Franklinville NY
Incomplete listin

ABBOTT, Donna (Henry). Spouse of Phillip C. Born 12-09-1938, died 12-22-2015 - Dau of Harold and K. Electa (McClure) Henry, b. Arcade NY, d. Ithaca NY area, Wed 12-28-1956 (he d. 3-31-2010)
ABBOTT, Keith Emmons. Spouse of Erla Breen. Born 8-24-1934, died 3-10-2012. Age: 77 - Son of Harold Abbott & Edna (Smith) Gibbons, b. Franklinville-NY Wed 10-16-1956 in PA
ABBOTT, Phillip C. Spouse of Donna Henry. Born 7-14-1933, died 3-31-2010 - Son of Harold & Edna (Smith) Abbott, b. Franklinville-NY, d. Buffalo-NY. Wed 12-28-1956 in Franklinville-NY
ACRE, Alice R. Born 2-9-1906, died 9-24-1991
AGETT, Antoinette (Swift) [Toni]. Spouse of Larry J. Agett. Born 9-14-1940, died 4-22-2017 - Dau of Frank & Rena (Schuyler) Swift, b. Angelica NY, d. Franklinville NY, Wed 12-12-1959 in Franklinville NY
AGETT, Larry J. Spouse of Antoinette Swift. Born 04-05-1939, died 03-13-2003 - Son of Ross & Gertrude (Baker) Agett. Born in Farmersville NY, lived and died in Franklinville NY. Franklinville Citizen of the Year in 1971. Wed 12-12-1959, three children - Uncategorized Vet, USMC
ALLEN, Colyn M. Spouse of Virginia C
ALLEN, Virginia C Babbitt. Spouse of Colyn M. Born 12-28-1903, died 6-5-2003 - Dau of John & Mathilda Johnson Casperson m.1st Stewart L Babbitt d.1969
AMITRANO, Anthony A. Sr. Spouse of Millicent Maffei. Born 8-29-1920, died 4-11-2012 - Son of Anthony & Josephine (Vigilante) Amitrano, b. Brooklyn-NY. Wed 5-26-1945 in Franklinville-NY - WW II Vet, US Navy. 1942-1945
ANASIEWICZ, Jerry. Spouse of Ursula Zboinski. Born 12-03-1932, died 2-25-2015 - Son of Felix and Joanna (Romanski) Anasiewicz, b. Poland, d. Sprintville NY, Wed 2-23-1957 in Buffalo NY (she d. 2-25-2000)
ANDREWS, Hattie. Spouse of John F. Born 1872, died 1953
ANDREWS, John F. Spouse of Hattie. Born 1872, died 1958
ANDREWS, Margaret Little. Spouse of Steven T. Born 8-17-1841, died 9-14-1912
ANDREWS, Steven T. Spouse of Margaret. Born 8-17-1834, died 6-13-1891
ARMSTRONG, Grove L. Sr. Spouse of Eva M. Phillips. Born 7-29-1908, died 9-19-1999. Age: 91 - Born in Franklinville NY- Son of Charlie & Nellie Elmer Armstrong- m. Nov. 9 1929
ASHCRAFT, Joyce Ann. Spouse of Franklin Jr. Born 1-8-1939, died 6-2-2012. Age: 73 - Dau of Howard & Alice (Harris) Hall, b. Friendship-NY Wed 9-17-1955 (he d. 7-12-1996),
ATWATER, Arlee D.F. Born 3-24-1922, died 5-11-1973 - Dau of Homer & Anna Whitmore Freer NY - WW II Vet, US Coast Guard, PM1
ATWATER, James D. Born 4-30-1920, died 8-21-1966 - WW II Vet, US Army, 774 Tank Bn, PFC Med. Purple Heart
AUGIE, Virginia R. (Phillips). Spouse of Gary L. Augie. Born 9-20-1937, died 11-16-2019 - Dau of Homer & Lucille (Woodruff) Phillips, b. Wellsville NY, d. Machias NY. Wed 9-23-1984 in Franklinville NY (he survives)
BABBITT, Blanche C. (Cross) [Bonny]. Spouse of Robert C. Babbitt. Born 6-11-1928, died 10-23-2018 - Dau of Raymond & Catherine (Boser) Cross, b. prob Franklinville NY, d. NY. Wed 7-10-1954, two daughters.(Spouse survives)
BAILEY, Francis Drennan Sr. Spouse of #1 Margaret B. Squire, #2 Linda. Born 5-6-1927, died 4-20-2006 - Son of William C. & Louise Jane Drennan Bailey. - WW II Vet, US Navy aboard USS Frank D. Roosevelt
BAILEY, Roberta A. (Weber). Spouse of William. Born 12-9-1926, died 2-4-2005. Age: 78 - Dau of Leslie & Lucy Kerr Weber. Wed June 26 1948
BAILEY, William D. [Doug]. Spouse of Roberta A. Born 1-29-1926, died 5-31-2005. Age: 79 - Son of William C. & Louise Jane Drennan Bailey - WW II Vet, US Army, 309th Inf. 78th Lightening Div. Purple Heart
BALCOM, Charles F. Spouse of Helen V. Born 12-29-1918, died 1-11-2005 - Son of Homer & Augusta Horton Balcon & stepmother Mildred Allen Balcon - WW II Vet, US Army, Philippines, 1944-1946
BALCOM, Helen V. Spouse of Charles F. Born 5-29-1920, died 1-5-2002 - Born in Franklinville NY- Dau of Arthur & Georgeia Rowland Briggs- m. Feb 28 1942
BALDWIN, Edna M. Clement. Spouse of Leo E. Born 11-14-1914, died 11-21-2002 - Born in Farmersville NY- Dau of Duane & Cora Mae Bull Clement
BALDWIN, Leo E. Spouse of Edna M., died 1968 - Wed 2-12-1944
BARKER, Frances M. Spouse of Reginald M. Born 1906, died 1992
BARKER, Reginald M. Spouse of Frances M. Born 1900, died 1969
BATES, Donald A. Born 9-16-1929, died 1-16-1979
BATES, Elizabeth M. Born 8-19-1900, died 2-9-1985 - [Mother]
BATES, Richard L. Born 1933, died 1965
BEDNARSKI, Edward S. Spouse of Marilyn V. Hooper. Born 11-27-1932, died 8-8-1994 - A dairy farmer. Wed 2-07-1953 in Franklinville, four children.
BEDNARSKI, Marilyn V. (Hooper). Spouse of Edward S. Bednarski, Companion of Fred Lafferty. Born 10-13-1933, died 3-24-2017 - Dau of Morris & Margaret (Norton) Hooper, b. Farmersville NY, d.Olean NY, Wed 2-07-1953 in Franklinville NY, four children.
BENJAMIN, Lloyd L. [Ben]. Spouse of Betty Lou Cook. Born 3-20-1931, died 8-04-2017 - Son of Leonard & Vera (Nelson) Benjamin., b. Franklinville NY, d. Franklinville NY, Lineman for 40 years for Niagra Mohawk. Wed 8-13-1955 in Ischua NY, four children. (Spouse survives) - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy 1949-51
BENNETT, Clifford W., died 11-18-2007
BENNETT, June Truscott. Spouse of Norman L., died 12-8-1998 - Wed Dec 26 1941 in Springville NY
BENNETT, Norman L. Spouse of June T. Born 10-15-1919, died 6-1-2008 - Son of Percy & Maude Pixley Bennett - WW II Vet, US Army. Battle of the Bulge Purple Heart
BENTLEY, Donald L. Spouse of Connie. Born 9-4-1947, died 10-27-2009 - Son of William & Ethelyn Shipman Bentley m. May 17 1969
BENTLEY, Elizabeth J. (Barron). Spouse of #1 Donald Hughes, #2 William J. Bentley. Born 10-9-1924, died 8-30-2010 - Dau of Henry & Catherine (Shaw) Barron, b. Franklinville-NY Wed Donald 10-26-1946 in Franklinville-NY (he d. 11-11-1955), Wed William 7-24-1965 (he d. 2-27-2002)
BENTLEY, William J. Spouse of Elizabeth (Barron) Hughes. Born 3-13-1916, died 2-27-2002 - Born in Wellsville NY- son of Edwin & Jessie Johnson Bentley m. Elizabeth Hughes 7-24-1965 in Franklinville NY
BIANCO, Esther Rose (Bartlett). Spouse of Lawrence R, died 5-7-1988 - Wed Sept 6 1944
BIANCO, Lawrence R. Spouse of Esther Rose Bartlett. Born 5-27-1923, died 12-8-2009. Age: 86 - Son of Giuseppe & Francesca Buonsignore Bianco - WW II Vet, US Army
BIEHL, Bertha W. Spouse of William. Born 1935, died 1985
BIEHL, Gladys E. Spouse of William C. Born 1910, died 1984
BIEHL, William. Spouse of Bertha W. Born 1929, died 1979 - Uncategorized Vet
BIEHL, William C. Spouse of Gladys E. Born 1907, died 1962
BINK, Esther Mabel Leyda. Spouse of John. Born 9-10-1926, died 9-24-2010 - Dau of Emerson & Esther (Armstrong) Leyda, b. Blasdell-NY
BINK, Frances J. Spouse of Joseph. Born 4-16-1913, died 9-9-2001 - Dau of Thomas & Josephine Saletta Johnson, born in Franklinville NY. Wed 9-18-1943
BINK, John Paul. Spouse of Esther Leyda. Born 3-10-1926, died 10-30-2007 - Son of Michael & Lubina Sluserinko Bien m. May 1 1948
BINK, Joseph M. Spouse of Frances L. Johnson. Born 11-30-1910, died 3-24-2011. Age: 100 - Son of Michael Bien and Lubina Sluserenko, b. Fort Edward-NY? Wed 9-18-1943 in Franklinville-NY
BLACKMON, Edwin Keith. Spouse of #1 Margaret Field, #2 Shirley Smith Case. Born 6-20-1926, died 7-11-2011. Age: 85 - Son of John & Myrtle (Barry) Blackmon, Twin to brother Edward, b. Salamanca-NY. Margaret d. 10-06-1995. Wed Shirley 5-19-2007. Family dates back to passengers on the Mayflower (Thomas Rogers and Richard Warren). - WW II Vet, US Navy. 1944-46
BLACKMON, Margaret O. (Field). Spouse of E. Keith. Born 7-22-1925, died 10-6-1995. Age: 70 - Born in Salamanca NY- Dau of Loren & Pearl Luce Field m. Mar. 9 1946
BLANEY, Norma D. Spouse of James H. Born 6-14-1921, died 2-9-2012 - Dau of Harry & Marjorie (Robinson) Tonkin, b. Toronto-Canada Wed 5-31-1952 in Toronto-Canada (he d. 9-07-1976) Her brother Pilot Officer Donald Tonkin RCAF was killed over Germany 12-24-1944
BLENMAN, Alice Chamberlain. Spouse of Rear Adm. William. Born 12-28-1933, died 8-16-2012 - Dau of Dr. & Mrs. Hazel G. Chamberlain b. Cuba-NY Wed 1-05-1968 at Bishop's Chapel of St. Anthony of Padua in Buffalo-NY by Rt. Rev. Lauriston L. Scaife
BLERSCH, Joseph. Spouse of Madeline Hook. Born 6-3-1940, died 3-15- 2002 - Born in Buffalo NY- Son of Robert & Alice Kick Blersch
BLOUNT, Martha P., died 4-6-1853. Age: 16 - Dau of Walter & Rebecca Ripley Blount
BLOUNT, Rollin A., died 3-9-1831. Age: Infant - Son of Walter & Rebecca Ripley Blount
BLOUNT, Walter B. Spouse of Rebecca Ripley. Born 7-18-1794, died 9-24-1845
BLOYE, Arthur W. Born 1884, died 1966 - [Father]
BLOYE, Christine J. Spouse of Harmon. Born 11-18-1920, died 2-9-2003 - Born in Olean NY to Laurence & Mildred Pierce Thurston
BLOYE, Harmon. Spouse of Christine J., died 1991 - Wed July 27 1937 in Franklinville NY
BONANOWSKI, Wallace A. Born 6-3-1924, died 4-21-2000 - Born in Lancaster NY
BONINI, Charles Edward. Spouse of #1 Ray Etta (or Rayetta) Willman, #2 Barbara Anderson. Born 8-2-1930, died 5-25-2012 - Son of William Bonini and Evelyn Lindblade, b. Kane-PA Wed RayEtta in 1954 (she d. 1963), Wed Barbara on 11-23-1963 in Bradford-PA
BONITO, Doris Beda (Lyman) Frost. Spouse of #1 Edward J. Frost, #2 Maurizio Bonito. Born 8-7-1900, died 2-23-1975. Age: 74 - Dau of Edward S. and Ida M. (Green) Lyman. Born in Roulette PA, died in Olean NY. Wed Edward 12-30-1916 in Salamanca NY, three children. Wed Maurizio in 1961.
BOOROM, Marion Jean. Spouse of Darwin O. [Bud]. Born 2-04-1925, died 9-21-2015 - Dau of Joseph & Eileen (Riley) Adams, b. Saratoga Springs, d. Olean NY, Wed 6-24-1947 in Buffalo NY (he survives)
BORDEAUX, Jean E. Born 6-01-1923, died 9-06-2016 - Dau of Alfred & Mable (Hagans) Bordeaux, b. Frankllinville NY, d. Salamanca NY
BORDEAUX, Rose A. (Strong). Spouse of Clinton A. Born 12-17-1909, died 11-8-2003 - Dau of John & Dora Strong m Apr.19 1952 in Buffalo NY
BORK, Bertina (Freer) Tatlow. Spouse of #1 Conley Tatlow, #2 Edward C. Bork. Born 1903, died 1980 - Edward d. 1971
BOWEN, Percy J. Born 1900, died 1961
BRAZEE, Dorothy J. Spouse of Robert. Born 6-11-1936, died 11-02-2013 - Dau of Clarence & Mabel (Miller) Canfield, b. Wirt-NY, d. Pittsburgh-PA, Wed 6-25-1960 in Nile-NY (she survives)
BRECKLINE, Mazie L. Spouse of Walter J. Born 1918, died 1998 - Dau of Homer & Anna Whitmore Freer
BRECKLINE, Walter J. Spouse of Mazie L. Born 1920, died 1978
BRETON, David J. Born 3-9-1960, died 9-20-2008 - Son of Harold "Hap" & Joyce Kenworthy Breton Jr.
BRETON, Robert E. Spouse of Frances Remington. Born 11-4-1930, died 10-26-2001. Age: 70 - Born in Franklinville NY- Son of Joseph H. & Margaret G. Welsh Breton m. Mar. 25 1951
BRIGGS, Todd A. Born 10-18-1981, died 12-06-2018. Age: 36 - Son of Randy & Debra (Chapman) Opferbeck [sic], b. Olean NY, d. unstated
BROOKS, Anna Marie (Redding). Spouse of Irving. Born 12-12-1957, died 11-16-2007 - Dau of Earl Sr. and Iola (Hepworth) Redding. Wed 6-19-1976 in Franklinville, three children.
BROOKS, Irving E. Jr. Spouse of Anna Marie Redding. Born 6-1-1946, died 7-3-2020 - Son of Irving Sr. and Clara Bell (Darling) Brooks. Born and lived in Franklinville NY, died in Machias NY. Wed 6-19-1976 in Franklinville, three children.
BROWN, Beatrice P. Pierce. Spouse of Edward. Born 7-25-1907, died 8-7- 2002 - Born in Franklinville NY- Dau of Alonzo & Lania Reynolds Pierce
BROWN, Edward. Spouse of Beatrice P., died 1948 - Wed 8-14-1944 in Olean
BROWN, Irma A. Spouse of Earl R. Born 6-13-1911, died 4-10-2001 - Dau of Gorden & Eula Phinney Williams- b. Delevan NY- m. Aug. 14 1929
BROWN, Larry F. Born 7-6-1955, died 11-16-2007 - Son of Kenneth & Margaret Smith Brown
BROWN, Robert S. Born 3-27- 1921, died 7-3-2000 - Born in Machias NY son of Robert & Mary Speer Brown - Korean War Vet, US Navy
BROWNELL, Evah L. Spouse of Willard J. Born 1899, died 1992 - Post Office Dept.
BROWNELL, Willard J. Spouse of Evah L. Born 4-16-1895, died 6-10-1974 - American Legion - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Band, Cpl
BULL, Eleanor D. Bogumil. Spouse of Merrill R. Born 5-13-1921, died 2-12-2008 - Dau of Herman & Mary Grizer Bogumil
BULL, Merrill R. Spouse of Eleanor D. Born 6-27-1920, died 1-18-2008 - Son of Rev Fred & Mildred Merrill Bull. Wed in Buffalo NY Feb 20 1944
BULL, Richard M. "Dick". Spouse of Diane M. Bartholomew. Born 4-11-1945, died 7-20-2004 - Son of Merrill R. & Eleanor Bogumil Bull b. Buffalo-NY d. Delevan-NY Wed 12-14-1968 in Cheektowaga-NY Owner/Operator Arrowhead Campgrounds
BUMP, Florin H. Spouse of Olladean A., died 1990 - Wed Jan 15 1938 in Olean NY
BUMP, Olladean A. Spouse of Florin H. Born 4-4-1917, died 1-18-2007. Age: 89 - Dau of William J. & Jessie A. Constantine Graham
BURGASSER, David George. Spouse of Judith E. White. Born 10-21-1935, died 5-21-1994. Age: 58 - Son of John W. and Dorothy A. (Stabler) Burgasser. Wed 7-02-1955 in Cheektowaga NY, two children.
BURGASSER, Judith E. (White). Spouse of David Burgasser. Born 7-20-1938, died 11-04-2018. Age: 80 - Dau of Charles & Mary White, b. Buffalo NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 7-02-1955 in Cheektowaga NY, two children.
BURRELL, Charlotte J. Spouse of Donald L. Born 10-3-1921, died 1-1-2006 - Dau of Olend & Nora Morrison King
BURRELL, Donald L. Spouse of Charlotte J., died 6-15-1998 - Wed June 25 1947
BURTON, Betty Parsell. Spouse of Harry L. Born 9-24-1921, died 5-10-2006 - Dau of Worden & Ruth Beaver Parsell m. Dec 16 1941 in Gowanda NY
BURTON, Catherine A. Spouse of James E. Born 4-28-1923, died 9-16-2010 - Dau of Henry & Catherine (Shaw) Burton, b. Franklinville-NY Wed 2-24-1949 in Franklinville-NY (he d. 2-09-1976)
BURTON, Harry L. Spouse of Betty Parsell. Born 5-17-1912, died 1-24-2005 - Son of Charles & Lillie Burnside Burton - WW II Vet, US Navy, 28th Seabee Bn. Iceland, Invasion of Europe, Okinawa
BUTLER, George H. Spouse of Isabelle F. Born 5-5-1919, died 8-19-1995 - Born in Olean NY- Son of Smith & Pearl Elmer Butler - WW II Vet, US Army, 5th Army Coprs
BUTLER, Isabelle F. Spouse of George H. Born 5-13-1927, died 1-6-2003 - Dau of Emmett & Anna Prusiniaski Green m. Dec.12 1958 in Friendship NY
BUTTERFIELD, Alma L. Spouse of Charles A. Born 1900
BUTTERFIELD, Charles A. Spouse of Alma L. Born 1898, died 1952
BUTTERFIELD, Infant Son, died 4-12-1924. Age: Infant - Son of Charles A. & Alma L. Butterfield
BUTTON, Jonas K. Born 12-4-1889, died 1-23-1962 - WW I Vet, US Army, Qtr Master Corp, 409 Bakery Co, Pvt
BUTTON, Leaca L. Spouse of Jonas K. Born 1898, died 1976
CALKINS, Edna May. Spouse of Leroy G. Born 1922, died 1981
CALKINS, Leroy G. Spouse of Edna May. Born 1928, died 2000
CARLSON, Jessica Lynn (McClory). Born 11-02-1979, died 1-17-2017. Age: 37y - Dau of Gregory W. Carlson and Judy L. & Brian J. McClory, b. Olean NY, d. Buffalo NY
CARPENTER, Mrs. Eliphelt, died 5-28-1891. Age: 60
CARTER, Ernestine R. Spouse of Harold Caller. Born 12-31-1912, died 1-4-2001 - Dau of Ray & Rosa Eling Shipman b. Ischua NY-m. June 10 1933
CARTER, Jessie E. [Betty]. Spouse of #1 Charles R. Monroe, #2 Lyle Carter. Born 4-8-1926, died 6-9-2003 - Dau of Jessie Lee & Euna B. Fancher Hayes 1st m. Charles R. Monroe
CARTER, Lyle. Spouse of Jessie E., died 8-20- 1965 - M. 1954 IN Salamanca NY
CASWELL, Francis E. Spouse of Marjorie D., died 1984 - Wed 1925
CASWELL, Marjorie D. Spouse of Francis E. Born 10-6- 1908, died 4-6-1994. Age: 85 - Born in Salamanca NY- Dau of Mr. & Mrs. Roberson
CHAPMAN, Amy Cartwright. Spouse of Fred. Born 1898, died 1971
CHAPMAN, Betty J. Spouse of Donald. Born 7-28-1930, died 11-27-2004 - Born in Andover NY dau of Earl & Isabelle Howland m. Nov. 7 1950
CHAPMAN, Daniel. Spouse of Florence M. Born 1888, died 1969 - Son of Frank E.
CHAPMAN, Daniel. Spouse of Phebe Roselle Hannay. Born 2-10-1828, died 12-18-1882. Age: 54y 10m 8d - Son of Jeremiah and Abiah Chapman, born in Taborg, Oneida County, New York. Wed 1-1-1854
CHAPMAN, Donald. Spouse of Betty J. Born 7-7-1924, died 1-11- 2000 - Son of Daniel & Florence Campbell Chapman - WW II Vet, US Army, 229th Engr Combet Bn
CHAPMAN, Florence M. Spouse of Daniel. Born 1898, died 1971
CHAPMAN, Frank E. Spouse of Mrytle Waterman. Born 1864, died 1952 - Son of Daniel & Phebe R. Chapman
CHAPMAN, Fred. Spouse of Amy C. Bliton. Born 5-18-1895, died 1965 - Son of Frank E. Birth name is Frederick Earl Chapman
CHAPMAN, Phebe Roselle Hannay. Spouse of Daniel. Born 5-30-1838, died 4-15-1867. Age: 28y 10m 15d - Dau of Henery Tar Box (some listings show Ter Boss or Ter Bush-name descendent from mothers side) and Menervia Hannay He always signed his name H. T. B. Hannay, owing his uncommon name The Hannay's were Scottish
CHAPMAN, Raymond. Spouse of Lois Lane. Born 9-26-1935, died 8-9-2006. Age: 70 - Son of Charles & Tessie Chapman
CHASE, Ellen M. Spouse of Raymond H. Born 5-4-1944, died 10-10-2010 - Dau of Francis & Alta (Green) Tucker, b. Wellsville-NY
CHASE, Timothy W. Born 4-21-1968, died 7-22-2010 - Son of William Gibbs III & Grace (?) Chase, b. Olean-NY. Died in auto accaccident.
CHESEBRO, Lucille M. MacWilliams. Spouse of Russell C. Born 11-3-1924, died 10-21-2010 - Dau of Theodore S. MacWilliams and Grace L. Carpenter, b. Allegany-NY Wed 7-10-1943 (he d. 1984)
CHESEBRO, Marian J. Spouse of Raymond. Born 4-7-1922, died 8-1- 2001 - Born in Franklinville NY- Dau of Verne & Norma King Wheeler
CHESEBRO, Raymond. Spouse of Marian J. W, died 1-26-1992 - Wed Aug. 17 1940
CLAYSON, Arthur W. Spouse of Laura E. Wetherby. Born 1916, died 2-04-1979 Wed 10-16-1943 in Cuba NY
CLAYSON, Clarence E. Spouse of Virginia Kellogg. Born 11-23-1922, died 2-17-2004 - Son of Hiram & Hattie Benjamin Clayson b. Ischua-NY d. Cuba-NY Wed 7-17-1948 in Lyndon-NY. Dairy farmer - WW II Vet, US Army, 79th Engr Constr. Bn 1943-1946
CLAYSON, Homer E. Born 12-15-1903, died 1-31-1963 - WW II Vet, US Army, 1318 Service Unit, Tec5
CLAYSON, Laura E. (Wetherby). Spouse of Arthur W. Born 3-25-1923, died 4-09-2016 - Dau of George & Ethel (Lockwood) Wetherby, b. Ischua NY, d. Machias NY. Wed 10-16-1943 in Cuba NY (he d. 2-04-1979)
CLEMENT, Helen A. Spouse of Harold D. Born 11-12-1914, died 6-13-2010 - Dau of Edwin & Maude (Davis) Truscott, b. Warsaw-NY Wed 12-14-1943 in Franklinville-NY (he d. 9-21-1998)
CLEMENT, Marjorie F. Spouse of Donald B. Born 5-31-1917, died 9-30-1999 - Born in Machias NY- Dau of Frank & Ruth Follett Rogers m. Jan. 11 1936
CLEMENTS, Betty Jane (Cooley). Spouse of M. Sam Clements. Born 9-14-1920, died 7-26-2018 - Dau of Henry & Mary Marguerite (Knapp) Cooley, b. Buffalo NY, d. FL. Wed 60 yrs, three children.
CLEMENTS, M. Samuel. Spouse of Betty J. Cooley. Born 3-11-1919, died 10-14-2001. Age: 82 - Son of Samuel & Agnes McMurray Clements. Born in Franklinville NY, lived in Franklinville and Ft. Myers FL. Wed 60 yrs, three children. - WW II Vet, US Army, Pacific
CLOSE, Ann Doran. Spouse of James A., died 5-27-1985 - Wed April 6 1953 in Buffalo NY
CLOSE, James A. Spouse of Ann D. Born 10-25-1926, died 3-16-2005 - Son of Joseph & Louise Mittestedt Close - WW II Vet, USMC. Iwo Jima & Guam
COBADO, Bruce. Spouse of Sandra G. Born 7-30-1942, died 3-6-2005 - Born in in Buffalo NY son of Carl & Pearl Fitzpatrick Cabado Arabian Horse breeder
COBADO, Bruce Jr. Born 4-10-1983, died 5-17-1983 - Infant son of Bruce Cobado & Sandra Gunsolus Cobado He has a marker & is buried on grandfather Cobado grave
COBADO, Carl. Born 4-22-1895, died 5-1971 - Born in Utica NY to Henry & Augusta Henchzel Cobado His grave marker states 1892 - 1971
COBADO, Ronald Thomas. Born 11-24-1934, died 11-22-2005. Age: 69 - Born in in Buffalo NY son of Carl & Pearl Fitzpatrick Cabado. Wed to Joan Milgate - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
COHOON, Claude D. Born 1885, died 1968
COLE, Catherine T. Spouse of Robert J. Born 10-20-1920, died 5-31-2012 - Dau of Roy Tarbell and Marie Bush, b. Farmersville-NY Wed 1939 in Freedom-NY (he d. 4-29-1998)
COLLINS, Cleo E. Spouse of Katherine L., died 9-20-1988 - Wed Nov 12 1968 in Lancaster CA
COLLINS, Gerald A. Spouse of Shirley D. Born 1910, died 1984 - WW II Vet, US Navy
COLLINS, Katherine L. Spouse of Cleo E. Born 2-8-1921, died 7-15-2003 - Dau of John S. & Sarah Brakeman Hamilton
COLLINS, Kristen J. Born 12-13- 2000, died 3-26- 2001 - Born in Jamestown- Dau of Michael & Tonya Whitwood Maletto
COLLINS, Shirley D. Spouse of Gerald A. Born 1924, died 1991
COMSTOCK, Cecelia T. Spouse of Theodore G., died 12-25-2006 - Dau of Nellie Maroney m. Jan 1 1951
COMSTOCK, Theodore G. Spouse of Cecelia T. Born 3-3-1927, died 10-12-2007 - Son of Ira & Margaret Travis Comstock - Korean War Vet, US Army
COONEY, Howard. Spouse of Marie Reed W. Born 11-5-1908, died 8-11-2001. Age: 92 - Born in Humphrey NY- Son of Andrew & Leora Sweet Cooney
COOPER, Beverly (Bill) Vandenberg. Spouse of #1 Richard D. Vandenberg, #2 Richard G. Cooper. Born 7-13-1932, died 10-14-2016 - Dau of Glenn D. & Pauline Bill, b. Franklinville NY, d. Olean NY, Wed #1 in 1951 (he d. 12-1970), Wed #2 10-19-1973 (he d. 3-2011)
COOPER, Richard G. Spouse of Beverly A. (Bill) Vandenberg. Born 8-4-1931, died 3-20-2011 - Son of F. Dwight Cooper and Mildred Isham, b. Lyndon NY. Wed 10-19-1973 in Franklinville NY
CORBIN, Sue J. Spouse of John. Born 9-27-1925, died 11-29-2007 - Born in Dothan AL to Richard & Emma Neel Judad, a nurse. Wed Oct 14 1978 in Marlboro VT he d. 8-1-1995
CORNELL, Agnes S. Spouse of Edwin J. Born 5-14-1937, died 9-13-2008 - Dau of Elifred & Gretta Rader Southwick
CORNELL, Edwin J. Spouse of Agnes S., died 2-6-1999 - Wed Aug 17 1968
CORNELL, Edwin Jon. Spouse of Agnes Lou Southwick. Born 7-07-1937, died 2-06-1999 - Adopted son of Edwin Merle & Doris Elizabeth (Rogers) Cornell, b. Port Allegany-PA d. Rochester-NY
CORNELL, Edwin Merle DARRIN [Merle]. Spouse of #1 Doris Elizabeth Rogers, #2 Francis Myrtle Kuenn, #3 Cecil (Rogers) Norton. Born 8-1907, died 5-24-1986 - Son of Edwin Charles & Caroline Elizabeth Golden Darrin, b. Ridgway-PA d. Harrisburg-PA. Adopted son of Franklin and Marietta Lewis Cornell. Wed Francis 7-11-1948 in Franklinville-NY. Wed Cecil 1-3-1974. Another marker in Eulalia Cem in Coudersport-PA.
CORNELL, Francis Myrtle. Spouse of Edwin Merle. Born 12-16-1908, died 12-08-1972 - Dau of William & Blanche Whitney Kuenn, b. Cambria-NY d. Olean-NY Wed 7-11-1948 in Franklinville-NY
CRADLER, Carrie A. Spouse of William T. Born 1906, died 1974
CRADLER, William T. Spouse of Carrie A. Born 3-18-1896, died 6-27-1962 - WW I Vet, 409th Co MTC, Cpl
CRAMER, Rickey E. Born 7-3-1949, died 6-26-2006 - Born in Niagara Falls NY son of Bud & Vera Heath Cramer
CRAWFORD, Ernest. Spouse of #1 Lloyd Bogardusm, #2 Ernest Crawford. Born 4-6-1918, died Apr-84
CRAWFORD, Mildred D. Spouse of #1 Lloyd Bogardusm, #2 Ernest Crawford. Born 5-8-1919, died 7-17-2001. Age: 82 - Dau of Louis & Martha Bast George, born in Lancaster WI.
CROOKS, James E. Spouse of Evelyn Fischer. Born 7-22-1927, died 4-16-2017 - Son of Frederick & Frances (Silloway) Crooks, b. Franklinville NY, d. Machias NY, Wed 1-29-1949 in Franklinville NY (she survives) - WW II Vet, US Navy
CROSS, Gordon E. Spouse of Gail M. Ranney. Born 5-21-1937, died 9-21-2013 - Son of Earl R. & Miriam (Berg) Cross, b. Buffalo-NY, d. Buffalo-NY, Wed 3-29-1964 in Buffalo-NY (she survives) - Cold War Vet, US US Navy 1961-63 & US Navy Reserves
CURRIE, Afton R. Spouse of Sarah Jane. Born 10-3-1882, died 12-29-1958 - Son of William & Mary Savannah Goss Currie
CURRIE, Dorothy E. Born 7-21-1903, died 1929 - Dau of William & Mary Savannah Goss Currie
CURRIE, Frank Daniel. Spouse of Hazel Jewell. Born 8-1887, died 1912 - Son of William & Mary Savannah Goss Currie
CURRIE, Hazel Jewell. Spouse of Frank Daniel. Born 3-7-1889, died 6-19-1971 - Dau of Moses and Angeline Jewell
CURRIE, Mary Savannah. Spouse of William. Born 9-20-1864, died 4-24-1943 - Dau of Daniel & Savannah Nichols Goss
CURRIE, Sarah Jane [Jenny]. Spouse of Afton R. Born 8-31-1874, died 12-23-1954 - Dau of William McStay and Mary McCreedy
CURRIE, William. Spouse of Mary Savannah - Son of Alexander Currie and Janet Affleck
CZAPLA, Joseph J. Spouse of Mary T., died 6-8-1967 - Wed Aug 26 1947 in Buffalo NY
CZAPLA, Mary T. Spouse of Joseph J. Born 9-8-1922, died 3-3-2008 - Dau of Lawrence & Balbina Miela Maguda. Church organist for 40 years at Catholic Church in Franklinville NY
DALLAS, Doug. Spouse of Carole D. Rogers. Born 12-4-1938, died 5-15-2002 - Born in Franklinville NY- Son of Frank & Florence Pitcher Dallas. Wed 12-18-1965 in Franklinville NY - Cold War Vet, US Navy. 1958-1962
DAVIS, Edith E. Spouse of Leonard V. Born 7-25-1923, died 4-24-2010 - Dau of Holsea & Blanche (Caldwell) Lane, b. Farmersville-NY, d. Olean-NY (Olean Gen Hosp; unexpectedly), Wed 6-28-1947 in Farmersville-NY
DAVIS, Leonard V. Spouse of Edith Eleanor Lane. Born 9-11-1919, died 12-05-2013 - Son of Vernon H. & Matilda Caroline (Brown) Davis, b. Franklinville-NY, d. Franklinville-NY,
DAY, James W. Spouse of #1 Charlotte Chesebro, #2 Verna. Born 1-27-1911, died 1-12-2007. Age: 95 - Son of Clifford & Edith Gibson Day. Charlotte d.1981. Verna died in 2002
DECKER, Bernice L. Spouse of Douglas. Born 1-18-1935, died 2-7- 2001 - Dau of Ralph & Lillian Oldenburg Kelley b. Tonawanda NY- m. Nov. 28 1964
DECKER, Edwin, died 9-10-1998 - Wed May 3 1947
DECKER, Ila M. Born 4-30-1925, died 8-7-2002 - Dau of Henry & Mary Wood Goss
DECKER, James A. Spouse of Mary Preston. Born 10-13-1950, died 10-15-2014 - Son of Harry and Esther (Kibbler) Decker, b. Franklinville NY, d. Hinsdale NY, Wed 10-17-1971 in Franklinville NY (she d. 3-27-2004) - Vietnam Vet, US Army
DEER, Frances Strohmeyer. Spouse of Russell J., died 9-21- 2000 - Wed 1947
DEER, Margaret Marry. Spouse of Jeff Phinney. Born 1-7-1963, died 5-12-2016
DEER, Russell J. Spouse of Frances S. Born 3-12-1921, died 3-8-2001 - Born in Middleport- Son of Frederick & Agatha Deer
DEGROFF, Harold Hollis. Spouse of Katie A. Black. Born 6-8-1909, died 8-3-1975 - Son of Aaron and Elinor (Blauvelt) DeGroff, born in Potter Co PA, died in Buffalo NY. Wed 10-22-1933 at Shinglehouse PA, six children.
DEGROFF, Katie A. Spouse of Hollis. Born 10-3-1908, died 5-23-1994. Age: 85 - Born in Scio NY- Dau of Alpha & Ettie Burdge Black
DEIBLER, Helen Edna. Spouse of Clayton L. Born 5-6-1920, died 6-17-2008 - Dau of John & Edna Phillips Chapman m. Feb 9 1939
DENAPOLE, Frank Sylvester. Spouse of Grace Simpson. Born 4-1-1901, died 11-29-1963 - Born in Brooklyn NY
DENSMORE, Florence G. Spouse of Leslie R. Born 1903, died 1996
DENSMORE, Leslie R. Spouse of Florence G. Born 1902, died 1964
DOTY, Thomas E. Born 11-29-1946, died 3-16- 2001 - Born in Olean NY- Son of Glen & Gladys Knapp Doty - Cold War Vet, USMC. 1964-1968
DRAYER, Marjorie A. Spouse of William. Born 1-13-1934, died 7-19-2005. Age: 71 - Dau of Raymond & Celia Schulenberg
DRAYER, William. Spouse of Marjorie A., died 5-11-1987 - Wed May 2 1953 in Buffalo NY
DUCLON, Michael G. [Duke]. Spouse of Merissa Kurowski. Born 10-27-1974, died 8-28-2013 - Son of Gary & Sharon (Wentland) DuClon, b. Springville-NY, d. Franklinville-NY, Wife survives
DUDLEY, Walter William. Spouse of Nellie Jane Ellis. Born 4-03-1925, died 12-02-2015 - Son of William & Elsie (Neuber) Dudley, b. East Hamburg NY, d. Franklinville NY, Wed 10-25-1961 (she d. 11-26-1982) - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, 781 Bombardment Sq
DUNLAP, Robert L. S. Spouse of Reta Hetten. Born 12-27-1928, died 3-10-1994. Age: 65 - Born in Town of New Hudon NY- Son of Stanley & Ellen Talor Dunlap m. Sept. 11 1954
DZIEKONSKI, Adam. Spouse of Shirley Hogue. Born 7-24-1919, died 1-26-1978. Age: 68 - Son of Stanley & Josephine (Pezanoski) Dziekonski. Wed 11-16-1946 in Franklinville NY. - WW II Vet, US Army, Cpl
DZIEKONSKI, Andrew. Spouse of Frances M. Demblewski. Born 1-10-1915, died 10-6-1987 - Son of Stanley & Josephine (Pezanoski) Dziekonski. Wed Nov 30 1940
DZIEKONSKI, Bronislawa (Pierzanowska) [Bertha]. Spouse of Stanley. Born 10-2-1888, died 7-17-1961. Age: 72 - Born in Poland, died in NY. Nine children.
DZIEKONSKI, David J. Spouse of Eleanor D. Born 3-22-1943, died 1971. Age: 88 - Son of Frank & Josephine (Saba) Dziekonski - Cold War Vet, US Army
DZIEKONSKI, Edward. Spouse of Eleanor D. Born 3-17-1923, died 12-15-2008. Age: 85 - Son of Stanley & Josephine (Pezanoski) Dziekonski - WW II Vet, US Army
DZIEKONSKI, Eleanor D. Spouse of David J. Born 4-7-1905, died 6-25-1905
DZIEKONSKI, Frances M. (Demblewski). Spouse of Andrew. Born 4-6-1921, died 12-8-2009. Age: 88 - Wed Nov 30 1940
DZIEKONSKI, Frank. Spouse of Josephine Saba. Born 4-4-1908, died 10-15-1986. Age: 78 - Born in IL, died in Machias NY. At least three children
DZIEKONSKI, Josephine (Saba). Spouse of Frank. Born 12-14-1911, died 12-25-1971. Age: 60 - Dau of Gosef and Magdeline Saba. Born in NY, died in Catt Co NY. At least three children
DZIEKONSKI, Julia A. (Decker) [Judy]. Spouse of Walter F. Born 1-24-1949, died 8-12-2002 - Dau of Harry & Esther (Kibbler) Decker. Born in Olean NY, died in Machias NY. Wed 6-30-1984 in Franklinville NY, no children named.
DZIEKONSKI, Patricia Rose. Born 3-28-1943, died 9-6-1943. Age: 5m - No other information
DZIEKONSKI, Peter J. 9-11-1912, died 3-1-1992. Age: 79 - Son of Stanley & Josephine (Pezanoski) Dziekonski
DZIEKONSKI, Ronald A. 4-12-1942, died 9-19-1979. Age: 37 - No other information
DZIEKONSKI, Rose V. 4-28-1917, died 12-23-2015. Age: 98y - Dau of Stanley & Bronislava Dziekonski. A nurse.
DZIEKONSKI, Shirley H. (Hogue). Spouse of Adam. Born 3-8-1921, died 1-9-2009. Age: 87 Dau of Paul and Charlotte (Wenrick) Hogue. Born in Waynesburg PA. Wed 11-16-1946 in Franklinville NY. - WW II Vet, Women's Army Corps, S/Sgt
DZIEKONSKI, Stanley. Spouse of Bronislawa (Pierzanowska 10-5-1873, died 2-16-1948. Age: 74 - Born in Poland, died in Franklinville NY. Nine children.
DZIEKONSKI, Walter F. Spouse of Julia A. Decker. Born 3-5-1934, died 8-24-2009. Age: 75 - Son of Frank & Josephine (Saba) Dziekonski. Born in Franklinville NY, died in Machias NY. Was a police chief for Franklinville for 34 years. Wed 6-30-1984 in Franklinville NY, no children named.
EVERETT, Dorothy J. Spouse of William G. Born 11-01-1938, died 9-13-2015 - Dau of Richard & Eva (Goodman) Sears, b. Wichita Falls TX, d. Olean NY, Wed 1-04-1956 in Grand Field OK (he survives)
FARNHAM, Helen C. Born 7-9-1910, died 4-22-2000 - Born in Franklinville NY
FERGUSON, Richard Joseph. Born 3-3-1944, died 2-23-2004
FERSTLER, Esther M. (Caswell). Spouse of Harold Jacob Ferstler. Born 6-26-1927, died 7-02-2017. Age: 90y - Dau of Francis E. & Marjorie Caswell, b. Bradford PA, d. Orlando FL. Four children. Previous husband predeceased her
FISHER, Bonalyn B. Spouse of DeVere. Born 11-19-1924, died 3-5-2005 - Dau of Fred & Mary D. Cooper Lafferty
FISHER, DeVere. Spouse of Bonalyn B., died 3-2-1995 - Wed Oct. 19 1944 in Cuba NY
FOOTE, John Rev. Spouse of Luracy. Born 10-22-1789, died 9-25-1881 - Son of Caleb Foote, born in Salem Mass
FOOTE, Luracy Pratt. Spouse of John Rev., died 9-4-1878. Age: 74
FORWARD, Debra A. Born 4-30-1963, died 11-4-2003 - Dau of Don & Patricia Mason Leederman auto accident
FOSTER, Joseph F. Born 9-25-1941, died 3-08-2019 - Son of Frank & Iris (Mann) Foster, b. Buffalo NY, d. Warren PA
FOX, Sheila A. Born 2-14-1933, died 3-6- 2001 - Born in Portville NY- Dau of Frank & Celia Enders Ferris
FRANCIS, Donald W. Spouse of Una V., died 3-15-1993 - Wed June 8 1938
FRANCIS, Una V. Spouse of Donald W. Born 12-6-1915, died 12-1-2009 - Dau of Frank & Pearl Harrison Lucas
FRAZIER, Dawn A. (Halbert). Spouse of Richard F. Born 12-06-1937, died 3-31-2016 - Dau of Martin & Harriet (France) Halbert, b. Canaseraga NY, d. Franklinville NY. Wed 12-6-1982 in Franklinville, ten children.
FRAZIER, Richard F. Spouse of Dawn A. Halbert. Born 7-15-1933, died 1-5-2020 - Son of Edwin and Laura (Smith) Frazier. Born in Caneadea NY, lived in Franklinville NY, died in Olean NY. Woked 30 years at Ford stamping plant. Wed 12-6-1982 in Franklinville, ten children.
FREEMAN, Albert Bethuel. Spouse of Ettie A. Ryther. Born 11-8-1855, died 10-27-1914. Age: 58 - Son of Erie B. and Harriet (Taylor) Freeman. Wed 8-30-1882, six children.
FREEMAN, Charles D. Spouse of #1 Jacqueline Rogers, #2 Kathleen Bloom. Born 11-3-1943, died 3-3-2020. Age: 76 - Son of Howard E. and Glenola (Breton) Freeman. Born, lived, and died in Franklinville NY. Worked 40 years at Dresser-Rand. Wed Jacqueline 7-18-1964 in Franklinville, two daughters, she d. 4-19-1999. Wed Kathleen 6-19-2004 in Perry NY, she survives.
FREEMAN, Ettie A. (Ryther). Spouse of Albert B. Born 11-10-1856, died 7-20-1928. Age: 71 - Dau of Nelson and Freelove G. (Lawrence) Ryther. Given name is Euretta. Wed 8-30-1882, six children.
FREEMAN, Glenola Elizabeth (Breton). Spouse of Howard E. Born 1908, died 12-1973 - Dau of Joseph and Ida (Walton) Breton. Born in Holland NY, lived in Franklinville NY. Wed 6-25-1927 in Franklinville, At least three sons.
FREEMAN, Howard Elmer. Spouse of Glenola E. Breton. Born 9-22-1901, died 4-1975. Age: 73 - Son of William and Maggie (Shaw) Freeman. Born in Pike NY, lived and died in Franklinville NY. Wed 6-25-1927 in Franklinville, At least three sons.
FREEMAN, Howard J. Spouse of. Born 2-26-1930, died 6-13-1970. Age: 40 - !930 Arcade census: Son of Howard E and Gelnola E. (Breton) Freeman, bon in NY.
FREEMAN, Jacqueline Joy (Rogers). Spouse of Charles D. Born 2-28-1946, died 4-19-1999. Age: 53 - Wed 7-18-1964 in Franklinville, two daughters,
FREEMAN, Jean M. (Parsons). Spouse of #1 Leonard Connors, #2 Howard Freeman. Born 12-14-1919, died 11-08-2017. Age: 97y - Dau of Frank & Clara (Wise) Parsons, b. Johnsonburg PA, d. Machias NY. Four children, multiple surnames. (Predeceased by both husbands)
FREER, Albert H. Born 1916, died 1983 - Son of Homer & Anna Whitmore Freer - WW II Vet, US Army,
FREER, Annette M. (Whitcomb). Spouse of Homer L. Born 1899, died 1992
FREER, Bertram E. Born 1920, died 1988 - Son of Homer & Anna Whitmore Freer - WW II Vet, US Army,
FREER, Hazel M. (Reynolds). Spouse of #1 ? Deininger, #2 Merle H. Freer. Born 2-9-1932, died 5-11-2011 - Dau of Reese & Pearl (?) Reynolds, b. Franklinville-NY. Husband d. 1993
FREER, Homer L. Spouse of Annette M. Born 1885, died 1977
FREER, Nettie, died 7-21-1951
FROST, ?. Spouse of George. Born 2-21-1889, died 2-10-1960. Age: 70 - No other informaiton.
FROST, Arthur Edward. Spouse of #1 Florence Cool, #2 Irene M. Reed. Born 8-13-1894, died 2-17-1990. Age: 95 - Son of Frank F. and Vernelia A. (Bartholomew) Frost. Born in Franklinville NY. 1930 census: Wed to Florence, four children. (She d. 1976) Wed Irene 6-22-1940.
FROST, Charles Frank. Born 4-19-1921, died 10-12-1929. Age: 8y - Son of Edward J. and Doris B. (Lyman) Frost. Born in Olean, died in Catt Co NY.
FROST, Chauncey H. Spouse of Pearl L. Sanford. Born 7-2-1891, died 3-5-1958. Age: 66 - Son of Frank F. and Vernelia A. (Bartholomew) Frost. Born in Franklinville NY, died in Erie Co NY. Seven children
FROST, Chauncey L. Born 6-11-1918, died 7-6-1918. Age: 25d - Son of Chauncey H. and Pearl L. (Sanford) Frost.
FROST, Dessie Helen. Born 1-2-1941, died 1-23-1960. Age: 19 - Dau of Arthur E. and Irene M. (Reed) Frost. Born in Frankinville NY, died in Olean NY.
FROST, Donald P Jr. Born 5-7-1953, died 5-21-1953. Age: 14d - Son of Donald P. Sr.
FROST, Edward Jesse. Spouse of #1 Doris B. Lyman, #2 Helen P. (Harvison). Born 5-4-1896, died 7-18-1936. Age: 40 - Son of Frank F. and Vernelia A. (Bartholomew) Frost. Born in Franklinville NY, died in Olean NY. Wed Doris 12-30-1916 in Salamanca NY, three children. Wed Helen in 1935.
FROST, Elwood Jr., died 9-9-1919 - No other information
FROST, Frank Fred. Spouse of Vernelia A. Bartholomew. Born 1-18-1864, died 12-26-1912 - Son of Jesse and Mary Frost. Born in Farmersville NY, died in Franklinville NY. Was a stone mason. Wed in Rock Co WI. 1900 Franklinville census: Wed 17 years, 10 children.
FROST, Fred Chauncey. Spouse of Frances E. (Wilcox). Born 11-30-1885, died 11-28-1918. Age: 32 - Son of Frank F. and Vernelia A. (Bartholomew) Frost. Born in Franklinville NY, died in Erie PA. Wed 11-20-1909 in Hinsdale NY, two children.
FROST, Freda Madora (Osgood). Spouse of Marle L. Born 10-13-1893, died 11-19-1974. Age: 81 - Dau of Charles W and Marvis E. (Shipman) Osgood. Born in Ischua NY, died in Catt Co NY. Three children.
FROST, Frederick. Spouse of. Born 1911, died 7-7-1931 - Son of Fred C. and Frances E (Wilcox) Frost. Died in Oneida Co NY.
FROST, Glenn Raymond. Spouse of Lois L. Born 6-19-1926, died 8-25-2001 - Son of Samuel L. and Marie I. (Snyder) Frost. Wed 11-29-1947 in Ischua, three children.
FROST, Harvey F. Spouse of Mildred P. Blighton. Born 12-20-1900, died 6-21-1982. Age: 81 - Son of Frank F. and Vernelia A. (Bartholomew) Frost. Born in Franklinville NY, died in Salamanca NY. Wed 10-14-1922 in Catt Co NY. At least one daughter.
FROST, Infant. Born, died 4-24-1922. Age: Infant - Unnamed infant.
FROST, Irene Maude (Reed). Spouse of #1 Donald A. Wheeler, #2 Arthur E. Frost. Born 6-11-1907, died 9-30-1978. Age: 71 - Dau of Frank and Maude (Osgood) Reed. Born in Ischua NY, died in NY. Wed Donald in 1924, he d. 1949. Wed Arthur 6-22-1940, at least two daughters.
FROST, Lelia A. Born 12-1899, died 1902 - Dau of Frank F. and Vernelia A. (Bartholomew) Frost. Born and died in Franklinville NY
FROST, Lois J. (Linderman). Spouse of Glenn R. Born 7-11-1931, died 5-19-2020 - Dau of Carl and Eloise (Kessler) Linderman. Born in Ischua NY, lived in Franklinville NY, died in Lansdale PA. Wed 11-29-1947 in Ischua, three children.
FROST, Lonnie K. Born 6-17-1948, died 9-22-1953. Age: 5y - Son of Glenn R and Lois J (Linderman) Frost. Born in Ischua NY.
FROST, Marie Irene (Snyder). Spouse of Samuel L. Born 5-14-1901, died 6-10-1970. Age: 69 - Dau of Philip C. and Louise M. (Chamberlin) Snyder. Born in Allegany NY, died in Kill Buck NY. Three children, surnamed Snydeer and Reynolds. Wed Glenn 5-10-1923 in Franklinville NY. one son.
FROST, Mary E. Spouse of Jesse. Born 1837, died 8-1910 - At least five children.
FROST, Merle Leon. Spouse of Freda M. Osgood. Born 10-26-1889, died 5-5-1986. Age: 96 - Son of Merrit and Ella (Burton) Frost. Born in Clarksville NY, died in Catt Co NY. Wed 9-25-1915 in NY, four children.
FROST, Nellie L. Born 1918, died 10-9-1918. Age: 8m - Dau of Arthur E. and Florence (Cool) Frost.
FROST, Pearl L. (Sanford). Spouse of Chauncey H. Born 1896, died 7-22-1941 - Dau of Daniel L. and Laura (Main) Sanford. Born in PA, died in NY. Seven children.
FROST, Verneila Amelia (Bartholomew) [Nellie] Bartholomew. Spouse of Frank F. Born 3-29-1866, died 10-1-1951 - Dau of Chauncey and Rebecca B. (Perry) Bartholomew. Born in Albany WI, died in NY. Wed in Rock Co WI. 1900 Franklinville census: Wed 17 years, 10/10 children.
FROST, Virginia L. Born 1-3-1928, died 8-22-1931. Age: 3y - Dau of Arthur E. and Florence (Cool) Frost.
FROST, William Henry. Spouse of Cora E. Adams. Born 12-17-1887, died 5-1935. Age: 47 - Son of Frank F. and Vernelia A. (Bartholomew) Frost. Born, lived, and died in Franklinville NY. Wed in 6-23-1090 in Franklinville NY, one son
FUENTES, Mildred. Spouse of Lawrence. Born 6-25-1893, died 11-17-1963 - Born in Franklinville NY- Son of John & Louella Montgomery
FULCHERINO, James. Spouse of Theresa D. Born 12-3-1927, died 4-5-2006 - Son of Dominic & Mary Nero Fulcherino m. May 17 1952
GALATI, Patricia A. Spouse of #1 William C. Brechbuehl, #2 Gregory Galati. Born 9-29-1934, died 11-17-2015 - Dau of Leland & Shirley (Merrill) McElheny, b. Buffalo NY, d. Wellsville NY, Wed #1 11-05-1955 in Delevan NY (he d. 12-24-1958), Wed #2 12-31-1983 in Franklinville NY (he survives)
GENA, Daphne S. Spouse of Gene. Born 10-22-1921, died 5-31-2010 - Dau of Clyde & Brace (Beebe) Simpson, b. Franklinville-NY Wed 9-13-1941 in Franklinville-NY (he d. 6-13-2008), 3 children
GENA, Gene A. Spouse of Daphne. Born 3-4-1918, died 6-13-2008 - Son of G. Chester & Carol Allen Gena m. Sept 13 1941 - WW II Vet, US Army. Europe, Bronze Star
GIBBS, Doris M. Spouse of Ralph H. Born 7-23-1916, died 4-21-2007 - Dau of Howard & Leila Mays Jack m. Oct 20 1945 in Kenmoree NY
GIBBS, Ralph H. Spouse of Doris M. Born 11-16-1914, died 3-15-2009 - Son of Edwin & Cora Page Gibbs - WW II Vet, US Army Corps of Engrs. Europe
GIFFORD, Herbert Curtis [Curt]. Spouse of Beverly Wilson. Born 9-1-1926, died 2-10-2011 - Son of Herbert and Phoebe (Hansen) Gifford, b. Franklinville-NY Wife d. 2009 in Ocala-FL - WW II Vet, US Navy 1944-46
GILBERT, Charles. Born 7-27-1929, died 12-25-2004. Age: 75 - Son of William & Daisey Warner Gilbert
GLASSPOOLE, Elizabeth. Spouse of Frank. Born 1-06-1920, died 6-27-2003 - Dau of Andrew & Dorene Schuler Michel. Pen name: Lady Elizabeth
GLOSSER, Deenie Khale. Spouse of Robert F., died 4-1-1995 - Wed Jan 26 1946 in Buffalo NY
GLOSSER, Robert F. Spouse of Deenie K. Born 9-18-1923, died 4-15-2005 - Son of Roy & Linda Facemayer Glosser - WW II Vet, US Army
GONSOLUS, Merle. Spouse of Anna M. Born 10-14-1930, died 8-1971 - Cpl. 44 AAA Gun Bn CAC Korea DAD - Korean War Vet, US Army, 44 AAA Gun Bn CAC, Cpl
GONSOLUS-MURPHY, Anna M. Spouse of Merle. Born 3-5-1935, died 2-4-1995 - Born in Franklinville NY- Dau of Lawrence & Mina Snow Jones m. 1956 MOM
GORECKI, Casimir S. Spouse of Eleanor Farrington. Born 4-19-1915, died 11-27-2010 - Son of Stanley & Veronica (Bychowska) Gorecki, b. Olean-N Y Wed 7-06-1939 in Eldred PA - Uncategorized Vet, Natl Guard Ci 174th Inf
GORECKI, Eleanor F. Spouse of Casimir S. Gorecki. Born 10-05-1921, died 6-04-2019 - Dau of Forrest & Hazel (Copnstantine) Farrington, b. Franklinville NY, d. Cuba NY. Wed 7-06-1939 in Eldred PA
GOSS, Alfred J. Born 11-7-1888, died 2-6-1889
GOSS, Anna Bell Cooley. Spouse of William R. Born 11-25-1872, died 4-22-1939 - Dau of Melville D Cooley and Mary Grace Mitchell
GOSS, Christian. Spouse of John. Born 7-17-1804, died 1-7-1882
GOSS, Daniel. Spouse of Savannah. Born 6-8-1827, died 4-17-1910 - Son of Henry & Mary Wood Goss
GOSS, David William Harlow. Spouse of Effigene J. Born 5-13-1856, died 10-4-1925 - Son of Daniel & Savannah Nichols Goss
GOSS, Effigene J "Effie". Spouse of David William Harlow. Born 4-18-1860, died 5-30-1919 - Dau of George P Clark and Electa Burr
GOSS, Ethel May. Born 12-23-1890, died 6-4-1897 - Dau of David & Effigene J Clark Goss
GOSS, Graydon William, Lt. Born 6-1-1902, died 11-25-1956 - Son of William R. & Anna Bell Cooley Goss
GOSS, Hayden. Spouse of Jennie Gould. Born 4-14-1867 - Son of Daniel & Savannah Nichols Goss
GOSS, James Henry. Spouse of Sarah E. Born 3-19-1859, died 1924 - Son of Daniel & Savannah Nichols Goss
GOSS, Jennie Gould. Spouse of Hayden. Born 1868 - Dau of Dr Beverly Spaulding Gould MD and Charlotte Wilson
GOSS, John. Spouse of Christian. Born 6-11-1811, died 11-9-1884 - Son of Henry & Mary Wood Goss
GOSS, John A. Spouse of Mary Jane. Born 5-26-1849, died 1923 - Son of John & Christian Goss
GOSS, Mary Jane Reed. Spouse of John A. Born 1853, died 1925
GOSS, Sarah E Reese. Spouse of James Henry. Born 1856, died 1925
GOSS, Savannah (Nichols). Spouse of Daniel. Born 6-9-1827, died 1-25-1904 - Born in Bath NY
GOSS, William R. Spouse of Anna Bell C. Born 4-26-1877, died 5-26-1954 - Son of John A. & Mary Jane Reed Goss
GOUGH, Molly. Born 12-8-1920, died 1-9-2007. Age: 86 - Born in Cilfnydd South Wales UK to Richard & Mary Jane Morgan
GOULD, Arlene E. Spouse of Keith Gould. Born 3-14-1934, died 1-19-2019 - Dau of Harry & Grace (Bailey) Willard, b. Cleveland OH, d. Machias NY. Wed 1-01-1958 in Olean NY (he survives)
GOULD, Beverly Spaulding. Spouse of Charlotte W. Born 1828, died 8-26-1869 - Civil War Vet, Co E 77th Inf PA Vols, 2/Lt. Mustered in 4-5-1862. Discharged 6-17-1862
GOULD, Charlotte Wilson. Spouse of Beverly S, died 1906
GOULD, Mary Carri. Spouse of Burt. Born 11-12-1886, died 11-20-1963 - Born in Elma NY
GRAHAM, Jessie A. Constantine. Spouse of William J., died 4-18-1961 - Wed Sept. 27 1903
GRAHAM, William J. Spouse of Jessie A. Born 3-28-1879, died 10-31-1963. Age: 84 - Born in Ellicottville NY
GREEN, Dorrine E. )Harris). Spouse of Howard P. Born 5-20-1935, died 10-31-2015 - Dau of Jesse & Hulda (Goetz) Harris, b. Franklinville NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 8-09-1953 in Franklinville NY, one daughter (he survives)
GREEN, Howard P. Spouse of Dorrine Harris. Born 10-20-1930, died 6-03-2018 - Son of Semon Howe & Margaret B. (Hamer) Green, b. Amity NY, d. Machias NY. Worked over 30 years at Ontario Knife Co. Wed 8-09-1953 in Franklinville NY, one daughter. (she d. 10-31-2015) - Uncategorized Vet, US Army 1950-53
GREENE, Floyd J. Born 5-12-1939, died 10-16-2018 - Son of Merton & Genevieve (Whitcome) Greene, b. Farmersville NY, d. Buffalo NY
GREENE, Genevieve M. (Whitcomb). Spouse of Merton F. Born 1901, died 1975
GREENE, Merton F. Spouse of Genevieve W. Born 1897, died 1968
GRIMES, Viola M. Spouse of #1 Herbert Trowbridge, #2 Roy Grimes. Born 10-15-1913, died 1-10- 2001 - Dau of Ralph & Ruth Gage Thrall b. Cuba NY
GROSS, Bernard. Spouse of June B. Rogers. Born 9-5-1912, died 4-14-2012 - Son of Frank & Ethel (Van Gilder) Gross, b. Groveland-NY Wed 3-08-1941 in Machias-NY (she d. 2-12-2000)
GROSS, Roger L. Born 5-9-1942, died 1-2-2009 - Son of Bernard & June Rogers Gross - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
GROSSMAN, Brent L. Spouse of Barbara. Born 1-17-1937, died 6-11-2006 - Son of Andrew & Jennie Burrows Grossman - Uncategorized Vet, US Army and Natl Guard
GULL, Dixie Lee. Spouse of Henry [Hank]. Born 6-12-1938, died 6-3-2005 - Dau of Karl & Pearl Fitzpatrick Cobado m. June 6 1964
GUNNER, John R. Born 11-1-1931, died 7-31-2020 - Son of George and Marie (Mahoney) Gunner. Born in Hartford CT, lived in Franklinville NY, died in Dansville NY. Two sons, mother not named - Cold War Vet, US Navy. 1951-1953
HAHN, Avery Michael. Born 11-16-2003, died 11-16-2003. Age: 0d - Son of Robert & Krystal Dixon Hahn II
HAHN, Robert F. Spouse of Virginia Williams. Born 2-19-1927, died 12-17-2014 - Son of Frank and Frances (Terhune) Hahn, born in Franklinville NY, d. Cuba NY. Wed 8-20-1949 in Franklinville NY - WW II Vet, US Army 1945-47
HAHN, Virginia A. (Williams). Spouse of Robert F. Born 6-19-1929, died 5-8-2008 - Dau of Clark & Winnifred Lynde Williams. Wed 8-20-1949 in Franklinville NY
HALE, Sue R. (Rogers) Ames. Spouse of #1 Joe Ames,#2 Don Hale. Born 9-28-1930, died 11-22-2011 - Dau of Myron & Edna (Farwell) Rogers, b. Franklinville, NY Wed Joe 1949 in Franklinville-NY. Wed Don 1978 in Arcade-NY
HALL, Clifford C. Born 6-4-1938, died 12-1-2020 - Son of Clifford M. and Josephine M. (Valentino) Hall. Born in Olean NY, lived in Franklinville NY, died in Rochester NY.
HALL, Gertrude E. (Williams). Spouse of #1 Victor F. Capozzi, #2 Howard P. Hall. Born 2-2-1923, died 11-9- 2001 - Dau of Frank & Pearl Comstock Williams, born in Olean NY. Wed Victor 1940; wed Howard 3-22-1969
HALL, Kenneth C. Spouse of Myrtle Elwood. Born 8-13-1910, died 10-16-2000 - Son of Emmet & Lulu Morris Hall m. Sept. 6 1933- b. New Hudson NY
HALL, William R. Born 1-14-1972, died 1-28-2010 - Son of Mary & Wilford Hall
HALLMAN, James E. Jr. Born 4-10-1967, died 9-8-2013 - Son of James E. Sr. & Adele (Christiano) Hallman, b. Niagara Falls-NY, d. Olean-NY
HAMER, Margaret M. (Knapp). Spouse of Stewart T. Born 11-6-1920, died 2-08-2017. Age: 96y - Dau of Walter & Lula (Swarts) Knapp, b. Niagara Falls NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 6-30-1948
HAMER, Stewart T. Spouse of Margaret M. Knapp. Born 11-2-1912, died 3-13-1978 - Son of Horace & Margaret Ackerman Hamer. Born in Hume NY, a dairy farmer. Wed 6-30-1948
HAMILTON, Donald P. Spouse of Mary S. Born 5-12-2004, died 1-2-2004 - Son of George & Anna McCall Hamilton m. Sept 5 1942
HAMILTON, Mary Squire. Spouse of Donald P. Born 6-19-1923, died 6-26-2004 - Dau of Daniel Jr. & Elizabeth Blakeslee Squire b. Buffalo-NY d. Glen Willow-OH Wed 9-05-1942 in Franklinville-NY
HAMMOND, Claude W. Spouse of Mildred G., died 4-25-2000 - Wed Nov. 16 1936 at the "Litte Church Around the Corner" in New York City NY
HAMMOND, Mildred G. Spouse of Claude W. Born 9-19-1909, died 3-21- 2002 - Born in Franklinville NY- Dau of Arch & Agnes Little Woodruff
HANDMORE, Seth Donald Phillip. Born 8-25-2002, died 11-4-2003 - Son of Phillip Handmore & Debra Leederman Forward
HANSEN, Frank. Spouse of Ruth S., died 7-28-1986 - Wed Oct. 15 1946
HANSEN, Robert S. Spouse of Teresa Dowling. Born 3-14-1952, died 8-31-2010 - Son of Frank & Ruth (Stevens) Hansen, b. Portsmouth-VA Wed 5-25-1991 in Fort Myers-FL
HANSEN, Ruth S. Spouse of Frank. Born 9-14-1917, died 8-2- 2001 - Born in Cadiz NY- Dau of Emery & Edna Bacon Stevens
HANSEN, William E. Spouse of Ethelyn G. Nichols. Born 4-19-1929, died 12-24- 2001 - Born in Franklinville NY- Son of William & Hazel Jewel Hansen m. Oct. 7 1955 - Korean War Vet, US Air Force, Medic
HARDY, Jeanette E. Spouse of Elbert C. Born 6-19-1924, died 4-14-2001 - Dau of Ernest & Ivah Wright Stearns b. Franklinville NY- m. Aug. 29 1954
HARRINGTON, David M. Spouse of #1Luella Ramsey, #2 Lois L. Smith. Born 1-20-1924, died 6-20-2012 - Son of Michael Harrington and Isabelle Chapman, b. Ellicottville-NY Wed Luella 6-21-1943 in Franklinville-NY (she d. 4-01-1995). Wed Lois 5-08-1996 in Franklinville-NY
HARRIS, Grace Lucille. Spouse of Norman. Born 2-12- 1927, died 7-12-1997 - Dau of Hosea & Grace Ackerman Barber
HARRIS, Hulda M. Spouse of Jesse S. Born 10-12-1900, died 3-25-1953 - Born in Cadott Wis Dau of John & Magdelena Goetz
HARRIS, Jesse S. Spouse of Hulda M. Born 9-11-1891, died 7-12-1964 - Son of Stephen & Anna Harris NY - WW I Vet, US Army, Co G 7th Inf, Pvt
HARRIS, Norman William. Spouse of Grace Lucille. Born 5-31-1924, died 12-26-1995 - Son of Jesse & Huldah Goetz Harris - WW II Vet, USMC
HARRISON, Clarence Sr. [Barney]. Spouse of Florence Catherine, died 2-6-1966 - Wed 8-25-1930
HARRISON, Florence Catherine. Spouse of Clarence Sr. Born 11-15-1912, died 4-6-2009 - Dau of Monroe & Bertha Perkins Phillips. Wed 8-25-1930
HARVEY, Evalyn V. Born 5-8-1930, died 3-27-2008 - Dau of Ray & Bessie Grimm Harvey
HATCH, Elizabeth Beryl (Creamer) [Betty]. Spouse of Russell D. Born 5-4-1931, died 1-31-1993 - Dau of Claude H. and Maud L. (Metcalf) Creamer. Born in Washington DC, died in NY. Wed 9-30-1950 in Franklinville NY, three children.
HATCH, Elizabeth L. "Betty". Spouse of Richard C. Sr., died 3-23-2004 - Wed Aug 19 1944 in Hinsdale NY
HATCH, Martin Robert. Born 5-10-1905, died 9-7-1975 - Son of Russell D. and Betty (Creamer) Hatch
HATCH, Richard C. Sr. Spouse of Elizabeth L. Born 12-13-1922, died 12-29-2005 - Son of Donald & Florence Judge Hatch
HATCH, Russell Donald. Spouse of Betty B. Creamer. Born 9-10-1928, died 10-28-2017 - Son of Donald F. & Florence (Judge) Hatch, b. Olean NY, d. Lakeland FL. Wed 9-30-1950 in Franklinville NY, three children.
HEDGES, Eric Daniel [Bub]. Spouse of Arlene Donius. Born 5-06-1930, died 3-15-2016. Age: 85y - Son of Eric Brian & Ethel Mae (Hitchings) Hedges, b. Buffalo NY, d. unstated. Wed 56 yrs (she survives) - Korean War Vet, US Marine Corps
HENRY, Cynthia. Born 1852, died 1903
HENRY, Mabel A., died 1-24-1891. Age: 12y 4m - Dau of W.A. & C.B. Henry
HENRY, Mary H. Born 1891, died 1954
HERPST, E. Genevieve (Lambert). Spouse of Leonard W. Born 8-03-1924, died 4-18-2017 - Dau of William J. & Mary (Milgate) Lambert, b. Franklinville NY, d. Owego NY. Wed 7-1943
HERPST, Gilbert J. Spouse of Margaret M. Born 3-21-1897, died 5-4-1965 - Son of William and Mary (Nagel) Herpst. Wed in 1922, two children.
HERPST, Leonard W. Spouse of E. Genevieve Lambert. Born 1-9-1924, died 12-11-1993 - Son of Gilbert and Margaret M. Herpst. Born in Catt Co NY, died in Wyoming Co NY. Wed 7-1943
HERPST, Margaret M. Spouse of Gilbert J. Born 1898, died 1974 - Born and died in NY. Wed in 1922, two children.
HICKER, Ingwald [Troop]. Spouse of Lillian Fahey. Born 5-22-1913, died 8-5-2010 - Son of Frederick & Hulda (Kipphut) Hicker, "Troop", b. Rochester-NY Wed 2-07-1942 in Franklinville-NY (she d. 11-05-2009), NYS Trooper, - WW II Vet, US Army
HICKER, Lillian F. (Fahey). Spouse of Ingwald. Born 5-21-1911, died 11-5-2009 - Born in Newark N.J. dau of Joseph & Lillian Burton Fahey m. Feb 7 1942
HICKS, Anna Elizabeth (Wickman). Spouse of Gurney E. Born 3-6-1889, died 3-17-1979 - Dau of Albert Ellery and Dorthea Clara (Colling) Wickman. Born in East Otto NY, died in Machias NY. Wed abt 1907, four children.
HICKS, Gurney Elmer. Spouse of Anna E. Wickman. Born 3-17-1885, died 3-12-1963 - Son of Albert Richard and Marion E. (Stancliff) Hicks. Born and died in NY. Born in Fox NY, died in Franklinville NY. Wed abt 1907, four children.
HICKS, Harold Kenneth. Spouse of Thelma H. Riggs. Born 2-23-1920, died 2-9-1990 - Son of Gurney Elmer and Anna E. (Wickman) Hicks. Born in Fox NY, died in Franklinville NY. Wed 1934 in Franklinville NY
HICKS, Thelma H. (Riggs). Spouse of Harold K. Born 1-26-1916, died 1-21-2017. Age: 100y - Dau of William & Margaret (Stranburg) Riggs, b. Franklinville NY, d. Machias NY. Wed 1934 in Franklinville NY
HIGUERA, Miguel J. Born 6-6-1923, died 8-29- 2000 - Born in Spain
HILL, Regina (Schindler). Spouse of George. Born 8-22-1931, died 8-22-2020 - Dau of Thomas and Helen (Butkowska) Schindler. Born in Buffalo NY, lived in Franklinville NY and Olean NY, died in Olean. Owner/operator of beauty salon in Franklinville. Four children with George, then divorced. (He d. 10-7-1999)
HOBSON, Richard L. Spouse of Jean Alessi. Born 7-21-1925, died 1-3-2000 - Son of William & Edna Bishop Hobson
HOGG, John D. Born 9-8-1837, died 8-20-1894 - Civil War Vet, Co D 154th Inf NYS Vols, Cpl. Enlisted 1862 for three years. Captured in action7-1-1863 at Gettysburg, paroled 11-1864
HOISINGTON, Charles F. Spouse of Ellen. Born 1928, died 11-29-2020. Age: 92 - Son of Gilbert and Charlotte (Gron) Hoisington. Born in Olean NY, lived in Jamestown NY and SC, died in Batavia NY. Worked 27 years for Hope's Windows in Jamestown. Three children from another marriage. Wed Ellen in 1985 in SC. - Uncategorized Vet
HOISINGTON, Ellen J. (Ballard). Spouse of #1 Gary Hitchcock, #2 Clarence Riordan Sr., #3 Charles F. Hoisington. Born 12-18-1948, died 3-1-2018. Age: 69 - Dau of Lloyd and Ellen (Ford) Ballard. Born in Hume NY, died in Erie Co NY. Wed Gary in 1966 in Franklinville, two daughters. Wed Clarence in 1971, two sons. Wed Charles in 1995 in SC.
HOLMES, Agnes (Dziekonski). Spouse of Dana M. Born 1927, died Uncut - Dau of Stanley & Josephine (Pezanoski) Dziekonski. Wed 57 years (1947?), two children.
HOLMES, Dana Monroe. Spouse of Agnes Dziekonski. Born 1-11-1922, died 1-14-2004 - Son of Burnam & Anna (Bruhn) Holmes. Born in Franklinville NY, died in Olean NY. Worked 40 years for Niagara Mohawk Power. Wed 57 years (1947?), two children. (Spouse survives) - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps
HOTCHKISS, Charles. Spouse of Helen, died 4-8-1978
HOTCHKISS, Helen Hobson. Spouse of Charles. Born 5-12-1912, died 8-28- 2002 - Born in Dorothy PA- Dau of Joseph & Anna Bondno Sasala m. 1. Harvey Roy Hobson 1929 d. June 5 1956
HOWARD, Charlotte C. Spouse of Richard. Born 11-2- 1928, died 12-29-1990 - Dau of Edward & Susan Sherman Johns
HOWARD, Eunice M. (Freer). Born 5-2-1908, died 7-13-1951 - Section I Lot #140
HOWARD, Mary E. Spouse of Theodore. Born 12-12-1909, died 1-30-1998 - Dau of Amos & Florence Pettit Meacham
HOWARD, Theodore. Spouse of Mary E., died 11-5-1975 - Wed Nov 5 1927
HOWE, Elizabeth. Spouse of Gordon D.
HOWE, Glen. Spouse of Verna, died 4-6-1971 - Wed May 2 1939
HOWE, Gordon D. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 7-17-1930, died 7-31-2005 - Son of Daniel & Marion Schieber Howe. Owned S & H Construction - Korean War Vet, US Army
HOWE, Verna. Spouse of Glen/ Barnard H.F. Born 10-2-1913, died 10-30-2009 - Dau of Raymond M. & Jennie Mea Ploger Wenrick M. Barnard 8-30-1986 died 12-26-1996
HUGHES, Richard D. Spouse of Susan M. Cole. Born 7-12-1943, died 9-26-2015. Age: 72y - Son of Donald Hughes and Elizabeth Baron Bentley, b. Cadiz, d. Olean NY, Wed 5-08-1965 in Franklinville NY (she survives)
HUNT, Maxine L. (Bull). Spouse of William N. Born 6-01-1922, died 10-24-2015 - Dau of Rev. Fred S. and Mildred (Merrill) Bull. Born in Little York IL, died in Olean NY, Wed 6-28-1947 in Franklinville NY, two children.
HUNT, William Neil. Spouse of Maxine L. Bull. Born 2-3-1923, died 10-14-2020. Age: 97 - Son of Ren and Reba (Stowell) Hunt. Born in Farmersville NY, lived in Franklinville NY, died in Myrtle Beach SC. Bill and Maxine delivered Meals on Wheels for 25 years. Wed 6-28-1947 in Franklinville, two children. - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, 385th Bomb Grp. A Physician's Aide in England.
HUNTER, William J. Spouse of Elizabeth [Nan]. Born 2-23-1921, died 2-25-2005 - Son of Clarence & Lillian Robinson Hunter, history teacher - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force. B-24 pilot in the Pacific
ISEMAN, Ardis D. (Pendock) Bryski. Spouse of #1 Martin Bryski, #2 Carl E. Iseman. Born 4-4-1915, died 11-10-2005 - Dau of Sherman and Lucille (Bodi) Pendock. Wed Martin 1933, three children. Wed Carl 1952 in Bergland MI, one son.
ISEMAN, Carl E. Sr. Spouse of Ardis D. Pendock. Born 7-4-1925, died 7-25-2020 - Son of Charles and Esther Iseman. Born in Everett MA, lived in Franklinville NY, died in Olean NY. A chef. One son. - WW II Vet US Navy, Ship's Cook First Class. Pacific 1942-1946. Three Bronze Stars and other medals.
JACKSON, Elizabeth M. Spouse of Charles B. Born 2-27-1954, died 12-13-2007 - Dau of Richard Matland & Elsie Grant Heart attack
JENKINS, William B. Born 1895, died 1989
JENNINGS, Noah Bradley. Born 11-7-2005, died 11-7-2005. Age: 0d - Son of Shawn Jennings & Lissa Ballard
JERGE, Clara H. Spouse of Henry Jr. Born 8-13-1915, died 10-05-2004 - Dau of Percy & Bessie Dutton Skiver b. Bullis Mills-PA d. Machias-NY Wed 9-07-1936 in Portville-NY Co-owner/operator dairy farm on E Hill Rd in Franklinville-NY
JERGE, Henry Jr. Spouse of Clara H - Son of Henry & Clara Skiver Jerge Sr.
JERGE, Robert H. Spouse of #1 Beverly Grandville, #2 Rita Hall. Born 12-4-1924, died 10-10-2005 - Son of Henry & Clara Skiver Jerge Sr. - WW II Vet, US Navy, Flight capt. Aboard USS Boxer
JOHNS, Genevieve E. Born 6-13-1925, died 7-19-2007 - Dau of Edward & Susan Sherman Johns
JOHNSON, Clarence [Gene]. Spouse of Alice M. Born 9-2-1926, died 1-15-2004. Age: 77 - Son of Clarence E. & Grace Lillian Ryan Johnson Sr. - WW II Vet, USMC, Pacific
JOWSEY, Kathy Renee. Born 11-01-1953, died 11-19-2017 - Dau of Zena E. (Stone) Jowsey, b. Olean NY, d. Franklinville NY
JOWSEY, Zena Eugenia (Stone). Spouse of Perry. Born 1-3-1923, died 2-1-1990. Age: 67 - Dau of Alfred F. and Bellzore (Milhollen) Stone. Died in Erie Co NY. At least one daughter.
KALUZNEY, Shirley G. Spouse of Leonard. Born 9-14-1925, died 7-24-2001 - Born in Clarks Summit PA- Dau of Frank & Gertrude Turner Barnes m. Dec. 17 1955 in Arcade NY
KALUZNY, Leonard. Spouse of Shirley G. Born 9-8-1918, died 2-14- 2002 - Born in Buffalo NY- Son of Nichael & Margaret Wisniewski Kaluzny - WW II Vet, US Army
KAYS, Alice Z. Born 9-21- 1921, died 10-10-2002 - Born in Buffalo NY- Dau of George & Marie Brose Zimmerman
KELLOGG, Elizabeth. Spouse of Vincent L. Born 9-19-1927, died 11-8-2005 - Dau of Manley & Helen Wilson Jewell
KELLOGG, Gerald E. Spouse of #1 Emma Hadden, #2 Arlene Lowry, #3 Norma McCollough. Born 8-24-1920, died 1-29-2017. Age: 96y - Son of Louis E. & Cyrene (Keller) Kellogg, b. Olean NY, d. Farmersville NY, Wed #1 1947; Predeceased by wifes #1 & #3
KELLOGG, Jeffrey E. Spouse of Deborah E. Whitehead. Born 5-24-1967, died 11-22-2015. Age: 48y - Son of Warren & Doris (Sherwood) Kellott, b. Cuba NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 3-18-1989 in Franklinville NY (she survives) - Post-Vietnam Vet, Army Natl Guard 1986-1989
KELLOGG, Patricia Ann. Spouse of James. Born 2-5-1935, died 4-23-2008 - Dau of Pete & Antionette Bizarro Disorbo
KELLOGG, Vincent L. Spouse of Elizabeth, died 10-8-1963 - Wed Feb 28 1948 in Farmersville NY
KELLOGG, Warren. Spouse of Doris E. Sherwood. Born 3-15-1936, died 12-13-1998 - Son of Frowson & Marian Searle Kellogg - Cold War Vet, US Army. 1959-1962
KELSEY, Nancy Ann (Bates) Niles #1 Ervin Niles, #2 Robert Kelsey 12-30-1934 10-7-2020 Adopted dau of Harold and Doris Bates. Lived in Franklinville NY, died in Daytona Beach FL. Two children with Ervin, then divorced. Robert survives.
KELSEY, Robert Dr. Spouse of Nancy Bates. Born 4-14-1918, died 11-19- 2000 - Son of Dean & Laura Raub Kelsey- b. Franklinville NY. Wed 1967 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force 1944-1946
KENWORTHY, Betty J. Born 1-3-1930, died 3-16-2008 - Dau of Leila Weller Fuller son Terry L. died 1986
KENYON, Ernest L. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1883, died 1967
KENYON, Mary E. Spouse of Ernest L. Born 1889, died 1978
KESSLER, Aladene S. (Swift). Spouse of Ralph F. Born 8-20-1913, died 11-21-2016. Age: 103y - Dau of Rufus & May (Morgan) Swift, b. Ischua NY, d. Machias NY, Wed 10-1931 (he d. 10-26-1976)
KESSLER, Frank J. Spouse of Hattie A. Born 12-14-1875, died 3-24-1946 - Born in Germany, died in Wyoming Co NY. Wed bf 1901, 11 children.
KESSLER, Hattie. Spouse of Frank J. Born 10-19-1879, died 6-14-1947 - Dau of William and Ruth Ann Hammond, born in Mount Morrison NY, died in Wyoming Co NY. Wed bf 1901, 11 children.
KESSLER, Ralph F. Spouse of Aladene Swift. Born 5-7-1910, died 10-25-1976 - Son of Frank J. and Hattie (Hammond) Kessler. Wed 10-1931
KINGSBURY, Arlouine S. Spouse of Frank, died 1931
KINGSBURY, Frank. Spouse of Arlouine S., died 1902
KINGSBURY, Harry E. Born 1880, died 1934
KINGSBURY, Margaret Davis. Born 1882, died 1934
KINGSBURY, William B. Born 1884, died 1971
KINSEY, Dorothea M. (Brooks) [Duffy]. Spouse of Edward J. Born 1923, died 10-5-1971 - First wife
KINSEY, Edward J. Spouse of #1 Dorothea Brooks, #2 Rosella Hyatt Simon. Born 8-20-1924, died 10-09-2017 - Son of Clayton & Lida (Moote) Kinsey, b. Seward PA, d. Olean NY, Worked 30 years for Ford Motor Co. Two children with Dorothea, who died in 1971. Wed Roselle 9-28-1973 in Delevan NY (she d. 2-27-2017) - WW II Vet, US Navy USS LST 600. 1943-46
KINSMAN, James J. Companion of Pamela Palmatier. Born 12-17-1946, died 6-04-2018 - Son of Douglas & Anna (Livingston) Kinsman, b. Los Angeles CA, d. Cuba NY. Four children.
KLEEVER, Robert SR. Born 9-14-1953, died 5-12-2002 - Born in Gowanda NY- Son of James & Dorothy Kleever
KNIGHT, Geraldine A. (Herrick). Spouse of Guy D. Knight. Born 11-07-1925, died 8-05-2017 - Dau of Gerald & Isabel (Bannister) Herrick. Born and lived in Franklinville NY, d. Machias NY, Wed 6-30-1945 in Franklinville NY, two children.
KNIGHT, Guy Danforth. Spouse of Geraldine A. Herrick. Born 5-31-1922, died 11-22-1994 - Son of Ovid and Dorothy (Danforth) Knight. Born in Shinglehouse PA, died in Franklinville NY. Wed 6-30-1945
KOCH, Letha M. (Couchman). Spouse of #1 Allen Heimburg, #2 Carl H. Koch. Born 3-18-1919, died 9-30-2015 - Dau of Clifford & Elizabeth (Lancaster) Couchman, b. Fredonia NY, d. Greenhurst NY, Wed #1 1/01/1943 in Fredonia NY (he d. 8-15-1944 in France in WWII), Wed #2 6-14-1947 in Fredonia NY (he d. 8-10-1999)
KOTTWITZ, Earl E. Spouse of Brenda I. Hall. Born 10-8-1937, died 10-1-2012 - Son of Reinhold & Adeline (Struble) Kottwitz, b. Olean-NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, 101 Airborne
KOTTWITZ, Earl E. Jr. [Huey]. Spouse of Danelle Jones. Born 10-30-1961, died 11-7- 2002 - Born in Olean NY- Son of Earl & Brenda Hall Kottiwitz m. Aug. 27 1994 in Franklinville, NY
KOTTWITZ, Elizabeta J. - Row E ?
KRUEGER, Bernice A. Spouse of William. Born 4-14-1926, died 5-3-2006 - Dau of Adelbert & Mary Webster Funk
KRUEGER, William. Spouse of Bernice A., died 8-2-1995 - Wed Feb 26 1955 In Orchard Park NY
KRUPPNER, Bradley. Born 7-9-1953, died 3-9-2004 - Son of Bernard & Anna June Kruppner - Vietnam Vet, USMC, Cpl
KRYSA, Russell E. Spouse of Gail H. Born 10-23-1958, died 7-24-2007 - Son of Carl M. Krysa & Kathryn L. Oakes m. Sept 23 2006
LAAMAN, Ella V. Born 6-9-1916, died 7-16-2000 - Born in Tallinn Estonia
LAFFERTY, Fred R. Jr. Spouse of Genevieve Lang. Born 10-23-1933, died 11-10-2014 - Son of Fred R. Sr. and Mary (Cooper) Lafferty, b. Rushford NY, d. Marienville PA, Wed 7-03-1954 in Rushford NY (she d. 8-27-1994)
LAIDLAW, Ella Wickham. Born 1874, died 1916 - Dau of Oscar & Mary Wickham
LAIDLAW, Leta. Spouse of Ralph E., died 1956
LAIDLAW, Ralph E. Spouse of Ella/Leta. Born 1881, died 1939
LANE, Rose L. Spouse of Myron. Born 7-1-1908, died 2-4- 2000 - Dau of Benjamin & Rose Matteson Pierce m. 1929 in Omaha NE. (He is buried in Cuba Cem)
LANE, Roy B. Spouse of Frances Caswell/ Marie Dietrich. Born 7-5-1897, died 12-15-1981 - Son of Edgar E. & Cora Martin Lane. Born in Lyndon NY
LANGS, John Paul. Spouse of Marjorie J. Cook Hanson. Born 9-4-1937, died 11-20-2016 - Son of George and Victoria (Wallon) Langs. Born in Olean NY, died in Salamanaca NY. Worked 37 years at Dresser-Rand. Wed 9-20-1997 in Olean, no children.
LANGS, Marjorie Jean (Cook) Hanson. Spouse of #1 unnamed Hanson, #2 John P. Langs. Born 2-08-1934, died 10-18-2017 - Dau of Glen Raymond & Helen Aresta (Clark) Cook. b. Franklinville NY, d. Salamanca NY. Four children, surnamed Hanson. Wed John 9-20-1997 in Olean,
LAPHAM, Dorothy. Born 5-19-1902, died 5-7-1980 - Born in In Franklinville dau of William & Edith Ensworth McGill.
LAW, Eleanor R. Spouse of Forest E. Born 8-12-1928, died 3-10-1012 - Dau of Herbert & Phoebe (Hansen) Gifford, b. Warren-PA Wed 12-05-1945 (he d. 6-08-2005
LEARN, Kimberly A. Spouse of Kenneth Jr., #2 Timothy Hutchison. Born 12-13-1959, died 7-9-2010 - Dau of Gerald & Rita (Riodan) Tatlow.
LEIDICH, Vera M. Born 4-9-1912, died 7-23-2000 - Born in Franklinville NY
LEWIS, Leta M. Spouse of Ralph Laidlaw. Born 10-12- 1888, died 4-29-1956
LINDBERGH, Anges. Spouse of Steven. Born 1-24-1907, died 9-2-2001 - Born in Meadville PA- Dau of Frank & Bernice Mizerkiewicz Rodtki m. Sept. 18 1930
LINDBERGH, Jeannette D. Spouse of William F. Lindbergh. Born 1-02-1943, died 5-27-2019 - Dau of Benton & Margaret (Belcher) Decker, b. Springville NY, d. Franklinville NY. Wed 6-01-1963 in Franklinville NY (he survives)
LINDBERGH, Theresa B. Born 1-9-1946, died 9-4- 2000 - Born in Farmersville NY
LINDERMAN, Clara. Spouse of Keith D. Born 4-3-1936, died 12-23-2010 - Dau of Herbert & Viola (Thrall) Trowbridge, b. Franklinville-NY Wed 1953 at Maplehurst Bapt Ch in Maplehurst-NY (he d. 8-09-2009)
LINDERMAN, Doris M. Spouse of V. Dean. Born 12-6-1923, died 12-12-1998 - Dau of Frederick & Marie Waddell Mahla Vol nurse during - WW II Vet, Red Cross Nurse
LINDERMAN, Keith D. Spouse of Clara. Born 2-14-1934, died 8-9-2009 - Son of Leland & Helen Fairfield Linderman - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
LINDERMAN, Linda. Born 1-23-1943, died 1944
LITTLE Christina McVey. Spouse of John Jr. Born 5-25-1848, died 4-16-1925 - Wed 1871 in Franklinville NY
LITTLE, Archibald Mc Vey. Spouse of Katherine C. Born 7-11-1883, died 9-6-1956
LITTLE, Doris Mae. Spouse of Kenneth L.J. Born 1915, died 1988
LITTLE, Elizabeth Shearer. Spouse of John Sr. Born 6-10-1816, died 2-25-1885 - Born in East Kilbride Parish Scotland- m. Sept. 13 1836 in Chapleton Scotland
LITTLE, James. Born 9-6-1778, died 7-20-1851 - Born in in Scotland Father of John Little Sr.
LITTLE, Janett. Born 4-19-1852, died 5-27-1853 - Dau. John & Elizabeth Shearer Little
LITTLE, John Coast. Born 12-18-1908, died 7-31-1910 - Son of Archibald McVey & Katherine Little
LITTLE, John Jr. Spouse of Christina McVey. Born 1-1- 1847, died 11-2-1902 - Son of John & Elizabeth Shearer Little
LITTLE, John Sr. Spouse of Elizabeth S. Born 8-6-1814, died 1-27-1886 - Born in Glasgow Lanark Scotland- Son of James Little
LITTLE, Katherine Coast. Spouse of Archibald M. Born 1879, died 1953
LITTLE, Kenneth L.J. Spouse of Doris Mae. Born 1912, died 1992
LITTLE, Mary Francis. Born 6-20-1850, died 4-22-1925 - Dau of John & Elizabeth Shearer Little
LITTLE, Richard
LITZ, Elmer L. Spouse of Marguerite Hansen. Born 8-9-1919, died 11-6-2009 - Son of Emil & Marie Morlock Litzenberger - WW II Vet, US Army, 134th Med. Group
LITZ, Marguerite H. Spouse of Elmer L. Born 2-13-1926, died 3-3-3011 - Dau of William & Hazel (Jewel) Hansen, b. Franklinville-NY Wed 6-12-1948 in Franklinville-NY
LOCKHART, Douglas. Spouse of Vera Jonas. Born 9-07-1938, died 6-08-2017. Age: 78y - Son of Cortland & Virginia (Lilac) Lockhart, b. Dubois PA, d. Anchorage AK, Wed 2-10-1956, one daughter. (Spouse survives) - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force
LOCKHART, Vernon D. Born 4-7-1937, died 4-30-2005 - Son of Cortland & Virginia McCracken Lockhart
LOCKWOOD, Frank L. Spouse of #1 Harriett Hotchkiss, #2 Velma Harris. Born 2-19-1894, died 1-12- 1977 - Son of Charles & Eva Woalhizer Lockwood
LOCKWOOD, Geraldine L. Born 9-11-1962, died 2-16-2005 - Dau of Frank & Velma Harris Lockwood
LORD, Floyd A. Born 5-13-1935, died 7-12-2000 - Born in Buffalo NY
LUCAS, James R. Born 9-20-1948, died 12-29-2002 - Son of Kenneth & Bertha Sorrentino Lucas b. Cheektowaga-NY d. Lyndon-NY. Owner/operator On the Spot Tire Repair in Franklinville-NY - Vietnam Vet, US Navy 1968-72
LUCE, Helen McPherson. Spouse of Leo C. Born 12-3-1914, died 10-9-1967 - Dau of John E McPherson and Bessie Stone he's bur. in Oramel cem
LUND, Joyce Goodemote. Spouse of Wallace C., died 10-3-1996 - Wed Sept 19 1953
LUND, Wallace C. [Bud]. Spouse of Joyce G. Born 3-07-1929, died 12-20-2004. Age: 75 - Son of Walter A. & Henrietta E. Neamon Lund "Bud" b. Madison-WI d. Machias-NY Wed 9-19-1953 in Franklinville-NY 35 foster children - Korean War Vet, US Army
MACKEY, Addie Clark. Spouse of Bruce, died 1-2-1913. Age: 46 - Born in Town of Lyndon dau of George Clark
MAFFEI, James C. Spouse of Patricia Rzucek. Born 10-12-1951, died 8-20-1995. Age: 43 - Born in Olean NY- Son of Norman & Helen McElfresh Maffei m. Sept. 8 1984
MAFFEI, Norman. Spouse of Helen McElfresh. Born 10-28-1923, died 2-13-2015 - Son of James and Victoria (Staccioli) Maffei, b. Franklinville NY, d. Buffalo NY, Wed 12-28-1949 in Franklinville NY (she d. 10-25-1995) - WW II Vet, US Army, 45th Inf Div
MANN, Fay A. (Woodruff). Spouse of Ray H. Jr. Born 7-26-1934, died 1-08-2016 - Dau of Earl & Margaretta (Chapman) Woodruff, b. Franklinville NY, d. Buffalo NY. Wed 7-19-1952 in Franklinville NY, three children.
MANN, Ray H. Jr. Spouse of Fay A.Woodruff. Born 10-1-1924, died 5-7-1970 - Wed 7-19-1952 in Franklinville NY, three children. - WW II Vet, US Army, Co I, 362nd Inf, Sgt.
MAPES, Arline E. Spouse of Maurice H. Born 1907, died 1987
MAPES, Harold R. Born 4-18-1933, died 1-14- 2000 - Son of Maurice & Arlene Ullrich Mapes - Korean War Vet, US Air Force 1951-1953
MAPES, Maurice H. Spouse of Arline E. Born 1904, died 1962
MARK, Burton C. Spouse of Charlotte E. Waite. Born 8-06-1919, died 1-11-2019 - Son of Burton S. Mark and Lois M. Woodruff, b. Gainesville, d. Machias NY. Wed 8-31-1946 in Franklinville NY - WW II Vet, US Army 1941-45
MARK, Charlotte E. (Waite). Spouse of Burton C. Born 8-30-1921, died 5-30-2000 - Born in Franklinville NY. Wed 8-31-1946 in Franklinville
MARK, Jean L. Spouse of Ronald F. Born 10-18-1922, died 10-13-2012 - Dau of Charles E. Lapham and Dorothy E. McGill, b. Oberlin-OH Wed 11-29-1947 in Franklinville-NY
MARK, RONALD F. Spouse of Jean E. Lapham. Born 6-19-1925, died 7-11-2013 - Son of Burton S. & Lois M. (?) Mark, b. Silver Springs-NY, d. FL, Wed 11-29-1947 (she predeceased him) - WW II Vet, US Navy
MARTINY, JoAnn (McGill) Gould. Spouse of #1 Dana [Skip] Gould, #2 Earl J. [Marty] Martiny Jr. Born 10-16-1930, died 12-25-2014 - Dau of Ralph and Leona (Mowery) McGill, b. Franklinville NY, d. S. Daytona FL, Wed #2 12-1979 (d. 3-19-2011)
MAZIERSKI, Mary A. Spouse of Stanley. Born 5-20-1925, died 7-13-2002 - Born in Forestville- Dau of Mr. & Mrs. Yochym Domagola m. 1944 in Buffalo
MAZIERSKI, Stanley J. Spouse of Mary D. Born 4-11-1920, died 11-12-2009 - Son of John & Mary Mazierski
MCCALL, Alexander. Spouse of Elizabeth G. Born 12-26-1864, died 3-26-1934 - Born in Newcastle-on-Tyne Bedlington Northumberland England
MCCALL, Elizabeth Goss "Libbie". Spouse of Alexander. Born 3-14-1852, died 12-18-1926 - Dau of Daniel & Savannah Nichols Goss
MCCLORY, Alice A. Born 12-5-1938, died 9-2-2003 - Dau of Donald & Billie Warren McClory
MCCLUER, Joseph. Spouse of Betsey Grice. Born 5-14-1775, died 9-11-1833 - Born in Hampton Co MA, died in Franklinville NY. Wed 11-18-1793 in Windham Co Vt, ten children. First settler in Franklinville, first postmaster, and representative to the Assembly of 1814-1815. - War of 1812 Vet, General in NY State Militia.
MCDONNELL, Benjamin. Spouse of Carolyn L., died 1982 - Wed Sept 29 1957 in Buffalo
MCDONNELL, Carolyn L. Spouse of Benjamin. Born 4-11-1936, died 3-16-2009 - Dau of Herman & Edna Mae Van Wickel Allespach
MCDOWELL, Omega Dorothy. Spouse of Theodore F. Born 6-26-1909, died 10-9- 2002. Age: 93 - Born in Franklinville NY- Dau of Frank & Vernelia Bartholomew Frost m. Norbert F. Bergholtz July 1927
MCDOWELL, Theodore F. Spouse of Omega Dorothy, died 5-22-1962 - Wed 10- 27-1946 in Port Allegany PA
MCELHENY, Carmella. Spouse of Harold F. Born 7-11-1925, died 5-21-2010 - Dau of Bernard & Celia (Friedhaber) Haber, b. Buffalo-NY, Wed 7-18-1947 in Belfast-NY (he d. 3-18-1991)
MCGARVEY, Jean M. Spouse of James C. Jr. Born 4-24-1933, died 3-20-2004 - Dau of Herb & Viola Thrall Trowbridge b. Franklinville-NY d. Olean-NY Wed 1-20-1951 in Franklinville-NY
MCGEE, Maurice [Mike]. Spouse of Patricia K. Gould. Born 2-27-1924, died 12-15-2014. Age: 90 - Son of William and Maude (Crawford) McGee, born in Warsaw NY, d. Stuart FL. Wed 10-28-1961 (she d. 2005) - WW II Vet, US Army
MCGEE, Patricia K. Sen. Spouse of Maurice. Born 10-12-1934, died 4-2-2005 - Dau of Dana & Ruth Schuyler Gould m. Oct 28 1961 in Machias was NYS Sen.
MCGILL, Edith Ensworth. Spouse of William H., died 3-27-1941 - Wed in Fredonia NY Dec. 26 1891
MCGILL, Grace E. Born 11-26-1916, died 9-28-2003 - Dau of James & Maude Skillman Mc Gill
MCGILL, Leila. Born 6-23-1895, died 4-2-1973
MCGILL, William H. Spouse of Edith. Born 12-15-1891, died 1-2-1942
MCINTYRE, Alita Mae. Born 1926, died 1928
MCINTYRE, Burton G. Born 1879, died 1954
MCINTYRE, Carrie. Born 1906
MCINTYRE, Edith E. Born 1884, died 1960
MCINTYRE, John F. Born 1844, died 1920
MCINTYRE, Lavancia A. Born 1850, died 1922
MCINTYRE, Ralph E. Born 1911, died 1919
MCINTYRE, Raymond C. Born 1906, died 1910 - Son of W.L. and G. A.McIntyre
MCINTYRE, Ruth E., died 1-22-1995
MCKUNE, Gloria P. Spouse of Frank G. Born 6-24-1931, died 10-29-2012 - Dau of Augustus & Annie (Eraczek) VanDeBogart, b. New Kingston-NY Wed 7-08-1947
MEYER, Edward D. Spouse of #1 Mildred Manning, #2 Rene E. White. Born 7-15-1917, died 1-21-2004 - Son of William & Caroline Mohr Meyer b. Buffalo-NY d. Bradford-PA. Wed Mildred 10-6-1948 in Buffalo-NY. Wed Rene on 10-26-1978. Fireman in Buffalo-NY 1947-1981 - WW II Vet, US Army
MEYER, Janine Christine. Born 2-6-1955, died 8-29-2020 - Dau of Joseph and Marian (Harvey) Meyer. Born and died in Olean NY, lived in Franklinville NY and Florida.
MEYER, Rene E. Spouse of Edward D. Born 11-2-1919, died 4-6-2012 - Dau of Chester & Evelyn (Neubaur) White, b. Buffalo-NY
MICHAELIS, Richard W. Spouse of Sandra S. Born 12-31-1942, died 1-30-2008 - Son of William & Priscilla Gade Michaelis m. June 12 1964 in Newport RI - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
MICHOTEK, Eugene J. (whimp]. Spouse of Kathryn Myrick. Born 7-13-1918, died 9-9-2001 - Born in Buffalo NY- m. Sept. 7 1941- Son of Joseph & Kathrine Michotek - WW II Vet, US Army
MICHOTEK, Kathryn A. Spouse of Eugene. Born 9-7-1922, died 5-30-2011 - Dau of Harry MYRICK and Lucy SPINAGAIN, b. Franklinville-NY Wed 9-07-1941 in East Aurora-NY (he d. 9-09-2001
MILKS, Roland W. [Rod]. Spouse of Yolanda A. Born 3-14-1926, died 3-23-2007 - Son of Victor & Beatrice Brady Milks - WW II Vet, US Army
MILKS, Trafton P. [Skip]. Born 6-26-1929, died 9-05-2018 - Son of Victor & Beatrice (Brady) Milks, b. Franklinville NY, d. Machias NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Army 1951-53
MILKS, Yolanda A. Spouse of Roland W. Born 5-2-1931, died 10-10-2001 - Born in Arcade NY- Dau of Gaetano "Don" & Josephine Cianflone Scalise m. Aug. 11 1951
MILLER, Harry B. Spouse of Mary A., died 10-1975 - Wed Dec 24 1940 in Pittsburg PA
MILLER, Mary A. "Mae". Spouse of Harry B. Born 6-11-1921, died 4-14-2004. Age: 82 - Dau of Charles & Dora Dawson
MOORE, Corinne L. Spouse of Kenneth. Born 9-29-1909, died 8-23-2001 - Born in Franklinville NY- m. July 30 1938- Dau of Glenn A. & Isadore Diltz Morrison
MORANSKI, Carl J. Spouse of Ruth E., died 1-13-1992 - Wed 1946 in Arcade NY
MORANSKI, Charlene A. Spouse of David M. Born 12-13-1952, died 5-24-2008 - Dau of Charles & Mabel Kemp Barnes m. Dec 20 1969
MORANSKI, David M. Sr. Spouse of Charlene Barnes. Born 4-1-1951, died 4-17-2004 - Son of Carl & Ruth Williams Moranski
MORANSKI, Ruth E. Spouse of Carl J. Born 5-6-1925, died 12-15-2009 - Dau of Clark & Winifred Lynde Williams
MORIARTY, Helen Marie Rott. Spouse of Jeremiah J. II. Born 3-31-1922, died 10-27-2008 - Dau of Sylvester & Anna Gibson Rott wed Aug 15 1942
MORIARTY, Jeremiah J. II. Spouse of Helen Marie R. Born 7-5-1914, died 12-2-1995 - Son of Jeremiah & Bridget Foley Moriarty, York State Assembly & New York State Senator - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
MORRISON, Edna C. Myrick. Spouse of Fayette. Born 9-6-1913, died 11-21-2002 - Born in Ischua NY- Dau of Carl & Rena Carson Mryick. Wed 1-9-1941 in South Wales
MORRISON, Fayette B. [Skinny]. Spouse of Edna M. Born 8-13-1911, died 11-28-2000 - Son of Glenn H. & Isadore Diltz Morrisom b. Franklinville NY
MORRISON, Helen M. Born 7-12-1908, died 8-25-2000 - Born in Freedom NY
MORRISON, John. Born 6-15-1946, died 6-2-2012 - Son of George & Helen (Kessler) Morrison, "Jack", b. Franklinville-NY
MYRICK, Ceola W. Spouse of Duncan O. Born 12-16-1924, died 8-27-2008 - Dau of Robert & Mary Speer Brown
MYRICK, Duncan O. Spouse of Ceola W., died 9-6-1994 - Wed Jan 14 1945
MYRICK, Frederick C. Spouse of Laura Mae Gladstone. Born 5-24-1923, died 5-23-2008 - Son of Carl R. and Rena M. (Carson) Myrick. Wed 6-23-1942 in Franklinville NY, one daughter
MYRICK, Laura Mae (Gladstone). Spouse of Frederick C. Myrick. Born 5-11-1924, died 9-29-2017 - Dau of Allen Cap and Laura Margaret Gladstone, b. Bradford PA, lived and died in Franklinville NY. Wed 6-23-1942 in Franklinville NY, one daughter
NELSON, Edna B. Spouse of Milford. Born 9-16-1931, died 10-19-2013 - Dau of Harry & Grace (Bailey) Willard, b. Lakewood-OH, d. Machias-NY, Wed 12-31-1952 in Franklinville-NY (he d. 10-22-1991)
NIX, Edith L. Spouse of George W. Born 6-24-1921, died 12-10-2003. Age: 82 - Dau of Victor & Beulah Ogilvie school teacher for 35 years Eastern Star
NIX, George W. Spouse of Edith L., died 1990
NIX, Robert B. Spouse of Jean McGill. Born 10-7-1912, died 5-18-2004 - Son of Frank & Ethel Scovill Nix - WW II Vet, US Navy
OAKES, Edward C. Sr. "Dutch". Spouse of Margaret Drusseau. Born 8-12-1928, died 2-25-2003 - Son of Edward J. & Viola Phillips Oakes b. Franklinville-NY d. Franklinville-NY Wed 7-07-1948 in Franklinville-NY
OAKES, Lanny Jay "LB". Spouse of Robin Williams. Born 8-26-1958, died 1-15-2006 - Son of Edward C. Sr. "Dutch" & Margaret E. Drusseau Oakes
OAKES, Sherry. Born 1887, died 1965
OAKES, Sherry I. Spouse of David. Born 3-21-1966, died 3-12-2004 - Dau of Lee & Dawn Breckline Kenyon b. Olean-NY d. Wellsville-NY (MVA) Wed 1984 in Franklinville-NY
O'HARA, Ella M. Spouse of Harold. Born 12-1-1918, died 1-29-2005 - Dau of Harry & Lucy Spingagain Myrick
O'HARA, Lyle H. Spouse of Marian Hand. Born 6-9-1915, died 4-16-2000 - Born in Great Valley NY- Son of Fred & Gladys Chamberlin O'Hara m. Feb 16 1940
OLDER, Diantha T. (Reynolds). Spouse of Marvin. Born 2-23-1816, died 6-25-1903 - [His Wife-Mother]
OLDER, Marvin. Spouse of Diantha T. Born 8-22-1810, died 3-9-1897 - [Father] - Civil War Vet, Co I 6th Cav NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1861 for three years. Captured 4-30-1863 at Spottsylvania Court House VA, paroled. Discharged 11-3-1864 near Middletown VA.
OLDER, William M., died 12-21-1878. Age: 30 - Son of Marvin & Diantha T. Reynolds Older
OLSON, Helen Jane (De Witt). Spouse of Donald [Bud] Olson, died 7-28-2016. Age: 94 - Died in Arlington VA, Wed 9-30-1950 (he d. 2005) - WW II Vet, USMC
OLSON, Sandy R. Spouse of Richard A. Born 2-3-1943, died 2-13-2008 - Born in Grove City PA dau of Cleo & Katherine Hamilton Collins m. 1961
OLYER, Ann M. Spouse of Leo. Born 8-17-1939, died 1-15-2004. Age: 64 - Dau of Harold & Mary Keech Emke M. Aug 6 1960 in Ellicottville NY
OSGOOD, Carlson A. Spouse of Lillian A. Evans. Born 4-13-1914, died 2-17-2002 - Born in East Aurora NY- Son of Leon & Florence Chase Osgood
OSGOOD, Cecelia E. Spouse of Morrie J. Born 11-28-1912, died 6-15-2008 - Dau of Walter & Christina Sackarand Crary b. Bradford PA
OSGOOD, Florence A. Spouse of Leon W. Born 1892, died 1958
OSGOOD, Leon W. Spouse of Florence A. Born 1890, died 1975
OSGOOD, Lilliam A. (Evans). Spouse of Carlson A. Born 9-24-1919, died 9-03-2015 - Dau of Forrest & Martha (Richards) Evans, b. Olean NY, d. Surprise AZ, Wed 8-13-1938 in Olean NY (he d. 2-17-2002)
OSGOOD, Morrie J. Spouse of Cecelia E., died 8-7-1997 - Wed June 19 1935 in Franklinville NY
OSGOOD, Ralph E. Born 1-9-1910, died 10-2-1993 - Son of Berdette & Mamie Morrid Osgood
OTTEN, Ellen L. Spouse of George H. Born 1909, died 1990
OTTEN, George H. Spouse of Ellen L. Born 1903, died 1976
OYLER, Ann M. Spouse of Leo. Born 8-17-1939, died 1-15-2004. Age: 64 - Dau of Harold & Mary Keech Emke
PALMATIER, Pamela J.(Chilson). Spouse of unstated Palmatier and companion of Jim Kinsman. Born 12-13-1950, died 8-08-2017 - Dau of Dana & Dolores Chilson, b. Olean NY, lived in Franklinville NY, d. Bangor ME while on vacation. Four children
PARKE, Vera D. Born 3-12- 1943, died 1-2-2001 - Dau of Howard & Alice Harris Hall b. Cuba NY
PARKER, Ellen S. Born 10-30-1896, died 3-11-1985 - Dau of Winfield and Ellen Hogg Parke, an art teacher
PARKES, Priscilla G. Spouse of Lawrence M. Born 6-08-1921, died 12-02-2013 - Dau of Richard & Frances (Greene) Owens, b. Rochester-NY, d. Penn Yan-NY, Wed 7-20-1972 in Hornell-NY (he d. 2-18-1995)
PARTRIDGE, Azubah. Spouse of Flaval
PARTRIDGE, Ernest, died 5-13-1841
PARTRIDGE, Flaval. Spouse of Azubah
PATTERSON, Nathaniel Jr. Born 4-8-1842, died 12-28-1919
PECK, Roberta J. Spouse of James H. Born 3-4-1950, died 1-22- 2000 - Born in Springville NY- Dau of Albert & Florence Gdaniec Harris m. 3. Mar. 7 1998
PECKHAM, George D. Spouse of Verna M. Born 11-14-1929, died 6-23-1985
PECKHAM, Verna M. Spouse of George D. Born 1927, died 1965
PERRY, Frances M. Spouse of Robert. Born 2-17-1920, died 7-15-2005 - Dau of W. Selah & Fannie McGinnis Stone
PERRY, Robert. Spouse of Frances M., died 1974 - Wed June 6 1942 in Champaign Ill.
PERRYMAN, Cecil F. Spouse of Hattie A. Born 6-3-1939, died 1-6-2007 - Son of Cecil H. & Jennie Perryman
PERRYMAN, Hattie A. Spouse of Cecil F. Born 5-11-1941, died 8-8-2006 - Dau of Robert & Emogene Crawford Wheaton m. Nov. 11 1972
PETERS, Cameron Jason. Born 10-12-2005, died 10-12-2005 - Son of Brent Peters & Tina Woodward
PETERSON, Alice. Spouse of Rolla C. Born 9-18-1921, died 1-28-2007 - Born in Chicago Ill to Tony & Agnes Abramck Adamcyk
PETERSON, Charles. Spouse of Evaline S., died 4-10-1969 - Wed Jan 27 1938 in Alexandra Va.
PETERSON, Erik J. Born 07-03-2003, died 07-19-2008. Age: 5 - Son of Jeffrey & Pamela Murphy Peterson-died following an accident at home
PETERSON, Evaline S. Spouse of Charles. Born 9-22-1910, died 1-15-2005 - Dau of William & Gertrude Proper Stewart
PETERSON, Rolla C. Spouse of Alice, died 2-17-1998 - Wed May 14 1938 in Sherman NY
PFEIFFER, Jacob James. Born 1-8-2006, died 1-8-2006 - Son of Jason Pfeiffer & Lisa Werner
PFEIFFER, James L. Jr. Spouse of Janet Mapes. Born 7-11-1960, died 12-9-2000 - Son of James & Nancy Novak Pfieffer Sr.- b. Springville NY- m. Oct. 30 1993
PFEIFFER, James L. Sr. Spouse of Nancy Novak. Born 7-08-1939, died 8-05-2015 - Son of Ludwig & Helen (McLaughlin) Pfeiffer, b. Olean NY, d. Franklinville NY, Wed 3-15-1958 in Machias NY (she survives)
PHILLIPS, Albert L. Spouse of Marjorie R. Born 1909, died 1988
PHILLIPS, Carl A. Born 1881, died 1950
PHILLIPS, Carlyle George. Spouse of Patricia Anne. Born 7-13-1924, died 6-1-2001. Age: 76 - Son of Carl & Maude Phillips - WW II Vet, US Navy aboard USS Simpson
PHILLIPS, Dudley Jr. Born 4-21-1842, died 2-26-1920 - Died in Machias NY - Civil War Vet, Co D 154th Inf NYS Vols, Cpl. Enlisted 1862 for three years. Mustered out with company 6-11-1865 near Bladensburg MD
PHILLIPS, E. Louis Jr. Spouse of Ruth H., died 5-6-1999 - Wed Dec 19 1941 in Buffalo NY
PHILLIPS, Marjorie. Spouse of Albert. Born 10-3-1917, died 12-3-1999 - Dau of William & Linda Bahn Ehman
PHILLIPS, Maude C. Born 1886, died 1947
PHILLIPS, Patricia Anne Lavrey. Spouse of Carlyle George, died 5-6-1980 - Wed May 29 1952
PHILLIPS, Ruth H. Spouse of E. Louis Jr. Born 9-25-1912, died 11-22-2003 - Dau of Morris & Emily Schisler
PITCHER, Carol Jean. Born 7-26-1943, died 7-11-2009 - Dau of William A & Helene Bissell Pitcher
PITCHER, Helene G. Spouse of William A. Born 9-23-1917, died 5-21-2003 - Dau of John & Ruth Scott Bissell m. Nov 22 1939 in Town of Lyndon
PITCHER, William A. Spouse of Helene G. Born 8-8-1913, died 12-24-2007 - Son of William K. & Anna Augie Pitcher
PIXLEY, Archie J. Spouse of Christa K. Born 2-24-1943, died 11-24-2006 - Son of Arch & Irene Mellon Pixley m. June 15 1982 in Chicago Ill
PLUMMER, Frederick H. Spouse of Linda N. Cole. Born 3-12-1945, died 12-15-2017 - Son of Paul & Laura (Smith) Plummer, b. Dover DE, d. Franklinville NY. Wed 10-19-1968 in Franklilnville NY, four children. (she survives) - Cold War Vet, US Army 1967-70
PLUMMER, Laura (Smith). Spouse of Paul Sr. Born 2-20-1920, died 2-18-1988. Age: 67 - Dau of Earl and Nellie (Everett) Smith. Born in Sudlersville MD, died in Panama City FL. Wed 6-9-1937 in Church Hill MD, three children.
PLUMMER, Paul Sr. Spouse of Laura Smith. Born 10-25-1916, died 1-26-1999. Age: 82 - Son of Frederick and Ella (Foracre) Plummer. Born in Wilmington DE, died in Knapp Creek NY. Wed 6-9-1937 in Church Hill MD, three children.
PRATT, Donald M. Spouse of Diane Chapman. Born 5-07-1930, died 7-19-2019 - Son of Clark & Edna (Scharlau) Pratt, b. Brockport NY, d. Syracuse NY. Wed 1950 in Franklinville NY (she survives)
PRESTON, Doris M. Knapp. Spouse of William A. Born 9-12-1922, died 8-2-2002 - Dau of Walter & Lula Swartz Knapp
PRESTON, William A. Spouse of Doris M., died 3-26-1981 - Wed Jan. 14 1942
PROVORSE, Patricia A. (Jerge). Spouse of Roy E. Sr. Born 4-14-1935, died 9-30-2020 - Dau of Henry and Clara (Skiver) Jerge. Born in Olean NY, lived in Lyndon NY, died in Cuba NY. Worked 30 years at Motorola in Arcade NY. Wed 1952 in Franklinville NY, four children.
PROVORSE, Roy Elvin Sr. Spouse of Patricia A. Jerge, died 1-3-2018. Age: 85 - Son of Chester Sr. and Cora (Coolidge) Provorse. Born and lived in Franklinville NY, died in Biloxi MS. An electrician. Wed 1952 in Franklinville NY, four children. - Korean War Vet, US Army, combat medic. 1952-1955
RAMSEY, Lester F. Born 11-12-1929, died 3-5- 2001 - Son of Howard & Mary Zueches Ramsey - Korean War Vet, US Army
RANDALL, Marjorie (Murray). Spouse of Douglas. Born 10-18-1930, died 8-1-2010. Age: 79 - Dau of Paul & Charlotte (Wenrick) Hogue, b. Waynesburg-PA - Korean War Vet, US Army, Sgt. 1950-1953
RAUB, Connia. Spouse of J. Robert, died 2-28-2003 - Was a teacher
REDDING, Earl D. Jr. Born 1955, died 1987 - Vietnam Vet, USMC, Pvt
REED, Daniel L. Spouse of Judy A., died 9-21-1986 - Wed Oct 1 1966 in Franklinville NY
REED, Judy A. Spouse of Daniel L. Born 9-6-1942, died 8-3-2008 - Dau of Norman & June Truscott Bennett
REIMANN, Dora Jackson. Spouse of Edward J.
REIMANN, Edward J. Born 1899, died 1939
REIMANN, Leo Edward. Spouse of Mildred Elizabeth S. Born 3-7-1892, died 6-28-1960 - Son of Edward J. & Dora Jackson Reimann
REIMANN, Mildred Elizabeth Smith.
REITZ, Irma L. (Tatlow). Spouse of George. Born 9-01-1926, died 12-28-2014 - Dau of Conley and Bertina (Freer) Tatlow, born in Franklinville NY, d. Machias NY. Wed 1946 in Tonawanda NY (he d. 6-01-2002)
REYNOLDS, Francis M. Francis. Spouse of #1 Roland ?, #2 Willard R. Reynolds. Born 7-4-1916, died 8-31-2010 - Dau of Frank S. Jones and May Christy Bowen, b. Mt. Morris-NY. Wed Roland 10-10-1936 in Franklinville-NY. Wed Willard 9-04-1971 in Franklinville-NY (he d. 11-11-1986)
REYNOLDS, Helen A. Born 8-7-1920, died 9-10- 2002 - Born in Ischua NY- Dau of H. Raymond & Rosa Elling Shipman
REYNOLDS, Ralph S. Spouse of Florence Smith. Born 6-19-1930, died 4-4-1994. Age: 63 - Son of Reese & Pearl Morrison Reynolds
RIETHMILLER, Brett W. Spouse of Penny C. Born 5-12-1967, died 8-12-2007 - Son of Gerald "Judd" & Cynthia Williams Riethmiller, born in Bristol PA. Killed in a car accident
RIETHMILLER, G. Ellis. Spouse of Helen Margaret. Born 8-8-1915, died 11-20-2000 - Son of Earl & Ione Webster Riethmiller b. Grant Twp. Indiana Co. PA
RIETHMILLER, Gerald [Judd]. Spouse of #1 Patricia O'Conner, #2 Cynthia Williams. Born 5-3-1923, died 10-4-2005 - Son of Earl & Ione Webster Riethmiller - WW II Vet, US Navy
RIETHMILLER, Helen O. Spouse of Ellis. Born 9-2-1919, died 8-13- 1995. Age: 75 - Dau of Charles & Cecelia Collins Osborne. Wed 11-29-1941
RIETHMILLER, Penny C. Spouse of Brett W. Born 12-27-1972, died 8-12-2007 - Son of Tom & Linda Love Cash, born in Mesa AZ, died in car accident. Wed 9-12-1992t
RINKO, Mary (Dziekonski). Spouse of Stephen. Born 6-21-1910, died 11-14-1972. Age: 62 - Dau of Stanley & Josephine (Pezanoski) Dziekonski. Born in IL, died in Catt Co NY. A teacher.
RINKO, Stephen. Spouse of Mary Dziekonski. Born 1-9-1922, died 12-31-2012. Age: 90 - Son of Frank and Annastazia Rinko, one of eight children.
RIPLEY, Hannah Plumb. Spouse of Piram. Born 4-24-1769 - Wed June 6 1785
RIPLEY, Piram. Spouse of Hannah P. Born 11-22-1762, died 3-23-1844 - Son of William & Lydia Hunt Ripley b. Duxbury Mass - Revolutionary War Vet
ROBINSON, Carolyn A. (Wagner). Spouse of Richard. Born 3-18-1953, died 3-13-2017 - Dau of Donald & Evelyn (Reigle) Wagner, b. Buffalo NY, d. Buffalo NY. Four children with Richard who predeceased her. Survived by companion Chuck Learn.
ROSE, Geraldine Lawyer. Spouse of Norman D. Born 8-4-1920, died 1-2-2010. Age: 89 - Wed Norman in 1967.
ROSE, Harold L. Spouse of Arlouine Scott. Born 12-28-1898, died 10-1-1963 - Born in Humphrey NY- Son of Wilson & Myrtle Reed Rose
ROSE, Norman D. Spouse of Margaret Wilson & Geraldine Lawyer. Born 12-04-1922, died 11-08-2019. Age: 96y - Son of Simeon & Ruth (Austin) Rose, one of 11 children. b. Rushford NY, d. Franklinville NY. Wed #1 in 1947. Wed #2 in 1967 (she d. 2010)
RUBECK, Coralynn L. [Cody]. Spouse of Berton. Born 1-31-1919, died 1-16-2009 - Dau of Robert & Mary Spear Brown. Wed July 16 1939. (He d. 4-28-1959)
RUBECK, Gerald Sr. Born 3-24-1941, died 5-9-2000 - Born in West Seneca, NY
RUHLAND, Amber L. Born 6-28-1995, died 4-25-2017 - Dau of Michael and Patricia Ruhland, b. Concord MA, d. Syracuse NY of injuries from a house fire that also killed her daughter, Selena J. Hanson who is buried in Mount View Cem, Olean.
RUHLAND, Michael A. Spouse of Jenny Kidd. Born 7-29-1963, died 11-20-2018 - Son of Robert & Nancyanne (Myers) Ruhland, b. Buffalo NY, d. Olean NY. Four children, mother not named. Obit of daughter Amber says mother is Patricia. Wed Jenny 5-21-2005 in Letchworth State Park NY, she survives - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Navy 1981-86
RUSS, Kenneth N. Spouse of Thressa. Born 11-16-1911, died 10-4-2003 - Son of William & Clara Russ
RUSS, Thressa Slade. Spouse of Kenneth N., died 1-1-1994 - Wed 1939 in Wolcott NY
RUSSELL, Lawrence D. Spouse of Young Mayama Shin. Born 5-9-1936, died 3-27-2008 - Son of George & Iva Goodnough Russell. Wed 10-30-1956 in Japan, three daughters. - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Sgt; USMC, Sgt. & US Navy Seabees, CE2
RUSSELL, Young W. (Shin). Spouse of Lawrence D. Born 5-15-1930, died 3-08-2017 - Dau of Tokuo & Sadako Shin, b. Osaka Japan, d. Cheektowaga NY, Bookkeeper for husband's business. Wed 10-30-1956 in Japan, three daughters.
RYAN, Matt A. Spouse of Penny. Born 4-2-1963, died 9-22-2006 - Son of Frank & Clara Hubbard Ryan m. April 6 1985
SABA, Edwin. Born 3-17-1926, died 7-12-1934. Age: 8 - Son of Stanley and Hattie Saba.
SABA, Gozef [Joseph]. Spouse of Magdaline. Born 1-21-1870, died 5-29-1945. Age: 75 - Born in Poland, died in Catt Co NY. Five children
SABA, Magdaline. Spouse of Gozef. Born 6-23-1875, died 3-14-1951. Age: 75 - Born in Poland, died in NY. Five children.
SABA, Raymond. Born 1-27-1933, died 11-15-1934. Age: 1y - Son of Stanley and Hattie Saba.
SABA, Stanley. Spouse of Hattie. Born 3-14-1905, died 6-3-1940. Age: 40 - Son of Gozef and Magdaline Saba. Born in Poland, died in NY. Wed abt 1923, three children.
SABA, Walter. Born 3-29-1905, died 4-18-1905 - Son of Gozef and Magdaline Saba.
SAGE, Justin Michael. Spouse of Jennifer Howard. Born 12-8-1988, died 9-22-2011 - Son of Terry & Patti (Slocum) Sage, b. Olean-NY
SAMSEL, Richard W. Born 8-29-1914, died 4-11-2007 - Son of William & Catherine Shaw Samsel - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force
SAUER, Lawrence C. Companion of Donna Lanphere. Born 2-09-1951, died 4-25-2017 - Son of Charles & Katherine (Smith) Sauer, b. Elyra OH, d. Ischua NY. Two daughters, mother not named.
SCALISE, Barbara (Schuyler) Montgomery. Spouse of #1 Joe Montgomery, #2 Richard Scalise. Born 2-5-1933, died 6-12-2010 - Dau of Francis & Hortense (Pitcher) Schuyler, b. Franklinville-NY. Wed Joe 1954 (he d. 1965), Wed Richard 10-10-1970 at St. Phiolomena RC Ch in Franklinville-NY
SCALISE, Franklin J. Spouse of Carol Henry. Born 1-17-1933, died 8-16-2012 - Son of Gaetano & Josephine (Cianflone) Scalise, b. Sardinia Wed 6-17-1958 in Franklinville-NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force 1951-55
SCHUBECK, Dortha J. Born 4-3-1924, died 7-4-2007 - Born in North East PA dau of Earl & Neva Parsons Greenman
SCHUBECK, Sylvia "Sib". Spouse of William P. Born 3-31-1924, died 3-29- 2001. Age: 76 - Born in Franklinville NY- Dau of Harry Van Lansing & Mary Wilcox Swift m. Feb 18 1972
SCHUBECK, William P. Spouse of Sylvia. Born 1-15-1921, died 4-21-2004 - Son of Michael & Anna Schubeck - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, Glider pilot
SCHULTZ, William Jr. Spouse of Alice Hitchcock. Born 4-28-1931, died 2-21-2019 - Son of William Sr. & Mary (Bergner) Schultz, b. Cheekwtowaga NY, d. Cuba NY. Wed 4-27-1957 in Gardenville NY (she survives) - Korean War Vet, US Navy 1951-55
SCHUMAN, Francis R. Spouse of Marian V. Born 10-20-1912, died 7-16-2006 - Son of Charles & Emma Shuman. Divorced. - WW II Vet, US Army
SCHUMAN, Marian V. Spouse of Francis R., died 4-9-2005 - Wed July 27 1942
SCHUYLER, Charles G. Spouse of Elizabeth Marsh. Born 2-09-1934, died 7-31-2018 - Son of Gordon & Harriet Pitcher [sic], b. Franklinville NY, d. Olean NY. Worked 41 years as a high lift operator.Wed 8-18-1956 in Eddyville NY, three children. (Spouse survives)
SCHUYLER, Francis C. Spouse of Hortense P. Born 1-28-1906, died 7-14-2002 - Son of Charles W. & Mary Baker Schuyler wed 6-23- 1928
SCHUYLER, Hortense Pitcher. Spouse of Francis C., died 3-2-1997 - Dau of William K. & Anna Augie Pitcher wed June 23 1928
SCHUYLER, Jessica M. Born 1-17-1992, died 1-17-1992 - Dau of Robert & Christine Meacham Schutler
SCHUYLER, William H. Spouse of Yvonne Clement. Born 6-20-1937, died 8-12-2019 - Son of Alfred & Constance (Lisbon) Schuyler, b. Franklinville NY, d. Houghton NY. Wed 1957 in Franklinville NY (she survives) - Cold War Vet, US Air Force 1955-59
SCHWAB, Duane A. Born 7-11-1962, died 10-7-2002. Age: 40 - Son of Daniel Sieczkarski Sr. & Shirley Haun Rubeck
SCHWARTZ, Israel. Spouse of Janet Athlene. Born 1874, died 4-16-1959
SCHWARTZ, Janet Athlene. Spouse of Israel. Born 1-5-1899, died 11-25-1988 - Dau of Mary Savannah Goss & William Currie first hus Paul Herbert Turner
SCHWIER, Audrey P. (Johnson). Spouse of William H. Schwier. Born 8-17-1924, died 12-17-2017 - Dau of Harry & Thelma (Busher) Johnson, b. Dunkirk NY, d. Cuba NY. Wed 4-16-1949 in Buffalo NY
SCHWIER, William H. Spouse of Audrey P. Johnson. Born 5-28-1921, died 7-8-1996. Age: 75 - Son of John and Elanor (Mosgrober) Schwier. Born in Buffalo NY, died in Franklinville NY. Wed 4-16-1949 in Buffalo NY
SCIORTINO, Christine Koenig. Spouse of Peter. Born 4-16-1952, died 8-7-2009 - Born in Buffalo to Lawrence & marjorie Gordon Koenig
SCOTT, Betty M. Spouse of George. Born 3-18-1921, died 4-26-2016. Age: 95y - Dau of Merle & Hilda (Frantz) Rudolph, b. Buffalo NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 3-1935 (he d. 1986)
SHELLEY, Doretta M. Born 1930, died 1989
SHELLEY, George R. Sr. Spouse of Lovell J. Daniels. Born 9-30-1916, died 9-8-1991. Age: 74 - Son of Raymond A. and Florence C. Shelley. At least two sons.
SHELLEY, Lovell J. (Daniels). Spouse of George R. Sr. Born 1921, died 8-10-1979 - At least two sons
SHELLEY, Roger W. Sr. Spouse of Janet Glomb. Born 6-22-1944, died 11-28-2017 - Son of George Sr. & Lovell (Daniels) Shelley, b. Wellsville NY, d. Cuba NY. Two children, mother not named. Wed Janet 2-14-2014 in Franklinville NY. (she survives) - Uncategorized Vet, US Marine Corps 1964-78
SHENK, Donna E. Spouse of Orrin H. Born 5-23-1912, died 9-29-2005 - Dau of Clair & Lesta Riggs Elwood Wed Nov. 30 1945 in Franklinville-NY
SHENK, Orrin H. Spouse of Donna E. Born 7-16-1922, died 2-23-2003 - Born in Cambria to Harrison & Frances Hoover Shenk
SHERMAN, Mrs. Arline. Spouse of Raymond. Born 11-7- 1907, died 12-4-1987 - Dau of Gustav & Elizabeth Holzhausen Ullrich
SHERR, Leonard F. Born 1909, died 1979
SHERWOOD, Faye M. Spouse of LeRoy A. Born 11-26-1926, died 1-6-2009 - Dau of Bert & Mabel Graves Colvin wed June 12, 1943 (LeRoy died 6-12-1990)
SHIPMAN, Eva J. Spouse of Kenneth R. Born 6-3-1919, died 9-8-2004 - Dau of Merton & Georgia Anna Warren Darker
SHIPMAN, Kenneth R. Spouse of Eva J. Born 7-8-1918, died 3-23- 2000 - Born in Ischua NY son of H. Raymond & Rosa J. Elling Shipman. Wed 11-22-1958 in Woodbury NJ
SHIPMAN, Rosa J. Spouse of H. Raymond. Born 7-23-1891, died 11-20-1963 - Born in Ischua NY- Dau of Chris & Sophia Boush Eling
SHUMAN, Marian V. Spouse of Francis. Born 5-27-1923, died 4-9-2005 - Dau of Forrest & Hazel Constantine Farrington wed July 27 1942
SILL, Alonzo D. Born 3-28-1835, died 3-13-1907 - Civil War Vet, Co C 154th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 for three years. Discharged for disability 6-3-1863.
SLOCUM, Betty E. Spouse of Donald R. Slocum. Born 1-13-1920, died 4-03-2019 - Dau of Robert & Edna (Frazier) Brayton, b. S. Wales NY, d. Machias NY. Wed 8-1948
SLOCUM, Doanld R. Spouse of Betty Brayton. Born 6-17-1926, died 10-07-2016 - Son of Charles & Genevieve (Law) Slocum, b. Franklinville NY, d. Machias NY, Wed 8-11-1948 in Franklinville NY - WW II & Korea Vet, US Navy
SLOCUM, Edward William. Spouse of #1 Joyce Acton, #2 Charlene [Cherie]. Born 4-24-1924, died 10-21-2015 - Son of Stanley & Martha (Holmes) Slocum, b. Franklinville NY, d. Machias NY. Joyce predeceased him, Wed Charlene 5-10-1992 in Lyndon NY (she survives)
SLOCUM, Glenda L. (Rose). Spouse of Lloyd. Born 10-27-1920, died 4-10-2012 - Dau of Simeon & Ruth (Austin) Rose, one of 11 children, b. Yorkshire-NY Wed 10-09-1940 (he d. 1/1993)
SLOCUM, Phyllis B. (McGill). Spouse of Robert E. Slocum. Born 9-25-1927, died 2-06-2017 - Dau of Ralph McGill and Leona Mowery Page Clarence, b. Olean NY, d. Machias NY, Wed 12-06-1947 in Franklinville NY
SLOCUM, Robert Emery. Spouse of Phyllis McGill. Born 3-27-1926, died 11-09-2019 - Son of Leslie & Nellie (Bryan) Slocum, b. Franklinville NY, d. Machias NY. Wed 12-06-1947 in Franklinville NY - WW II Vet, US Army 1944-46
SMITH, Bradley L. Spouse of Ernestine H. Born 10-14-1922, died 12-29-2003 - Son of Silas & Edith Raub Smith
SMITH, David B. [Doc]. Spouse of Virginia Tilton. Born 4-21-1946, died 11-24-2020 - Son of Bradley and Ernestine (Gleason) Smith. Born and lived in Franklinville NY, died in Salamanca NY. Wed 6-10-1989 in Franklinville, no children named. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US Army. 1965-1967
SMITH, Elsie K. Born 1921, died 3-21-2012 - Dau of Silas & Edith (Raub) Smith, b. Lyndon-NY
SMITH, Ernestine H. [Tina]. Spouse of Bradley. Born 1-17-1924, died 7-27-2003 - Dau of Roy & Eva Meach Gleason m. Nov 8 1942
SMITH, Marcus. Spouse of Susan Adeline, died 1903. Age: 100y 6m 13d - Wed Jan 1 1834
SMITH, Susan Adeline. Spouse of Marcus. Born 7-18-1815, died 3-6-1901 - Dau of William & Caroline Stilwell
SONGSTER, Leila P. Spouse of Patrick. Born 6-5-1943, died 5-17-2011. Age: 67 - Dau of LeRoy & Pearl (Foster) Weaver, b. Franklinville-NY Wed 6-20-1964
SOWINSKI, Dorothy A. Spouse of Casmir Stanley, died 8-29-2008 - Dau of George & Perna Prey Cook, born in White Cloud MI. Wed 10-7-1949 (He d. 6-19-1990)
SQUIRE, Daniel H. IV. Born 4-7-1952, died 5-18-2008. Age: 56 - Son of Daniel H. & Doris J. Domroes Squire III - Uncategorized Vet, US Army Reserves
SQUIRE, Elizabeth Mary. Born 11-17-1962, died 11-3-2005 - Dau of Roger & Patricia Devine Squire
STACEY, Charlotte R. Spouse of Ray A. Born 9-2-1919, died 3-5-2001 - Born in Otto NY- Dau of Ray & Bessie Grimm Harvey
STACEY, Ray A. Spouse of Charlotte R. H, died 1985 - Wed Oct. 12 1941
STACKPOLE, Evelyn E. Spouse of Donald L. Born 3-31- 1931, died 12-6-2001 - Born in Marietta OH- Dau of Alfred & Gertrude Blair Hendricks m. 1974
STANEK, Nancy M. S. Spouse of Donald. Born 12-20-1959, died 1-17- 2001 - Dau of Russell & Frances Strohmeyer Deer b. Batavia NY- m. April 11 1981
STEARNS, Margaret (Sweet). Spouse of Phillip. Born 2-10-1923, died 9-21-2013 - Dau of Raymond & Gertrude (Caner) Sweet, b. Rushford-NY, d. Machias-NY, Wed 12-17-1960 in Farmer's Valley NY
STEARNS, Philip R. [Flip];. Spouse of #1 Helen Lambert, #2 Margaret Sweet. Born 1-25-1926, died 2-27-2015 - Son of Ernest and Iva (Wright) Stearns, b. Franklinville NY, d. Cuba NY, Wed Helen in 1946, Wed Margaret 12-17-1960 in Farmers Valley PA - WW II Vet, US Army 1944-46
STEIN, Clarice V. Spouse of #1 James Hill, #2 Allen S. Stein. Born 3-6-1907, died 9-21-1999 - Born in Lyndon NY- Dau of Edward & Carrie Beebe Slocum
STEINER, Robert F. III. Born 3-4-1959, died 8-9-2004. Age: 45 - Son of Robert F. Steiner II & Barbar Ann Felski Steiner. Died in automobile accident - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
STEVENS, Anna E. Spouse of Merton R. Born 7-20-1917, died 6-28-2008 - Dau of Carver & Roxie Meyers Anderson
STEVENS, Merton R. Spouse of Anna E., died 8-19-1981 - Wed May 27 1939 in Jamestown NY
STOUT, Dorothea J. Spouse of Maxwell R. Born 11-2-1918, died 1-7-2007 - Dau of Merle & Margaret McClory Jones
STOWELL, Jean E., died 7-15-2009
SUTTON, Joan E. (Schwartz). Spouse of David Sutton. Born 11-29-1934, died 8-02-2017 - Dau of Joseph & Mildred (Zukowski) Schwartz, b. W. Seneca NY, d. Machias NY. Owned and operated the West Valley Hotel. Wed 4-26-1958 in W. Seneca NY, three children. (Spouse d. 1987)
SWIFT, Nancy K. Spouse of Richard. Born 2-3-1950, died 7-11-2012 - Dau of Lawrence & Eleanor (Burt) Torpey, b. Cuba-NY Wed 7-06-1985 in Cuba-NY
SWIFT, Ruth I. Spouse of Stanley A. Born 12-4-1918, died 5-1-2006 - Dau of Walter & Lula Swarts Knapp
SWIFT, Stanley A. Spouse of Ruth I., died 8-31-1972 - Wed Sept 8 1936
SWISHER, Wilma M. (Lovell) Snyder. Spouse of #1 James Snyder, #2 Ken Swisher. Born 5-10-1936, died 5-6-2007 - Dau of Charles & Edith Lovell
TANNER, Edward C. Jr. Spouse of Maxine H. Hadley. Born 8-15-1917, died 8-30-2007 - Son of Edward C. & Ada (Cooper) Tanner Sr. m. May 29 1941- WNY Suburban Baseball Hall of Fame
TANNER, Maxine (Hadley) [Mickey]. Spouse of Edward C. Jr. Born 10-09-1922, died 9-08-2016 - Dau of Horace & Gladys (Worden) Hadley, b. Podonque NY, d. Cuba NY, Wed 5-29-1941 in Holland NY
TATLOW, Conley. Born 1905, died 1938
TATLOW, Edmund W. Jr. Spouse of Anna Mae Seward. Born 5-19-1916, died 7-16-2001 - Born in Lyndon NY- Son of Edmund & Anna Barnick Tatlow Sr. - m. April 18 1942
TERMER, Sheila Marie. Spouse of Joseph E. Born 8-11-1964, died 3-16-2003 - Dau of Harry & Maria Swisher Welch b. Olean-NY d. Olean-NY Wed 7-14-1991 in Franklinville-NY, Owner/operator Jack & Jill's Day Care in Franklinville-N
THOMPSON, Clarence J. Spouse of Laura H. Born 10-18-1890, died 11-3-1967 - WW I Vet, US Army, Pvt
THOMPSON, Laura H. S. Spouse of Clarence J. Born 4-3-1898, died 7-17-1967
THOMPSON, Raymond J. Born 1916, died 1991 - WW II Vet, US Army
TONER, Paul R. Born 10-17-1909, died 2-13-1984 - Son of Robert and Leola Toner - WW II Vet, US Army
TRIETLEY, Edward J. Spouse of Jean. Born 5-16-1958, died 6-19-2005 - Son of Jack & Mannette May Trietley wed Apr. 10 1983
TROWBRIDGE, Charles G. Spouse of Janice T. Born 1-8-1959, died 11-29-2008 - Son of LaRue & Beatrice Champlin Trowbridge. Died in farm accident
TROWBRIDGE, Vincent David. Spouse of Thyra Elizabeth [Betty]. Born 1-10-1911, died 5-7-2002. Age: 91 - Born in Ischua NY- Son of Guy & Ethel Trowbridge
TURNBULL, Adam K., died 2-25-1890
ULMER, Robert J. Spouse of Tate M. Born 6-19-1923, died 7-10-2008 - Son of Albert & Ruth Proctor Ulmer. Wed 10-25_1946. Fireman of the year in 1993 & 2007 - WW II Vet, US Army, Italy
UNDERWOOD, Richard D. Spouse of Thelma E., died 11-26-1994 - Wed July 6 1945 in Portville NY
UNDERWOOD, Thelma E. Spouse of Richard D. Born 6-12-1923, died 4-28-2008 - Dau of Frederick & Florence Elmer Nelson
VALVO, Michael E. Spouse of Joyce Kenyon. Born 9-20-1943, died 4-25-2019 - Son of John & Beatrice (Tarasick) Valvo, b. Buffalo NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 10-06-1973 in Franklinville NY (she survives) - Cold War Vet, US Army Reserve 6 yrs
VAN NAME, Ruth E. Spouse of Edwin F. Born 5-05-1910, died 1-04-2003 - Dau of John & Edna Phillips Chapman b. Franklinville-NY d. Dansville-NY Wed 10-30-1930 in Franklinville-NY
VANETTEN, Betty J. Spouse of Charlton Steffenhagen & Charles VanEtten. Born unstated, died 3-26-2019 - Dau of Merle & Helen (Watkins) Raub, b. unstated, d. Buffalo NY. Wed #1 1956 in Franklinville NY. Wed #2 7-16-1983 in Machias NY (he d. 8-17-2007)
VIGLIETTA, John L. Born 8-26-1916, died 5-9-2000 - Born in New York City NY
VIGLIETTA, Virginia H. Born 5-16-2003, died 5-16-2003 - Died in Olean-NY
VILLANOVA, Louis V. Spouse of Margaret M. Neary. Born 1952, died Uncut
VILLANOVA, Margaret M. (Neary). Spouse of Louis V. [#2?]. Born 6-01-1942, died 3-20-2004 - Dau of John & Giselle Szasko Neary b. Manhattan-NY d. Rochester-NY. Wed 3-22-1986 in New Rochelle-NY
VINSCAVAGE, John J. Spouse of Lucille B. Born 5-18-1928, died 11-22-2000 - Son of John J. & Wanda Turpin Vinscavage b. Wilkes-Barre PA
VINSCAVAGE, Lucille B. Spouse of John J. Born 11-19-1926, died 5-1-2009 - Dau of Stanley & Mary Hebda Kraynowski m. 1950 in Wilkes-Barre PA
WADE, John F. Spouse of Minnie M. Cobb. Born 5-14-1869
WAGNER, Harriet (Goss). Spouse of #1 Henry S.?, #2 Albert I Wagner. Born 8-14-1840, died 2-13-1920 - Dau of John & Christian Goss
WAGNER, Henry S. Spouse of Harriet. Born 1-1826, died 10-13-1896 - Son of John Wagner and Susanna Steffy
WAKLEY, Nora M. Spouse of George. Born 1881, died 1944 - Dau of John & Mary Jane Reed Goss
WALLACE, June Kathleen (Cross). Spouse of Kenneth H. Born 6-07-1934, died 7-29-2016 - Dau of Raymond & Mary Catherine (Boser) Cross, b. Franklinville NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 10-04-1952 in Franklinville NY, two children.
WALLACE, Kenneth H. Spouse of June K. Cross. Born 11-28-1929, died 1-29-2017 - Son of Herbert F. and Lura Jones Wallace. Born in Franklinville NY, lived in Olean NY, died in Southminster NY. Taught 25 yrs at BOCES. Wed 10-4-1952, two children. - Cold War Vet, US Army 1955-1957
WALT, Clyde C. Sr. Spouse of Dorothy, died 1977 - Wed Aug.4 1951 in Hume NY
WALT, Dorothy M. Spouse of Clyde C. Sr. Born 7-17-1934, died 11-23-2003 - Dau of Wilburt & Mamie Newton Dash
WARD, Edwin [Ted]. Spouse of Virginia "Jean" Barron. Born 11-30-1919, died 4-22-2017 - Son of Frank & Julia (Utter) Ward, b. Wethersfield NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 6-22-1940 in Belmont NY (she survives)
WARDHAUGH, Jean L. Spouse of Thornton A. Born 2-2-1924, died 7-25-2006 - Dau of Homer & Anna Whitmore Freer US Coast Guard WW II - WW II Vet, US Coast Guard
WARDHAUGH, Thornton A. Spouse of Jean L. Born 12-22-1923, died 11-7-1964 - WW II Vet, US Army, HQ Co. 644 TD Bn, Pfc
WARNER, Edward A. Spouse of Edith Lafferty, died 7-18-1920. Age: 49
WARNER, Frederick L. Spouse of Judith A. Born 8-15-1940, died 9-20-2005 - Son of Paul & Hazel Learn Warner. Born in Cuba NY. Wed 2-02-1963
WARNER, Judith A. Spouse of Frederick Warner. Born 5-22-1943, died 4-17-2019 - Dau of Raymond & Florence (Marison) Rumpl, b. Buffalo NY, d. Buffalo NY. Wed 2-02-1963 (he d. 9-20-2005)
WATKINS, Gail L. (Wurst). Spouse of William G. Watkins. Born 6-13-1948, died 8-25-2016 - Dau of Nelson & Marian (Roblee) Wurst, b. Springville NY, d. Buffalo NY, Wed 7-14-1973 in Machias NY
WATKINS, Helen. Born 8-24-1902, died 9-14-1999 - Born in Franklinville NY
WATKINS, William G. Spouse of Gail L. Wurst. Born 2-29-1944, died 10-22-2019 - Son of William W. & Margaret (Robinson) Watkins-Phillips, Stepson of Henry Phillips, b. Olean NY, d. Machias NY. Wed 7-14-1973 in Machias NY - Vietnam Vet, US Army 1965-67
WEAVER, George L. Spouse of Luella H. Born 10-16-1912, died 2-4-2004 - Son of Barton & Edith Welch Weaver
WEAVER, Luella H. (Cummings). Spouse of George L., died 10-30-1994 - Wed June 27 1933 in Franklinville NY
WEBBER, Linda J. Spouse of James D. Born 10-22-1943, died 1-9-2006 - Dau of Fred & June Kenyon Olson m. July 5 1969
WEIGARTZ, Keith J. [Tyke]. Spouse of Diane Davies. Born 1-03-1934, died 12-12-2014 - Son of Keith and Thelma (Neal) Weigartz, born in Olean NY, d. Humphrey NY. Wed 8-1990 (she survives) - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy 1952-54
WELLER, Ernest W. Spouse of #1 Gloria Myrick, #2 Stella Moore. Born 4-02-1917, died 11-10-2016 - Son of Hiram & Alta (Crandel) Weller, b. Cherry Creek NY, d. Machias NY, Wed #1 on 11-24-1945 in Franklinville NY, at least one son. (She d. 3-15-1989). Wed #2 on 1-04-1992 in Great Valley NY (she d. 5-30-2009) - WW II Vet, US Army
WELLER, Gloria B. (Myrick). Spouse of Ernest W. Born 5-7-1934, died 3-15-1989 - Wed 11-24-1945 in Franklinville NY, At least one son.
WELLER, Marjorie L. Born 3-16-1915, died 2-17-2009 - Dau of Hiram & Alta Crandall Weller
WELLER, William H. Sr. Spouse of Nancy Fisher. Born 7-30-1947, died 5-22-2016 - Son of Ernest & Gloria (Myrick) Weller, b. Olean NY, d. Machias NY, Wed 10-22-1966 in Franklinville NY (she survives)
WERNER, Gary T. Spouse of Susan Weller. Born 8-17-1955, died 10-6-2010 - Son of Gary L. Werner and Joyce Campbell, b. Olean-NY Wed 2-02-1986 in Franklinville-NY
WERNER, Lucinda. Spouse of Gary L. Werner. Born 8-23-1948, died 10-15-2013 - Dau of Raymond & Euphemia (McClellen) Dickinson, b. Lackawanna-NY, d. Franklinville-NY, Wed 7-01-1968 in Baltimore-MD (he d. 2-22-1999)
WERNER, Randy S. Born 12-12-1956, died 10-07-2019 - Son of Gary L. Werner and Joyce M. Campbell, b. Olean NY, d. Franklinville NY
WHEELER, Ethel M. Spouse of Robert B. Born 1-21-1907, died 12-21-2002 - Born in Franklinville NY- Dau of James & Maude Skillman McGill
WHEELER, Robert B. Spouse of Ethel M., died 2-7-1990 - Wed June 23 1929
WHITTAKER, Alvin R. Spouse of Donna. Born 4-28-1937, died 8-01-2019 - Son of Floyd & Dorothea (Bancroft) Whittaker, b. Cuba NY, d. Bedford IN, Divorced
WICKMAN, Albert Ellery. Spouse of Dorthea C. Colling. Born 3-1854, died 11-6-1937 - Born in Berlin Germany, Wed 1880 in Germany, six children. Immigrated to US in 1885. Name changed to between Vickman and Wickman several times between 1885 and 1913.
WICKMAN, Dorthea Clara (Colling) [Doris]. Spouse of Albert E. Born 1-25-1851, died 11-17-1937 - Born in Berlin Germany, Wed 1880 in Germany, six children. Immigrated to US in 1885. Name changed to between Vickman and Wickman several times between 1885 and 1913.
WILDER, F. Arlouine. Spouse of Harold D. Born 9-30-1915, died 8-9-2004 - Dau of Frank A. & Nova Rogers Kellogg was a teacher
WILDER, Harold D. Spouse of F. Arlouine. Born 9-10-1913, died 12-19-1975 - Wed June 16 1941 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, Tec5
WILDRICK, Eben N. Spouse of Mary A.
WILDRICK, Mary A. Spouse of Eben N. Born 10-18-1862, died 1-23-1936 - Born in Lyndon N.Y.
WILKINS, Sheryl L. Spouse of Donald L. Born 1-13-1957, died 5-20-2006 - Dau of Jack Edward & Leona Elma Pollard
WILLS, Clifford P. Spouse of Garnet A. Born 9-18-1930, died 4-30-2007 - Son of Clarence & Lucile Threll Wills - Cold War Vet, US Navy. Career (20 yrs)
WILLS, Garnet A. Southwick. Spouse of Clifford P., died 1-28-1981 - Wed May 30 1951
WILSON, Bertha Lucas. Spouse of Vernon L., died 1996 - Wed Oct 24 1964 They raised 10 foster children
WILSON, Joan Marie (Crandall). Spouse of Charlie J. Wilson. Born 11-05-1930, died 3-20-2019. Age: 88.5y - Dau of Guy & Edith (Puff) Crandall, "Joie", b. Franklinville NY, d. unstated, Husband survives
WILSON, Richard W. Spouse of Thelma L. Born 7-22-1927, died 1-27-2007 - Son of Travis & Monelle Spurgeon Wilson - WW II Vet, US Navy
WILSON, Robert R. Spouse of Yolanda Maffei. Born 6-18-1917, died 11-25-2011 - Son of Reeves & Marie (Peterson) Wilson. Born in Muskegon MI, lived in Franklinville NY, died in Machias NY. A dairy farmer. Wed 1-31-1940, four children.
WILSON, Thelma L. Spouse of Richard W. Born 6-7-1929, died 7-29-2000 - Born in Buffalo NY
WILSON, Vernon L. Spouse of Bertha Lucas. Born 10-31-1920, died 4-17-2008. Age: 87 - Son of Ira T. & Mildred Storrs Wilson
WILSON, Yolanda M. (Maffei). Spouse of Robert R. Born 3-09-1922, died 7-05-2017 - Dau of James & Victoria (Staccioli) Maffei. Born and lived in Franklinville NY, d. Machias NY. Worked 19 years at Catt Co Nursing Home. Wed 1-31-1940, four children.
WOJNAROWSKI, Joseph E. Spouse of Marilyn Baker. Born 11-12-1921, died 1-11-2011 - Son of Andrew & Julia (Kumor) Wojnarowski, b. Buffalo-NY. Wed 6-30-1951 in Franklinville-NY (she d. 4-19-1981) - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force
WOOD, Lewis S. Spouse of Rhoda K. Born 4-6-1918, died 8-8-2006 - Son of Schuyler & Margaret Neff Wood
WOOD, Rhoda King. Spouse of Lewis S., died 1995 - Wed in Montreal Canada 1938, a teacher - WW II Vet, US Army, 101st Airborne, 1/Lt. Europe
WRIGHT, Helen P. Spouse of Lyman. Born 3-12-1919, died 2-16-2011 - Dau of Claude & Ruth (Gage) Pixley, b. Centerville Wed 10-06-1945 in Franklinville-NY (he d. 5-25-1969)
WYANT, Audrey J. Spouse of Kenneth. Born 12-17-1930, died 1-4-2008 - Dau of Daniel and Louise (Weatherby) Burton. Born in Hornell NY. Wed 6-18-1950.
YOUNG, Richard N. Spouse of June Mitchell. Born 7-20-1929, died 10-30-2001 - Son of Merrill & Ethel Young. Wed Sept. 2 1950
ZUECH, Aldo O. Spouse of Elaine M., died 1-2-1977 - Wed April 15 1960 in Franklinville NY
ZUECH, Elaine M. (Trowbridge). Spouse of Aldo O. Born 8-7-1942, died 10-4-2003 - Dau of Herbert & Viola (Thrall) Trowbridge

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