Arkwright, NY

BALL, John, died 5/10/1863 - [His son] John Ball Jr. Kurt Wanamaker gggrandson - Civil War Vet, died of disease
BEARD, Helen M., died 9/9/1852. Age: 1y 9m 25d - Dau of Jesse and Susan M. Beard
BEARD, Jesse. Spouse of Susan M. Born 1826, died 1852
BEARD, Susan M. Spouse of Jesse. Born 1828
BEMUS, Cecile M. (Pierce). Spouse of Louis. Born 10-4-1901, died 10-24-1982. Age: 81 - Dau of Arthur and Blanche (Hoisington) Pierce
BEMUS, Louis. Spouse of Cecile M., died 1963
BENTLEY, Maude M. Born 1879, died 1881
BILLINGS, John, died 6/21/1872. Age: 26y 3m 24d
BILLINGS, Orlin. Born 10/13/1865, died 8/8/1911
BLACK, Caroline, died 5/12/1894. Age: 86y 10m 3d
BLACK, James. Spouse of Mary, died 1/27/1880. Age: 75y 10m 9d
BLACK, Mary. Spouse of James F. Born 9/19/1846, died 2/20/1886
BURNHAM, Ashel. Spouse of Luana, died 3/17/1864
BURNHAM, Augustus. Born 8-22-1833, died 7-11-1908 - - Civil War Vet, Co. F 154th Inf NYS Vols, Sgt. Enlisted 8-30-1862 at Charlotte for three years. Mustered out 5-30-1865.
BURNHAM, Courtney. Born 11/14/1859, died 7/10/1887
BURNHAM, David E., died 4/17/1864 - Son of Stenman and Betsey - Civil War Vet
BURNHAM, Deborah, died 1/16/1838. Age: 14y 10m 10d - Dau of Ashel and Luana Burnham
BURNHAM, Eaton. Born 1836, died 1910
BURNHAM, Evaline. Born 4-20-1838, died 2-1-1907 - Dau of Sidney and Lois (Skiff) Burnham
BURNHAM, Frank E. Born 8-12-1864, died 9-8-1872
BURNHAM, Hiram, died 2/15/1845. Age: 6y 9m 9d - Son of Ashel and Luana Burnham
BURNHAM, Ida. Born 8/19/1858, died 5/17 1868
BURNHAM, James R. Born 6/20/1841, died 8/13/1870
BURNHAM, Louisa L. (Skiff). Spouse of Sidney. Born 2/2/1818, died 7/15/1886
BURNHAM, Luana. Spouse of Ashel, died 10/22/1871
BURNHAM, Mary. Born 1837, died 1914
BURNHAM, Sarah Ann. Spouse of Augustus. Born 1833, died 1927
BURNHAM, Sidney. Spouse of Louisa Skiff. Born 2-22-1816, died 1/12/1872
BURNHAM, Theresa. Born May 28, 1857, died 8/22/1870
BURNHAM, Una. Born 8/22/1871, died 9/5/1872
CARDOT, Alvira. Spouse of George. Born 10/22/1842, died 4-23-1920
CARDOT, August. Spouse of Luania. Born 7/13/1823, died 12/24/1872
CARDOT, Clark W. Spouse of Betty C. Raymond. Born 9-29-1912, died 12-31-1961. Age: 49
CARDOT, Earl O. Spouse of Frances Ball. Born 2-24-1912, died 5-8-2000. Age: 88 - Son of Arthur and Ada (Billings) Cardot. Wed Oct 23 1934
CARDOT, George. Spouse of Alvira, died 7/24/1870. Age: 35y 4m 29d
CARDOT, Joseph, died 5/30/1858. Age: 39y 3m 29d
CARDOT, Kenneth. Born Sept. 26, 1924, died 1-23-1926
CARDOT, Lewis D. Born 1903, died 1919
CARDOT, Luania. Spouse of August. Born 9/15/1827, died 11/20/1887
CARDOT, Marvin A. Born 1848, died 1914
CARDOT, Milton C. Born 1885, died 1888
CHARLES, Josephine C. Spouse of Allen J. Born 1880, died 1929
CHRISTIE, Jacob. Spouse of Mary J, died 2/21/1860
CHRISTIE, Joseph, died 6/6/1852. Age: 8y 6m 14d - Son of Jacob and Christiana
CHRISTIE, Mary J. Spouse of Jacob, died 9/13/1874. Age: 60
CHRISTY, Alta J. Born 1876, died 1918
CHRISTY, Earl E. Spouse of Florine M. Campese. Born 12-09-1933, died 03-22-2003. Age: 69 - Son of Lester and Beatrice (Hahn) Christy, born in Arkwright NY
CHRISTY, Helen. Born 07-13-1928, died 11-14-2009. Age: 81 - Dau of Lester and Beatrice (Hahn) Christy
CHRISTY, John. Born 1849, died 1927
CLAWSE, Sarah. Spouse of Victor, died 12/26/1875. Age: 65
CLINTON, Eliza Ann, died 8/22/1849. Age: Infant - Dau of James and Polly Clinton
CLINTON, Sarah, died 9/29/1853. Age: 3y 6m 21d - Dau of James and Polly Clinton
CLINTON, Simeon DeWitt, died 8/22/1853 - Son of James and Polly Clinton
COBB, Carlie E., died 9/9/1880 - Dau of Willis and Nellie E. Cobb
COBB, Nellie E. Spouse of Willis C. Born 1857, died 1953
COBB, Willis C. Spouse of Nellie E. Born 1854, died 1932
DAVIS, Abigail. Spouse of Reuben W. Born 1816, died 1893
DAVIS, David W., died 12/16/1861. Age: 16y 5m - Son of Reuben and Abigail Davis
DAVIS, Reuben W. Spouse of Abigail. Born 1817, died 1904
DAY, Anna. Spouse of Joseph, died 4-1-1875. Age: 78y 10m 26d
DAY, Eliza A., died 6-28-1834. Age: 1y 9m - Dau of Joseph and Anna Day
DAY, Joseph. Spouse of Anna, died 3-22-1854. Age: 62y 3m 1d
DAY, Lois L. Born 3/24/1822, died 10/26/1882
DAY, William. Born 2/26/1816, died 3/29/1891
DERBY, Alice (Hoisington). Born 9-14-1905, died 9-18-1987 - Dau of ? and Blanche Hoisington Pierce
DERBY, Donald L. Born 9-26-1948, died 10-9-2001. Age: 53 - Son of Leon and Alice Pierce Nickerson Derby - Vietnam Vet, US Air Force, Sgt
DURFEE, David. Spouse of Luretta, died 1861
DURFEE, Luretta. Spouse of David, died 12/15/1844
EAKIN, Jane (Burnham), died 4/14/1870. Age: 24y 9m 9d - Dau of S and B
FERRY, Wendy (Grabow). Spouse of Donald. Born 9-30-1960, died 10-8-1992 - Dau of Joyce (McAvoy) Grabow GrandDau of Alzana and Daryl McAvoy
FIJAL, Terry Lee (Till). Spouse of Robert. Born 4-11-1957, died 11-23-2000. Age: 43 - Dau of Arthur and Laura (Congdon) Till
FROST, Eugene M. Born 4-8-1955, died 11-6-2017. Age: 62 - Son of Roy and Mabel (Butcher) Frost, Sr. Born in Dunkirk NY, lived in Forestville NY, died in Buffalo NY. A horse trainer.
FULLER, Sally. Spouse of Joseph, died 11/15/1859. Age: 70y 2m 24d
GOULD, Jemima. Spouse of Sylveater, died 10/17/1868. Age: 71
GRABOW, Wendell H. [Windy[. Spouse of Joyce A. McAvoy. Born 05-15-1932, died 08-25-2009 - Son of Oliver and Dorothy (Tyler) Grabow. Wed 3-31-1956
GRISWOLD, Alice Hill. Spouse of John C. Born 1843, died 1924
GRISWOLD, Clarence
GRISWOLD, Elizabeth Norman. Born 1869, died 1870
GRISWOLD, Ellsworth. Spouse of Mary Ann
GRISWOLD, Emma L., died 12-10-1887. Age: 23 - Dau of F. and L.
GRISWOLD, Fidelia, died 3/7/1853. Age: 89y 11m - Dau of Seth and Zerviah Griswold
GRISWOLD, Franklin. Born 11/27/1815, died 12/17/1871
GRISWOLD, Franklin Jr.
GRISWOLD, Loretta Norman. Born 1843, died 1870
GRISWOLD, Mary Ann. Spouse of Ellsworth, died 5/21/1863. Age: 50
GRISWOLD, Theresa. Born 1841, died 1842. Age: Infant - Dau of Ellsworth and Mary Griswold
GRISWOLD, Zerviah, died 7/5/1865. Age: 16y 6m - Dau of Ellsworth and Mary Griswold
HOISINGTON, Anna S. Spouse of Oren J. Born 1867, died 1936
HOISINGTON, Berton. Spouse of Ella. Born 1864, died 1930
HOISINGTON, Blanche Pierce. Born 1872, died 1911
HOISINGTON, Charles E. Born 1865, died 1952
HOISINGTON, Claude J. Spouse of Jessie M. Born 1887, died 1975
HOISINGTON, Daniel. Spouse of Mary. Born 5-28-1804, died 9-29-1888 - [At rest]
HOISINGTON, Daniel A., died 4-15-1972. Age: 25y 6m
HOISINGTON, Ella. Spouse of Bert. Born 1867, died 1957
HOISINGTON, Fidelia M. Spouse of Warren, died 7-7-1865. Age: 35y 7m
HOISINGTON, Harry D. Born 1887, died 1920
HOISINGTON, Hattie. Born 7-15-1861, died 2-22-1863 - Dau of Jackson and Similde Hoisington
HOISINGTON, Infant, died 1888 - Child of Oren J. and Anna S. Hoisington
HOISINGTON, Jackson. Spouse of Similde A. Born 1834, died 1932
HOISINGTON, Jessie M. Spouse of Claude J. Born 1906, died 1954
HOISINGTON, Mary. Spouse of Daniel. Born 10-17-1803, died 6-19-1890 - [At rest]
HOISINGTON, Oren J. Spouse of Anna S. Born 1858, died 1929
HOISINGTON, Similde A. Spouse of Jackson. Born 1843, died 1933 - [His wife]
HUDSON Cyrus H. Born 9/1/1839, died 9/23/1899 - Civil War Vet, Co. F 154th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 8-28-1862 for three years. Discharged for disability 12-29-1862.
HUDSON Ethel O. Born 1890, died 1894 - Dau of John A and Lillian A Hudson
HUDSON Lillian A. Born 1868, died 1927
HUDSON, Albert C. Born 1886, died 1894 - Son of John A and Lillian A Hudson
HUDSON, Arabelle S. Born 1888, died 1894 - Dau of John A and Lillian A Hudson
HUDSON, John A. Spouse of Lillian A
INMAN John. Born 1832, died 1908 - Civil War Vet
INMAN Norma B. Born 1863, died 1923
KILLBURY Harriet Davis. Born 1841, died 18?0
LUCE Aaron. Spouse of Victoria. Born 1834, died 1895 - Son of Moses and Polly Burnham Brigham Luce
LUCE Adelbert. Born 1851, died 1904 - Son of Aaron and Victoria (Christy) Luce
LUCE Charlie Richard, died 5/15/1870. Age: 23
LUCE Curtis. Born 1839, died 1926
LUCE Hazel Irene. Born 1886, died 1911
LUCE Jennie J. Born 1856, died 1918
LUCE Moses. Spouse of Polly. Born 1798, died 12-27-1866. Age: 68y 9m 5d
LUCE Polly (Brigham). Spouse of Moses. Born 1-10-1815, died 9-26-1881 - Dau of John Brigham and Sarah Eaton
LUCE Ranslaer. Born 8/-24-1825, died 12/10/1896
LUCE Victoria (Christy). Spouse of Aaron. Born 1839, died 1880 -
LUCE Willie, died 5/10/1865. Age: 7y 5m 16d
LUTGEN, Frank C. Spouse of Mabel L. Born 1879, died 1958
LUTGEN, Mabel L. Spouse of Frank C. Born 1880, died 1-7-1964. Age: 83
LYNN Clorinda. Spouse of Hiram A. Born 1820, died 1893
LYNN Damia. Born 1856, died 1873 - Dau of Hiram A and Clorinda Lynn
LYNN Hiram A. Spouse of Clorinda. Born 1800, died 1897
MARING Joel, died 1-1-1900. Age: 85y 8m 28d
MARING Joel N. Born 1853, died 1928
MARING Lee W. Born 1881, died 1927
MARING Susanna. Spouse of Joel, died 3/17/1882. Age: 66y 1m 6d
MCAVOY, Alzana Cardot. Spouse of Daryl M. Born 6-12-1914, died 1-1-2000. Age: 85 - Dau of Marvin and Nettie (Neuman) Cardot
MCAVOY, Daryl M. Spouse of Alzana, died 12-24-1982 - Wed 5-29-1931
MEDBURRY David D., died 10/9/ 1857. Age: 11y 2m 26d - Son of Don D and Emma J (Durfee) Medburry
MEDBURRY Emma D., died 8/1/1862. Age: Infant - Dau of Don D and Emma J (Durfee) Medburry
MEDBURRY Emma J. Durfee. Spouse of Don D, died 10/15/1861. Age: 27y 9m 28d
MESEL ????, died 3/13/1892. Age: 1y 5m - Child of Jacob and Henrietta Mesel
MESEL Henrietta. Spouse of Jacob. Born 1852, died 1922
MESEL Jacob. Spouse of Henrietta. Born 1845, died 1896 - Civil War Vet, Co E 16th Cav NYS Vols and Co D 3rd Prov Cav NYS Vols, Bugler. Enilsted in the 16th 8-1-1863 at Buffalo NY for three years. Transferred 8-17-1865 to the 3rd. Mustered out with company 9-21-1865 at Camp Barry DC.
MESEL Jacob C., died 12/18/1877. Age: 7y 11m 18d - Child of Jacob and Henrietta Mesel
MINGLE, Anna Belle (Wheeler). Spouse of Arthur. Born 9-19-1918, died 3-3-2015. Age: 96 - Dau of Clarence and Elizabeth (O'Hara) Wheeler, born in Great Valley NY, died in Jamestown NY. No children mentioned. (He d. 1989)
MORSE, Betty C. (Raymond). Spouse of #1 Clark W. Cardot, #2 Donald Morse. Born 4-11-1924, died 1-2-2019. Age: 94 - Dau of Howard Sr. and Marion (Henderson) Raymond. Born, lived, and died in Fredonia NY. A sales clerk. Two children, father unclear. Predeceased by both spouses.
NICKERSON, Reginald E. Jr. Spouse of Marjorie Neubauer. Born 12-8-1934, died 4-19-2009. Age: 74 - Son of Reginald E. and Alice (Pierce) Nickerson. Wed 6-3-1954 - Cold War Vet, US Navy
PALMER Alonzo B. Born 1835, died 1921
PALMER Buda. Born 1876, died 1904
PALMER Carrie May. Born 1873, died 1875
PALMER Charles A.
PALMER Dave A. Born 1870, died 1875
PALMER Elizabeth B. Born 1838, died 1913
PLESZEWSKI, Lynda L. (Smith). Spouse of Daniel. Born 11-24-1952, died 3-3-2009. Age: 56 - Dau of Carl H. and Beverly (White) Smith. Wed 12-16-1972
SAMPSON, Debra M. (Bushman). Spouse of Denis. Born 2-10-1971, died 5-3-2001. Age: 30 - Dau of Ronald William and Beverly (Shelters) Bushman
SCHICHTEL, Fred G. Spouse of Sally Wilson. Born 11-3-1939, died 7-25-2000. Age: 60 - Son of Norman and Christine (McGrath) Schichtel. Wed 6-20-1964, five children
SCHICHTEL, Sally M. (Wilson). Spouse of #1 Wayne B. Jones, #2 Fred Schichtel. Born 11-24-1934, died 4-2-2018. Age: 83 - Dau of Chauncey and Grace (Morey) Wilson. Born in Westfield NY, lived in South Dayton NY, died in Brocton NY. Co-owned Erie Landscaping Services in South Dayton for 38 years. Wed 6-20-1964, five children with first husband, predeceased by both husbands.
SCHROEDER, Ralph E. Spouse of Mary Brown. Born 11-1-1917, died 1-30-2009. Age: 91 - Son of Arnold and Mary (Berg) Schroeder, born in North Tonawanda, NY. Wed 11-1-1942
SCOTT Ashbel. Spouse of Fanny, died 7/28/1871. Age: 75y 11m 15d
SCOTT David. Born 9/21/1840, died 12-6-1916
SCOTT Elizabeth (their dau.), died 9/3/1870. Age: 32y 11m 13d
SCOTT Fanny. Spouse of Ashbel, died 4/14/1866. Age: 62y 5m
SCOTT John (their son), died 9/12/1834. Age: 22y 9m 34d
SCOTT Julia. Born 9/27/1865, died 3-26-1921
SCOTT Lucy. Spouse of William. Born 5/16/1805, died 2/22/1890
SCOTT Viola. Born 1841, died 1923
SCOTT William. Born 8/4/1801, died 9/25/1865
SCOTT William. Born 10/22/1764, died 2/26/1852
SCOTT William A. Born 10/8/1835, died 7/10/1885. Age: - Civil War Vet
SCOTT Willie T., died 11/5/1872. Age: 8
SPINLER, Harold R. Spouse of Adelaide Christy. Born 10-21-1931, died 12-29-2020. Age: 89 - Son of Willie and Grace (Collins) Spinler. Born in Charlotte NY, lived in Cassadaga NY, died in Greenhurst NY. A life-long dairy farmer. Wed 3-13-1954, eight children. (Spouse survives)
STEARNS George D., died 6/26/1874. Age: 5y 8m 19d - Son of S and F
STEBBINS Alice and Cora - Daus. of Silas and Mary S.
STEBBINS Fayette A. Born 2/29/1832, died 2/29/1832. Age: infant - Son of Silas and Mary S.
STEGER, Eugene Edwin [Gino]. Born 12-17-1946, died 1-24-2021. Age: 74 - Son of Oscar and Pauline (Lewis) Steger. Born in Jamestown, lived in Dunkirk NY and Westfield NY, died in Buffalo NY. One daughter, mother not named.
STEVENS Addison A. Born 1857, died 1865 - Son of Moses Sr. and Mary L. Stevens
STEVENS Ella M. Born 1871, died 1876 - Dau of Moses Sr. and Mary L. Stevens
STEVENS Gilbert M. Born 1853, died 1876 - Son of Moses Sr. and Mary L. Stevens
STEVENS Mary L. Spouse of Moses S. Born 1830, died 1904
STEVENS Moses Jr. Born 1863, died 1865 - Son of Moses Sr. and Mary L. Stevens
STEVENS Moses S. Spouse of Mary L. Born 1828, died 1920
THACHER Abigail. Spouse of Orestus. Born 3/24/1802 *, died 10/11/1871 - *1860 census (Page 597) Kurt Wanamaker
THACHER Orestus. Spouse of Abigail. Born 2/10/1800, died 6/24/1879
TILL, Arthur. Spouse of Laura C, died 1-6-1976 - Wed Sept 26 1953
TILL, Laura (Congdon). Spouse of Arthur. Born 4-26-1931, died 4-25-2000. Age: 68 - Dau of Claude and Myrtle (Crowell) Congdon
TILL, Paul D. Spouse of #1 Judy Norton, #2 Sharon Ruttenbur. Born 10-19-1938, died 02-07-2010. Age: 71 - Son of Leo and Lillian Till
TYE Clarence L. Born 1899, died 1926 - - WW I Vet
TYGERT Henry. Spouse of Pheby. Born 6/1/1804, died 4/20/1879
TYGERT Pheby. Spouse of Henry. Born 9/2/1807, died 3/26/1891
TYLER, Barbara J. Spouse of William. Born 8-14-1934, died 12-15-2000. Age: 66 - Dau of Benjamin and Ethel (Wade) Stocum. Wed Dec 15 1980
VANARSDALE, Justin Gene. Born 11-24-2008, died 11-24-2008. Age: infant - Son of Randy G. and Melinda (Cardot) VanArsdale
WANAMAKER, John. Spouse of Lida. Born 4-25-1850, died 9-19-1934
WANAMAKER, Lida. Spouse of John. Born 6-26-1861, died 10-19-1944
WHITE Joel, died 6-5-1870. Age: 74
WHITE, Dale L. Companion of Betty Crowell. Born 9-25-1946, died 5-19-2018. Age: 71 - Son of Earl and Gladys (Cardot) White. Born in Dunkirk NY, lived in Arkwright NY and Fredonia NY, died in Fredonia. Worked 23 years for Al Tech Steel. One daughter, mother not named. - Vietnam Vet, US Army, 9th Inf Div, Fld Arty, Cpl. Army Commendation Medal.
WILSON, Fred H. Spouse of Alice I. White. Born 8-23-1925, died 5-20-2009. Age: 83 - Son of Chauncey and Grace (Morey) Wilson. Wed 6-23-1946 - WW II Vet, US Navy
WRAY, Marguerite E. (Moore) Oliver. Spouse of #1 Edmund Oliver, #2 Robert G. Wray. Born 05-21-1919, died 12-28-2010. Age: 91 - Dau of Frederick and Bessie (Fox) Moore, born in West Almond, NY
ZINK, Charles L. [Chuck]. Spouse of Marjorie Bower. Born 10-16-1922, died 12-15-2010. Age: 88 - Son of George and Mary (Montgomery) Zink. Wed 7-10-1957

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