Chautauqua, NY

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ALLEN, Sumner      died 9-1857  age 1 Son of Loyal & Maria Allen  TS
BATES, Clark G.      died 4-29-1832  age 1 Son of George & Harriet Bates TS
BATES, George E spouse of Harriet   died 5-13-1884  age 81  TS
BATES, Harriet spouse of George    died 5-13-1884 age 62  TS
BATES, Jared      died 11-7-1835 age 4 Son of George & Harriet Bates  TS
BIRCH, Deborah A.     died 8-1832 age 22  TS
BIRCH, Frederick W.      died 4-25-1884  age 6 Son of Telemachus & Jane Birch   TS
BIRCH, James     died 2-3-1841  age 29  TS
BIRCH, James          Son of Joshua & Laura Birch  TS
BIRCH, Joshua     died 3-12-1848  age 37  TS
BIRCH, Maryette     died 3-23-1852  age 36  TS
BIRCH, Melissa     died 6-19-1843 age 38  TS
BIRCH, Sybil spouse of Ebenezer      age 68  TS
BIRCH, Telemachus spouse of Jane    died 1-20-1848 age 47  TS
CHENEY, Rachel spouse of Alfred    died 8-28-1876     TS
COLLINS, Eliza Hunt spouse of Simeon   died 3-27-1886 age 46  TS
COLLINS, infant son    born 1-18-1850  died 1-27-1850   Son of Simeon & M. Collins  TS
COLLINS, Maria Hunt  spouse of Simeon    died 5-30-1857  age 33  TS
COLLINS, Simeon  spouse of Eliza H    died 5-10-1875  age 62 Dr.; Wed twice?   TS
COLLINS, Walter S.  spouse of Eunicy Hunt    died 6-28-1892  age 22 Son of Simeon & Eliza Collins    TS
CORNELL, Edward R.   born 12-4-1842 died 2-12-1899       TS
CORNELL, Eunicy  spouse of Walter  born 12-16-1792 died 2-7-1899   Dau of William & Thankful Hunt   TS
CORNELL, Jane A.    born 1843 died 1932    TS
CORNELL, Martha        age 6 mo  Dau of William & J. A. Cornell TS
CORNELL, Wesley M.    born 1843 died 1916    TS
CRANDALL, Sarah L.     died 5-5-1845  age 6 mo  Dau of Harry & Louisa Crandell TS
DAVIESS, Adeline      died 1-12-1823 age 13  TS
DAVIS, Permlia E.      died 6-14-1860 age 23 Dau of Phineas & Jane A. Davis  TS
EDMUND, Armin  spouse of Loesa M.        Stone sunken  TS
EDMUND, James M.          Son of Armin & Loesa Louisa M. Edmund  TS
EDMUND, Louisa  spouse of Armin        Stone sunken   TS
FERRIS, Laura Ashby  spouse of Oliver   died 7-16-1876       TS
FERRIS, Oliver  spouse of Laura A  born 12-5-1792  died 8-6-1866   Son of Edmund & Martha Ferris TS
HALL, Anne J. [HART?]  spouse of A. B.    died 8-21-1854  age 27  TS
HALL, James  spouse of Lucy    died 10-6-1882  age 92 Reverand; Vet-War of 1812    TS
HALL, Lucy  spouse of James [Rev.]    died 8-31-1883  age 91  TS
HAZELTON, Abraham      died 5-12-1845  age 69  TS
HEWES, Abigail Irwin  spouse of Daniel born 11-3-1821  died 7-4-1898       TS
HEWES, Anna  spouse of Robert  born 11-7-1786  died 7-24-1850       TS
HEWES, Daniel H. spouse of Abigail  born 11-15-1819  died 2-13- 1915      TS
HEWES, Edward B.    born 1858 died 19??       TS
HEWES, Fluvilla B.   born 1865 died 1929    TS
HEWES, Frank S.    born 1851 died 1928    TS
HEWES, George F.      died 9-25-1863  age 3 Son of R. P. & O. P. Hewes  TS
HEWES, Helen    born 7-12-1856  died 7-13-1856      TS
HEWES, infant   born 1927 died 1934    TS
HEWES, John F.      died 2-14-1849  age 1  TS
HEWES, Martha E.    born 1862 died 1911    TS
HEWES, Mary J. P.   born 1842 died 1907   Dau of R. P. & O. P. Hewes   TS
HEWES, Olive Hanlin Porter    born 1820 died 1900   Mother   TS
HEWES, Robert  spouse of Anna  born 1-25-1784  died 3-13-1864   Son of Robert T. Hewes Last surviving member of Boston Tea Party    TS
HEWES, Robert P.   born 1816 died 1894   Father    TS
HEWES, Warren   born 2-26-1818  died 6-19-1842  age 25 Son of Robert & Anna Hewes  TS
HEWES, Warren P.      died 2-10-1849  age 4  TS
HEWES, William Henry    born 3-5-1846 died 10-19-1848   Son of Daniel & Abigail Hewes TS
HITCHCOCK, Ariette Howell  spouse of Oliver  born 5-18-1818  died 3-7-1844   Dau of Daniel Trowbridg   TS
HITCHCOCK, Cornelius A.      died 3-23-1852  age 4 Son of William & Maia Hitchcock  TS
HITCHCOCK, Corydon  spouse of Mariette born 9-16-1823         TS
HITCHCOCK, Elvacinda  spouse of Oliver    died 1-10-1850  age 59 Dau of William & Thankful Hunt   TS
HITCHCOCK, Emory      died 5-12-1824  age 3 Son of Oliver & Elvacinda Hitchcock    TS
HITCHCOCK, Eunicy      died 6-7-1822  age 7 Dau of Oliver & Elvacinda Hitchcock    TS
HITCHCOCK, Fred M.     died 2-3-1867  age 10 Son of Corydon & Mariette Hitchcock  TS
HITCHCOCK, Mariette  spouse of Corydon    died 4-21-1889 age 63  TS
HITCHCOCK, Oliver      died 5-5-1864 age 73 Wed twice?  TS
HOAG, Asa W.      died 12-2-1847  age 23  TS
HOAG, E. B.      died 6-9-1856 age 34  TS
HOAG, Minerva  spouse of Andrew  born 2-1-1800  died 8-15-1889   Dau of Ebenezer & Sybil (Hunt) Birch  TS
HUNT, Abigail  spouse of Anson    died 1-20-1847  age 47 Dau of William & Thankful Hunt    TS
HUNT, Anson  spouse of Abigail    died 9-15-1851  age 60  TS
HUNT, Deborah  spouse of Stephen S.    died 1-2-1885  age 52 Dau of George & Harriet Bates    TS
HUNT, George          Infant son    TS
HUNT, Gibson  spouse of Lydia   died 11-12-1876  age 82  TS
HUNT, J. Franklin  spouse of unwed   died 12-21-1885 age 67 Son of James & Rhoda Hunt    TS
HUNT, James M.     died 10-28-1883  age 72  TS
HUNT, Lydia  spouse of Gibson    died 11-5-1844  age 43  TS
HUNT, Martha Irwin  spouse of Stephen born 11-11-1815 died 10-7-1888      TS
HUNT, Mary  spouse of Samuel   died 11-7-1872  age 72 Dau of Thomas Prendergast    TS
HUNT, Mary Jane  spouse of Wilbur   died 1-20-1874  age 38  TS
HUNT, Pamelia E. [LOOMIS?] spouse of Walter Loomis    died 11-26-1883  age 25 Dau of William & Thankful Hunt TS
HUNT, Parmelia E.     died 5-24-1850 age 25 Dau of Anson & Abigail Hunt   TS
HUNT, Rhoda Ann Hewes spouse of James    died 10-25-1872  age 55  TS
HUNT, Samuel      died 2-18-1855  age 57  TS
HUNT, Stephen S.    born 2-9-1826  died 5-2-1901  age 75 Wed twice?    TS
HUNT, Stephen W.    born 7-29-1805  died 11-2-1895      TS
HUNT, Thankful  spouse of William born 1-8-1869 died 2-15- 1841 age 73  TS
HUNT, Wilbur    born 1827 died 1899    TS
HUNT, William    born 11-12-1766  died 7-15-1845 age 78  TS
HUNT, William  spouse of Thankful Sprague  born 1846 died 1885   Son of Stephen & Martha Hunt   TS
HUNT, William H. Loomis      died 4-9-1834  age 4 mo     TS
IRWIN, George  spouse of Semantha born 1-5-1817  died 4-25-1891      TS
IRWIN, Semantha B. Hall  spouse of George  born 12-30-1822 died 6-13-1909      TS
MATTESON, Andrew W.      died 1862 age 20 Son of Victor & Mariette Matteson d. Suffolk, VA; Vet-CW 112th Regt. NY Vol Co E    TS
MATTESON, Mariette  spouse of Victor  born 9-18-1819 died 8-28-1893      TS
MATTESON, Rachel E.      died 1-12-1865  age 13 Dau of Victor & Mariette Matteson TS
MATTESON, Victor Moreau spouse of Mariette Hoag  born 4-9-1810  died 11-27-1896       TS
MATTESON, Ward A.     died 2-13-1856  age 9 Son of Victor & Mariette Matteson    TS
MORRIS, Abigail Blodgett  spouse of David Jr.  born 2-7-1793  died 11-4-1873      TS
MORRIS, David Jr.  spouse of Abigail B  born 2-9-1791  died 8-30-1868      TS
MORRIS, Dwight    born 1-28-1829  died 5-23-1829   Son of David Jr. & Abigail Morris   TS
MORRIS, Edwin   born 4-6-1823  died 2-28-1847   Son of David Jr. & Abigail Morris    TS
MORRIS, Louisa W. Strong spouse of Thomas S.  born 1825 died 1898    TS
MORRIS, Mary Morris Dear    born 1838 died 1915    TS
MORRIS, Thomas S.    born 1819 died 1898    TS
PORTER, Mary Justina spouse of Samuel   died 11-14-1848  age 68  TS
PORTER, Samuel spouse of Mary Justina   born 6-20-1787  died 10-18-1863 age 76  TS
PRENDERGAST, Antoinette  spouse of John    died 9-15-1913 age 72  TS
PRENDERGAST, Elizabeth  spouse of William  born 6-24-1897   died 9-17-1881   Dau of Martin H. & Martha Hunt  TS
PRENDERGAST, James Hunt   born 1878 died 1931    TS
PRENDERGAST, John    born 1844 died 1931    TS
PRENDERGAST, Mariette  spouse of Maurce D. E. born 1-2-1827 died 1-8-1866      TS
PRENDERGAST, Martin  spouse of Phebe  born 7-7-1816  died 4-9-1894       TS
PRENDERGAST, Maurce D. E. spouse of Mariette born 6-24-1826  died 4-29-1864   Son of James & Cornelia Prendergast    TS
PRENDERGAST, Phebe  spouse of Martin  born 3-3-1823  died 1-23-1899      TS
PRENDERGAST, William    born 2-29-1791  died 3-11-1857   Son of Mathew & Anna (Akin) Prendergast    TS
PRENDERGAST, William    born 3-13-1848  died 4-21-1852   Son of Martin & Phebe Prendergast    TS
SCOTT, Elizabeth  spouse of John [Rev.]    died 6-13-1860  age 57 Dau of William & Thankful Hunt   TS
SCOTT, John  spouse of Elizabeth   died 9-2-1861  age 68 Rev. of Erie Conference M. E. Church    TS
SCOTT, Martha A.     died 8-29-185?  age 1 Dau of Rev. John & Elizabeth Scott   TS
SCOTT, Mary      died 2-15-1853  age 22 Dau of Rev. John & Elizabeth Scott   TS
SMITH, Jonathan     died 5-23-1846  age 73 The Hermit"  TS
TEFFT, Martha  spouse of Thomas G.   died 3-18-1848   Dau of Gibson & Lydia Hunt    TS
WHEELER, infant son     died 8-9-1897   Son of Homer D. & Anna (Cornell) Wheeler   TS
WHITESIDE, Ann E.   born 10-30-1845 died 11-5-1877   Dau of Wm. P. & Maria J. Whiteside   TS
WHITESIDE, Maria spouse of Robertson born 8-4-1798  died 9-19-1884   Dau of Martin H. & Martha Hunt  TS
WHITESIDE, Maria J.  spouse of William P.  born 3-2-1825  died 2-15-1903   Dau of Walter & Eunicy Cornell    TS
WHITESIDE, Robertson spouse of Maria Hunt  born 11-18-1789  died 4-25-1870   Son of John Whiteside from Washington Co. NY    TS
WHITESIDE, William P. spouse of Maria J. Cornell  born 12-24-1820  died 6-11-1899   Son of Robertson & Maria Whiteside    TS
WHITNEY, Delilah spouse of Thomas A.  born 12-6-1835  died 2-10-1887       TS
WHITNEY, Thomas A.  spouse of Delilah  born 11-9-1814  died 2-20-1895   Son of Whitney JOP & Executor of 1859 estate of Zabud Lounsberry    TS
WILLCOX, Mary Covey  spouse of Samuel   died 12-4-1866 age 84  TS
WILLCOX, Samuel spouse of Mary C  born 1-12-1768   died 1-25-1844  age 77  TS
WILLCOX, Samuel      died 5-23-1866 age 70  TS
WILLCOX, Temperance  spouse of Samuel          TS
WILLCOX, Wilbur      died 5-23-1849  age 45  TS
WILLSON, Emma L.     died 5-21-1848    Dau of John & Hannah Willson   TS
WILLSON, Sarah Jane     died 7-21-1847   Dau of John & Hannah Willson     TS


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