The Steuben Courier, Bath, NY

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The Steuben courier, Bath, NY, Friday, Dec 20, 1935 pg, 6,
col 2, Harrisburg Hollow
Harrisburg Hollow, Dec 16
Mrs. Clarence Palmer, with her infant son, returned home from Bath Monday. The baby has been named Earl Frederick.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gerych returned to their home in Newark, NJ. Sunday morning, after spending a few days with Mr. and Mrs. John Gerych,
Mrs. Maggie Fry and Mrs. Augusta Fry.
Mrs. John Fry returned home Thursday after visiting her niece, Mrs. Clarence Alderman, of Neil's Creek.
Little Mary Struck, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Metro Struck, is a patient in the Bath Hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Robbins and family spent Sunday afternoon with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Robbins of Sonora.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Alderman, of Neil's Creek, spend Thursday evening with Mr. and Mrs. John Fry and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Sylvester, of Buffalo, were callers Sunday evening at the home of his mother, Mrs. Laura Sylvester.
The Girls Sewing Circle met with Miss Onnolee McBride Saturday afternoon.
Mr. an Mrs. Clarence Robinson spent Saturday in Hornell.
The Steuben Courier, Bath, New York, Friday, 27 Dec 1935, page 3, News of
Prattsburg, NY col 1
Fire Destroys Drum Grocery Early Monday
Damages Store Both Sides
Prattsburg, Dec 24 - At 2:45 o'clock Monday at the Red & White grocery store operated by James Drum and his son, Merlin, was destroyed by fire. The building was owned by Mrs. S. D. Cornell. Mr. Drumn had recently purchased this grocery business from H. C. Onley.The fire was of unknown origin. It was thought to have started in the front part of the store. The Grand Union store operated by Mr. Arthur Ayers, and next to the Red and White was also damaged quite considerably. However, by working day and night the Grand Union store was able to open for business on Tuesday, but many repairs will have to be made. The clothing store owned by L. H. Conine on the other side of the Red and White was damaged somewhat by water. The operator, Miss Grace Dearlove, was in the telephone office which is over the clothing store. She discovered the fire first, set the fire siren going and came down the stairs which were then burning some.
The loss is partly covered by insurance. Miss Leona Bancroft made coffee and sandwiches for the firemen which were very acceptable on a zero morning.

The Steuben Courier, Bath, New York, Friday, 27 Dec 1935, page 3, News of
Prattsburg, NY, Locals
Col 1 & 2
Mr. Waldo Babcock , of Bath, had a Christmas Day at his home.
Principal and Mrs. G. T. Farley and daughter, "Patsy", enjoyed Christ with their parents in Utica.
Miss Bertha Sturdevant, of Utica is spending the vacation at her home here.
Miss Eleanor Johnson, of Rochester, spent Tuesday and Wednesday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Johnson, and brother, Warren.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Allen and son, Lewis, enjoyed Christmas Day at the home of their daughter and family, Mrs. E. J. Hardick, in Rochester.
Miss Delia Wheeler left Thursday, December 19, by auto to spend the Winter in California. A card was received here saying she had reached Virginia, which was the second day. Her address is 1033 South Townsend St, Los Angeles, California.
Mr. Julius Ogden, who is studying to be a chiropodist in Illnois is
spending the Holiday vacation with his mother, Mrs. J. J. Ogden and his aunt, Mrs. Eva Flaherty.
Miss Anna Hibbard, of Castile, came Friday to spend Christmas at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Hibbard.
Miss Doris Moon, of Geneseo, spent Christmas and the remainder of the week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Moon.
Mr. Ralph Jones, of Buffalo, is spending the vacation at his home here.
Miss Kathleeen Edmunds, of Troupsburg, is spending the Holidays at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Edmunds, of West Hill.
Miss Lena Babcock, of Niagara Falls, spent the week end at her home here. On Tuesday she left for Long Island, where she spent Christmas with her
sister, Miss Florence Babcock.
Mr. Richard Ringrose, of Cornell Universary, spent from Sunday until Thursday at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Ringrose.

Steuben Courier, Bath, New York, Friday, 27 Dec 1935, page 3, col 4, Savona,NY Local
Mary Jane Peters Entertained the Crusaders for their Christmas party at her home on Church Street, Friday afternoon
Ward Miller, of Rochester, is spending the Holidays with the parents, Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Miller.
Sunday Morning subject at the Methodist Church, "A New Page." Junior
League at 3 p.m. Epworth League at 6 p.m. with Harold Sprague as leader.
Evening union service, with Harold Sherman in charge and the message will
be given by Cyrus Sprague. These boys are Houghton College Students.
The Junior League held their Christmas party at the home of Mrs. William
Fullmer Friday evening. Games were played. Each member received a gift and
candy. Refreshments were served by the hostess, Mrs. Fullmer.
Miss Geraldine Spencer, of Cornell University, is spending the Christmas vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Spencer.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Richerson and son, Martyn, of Corning, spent the week with Mrs. Richerson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fairfield.
Miss Mina Hedges spent Friday in Elmira
Ruth Mulliken returned Friday from Rushville, where she has been spending several weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Garde Waight, (May Rose Crants Waight), of Alexandria Bay, and Mr. and Mrs. Archie (Marguerite C. Craig) Waight, of Jasper, were week
end guest of Professor and Mrs. A. L. (Hulda B. Waight) Spencer.
Gilbert Schudder, of Albany, is spending the Yuletide with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Scudder.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennie Litteer, of Coopers, spent Friday evening with Mr. and Mrs. William Joint.
Mrs. Frank Wright, of Bath was calling on Savona friends, Friday.
Mrs. Kathryn Ryan spent Saturday in Bath, shopping.
Miss Josephine Spencer, of Ithaca, is spending the Holidays with her parents, Professor and Mrs. A. L. Spencer.
Miss Neva Fenton left Sunday morning for Lake Placid, where she has a position.
Miss Lelia Faucett, of Fairport, is spending the Christmas vacation with her sister, Miss Nellie Faucett.
Miss Frances Waight, of Oneonta College, spent the week end with Geraldine Spencer.
Mrs. Eli Mulliken spent Saturday in Rochester.
Mrs. Adeline Jessop and son, Gorden, of Bath, spend Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. William Joint.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Seybolt spent Friday in Bath.
Mrs. Roy Dimmick and son, Muriel, of Painted Post, spent Thursday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Roger Peters.
Miss Eloise Wellman is spending the Christmas vacation at Brockport,
Miss Evelyn Davis at Pike, Miss Ruth Seamans at Hornell, Miss Dorothy Eastman at Wyoming and Miss Harriet Osborn at Almond.
Mrs. William Joint and Mrs. Harry Pruden spent Saturday afternoon at Bath.
Miss Cora Wagner returned from Rochester Friday afternoon.
Mrs. Milton Pope of Indian Lake, spent Thursday spent Thursday evening with her mother, Mrs. Mabel Conley.
Mrs. Bertha Johnston and son, Walter, spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Johnston at Elmira.
Mrs. Gail Wenban and Mrs. Moody Johnson spent Saturday in Corning.
Howard Faucett spend Wednesday in Elmira.
Mrs. Wanda Shutts and Mrs. Lillian Bronson, of Bath, were Sunday evening callers at W. N. Shutts.
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Tillett returned returned from their southern trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Peters spent Thursday in Elmira.
Fred Loerke, of Alabama University at Tuscaloosa, Ala., is the guest of his aunt, Mrs. William Fullmer.
Rev. and Mrs. C. F. French and children are spending Christmas with Rev. and Mrs. John Mabuce at Portville.

The Steuben Courier, Bath, NY, Friday, 13 Dec 1935, pg 8,
Campbell Children, Alone In House, Escape When Fire Breaks Out Campbell, Dec 12-While their widowed mother was at Corning Friday evening, the children of Mrs. Lee Knowles had a very narrow escape, when flames completely destroyed the Knowles farm house about one mile west of Curtis. The home is situated on a hill with no neighbors living nearby. On discovering that flames were raging in the house about 9:30 p.m. the children made their way to safety but were able to save only a small part of the home furnishings. The loss is partly covered by insurance. The father, Lee Knowles, died last July. The Knowles family occupy their tenant house at the present time.

Manning - Lovell
Mrs. Cora Lovell, of Goshen, formerly of this village and Harry manning, of Goshem, were united in marriage at the Presbyterian Manse at Bath,
Thursday evening, Dec 5. The ceremony was solemnized by the Rev George R. Allen. They were attended by the bride's sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Stickler, of this village. Mr. and Mrs. Manning will reside at Goshen, where Mr. Manning holds a responsible position with the H. L. & F.
McBride Company. The many friends here extend congratulations.

Going "The Mystery Pal" Way The Woman's Guild of the Presbyterian Church held the regular monthly meeting with Mrs. George Parry, Thursday. A tureen dinner was served, after which the new president, Mrs. George Parry, calling the meeting to order. The meeting was opened by singing of Christmas hymns. Mrs. Parry brought about some new ideas, one of which was to form a new club to be known as the "Mystery Pal." The meeting was the turned over to Mrs. Uri Balcom, who had charge of the entertainment for the afternoon. The guests exchanged Christmas gifts. The guests were Mrs. Ella Morgan and Mrs. Inez Ordway.
Individual Summary - 23 Oct 2002

Name: Isabel E. Wheat    Sex: Female Father: Henry W. Wheat ( - ) Mother: Jessie Humphrey (ROUGHLY 1853 - )
Individual Facts Birth abt 1876 Hornby, Steuben, New York1 Occupation 1908 (age 32) Teacher Living 13 Dec 1935 (age 59) Campbell, Steuben, New York
Marriages/Children 1. Uri Balcom Marriage 20 Aug 1908 (age 32) Coopers Plains, Steuben, New York1 Children Benjamin H. Balcom (29 Jun 1910 - 11 Jul 1999) {female} Balcom ( - )Notes (Individual) General: LI: 20 Aug 1908, Coopers, Steuben, NY; Witness: Guy E Calkins & Sarah M Balcom, 20 Aug 1908 (MR

The Steuben Courier, Bath, NY, Friday, 13 Dec 1935, pg 8, Campbell
Going "The Mystery Pal" Way
The Woman's Guild of the Presbyterian Church held the regular monthly
meeting with Mrs. George Parry, Thursday. A tureen dinner was served, after
which the new president, Mrs. George Parry, calling the meeting to order.
The meeting was opened by singing of Christmas hymns. Mrs. Parry brought
about some new ideas, one of which was to form a new club to be known as the
"Mystery Pal." The meeting was the turned over to Mrs. Uri Balcom, who had
charge of the entertainment for the afternoon. The guests exchanged
Christmas gifts. The guests were Mrs. Ella Morgan and Mrs. Inez Ordway
Notes (Family #1)
1. Steuben County Marriage Records, Bath, Steuben, NY.
The Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church met with Mrs. Fred Hugenor Tuesday afternoon.
Individual Summary - 23 Oct 2002
Name: Flora Edger "Sis Edger" {WWII}
Sex: Female Father: Joseph Phillip Edger (abt 1896 - ) Mother: Mary Annetta Morgan (abt 1898 - )

Individual Facts
Birth abt 1924 Gibson, Corning town, Steuben, New York Military bet 1944-1946 (age 20)
Death 5 Sep 1998 (age 74) VA Medical Center Nursing Home, Bath, Steuben, New York1 Burial Campbell_Hope Cem, Campbell, Steuben, New York1

1. Fred C. Hugenor Marriage 15 Jul 1950 (age 26) Gibson, Corning town, Steuben, New York1 Children FredaAnn H. Hugenor (roughly 1951 - )

Notes (Individual)
Military: Member of Woman's Army Corps from 1944 to 1946;
General: The Steuben Courier, Bath, NY; Friday, 13 Dec 1935, pg 8, col 4
The Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church met with Mrs. Fred  Hugenor Tuesday afternoon.
Obit: The Leader, Corning, NY; 06 Sep 1998, pg 2C, col 5-6
Burial: Hope Cem, Campbell, NY
Obit: Leader, Corning, NY; 07 Sep 1998, pg 2C, col 3-4-5-6
LI: a resident of Campbell, prior to moving to the Bath VA Nursing Home in
Note: She was a member of the Woman's Army Corps for 1944 through 1946. nAfter basic training at Oglethorpe, GA, Flora was stationed at Rome Air
Force Base as a medical technician. Occ: became an Inspector at the Corning Glass Works Fallbrook plant until
1959 when she became disabled with arthritis. Note: Member of the First Presbyterian Church of Campbell, NY; the Steuben
Co Home Bureau; a life member of the Robert N. Austin Legion Post 1279 of Campbell served as president in 1962 and 1964. Helped bring Cinderella
Softball league to the town of Campbell; forming the annual Gibson School Reunion.
Surv: 3-grandchildren; 10 nieces and nephews
Note: Phillips Funeral Home, Inc., 17 E Pulteney St, Corning, NY; Rev.
Msgr. Ralph Kuehner
Notes (Family #1)
1. Death Notice.
The J. O. Y. Class will hold the annual Christmas party at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stickler, Saturday evening, December 14. A tureen dinner
will be served about 7 o'clock. All guest are requested to bring a gift.
Family Group Record
Husband: Robert H. Stickler

Birth: 1888 Thurston, Steuben, New York
Occupation: 1 Jun 1905 Day Laborer
Census: 1 Jun 1905 Thurston Rd, Campbell, Steuben, New York
Occupation: 1909 Hardward Clerk
Living: 13 Dec 1935 Campbell, Steuben, New York
Death: 1966
Burial: Campbell_Hope Cem, Campbell, Steuben, Ne
Marriage: 30 Jun 1909 Campbell, Steuben, New York
Father: Nathan Stickler (b 1861)
Mother: Cora A. Fisk (b 1866)
Wife: Mary A. Burdge
Birth: 1888 Wayne, Yates, New York
Occupation: 1909 Housekeeping
Living: 13 Dec 1935 Campbell, Steuben, New York
Death: 1937
Burial: Campbell_Hope Cem, Campbell, Steuben, Ne
Father: Lewis Burdge
Mother: Eliza J. Hight "Jane"
Marriage: by Abram S. Gould, minister
HUSBAND NOTES: Robert H. Stickler
Census(1): Census: 01 Jun 1905, 1st E.D. Campbell, Steuben Co NY; pg 10,
line 11, son,
white, male, aged 17yrs; b. US; citz; occ day laborer
General: Witness: Jay Burdge & Florence Crouch, 30 Jun 1909 (MR); LI: 30
Jun 1909,
Campbell, Steuben, NY
The Steuben Courier, Bath, NY, Friday, 13 Dec 1935, pg 8, col 4, Campbell
The J. O. Y. Class will hold the annual Christmas party at the home of
and Mrs. Robert Stickler, Saturday evening, December 14. A tureen dinner
will be
served about 7 o'clock. All guest are requested to bring a gift.

WIFE NOTES: Mary A. Burdge
General: LI: 30 Jun 1909, Wayne, Steuben, NY; Witness: Jay Burdge &
Florence Crouch, 30
Jun 1909 (MR)
The Steuben Courier, Bath, NY, Friday, 13 Dec 1935, pg 8, col 4, Campbell
The J. O. Y. Class will hold the annual Christmas party at the home of
and Mrs. Robert Stickler, Saturday evening, December 14. A tureen dinner
will be
served about 7 o'clock. All guest are requested to bring a gift.

1. Steuben County Census Records, Bath, New York.
Mr. and Mrs. John McUmber and family have moved to Corning.
Miss Addie Cornell left Friday morning for St. Petersburg, Florida, where
she will spend the winter.
Rev. Mr. French, of Savona, called on friends in town Friday afternoon.
Telegraph Road
Telegraph Road, Dec. 10-Mr. and Mrs. William Robinson and their son,
Billy, of Campbell Creek; Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Chisolm, their son, Robert, and
their daughter, Edna, of Cameron; Mrs. Vernon Mullen and her son, of Bath;
Miss Mildred Barclay, of Mt. Washington; Mrs. Minnie Chisolm, her son, and
daughter, of Bath; and Levern Van Order, of Buck Settlement, were
Thankgiving guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Carr, on Telegraph road.

Rushville and Penn Yan, N.Y.
Wednesday, April 19, 1905

Keuka Hotel Sold
The Washburn Hotel, one of the leading hotels on Lake Keuka, has been sold
to a Binghamton hotel man for $12,000. Mr. WASHBURN will remain at Keuka
during the summer. In the fall he proposes settling in Rochester to educate
his children.

Death of Andrew JOBBITT
Andrew JOBBITT, aged 75 years, died at his home on Elm street last Saturday
morning. Mr. JOBBITT had been confined to the house for some months,
suffering from a complication of diseases. He was born at Montour Falls and
lived there most of his life. For some years he was engaged in the livery
business, was later a grocer, and for the last few years of his residence
there was manager of the Montour House. He came to Penn Yan as manager of
the Benham House, which position he occupied for several years. He was a
Republican and active in politics, holding a number of local offices. He was
village trustee for several years and also chief of the village police and
constables. Mrs. JOBBITT survives him.

Mrs. DRAKE Wants Divorce
Names Miss Grace DIMOND, of Hammondsport, Correspondent Mrs. Charles J.
DRAKE, who is now at the home of her parents in Ridgewood, N.J. has brought
suit for divorce and named Miss Grace DIMON as co-respondent. The Drakes
formerly lived in Hammondsport, where, as is well known, Mr. DRAKE was
manager of the Bath and Hammondsport railroad and the Lake Keuka Navigation

He is the son of Charles DRAKE, a prominent character of Wall street and one
of the wealthiest men in New York. Miss DIMON formerly lived in
Hammondsport, and she and DRAKE were lovers several years ago, but at the
death of Mrs. DIMON the engagement which had never been formally announced,
was broken off by Miss DIMON, and it is said that Mr. DRAKE's disappointment
was very apparent. A few months after Mrs. DIMON's death Mr. DRAKE went to
his father's home in New York, where he married Amy HOLWILL, of Brooklyn.
After the marriage Mr. and Mrs. DRAKE lived in Hammondsport directly across
the street from Miss DIMON, whose engagement to Mr. WHEELER was announced
soon after. This engagement however was broken off six months later. After a
year and a half married life Mrs. DRAKE returned to her father's home and it
began to be rumored that DRAKE and Miss DIMON were on their former terms of
friendship. Many reports of a grave nature continued to be circulated until
Miss DIMON's removal from Hammondsport, when her father died, about a year
or so ago. She is now living with her brother, who is an attorney in
Rochester. Surrogate Monroe WHEELER has been retained as counsel for Mrs.
DRAKE, who has sued for divorce with alimony. Mr. DRAKE announces that the
case will be ably defended upon its merits. Miss DIMON is well known in Penn
Yan, having visited here.

John LUND Kills Himself
Shoots Himself in the Head With a Thirty-Eight Calibre Rifle John LUND Was A
Faithful Employee of John Conklin & Son. Must Have Been Temporarily Insane
Soon after noon yesterday John LUND committed suicide by shooting himself
with a 38-calibre rifle. He had been at work as was his custom, at the
office of C. Conklin, and went to dinner at the usual hour, 11:30. His wife
noted nothing unusual about his appearance. He went up stairs to his bedroom
and returned below, again going to his room. His wife and children heard him
open a trunk kept in a closet off the bedroom and a moment later were
startled by the report of a gun. When they reached his room he was lying
face downward with a gun-shot wound in his head. He had opened the trunk,
taken the cartridges kept there, loaded the rifle and placed it in such a
position that the bullet entered the right side of the head, about one inch
above the ear, coming out at the right temple. The muzzle of the gun was so
near to his head that the flame and powder burned the face. Drs. BRADY,
SAMPSON and DOUBLEDAY, and Coroner COX were summoned, but little could be
done, as the wound was fatal.

Mr. LUND was born in Denmark forty-four years ago. He came to the U.S. in
1881 and has had steady employment with the firm of John Conklin & Son for
seventeen years. Besides his wife he leaves six children, three girls and
three boys. Only three are at home, two of the older boys being in Geneva.
One of his brothers, Christian, is employed at Willard Hospital, while two
others reside in the state of Washington. He was a hard working, thrifty man
and must have been temporarily insane when he committed the deed. In fact of
late he has suffered from the hallucination that people were making fun of
him and he was liable to lose his position.
The funeral will be held at the Presbyterian church, Tuesday, April 20th, at
4 p.m.

Rushville To Have A Newspaper
The Chronicle appears this week in 12-page form. This is in honor of Easter
and also by way of introducing to our readers an earnest of what is to
follow, a periodical devoted to the interests of Rushville and the Middlesex

The thriving village of Rushville, beautiful for situation, fertile in
production, intelligent and moral in tone, has come to demand a local paper,
of high standard, to represent its interests and disseminate its news. This
demand it is our purpose to supply.

The Rushville edition of the Chronicle will be sent to any regular
subscriber of the Chronicle for 25 cents extra or the two papers, the
Rushville Chronicle and Yates County Chronicle combine for $1.25.

Penn Yan Movings
Jerome LAMPHIER from Townsend house on Head street, to Lizzle Smalley's
tenant house, east side of Liberty street.

Warren C. LEGG from Snow house, Jabcob's street, to Liberty street.
Mark WILHELM from Sheet's house, Water, to Snow house, Jacob street, having
purchased property.
Henry SMITH from Bonner house, Court, to Remer house, Liberty street
H.J. SALISBURY from Middlesex to Bonner house, Court street.
James MATTOON from near Andrews & Son paper mill to Miss Harriet OGDEN's
house, Chestnut street.

W.G. PAGE from Frank KNAPP house, corner East Main and Lake , to Elizabeth
DANE's house northwest corner Liberty and Chapel street.

Henrietta THORNTON from SLOCUM house, Clinton, to Jenkins vineyard on Lake
Mrs. L.J. EAVES from Bonner house, Seneca, to William DAVENPORT's residence
same street.
William WHEATON from Corning to BONNER house, Seneca street.
Fred WHEELER from Mrs. HOUSE's dwelling on Court to Kinney's Corners.
Harriett LARKIN, Price house, Sheppard street, to Seneca Falls.
Edward RECTOR has purchased Mrs. SNOW's house on South avenue and rented to
Al Girk.
E.E. TITUS from AGAN house, Benham to Mary WOOD house, Clinton street.
Eugene FRANCISCO from Eaton house Wagener, to TIMS' house, Benham street.
George WILHELM from TIMS' house, Benham, to Lyons.
Mary MACKEY from Corning to T.C. HAYES' house, Jacob street.
Grant MOSHEr from BURTON house, East Main, to MCNAMARA house, East Main.
George FEAGLES from Dundee to BURTON house, which he bought.
Myron WHITE from MCNAMERA house, East Main, to BEYEA house, Lake street.
Robert ARMSTRONG from MITCHEL house, Ogden, to LANGTON house, 109 Keuka
John MEHAN from Mangan house, North Main, to O'BRIEN tenant house, Keuka
Thomas BRUNSKIL from O'BRIEN house to Emily DANE's house, Chapel street.
W.A. ABLE from Dresden to WAGENER house, end Court street.
Marshall BOTSFORD from Liberty street to Keuka, NY.
A.A. FARNSWORTH from Bristol Springs to C.V. BUSH house, Liberty street.
Ira ORR, from CONLEY house to LORD house, Head street.

Fred GRISTOCK from Main street to John VEEDERS's house, Benham street,
having rented his Main street house to Mrs. E.L. Allen for a term of years.
Pulteney -
Chauncey STRATTON is confined to his home on account of a diseased knee
Miss Mabel PRENTISS is visiting friends in Himrod, NY.

Bellona -
This Wednesday evening a social will be held in the Presbyterian church
parlors under the auspices of Class 5. At 7:30 o'clock a program will be
rendered, after which the class will serve warm maple syrup. An interesting
feature of the evening will be a voting contest.

Charles K. MINER died April 13th at the home of his parents in Buffalo,
after an illness of six weeks following an operation. Mr. MINER was
thirty-three years of age and had resided in Dundee several years, leaving
two years ago. For some time he was private secretary to Ex-U.S. Senator
TOWNE, of New York, and at the time of his death was employed on the New
York Times.

W.S. BOOTH and N.F. MURDOCK have returned from the South, Mr. MURDOCK being
greatly improved in health.

At the special election to be held April 28, the polls will be open from
sunrise to sunset.

The annual Men's Class banquet will be held in Bemis Hall, Thursday evening,
May 4th. Hon. G.F. DITMARS will act as toastmaster, and among the speakers
will be Rev. E.J. BABCOCK of Lockport, a former rector of St. John's and
Hon. Thomas CARMODY, of Penn Yan. - Canandaigua Repository.

Mr. and Mrs. Rufus A. PUTNAM, of Yates county, successfully passed the
recent Civil Service examinations for appointment as farm supervisor and
matron at the State Industrial School at Rush. The salary of the supervisor
is $50 per month and of the matron $25, besides receiving their board at the

Frank CONWAY , who was indicted for grand larceny last October, accused of
stealing a horse valued at $35 from Charles KENNEDY, of Romulus, was
arraigned at Waterloo and pleaded guilty of the charge. The prisoner stated
that he had never been arrested before, was a temperate man, that his mother
was living in Barrington and that the value of the horse hade been placed
too high. In consideration for the mother and other facts stated, Judge
RICHARDSON gave CONWAY the lightest sentence allowed by the law, one year in
Auburn prison.

Penn Yan Movings -
Alexander DRAKE from WHEELER house to WAGENER place, end Court street.
C.H. ELLIOTT to ANDREWs house on Hamilton street.
Stephen BUSHNELL to HURFORD house Stark avenue.
H. C. WOOD moved to SLOCUM house.
E.F. DRAKELY from BENHAM to Mrs. Nellie WARD's house, Stark avenue.
Addie ROFF from Pleasant street to Jackson street, one of SHERIDAN's houses.
Frank WALBRIDGE from SPRAGUE house near Dibble's mill to M.B. MILLER's house
Cornwall street.
J.E. CREARY from Mrs. Nellie WARD's house Stark avenue to CREARY house Elm
Wm H. LYNN from HEAD to PRICE house Sheppard street.
Mrs. Dr. ELLISON from Benton Center to Keuka street, Penn Yan.
Warren LEGG from Elm street to Liberty street.
Fred CHAPMAN from Benton Center to Liberty street.

A trial trip of the steamer Stuben[sic] was recently made from Hammondsport
to Keuka. Division agent HUNTINGTON, of Elmira, and Erie Auditor I.L. EVANS,
of New York, accompanied General Agent CUMMIN on the trip. The steamer was
found to be in excellent condition. The Springstead has been fitted up to
relieve the steamers of the heavy freight and the Erie company is using
every effort to please its patrons.

Mrs. Sarah A. HOOD, aged 84 years, died at her home on Walnut street last

Mrs. H.J. MCNAUGHTON gave a thimble party on Friday afternoon, with music in
the evening.

COSTELLO Brothers will build an evaporator in the rear of their cold storage
plant on the "HEWSON" property.
Mr. Jeptha A. POTTER will celebrate the 92nd anniversary of his birth on
Monday, April 24, and will be pleased to see any of his friends who wish to

Newton FINGER died at the home of his son-in-law, James NEWBY, in Benton,
yesterday. The funeral will be held Thursday at the home of David HOLMES.

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph COX entertained some fifty of their friends at dinner
last evening in honor of their tenth wedding anniversary.

Ezra HAVENS, an employee of Patteson's mill, fell Friday, sustaining a scalp
wound that required several stitches, Dr. SCHERER being called.

Notaries public have recently been appointed as follows: Frank HARRISON and
Daniel D. TURNER, of Penn Yan, and Herbert D. GREER, of Italy.

J.E. MCELLIGOTT, formerly with T.O. Hamlin & Co., has accepted a responsible
position with the well known firm of Burke, FitzSimons, Hone & Co., of

W.T. MORRIS, P.D., pharmaceutical chemist, has succeeded Dr. Hugh P. MCNIFF
at York and Fifth streets, Philadelphia. Mr. MORRIS is well known here and
certainly deserves success in his new venture.

Peter MASTEN, of Woodhull, Steuben county, died April 17, in his 91st year.
One week ago Dr. James MASTEN died at Westfield, Pa. These brothers resided
in Penn Yan for many years, the only surviving member of the family being
A.V. MASTEN, of this village.

On Wednesday evening, April 12th, about thirty of the friends and neighbors
of Mr. And Mrs. F.C. SEAMANs assembled at their home on Court street., it
being the occasion of Mrs. Seaman's birthday. A very pleasant evening was
passed visiting, playing games, with music, singing, recitations, impromptu
speeches, etc. One of the guests kindly entertained the company with a
phonograph. After a beautiful repast was served, the guest's departed,
wishing Mrs. SEAMAN's many happy returns of the day. "Be ye also ready for
the end is not yet."

Vital Statistics
HAZARD - To Mrs. Willis J. HAZARD, at Townsend, NY, April 8, 1905, a son.
WALTERS - To Mr. And Mrs. Fred WALTERS, of Vine Valley, April 12, 1905, a
KNAPP - To Mr. And Mrs. William KNAPP, of Barrington, April -, 1905, a
MARTIN - To Mr. And Mrs. William MARTIN, of Jerusalem, April 10, 1905, a
DURHAM - To Mr. And Mrs. William DURHAM, of Milo, April 15, 1905, a ten
pound daughter.

HOOD - In Penn Yan, April 12, 1905, Mrs. Sarah A. HOOD, aged 84 years.
FISHER - At Italy Hill, April 14, 1905, Mylon FISHER, aged 63 years.
JOBBIT - In Pen Yan, April 15, 1905, Andrew JOBBITT, aged 60 years.
WILLIAMSON - In Jerusalem, April 11, 1905, Miss Elizabeth WILLIAMSON.
LUND- In Penn Yan, April 18, 1905, John LUND, aged 44 years.
FINGER- In Benton, April 18, 1905, Norton FINGER, aged 74 years.

Dundee Man Injured
William RUSSELL, of Dundee, a New York Central Railroad employee, was
severely injured Monday while trying to board a moving freight train at the
Watkins station. One foot was caught under a wheel and split from the toes
back to the instep, and he sustained severe cuts on his body and head.
RUSSELL was taken home after his wounds had been dressed.

Sudden Death at Italy Hill
On Friday Coroner Joseph T. COX was called to Italy to the home of Alva
FISHER, to grant a certificate of cause of death in the case of the father
of Mr. Fisher, Mylon FISHER, a lifelong resident of the town. Mr. FISHER,
who was 68 years of age, came to the home of his son Thursday afternoon, and
was soon afterward taken ill, dying the next morning. Coroner COX decided
that the cause of death was heart disease, with which the deceased had
suffered for a number of years.

Rushville Local Notes
Mrs. Mary A. ANSLEY is quite ill at her home on Gilbert street.
After a severe illness of several days, Miss Evelyn THORNE is convalescing.
William H. MATTESON has purchased the old fair ground, where he expects to
erect a house in the near future.

Will FERGUSON has been transferred from the Lehigh station in this place to
the Geneva station, where he has a better position.

A maple sugar party was the pleasant surprise that was given Miss Margaret
ASHLEY by some of her relatives on a recent Saturday afternoon.

Miss Kathryn ADAMSON conducted the meeting of the Epworth League on Sunday
evening, the topic being the same as for Christian Endeavor meeting.

Mrs. B. CLARK of Elmira, well known here, where she has often visited her
grandmother, Mrs. Sarah ERWIN, in this place, is suffering with tuberculosis
as a result of grippe.

Mr. And Mrs. Edward FOX spend Wednesday in Penn Yan.
Rushville Local Notes
Miss M.M. AUSLEY visited friends in Geneva a part of last week.
Mr. T.E. FURNER and her mother, Mrs. E. BLAUVELT, were in Geneva Thursday.
Effa FISHER is in Gorham with her aunt, Mrs. Carrie KINNER, who is ill with
heart trouble.
Mrs. Milan H. AYRES, of Barnes, is a visitor at the home of her father, Mr.
Charles CHAPMAN.
Mrs. R.A. MATHER, of Canandaigua, spent the first of the week with her
mother, Mrs. T.M. BLODGET.
Mrs. G.M. FITCH entertained her brother, Milford J. WILSON, of Rochester,
during the past week.
F. DINTURFF was here from Syracuse went to Cottage City to look after his
C.D. TENNY has gone to Branchport to work on the gas well, after a stay of
several weeks with his family.

Mr. and Mrs. George LAZARUS entertained Charles CRISS and family and Miss
Olive FREY, of Potter Center, over Sunday.

Mr. And Mrs. Wm. PHILLIPS and son, Guy, of Cheshire, spent Saturday and
Sunday with Mrs. PHILIPS' uncle, Samuel POWERS, and wife.

Miss Marion WILLIAMS of Syracuse University, is spending the Easter vacation
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.C. WILLIAMS, of Hickory Grove farm.

Mrs. Ira Randall and Mrs. Myron Randall entertained last week Mrs. Asa
WORDEN, her two daughters and son, of Canandaigua. Mrs. WORDEN, who will be
remembered as Miss Mary HENRY, has not visited her old home here since her
departure twenty years ago. Her home for that length of time has been in
Michigan, but is now in Canandaigua.

Rushville Improvements
The BARBER place on Gilbert street, now owned by Mrs. M.J. WILSON is being
Mrs. Henry WALBRIDGE is improving her home on Warren street by the addition
of a large porch.
Mrs. Andrew J. WARNER is having some convenient improvements made on her
house in this village.
Dr. J. H. WILKIN expects to begin work this week on an additional wing to
his house on Main street.

Death Ever Present
Two Well-Known Men Have Been Called D.M. PAGE, of Hornellsville
President of the Rushville Gas and Mining Company; Aaron KNAPP, who Lived
Near the "Swamp".

The death of Mr. D.M. PAGE, of the Rushville Gas and Mining Company,
occurred at his home in Hornellsville on Wednesday, April 12, following two
attacks of paralysis on Monday. His age was 57 years. Ralph JAMES and C.H.
WOOD and wife, of this place attended the funeral at Hornellsville on

Died, at his home near the swamp, on Friday, April 7, at the age of 88, Mr.
Aaron KNAPP, who for the past three years has been blind, and the last two
years had been practically helpless. Three children survive him, Daniel and
John and Mrs. HALL. His wife died February 3, 1904. The funeral was held
Sunday morning at the house, Rev. Ray ANDREWS of Friend, officiating. Burial
at Gorham.

Charles PUTNAM Commits Suicide
Our people were shocked to hear Friday morning that Charles PUTNAM, of
Gorham, a former successful farmer, of this town, had committed suicide by
hanging. Funeral services were held at the Free Baptist church in Middlesex
on Monday. Rev. MEADE officiating. The family have the sympathy of a large
circle of friends in this town.

William LYNN had the tips of the third and fourth fingers of his left hand
cut off in a veneer chopping machine at Price's mill, Head street, Friday.
The injury will not cause him to lose the use of his hand.

Mr. And Mrs. William CORNWELL are visiting in Boston.
Miss Ethel PORTER, of Dundee, was in town last week.
Miss Louis KNOX will spend Easter week in Rochester.
John FITZWATER, of Syracuse, was in town last Sunday.
J.Ross BROWN, of Elmira, is visiting his mother, Mrs. Harriet BROWN.
Mrs. A.C. BROOKS has lately returned from a two weeks' visit in New York.
Mrs. John A. SHULTS was the guest of Mrs. J.F. RANDOLPH a portion of last
Mrs. Emma BECK, of Hammondsport, is a guest of her sister, Mrs. VROOM.
Next month Mr. And Mrs. E.S. BIRET will spend two weeks in the North Woods.
Charles ANDREWS, of this village will visit his aunt in Washington over
Easter Sunday.
Mrs. Sam JOHNSON and daughter, Ruth, were the guests of Mrs. Robert HAMLIN
in Syracuse last week.
Ray ALMY, who is attending medical college in Syracuse, spent Sunday with
his parents, on Liberty street.

Mr. And Mrs. Fred U. SWARTS, who have been abroad for several months, have
returned to their home in this village.

Miss Helen HAZARD, who is taking an art course at Mechanic's Institute,
Rochester, was home over Sunday last week.

Mr. And Mrs. Will PHALEN and daughter, of Dispatch, are guests at the home
of Mrs. PHALEN's mother, who is quite ill.

Miss Mable RUSSELL has returned from New York, where she has been taking a
course in dressmaking at Pratt Institute.

Charles H. BENEDICT, the successful manager of the VanCurler opera house at
Schenectady, has been the guest of friends in town this week.

Mrs. Harriet MOSHER, sister of W.N. WISE, sailed from New York Saturday for
Naples. She will remain in Europe for about a year.

Mrs. H.J. MCNAUGHTON will attend the Sunday school convention at Toronto,
Canada, in June, where she expects to meet her parents.

Miss Anna SALISBURY, of the training class for teachers in North Cohocton,
spent her Easter vacation with her mother, Mrs. Susie SALISBURY.

Mr. Fred ARMSTRONG and Mrs. A. LAMOREAUX went to Washington last week, the
former expecting to meet her daughter, Louise, in that city.

Mrs. John LEWIS, who has been spending the winter with her daughter, Mrs.
LUDLOW, of Canistota, has returned to her home in Penn Yan.

The Rev. Ludlow E. LAPHAM, of St. Bernard's Seminary, Rochester, was in town
last week. He sailed from New York Saturday for Genoa, and will not return
until September.

Mr. And Mrs. Charles GRIFFETH, who were formerly residents of Penn Yan but
who for the past twenty-five years..[illegible on my copy] They will be the
guests of Mr. GRIFFETH's sister, Mrs. William ROSS, and other relatives
during the summer. It is fifteen years since they last visited this country.

Rev. F.M. BAUM, pastor of St. John's church, Clifton Springs, formerly of
Penn Yan, has been asked to work in the mission field of Bishop WELLS, of
Spokane, Washington. Mr. BAUM will probably accept the position.

Homer FRENCH, a lad of 17, living near Hammondsport, has left home and his
parents are anxious as to his whereabouts. From the description telephoned
he was last seen at Wixsom's hill going north. He is about five feet high
and when he left home wore a dark green cloth coat with small check, a
yellow and black sweater and new shoes, without rubbers. He had a gray
flannel cap.
Information concerning his whereabouts will be gratefully received by Louis
FRENCH, of Hammondsport.

Willie DEIGHTON fell from a load of wood Saturday, striking on his elbow,
disabling his arm.

J. Albert PARKER has been confined to his bed the past week by bilious
fever, but is improving at this time.

W.A. WATKINS, who has been afflicted with rheumatism, is now able to walk
without either cane or crutch.

Street Commissioner F.M. VANGELDER has been raking the park between snow
storms and others who make use of the leaves, draw them away; he is also
cleaning the reservoir at the head of the city water works.

Olin PULVER, who is working for a few months in Jerusalem, was home over the

Mrs. Clara B. CHISHOLM, editor of the Prattsburg News returned from her
visit in California last week Wednesday having enjoyed a very pleasant
journey, and meeting relatives which she had not seen in many years. After
spending a few weeks in the far west and seeing many of the Prattsburgers
who have gone to Washington state to establish a home, and who are pleased
with that climate, she was eager to return to her Prattsburg home, feeling
confident it is as good a place to live in as any she ever saw.

Mrs. Belle PULVER has been housed up the last week with muscular rheumatism.

Mrs. Roy PINNEO, who is sick is no better at this writing.
Miss Mollie GOODSELL, of Branchport, visited her parents Sunday.
Mrs. Helen WELLS, of Penn Yan, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Charles
The many friends of N.G. GENNUNG are pleased to see him at the church and
Sabbath school again.
John STRYKER has purchased the George DANES property.
Mrs. DANES and her daughter, Louise, are going to Penn Yan to reside.
The father of Ed LAVELL is very low at this writing and is not expected to

Elias WALLACE, who has been sick for a few weeks, is now on the gain.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry CAMPBELL have returned to their home here after an
absence of nearly one and on-half years in Auburn, where they went to visit
their son, the Rev. G.E. CAMPBELL for a few weeks in the winter of 1904 and
just as they were arranging to return home, he suffered a shock from the
effects of which he was sick for nearly a year. Nearly all of this time was
a blank to him as if he had been away for a few weeks. His recovery is
thought to be permanent.

Mr. and Mrs. James PROSSER, Sr., who were so very sick, have both recovered
their health and are able to be out.

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis TINNEY, of Potter, were guests at A.T. Angell's on

If people who now say they "never saw the like of such weather" as we are
now having, will remember the spring of 1904 on the morning of April 16 they
were wading in snow to the depth of twenty inches on the level and sleighing
was fairly good on the 20th.

The farmers are now selling their wool at from 26 ½ to 28 cents.

The Middlesex branch of the Overland Telephone line is being rapidly pushed
forward and will be in direct connection with that town soon.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray W. CAMPBELL, of Penn Yan, visited their parents Saturday
and Sunday.

Miss Mary KENNEDY, who has been staying in Penn Yan during the winter under
the care of Dr. DOUBLEDAY, has returned much improved in health.

Mrs. Wm. VANDEVENTER experienced a sever shock of paralysis on Wednesday of
last week. She is rendered perfectly helpless and a chance for her recovery
seems doubtful.

Mrs. Anna DENNISTON is prostrated by sickness, although at our writing
improvement is noticeable.

Mrs. Deborah SPEELMAN, of Geneva, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Jennie

Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus COFFIN, of Bellona, spent Sunday in town, the guests of
their daughter, Mrs. Jennie SMITH.

Mrs. Johnson BAKER is in very poor health for some time. Friends are anxious
regarding her recovery.

Wm. T. MEED, near Maysville, sustained another slight stroke of paralysis
last week.

Wright BURTCH was in Geneva on business last week. He spent a day with his
cousin, Geo. RENWICK, of Hall's on his way home.

Miles A. DAVIS, who is on the editorial staff of the Watkins Review, was in
town over Sunday.

While visiting friends near Branchport a lady from Himrod was very much
pleased with the tea her hostess served. Of course she asked where it came
from and when she went home four pounds of Burtch Bros. Eagles tea went with

John S. SHEPPARD, of Penn Yan, was in town last Thursday on business.

Mrs. Mary GRADY returned from Auburn last Monday, where she has been
visiting her daughter, Mrs. Mary TOWNSEND, who has been very sick.

Henry HOOD, of Dresden, was in town last Thursday.

Married at the M.E. church by Rev. K.F. RICHARDSON, Sunday, April 16th,
Leonard J. HARRIS and Miss Mittie CHASE.

Gasoline engines seem to be quite the thing for persons who want power.
Ambrose Hunt, Lloyd FULLAGER and H.J. SOUTHERLAND have each bought one this

The Athenaeum society of Keuka College, gave an entertainment in Stever's
Hall last Monday night.

The gas well is now 1,050 feet deep with a small vein of gas, which it is
thought, may develop into something good within the next fifty feet.

H.J. SOUTHERLAND has bought the old blacksmith shop lot of Mrs. RICHARDSON.

Peter CURRAN and Will HESS of Penn Yan, are building a cottage at the head
of the lake.

A social will be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard STEVER for the
benefit of the Ladies' Aid Society of the Universalist church on the
afternoon and evening of Thursday, April 20th. A cordial invitation to
attend is extended to all.

Lesley SIMONS has engaged to work for F.A. MILLER, of Pultney, for the
summer on the farm and vineyard.

New reached us Sunday night of a serious accident at Italy Hill. Mrs. Helen
ELLSWORTH was thrown from her buggy, breaking some small bones and injuring
her internally so that her life is despaired of.

Rev. Ray ANDREWS, of Potter, will preach at the schoolhouse every Sunday
afternoon at 6 o'clock. Sunday school at 4 p.m.

The Boston Trio, which was here a few weeks ago, will come again under the
auspices of the I.O.O.F. lodge, Tuesday evening, April 25.

Rev. A.H. KNIGHT, pastor of the Baptist church has returned from his visit
to Salem, N.J.

Miss Matie HENDEE, of Mukegon, Mich., is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Mary

The Working Circle of the Presbyterian church meet this afternoon in the
lecture room.

Work in M.H. RAPALEE's basket factory began this week.

Charles EVANS, of the Bell Telephone Company, was in town last week looking
up the rights of way between this place and Naples.

Miss Ella QUINN, who has been teaching school near Rushville, has been sick
the past week and unable to teach.

Miss Ann SWARTHOUT, who attends Barclay's Business Institute at Geneva, is
home for this week.

Rev. W.S. CRANE and Deacon Herbert BEATIE are in attendance at the spring
meeting of the Presbytery of Geneva at Seneca Castle this week. Mr. CRANE,
as retiring moderator, will preach the sermon Tuesday evening.

Mrs. Arthur BARNES and children, of Penn Yan, were guests of Bellona friends

Mr. and Mrs. Ed FISH and family, of Canandaigua, are guests at the home of
the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.K. TURNER.

The Seneca and Gorham Telephone Co., are extending their line from Bellona
Village to the station. They expect to extend it to Earls; thus connecting
both stations.

Don't forget the warm sugar social at the Presbyterian church Wednesday

Plowing is well underway. Some field oats are already sown.

A.P. ROSS and family have moved from Altay to Rock Stream.

Herbert ELLISON, of Barnes, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. F. ELLISON on
Saturday last.

Last week Clayton SHEPHERD had the misfortune to be injured by a wagon
running over him.

Miss Erva BRONWARE has returned to her home at Dundee, after spending three
weeks with her grandmother in Altay.

Miss Mable CONLEY and Miss Grace BATES, of Benton, spent Sunday with their
friend, Miss Nellie HUNTER.

Easter Sunday will be observed with appropriate exercises in the evening.
The Sunday school will render the following program.
Easter Greeting.Annabell EAVES
Easter in the Air. Francis ANSLEY
. Duet. Hattie and Merton MORRIS
Message of Easter.Olive FREDERICK
Easter Guests. Laura M. SPOONER, Helen NICHOLS. Myrtle EAVES and Leska
Sunbeams in January. Gladys ANSLEY
Rise Above It.Stewart NEWBY
The Three Mornings. Ethel FREDERICK, Ethel ANSLEY, Una RAMAYNE Frank RONEY,
of Lima Seminary, spent Sunday with his grandmother. We were all glad to see
him and to learn that he is fitting for the ministry.

Fred HOLLOWELL, of Brockport Normal, spent the Easter vacation with his

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney SEAGER were presented with a little daughter recently.

Andrew TAIT, of Rochester, is visiting in town.

Mrs. George BARDEN visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. David SCOTT, last week.

Mrs. Emma GAGE returned home last Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. H.D. SWARTHOUT, of Geneva, were visitors at her father's, W.G.
HULL, last Thursday.

C.D. BUSH received last week a telegram announcing the death of his brother,
Stephen C. BUSH, at the Masonic home in Philadelphia. He was 77 years of age
and a prominent Mason.

While Russell SWARTHOUT was removing a pile of posts from the side of his
corn house last week he discovered a nest of rats. War was immediately
declared by Mr. SWARTHOUT and the hired man and when the conflict ended
there were nineteen dead rats scattered on the ground.

Gelder and ANSLEY have been repairing their grocery wagon and treating it to
a coat of paint and will have it on the road in a few days.

Winter has lingered in the lap of spring until much comment has been
occasioned. June may have some rare days in this latitude by some of these
April days are so tare they are raw.

Mr. F.B. SWARTHOUT spent Saturday and Sunday with friends at Keuke Pak.

Charles COOK spend part of last week with his grandparents at Hammondsport.

The funeral services of Miss Elizabeth WILLIAMSON, who died in Jerusalem
Tuesday, April 11th, were held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred MILLER at
this place Thursday, April 13th. Rev. W.H. DALLMAN officiated. Interment at

Edith PALMER, of Penn Yan, has been the guest of Dora SWARTHOUT, for a few

Frances EVELAND, of Wayne, is spending some time with her aunt, Mrs. Fred

J.W. THAYER and son have just placed a new boiler in their basket factory.

Miss Isadore TUTHILL, of Branchport, spent Saturday and Sunday with Miss

Elwin DICKINSON returned to his school at Lima last Monday.

Mrs. Thomas BAXTER has received the insurance on her dwelling house that
burned a few weeks ago.

Rushville Chronicle
Rushville, Yates Co., NY
Wed. April 26, 1905

Ninety-Two Years Young
Jeptha POTTER Celebrates The Event Monday With His Friends
On Easter Monday April 24th, occurred one of the most delightful social
functions of the season; the occasion being the ninety-second birthday of
Jeptha POTTER and the anniversary celebrated at his grand old residence on
Main street. Hale and strong, he received his guests with old-time dignity
and cordiality, accepting their congratulations and hearty good wishes with
great good humor and warm appreciation. At 12 o'clock a sumptuous dinner was
served by the hostess, Mrs. Minnie B. SHERMAN, his niece, who for many years
has been the head of his household, ministering to him in his declining
years. The place cards tied with bunches of sweet scented violets, bore the
dates 1813-1905, as did the delicious birthday cake which appeared with the
last course.

Dinner over and before the guests had arisen Rev. D.S. HOOKER read the
ninety-first Psalm, followed by an earnest, soulful prayer, offered by E.M.
MILLS, after which all joined in singing, "Blest be the Tie That Binds."
Congratulatory cards and letters were read, by Rev. D.S. HOOKER, among them
the following:
Dear Uncle Jeptha: - Mrs CASE joins me in wishing you a very happy birthday,
with many happy returns of the same. We have a lady near us who will be 102
years old in August, so you see you ought to do as well. Lovingly yours,

Tarrytown National Bank
Mr. Jeptha Potter, Penn Yan, N.Y.
Dear Mr. Potter: The Penn Yan Democrat, which comes to me every Saturday,
announces that you are to celebrate your ninety-second birthday on Monday of
next week and I intend to give myself the pleasure of extending to you my
congratulations. You may not remember me as well I do you, but way back in
the seventies, when I was a small boy and living with my grandfather, Mr.
C.C. SHEPPARD next door to you, it was one of the greatest pleasures I knew
to go and visit with you and to play with what to my mind then was the most
wonderful dog in the world. I shall never forget those days or you. I
sincerely hope that Monday will find in very good health and that the new
year will bring to you many blessings. With sincere regards I am. Yours very
truly, Robert R. PATTESON.

From W.L. CONLEY, Manager of the Travelers' Insurance Company, Milwaukee
Branch Office:
Dear Uncle Jeptha: As I remember, you have an anniversary in a few days, and
I wish to congratulate you on your good health and the enjoyment of your
years. You have certainly been privileged beyond any of your townsmen or at
least with four exceptions, for, as I remember, you can recollect about
ninety years. That is a great favor and only enjoyed by few. All who know
you have made good use of your talents and that you are one of the land
marks of your county. It must be with great satisfaction to you to know that
in all these years you have so lived that your life is like an open book,
with no blots or blurs, but a lesson to all, showing what comes of being
true to one's self. As I have in personal conversation assured you of my
great respect for you and appreciation of your kindness to me when I was
preparing for school, which preparation you made possible. I have never
forgotten it and you. I trust you are in good health and that you may live
to celebrate many anniversaries. With best wishes I am, Your sincerely, W.L.

The guests invited to dine were: Mrs. L.O. DUNNING, Mrs. Eliza EASTON, Mrs.
Henrietta MONELL, Mr. George SHERMAN, Mrs. Hannah BOWERS, Miss Mary BENNETT,
Mrs. Oliver STARK, Mrs. E.S. LOCKWOOD, Mrs. M.W. HOUSE, Dr. E.M. MILLS, Rev.
and Mrs. D.S. HOOKER, Mr. and Mrs. B.L. HOYT, Mrs. C.H. DOUBLEDAY, Mr. and
Mrs. C.R. PECKINS, of Penn Yan; Harrison HAVENS and daughter, Miss Mary of
Benton; Mr. and Mrs. Mil CASE, Honeoye Falls; Mrs. W.G. HULSE and daughter,
Clifton Springs.

Of neighbors and friends who called the following is the list:
M.A. LEARY, Geo. S. SHEPPARD, A. GRIDLEY, Harry O. BENNETT, Mrs. Lilian G.
SHEPPARD, Mrs. Helen P. BURRELL, Harriett GARDNER, Mrs. Anna Potter
Mr. and Mrs. MCELLIGOTT, Mary MCELLIGOTT, Mrs. And Mrs. E.A. CHURCH, Dr. C.
E. DOUBLEDAY, Mrs. JOHN NORRIS and daughter.

"Clams" MANLEY Sent Up
Gov. HIGGINS Has Pardoned Charles BRENNAN from Auburn Prison
Sunday morning about 1 o'clock, Sheriff Elias F. PULVER accompanied by
deputies, Oscar CONKLIN and Amos WADLEY, went to the Fox and Curtis paper
mill near Penn Yan, and arrested Bartholomew QUEENAN and James MANLEY,
otherwise known as "Clams" MANLEY, upon complaint of the proprietors of the
mill. It was with some difficulty that the pair finally landed in the jail.
Yesterday morning, upon being arraigned before Police Justice BAKER, MANLEY
was given a sentence of five months in the Monroe County Penitentiary, upon
his plea as a vagrant. The case of QUEENAN was continued until today.
Sheriff PULVER left this morning with MANLEY for the penitentiary in

Charles BRENNAN, who was sentenced to Auburn prison a little over a year ago
for a term of three years, on a plea of guilty for stealing a watch, has
been pardoned by Gov. HIGGINS.

Spring Cider Making
Robert TOLLHURST, a farmer living near Phelps, has started a new spring
industry. For two season he has left part of his apples in piles in the
orchard in the fall, covering them with leaves and then banking with snow.
In the spring he draws them directly from the orchard to a cider mill and
has them ground. The cider is said to be of superior quality. This spring
Mr. TOLLHURST has about 700 bushels of Greenlings and Baldwins which he is
disposing of in this way. The apples are in as good condition as if kept in
cold storage and are as juicy as when picked from the trees.
Vital Statistics
CRAUGH - To Mr. and Mrs. Richard CRAUGH, of Penn Yan, April 19, 1905, a son.
LANE - To Mr. and Mrs. Ernest LANE, of Potter, April 18, 1905, a son.

THAYER - In Milo, April 23, 1905, Mrs. Frances M. THAYER, aged 60 years.
MAZROLE - Penn Yan, April 23, 1905, Charles E. MAZROLE, aged 26 years.
LEGG- In Dundee, April 20, 1905, Mrs. Eliza LEGG, aged 81 years.
WHITBECK- Penn Yan, April 24, 1905, Mrs. Foster WHITBECK, aged 56 years.
VANDEVENTER - In Torrey, Thursday, April 20, 1905, Mrs. William
VANDERVENTER, aged 71 years.

STONE-CHAMBERS - At the Baptist parsonage, Penn Yan, April 26, 1905, Frank
L. STONE and Miss Livonia CHAMBERS.
COOK- DAVIS - In Geneva, April 15, 1905, Frank COOK and Miss Nettie DAVIS,
both of Dundee.
PHELPS-PHALEN - In Potter, April 20, 1905, Herbert PHELPs and Miss Eva
PHALEN, both of Potter.
VOORHEES-BILSON - In Penn Yan, March 28, 1905, James VOORHEES and Miss
HAMILTON- CARMICHAEL - In Dundee, April 21, 1905, DeWitt Hamilton of
Detroit, Mich., and Mrs. Augusta CARMICHAEL, of Dundee.

Real Estate Transfers
John J. BEARD to Frank BEARD, premises Benton; $1.
Geo R. CORNWELL and wife to Wm. S. CORNWELL, premises in Penn Yan; $2,000.
Sarah F.S. ARMSTRONG to Geo R. CORNWELL, premises in Penn Yan; $1.
Geo. LAFLER and wife to Michael E. BRENNAN, premises in Rushville; $1.
Bridget SHEEHAN to Frances E. GOLDSMITH, premises in Benton; $500.
Diana RICHARDSON and Julia D. SHEPPARD, premises in Jerusalem; $6.
Geo R. CORNWELL and wife to Sarah F.S. ARMSTRONG premises in Penn Yan; $1.
Edward M. BURK to Sarah BURK, premises in Italy; $1.
Frank S. ALLEN to Wm. W. HULL, premises in Benton; $1,300.
Samuel J. BARNES and wife to Wm. WORTMAN and wife, premises in Penn Yan; $1.
M.A. LEARY, ref., to Wm. MORRIS, premises in Milo and Addison; $100.

RATHBUN Is Still In Jail
His Lawyers Attempted His Release But Judge KNOX Refuses
Mr. RATHBUN must remain in jail. The argument for his release was heard last
Thursday by Judge Knox. The attorneys present were J. John HASSETT, who
represented the Elmira Mechanics' Society, Hathaway TURNER, who represented
Mr. Rathbun I his appeal for liberty, and William C. GILL, also an Elmira
attorney. The hearing was in the Surrogate's chambers. Mr. Rathbun was not
present. He was brought, as will be remembered, from Long Island to Penn Yan
to serve a sentence of six months for contempt of court for not obeying an
order of Judge Knox to appear before a referee in supplementary proceedings.
The points at issue for the release of Mr. Rathbun were that his home last
summer was Riverhead, Suffolk County, N.Y. and not in Yates county; that the
service upon him in the supplementary proceedings was not regular, as the
referee who was appointed to examine Rathbun, Frederick FARR, was
disqualified by his professional connection with Attorney HASSETT. The
argument was begun shortly after 3 o'clock and continued until after 6
o'clock. Mr. Turner took two hours to present his side of the case. Attorney
Hassett took the remaining time. The court ruled that according to evidence
Mr. Rathbun must have maintained a residence in the town of Starkey for two
years. Judge Knox denied the motion of Rathbun's attorney, stating that even
a temporary resident of Yates would make him amenable to its laws. Thus Mr.
Rathbun must remain in Yates county jail six months for contempt of court;
pay the $6,000 to Mechanics' Society, or take an appeal to the Appellate
Division if he would get out of his present position.

The DRAKE-DIMON Divorce Action
The Hammondsport Herald says: The New York World of Saturday contained a
sensational account of an action for divorce brought by Mrs. Amy HOLWILL
DRAKE. Miss Grace DIMON is named as co-respondent. Judge Monroe WHEELER of
this place is attorney for Mrs. DRAKE. The case is of especial interest here
from the fact that the action will be defended on its merits. Theodore
DIMON, to a Rochester Herald reporter, said that "it is a spite action, and
the charges are absolutely false."

The sudden death of John LUND last week was startling to his many friends.
Mr. LUND was an upright citizen, a hard worker and a kind husband and
He was born in Northern Denmark and came to America on the same ship with
his wife. They arrived here Christmas day, 1881, and on March 6, 1883, were
married. He found work readily and finally became employed with John CONKLIN
& Son, where he remained seventeen years. Besides his wife he is survived by
six children, Amelia, Carl, Harvey, Otto, Margaret, Irene. The funeral was
held at the Presbyterian church Thursday afternoon.

The consecration of the Rev. Thomas F. HICKEY as coadjutor bishop of the
Rochester diocese to assist Bishop MCQUAID with the right of succession,
will take place on Wednesday, the 24th of May.

The Canandaigua Hotel, owned by Stuart C. ANDREW and Mrs. W.S. MCKECHNIE,
has been sold to Lambert HUMPHREY, of Flemington, N.J. E.M. CHASE, of
Rochester, who has conducted the property for several years, will retire on
May 1.

The telephone has really become the greatest civilizer of the day. It keeps
the women folks at home! -Seneca Falls Reveille. Well does it? Some of them
have to get together the oftener now to discuss what they have heard their
neighbors say over the telephone.

The Jubilee Anniversary will be celebrated at Lima, NY, June 20. Of the
other twenty members of the class that graduated in 1855 at what was then
Genesee Wesleyan Seminary, only six have died. Mrs. Sarah POWERS BUTTERFIELD
was graduated in this class, and has been invited to participate in the

To Adopt Training Work
Starkey Seminary of Lakemont has added a new department to its list of
departments of instruction. They have planned to engage a capable Normal
training teacher and give at the seminary the regular Normal training work,
commencing with the opening of the next school year in September. The
existence of the class will not depend upon securing of any special number
of students, especially at present, as it is not contemplated to ask the
state for aid for the benefit of the class.

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