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Here is an International Genealogy Site for everyone that connects people with books (some being out of print) with people looking for information. It is in alphabetical order by surnames. The people with the books will lookup what info they have in the books with the family name you searching. http://www.rootsweb.com/~bwo/

sspaulding816(*)verizon.net Susan Barrow Spaulding has the following books and would be happy to assist others in their search.
History of Waverly, NY and vicinity by Capt Charles L. Albertson (1943) - Reprinted
History of Tioga County, PA, Vol I and II - Reprinted
History of Old Tioga Point and Early Athens, PA - Reprinted
Pioneer and Patriot Families of Bradford County, PA Vol 1 and 2 - Original
The Spalding Memorial by Charles Warren Spalding - reprint
Genealogical Dictionary of the Heads of New England Families  Vols. 1-4
Dictionary of the Heads of New England Families  1620-1700
Genealogical Notes: First Settlers of Connecticut and Massachusettts
Vital Records of Chelmsford, Massachusetts
A History of Buckfield, Oxford County Maine 
History of Susquehanna County, PA by Blackman
Cententennial History of Susquehanna County, PA by Stocker
The Webster Family  Vols 1 & 2
History of Delaware County, NY by W. W. Munsell 
History of Schuylkill County, PA by W. W. Munsell 
Genealogies and History of Watertown Vol 1  (Original)
dchase001(*)stny.rr.com   Diane Chase will do look-ups of Surnames and Obituaries in Chautauaua County, NY
deborah(*)trounstine.com Deborah Williams Trounstine will do lookups in any of the following: 

Genealogical Gleanings from Newspapers of Cuba, Allegany County, NY - 1866-1882 (I have about 25% of this book)

Allegany New York - compiled from The Historical and Statistical Gazeteer of NY State 

West Clarksville Sesquicentennial 1835-1985 (A book with many short histories of various families in Clarksville) 

Civic History and Illustrated Progress of Cuba, Allegany, NY 1822-1910 by John Stearns Minard 

Allegany County and its People - A Centennial Memorial History 1795-1895 by John S. Minard, Esq., County Historian

Arthur Aylsworth and His Descendants in America(pub. 1887) by Homer Elhanan Aylsworth, M.D.; Edited by James M. Arnold 

Descendants of Reinold and Matthew Marvin by George Franklin Marvin & William T.R. Marvin

A Collection of  Family Records with Biographical Sketches bearing name Douglas by Charles Henry James Douglas

cp0249(*)aol.com Claudia Patterson She has the following year books from Randolph Central School and she would be willing make copies of any pictures of students or faculty that anyone would want ... 1955, 1956, 1958, 1959,1960 & 1961
sidk8zes(*)gmail.com Sid Emmons Sid Emmons, Historian at Large, has a PAF file of over 131,000 etc. people in the Towns of Lyndon, Cattaraugus Co and the the immediate towns that surround it (Franklinville, Ischua, Cuba, Rushford, Hinsdale, Black Creek, Freedom, Clarksville).The file has most of the early settlers, many of their descendants and often their ancestors. ALL the people in this file are related by blood and/or marriage, and he adds some 1000 people to it each month. An exchange of data is encouraged. 
Also have several thousand obits in a glued-in notebook format that can be copied.
Also has a complete copy of "Genealogical Gleanings from Newspapers of Cuba, Allegany County, New York  1866 through 1882" as compiled by Marcia Zeeb Masser in 1994.

Paul Giometti: "Steuben County Surrogate Wills & Administrations Every Name Index" from 1793 to 1891. It gives all names shown on registered wills plus case #, book #, page #, year and town for each name. The Steuben County Historian's office has the will abstracts on file by case #. 
chasingmypast(*)yahoo.com Tim Chase~~ Port Allegany Reporter Argus.
drittme1(*)rochester.rr.com Deb Rittmeyer~~ 
Heritage of Bath, NY 1793-1993. Historical Foundation of Bath, c1998. 
Hull, Nora. (Ed.) Official Record of the Centennial Celebration of Bath, Steuben Co, NY. June 4, 5, 6 1893. 
Jackson, Mary S. and Edward F. (Comp) Death Notices from Steuben County Newspapers, 1797-1884. Martin, Yvonne. (Comp) Marriages and Deaths from Steuben County Newspapers, 1797-1868. 
McMaster, Guy. History of the Settlement of Steuben County, New York. RS Underhill, c1853. 
Near, Irwin S. History of Steuben County, NY and its People. 
2 vol. Lewis Pub. Co., c1911. 
Roberts, Millard F. Historical Gazetteer of Steuben Conty, NY. 
MF Roberts, c1891. 
Sherer, Richard. Steuben County: the First 200 Years, a Pictorial History. Donning Co., c1996. Hakes, Harlo (Hon.) Landmarks of Steuben County, New York. D. Mason & Co, 1896. 
Presidents, Soldiers, Statesmen Vol. II. H.H. Hardesty, 189(3,5, or 8). [This is useful for its brief biographies of Steuben County Civil War veterans]. 
Several of these are not indexed, however, so it may take some time to find an individual.
Elroy Klahn   has taken available data and indexed these Cemeteries in searchable bloc or database. Makes it very easy to locate a missing person.

Brooklyn -Utley/Hammond Road - Bowen-Kent Road- Broadway-Gowanda - Cadiz-Franklinville - Calvary-Salamanca
Chamberlain-Ellicottville - Crawford-Salamanca - Delevan-Delevan - Ellicott Street-Great Valley - Green Cemetery-Great Valley
Jefferson Street-Ellicottville - Maple Grove-Machias - McKinstry-Yorkshir - Niles Cemetery-Ellicottville - North Otto-Otto
Plato Cemetery-Ellicottville - Riceville-Riceville - Sugartown-Great Valley - Sunset Hill-Ellicottville
Wildwood-Salamanca - Willoughby-Great Valley

This is the list of Cemeteries that I have photographed. The are a few located in Erie County as well. If dates could be read, picture was taken

Ashford Hollow-Route 219 - Collins Center Cemetery-Collins Center  East Concord-Springville
East Hill-Otto - Eddyville-Mansfield - East Otto-East Otto - Fairview-Springville
Franktown-Ashford - Holy Cross-Ellicottville - Immanuel Lutheran-Otto  - Liberty Park-Cattaraugus - Little Valley Rural-Little Valley
Maples Cemetery-Maples - Maplewood-Springville - Mt Hope-West Valley - Nagel Cemetery-Ashford - Plato Cemetery-Ellicottville
Salem Lutheran-Morton Corners -Schwartz Road Cemetery-Ashford - St. John's- West Valley-  Thomas Corners-Ashford -Trinity Lutheran-Ashford

bluebird1929(*)comcast.net  Jerry Newman has been working on my family genealogy since 1983. Like everyone else I have many lines, but the lines I want to provide information on are:  GARNETT; JONES & PRESTON.

These three families lived fairly close together in Washington County, Maine and over a period of time there was some marrying between the families, especially the Garnetts and Prestons

On 1 Sept. 1851 Joseph Jones, his family and two of his nephews moved to potter County, PA. Within a fairly short period of time others in his family line also moved to Potter Co., along with some of the Garnett & Preston families. These men were all lumbermen and I guess the trees were getting
scarce in Maine. By 1869 everyone in these families had moved on except a man and three married women (and even some of them moved on later to Missouri or Wisc.).

Somewhere along the line other Garnetts & Prestons from Maine moved to the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area to continue in the lumber business. Probably starting about 1865 some of  the Garnetts and Prestons in Potter Co. started drifting to Eau Claire. The Jones Family members (my line) moved to Hamilton Caldwell Co, Missouri and took up farming and liked I said earlier by 1869 almost all three family
members had moved on.

All three of the families kept in contact with each other and visited quite often even having their pictures taken when  they went to visit and some of the Joneses even moved to Eau Claire at a later date.

A few months ago I printed out all the Family Group Sheets I have of the various family members that lived in Potter Co. and sent them to the Potter County Historical Society.

I'm in contact with quite a few distant cousins from these three family lines mostly in Eau Claire, Wisc.,  but also in other states. If I can be of assistance to anyone I'll be glad to do so or even put them in touch with someone who might be more closely related. I am related to all three family lines and through my research I've been able to join the Sons of the American Revolution and the Mayflower Society through my Garnett & Preston family lines.

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