Who Served in the Revolutionary War?

This page contains the names of the men who called Chautauqua County home and served in the Revolutionary War.
Almost all were born somewhere else and came to the county after the war. They pioneered  the county.

We owe them thanks and recognition.

  • All of these soldiers survived the war.
  • Most of these soldiers are on the DAR website.  Use the DAR # to find their information.
  • If we do not know a soldier's burial place, the place where he lived is in square brackets in the burial column.
  • The ~  means we do not know.

Check the  Medal of Honor page to see details about Chautauqua County's Medal of Honor recipients.

The county also has one (unconfirmed) soldier who served in both the French and Indian War and in the Revolution. His name is first on the list.

Name Service Death Date Burial Place
ADAMS, Jonathon Sr.  Esq. Vet CT Continental Arty 10-17-1844 East Ripley
ADAMS, Levi Jr. Vet CT-VT Continental Line, Sgt. Col Ira Allen. (DAR #A000661) 12-26-1843 Quincy
ANNIS, Jacob Vet MA, Pvt. Capt Ebenezer Fry, Luke Hitchcock, Jesse Hollister, Silvanus Smith. Col Joseph Vose. (DAR # A002845) 11-14-1841 Lewis
ANNIS, John Vet MA, Pvt. Capts Clark & Lovell. Cols Tupper & Bailey. (DAR # A002847) 1-19-1834 Lewis
BARNHART, Peter Vet, Private in Capt. Philip Buck's Co., 3rd Battalion, Elizabeth Township, Lancaster, PA. 1776-1778 (DAR #: A006544)
8-13-1836 Mayville
BELL, Arthur  Vet PA Militia, Sgt. Fourth Sergeant in Capt John Reed's Co of Rifleman.  Col Cunningham's PA Regt Flying Camp. (DAR #A008688) 8-6-1834 East Ripley
BENEDICT, Samuel Vet CT, Pvt (Teamster).Capts. Benedict Olmstead, Heacock. Cols. Abell & Mosier. (DAR # A009051) 6-25-1845 Maple Grove, Ashville
BENNETT, Benjamin Vet Sgt Continental Trps, CT 9-12-1841 East Ripley
BILL, Jonathan Vet CT, Sgt. Capt. Elisha Lee, Col. John Durkee, Maj Benjamin Throop, Cl. (DAR # A010119) 1-19-1843 Tuckertown
BOYD, Joseph Stuart Vet CT Militia, Pvt. Capt. Clift, Col John Durkee. (Not on DAR, but granted a pension) 3-19-1846 Lewis
BRADLEY, Lent Rev. Vet MA, Cpl. Pvt: Capts. Havens, Woodbridge, Cpl: Capt. Hil. Maj St. John. Prisoner at Ticonderoga. (DAR # A013533) 12-20-1840 Westfield
BURDEN, Abraham Vet Col Martin's 4 Regt, Pvt 4-21-1835 East Ripley
CARD, Thomas Vet. VT Continental Line, Pvt.  Capts. Joseph Briggs and Clark Parker. Col. Herrick. (DAR # A019088) 1856 Panama Union
CARPENTER, Josiah Vet, NY 14th Regt, Albany Co Militia, Soldier. Capt Cornelius Wiltse. (DAR # A134995) 1-21-1819 Blockville Union
CHAMBERLAIN, Phineas Vet MA, Pvt.  Capts. Moore & Winchell. Cols. Herrick & Brown. (DAR # A026680) 3-22-1847 Town Line, Clymer
CLEVELAND, Gardner Sr. Vet CT, Pvt. Capts. Cleft, Hopkins, Col.Webb. Lt.Col. Huntington Maj Fish. Enlisted 1-1781, discharged 1783. (DAR #A023075) 4-22-1851 East Clymer
COE, John Vet CT, Pvt Teamster Capts. Rogers, Hinman, Curtis, Johnson. Cols. Gay, Beardsley, Hinman, Preston. (DAR # A023763 2-19-1846 Lewis
COLE, Seth, Sr. Vet MA Militia, Pvt. Col Wells. (DAR # A024234) 6-10-1810 Pioneer, Fredonia
CONEY, John Vet MA, Sgt. Capts Payson, Morse, Read, Gridley & Gill. (DAR # A024929) 12-26-1838 Portland Evergreen
COOLEY, Abner Vet MA, Pvt. Capts Walker, Southwick, Colton, Blaney, May. Cols Danielson, Leonard, Thacher. (DAR # A025524) 4-30-1831 Forestville/Pioneer
COUCH, William Vet 12th MA Militia, Pvt. Capts Collars, Warner; Cols Ashley, Brown.  (DAR #A026441)  1845 Westfield Union
CRANSTON, Samuel Vet RI, Sgt. Capts. Sheldon, Williams, Howard, Harrindan, Wilbur, Knight. Cols.Cooke, Barton, Olney. (DAR # A027517) 4-19-1830 Sheridan Center
CRAWFORD, Andrew  Vet 9th regt, MA Continental Line 5-28-1839 Lake View
CROSBY, Simon Vet CT, Pvt. Capts. Bradley, Wright, Roberts. Cols. Gay, Bradley, Swift. (DAR # A028107) 1-25-1837 Pioneer, Fredonia
DARLING, John Vet NY Militia, Pvt, Capt Fundy's Co  2-24-1854 Glenwood
DAVIS, Samuel Vet MA, Drum Major. (DAR #A030632) Cemetery: Drummer w/ Minute Men at Lexington - Veteran of 1776 - Major in 1780 under Capt. John Chadwick 12-26-1834 Magnolia
DICKSON, Robert Vet 7th NY Militia, Pvt. Capts Whitaker, McKena, French, White, Diefendorf, Cols Campbell, Willett, Klock. (DAR # A134509 as Dixon) 8-20-1832 East Ripley
DICKSON, William C., Jr. Vet Continental Line 9-13-1836 East Ripley
DOTY, Ellis Vet MA Line, Pvt. Pensioned in Chaut Co 1819, Transferred fron Windham Co VT 6-14-1836 Kiantone
DUNN, James [Captain] Vet PA Militia, Pvt. Capts Dougherty, Campbell, Dodds. Cols Murray, Cookson Long. 2) Teamster Under Capt Mcmaster. (DAR # A034881) 10-23-1838 Portland Evergreen
ELY, Seth, Dea. Vet 3 Co, Lyme CT, Capt  12-12-1847 East Ripley
FAIRCHILD, John Vet NY, Pvt, Capts Marcus Mozeman & John Bosley. Col Thomas Thomas. (DAR #  A206245) 10-31-1834 East Ripley
FENTON, Adonijah Vet CT, Sgt. Capt Hinckly, Col Webb, (DAR # A201960) Cemetery: Enlisted May 1775 - served 3y 6m. 2-4-1844 Magnolia
FENTON, Jacob Vet CT, 3rd Regt of foot, Pvt. Capt James Dana, Also Capt Hopkins. Col Webb. (DAR # A039087) 1-25-1822 Fluvanna
FENTON, Nathaniel Vet, CT Militia, Pvt.. Served under Col. Abbott Col. Stare and Col. Dana. DAR #  A039120 1-25-1846 Allen
FERRY, John Rev. Vet 1st NY Regt, Pvt. Capt David Van Ness, Col Goose Van Schaick. (DAR #A039562) 7-16-1832 Forestville/Pioneer
FOX, Varnish/Veniah Vet CT 9th Regt, Sgt. Capts John Wylly, Roger Wells, Col Samuel Webb. (DAR # A041452) 2-2-1861 West Main Street
FRANK, Lawrence Vet POW, NY, Pvt. Col Van Rensselaer's Regt. (DAR # A041669) 4-6-1813 Frank/Hatch Settlement
GAGE, Asa Vet MA Militia, Pvt. Capts Samuel Warren, Tisdale. Cols Joseph Read, Greaton. (DAR # A042892) 1-26-1837 Smiths Mills
GILBERT, Gardner Vet, 3rd CT Regt, Sgt. POW, Surveyor of Highways. Capts Hyde, Henry Champion, Col Samuel Wyllys. (DAR #A045097) 3-3-1838 Villenova
GLEASON, Jacob W. Vet ~ 10-12-1813 Evergreen Sinclairville
GOLDSMITH, James Vet CT, Sgt. Capts Pond, Lay, Phelps. Cols Meigs, Swift. (DAR #A046151) 2-20-1837 Portland Evergreen
GRIFFITH, Jeremiah Vet NY-CT, Pvt. Capts Baldwin, Bebee, Hamtramk. Cols Van Schaick, Drake (Humphrey), Dubois. (DAR # A048363) 6-11-1842 Fluvanna
HEMPSTED, Nathaniel Jr Vet NY, Sgt. Capts Barnum & Pierce. Cols Fields & Swartwout. Pension #R4861V. (DAR # A054600) 1846/47 Pioneer, Fredonia
HOARD, Samuel Vet 4th Regiment NY Militia, Pvt. Capts Niles, James Dennison, Daniel Schermerhorn; Lt Hubbs; Col Van Rensselaer; Albany Co Militia. (DAR #A058360 as Hord) 6-16-1848 Fluvanna
HOUGHTON, Silas Vet ~ 5-04-1834 Mayville
HOUSE, John Vet PA Militia, Pvt.  Capt Henry Kuster's Co 3rd Btry, Lancaster Co PA  (DAR # A057493) 3-10-1838 Westfield Union
INGRAHAM, Amos Vet, CT, RI, Pvt. DAR #A060169 8-11-1839 Evergreen Lawn
INGRAHAM, William Vet, CT Line, Capt Nathan Stoddard, Col John Chandler 2-23-1810 Evergreen Lawn
KINGSLEY, James Vet 2 CT Regt, Sgt 4-05-1851 East Ripley
KIRKLAND, William Vet NY,1st Regt, Pvt. Col. Goose Van Schaick. (DAR # A065590) 5-10-1830 Balltown
LANDON, Reuben Vet 17th Regt CT Militia, Pvt. Capt Alexander Waugh, Lcol Andrew Adams. (DAR # A068485) 11-23-1854 Frank/Hatch Settlement
LOOK, Elijah Vet MA, Pvt. Capts Nathan Smith, William Foster. Col Beriah Norton. (DAR #  A071408) 3-27-1759 Pleasantville, Ellery
LOOMIS, Simon Vet CT, Pvt Teamster Capts Price, Lawson, Curtis, Robinson. Cols Ward, Cook. (DAR # A071502) 11-26-1842 Blockville Union
LOUCKS, Joseph  Vet NY Militia, Pvt. Capts Andrew Finck, Jost Deygert. Cols Van Shaick, Clyde, Willet. (DAR #A131431 as Jost Loucks) 4-20-1825 Fluvanna
LOVE, Robert Vet MA, Pvt. Capts Warner, Howe, Blanchard, Dix, Hancock. Cols Whitney, Grout, Wesson, Vose. (DAR #A071840) 2-20-1846 Forestville/Pioneer
LOWELL, Willoughby Vet CT, Pvt. On Lexington Alarm, Capt Solomon Wyllys. Also Capts Roger Enos, Elijah Robinson, Cols Joseph Spencer, Solomon Wyllys, 2nd Cont Regt. (DAR #A072122) 6-17-1823 West Main St. Cem, Fredonia NY
MARSH, Jasper Vet MA, Pvt. Col Whitney. (DAR # A074193) 4-29-1841 Stillwater
MARSH, William Vet 14th Regt, Albany County, NY Militia, Pvt 5-30-1835 Lewis
MARTIN, Orrello Vet ~ 9-30-1833 Fluvanna
MARTIN, William Vet MA, NH, Pvt POW. Capts Drury, Hubbard, Whitcomb, Dustin. Cols Ward & Read (DAR # A074581) 5-30-1825 Fluvanna
MATHER, Nathaniel Vet CT, Pvt. Capts Dan Marvin, Lee Lay. Cols Wolcott, Dyar, Throop. (DAR #A075234) 1-30-1852 Tillotson
MATTESON, William Vet CT, Pvt. Capts Hart, Betts; Cols Swift, Huntington. (DAR # A075386)  4-6-1858 near Stow NY
MATTHEWS, Benjmain Vet RI, Pvt. Capts. Thayer, Cole, May. Cols Hitchcock, Varnum. (DAR # A075415)
Cemetery: Also a privateer credited with capture of several vessals
1-13-1843 Gerry Hill
MCGREGORY, David Vet Captain 1828 Mayville
MCMANUS, Christopher Vet NJ, Sgt. (Also Pvt) Capts McMires, Piatt, Wayman. Col Matthias Ogden. (DAR #A078143) 6-14-1849 Forestville/Pioneer
MORSE, Artemus Vet MA Cont Line, Pvt. Capts Earll, Pike, Alden; Cols Ward, Whitney, Calvin, Smith, Sprout. (DAR # A081313)  12-21-1837 East Ripley
NEVINS, Thomas Jr. Vet, NH, Ranger with Capt James Osgood. (DAR #A082540) 3-1814 Evergreen Lawn
NICHOLS, Jonathan Vet 6th NH Militia, Pvt. Capts Whitcomb, Green. Cols Reed, Bedell & Nichols. (DAR # A083512)  Served from 1775-1779. Wounded in battle of Bennington. 4-26-1842 East Ripley
NORTHAM, Ebenezer Vet Captain 8-12-1837 East Ripley
OSBORN, Isaac Vet Artillery artificer. Served from Mass in five enlistments between 1777 and 1782 2-20-1844 Panama Union
PARKHURST, Naham Vet Epitaph: “With Wayne in battle side by side unharmed our hero fought, 1776.” No other verification 8-28-1833 Pleasantville, Ellery
PHILLIPS, Thomas Vet VT, Pvt. Capt Briggs, Capt Starks, 1781. (DAR #A090766). On 1840 NY Pension List 5-4-1848 Villenova
PIER, Levi Vet MA, in Capt. Goodrich's company. (DAR# A091174) 1826 Stillwater
PITCHER, Simeon Vet CT, Pvt 1775-1778 7-25-1838 East Ripley
RANDALL, Jonas Vet 5th CT Regt 11-27-1838 Blockville Union
RATHBUN, Solomon Vet NH-VT, Pvt. Rangers, Also in Capt Moody Dustin. Col Henry Dearborn's 1st Regt. (DAR # A094716 as Rathburn) 8-29-1849 Rathbun Lawn
RHODES, John Vet 13th Regt NY Militia, Pvt. (DAR # A096008) 5-18-1854 Fluvanna
RICE, Pelatiah Vet. VT, Pvt. Capt Wright, Col Warner. (DAR #A095076) aft 1830 Westfield Union
RIDDELL, Robert R. Sr. Vet MA, 1/Lt. As Sgt: Capt Agrippa Wells, Col Samuel Brewer. As Lt: Capts Walsworth, Newton, Col Murray. (DAR # A096264) 2-20-1828 East Ripley
RUMSEY, David  Capts. Bradley, Eli Leavenworth. Cols. Gray, Chandler, Return J Meigs (DAR # A099880) 1-2-1849 Westfield
SCOFIELD, William Capts Hanford, Samuel Hoit. Col John Mead (DAR #A101342) 9-26-1851 Lewis
SEAVER, Robert Whitmore Vet MA 77th Regt, Pvt. (DAR #A101172) Enlisted in 1776, serving six years and eight months. Was with Washington's army and under Lafayette when Cornwallis surrendered. 7-31-1836 Charlotte Center
SEYMOUR, William Jr, Deacon CT-NY, Pvt Fifer. Capts Latham, Austin, Strong, Lawrence, Thompson. Cols Ledyard, Burrall, McCrea. (DAR #A102458) 12-22-1841 Pioneer, Fredonia
SIMMONS, Amos Vet French and Indian War and Revolutionary War - Lt.
Mitchell's Regt MA Militia
1825 Redbird
SIMMONS, Jonas Vet NY, Capt. Brig Gen Knox. (DAR #A103861) 11-1-1848 Fluvanna
SIMMONS, William Vet, Col Turner's Regt MA Troop, Pvt.  8-29-1849 Fluvanna
SPENCER, Orange Vet Musician. Capts Lytle, Youman, Harrison. Col Willett (DAR # A107095) 1-10-1843 Quincy
SPENCER, Reuben Vet CT Militia, Pvt. 4-9-1836 Villenova
STEARNS, William Vet MA, Pvt. Capt Josiah Fay, Col Jonathan Ward. (DAR #A109442) 2-13-1834 Stillwater
STEDMAN, Levi Vet CT, Pvt. 2nd Regt Light Dragoons Continental Line, Prisoner. (DAR #A109646) 10-28-1833 Pleasantville, Ellery
STEPHENS, William Vet NY, Ensign. 2nd Suffolk Co., Batt. Capt Josiah Howell, Col David Mulford. (DAR # A109193 as Stevens) 6-13-1827 East Ripley
STETSON, Oliver Sr. Vet MA Steven's Regt Arty, Pvt. Col Bailey  (DAR #A108632) 9-14-1839 East Ripley
STOW/STOWE, John Sr. Vet MA, Pvt. Capt. Pritchard (DAR #A110899) 11-9-1837 Maple Grove, Ashville
TAYLOR, Reuben Vet, CT Line, four enlistments: Cols Wyllis, Swift, Sherman, Enos, DAR #  A112807.  Pension continue to his widow. 3-9-1833 Portland Evergreen
TENNANT, Daniel Sr. Vet CT Vols, Col Canfield's Regt. 1781, Pvt. (DAR #A113479)  1850 Mayville
TENNANT, John Vet ~ 1846 Quincy
THOMPSON, Nathan Vet MA Continental Line, Pvt. 2-24-1839 Sheridan Center
THOMPSON, Rueben Vet MA, Pvt. Capts Danforth, Flower; Col Nixon. (DAR # A114496) 6-16-1844 Pioneer, Fredonia
TRACY, Elias Sr. Vet, CT Militia, PVT. DAR #: A115884 5-24-1848 Allen
TRUESDELL, Jacob Vet 'Minute boy' served with father Richard 9-5-1853 Blockville Union
VANCAMP, Isaac Vet ~ 4-20-1843 Forestville/Pioneer
WARNER, Nathaniel Jr. Vet CT, Pvt. Capt Richard; Cols Sherman and Swift; Gen Huntington. Enlisted 1-1781, discharged 1783. (DAR # A121256) 4-16-1847 Hamlet
WATERBURY, Samuel Vet Epitaph: "Soldier of the Revolution" No other verification 3-1-1834 Pleasantville, Ellery
WELLS, Asa Vet MA Vols, Fifer in Capt Russel’s MA Vols. (DAR # A122300) 1842 Porter
WHEELER, Daniel  Vet ~ Name inscribed on Fentonville Honor Roll stone ~ Fentonville 
WHITNEY, Richard Sr. Vet Pvt. Enlisted at Lee, Berkshire Co, MA in 1779. Served Veteran of 1776 9m under Capt. Miller and Cols. Brewer and Sprout 5-10-1844 Magnolia
WILCOX, Stephen Vet RI-CT, Non-commissioned officer. Capts Hoxie, Springer, Richards. Cols Stanton, Topham, Starr. (DAR #A126433) 9-15-1846 Wilcox
WILLARD, Ephriam Vet MA Pvt, Fifer. Capt Jonathan Danforth, Cols Brewer & Asa Whitcomb. Also Capt Hunt, Col Joseph Vose. (DAR #A207271) 10-8-1837 East Ripley
WING, Daniel Vet NY Militia, Pvt. Capt Abel Sherwood, POW for over a year. (DAR #A128556) aft 3-21-1836 East Clymer
WOOD, William Vet ~ ~ Christian
WOODWARD, Joshua Vet, CT Militia under Capt. Avery and Col. Coit. DAR # A129296 7-10-1844 Allen
WRIGHT, Jeremiah Vet ~ 1830 Forestville/Pioneer

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