Veterans of the Vietnam Conflict from Potter County, PA

Transcribed by Charles and Kathleen Heffner
Submitted by Frankie Stonemetz and updated with contributions from our users.

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Name Service Death Burial Place
ADAMSON, Richard Arthur      
AHEARN, Joseph Frank      
ALACKNESS, Joseph Blaise [Blaise] 1964-1966 4-4-2010 Raymond
ALLISON, Dwight Dwayne      
ANTILL, Barry Jay      
ANTONIOLI, Simon Angelo Jr      
APPLEBY, Paul G.   2-12-1989 Maple Grove (New)
APPLEBY, Terrance Lee      
ARTLEY, Brent James US Army, Capt 6-7-1995 West Hill
AUSTIN, Marcia Helene      
AYERS, Edward George      
AYERS, Joe Lester      
BAILEY, Laurence R, Jr. 1968 - 1st Signal Brigade, Sgt E5    
BAILEY, Milon E. US Army 3-31-2004 Unknown Cem
BAKER, Leo Arthur      
BALL, Martin L. US Army, SP5 and Ethiopia, Africa 9-19-2006 Maple Grove (Old)
BARNES, Walter     Maple Grove (Old)
BARNETT, George Guy      
BASNETT, James Russell     (Cremated)
BAXTER, Dennis George      
BECKMAN, John Michael II US Air Force, 1st Lt. B-52 pilot 7-9-2007 Quantico National Cemetery, Quantico, VA
BENNETT, Barry Dean US Army, Pvt 11-9-1969 Chrystal
BENNETT, Paul William      
BERFIELD, Allen David US Army, Spec 4    
BERFIELD, Raymond Clyde      
BERNARD, John Steven      
BIGELOW, James Anthony      
BIXBY, Frank Raymond III      
BLACK, Gordon Charles      
BLAUVELT, Leslie L. [Les] ~ 8-9-2012 East Sharon
BLOW, Philip Walter      
BODEN, Joseph Garry      
BONAWITZ, Charles Dudley      
BOUCHER, Ernest Raymond      
BOWLES, Carlos W. US Army 3-27-1993 West Hill
BOYD, Daniel Phillip US Navy 11-08-2007 Unknown
BOYD, John Richard      
BOYD, Robert Allen      
BOYLE, William Killed in Action ? [Galeton]
BRABHAM, Charles L. Jr. US Army - PFC 1-18-1969 East Sharon
BRESSLIN, Bruce Francis      
BRETZ, Frederick Edward      
BREWER, Kerry L      
BRISTOL, Harold      
BRISTOL, Larry      
BRISTOL, Samuel Earl      
BROWN, John Pastin Jr      
BRUZZI, James A., Sr. US Marine Corps 5-13-2014 Unknown Cem, this site
BUCHANAN, Richard William      
BUCHSEN, Gary Alfred      
BUMP, Donald Kenneth      
BURGH, Gerald Rayburn      
BURKEY, Edward Clarence      
BURRELL, Gary Eugene      
BURRELL, Russell Alan      
BUTTON, Gerald Edward      
CADY, Kenneth Marlin      
CARD, Phillip Michael      
CAREY, Harlan Lee      
CARLSON, Frank Allen      
CARPENTER, Randy Leo      
CARPENTER, William Allen      
CARSON, Earl Eugene      
CATLIN, Thomas David Vietnam. Killed in Action. 6-24-1970
CAYA, Terry Paul      
CHAMBERLAIN, David Allen      
CHAMBERLAIN, Earl S.      
CHAPELL, Richard Eugene      
CHILSON, Gary Lee      
CHILSON, Ronald Eugene      
CHITESTER, Thomas Rayburn      
CHOSE, James Anthony      
CLARK, Douglas   ~ West Hill
CLAUSER, James S. US Army. Bronze Star 3-14-2012 Andrews Settlement
CLOSE, Donald Neil HQ 305th Bomb Wing, Maj.
Vietnam Air Medal and 2O LC Medals
St Mary's [Kinney]
COBB, Craig Allen      
COLE, Kenneth John      
COLLINS, Eugene John      
COLVIN, Maynard L. US Air Force 1962-1968 and Desert Storm: US Army 1976-1992 1-4-2012 ?Ulysses
COMMINO, Larry Allen      
CONERBY, Richard Marvin      
CONVEY, John Patrick, Jr. WW II, Korea, Vietnam. Air Force. Bronze Star, Vietnam. Retired in 1970 3-7-2011 Sun City AZ?
COOLE, Roger Melvin      
COONEY, Dennis W.   1968
St Mary's [Kinney]
CORNELIUS, Kenneth Duane      
CORNELL, Carl Edward      
CORNELL, James Leo      
COSTELLO, Donald James   1968
COSTELLO, John Harold Jr      
COTTER, Gordan [Dan] US Army 10-3-2012 Hill (Roulette)
COWBURN, Harley      
COWBURN, Richard William      
COY, Norman Charles      
CRUMRINE, Myron Arthur      
CURRY, Edward D. US Army 1964-1965 9-14-2011 Unknown Cem, this site
CURTIS, Robert Henry      
CUTLER, Donald Edgar US Army 2-3-2011 Raymond
DALY, George Edward      
DANIELS, Lloyd Raymond Jr      
DARRIN, Richard Joseph      
DATES, James Bruce      
DAVEY, Robert French Jr      
DAVIS, Darrell Ernest Jr      
DAVIS, Elaine Kay      
DAVIS, Michael William      
DEACON, Richard Lee      
DEAN, Ronald Earl Jr      
DEITRICK, Richard Francis USAF 1963-1990 - Two tours    
DELILL, Donald Perry      
DIBBLE, Roland D US Army, Spc 3-13-1998
DICKERSON, Bonnie Lou      
DICKERSON, Kenneth Leroy      
DICKERSON, Lyle David      
DINGMAN, Michael I. US Navy 11-3-2003
DOMALESKI, John Frank      
DONOVAN, Donald Arthur      
DONOVAN, Patrick T. US Army 10-15-1981
Maple Grove (New)
DOUGLAS, Clark R KIA. HHC 5th Cav. 1St Cav. Div. SP4
Distinguished Service Cross, Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster, Air Medal, DSC-BSM E OLC – AM-ARCOM-PH, and Purple Heart
West Hill
DOUGLAS, William Arthur      
DOWNS, Thornton      
DRABERT, Keith Arthur      
DRABERT, Rodney Leroy      
DUBOTS, Joseph Anthony US Army 8-3-2002
St. Eulalia
DUELL, Willis Russell      
DUGAN, Richard William      
DUNN, John Paul      
DUNSHIE, Dale Allen      
EASTON, Kenneth Erwin      
EASTON, Melvin Leonard      
EATON, Thomas H. US Air Force, M/Sgt 3-9-2000
West Hill
EBBERT, Ronald Dean      
ECKERT, Ronald Joseph      
EHRENBERG, Dale Wayne      
ELIAS, Robert K.  Air Force, AIC ~ Whitesville Rural,
Allegany Co. NY
ELLIS, David Gardner      
EMERSON, Lee R oger US Army, Sgt. Purple Heart 10-21-1995
EMPSON, Jane Arlene   5-13-1967
EMPSON, Joe      
EMPSON, Philip      
EMPSON, Robert   ~ Ulysses
ENTY, James Arthur      
ERWAY, Gary Oden      
EVANS, R. Frank US Army 8-13-2003 Unknown Cem, this site
EVERLY, Jay J. US Navy 10-16-2005
Forest Hill
FERGUSON, Samuel Preston Jr      
FINCH, David James US Air Force, S/Sgt 12-15-1977
West Hill
FINSTER, James A   3-22-1968
Hill (Roulette)
FISH, William D. III      
FITZSIMMONS, Gary William      
FLYNN, David Rodney      
FOURNESS, Llewellyn Andy      
FOUST, David      
FRAIR, Robert Earl      
FRANKHAUSER, John Kenneth      
FREEMAN, Milton Stanley      
FRISBEE, Ralph Burg      
FRY, Oliver Alvin      
FULLER, Fred Dewayne      
FULLER, James Earl      
FULLER, Melvin Willman      
FULLER, Roderick L. [Rod] US Army 1-13-2008
Sharon Center
FULLER, Samuel Edward      
FULLER, Wanda E. (Gustin) US Army 1-10-2010 Sharon Center
GAGNON, Charles Edward      
GAINES, George Arnold      
GAINES, Oscar Ernest      
GALLEY, David E. US Marines 1958-1977, Sgt. Two tours in Vietnam 8-2-2010 Unknown Cem
GAMBLE, Quentin Andrews      
GEORGE, James Chellman      
GIBBONS, Michael J US Army, Pvt 12-21-1998
Andrews Settlement
GIBSON, Robert David      
GILL, Gregory Morris      
GOODREAU, Gary E.   1998 West Hill
GOODREAU, Vincent Harold      
GOODRIDGE, David Lee      
GOODWIN, Harold David      
GORDNIER, Walter US Army, I Corp, Sp/4. 3-1971 to 1-1974    
GRAVES, Lowell Thomas      
GRAVES, Lynn Gail      
GRAVES, Nelson Robert      
GRAY, John Alan      
GRAY, Robert Lewis      
GREELEY, Wayne Eugene      
GREEN, Gregory Peter      
GRIDLEY, Bernard Phillip US Army, PFC 2-3-1983
West Hill
GROSS, Eugene Lester      
GROSS, Richard Allen      
GROVER, James Herbert      
GROVER, Karl W   3-16-1971
North Bingham
GUNZBURGER, Gary Lee      
GUTGSELL, Mark Leo      
HACHETT, David James      
HACHETT, Jerry Arthur      
HALL, Larry Michael      
HALL, Ronald Charles      
HAND, Frank James      
HANES, Robert William      
HARRIS, Bruce Eric      
HARVEY, Alan Wayne   12-1-1979
East Sharon
HASKINS, Frederick Norman      
HASKINS, Gary Michael      
HASKINS, George Lee      
HASKINS, James Arnold      
HASKINS, Jerry Douglas      
HASKINS, Merle Alton      
HASKINS, Steven Leroy      
HASKINS, Thomas Edward      
HATHAWAY, Terry Frederick      
HAUBER, David Willard      
HAXTON, Victor L. US Air Force, T Sgt 9-2-1971 West Hill
HEATH, Michael A. 1Bn, 5th Marines 1967    
HEGGENSTALLER, Kenneth Howard      
HEIMEL, Timothy Charles      
HENRY, Marion      
HERBSTRITT, Joseph Eugene     Willowdale, Bradford PA
HESTON, Thomas P. US Army 8-06-2008
HINKLEY, Howard Donald      
HITZEL, Franklyn Carl      
HOFFMAN, Robert Edwin      
HOOFTALLEN, James Dorman      
HOSLEY, James      
HOSLEY, Lawrence Vincent      
HOUGHTALING, Michael J. US Army 2-10-2007
HOWARD, Thomas James      
HOWELL, Jackson Dwight      
HUGHES, Harold F.   10-28-1997
Card Creek
HULTZ, David Thomas      
HUNSINGER, Robert Wellington      
HUNTER, Thomas R. 1968-1970 6-29-2014 Riverview
HUNTINGTON, Gary Duane      
HURD, Garrett Laverne   10-22-1973
HYDE, Robert Ernest US Army Artillery, Capt - Two tours  5-14-2018 Cremated
IRWIN, James H. US Navy, SH SR [Also Korea] 1-5-1987 West Hill
JACKSON, Virgil Lee      
JACKSON, William Henry Jr      
JAMES, Gerald Truman      
JAMES, Thomas Lynn      
JOHNSON, Bertram Frank      
JONES, Ross Laverne      
JORDAN, Earl Charles      
KAGARISE, Roger Wayne      
KELLER, Dale Eugene      
KELLEY, Gene David      
KELLIGAN, Keith C. US Navy on USS Randolph 1-30-2008
KELLOGG, Gerald Albert      
KELLY, Joseph [Bob] Vietnam and Korea Vet, US Air force 1963-1970 10-01-2005
KEMP, Harold Dean      
KEMP, James Lynn      
KENYON, Gary Brian      
KENYON, James William      
KIBBE, Gerrith Lowell Vietnam, US Army, SSGT. Died of non-hostile cause. 6-24-1967
Ft. Riley, KS
KINNEY, Wilbur William      
KIO, Barry Wayne      
KIO, Corwin (NMN)      
KIO, Richard Lowell      
KISH, John Richard      
KLESA, Dale Edwin      
KLIMEK, Monica US Navy, 10-11-1963 to 10-1966    
KNIGHT, Keith Adrian      
KNOWLTON, Michael Ashley      
KNOWLTON, Royden Walter      
LAMBERT, Dennis Charles      
LAMPMAN, Brian William      
LAMPMAN, Charles Franklin      
LAMPMAN, Kenneth Wayne   6-06-2005
LAMPMAN, Lewis Wayne      
LEACH, John Dana      
LEARN, Darrell Roy      
LEARN, Harold Sylvester      
LENT, Jack Lewis      
LENTZ, Mark Anthony      
LEPOLD, Richard Henry      
LEVERETT, Albert Lehman      
LONG, Benjamin Robert      
LONG, David Allen      
LOSEY, Jerry Wayne      
LOSEY, Lin Richard      
LOUCKS, Dennis Frank      
LOUCKS, John Kevin      
LOUNSBURY, Roger W. US Army - Japan 11-25-2004 Ulysses
LOWE, William Maxwell Jr      
LYON, Terrance Rene      
MACK, Gary Eugene      
MAJOR, James Lee      
MANSFIELD, John L. US Air Force 26 yrs, Lt Col   Dallas-Fort Worth Nat Cem. Dallas, TX
MARTIN, Richard Allen      
MATTESON, Richard Anthony      
MAYNARD, Bruce Calvin Vietnam, SGT. Killed in Action.
Name inscribed on the Vietnam Memorial
Sweden Hill
MCCHESNEY, Michael Joseph      
MCCONNELL, Robert V. US Navy, 1969-1977. RM2 on USS Cochrane    
MCCOY, George William Jr      
MCCOY, John Andrew      
MCELHATTEN, Rhuel Donald Jr      
MCGUIRE, James Arthur      
MCNEELY, Donald Lynn US Army, Sp 4 2-21-1897
MEACHAM, Gary P      
MEAD, Morris Dean      
MEERS, Myles US Navy 4-19-2004 Eulalia
MERTSOCK, John Edward      
METCALF, Randy Richard      
MICHALEGKO, Richard Daniel      
MICHEL, Ralph Nolan      
MILES, Monty Graydon      
MINGO, Anthony      
MITSTIFER, Gary US Air Force 1-6-2007 Potter Brook
MOORE, Howard      
MORLEY, Allen james      
MORRIS, Jerry Karl      
MOTTERN, David Edward      
NEEFE, Eugene Calvin      
NEEFE, Richard Charles      
NELSON, Paul Clayton      
NELSON, Raymond Arthur      
NICHOLS, Frank Leroy      
NORDQUIST, Albert Morton      
NUSCHKE, Edgar Erwin US Air Force, (Pilot), Capt. Career: 22 Years. Killed in Action. Name on Vietnam Wall. 1-21-1967 Glenn Oaks Cemetery
OLMSTEAD, Albert Walter Jr      
OLMSTEAD, Cecil Kenneth   3-31-1968
East Sharon
OSBORN, Elbert A. US Army 12-21-1988 Maple Grove (New)
OSGOOD, Raymon Gene      
OSTROM, William Leo      
PADILLA, Paul Victor      
PALMATIER, Harry Caleb III      
PALMATIER, Timothy John      
PATTERSON, David Wallace      
PAUL, James Erwin      
PAYNE, Andrew Harrison      
PAYNE, Lawrence Ambrose Jr      
PEET, Raymond Harold      
PERKINS, Duane Leroy      
PESOCK, Frank Lawrence      
PHELPS, Bernard P. US Army 1967-1970 5-14-2012 Holliday, PA
PHILLIPS, Allen Richard   ~ Hebron
PIERCE, Dennis Lee      
PLANT, Dennis Jack      
POTTER, Lloyd Dee      
POTTER, Timothy Roger      
PROUTY, Stanley Cecil      
RACHIELE, Daniel L. US Army, SP4 1988 West Hill
RACHIELE, Lawrence A. US Army, SP4 5-2-1996 West Hill
RACHIELE, Michael Patrick      
RAUB, Thomas Arthur      
REDMOND, Philip James      
REED, Robert Arlington      
REED, William Stephen      
REES, Ronald Dennis US Navy 9-16-2012 Forest Hill
REESE, Fordyce Allen, Sr. [Al] US Army, 82nd, 101st Airborne and 1st Cavalry, E-5, paratrooper. 11-9-2011 Reesville
REYNOLDS, Carl Dean   6-21-1974
Maple Grove Old
REYNOLDS, Gerald Eugene      
REYNOLDS, Rex      
RITSICK, Edward Vietnam,US Army, PFC. Killed in Action 3-11-1968
St. Augustine
ROBERTS, Joseph Edward      
ROBERTS, Marvin Eugene US Marines 1-11-2009
ROBINSON, Robert Maynard      
SALLADE, Alfred Lawrence Jr      
SAULTER, Frances Rae US Air Force, AB 2-13-1972
Woodland (Hebron Twp.)
SAULTER, Mary Alice      
SCHILLING, David Allen      
SCHNEIDER, Edgar Henry      
SCHOONOVER, Daniel Frank, Sr. US Navy- May 1962 to Aug. 1966    
SCHWEIKART, Ronald Edward      
SEMELSBERGER, Robert James      
SERENO, William Edward      
SETZER, Donald Harry US Marine Corps and
Army National Guard
SHALL, Michael Paul      
SHARP, Bradley Stuart      
SHAVALIER, Rickey Geane      
SHEPARD, Brian Frederick      
SHERRER, Myron fred      
SIMMS, Cyril Lloyd      
SIMPSON, Donald Homer      
SMITH, Richard R. US Air Force 8-22-2014 Grimes, Port Allegany
SNAY, Donald Eugene      
SNAY, Thomas Andrew      
SNYDER, John Arthur      
SNYDER, Joseph Edward      
SNYDER, Richard Albert      
SOLVESON, Robert F. 1Bn, 26th Marines 1967    
SOULE, Gary Lee      
SPOOR, Michael John      
SPRINGER, Paul Alden   7-22-1995
STAIGER, Eugene Reese Jr      
STEADMAN, Keith      
STEPHENSON, Sylvia      
STEVENS, Darwin Ray      
STILES, Donald Lavern Vietnam, US Army, Sp4. Killed in action.
Name inscribed on the Vietnam Memorial
From Coudersport,
burial unknown
STONEMETZ, Gerald Duane PA A R Com 15 Eng R Co, Sp4 1-08-1969
Maple Grove (New)
STONEMETZ, Kenneth Allan      
STOUT, Graydon Thomas Career - US Navy, Cdr. [also WW II, Korea] 6-24-1982 West Hill
SUGDEN, Donald Gordon      
SULLIVAN, John Michael      
SUNDERLYN, Franklyn Eugene      
SWIFT, Milton Frederick      
TAYLOR, Gary Lee      
TAYLOR, John Clayton      
TERRETTE, James Frederick      
TEUSCHER, Robert Leo      
THIELGES, Robert Duane      
THOMPSON, David Allan      
THOMPSON, George Lewis      
THOMPSON, Jack Dennis      
THOMPSON, Richard Earl      
THRAILKILL, Noah D.      
THRAILKILL, Nola H.      
TOMB, Glenn Lorenzo      
TOMB, Gordon Glenn      
TOMPKINS, Eben Edward      
TRUAX, Samuel Marvin      
TUBBS, Edwin Franklin Vietnam, US Army, Pvt. Killed in Action.
Name inscribed on the Vietnam Memorial
TUCKER, Keith William US Army 12-10-2004 Hill
ULKINS, Dennis Paul      
ULKINS, Duane Francis      
VANETTEN, Thomas Eugene      
VANHORN, Raymond Arthur      
VANHORN, Richard Leon      
VANTRESSE, Edward Eugene      
VANWHY, Philip Harold      
VANZILE, Duane 1-1955 through 7-1975 - 1970 to 1971 in Vietnam.    
VERBJAR, James Peter      
VOORHEES, Mark Anthony Tobias US Army, Air Missile Defense Div. 5-30-2005
Maple Grove New
WABNUM, Loren D   4-23-2003
WALASKI, Thomas Edwards      
WALTER, Gerald A. US Army 6-3-2003
WALTERS, Donald Frederick      
WARDLAW, William C   1-15-1983
Maple Grove (Old)
WATSON, Craig Irvin      
WAYMAN, Ted Lee      
WEBSTER, Harold Eugene      
WEIMER, Gary Arthur      
WHITE, James Charles      
WHITE, Paul E   11-22-1969
WILLIAMS, Clinton B US Army, SP4 9-15-1997
WILSON, Donald Gordon      
WOOD, Russell Eugene US Army, Military Intelligence, Sgt 1-23-2014 Gardeau, McKean County PA
WORK, Glenn US Navy SeaBee - Three tours    
WYKOFF, Lawrence Arnold      
YENTZER, Kenneth P      
YOUNG, Donald Raymond      
YOUNG, Marvin Leroy      
ZIPFEL, Steven Arthur      

McConnell, Robert V.  Enlisted in Philadelphia, 11-20-1969, Discharged 4-19-1977
A radio communications specialist, served on the USS Cochrane: Aug 70 - April 1974.
Was watch supervisor in the radio room of the Cochrane during the Battle of Brandon Bay.

Yentzer, Kenneth P.  Served with Signal Company 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 1st Special Forces APO San Francisco 96240. A Radio Teletype Operator - served with Headquarters Company in Na Trang, VietNam.

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