Cherry Creek, NY
Contributed by PHGS Member: Paul Giometti

HADLEY, Jessie Mildred. Spouse of Niles Frank. Born 7-17-1911, died 5-8-2007. Age: 95 - Dau of George S. and Linnie King Alnatt. Wed 7-23-1937 a retired teacher
HADLEY, Niles Frank. Spouse of Jessie M. Allnatt. Born 4-20-1913, died 4-13-2007. Age: 93 - Son of Niles and Rose Macey Hadley. Wed 7-23-1937
HALL, Artemus. Born 1830, died 1914
HALL, Elmira. Born 1833, died 1911
HALPAINY, Kuran Fay. Born 1959, died 1959
HANLEY, Carrie. Born 1881, died 1953
HANLEY, George W. Born 1857, died 1887
HANLEY, Sarah H. Born 1880, died 1936
HARRIS, Ellen A. Born 1857, died 1938
HARVEY-KUDER, Margaret. Born 04-30-1933, died 04-16-2010. Age: 76 - Dau of William and Elizabeth Love Schmitt-born in Buffalo, NY
HAUNSS, Charles. Born 1886, died 1935
HENDRICKSON, Ida F. “[Chick”]. Born 11-4-1923, died 10-9-1999 - Dau of Albert J. and Ida F. Wolfe Hendrickson
HIDICKER, Aucelia. Born 5-12-1833, died 5-25-1921 - Dau of Josiah and Alvira Brown Crumb
HIDICKER, Chiles. Born 11-29-1830, died 12-10-1903 - Son of Andrew and Lydia Hidicker
HIGBEE, Marjorie W. Spouse of Ernest R. Born 10-26-1915, died 10-30-2008 - Dau of Herbert and Mattie Weaver Weed. Wed 7-9-1936
HODGES, Marian Kysor. Spouse of Ellsworth. Born 5-13-1908, died 2-5-2006. Age: 97 - Dau of Lewis N. and Catharine Dye Kysor
HOWARD, Louis L. Spouse of Nell Rose, died 3-31-1970 - m. Mar. 28 1931
HOWARD, Nell Rose. Spouse of Louis L. Born 3-28-1915, died 1-14-2001. Age: 85 - Dau of Howard and Winifred Prince Curtis
HOWE, Helen Miller. Spouse of Earnest E. Born 2-14-1919, died 2-5-2007 - Dau of Willard Delroy and Mildred Weaver Miller-born in Millerstown PA. Wed 8-17-1940
HUBBARD, Elvin C. Born 6-21-1856, died 9-25-1920
HUBBARD, Helen M. Born 1-20-1860
HUCKLEBERRY, Daniel M. Born 1846, died 10-23-1893 - Son of Jacob and Mary (Shauger) Huckleberry
HUCKLEBERRY, Ina A. Born 1881, died 1885
HUCKLEBERRY, Mabel. Spouse of Glenn B. Born 1889, died 1957 - 2nd Wife Glenn Boutwell
HUCKLEBERRY, Mary B. Born 1856, died 1939
HUCKLEBERRY, Mildred S. Spouse of Glenn B - 1st Wife of Glenn Boutwell
HUCKLEBERRY, Rosian Adell. Born 9-24-1885, died 4y 3m 16d
HYATT, Olive A. Spouse of Willis W. Born 3-25-1836
HYATT, Willis W. Spouse of Olive A. Born 4-13-1833, died 4-9-1895
JACKSON, Kenneth E. Spouse of Janet K. Rowicki. Born 01-22-1940, died 11-17-2010. Age: 70 - Son of Orlo Jackson and Hariet (Peterson) Jackson-Miles, born in Erie, PA
JAMES, Adella. Born 1855, died 1888
JAMES, Albert. Born 1855, died 1923
JAMES, Dolly H.(Shattuck). Spouse of Jonathan MD. Born 8-20-1810, died 1-29-1890. Age: 79 - Dau of Pliny I and Dolly Houghton Rice Shattuck
JAMES, Forest D. Born 1884, died 19??
JAMES, Francis. Born 1858, died 1924
JAMES, Robert. Born 1850, died 1915
JAMES, Sela A. Born 1897, died 1898
JAMES, Zadie. Born 1879, died 1892
JEWETT, Luther
JEWETT, Mary, died 1871. Age: 81
JONES, Beatrice Velma S. Spouse of Charles L. Born 7-7-1912, died 11-15-2007 - Dau of Frank A. and Blanche M. Gray Smith
JONES, Charles L. Spouse of Beatrice Velma S, died 5-23-1962 - Wed Nov 10 1934 in Franklinville NY
JUNGQUIST, Alice Jane. Spouse of Joseph E. Born 6-7-1921, died 1-28-2009. Age: 87 - Dau of Hugh R. and Bertha M. Weaver Pickup. Wed 8-27-1941
JUNGQUIST, Joseph E. Spouse of Alice Jane Pickup. Born 5-25-1917, died 7-17-2005. Age: 88 - Son of Joseph and Pearl Beam Jungquist - WW II Vet, US Army, Purple Heart and Bronze Star
KAPPLE, Nina Maud. Spouse of William. Born 7-17-1872, died 3-31-1958. Age: 86 - Dau of Jerome Bonaparte II and Lucy Aurilla King Shattuck
KELLOGG, Dr. James H. Spouse of Blanche Martin. Born 8-8-1876, died 1-3-1960. Age: 83 - Son of Silas and Lessie Davis Kellogg
KELLY, Geraldine L., died 10-21-2006. Age: 40 - Killed in house explosion
KELLY, Margeret G. (Klein ). Spouse of Thomas W., died 1990 -
KELLY, Thomas W. Spouse of Margeret G. Born 12-28-1920, died 05-04-2003. Age: 82 - Son of Edward and Frances Davidson Kelly, born in Buffalo NY - WW II Vet, US Navy
KEPLER, Ronald A. Spouse of #1 Donna, #2 Rebecca. Born 9-12-1956, died 3-2-2019. Age: 63 - Son of Clyde L. and Veda Kepler. Born in Erie PA, lived in Jamestown and Little Valley NY, died in Erie PA. Four children, mother unclear. Donna d. 1988, Rebecca in 2013. Survived by former wife Gloria.
KIMBALL, Frank, died 1-9-1862. Age: 96 7m - Son of P. C. and E. P. Kimball
KING, Clarentene. Born 4-6-1895, died 3-3-1899 - Dau of Eli W. and Mary M. King
KING, Dolly. Spouse of Ward, died 11-11-1856. Age: 51
KING, Eli W. Spouse of Mary M. Born 1852, died 1916
KING, George, died 2-10-1842. Age: 6 - Son of Ward. Jr. and Dolly King
KING, Mary M. Spouse of Eli W. Born 1852, died 1902
KING, Ward Jr., died 12-15-1886. Age: 85
KING, Willard, died 11-15-1864. Age: 21y 6m
KOZLOWSKI, Allen L. Spouse of Betty Pauline Yentzer. Born 04-10-1944, died 12-09-2010. Age: 66 - Son of Alfred and Charlotte Czechowski Kozlowsk, born in Buffalo NY. Wed 10-4-1969 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
LAPHAM, Arrabell. Born 1851, died 1938
LAPHAM, G. Frank. Born 1853, died 1910
LAPHAM, G. Wayne. Born 1885, died 1952
LAPHAM, Grace W. Born 1889, died 19??
LAWRENCE, Una C. Born 1882, died 1904
LEBARRON, Dolores G. Spouse of Robert J. Sr. Born 01-16-1932, died 11-23-2010. Age: 78 - Dau of William and Blanche Wood Silleman. Wed 10-15-1949
LENGERICH, Marvin B. [Bud]. Spouse of Geraldine [Trudy] Ecker. Born 3-10-1926, died 10-6-2006. Age: 80 - Son of Lawrence W. and Caroline M. Segal Lengerich, born in Sidney, OH. Wed 9-13-1949 - WW II Vet, US Navy
LENT, Milo M. Spouse of Doris Howe. Born 7-14-1921, died 1-6-2015. Age: 93 - Son of Alda and Lena (White) Lent
LENWORTHY, Flaurie. Spouse of Richard. Born 5-24-1867 - Dau of Charles and Mariela (Judd)
LENWORTHY, Richard. Born 1867, died 1921
LENWORTHY, William H. Born 1869, died 1927
LEWIS, James - Son of Samuel and Phebe Lewis
LEWIS, John Gurney
LEWIS, Phebe
LEWIS, Samuel. Age: 35
LINCOLN, Howard W. Spouse of Pearl Evelyn, died 10-1992
LINCOLN, Pearl Evelyn (Mesel). Spouse of Howard W. Born 8-29-1915, died 3-4-2002. Age: 86 - Dau of Ernest and Gertrude (Johnson) Mesel South Dayton Rebecca Lodge
LITTLE, Carolyn A. Spouse of Sydney C. Born 1-27-1932, died 10-6-2005. Age: 73 - Dau of Harold and Genevieve Carlson
LORD, Ernest D. Born 1889, died 1930
LORD, Ida. Born 1857, died 1938
LORD, Lela M. Born 1890, died 1958
LORD, Plvny W. Born 1859, died 1898
LOWN, Edgar. Born 1869, died 19??
LOWN, Margaret. Born 1851, died 1922
LUCE, Charles
LUCE, Floreilla W. Born 1838, died 1914
LUCE, Frank A. Age: 3y 11m 23d
LUCE, Luva E. Born 10-20-1857, died 7-22-1863. Age: 5y 9m 2d
LUCE, Wm. Ryland. Born 1831, died 1900
LUND, Hans E.
MADISON, Kathryn (Newcomb). Spouse of Harold. Born 10-11-1921, died 1-3-2009. Age: 87 - Dau of Fred and Mildred (Williams) Newcomb, Wed 11-11-1941
MAIN, Melissa P. Born 1849, died 1877
MARTIN, Carrie E. Born 1860, died 1889
MARTIN, George L. Born 1851, died 1901
MAXSON, M. B., died 8-23-1856. Age: 63
MAXWELL, David J. Born 1857, died 1927
MAXWELL, Hannah L. Born 1863, died 1944
MCMILLAN, Beatrice E. Spouse of Paul W. Born 10-29-1919, died 7-8-2005. Age: 85 - Dau of Arthur and Marguerite Hitchcock LeBaron
MCMILLAN, Harold B. Born 3-31-1915, died 12-14-1999. Age: 84 - Son of William S. and Gertrude Link McMillan
MCMILLAN, Paul W. Spouse of Beatrice E., died 6-21-1969 - Wed Aug 26 1942 in MA
MCNAMARA, Patrick H. Born 1869, died 1951
MILKS, Velma Harvey. Spouse of Jesse D. Born 3-24-1930, died 5-29-2006. Age: 76 - Dau of Carl and Bertha (Milliman) Harvey. Wed 9-7-1972
MILLER, Alida (Shattuck). Spouse of Miner C. Town?/ Raymond. Born 1-28-1873, died 11-9-1928. Age: 55 - Dau of Albertus and Eunice J. (Abbey) Shattuck
MILLER, Grace A. (Monico). Born 10-23-1925, died 2-19-2018. Age: 92 - Dau of Patsy and Julia (Cerio) Monico. Born in Cherry Creek NY, lived in Fredonia NY, died in Dunkirk NY. Two daughters, father not named.
MILLER, Susan. Born 1882, died 1909
MILLER, Susan A. Born 1829, died 1919
MORIAN, Alice J. Born 1857, died 1876 - Dau of William and Marilla J. Morian
MORIAN, Anthony. Spouse of Julia Ann B. Born 1809, died 1888
MORIAN, Ellen J. Born 1853, died 1868 - Dau of William and Marilla J. Morian
MORIAN, Julia Ann (Becker). Spouse of Anthony. Born 1812, died 1867 -
MORIAN, Kate. Born 1833, died 1921
MORIAN, M. H. Spouse of A. Born 1825, died 1911
MORIAN, Marilla J. Spouse of William. Born 1834, died 1899
MORIAN, William. Spouse of Marilla J. Born 1832, died 1890
MORRIS, Geraldine M. (Paine). Spouse of Alfred S. Born 7-12-1934, died 11-2-2015. Age: 81 - Dau of Gerald and Clara (Devlieger) Paine, born and died in Cherry Creek NY. Worked 25 years for Dunkirk Ice Cream. Wed 11-21-1975, four children. (He d. 3-27-1977)
MOSS, Sarah Diane (Lundmark). Spouse of Glen Sr. Born 6-22-1966, died 11-14-2015. Age: 49 - Dau of Donald and S. Janice Lundmark, born in Jamestown NY. Wed 28 years, three children.
MOUNT, Anna A. Born 1886, died 1944
MOUNT, Aucelia A. (Babcock). Spouse of Hezekiah. Age: 50y 2d -
MOUNT, Elizabeth Ann. Born 1847, died 1913
MOUNT, Emma E. (Babcock). Spouse of Hezekiah. Age: 61y 11m 12d -
MOUNT, Francesa A. Spouse of Melvin. Age: 35 - Dau of Charles and Celina Spencer
MOUNT, Frank A. Born 1876, died 1942
MOUNT, Hezekiah. Spouse of Aucelia / Emma. Born 3-21-1818, died 1-26- 1897
MOUNT, Howard. Born 1898
MOUNT, Lydia M. Born 1841, died 1922
MOUNT, Morris E. Born 1884, died 1886
MOUNT, Thomas F. Born 1847, died 1911
MYERS, David, died 12-20-1867. Age: 74
MYERS, Emily J. Born 1838, died 1913
MYERS, Geneva. Born 1874, died 1962
MYERS, John E. Born 1872, died 1936
MYERS, Lydia
MYERS, Naomi, died 1-91- 1848. Age: 25y 4m - Dau of David and Lydia Myers
MYERS, Oliver C. Born 1837, died 1920
NORTHROP, Christina, died 1-6-1888. Age: 17
OCKERHAUSEN, Vineta (Rice). Spouse of George. Born 9-10-1922, died 1-18-2015. Age: 92 - Dau of Wilbert Silas and Henrietta (Schmid) Rice, prob born in IL, died in Gerry NY. Wed 53 yrs, three sons. (He d. 7-4-1997)
OSWILL, Almond. Born 1869, died 1937
OSWILL, Ara, died 3-15-1813 - Son of George W. and Mary Ooswill
OSWILL, George W. Spouse of Mary. Born 2-26-1836, died 1-28-1920
OSWILL, Mabelle. Born 1888, died 1947
OSWILL, Mary S. Spouse of George W. Born 9-20-1838, died 3-16-1917
OVEREND, Myrtie B. Spouse of Howard. Born 12-22-1917, died 6-14-2009. Age: 91 - Dau of Roland and Ruth Roberts Ormsby. Wed 4-15-1939
PARK, David A. Born 9-28-1956, died 1-16-2006. Age: 49 - Son of Robert F. and Marilyn (Milspaw) Park
PARK, Dennis A. Spouse of Phyllis Johnson. Born 6-23-1960, died 4-15-2008. Age: 47 - Son of Robert F. and Marilyn (Milspaw) Park
PARK, Marilyn L. (Milspaw). Spouse of Robert. Born 7-7-1935, died 2-19-2021. Age: 85 - Dau of Ray and Frances (Wade) Milspaw. Born, lived, and died in Cherry Creek NY. A homemaker. Ten children.
PARK, Robert F. Spouse of Marilyn L. Milspaw. Born 9-9-1922, died 6-30-2014. Age: 91 - Born in McKean Co PA, died in Irving NY. A homemaker. Ten children.
PARSONS, Flora, died 1915
PARSONS, Glen "Stub". Born 11-13-1923, died 03-27-2003. Age: 79 - Son of Harold and Edith Abbey Parsons Sr., born in Cherry Creek, NY - WW II Vet, US Army
PARSONS, James. Born 1850, died 1926
PARSONS, Phila A. Born 1859, died 1949
PEER, Samuel, died 10-4-1856. Age: 25y 0m 23d
PENNER, Charles. Born 1861, died 1923
PENNER, David C. Born 1885, died 1961
PENNER, Minnie. Born 1869, died 1945 - Dau of David and _____ (Chase) Abbey
PENNER, Pansy L. Born 1885, died 19??
PERSON, Charles E. Born 1867, died 1926
PERSON, Father. Born 1837, died 1924
PERSON, George. Born 1870, died 1945
PERSON, Ida. Born 1866, died 1913
PERSON, Mother. Born 1839, died 1896
PETERS, Carolyn R. Spouse of George C. Jr. Born 09-18-1932, died 05-29-2010. Age: 77 - Dau of Leon and Evelyn Skiff Ruttenbur. Wed 2-15-1953
PETERS, Clara E. Born 1858, died 1895
PETERS, Harold "Moose". Spouse of Elizabeth Pickup. Born 9-23-1922, died 5-15-2008. Age: 85 - Son of Henry D. and Bertha Abbey Peters. Wed 4-23-1949 - WW II Vet, US Air Force
PETERS, Ida R. Born 1864, died 1941
PETERS, James H. Born 1857, died 1930
PHILLIPS, Antinette
PHILLIPS, De Gourney. Born 1881, died 1939
PHILLIPS, Edwin S. Spouse of Mabel M. Born 1876, died 1960
PHILLIPS, Howard E. Born 1911, died 1927 - Son of Edwin S. and Mabel M. Bugbee Phillips
PHILLIPS, Leslie H. Born 1905, died 1939
PHILLIPS, Lester L. Spouse of Mary J. Crumb. Born 07-20-1907, died 02-07-1999 - Son of Edwin S. and Mabel M. Bugbee Phillips
PHILLIPS, Mabel M. Bugbee. Spouse of Edwin A. Born 1882, died 1972
PHILLIPS, Margaret J. Crumb. Spouse of Lester L. Born 09-13-1919, died 04-01-1969 - Dau of George and Maude Boutwell Crumb
PHILLIPS, Stewart Calvin. Born 07-16-1941, died 07-16-1941. Age: infant - Son of Lester L. and Margaret J. Crumb Phillips
PICKUP, Everett. Spouse of Luciele B., died 11-24-1980 - Wed March 24 1934
PICKUP, Luciele B. Spouse of Everett. Born 12-18-1906, died 1-9-2003. Age: 96 - Dau of Otis and Lida Waite Boardman, born in Napoli NY.
PIMM, Fred E. Jr. Spouse of Alta Del. Born 12-2-1931, died 5-7-2019. Age: 87 - Son of Fred Sr. and Harriet (Smith) Pimm. Born in Coldenham NY, lived in Leon NY. A farmer. Wed abt 1972, two daughters. (Spouse survives)
PINNER, Ellen B. Born 1824, died 1912
PINNER, Henrietta D. Born 1860, died 1954
PINNER, John. Born 1824, died 1896
PINNER, John W. Born 1858, died 1935
POPE, Lucinda. Born 4-26-1813, died 12-3-1890
POPE, Wm. R. Born 10-3-1809, died 4-30-1876
PORTER (POWER) Elmer Ellsworth. Born 1861, died 1920 - Son of Henry and Mary James Porter Power
PORTER (POWER), Mary M. Spouse of Henry. Age: 40
PORTER (POWER), Myra. Born 1862, died 1938 - Dau of Tompkins and Mary Abbey Farrington
POWER, Clarissa. Spouse of Daniel. Age: 52
PURDY, Walter A. Spouse of Leann McChesney. Born 08-18-1916, died 02-23-2010. Age: 93 - Son of Floyd and Emma Weipert Purdy, born in Blasdell,NY - WW II Vet, US Army
PUTNAM, Harriet L. Born 1842, died 1921
RACEY, Joanna, died 8-4-1869. Age: 74y 11m 13d
RACEY, Pellaticha. Spouse of Joanna, died 3-7-1854. Age: 62y 0m 2d
RAINER, Herbert E. Born 1884, died 1964
RAINER, Iva B. Born 1885, died 1965
REXFORD, Rhoda P. (Pritchard). Spouse of Carlton H, Jr. Born 7-18-1930, died 8-4-2015. Age: 85 - Dau of Charles and Lois Pritchard. Born in Jamestown NY, lived in Conewango Valley NY. A kindergarten teacher. Wed 7-3-1954, three children.
REXFORD,Carlton H. Jr. Spouse of Rhoda Bee Pritchard. Born 5-25-1925, died 8-3-2017. Age: 92 - Son of Carlton H. and Hilda (Prutzman) Rexford, Sr. Born in Newton NJ. Died in Jamestown NY. Co-owner/operator of Carlton's Garage for 41 years. Wed 7-3-1954 in Cherry Creek NY, two children. (Spouse d. 8-4-2015) - WW II Vet, US Army CPL. 1944-1946, European Theater.
REYNOLDS, Douglas H. Spouse of Sharon T. Bottita. Born 10-7-1955, died 12-28-2008. Age: 53 - Son of Harold L. and Lucille H. Johnson Reynolds
RICH, F. M. Born 5-31-1875, died 11-30-1961
RICH, Francis H.
RICH, Helen. Born 11-1-1876
RICHARDS, Grace A. Born 1882, died 1940
ROBERTSON, Mary. Born 3-9-1788, died 11-11-1863
ROBERTSON, Mary S. Born 4-25-1840, died 1-3-1866 - Dau of Peter and Phebe B. Robertson
ROBERTSON, Peter. Born 12-2-9-1811, died 11-26-1881. Age: 69y 10m 24d
ROBERTSON, Phebe B. Born 4-3-1836
ROBERTSON, Solon A. Born 5-18-1842, died 11-11-1872 - Son of Peter and Phebe B. Robertson
ROGERS, Albert L. Spouse of Doris M. Harvey. Born 4-25-1932, died 10-19-1995. Age: 63 - Son of Albert W. and Eleanor F. (Leonard) Rogers. Lived in Cherry Creek NY. Wed 12-26-1954, two children. - Korean War Vet, US Air Force, A1C
ROGERS, Doris M. (Harvey). Spouse of Albert L. Born 7-14-1935, died 5-19-2019. Age: 83 - Dau of Donald and Alice (Jolls) Harvey. Born in Sheridan NY Lived in Cherry Creek NY, died in Jamestown NY. Wed 12-26-1954, two children.
ROLFE, Alice R. Born 1857, died 1941
ROLFE, Anna E. Born 1869, died 1954
ROLFE, Father. Born 1822, died 1887
ROLFE, Hattie. Born 1864, died 1898
ROLFE, Mother. Born 1826, died 1903
ROOD, George W. Spouse of Rose F. Born 1848, died 1930
ROOD, Henry. Born 1836, died 1914
ROOD, Laurinda. Born 1829, died 19??
ROOD, Rose (Farrington). Spouse of George W. Born 1851, died 1940 -
ROOD, Wilson T. Born 1875, died 1885
ROWE, Annis J. Born 1875, died 1908
ROWE, Leroy W. Spouse of May J. B. Born 1828, died 1897
ROWE, M. Jay. Born 1877, died 1899
ROWE, Mar(n)la, died 2-22-1883. Age: 76y 11m 1d
ROWE, May J. Spouse of Leroy W. Born 1841, died 1912
ROWE, Nathan, died 1-29-1944. Age: 40y 2m 17d
ROWICKI, Margaret E. Born 5-5-1923, died 1-31-2009. Age: 85 - Dau of Hubert A. and Margaret Spears Weaver
RUTTENBUR, Allen A., died 1938 - Son of Le Grand D. and Rose Ruttenbur
RUTTENBUR, Blake Beebe. Spouse of Mertie H. Born 1885, died 19??
RUTTENBUR, Daniel (G?). Spouse of Martha A. Born 9-20-1830, died 2-11-1887
RUTTENBUR, Dexter M. Spouse of Jennie M. Born 1877, died 1949
RUTTENBUR, Evelyn, died 19??
RUTTENBUR, Frederick T., died 3-19-1853. Age: 23 - Son of Blake B. and Mertie H. Ruttenbur
RUTTENBUR, Grace E., died 1947
RUTTENBUR, Hazel. Born 1918, died 19??
RUTTENBUR, James L. Spouse of Porter. Born 1860, died 1930
RUTTENBUR, Jennie M. (Cummings). Born 1878, died 1960 -
RUTTENBUR, Le Grand D. Spouse of Rose. Born 6-13-1855
RUTTENBUR, Leon E. Spouse of Evelyn Skiff, died 1962 - Son of Dexter and Jennie (Cummings) Ruttenbur
RUTTENBUR, Martha. Spouse of Daniel. Born 7-7-1838, died 11-14-1886
RUTTENBUR, Mary. Born 1884, died 19??
RUTTENBUR, Mary E. Born 1870, died 1955
RUTTENBUR, Mertie H. Spouse of Blake B. Born 1883, died 1915
RUTTENBUR, Rose. Spouse of Le Grand D., died 1920
RUTTENBUR, Smith. Born 1863, died 1958
SAMUELSON, Bertha L. Born 1857, died 1940
SAMUELSON, Charles. Born 1826, died 1906
SAMUELSON, Christina. Born 1828, died 1904
SAMUELSON, John A. Born 1852, died 1933
SAMUELSON, John S., died 1933
SAMUELSON, Lettie M. Born 1858, died 1891
SAUNDERS, Addie. Born 11-5-1864, died NOT CUT - Dau of Hezekiah and Julia (Hitchock) Saunders
SAUNDERS, Hezekiah. Spouse of Julia H. Born 8-24-1835, died 9-17-1866
SAUNDERS, Julia (Hitchcock). Spouse of Hezekiah. Born 3-7-1838, died 2-20- 1914
SAYE, Ella Mae (Smith). Spouse of #1 Paul D. Saye, #2 Henry A. Stranz. Born 1-8-1926, died 11-18-2017. Age: 91 - Dau of Roland and Alta (Stuart) Smith. Born in Duke Center PA, lived in South Dayton NY, died in Jamestown NY. Opened the Hilltop Restaurant and diary farmed with Paul. Five children with Paul Saye, then divorced. (Predeceased by both husbands)
SAYE, Paul DeWalt. Spouse of #1 Ella Mae Smith, #2 Marie Short. Born 12-20-1924, died 07-14-2009. Age: 84 - Son of Byron and Nancy (Meyers) Saye. Born in Fisher PA, lived in Chaut Co NY, died in Gretna VA. Five children with Ella, then divorced. (Marie survives) - WW II Vet, US Army PFC
SCOFIELD, Cornelia. Born 1830, died 1895
SCOFIELD, George. Born 1855, died 1942
SCOFIELD, Olive. Born 1861, died 1943
SCOFIELD, Smith. Born 1828, died 1910
SHATTUCK, Albertus (“Bert”). Spouse of Eunice J. Born 1-4-1850/52, died 1920/21. Age: 70 - Son of Frederick A. S. and Mary Ann Rac(e)y Shattuck
SHATTUCK, Amy Angeline (Ames). Spouse of Lawrence E. Born 2-26-1817, died 11-30-1902. Age: 85y 9m 8d - Dau of Amos and Lydia Franklin Ames
SHATTUCK, Anna Grace. Born 4-10-1911, died 3-18-1912. Age: 11m - Dau of John Floyd and Mary Gertrude McNamara Shattuck
SHATTUCK, Aurilla. Spouse of Jerome B. Born 11-22-1840, died 5-14-1911
SHATTUCK, Belle (Lewis). Spouse of William. Born 1873, died 1957. Age: 84 -
SHATTUCK, Charles Lester. Born 11-24-1889, died 10-29-1956. Age: 66 - Son of Pliny I and his first wife Lillian Victoria Wheelock Shattuck
SHATTUCK, Clarinda. Born 1838, died 9-11-1921. Age: 83 - Dau of Frederick A. S. and Mary Ann Rac(e)y Shattuck (per burial permit record. No stone or marker)
SHATTUCK, Clifford F. Spouse of Edith E. Born 1896, died 1981. Age: 85 - Son of Truman and Cora Gould Shattuck
SHATTUCK, Cora. Spouse of Truman. Born 1862, died 50-20-1956. Age: 94 - Dau of Alden and Arvilla Barstow Gould
SHATTUCK, Dolly. Born 6-13-1867, died 8-12-1870. Age: 3y 3m - Dau of Jerome Bonaparte II and Lucy Aurilla King Shattuck
SHATTUCK, Dolly H. Spouse of Dr. Jonathan James. Born 8-20-1810, died 1-29-1890
SHATTUCK, Dr. Jonathan James. Spouse of Dolly H., died 11-18-1851. Age: 41
SHATTUCK, Edith E. (Romal). Spouse of Clifford F. Born 1897, died 1986. Age: 89 -
SHATTUCK, Eunice J (Abbey). Spouse of Albertus. Born 4-2-1857, died 10-10-1945. Age: 88y 5m 18d -
SHATTUCK, Everett. Born 2-15-1841, died 7-20- 1862. Age: 22 - Son of Frederick A. S. and Mary Ann Rac(e)y Shattuck. died in Hampton, VA near Fortress Monroe of “neuralgia and fever”. - Civil War Vet, Co K 112th Inf NYS Vols
SHATTUCK, Floss. Born 12-4-1876, died 12-21-1960. Age: 84 - Dau of Jerome Bonaparte II and Lucy Aurilla King Shattuck
SHATTUCK, Frank Eugene. Spouse of Mary Glendora Martz/Lucille Mosher. Born 10-13-1910, died 2-18-1980. Age: 69 - Son of Pliny II and his second wife Nancy Lucy (Murray) Shattuck. Actual burial is in Gowanda NY - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec5
SHATTUCK, Frederick Augustus Simms. Spouse of Mary Ann Racey. Born 12-22-1813, died ca 1894. Age: 80 - Son of Pliny I and Dolly Houghton Rice Shattuck. No stone or marker
SHATTUCK, Harold, died ca 1880 -
SHATTUCK, Henry, died 12-18-1813 - Small stone is very hard to read
SHATTUCK, Henry Lucius. Spouse of Laura Laurancie. Born 3-7-1845/47, died 5-31-1925. Age: 80? - Son of Frederick A. S. and Mary Ann Rac(e)y Shattuck
SHATTUCK, Jerome Bonaparte II. Spouse of Lucy Aurilla. Born 3-27-1841, died 6/7-29-1902. Age: 61 - Son of Lawrence Eugene I and Amy Angeline Ames Shattuck
SHATTUCK, Jerome Bonaparte III. Born 5-14-1918, died 8-8-1919. Age: 1y2m24d - Son of John Floyd and Mary Gertrude McNamara Shattuck
SHATTUCK, John Floyd. Spouse of Mary Gertrude. Born 7-10-1879, died 4-17-1963. Age: 83 - Son of Jerome Bonaparte II and Lucy Aurilla King Shattuck
SHATTUCK, Laura Laurancie. Spouse of Henry Lucius. Born 1-1-1852, died 11-25-1919. Age: 67 - Dau of Charles and Arvilla Barstow Remington
SHATTUCK, Lawrence Eugene 1. Spouse of Surtina Shepard/ Amy A. Ames. Born 7-20-1816, died 1-19-1890. Age: 73y6m - Son of Pliny I and Dolly Houghton Rice Shattuck
SHATTUCK, Lillian Victoria (Wheelock). Spouse of Pliny II. Born 7-29-1858, died 10-31-1907. Age: 49y 3m 2d - Dau of Joseph and Polly Wheelock of Villenova NY
SHATTUCK, Lucius Henry. Born 10-10-1843, died 12-10-1843. Age: 2m - Son of Frederick A. S. and Mary Ann Rac(e)y Shattuck
SHATTUCK, Lucy Aurilla. Spouse of Jerome Bonaparte. Born 11-22-1840, died 5-14-1911. Age: 70 - Dau of Ward Jr. and Dolly Kent King
SHATTUCK, Mary Ann R. Spouse of Frederick Augustus S. Born 1-13-1812/17, died 8-19-1890/91. Age: 78y 6m 25d - Dau of Pellatiah and Joanne Rac(e)y Sister of Oliver Shattuck's wife Sabina/Sabrina
SHATTUCK, Mary Gertrude. Spouse of John Floyd. Born 7-14-1878, died 8-10-1958. Age: 80 - Dau of Michael and Bridget O'Neil McNamara
SHATTUCK, Nancy Lucy (Murray). Spouse of Pliny II. Born 9-28-1876, died 1-31-1927. Age: 50 - From Parkersburg WV
SHATTUCK, Oliver Martin. Spouse of Sabina/Sabrina. Born 2-26-1812, died 3-1896. Age: 84 - Son of Pliny I and Dolly Houghton Rice Shattuck
SHATTUCK, Pliny I. Spouse of Dolly Houghten Rice. Born 12-8-1784, died 10-25-1845. Age: 60y 10m 17d - Son of Capt. Oliver (1751-1797) and Lucy Parker Shattuck of VT. First blacksmith in Cherry Creek
SHATTUCK, Pliny II. Spouse of Lillian V. Wheelock/ Nancy L. Murray. Born 6-21-1863, died 1-24-1939. Age: 75y7m3d - Oldest Son of Jerome Bonaparte I and Lucy Aurilla King Shattuck
SHATTUCK, Rozella. Born 11-12- 1851, died 3-20-1896. Age: 44 - Dau of Lawrence Eugene I and Amy Angeline Ames Shattuck
SHATTUCK, Sabina/Sabrina. Spouse of Oliver Martin. Born ca1822 - Dau of Pellatiah and Joanna Rac(e)y Sister of Mary Ann -wife of Frederick Augustus Simms Shattuck
SHATTUCK, Surtina. Spouse of Lawrence Eugene II. Born ca 1841, died 10-19-1869. Age: 28 - 1st Wife
SHATTUCK, Truman. Spouse of Cora G. Born 1855/56, died 11-3-1930. Age: 75 - Son of Frederick A. S. and Mary Ann Rac(e)y Shattuck
SHATTUCK, Wm. Spouse of Belle. Born 1871, died 1946. Age: 75 - Son of Charles and Martha Gates Shattuck; Grandson of Frederick A. S. Shattuck
SHEFFIELD, Fannie. Born 1848, died 1954
SHEFFIELD, L. G. Born 1848, died 1928
SHELDON, Thelma E. Spouse of Charlie L. Born 04-28-1913, died 01-22-2010. Age: 96 - Dau of Frank and Mary Anna Earll Bean. Wed 12-27-1931
SISCHO, Keith M. Spouse of Eva J. Hotchkiss. Born 10-30-1929, died 12-25-2016. Age: 87 - Son of Claude and Lelia (Wightman) Sischo, born in Cherry Creek NY, lived in Ellicottville NY, died in Roscoe NY. Was an electronics technician, a musician, and a sailor. Wed 8-5-1950, two dughters. (She survives) - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
SKIFF, Clifford T. Born 1884, died 1969
SKIFF, Edson. Born 1853, died 1947
SKIFF, Ethel. Spouse of De Gourney Phillips. Born 1882, died 1961
SKIFF, Ima. Born 1883, died 1942
SKIFF, Julia A. Born 1853, died 1944
SKIFF, Marilyn W. Born 1906, died ????
SKIFF, Vernon. Born 1880, died 1903
SMITH, Charles P. Born 1871, died 1891
SMITH, Effie N. Born 1862, died 1922
SMITH, Harotio P. Born 1839, died 1914
SMITH, Hiram Whiting, died 10-16-1887. Age: 1y 3d - Son of J. W. and W. N. Smith
SMITH, JoAnna (Dow). Born 4-3-1931, died 3-22-2017. Age: 85 - Dau of Grayson and Burnadette (Kilpatrick) Dow. Born in Cherry Creek NY, lived and died in Angola NY. Director of Respirtory Therapy at Lake Shore Hospital. Three sons.
SMITH, John W. Born 1845, died 1927
SMITH, Robert F. Spouse of Martha M. Miller. Born 2-28-1923, died 7-14-2008. Age: 85 - Son of Loring and Ruth Swope Smith. Wed 4-11-1948
SMITH, Russell C. Born 1878, died 1936
SMITH, Samuel N. Born 1885, died 1932
SMITH, Sarah A. Spouse of Harotio P. Born 1838, died 1915
SMITH, Thomas H. Born 1861, died 1900
SPENCER, Addie Inez. Age: 2y 2m - Dau of Melvin and I. Mount
SPENCER, Celina. Born 1821, died 1893
SPENCER, Charles. Spouse of Celina. Born 1810, died 1901
STEAVENS, Leavy M. Born 1808, died 1880
STEWARD, Arthur C. Born 9-24-1881, died 1276
STEWARD, Betsey. Spouse of Elkanah. Age: 77y 4m 20d
STEWARD, Carl John. Spouse of Vivian R. Howard. Born 10-7-1928, died 7-30-1972. Age: 43 - Korean War Vet, US Army, Cpl.
STEWARD, Donald, L. Spouse of Patricia Pagett. Born 9-8-1938, died 11-17-2015. Age: 77 - Son of Warner and Dora (Bowen) Steward, born in Cherry Creek NY, died in Erie PA. A dairy farmer for over 50 years. Wed 6-18-1960 in South Dayton NY, three children.
STEWARD, Dora A. (Bowen). Spouse of Warner S. Born 1895, died 1963
STEWARD, Elkanah. Age: 50
STEWARD, Ellen. Spouse of L. R.
STEWARD, Estelle D. Born 1925, died 1925 - Dau of Everett T. and Glennis M. (Wilcox) Steward.
STEWARD, Everett T. Spouse of Glennie M. Wilcox. Born 1879, died 1961 - Son of John and Matilda Shattuck Steward. Six children.
STEWARD, Glennie M. (Wilcox). Spouse of Everett T. Born 8-1884, died 5-14-1938 - Dau of George and Viola (Steward) Wilcox. Born in Wyoming Co NY, died in Cherry Creek NY. Six children.
STEWARD, John. Spouse of Matilda. Born 1852, died 1923 - Son of Silas and (1) Ruth Weaver Stewart
STEWARD, Lester R. - Silas and Ruth Weaver Stewart
STEWARD, Louise E. Born 1861, died 1953
STEWARD, Mary J., died 12-11-1891. Age: 2y 6m 17d - Dau of J. D. and L. E. Stewart
STEWARD, Matilda. Spouse of John W. Born 9-1-1856, died 7-2-1933. Age: 77 - Dau of Frederick Augustus Simms and Mary Ann Rac(e)y Shattuck
STEWARD, Norma Ruth (Penner). Spouse of Wallace, died 11-28-2018. Age: 88 - Dau of Merritt D. and Ruth (Cummings) Penner, Sr. Born in Cherry Creek NY, lived in South Dayton NY, died in West Ellicott NY. Two children.
STEWARD, Ruth M. Spouse of Silas. Age: 49y 9m 8d - Dau of Caleb and Matilda Weaver
STEWARD, Silas. Spouse of Ruth W. Born 5-3- 1823, died 11-26-1903 - Son of Elkanah Stewart
STEWARD, Viloa Wilcox. Born 2-1-1856, died 5-15-1898 - Dau of Silas and Ruth Stewart
STEWARD, Vivian R. (Howard). Spouse of Carl J. Born 7-11-1934, died 7-19-2017. Age: 83 - Dau of Louis Legrand and Nell Rose (Curtis) Howard. Born in Cattarugus NY, Live in Perrysburg NY, died in Buffalo NY. Wed 6-27-1953 in Dayton, five children. (Spouse d. 7-30-1972)
STEWARD, Wallace. Spouse of Norma Ruth Penner. Born 1922, died 2004 - Two children. - WW II Vet, US Army Air Forces, Cpl
STEWARD, Warner S. Spouse of Dora A. Bowen. Born 1890, died 1969
STILSON, Catherine. Born 1842, died 1898
STILSON, Clyde I. Greene. Born 1869, died 1893
STILSON, Lucius F. Born 1837, died 1913
STONE, Rev. Arza, died 11-8-1847. Age: 47y 7m 22d
STONE, Sophia. Spouse of Reuben Gage, died 8-30-1862. Age: 62y 10m 6d
STOREY, Virginia Aleen. Spouse of Malcom. Born 8-17-1922, died 1-15-2003. Age: 80 - Dau of Grayson and Burnadette Kilpatrick Dow, born in Meadville PA
STORY, Belle. Age: 36 - Dau of Chas. and Hollie Hunt
STRAIGHT, Alice B. Born 1869, died 1961
STRAIGHT, Francis W. Spouse of Levona M. Born 8-24-1845, died 12-7-1906
STRAIGHT, George H. Born 1861, died 1937
STRAIGHT, Levona M. (Livona). Spouse of Francis W. Born 9-15-1854, died 3-25-1907
SWEET, Betsey J., died 9-22- 1866. Age: 46y 4m 0d
SWEET, James. Spouse of Sarah Ann, died 6-22- 1889. Age: 77
SWEET, Sarah Ann, died 9-1-1888. Age: 75
SWEET, Sylvester E., died 12-28-1882. Age: 65y 1m 17d
TANNER, Doris P. Nieder. Spouse of Wayne A. Born 9-4-1931, died 11-28-2006. Age: 75 - Dau of Arthur and Esther Besse Merchant. Wed 10-19-2002
TANNER, Eunice. Spouse of Ira B. Age: 75y 4m 5d
TANNER, Ira B. Age: 75y 18d
TANNER, Jane H. Wilcox. Spouse of Revilo N., died 1-19-1902. Age: 76y 7m
TANNER, Marie Antoinette, died 8-6-1856. Age: 1y 15d - Dau of R. N. and J. H. Tanner
TANNER, O. R. Born 1858, died 1931
TANNER, Revilo N. Spouse of Jane H. Born 7-7-1898. Age: 73y 2m
THOMAS, Alex M. Born 2-27-1988, died 5-13-2008. Age: 20 - Son of Kenneth and Cynthia Brehm Thomas, died in Beaufort, SC - Post-Vietnam Vet, USMC
THOMPSON, James D. Born 3-7-1853, died 1-7-1889
TIMM, Allen F. Spouse of Lois Holcomb. Born 9-5-1920, died 9-29-2007. Age: 87 - Son of Frederick A. and Mabel Schutts Timm. Wed 12-2-1944 - WW II Vet, US Army
TOOMEY, Linda A. Spouse of Charles M., died 10-29-2005. Age: 59 - Dau of Laurence and Mary Wells. Wed 5-31-1969
TRAPHAGAN, Bessie Steward, died 6-4-1991
TRAPHAGAN, Erie E. Spouse of Bessie S. Born 3-26-1902, died 9-2-1999 - Son of Lyman and Rose Penhollow Traphagan
TRAVIS, Edith E. Spouse of Arthur. Born 5-21-1925, died 3-27-2006. Age: 80 - Dau of William and Rhoda Clouse Cole Sargent-born in Rose Hill, VA-died in Tavares, FL
TURZILLO, John J. Spouse of Betty A. Born 7-23-1928, died 4-24-2001. Age: 72 - Son of Joseph J and Nicholine Donatelli Turzillo. Wed June 7 1947
TURZILLO, Joseph J. Spouse of Nicholine D., died 6-26-1998 - Wed March 22 1925
TURZILLO, Laura May (Waterstraw). Spouse of William J. Born 4-12-1928, died 3-6-2018. Age: 89 - Dau of Leo and Beatrice (Legg) Waterstraw. Born in Akron NY, lived in Cherry Creek NY, died in Jamestown NY. A registered nurse. Wed 4-1950, two children.
TURZILLO, Nicholine D. Spouse of Joseph J. Born 2-9-1909, died 5-19-2000. Age: 91 - Dau of Angelo and Libar Donatelli, born in Niagara Falls NY
TURZILLO, William J. Spouse of Laura May Waterstraw. Born 1-9-1918, died 8-27-2005. Age: 87 - Son of John and Jennie (Monico) Turzillo. Wed 4-1950, two children - WW II Vet, US Army
UFNAL, Sarah Jordan. Born 01-27-1924, died 07-16-2009. Age: 85 - Dau of Ward D. and Bamel L. Spore Jordan-born in Hazleton, PA-died in Tallahassee, FL
UNKNOWN, died 10-10-1843. Age: 11m
UTTER, Adelia. Born 7-8-1838
UTTER, Arnold. Born 6-7-1858, died 8-11-1858
UTTER, James P. Spouse of Ruelcy. Born 9-17-1812, died 4-23-1889
UTTER, Ruelcy. Spouse of James P. Born 5-30-1813, died 6-19-1885
VAN HOSEN, Annia. Spouse of John, died 11-13-1872. Age: 70y 2m 26d
VAN HOSEN, David. Born 6-11-1831, died 11-14- 1889
VAN HOSEN, Ellen. Born 2-12- 1837, died 12-22-1918
VAN HOSEN, John. Spouse of Annis, died 6-28-1885. Age: 81y 6m
VAN RENSSELAER, Caroline (Oakes). Spouse of Nathan B. Born 1896, died 1946 - Wed 1-12-1921 in Jamestown NY.
VAN RENSSELAER, Joyce P. (Penner). Spouse of Philip N. Born 8-16-1923, died 6-21-2018 - Dau of Donald and Ruth (Cummings) Penner. Born, lived, and died in Cherry Creek NY. A registered nurse at WCA Hospital in Jamestown, retired 1987. Wed 5-26-1945 in Cherry Creek, two children. (Spouse d. 10-2-1977)
VAN RENSSELAER, Nathan Brown. Spouse of #1 Minnie M. Chapman, #2 Caroline Oakes. Born 1899, died 7-16-1932 - Son of Robert and Alice (Abbey) Van Rensselaer. Died in Cherry Creek NY. Wed Minnie 3-25-1914. Wed Caroline 1-12-1921 in Jamestown NY.
VAN RENSSELAER, Phillip N. Spouse of Joyce P. Penner. Born 1922, died 10-2-1977 55 - Son of Nathan B. and Caroline (Oakes) VanRnesselaer. Wed 5-26-1945 in Cherry Creek, two children. - WW II Vet, US Army
VAN WORMER, C. Born 1843, died 1930
VAN WORMER, Corneliu. Spouse of Emma. Born 1861, died 18??
VAN WORMER, Emma. Spouse of Cornelius, died 9-26-1880. Age: 37y 2m 17d
VAN WORMER, Harriet L. Born 1846, died 1909
VAN WORMER, Joseph, died 12-4-1882. Age: 5 - Son of Cornelius and Emma Van Wormer
VAN WORMER, Martha A., died 7-8-1872. Age: 10d - Dau of Cornelis and Emma Van Wormer
VAN WORMER, Rebecca. Spouse of John G., died 12-4-1882. Age: 76y 3m 16d
VINTON, Aelen G. Age: 2 - Son of Frank C. and Jennie B. Vinton
VINTON, Frank C. Spouse of Jennie B. Born 1853, died 1931
VINTON, Jennie B. Spouse of Frank C. Born 1857, died 1907
VOSE, Betsey E. Crosby. Spouse of Uriah, died 5-10- 1870. Age: 68y 9m
VOSE, Harriet N., died 1-19-1890. Age: 58
VOSE, Uriah. Spouse of Betsey E., died 3-22-1875. Age: 73
WACHTER, Iola H. Spouse of William. Born 07-07-1906, died 04-12-2010. Age: 103 - Dau of Edwin and Mollie Smith Case. Wed 4-16-1924
WAGGONER, C. A. Born 1831, died 1908
WAGGONER, Sarah A. Born 1842, died 1936
WAITE, Bertha Hills. Spouse of Maurice A.
WAITE, Maurice A. Spouse of Bertha H. Born 12-21-1887, died 1-4-1965. Age: 74 - Son of John C. and Alice Waters Waite
WALKER, Dr. T. G. Spouse of Harriet M., died 1-14-1890. Age: 70
WALKER, Harriet M.(Woodworth). Spouse of Dr. T. G., died 6-29-1889. Age: 65
WALKER, Joyce A. Spouse of Charles, died 1-15-2021. Age: 88 - Lived in Cherry Creek NY, died I Gerry NY. Five children, multiple surnames. Charles predeceased.
WARD, Baby, died 11-3-1872. Age: 26d - Dau of L. J. and H. Ward
WARNER, Frederick A. Born 1852, died 1920
WARNER, Kittie V. Born 1852, died 1941
WEAVER, Adelia. Born 1-8-1861, died 1948
WEAVER, Alice J. Born 11-10-1873, died 1926
WEAVER, Andrew J. Born 1-15-1828, died 6-12-1906
WEAVER, Azilpha
WEAVER, Bertha J. Spouse of F. Glenn. Born 3-19-1916, died 1-3-2007. Age: 90 - Dau of Joseph and Pearl Beam Jungquist-born in Lanse PA. Wed 8-25-1935
WEAVER, Cynthia. Born 10-23-1832, died 1907
WEAVER, Everard Duane. Born 1-30- 1857, died 1932 - Son of Andrew Jackson
WEAVER, Frank - Son of Oscar Carolos and Rosetta Weaver
WEAVER, Fred Thos. Spouse of Jane Mount. Born 7-18-1872, died 1948
WEAVER, Helen Bell. Spouse of Paul H. Born 11-16-1918, died 03-06-2011. Age: 92 - Dau of Burton and Agnes Burmaster Bell. Wed 8-5-1939
WEAVER, Homer Akely. Born 12-12-1865, died 1945
WEAVER, Jean W., died 1928
WEAVER, Jessie V. Born 1874, died 19??
WEAVER, Lephe. Age: 6m - Dau of Oscar Carlos Weaver
WEAVER, Lephi. Spouse of Wm. M., died 2-12-1867. Age: 69y 0m 8d
WEAVER, Mary. Spouse of Christopher, died 7-3-1863. Age: 94
WEAVER, Oscar. Spouse of Rosetta
WEAVER, Oscar Carlos. Born 5-19-1825, died 5-19- 1866 - Son of Wm. and Lephe Weaver
WEAVER, Paul H. Spouse of Helen Bell. Born 5-6-1912, died 4-27-2001. Age: 88 - Son of Homer and Jessie Newton Weaver. Wed Aug 5 1939
WEAVER, Rosetta. Spouse of Oscar, died 4-23-1875. Age: 51y 10m
WEAVER, William M. Spouse of Lephe W. Born 3-19-1799, died 3-14-1871
WELLS, Herbert "Bud". Born 12-7-1930, died 3-19-2008. Age: 77 - Son of Roy and Julia Wachter Wells - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
WHEELER, Charles Leslie. Spouse of Hannah A. Born 1852, died 1908
WHEELER, Clyde A. Born 1879, died 1938
WHEELER, Hannah Arnold. Spouse of Charles Leslie. Born 1857, died 1925
WHEELER, Ida I. Born 1885, died 1954
WHEELER, Mary. Born 1886, died 1910
WHIPPLE, Elizabeth. Spouse of Frank B. Born 1866, died 1922
WHIPPLE, Frank B. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1864, died 1942
WILCOX, A. W. Kent. Born 7-19-1822, died 11-12- 1900
WILCOX, Allen M. Born 11-20-1888, died 12-3-1888 - Son of M. H. and A. E. Wilcox
WILCOX, Anna E. Born 1848, died 1905
WILCOX, Eliphalet W. Spouse of Nancy, died 1-5-1877. Age: 81y 11m 22d
WILCOX, Erastus, died 4-9- 1820
WILCOX, Frances M. - Dau of J. P.
WILCOX, Joseph M. Spouse of Patty B, died 3-5-1838. Age: 64
WILCOX, Mardin H. Born 1844, died 1919
WILCOX, Mother, Martha. Born 1821, died 1909
WILCOX, Nancy. Spouse of Eliphalet W., died 4-24- 1873. Age: 74
WILCOX, Patty Bugbee. Spouse of Joseph, died 11-27- 1838. Age: 65
WILCOX, Polly. Spouse of Merrick Sputt, died 10-10-1841. Age: 24
WILCOX, Willie E. Born 1867, died 1906
WILDEY, Mary C. Born 1854, died 19??
WILDEY, William N. Born 1840, died 1920
WRIGHT, Claudia A. Born 1891, died 19??
WRIGHT, Thos. J. Born 1890, died 1963


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