Corner of Miller Road & Route 83 Arkwright, Chautauqua County, New York

GPS Coordinates: 42.4091400, -79.2752600

Compiled By: Mark S. Peebles

Photo by Mark S. Peebles

ACKLES, Augusta Liberia. Born 3-13-1843, died 1-31-1864. Age: 20 - Dau. of Sylvester & Mary (Clinton) Ackles, died Arkwright, NY, unmd.
ACKLES, Byron. Spouse of Luania Burnham. Born 9-1-1839, died 2-9-1912. Age: 73 - Son of of Sylvester & Mary (Clinton) Ackles, died Arkwright, NY, 6 children
ACKLES, Mary (Clinton). Spouse of Sylvester Ackles. Born 12-28-1812, died 11-14-1900. Age: 87 - Dau. Of Simeon and Sarah (Adams) Clinton, born Ostego Co., NY, died Arkwright, NY, 7 children
ACKLES, Phebe L. Born 1845, died 1926. Age: 80 - Dau. of Sylvester & Mary (Clinton) Ackles, died Arkwright, NY, unmd.
ACKLES, Sylvester. Spouse of Mary Clinton. Born 1801, died 8-8-1873. Age: 71 - Son of John and Margaret (Baxter) Ackles, born and died Arkwright, NY, 6 children
ACKLES, Sylvester. Born 4-16-1847, died 9-8-1923. Age: 76 - Son of Sylvester and Mary (Clinton) Ackles, born NYS, died Chautauqua, NY
BALDWIN, Emma J. Born 10-16-1844, died 9-25-1861. Age: 16 - NFI
BALDWIN, Henry. Born 12-11-1842, died 12-18-1844. Age: 2 - Son of Joseph A. and Parna (Rockwood) Baldwin, died a toddler
BALDWIN, Joseph Allen. Spouse of Parna Rockwood. Born 4-24-1812, died 9-8-1898. Age: 86 - Son of Samuel and Sarah (Pierce) Baldwin, born Pawelt, VT, died Arkwright, NY
BALDWIN, Lura. Born 8-30-1848, died 8-11-1861. Age: 12 - Dau. of of Joseph A. and Parna (Rockwood) Baldwin, born and died Arkwright, NY
BALDWIN, Parna (Rockwood). Spouse of Joseph Allen Baldwin. Born 11-16-1819, died 9-10-1898. Age: 78 - Born Worcester, MA, died Arkwright, NY
BALDWIN, Sarah. Born 1-6-1860, died 4-24-1884. Age: 24 - Dau. of of Joseph A. and Parna (Rockwood) Baldwin, born and died Arkwright, NY
BALL, Edgar H. Born 8-30-1861, died 2-25-1899. Age: 37 - NFI T5
BALL, Eunice. Born 12-28-1828, died 3-5-1850. Age: 21 - Dau of John and Eunice (Cole) Ball T1
BALL, Jessie (Willson). Spouse of John Wesley Ball. Born 1885, died 1965. Age: 79 - Dau of William H. and Kathryn Willson
BALL, Lillie. Born 9-17-1871, died 2-8-1875. Age: 3 - Dau of Nathan and Mariette Ball T3
BALL, Mariette (Palmer). Spouse of Nathan M. Ball. Born 12-1839, died 1917. Age: 77 - NFI T9
BALL, Nancy Mary (Billings). Spouse of Samuel C. Ball. Born 1830, died 1876. Age: 45 - Dau of John and Betsie (Davis) Billings, born Ontario Co., NY, died Arkwright, NY S4
BALL, Nathan M. Spouse of Mariette Palmer. Born 12-11-1831, died 5-2-1911. Age: 80 - Son of John and Eunice (Cole) Ball, born Addison, VT, died Dunkirk, NY T7
BALL, Samuel C. Spouse of Nancy Mary Billings. Born 1821, died 6-11-1884. Age: 62 - Son of John Ball, born in VT, died Arkwright, NY S6
BARTON, Olive A. (Ackles). Spouse of Rowlan LeRoy Barton. Born 9-1836, died 1918. Age: 81 - Dau. of Sylvester & Mary (Clinton) Ackles, died Mayville, NY
BARTON, Rowlan LeRoy. Spouse of Olive A. Ackles. Born 4-2-1833, died 7-29-1923. Age: 90 - Son of William and Lois (Ellsworth) Barton, born New Lisbon, NY, died Mayville, NY
BELOTE, Gerald Dennis. Spouse of Winona Jean Willson. Born 10-29-1922, died 9-14-2005. Age: 82 - Son of Richard and Ina B. (Perkins) Austin Belote, born Hanover, NY, died Forestville, NY - WW II VET, US ARMY, TEC4 G12
BELOTE, Winona Jean (Willson). Spouse of Gerald Dennis Belote. Born 5-24-1918, died 8-22-2011. Age: 93 - Born Arkwright, NY, died Forestville, NY G14
BRAINERD, Alvin. Born 5-11-1818, died 12-8-1839. Age: 21 - Son of Cephas and Polly O. Brainerd, born and died in Arkwright, NY
BULL, Ivan Marchall. Spouse of Zella Ellen Wiltheril. Born 7-12-1917, died 4-11-1998. Age: 80 - Son of Moses and Elva E. (Merchant) Bull, born Conewango Valley, NY, died Buffalo, NY G3
BULL, Moses. Spouse of Elva Eliza Merchant. Born 4-21-1880, died 5-15-1955. Age: 75 - Son of Lester M. and Sally A. (Perryman) Bull, born Yorkshire, NY G7
BULL, Zella Ellen (Wiltheril). Spouse of Ivan Marchall Bull. Born 8-15-1916, died 6-10-1999. Age: 82 - Dau Claire H. and Irma M. (Bull) Witheril, born Sardinia, NY, died Fredonia, NY G1
CLARK, Harvey. Spouse of Phebe Jones. Born 6-13-1816, died 6-14-1866. Age: 50 - No Stone NFI
CLARK, Phebe (Jones). Spouse of Harvey Clark. Born 7-28-1822, died 10-28-1898. Age: 76 - Dau of Benjamin and Sophia (Baker) Jones
CLARK, Dr. Stanley Birdsey. Born 2-14-1915, died 2-9-2003. Age: 87 - Son of Leland B. and Ina M. (Stanley) Clark, born Buffalo, NY, died Dunkirk, NY, Physician Q1
CLINTON, Sarah "Sally" (Adams). Spouse of Simeon Clinton. Born 1785, died 12-31-1874. Age: 89 - Dau of John and Submit (Butts) Adams, born Fly Creek, NY, died Mayville, NY
CLINTON, Simeon. Spouse of Sarah "Sally" Adams. Born 2-2-1779, died 4-29-1858. Age: 79 - Son of John and Mary A. (Scribner) Clinton, born Ballston Spa, NY and Arkwright, NY
COBB, Chandler. Spouse of Elizabeth B. Cobb. Born 2-14-1829, died 5-23-1889. Age: 60 - Son of James S. and Betsey (Jones) Cobb, born and died Arkwright, NY
COBB, Elizabeth B. (Cobb). Spouse of Chandler Cobb. Born 7-1833, died 9-14-1915. Age: 82 - Born in Gerry, NY, died in Arkwright, NY
COLE, Anna (Follett). Spouse of Isaac C. Cole. Born 2-6-1821, died 5-22-1904. Age: 83 Dau of Robert and Lydia Follett (Mead)
COLE, Carmelynn Marie "Carm" (Pttrelli). Spouse of Randolph M. Cole. Born 8-8-1954, died 2-23-2015. Age: 60 - Dau of Thomas and Mary (Fricano) Pitrelli, born in Buffalo, NY, died Cheektowaga, NY
COLE, Charles C. Spouse of Naomi T. Born 1849, died 1925. Age: 75 - NFI
COLE, Charles C. Born 1-1771, died 8-22-1847. Age: 76 - Born Foster, RI
COLE, Clark. Born 8-19-1846, died 9-1-1847. Age: 1 - Son of Isaac & Harriet Cole
COLE, Delos M. Spouse of Estella (Pattyson) Porter. Born 1886, died 1920. Age: 33 - Son of Charles C. and Naomi T. Cole
COLE, Eugene F. Spouse of Mary Jean Mitchell. Born 1852, died 1947. Age: 94 - Son of Isaac & Anna (Follett) Cole
COLE, Harriet. Spouse of Isaac C. Cole. Born 7-15-1820, died 7-21-1846. Age: 26 - NFI
COLE, Isaac C. Spouse of Anna Follett & Harriet. Born 11-12-1810, died 4-3-1879. Age: 63 - NFI
COLE, Lydia. Spouse of Charles C.Cole. Born 12-30-1778, died 8-7-1841. Age: 72 - NFI
COLE, Mary Jane (Mitchell). Spouse of Eugene F. Cole. Born 1852, died 6-15-1929. Age: 67 - Born in KY, died Fredonia, NY
COLE, Mary Romaine(Reig). Born 1-5-1943, died 1-8-1992. Age: 49 - Born Buffalo, NY, died Lackawanna, NY
COLE, Milton. Spouse of Sally Clinton. Born 9-18-1813, died 10-17-1894. Age: 81 - NFI
COLE, Milton Delos. Spouse of Ruth Margaret (Pool). Born 6-6-1913, died 2-22-1984. Age: 70 - Born Arkwright, NY, died Mesa, AZ
COLE, Naomi T. Spouse of Charles C.Cole. Born 1853, died 1940. Age: 86 - NFI
COLE, Sally (Clinton). Spouse of Milton. Born 12-4-1818, died 9-9-1898. Age: 79 - Dau of Simeon Clinton
COMRO, Frederika. Spouse of John Comro. Born 1834, died 1919. Age: 84 - NFI
COMRO, John. Spouse of Frederika. Born 1828, died 1900. Age: 71 - NFI
COMRO, Johnny. Born 1908, died 1911. Age: 2 - Son of J. and M. Comro
COMRO, William. Born 3-22-1864, died 5-31-1926. Age: 62 - Son of John and Fredrika Comro, born Germany, died Dunkirk, NY
COWDEN, William. Born 5-28-1747, died 10-10-1815. Age: 68 - Born, Pelham, MA, died Pomfret, NY - REV WAR VET, PVT MA MIL Q7
DANDO, Edith M. Spouse of Robert E. Dando, Jr. Born 12-7-1953, died 5-2-2012. Age: 58 - NFI M6
DAVIS, Benjamin A. Spouse of Helen R. Merchant. Born 1898, died 1979. Age: 80 - NFI N12
DAVIS, Edward. Born 1932, died 10-7-2021. Age: 88 - Son of Benjamin and Helen Davis, born Erie, PA, (no stone November 2021) - KOREAN WAR VET, US ARMY N8
DAVIS, Helen R. (Merchant). Spouse of Benjamin A. Davis. Born 1900, died 1996. Age: 95 - NFI N10
DEERING, Clifford Gerhold. Spouse of Elizabeth M. Born 3-10-1911, died 8-1-1985. Age: 74 - Son of John W. and Hattie P. Deering, born in Dunkirk, NY, died Fredonia, NY F7
DEERING, Elizabeth M. Spouse of Clifford Gerhold Deering. Born 1992, died 1997. Age: 74 - NFI F5
DEFEDERICIS, Guy A. Born 1958, died 2-8-2021. Age: 62 - Son of Theodore G. and Loretta T. (Boleeno) DeFedrics, died Cheektowaga, NY (no stone November 2021) D2
DEFEDERICIS, Loretta T. "Lori" (Boleeno). Spouse of Theodore G. "Teddy DeFedericis. Born 5-6-1930, died 4-6-2016. Age: 85 - Born Cheektowaga, NY, died Depew, NY D3
DEFEDERICIS, Theodore G. "Teddy". Spouse of Loretta T. "Lori" Boleeno. Born 10-13-1923, died 2-6-1999. Age: 75 - Died Cheektowaga, NY, Cheektowaga Police Department - WW II VET, US ARMY AIR FORCES D1
DRAYTON, Thomas. Spouse of Laura (Keller) McManus & Elizabeth "Libbie Rounds. Born 1831, died 1919. Age: 87 - NFI - CIVIL WAR VET, CO E 154 NY VOL Q10
ELDRIDGE, Esther Ann. Spouse of Francis B. Eldridge. Born 9-17-1816, died 8-13-1898. Age: 81 - NFI
ELDRIDGE, Francis B. Spouse of Esther Ann. Born 2-18-1818, died 3-27-1885. Age: 67 - NFI
ELLIOTT, Lena A. Born 6-19-1945, died 1-31-2020. Age: 74 - NFI B12
FABRIZIO, Mark J. Spouse of. Born 6-15-1966, died 2-4-2013. Age: 46 - Son of Joseph R. and Patricia A. (LeVeque) Kaczar, born Lackawanna, NY, died Fredonia, NY C9
FRANK, Helen. Born 3-19-1908, died 2-2004. Age: 95 - Born in Germany, died in Irving, NY (no stone November 2021)
FRY, Mark Kiehl II. Born 12-28-1992, died 12-28-1992 - Infant, NFI G5
GUILLIAMS, Harold Lynwood "Bill". Spouse of June Shirley Rice. Born 11-23-1933, died 3-6-1991. Age: 57 - Son of Harold R. and Mildred I. (Manning) Guilliams, born Copper Hill, VA, died Arkwright, NY G4
GUILLIAMS, June Shirley (Rice). Spouse of Harold Lynwood "Bill" Guilliams. Born 4-5-1935, died 9-13-1997. Age: 62 - Born Buffalo, NY, died Gowanda, NY G2
HART, George B. Born 1849, died 1934. Age: 84 - Son of Lemuel and Louisa (Markham) Hart U13
HART, Joanna. Spouse of. Born 1852, died 1878. Age: 25 - Dau of Lemuel and Louisa (Markham) Hart
HART, Lemuel. Spouse of Louisa Markham. Born 9-5-1824, died 1-6-1875. Age: 50 - Died Arkwright, NY
HART, Lorenzo. Spouse of Juliette Rabin. Born 1857, died 5-11-1946. Age: 88 - Son of Lemuel and Louisa (Markham) Hart, died Forestville, NY U11
HART, Louisa (Markham). Spouse of Lemuel Hart. Born 1827, died 1902. Age: - Dau of Oliver and Sally (Bissell) Markham, died Arkwright, NY
HEALEY, Frank J. Born 1870, died 1953. Age: 82 - NFI R3
HINDS, Blanche Almeda Lewis. Spouse of Lewis. Born 8-22-1901, died 5-24-1924. Age: 22 - Dau of George and Almeda Lewis, born Arkwright, NY, died Laona, NY
HOISINGTON, Alice Charlotte (Gron). Spouse of Gilbert Frank Hoisington. Born 11-2-1909, died 8-10-1953. Age: 43 - Dau of William Edward and Lylian May (Sweet) Gron, born Lakewood, NY, died Dunkirk, NY F11
HOISINGTON, Bertha Amelia (Sunday). Spouse of Charles E. Hoisington, Bud A. Palmer, Don M. Hinds. Born 1875, died 7-11-1922. Age: 46 - Dau of Louie and Rosetta Sunday, born and died Arkwright, NY F12
HOISINGTON, Gilbert Frank, Sr. Spouse of Alice Charlotte Gron. Born 3-21-1909, died 5-3-1972. Age: 63 - Son Frank W. and Glennie (Cardot) Hoisington, born Fredonia, NY, died Irving, NY F13
HOISINGTON, JoAnn. Born 2-28-1939, died 2-28-1939 - Stillborn infant of Gilbert F. and Alice C. (Gron) Hoisington, born and died Arkwright, NY (no stone November 2021) F9
HORTON, Charles E. Spouse of Fennie M. Kennedy. Born 1870, died 8-10-1899. Age: 28 - Son of Thomas Horton, died Arkwright, NY H16
HORTON, Flora. Born 1862, died 1943. Age: 80 - Dau of Thomas Horton
HORTON, Florence Almina (Cobb). Spouse of Marvin W. Horton. Born 1852, died 8-7-1936. Age: 83 - Dau of Chandler and Elizabeth B. (Cobb) Cobb, born and died Arkwright, NY
HORTON, Frank Westly. Spouse of Jeanette M. White. Born 4-26-1861, died 1943. Age: 81 - Born and died Arkwright, NY H10
HORTON, Harvey H. Born 1864, died 1940. Age: 75 - Son of Thomas Horton, died Arkwright, NY
HORTON, Helene M. Born 1884, died 1918. Age: 33 - H7
HORTON, Jane T. Born 1859, died 1936. Age: 76 - NFI
HORTON, Jeanette M. (White). Spouse of Frank Westly Horton. Born 9-3-1862, died 1909. Age: 46 - Dau of Horace and Phedora (Wilson) White, born and died Arkwright, NY
HORTON, Josie. Born 1876, died 1877. Age: - Dau of Thomas Horton H7
HORTON, Kenneth F. Born 1911, died 1916. Age: 4 - H8
HORTON, Marvin W. Spouse of Florence Almina Cobb. Born 1852, died 7-10-1945. Age: 92 - Son of Wesley and Louisa (Johnston) Horton, born Arkwright, NY, died Dunkirk, NY
HORTON, Roger W. Born 1-2-1887, died 10-12-1888. Age: 1 - Infant son of Marvin and Flora C. Horton, born and died Arkwright, NY
HORTON, Thomas. Spouse of Caroline Clark. Born 1832, died 1914. Age: 81 - As of September 13, 2021 there is no stone. Town records and map do show this is his burial place.
JOCK, Virginia J. Born 1923, died 2006. Age: 82 - As of September 13, 2021 there is no stone. Town records and map do show this is her burial place. The record also states there is no stone. C6
JOHNSON, Mehitable (Sprague). Spouse of Uriah L. Johnson, Sr. Born 1782, died 10-11-1815. Age: 32 - Died Arkwright, NY
JOHNSON, Uriah L. Jr. Born 2-1819, died 10-14-1845. Age: 26 - Son of Uriah L. Johnson, Sr.
JONES, Allen H. Born 6-23-1823, died 3-28-1860. Age: 36 - Son of Benjamin and Sophia (Baker) Jones
JONES, Benjamin. Spouse of Sophia Baker. Born 2-28-1797, died 10-13-1884. Age: 87 - NFI
JONES, O. W. C. Born 5-11-1838, died 12-22-1877. Age: 39 - NFI
JONES, Philip P. Born 7-13-1820, died 8-29-1844. Age: 24 - Son of Benjamin and Sophia Jones
JONES, Sophia (Baker). Spouse of Benjamin Jones. Born 2-3-1798, died 8-25-1864. Age: 66 - NFI
KING, Margie W. Spouse of Roy Edgar Clifford King. Born 1924, died 2018. Age: 93 - NFI G16
KING, Roy Edgar Clifford. Spouse of Margie W. Born 12-4-1919, died 7-30-1998. Age: 78 - Born Ottawa, CAN - WW II VET, CPL US ARMY AIR CORPS G18
KOZLOWSKI, Marie Martha (Bielat). Spouse of Peter Stephen Kozlowski. Born 6-25-1920, died 8-21-1995. Age: 75 - Born Dunkirk, NY and died Hamburg, NY H2
KOZLOWSKI, Peter Paul. Born 4-22-1942, died 11-17-1990. Age: 48 - Son of Peter S. and Marie M. (Bielat) Kozlowski, born and died Dunkirk, NY H3
KOZLOWSKI, Peter Stephen. Spouse of Marie Martha Bielat. Born 12-26-1916, died 1-4-1986. Age: 69 - Son of Andrew A. and Belle (Kryostofiak), born and died Dunkirk, NY H1
LAPORTE, Joseph J. "Jay". Born 1963, died 1985. Age: 21 - Son of Philip B. and Mary L. LaPorte M2
LEWIS, Albert. Spouse of Mable Chase. Born 9-9-1865, died 4-4-1847. Age: 81 - Son of Almond G. and Lydia (Sharp) Lewis, born Arkwright, NY died Jamestown, NY G13
LEWIS, Almeda. Spouse of George Lewis. Born 1862, died 1942. Age: 79 - NFI
LEWIS, Charles A. Spouse of Sarah P. Sweet. Born 1882, died 1958. Age: 75 - Son of George and Almeda Lewis
LEWIS, Earl - As of September 13, 2021 there is no stone. Town records and map do show this is his burial place. The record also states there is no stone. G23
LEWIS, George. Spouse of. Born 1861, died 1934. Age: 72 - NFI
LEWIS, Grace - As of September 13, 2021 there is no stone. Town records and map do show this is her burial place. The record also states there is no stone. G21
LEWIS, Harry M. Spouse of Josephine P. Born 9-23-1891, died 1963. Age: 71 - NFI G19
LEWIS, Josephine P. Spouse of Harry M. Lewis. Born 1881, died 1962. Age: 80 - NFI G17
LEWIS, Mable (Chase). Spouse of Albert Lewis. Born 3-23-1874, died 4-4-1943. Age: 69 - Died Silver Creek, NY G15
LEWIS, Sarah P. (Sweet). Spouse of Charles A. Born 1880, died 1855. Age: 74 - Dau of Samuel M. and Julia Sweet
LINDEMUTH, Veronica "Jean". Born 9-16-1928, died 11-16-1988. Age: 60 - NFI
LINK, Emily (Wood). Spouse of Adelbert M. Bernett & Robert C. Link. Born 1930, died 2011. Age: 80 - Born Springfield, OH, died Dunkirk, NY E1
LUTGEN, Anthony N. Born 10-19-1907, died 11-1-1981. Age: 74 - Son of George T. and Mary L. (Potter) Lutgen, born and died Arkwright, NY - WW II VET, PVT US ARMY Q9
LUTGEN, George Till. Spouse of Mary Louise "Nellie" Potter. Born 6-12-1854, died 2-9-1917. Age: 62 - Son of John and Katherine (Till) Lutgen, born Germany, died Arkwright, NY (no stone as November 2021) Q11
LUTGEN, Mary Louise "Nellie" (Potter). Spouse of George Till Lutgen. Born 5-29-1868, died 8-4-1908. Age: 40 - Born and died Arkwright, NY, (no stone as of November 2021) Q10
LUTGEN, Mathew M. Born 7-5-1851, died 9-19-1917. Age: 66 - Son of John and Katherine (Till) Lutgen, born Germany, died Arkwright, NY
MCARTHUR, Ellsworth Burdette. Spouse of Mary L. Town. Born 1861, died 8-23-1908. Age: 46 - Son of Cyrus and Harriet E. (Gross) McArthur, born PA, died Arkwright, NY
MCARTHUR, Mary L. (Town). Spouse of Ellsworth Burdette. Born 12-15-1866, died 7-18-1909. Age: 42 - Dau of Mercy A. (Thayer) Rundell Town, died Degolia, PA
MCCUNE, Carolyn - NFI D12
METZGER, Daniel W. Born 8-22-1933, died 8-3-1938. Age: 3 - Son of John P. and Julia C. (Preiss) Metzger, born Dunkirk, NY, died Arkwright, NY F18
METZGER, Geneva Pearl (Sexton). Spouse of John Oliver Metzger. Born 6-10-1931, died 12-8-2020. Age: 89 - Born and died Morehead, KY F20
METZGER, John Paul. Spouse of Amelia C. Krager & Julia Charlotte Preiss. Born 8-29-1872, died 8-24-1960. Age: 87 - Son of John and Henriette Metzger, born Little Valley, NY F14
METZGER, Julia Charlotte (Preiss). Spouse of John P. Metzger. Born 10-6-1894, died 5-21-1872. Age: 77 - Born Buffalo, NY, died Gowanda, NY F16
METZGER, Lillian - NFI F12
MILLER, Alice F. (Horton). Born 1884, died 1945. Age: 60 - Dau Frank W. and Jeanette M. (White) Miller, died Arkwright, NY H9
MILLER, Harlan K. "Moe". Spouse of Lena Smith. Born 3-24-1928, died 5-4-2014. Age: 86 - Son of George E. Miller, born Fredonia, NY - WW II VET, US NAVY F3
MILLER, Lena (Smith). Spouse of Harlan K. "Moe" Miller. Born 10-8-1929, died 5-22-1990. Age: 60 - NFI
PALMER, Collutia D. (Cole). Spouse of Orange Palmer. Born 5-9-1856, died 9-28-1879. Age: 23 - Dau of Milton and Sally (Clinton) Cole
PALMER, Gladys E. Born 1896, died 1965. Age: 68 - NFI G11
PALMER, Richard E. Born 6-7-1919, died 4-3-1988. Age: 66 - NFI - WW II VET, TEC5 US ARMY F10
PORTER, Estella (Pattyson). Spouse of Delos M. Cole & Walter Herbert Porter. Born 9-30-1887, died 3-14-1977. Age: 89 - Dau of Wesley M. and Emma L. (Ward) Pattyson, borb Silver Creek, NY, died Mesa, AZ
PORTER, George W. Spouse of Mary. Born 1837, died 1908. Age: 70 - NFI
PORTER, Mary. Spouse of George W. Porter. Born 1839, died 1886. Age: 46 - NFI
POTTER, Louise J. Spouse of Robert Potter. Born 1841, died 6-5-1919. Age: 77 - Died Cassadaga, NY
PRINCE, Elsie A. (Wood). Spouse of Roger Jay Prince. Born 1-24-1934, died 2-28-2017. Age: 83 - Dau of Peter R. and Nellie (Kane) Wood, born South Dayotn, NY H3
PRINCE, Roger Jay. Spouse of Elsie A. Wood. Born 12-17-1932, died 9-18-2009. Age: 76 - Son of Orlo and Nina (Raynor) Prince, born Westfield, NY - KOREAN WAR VET, CPL US ARMY H5
RACZKA, David E., Sr. Spouse of Elaine L. Born 1940, died 1997. Age: 56 - NFI D2
REED, Virginia J. Born 7-12-1823, died 9-12-2006. Age: 83 - NFI
RICE, Calvin W. Born 1932, died 2011. Age: 78 - Son of Jacob and Clara M. (Maybee) Rice G6
RICE, Jacob A. "Jake". Spouse of Clara Mary Maybee. Born 4-4-1892, died 7-29-1954. Age: 62 - Born Davenport, IA, died Buffalo, NY G8
SLOAN, Celeste (Lutgen). Born 1860, died 1950. Age: 89 - Dau of John and Katherine (Till) Lutgen
SNYDER, Edgar H. Born 1904, died 1928. Age: 23 - NFI
SOBCZAK, Wanda P. Spouse of Robert F. Born 1935, died 2016. Age: 80 - NFI C3
SUNDAY, Louie. Spouse of Rosetta. Born 1856, died 1921. Age: 64 - NFI Q9
SUNDAY, Rosetta. Spouse of Louie Sunday. Born 1861, died 1920. Age: 58 - NFI Q11
THAYER, Amelia. Spouse of Orlando Thayer. Born 1839, died 1906. Age: 66 - NFI
THAYER, Orlando. Spouse of Amelia. Born 2-14-1833, died 5-19-1918. Age: 85 - NFI
TILL, Doris Kathleen (Willson). Spouse of Lester W. Till. Born 3-4-1921, died 11-6-2020. Age: 99 - Born and died Dunkirk, NY F6
TILL, Lester W. Spouse of Doris Kathleen Willson. Born 6-21-1911, died 9-13-1982. Age: 71 - Son of John and Julia L. (Denea), born and died in Arkwright, NY F8
TOWN, Adelbert. Born 1860, died 1929. Age: 69 - Son of Mercy A. (Thayer) Rundell Town, died Degolia, PA
TOWN, Dexter F. Born 1862, died 1934. Age: 71 -
TOWN, Ida D. Born 1866, died 1937. Age: 70 - NFI
TOWN, Mercy Anne (Thayer) Rundell. Spouse of Bethuel Harvey Town. Born 1-18-1837, died 6-4-1907. Age: 70 - NFI
UNKOWN, Unknown - NFI
VANCISE, Jessie R. Spouse of Mary Jane Ackles. Born 1832, died 7-21-1875. Age: 42 - Born PA, died Arkwright, NY
VANCISE, Mary Jane (Ackles). Spouse of Jessie R. Born 1840, died 5-12-1873. Age: 32 - Dau of Sylvester and Mary (Clinton) Ackles, born and died Arkwright, NY
WHITE, Adaline J. (Scott). Spouse of Holton J. White. Born 4-2-1832, died 1916. Age: 83 - Dau of Ashbel Scott, died Arkwright, NY
WHITE, Charles E. Born 5-12-1854, died 2-1-1892. Age: 37 - Son of Elliott and Elizabeth Ely White
WHITE, Holton J. Spouse of Adaline J. Scott. Born 12-11-1825, died 3-8-1907. Age: 81 - Son of Joel White, born and died in Arkwright, NY
WHITE, Lucy (Palmer). Spouse of Orlin W. White. Born 1857, died 1936. Age: 78 - Dau of Alvinza and Nancy (Sellow) Palmer
WHITE, Orlin W. Spouse of Lucy Palmer. Born 12-19-1855, died 1901. Age: 45 - Son of Holton J. and Adaline J. (Scott) White, born Arkwright, NY
WIERS, Carlton. Born 4-17-1918, died 11-11-1998. Age: 80 - NFI - WW II VET, PVT US ARMY D6
WIERS, Jean M. Born 2-9-1944, died 12-25-2016. Age: 72 - NFI D10
WILL, Frank C. - NFI
WILLSON, Cortez E. Spouse of Mary E. Born 12-15-1861, died 11-30-1884. Age: 22 - NFI
WILLSON, Donald Bruce. Born 1913, died 1933. Age: 19 - Son of Frank C. and Martha A. (Thompson) Willson G24
WILLSON, Frank Cortez. Spouse of Martha Ahleen Thompson. Born 3-16-1882, died 3-29-1955. Age: 73 - Son of Cortez E. and Mary E. Willson, born Cold Spring, NY, died Silver Creek, NY G20
WILLSON, Kathryn. Born 1860, died 1943. Age: 82 - NFI
WILLSON, LeMyra (Mead). Spouse of George Willson. Born 10-8-1853, died 5-8-1879. Age: 25 - NFI
WILLSON, Martha Ahleen (Thompson). Spouse of Frank Cortez. Born 7-31-1890, died 11-25-1942. Age: 52 - Dau of Byron L. and Ella L. (Morey) Thompson, born Laona, NY, died Nashville, NY G22
WILLSON, Mary E. Spouse of Cortez E. Born 7-20-1865, died 1-18-1885. Age: 19 - NFI
WILLSON, Myrtie. Born 1869, died 1888. Age: 18 - NFI
WILLSON, Nancy. Spouse of William H. Willson. Born 10-5-1843, died 5-28-1881. Age: 37 - NFI
WILLSON, Walter - NFI G10
WILLSON, William H. Spouse of Nancy. Born 1839, died 1914. Age: 74 - NFI
WILSON, Cortez A. Spouse of Lillie. Born 9-1850, died 10-22-1884. Age: 34 - NFI
ZIELINSKI, Dorothy K. "Dot". Spouse of Raymond Zielinski. Born 1-18-1922, died 1-12-1991. Age: 82 - NFI
ZIELINSKI, Raymond. Spouse of Dorothy, K. "Dot". Born 5-16-1920, died 1-23-1985. Age: 64 - NFI - WW II Vet, US NAVY

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