Jamestown, NY Chautauqua Co.
Original by: Dee Davidson, Bonnie Kidder & Ann Oelheim
Updated from obituaries and submitted information


FAGERSTROM, Daniel W. Spouse of Laurie Sames. Born 10-20-1949, died 6-6-2008. Age: 58 - Son of Lawrence and Margaret Rostrom Fagerstrom. Wed 8-24-1974
FAGERSTROM, Jane N. Spouse of John W. Born 4-1-1927, died 1-6-2007. Age: 79 - Dau of Floyd and Bertha Alden Nelson. Wed 9-21-1946
FARGO, Catherine A. Spouse of #1 Earl C. Beck #2 Harold L. Fargo. Born 11-1-1913, died 8-19-2006. Age: 92 - Dau of Arthur A. and Della Parker Forney, born in Harrisville NY, died in Boise ID
FARLEY, Donald Harold. Born 1-11-1928, died 2-23-1928. Age: 10d - Son of George W. and Mabel E. (Nelson) Farley, Sr.
FARLEY, Gretchen. Born 6-24-1922, died 5-28-1927. Age: 4y 11m 4d - Dau of George W. and Mabel E. (Nelson) Farley, Sr. Killed when hit by a truck
FARLEY, Infant Boy. Born 3-14-1917, died 3-16-1917. Age: 2d - Son of George W. and Lillian (Lunden) Farley
FARLEY, Infant Girl. Born 1-28-1916, died 1-28-1916. Age: 0d - Dau of George W. and Lillian (Lunden) Farley
FARLEY, Ione. Born 12-4-1914, died 12-6-1914. Age: 2d - Dau of George W. and Lillian (Lunden) Farley
FARMER, Leon Gray. Born 6-5-2008, died 10-14-2008. Age: infant - Son of Joseph Farmer and Carrie Munday
FARNHAM, Frank B. Spouse of Lulu E. Born 8-1-1851, died 3-5-1912
FARNHAM, Frank H. Born 9-8-1879, died 2-27-2886 - Son of Frank and Lulu Farmham
FARNHAM, Jane M. Spouse of John Martin. Born 1828, died 1879
FARNHAM, John Martin. Spouse of Jane. Born 1820, died 1879
FARNHAM, Lulu E. Spouse of Frank B. Born 6-6-1855, died 4-21-1884
FARNHAM, Robert N. Born 7-5-1872, died 2-24-1883 - Son of Frank and Lulu Farmham
FARNSWORTH, Alene V Hollowell. Spouse of Robert l. Born ?, died 12-19-1997
FARNSWORTH, Robert L Sr. Spouse of Alene V. Born 2-21-1930, died 2-21-2000. Age: 70 - Son of Eugene and Bessie Forbes Farnsworth - Korean War Vet, US Army
FARRAR, Harry Thomas Sr. Born 12-7-1936, died 2-12-2011. Age: 74 - Son of Floyd and Lillian Fisher Farrar - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
FEATHER, Audrey L. (Liedblad). Spouse of Herbert Lloyd [Chick]. Born 2-4-1925, died 2-1-2010. Age: 84 - Dau of Carl Signor and Josie Scott Liedblad. Wed 5-9-1945
FEATHER, Herbert Lloyd [Chick]. Spouse of Audrey L. Liedblad. Born 9-23-1922, died 5-19-2008. Age: 85 - Son of Lewis and Ada Pullinger Feather. Wed for 63 years on May 9, 2008-died of Parkinson's disease - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
FEHLMAN, Shirley M. (Cornell). Spouse of LeRoy. Born 7-24-1936, died 1-25-2017. Age: 80 - Dau of Merton and Esther (Erickson) Cornell. Born in Town of Poland NY, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Six children. (Husband predeceased) Ashes
FELLOWS, Chauncey I. Born ?, died 1-12-1980. Age: 74
FELLOWS, Emma. Born ?, died 9-8-1933. Age: 65
FELLOWS, Emmet H. Born ?, died 8-30-1962. Age: 90
FELLOWS, Hannah Hunt. Born ?, died 3-6-1963. Age: 88
FELLOWS, Infant. Born ?, died 3-22-1944 - Child of Chauncey and Ethel Bjork Fellows
FELLOWS, Samuel John. Born ?, died 8-12-1893. Age: 25
FENNER, Ruth. Spouse of James. Born 1839, died 8-21-1930 - Dau of John James Tallman
FENTON, Orpha Eliza. Spouse of Hibbard P. Born 1816, died 5-23-1897. Age: 80y 11m 19d - Dau of Silas and Abigail Maxham
FERINO, David L. Spouse of Sharon Seastrom. Born 6-20-1944, died 8-12-2009. Age: 65 - Son of Joseph W. and Dorothy E. Nelson Ferino. Wed 6-2-1967
FERRIS, James D. Spouse of Julia A. Born ??, died 11-5-1928
FERRIS, Julia A. Spouse of James D. Born ?, died 9-17-1929
FETTERS, Etta M. Spouse of Paul E. Born 2-5-1926, died 9-19-2010. Age: 84 - Dau of Homer and Lillian Little Wallace-born in Latrobe, PA. Wed 7-17-1943
FIELD, Dana E. Spouse of Judith Shalata. Born 10-30-1943, died 8-4-2000. Age: 56 - Son of Alton and Mildred Blizzard Field - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Herman Kent Post 777
FIELD, William Fitzhugh. Spouse of Mary Lou Clicquennoi. Born 5-14-1923, died 11-12-2008. Age: 85 - Son of Frank Howard and Helen Endress Field. Wed for 59 years-died in Port St. Lucie, FL - Uncategrorized Vet, US Army Air Corps
FILBRICK, Margaret Anderson. Spouse of John Harrison. Born 1-20-1927, died 7-4-2008. Age: 81 - Dau of C. Albert and Florence Alstermark Anderson. Wed 12-18-1947
FILEGER, Richard F. Spouse of Kay E. Doverspike. Born 10-21-1939, died 1-20-2019. Age: 79 - Son of Forrest Monroe and Alice (Haus) Filegar. Born, lived, and died in Chaut Co. Co-owner of Fileger Saw and Tool Co. Wed 10-25-1958, two children. (Spouse survives)
FIORE, Evelyn P. (Lindstrom). Spouse of Phillip. Born 11-10-1930, died 5-27-2017. Age: 86 - Dau of Rudolph and Esther (Nelson) Lindstrom. Born and lived in Jamestown NY, died in Warren PA. Wed 10-3-1953, two children. (Spouse d. 11-13-1995)
FISHER, Anna Mae (Merriam). Spouse of Jack. Born 5-8-1930, died 11-7-2018. Age: 88 - Dau of Fay and Johanna (Crofoot) Merriam. Born in Utica NY, lived and died in Jamestown NY. A homemaker. Four children. (Spouse survives)
FLAGG, Daisy L. Spouse of Roland W. Born 2-15-1947, died 2-13-2009. Age: 61 - Dau of Earl and Florence Nephew Chadwick
FOOTE, Elial Todd Hon. Born 5-1-1796, died 11-17-1877. Age: 81y 6m 16d - Son of Samuel and Sybil Doolittle Foote
FORD, Ann Elizabeth Maharon. Spouse of John. Born 3-23-1914, died 3-28-2007. Age: 93 - Dau of John J. and Myrtle Merz Maharon-born in Mt. Vernon NY
FORD, Clarence. Born ?, died 7-24-1861. Age: 11
FORD, Elias. Born ?, died 5-5-1939. Age: 76
FORD, Elijah W. Born ?, died 4-4-1916. Age: 75
FORD, Elizabeth. Born ?, died 8-15-1943. Age: 88
FORD, Geo E. Born ?, died 4-22-1888. Age: 27
FORD, George B. Born ?, died 8-5-1893. Age: 74
FORD, Harriet A. Born ?, died 2-25-1968. Age: 96
FORD, Helen L. Born ?, died 5-21-1962. Age: 64
FORD, James. Born ?, died 12-27-1931. Age: 39
FORD, Mary. Born ?, died 2-14-1938. Age: 89
FORD, Mary Babcock. Born ?, died 5-10-1919. Age: 95
FORD, Richard. Born 1-20-1920, died 1-21-1920
FORD, William J (Rev). Born ?, died 1-14-1935. Age: 70
FORD, William Washington. Born ?, died 4-14-1933. Age: 89
FORNESS, Charlene M. (Brown). Spouse of Eugene P. Born 9-15-1942, died 11-25-2014. Age: 72 - Dau of Charles and Edna (Carlson) Brown. Born in Niagara Falls NY, died in Jamestown NY. Wed 6-25-1994, two children, son surnamed Makuch.
FORNESS, Eugene Paul. Spouse of #1 Joan Nelson, #2 Charlene Brown. Born 3-22-1936, died 4-12-2021. Age: 85 - Son of Leslie P. and Minnie (TeWinkle) Forness. Born in Buffalo NY, lived and died in Jamestown NY. A salesman. (Joan d 1984) Wed Charlene 6-25-1994, two children, son surnamed Makuch. (Joan d 1984) - Cold War Vet, US Army. 1959-1962
FORSBERG, Ruth H. Spouse of Thomas L. Born ??, died 1-22-2010. Age: 79 - Dau of Edwin and Jewel Wright Naslund
FOSTER, Archie N. Spouse of Grace S
FOSTER, Grace Seekins. Spouse of Archie N. Born 12-22-1884, died ?. Age: 69 - Dau of William and JoAnn Strandburg Seekins
FOSTER, Herbert P. Spouse of Carrol E. Chase. Born 1-26-1916, died 3-15-1996. Age: 80 - Son of Archie and Grace Seekins Foster
FOSTER, Richard P. Spouse of Verda Reynolds. Born 11-27-1927, died 12-12-2004. Age: 77 - Son of Archie and Grace Seekins Foster
FOX, Luella K. Born 4-27-1921, died 12-2-2007. Age: 86 - Dau of Carl T. and Elna A. Johnson Fox - WW II Vet, US Army, Nurse
FRALEY, Lynn A. Sr. Born 3-9-1948, died 7-6-2007. Age: 59 - Son of Herbert and Barbara Fraley-born in Bradford PA - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
FRANCHINA, Sebastian J. Sr. [Joe]. Spouse of Audrey Buell. Born 4-13-1930, died 5-22-2008. Age: 78 - Son of Samuel Franchina and Jennie Franchina Jerruso. Wed 4-1-1948
FRANK, Elizabeth Stewart. Spouse of Michael. Born 12-26-1792, died 3-26-1879 - Dau of Eliphalet and Mercy Coates Steward
FRANK, June (Hayes). Spouse of Raymond. Born 6-22-1961, died 9-3-2017. Age: 56 - Dau of Jesse Hayes and Joyce Newkirk. Born in Bronx NY, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Family advocate for Chaut Co and volunteer advocate for over 30 years. Six children, surnamed Frank and Newkirk. (Spouse survives)
FRANK, Lewis. Born 1-7-1815, died 3-27-1851 - Son of Michael and Elizabeth Stewart Frank
FRANK, Lucy Ann. Born 4-25-1817, died 1-5-1819 - Dau of Michael and Elizabeth Stewart Frank
FRANK, Mercy E. Born 3-18-1834, died 9-17-1890 - Dau of Michael and Elizabeth Stewart Frank
FRANK, Michael. Spouse of Elizabeth S. Born ?, died ?? - Son of Lawrence Frank and Mary Myers
FRANK, Mrs. Glenn, died 19? - No data
FRANKIEWICZ, Thomas A. Spouse of Margaret Christian. Born 8-19-1953, died 4-7-2016. Age: 62 - Son of Donald and Florence (Bielaszka) Frankiewicz. Born in Dunkirk NY, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Wed 4-6-1974, three children.
FRANZEN, Clarence R. [Bob]. Spouse of Elsie Deppas. Born 10-2-1924, died 5-27-2009. Age: 84 - Son of Carl V. and Selma Nelson Franzen. Wed 7-18-1949 - WW II Vet, US Army
FRANZEN, Elizabeth [Betty]. Spouse of Lennart E. Born 8-22-1918, died 5-1-2006. Age: 87 - Dau of Edward S. and Claribel Colburn Lawson. Wed 9-26-1936
FRANZEN, LaVerene H. Spouse of Jane Beaustrom. Born 10-26-1908, died 7-22-1995. Age: 86 - Son of Karl and Ida Johnson Franzen
FRAY, Elizabeth B. Spouse of John A. Born 10-17-1910, died 12-7-2000. Age: 90 - Dau of Louis and Katherine Townsend Bowen
FRAY, John A. Spouse of Elizabeth Bowen. Born ?, died 12-6-1991 - Wed Dec.23 1942
FRAY, Louis Bowen. Born 12-18-1947, died 6-19-2010. Age: 62 - Son of John and Elizabeth Bowen Fray
FREDLUND, Beatrice S. Spouse of Harold J. Born 8-4-1918, died 6-1-2000. Age: 81 - Dau of Tilmer and Flora Anderson Lawson
FREDLUND, Harold J. Spouse of Beatrice S. Born ??, died 7-24-1985 - Wed May 1 1940
FREEMAN, June Goodell. Spouse of #1 William Bradshaw, #2 Ben Peter Freeman. Born 6-2-1917, died 7-7-2006. Age: 89 - Dau of Dr. Charles Ellsworth and Francesca Bartlett Goodell-died in Glencoe IL. Wed #1 in 1938. Wed #2 in 1976
FRIBERG, Marshall A. Spouse of Ebba Rudwall. Born 3-13-1910, died 10-31-2004. Age: 94 - Son of Axel and Hanna Peterson Friberg - WW II Vet, US Army, S/Sgt
FRYE, Allison S. Jr. Born 8-7-1958, died 9-25-2016. Age: 58 - Son of Allison E. [Bud] and DeLores (Johnson) Frye Sr. born, lived, and died in Jamestown NY. Worked 27 yrs for Webber Knapp. Unmarried. - Uncategorized Vet, US Army Reserves, Sgt.
FRYE, Karen M. (Larson). Spouse of Allison S. [Bud]. Born 7-9-1939, died 2-5-2007. Age: 67 - Dau of Carl O. and Julia Peebles Larson. Gary McClellwan, companion of 22 years, d. 2-2-2007
FULLERTON, Madeline [Maddie]. Spouse of Ralph [Frisky]. Born 4-18-1915, died 2-1-2009. Age: 93 - Dau of Arvid and Mildred Lindberg Carlson-born in Youngsville, PA. Wed 12-13-1934
FURLOW, Alfred L. Spouse of #1 Jennie Eva Bristol, #2 Anna H. Harper. Born 2-8-1860, died 2-23-1942. Age: 82 - Son of Luther J. and Emily E (Beach) Furlow. A lawyer. One son with Jennie. Wed Anna 9-13-1893.
FURLOW, Anna (Harper). Spouse of Alfred L. Born 5-18-1866, died 7-23-1952. Age: 86 - Dau of Samuel and Arminda (Mitchell) Harper.
FURLOW, Burton L. Born 2-24-1890, died 2-22-1960. Age: 69 - Son of Alfred and Jennie E. (Bristol) Furlow. Stepmother was Anna (Harper) Furlow.
FURLOW, Daniel H. Spouse of Loretta Felton. Born 11-2-1837, died 10-30-1878. Age: 41 - Son of Joseph and Matilda Furlow. Born in Chaut Co NY. A liquor dealer and kept a boarding house. Born in Chaut Co NY. At least two children.
FURLOW, David Lee. Born 1-9-1963, died 1-9-1963. Age: 0d - Son of Rollin and Joyce (Farley) Furlow. Grandchild of Howard Samuel and Angie Viola (Calkins) Furlow.
FURLOW, Debra Lee. Born 5-24-1955, died 5-25-1955. Age: 1d - Dau of Rollin and Joyce (Farley) Furlow. Grandchild of Howard Samuel and Angie Viola (Calkins) Furlow.
FURLOW, Elvira C. (Austin). Spouse of George W. Born 7-10-1841*, died 7-18-1886. Age: 45y 8d - Dau of Homer and Rosana Austin. Three children
FURLOW, Emily E. (Beach). Spouse of Luther J. Born 12-14-1835, died 5-26-1904. Age: 68 - Born in OH. At least six children
FURLOW, George Austin. Born 12-21-1871, died 12-2-1874. Age: 3 - Son of George W. and Elvira C. (Austin) Furlow.
FURLOW, George Washington. Spouse of #1 Elvira C. Austin, #2 Eliza J. Dole Barber, #3 Mary A, Heass. Born 1834, died 11-3-1912. Age: 78 - 1855 Busti census: Son of James and Esther Furlow, b. Chaut Co NY. A farmer in Busti. 1865 Ellery Census: Wed Elvira abt 1860, three children. Wed Eliza 4-22-1890. 1910 Jamestown Census: Wed Mary abt 1897.
FURLOW, Harlan P. Born 5-12-1858, died 7-18-1922. Age: 65 - Son of Luther J. and Emily E (Beach) Furlow
FURLOW, Howard Samuel. Spouse of Angie Viola Calkins. Born 1-2-1906, died 12-20-1950. Age: 44 - Son of James W. and Arminda L. (Harper) Furlow. Wed 2-14-1928, three children
FURLOW, James William. Spouse of Arminda L. Harper [Minnie]. Born 8-16-1875, died 4-9-1951. Age: 76y 7m 24d - Son of Luther J. and Emily E (Beach) Furlow. At least one son with Minnie, then divorced.
FURLOW, Jennie Eva (Bristol). Spouse of Alfred L. Born 4-24-1863, died 5-10-1891. Age: 28 - Dau of Horatio and Mary Jane Bristol. First wife of Alferd L., mother of Burton L.
FURLOW, Loretta (Felton). Spouse of Daniel H. Born 9-13-1839*, died 2-28-1880. Age: 40y 5m 15d - Dau of Ezra and Abigail Felton. Kept a boarding house. At least two children.
FURLOW, Luther J. Spouse of Emily E. Beach. Born 5-7-1831, died 7-2-1898. Age: 67 - Son of James and Esther (Carpenter) Furlow. A Farmer. At least six children.
FURLOW, Mary A. (Heass). Spouse of #1 Solomon Butts, #2 George W. Furlow. Born 2-27-1848, died 11-6-1913. Age: 65 - Dau of Daniel Heass, born in Germany.
FURLOW, Randy Howard. Born 5-20-1957, died 5-20-1957. Age: 0d - Son of Rollin and Joyce (Farley) Furlow. Grandchild of Howard Samuel and Angie Viola (Calkins) Furlow.
FYE, Dorothy L. Born 10-11-1932, died 3-8-2014. Age: 81 - Dau of Merle and Edna (Thomas) Fye, born Johnstown, PA and died Jamestown, NY, 5 children
FYE, Ervin E. Born 12-23-1948, died 4-3-2003. Age: 54 - Son of Merle and Edna Thomas Fye, b. Nanty-Glo PA. - Vietnam Vet, 3 tours
GABBARD, Jay. Born 1-23-1942, died 1-26-2000. Age: 58 - Son of Merle and Lola Baker Gabbard
GAETA, Johanna L. (Hickman). Born 8-7-1945, died 1-8-2015. Age: 67 - Dau of Fredrick G. and LaMar (Johnson) Hickman, born in Jamestown NY, died in Newfoundland PA. Two children
GAGE, Donald A. Spouse of Sally Carlson. Born 8-25-1932, died 2-13-2003. Age: 70 - Son of Harlow G. and Elnora Carlson Gage - Korean War Vet, US Army
GAGE, E. Elnora. Spouse of Harlow C. Born 12-31-1910, died 10-29-2007. Age: 96 - Dau of Fred and Anna Johnson Carlson. Wed 11-22-1931
GALLAGHER, Carol Lindberg. Spouse of John C. Jr.[Jack]. Born 1-13-1926, died 7-15-2009. Age: 83 - Dau of Kenneth and Cecile Jones Lindberg. Wed 8-20-1960
GALLOWAY, Grace Laverne. Born 1872, died 11-2-1898. Age: 26 - Dau of John and Sara Galloway, d. of tuberculosis [Lady in white behind glass]
GARDNER, Betty Anne. Spouse of Charles K. Born 11-17-1938, died 2-27-2009. Age: 70 - Dau of Lloyd and Eleanor Smith Waite. Wed for 40 years - Uncategorized Vet, US Marine Corps
GARVEY, Donald F. Spouse of Dorothy Hodges. Born 8-28-1920, died 1-17-2009. Age: 88 - Son of Floyd and Agnes Cochner Garvey. Wed 7-9-1955 - WW II Vet, US Army
GARVEY, Dorothy J. Spouse of Donald F. Born 9-6-1929, died 5-13-2010. Age: 80 - Dau of James and Grace Loomis Hodges. Wed 7-9-1955
GARVEY, Robert E. Spouse of #1 Margaret Joan Anderson, #2 Jane Ellen Kocur. Born 2-21-1929, died 10-11-2015. Age: 86 - Son of Floyd H. and Agnes V. (Cochener) Garvey, born in Jamestown NY, died in Erie PA. One daughter. - WW II Vet, US Army. 1946-1948
GARVIN, Corine M. Hamrick. Spouse of Harley R. Born 3-21-1938, died 12-2701998. Age: 60 - Five children
GARVIN, Franklin B. Spouse of Lynette Conklin. Born 1-8-1967, died 7-11-2011. Age: 44 - Son of Harley and Corene Mae (Hamrick) Garvin. A machinist. Wed 5-7-2005, one daughter. (Spouse survives)
GARVIN, Harley R. [Ray]. Spouse of Corene M. Hamrick. Born 7-29-1936, died 1-7-2008. Age: 71 - Son of Albert and Bertha (Hal) Garvin. Born in Removal WV. Five children
GARVIN, Richard B. Spouse of Vickie L. Born 9-17-1960, died 11-15-2017. Age: 57 - Son of Harley and Corene Mae (Hamrick) Garvin. Worked in maintenance at Chautauqua Hardware for 26 years. Two children. (Spouse survives)
GAUGGEL, Gary W. Spouse of Jody S. Bostaph. Born 11-11-1953, died 11-18-2017. Age: 64 - Son of Robert Sr. and Joan (Kiefer) Gauggel. Born and lived in Jamestown NY. One daughter - Cold War Vet, US Air Force. Disabled vet.
GEABEN, Randall Blair. Spouse of Pamela Lavin. Born 12-13-1952, died 2-20-2010. Age: 57 - Son of Frank Charles and Helen Grace Geaben. Wed in 1980
GEIGER, Charles W. Spouse of Lyda M. Born 5-11-1923, died 10-1-2010. Age: 87 - Son of Walter and Minnie Geiger-born in Amsterdam, NY. Wed for 56 years - WW II Vet, US Navy
GEIGER, Lyda M. Spouse of Charles W. Born 3-19-1923, died 12-28-2002. Age: 79 - Dau of Martin and Gertrude Argotsinger Hansen
GEIST, Betty K. Born 1-28-1955, died 8-4-2018 - Dau of James D. and June M. (Doverspike) Geist. Born in Kitanning PA, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Housekeeper at WCA Hospital for 33 years.
GEORGAKIS, Ortha E. (Widrick). Spouse of Anthony. Born 9-7-1947, died 1-11-2018. Age: 70 - Dau of Lloyd and Leona (Jutzi) Widrick. Born in Carthage NY, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Two children. (Spouse survives)
GEORGE, Pearl (Rapp). Spouse of Robert J. Born 6-16-1935, died 11-1-1999. Age: 64 - Dau of C. Roland and Izabelle V. Rapp. Wed 10-26-1979, six children.
GEORGE, Robert J. Spouse of Pearl Rapp. Born 7-16-1927, died 10-24-2015. Age: 88 - Son of John and Laurena (Alm) George, born and died in Jamestown NY. - WW II Vet, US Army
GIAMBELUCA, Frederick J. Spouse of Alice Block Abramson. Born 4-17-1929, died 3-8-2007. Age: 77 - Son of Samuel and Frances La John Giambeluca. Wed 3-12-1971 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
GIBBENS, Elmer W. Spouse of Frances Bennett. Born 3-14-1927, died 4-30-2007. Age: 80 - Son of Elmer L. and Gladys Perdue Gibbens. Wed 5-17-1947
GIBSON, Andrew Hamilton. Spouse of Frances Daphne Osborn. Born 12-23-1915, died 11-11-2006. Age: 90 - Born in Boone IA. Wed in 1940
GIBSON, Bonnie M. Spouse of Terry. Born 11-27-1952, died 3-14-2010. Age: 57 - Born in Warren, PA
GIBSON, Frances Daphne Osborn. Spouse of Andrew H. Born 11-20-1917, died 1-21-2008 - Dau of John Lynn and Sylvia Daphne Alford Osborn-born in Lawrence, KS. Wed 8-3-1940
GIBSON, Robert F. Born 10-9-1919, died 12-25-1999. Age: 80 - Son of William F. and Mary A Davies Gibson
GIDDY, Anna L. Spouse of Edgar/Herbert. Born 12-29-1906, died 11-27-2000. Age: 93 - Dau of August and Kerstin Lund 1st hus.Edgar V.Tunstall 2nd hus.Herbert J. Giddy
GIFFORD, Adelaide K. Born ?, died 11-30-1885. Age: 30
GIFFORD, Andrew Jackson. Spouse of Olive B. Born ?, died 10-25-1930. Age: 60
GIFFORD, Anna B. Born ?, died 1-16-1923. Age: 80
GIFFORD, Anna M. Born ?, died 2-23-1885. Age: 64
GIFFORD, Arvilla. Spouse of Melviille. Born ?, died 11-4-1885. Age: 21 - Died in childbirth
GIFFORD, Charles D. Born ?, died 12-28-1903. Age: 57
GIFFORD, Charles Henry. Spouse of Grace M. Born 1-19-1850, died 4-29-1914. Age: 64 - Wed June 19 1872 in Rochester NY
GIFFORD, Charlotte E. Born ?, died 7-9-1853. Age: 28 - Removed from farm of Gideon Gifford
GIFFORD, Clarence Edmond. Born ?, died 1-23-1909. Age: 55
GIFFORD, Clementine Janette. Born ?, died 8-19-1918. Age: 74
GIFFORD, Corydon Daniel. Born ?, died 9-11-1927. Age: 17
GIFFORD, Cyrus. Born ?, died 9-3-1832 - Removed from farm of Gideon Gifford 17 September 1862
GIFFORD, Daniel. Born ?, died 1-31-1889. Age: 73
GIFFORD, Elizabeth Drake. Born ?, died 1-17-1929. Age: 53
GIFFORD, Elizabeth Robertson. Born ?, died 5-9-1911. Age: 80
GIFFORD, Elmer C. Born ?, died 10-12-1957. Age: 83
GIFFORD, Elva. Born ?, died 5-25-1895. Age: 11
GIFFORD, Erastus Burney. Born ?, died 7-29-1913. Age: 1
GIFFORD, Fannie S. Born ?, died 2-18-1888. Age: 17
GIFFORD, Florence Butler. Born ?, died 8-7-1957. Age: 87
GIFFORD, Frank Charles. Born ?, died 6-6-1933. Age: 65
GIFFORD, Frank Edward. Spouse of Josephine F. Born 11-6-1845, died 7-1-1934. Age: 88 - Son of Horace Henry and Rhoda L Stewart Gifford wed June 20 1881
GIFFORD, George Frank. Born ?, died 5-15-1927. Age: 70
GIFFORD, George S. Born ?, died 1-3-1909. Age: 70
GIFFORD, George W. Born ?, died 12-6-1906. Age: 64
GIFFORD, Gideon. Spouse of Millicent C. Born ?, died 3-29-1856. Age: 66 - Removed from farm of Gideon Gifford Sept. 17 1862
GIFFORD, Grace. Born ?, died 11-5-1949. Age: 79
GIFFORD, Grace Mason Curtis. Spouse of Charles Henry. Born 1854, died 9-21-1936. Age: 82 - Dau of Phillip Curtis and Cathro Mason
GIFFORD, Horace Henry. Spouse of Rhoda L. Born 10-19-1821, died 8-30-1905. Age: 83 - Son of William Gifford and Phoebe Cornell
GIFFORD, Infant. Born ?, died 11-22-1883 - Infant of Arvillla and Melviille Gifford
GIFFORD, Infant. Born ?, died 4-1-1923 - Child of Andrew and Olive Gifford
GIFFORD, Jennie Elizabeth. Born ?, died 3-14-1909. Age: 62
GIFFORD, Jennie K. Born ?, died 3-30-1915. Age: 52
GIFFORD, Joseph J. Companion of Dawn Gardner. Born 10-7-1958, died 5-11-2017. Age: 58 - Son of Victor and Iva Jean (Ruthkowski) Gifford. One daughter, mother unclear.
GIFFORD, Josephine Fenton. Spouse of Frank Edward. Born 4-15-1845, died 11-5-1928. Age: 83 - Dau of Reuben Fenton and Elizabeth Scudder
GIFFORD, Josephine Francesca. Born 1883, died 5-8-1884 - Dau of Frank Edward and Josephine Fenton Gifford
GIFFORD, Katherine. Born ?, died 8-16-1942. Age: 76
GIFFORD, Kathro Grace. Born 7-18-1873, died 4-4-1876 - Dau of Charles Henry and Grace Mason Curtis Gifford
GIFFORD, Lester. Born ?, died 4-5-1898. Age: 4
GIFFORD, Levi. Born ?, died 3-28-1901. Age: 82
GIFFORD, Livingston. Born ?, died 7-31-1923. Age: 74 -
GIFFORD, Louise Metcalf. Born 1-24-1891, died 1916 - Dau of William Stewart and Lucy May Love Gifford
GIFFORD, Lucy May Love. Spouse of William Steward. Born 1861, died 6-16-1941. Age: 80 - Dau of Samuel Love and Louise Metcalf, b. Randolph NY
GIFFORD, Mary. Born ?, died 8-16-1871. Age: 16
GIFFORD, Mary B. Born ?, died 3-29-1918. Age: 75
GIFFORD, Matthew C. Born ?, died 6-2-1866. Age: 46
GIFFORD, Melville G. Spouse of Arvilla. Born ?, died 7-21-1943. Age: 82
GIFFORD, Merle M. Born ?, died 2-29-1928. Age: 54
GIFFORD, Millicent Cornell. Spouse of Gideon. Born ?, died 7-30-1866. Age: 72
GIFFORD, Olive Brice. Born ?, died 5-21-1944. Age: 64
GIFFORD, Pearl Terry. Born ?, died 12-10-1949. Age: 76
GIFFORD, Rhoda L Steward. Spouse of Horace Henry. Born 3-16-1822, died 4-9-1894. Age: 72 - Dau of Johnand Eunice Wilcox Steward Jr.
GIFFORD, Samuel N. Born ?, died 9-5-1920. Age: 80
GIFFORD, Sarah Ann. Born ?, died 10-31-1891. Age: 67
GIFFORD, Sylvia Alice. Spouse of Andrew Jackson. Born 1848, died 12-25-1907. Age: 60
GIFFORD, Walter C. Born ?, died 8-9-1909. Age: 80
GIFFORD, William. Born ?, died 5-12-1882. Age: 25
GIFFORD, William P. Born ?, died 6-4-1908. Age: 71
GIFFORD, William Stewart. Spouse of Lucy May. Born 1-25-1856, died 10-7-1922. Age: 66 - Wed Oct 1 1885 in Jamestown NY
GILBERT, Katherine Love. Spouse of Earle. Born 12-26-1889, died 1966 - Dau of William Stewart and Lucy May Love Gifford
GILLBERG,Viola Lucille Bernhard. Spouse of Gustav Alfred Gillberg. Born 6-9-1905, died 7-12-1981
GLAD, Charles R. Spouse of Mabel Drake/ Hilda Pellnat Nelson. Born 10-18-1911, died 12-18-1999. Age: 88 - Son of Charles and Edna Peterson Glad. Mabel died June 9 1981
GOLDSTEIN, Geraldine J. (Johnson). Spouse of Nathan David. Born 11-28-1934, died 10-2-2016. Age: 81y - Dau of Helge O. "Inky" and Mildred E. (Larson) Johnson; born in Jamestown NY; died in Warren PA; lifelong Jamestown resident. Wed 4-22-1957; four children.
GOLDSTEIN, Nathan David. Spouse of Geraldine [Jeri] Johnson. Born 5-20-1924, died 12-2-2010. Age: 86 - Son of Hiram and Fanny (Taylor) Goldstein. Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Wed 4-22-1957, four children.
GOODELL, Catherine Edmundson. Spouse of Dr. James PB. Born ??, died 12-14-2006. Age: 87 - Dau of Dr. Frank and Helen Moore Edmundson-born in Pittsburgh, PA. Wed 10-31-1940
GOODELL, Esther H. (Hjalmarson). Spouse of John L. Born 11-2-1924, died 6-25-2016. Age: 91 - Dau of Otto H. and Adelia A. Hjalmarson. Born in Jamestown NY, lived and died in Bemus Point NY. A Phlebotomist at WCA Hospital. Five sons.
GOODELL, John Leighton. Spouse of Esther H. Hjalmarson. Born 7-1-1923, died 8-30-2002. Age: 79 - Son of Dr. Charles E. and Francesca (Bartlett) Goodell. A lawyer in Jamestown for almost 50 years. Five sons
GOODELL, Martha Swanson. Spouse of George W. Sr. Born 10-8-1917, died 2-26-2007. Age: 89 - Dau of Carl G. and Florence H. Swanson. Wed for 63 years
GOODWILL, Bryce L. Born 2-17-2015, died 1-17-2016. Age: 11m - Son of Leanna Bennink and Christopher Goodwill, born in Jamestown NY, died in Buffalo NY. A twin brother died shortly after birth.
GOODWIN, Inez Clara Knowlton. Spouse of 1st/ of Frank Perry. Born 6-18-1883, died 12-19-1931 - Dau of William A. and Rachel Steffy Knowlton lot 43 Laurel Hill
GOODWIN, Jennie L. Bull. Spouse of Perry Wilber. Born 7-15-1859, died 4-6-1942 - Dau of Abraham and Lucy Casort Bull
GOODWIN, Leah Maltby Coons. Spouse of 2nd wife/Frank Perry. Born 8-14-1892, died 1-14-1988 - Dau of George H. and Maud Fuller Coons
GOODWIN, Perry Frank. Spouse of 1st/Inez2nd/Leah. Born 8-30-1882, died 1-16-1959 - Son of Perry Wilber and Jennie L. Bull Goodwin lot 43 Laurel Hill
GOODWIN, Perry Wilber. Spouse of Jennie L. Born 8-16-1860, died 12-3-1935 - Son of Augustus Colson Goodwin
GOON, Benjamin C. Born 4-13-1988, died 11-6-2016. Age: 28 - Son of Michael L. and Tambria Arzner Goon, born and lived in Jamestown NY, died in Erie PA. Unmarried
GORANSON, Julia C. Spouse of N. R. Born 11-8-1867, died 6-9-1943. Age: 76 - Born in Sweden
GORANSON, N. R. Spouse of Julia C. Born ??, died 1912
GORE, Constance E. Spouse of Francis. Born 6-26-1919, died 10-17-2001. Age: 82 - Dau of William and Edith Jones Middaugh
GORE, Francis J. Spouse of Constance Middaugh. Born 8-22-1917, died 10-18-2009. Age: 92 - Son of Harry and Sara Lyons Gore-born in Port Jervis, NY. Wed 1-27-1938 - WW II Vet
GOSS, Susan. Spouse of Edward A. Johnson/ Robert E. Born ??, died 8-20-2000. Age: 79 - Wed Edward 10-14-1944. Wed Robert 1979, he d. 1997
GOULDING, Douglas Ward. Born 7-29-1960, died 12-13-2018. Age: 58 - Son of Charles A. and Edith Goulding. Two children, mother not named.
GOURLEY, Kathleen A. Born 4-11-1948, died 7-16-2017. Age: 69 - Dau of Robert E. and Jeanne (Danforth) Gourley. Born, lived, and died in Jsmestown NY. Worked 27 years at Al-Metal Specialties. Unmmaried
GOURLEY, Robert E. Spouse of Jeanne Danforth B. Born 3-8-1926, died 6-28-2001. Age: 75 - Son of David C. and Faith E Pecher Gourley - WW II Vet, US Navy, USS Biddle and USS Holton
GRAHAM, Lonnie E. Born 5-20-1952, died 12-11-2010. Age: 58 - Son of Willie Calvin and Ilean Walker Graham-born in Corinth, MS
GRAHAM, Nasser Calvin. Born 2-13-2008, died 2-13-2008. Age: infant - Son of Crystal Graham
GRANGER, Augusta L. Spouse of Emmett B. Lawson/ William F. Born 10-13-1916, died 2-13-2001 - Dau of William and Henrietta Dracup
GRANN, Carl H. Spouse of Darmar H. Born ??, died 7-7-1972
GRANN, Darmar H. Spouse of Carl H. Born 6-18-1904, died 11-29-1985. Age: 81 - Dau of Frans Oscar and Augusta Johnson Kallander, b. Stockholm Sweden
GRAVES, Barbara M. Companion of Ray Shields. Born 5-1-1931, died 11-24-2005. Age: 74 - Dau of Austin and Isabel Hallquist Blixt
GRAVES, Marjorie L. Born 3-31-1939, died 11-11-2016 - Died in Jamestown NY. No living family.
GRAVES, Mary Sue Amos. Spouse of Rober L. Amos/ Percy. Born 12-19-1914, died 3-9-2002 - Dau of Jessie and Louise Brockman, b. Dansville VA
GRAVES, Percy. Spouse of Mary Sue. Born ??, died 7-5-1976
GRAY, Dorothy M. (Hunt). Spouse of Raymond A. Wilson Sr/ Raymond Gray. Born 11-27-1922, died 1-31-2014. Age: 91 - Dau of John L. and Lela (Carhart) Hunt, born in Lakewood OH, died in Williamsburg VA. Wed Wilson 2-16-1944, three children. Wed Gray after 1980.
GREEN, Eleazer Jr. Spouse of Mary E. Born 3-16-1846, died 11-26-1933
GREEN, Mary E. Spouse of Eleazer Jr. Born 1850, died 3-11-1900 - dau. of Samuel and Clarissa E Slayton Brown
GREENDAHL, Donald W. Spouse of Martha L. [Pat]. Born ??, died 12-8-1994 - Wed Oct 30 1941
GREENDAHL, Martha L. Day [Pat]. Spouse of Donald W. Born 08-13-1914, died 3-21-2003. Age: 88 - Born in Salamanca NY.
GREENWOOD, Alice M. Spouse of Henry N. [Bud]. Born 9-22-1918, died 12-28-2006. Age: 88 - Dau of Oscar and Flossie Beardsley Noyd. Wed 12-7-1940
GREENWOOD, Henry N. [Bud]. Spouse of Alice Nord. Born 11-4-1918, died 8-30-1975. Age: 56 - Son of Henry P. and Jenny Nelson Greenwood - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
GREYBER, Edmond L [Jim]. Spouse of Lois E. Born 3-2-1919, died 3-1-2000. Age: 81 - Son of Joseph L and Mable Davis Greyber
GREYBER, Lois A Johnson. Spouse of Edmond L. Born ?, died 3-9-1983 - Wed May 16 1943
GRIFFIN, Bruce R. Born 7-23-1938, died 2-5-2010. Age: 71 - Son of Russell H. and Edna E. Dillon Griffin-born in Scranton, PA
GRIFFIN, Donald Clair. Spouse of Debra Shavalier. Born 3-4-1947, died 1-1-2007. Age: 59 - Son of Marion Leo and Viola Strand Griffin
GRIFFIN, Jane L. (Murray). Spouse of Earl G. Born 5-12-1940, died 5-6-2019. Age: 78 - Dau of Harold and Elizabeth (Appleby) Murray. Born and lived in Jamestown NY, died in Gerry NY. A homemaker. Wed 7-5-1958 in Jamestown, five children.
GRIFFITH, Marlyn C. [Molly]. Spouse of Alvin H. [Ben]. Born 6-9-1934, died 7-22-2007. Age: 73 - Dau of Harry A. and Marguerite Perring Carlson. Wed 5-23-1953
GRISSOM, Annie M. (Leeper). Spouse of Cleveland, died 12-8-2016. Age: 96 - Dau of Herbert and Savannah B. (Felton) Leeper Sr., a housekeeper. Born in Anwalt WV, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Wed in Cambridge OH, four children. (He d. 3-9-2001)
GUNNARSON, Helen M. Born 4-25-1917, died 11-7-2005. Age: 88 - Dau of Albert and Nellie Johnson Gunnarson-born in Chicago, IL
GUNNELL, Ryan P. Born 11-8-1975, died 1-27-2021. Age: 45 - Son of Robert R. and Martha (Bradley) Gunnell. Born, lived, and died in Jamestown NY. Two children, mother not named.
GUSTAFSON, Allan E. Spouse of Janet. Born ?, died 11-30-1985 -
GUSTAFSON, Anna L. (Arrivall). Born ?, died 12-31-1996. Age: 95
GUSTAFSON, Beth. Spouse of Roger A. Born 9-27-1935, died 4-24-2000. Age: 64 - Dau of Walter W and Helen Carlson Cheney. Wed 6-16-1956
GUSTAFSON, Birgit K. Spouse of Harold E. Born 9-23-1910, died 4-28-1987. Age: 76 - Dau of Frans Oscar and Augusta Johnson Kallander, b. Stockholm Sweden
GUSTAFSON, Charles H, Rev. Spouse of Esther Parmenter. Born 11-29-1928, died 1-1-2021. Age: 92 - Son of Harold E. and Arlene (Lawson) Gustafson. Born in Jamestown NY, lived in Jamestown and Palm Harbor FL, died in Palm Harbor. A Lutheran minister, ordained in 1954. Wed 8-29-1953, two children. (Spouse survives)
GUSTAFSON, Edgar A. Spouse of Lois Margaret
GUSTAFSON, Elmer R. Spouse of Ethel R. Born ?, died 11-29-1993
GUSTAFSON, Ethel R. Spouse of Elmer R. Born 6-1-1922, died 3-6-2003. Age: 80
GUSTAFSON, Evelyn M. Spouse of Warren. Born 1-11-1931, died 1-18-2006. Age: 75 - Dau of Gilbert and Rita Harvey-born in Fredonia, NY
GUSTAFSON, Fritz E. Spouse of Carol Powers. Born 7-6-1910, died 9-13-2000. Age: 90 - John W. Tiffany Post 53, Thule Lodge 127 - WW II Vet, US Army
GUSTAFSON, Harold E. Spouse of Birgit K. Born ??, died 5-18-1981
GUSTAFSON, Helen (Swan). Spouse of J. Harold. Born 12-19-1916, died 6-21-2018. Age: 101 - Dau of Harry and Emma (Olson) Swan. Born and lived in Jamestown NY, died in Bemus Point NY. Wed 7-2-1937, two children.
GUSTAFSON, J. Bernard. Spouse of Laura A. Born 2-10-1900, died 12-12-1973. Age: 73 - Son of John and Julia Bengston Gustafson, b. Halland Sweden
GUSTAFSON, J. Harold. Spouse of Helen Swan. Born 2-19-1914, died 2-5-1992. Age: 77 - Llved and died in Jamestown NY. Wed 7-2-1937, two children
GUSTAFSON, Laura Anderson. Spouse of J. Bernard
GUSTAFSON, Lois Mildred. Spouse of Edgar A. Born 9-1-1914, died 12-11-1999. Age: 85 - Dau of Olaf and Gerda Larson Dir.of Nurses in Texas and Jamestown Gen Hosp.
GUSTAFSON, Martha Kristin. Spouse of Raymond H. Born 8-5-1909, died 6-30-1996 - Dau of Andrew Wilhelmand Hulda Nilson Erikckson Lundin
GUSTAFSON, Mary S. Born 8-28-1911, died 8-28-2000. Age: 89 - Dau of Oscar and Helen Shenefiel
GUSTAFSON, Raymond H. Spouse of Martha K. Born 8-10-1906, died 2-28-1977 - Wed May 9 1928
GUSTAFSON, Wesley H. Born 9-14-1941, died 3-22-2017. Age: 75 - Son of J. Harold and Helen (Swan) Gustafson. Born, lived, and died in Jamestown NY. An electrical engineer. Unmarried
GUSTAVSON, Alvin N. Spouse of Nellie Esther. Born ??, died 8-8-1966
GUSTAVSON, Nellie Esther. Spouse of Alvin N. Born 2-28-1881, died 3-23-1967. Age: 86 - Dau of John A. and Hedwig Ruckman
GUTIERREZ, Alberto C. MD. Spouse of Shirley Ann Jenny. Born 1-29-1941, died 11-4-2015. Age: 74 - Son of Mariano E. and Rosario C. Gutierrez, 12 siblings, born in Manilla Philippines, died in Jamestown. He was a thoracic surgeon. Wed 11-7-1970 in Hamburg NY, five children.
GUTIERREZ, Shirley Ann (Jenny). Spouse of Dr. Alberto. Born 10-13-1948, died 1-5-2017. Age: 68 - Dau of Martin and Irene (Mickolajczyk) Jenny. Born in Lackawanna NY, died in Jamestown NY. Was a nurse. Wed 11-7-1970 in Hamburg NY, five children.
GUYNN, Caleb Matthew. Born 1-17-1902, died 1-17-2002 - Son of Matthew and Shannon Colgrove Guynn
HAGELIN, Eleanor Y. (Youngberg). Spouse of James C. Born 5-17-1931, died 1-3-2021. Age: 89 - Dau of Oscar and Martha (Backman) Youngberg. Born in Falconer NY, lived in Jamestown NY, died in Greenhurst NY. A homemaker. Wed 8-16-1952, three children.
HAGELIN, James C. Spouse of Eleanor Youngberg. Born 11-15-1921, died 1-10-2011. Age: 89 - Son of Charles and Pearl Warn Hagelin. Wed 8-16-1952, three children. - WW II Vet, US Air Force
HAGER, David A. Born 1-3-1947, died 1-30-2021. Age: 74 - A residential client of the Resource Center since 1978.
HAGG, Edna R. Spouse of Milton Hagg. Born 12-22-1935, died 3-31-2003. Age: 67 - Dau of Nelson Reed and Lucille Ruth Buckley McBride, b. Harrisville, PA.
HAGGLUND, Arne E. Spouse of Maj-Lis. Born 1936, died 2-2-2021. Age: 84 - Son of Gustaf and Edith Hagglund. Born in Sweden, lived in Jamestown NY, died in Reston VA. A victim of COVID-19. Retired as Co-owner fo Jamestown Metal Products. Wed abt 1956 in Sweden, two daughters. (Spouse survives)
HAGLUND, Erik N. Spouse of Jane E. Born 11-19-1920, died 10-27-2001. Age: 80 - Son of David I and Jenny Lindstrom Haglund - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps
HAGLUND, Esther M. Spouse of Paul Throwald. Born 7-30-1913, died 2-15-2008. Age: 94 - Dau of Carl and Augusta Hanson Nelson. Wed 5-1-1934
HAGLUND, Jane Engstrom. Spouse of Erik N. Born ?, died 10-21-1996 - Wed 2-14-1942
HAJDUK, Charles F. Spouse of Barbara Spink. Born 6-21-1946, died 4-28-2010. Age: 63 - Son of Edward S. and Irene Zwolenkiewicz Hajduk-born in Buffalo, NY. Wed 6-24-1972 - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force
HALDEMAN, Mary Louise Bergquist. Spouse of Max E. Born 9-18-1922, died 3-14-2006. Age: 83 - Dau of Clarence Hjalmar and Lucy Elizabeth Tuxford Bergquist. Wed 9-9-1950
HALE, Alfred E. Spouse of Helen Cowing Bedient. Age: 75 - No Dates - Spanish American War Vet
HALL, Chapin. Spouse of Susan Bostwick. Born 7-12-1816, died 9-12-1879 - Son of Samuel and Susannah Davis HallWed Susan Boswick Nov.9 1837
HALL, Dr. William H. Jr. Helen. Born ??, died 6-10-1972
HALL, Helen. Spouse of Dr. William H. Jr. Born 9-14-1919, died 5-28-1990. Age: 70 - Dau of Floyd C. and Elsie Bigelow Moore
HALLBERG, Charles Robert. Spouse of Helen Jackson. Born 5-4-1918, died 9-6-2002. Age: 84 - Son of Emil and Stella Casselman Hallberg m. Feb 3 1946 - WW II Vet, US Army
HALLBERG, Harold H. Spouse of Minnie A. Born 8-23-1898, died 12-30-1982. Age: 84 - Dau of Alexander and Wilhelmina Berdina Swanson Sundberg
HALLBERG, Helen W. Spouse of Charles Robert. Born 4-24-1924, died 10-13-2007. Age: 83 - Wed 2-3-1946
HALLBERG, Martha Sophia Carlstedt. Spouse of 1st/ Smith ?. Born 1888, died 6-26-1918. Age: 30y 4m 16d
HALLBERG, Minnie A. Spouse of Harold H. Born 6-4-1980, died ??
HALLBERG, Roger A. Spouse of Donna Palmer. Born 6-16-1931, died 2-26--1982. Age: 50 - Son of Harold H. and Minnie Sundberg Hallberg - Korean War Vet, US Air Force
HALLOWELL, Cynthia L. Born 4-13-1966, died 1-31-2009. Age: 42 - Dau of Raymond and Melrose Patterson Gendron
HALLOWELL, Dorothy A. Spouse of Charles W. Born 5-27-1931, died 6-16-2007. Age: 76 - Dau of Henry and Emma Kingsley Gregory-born in Chandlers Valley PA
HAMILTON, Clifford W. [Bill]. Spouse of Jean Kirker. Born 3-7-1926, died 4-9-2007. Age: 81 - Son of Clifford and Leona Franke Hamilton-born in Grand Rapids MI. Wed for 50 years on 11-10-2001
HANCOCK, Richard C. Spouse of Sadie C. Born ??, died 6-10-1968
HANCOCK, Sadie C. Spouse of Richard C. Born 9-1-1918, died 7-8-1982. Age: 63 - Dau of Albert and Alice Hopkins Johnson
HANIGAN, Eleanor M. Spouse of Kenneth. Born 5-24-1926, died 9-19-2002. Age: 76 - Dau of George and Nellie Rice Clyde
HANLEY, Carol Gardner. Spouse of Michael Francis. Born ??, died 10-1-1991
HANLEY, Michael Francis [Porky]. Spouse of Carol G. Born 2-9-1930, died 5-30-2000. Age: 70 - Son of Frank and Esther Gustafson Hanley - Korean War Vet, US Army
HANSEN, Donald R. Spouse of Gloria J. Born 12-24-1921, died 12-22-2002. Age: 80 - Son of Lewis and Sylvia May Overbeck Hansen - WW II Vet, US Army
HANSEN, Ella May (Johnson). Spouse of Herman M. Born 9-29-1875, died 1-21-1910. Age: 34 - Dau of Robert Harrison and Fannie Eliza Fenton Johnson
HANSEN, Gloria J. Reynolds. Spouse of Donald R. Born ??, died 7-26-1999
HANSEN, Neil F. Spouse of Phyllis Johnson. Born 10-16-1909, died 12-15-1998. Age: 89 - Son of Herman and Ella Johnson Hansen
HANSEN, Phyllis Johnson. Spouse of Neil F. Born 1-30-1913, died 11-12-1987. Age: 74 - Dau of Amil A. and Bessie Skans Johnson. Wed April 30 1936
HANSON, Alden E. Spouse of Erma Snyder. Born 4-2-1923, died 3-3-2016. Age: 92 - Son of Axel and Edith (Barkman) Hanson. Born and died in Jamestown NY, lived in Sinclairville NY. Wed 5-1961. Four children, sons have emultiple surnames. (Wife d. 2-2007) - WW II Vet, US Army. Europe, Africa, Middle East. 1943-1945
HANSON, Helen C. [Budgie]. Spouse of Robert A. Born 2-27-1922, died 1-23-2009. Age: 86 - Dau of Leroy R. and Alice B. Park Carlson. Wed in October of 1943
HARKINS, Anna S. [Ann]. Spouse of Bradley G. Born 1-23-1914, died 10-24-2005. Age: 91 - Dau of David M. and Hulda Peterson Bjork. Wed 9-16-1939
HARNISH, David E. Sr. Spouse of Carol Carlson. Born 2-12-1925, died 12-10-1982. Age: 57 - Son of Ephul and Nellie Woodburn Harnish - WW II Vet, US Navy, European and Asiatic Pacific theaters
HARRIER, James M. Sr. Spouse of Susanne J. Bush. Born 1-4-1933, died 8-11-2016. Age: 83 - Son of Elijah and Nettie (McCann) Harrier, born in Austin PA, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Wed 11-17-1962, four children. (She survives) Ashes
HARRINGTON, Faith L. Born 11-6-1947, died 4-16-2008. Age: 60 - Dau of Glen Elwin and Ethel May Jones Barton
HARRINGTON, Lois. Born 6-10-1937, died 3-6-2006. Age: 68 - Dau of Lawrence and Avis Harrington-born in Indian Falls, NY
HARRINGTON, Polly A. Companion of Scott Steinhoff. Born 1-12-1967, died 6-15-2015. Age: 47 - Dau of Arthur and Faith (Barton) Harrington, born in Jamestown NY, died in Erie PA. three children surnamed Harrington and Steinhoff.
HARRIS, John Neville. Born 4-30-1907, died 8-1980 - Son of Alfred T. Harris and Pearl Neville Harris
HARRISON, Patrick Jon. Born 7-22-1967, died 12-18-2001. Age: 34 - Son of John [Jack] Harrison and Muriel Jackson Young
HARRISON, Richard Albert. Spouse of Catherine Bess. Born 6-14-1941, died 5-19-2004. Age: 62 - Son of Prince Albert and Almeter Bracey Harrison m. June 16 1993
HART, John P. Spouse of Elsie Anderson. Born 12-22-1915, died 1-26-2003. Age: 87 - Son of Eugene and Anna Pearson Hart, b. Minneapolis MN
HARTLEY, Mary Elizabeth Sands. Spouse of Lt. Cmdr. Kenneth James, U.S.N. Born 12-29-1906, died 12-4-2006. Age: 99 - Dau of Leslie and Elizabeth Willett Sands
HARVEY, Austin A. Spouse of Blanche M. Born 5-5-1863, died 1-1-1935. Age: 71
HARVEY, Blanche M. Spouse of Austin A. Born 3-10-1865, died 1943 - Dau of Jacob and Nancy Hollenbeck m. Oct 1 1884
HASKELL, William G. Born 7-17-1957, died 5-24-2007. Age: 49 - Son of Clifton and Elaine A. Oakes Haskell
HASTINGS, Priscilla Whipple. Spouse of Albert J. Hastings. Born 9-30-1911, died 02-26-2003. Age: 91 - Dau of Thornton and Lulu Smith Whipple, b. Binghamton, NY.
HATFIELD, Bryan K. Spouse of Sandra Trentini. Born 10-11-1957, died 7-7-2001. Age: 43 - Son of Ira and Ruth Near Hatfield
HAUSENBAUER, Agnes D. (Geist). Spouse of George F. Born 8-27-1925, died 3-26-2009. Age: 83 - Dau of Valentine and Elizabeth (Herrlein) Geist. Born in Brooklyn, NY. Wed 1-29-1950, nine children.
HAUSENBAUER, George F. Born 8-20-1925, died 1-15-2018. Age: 92 - Son of George A. and Frances (Walsh) Hausenbauer. Born in Brooklyn NY, died in Jamestown NY. A chemical engineer. Wed 1-29-1950, nine children. - WW II Vet, US Army, 75th Inf in Europe. 1943-1946.
HAUSENBAUER, Gregory H. Born 4-9-1957, died 2-27-2011 - Son of George F. and Agnes (Geist) Hausenbauer
HAYWARD, Charles. Spouse of Rebecca Coats. Born 1-21-1766, died 9-2-1846 - Son of Deacon Kaleb Hayward
HAZELTINE, Abner Jr. Born 1835, died 1915. Age: 80 - Son of Judge Abner and Matilda Hayward Hazeltine
HAZELTINE, Daniel. Spouse of Susannah. Born 12-1761, died 6-26-1828 - Son of Abner and Martha Goss Robbins Hazeltine
HAZELTINE, Herman William. Spouse of Sarah Edith. Born 9-1-1869, died 10-16-1927 - Son of John and Johanna Hazeltine
HAZELTINE, Johanna Caroline. Born 5-2-1841, died 5-10-1918 - Born in Sweden
HAZELTINE, Judge Abner Sr. Spouse of, died 4-3-1877. Age: 75
HAZELTINE, Matilda Hayward. Spouse of Judge Abner Sr. Born 7-22-1799, died ?
HAZELTINE, Olivia Brown. Born 8-6-1840, died ? - Dau of Samuel and Clarissa Slayton Brown
HAZELTINE, Polly K. Born 4-1-1798, died 10-14-1832 - Dau of Nathaniel and Polly Eddy Kidder
HAZELTINE, Sarah Edith. Spouse of Herman Wm. Born 5-16-1870, died 11-17-1941 - Dau of John and Frances Illingworth
HAZELTINE, Susannah. Spouse of Daniel. Born ?, died ?. Age: 85 - Dau of Deacon Abraham and Mrs. Olive Bates Jones
HEADD, Edith P. Spouse of Frank K. Born 5-18-1900, died 12-14-2000. Age: 100 - Dau of John and Coralina Ahlstrom Pearson
HEADD, Frank K. Spouse of Edith P. Born ?, died 10-9-1997 - Wed Nov. 24 1925
HEALY, Eugene Phillip. Spouse of Marilyn. Born 9-22-1927, died 6-23-1997. Age: 69 - Son of the late Eugene Patrick and Grace Dutcher Healy - WW II Vet, US Army, Colonel
HEALY, Marilyn. Spouse of Eugene Phillip. Born ??, died 1987
HEARBERG, Elsa A. Spouse of #1 Gustaf Hulten, #2 Gust Hearberg. Born 3-28-1904, died 5-27-2006. Age: 102 - Dau of Carl and Amelia Carlson Wallen-born in Smoland Sweden
HEARBURG, Gretchen L. Spouse of Laverne. Born 1-16-1929, died 9-23-2009. Age: 80 - Dau of John George and Alma Louise Anderson Blixt. Wed 4-17-1954
HEARBURG, Laverne Edward. Spouse of Gretchen L. Born 8-6-1927, died 9-28-2004. Age: 77 - Son of Carl Axel and Ebba S. Odlund Hearburg - WW II and Korean War Vet, US Navy
HEATH, Grace Harvey. Spouse of Wilson. Born 5-18-1845, died 6-1-1953. Age: 93
HEATH, Wilson. Spouse of Grace Harvey. Born ??, died 5-6-1948 - Wed Sept.13 1878
HEDGEPETH, Dorothy J. Spouse of John W. Born 6-3-1917, died 1-22-2005. Age: 87 - Dau of Otto I.F. and Albertina Hanson Johnson
HEDGEPETH, John W. Spouse of Dorothy J. Born ??, died 6-13-1987 - Wed Dec 14 1949
HEDMAN, Evert. Spouse of Sylvia. Born ??, died 11-10-1975 - Wed July 18 1936
HEDMAN, Sylvia. Spouse of Evert. Born 7-31-1917, died 6-4-2004. Age: 86 - Dau of Charles and Aleda Johnson Johnson
HEGEMAN, Elizabeth M. Born ?, died 1-26-1921. Age: 97
HEGEMAN, Elbert A. Born ?, died 2-15-1915. Age: 65
HEGEMAN, Eleanor A. Born ?, died 3-31-1963. Age: 88
HEGEMAN, Gertrude Jones. Born ?, died 2-18-1904
HEGEMAN, John. Born ?, died 2-15-1873. Age: 57
HEGEMAN, Johnston Niven. Born ?, died 11-12-1945. Age: 74
HEGEMAN, Joseph B. Born ?, died 1-29-1904. Age: 56
HEGEMAN, Julia I. Born ?, died 9-18-1888. Age: 40
HEGEMAN, Mary Hunt. Spouse of Johnston Niven
HEGEMAN, Minnie B. Born ?, died 6-14-1960. Age: 89
HELLER, John Craig. Spouse of Rose. Born 12-17-1862, died 3-1-1938. Age: 75y2m14d - Son of John and Jane Craig Heller b. Harrisburg, PA
HELLER, Rose. Born 6-28-1884, died 12-13-1941. Age: 57-5-15 - Dau of James Correll b. Conneaut Ohio
HENDRICKSON, Howard C. Spouse of Dorice Anderson. Born 3-14-1922, died 12-27-2015. Age: 93 - Son of Harold and Eunice (Darling) Hendrickson, born and died in Jamestown NY. A master plumber. Wed 10-25-1957, One son. - WW II Vet, US Navy, Pacific 1942-1945
HENRY, Bryan W. Born 9-14-1944, died 4-15-2001. Age: 56 - Son of Fred W and Gladys M Smith Henry - Vietnam War Vet, US Navy
HERMANSON, Minnie E. Spouse of Ernest. Born 2-16-1886, died 11-24-1969. Age: 83 - dau. of Ira and Elizabeth Thompson Ingerson. Wed 1st to Elton Akin
HERNDON, Lydia Monacita. Born 6-5-1953, died 10-25-2009. Age: 56 - Dau of Benjamin B. and Elizabeth J. Beam Herndon Jr.
HERRICK, Wayne T. Spouse of Betty Curry. Born 9-8-1919, died 11-17-2007. Age: 88 - Son of Tracy M. and Florence Plaisted Herrick. Wed 8-13-1955
HIGLEY, Archie A. Born 3-21-1923, died 6-18-2001. Age: 78 - Son of Charles and Margaret Sutton Higley
HILDUR, Mr. Spouse of Tedquist. Born ??, died 6-2-1986 - Wed June 29 1929
HILDUR, Tedquist. Born 10-16-1911, died 2-17-2003. Age: 91 - Dau of Carl Albert and Oline Petterson Signell b. Foldalen Norway
HILL, Betty Nordine. Spouse of William E. Born 1-7-1928, died 10-16-2001. Age: 73 - Dau of Elmer G and Gladys Hutley Nordine
HILLER, Ellen Viola, died 11-4-1895 - Dau of Mary and Jay Hiller
HILLER, Mary Weatherly. Spouse of Jay, died 9-18-1895 - Dau of Willard and Helen Weatherly
HILLER, Wayne, died 1-19-1893 - Son of Mary and Jay Hiller
HILSON, Alonzo. Spouse of Suzanne Joyce. Born 12-23-1953, died 9-5-2017. Age: 63 - Son of Theodore Johnson and Rosalee Hilson, Born in Fairmount WV, lived in Lakewood NY, died in Gowanda NY. A steamfitter. Seven children, mother unclear. (Spouse survives)
HILSON, Marion Dewayne. Fiancee of Carly Johnson. Born 10-22-1981, died 7-12-2010. Age: 28 - Son of Alonzo Hilson and Jean D. Jackson-died in Appleton, WI
HITCHCOCK, Ada Louella. Born ?, died 8-22-1891. Age: 5
HITCHCOCK, Albert A. Born ?, died 11-23-1914. Age: 68
HITCHCOCK, Albert A. Born ?, died 5-12-1909. Age: 81
HITCHCOCK, Arthur H. Born ?, died 2-1-1939. Age: 63
HITCHCOCK, Cora W. Born ?, died 9-26-1972. Age: 91
HITCHCOCK, Delores. Born ?, died 2-1-1927. Age: Infant
HITCHCOCK, Eileen C. (Elliott). Spouse of George P. Born 11-28-1944, died 5-15-2016. Age: 71 - Dau of Elmer Matthew and Wanda (Weckwert) Elliott. Born in Columbia PA, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Worked 28 years at Midway State Park. Wed 4-16-1988, four children. (He survives)
HITCHCOCK, Flora F. Born ?, died 8-1-1910. Age: 57
HITCHCOCK, Frankie. Born ?, died 9-9-1892. Age: Infant
HITCHCOCK, Henry C. Spouse of Kittie Barrows. Born ?, died 1-3-1923. Age: 67
HITCHCOCK, Horace. Born ?, died ?. Age: 70
HITCHCOCK, infant. Born ?, died 1-25-1885. Age: Infant - Child of Henry C and Kittie (Barrows) Hitchcock
HITCHCOCK, Isabelle Boughton. Born ?, died 4-5-1938. Age: 73
HITCHCOCK, Kate S. Born ?, died 2-25-1921. Age: 75
HITCHCOCK, Kittie Barrows. Spouse of Henry C. Born ?, died 5-1-1930. Age: 58
HITCHCOCK, Leon C. Born ?, died 1-28-1935. Age: 49
HITCHCOCK, Martha R. Born ?, died 12-4-1929. Age: 83
HITCHCOCK, Martha Wheelhouse, Rev. [Marty]. Spouse of Milton J. Born 9-9-1932, died 12-18-2006. Age: 74 - Adopted Dau of Rev. Albert and Genevieve Parsons Wheelhouse. Wed 6-29-1957
HITCHCOCK, Mary Agnes. Born ?, died 1-24-1947. Age: 83
HITCHCOCK, Roberta G. Born ?, died 12-21-1971. Age: 69
HITCHCOCK, Roxanne K. Spouse of Matthew A. Born 5-29-1963, died 4-14-2009. Age: 45 - Dau of Hoyt and Dorothy Roberson. Wed 7-31-1982
HITCHCOCK, Sarah B. Born ?, died 4-20-1896. Age: Infant
HITCHCOCK, Walter. Born ?, died 10-3-1919. Age: 62
HJEMDAHL-MONSON, Ragna Karoline (Hansen). Spouse of Einar Johan Hjemdahl-Monsen. Born 12-27-1919, died 3-5-2017. Age: 96 - Dau of Johan and Ragnhild (Glad) Hansen, youngest of 12 children. Born in Sigerfjord Norway, lived in Jamestown NY, died in Rochester NY. Immigrated to US in 1948. Wed 2-1947 in Norway, three children. (He d. 6-25-1973)
HOAG, Joseph Wing Phonnie R. Born ??, died 1911
HOAG, Phonnie Robertson Joseph Wing. Born ??, died 4-9-1917. Age: 71 - Dau of W. A. Robertson
HOAGLUND, Arlene C. Spouse of Arthur A. Born 7-10-1900, died 3-31-2001. Age: 100 - Dau of John A and Anna M Svenson Carlson
HOAGLUND, Arthur A. Spouse of Arlene C. Born ?, died 12-26-1990
HOARD, Francella S. Spouse of Melville L. Born 8-17-1905, died 10-1-1999. Age: 94 - Dau of Lee W and Mable J Palmeter Smith
HOARD, Melville L. Spouse of Francella S. Born ?, died 1981 - Wed Aug. 17 1927 in Jamestown NY
HOCA, Valeria Harris. Spouse of Theodore V. Born ?, died 8-14-2000. Age: 44 - Dau of Regina A Schaefer and Leslie B Harris
HODGES, Dorothy J. Spouse of Amos. Born 1-20-1914, died 4-18-2009. Age: 95 - Dau of Albert and Anna Gustafson Jones. Wed 8-5-1939
HOGLUND, Jo Ann (Hart). Spouse of Richard A. Sr. Born 8-10-1940, died 1-19-2021. Age: 80 - Dau of John and Anna (Morse) Hart. Born in Newburgh NY, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Wed 6-2-1957, seven children. (Spouse survives)
HOLCOMB, Roberta L. Born 11-5-1929, died 6-11-2008. Age: 78 - Dau of Robert E. and Annie Warner Holcomb
HOLDSWORTH, Donald F. Spouse of Lillian B. Born ??, died 4-27-1994 - Wed June 30 1946
HOLDSWORTH, Lillian B. Spouse of Donald F. Born 7-9-1923, died 6-15-1999. Age: 75 - Dau of Mark F. and Dorothy Schnell Brooks - WW II Vet, US Navy, serving as a decoder
HOLLAND, Anna E. (Lilja). Spouse of Donald C. Born 10-21-1935, died 1-20-2014. Age: 78 - Dau of Johan Alvar and Emmy G. (Nelson) Lilja. Born in Jamestown, a registered nurse. Four children
HOLLENBECK Clifton D. Born 4-13-1870, died 1-31-1953. Age: 82
HOLLENBECK, George. Spouse of Edith E. Born 7-29-1879, died 8-13-1954. Age: 75 - Son of Silas and Lydia Rhodes Hollenbeck
HOLLENBECK, Henry. Born ??, died 3-7-1903. Age: 56
HOLLENBECK, Robert B. Spouse of Alice Ann Maddox. Born 4-24-1923, died 10-5-2001. Age: 78
HOLMBERG, Mary (Jakobsdotter). Spouse of Frans August. Born 8-19-1827, died 11-20-1905. Age: 79 - Born Maja Stina Jakobsdotter in Sweden. Died in a House fire.
HOLMES, John F. [Jack]. Spouse of Diane R. Carlson. Born 2-11-1932, died 1-6-2009. Age: 76 - Son of Raymond and Alice Oberg Holmes. Wed 11-7-1953
HOLT, Jean D. (Douglas). Spouse of John S. Born 11-10-1934, died 1-4-2021. Age: 86 - Dau of Harvey and Mabel Flanders Douglas. Born in Cogdell GA, lived in Jamestown NY, died in Pittsburgh PA. A bookkeeper for Jamestown Schools. Wed 11-25-1955 in Callahan FL, three children.
HOLT, John S. Spouse of Jean Douglas. Born 3-5-1932, died 12-9-2018. Age: 86 - Son of Clifford and Edna (Ostrom) Holt. Born, lived, and died in Jamestown NY. Wed 11-25-1955 in Callahan FL, three children. - Korean War Vet, US Army. 1952-1956
HOLT, Ursula M. (Johnsdorf). Spouse of James B. Holt. Born 11-24-1922, died 3-30-2014. Age: 91 - Dau of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Johnsdorf, born Berlin, Germany and died Jamestown, NY, 2 children
HOOKER, Roxanne M. Spouse of John J. Born 12-16-1952, died 2-6-2008. Age: 55 - Dau of Harold W. [Bill] and Nancy Harrison Johnson. Wed 12-14-1994
HOPKINS Frederick William Jr. Spouse of Carol E. Swanson. Born 9-4-1928, died 9-5-1962
HOPKINS Frederick William Sr. Spouse of Irene R. Bernhard. Born 8-1891, died 12-8-1947
HOPKINS Irene Ruby (Bernhard). Spouse of #1 ?, #2 Fred W. Hopkins. Born 7-25-1898, died 12-12-1969
HORAN, Vicky J. Born 3-15-1956, died 5-12-2008. Age: 52 - Dau of Robert F. and Donna Hallquist Horan
HORNELL, Clarice E. [Corky]. Born 7-12-1923, died 1-4-2007. Age: 83 - Dau of K. Emory and Bernice Carlstrom Carlson
HOUGH, Alice Mae. Born 5-28-1933, died 5-28-2010. Age: 77 - Dau of Albert and Emmaline Meyers Hough
HOWARD, James L. Born 8-4-1929, died 3-7-2008. Age: 78 - Son of Chester and Thelma Schaffer Howard-born in Decatur IL - Korean War Vet, US Army
HOWIE, Aneyus Montgomery. Born 12-27-2007, died 2-9-2008. Age: infant - Son of Cynthia Howie
HUBBARD, Theodore F [Ted]. Born 8-8-1904, died 2-8-1987. Age: 82 - WW II Vet, US Navy Seabees
HUCKABONE, Lonnie A. Spouse of Nancy L. Herzing. Born 9-9-1938, died 12-17-2015. Age: 77 - Son of Ernest and Mildred (Asp) Huckabone, born in Kane PA, died in Warren PA. Wed 1-21-1960, four children. - Cold War Vet, US Navy. 1956-1959
HULTBERG, Janet L. Born 6-10-1918, died 2-2-2007. Age: 88 - Dau of John and Lillian Johnson Breckenridge
HULTBERG, Marguerite O. Spouse of Melvin W. Born 8-5-1915, died 5-25-2008. Age: 92 - Dau of Gust and Ellen Henderson Olson. Wed 6-22-1940
HUNT, Adah Lucilla infant. Born ?, died 8-14-1898
HUNT, Adeline P. Born 1850, died 10-16-1880. Age: 30
HUNT, Amelia. Spouse of Edward S. Teft. Born 1827, died 10-16-1854. Age: 26 - Removed from another Cemetery
HUNT, Anetta B. Born ?, died 8-8-1854. Age: 88
HUNT, Anthony. Spouse of Sarah Ann S. Born 1814, died 7-4-1882. Age: 68
HUNT, Artemus D. Born ?, died 2-11-1917. Age: 86
HUNT, Aurilla L Nelson. Spouse of John Lee. Born ?, died 7-23-1904. Age: 68
HUNT, Bessie K. Born ?, died 9-24-1898. Age: 20
HUNT, Bridgett. Born 1825, died 9-17-1893. Age: 67
HUNT, Charles. Born ?, died 10-28-1911. Age: 78
HUNT, Clara E Glifford. Spouse of 1st wife/ Ernest. Born 1851, died 7-13-1879. Age: 28
HUNT, Clarinda A Hanchett. Spouse of Cornelius. Born 1829, died 5-10-1910. Age: 80
HUNT, Cleo H. Born ?, died 2-19-1969. Age: 74
HUNT, Cornelius. Spouse of Clarinda A. H. Born 1827, died 3-20-1912. Age: 84 - Son of Thomas and Lucy Nelson Hunt
HUNT, Corydon H. Born 1874, died 2-27-1876. Age: 1 - Son of John Lee and Aurilla Nelson Hunt
HUNT, David Calvin. Born ?, died 9-28-1912. Age: 76
HUNT, Dora PORTER. Spouse of Elvin. Born 1853, died 4-3-1930. Age: 77
HUNT, Dwight. Born ?, died 6-4-1862
HUNT, Earl S. Born ?, died 7-9-1948. Age: 56
HUNT, Edward Lincoln. Born ?, died 10-22-1904. Age: 9
HUNT, Elaine. Spouse of #1 Douglas W. Hagstrom, #2 Gerald E. Hunt. Born 7-8-1923, died 2-17-2008. Age: 84 - Dau of Conrad H. and Hildagard C. Alm Johnson. Wed #1 1-1-1944 #2 8-27-1987
HUNT, Eliza S. Born ?, died 7-18-1928. Age: 77
HUNT, Elizabeth Loucks. Spouse of George Everett. Born 1860, died 4-20-1923. Age: 63
HUNT, Ellen W. Born ?, died 8-16-1913. Age: 45
HUNT, Elvin. Spouse of Dora P. Born 1851, died 1-30-1904. Age: 53 - Son of Anthony and Sarah Ann Stroud Hunt
HUNT, Elvin. Spouse of Sylvia L. Born 1791, died 7-14-1871. Age: 78 - Son of Stephen S and Bridget Sprague Hunt
HUNT, Elzadia Young. Spouse of Whitman P. Born 1841, died 5-27-1862. Age: 21 - 1st wife
HUNT, Emily. Born ?, died 6-15-1957. Age: 97
HUNT, Enos C. Born ?, died 11-17-1863. Age: 34
HUNT, Ernest. Spouse of Clara E / Sadie. Born 1849, died 9-5-1902. Age: 53 - Son of Jasper and Lavilla Sherman Hunt
HUNT, Eva Augusta. Born ?, died 9-26-1939. Age: 83
HUNT, Eveline Frances. Spouse of Reuben. Born 1838, died 12-11-1909. Age: 72
HUNT, Flora B Orcutt. Spouse of Fred Charles. Born 1867, died 7-1-1922. Age: 55
HUNT, Frank Dr. Spouse of Kate L / C.Bertha Wing. Born 1857, died 9-29-1923. Age: 66 - Son of John Lee and Aurilla Nelson Hunt
HUNT, Fred Charles. Spouse of Flora Belle. Born 1865, died 1-9-1944. Age: 78 - Son of Reuben and Eveline Frances Bailey Hunt
HUNT, Freeman J. Born ?, died 12-28-1903. Age: 62
HUNT, G B. Born ?, died 10-18-1854. Age: 45
HUNT, George. Born ?, died 8-8-1889. Age: 67
HUNT, George Everett. Spouse of Elizabeth A. Born 1854, died 8-8-1912. Age: 57 - Son of John Lee and Aurilla Nelson Hunt
HUNT, Glen F. Born ?, died 9-23-1966. Age: 89
HUNT, Grace E. Born ?, died 3-10-1859. Age: 5
HUNT, Gwendolyn Elizabeth. Born ?, died 9-13-1929. Age: 18
HUNT, Hannah. Born ?, died 2-1-1888. Age: 45
HUNT, Harold Reuben. Born ?, died 7-8-1908. Age: 18
HUNT, Hattie. Born ?, died 5-17-1875. Age: 1
HUNT, Herbert L. Born ?, died 1-25-1930. Age: 66
HUNT, Herbert Leroy. Born 9-17-1911, died 9-17-1911
HUNT, Howard. Born ?, died 1-27-1892. Age: 34
HUNT, Infant. Born ?, died 6-26-1917 - Child of C L and Esther Hunt
HUNT, Infant. Born ?, died 5-31-1875
HUNT, Jane M. Born ?, died 12-30-1862. Age: 29
HUNT, Jasper. Spouse of Lavilla Sherman. Born 1823, died 4-15-1884. Age: 59
HUNT, John. Born ?, died 4-15-1928. Age: 78
HUNT, John Elvin. Born ?, died 8-29-1977. Age: 81
HUNT, John Lee. Spouse of Aurilla N. Born ?, died 6-7-1874. Age: 44
HUNT, Kate L. Crosby. Spouse of 1st wife/ Frank. Born 1854, died 6-19-1895. Age: 41
HUNT, Laula. Spouse of, died 5-13-1898. Age: 68
HUNT, Laura. Born ?, died 3-21-863. Age: 29
HUNT, Lela. Born ?, died 12-24-1978. Age: 88
HUNT, Lola M. Born ?, died 8-15-1930. Age: 32
HUNT, Margaret. Born ?, died 2-2-1891. Age: 44
HUNT, Mariah E. Born ?, died 6-6-1880. Age: 44
HUNT, Mary Glifford. Spouse of Richard Stoneman/ Stephen. Born 1824, died 1-18-1888. Age: 63 - Dau of Gideon and Millicent Cornell Gifford
HUNT, Matilda. Spouse of Saloma. Born ?, died 4-11-1919. Age: 75
HUNT, Minerva J. Born ?, died 12-21-1925. Age: 85
HUNT, Patricia (Lundquist). Born ?, died 12-22-1965. Age: 39
HUNT, Pauline C. Born ?, died 12-18-1978. Age: 68
HUNT, Phebe. Born ?, died 1-29-1874. Age: 74
HUNT, Reuben. Spouse of Eveline Frances B. Born 1836, died 11-29-1889. Age: 53
HUNT, Roy P. Born ?, died 2-8-1908. Age: 29
HUNT, Sarah Ann. Spouse of Anthony. Born 1814, died 6-25-1883. Age: 69
HUNT, Stephen. Spouse of Delpha Holdridge. Born 1837, died 10-7-1898. Age: 60
HUNT, Stephen S. Spouse of Mary G. Born 12-20-1904, died 1-25-1883. Age: 68 - Son of Stephen S and Bridget Sprague Hunt
HUNT, Sylvester. Born ?, died 2-21-1895. Age: 44
HUNT, Sylvia Lee. Spouse of Elvin. Born 1794, died 12-30-1837. Age: 44
HUNT, Temperance J. Spouse of Whitmman P. Born 1842, died 2-15-1901. Age: 59 - 2nd wife
HUNT, Thomas. Spouse of Lucy Nelson. Born 1801, died 2-16-1889. Age: 87
HUNT, Viola E. Born ?, died 8-15-1856. Age: 4
HUNT, Whitman P. Spouse of Elzada /Temperance J. Born 1839, died 7-10-1921 - Son of Anthony and Sarah Ann Stroud Hunt
HUNT, William H. Spouse of Alice Eddy. Born 1868, died 2-1-1925. Age: 56 - Son of John Lee and Aurilla Nelson Hunt
HUNT, William H. Born ?, died 4-29-1888. Age: 83
HUNT, William Hoyt. Born ?, died 10-1860. Age: 4
HUNT, William M. Born ?, died 5-23-1898. Age: 64
HUNTER, Vera R. Spouse of Otis J. Born 7-13-1925, died 9-23-2000. Age: 75 - Dau of Vivian C and Evelyn I McCandless Lawrence
HUNTINGTON, Joann B. (Arnold). Spouse of Robert J. Born 8-17-1932, died 2-26-2021. Age: 88 - Dau of Edward and Helen Anderson Arnold. Born, lived, and died in Jamestown NY. Wed 2-10-1951 in Jamestown, two daughters.
HUNTINGTON, Robert J. Spouse of Joann B. (Arnold. Born 1931, died 2-9-1992. Age: 88 - Wed 2-10-1951 in Jamestown, two daughters. - Korean War Vet
HUTLEY, John. Spouse of Pauline J. Born 1-11-1919, died 5-3-2006. Age: 87 - Son of Clarence W. and Mildred C. Hallin Hutley
HUTLEY, Pauline J. Spouse of John. Born 6-5-1923, died 4-2-2007. Age: 83 - Dau of John C. and Ellen C. Nelson Bratt. Wed 10-25-1941
HYDE, Frances E. (Rice). Spouse of Rev. William L. Born ?, died 5-17-1892 - Wed May 4 1852
HYDE, William L. S. Spouse of Frances E. Rice. Born 12-27-1819, died 1896 A minister - Civil War Vet, 112th Inf NYS Vols, Chaplain


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