Elm Flats Road & Brocton Road

AKA Hartfield Cemetery

GPS Coordinates: 42.4138985,-79.1275024

Chautauqua, Chautauqua County, New York

Compiled By: Mark S. Peebles

Photo by Ron Kinney

BAKER, Benjamin. Spouse of Martha Cross. Born 1-1-1810, died 1894. Age: 84 - Son of Jeremiah and Remember (Crandall) Baker, died in Chautauqua, NY, four children
BAKER, Jeremiah. Spouse of Remember Crandall. Born 5-25-1780, died 6-20-1871. Age: 91 - Son of Jonathon and Sarah (Holt) Baker, died in Chautauqua, NY, eight children
BAKER, Martha (Cross). Spouse of Benjamin Baker. Born 1817, died 4-26-1866. Age: 68 - Dau of Joseph C. and Sally (Swarthout) Cross, died in Chautauqua, NY, four children
BAKER, Remember (Crandall). Spouse of Jeremiah Baker. Born 4-28-1783, died 4-5-1867. Age: 83 - Dau of Gideon and Julia (Clark) Crandall, born in Westerly, RI, died Chautauqua, NY, seven children
BARNES, Anna E. (Phillips). Born 11-8-1856, died 3/12/1951. Age: 94 - Dau of Elias and Tacy Phillips, born in Hartfield, NY, died Mayville, NY
BARNES, Dexter. Spouse of Phebe Waterbury. Born 3-29-1791, died 3-11-1860. Age: 68 - Son of Silas and Mehitable (Kendrick) Barnes, born in Worthington, MA, died Hartfield, NY, three children
BARNES, Julia R. Born 6-16-1826, died 2-23-1868. Age: 41 - Dau of Dexter and Phebe (Waterbury) Barnes, born and died in Chautauqua County, NY
BARNES, Mary J. Born 1-23-1817, died 2-24-1861. Age: 44 - Dau of Dexter and Phebe (Waterbury) Barnes, born and died in Chautauqua County, NY
BARNES, Phebe (Waterbury). Spouse of Dexter Barnes. Born 1793, died 12-30-1880. Age: 85 - Dau of Samuel Waterbury, born in Saratoga, NY, three children
BULLOCK, Lewis. Born 2-23-1833, died 12-18-1864. Age: 31 - Son of Steven V. and Huldah (Brownell) Bullock, born and died in Hartfield, NY
BULLOCK, Steven Van Rensselaer. Spouse of Huldah Brownell. Born 4-20-1800, died 2-8-1884. Age: 83 - Son of Lewis and Rebecca Bullock, born in West Sand Lake, NY, died Mayville, NY, eight children
CRANDALL, Milton. Born 3-5-1873, died 1-12-1874. Age: 10M - Son of Paul and Phoebe (Davis) Crandall, born and died in Mayville, NY
CRANDALL, Neil Snook. Born 5-16-1895, died 4-12-1896. Age: 10M - Son of Gardner and Clara (Snook) Crandall, born and died in Cherry Creek, NY
CURTIS, Harriet Amelia (Crandall). Spouse of Alonzo Curtis. Born 1850, died 2-28-1877. Age: 26
DARROW, Elizabeth S. Spouse of George Darrow III. Born 1806, died 1-26-1869. Age: 62 - Born in Rochester, NY, died in Chautauqua, NY, three children
DARROW, George III. Spouse of Elizabeth S. Born 8-28-1798, died 12-19-1874. Age: 76 - Son of George and Barbara (Fritscher) Darrow, Jr., born in Somerset, PA, died Mayville, NY, three children
DI GIOVANNI, Jamison Adriano. Born 6/1/1988, died 2/5/1990. Age: 1 - Son of Glendale Patrick Di Giovanni
KLOCK, Mary J. Spouse of Daniel Klock. Born 1820, died 4-22-1867. Age: 47
LOOK, Willie, Born 1839, died 3-12-1843. Age: 3 - Son of S. B. and P. Lucelia Look
MITCHELL, Charles, died 4-9-1868 - Son of R. and E. S. Mitchell
RALPH, Willabe (Crandall). Spouse of Lyman Ralph. Born 11-29-1840, died 8-31-1864. Age: 23 - Dau of Paul and Elizabeth Crandall
RUSSELL, George B., died 11-5-1865. Age:
UNDERWOOD, Cyrus. Spouse of Emeline Waite. Born 9-16-1801, died 10-12-1881. Age: 81 - Son of Reuben and Sybil (Whittemore) Underwood, born in Spencer, MA, died Jamestown, NY, ten children
UNDERWOOD, Emeline. Spouse of Cyrus Underwood. Born 12-29-1800, died 3-8-1867. Age: 66 - Dau of Samuel and Phebe 9Whittemore) Waite, born in Leicester, M. died Abbotts, NY, ten children
UNDERWOOD, Ernest. Born 1-11-1881, died 8-24-1884. Age: 3 - Son of Albert and Huldah (Bullock) Underwood
UNDERWOOD, Eunice. Born 3-13-1793, died 5-27-1875. Age: 82 - Dau of Reuben and Sybil (Whittemore) Underwood, unmarried
UNDERWOOD, Freddie. Born 1858, died 1860. Age: 1 - Son of Cyrus and Julia Underwood
UNDERWOOD, Georgie. Born 11-1864, died 9-19-1865. Age: 10M - Son of Lyman and Mary E. (Wade) Underwood
UNDERWOOD, Hannah (Browning). Spouse of Jonas Underwood. Born 1800, died 1885. Age: 84 - Born in Rutland, VT
UNDERWOOD, Helen. Born 3-28-1813, died 7-30-1883. Age: 70 -
UNDERWOOD, Jonas. Spouse of Hannah Browning. Born 3-7-1797, died 1-5-1864. Age: 66 - Son of Reuben and Sybil (Whittemore) Underwood, born in Spencer, MA, died Mayville, NY
UNDERWOOD. Lewis. Spouse of. Born 1835, died 12-31-1899. Age: 64 - Son of Jonas and Hannah (Browning) Underwood, born in Auburn, NY
UNDERWOOD, Lyman Waite. Spouse of Mary Elizabeth Wade. Born 3-3-1835, died 9-10-1875. Age: 40 - Son of Cyrus and Emeline (Waite) Underwood, born in Auburn, NY, died Jamestown, NY, four children
UNDERWOOD, Mary Elizabeth (Wade). Spouse of Lyman W. Underwood. Born 1836, died 2-1-1873. Age: 36 - Four children
UNDERWOOD, Sybil. Born 6-6-1841, died 8-15-1863. Age: 22 - Dau of Cyrus and Emeline (Waite) Underwood, born in Auburn, NY, died Jamestown, NY
WOOD, Edwin. Born 1849, died 1-22-1867. Age: 17 Son of Jonathon and Eliza (Seeley) Wood, born and died in Chautauqua County, NY

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