Located on School Street in Markhams, Town of Dayton, Cattaraugus Co. NY
Compiled by PHGS Member Judy Quinn

Photo: Wayne Ashley

ASTRY, Margaret. Spouse of Martin Astry. Born 3-20-1821, died 1-2-1917. Age: 95 - Born in Frankfurt, Germany, died Dayton NY, one son - No Stone
ASTRY, Martin. Spouse of Maragaret. Born 2-23-1816, died 1-29-1884. Age: 67 - Born in Frankfurt Germany, died Dayton NY, one son - No Stone
BASSINGER, Anthony. Spouse of Ellen Lucretia Gilbert. Born 1848, died 3-18-1885. Age: 36 - Family came from Germany, Anthony born in USA, seven children - No Stone
BASSINGER, Ellen Lucretia. Spouse of Anthony Bassinger. Born 2-11-1854, died 1-24-1890. Age: 35 - Dau of Fred Gilbert Born in Michiagn, died in Dayton NY, seven children - No Stone
BECHELEN, Clarence. Born 1907 4-18-1909. Age: 1y - No Stone
BORCHARDT, Amanda. Spouse of Herman L Borchardt. Born 3-10-1856, died 1-2-1929. Age: 64 - Dau of Joseph & Susanna (Sanders) Kemler; Born in East Maunk Chunk PA, died North Tonawanda NY, six children
BORCHARDT, Herman L. Spouse of Amanda Kemler. Born 4-8-1852, died 1-18-1920. Age: 67 - Son of Wilhelm & Wilhelmine (Remus) Borchardt; Born in Stettin Prussia, died Randolph NY, six children
BORCHARDT, Spencer. Born 5-10-1881, died 1893. Age: 11y - Son of Herman & Amanda (Kemler) Borchardt; Died in Cattaraugus County NY
CARLSON, Pearl Belva (Hagerdon). Spouse of Arthur W Carlson. Born 12-8-1884, died 1957. Age: 72 - Dau of Frederick & Mary (Hulett) Hagerton; Born in Markham NY
CLARK, Anna Belle (Hagerdon). Spouse of George Washington Clark. Born 3-1878, died 1957. Age: 79 - Dau of Frederick & Mary (Hulett) Hagerton; Born in Dayton NY, died in Ellington NY, four children
CLARK, George Washington. Spouse of Anna Belle Hagerdon. Born 2-22-1873, died 1924. Age: 50 - Born in PA, died Markham NY, four children
COLBURN, Curtis Clinton. Spouse of Sarah Marie Armitage. Born 2-8-1906, died 10-18-1994. Age: 88 - Son of Charles & Lillian (Wing) Colburn; Born in Cattaraugus NY, died in Gowanda NY, two children
COLBURN, Sarah Marie (Armitage). Spouse of Curtis Clinton Colburn. Born 7-9-1912, died 2-6-2004. Age: 91 - Dau of Lawrence & Sarah (Cobb) Armitage; Born in East Branch PA, died in Gowanda NY, two children
DOWD, Alicia (Colburn). Born 10-14-1964, died 1-18-1986. Age: 21 - Dau of Curtis Clinton & Sarah Marie (Armitagge) Colburn
FRIETAG, Ella. Born 10-25-1886, died 1-4-1920. Age: 33 - No Stone
GIMBRONI, Doris Joan (Armitage). Spouse of Nicholas Joseph Gimbrone. Born 6-22-1934, died 10-20-1998. Age: 64 - Dau of Lawrence & Sarah (Cobb) Armitage; Born in Jamestown NY, died Meadville PA; Member DAR
HAGDORN, Henry. Spouse of 1 Mary Elizabeth 2 Mary Jane. Born 1840 - Uncaterogized Vet, sevice not known
HAGDORN, Mary Elizabeth. Spouse of Henry Hagerdon. Born 1849, died 1889. Age: 39
HAGDORN, Mary Jane. Spouse of Henry Hagerdon. Born 1850, died 1907. Age: 57
HAGERDON, Ace Winfield. Spouse of Agnes. Born 1886, died 1968. Age: 81 - Son of Frederick & Mary (Hulett) Hagerdon, born and died in NY
HAGERDON, Agnes M. Spouse of Ace Winfield Hagerdon. Born 1887, died 9-12-1950. Age: 62 - Died in Jamestown NY
HAGERDON, Ann E (Tacca). Spouse of Warner F Hagerdon. Born 2-23-1920, died 2-4-2014. Age: 93 - Died in Buffalo NY, one child - No Stone
HAGERDON, Catharine. Born 1855, died 1965. Age: 9y - Dau of Henry & Caroline Hagerdon - No Stone
HAGERDON, Fred J. Spouse of Lois C. Warner. Born 1880, died 1949. Age: 68 - Son of Frederick & Mary (Hulett) Hagerdon; Born and died in NY
HAGERDON, Frederick. Spouse of Mary Ellen Hulett. Born 1842, died 2-4-1919. Age: 76 - Born in Germany, four children
HAGERDON, George. Spouse of Lucy Hulett. Born 5-1856, died 6-19-1916. Age: 60 - Son of Henry & Caroline (Doe) Hagerdon; Born in North Collins NY, died Dayton NY, ten children
HAGERDON, Gladys Kathleen (Mellor). Spouse of Manson Seymour Hagerdon. Born 12-21-1909, died 1-19-1963. Age: 53 - Dau of Willim & Florence Mellor; Born in Ipswich England, died in Gowanda NY, two children - No Stone
HAGERDON, Helen. Born 1887, died 1916. Age: 18 - Dau of Henry Philip Hagerdon
HAGERDON, Henry. Spouse of Caroline Doe. Born 10-27-1799, died 7-13-1884. Age: 84 - Son of Christian & Margaretha (Heine) Hagerdon; Born in Hanover Germany, died Markham NY, nine children - No Stone
HAGERDON, Lois C. (Warner). Spouse of Fred J Hagerdon. Born 5-2-1891, died 4-5-1946. Age: 54 - Five children - No Stone
HAGERDON, Lucy (Hulett). Spouse of George Hagerdon. Born 5-1857, died 1902. Age: 45 - Two children
HAGERDON, Mae E. Born 5-1895, died 4-24-1918. Age: 22 - Dau of George & Lucy (Hulett) Hagerdon; Born & died in Dayton NY,
HAGERDON, Manson Seymour. Spouse of Gladys Kathleen Mellor. Born 5-22-1913, died 4-14-1995. Age: 81 - Son of Fred & Lois (Warer) Hagerdon; two children
HAGERDON, Marion K. (Ross). Spouse of Robert R Hagerdon. Born 2-12-1929, died 5-21-2016. Age: 87 - Born in Buffalo NY, died Warsaw NY
HAGERDON, Mary Ellen (Hulett). Spouse of Frederick Hagerdon. Born 1845, died 8-16-1918. Age: 72 - Dau of Asahel & Almira (Darbee) Hulett; Born and died in Cattaraugus County NY, six children
HAGERDON, Robert. Spouse of Marion K Ross. Born 6-22-1924, died 8-25-2003. Age: 79 - Son of Fred & Lois (Warner) Hagerdon
HAGERDON, Ruth Ann. Born 8-6-1962, died 2-12-2005. Age: 42
HAGERDON, Warner F. Spouse of Ann E Tacca. Born 7-16-1917, died 8-14-1993. Age: 76 - Son of Fred & Lois (Warner) Hagerdon, one child
HOLTZ, August. Born 4-28-1865, died 6-3-1880. Age: 15 - Son of Frederick & Lana Holtz; twin brother to Mary Holtz
HOLTZ, Ella. Spouse of Herman Holtz. Born 5-23-1862, died 1-23-1884. Age: 21
HOLTZ, Frederick, died 2-6-1879. Age: 22
HOLTZ, Maggie. Spouse of Charles Holtz. Born 10-3-1860, died 12-15-1882. Age: 22y 2m 12d - No Stone
HOLTZ, Mary. Born 4-28-1865, died 3-18-1882. Age: 16 - Dau of Frederick & Lana Holtz; twin sister to August Holtz
KEPPEL, Charles. Spouse of Lena Rider. Born 5-20-1854, died 1935. Age: 80 - Son of Charles & Fredericka (Vogel) Keppel,: Born in Buffalo NY, died South Dayton NY
KEPPEL, Charles J. Spouse of Fredericka Vogel. Born 1-22-1816, died 1902. Age: 85 - Born in Hirschberg Germany, died South Dayton NY, six children
KEPPEL, Fredericka (Vogel). Spouse of Charles J Keppel. Born 1-14-1816, died 12-6-1911. Age: 95 - Born in Germany, died South Dayton NY, six children
KEPPEL, Lena (Rider). Spouse of Charles Keppel. Born 1-5-1859, died 1945. Age: 85
LIMBURG, Louis. Spouse of Mary Wiegand. Born 11-9-1968, died 6-3-1939. Age: 70 - Born in Germany, died Buffalo NY - No Stone
LIMBURG, Mary (Wiegand). Spouse of Louis Limburg. Born 5-17-1859, died 12-12-1922. Age: 63 - Dau of Frederick Wiegand; Born in Cattaraugus County NY, died Collins, Erie Co NY - No Stone
OEHSER, George. Born 9-25-1875, died 12-1876. Age: 1y - Son of John & Louisetta (Beulow) Oehser; Died in Markham NY
OEHSER, John. Spouse of Louisetta Buelow. Born 7-30-1828, died 2-3-1901. Age: 72 - Born in Germany, died Dayton NY
OEHSER, Louisetta (Buelow). Spouse of John Oehser. Born 11-5-1835, died 11-5-1902. Age: 67 - Born in Germany, died in Dayton NY
PARMAN, Christopher Christian. Spouse of Sophia. Born 6-21-1838, died 3-16-1920. Age: 81 - Born in Kittendorf Germany, died Dayton NY, two children
PARMAN, Estella (Drew). Spouse of Charles Carl Parman. Born 1868 - Dau of Eli & Lucy (Green) Drew, two children - No Stone
PARMAN, Leland. Born 1904, died 1935. Age: 30 - Son of Charles & Estella (Drew) Parman
PARMAN, Sophia. Spouse of Christopher Christian Parman. Born 1-9-1841, died 2-6-1909. Age: 68
REMINGTON, Almeron L. Spouse of Sophia M Parman. Born 7-7-1860, died 11-24-1935. Age: 75 - Son of Hiram & Alzeda (Ingersoll) Remington; Born and died in Dayton NY, two children - No Stone
REMINGTON, Olen H. Spouse of Bessie M Upton & Abigail Baker. Born 4-27-1884, died 1931. Age: 46 - Son of Almeron & Sophia (Parman) Remington
REMINGTON, Sophia M. (Parman). Spouse of Almeron L Remington. Born 10-28-1863, died 2-6-1953. Age: 89 - Dau of Christopher C & Sophia Parman; Born in Germany, died in Dayton NY, two children - No Stone
RUCKH, Christian. Born 1832, died 2-12-1875. Age: 42
RUCKH, Donald O. Spouse of Genevieve C Dye. Born 8-18-1923, died 3-28-2000. Age: 76 - Son of Orson H & Bertha A (Volk) Ruckh; Born & died in South Dayton NY, three children - WW II Vet, US Army PFC
RUCKH, Genevieve (Dye). Spouse of Donald O Ruckh. Born 11-19-1923, died 2-29-2012. Age: 88 - Dau of Floyd & Ethel Dye; Born in Leon NY, died in Irving Erie Co NY, three children
RUCKH, George. Spouse of Julia Riath. Born 1826, died 1902. Age: 75 - One son
RUCKH, Julia (Riath). Spouse of George Ruckh. Born 1831, died 5-16-1908. Age: 76 - Born in Germany, died Dayton NY, one son
RUCKH, Keith D. Born 4-6-1953, died 8-16-2006. Age: 53 - Son of Donald & Genevieve (Dye) Ruckh - Vietnam Vet, US Army
SCHAFFER, Esther A. Spouse of William H. Schaffer. Born 1856, died 1925. Age: 68
SCHAFFER, William H. Spouse of Esther. Born 1856, died 6-10-1913. Age: 56 - Born in PA, died in Collins Erie Co NY
SCHEAFER, Dorothea. Born 1822, died 6-9-1911. Age: 88 - Born in Germany, died in Dayton NY
SECKINGER, Phillip. Born 1812, died 2-6-1873. Age: 60
SHAFER, Elizabeth, died 7-11-1873. Age: 73 - No Stone
SILLEMAN, Jennie M (Hagerdon). Spouse of Louis W Silleman. Born 11-1875, died 5-21-1913. Age: 37 - Dau of Frederick & Mary E (Hulett) Hagerdon; Died in Dayton NY, two children
SNIDER, John. Born 9-14-1823, died 1-23-1881. Age: 57 - Born in Germany, died in NY
SNYDER, John George. Born 1818, died 1865. Age: 46 - Born and died in NY - Civil War DOD, Co K 154th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt, Enlisted at Ashford for one year. Mustered in 9-6-1864. Died of remittant fever 1-31-1865 at hospital, Savannah GA.
STEFF, Fannie M. (Hagerdon). Spouse of Herman William Steff, Jr. Born 12-16-1921, died 11-14-1994. Age: 72 - Dau of Fred & Lois (Warner) Hagerdon; Born in South Dayton NY, died in Collins Erie Co NY, four children
TRABER, Rena Belva (Hagerdon). Spouse of William W Traber & Norman W Burnett. Born 1-13-1916, died 4-22-1988. Age: 72 - Dau of Fred & Lois (Warner) Hagerdon Born in Dayton NY, died in Jamestown NY
TRABER, William W. Spouse of Rena Belva Hagerdon. Born 10-1919, died 10-3-1970. Age: 50 - Son of Thomas & Minnie (Comstock) Traber; Died in Erie Co NY
VOLK, Anna L (Holtz). Spouse of George Jacob Volk. Born 7-24-1877, died 1-13-1917. Age: 39 - Born and died in Dayton, NY, six children
VOLK, Barbara. Born 1937, died 1903. Age: 65
VOLK, Clarence. Born 1908, died 1912. Age: 3y
VOLK, Jacob. Spouse of Anna M. Holtz & Edith R Weaver. Born 1873, died 1953. Age: 79 - Son of George C & Anna M (Hufstatter) Volk; Born in Gammelsbach Germany, died Dayton NY, six children - No Stone
VOLK, Peter. Born 1833, died 1910. Age: 76
WARM, Charles. Spouse of Sarah Palmer. Born 1845, died 12-25-1929. Age: 83 - Born in Bavaria Germany, died in Dayton NY, several children
WARM, Katie. Born 1880, died 1900. Age: 19 - Dau of Charles & Sarah (Palmer) Warm
WARM, Minnie. Born 1871, died 1877. Age: 5y - Dau of Charles & Sarah (Palmer) Warm
WARM, Sarah (Palmer). Spouse of Charles Warm. Born 1-1844, died 6-1920. Age: 75 - Born in Germany
WELKER, Christian A. Born 8-25-1863, died 6-30-1880. Age: 16 - Son of Henry & Soloma Welker; Born in Erie Co NY
WIEARTH, Henry. Spouse of Minnie Miller. Born 7-1829, died 9-23-1911. Age: 82 - Born in Germany, died in Gowanda NY - No Stone
WIEARTH, Minnie (Miller). Spouse of Henry Wiearth. Born 1824, died 1905. Age: 80 - Born in Germany - No Stone
WIEGAND, Frederick. Spouse of Johanna Klepfer. Born 1825, died 4-5-1911. Age: 85 - Born in Germany, died Dayton NY, two children - Civil War Vet, Co K 154th Inf NYS Vols, Sgt. Enlisted 8-30-1862 at Dayton for three years. Mustered out with company 6-11-1865 near Bladensburg MD.
WIEGAND, Johanna (Klepfer). Spouse of Frederick Wiegand. Born 1826, died 5-17-1909. Age: 82 - Born in Germany; Died Dayton NY, two children
WIEGAND, Louis Henry. Spouse of Ella Kirtland & Laura Wood. Born 5-28-1955, died 1-2-1945. Age: 89 - Son of Frederick & Johanna (Kepfler) Wiegand; Born in Cheektowaga Erie Co NY, died Dayton NY; Little Louis was 42" tall; Known on stage as "Prince Louis," sang tenor & performed with the American Lilliputian Opera Company in Buffalo; Later was the Post Master in Markham NY
WIEGAND, T - No other information - No Stone
WILCOX, Carrie (Remington). Spouse of John Daniel Wilcox. Born 3-1887, died 1912. Age: 24 - Dau of Almeron & Sophia (Parman) Remington, four children

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