II:1     Sherman George Jacobson, born February 22, 1891, died January 19, 1970 in Jamestown, N.Y., buried Levant, N.Y.
    II:2     Vernie Corell(a) Crandall, born March 9, 1892 in Ellicott, N.Y., died November 14, 1970 in Avon Park, Florida, buried in Levant, N.Y.
Married:  June 23, 1915.
   Children: Myra Allene, 2/6/1918; Eunice Ruth, 3/28/1920; DONALD SHERMAN, 1/4/1922; Laura Alice, 7/15/1930.

    III:1     Laura Johnson, born November 7, 1870, died July 1, 1950, buried Levant, N.Y.
    III:2     George Jacobson, born June 2, 1868, died May 21, 1950, buried Levant, N.Y.                                                      
    Married:  April 26, 1890
    Children:  SHERMAN GEORGE, 2/22/1891; Hilton, 11/27/1893; Clara, 8/24/1906.

    III:3     Frank Allison Crandall, born January 8, 1869 in Falconer, N.Y., died March 17, 1937, buried Falconer, N.Y.
    III:4     Myra Viola Corell, born August 18, 1869, died May 20, 1900, buried Falconer, N.Y.
Married:  November 23, 1889.
Children: VERNIE CORELLA, 3/9/1892; Allene Orilla, 4/9/1895; Millard Lucius, 10/23/1897.
Frank also married Sophia Adella Hine on 4/26/1902 and had one more child.

III:1 LAURA JOHNSON's parents:
    IV:1    Abraham Johnson, born August 9, 1840 in Kolingared parish in Sweden, died September 15, 1924.
    IV:2    Sophia C. Lawson, born December 13, 1840 in Sweden, died April 23, 1934.
    Children:  Anna Charlotte, 1866; Charlie, 10/20/1868; LAURA, 11/7/1870; Frank, 1874; Willie, 12/5/1875; Mary, 1/8/1878; Maude, 11/1880; Myrtie, 1/12/1882.
    Both buried in Levant, N.Y.

    IV:3     Isaac Jacobson, born in 1816 in Sweden, died January 6, 1895, buried Levant, N.Y.
    IV:4     Augusta, born in 1833, died  December 8, 1902, buried Levant, N.Y.

    V:1    Johannes Andersson, born March 17, 1812 at Ronnasen in the parish of Knatte, County of Alvsborg, District of Redvag, died of a stroke on August 25, 1855 at Karlabo in Kolingared.
    V:2    Greta Johansdotter, born March 11, 1812 at Hogryd Sorgard in the parish of Fivlered, County of Alvsborg, District of Redvag
    Married: April 18, 1835 in Kolingared church.
    Children: Louisa Charlotta, 7/16/1835; Augusta, 10/5/1837; ABRAHAM, 9/10/1840; Johan, 9/1/1843.
    The family were crofters (farmers) and lived at various crofters holdings in the parish of Kolingared, such as Jeriko, Backgarden, Mattsaruder, Karlabo.  Shortly before he was married, Johannes came from the farm Hoganas in the parish of Bjurback, county of Skaraborg where he lived with his mother.  Greta lived alone after his death until 1880 when she moved to Fivlered after which she disappears.

IV:2 SOPHIA LAWSON's parents:
    V:3    John A. Lawson, born Oct. 4, 1818 in West Gottland in Sweden, died May 23, 1899, buried in Levant, N.Y.
    V:4     Jennie, died July 25, 1897, age 90 yrs., buried Levant, N.Y.
        NOTE:  There is a grave stone next to John A. Lawson for which the name is unreadable but the inscription below is "born Jan. 20, 1817, died May 6, 1889, age 72 yrs, 3 mo., 10 (16?) days.  A wife or sibling?

    VI:1    Anders (or Andreas) Bengtsson, born September 28, 1783 at Natared Kronogarden in the parish of Knatte, County of Alvsborg, District of Redvag, died July 22, 1813 at Vallered Sorgarden in the parish of Kolingared.
    VI:2    Catharina Jonasdotter, born March 19, 1782 at Glabbersered in the parish of Liared, County of Alvsborg, District of Redvag, death date unknown.
    Married: October 10, 1805 in Liared Church
    Children:  Johanna, 3/25/1809; JOHANNES, 3/17/1812
    The family were farmers at the farm Ronnasen in the parish of Knatte.  Anders died from being kicked by a horse while working on his farm.  Before coming to Ronnasen, they had farmed at Kolingared Lillagarden in Kolingared from 1805 to 1809.  Catharina remained a widow until 1815 when she married Isac Jacobson and had four more children.

    VI:3    Johannes Larsson, born Feburary 23, 1775 at Aryd Storegarden in the parish of Fivlered, died, November 18, 1865 at Hogard Sorgard in Fivlered.
    VI:4    Elisabeth Maria Andersdotter Bjornberg (called Lisa), born November 26, 1777 at Hogard Sorgard in Fivlered, died December 28, 1847 at the same place.
    Married:  There is a gap in the records so the exact date can not be found, but ought to be in 1804.
    Children:  Gustafva, 8/15/1805; Maria Christina, 8/1/1807; Johanna, 10/4/1809; GRETA ELISABETH, 3/11/1812; Lotta and Louisa, 4/22/1819; Abraham, 1/7/1819; Maria, March 13, 1823.
    The family lived at the farm Hogaryd Sorgard in Fivlered, which was Lisa's inheritance from her parents. Mr. Larsson was a man of importance. He was called "Ordingsman och Rusthallare", i.e. he was the head of the workers at the very big farm Hogryd and he was also a "rusthallare", i.e. he was the head of the village when it came to equipping soldiers going to war from that village.  Fore this, he is exempted from serving himself.  In their old age, Johannes and Lisa lived with their son Abraham who was the new boss at Hogryd.

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