Maple Lawn Cemetery
Town of Bolivar

Walked & Compiled by Eleanor Schwalb
At entrance to cemetery: Erected by his parents E. C. & M. R. Garthwait 1919
In Memory of their Son Glen E. Garthwait 1890 - 1916


GAINES, Riley Born 1995 Died 1995
GAINES, Timothy G. Born 10-Mar-1956 Died 24-Dec-2017 Age 61y - Son of Wilbur & Jean Lananger Gaines; b. Bradford, PA d. Wellsville, NY
GALBREATH, Sarah A. Born 1825 Died 1899 - [Mother]
GALLAGHER, Albert P. Born 1883 Died 1932
GALUSHA, Nellie B. Spouse of Orin T. Born 1891 Died 1974
GALUSHA, Orin T. Spouse of Nellie B. Born 1883 Died 1976
GANDUNG, Herbert Born 1873 Died 1915
GARDNER, Henry Born 1905 Died 1945 - [In Loving Memory of]
GARDNER, Robert Born 1910 Died 1925
GARIS, Betty J. Born 1928 Died 1979
GARIS, Ruby A. Born 1902 Died 5-1991
GARIS, Wilber E. Born 1900 Died 1951
GARTHWAIT, Angeline M. Spouse of Isaac P. Born 2-14-1850 Died 11-24-1912 - Dau of Freeman & Serepta Havens Clark, b. Cortland Co. NY- [Mother]
GARTHWAIT, Christopher C. Born 12-27-1835 Died 7-1-1918 - MAUSOLEUM
GARTHWAIT, Daisy B. Spouse of Isaac E. Born 1898 Died 1967
GARTHWAIT, Dorcas Spouse of John Born 1810 Died 1897
GARTHWAIT, Elizabeth A. Born 4-27-1836 Died 12-13-1932 - MAUSOLEUM
GARTHWAIT, Elmer C. Born 4-8-1861 Died 2-4-1946 - MAUSOLEUM
GARTHWAIT, Ervey Born 1882 Died 1885
GARTHWAIT, Frank A. Spouse of Minnie L. Born 1884 Died 1933
GARTHWAIT, Glen E. Born 2-22-1890 Died 10-2-1916 - MAUSOLEUM
GARTHWAIT, Hattie L. Born 5-10-1872 Died 4-23-1899
GARTHWAIT, Hattie M. Born 1872 Died 1887
GARTHWAIT, Henry H. Born 1839 Died 1897
GARTHWAIT, Homer J. Born 1874 Died 1903
GARTHWAIT, Isaac E. Spouse of Daisy B. Born 1897 Died 1955
GARTHWAIT, Isaac P. Spouse of Angeline M. Born 9-19-1846 Died 3-5-1912 - Son of Benjamin & Phoebe Crandall Garthwait, b. Allegany Co. NY
GARTHWAIT, John Spouse of Dorcas Born 1807 Died 1894
GARTHWAIT, John J. Spouse of Sarah J. Born 1843 Died 1904 - [Father]
GARTHWAIT, Lorenzo P. Born 3-13-1861 Died 1-15-1881 - [Brother]
GARTHWAIT, Mary Ann Spouse of Ralph E. Born 1857 Died 1943
GARTHWAIT, Millie R. Born 5-5-1861 Died 11-17-1952 - MAUSOLEUM
GARTHWAIT, Minnie L. Spouse of Frank A. Born 1884 Died 1944
GARTHWAIT, Ralph E. Spouse of Mary Ann Born 1870 Died 1944
GARTHWAIT, Sarah J. Spouse of John J. Born 1847 Died 1928 - [Mother]
GARTHWAIT, Sophia S. Born 1849 Died 1938
GATES, Clifford Delmar Spouse of Helen I. Goodell Born 3-26-1914 Died 11-14-1999 - Son of Claude & Lottie Raleigh Gates
GATES, Galen Born 3-20-1949 Died uncut Age 6d
GATES, Helen I. Goodell Spouse of Clifford Delmar Born 2-27-1920 Died uncut - Wed 8-15-1939
GAVIN, Elizabeth Spouse of William Born 1868 Died 1925 - Dau of George & Margaret Dermitt
GEISE, Mary M. Spouse of Richard L. Born 1885 Died 1973
GEISE, Richard L. Spouse of Mary M. Born 1900 Died 1981
GENUNG, Mary E. Spouse of Murton A. Born 1880 Died 1927
GENUNG, Murton A. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1879 Died 1969
GEORGE, Barbara Ellen Born 1949 Died 1950
GILLESPIE, Leah E. Spouse of Leon C. Born 1893 Died 1988
GILLESPIE, Leon C. Spouse of Leah E. Born 1887 Died 1968
GILLETTE, Allie May Born 1903 Died 1982
GILLETTE, Lyman L. Born 1913 Died 5-1991
GILLILAND, Dorothy M. Spouse of Theodore F. Born 1930 Died 1992
GILLILAND, Fred J. Spouse of Reva B. Stoddard Born 3/22/1928 Died 12/14/2013 - Son of Warren F. & Mildred I. (Wilson) Gilliland b. Galeton PA d. Clarksville NY. Wed 10-27-1951 in Cuba NY
GILLILAND, Harry G. Spouse of Susan K. Born 1894 Died 1983 - WW I Vet, US Army, Cpl
GILLILAND, Kenneth III Born 1976 Died 1984
GILLILAND, Kenneth M. Sr. Spouse of Margaret I. Born 1928 Died uncut - Wed 3-30-1947
GILLILAND, Margaret I. Spouse of Kenneth M. Sr. Born 10-19-1928 Died 4-15-2001 Age 72y - Dau of George & Dovcy Small Nolan
GILLILAND, Mildred L. (Wilson) Spouse of Warren F. Born 1905 Died 1990
GILLILAND, Susan K. Spouse of Harry G. Born 1906 Died 1990
GILLILAND, Theodore F. "Ted" Spouse of Dorothy M. Stoddard Born 3-Sep-1923 Died 28-Apr-17 Age 93y - Son of Warren F. & Mildred Wilson Gilliland; b. Galeton, Pa d. Wellsville, NY Wed 1-Aug-1948 Buffalo, NY
GILLILAND, Warren F. Spouse of Mildred L. Wilson Born 1901 Died 1968
GILLILAND, William W. Born 6-25-1896 Died 5-20-1962 - [There Are No Partings In Heaven]
GIMLIN, Harry T. Born 1883 Died 1945
GIMLIN, J. Charles Born 1852 Died 1929
GIMLIN, Lena W . Born 1889 Died 1967
GLINTZ, Lilian H. Spouse of R. Allen Born 1911 Died 1989
GLINTZ, R. Allen Spouse of Lilian H. Born 1909 Died 1993
GLINTZ, Richard A. "Pete" Born 3-18-1942 Died 2-15-2005 Age 62y - Son of Roy Allen & Lilian Hardman Glintz - Vietnam Vet, US Navy, HN
GOFF, Helen C . Spouse of Versil D. Born 1915 Died 1993 - Wed April 14 1939 in Portville NY
GOFF, Versil D. Spouse of Helen C. Born 2-6-1916 Died 1-12-2005 Age 88y - Son of Jay B. & Lena Mae Hillilard Goff
GOODNOE, Donald D. Spouse of Irene M. Born 6-18-1914 Died 2-23-1980 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pvt
GOODNOE, Donna Jean Born 1932 Died 1932
GOODNOE, Irene M. Spouse of Donald D. Born 1916 Died 1982
GOODRICH, Charley Born 1889 Died 1898
GOODRICH, Martin E. Born 1849 Died 1915
GOODRICH, Mary Born 1856 Died 1921
GOODRICH, Raymond L. Born 1883 Died 1911
GOODRIDGE, Donald W. Born 1912 Died 1938
GOODRIDGE, Dorothy L. Spouse of Zola F. Born 1904 Died 1982
GOODRIDGE, Earl F. Spouse of Louisa A. Born 1871 Died 1942
GOODRIDGE, John Spouse of Susan M. Born 10-29-1823 Died 9-21-1887
GOODRIDGE, Louisa A. Spouse of Earl F. Born 1872 Died 1941
GOODRIDGE, Susan M. Spouse of John Born 7-6-1827 Died 9-15-1899
GOODRIDGE, Ward G. Born 3-10-1888 Died 10-10-1910
GOODRIDGE, Zola F. Spouse of Dorothy L. Born 1901 Died 1965
GORDON, James M. Born 1971 Died 1989
GORHAM, Stephanie M. Born 2-26-1976 Died 10-14-2000 - [When A Loved One Becomes A Memory The Memory Becomes A Treasure]
GORTON, Ada I. Born 1914 Died 1978
GOULD, Marjorie M. Baldwin Spouse of Larry Cadle Born 2-Aug-1949 Died 18-Apr-2018 - Dau of Archie & Ethel Walters Baldwin; b. Cuba, NY d. Danville, PA
GRAHAM, Arliss J. Spouse of C. Jane Born 1935 Died 1995
GRAHAM, C. Jane Spouse of Arliss J. Born 1944 Died uncut
GRANSTON, Allen L. Jr. Born 1893 Died 1908
GRANSTON, Allen L. Sr. Spouse of Inez Hill Born 1865 Died 1938
GRANSTON, Inez Hill Spouse of Allen L. Sr. Born 1872 Died 1947
GRANSTON, Rosamond Born 1909 Died 1911
GRAVES, Manley F. Born 1898 Died 1991 - [My Beloved Father]
GRAY, Ada May Born 1869 Died 1958
GRAY, Daniel J. Spouse of Helen M. Born 1886 Died 1979 - [Father] - WW II Vet, US Army, 109th Eng.
GRAY, Daniel T. "Mike" Born 1926 Died 1981 - WW II and Korea Vet,
GRAY, H. Miriam "Mim" Born 3-Nov-1927 Died 8-Nov-2016 - Dau of Daniel & Helen Buckhout Gray b. Boliver, NY d. Wellsville, NY
GRAY, Helen M. Spouse of Daniel J. Born 1899 Died 1989 - [Mother]
GRAY, James B. Spouse of Miriam "Mim" Born 1925 Died 16327 - WW II KIA, US Army Air Force, 863rd Sqdn 493rd Bomb Grp, S/Sgt. Shot down over Magdeburg Germany 9-12-1944
GRAY, James B. Spouse of Miriam "Mim" Born 1925 Died 16327 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, 493rd Bomb Group 863rd Sqdn, S/Sgt. Shot down over Magdeburg Germany 9-12-1944
GRAY, Miriam "Mim" Spouse of James B. Born 1927 Died uncut
GREELY, Dorothy Coast Born 1873 Died 1966
GREEN, Arlie B. Born 1881 Died 1938
GREEN, Bernard R. Spouse of Edna M. Born 1899 Died 1966
GREEN, Charles E. Spouse of Irene C. Born 1885 Died 1950
GREEN, Donald L. Spouse of Mary Ann Elmer Born 8/16/1915 Died 8/21/2012 Age 97y - Son of George B. & Mary Olive Holmes Green b. Town of Genesee NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-10-1940 in Richburg NY
GREEN, Doyle H. Spouse of Harriett McClintock Born 2-24-1903 Died 4-9-1995 Age 92y - Son of David & Amy Davis Green b. Allentown NY d. Hornell NY Wed 2-15-1926 in Belmont NY
GREEN, Edna M. Spouse of Bernard R. Born 1904 Died 1969
GREEN, George A. Spouse of Frances White Born 13-Feb-1923 Died 2-Feb-2019 Age 95y - Son of Bernard & Edna Case Green; b. Buffalo, NY d. Wellsville, NY Wed 31-Jul-1943 Bolivar, NY
GREEN, George B. Spouse of #1 Mary O., #2 Sarah Born 1890 Died 1972 - Son of Parish & Lydia Stebbins Green d. Shinglehouse PA. Wife #2 Sarah
GREEN, Gorton G. Spouse of Jennie Born 1873 Died 1963
GREEN, Harriett Spouse of Doyle Born 1907 Died 1989
GREEN, Hazel Born 1895 Died 1981 - Funeral Marker
GREEN, Hiram C. Born 1874 Died 1971
GREEN, Irene C. Spouse of Charles E. Born 1894 Died 1927
GREEN, Jennie Spouse of Gorton G. Born 1878 Died 1959
GREEN, Julia E. Spouse of Asa Born 1842 Died 1906 - [Mother]
GREEN, Mary Ann Spouse of Donald L. Born 11-14-1919 Died 3-24-2010 Age 90y - Dau of Charles Wesley & Nellie Mae Goble Elmer b. Richburg NY d. Unknown Wed 8-10-1940 in Richburg NY for 69 years
GREEN, Mary O. Spouse of George B. Born 1896 Died 1937
GREEN, Nora Roach Born 1914 Died 1955 - [Mother]
GREEN, Sarah Spouse of George B. Born 1886 Died 1984
GREENE, Albert J. Spouse of Kate E. Born 1874 Died 1946
GREENE, Alta I. 'Harmon' Spouse of Clark W. "Bill" Born 1920 Died 2003 Age 83y - Dau of George & Fern Bernice Church Harmon Wed 1935
GREENE, Clark W. "Bill" Spouse of Alta I. 'Harmon' Born 1912 Died 7-12-1992 - Wed 1935
GREENE, Clayton A. Spouse of Ella P. Gordon Born 11-4-1905 Died 1-29-2001 Age 95y - Son of Albert & Kate Genung Greene b. Pikeville NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-6-1926 in Wellsville NY
GREENE, Ella P. Spouse of Clayton A. Born 11-15-1906 Died 8-16-1987 - Dau of Louis & Mina Hurd Gordon b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-6-1926 in Wellsville NY
GREENE, Elton M. Born 1878 Died 1936
GREENE, Elwood L. Spouse of Maude M. Born 1878 Died 1962
GREENE, Grace L. Born 1876 Died 1955
GREENE, Harley E. Born 1902 Died uncut
GREENE, Howard H. Born 1900 Died 1938
GREENE, John W. Spouse of Lucy R. Born 1905 Died 1962
GREENE, Kate E. Spouse of Albert J. Born 1877 Died 1956
GREENE, Lucy R. Spouse of John W. Born 1907 Died 1988
GREENE, Maude M. Spouse of Elwood L. Born 1883 Died 1948
GREENE, Stanley Born 12-20-1924 Died 11-21-1999 - Son of Howard H. & Mable Bartlett Greene - WW II Vet, US Navy
GREENE, Walter E. Born 1930 Died 1931
GREER, Ada H. Born 2-1872 Died 1-1949
GREER, Charles H. Born 1867 Died 1911
GREER, George Spouse of Lillian Born 1881 Died 1954
GREER, Lillian Spouse of George Born 1871 Died 1954
GREGSON, John Lt. Born 5-10-1908 Died 9-9-1943 - WW II KIA, US Army, HQ Btry 35th AAA Brigade. Killed in Action 9-9-1943 at Salerno Italy
GREGSON, Rev. Arthur Spouse of Sara Born 1881 Died 1964
GREGSON, Sara Spouse of Rev. Arthur Born 1882 Died 1968
GREISCH, Edward C. Spouse of Irene E. Born 1918 Died 1969
GREISCH, Irene E. Spouse of Edward C. Born 1918 Died 1982
GRIFFITH, Isaac D. Died 10-16-1865 Age 45y 9m
GRISWOLD, Calvin C. Born 8-13-1919 Died 4-21-1989
GRISWOLD, Charles Born 1882 Died 1939
GRISWOLD, Francis L. Born 9-18-1919 Died 2-8-1999 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec4
GRISWOLD, Jennie Gavitt Spouse of Millard Born 1865 Died 1946 - [Mother]
GRISWOLD, Millard Spouse of Jennie Gavitt Born 1857 Died 1927 - [Father]
GRISWOLD, Timothy A. Born 1955 Died 1995
GROVER, Gary E. "Short" Spouse of Rozanne C. "Rosie" Born 1943 Died uncut - [We Love You Today Tomorrow & Forever]
GROVER, Leslie L. Spouse of Sara D. Born 6-16-1915 Died 10-18-2002 Age 87y - Son of Joseph & Lenora Mitchell Grover b. Raymond PA d. Bolivar NY
GROVER, Rozanne C. "Rosie" Spouse of Gary E. "Short" Born 1947 Died 2006 - [We Love You Today Tomorrow & Forever]
GROVER, Sara D. Spouse of Leslie L. Born 3-30-1919 Died 10-26-2009 Age 90y - Dau of Ernest & Osborne Hillard b. Raymond PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-10-1937 in Otselic NY
GROW, Freeman L. Jr. Spouse of Josephine E. Born 1909 Died 1980 - Military Plaque shows 1982 - Uncategorized Vet
GROW, Josephine E. Spouse of Freeman L. Jr. Born 1909 Died 1984
GUINNIP, Edna F. Born 1874 Died 1950 - [Mother]
GUINNIP, John W. "Bill" Born 1900 Died 1950
GUINNIP, Winfield "Win" Born 1897 Died 1975
HABERER, Charles F. Born 1939 Died 2001
HABERER, Florin C. Born 1903 Died 1972
HACKETT, Beatrice B. Born 1920 Died 1964
HACKETT, Candace Shaner Born 1947 Died 1986
HACKETT, Clayton W. Spouse of Shirley J. Born 6-19-1929 Died 1-21-2002 Age 72y - Son of Leonard & Susie Hall Hackett Wed 5-10-1952 - WW II and Korea Vet, US Army, Cpl.
HACKETT, Edna H. Spouse of Paul L. Born 9-10-1913 Died 7-29-2004 Age 90y - Dau of Edward & Abgail Thurber Champlin b. Scio NY d. RIchburg NY
HACKETT, Gertrude E. Spouse of Lawrence M. M.D. Born 1887 Died 1969 - [Beloved Wife To Live in Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not to Die]
HACKETT, Lawrence M. M.D. Spouse of Gertrude E. Born 1890 Died 1965 - [To Live in Hearts We Leave Behind is Not to Die]
HACKETT, Leona A. Born 1883 Died 1963
HACKETT, Lucy M. Born 1873 Died 1958 - Flat Marker
HACKETT, Paul L. Spouse of Edna H. Born 1909 Died 1982 - Wed 12-24-1930 in Scio NY
HACKETT, Shirley J. Spouse of Clayton W. Born 1931 Died uncut - Wed 5-10-1952
HACKETT, William C. Born 1956 Died 1976
HAFT, William J. Born 11-22-1926 Died 4-13-1992 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
HAGAN, Catherine L. Spouse of Oliver C. Born 11-12-1856 Died 8-22-1890
HAHN, Charles David Born 1945 Died 1977
HAHN, Gail A. Spouse of Gordon R. Born 7-27-1918 Died 2-14-2010 - Dau of James L. & Ida Carson Andrews b. Bradford PA d. Bolivar NY Wed 10-23-1944 in Bradford PA - WW II Vet, US Navy. 1943-1945
HAHN, Gordon R. Spouse of Gail A. Born 6-27-1917 Died 1-17-2003 Age 85y - Son of Charles L. & Nell Roberts Hahn b. Bradford PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-23-1944 - WW II Vet, US Army, 509th Parachute Inf. Bn. Purple Heart
HALBERT, Allen Born 1878 Died 1915 - Son of L. A. & L. A. Halbert
HALBERT, Andrew B. Died 7-8-1876 Age 33y 9m 2d
HALBERT, Asel Spouse of Elmira Born 11-1-1783 Died 12-28-1868
HALBERT, Cloud Born 1880 Died 1889 Age 9y - Son of L. A. & L. A. Halbert
HALBERT, Dan S. Spouse of Louisa Died 10-27-1880 Age 66y
HALBERT, Ellen L. Born 8-19-1856 Died 11-16-1857 - Dau of A. L. & M. Halbert
HALBERT, Elmira Spouse of Asel Born 12-7-1786 Died 10-20-1861
HALBERT, Hannah W. Born 4-8-1822 Died 7-24-1879 - Dau of A. & E. Halbert
HALBERT, Jemerson Died 11-30-1868 - Dau of Richard & Susan Halbert
HALBERT, Levi A. Spouse of Lyda A. Born 1849 Died 1923
HALBERT, Lewis A. Died 6-27-1876 Age 1y 3m 26d - Son of L. A. & A. L. Halbert
HALBERT, Louisa Spouse of Dan S. Born 2-20-1815 Died 6-10-1894
HALBERT, Lyda A. Spouse of Levi A. Born 1850 Died 1939
HALBERT, Merbert S. Died 5-3-1876 Age 2y 11m 23d - Son of L. A. & A. L. Halbert
HALE, J. G. Spouse of Polly Ann Born 7-11-1829 Died 5-17-1907
HALE, Polly Ann Spouse of J. G. Born 7-27-1835 Died 7-4-1888
HALL, Charles L. Spouse of Marie L. Born 1903 Died 1962
HALL, Marie L. Spouse of Charles L. Born 1903 Died 1968
HALL, Sadie B. McDonald Spouse of Luin H. Died 1-8-1898
HAMILTON, Maybelle N. Born 1916 Died 1993 - [Death Can Not Separate Love]
HANCHETT, Earl K. Spouse of Frances E. Born 1899 Died 1986
HANCHETT, Emily I. Spouse of Olin Born 1864 Died 1943
HANCHETT, Frances E. Spouse of Earl K. Born 1902 Died 1947
HANCHETT, Lucy A. Spouse of Olin Born 1871 Died 1902
HANCHETT, Marion Died 1906 Age 6m
HANCHETT, Olin Spouse of Emily I. Born 1870 Died 1941
HAND, Harold L. Spouse of Onnolee W. Born 1899 Died 1958
HAND, Onnolee W. Spouse of Harold L. Born 1901 Died 1989
HAND, Robert H. Born 9-20-1926 Died 8-6-2004 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, S/Sgt
HANES, Adiline Spouse of James Born 1853 Died uncut
HANES, James Spouse of Adiline Born 1853 Died 1908
HARDMAN, Harold G. Born 1900 Died 1931
HARDMAN, Elga G. Born 1906 Died 1988
HARDMAN, Harry M. Born 1897 Died 1958
HARDMAN, Henrietta Spouse of Levi Born 1861 Died 1946 - [Mother]
HARDMAN, Levi Spouse of Henrietta Born 1849 Died 1919 - [Father]
HARDMAN, Robert Born 1-14-1929 Died 12-26-1971 - Korean War Vet, US Air Force, Sgt
HARDMAN, Sarena A. Born 1901 Died 1966
HARDY, Arthur L. Spouse of Thelma L. Born 1914 Died 7-1-2003 - [Father] Son of William & Iva Perry Hardy b. Wellsville NY d. Auburn NY
HARDY, Frances A. Spouse of Ralph E. Born 1910 Died 1945
HARDY, Helen Marie Born 1939 Died 1947 - Dau of R. E. & F. A. Hardy
HARDY, Iva R. Spouse of William E. Born 1892 Died 1926
HARDY, Neil Edwards Born 1-10-1948 Died 8-7-1999 - Vietnam Vet, US Air Force, S/Sgt
HARDY, Ralph E. Spouse of Frances A. Born 1912 Died 1974 - Wed 3-1-1946
HARDY, Thelma L. Spouse of Arthur L. Born 1917 Died 1978 - [Mother]
HARDY, Waneta M. "Toby" Spouse of Ralph E. Born 11-18-1922 Died 1-28-2006 Age 84y - Dau of George & Florence Terrette Quick b. Alma NY d. Allentown NY
HARDY, William Clair Born 5-29-1943 Died 9-28-1970 - Cold War Vet, US Army, Co. B 10 Engr. Bn, Sp4
HARDY, William E. Spouse of Iva R. Born 1877 Died 1945
HARLOW, Gladys C. Born 1889 Died 1927
HARMON, Andy Spouse of Susan Born 1944 Died 1996
HARMON, Arthur L. Born 1902 Died 1980
HARMON, Catharine C. (Nolan) Spouse of Frank E. Born 1925 Died 1980
HARMON, Dick Spouse of Pat Born 1940 Died uncut
HARMON, Frank E. Spouse of #1 Catherine Nolan, #2 Narilynne Campbell Born 3-31-1920 Died 5-13-2014 - Son of William & Mabel Tucker Harmon b. Ceres NY d. Wellsville NY Wed Wife #2 Narilynne Campbell on 6-26-1982 - WW II Vet, US Army Co E 2nd Armor. Europe
HARMON, James Fred Born 1936 Died 1990
HARMON, Johnnie - Flat Marker No Dates
HARMON, Lawrence W. Born 1910 Died 1970 - [Father]
HARMON, Mable Born 1893 Died 1928
HARMON, Mae Irene Born 1955 Died 1955
HARMON, Patricia A. Spouse of Richard Born 5-10-1942 Died 9-29-2002 Age 60y - Dau of Alvi C. & Onnalee Dorrett Rix wed 7-16-1960
HARMON, Sheldon Richard Born 7-30-1988 Died 11-11-2009 Age 21y - Son of Randy & Lorraine F. Seamon Harmond b. Olean NY d. Edinboro PA Auto Accident
HARMON, Susan Spouse of Andy Born 1947 Died uncut
HARRIGER, Earl P. "Garbo" Spouse of Pauline Potter Born 3/16/1931 Died 1/8/2016 Age 84y - Son of Wade & Signe Anderson Harriger b. Richburg NY d. Bolivar NY Wed 1955 in Bolivar NY - Cold War Vet, USMC
HARRIGER, Pauline L. Spouse of Earl Born 6/6/1937 Died 4/29/2012 Age 76y - Dau of Benjamin & Hazel Jordan Potter b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 1-1955 in Bolivar NY
HARRIS, Dana A. Born 1950 Died 1991
HARRIS, Daryle F . Spouse of Marion E. Born 6-2-1919 Died 8-20-2000
HARRIS, Ethel V. Spouse of Lytle G. Born 1926 Died uncut
HARRIS, George J. Born 1868 Died 1926
HARRIS, Gertrude Spouse of Ned Earl Born 1898 Died 1968
HARRIS, Lytle G. Spouse of Ethel V. Born 1920 Died 1995
HARRIS, Marion E. Spouse of Daryle F. Born 1927 Died 1979
HARRIS, Ned Earl Spouse of Gertrude Born 1894 Died 1960
HARRIS, Wm. B. Born abt 1832 - Civil War Vet, Co I 161st Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company 9-20-1865 at Fort Jefferson FL
HARTMAN, Kathleen B. Spouse of Lyle L. Born 1902 Died 1960
HARTMAN, Lyle L. Spouse of Kathleen B. Born 8-14-1894 Died 2-9-1971 - WW I Vet, US Army, Co. C 102 AMMO Train, Cpl
HARVEY, Ben J. Born 1882 Died 1914
HARVEY, Emeline Born 1844 Died 1915
HASARD, Laura F. Born 1904 Died 1980
HASTINGS, Elizabeth Spouse of Merle C. Born 1892 Died 1971
HASTINGS, Merle C . Spouse of Elizabeth Born 1892 Died 1948
HASTINGS, Molly Jo Died 1954
HATALLA, Peter Andrew Died 9-5-1983
HAUGHT, Mary L. Spouse of Robert E. Born 1933 Died U/C
HAUGHT, Robert T. Spouse of Mary Bush Born 12-21-1921 Died 9-23-2005 Age 83y - Son of Jesse & Emza Wilson Haught - - WW II Vet, US Army, Normandy Invasion & Battle of the Bulge
HAWKES, Edith B. Spouse of Lever M. Born 1896 Died 1983
HAWKES, Lever M. Spouse of Edith B. Born 1895 Died 1960
HAWKS, Ellen A. Born 1851 Died 1929
HAWKS, Geo. W. Born 1817 Died 1891
HAWKS, Hiram E. Born 1803 Died 1888
HAYNES, Fred L. Born 1876 Died 1954 - Flat Marker
HAZARD, Catharine Spouse of Elihu Died 5-10-1871 Age 41y 5m - Flat Marker
HAZARD, Della Born 1878 Died 1946
HAZARD, Marion Spouse of Della Born 1878 Died 1953
HAZZARD, Ada A. Born 1854 Died 1910 - [Mother]
HAZZARD, Dessa Spouse of Frone Born 1890 Died 1970
HAZZARD, Ernest Spouse of Josephine Born 1885 Died 1962
HAZZARD, Frone Spouse of Dessa Born 12-10-1895 Died 4-30-1989 - Military Plaque reads "La Frone" Hazzard - WW I Vet, US Army, Pvt.
HAZZARD, Harlan P. Spouse of Mary J. Born 1840 Died 1916 - Civil War Vet, Co B 180th Inf NYS Vols
HAZZARD, Horace P. Born 1881 Died 1884
HAZZARD, Jennie L. Born 1876 Died uncut
HAZZARD, Josephine Spouse of Ernest Born 1899 Died 1988
HAZZARD, Mary J. Spouse of Harlan P. Born 1837 Died 1912
HAZZARD, Michael E. Born 1890 Died 1914 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Troop E 3rd Cav.
HAZZARD, Orrin C. Born 1863 Died 1930
HAZZARD, W. C. Sr. Born 1860 Died 1918
HEAP, Clifford R. Died 2-15-1983 - [My Darling Son]
HEAP, Leta V. (Dailey) Spouse of Richard W . Born 3/3/1934 Died 1/3/2015 - Dau of Frederick E. & Sarah (Barber) Dailey b. & d. Olean NY. Wed 7-31-1954 in Olean NY
HEAP, Richard W. Spouse of Leta V. Dailey Born 12/10/1930 Died 3/18/2010 Age 79y - Son of Clifford & Albertina (Higby) Heap b. Eldred PA d. Wellsville NY. Wed 7-31-1954 in Olean NY
HEETER, Edmund F. Spouse of Orpha L. Born 1884 Died 1964
HEETER, Orpha L. Spouse of Edmund F. Born 1884 Died 1947
HELPER, F. Edith Spouse of R. Lee Born 1898 Died 1978
HELPER, R. Lee Spouse of F. Edith Born 1894 Died 1980
HENDERSON, Leon Wesley Born 1942 Died 1944
HENDRICKSON, Harry G. Spouse of Josephine McDivitt Born 1908 Died 1968
HENDRICKSON, Josephine McDivitt Spouse of Harry G. Born 10-10-1909 Died 10-31-1995
HENDRICKSON, Katharine Died 1949 Age Infant
HENDRICKSON, Sadie M. Spouse of William R. Born 1934 Died 2006 - Wed 9-1-1956
HENDRICKSON, William R. Spouse of Sadie M. Born 1934 Died uncut - Wed 9-1-1956
HENDRYX, Catharine Spouse of Lathrop Born 3-25-1814 Died 7-4-1892
HENDRYX, Catharine A. Died 5-3-1863 Age 14y 4m
HENDRYX, Gardner S. Born 1842 Died aft 6-23-1865 - Civil War Vet, Co I 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Wounded in action 3-8-1865 at Wises Fork NC, mustered out 6-23-1865 at Davids Island, NY.
HENDRYX, Lathrop Spouse of Catharine Born 12-15-1812 Died 7-20-1891
HENDRYX, Reno Died 5-23-1876 Age 1y 5m 8d - Son of N. A. & R. Hendryx
HENRIS, Burton N. Spouse of Helen C. Born 1910 Died 1983 - WW II Vet, US Navy, MM2
HENRIS, Helen C. Spouse of Burton N. Born 1919 Died 1989
HERNE, David Loel Spouse of Janet Presher Born 5-21-1935 Died 12-17-1995 Age 60y - Son of William H. & Etha Moses Herne b. Richburg NY d. Wellsville NY [The Way of the Cross Leads Home]
HERNE, Janet Presher Herne Spouse of David Loel Herne Born 14-Sep-1936 Died 25-Jan-2017 - Dau of Richard J. & Ruth Jackson Presher; b. Bolivar, NY d. Bolivar, NY Wed 7-24-1954 Richburg, NY
HERRICK, Anna G. Born 1877 Died 1912
HERRICK, Baby - No Dates
HERRICK, Isabel S. Born 1879 Died 1943
HERRICK, Orrin C. Born 1873 Died 1926
HERZICH, Beverly B. Spouse of Frank P. Born 12-17-1933 Died uncut
HERZICH, Frank P. Spouse of Beverly B. Born 5-21-1934 Died 3-4-1992
HETTENBAUGH, Benjamin F. Spouse of Susan Z. Born 1887 Died 1971
HETTENBAUGH, Susan Z. Spouse of Benjamin F. Born 1891 Died 1974
HEYSHAM, Everett L. Born 1904 Died 1987
HICKEY, Elizabeth M. Died 1933 - Flat Marker
HICKEY, George M. Born 1909 Died 1944 - WW II Vet, US Army, Co C 125th Engr. Bn, Pvt
HIGBY, Donna J. Born 8-10-1930 Died 4-2-2000 - [Forever In Our Hearts]
HIGBY, Raymond F. Spouse of Paula Piazza Born 5-Aug-1952 Died 27-Feb-2016 Age 63y - Dau of Raymond F. & Donna Kuhn Sr.; b. Olean, NY d. Wellsville, NY Wed 27-Mar-1982 Bolivar, NY
HIGGINS, Luanne R . Born 1959 Died 2008
HIGGINS, Opal E. Spouse of Robert H. Born 3-23-1917 Died 9-16-2004 Age 87y - Dau of Ross & Lurina Wordon, b. Shinglehouse PA
HIGGINS, Robert H. Spouse of Opal E. Born 1927 Died uncut - Wed 1-19-1952
HIGLEY, Seneca F. Born 1851 Died 1927
HILL, Anis Born 1839 Died 1924
HILL, Edith L. Spouse of La Rue Born 1888 Died 1964
HILL, Everett J. Spouse of Genevieve S. Born 1895 Died 1981
HILL, Genevieve S. Spouse of Everett J. Born 1902 Died uncut
HILL, George W. Spouse of Katharine S. Born 1868 Died 1951
HILL, James B. Born 1832 Died 1924
HILL, Katharine S. Spouse of George W. Born 1871 Died 1960
HILL, La Rue Spouse of Edith L. Born 1889 Died 1958
HILLARD, Darwin Demont Spouse of Irene Franklin Born 3-14-1921 Died 2-19-1980 - Born in Genessee PA - WW II Vet, US Army, Te 5
HILLIARD, Ernest Born 1886 Died 1930 - [Father]
HILLIARD, Irene L. Spouse of Darwin D. Born 1923 Died 1995 - m. June 27 1942 [Beloved Wife & Mother]
HILLS, Karl W. Born 1916 Died 1957
HILLS, Robert L. Born 1921 Died 2006
HILLS, Ruth P. Born 1922 Died 2006
HINDS, Juliette Born 10-15-1843 Died 7-31-1902
HITCHCOCK, Bernice F. Born 1899 Died 1983
HITCHCOCK, Frank B. Spouse of Nettie M. Born 1884 Died 1945
HITCHCOCK, Harley D. Spouse of Louisa D. Born 1841 Died 1896
HITCHCOCK, Henry Born 2-20-1898 Died 7-24-1964 - WW I Vet, US Army, Btry A 81 Field Arty, Pvt
HITCHCOCK, Hiram Spouse of Lena R. Born 1844 Died 1935 - Civil War Vet, Co A 136th NYS Vols, Pvt. Wounded at Peach Tree Creek GA, Mustered out 10-18-1865 from 148th Co, 2nd Bn at Elmira NY.
HITCHCOCK, Lena R. Spouse of Hiram Born 1867 Died 1929
HITCHCOCK, Louisa D. Spouse of Harley D. Born 1849 Died 1905
HITCHCOCK, Nettie M. Spouse of Frank B. Born 1886 Died 1935
HITCHCOCK, Sally Spouse of Jonathan Died 6-24-1853 Age 81y
HOCKENBERRY, Carrie L. Spouse of H. P. Born 1876 Died 1906
HOCKENBERRY, Elizabeth Spouse of Jonathan Born 1843 Died 1910
HOCKENBERRY, Harry P. Spouse of Carrie L. Born 1870 Died 1953
HOCKENBERRY, Jonathan Spouse of Elizabeth Born 1844 Died 1926
HOEY, Flora B. Monroe Born 1870 Died 1919
HOFFMAN, Chas. F. M.D. Born 1859 Died 1925
HOFFMAN, Corie Died 5-20-18?? Age 12y 2m 6d - Hard to read
HOFFMAN, James - Unable to Read
HOFFMAN, James P. Spouse of Rose B. Born 1893 Died 1975 - [Pals]
HOFFMAN, Myra Green Born 1870 Died 1937
HOFFMAN, Rose B. Spouse of James P. Born 1886 Died 1956 - [Pals]
HOFFMAN, Theodore T. Born 5-6-1898 Died 10-1-1949 - WW II Vet, CAC, Pfc
HOLCOMB, Erzelia Spouse of John C. Born 1-24-1846 Died 8-21-1886
HOLCOMB, John C. Spouse of Erzelia Born 4-26-1838 Died 11-16-1918 - Civil War Co. E First McKean Rifle Co.
HOLDRIDGE, Barbara A. Born 6-Jul-1936 Died 20-Jul-2016 - Dau of Bert L. & Geraldine Ryan Parker; b. Corbin, KY d. West Seneca, NY
HOLLAND, Mary E. Spouse of Sam J. Born 1909 Died 6-7-2007
HOLLAND, Sam J. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1901 Died 1991
HOLLY, Ernest James Died 8-19-1925 - WW I Vet, US Army, 303 AMM Train 78 Div, Pvt.
HOLLY, Lafayette Born abt 1843 - Civil War Vet, Co A 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Wounded in Action 3-8-1865 at Wise's Fork NC. Mustered our 6-8-1865 at Beaufort SC.
HOLLY, Mary Ida Spouse of Lafayette Born 8-20-1858 Died 6-16-1932 - Dau of Jasper J. & Melvina Peterson Wight
HOLMES, Eric Scott Hank Born 11/11/2008 Died 8/19/2012 Age 3y - Son of Jesse A. & Mary Kemp Holmes b. Wellsville NY d. Bolivar NY in a house fire
HOLMES, Fred H. Born 1878 Died 1904 - F L T
HOLMES, Jessica Lynn May Holmes Born 5/7/2012 Died 8/19/2012 Age 3m - Dau of Jesse A. & Mary Kemp Holmes b. Wellsville NY d. Bolivar NY tragically in a house fire
HOLTSWORTH, James G. Born 1-27-1881 Died 2-27-1881 - Son of G. D. & Sadie Holtsworth
HOLTSWORTH, John Born 3-3-1882 Died 3-25-1882 - Son of G. D. & Sadie Holtsworth
HOLTSWORTH, Sadie Spouse of G. D. Born 6-15-1852 Died 4-15-1882
HOOKER, Barbara F. Spouse of Kenneth S. Born 1911 Died 1987
HOOKER, James K. Spouse of Valerie J. Born 1938 Died 1995
HOOKER, Kenneth S. Spouse of Barbara F. Born 1908 Died 1986
HOOKER, Trudy A. Born 1945 Died 1996 - [In Loving Memory]
HOOKER, Valerie J. Spouse of James K. Born 1945 Died uncut
HOPKINS, James L. Born 1932 Died 3-19-2002 Age 69y
HOSMER, Charles M. Spouse of Jennie B. Born 9-27-1931 Died 8-22-2004 - Son of Ira W. & Sarah (Warner) Hosmer, a minister. Wed 12-11-1948 [My Husband My Partner My Best Friend I Love You Yesterday Today & Tomorrow]
HOSMER, Clara E. Spouse of William I. Born 1885 Died 1965
HOSMER, Ira W. Spouse of Sarah Warner Born 1907 Died 1982 - m. Nov. 17 1928
HOSMER, Jennie B. (Quick) Spouse of Pastor Charles M. Born 11/15/1928 Died 5/21/2012 Age 83y - Dau of Adrain Allen & Ruth (Crandall) Quick b. Wellsville NY d. King George VA. Wed 12-11-1948 [My Husband My Partner My Best Friend I Love You Yesterday Today and Tomorrow]
HOSMER, Jennie P. Born 1891 Died 1979 - [Mother]
HOSMER, Lee G. Born 1904 Died 1961
HOSMER, Lyle F. Sr. Spouse of Phillis Ann/ Juanita M. Bushroe Born 2-7-1940 Died 10-19-2003 - Son of Ira W. & Sarah Warner Hosmer 1st m. Phillis Ann Stickle Funeral Marker
HOSMER, Phyllis N. Born 5-21-1942 Died 12-4-2009 Age 67y - Dau of Carl & Fay Epling Stickel b. Spencer W.VA d. Olean NY Former Husband Lyle F. Hosmer
HOSMER, Sarah (Warner) Spouse of Ira W. Born 2-16-1911 Died 9-17-2001 Age 90y - Dau of Ernest & Clara Wilcox Warner
HOSMER, Sharon J. Spouse of Steven M. Sr. Born 1955 Died 1994 - Wed 8-21-1976
HOSMER, Steven M. Sr. Spouse of Sharon J. Born 1953 Died uncut - Wed 8-21-1976
HOSMER, William I. Spouse of Clara E. Born 1879 Died 1961
HOUBEN, George A. Born 12-23-1911 Died 12-3-1991 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy, MOMM
HOVER, Etta Died 8-21-1861 Age 8y 2m - Dau of L. & I. Hover [Gone But Not Forgotten]
HOVER, Francis S. Born 1853 Died 1923
HOVER, Freddie Died 12-11-1861 Age 8m - Son of L. & I. Hover [Gone But Not Forgotten]
HOVER, Helen R. - No Dates
HOVER, Irene Spouse of Lucius Born 1824 Died 1869 - [Mother]
HOVER, Lucius Spouse of Irene Born 1829 Died 1899 - [Father]
HOVER, Minerva A. Born 1854 Died 1921
HOVEY, Mina A . Born 4-8-1838 Died 5-13-1923
HOWARD, Clara L. (Hosmer) Spouse of Everett "Gene" Born 5/13/1944 Died 9/4/2016 Age 72y - Dau of Ira W. & Sarah (Warner) Hosmer b. Town of Wirt NY d. Belmont NY. Wed 10-15-2005 in Scio NY
HOWARD, Dorothy E. Born 1918 Died 1993
HOWARD, Everett E. Milkin Spouse of Judith A. McLaughlin, Clara L.Hosmer Born 9-Dec-1943 Died 25-Aug-2018 Age 74y - Son of Everett & Eva I. Morton Mulkin; b. Cuba, NY d. Friendship, NY Wed McLaughlin 4-Jul-1963 Bradford, NY
HOWARD, Francis M. Born 1846 Died 1911 - Civil War Vet, Co E 85th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. 1861-1865. Captured in action 4-20-1864 at Plymouth NC, Paroled. Rejoined company and mustered out with company 6-27-1865 at New Berne NC
HOWARD, Kevin S. Born 1968 Died 1993
HOWE, John H. Spouse of Nettie L. Born 1855 Died 1924
HOWE, Nettie L. Spouse of John H. Born 1859 Died uncut
HOYT, Blanche Died 6-20-1897 Age 21y 10m - Dau of G. H. & M. E. Hoyt
HOYT, Addelaide Born 1841 Died 1907
HOYT, Betsey Died 12-24-1882 Age 81y
HOYT, Diantha G. Spouse of J. W. Died 12-4-1887 Age 68y
HOYT, George H. Died 8-26-1912 Age 24y
HOYT, James S. Born 1841 Died 1909
HOYT, John W. Spouse of Diantha G. - Stone lodged under tree - Unable to read dates
HOYT, Mary Spouse of George H. Born 1840 Died 1917
HOYT, Nelson Died 2-7-1858 Age 59y
HOYT, Ruth A. Spouse of George H. Died 8-17-1864
HOYT, Susannah Spouse of George H. Died 10-4-1868 Age 34y
HULBERT, Emma E. Spouse of Fred A. Born 1-28-1859 Died 12-14-1931 - [Mother]
HULBERT, Fred A. Spouse of Emma E. Born 8-15-1857 Died 5-24-1938 - [Father]
HULBERT, Wayne C. Born 1891 Died 1924 - WW I Vet, Co. H 49th Inf
HULL, Dwain Spouse of Shirley M. Born 8-6-1932 Died uncut
HULL, Shirley M. Spouse of Dwain Born 3-27-1932 Died 9-4-1995
HUNT, Cora V. Spouse of William J. Born 1860 Died 1933
HUNT, William J. Spouse of Cora V. Born 1856 Died 1938
HUNTINGTON, Joshua Born 9-4-1785 Died 11-10-1872
HUNTINGTON, Sally Born 4-1-1818 Died 1878
HURD, Noel L. Born 3/7/1960 Died 2/13/2015 Age 54y - Son of Adin G. & Elizabeth Ramsell Hurd, b. Friendship NY d. Wellsville NY. Former Wife Dixie Jordan
HURLBERT, William H. Died 10-19-1918 - WW I KIA, US Army, 108 Inf. 27 Div, Pfc. Killed in France.
HURLBURT, Doris I. Born 26-Aug-1924 Died 20-Mar-2016 Age 91y - Dau of Ray & Pearl Livermore Hurlburt- b. Hartland, NY d. Wellsville, NY
HURLBURT, Pearl Spouse of Ray Born 1893 Died 1980
HURLBURT, Ray Spouse of Pearl Born 1894 Died 1964
HYDE, Beulah Born 1845 Died 1929
INGALLS, Anna Spouse of Samuel Born 1868 Died 1949
INGALLS, Anna M. Spouse of Harold S. Born 1893 Died 1985
INGALLS, Baby Girl Died 1960
INGALLS, Benjamin P. Spouse of Bertha A. Born 1871 Died 1930
INGALLS, Bertha A. Spouse of Benjamin P. Born 1874 Died 1919
INGALLS, Bruce B. Spouse of Elizabeth M. Born 1900 Died 1975
INGALLS, Carrie Born 1876 Died 1925
INGALLS, Dean B. Born 1928 Died 1985
INGALLS, Duncan Lee Born 1940 Died 1964 - Flat Marker
INGALLS, Elizabeth M. Spouse of Bruce B. Born 1902 Died 1984
INGALLS, Gladys E. Born 1895 Died 1943
INGALLS, Harold S. Spouse of Anna M. Born 1890 Died 1967
INGALLS, Harvey P. Born 1899 Died 1944
INGALLS, Helen L. Spouse of Virgil F. Born 1901 Died 1984
INGALLS, Ivan R. Spouse of Margaret E. Born 1920 Died 1977 - [Together Forever]
INGALLS, Janet Born 1909 Died 1922
INGALLS, John M. Spouse of Marilyn S. Born 1929 Died 1997
INGALLS, Margaret E. Spouse of Ivan R. Born 1918 Died 1988 - [Together Forever]
INGALLS, Marian Born 1925 Died 1926
INGALLS, Marilyn S. Spouse of John M. Born 1932 Died 1989
INGALLS, Marjorie H. Henning Spouse of William S. Ingalls Born 3-1-1936 Died 6-Jun-16 Age 80y - Dai of James C. & Christine Casini Henning; b. Port Allegany, PA d. Wellsville, NY Wed 12-Oct-1956 Port Allegany, PA
INGALLS, Maxwell V. Died 1938
INGALLS, Melvin A. Born 1892 Died 1957
INGALLS, Ross G. Born 1896 Died 1918 - WW I Vet, US Army AEF, Co. L 28th Div. 112th Inf.
INGALLS, Ruth Born 1895 Died 1972
INGALLS, Samuel Spouse of Anna Born 1863 Died 1940
INGALLS, Samuel W. Sr. Born 1771 Died 1841 - GGF of Laura Ingalls Wilder
INGALLS, Suson H. Born 1904 Died 1976 - Flat Marker
INGALLS, Virgil F. Spouse of Helen L. Born 1899 Died 1974
INGALLS, William S. Spouse of Marjorie H. Born 2-1-1932 Died 5-15-1995 - Korean War Vet, US Air Force, A1C
IRISH, Taeler Logan Born 2-8-2006 Died 2-8-2006 Age 0d - [Loved & Greatly Missed By Mommy & Family Lord We Gave You Our Little Angel She Is Now One Of Your Greatest Treasures But She Will Always Be A Diamond To Us]
IRVIN, Duane C. Born 1-7-1968 Died 2-22-1990
IRVIN, Gertrude M. Spouse of Stewart B. Born 3-13-1925 Died 9-24-2007 Age 82y - Dau of William & Susie Green Atkins b. Town of Wirt NY d. Olean NY Wed 7-27-1942 Married 65 years
IRVIN, Leta H. Born 1898 Died 1975
IRVIN, Stewart B. Jr. Spouse of Eline Button Born 21-Jun-1943 Died 18-Feb-2017 Age 73y - Son of Stewart & Gertrude Atkins Irvin Sr.; b. ellsville, NY d. Utica, NY Wed 6-Jun-1964
IRVIN, Willis S. Born 1899 Died 1956


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