Cuba Cemetery
Town of Cuba NY
GPS coordinates: 4213'19.12"N, 7816'11.06"W

Submitted April 2005 by Gayle Thomson
Updates since by Eleanor Schwalb and PHGS members


Another partial listing of this cemetery

ABBOTT, Beverly J. (Knowles). Spouse of Richard D. Abbott. Born 1/21/1931, died 3/27/2018 - Dau of Alfred & Alice (Edwards) Knowles b. Wellsville NY d. Oswego NY. Wed 12-5-1950, three children. Worked at Cuba Central School and active member of Cuba First Baptist Church
ABBOTT, Caroline (Nottingham). Spouse of Victor L.. Born 5-1843, died 1919 - Dau of Simeon and Polly Ester (Abbott) Nottingham. Wed 2-9-1888, no children
ABBOTT, Celestia (Koeple). Spouse of Richard W.. Born 1/23/1900, died 11/3/1968. Age: 88Y - Dau of George and Jane (Coon) Koeple. Born and died in Cuba NY. Wed 6-1924.
ABBOTT, Estella M. (Folts). Spouse of Frank S.. Born 11-9-1855, died 6-29-1896. Age: 40y - Born in Lyndon NY, died in Abbotts NY.
ABBOTT, Frank Stephen. Spouse of #1 Estella M. Folts, #2 Hannah Dunn. Born 6-17-1855, died 7/2/1927. Age: 72y - Son of Stephen W. and Lydia J. (Carr) Abbott. Born in Ischua NY,died in Cuba NY. Three children with Stella. Wed Hannah in 1989 in Cuba NY, no children named.
ABBOTT, Hannah (Dunn). Born 6-16-1858, died 4/14/1939. Age: 80y - Dau of John and Mary (Welch) Dunn. Born in Lyndon NY, died in Cuba NY. Wed 5-1898, no children.
ABBOTT, Jemima E. (Dunkin). Spouse of William. Born 11-2-1822, died 1903 - Lived in Cuba NY, died in Utica NY. At least one son.
ABBOTT, Mary Lenora. Born 1879, died 1882 - Dau of Frank S. and Estella M. (Folts) Abbott. Born and died in Cattaraugus Co NY
ABBOTT, Phebe (Ward). Spouse of Salmon. Born 4-5-1792, died 7-12-1863. Age: 71y - Pioneer settler of Cuba area (1811) Born in MA, died in Cuba NY. Son Stephen was first white child born in the Town.
ABBOTT, Richard Darwin. Spouse of Beverly J. Knowles. Born 8/2/1928, died 3/1/1992. Age: 63y - Son of Richard W. and Celestia K. (Koeple) Abbott. Born and died in Cuba NY. Wed 12-5-1950, three children. A councillor at Cuba Central Schools for 35 years. - Korean War Vet, US Air Force. Was a POW for 19 months.
ABBOTT, Richard Wallace. Spouse of Celestia K. Keople. Born 3-4-1894. Age: 38y - Son of Mr and Mrs E.R. Abbott. Born in Franklinville NY, died in Cuba NY. Wed 6-25-1924, three children.
ABBOTT, Salmon. Spouse of Phebe Ward. Born 8-5-1788, died 5-6-1864. Age: 75y - Born in Luzerne Co PA, died in Cuba NY. First settler of Cuba, son Stephen was first white child born in the Town.
ABBOTT, Victor L.. Spouse of Caroline Nottingham. Born 11-6-1844, died 2/11/1920. Age: 75y - Born in Cuba NY, Lived in Ischua until wife died in 1919. died in St. Petersburg FL. Wed 2-9-1888, no children - Civil War Vet, Co K 84th Inf PA Vols, Pvt. Mustered in 4-7-1864. Absent, sick, at muster out.
ABBOTT, William. Spouse of Jemima E. Dunkin. Born 11-3-1817, died 6-29-1877. Age: 69y - Son of Salmon and Phebe (Ward) Abbott. Born in Cuba NY. At least one son.
ACKERSON, Regina (Caster). Spouse of Francis R. Edwards. Born 11-25-1956, died 2-13-2020. Age: 63 - Dau of Robert and Joyce (Perry) Caster. Born in Waterloo NY, lived in Cuba NY and Olean NY, died in Olean. Wed 7-1997 in Summerfield FL, three children. (Spouse d. 1985)
ADSIT, Ansel M.. Spouse of Mary M. Hall. Born 7-3-1842, died 1916 - Son of Ansel M. and Polly (Ridder) Adsit, born in Belfast NY, died in Allegany Co. - Civil War Vet, Co E, 93rd Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Belmont for three years. Discharged for disability 12-3-1862 at Newark, NJ.
ALLEN, Edna B.. Spouse of John. Born 1/3/1900, died 6/23/1985 - Dau John S. & Elizabeth Gates Meeks Born in Arkport NY. Wed 1920
ALLERS, Dalton L.. Born 4-16-1991, died 6-9-2007. Age: 16y - Son of James Allers & Linda L. Hotchkiss b. Wellsville NY d. Buffalo NY Accidental drowning
AMUNDSON, Sandra L.. Spouse of Dicky V.. Born 3-12-1944, died 8-25-2006 - Dau of Robert & Mary Virginia Leipold Hull b. Olean, NY d. Cuba, NY Wed: 8-4-1982
ARCHIBALD, Betty L.. Spouse of Don K.. Born 2-8-1936, died 1-30-2001 - Dau of Albert & Erla I. Fair Sweeten b. Butler, PA
AUSTIN, Lucretia Huntley. Born 5-10-1817, died 10-7-1848 - Dau of Abner and Margaret (McCarty) Huntley
AYERS, A. Cole. Spouse of Annam M. Fodor. Born 2/5/1919, died 4/1/1999 - Son of Edwin P. and Emma (Cole) Ayers. Born in Cuba NY, died in Houghton NY. Wed 4-22-1946, two children.
AYERS, Anna M. (Fodor). Spouse of A. Cole Ayers. Born 1/29/1916, died 1/14/2018. Age: 101y - Dau of John & Mary (Kish) Fodor b. Painesville OH d. Cuba NY Wed 4-22-1946, two children, A. Cole died 4-1-1999
BARBER, Caroline Kay. Spouse of #1 Charles S. Ward, #2 Duane E. Barber. Born 2-26-1943, died 5-8-2008 - Dau of Leon & Sarah Elizabeth Burdick Bowker b. & d. Cuba NY First husband died 11-19-1983. Wed Duane 7-1-2007
BARBER, David E.. Born 4-13-1947, died 3-2-2023. Age: 75 - Son of Hugh & Ida (Cleghorn) Barber; born and died in Cuba, NY; owned farm on North Branch Rd; three children - Vietnam Vet, US Army, Bronze Star for Valor
BARBER, Duane E. S.. Spouse of Caroline Bowker Ward. Born 5-31-1935, died 12-20-2007. Age: 72y - Son of Lawrence & Dorothy Spencer Barber, b. Belfast NY d. Olean NY. Wed 11-14-1953 in Belfast NY
BEECH, John B. "Pop". Spouse of Mary L. Tucker. Born 5-30-1922, died 11-2-2005 - Son of John B. & Estelle Sullivan Beech b. Carteret, N.J. d. Olean, NY Wed: 3-5-1948 in Allentown, NY - WW II Vet, USMC, Battle of Guadalcanal & served on USS Wilkes Barre in the Pacific
BENJAMIN, Bonnie E.. Born 9-14-1924, died 3-30-2005. Age: 80y - Dau of Robert & Goldie Hagan Hinkle US Navy Waves 11-2-1944- 1-30-1947
BENJAMIN, Leon W.. Spouse of Mary Edith Gleason/ Mary Bojean Meehan. Born 11-26-1905, died 10-15-2004 - Son of Delbert & Mary Palmer Benjamin. Mary Edith d. 10-17-1980. Mary Bojean d. 1989.
BENJAMIN, Roderick E.. Spouse of Hope Scott. Born 3/16/1932, died 1/17/2016. Age: 83y - Son of Leon & Edith Gleason Benjamin b. & d. Cuba NY. Wed 11-15-1955 in Cuba NY. Married 60 years - Uncategorized Vet, US Army.1952-1954
BERARDI, John P.. Spouse of Theresa Doxi. Born 1-25-1947, died 12-7-2005 - Son of John & Rose Italiano Berardi b. Olean, NY d. Wellsville, NY Wed: 1-23-1966
BERARDI, Theresa. Spouse of John P.. Born 11/9/1945, died 8/2/2014 - Dau of Vasilis & Christina Michaloglou Doxix, b. Kavala Greese d. Cuba NY. Wed 1-23-1966 in Bronx NY
BIALY, Beverly A.. Spouse of Chester C.. Born 11/30/1943, died 1/25/2015. Age: 71y - Dau of Francis T. & Anna Mullen Milliken, b. Niagara Falls NY d. Olean NY. Wed 6-15-1968 in Cuba NY
BLAKESLEE, Wayne R. [Bud]. Spouse of Audrey MURRAY. Born 8-28-1930, died 4-24-2004 - Son of Ernest A. & Madeline (Benham) Blakeslee, b. Portville NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 3-09-1952 - Korean War Vet, US Army
BLY, Loren P. Dr.. Spouse of Marjorie A. Lewis. Born 1-11-1911, died 1-31-1994 - Son of William Wells and Inez Arzina (Smith) Bly
BLY, Marjorie A. (Lewis). Spouse of Loren. Born 11-17-1914, died 7-22- 2010 - Dau of Charles H. and Louise A. (Looker) Lewis
BOLTON, Doris M.. Spouse of Samuel B.. Born 7-8-1921, died 5-21-2001 - Dau of Norman E. & Susan Huggins Baxter Born in Bradford, PA
BOLTON, Larry A.. Born 9-17-1940, died 8-31-2000 - Born in Cuba, NY
BOLTON, Samuel B.. Spouse of Doris M. Baxter, died 12-2-1989 - Wed Aug. 15, 1938
BOOTH, Patricia M.. Spouse of Virgil. Born 1/4/1916, died 5/15/2002 - Dau of Glenn & Alice Haines Jordan b. Town of Clarksville NY d. Greece NY Wed 1942, Virgil died 2-28-1988
BOTENS, Margaret I.. Spouse of Richard C.. Born 6/19/1922, died 1/1/2011. Age: 88y - Dau of Charles & Ethel Wagner Shaffer, b. Olean NY d. Black Creek NY. Wed 2-10-1946. 65 years of marriage
BOTENS, Richard D.. Spouse of Margaret I. Shaffer. Born 1924, died 10/25/2015. Age: 91y - Son of Unknown, b. U/K d. Black Creek NY. Wed 2-19-1946 Married 65 years - WW II Vet, US Army, Pacific. 1942-1946. Received the Philippines Liberation Medal, WW2 Victory Medal, Asiatic Pacific Theater Ribbon including 3 bronze service stars, and Good Conduct Medal
BOTENS, Yvonne M.. Spouse of Andrew. Born 1/29/1966, died 2/14/2014. Age: 48y - Dau of John & Jeanette Bond Kaiser, b. Clinton MA d. Buffalo NY. Wed 8-17-1991 in Cuba NY
BROWN, Marvin. Spouse of Mary C. Yager. Born 6-2-1845, died 4/23/1920 - Son of Walter and Eunice Brown, born in Lester NY - Civil War Vet, Co I 160th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Wounded in action 9-19-1864 at Opequon VA. Mustered out with company 11-1-1865 at Savannah GA.
BUDLONG, Kathleen L. (Clark). Spouse of #1 James Pratt, #2 Fred Budlong. Born 10/15/1947, died 4/30/1978 - Dau of Leroy A. and Ruth (Ellis) Clark. Born in Cuba NY, died in ME. Two children with James and then divorced.
BUMP, Eleanor R. (Stout). Spouse of Raymond M., died 5-13-1991 - Wed Oct 4 1941
BUMP, Llewellyn P. "Lou". Born 1/18/1950, died 2/15/2013. Age: 63y - Son of Sidney L. & Janice Gene Gleason Bump, b. Cuba NY d. Olean NY
BUMP, Nancy A.. Born 10-18-1946, died 7-4-2009. Age: 62y - Dau of Raymond & Eleanor Stout Bump b. & d. Cuba NY
BUMP, Raymond M.. Spouse of Eleanor R.. Born 3-6-1918, died 6-13-2003 - Son of Marshall & Dora Bernard Bump
BURROWS, Arvis C.. Spouse of Betty L. Giles. Born 10-21-1930, died 8-21-2004 - Son of Myron & Gertrude (Irish) Burrows. Wed 12-23-1951 in Friendship NY, Three children. - Korean War Vet, US Army
BURROWS, Betty L. (Giles). Spouse of Arvis C.. Born 11/16/1933, died 10/13/2022. Age: 88 - Dau of Elmer and Violet (Carney) Giles. Born and lived in Cuba NY, died in Olean NY. An in-home babysitter. Wed 12-23-1951 in Friendship NY, Three children. (Spouse d. 2004)
BURT, John W.. Spouse of Phyllis T. Born 4-18-1931, died 2-20-2005 - Son of Floyd & Helena Tate Burt. Wed April 9 1955 - Korean War Vet, US Army
CAMPBELL, Louise Janet. Born 5-28-1912, died 7-3-2007 - Dau of Ammi & Marietta H. Presho Campbell b & d Cuba NY
CAMPBELL, Robert George. Spouse of Mary Jane Baldwin. Born 10/18/1924, died 6/4/2018. Age: 93y - Son of Percy & Christine (Povlus) Campbell b. Elmira NY d. Brighton NY. Wed 1-24-1948 Married 70 years, five children. Salesman for GLF feed store for 31 years also Cuba Town Board of Real Estate Assessment of 20 years - WW II Vet, US Army, 17th Airborne Div. 1943 - 1945
CAREY, Ida P.. Spouse of LeRoy M.. Born 2-1-1935, died 7-19-2001 - Dau of Melvin & Pearl Dalaba Smith Sr. Born in Roulette, PA Wed Jan. 2, 1953
CASE, Clinton C. "Casey". Spouse of #1 June M. MacDonald, #2 Elaine Damon. Born 2/3/1934, died 8/3/2010. Age: 76y - Son of Alton & Sarah L. Snyder Case, b. Cuba NY d. Olean NY. Wed June 5-23-1953. Wed Elaine 7-6-2006.
CASE, June M.. Spouse of Clinton. Born 5-23-1936, died 10-29-2003 - Dau of Edwin & Gladys Pfister MacDonald m. May 29 1953
CASSIDY, Gertrude (Giles). Spouse of Grant Sr.. Born 3-10-1931, died 11-10-2023. Age: 92y - Dau of Elmer & Violet Rose (Carney) Giles. Born in Cuba, NY; lived in Allegany, NY; died in Wellsville, NY. Married 3-2-1951 in Florida. Five children.
CASSIDY, Grant. Born 1-31-1952, died 4-23-2009 - Son of Grant & Gertrude Giles Cassidy, b. Jacksonville FL d. Weston Mills NY
CASSIDY, Grant Sr.. Spouse of Gertrude Giles. Born 11-3-1930, died 12-17-2008 - Son of Howard & Mabel Patterson Cassidy b. Scio NY d. Olean NY Wed 3-20-1951 - Cold War Vet, US Navy 1948-1968
CAULEY, Jessica M.. Spouse of Mark D.. Born 6-2-1980, died 10-2-2003 - Dau of David B. & Judy H. Feuchter Karst m. Dec. 3 1998 Auto accident
CHILDS, Clayton Horace. Spouse of Lottie Woodruff. Born 10-12-1884, died 12-18-1919 - Wed March 19, 1904
CHILDS, Margaret. Spouse of Rev. Robert L.. Born 12/17/1917, died 2/28/2010 - Dau of Louis F. & Letah McBrier Chester, b. Battle Creek MI d. Cuba NY. Wed 12-27-1939 in Corning NY (He d. 3-14-2002)
CLARK, Katherine (Jeffers) [Katie]. Spouse of Robert L.. Born 1893, died 1939 - Five children
CLARK, Leroy Anderson [Roy]. Spouse of Ruth Ellis. Born 5/20/1911, died 1/7/1983 - Son of Robert L. and Katherine (Jeffers) Clark. Born in Newfield PA, died in Cuba NY.
CLARK, Norma L.. Spouse of John Gallagher. Born 10/13/1930, died 11/25/2016 - Dau of Harry C. & Jennie I. Tucker Taylor b. Cuba NY d. Olean NY Other former husbands: William Peters and Richard Clark.
CLARK, Robert L.. Spouse of Katherine Jeffers. Born 1885, died 1966 - Five children
CLARK, Robert L.. Spouse of Robin Dell. Born 5/11/1952, died 3/13/2017. Age: 64y - Son of Leroy Anderson & Ruth Evelyn (Ellis) Clark b. Cuba NY d. Aiken SC. Four children. (Spouse survives)
CLARK, Ruth Evelyn (Ellis). Spouse of Leroy A.. Born 1/31/1918, died 12/3/1999 - Born in Olean NY, died in Tucson AZ.
CLAYSON, Elizabeth S.. Spouse of Bert A.. Born 10-26-1910, died 1-11-2006 - Dau of Frank & Eva Clark Smith b. New Hudson NY d. Olean NY Wed: 3-1-1934 in Cuba NY
CLAYSON, Marshall B.. Born 6-7-1937, died 5-15-2000 - Born in Cuba, NY
COLLEY, Mable J.. Born 7-31-1940, died 9-12-2005 - Dau of Otho "Oat" & Julia M. Niles Gordon b. Black Creek, NY d. Cuba, NY
COMES, Pauline L. (Dutton). Spouse of Clair. Born 2-20-1929, died 8-27-2023. Age: 94y - Dau of John & Hazel (Gore) Dutton. Born in Olean, NY; died in Cuba, NY. Five children.
CONKLIN, Charles E. "Zip". Spouse of Louella M. Mountz. Born 7/5/1957, died 5/21/2012. Age: 54y - Son of Charles H. Conklin, b. Cuba NY d. Town of New Hudson NY. Wed 7-8-1995 in Cuba NY
CONKLIN, G. Curtis. Spouse of Winifred Lawton. Born 3-05-1919, died 5-14-2004 - Son of Frank & Mary (Terwilliger) Conklin, b. Yonkers NY, d. Olean NY, a minister. Wed 1-31-1942 in Yonkers NY - WW II Vet, US Army
CONKLIN, Winifred L.. Spouse of Rev. G. Curtis. Born 12-19-1921, died 2-1-2006 - Dau of Phines & Agnes Weston Lawton b. Yonkers NY d. Cuba NY Wed: 1-31-1942 in Yonkers NY
CONROY, Ruth Elizabeth. Spouse of Walter "Bud". Born 03-30-1911, died 04-26-2003 - Dau of Corydon & Lulu Kilburn Stoughton, b. Napoli, NY, d. Cuba NY, Wed 2-01-1930 in Little Valley NY
CONROY, Walter Matthew "Bud". Spouse of Ruth Elizabeth Stoughton. Born 20 Oct 1908, died 24 Jan 1978 - Son of Matthew Patrick & Lena Martha Werner, b. Carlstedt, NJ, d. Olean, NY
COOLEY, Mary E.. Spouse of unknown COOLEY. Born 9-09-1920, died 10-18-2004 - Dau of John & Antoinette (?) Rhow, b. Cuba NY, d. Machias NY, Co-owner/operator Capital Hill Rest. in Cuba NY
CORWIN, Daniel K.. Spouse of Monica Crowley. Born 8/13/1947, died 12/31/2018. Age: 71y - Son of Keith & Agatha (Griffin) Corwin b. Olean NY d. Buffalo NY. Wed 1-9-1976, two sons. Financial officer in Acme Electric Corp until 2003 - Joined Young & Franklin Inc. retiring as President in 20016 - Vietnam Vet, US Army, 25th and 101st Inf, E5 1970-1971
CUMMINS, Edna M.. Spouse of Alfred H.. Born 7-14-1911, died 7-29-2003 - Dau of Bert & Louisa Swartout Williams m. Dec 24 1928 in West Clarksville NY
CUMMINS, Mary Lou. Spouse of Paul L.. Born 1/20/1933, died 10/3/2015. Age: 82y - Dau of Clyde & Irene Graves Burdick, b. Town of Wirt NY d. Cuba NY. Wed 8-17-1951 in Town of West Clarksville NY
CURTIS, Frank. Spouse of Johanna, died 1917
CURTIS, Johanna. Spouse of Frank, died 1918
DANIELSEN, Cora E.. Spouse of Conrad. Born 5-24-1903, died 1-3-2001 - Dau of Harry & Lucy Carpenter Vanderhoof b. Hoboken, NJ- m. May 22, 1925
DAVIDSON, Helen. Spouse of Zon C.. Born 6-9-1912, died 12-29-1999 - Dau of Christopher & Clara Swank Niebel
DEGROFF, A. Harrison. Spouse of Frances Amsden
DEGROFF, Frances Amsden. Spouse of A. Harrison, died 5-25-2001. Age: 87y
DESCHLER, Zachary L.R.. Spouse of Jillian D. Strong. Born 1/31/1984, died 6/11/2016. Age: 32y - Son of Brent L. & Lourie P. Goodrich Deschler b. Olean NY d. Cuba NY Wed 1-23-2016
DUNLAP, Glenda L.. Born 7-7-1917, died 3-2-2004 - Dau of Theron & Florence Botens Dunlap was a RN
DUNLAP, Gail D.. Born 10-28-1950, died 3-5-2006 - Dau of Alton D. & Ethyle Burt Dunlap
DUVALL, Gary G.. Born 5-17-1960, died 11-18-2002. Age: 42y - Son of John & Jane (Wetherby) Duvall, b. Lackawanna NY, d. while hunting near Cuba NY
DYE, Dennis Wheeler. Spouse of Jane Elizabeth Thompson. Born 1-3-1958, died 11-24-2007. Age: 49y - Son of Lawrence W. & Caroline (Holland) Dye. Born in Cuba NY, d. Olean NY. Wed 5-2-1981 in Cuba NY, 2 children
DYE, Lawrence W.. Spouse of Caroline Holland. Born 1936, died 6/18/2022. Age: 86 - Son of Lawrence L. and Bernice W. Dye. Lived in Cuba NY and Port Orange FL, died in Port Orange. Owner/operator of Lawrence Dye insurance. An active firefighter for 50 years. Wed 1957, two children. (Spouse predeceased)
EDWARDS, Billy Russell. Spouse of Marie (Baker) Zuver. Born 12/27/1938, died 1/15/1983 - Born and died in Cuba NY.
EDWARDS, Dora (Travers). Spouse of Gerald R.. Born 2/5/1920, died 3-21-1985 - Son of Jason Sr. & Vella (Stevens) Edwards. Born in Olean NY, died in Cuba NY.
EDWARDS, Francis E.. Spouse of. Born 9/7/1949, died 7-6-1985 - Son of Gerald R. and Dora (Travers) Edwards. Born in Cuba NY, died in Marion FL.
EDWARDS, Frederic B.. Spouse of Elizabeth L. "Betty" Sprague. Born 12/17/1951, died 12/14/2018. Age: 66y - Son of Gerald R. & Dora M. (Travis) Edwards b. & d. Cuba NY. Wed 6-2-1972, three sons. Manager of the trucking shipping & warehouse for Frarnsworth cookies also Tim Resch at Crown-Y Recycling in Cuba
EDWARDS, George L.. Spouse of Elizabeth S. Gilliland. Born 7/7/1926, died 10/25/2017. Age: 91y - Son of Jason Sr. & Vella (Stevens) Edwards b. & d. Cuba NY Wed 9-28-1946, four sons. (Spouse survives)
EDWARDS, Gerald Raymand. Spouse of Dora (Travis). Born 6/20/1917, died 5-1970 - Son of Jason Sr. & Vella (Stevens) Edwards. Born in Olean NY, died in Cuba NY.
EDWARDS, Jason L. Sr.. Spouse of Vella l. Stevens. Born 12-27-1893, died 11/29/1946 - Son of George and Emily A. (Fuller) Edwards. At least eight children.
EDWARDS, John O.. Spouse of Ruth, died 9-12-2003 - Vietnam Vet, US Airforce, Capt. 18 years
EDWARDS, Marie (Baker) Zuver. Spouse of #1 James R. Zuver, #2 Billy R. Edwards. Born 1/7/1924, died 7]15-1986 - Born in Olean NY, died in Cuba NY
EDWARDS, Vella l. (Stevens). Spouse of Jason L.. Born 5-11-1897, died 5/12/1990 - Dau of George Edgar and Lillian Rose (Wright) Stevens. Born in Cold Spring NY, died in Cuba NY. At least eight children.
EMERSON, Eleanor B.. Born 7-26-1923, died 3-14- 2000
ENDERLE, David A.. Spouse of Debra E. Botens. Born 9-19-1963, died 3-3-2007 - Son of Gary B. & Joyce Jones Enderle b. Wellsville, NY d. Cuba, NY Wed: 8-20-1995 in Cuba, NY
ENDERLE, Joyce J.. Spouse of Gary B.. Born 8/20/1936, died 3/10/2016. Age: 79y - Dau of Joseph & Priscilla Hurlbut Jones b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 4-16-1960 Married 55 years
ENOS, Alvin A.. Spouse of June Hunt. Born 1-4-1922, died 12-12-2007. Age: 85y - Son of George & Ada (Kellogg) Enos b. & d. Cuba NY. Wed 3-7-1959 in Wellsville NY, one son. - WW II Vet, US Air Corps, Lt. Shot down over Germany spending 1-1/2 yrs. in Stalag Luft I German Prison Camp
ENOS, June H. (Hunt). Spouse of Alvin A.. Born 6/8/1926, died 6/20/2018. Age: 92Y - Dau of Elmer & Myrtle (Baehre) Hunt b. & d. Cuba NY. Wed 3-7-1959 in Wellsville NY. Worked Wellsville Air Preheater
FRANCIS, William James. Spouse of #1 Beatrice Abel, #2 Elizabeth "Betty" Francis. Born 3/21/1925, died 12/23/2014. Age: 89y - Son of William J. & Bernetta F. Johnson Francis, b. Staten Island NY d. Cuba NY. Wife #1 died in 1964.
FRAZIER, Robert B.. Born 1925, died 2/1/2014. Age: 89y - Son of Robert B. & Sarah L. McVey Frazier, b. & d. Cuba NY. Bob was involved with area Boy Scout Troops for over 65 years. - WW II Vet, US Army 1945-1946
FROST, Edgar A.. Spouse of Kathryn Ann. Born 11-18-1926, died 8-17-2003 - Son of Arthur & Cecile Ingalls Frost
FROST, Gregory A. "Frosty". Spouse of Karla J. Ward. Born 3-31-1956, died 10-18-2007 - Son of Edgar A. & Kathryn Ann Landerman Frost b. Cuba NY d. Olean NY Wed 1-12-1991 in Cuba NY
FROST, Kathryn Ann Linderman. Spouse of Edgar A.. Born 7-30-1935, died 5-13-2000 - Born in Olean, NY m. Dec. 5 1953 in Cuba NY
FROST, Patricia V.. Spouse of Donald. Born 3/17/1926, died 7/25/2016. Age: 90y - Dau of John W. & Isa E. Morrison Love b. Hamilton Ontario Canada d. Warren PA Wed 2-13-1970 in Hinsdale NY
FULLER, Barbara J.. Born 3-12-1950, died 8-22-2007. Age: 55y - Dau of John Frederick & Wilma Geraldine Waite Fuller b. Salamanca NY d. Olean NY
FULLER, Margaret Ann. Born 9/6/1943, died 8/24/2015. Age: 71y - Dau of Raymond & Bertha Bozard Sawdey, born and died in Cuba, NY. Former husband Lawrence Fuller
GAETA, Rosemarie Linda. Spouse of Mark F. GAETA. Born 11-03-1956, died 12-21-2002 - Dau of William "Willi" & Josephine (Paprian) Schwarz, b. Buffalo NY, d. Olean NY (cancer), Wed 7-26-1975 in Orchard Park NY
GERMAN, Clayton W.. Born 8-29-1863, died 3-25-1865. Age: 1y - Son of Morris and Emeline (Abbott) German.
GERMAN, David S.. Spouse of Ida A. Osmun. Born 3-10-1851, died 2-14-1857. Age: 5y - Son of Morris and Emeline (Abbott) German.
GERMAN, Emeline (Abbott). Spouse of Morris. Born 1827, died 1903 - Dau of Salmon and Phebe (Ward) Abbott. Born in Cuba NY. Four children.
GERMAN, Eva Brown, died 1918
GERMAN, Guy. Spouse of Ida A. Osmun. Born 12-30-1858, died 1-6-1887. Age: 28y - Son of Morris and Emeline (Abbott) German.
GERMAN, Ida A. (Osmun). Spouse of Guy. Born 1859, died 1908 - Dau of Lovinus and Minerva Jane (Miller) Osmun. One daughter
GERMAN, Morris. Spouse of Emeline Abbott. Born 5-2-1824, died 6-10-1883. Age: 59y - Son of David S. and Fanny (Sears) German. Four children.
GERMAN, Morris - Son of Morris and Emeline (Abbott) German.
GERMAN, Mr.. Spouse of Eva
GIBSON, Faye N.. Spouse of. Born 12/24/1933, died 9/22/2016. Age: 82y - Dau of Theodore & Mary Ellen Starr b. Buffalo NY d. Cuba NY
GILES, Mayme E.. Spouse of William F.. Born 1/8/1934, died 3/26/2011. Age: 78y - Dau of Clifton H. & Mildred Brace Lawton, b. Shinglehouse PA d. Cuba NY. Wed 2-9-1952 in Cuba NY
GILES, William F.. Spouse of Mayme E. Lawton. Born 2-18-1928, died 5-7-2005 - Son of Elmer F. & Violet R. Carney Giles m. Feb 9 1952
GLEASON, Harold R.. Spouse of Janice R. Remillard. Born 10/10/1932, died 12/2/2009. Age: 77y - Son of Russell & Mildred Robinson Gleason b & d. Cuba NY. Wed 6-28-1952 in Cuba NY
GOLDAY, Florence Emily (Black) Edward Blicharz. Born 6-4-1934, died 12-2-2022 - Dau of Harry and Emily Black. Born in Netcong NJ, died in Cuba NY. Wed Edward in 1954, two children. (Spouse predeceased)
GOLDTHWAIT, Ernest M.. Spouse of Helen C., died 7-17-1977 - Wed July 20 1933 in Belmont NY
GOLDTHWAIT, Helen C. "June". Spouse of Ernest M.. Born 1-31-1907, died 7-26-2005. Age: 98y - Dau of Ammiand Marietta H. Presho Campbell
GOODSELL, Frances Louise. Spouse of Leo H.. Born 9-20-1909, died 3-7-2006 - Dau of Orris & Ailsie Clapp Burton b. Hinsdale, NY d. Wellsville, NY Wed: 10-2-1936
GORDON, Fordyce Foster. Spouse of Sarah Ann Smith. Born 6-26-1902, died 2-20-1908 - Son of James and Abigail Bowen Gordon
GRANGER, Fenella (Abbott). Spouse of Harlan. Born 7/26/1900, died 2/22/1932. Age: 31y - No other information.
GRANGER, Harlan. Spouse of Fenella Abbott. Born 1901, died 12/1/1974 - No other information.
GREEN, Bruce O.. Spouse of Ernestine E. Mabey. Born 8-27-1921, died 5-1-1997 - Son of Archie & Bertha Hoover Green, born in Millport, PA & raised by his grandparents Orville & Cynthia Green m. July 16, 1949
GREEN, Ernestine E.. Spouse of Bruce O.. Born 1/3/1920, died 7/15/2010. Age: 90y - Dau of Paul & Cecil German Mabey, b. Cuba NY d. Rochester NY. Wed 7-16-1949 in Cuba NY
GREENE, Gladys M.. Spouse of Llewellyn W.. Born 10-9-1902, died 3-12-1986. Age: 83y - Dau of Samuel & Evah Peckham Wilkinson
GREENE, Llewellyn W.. Spouse of Gladys M., died 2-9-1982 - Wed March 30, 1920
GROSS, Betty J.. Spouse of Urban F.. Born 12-16-1927, died 12-24-2004 - Dau of Charles & Mae Hopper Lisk
GROSS, Urban F. Spouse of Betty J., died 11-5-1988 - Wed Sept 14 1945
GUILD, Sherie L.. Born 2/1/1957, died 2/18/2014. Age: 57y - Dau of Samuel H. & Joanne Rose Guild, b. Cuba NY d. Cortland NY
GUILD, Walter E. "Gene". Spouse of Marlene. Born 5-4-1929, died 3-1-2008. Age: 78y - Son of Walter E. & Harriett Gilford Guild b. Cuba NY d. Penn Yan NY. Married 53 years
HADDEN, Arlene Lelia Wakefield. Spouse of James W., Sr.. Born 12-29-1931, died 2-16-2006. Age: 74y - Dau of Hiram "Harry" Valentine & Lelia Mae Miller Wakefield b. Chautauqua, Kan. d. Cuba, NY Wed: 5-7-1949 in Cuba, NY
HADDEN, James W. Sr.. Spouse of Arlene L. Wakefield. Born 7/30/1926, died 8/23/2015. Age: 89y - Son of William, b. & Goldie M. Hockenberry Hadden, b. Mahaffey PA d. Cuba NY. Wed 5-7-1949. (She died 2-16-2006)
HAINES, Hannah Philura. Spouse of Benjamin F.. Born 2-22-1867, died 1-5-1958 - Dau of Charles Dyer & Emily Jane Millett Alsworth Born in Belfast, NY Wed 1-16-1895 in Hallsport, NY
HALL, Richard C. "Dick". Spouse of Doris E. Robinson. Born 4/2/1932, died 10/24/2016. Age: 84y - Son of Clair W. & Leah M. Van Gilder Hall b. & d. Cuba NY Wed 9-10-1955 in Cuba NY
HEDDEN, Clifford D. "Kip". Spouse of Wanda Willson. Born 1-10-1916, died 7-21-2003 - Son of Manley J. & Mabel Clara Neil Hedden - WW II Vet, US Army, S/Sgt. Pacific
HEHIR, Ethel C.. Born 10-28-1908, died 4-8-2000 -
HEQUEMBOURG EMMONS, Dianne M. (Gross). Spouse of #1-Donald E. Hequembourg; #2-Sidney L. Emmons. Born 9-25-1942, died 8-31-2023. Age: 80y - Dau of Lindsey Addison & Helen M. (Greene) Gross. Born in Cuba, NY; lived in Elma, NY; died in Buffalo, NY. Married Donald 11-19-1966 in Cuba, NY. Married Sidney on 12-16-2006. One daughter.
HEQUEMBOURG, Donald Erle Dianne M. (Gross). Born 8-4-1942, died 1-23-1995. Age: 52y - Son of Roger Farrington Hequembourg. Born in Buffalo, NY; died in Florida.
HIGBY, Arthur James. Spouse of Jean Brown, died 4/28/2016 - Born and raised in West Clarksville NY No other information
HIGBY, Elizabeth E.. Spouse of Vernon W.. Born 2-28-1927, died 3-24- 2001 - Dau of Lawrence & Ida Shipman Little
HIGBY, Jean (Brown). Spouse of Arthur James. Born 3-27-1929, died 5-14-2023. Age: 94 - Dau of Henry Francis Brown & Athalene Olinda Rowley Brown; born in Cuba, NY; lived in Cuba, NY; died in Zephyrhills, FL; married on 12-26-1953; four children
HIGBY, Vernon W.. Spouse of Elizabeth E., died 1-17-1998 - Wed Aug. 15, 1945
HITCHCOCK, Glenda A.. Spouse of James F.. Born 1/30/1937, died 7/16/2014. Age: 77y - Dau of Glenn & Charlotte Slaughter Estes, b. Olean NY d. Cuba NY. Wed 10-17-1958 in Allegany NY
HITCHCOCK, James Freeman. Spouse of Glenda A. Estes. Born 8/21/1934, died 11/10/2016 - Son of Charles & Ethel Hinman Hitchcock b. & d. Cuba NY Wed 10-17-1958
HOFFMAN, Herman B. Spouse of Ruth A., died 6/24/1981 - Wed June 10 1925
HOFFMAN, Ruth A.. Spouse of Herman B. Born 7-16-1905, died 11-3-2003 - Dau of Frank & Elizabeth Carr Pyle
HOMUTH, Erma M.. Spouse of Arno Albert. Born 5/11/1910, died 12/9/2010. Age: 100y - Dau of Edger & Laura Blovelt Baker, b. Shinglehouse PA d. Houghton NY. Wed 11-13-1932
HOMUTH, Thomas M.. Spouse of Gloria Pierce. Born 8-13-1945, died 5-16-2007 - Son of Arno & Erma Baker Homuth b. & d. Cuba NY Wed 7-24-1971 in Friendship NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
HOPKINS, Janet M.. Spouse of Robert M.. Born 2-7-1931, died 9-6-2002 - Dau of Landis B. & Florence Kring Saylor
HOPKINS, Robert M.. Spouse of Janet M., died 2-10-2000 - Wed April 3 1954 in Olean NY
HORTON, Thomas F.. Born 12/31/1933, died 2/1/2010. Age: 76y - Son of James E. & Marion Manning Horton, b. Cuba NY d. Buffalo NY. - Korean War Vet, US Air Force 1953-1957
HOSLEY, Georgianna Bailey. Spouse of Richard J.. Born 6/19/1923, died 12/16/1991 - Wed 8-1-7-1944 in Friendship NY
HOSLEY, Mary L.. Spouse of John H. Haines & Jefferson. Born 1839, died 1-24-1911 - Dau of Lewis Marvin
HOSLEY, Richard J.. Spouse of Georgianna Bailey. Born 4/10/1923, died 1/16/2016. Age: 92y - Son of Jefferson & Mabel Thrall Hosley b. Cuba NY d. Olean NY. Wed 8-1-7-1944 in Friendship NY
HOUSTON, Frances L.. Spouse of Norman. Born 1-1-1914, died 6-10-2009 - Son of Seeley & Margaret Smith Bolton, b. & d. Cuba NY. Wed 2-28-1947 in Cuba NY
HOWE, Everett. Spouse of Madeline T., died 1968 - Wed Nov 23 1929
HOWE, Madeline T.. Spouse of Everett. Born 3-9-1910, died 12-26-2003. Age: 93y - Dau of John & Laura Lockwood Taylor
HULL, Gail A.. Spouse of Terrance R "Terry". Born 7-1-1950, died 6-2-2003 - Dau of Earl R. & Martha A. Patterson Stellrect Sr.
HULL, Mary Virginia "Ginny". Spouse of Robert E.. Born 4/26/1926, died 8/17/2010 - Dau of Merle J. & Helen Wagner Leipold, b. Bradford PA d. Cuba NY. Wed 5-8-1943 in Olean NY
HULL, Terrance R "Terry". Spouse of Gail, died 7-21-1995
HUNT, Myrtle A.. Spouse of. Born 10/20/1917, died 3/25/2016. Age: 98y - Dau of Arthur & Martha Brooks Gould b. Franklinville NY d. Houghton NY Father of her children Raymond Clair Hunt
HUNTLEY, Abner. Spouse of Margaret McCarty. Born 8-4-1767, died 3-10-1877
HUNTLEY, Margaret McCarty. Spouse of Abner. Born 3-30-1771, died 4-3-1856
INGALLS, Elton B.. Spouse of Helen Farwell. Born 2-15-1925, died 8-18-2003. Age: 78y - Son of Virgil & Helen Wood Ingalls, a NY State Trooper - WW II Vet, US Air Force. Pacific
INGALLS, Gertrude M.. Spouse of Guy N. INGALLS, Jr.. Born 4-11-1929, died 4-06-2003 - Dau of Everett & Ida (Gross) Blatchley, b. Cuba NY, d. Cuba NY
INGALLS, Guy N. Sr.. Spouse of Gertrude Blalchley. Born 4-24-1924, died 8-26-2008 - Son of Guy N. & Beulah Royce Ingalls, b. & d. Cuba NY. Wed 4-6-2002 - WW II Vet, US Army
INGALLS, Helen M.. Spouse of Elton B.. Born 7-25-1926, died 5-24-2009. Age: 82y - Dau of Richard & Beryl Farwell b. & d. Cuba NY Wed 7-13-1946 in Cuba NY
INGALLS, Michael Royce. Born 6/15/1967, died 3/26/2011 - Son of William Orin & Constance Elaine Smith Ingalls, b. Cuba NY d. Buffalo NY
INGRAHAM, Erma L.. Spouse of Cleon D.. Born 2-06-1926, died 12-12-2002 - Dau of Glen & Vivian (Swain) Cooper, b. Independence NY, d. Olean NY, Wed 7-19-1946 in Cuba NY
INGRAHAM, George E.. Born 2/5/1957, died 10/16/2009 - Son of Cleon & Erma Cooper Ingraham, b. Cuba NY d. Bath NY
INGRAM, Kenneth. Spouse of Laura C. Cole. Born 7-28-1914, died 12-21-1999 - Son of George & Alice Ingram
INGRAM, Laura C.. Spouse of Kenneth. Born 10/25/1916, died 1/24/2011. Age: 94y - Dau of Charles & Ona Hutchins, b. West Danby d. Cuba NY. Wed 6-25-1938 in Ithaca NY
JAHNKE, Sarah Lee "Sally". Spouse of William H. Sr.. Born 11/12/1926, died 10/1/2016. Age: 89y - Dau of John & Roberta MacCracken Hill b. Carbondale IL d. Cuba NY Wed 8-24-1946
JAHNKE, William H. Sr.. Spouse of Sarah L. Hill. Born 12-8-1926, died 2-25-2006 - Son of Henry Ludwig & Margaret Kraebel Jahnke, b. Buffalo, NY, d. Cuba, NY. Wed: 8-24-1946
JEFFERIES, Judith G.. Born 2-28-1952, died 7-23-2007 - Dau of Harold & Mary Jones Jefferies b. York SC d. Wellsville NY
JEFFERIES, Mary E.. Spouse of Harold. Born 1-9-1931, died 5-8-2007 - Dau of Carl & Nellie Pierce Jones b. White City KS d. Cuba NY Wed 1-28-1950 in Junction City KS
JOHNSON, Bernice M.. Born 4-3- 925, died 4-9-2000 - Born in Cuba, NY
JOHNSON, Russell W. "Rusty". Spouse of Florence A, died 1963 - Wed Oct. 1936 in Buffalo NY
JOHNSTON, Donald F.. Born 11/22/1944, died 11/15/2010 - Son of Russell & Florence Sheridan Johnston, b. Unknown d. Houston TX - Vietnam Vet, US Army, 3rd Brgd, 25th Inf., Medic. Headquartered in Pleiku - Combat Army Medics Badge
JOHNSTON, Florence A.. Spouse of Russell W.. Born 12-16-1908, died 05-22-2003 - Dau of John & Frances Trouse Sheridan Born in Buffalo NY
JORDAN, Bird DeForest. Spouse of Clara M.. Born 7-6-1866, died 10-17-1947 - Son of Alonzo H. and Betsy Jane Jordan
JORDAN, Clara M. Hedden. Spouse of Bird DeForest, died 10-12-1944 - Wed Dec. 24 1890
KAISER, Carol L.. Spouse of John I.. Born 11-18-1945, died 12-18-2001 - Dau of Merle E. & Lois June Bacon Traux Born in Wellsville, NY m. Oct. 19, 1991
KARN, Audrey L.. Spouse of Clifford C.. Born 3/18/1935, died 9/9/2015. Age: 80y - Dau of James & Leona Dutton Clayson, b. Olean NY d. Ischua NY. Wed 11-21-1953 in Cuba NY
KARNES, Wendy J.. Born 1-15-1970, died 4-26-2008. Age: 38y - Dau of Connie Smith b. Cuba NY d. Carrollton NY Auto Accident
KARST, Dorothy M.. Spouse of Sanford M.. Born 7-9-1931, died 12-18-2003 - Dau of Mark & Loreanna Niles Bidwell
KARST, Rosalee (Baker). Spouse of Donald E.. Born 2/1/1958, died 6/8/2018. Age: 60y - Dau of Elton & Marjorie (Frazier) Baker b. & d. Olean NY Wed 6-17-1978 at Cuba Lake, two daughters. Certified Nurse's Aide at Cuba Memorial also a private home Caregiver
KARST, Sanford M.. Spouse of Dorothy M., died 11-11-1979 - Wed Sept 9 1949 in Bellville
KIRKUM, Bertram E.. Spouse of Zelva R. Sikes. Born 6-18-1904, died 12-3-1999
KNAPP, Donald W.. Spouse of Esther Metcalf. Born 9-20-1932, died 10-30-2008 - Son of William & Ruth Clayson Knapp b. Hinsdale NY d. Buffalo NY. Wed 1959 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
KUNZ, Karen A.. Spouse of Michael W.. Born 5-11-1953, died 4-1-2007. Age: 53y - Dau of Irving Joseph & Ruth Ottaway Nickerson b. Wellsville NY d. Allegany NY Wed 7-15-1978
LABARBERA, Jean C. (Nunamaker). Spouse of #1 Donald Williams Sr., #2 Samuel LaBarbera. Born 6/13/1925, died 2/6/2022 - Dau of Lloyd and Helen (Logan) Nunamaker. Born in Cleveland OH, lived in Cuba NY and FL, died in FL. Co-owner/operator of LaBarbera's Carpets and Flooring. Three sons with Donald who d. 1970.
LABARBERA, Samuel. Spouse of Jean C. (Nunamaker) Williams. Born 7/25/1926, died 5/29/2016. Age: 89 - Son of Samuel and Josephine (LaBarbiera) LaBarbera. Born in Cuba NY, died in Wellsville NY. Co-owner/operator of LaBarbera's Carpets and Flooring. - WW II Vet, US Navy aboard USS LST-28, QM3. Europe.
LAFEVER, Beatrice Elaine (Lockwood). Spouse of David Robert. Born 2-6-1944, died 5-12-2023. Age: 79 - Dau of William B. & Isabella M. (Ross) Hatch Lockwood; born in Ischua, NY; one son
LAFEVER, James F. "Jim". Born 11/20/1942, died 4/20/2018. Age: 75y - Son of Delbert & Maude (Hewitt) LaFever b. Cuba NY d. Wellsville NY. Unmarried. Worked many jobs including two farms Highway Department of West Clarksville Crown-Y recycling and Pepsi Cola of Olean
LAHR, Addie E. Voorhees. Spouse of Max J., died 12-2-1949 - Dau of Orilla and Oscar Voorhees m. 1-3-1885
LAHR, Max J.. Spouse of Addie E., died 10-19-1951. Age: 88y - Son of George & Henrietta Langoehr Lahr
LANDRICH, John. Spouse of Bessie Mae Hurd. Born 1/30/1931, died 2/26/2011 - Son of John & Anna Lepesic Landrich, b. Spencerport NY d. Clarence NY. Wed 10-10-1933 in Cuba (She d. 4-3-1999)
LAWTON, Daniel B.. Spouse of Lucile Mabey. Born 4-22-1910, died 1-4-2004 - Son of John A. & Ethel Shrewood Lawton b. Eulalia Twp. Potter Co.
LAWTON, Donald P.. Spouse of Donna M. Rechin. Born 2/8/1944, died 1/18/2016. Age: 71y - Son of Daniel B. & Lucile Mabey Lawton b. Cuba NY d. New Market TN Wed 12-19-1979 in Caneadea NY Donna died 4-7-2013 - Vietnam Vet, US Army, 101st Airborne Division.1967-1969. Earned Bronze Star, Army Commendation Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, National Defense Service Medal - Spent another 8 years with Army National Guard retiring with rank of Sergeant
LAWTON, John Elmer. Spouse of Margaret Ethelyn Milgate. Born 7/9/1907, died 9/23/2011. Age: 104y - Son of Abel & Ethel Sherwood Lawton, b. Eulalia PA d. Houghton NY. Wed 6-27-1934 in Cuba NY
LEE, Gladys C.. Spouse of Clifford F.. Born 11/18/1915, died 9/21/2010. Age: 94y - Dau of Edward & Margaret Havens Rohe, b. Buffalo NY d. Cuba NY. Wed 10-3-1942 in Eldred PA
LEE, Lum. Spouse of Joann Howard. Born 11-20-1957, died 1-5-2004 - Son of Lee Yook Ying & Gin Kohng Gone. Wed 1957 - WW II Vet, US Army. Victory Medal
LESTER, Robert W.. Born 9/9/1949, died 1/10/2014. Age: 64y - Son of William T. & Margaret M. Roberts Lester, b. & d. Cuba NY
LITTLE, Blaine A.. Born 9/23/1956, died 12/2/2009 - Son of Burton & Frances Marie Krueger Little, b. Cuba NY d. Olean NY
LITTLE, Burton G. Sr. [Skip]. Spouse of Jean A. Lockwood, then companion of Darlene M. Fusiara. Born 4-30-1955, died 2-14-2020 - Son of Burton M. and Frances (Kruger) Little. Born in Cuba NY, lived and died in Olean NY. Worked 36 years at Stroehman's. Three children, mother unclear. Divorced from Jean.
LITTLE, Douglas B.. Spouse of Helen R. Bilinski. Born 5-25-1944, died 2-22-2001 - Son of James C. & Elizabeth (Woodle) Little m. May 28, 1976 - Cold War Vet, US Army, drill sergeant. 1966-1968
LITTLE, Elizabeth B. "Pete". Spouse of James C.. Born 4/2/1923, died 7/7/2015 - Dau of George & Irene Baldwin Woodle, b. Buffalo NY d. Cuba NY. Wed 5-16-1942
LITTLE, James C.. Spouse of Elizabeth Woodle. Born 8-2-1916, died 9-8-2006. Age: 90y - Son of Frederick & Elizabeth Coughlin Little b. & d. Cuba, NY Wed: 5-16-1924 in Cuba, NY
LOCKWOOD, Tamie K.. Born 6-28-1969, died 1-20-2009 - Dau of Victor W. Fisk & Shari L. Hull b. Olean NY d. Black Creek NY Former Husband Jack M. Lockwood
LOWN, Anna (Abbott). Spouse of Samuel B.. Born 1815, died 1897 - 1870 Lyndon Census: two children. No other information
LOWN, Samuel B.. Spouse of Anna Abbott. Born 1805, died 1873 - 1870 Lyndon Census: two children. No other information
LUCKEY, J. Clark. Spouse of Esther B. Born 4-7-1909, died 2-26-2004 - Son of Floyd & Harriet Clark Luckey m. Mar 31 1934
LUDDEN, Charles E.. Spouse of Nelia Lloyd. Born 10-7-1928, died 9-2-1999 - Son of Austin Ray & Gladys Emerson Ludden m. Sept. 5, 1959 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
MABEY, Andrea E.. Spouse of George W.. Born 10-6-1914, died 12-3- 2001 - Dau of Hary B. "Kernel" & Harriet Tingley Chalker Born in Belfast, NY
MABEY, Cecile German. Spouse of Paul D.. Born 8-5-1891, died 6-22-1962 - Dau of Arthur and Eunice Pettit German
MABEY, George W.. Spouse of Andrea E., died 8-26-1985 - Wed July 3, 1937
MABEY, Paul D.. Spouse of Cecile G
MARSH, Ella Mae. Spouse of Dean Alfred. Born 9-17-1913, died 6-12-2006. Age: 92y - Dau of Roy D. & Hattie Minerva Thurston Palmer b. Belfast, NY d. Olean, NY Wed: 8-16-1933
MCCARTHY, Arlouine Giles. Spouse of John B., died 11-15-1989 - Wed Sept 1 1950 in Cuba NY
MCCARTHY, John B. "Jack". Spouse of Arlouine. Born 8-11-1921, died 1-31-2003 - Son of James & Hazel Brown McCarthy - WW II Vet, US Navy aboard USS George W. Ingram DE 62
MCCARTY, Bertha. Spouse of Gordon. Born 3/8/1910, died 4/24/2014. Age: 104y - Dau of Willis & Jessie Dolph McVay, b. New Hudson NY d. Bradford PA. Wed 10-28-1961 in Cuba NY. (He d. 10-17-1994)
MCCOLLISTER, Marion E.. Spouse of Mead. Born 7/24/1926, died 7/21/2011. Age: 84y - Dau of Robert E. & Isabella Liza Hanks, b. Town of Willing NY d. Canandaiqua NY. Wed 4-17-1948 in Cuba NY (She d. 1991)
METZ, Sarah L.. Born 2/5/1946, died 12/23/2015. Age: 69y - Dau of Arthur & Marjorie Lester b. Salamanca NY d. Cuba NY
MILES, Fred C.. Spouse of Helen C. Howard. Born 8/27/1923, died 3/22/2017. Age: 93y - Son of Merle & Martha (Buhr) Miles b. Machias NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-28-1945, three daughters. - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, aircraft mechanic. China Burma & India Theater
MILES, Helen C. (Howard). Spouse of Fred C.. Born 3/15/1927, died 6/15/2011 - Dau of William & Myrtle Whitaker Howard, b. Franklinville NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 12-28-1945, three daughters.
MITH, Linda C.. Spouse of Daniel E. Jr.. Born 7/14/1957, died 3/21/2014. Age: 56y - Dau of Harold & Ann Unfus Austin, b. & d. Olean NY. Wed 9-6-1975 in Obi NY
MONTGOMERY, Mildred W.. Spouse of Warren W.. Born 3/25/1932, died 7/31/2016 - Dau of Jolee D. & Irene Ludden Witter b. Cuba NY d. Lansdale PA Wed 9-22-1956 Ronald died 4-1-2006
MOTHERSELL, Bruce R.. Born 6/12/1951, died 5/15/2018. Age: 66y - Son of Raymond & Ethel (Gayhart) Mothersell b. Cuba NY d. Andover NY. Three sons with Kerry Trethewy who survives. Owned Mothersell's Contracting for 45 years - Uncateogorized Vet, US Air Force. 1970 - 1971
MOTHERSELL, Raymond D.. Spouse of Ethel Milliman Gayhart. Born 1912, died 1971. Age: 71y - Wed 3-15-1946, three children.
NEWTON, Claude Walter. Spouse of #1 Isabelle Fredericson, #2 Ann Teresa Mullins. Born 3/18/1914, died 5/14/2011 - Son of Joseph Lester & Florence Watson Newton, b. DuBois PA d. Braunfels TX. Isabelle d. 1949. Wed Ann Teresa in 1952. (She d. 2-1988)
NICHOLSON, Thomas S.. Spouse of Joyce Farwell. Born 6/29/1927, died 2/15/2012. Age: 84y - Son of John D. & Ella Welch Nicholson, b. Wellsville NY d. Cuba NY. Wed 9-1950 Married 61 years. (she d. 9-4-2003) - WW II and Korea Vet, US Army
PASTOR, Edward A. Sr.. Spouse of #1 Betty Crandall, #2 Lucille Bruner. Born 1/1/1926, died 8/29/2010. Age: 81y - Son of Michael & Ella Chontos Pastor, b. Portvue PA, d. Bath NY. Wed Betty 9-11-1948. (She d. 11-6-1997). Wed Lucille 10-2-1999 in Cuba NY - WW II Vet,US Army
PERRY, Walker S.. Born 12-19-1935, died 5-9-2000 - Born in Arcade, NY
PIECHOTA Jr., Stanley J.. Spouse of Joanne Lee. Born 12-17-1945, died 2-14-2007 - Son of Stanley J. & Louise Hosley Piechota Sr. b. Olean NY d. Cuba NY. Wed 7-22-1966 in Cuba NY
PILGER, Pearl M.. Born 2-27-1923, died 2-8-2005 - Dau of John & Fanny Darbee MacDiarmid
PLACE, Betty E. Born 11-29-1021, died 5-7-2004 - Dau of Lyle G & Eva Dunshie Estes
PLACE, Harold B, died 12-8-1982 - Wed April 11 1959
PLAISTED, Esther A.. Spouse of Earl M.. Born 3-25-1930, died 6-8-2001 - Dau of Allen Born in & Bernice M. Bailey Mansfield, born in Shinglehouse, PA Wed May 3, 1947
POORE, Harley J.. Spouse of #1 Margaret J. Howard, #2 Shirley Rambuski. Born 4/2/1931, died 7/10/2015 - Son of Chester & Freda Brodin Poore b. Wapaca WI d. Olean NY. Wife #1 died in 1999. Wife #2 died 9-30-2000 - Korean War Vet, US Navy 1952-1956
POORE, Shirley Ann (Avery). Spouse of #1-Edwin A. Rambuski; #2-Harley J. Poore. Born 3-8-1935, died 10-24-2023. Age: 88y - Dau of John & Mildred (Baker) Avery. Born in Bradford, PA; lived and died in Cuba, NY. Married Edwin 1-11-1957 in Duke Center, PA. Married Harley 9-30-2000. Four children.
PRENTICE, Janet. Born 5/3/1915, died 11/28/2011. Age: 96y - Dau of George & Zula Tompkins LaDue, b. Shinglehouse PA d. Corning NY
PROSSER, Hilda M. (Price) Richard. Born 7-26-1923, died 11-17-2022. Age: 99 - Dau of Daniel and Bernice (Bailey) Price. Born in Shinglehouse PA, lived and died in Cuba NY. Wed 6-5-1942 in Cuba, three daughters.
PROSSER, Richard H.. Spouse of Hilda M. Price. Born 7-19-1919, died 9-27- 2001 - Son of Harland & Maude (Crandall) Prosser. Born in Town of Clarksville NY. Wed 6-5-1942 in Cuba, three daughters.
RAMSEY, Tammy S.. Born 11/26/1962, died 9/8/2015. Age: 52y - Dau of Frederick & Julia A. Calhoun Ramsey, born and died in Cuba NY
RICKARD, Dorothy S.. Spouse of Leslie. Born 2-6-1926, died 6-9-2009. Age: 83y - Dau of John & Dorcas Cole Smith b. Hornell NY d. Rochester PA Wed 12-31-1942 in Cuba NY
RINKER, Frederick C.. Spouse of Dorothy L. Kerswill. Born 6/17/1933, died 10/18/2011. Age: 78y - Son of Herbert C. & Florence C. Coughlin Rinker, b. Belfast NY d. Cuba NY. Wed 6-29-1974 in Cuba NY. (She d. 2-13-1999)
RINKER, Janice E.. Spouse of Timothy J.. Born 9/13/1943, died 1/20/2017. Age: 73y - Dau of James E. & Jane Lyon Boyd b. Cuba NY d. Rochester NY Wed 7-3-1965 in Cuba NY
RINKER, Timothy J.. Spouse of Janice E. Boyd. Born 2/11/1944, died 6/27/2013 - Son of Howard Streator & Margaret Harris Rinker b. & d. Cuba NY Wed 7-3-1965 in Cuba NY
ROBERTSON, Edna F.. Spouse of Arthur. Born 5-22-1905, died 12-4-2005. Age: 100y - Dau of Eugene & Katherine Williams Farwell b. Ischua, NY d. Cuba, NY Wed: 6-26-1937
ROBINSON, Frances V.. Spouse of John A.. Born 6-6-1918, died 2-17-2006. Age: 87y - Dau of Frank & Ethel Bates Ellis b. Belmont, NY d. Cuba, NY Wed: 6-26-1935
ROGERS, Bertha Mae. Born 6-8-1923, died 5-16-2000 - Born in Cuba, NY
SADLER, Kenneth Paul Jr.. Born 7/23/1956, died 4/12/2010. Age: 53y - Son of Kenneth P. & Thelma G. Davenport Sadler, b. Houston TX d. Wellsville NY - Post-Vietnam Vet, USMC 1974-1975
SANTANGELO, Irene A.. Spouse of Earl S. Mericle/Giacinto "Jack". Born 2-21-1922, died 3-6- 2001 - Dau of Otto G. & Esther C. Kemp Canfield Born in Davenport, Iowa. m.1. Aug. 29, 1942- 2. July 19, 1952
SCHOONOVER, Doris P.. Spouse of Lewis J.. Born 1/31/1938, died 12/17/2016. Age: 78y - Dau of Albert L. & Dorothy E. Shanley Pierce b. Cuba NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-11-1956 in Friendship Lewis died 1-24-1986
SCHRAMING, Alexandra M.. Spouse of #1 Anthony Micros, #2 Howard Rinker, #3 Ed Schraming. Born 4-26-1918, died 6-29-2009. Age: 61y - Dau of George & Mary Chronis Strigler b. Erie PA d. Olean NY Wed Anthony 1939, he d. 1962. Wed Howard 1965, he d. 1980. Wed Ed 1984
SCHWABENBAUER, Blanche M.. Spouse of Michael B.d. 3-29-1995. Born 12-25-1905, died 1-14-2005. Age: 99y - Dau of Charles J. & Bertha Hedden Chamberlain 1st m. Howard Stafford d. 1952
SCRIBNER, Doris M. "Dode". Spouse of Wildun Alva "Scrib". Born 4/3/1923, died 11/18/2011. Age: 88y - Dau of Frank D. & Josephine A. Cozy Bardeen b. Hornell NY d. Cuba NY Wed 10-5-1945 at Drew Field Air Force Base Florida
SCRIBNER, Wildun Alva "Scrib". Spouse of Doris M. Bardeen. Born 7/16/1923, died 1/13/2017. Age: 93y - Son of Nathan E. & Mabel E. Scribner b. Kent OH d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-5-1945 at Drew Field Air Force Base Florida - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, 12th Air Force. Italy
SEAMON, James L.. Spouse of Patricia M. Skiver. Born 4-19-1934, died 11-3-2003 - Son of James M. & Marion L. Withey Seamon. Wed July 31 1954 - Korean War Vet, US Navy
SEAMON, James M.. Spouse of Marion L., died 11-1975
SEAMON, Marion L.. Spouse of James M.. Born 9-16-1905, died 9-10-2003 - Dau of Earl & Isabel Aldrich Withey
SEAMON, Sandra J.. Born 7-15-1945, died 10-27-2008 - Dau of James & Marion Withey Semons b. Unknown d. Olean NY
SEARLE, Shirley A.. Spouse of Vincent W. "Junior". Born 6-8-1937, died 1-2-2009 - Dau of Leo & Isabelle Jones Peterson b. Franklinville NY d. Cuba NY
SEARLE, William V.. Spouse of Mary J. Born 9-24-1958, died 6-1-2004 - Son of Vincent W. & Shirley Preston Searle - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
SEWARD, Eunice. Spouse of Louis. Born 3-21-1914, died 1-19-2007 - Dau of Edmund & Anna Barnick Tatlow b. Town of Lyndon NY d. Mesa Arizona Wed 11-25-1938
SHAFFER, Elsie A.. Spouse of Lawrence G. Born 4-30-1934, died 12-12-2004 - Dau of Richard & Margaret Ward Owens Born in Bradford PA
SHAFFER, Lawrence G. "Gibbs". Spouse of Elsie A. Owens. Born 11/24/1929, died 2/19/2014 - Son of Homer & Edith Horton Shaffer, b. Caneada NY d. Cuba NY. Wed 8-22-1953 in Cuba NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Army 1948-1950
SHEAR, Raymond F.. Spouse of Sylvia S. Born 6-1-1923, died 12-21- 2001. Age: 78y - Son of L. Ferd & Hazel Tremaine Shear Born in Town of Willing, NY - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force
SHEAR, Sylvia S.. Spouse of Raymond F.. Born 10-2-1924, died 8-27-1999. Age: 74y - Dau of Fredrick & Marie Rowleu Sloan m. Dec. 26, 1947
SHELLEY, Gene A.. Spouse of Donald C. Sr.. Born 2-20-1925, died 7-12-2003. Age: 78y - Dau of Arthur & Irene (Elwood) Sloat, Wife #2?, b. Cuba NY, d. Wellsville NY, Wed in Franklinville NY
SHELLEY, Onalee C.. Spouse of John S.. Born 1-25-1934, died 5-31-2009. Age: 75y - Dau of Alfred H. & Edna M. Williams Cummins b.& d. Cuba NY Wed 4-4-1953 in Cuba NY
SIKES, Arnold E. "Art". Spouse of Ella Mae Hitchcock. Born 5-7-1919, died 3-25-2007. Age: 87y - Son of Walter A. & Clara Mapes Sikes b. Portville NY d. Cuba NY Wed 7-14-1943
SIKES, Ella Mae Hitchcock. Spouse of Arnold E. "Art". Born 1926, died 12-11-1965 - Wed July 14 1943
SIVIER, Chester J. "Chet". Spouse of Donalyn Perry. Born 10/28/1920, died 3/5/2011 - Son of Frank & Sabina Nikiel Swierczynski, b. Kenmore NY d. Cuba NY. Wed in Cuba NY 62 years of Marriage - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, Lt. Col. P-51 Pilot with 77th Fighter Squadron flying bomber support over Europe out of King's Cliff Air Force Base in England
SMITH, Clifford H.. Spouse of Helen L. Dalaba. Born 12/26/1927, died 5/2/2014 - Son of Melvin & Elizabeth Whitcher Smith, b. & d. Olean NY. Wed 11-25-1951 in Cuba NY - WW II Vet, US Army
SMITH, Connie E.. Born 11-21-1948, died 12-14-2022. Age: 74 - Dau of Melvin Sr. and Pearl (Dalaba) Smith. Born in Cuba NY, lived in Cuba and Ceres NY. Worked 36 years for AVX in Olean NY. One daughter.
SMITH, Diane A.. Spouse of Clifford A.. Born 11/7/1950, died 4/2/2015 - Dau of Ralph & Alice Mack Kelly, b. Springville NY d. Olean NY. Wed 6-26-1976 in Cuba NY
SMITH, Eleanor R.. Spouse of Daniel E., Sr.. Born 11-22-1930, died 10-30-2006 - Dau of Charles Wesley & Alice May Hinds Rose b. Wellsville, NY d. Buffalo, NY Wed: 1-1949
SMITH, Helen. Spouse of Clifford H.. Born 9-2-1935, died 1-26-2000 - Dau of Arthur & Ida Sabins Dalaba Sr.
SNYDER, Netty Dempsey. Born 1862 - Dau of James & Bridget Yates Dempsey
SNYDER, William A.. Spouse of Netty
SPRAGUE, Peter Radley. Spouse of Mary Lou (Adsit). Born 3-26-1930, died 5-4-2023. Age: 93 - Son of Wendell & Lois Sprague; born in Lacona, NY; lived in Cuba, NY and Waverly, OH; died in Jamestown, NY; served as Allegany County ADA, legislator, and judge; four children Uncategorized vet, US Army 1952-1954
STAFFORD, Lawrence B.. Spouse of Marjorie. Born 2/16/1927, died 9/10/2009. Age: 87y - Son of Thomas & Sarah Salena Stafford, b. Whitesville NY d. Cuba NY
STAFFORD, Mary A. Smith. Spouse of Rockwell Lyman - Wed Aug. 16 1942 in Cuba NY
STAFFORD, Rockwell Lyman. Spouse of Mary A.. Born 8-17-1911, died 11-20-2002 - Son of Thomas & Sara Selena Bassett Stafford
STILLMAN, Robert D. "Stilly". Born 1-15-1934, died 3-18-2009. Age: 75y - Son of Lynn & Geraldine Pettis Stillman b. Olean NY d. Wellsville NY - Korean War Vet, US Army, Hq. Battery 68th AAA, Sp3 - awarded Good Conduct & Korean Defense Service Medals. Then Co. D 364th Infantry of the combat-famed "Fighting 69th" 1955-1957
STIVES, Kenneth E.. Spouse of Paulette R. Smith. Born 3-21-1934, died 7-13-2007 - Son of Kenneth Ray & Marjorie Clark Stives, b. Wellsville NY d. Olean NY. Wed 1-23-1985 in Cuba NY. - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force, Military Police
STIVES, Paulette R.. Spouse of Kenneth. Born 3/30/1946, died 6/1/2022 - Dau of Daniel Smith and Francis Rogers. Born in Olean NY, lived in Cuba NY, died in Kane PA. Wed 1-23-1985 in Cuba, two children.
STOLBERG, Edgar F.. Spouse of Eva I. DORSETT. Born 7-02-1911, died 10-13-2004 - Son of Charles & Emma (Himes) Stolberg, b. Challenge PA, d. Olean NY, Wed 10-22-1931 in Warren PA, Owner/operator Moses Grocery Store in Cuba NY
STRAWBRIDGE, Robert Randal. Born 7-7-1966, died 9-10-2002 - Son of Ernest B. & Barbara M. Strawbridge
SWIFT, Donald H.. Born 2-22-1946, died 8-1-2007. Age: 61y - Son of Howard A. "Sid" & Margaret Mitchell Swift b. Cuba NY d. Bath NY - Cold War Vet, USMC Sgt E5. 1969-1971. Earned Navy Achievement Medal
SWIFT, Harlan J.. Spouse of Martha A. Higgins. Born 10-2-1843, died 10/6/1910 - Son of Calvin and Sevilla R. (Ault) Swift. Born in Allegany Co NY, died in Nassau Co NY. - Civil War Vet, Medal of Honor, Co H. 2nd NY Mtd Rifles, 1/LT. His citation reads "Having advanced with his regiment and captured the enemy's line, saw 4 of the enemy retiring toward their second line of works. He advanced upon them alone, compelled their surrender and regained his regiment with the 4 prisoners". His Medal was awarded to him on July 20, 1897.
SWIFT, Howard A.. Spouse of Margaret M. Mitchell. Born 10-22-1914, died 1-15-2001. Age: 86y - Son of Allen & Nellie Austin Swift b. Town of New Hudson, NY- m. June 24, 1938
SWIFT, Paul A.. Spouse of Helen L. Millhauser. Born 4-15-1918, died 7-20-2007. Age: 89y - Son off Donovan & Maude O'Dell Swift b. Portville NY d. Cuba NY. Wed 11-22-1939 in Cuba NY - WW II Vet, National Guard, Co 1, 174th Inf
TAYLOR, Herbert Keith Jr.. Born 7-16-1956, died 5-8-2005 - Son of Herbert Keith & Marlyn O'Donnell Taylor Sr.
TAYLOR, Marlene J.. Spouse of Paul B., died 2-25-2004 - Dau of Ralph L. & Mona Kelly Rangelerm. Jan 26 1952 in Bowling Green, Ohio
TAYLOR, Paul B.. Spouse of Marlene J.. Born 4-17-1932, died 6-18-2005. Age: 73y - Son of Roy C. & Ida Keople Taylor Born in Bowling Green OH
TAYLOR, Steven Douglas. Born 5-14-1956, died 1-4-2001. Age: 44y - Son of Paul B. & Marlene Rangeler Taylor
THOMAS, Maurice A.. Spouse of Esther M. McVey. Born 11-8-1915, died 8-9-2007. Age: 91y - Son of Frederick F. & Florence A. Grierson Thomas, b. Cuba NY d. Springville NY Wed 6-27-1938 in New Hudson NY
THOMPSON, Doris H.. Spouse of Glendon L.. Born 8/11/1925, died 6/30/2016. Age: 90y - Dau of Oliver & Bertha Dunn DeCarr b. Herkimer NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 1965 in Pennsylvania
THOMPSON, Glendon L.. Spouse of Doris H. DeCarr. Born 4/28/1919, died 11/22/2010. Age: 91y - Son of Ray & Muriel Stevens Thompson, b. & d. Cuba NY. Wed 1965 in Pennsylvania
THOMPSON, Raymond F.. Spouse of Ethel Taylor. Born 9-27-1913, died 8-25-2006. Age: 92y - Son of Ray & Muril Stevens Thompson b. Ischua, NY d. Franklinville, NY. Wed: 5-21-1966 in Sugar Grove, PA - WW II Vet, US Army
THOMPSON, Renee E.. Spouse of Roland D. Sr., died 2000 - Dau of Herbert Keith & Marlyn O'Donnell Taylor Sr. Wed 2-9-1973
THOMPSON, Roland D. Sr.. Spouse of Renee E. Taylor. Born 9-26-1951, died 10-23- 2001 - Son of Donald & Katherine Kingsley Thompson. Born in Hume, NY. Wed 2-9-1973
THOMPSON, Ruth M.. Spouse of Leland C.. Born 10-25-1914, died 6-14-2008 - Dau of Frank Howard & Margaret Greer Jaggard b. Mt. Morris NY d. Cuba NY Wed 12-28-1932 in Hunt NY
THORNTON, Linda E. (Torpey). Born 10-18-1947, died 6-18-2023. Age: 75y - Dau of Larry & Eleanor (Burt) Torpey. Born in Cuba, NY; lived in Cuba and Belmont, NY; died in Cuba, NY. One daughter.
TUTTLE, Dawson Michael. Born 7-25-2006, died 9-6-2006 - Infant son of Brandon M. & Amanda J. Prieur Tuttle b. Olean, NY d. Wellsville, NY
VAN DER HORST, Robert Frederik. Born 6-1-1952, died 9-12-2023. Age: 71y - Son of Kuno Lodewyk & Hendrika Berendina van der Horst. Born in Olean, NY; lived in Olean, NY, Cuba, NY, Rochester, NY, and Swansboro, NC; died in Rochester, NY. Four children.
VAN DER LINDEN, Carole M.. Spouse of Ronald G.. Born 12/20/1940, died 6/1/2016 - Dau of Willard & Thelma Hamilton Bixby b. Olean NY d. Cuba NY Wed 8-26-1961 in West Clarksville NY
VAN DER LINDEN, Guy V.. Spouse of Lizabeth Whiteman. Born 3-9-1916, died 12-6-2000 - Son of Garrett & Kate Gilbert Van Der Linden b. Near Grover, CO Wed 8-18-1939
VAN DER LINDEN, Lizabeth "Betty". Spouse of Guy. Born 7-31-1920, died 3-3-2005. Age: 84y - Dau of George & Maude Deyo Whitman
VOGEL, Alva T.. Spouse of #1 Mary Silsby, #2 Elsie Sortore. Born 3/3/1926, died 8/28/2013 - Son of Millard & Erma Hunter Vogel, b. Larmie WY d. Belfast NY. Wed Mary on 4-9-1948. (She d. 10-18-1985). Wed Elsie on 12-13-1987.
WAKEFIELD, Eleanor June (Reisman) [June]. Spouse of Wesley A.. Born 1/23/1927, died 10/26/1959 - Dau of Harry l. Reisman. Killed in auto accident. Wed 6-1946, four children.
WAKEFIELD, Wesley A. "Red". Spouse of Eleanor J. Reisman. Born 2/13/1923, died 11/3/2017 - Son of Harry & Leita (Miller) Wakefield b. Chautauqua KS d. Wellsville NY. Wed 6-1946, four children. Eleanor died in 1959 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Forces. Europe and Africa. 1941-1945
WARNER, Hazel Myrtie. Spouse of Paul L.. Born 2-6-1918, died 12-23- 2001 - Dau of Luie C. & Nellie Ives Weart Learn Born in Town of New Hudson, NY m. Mar. 3, 1938
WARNER, Jerold C.. Spouse of Ethlyn H. Muckey. Born 6/4/1925, died 5/3/2015. Age: 89y - Son of Glenn & Margaret Boen Warner, b. Cuba NY d. Olean NY. Wed 8-19-1944 in Cuba NY. Ethlyn died 9-18-2011
WARREN, John. Spouse of #1 Ellen Moses, #2 Mary Anne Totten, #3 Mae Marie Higby. Born 1-23-1915, died 8-14-2006 - Son of Horatio A. & Bertie Dickout Warren. Ellen d. 6-21-1965. Mary Anne d. 12-16-1971. Mae d. 10-22-2003.
WARREN, Mea M. Higby Bernard. Spouse of Virgil K. Bernard, #2 John Warren. Born 1-3-1919, died 10-22-2003 - Dau of Arthur & Ethel Sutton Higby. Eastern Star
WASHBURN, Catherine I. "Kip". Spouse of Randy W.. Born 5/27/1963, died 12/8/2015. Age: 52y - Dau of Mary Alice Williams Pezzimenti b. Olean NY, murdered in Jamestown NY Wed 1995 in Black Creek NY Randy died 5-17-2008
WASHBURN, Dorothy Jane. Spouse of David M.. Born 2-07-1921, died 10-28-2002 - Dau of Arnold Albert & Dorothy (Acklin) Gibson, b. DuBois PA, d. Olean NY, Wed 4-15-1973 in Belfast NY
WASHBURN, Eric R.. Born 5/25/1981, died 12/8/2015. Age: 34y - Son of Randy W. & Catherine I. Pezzimenti Washburn b. Olean NY, murdered in Jamestown NY
WASHBURN, Randy W.. Spouse of Catherine I. Pezzimenti. Born 1-12-1956, died 5-17-2008 - Born in Warsaw NY d. Olean NY - Vietnam Vet, USMC 1973-1978
WASSON, Ellen Abbie Gallup. Spouse of Robert. Born 3-25-1831, died 1918
WASSON, Robert. Spouse of Ellen Abbie, died 1895 - Wed Feb 1 1854
WASSON, Robert. Spouse of Wealthy (Willard). Born 1784, died 1863 - Son of Robert & Elizabeth (Davis) Wasson. Born in Princetown, NY; died in Cuba, NY. Married in 1808. At least two children.
WASSON, Wealthy (Willard). Spouse of Robert. Born 1787, died 1861 - Born in NY; died in Cuba, NY. Married in 1808. At least two children.
WATSON, George F.. Spouse of #1 Ann Warner, #2 Evelyn Rogers, #3 Elaine Bell. Born 2-15-1927, died 6-6-2009 - Son of John M. & Ruth Voorhees Watson b. Cuba NY d. Houghton NY. Evelyn d. 1-21-1997. Wed Elaine 5-26-2001 in Mayville NY - WW II Vet, USMC, 6th Div.
WETHERBY, Delores I.. Spouse of James A.. Born 3/21/1938, died 11/20/2016. Age: 78y - Dau of Kenneth & Lillian Burfield Davis b. Little Genesee NY d. Cuba NY Wed 3-7-1959 in Little Genesee NY Married 55 years
WETHERBY, James A.. Spouse of Delores Davis. Born 9/12/1937, died 8/6/2014 - Son of George & Josephine Babcock Wetherby b. Ischua NY d. Cuba NY Wed 3-7-1959 in Little Genesee NY Married 55 years
WHIPPO, Sally. Spouse of Robert P.. Born 2/20/1955, died 6/18/2010. Age: 55y - Dau of Robert & Mary Virginia Leipold Hull, b. & d. Cuba NY. Wed 2-5-2001 in Falconer NY
WIGENT, Stuart C. "Bud". Spouse of Joan Poore. Born 11-6-1916, died 6-4-2007. Age: 90y - Son of Lawrence A. & Iva Shuler Wignet, b. Union Township of Whitley County in Indiana d. Wellsville NY. Wed 10-18-1939 in Mt. Morris NY
WILBER, June Rita. Spouse of Leroy E.. Born 6-3-1913, died 1-23-2003 - Dau of Glenn LeRoy Wagner & Bertha Davidson Warner Ellsworth Born in Cuba NY
WILBER, Leroy E.. Spouse of June Rita, died 5-16-1989 - Wed Nov. 5 1933 in Olean
WILDRICK-COLE, Charles A.. Born 6/30/2003, died 10/20/2018. Age: 15y - Son of Jeremy L. & Dawn A. Wildrick-Cole b. Rochester NY d. Hornell NY. Charlie's dream was to attend the U.S. Naval Academy and pursue a career in the Navy
WILKINSON, Richard W.. Spouse of Ruth Swift. Born 4/17/1919, died 5/31/2010 - Son of Victor & Hazel Daniels Wilkinson, b. & d. Cuba NY. Wed 5-29-1941 in Cuba NY
WILLIAMS, Donald E. Jr.. Born 4-3-1946, died 4-5-2000 - Born in Cuba, NY
WILLIAMS, Elsie Schmidt. Spouse of George L., died 5-4-2002 - Wed Aug.16 1947 in the Luthern Church Fairport, NY
WILLIAMS, Frank W. Jr.. Spouse of Marion E.. Born 6/21/1911, died 8/23/1998 - Son of Frank W. Sr. & Martha LaRouette, m. July 16 1941, Attorney in Cuba NY
WILLIAMS, George L.. Spouse of Elsie S. Born 2-22-1907, died 7-27-2003 - Son of Frank W. & Martha LaRoutte Williams Sr.
WILLIAMS, Marion E.. Spouse of Frank W.. Born 11-5-1913, died 1-30-2004 - Dau of Samuel Wallace & Agnes Jane Elizabeth McMurray Clements
WILLIAMS, Ruth E.. Born 6/19/1913, died 6/20/2000 - Dau of Frank W. Sr. & Martha LaRouette
WILLSON, Ina C.. Spouse of V. James. Born 7-27-1921, died 1-29-2009. Age: 87y - Dau of John & Clarissa Lacy Childs b. & d. Cuba NY Wed 12-5-1921 in Cuba NY
WILLSON, V. James. Spouse of Ina CHILDS. Born 2-06-1921, died 10-14-2004 - Son of Leroy & Fern Emily (Alsworth) Willson, b. Olean NY, d. Cuba NY, Wed 12-05-1943 in Cuba NY, Owner United Dairy Machinery Corp in West Seneca NY, Owner gift shops in Lantana-FL and Cocoa-FL, Owner Kinney II Restaurant and 33 South in Cuba NY - WW II Vet, US Army
WINCHELL, Robert F.. Spouse of Jeanne L. Edwards. Born 4-15-1942, died 10-28- 2001 - Son of Clyde E. & Bertha C. Dunning Winchell m. Oct. 24, 1959
WISE, Mildred F.. Spouse of Kenneth Wesley WISE. Born 11-26-1930, died 7-10-2004. Age: 73y - Dau of Guy E. & Mildred F. (Pryer) DeLong, b. Brandon PA, d. Rochester, NY, Wed 9-17-1949 in Emlenton PA
WITHERELL, Aleen E.. Spouse of Donald S. WITHERELL. Born 5-01-1909, died 1-25-2004 - Dau of Jay & Marie (Lawson) Erickson, b. Sherman NY, d. Cuba NY, Wed 7-25-1934
WITTER, Ernest D.. Spouse of Margaret H., died 4-1-1991 - Wed June 23 1932 in Nile
WITTER, Margaret H.. Spouse of Ernest D.. Born 1-18-1914, died 12-29-2004 - Dau of Harry H. & Arvilla Farley Huntington
WITTMANN, Margaret L.. Born 2-1-1905, died 1-23-1999. Age: 93y - Dau of Ethan & Lottie Jordon Keller
WOOD, Arthur LeRoy. Spouse of Margaret Maxwell. Born 9-19-1875, died 4-10-1947 - Son of Conley W. and Eleanor Jane Swift Wood
WRIGHT, Donn William "Bill". Spouse of Esther O. Illiscutt. Born 1/9/1923, died 8/11/2011. Age: 88y - Son of Donn L. & Dorothy Warren Wright b.Olean NY d. Cuba NY. Wed 7-25-1943 in Batavia NY. - WW II Vet, US Navy, Radio Tech Instructor
WRIGHT, Donna L. Jordan. Spouse of George L - Wed Sept. 1, 1968
WRIGHT, George Leonard. Spouse of Donna L.. Born 5-29-1939, died 6-23-2001. Age: 62y - Son of Gerald & Myrtle Peet Wright. Born in Warsaw (NY?)
YAW, Paul D.. Spouse of Iola Stanbro. Born 5-19-1921, died 3-3-2009 - Son of Harvey & Leone Everetts Yaw, b. Ischua NY d. Olean NY. Wed 5-29-1942 in Frankville NY - WW II Vet, US Army
YOUNG, Cadence Elizabeth. Born 3/13/2015, died 3/13/2015 - Infant daughter of Brandon & Cassie Caggiana Young,. Born and died in Rochester NY
ZUVER, James Richard. Spouse of Marie Baker. Born 10/22/1921, died 10/20/1967 - Son of Arthur James and Flaorence Marietta (Bozard) Zuver. Born in St. Marys PA, died in Cuba NY.

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