Rt. 394, Town of Coldspring, NY

Burials from the following cemeteries were relocated to Steamburg Cemetery in 1964 as part of the Kinzua Resevoir construction:
GREENWOOD CEMETERY 1863-1964 from Red House (451 graves)
STRYKER CEMETERY 1822-1964 from Saw Mill Run (21 graves)
MOORE CEMETERY 1819-1964 from Bone Run (13 graves)
Almost all of the remains (483) were reinterred in a new addition to the existing Steamburg Cemetery. Some of them are numbered, but most are unmarked and in unknown locations


EARL, Floyd. Born 1911, died 1918 - Son
EARL, Olive. Spouse of William, died 3/7/1870. Age: 59
EARL, William. Spouse of Olive, died 4/30/1880. Age: 74
EASTMAN, Bertha. Born 1853, died 1933
EASTMAN, Father. Born 1827, died 1901
EASTMAN, Fletcher C., died 5/19/1890. Age: 31y 6m - Son of W and E Eastman
EASTMAN, John. Born 1853, died 1922
EASTMAN, Mother. Born 1827, died 1898
EASTWOOD, James. Born 1875, died 1942
EATON, Elizabeth. Born 1879, died 1964
EATON, Ezra H. Born 5/25/1873, died 11-10-1947
EDDY, Amanda Price. Born 1855, died 1932
EDDY, Eliza A. Spouse of Floyd S. Born 1850, died 1926 - [Mother]
EDDY, Floyd S. Spouse of Eliza A. Born 1859, died 1932 - [Father]
EDMONDS, Edna. Spouse of Jerry. Born 3-17-1930, died 10-3-2002. Age: 72 - Dau of Fritz and Mildred Rice Opferbeck m. Oct 8 1983
EDMONDS, Gracia F. Spouse of Richard H. Born 2-17-1916, died 10-20-2004. Age: 88 - Dau of Howard and Fannie Pratt Boyer b. Red House-NY d. Allegany-NY
EDMONDS, Jerry D. Spouse of Myrna Reynolds. Born 3-29-1946, died 6-19-2011. Age: 65 - Son of Richard and Gracia (Boyer) Edmonds, b. Salamanca-NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
EDMONDS, Richard H. Spouse of Gracia F. Born 9-22-1913, died 7-17-2004. Age: 90 - Son of William and Sara Kelly Edmonds Wed 7-31-1937 in Salamanca-NY
EDWARDS, Roger Guy. Born 7-15-1930, died 1-16-1960 - Korean War Vet, US Air Force, A1C
EGGLESTON, Alice and Dora. Age: 5 and 3
EGGLESTON, Margaret Curtis. Born 8/20/1838, died 11-7-1903
ELDRIDGE, William B. Born 1876, died 1943
EMKE, Gerald R. Spouse of Paula Newton. Born 8-15-1937, died 4-06-2015. Age: 77 - Son of Carl and Isabel (Grimm) Emke, b. Gowanda NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 1-27-1963 (she survives)
EMKE, Robert P. Born 8-2-1971, died 12-19-1998 - [Hey Dad] - Uncategorized Vet
EWING, Aurelia Culver. Spouse of Robert Finley. Born 1828, died 12-20-1914
EWING, Caroline (Williams) Timmermann. Spouse of Joel. Born 10/21/1840, died 11-4-1924 - Dau of George and Ann Brain Williams, born in Briston England
EWING, Ernest Eugene. Spouse of Nettie (Brace) Harkness. Born 6/1/1874, died 11-4-1944 - Son of Joel and Caroline Williams Timmerman Ewing
EWING, Frank. Born 9/16/1879, died 12-27-1910 - Son of Joel and Caroline Williams Timmerman Ewing
EWING, Joel. Spouse of Caroline Williams T. Born 3/31/1830, died 1-5-1905 - Son of Samuel and Margaret Morford Ewing
EWING, Margaret. Spouse of Samuel. Born 7/29/1795, died 1/15/1881 - Dau of Charles and Ann Finley Morford
EWING, Mary Estelle. Born 1/31/1877, died 11/21/1897 - Dau of Joel and Caroline Williams Timmerman Ewing, born in Randolph, NY
EWING, Nettie (Brace) Harkness. Spouse of #1 Frank Wheaton Harkness,#2 Ernest Eugene Ewing. Born 1-26-1879, died 1-24-1942 - Dau of Russell and Violetta Archer Brace m. Ernest E. 1908
EWING, Robert Finley. Spouse of Aurelia Culver. Born 10/14/1823, died 7/28/1897 - Son of Samuel and Margaret Morford Ewing
EWING, Robert Irwin. Born 8/31/1856, died 3/1864 - Son of Robert Finley and Aurelia Culver Ewing
EWING, Samuel "Esquire". Spouse of Margaret M. Born 10/18/1787, died 1/21/1885. Age: 97 - Son of James and Amelia Bailey Ewing, born in NJ
FARGO, Alice L., died 2/1885
FARGO, Ann. Spouse of Jabez P., died 1/8/1874. Age: 62y 3m 12d
FARGO, Charles M. Born 1845, died 1911
FARGO, Florette A. Born 1849, died 1925
FARGO, Harriet Buck. Spouse of Samuel P. Born 1847, died 1905
FARGO, Jabez P. Spouse of Ann, died 4/16/1874. Age: 60y 10m 22d
FARGO, Jesse L. Born 1882, died 1899
FARGO, Orrin A., died 9/5/1870. Age: 3m 12d - Son of Charles and Florette Fargo
FARGO, Samuel P. Spouse of Harriet Buck. Born 1842, died 1916 - Civil War Vet, Co B and G 64th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1861 at Randolph for three years. Captured in action 7-25-1863, paroled. Captured in action 6-22-1864 at Petersburg VA, paroled. Mustered out 6-30-1865 at New York City
FIEBELKORN, Lester F. [Bud]. Spouse of Carol J. Crouse. Born 12-8-1930, died 6-27-2015. Age: 84 - Son of Herman and Pearl (Covedill) Fiebelkorn, born in Napoli NY, died in Bradford PA. Was a plumber for 55 years. Wed 3-11-1953, six children - Korean War Vet, US Army, 2 Purple Hearts
FINCH, Katherine B. Born 1884, died 1939
FINCH, M. Vernon. Born 1875, died 1948
FIRMAN, Eliza M. Spouse of Harrison, died 3/6/1872. Age: 59y 6m 6d
FIRSTER, Arthada Ann. Born 1940, died 1957
FIRSTER, Frank L. Born 1914, died 1982 - Loyal order of Moose - Uncategorized Vet
FIRSTER, Nina M. Born 1917
FISHER, Edith Camilla (Gates). Spouse of Rev. M. John. Born 12-22-1933, died 1-20-2021 - Dau of Henry W. and Florence (Colburn) Gates. Born in Steamburg NY, lived in Randolph NY, died in Olean NY. Wed 4-27-1951, six children. (Spouse survives) Son Jonathan alan Fischer d. 2010
FISHER, Frank H. Spouse of Rosalie. Born 1893, died 1980 - Son of George H. and Vida Borden Fisher
FISHER, George H. Spouse of Vida. Born 1866, died 1944
FISHER, George Jr. Spouse of Helen F. Born 1899, died 1979 - Son of George H. and Vida Borden Fisher. - WW I Vet, US Army, Cpl
FISHER, Helen F. Spouse of George. Born 1908, died 1982
FISHER, Jonathan Alan. Born 10-18-1963, died 10-13-2010. Age: 46 - Son of John and Edith C. (Gates) Fisher. Born in Cuba NY, died in Jamestown NY. - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Army, PFC. 1981-1984
FISHER, Merlin W. Born 6/2/1897, died 4-1-1988 - Son of George H. and Vida Borden Fisher - WW I Vet, US Army
FISHER, Newel. Born 1864, died 1939
FISHER, Nuel H. Born 1888, died 1947
FISHER, Rosalie. Spouse of Frank H. Born 1897, died 1973
FISHER, Vida Borden. Spouse of George H. Born 1869, died 1917
FLAGG, Allie L., died 9/22/1887 - Next to Flagg
FLAGG, Almond E. Born 1884, died 1887
FLAGG, Alpha. Spouse of Laura. Born 7-31-1841, died 1911
FLAGG, Amos. Born 1858, died 1932
FLAGG, Annie. Born 1839, died 1870
FLAGG, Asa H. Spouse of Polly M. Born 1839, died 1912
FLAGG, Baby, died 1904
FLAGG, Baby Orvil, died 1904
FLAGG, Bernard. Born 3-4-1902, died 1-15-1903 - Near Reed, Blood, Butler
FLAGG, Carl F., died 4/29/1889. Age: 4m 6d - [Brother]
FLAGG, Clarence. Born 1895, died 1896
FLAGG, Cleve M. Born 1885, died 1972 - Son of Alpha and Laura Crook Flagg
FLAGG, David. Born 1818, died 1897
FLAGG, David Jr. Spouse of Nancy Ferard. Born 1845, died 1905
FLAGG, Edwin R. Spouse of Marian E. Born 1895, died 1966
FLAGG, Elzi. Born 1868, died 1884
FLAGG, Elzi. Spouse of Emily. Born 9/7/1807, died 8/16/1884
FLAGG, Emily. Spouse of Elzi. Born 8/25/1815, died 9/12/1856. Age: 41y 17d
FLAGG, Florence J. Smith. Spouse of Milton. Born 1890, died 1958
FLAGG, Halsey G., died 3/5/1894. Age: 1m 24d - Son of N.A. and D. Flagg Jr. [Brother]
FLAGG, Harriet E. Spouse of James M. Born 1910, died 1977
FLAGG, James A. Born 1850, died 1902
FLAGG, James E. Born 1875, died 1921 - [Father]
FLAGG, James M. Spouse of Harriet E. Born 1913
FLAGG, Joe. Born 1887, died 1888
FLAGG, Laura. Spouse of Alpha. Born 1849, died 1920 - Dau of Nathan crook
FLAGG, Leland D. Born 1899, died 1957 - [Father]
FLAGG, Leonard. Born 1862, died 1898
FLAGG, Lillie. Born 1862, died 1946
FLAGG, Marian E. Spouse of Edwin R. Born 1894, died 1991
FLAGG, Marvin. Born 11-24-1919, died 5-13-2006. Age: 86 - Son of Edwin R. and Marian E. Davis Flagg
FLAGG, Mertie A. Born 1886, died 1887
FLAGG, Milton J. Spouse of Florence J. Born 1889, died 1959
FLAGG, Minnie. Born 1894, died 1988
FLAGG, Mortimer. Born 1896, died 1979
FLAGG, Myrtie A. Born 1887 - Next to Flagg
FLAGG, Nancy Ferard. Spouse of David. Born 1849, died 1913
FLAGG, Olive. Spouse of William. Born 1859, died 1909
FLAGG, Oscar M., died 6/4/1848
FLAGG, Polly M. Spouse of Asa H. Born 1843, died 1919
FLAGG, Rachael Blood, Backus, Newton. Born 1876, died 1948
FLAGG, Raymond A. Born 1941, died 1959
FLAGG, Ruth. Born 1893, died 1979
FLAGG, Sarah. Born 1811, died 1882
FLAGG, Wayne L. Born 1918, died 1930
FLAGG, William. Spouse of Olive. Born 1854, died 1922
FLAHERTY, Francine "Jo". Born 11-17-1991, died 1-21-2003. Age: 11 - Dau of David C. and Janet C. Lievense Flaherty d. Rochester-NY Pat grdau of Donald W. and Beverly Knapp Flaherty Mat grdau of Thomas C. and Elfrieda Robertson Lievense
FOREMAN, Thomas M. Companion of Shari Anderson. Born 5-12-1975, died 7-1-2020. Age: 45 - Son of Thomas G. and Sheila (Hubbard) Foreman. Born in Buffalo NY, died in Maplewood MN. Two children, mother unclear. (Companion survives)
FORISS, Elizabeth. Spouse of Alex. Born 1-10-1924, died 12-15-1998
FOSKETT, Ida S. Born 2/25/1856, died 11-17-1942 - [At Rest]
FOSKETT, Romanzo L. Born 9/14/1857, died 1-23-1929
FOSKIT, Amos C., died 3/23/1852. Age: 21y 7m 8d
FOSTER, Emma C. Spouse of Leonard. Born 1899, died 1969
FOSTER, Leonard. Spouse of Emma C. Born 1892, died 19??
FOX, Alfred - Location and dates not known
FOX, Claude Constantine, died ? - Location and dates not known
FOX, Glenni, died 5/24/1874. Age: 3y 9m 22d - Son of A. and R. B Fox
FOX, Hoyt L. Born 1863, died 1887
FOX, Lucina M. Spouse of Peter N. Born 1829, died 1904
FOX, Myrtie E. Born 1861, died 1873
FOX, Peter N. Spouse of Lucina M. Born 1822, died 1904
FOX, William R. Born 1866, died 1900
FRANCE, Albert. Spouse of Mary. Born 1839, died 1897 - [Father]
FRANCE, Alonzo E. Spouse of Serua Fellows. Born 11/15/1842, died abt 1920. Age: 78 - Born in Orson NY, died in Red House NY. Five children.
FRANCE, Cecil, died 1899
FRANCE, Charlie E. Spouse of Dora B. Born 1875, died 1965
FRANCE, Clara. Spouse of James. Born 7/2/1854, died 1-20-1916
FRANCE, Devillo. Spouse of Ida L. Born 1861, died 1900 - [Father]
FRANCE, Donald L. Born 12-20-1958, died 7-9-1981
FRANCE, Dora B. Spouse of Charlie E. Born 1877, died 1965
FRANCE, Edna. Born 1930, died 1930
FRANCE, Ernest. Spouse of Nellie. Born 1872, died 1941
FRANCE, Geraldine M. Spouse of Orville D. Born 12-5-1909, died 9-16-1960
FRANCE, Harry E. Spouse of Wilma E. Born 1901, died 1986
FRANCE, Ida L. Spouse of Devillo - Unreadable
FRANCE, James. Spouse of Clara. Born 1850, died 1930
FRANCE, Lemuel. Born 1873, died 1908 - K.O.T.M.
FRANCE, Lena S. Born 1882, died 1918
FRANCE, Mary. Spouse of Albert. Born 1843, died 1922 - [Mother]
FRANCE, Maude E. Born 1888, died 1965
FRANCE, May, died 1878. Age: Infant
FRANCE, Nellie. Spouse of Ernest. Born 1875, died 1913
FRANCE, Orville C. Jr. [JR]. Spouse of Paula Christine. Born 6-25-1929, died 7-16-2001. Age: 72 - Son of Orville D. and Geraldine Minnick France Sr.- m. Sept. 25 1950
FRANCE, Orville D. Spouse of Geraldine M. Born 7-31-1901, died 6-12-1986
FRANCE, Phyllis. Born 1926, died 1926
FRANCE, Serua (Fellows). Spouse of Alonzo E. Born 11-16-1846, died 1-9-1927. Age: 80 - Born in Great Valley NY, lived and died in Red House NY. Five children.
FRANCE, William J. Born 1880, died 1956
FRANCE, Wilma E. Spouse of Harry E. Born 1907, died 2000
FRANK, Donald E. Spouse of Doris E. Born 1930, died 1982
FRANK, Doris E. Spouse of Donald E. Born 9-9-1924, died 3-1-2006. Age: 81 - Dau of Elwood and Mabel Wade Remington-born in Bradford PA
FRANK, Theodroe W. Born 1894, died 1952 - WW I Vet
FRARY, William. Born 1870, died 1953
FREDERICK, Annette Jane. Born 1923, died 1938
FREDERICK, Archie L. Born 1887, died 1971
FREDERICK, Laura. Spouse of Walter. Born 1859 D, died 1923 - [Mother]
FREDERICK, N.S. Born abt 1825 - Probably Horace F. Frederick - Civil War Vet, Co D 13th Hvy Arty NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1864 at Isxhua for three years. Transferred to Co L 6th Arty 7-18-1865. Mustered out with company 8-24-1865 at Washington DC
FREDERICK, Violet J. Born 1891, died 1971
FREDERICK, Walter. Spouse of Luara Walsh. Born 1854, died 1927 - [Father]
FREEMAN, Rufus. Born 1831, died 1918 - Civil War Vet
FRENCH, Irene L. Spouse of Laurence D. Born 1897, died 1967
FRENCH, Laurence D. Spouse of Irene L. Born 1895, died 1984 - WW I Vet, US Army
FRINK, Daniel. Born 1847, died 1895
FRINK, James D. Spouse of Jane. Born 1845, died 1893
FRINK, Jane. Spouse of James D. Born 1849, died 1905
FRINK, Minnie. Spouse of Ellery. Born 1866, died 1894
FRINK, Sarah J. Born 1894, died 1987
FRINK, William Andrew. Born 4/13/1875, died 9-22-1952 - Uncategorized Vet, CPL Band 16th Inf PA NG
FRIZZLE, Carrie L. Brazel. Spouse of George A. Born 4/2/1863, died 6/9/1890. Age: 27y 2m 7d
FRIZZLE, George A. Spouse of Carrie L. Brazel. Born 5/12/1857, died 7/9/1891. Age: 34y 1m 27d
FULLER, Bessie B. Wentworth. Spouse of DeForest A. Born 1884, died 1978
FULLER, DeForest A. Spouse of Bessie B. Born 1877, died 1959
FULLER, Howard. Spouse of Mary M. Born 1833, died 1916
FULLER, Julia J. Spouse of Marcus M. Born 1848, died 1917 - [Mother]
FULLER, Marcus M. Spouse of Julia J. Born 1840, died 1921 - [Father]
FULLER, Mary M. Spouse of Howard. Born 1836, died 1913
FULLER, Ward Marcus. Born 1874, died 1942
FURLOW, Richard A. Spouse of Janette Preston, then companion of Ruth Briggs. Born 3-21-1921, died 3-18-2009. Age: 87 - Son of Charles M. and Bertha M. (Meske) Furlow. Born in Ellington NY, died in Maple Springs NY. Five children with Janette. Ruth, companion of 30 years, survives - WW II Vet, US Navy, E2C aboard USS Wyandot.
FURLOW, Richard P. Spouse of Dorothy M. Barr. Born 8-1-1949, died 12-26-2018 - Son of Richard A. and Janette (Preston) Furlow. Lived and died in Jamestown NY. Worked 41 years for Alltel. Wed 9-5-1970, four chldren. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US Navy 1969-1971
FURLOW, William Albert. Born 1974, died 1974 - Son of Richard P. and Dorothy M. (Barr) Furlow.
FURMAN, Henry. Spouse of Nancy L. Woodard. Born 1832, died 1899
FURMAN, Nancy L. (Woodard). Spouse of Henry. Born 1846, died 1912
GALLAGHER, Norma (Clawson). Born 1916, died 1975
GATES, Camilla J. Born 1879, died 1959
GATES, Era P. Born 1901, died 1980
GATES, Franklin H. Born 1907, died 1981
GATES, Gloria Rose (Dalrymple). Spouse of Paul W. Born 5-15-1932, died 1-31-2016. Age: 83 - Dau of Edward and Electa (Brailey) Dalrymple, born in Randolph NY, died in Hudson NY. Wed 10-21-1950, five children
GATES, Henry C. Spouse of Julia M. Born 1845, died 1914 - [Father - Civil War Vet, Co D 120th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted in 71st Inf in 1861 at Ellington for one year. Mustered into co D 120th 10-9-186. Mustered out with company 6-3-1865 near Washington DC
GATES, Irene C. Born 1902, died 1956
GATES, Julia M. Spouse of Herny C. Born 1844, died 1922 - [Mother]
GATES, Lottie. Born 1868, died 1909
GATES, Lyle F. Born 1880, died 1955
GATES, Ora. Born 1871, died 1940
GATES, Ruby D. Born 1905, died 1943
GATES, Russel D. Born 1932, died 1940
GATES, Sid H. Born 1872, died 1944
GATES, Susie R. Born 1874, died 1940
GIFFORD, Charles C. Born 1893, died 1929
GIFFORD, Letha M. Born 1891, died 1963
GIVAN, Birdie I. Spouse of Paul G. Born 1913, died 1966 - [Mother]
GIVAN, Paul G. Spouse of Birdie I. Born 1901, died 1980 - [Father]
GLAGG, James E. Born 1932, died 1937
GLENDENING, Gertrude. Spouse of Lyle. Born 1905, died 1973
GLENDENING, Lyle. Spouse of Gertrude. Born 3-14-1912, died 11-16-1988 - WW II Vet, US Army
GLENDENNING, James O. Spouse of Corrine M. Gates. Born 3-8-1943, died 12-15-2006. Age: 63 - Son of Olin and Helen Jackman Glendenning-married 6-8-1986
GODFREY, Jessie M. Born 1901, died 1928
GODFREY, Margaret I. Born 1906, died 1987
GODFREY, Melvin C. Born 3/8/1896, died 11-9-1968 - Uncategorized Vet
GOODMAN, Francis W. Spouse of Lynn A. Born 9-27-1939, died 12-31-1980 - Parents of Val, Joe and Rick
GOODMAN, Lynn A. Spouse of Francis W. Born 3-14-1942 - Parents of Val, Joe and Rick
GOODRICH, Angela K. Spouse of Edwin R. Born 1917
GOODRICH, Baby, died 1907
GOODRICH, Corry. Spouse of Mary. Born 1882, died 1965
GOODRICH, Edwin R. Spouse of Angela K. Born 1912
GOODRICH, Effie M. Spouse of George S. Born 1879, died 1973
GOODRICH, Frances. Spouse of George R. Born 1852, died 1910
GOODRICH, Fred. Spouse of Maude E. Born 1879, died 1971
GOODRICH, George R. Spouse of Frances. Born 1847, died 1909
GOODRICH, George S. Spouse of Effie M. Born 1876, died 1920
GOODRICH, Kenneth. Born 1907, died 1942
GOODRICH, Mary. Spouse of Corry. Born 1883, died 1965
GOODRICH, Maude E. Spouse of Fred. Born 1884, died 1964
GORDON, Beulah R. Born 9-4-1922, died 9-27-1967 - Dau of Delbert and Pearl Remington
GORDON, Charles W. Spouse of Marilyn R. Swanson. Born 1925, died 2-8-1982 Wed 1-6-1943, three sons. - WW II Vet, US Army
GORDON, Dana L. Spouse of Grace G. Born 1910 - Picture of Wolf and Hummingbird
GORDON, Grace G. Spouse of Dana L. Born 1917, died 1999 - Dau of Delbert and Pearl Remington Picture of Wolf and Hummingbird
GORDON, Marilyn R. Spouse of Charles W. Born 1927
GOULD, Emma Hines. Born 1853, died 1935
GOULD, Grace A. Born 1879, died 1968
GOULD, Helen M. Born 1904, died 1999
GOULD, Lee J. Born 1882, died 1948
GRAY, Edward M. Born 4/20/1863, died 8/23/1892
GRAY, Lester L. Spouse of Lois. Born 2-11-1916, died 7-9-2001. Age: 85 - Son of Valentine and Melissa Blood Gray. Wed 1946 - WW II Vet, US Navy
GRAY, Lois Turner. Spouse of Lester L., died 5-4-1971
GRAY, Marvin E. Born 1914, died 1927
GRAY, Orange. Born 1840, died 1906 - G.A.R. - Civil War Vet, Co H 154th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Randolph for three years. Mustered out 6-3-1965 at McClellan Hospital Philadelphia PA
GRAY, Thomas H. Born 1856, died 1939
GREEN, Marc William. Born 2-11-1965, died 4-11-1965 - [Our Son]
GREENAWALT, Cora M. Spouse of William C. Born 1932 - Picture of deer
GREENAWALT, Dale M. Born 1959, died 1969 - [Our Son- I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do]
GREENAWALT, James H. Sr. Spouse of Norma K. Born 1930, died 1995
GREENAWALT, Norma K. Spouse of James H. Sr. Born 1939, died 1995
GREENAWALT, William C. Spouse of Cora M. Born 1934, died 1991 - Picture of deer
GREENBERG, Mabel Eleanor. Born 9/11/1888, died 3-3-1901
GROVER, Abigail R. Spouse of Sylvester. Born 8/12/1827, died 12-28-1907. Age: 80y 4m 14d - [Mother]
GROVER, Doris I. Michielsen. Spouse of Clinton. Born 1917, died 1944
GROVER, LeeRoy. Spouse of Nancy Brace. Born 2-4-1940, died 9-15-2016. Age: 76 - Son of Clinton and Doris (Michielsen) Grover, born in Jamestown NY. Raised by Genevieve and Carl Grover, lived and died in Randolph NY. Worked 36 yers at Chautauqua Hardware. Four children. (She survives)
GROVER, Paul, died 4/3/1896. Age: 6y 8m 3d - Son of B.L. and C. Grover
GROVER, Sylvester Rev. Spouse of Abigail R. Born 3/15/1821, died 12/9/1896. Age: 75y 8m 25d - [Father] Killed in a fall
GRUBER, Henry. Born 12-7-1937, died 6-12-2020. Age: 82 - Son of Joseph and Mary (Hohwald) Gruber Sr., twin to William. Born in NYC, lived in Randolph NY, died in Gerry NY.
GUY, Lewis James. Spouse of Gloria G. Flagg. Born 1-16-1941, died 5-9-2009. Age: 69 - Son of Alfred Anthony and Rose Josephine Revetti Guy-married 9-28-1963
HACKET, Annett. Born 1847, died 1922 - [Mother]
HACKET, Cary J. Born 1880, died 1937
HACKET, Ethel. Born 1885, died 1932
HACKET, F.A. Spouse of Susan R. Born 3/26/1825
HACKET, Perry. Born abt 1841 - Civil War Vet, Co A 154th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Cold Spring for three years. Mustered out with company 6-11-1865 near Bladensburg MD. (Carried as Hecket)
HACKET, Susan R. Spouse of F.A. Born 6/17/1824, died 1/26/1890
HACKETT, John. Spouse of Nell M. Born abt 1843 - Civil War Vet, Co B, C, M 13th Hvy Arty NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Salamanca for three years. Transferred to Co C 12-9-1863, to Co M 9-19-1864. Mustered out with company 6-28-1865 at Norfolk VA.
HACKETT, Nell M. Spouse of John. Born 9/27/1853, died 5/8/1875 - Dau of Thos. and Anna Turner
HADLEY, Betsey. Spouse of S., died 2/19/832. Age: 45y 1m
HAESE, Herman L. Spouse of Marjorie L. Born 1902, died 1933
HAESE, Marjorie L. Spouse of Herman L. Born 1901, died 1967
HAESE, Patricia Adell. Born 1928, died 1929
HAGGETT, Anna A. Born 2-28-1914, died 1-1-1930
HAGGETT, Essel M. Born 10/61889, died 4-27-1988. Age: 98
HAGGETT, George W. Spouse of Stella V. Born 9-10-1912, died 5-27-1999
HAGGETT, Stella V. Spouse of George W. Born 5-28-1903, died 10-20-1983
HAGGETT, W. H. Born 1882, died 1916
HAILFINGER, Gertrude E. Spouse of Raymond H. Born 7-9-1915, died 11-10-2005. Age: 90 - Dau of Charles and Alice Oakes Smith, born in Red House NY
HAILFINGER, Raymond H. Spouse of Gertrude E. Born 1900, died 10-22-1986 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
HALE, Harry. Born 1876, died 1906
HALL, Barbara D. Born 5-29-1923, died 12-3-1998
HARKNESS, Clara M. Born 1857, died 1864 - Dau of Silas and Harriet Foy Harkness
HARKNESS, Frank Wheaton S. Spouse of Nettie (Brace). Born 10/13/1876, died 11-18-1902 - Son of Silas and Harriet Foy Harkness. Terrible Accident RailCars His Mangled Body Discovered by Operator Quinlon near Wadsworth's Mill
HARKNESS, Harriet Foy. Spouse of Silas. Born 1835, died 1909
HARKNESS, Harriet L. Born 1873, died 1874 - Dau of Silas and Harriet Foy Harkness
HARKNESS, Mildred Harriett. Born 8-27-1901, died 8-31-1902 - Dau of Frank Wheaton and Nettie Brace Harkness
HARKNESS, Oliver. Spouse of Laura Bennett. Born 1801, died 12/11/1873
HARKNESS, Silas. Spouse of Harriet. Born 1831, died 2/9/1898 - Son of Oliver and Laura Bennett Harkness
HARRINGTON, Benjamin M. Spouse of Cora. Born 1872, died 1948 - [At Rest]
HARRINGTON, Cecil B. Born 11-24-1929, died 11-12-1977
HARRINGTON, Charles N. Born 1901, died 1916
HARRINGTON, Clayton. Spouse of Ellen S. Born 1911, died 1964
HARRINGTON, Clifford L. Born 1-11-1927, died 10-13-2001. Age: 74 - Son of Benjamin M. and Margery Ross Harrington
HARRINGTON, Cora. Spouse of Benjamin M. Born 1880, died 1915 - [At Rest]
HARRINGTON, Donald M. Born 6-1-1923, died 9-22-1923 - Son of Margery L. Harrington
HARRINGTON, Edna M. Spouse of Phillip S. Born 1926 - [In Loving Memory] Wed 3-27-1948
HARRINGTON, Ellen S. Spouse of Clayton. Born 1917, died 1961 - [Here lies a very darling loved one she is gone but never will be forgotten]
HARRINGTON, Floyd N. Spouse of Olive M. Born 1909, died 1958 - Uncategorized Vet
HARRINGTON, Isaac N. Born 1841, died 1900 - Civil War Vet, Co K 49th Inf NYS Vols
HARRINGTON, Kelley Anne. Born 1992, died 1992
HARRINGTON, Lois W. Spouse of Paul L. Born 8-29-1909, died 8-8-1994. Age: 84 - Dau of Melville and Grace Muntz Blood m. 1925
HARRINGTON, Margaret. Spouse of Newton. Born 1842, died 1918
HARRINGTON, Margery L. Born 12/28/1899, died 8-3-1969 - [Mother]
HARRINGTON, Olive M. Spouse of Floyd N. Born 1905, died 1972
HARRINGTON, Paul L. Spouse of Lois W. Born 1906, died 2-5-1984
HARRINGTON, Phillip S. Spouse of Edna M. Born 8-11-1927, died 12-24-2000. Age: 73 - Son of Paul and Lois Blood Harrington b. Rouseville, PA [In Loving Memory] - Uncategorized Vet
HARRINGTON, William J. Born 5-25-1903, died 8-4-1955 - [Husband] [Those whom we never cease to love we never lose]
HARRIS, Arlie L. Spouse of Henry H. Born 1863, died 1943
HARRIS, Bradley. Born abt 1819 - Civil War Vet, Co G 137th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Newark Valley for three years. Discharged 2-8-1863 at Harper's Ferry VA
HARRIS, Charles. Born 1850, died 1888
HARRIS, Henry H. Spouse of Arlie L. Born 1862, died 1925
HARRIS, Lawrence E. Born 5-30-1920, died 3-7-2000. Age: 79 - Son of Foey F. and Bessie Dorcus Harris - WW II Vet, US Army
HARRIS, Maria. Born 1819, died 1915
HART, Mathew B. Spouse of Phoebe M. Born 1834, died 1914
HART, Phoebe M. Spouse of Mathew B. Born 1837, died 19??
HART, Richard. Born 10/21/1859, died 8/22/1893
HASKINS, George W. Spouse of Matilda. Born 1829, died 1910 - Son of Freedom and Catherine Leshier Haskins - Civil War Vet, Co C 83rd Inf PA Vols, then Co F 146th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered in to 83rd in 1861. Discharged on surgeon's certificate 11-11-1862. Then enlisted in the 146th in 1863 at Carolton for three years. Captured in action 5-5-1864 at the Wilderness VA, paroled. Mustered out 5-25-1865 at Elmira NY
HASKINS, George W. Born 1852, died 1935
HASKINS, Matilda. Spouse of #1 Lorenzo Carr, #2 George Haskins. Born 1829, died 1909
HAVEN, Harold C. Born 1926, died 1926
HAYWARD, Harold Dennis. Born 12-3-1922, died 3-13-1972
HAYWARD, James P. Born abt 1840 - Civil War Vet, Co C 67th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1861 at Scio for three years. Discharged for disability 7-21-1862 at Harrison's Landing VA.
HAYWARD, Kirsten Jean. Born 9-24-1961, died 5-22-1968
HAYWARD, William Dennis. Born 4-21-1946, died 6-9-1970
HEARD, Frank H. Born 1885, died 1904
HEATH, Everett L. Spouse of of Olive H. Born 1886, died 1962 - [Father]
HEATH, Olive H. Spouse of Everett L. Born 1887, died 1967 - [Mother]
HEATON, Byron. Born 1848, died 1913
HEATON, Elmer. Born 1849, died 1924
HEIDELL, Henry. Spouse of Mary. Born 1839, died 1903 - Civil War Vet, Co D 100th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1861 at Tonawanda for three years. Mustered out with detachment 1-30-1865 at Buffalo NY. (Carried as Hidell)
HEIDELL, Mary. Spouse of Henry. Born 1839, died 1901
HEIDLOFF, Hazel Puerner. Born 1895, died 1930
HEIER, Charles. Spouse of Dora. Born 1842, died 1909
HEIER, Dora. Spouse of Charles. Born 1843, died 1931
HEIER, Douglas J. Born 1919, died 1936 - Son of Otto and Jospehine Heier
HEIER, Ellwyn E. M.D. Spouse of M. Joy Bartlett. Born 1906, died 1984
HEIER, Emma, died 1873
HEIER, Florence B. Born 1875, died 1954
HEIER, Frank C. Born 1872, died 1960
HEIER, Gertrude E. Spouse of Louis H. Born 1879, died 1957
HEIER, Josephine Logan. Spouse of Otto. Born 1896, died 1973
HEIER, Kathryn. Born 1882, died 1911
HEIER, Louis H. Spouse of Gertrude E. Born 1877, died 1970
HEIER, M. Joy Bartlett. Spouse of Ellwyn E. M.D. Born 1910, died 1991
HEIER, Otto. Spouse of Josephine Logan. Born 1900, died 1926
HENDRICKSON, Clarence. Born 6-30-1948, died 1-27-1987 - Son of Clarence E. and Thelma E. Hendrickson - Vietnam Vet, US Army
HENDRICKSON, Clarence E. Spouse of Thelma E. Born 1904, died 1957 - [Father]
HENDRICKSON, Ida Wallen. Spouse of Melvin. Born 11-30-1877, died 5-28-1955
HENDRICKSON, Melvin. Spouse of Ida W. Born 1870, died 1-12-1944 - Wooden Cross
HENDRICKSON, Thelma E. Spouse of Clarence E. Born 8-22-1921, died 2-17-1990 - [In Loving Memory..Mom]
HENNINGER, Effie L. Spouse of T. Reese. Born 1868, died 1920
HENNINGER, Jacob Q. Born 1860, died 1897
HENNINGER, Pearl M. Born 1875, died 1898
HENNINGER, T. Reese. Spouse of Effie L. Born 1857, died 1932
HERTEL, Caroline. Spouse of Henry. Born 1818, died 1903
HERTEL, Henry. Spouse of Caroline. Born 1817, died 1884
HERTEL, Henry E. Spouse of Rebecca. Born 1851, died 1934
HERTEL, Rebecca. Spouse of Henry E. Born 1865, died 1945
HICKOX, Mary Firster. Spouse of William L. Born 1939 - Wed 7-28-1992 in Dillon SC
HICKOX, William Bill L. Spouse of Mary M. Firster Conklin. Born 8-15-1936, died 4-4-2006. Age: 69 - Son of James and Lois Kysor Hickox-married 7-28-1992 in Dillon, SC
HICKS, Althea K. (Kennedy). Spouse of Dolph E. Born 1922 - Wed 9-20-1950
HICKS, Dolph E. Spouse of Althea K. Born 12-23-1915, died 4/2/995. Age: 79 - Son of William T. and Hettie Guthrie Hicks - WW II Vet, US Army, Sgt
HIGGINS, Florance A. Spouse of Merrill F. Born 1871, died 1959 - Dau of Merritt Jr. and Abagail Fargo Hotchkiss
HIGGINS, Grace E. Born 1904, died 1906 - Dau of Merrill F. and Florance A. Higgins
HIGGINS, Merrill Frank. Spouse of Florance A. Born 1862, died 1911
HIGGINS, Nora D. Born 1901, died 7-1-1903. Age: 1y 8m 8d - Dau of Merrill F. and Florance A. Higgins
HILL, Charlotte M. Born 1865, died 1939
HILL, Daisy, died 3/1/1881. Age: 15
HILL, Lelia, died 2/10/1875. Age: 3y 6m
HILLER, Carol S. Burr. Spouse of Robert W. Born 12-21-1936
HILLER, Corabell. Born 1890, died 1961
HILLER, Robert W. Spouse of Carol S. Born 3-31-1936
HILLS, Clarence B. Born 1890, died 1967
HILLS, Clarice. Born 1918, died 1926
HILLS, Ella. Born 1926, died 1927
HILLS, Ferris. Born 1893, died 1924
HILLS, Frank L. Spouse of Loretta. Born 1857, died 1941
HILLS, Loretta. Spouse of Frank L. Born 1857, died 1928
HILLS, William. Born 1924, died 1927
HOFFMAN, Shirley O. Born 9-21-1927, died 1-19-2001. Age: 73 - Dau of Roy and Marvel Rogers Ostrander
HOLLIS, Cleveland G. Born 1873, died 1945
HOLMES, Austin W., died 3/31/1859. Age: 1y ?m 19d - Son of C. and M. Holmes
HOLMES, Corydon. Spouse of Mary, died 1/19/1880. Age: 65
HOLMES, Mary. Spouse of Corydon. Born 1821
HOLMES, Orvill C., died 8/2/1866. Age: 16y 7m 16d - Son of C. and M. Holmes
HOLT, John M. Born 1875, died 1950
HOLT, Josephine M. Born 1880, died 1958
HOLT, Manley D. Born 1841, died 1916
HOLT, Sarah. Born 1845, died 1922
HOPPE, Betty L. Born 3-7-1930, died 6-6-1997
HORTON, Kenneth M. Born 1931, died 1961 - Uncategorized Vet
HORTON, Lawrence E. Spouse of Anneliese Burger. Born 8-13-1933, died 4-3-2014. Age: 80 - Son of Merrill L. and Nellie V. (Hotchkiss) Horton. Born in Leon, NY, died in Gerry, NY. Wed in 1972, 5 children - Korean War Vet, US Army, 1953-1956
HORTON, Lynn G. Spouse of Viola R. Born 10/13/1897, died 5-25-1979
HORTON, Merrill L. Spouse of Nellie V. Born 1907, died 1975
HORTON, Nellie V. Spouse of Merrill L. Born 1907, died 1978
HORTON, Steven, died 1970
HORTON, Viola R. Spouse of Lynn G. Born 6/11/1899, died 6-4-1984
HOTCHKISS, Achsah Foster. Spouse of Isaac, died 8-8-1873. Age: 63y 8m 20d
HOTCHKISS, Asahel. Spouse of Lelia A. Born 10/11/1849, died 10/11/1887. Age: 38 - Dau of Isaac and Acsah Foster Hotchkiss
HOTCHKISS, Bertie. Age: 8y 7m - Son of Geo H. and Harriet Hotchkiss Drowned in Allegany River
HOTCHKISS, Clarence P. Spouse of May M. Stevens. Born 1872, died 1940 - Son of of Merritt and Abagail Fargo Hotchkiss Jr.
HOTCHKISS, Deborah (Maynard). Spouse of Merrit Sr., died 7/16/1875. Age: 68
HOTCHKISS, Earnest S. Born 11/24/1867, died 7/9/1890 - Son of Merritt and Abagail Fargo Hotchkiss Jr.
HOTCHKISS, Edith. Born 7/5/1884, died 9/21/1884 - Dau of Edwin and Martha Hotchkiss
HOTCHKISS, Eliza Bigler. Spouse of Horace. Born 1837
HOTCHKISS, Ernest. Born 1892, died 1916
HOTCHKISS, Florence. Born 1871, died 1959 - Dau of Merritt and Abagail Fargo Hotchkiss Jr.
HOTCHKISS, Floy L. Born 7/9/881, died 10-25-1964 - Dau of Asahel and Lelia A. Hotchkiss
HOTCHKISS, Francis Marion. Spouse of Harriet Jane Sherman. Born 7-9-1864, died 3-6-1934 - Son of Merritt and Abagail Fargo Hotchkiss Jr.
HOTCHKISS, Frank. Spouse of Ida M. Born 1861, died 1940 - Son of Harmon and Martha Bowers Hotchkiss
HOTCHKISS, Fred O. Born 1874, died 1893 - Son of Orlin and Flora Clark Hotchkiss
HOTCHKISS, George W. Born 1842, died 1908 - Civil War Vet, Co A 154th Inf NYS Vols, Cpl. Enlisted 1862 at South Valley for three years. Discharged for disability 2-9-1863 at hospital Providence RI
HOTCHKISS, Glenn A. Born 1890, died 1907 - Son of Orlin and Flora Clark Hotchkiss
HOTCHKISS, Hattie J. Born 1863, died 1943
HOTCHKISS, Henry Harrison. Spouse of Meritta Bradley. Born 1861, died 12-14-1936 - Son of of Merritt and Abagail Fargo Hotchkiss Jr.
HOTCHKISS, Horace. Spouse of #1 Louisa Hill, #2 Eliza Bigler. Born 11-16-1840, died 1910 - Son of Jesse and Abagail Thrasher Hotchkiss
HOTCHKISS, Ida M. Spouse of Frank. Born 1864, died 1951 - Born in Michigan
HOTCHKISS, Ira. Age: 11y 5m - Son of Geo H. and Harriet Hotchkiss Drowned in Allegany River
HOTCHKISS, Ira. Spouse of Harriet Cook. Born 6/11/1811, died 6/10/1884 - Son of Jesse and Abagail Thrasher Hotchkiss
HOTCHKISS, Isaac. Spouse of Achsah. Born 6-3-1813, died 6/1/1868. Age: 53y 10m 11d - Son of Jesse and Abagail Thrasher Hotchkiss
HOTCHKISS, James B. Spouse of Mary M. Rowland. Born 1839, died 1902 - Son of Isaac and Acsah Foster Hotchkiss [Father]
HOTCHKISS, Jay Warren. Spouse of Anna. Born 1881, died 1951 - Son of Orlin and Flora Clark Hotchkiss
HOTCHKISS, Lelia A. Thorpe. Spouse of Asahel, died 9/201959
HOTCHKISS, Mary A. Born 1888, died 1969 - Dau of Orlin and Flora Clark Hotchkiss
HOTCHKISS, Mary M. Rowland. Spouse of James B. Born 10-31-1845, died 4-27-1874 - [Mother]
HOTCHKISS, May M. Spouse of Clarence P. Born 1885, died 1970
HOTCHKISS, Meritta B. Spouse of Henry H. Born 1868, died 1944
HOTCHKISS, Merritt Jr. Spouse of Abagail Fargo. Born 1837, died 1924 - Son of Merritt and Deborah Maynard Hotchkiss Sr. [Grandfather]
HOTCHKISS, Merritt Sr. Spouse of Deborah. Born 8-7-1806, died 4-4-1872. Age: 65y 8m 7d - Son of Jesse and Abagail Thrasher Hotchkiss
HOTCHKISS, Orlin. Spouse of wed 3 x. Born 1825, died 1903 - Son of Merritt and Deborah Maynard Hotchkiss Sr. [Father]
HOTCHKISS, Rachel, died ? - Location and dates not known
HOTCHKISS, Raymond Marvin. Born 1902, died 1937
HOUGHTON, Isabel. Born 1852, died 1923
HOULIHAN, Fred R. Born 1889, died 1953 - [Husband] - Uncategorized Vet
HOWARD, Constantine. Born 1903, died 1903
HOWARD, Harold. Born 1903, died 1903
HUBBARD, Frances A. Spouse of Marvin T. Born 1852, died 1942 - [Mother]
HUBBARD, George M. S. Spouse of Sadie C. Born 1879, died 1936
HUBBARD, Marvin T. Spouse of Frances A. Born 1848, died 1905 - [Father]
HUBBARD, Marvin T. Spouse of Susan A. Born 1911, died 1992 - Son of George M. and Sadie C. Hubbard. Wed 5-7-1945 in Salamanca NY, three children.
HUBBARD, Melanie A. (Horton). Spouse of Michael G. Born 1-30-1959, died 1-4-2013. Age: 53 - Dau of Warren G. and Marilyn J. Horton. Born in Salamanca NY, died in Elgin TX.
HUBBARD, Michael G. Spouse of Melanie Horton. Born 2-15-1953, died 10-18-2018. Age: 65 - Son of Marvin & Susan (Chopan) Hubbard, b. Salamanca NY, d. River Falls WI. President and COO at Rust Nuclear Constructors in Katy TX. Wed 6-1980 in Salamanca NY, two children.
HUBBARD, Michael Matthew. Born 2-08-1985, died 7-13-2004. Age: 19 - Son of Michael and Melanie (Horton) Hubbard b. Augusta GA d. Hastings MN. grson of Marvin and Susan Hubbard and Warren and Marilyn Horton
HUBBARD, Sadie C. Spouse of George M. Born 1882, died 1961
HUBBARD, Susan A. (Chopan). Spouse of Marvin T. Born 7-10-1923, died 2-20-2018. Age: 94 - Dau of John and Mary (Terpak) Chopan. Born in Ludlow PA, lived in Red House NY, died in Alfred NY. Wed 5-7-1945 in Salamanca NY, three children.
HUGHES, Celia. Born 1845, died 1923 - [Aunt]
HUNSAKER, Harold A. Spouse of Nellie M. Born 1911, died 1980
HUNSAKER, Nellie M. Spouse of Harold A. Born 1910, died 1981
JACKSON, Jennie. Spouse of John. Born 1899, died 1972
JACKSON, John. Spouse of Jennie. Born 1907, died 1964 - Uncategorized Vet
JANN, Charles P. Spouse of Dolores N. Born 1913, died 1976
JANN, Dolores N. Eckenrode. Spouse of Charles P. Born 4-30-1925, died 7-3-1995. Age: 70 - Dau of Marshall and Neola Perrigo Eckenrode
JAQUAY, Alice Casandrs. Born 1852, died 1915
JAQUAY, Bessie E., died 1882. Age: 5m 21d
JAQUAY, Clara May. Born 1880, died 1938
JAQUAY, Earl T. Spouse of Eugenia. Born 10/10/1881, died 6-8-1939
JAQUAY, Elizabeth Ann, died 4-15-1940. Age: Infant
JAQUAY, Eugenia. Spouse of Earl T. Born 4/15/1883, died 1-4-1972
JAQUAY, Frank Mortimer. Born 1886, died 1906
JAQUAY, Jessie Eliza. Born 1882, died 1888
JAQUAY, Kelsey T. Rev. Born 1856, died 1938
JAQUAY, Motimer A. Born 1851, died 1919
JAQUAY, Ralph T. Born 1879, died 1880
JAQUAY, Theodore P. Born 1814, died 1898
JAQUAY, Ursula. Born 1819, died 1901
JARRIS, Foey. Born 11/3/1895, died 11-17-1941
JEFFORDS, Liberty. Spouse of #1 Hulda Helms, #2 Julia Jemima Bently. Born 1813*, died 7-14-1898. Age: 85 - Nathan and Sally (Helms) Jeffords. Born in NY, died Coldspring NY, a farmer. One son with Hulda who d. 1835. Six children with Jemima.
JIMERSON, Dorothy. Born 1906, died 1974
JIMERSON, Linas. Born 1894, died 1965 - Picture of Wolf
JIMERSON, Walter. Born 1901, died 1963
JOHENGEN, Collene Post. Born 1942, died 1991
JOHN, Coleman. Spouse of Hazel V. Born 12-28-1922, died 5-17-1974 - Picture of a Wolf and Turtle - WW II Vet, US Navy, SC3
JOHN, Hazel V. Spouse of Coleman. Born 1929 - [Seneca Clan] Picture of a Wolf and Turtle
JOHN, Nora Bennett. Born 7/11/1893, died 7-13-1964 - [Seneca Clan] Picture of a Turtle
JOHN, Perry Lemuel. Born 6/21/1881, died 9-7-1946 - [Seneca Clan] Picture of a bird
JOHNSON, Arline Heath. Spouse of Paul E. Born 1911, died 1976
JOHNSON, B.L. Born 4/17/1826, died 1/7/1898
JOHNSON, Erwin L. Spouse of Helen M. Jones. Born 5-7-1931, died 2-17-2007. Age: 75 - Son of William G. and Laurel M. Morrison Johnson. Wed 7-1-1973 - Korean War Vet, US Army
JOHNSON, Fred E. Born 1871, died 1930
JOHNSON, Harold B. Born 1895, died 1920 - Veteran of Foreign Wars - WW I Vet, Co. E. 414 Tel. BN
JOHNSON, Hattie M. Born 1871, died 1937
JOHNSON, Jerry L. Spouse of Teresa A. Born 8-29-1949
JOHNSON, John I. Born 1861, died 1930
JOHNSON, Myrtle B. Spouse of F.A. Born 1878, died 1912
JOHNSON, Paul E. Spouse of Arline. Born 1910, died 1985
JOHNSON, Rilla A. Born 1872, died 1946
JOHNSON, Teresa A. Spouse of Jerry L. Born 6-14-1953, died 5-26-1979
JOHNSON, Willard D. Born 1921, died 1976 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Forces, 1st Lt.
JONES, Addison. Born 1851, died 1929
JONES, Carriebelle. Born 5-29-1902, died 12-17-1993
JONES, Floyd W. Born 8/12/1895, died 4-14-1976 - WW I Vet, US Army, Sgt
JONES, Howard R. Spouse of Rosalie M. B. Born 1910
JONES, Irene R. Born 1928
JONES, John T. Spouse of Margaret J. Born 1939, died 2000 - [In Gods Hands]
JONES, Kathryn. Born 1981, died 1982 - [Daughter]
JONES, Margaret J. Spouse of John T. Born 1947 - [In Gods Hands]
JONES, Marilyn R. (Swanson). Spouse of #1 Charles Gordon, #2 Ora Jones. Born 4-11-1927, died 3-17-2017. Age: 89 - Dau of Rudolph and Bertha (Gibbs) Swanson. Born in Jamestown NY, lived in Salamanca NY, died in Olean NY. Wed Charles 1-6-1943, three sons. (He d. 2-8-1982) Wed Ora 3-14-1983, he d. 10-1-2006.
JONES, Millie E. Born 1878, died 1896
JONES, Ora. Spouse of Marilyn Swanson. Born 8-18-1921, died 10-1-2006. Age: 85 - Son of Elmer and Hattie John Jones. Wed 3-14-1983. Member Seneca Nation of Indians, Turtle clan
JONES, Rosalie M. Mayes. Spouse of Howard R. Born 9-19-1917, died 12-27-1994. Age: 77 - Dau of Corwin and Marguarite Mayes m. April 27 1947
JONES, Sarah E. Born 1855, died 1931
JONES, Sylvia J. Born 1885, died 1908


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