Kelley Hill Rd, off Rte 380 just outside Stockton, NY, on a hillside near the old Kelley Corners Farm
Town of Pomfret
Compiled & Submitted by PHGS Member: Dolores Pratt Davidson

NOTE: These are from reading the tombstones and my own family history. I am quite certain there are more TURK, BLODGETT, RANDALL, and KELLEY family buried here, but no stones remain.

ANSCOMB, Eva (Cooper). Spouse of Thomas. Born 1861, died 4-21-1909. Age: 49 - Dau of John Cooper. Lived and died near Bear Lake NY. Five children. - Lot 20.1
ANSCOMB, Frank. Born 1884, died 1913 - Son of Thomas and Eva (Cooper) Anscomb. - Lot 20.3
ANSCOMB, George. Born 1891, died 1893 - Buried next to Eva Anscomb. - Lot 20.2
BATES, Bosewll, died 6-3-1853. Age: 58y 5m 16d
BLODGETT, Edwin. Spouse of Lemira M. Chapman. Born 1850, died 1922 - Son of Abram S. and Elisabeth (Turk) Blodgett. Wed 5-15-1875, at least four children. - Lot 15.4
BLODGETT, Florence Amelia. Born 6-2-1892, died 6-26-1894. Age: 2y - Dau of Edwin and Lemira M. (Chapman) Blodgett. Killed in an electrical storm.
BLODGETT, Lemira (Chapman) [Myra]. Spouse of Edwin. Born 11-4-1855, died 6-28-1917. Age: 61 - Born in Dayton NY, died in Pomfret NY. Wed 5-15-1875, at least four children. - Lot 15.3
BLODGETT, Olive Coral. Born 10-19-1890, died 6-26-1894. Age: 3y - Dau of Edwin and Lemira M. (Chapman) Blodgett. Killed in an electrical storm. - Lot 15.1
BREMMER, Charles Carl. Spouse of Mary. Born 1807, died 4-12-1894 - Born in Germany, died in Pomfret NY.
BREMMER, Frederick. Born 1879, died 1882
BREMMER, Mary. Spouse of C. Carl. Born 1810, died 181
CAMPBELL, Diane L. (Ferry). Spouse of Howard. Born 11-25-1952, died 3-25-2019. Age: 66 - Dau of Donald and Joyce (Bentley) Ferry. An LPN for over 30 years. Wed 11-28-1970, three children. (Spouse survives)
CARPENTER, Ethel J. (Link). Spouse of James A. Sr. Born 12-5-1941, died Uncut - Wed abt 1960, three children. - Lot 30.2
CARPENTER, James A. Sr. Spouse of Ethel J. Link. Born 9-2-1940, died 11-24-2011. Age: 71 - Son of Floyd Sr. and Virginia (Davison) Carpenter. Born in Jamestown NY, lived in Brocton NY, died in Westfield NY. A trucker for over 45 years for Heil Transportation. Wed abt 1960, three children. - Cold War Vet, US Navy - Lot 29.1
CARPENTER, Kevin James. Born 7-1-1982, died 11-5-1991. Age: 9y - Born in Dunkirk NY, died in Chaut Co NY
CARPENTER, Terry - No other information - Lot 29.2
CASE, Dorothy Harriet (Bogner). Born 11-8-1916, died 9-14-1973. Age: 56 - Born in Buffalo NY. - Lot 21.2
CONVERY, Mary (Braun). Spouse of Patrick. Born 9-18-1928, died 2-3-2021. Age: 92 - Dau of Alphonse and Henriette (Vuilliomenet) Braun. Born in Paris France, lived in Buffalo NY and Bear Lake NY, died in Greenhurst NY. A nurse. Wed 9-24-1953, six children. - Lot 38.1
CONVERY, Patrick J. Spouse of Mary B. (Braun). Born 1923, died 9-9-2003 - Son of Patrick and Annie (McPeake) Convery. Born in Derry Ireland, lived in Buffalo NY, died in Bear Lake NY. A construction worker. Wed 9-24-1953, six children. - Lot 38.1
COOPER, Dulcenia (Kelley). Spouse of John Jr. Born 1819, died 1-18-1891. Age: 72y 1m 8d - Dau of Bela and Betsey (Randall) Kelley. Born in Stockton NY, died in Pomfret NY. At least one son with John. Prob first wed Richard Randall.
COOPER, John Jr. Spouse of Dulcenia. Born 1831, died 1907 - Born in Eastchurch, Kent, England, died in Pomfret NY. - Lot 19.3
CROSS, Betty S. (Seiberg). Spouse of William E. Born 03-02-1926, died 07-06-2009. Age: 83 - Dau of Carl A. & Bertha E. (Anderson) Seiberg. Divorced from William.
GIBB, Heinrich. Born 11-23-1824, died 6-20-1888. Age: 63 - Lot 12.1
GROTH, Mary. Born 9-15-1799, died 9-14-1898. Age: 99 - At least one daughter. - Lot 3.1
HAGEN, Wm. Born 1880, died 1886 - His stone is leaning on a tree - Lot 2.6
JOHNSON, James Neil. Spouse of Patricia A. Wisniewski. Born 2-15-1933, died 1-2-2021. Age: 87 - Son of Neil and Gertrude (Morrison) Johnson. Born in Bradford PA, lived in Stockton NY. A dairy farmer. Wed abt 1956, six children. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US Army, Stuttgart Germany - Lot 5.1
JOHNSON, Patricia A. (Wisniewski). Spouse of James N. Born Uncut, died Uncut - Lot 5.2
KELLEY, Bela. Spouse of Betsey Randall. Born 3-12-1786, died 2-18-1861. Age: 77y 11m 6d - Son of Samuel and Rebecca (Choate) Kelley. Born in Windham Co VT. Wed 3-7-1810. Also has a footstone that says B. K.
KELLEY, Benjamin John [Ben]. Spouse of Bernice Blodgett. Born 1-6-1876, died 12-26-1943 - Son of Newton S. and Henrietta R (Fuller) Kelley, Born, lived, and died in Pomfret NY. Wed 1899, at least one son.
KELLEY, Bernice Belle (Blodgett). Spouse of Benjamin J. Born 9-21-1878, died 7-26-1959. Age: 80 - Dau of Edwin and Lemira M. (Chapman) Blodgett. Wed 1891, at least one son.
KELLEY, Betsey (Randall). Spouse of Bela. Born 3-07-1788, died 7-1-1852. Age: 64 - Dau of James and Rebecca (Howard) Randall. Born in Stratton VT, lived and died in Pomfret NY. Wed 3-7-1810.
KELLEY, Erwin. Spouse of #1 Matilda Thayer, #2 Lois. Born 1817, died 6-16-1886. Age: - Son of Richard & Hepsybah (Lee) Kelley. Died in Chaut Co Poorhouse, but thought to be buried here with family. Four children with Matilda.
KELLEY, Franklin. Spouse of Maria McGregor. Born 1822, died 1-27-1881. Age: 58y 4m - Son of Bela and Betsey (Randall) Kelley. Born in Chaut Co, died in Stockton NY. Wed 1843 in Stockton NY, three children. - Lot 40.3
KELLEY, Hepsybah (Lee). Spouse of Richard. Born 1787, died 4-16-1847. Age: 60y 1m 28d - Five children. (name is spelled Kelly on stone.) - Lot 46.3
KELLEY, Julia Ann (Blodgett). Spouse of Darwin. Born 3-19-1827, died 2-28-1864. Age: 36 - Dau of Abraham S. Elizabeth (Turk) Blodgett. First wife of Darwin.
KELLEY, Maria (McGregor). Spouse of Franklin. Born 1820, died 9-19-1905. Age: 85y 4m - Wed 1843 in Stockton NY, three children
KELLEY, Matilda (Thayer) [Sally]. Spouse of Erwin. Born 1-31-1828, died 10-4-1865. Age: 37 - Dau of William and Sally (Simmons) Thayer. Four children. - Lot 47.3
KELLEY, Richard. Spouse of Hepsybah Lee. Born 11-5-1787, died 9-13-1835. Age: 48y 10m 22d - Son of Samuel and Rebecca (Choate) Kelley. Born in Windham Co VT, died in Stockton NY. Five children. (name is spelled Kelly on stone.) - Lot 46.2
KELLEY, Samuel A. Spouse of Sarah J. Turk. Born 7-25-1820, died 8-14-1895. Age: 75 - Son of Richard and Hepsybah (Lee) Kelley. Born in Pomfret NY, died in Jamestown NY. Wed 1843, at least four children.
KELLEY, Sarah Jane (Turk). Spouse of Samuel A. Born 1-26-1827, died 2-10-1912. Age: 85 - Born in Pomfret NY, died in Jamestown NY. Wed 1843, at least four children.
LINK, Jason Henry, died 12-16-1981. Age: 6y 3m 4d - Son of Henry and Carole (Cross) Link. - Lot 34.2
MENZIES, Eliza Jane (Oxley). Spouse of Chester. Born 5-6-1883, died 1-1975. Age: 91 - Born in Sunderland England. At least two daughters. - Lot 23.1
MUNGER, Jeduthan Tower. Born 9-10-1820, died 7-8-1847. Age: 26y 9m 8d - Only son of Parley & Polly (Tower) Munger. Born, lived, and died in Pomfret NY. - Lot 32.3
MUNGER, Maritta. Born 8-2-1822, died 10-29-1845. Age: 23y 2m 27d - Dau of Parley & Polly (Tower) Munger. Born, lived, and died in Pomfret NY. - Lot 32.4
MUNGER, Naomi. Born 4-4-1826, died 10-8-1844. Age: 18y 6m 4d - Dau of Parley & Polly (Tower) Munger. Born, lived, and died in Pomfret NY.
MUNGER, Parley. Spouse of Polly Tower. Born 6-6-1797, died 3-24-1864. Age: 66 - Son of Reuben and Lorina (Chapin) Munger. Born in Paris NY, died in Pomfret NY. Four children. - Lot 32.1
MUNGER, Polly (Tower). Spouse of Parley. Born 1797, died 11-17-1849 - Four children. - Lot 32.2
MUSEWALD, Charles. Spouse of Minnie. Born 11-22-1840, died 7-29-1901 - Born in Prussia - Lot 3.3
MUSEWALD, F., died 3-15-1869 - Lot 2.1
MUSEWALD, Louis. Born 12-12-1867, died 12-20-1878. Age: 11y 8d
MUSEWALD, Minna, died 3-16-1877 - Next to F. Musewald
MUSEWALD, Minnie. Spouse of Charles. Born 1842, died 1-15-1911. Age: 68y 6m - Dau of ? and Mary Groth - Lot 3.4
NOYES, Cleorie - Lot 50.2
NOYES, Rill - Lot 50.1
O'BRIEN, Dan - Prob husband of Shirley - Lot 21.1
O'BRIEN, Shirley J. Born 1945, died 1998 - Prob wife of Dan. - Lot 20.4
ORLOFF, Kay P. Born 1949, died 2002 - [Beloved Wife Mother and Friend]
RANDALL, Byron, died 3-31-1918 - Lot 24.1
RANDALL, Eliza (Kelley). Spouse of Elliott. Born 1812, died 3-28-1891. Age: 79 - Dau of Bela and Betsey (Randall) Kelley. At least one son.
RANDALL, Elliott. Spouse of Eliza Kelley. Born 3-10-1812, died 11-18-1851. Age: 39y 8m 8d - Son of Matthew and Eunice (Kelley) Randall. At least one son.
RANDALL, Eunice (Kelley). Spouse of Matthew. Born 12-25-1789 - Dau of Samuel and Rebecca (Choate) Kelley. [Assume bd here, but no stone, no record]
RANDALL, George W. Born 8-8-1833, died 9-2-1876. Age: 43y 25d - Son of Elliot & Eliza (Kelley) Randall. On sotne, name is spelled Randell)
RANDALL, Matthew. Spouse of Eunice Kelley. Born 12-6-1780, died 3-1851. Age: 70 - Father of Elliot, d. Stockton, NY
RANDALL, Richard. Spouse of Dulcina. Born 3-4-1814, died 1854 - Will recorded 10-4-1854 left everything to wife Dulcina. - Lot 19.1
RIMMER, Jacob. Spouse of. Born 1811 - No other information. Stone is worn. - Lot 2.7
SHEPHARD, George H. Spouse of Gertrude Menzies. Born 8-11-1922, died 8-10-2007. Age: 84 - WW II Vet, US Navy - Lot 22.1
SHEPHARD, Gertrude (Menzies) [Snookie]. Spouse of George H. Born 10-1-1918, died 5-13-2004. Age: 85 - Dau of Chester and Eliza J. (Oxley) Menzies. Born in Panama Canal Zone, lived in Fredonia NY, died in Dunkirk NY. Obit has scrambled marriage information. She had two husbands: Lee Osman who predeceased and George Shephard who survives. Married 41 years to George. Three children, son surnamed Osman. - Lot 22.2
SMITH, Edith (Menzies). Born 1920, died 2006 - Dau of Chester and Eliza J. (Oxley) Menzies. Born in Philadelphia PA. - Lot 18.1
TURK, Abigail (Blodgett) [Nabby]. Spouse of Jacob. Born 1801, died 6-11- 1882 - Dau of Aaron & Sarah (Lilly) Blodgett. Born in Ashfield MA, died in Stockton NY.
TURK, Edith M. Born 12-28-1869, died 9-13-1870. Age: 8m - Dau of Jacob and Hattie Jane (Kelley) Turk - Lot 41.1
TURK, Harriet Jane (Kelley) [Hattie]. Spouse of Jacob. Born 7-3-1848, died 2-6-1929 - Dau of Franklin and Marie (McGregor) Kelley. Born in Stockton NY - Lot 41.3
TURK, Jacob. Spouse of Harriet Jane Kelley. Born 1833, died 1908 - Son of Jacob (1801-1872) and Abigail (Blodgett) Turk, b. Stockton, NY. Civil War Flag Holder - Civil War Vet
TURK, Jacob. Spouse of Abigail Blodgett B. Born 10-14-1801, died 12-20-1872. Age: 71 - Son of Jeronimus and Elizabeth (Bussing) Turk. Born in Albany Co NY.
WELNER, Augusta K. Spouse of Charles H. Born 1876, died 2-5-1944 - Born in Germany. Two sons - Lot 1.2
WELNER, Charles H. Spouse of Augusta K. Born 1867, died 10-23-1943. Age: 78 - Lived and died in Pomfret NY. Two sons. - Lot 1.1
WELNER, J. G. Spouse of, died 6-18-1877 - No other information. - Lot 1.4
WELNER, John F. Spouse of Mary. Born 4-24-1836, died 9-7-1917. Age: 81 - Born in Germany, died in Pomfret NY. - Lot 2.2
WELNER, Lute John. Spouse of Minnia. Born 1899, died 7-10-1952 - Son of Charles H. and Augusta K. Welner. - Lot 4.1
WELNER, Mary. Spouse of John F. Born 1832, died 1910 - Lot 2.3
WELNER, Minnia. Spouse of Lute J., died 3-18-1871 - Lot 2.4

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