt 8-21-1958 Sherman
KUZDALE, John T Vet US Navy Reserves, F2 7-3-1963 St. Hyacinth
LAMMERS, John E. Vet ~ 1934 Panama Union
LANNING, Fred L. Vet ~ 2-19-1949 Maple Grove, Ashville
LARSON, Albert L. Vet US Army, Base Hospital in France 5-20-1984 Evergreen Sinclairville
LARSON, Hans O. Vet US Army, 13th Ordinance Casual Co, Pvt 1-19-1962 Maple Grove, Ashville
LAWSON, Albert L. Vet US Army 5-20-1984 Evergreen Sinclairville
LAWSON, Carey E. Vet 18th Field Arty 3 Div, Sgt 2-26-1963 Bemis Point
LEBARRON, Arthur P. Vet US Army, Btry A 307th Fld Arty 78th Div, Cook 6-25-1972 Villenova
LEVANDOSKI, Joseph H Vet US Army, Btry D, 37th Arty CAC, Pvt 3-19-1956 St. Hedwig
LEWIS, Bert E.  Vet US Army, 112th Inf 6-24-1962 Grant
LEWIS, Glenn Harold Vet US Army, Co A 112th Inf 28th Div, Cpl 8-09-1960 Grant
LIEDBLAD, Carl Signor  Vet Ambulance Corps, France 1-27-1931 Lake View
LOCKWOOD, Edward C. Vet ~ 3-11-1967  Cassadaga
LORD, Harry W Sr. Vet ~ 4-21-1951 Fluvanna
LOUCKS, Richard M. Vet ~ 10-10-1960 Quincy
LUCE, David Vern Vet ~ 1918 Evergreen Sinclairville
LUCKEY, Claude N. Vet 10-10-1969 Allen
LUCZKOWIAK, Jerome Vet ~ 11-16-1945 St. Hyacinth
LUNDELL, Albert A. DOD, US Army, Inf Repl Unit Repl Draft, Pvt. Died of Broncho pneumonia in France 10-31-1918 Lake View
LUNDGREN, Albert Rudolph Vet 10-13-1982 Allen
MACKOWIAK, Paul Vet US Army, 307th Field Arty, Pfc 1-18-1952 St. Hyacinth
MAJEROWSKI, Thomas Vet US Army, 4th Co 152 DB and 5th Cpr ARK Park 1925 St. Hedwig
MALINOWSKI, Roman Vet US Army, Co F 4th Eng Training Regt, Pvt. 1922 St. Hedwig
MARSH, Ellis L  Vet ~ 2-5-1959 Myrtle
MATYJAKOWSKI, Kazimierz [Casper] Vet ~ 6-14-1929 St. Hyacinth
MAURO, Alfonzo F. Vet, US Army, Pvt. 5-2-1988 Mount Olivet
MCBRATNIE, Archie J. Vet 10-26-1970 Evergreen Lawn
McCLURE, John  Vet ~ 1-15-1942 Cassadaga
MCINTYRE, Nat  DOD, Co F 310th Inf, Pvt. Broncho Pneumonia 10-19-1918 Busti
MCKOON, Frank S. Vet US Army, Btry B Fld Arty 1930 Pioneer, Ellington
MEKUS, Andrew H Vet US Army, 347 Inf, 87 Div, Pvt/1 1-14-1943 St. Hyacinth
MEKUS, Felix F Vet US Army Co E, 348 Inf, Cpl 2-22-1967 St. Hyacinth
MESKE, Robert Ernest Vet ~ 2-21-1960 Valley View
MICHALAK, Phillip Felix Vet US Navy, Oiler 11-21-1963 St. Hyacinth
MIKULA, Anthony  Vet ~ 6-19-1971 Cassadaga
MILLER, Alfred Vet US Army, 345th Inf 87th Div, Pvt 2-06-1930 Grant
MOCH, Stanley F Vet US Army, Evacuation Hosp, Pfc 5-9-1950 St. Hyacinth
MOHN, Josiah Vet US Army, 111th Inf 28th Div, Pvt, PA 9-20-1936 Evergreen Sinclairville
MOORE, Charles W Vet ~ 8-3-1969 Riverside Kennedy
MOREHOUSE, Charles August Vet ~ 1918 East Ripley
MOREY, Kenneth Taylor Vet 6-7-1946 Northville, North East PA
MORGAN, Peter R. Vet. 1930 Lake View
MUSZYNSKI, Walter Vet US Army, 40 Co Transportation Corp, Pvt  2-10-1934 St. Hedwig
NAWROCKI, Mikolaj Vet US Army, 16 Co, 153rd Depot Brgd. Pvt 11-8-1960 St. Hedwig
NEAR, Ora Melford Jr. Vet US Navy 9-24-1973 Cassadaga
NEATE, Nathan Menzo Vet Colonel. Career (Also WW II) 8-25-1948 Levant
NEELY, Leslie J. Vet US Navy 3-17-1961 Quincy
NEILD, John Vet US Army ~ Sunset Hill
NELSON, Leonard Axel Vet, Co D, 59th Pioneer Inf, Pvt 11-13-1955 Sunset Hill
NEWCOMB. Norman McKinley Vet, US Navy 1918-1919 1-30-1923 Evergreen Lawn
NEWHOUSE, Merle  Vet ~  1983 Holland
NEWTON, Frank W. Vet 10-12-1968 Evergreen Lawn
NICHOLS, Theron C. Vet ~ 1923 Westfield
NIEDBALSKI, Stephen W Vet US Army, 503rd Ordinance, PFC. (Also WW II) 7-18-1971 St. Hedwig
NOBLES, Harry J. Vet US Army, Pvt 11-6-1955 Villenova
NORTON, Grant Smith KIA, US Army, Co B 308 Inf. Killed in France 10-2-1918 Sherman
NYHART, Jay Lee Vet ~ 10-21-1967 Villenova
OSTRYE, Bertrand Joseph Vet US Army, 6 Co 152 Depot Brigade, Pvt  12-23-1952 St. Matthias
OSTRYE, Clarence Vincent Vet US Army, Brty A 307th Fld Arty, Mechanic 11-26-1961 St. Mary
OSTRYE, Edward Ryan Jerome Vet ~ 3-3-1988 St. Matthias
OSTRYE, Leonard Henry US Army Signal Corps, HQ Co 3rd Regt Motor Mechanics, Chauffer 6-11-1942 St. Mary
OWENS, Fred  Vet ~  10-26-1966 Holland
PAGETT, Oliver Charles Vet ~ 7-5-1967 Villenova
PAGETT, Theodore R. Vet ~ 9-30-2007 Villenova
PAKULSKI, Felix R Vet US Navy, SEA2 4-27-1990 St. Hyacinth
PALMER, Marion E. Vet 278 Mil Police, PFC 5-19-1972 Villenova
PALMER, Martin W. Vet ~ 12-09-1959 East Ripley
PAPLOW, Wesson M. Vet US Army 11-3-1978 Pine Hill
PARK, George A. Vet ~ 1907 Sherman Valley
PARKER, Archie A. Vet US Army, 310 Fld Arty 79 Div, NY 05-14-1921 Bemis Point
PAVLAK, John J Vet US Army, D Btry,.310.Field Arty, Pvt 1930 St. Hyacinth
PAWELCZAK, Peter Vet US Army, Co M, 164th Inf, Pvt 3-10-1971 St. Hedwig
PAWLAK, John J Vet 269th PW ESCORT COASC, Cpl  1-1-1960 St. Hyacinth
PECK, Alfred H. Vet ~ 4-21-1975 East Ripley
PECK, Archie A. Vet US Army, 1st Sgt, Medal of Honor 9-15-1978 Evergreen Sinclairville
PECK, Leon R. WW I and Mexican Border War 4-14-1977 Allen
PERKINS, Walter Dewitt  KIA, US Army, Co C 38thInf 3 Div, Cpl. Killed/Battle Argonne Offensive Meuse France 10-18-1918 Riverside Kennedy
PERSONS, Paul S. M.D. Vet ~ 1963 Quincy
PERU, Merle D. Vet US AEF, Co A 16th PA Inf, Pvt 3-13-1960 Fluvanna
PETERSON, Harold G.  Vet US Navy Reserves, S2C 1931 Levant
PILARSKI, Joseph R Vet US Army 5 Co, 52 Dept Brigade, Pvt 6-11-1956 St. Hyacinth
PLEWA, Thomas Vet US Army 314 Inf 79 Div, Pvt  6-5-1927 St. Hyacinth
PLOMBON, Barney F Vet US Army, 9 Regt FAREPLDRAFT, Pvt 12-13-1970 St. Hyacinth
PRATT, Charles W. Vet US Army, 109th Eng Div, Pvt.  7-10-1946 Quincy
PRATT, Floyd R. Vet US Army, 348 Inf 87 Div, Pvt 1944 Sherman Valley
PRIEST, William Vet US Army, Co L 59th Pioneer Inf, Cpl. 4-23-1962 Hamlet
PRYGA, Frank Vet US Army, Pvt  8-15-1979  St. Hedwig
PRZESPOLEWSKI, Alex T Vet US Army, Co A 106th Field Arty, Pvt. Possibly service-connected death. 4-17-1918 St. Hedwig
PRZESPOLEWSKI, Frank Vet US Army, Co 14, 1st A. S. Mech Regt, Cpl 12-4-1972 St. Hedwig
PUROL, Edward Andrew Vet US Navy Reserves, CBM 8-1-1948 St. Hedwig
PUROL, John A Vet US Army, 4th Ord Evac Co, Pvt 5-26-1955 St. Hedwig
QUIGLEY, Ira Herbert Sr. Vet, US Army, Co G, 312th Inf, Pvt 5-2-1955 Evergreen Lawn
QUINN, Leonard B. Vet Career. (Also WW II) 1-31-1970 Villenova
RACZEK, Joseph W Vet US Army, 328 Inf, 82 Div, Pvt 1-2-1947 St. Hedwig
RAJSKI, Andrew Vet US Army 312 Inf 78 Div, Pvt 5-3-1943 St. Hyacinth
RAJSKI, Franksi ? Vet US Army OC2 Armd Tng Regt, PFC 10-15-1945 St. Hyacinth
RAJSKI, Martin P Vet US Army, 153 Depot Brigade, Pvt 8-13-1953 St. Hyacinth
RANUS, Leo F Vet ~ 1956 St. Hyacinth
RANUS, Stephen Vet US Army, Co C 15 Mach Gun Bn, Pvt. Purple Heart 4-1-1964 St. Hyacinth
RASPAS, Merle DOW, American Expeditioary Forces, Co H 309 Inf. Died of Wounds 11-5-1915 Sherman
RATKIEWICZ, John Peter Vet US Army, Co B 313 MG Bat, Pvt 1951 St. Hedwig
REED, Erwin O.  Vet ~  1976 Holland
REMINGTON, Arthur Bernice Vet ~ 4-9-1989 Villenova
REUTHER, Thomas A Vet US Army, Engrs, Sgt ~ St. Hedwig
REXFORD, Sherwood E Vet US Army 03-15-1977 Fluvanna
REYNOLD Jessie Vet ~ ~ Webster Street
RIBANDO, Samuel A Vet US Army 8-23-2001 Mount Olivet
RIFFEL, Joseph C Vet Career (Also WW II) 2-4-1940 Riverside Kennedy
RISLEY, Clyde Leroy Vet, USMC, QM Sgt. 1916-1922 8-19-1951 Evergreen Lawn
ROACH, Walter Henry  Vet ~ 4-7-1948  Levant
ROBINSON, Harold E. Vet US Army, Pvt 9-22-1986 Evergreen Sinclairville
ROGERS, John Walker KIA, US Army, Co L 309th Inf, Pvt 10-16-1918 Westfield
ROSE, Gerald M. Vet ~ 9-7-1943 Charlotte Center
ROZUMALSKI, Peter P Vet US Army Inf, Pvt 12-6-1966 St. Hyacinth
RUTKOWSKI, Joseph Vet, USMC, Pvt 11-9-1944 St. Hyacinth
RUTKOWSKI, Joseph E. Vet US Army, 15th Cav, Pvt. Possibly KIA 1916 St. Hedwig
RYKACZEWSKI, Joseph Vet US Army, 19 Co, 157 Depot Brigade, Pvt 5-16-1969 St. Hyacinth
SAMUELSON, Mearl Chester Vet 10-3-1971 Evergreen Lawn
SANDSTROM, Arvid F. Vet ~ 10-4-1951 Maple Grove, Ashville
SCANLON, John Joseph Vet US Army, 82 Co Trans Corp NY, Pvt 6-27-1956 St. Matthias
SCHEFFER, George C.  Vet Co H 112th Inf PA Vols, Pvt 12-15-1961 Cassadaga
SCHERMERHORN, Lyle Clifford Vet Co E 74th Inf NY Natl Guard, Pvt 6-16-1962 East Clymer
SCHULTZ, William Vet Sec4 Aircraft Accept Park 2, Pvt 1930 St. Hyacinth
SCOTT, Andrew J. Vet US Army, 108th Inf 27 Div, Pfc 9-28-1951 Charlotte Center
SEAMAN, Emil F. Vet ~ 1921 Westfield
SEASTRUM, Everett E. Vet US Navy 2-26-1963 Sunset Hill
SEEBER, Augustus O. Vet ~ 2-8-1982 Villenova
SEEKINGS, Orma Vet ~ 10-17-1965 Webster Street
SEITER, Kasson Vet ~ 5-09-1965 Westfield/Portland
SHAIN, Jackson R Vet US Army, 1 Bn Engineers, Pvt  4-13-1961 St. Hyacinth
SHARRON, Frank Colby Vet Assume US Army. France 1970 Glenwood
SHARRON, Frank Colby Vet 1970 Glenwood
SHEFFIELD, Raymond Vet US Army, Co C 338 Bn, Tank Corps, Pvt 4-7-1966 Villenova
SHERWOOD, Floyd F. Vet ~ 4-18-1937 Quincy
SHORT, James H. Vet ~ 12-21-1939 Levant
SHOWALTER, Albert Vet US Army, Co M 112th Inf, Pfc 9-26-1953 Grant
SIEBERT, Henry J. Vet 316 Salvage Unit QMC, Pvt 5-25-1951 Villenova
SIKORSKI, Frank Vet US Army, Pvt 1973 St. Hyacinth
SIKORSKI, Walter P Vet US Army, Pfc 4-7-1982 St. Hyacinth
SIMMONS, Leon A Vet ~ 1964 Fluvanna
SISCHO, Robert  Vet ~  7-1-1955 Cassadaga
SLOCUM, George Monroe Vet ~ 8-21-1960 Westfield/Portland
SMILEY, Robert Porter Vet ~ ~ Fluvanna
SMITH, Frank E. Vet US Army, 112th Inf 28th Div, Pvt (PA) 12-03-1936 Grant
SMITH, Ralph J Sr.  Vet US Army 4-8-2001  Holy Cross
SOBKOWSKI, Nicholas Vet US Army, Medical Dept, Pvt  1-10-1950 St. Hyacinth
SOMERFELDT, Andrew B Vet US Army, 2 Co, Trans Corps, Cook 11-11-1961 St. Hyacinth
SOMERFELDT, Frank Vet US Army 61 Inf, 5 Div, Pvt. Purple Heart 5-7-1951 St. Hyacinth
SONDELL, Adolphus G Vet ~ 1945 Fluvanna
SONDELL, Charles A Vet ~ 1949 Fluvanna
SOSINSKI, Anthony L Vet US Army, Co M 346 Inf, Pvt 11-14-1956 St. Hyacinth
SOSINSKI, Stanley E Vet US Army Co D 5 Bn Ranger, S/Sgt 4-16-1956 St. Hyacinth
SPANN, Joseph Vet US Army, Cpl 1965 St. James
SPRAGUE, Arthur  Vet ~ 5-1-1965 Levant
ST. JOHN, William W. Vet, US Army, Wagoner 1-5-1993 Webster Street
STANDLEY, Charlie E. Vet ~ 5-02-1923 Westfield/Portland
STASKIEWCZ, Joseph J Vet US Army 5-6-1985 St. Hyacinth
STASKIEWICZ, Stephen S Vet US Army, 348 Inf 87 Div, Pvt 2-17-1943 St. Hyacinth
STEARNS, Carl A. Vet US Army, HGD Troop 5th Corp. Also 12 Co 152 D.B. 1929 Villenova
STETSON, Carl S Vet ~ 2-25-1970 Riverside Kennedy
STEVENS, Willis Franklin Vet US Army, Cpl 11-3-1976 St. Matthias
STODDARD, Clarence Percival Vet ~ 5-16-1996 Fentonville
STUDD, Lee L. Vet, USMC Pvt. 5-15-1974 Allen
STURZENBECKER, Rudolf Vet, US Army Co D 26th Inf, Pvt 1-1-1968 Busti
SUSKA, Walter J Vet US Army, Ordnance Dept, PFC 8-21-1957 St. Hedwig
SUSKI, Stanley Vet ~ 1936 St. Hyacinth
SWAJDA, John  Vet West Virginia 1967 Cassadaga
SWANSON, Walfred L. Vet 5-31-1982 Allen
SWIECH, Anastazy Vet US Army, Pvt 2-10-1974 St. Hedwig
SZALKOWSKI, Stephen J Vet US Army, Pvt 8-14-1991 St. Hedwig
SZOCKI, Joseph M Vet US Army, Pvt 7-4-1973 St. Hyacinth
SZUKALA, John S Vet US Army, Pvt 4-3-1962 St. Hyacinth
SZYNSKI, Peter Paul Vet US Navy Reserves, S2 5-29-1950 St. Hyacinth
TAYLOR, Frank M. Vet, US Army, 325th Inf, 82nd Div. Cpl. 3-30-1980 Evergreen Lawn
TAYLOR, Tracy Pulman Vet ~ 1969 East Ripley
TECLAW, Frank Vet US Army, Co B 319 Mach Gun Bn, Pvt 7-25-1969 St. Hyacinth
TELLINGHUISEN, John Johnson Vet US Army,10th Div, 25th Fld Arty, Pfc. 1918-1919 ~ ~
TenPAS, Jay  Vet ~  1984 Holland
THOMAS, Stephen Vet US Navy, S2 8-11-1967 St. Hyacinth
THOMPSON, George W. Vet US Army, France 3-27-1963 Lake View
THOMPSON, James Ross [Ross] Vet, 303rd TN HQ, and MP 87th Div, Wagr. 7-15-1963 Evergreen Lawn
TODD, Martillus L., Dr. Vet US Army, Maj. 5-30-1948 Fentonville
TON, Gilbert J.  Vet ~  1987 Holland
TONER, Albert E. Vet US Army, Co 11 152 Depot Brig, Wagoner  10-22-1957 Panama Union
TRACY, Clair Almiron Vet, US Army, Co 1, 155th Depot Brgde, Pvt 6-16-1960 Sunset Hill
TRESLER, Ray F. Vet Co G 112th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Purple Heart 9-24-1966 West Mina
TRUMP, Charles Vet ~ 11-27-1971 Quincy
TURKOVICH,  Peter Thomas Vet US Army, Pvt 1-16-1975 St. James
TURKOVICH, Michaiel A. Vet US Army, Sgt 3-07-1984 St. James
TURNER, Earl A.  Vet ~  11-4-1969 Cassadaga
TYE Clarence L.  Vet 1926 Burnham Hollow
TYLER, George F. Vet ~ 7-2-1949 Villenova
UNDERWOOD, James R. Vet ~ 10-15-1963 Lake View
VAN VLACK, Hall Glesnor Vet US Army, Medical Corps, Col. 3-14-1963 Forestville/Pioneer
VANBRAAK, James J. Vet ~ 8-13-1963 Villenova
VOLLENTINE, Gerald Vet ~ 2-10-1970 Riverside Kennedy
VRUINK, Clarence J. Vet ~  6-10-1978 Holland
WACHOWIAK, Albert Vet US Army Co F, 59th Pioneer Inf, Cpl 10-10-1969 St. Hyacinth
WAITE, Earl  Died in war 1916 Myrtle
WAITE, Elgie  Vet Co M Prov. Reg. 156 D.B.  1926 Myrtle
WAITE, Tracy Henry  Vet US Army, R.Q. Co 7 Inf. 3 Div. Pvt ~ Myrtle
WAKELEY, Floyd R. Vet US Army, Co G 308th Engr Bn, Pvt. 3-5-1970 Forestville/Pioneer
WALLACE, Blaine James  Vet ~  1958 Holland
WALLACE, Percy Reuben Vet 4-3-1972 Allen
WALROD, Mark Hiram  Vet US Army, Btry F 321 Fld. Arty. Pvt 8-4-1963 Myrtle
WALTERS, Harry A. Vet ~ 8-20-1967 Quincy
WASELEWSKI, Michael W Vet US Army, Co 72, 18th 153 rd Depot Brig, Pvt. 1924 St. Hedwig
WASHBURN, Jasper N. Vet ~ 1918 Quincy
WEED, Nowell Phipps Vet, US Army, Co B, 326th BN, Tank Corps, Captain. Distinguished Service Cross. 10-29-1957 Allen
WEISE, Clarence A. Vet ~ 1958 Quincy
WEISHON, Arthur Vet ~ 5-5-1969 Portland Evergreen
WELLER, Harry E. Vet US Army, Cpl 10-24-1969 Villenova
WENSKI, Frank R Vet US Navy Reserves, F1 11-30-1963 St. Hyacinth
WENSKI, John Felix Vet US Marine Corps, 6M Bn, 2 Div, PFc 3-1-1950 St. Hyacinth
WESOLOWSKI, Andrew Vet US Army, Co L 345 Inf, Pvt 7-4-1963 St. Hedwig
WESTLEY, Glenn A. Vet ~ 10-20-1959 Evergreen Sinclairville
WHEELOCK, Harry Elmer, MD Vet, US Army Medical Corps, 1Lt.  8-25-1956 Forest Hill
WILCOX, Lee A. Vet US Army, 13th Co 4th MM Regt DMA, Cpl 1927 Laona
WILLIAMS, Annie Maria KIA, Nurse, died in France 10-15-1918 Forest Hill
WILLIAMS, Charles E Jr Vet US Army, Pvt 4-23-1981 St. Hyacinth
WILLINK, Roy  Vet ~  1918 Holland
WILLIS, Lawrence H Vet ~ 11-8-1975 Riverside Kennedy
WILSON, Harry Vet US Army, Co L 36th Inf, PFC 3-5-1967 St. Hedwig
WILTSIE, James P. Sr. Vet ~ 12-19-1985 Riverside Kennedy
WINCENCIAK, Frank Vet US Army, 22nd Co Inf, 142nd DB, Pvt 1923 St. Hedwig
WINCHESTER, Lee H. Vet, US Army Transportation Corps, Pvt. 1-2-1959 Evergreen Lawn
WISNIEWSKI, John Vet US Army, 99 Co.Trans.Corp, Pvt 1925 St. Hyacinth
WOJTOWSKI, Frank Vet US Army, 302 AMM Train, Pvt 2-16-1920 St. Hedwig
WOLAK, Peter Vet US Army, CO 62, 16th Bn,153 Depot Brigade, Pvt 1921 St. Hyacinth
WOLANIN, Frank Vet US Army, Pvt 12-11-1981 St. Hedwig
WOOD, Marcus M. Vet US Army, Pvt 3-21-1991 Villenova
WRIGHT, William Sr. Vet ~ 8-9-1957 Myrtle
YOUNG, Joseph Vet US and Canada 1-22-1931 Lake View
ZBIERASKI, Anthony Vet ~ 1960 St. Hyacinth
ZEHNDER, Jay Edward KIA, USMC, 74th Co 6th Regt. Killed in Action in France. (Shown as Zender) 6-19-1918 Forest Hill
ZETTERMAN, Swan Vet ~ 1969 Levant

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