Clymer Hill Amish Cemetery

Bailey Hill Road, North Clymer, Chautauqua County, New York

GPS Coordinates: 42.06800, -79.61721

Compiled By: Mark S. Peebles

Photo by Franklin S. Werren

BURKHOLDER, Baby. Born 9-8-2009, died 9-8-2009 - Son of David J. and Lori E. Burkholder, stillborn
BYLER, Ada M. Spouse of Allen A. Byler. Born 4-3-1944, died 2-19-2021. Age: 76 - Dau of Albert and Anna Miller, 10 children
BYLER, Allen A. Spouse of Ada M. Byler. Born 1-28-1945, died 10-23-2016. Age: 71 - 10 children
FARMWALD, Andrew J. Spouse of Barbara Byler. Born 6-2-1928, died 3-9-2008. Age: 79 - NFI
FARMWALD, Barbara (Byler). Spouse of Andrew J. Farmwald. Born 5-28-1928, died 11-29-2013. Age: 85 - NFI
MILLER, Alma. Born 3-29-1985, died 1-22-2008. Age: 22 - Dau of David and Mary (Troyer) Miller
MILLER, Amanda D. Born 3-13-1982, died 2-4-2007. Age: 24 - Dau of David and Mary (Troyer) Miller of Clymer, born in Corry, PA and died in Westfield, NY
MILLER, Daniel K. Born 9-2-1993, died 12-24-2012. Age: 19 - Son of Kenny D. J. and Sally Miller
MILLER, Susan D. "Susie". Born 10-12-1986, died 12-2-2002. Age: 16 - Dau of David and Mary Troyer Miller of Clymer, born Corry, PA
SCHLABACH, Anna Mae. Born 5-22-2011, died 5-22-2011 - Dau of Harvey and Cindy Schlabach
SHETLER, Mary A. (Miller). Spouse of Atlee N. Shetler. Born 11-10-1960, died 4-2-1990. Age: 29 - Died at home, Clymer, NY
TROYER, Samuel D. Spouse of Katie N. Wengerd. Born 11-22-1967, died 2-11-2022. Age: 54 - Son of of Walter and Clara Byler Troyer, he was a self-employed logger and was a member of the Old Order Amish, 8 children
WENGERD, Atlee M. Spouse of Lovina Wengerd. Born 12-5-1939, died 7-5-2019. Age: 79 -
WENGERD, Ellen A. Born 7-8-1990, died 2-10-2003. Age: 12 - Dau of Atlee and Sally Fisher Wengerd Jr., born in Corry, PA
YODER, David E. Born 3-11-1986, died 1-15-1994. Age: 7 -

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