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The marriage and social announcements from the pages of

Ulysses Sentinal - 1856-1911

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Date Event from the ULYSSES SENTINEL:
- Marriage Mrs. Sally Byam, relict of the late V. Byam of Allegany recently married a man of 25 or so. The widow is 60.
1830-10-12 Marriage Amasa and Electra Robbins were married October 12, 1830. [published later]
1856-10-24 Marriage Reuben J. Hawkins of Ulysses and Miss Jerusha Rockwood of Nelson were married October 24, 1856.
1864-09-29 Marriage Miss Mary A. Gridley, daughter of Mrs. C.M. Allen of Ulysses and Bert Sherman of Alfred, N.Y. married September 29, 1864. Her father Walter W. Gridley.
1875-04-07 Marriage Charles Crane and Josie Holt, both of Harrison Valley, married April 7, 1875 at Wellsville, N.Y.
1876-10-31 Marriage O. R. Bassett and Miss Louise Hackett both of Ulysses, married October 31, 1876.
1881-12-31 Marriage Henry Hurd of Genesee and Miss Lettie A. Kies of Allegany married December 31, 1881.
1881-12-31 Marriage Willis Carpenter and Miss Ida I. Furman of Sweden Twp., married December 31, 1881.
1882-01-01 Marriage Miss Kate Dimon of Sunderlinville and William Mastin, married January 1, 1882.
1882-01-19 Marriage Meta M. Baker of Genesee and James M. Patterson of Lyons, N. Y. were married January 19, 1882 in Genesee.
1882-01-24 Marriage Miss Lenora Fay and W. L. Judd were married January 24, 1882.
1882-02-02 Marriage Miss Lelia A. Bartlett and Almond G. Lehman of Ulysses, married February 2, 1882.
1882-02-15 Marriage Luther Perkins and Miss Alice Wagoner of Ulysses married February 15, 1882.
1882-03-18 Marriage Miss Lettie Bingham and Willard Easton, married March 18, 1882.
1883-03-26 Marriage Henry Loucks of Sundlinville and Mrs. Louisa V. Stout of Lewisville married March 26, 1883.
1883-08-14 Marriage Roswell Carmer and Miss Rhoda R. Sherwood both of East Hebron, Pa., married August 14, 1883.
1883-08-25 Marriage Theodore Carpenter of Ulysses and Miss Josephine Smith of Raymond, Pa., married August 25, 1883.
1883-09-04 Marriage Miss Mary Bly and D. H. Carmer both of East Hebron, Pa., married September 4, 1883.
1883-10-04 Marriage R.C. Kelts of Westfield, Pa. and Anna I. Rexford of Gaines, Pa., married October 4, 1883 at Gaines.
1883-10-09 Marriage Miss Agnes Farnsworth and David E. Hosley, married October 9, 1883 in Lewisville.
1883-10-14 Marriage Miss Lillie DeGroat and Charles F. Newell, both of Ulysses, married October 14, 1883 in Lewisville.
1883-10-19 Marriage Lena Patton of Lansing, Pa. and Charlie B. Simmons of Westfield, Pa. married October 19, 1883.
1883-11-15 Marriage Sadie Bullock of Harrison Valley and Charles Ketchum of Jasper, N.Y., married November 15, 1883 in Harrison Valley, Pa.
1883-11-15 Marriage W.J. Grover of Ulysses and Nellie M. Knapp of Westfield, Pa., married November 15, 1883 in Westfield.
1883-11-16 Marriage Miss Kate E. Brown of Ulysses and Mr. A. E. Dean of Michigan married November 16, 1883 in Ulysses.
1883-11-18 Marriage Miss Adell Carlin and Amenzo Robbins both of Hector, Pa., married November 18, 1883 at Loucks Mills.
1883-12-01 Marriage Charles W. Bailey and Flora M. Cady of Hector, Pa., married December 1, 1883 in Allegany Twp.
1883-12-02 Marriage J.W. Morley and Miss Ella L. Rogers, both of Gold, Pa., married December 2, 1883 in Allegany, Pa.
1883-12-09 Marriage Michael Gross of Canto, Mich. and Mrs. Rocenia Plageman of Ulysses married December 9, 1883 in Ulysses.
1883-12-10 Marriage Miss Emma J. Hurlburt of Harrison Valley and H.D. Hyde of Groton, N.Y. married December 10, 1883 in Harrison Valley.
1883-12-13 Marriage Miss Kate Bassett of Ulysses and F. M. Cushing of Ord, Neb, married December 13, 1883 in Lewisville.
1883-12-19 Marriage Miss Olive Bloss and J. H. Hooker married December 19, 1883 in Ulysses.
1883-12-24 Marriage George D. Lewis of Willing N.Y. and Miss Sarah A. Robbins of Bingham, Pa. married December 24, 1883 in Lewisville.
1883-12-25 Marriage Miss Sarah E. Ives of Ulysses and Mr. L.B. Johnson of Harrison married December 25, 1883.
1883-12-29 Marriage Willie H. Helenbrook of Olean, N.Y. and Miss Rosie V. Robbins of Mills, Pa., married December 29, 1883 at Whites Corners.
1883-12-30 Marriage Miss Faith Hornsby and Lafayette Stone both of Whites Corners married December 30, 1883 at Whites Corners.
1884-02-13 Marriage C.H. Morley and Miss E.L. Raymond married February 13, 1884 in Allegany, Pa.
1884-02-14 Marriage Miss Flora Hornsby of Whites Corners and Charles Perry of Lewisville married February 14, 1884 in Lewisville.
1884-02-17 Marriage Mr. Abram Bishop and Miss Mary Spencer married February 17, 1884 at the residence of the bride’s father in Bingham.
1884-02-24 Marriage Arthur D. Genung and Miss Hattie A. Monroe both of Ulysses, married February 24, 1884 in Ulysses.
1884-03-27 Marriage Miss Minnie Burdick and Eugene Burt, both of Hector, Pa., married March 27, 1884 in Lewisville.
1884-04-03 Marriage Fannie P. Plank of Sunderlinville and William B. Welch of Westfield, Pa. married April 3, 1884 in Sunderlibville.
1884-04-03 Marriage M. W. Briggs and Miss E. J. Howe both of Bingham, married April 3, 1884 in Bingham.
1884-04-20 Marriage Miss Fredma Bertch of North Fork and Jacob Hacker of Cattaraugus, N.Y., married April 20, 1884 at North Fork.
1884-05-06 Marriage Andrew Boyer of Tuscarora and Miss Mary L. Sands of Teconsha, Mi., married May 6, 1884 at Harrison Valley.
1884-06-01 Marriage Norman C. Davy and Miss Ida Scott, both of Westfield, Tioga County, Pa., married June 1, 1884 in Harrison Valley.
1884-06-28 Marriage George Outman and Miss Hannah Robbins, both of Bingham married June 28, 1884 in Harrison Valley.
1884-07-04 Marriage Miss Minnie Impson and Hiram C. Prouty both of Pike’s Mille, Pa married July 4, 1884 in Westfield, Pa.
1884-07-13 Marriage Elizabeth Holbert of Whitesville, N.Y. and J.B. Robbins of Spring Mils, N.Y. married July 13, 1884 in Elmer, Pa.
1884-08-10 Marriage Miss Alice Gridley and Charles Innes both of Ulysses, married August 10, 1884 in Lewisville.
1884-08-12 Marriage John B. Erway and Miss Emma S. Howard, both of Harrison, married August 12, 1884.
1884-08-14 Marriage Joseph Beebe of Oswayo and Miss Mary Clark, daughter of A. N. Clark of North Bingham, married August 14, 1884 in North Bingham.
1884-08-22 Marriage Miss Mary J. Lewis of Ulysses and Theodore Smiley of Columbus, Ohio married August 22, 1884 in Ulysses.
1884-09-04 Marriage Miss Addie Douglass and Mr. Mark Harvey married September 4, 1884 in Ulysses.
1884-09-04 Marriage Miss Cora Bryant of Hebron and O. W. Howe of Ulysses, married (Between) September 4th and October 5th, 1884 at Coudersport.
1884-09-04 Marriage Mr. Will Kelts and Miss Addie Monroe married September 4, 1884 in Ulysses.
1884-10-05 Marriage Miss Hannah Leach and Michael J. Shay married October 5, 1884 in Allegany.
1884-10-25 Marriage Miss Della A. Carpenter and Fowler Lewis both of Bingham married October 25, 1884 at West Bingham.
1884-10-26 Marriage Miss Mary Kelly and William H.H. Lewis married October 1884 near Ellisburg.
1884-10-30 Marriage C.M. Stillman and Miss Ella Worden, both of Lewisville married October 30, 1884 in Lewisville.
1884-10-30 Marriage J. B. Cady of Canisteo, N.Y. and Miss Eva C. Waters, married October 30, 1884 in Wellsville, N.Y.
1884-11-02 Marriage Walter W. Guernsey and Miss Satie E. Smith, both of Ulysses, married November 2, 1884 in Ulysses.
1884-11-20 Marriage Miss Minnie Cole daughter of Rev. S. W. Cole, the Baptist minister was married November 20, 1884 to Robert J. Tenant of Preston, Wayne County, Pa.
1884-12-03 Marriage Miss Ida M. Dykeman and O.M. Wagner married December 3, 1884 in Ulysses.
1884-12-10 Marriage Miss Alida L. Beebe and Dr. Charles M. Brasted of Hornellsville, N.Y., married December 10, 1884. She was from Canisteo.
1884-12-22 Marriage Marcus P. Brown of Hector and Miss Minnie E. Howard of Genesee, Pa., married December 22, 1844 at the home of Robert Dunbar in Willing, N.Y.
1884-12-25 Marriage Ida B. Briggs of Clymer Pa. and L. M. Faulkner of Gaines, Pa., married December 25, 1884 in Westfield, Pa.
1885-01-14 Marriage Robert E. Casey of Hallsport, N.Y. and Miss Bettie Race of Genesee Forks, married January 14, 1885 at Genesee Forks.
1885-01-20 Marriage J.C. Hazelett of Huntington, Pa and Miss Mabel E. Howe of North Bingham married January 20, 1885.
1885-01-20 Marriage Mrs. Sylva McCarn and Harrison Mourhees both of Andover, N.Y. married January 20, 1885.
1885-01-22 Marriage Silas Hurd of Genesee Fork and Miss Callie Monroe of Lewisville, married January 22, 1885 in Lewisville.
1885-03-08 Marriage James E. Mowers and Miss Lois E. Niver, both of Lewisville married March 8, 1885 in Lewisville.
1885-03-31 Marriage Miss Mary L. Langdon and A.R. Moore, both of Raymond, Pa. married March 31, 1885.
1885-04-02 Marriage Miss Addie M. Jones of Oswayo and E.M. Kelly of West Covington, Pa., married April 2, 1885 in Oswayo.
1885-04-22 Marriage Miss Ida Bryant and Mr. Linden Smith both of Oswayo, married April 22, 1885 in Lewisville.
1885-06-06 Marriage C. E. Dimmick of Shippen, Pa. and Mrs. Ester S. Putman of Sunderlinville, married June 6, 1885 at Harrison Valley.
1885-06-30 Marriage George P. Dimon and Miss Lillie M. Taylor, married June 30, 1885 at Detroit, MI.
1885-07-03 Marriage Samuel Carlin of Hector and Miss Lila Howard of West Pike, Pa., married July 3, 1885 at Pike.
1885-07-26 Marriage Miss Susan Howland and Samuel Monroe both of Bingham married July 26, 1885 by Rev. A.H. Briggs.
1885-09-26 Marriage William A. Heath of Ulysses and Miss Jane Shay of Sweden Twp., married September 26, 1885.
1885-11-03 Marriage M. D. Crum of West Bingham and Miss Ellen Cooper of Chatham, Pa., married September 19, 1885 in Chatham.
1885-11-21 Marriage Willis Austin of Independence, N. Y. and Miss Nancy Evans of Spring ills, married November 21, 1885 at Whitesville, N. Y.
1885-11-29 Marriage G. E. Conable and Miss Nora Parker both of Raymond married November 29, 1885 at Raymond.
1885-12 Marriage Ezra P. Hosley of Ulysses and Miss Alice G. Shutt of Bingham, Pa., married December 1885 at Spring Mills, N.Y.
1885-12-21 Marriage May Smith and John Yager both of West Pike, Pa married December 21, 1885 at Spring Mills, N.Y.
1885-12-24 Marriage Art S. Burt and Miss Addie Gibson both of Lewisville married December 24, 1885 in Lewisville.
1885-12-31 Marriage Inez Ferris of Bingham, Pa. and Willard Reynolds of Brookland, married December 31, 1885 at Spring Mills, N.Y.
1886-01-27 Marriage Mrs. Nealie E. Francis of Ulysses and Thomas E. Rogers of Gold, married January 27, 1886 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1886-02-09 Marriage Miss Lottie O. Burley of Harrison Twp. and William A. Vining of Conking Forks, Broome County, N.Y., married February 9, 1886 at Whitesville.
1886-02-11 Marriage Lyman H. Rooks of Harrison and Miss Flora Fidelia Stillman of Lewisville married February 11, 1886 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1886-02-21 Marriage Benjamin McCracken of Liberty, Tioga, Pa. and Miss Alice Snyder of Sweden Twp., marriage February 21, 1886 at Spring Mills, N.Y.
1886-02-22 Marriage Birney G. Clark of Coudersport & Emogene Drake of Ulysses, married February 22, 1886 at Wellsville, N. Y.
1886-03-15 Marriage John C. Hurd of Wellsville, N.Y. and Miss Cora E. Hurlburt of Harrison Valley, married March 15, 1886 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1886-04-15 Marriage Sidney H. Borst and Miss Ada M. Phelps both of Mills, Potter County, Pa., married April 15, 1886 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1886-04-24 Marriage E.O. Stedman of Harrison, Pa. and Miss Ettie Whitehead of Summit City, Pa. married April 24, 1886 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1886-06-17 Marriage Albert Carey of Woodhull, N.Y. and Miss Hattie Smith of West Union N.Y., married June 17, 1886 in Woodhull at the home of Abner Carey.
1886-06-29 Marriage Flora M. Baldwin of Hector, Pa. and Harry Durfey of Elmira, N.Y. married June 29,1886 at Whitesville, N. Y.
1886-06-30 Marriage E.L. Monroe and Emma White, both of Harrison married June 30, 1886.
1886-07-02 Marriage Miss Frankie E. Rowlands of Sabinsville, Pa. and John Sherwood of Westfield Pa. married July 2, 1886 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1886-07-04 Marriage Emma Nelson of Pike, Pa. and A.W. Smith of Ulysses married July 4, 1886 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1886-07-3 Marriage Jennie Coats of Ulysses and Villa M. Lewis of Hector, Pa., married July 3, 1886 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1886-07-3 Marriage Leroy J. Apgar and Maggie Striker, both of Mills, Pa., married July 3, 1886 at Whitesville, N. Y.
1886-08-04 Marriage Miss Emma A Howard of Whites Corners and Henry A. Trask of Wellsville, N.Y. married August 4, 1886 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1886-09-03 Marriage Earnest Scheider of Wellsboro, Pa. and Louisa Schwab of Germania, Pa. married September 3, 1886 at Spring Mills, N.Y.
1886-09-13 Marriage Miss Olive M. Rexford and Frank F. Sanford, both of Weedville, Pa. married September 13, 1886 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1886-09-25 Marriage Frank T. Hamilton and Miss Nettie Plants, both of Bingham married September 25, 1886 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1886-10-05 Marriage Sidney Scott of Coudersport and Miss Nellie Smith of Emporium, Pa. married October 5, 1886 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1886-10-17 Marriage Mr. J.A. Perry and Miss Eliza M. Sherwood, both of Westfield, Pa. married October 17, 1886 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1886-11-14 Marriage William H. McGhee of Lock Haven, Pa. and Miss Lillie M. Swift of West Pike married November 14, 1886 at West Pike, Pa.
1886-12-21 Marriage B. F. Beebe of Whitesville and Miss Theresa McKendry of Greenwood, N.Y., married December 21, 1886 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1886-12-25 Marriage C.A. Labar and Miss Cora D. White both of Harrison Valley married December 25, 1886 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1886-12-25 Marriage Miss Olive B. Bailey and Samuel J. Empson, both of West Pike, Pa., married December 25, 1886 at Whitesville, N. Y.
1887-01-14 Marriage Josiah Brown of Harrison Valley and Miss Amelia Phillips of Wellsville, N.Y., married January 14, 1887 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1887-01-14 Marriage Martin W. Bartoo of Mills, Pa. and Miss Ida M. Bunker of Lansing, Pa., married January 14, 1887 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1887-01-22 Marriage Miss Rosa M. Baker of West Union, N. Y. and Mr. Smith Bartoo of Mills, married January 22, 1887 at Whitesville, N. Y.
1887-01-22 Marriage Mr. Smith Bartoo of Mills, Pa. and Miss Rosa M. Baker of West Union, N.Y., married January 22, 1887 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1887-01-29 Marriage Miss Minnie Mae Conable of Raymond and James J. Morley, married January 29, 1887 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1887-03-09 Marriage Frank E. Babcock of Bingham Center and Miss Rose Simmons of West Union, N. Y., married March 9, 1887 at Whitesville, N. Y.
1887-03-14 Marriage Courtney S. Howland and Inez M. Swimley both of Westfield, Pa. married March 14, 1887 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1887-03-21 Marriage Anna Ross and Frank W. Stevens both of Harrison Valley married March 21, 1887 at Harrison Valley, Pa.
1887-04-03 Marriage Miss Jessie Moses of Whitesville and Edward W. Plaisted of Rexville. N.Y. married April 3, 1887 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1887-04-19 Marriage Miss Laura Haven of Sunderlinville, Pa. and Levi Stillman of Lewisville, married April 19, 1887 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1887-04-3 Marriage Charlie L. Gridley of Ulysses and Miss Olivia Knapp of Westfield, Pa., married April 3, 1887 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1887-04-3 Marriage Harrison J. Baker of Potter Brook and Miss Alice Melinda Larkin of Hector, Pa., married April 3, 1887 at Spring Mills, N.Y.
1887-05-31 Marriage Mr. Ai Gardner of Ulysses and Miss Mary A. June of Elmira, N.Y. married May 31, 1887 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1887-08-25 Marriage Hattie C. Briggs and Ellsworth M. Griffin, both of Brookfield, Pa., married August 25, 1887 at Watkins, N.Y.
1887-08-31 Marriage Miss Bertha Brown of Hector, Pa. and Frank Strait of Lewisville, married at Hector (no date but paper is dated August 31, 1887).
1887-08-31 Marriage Wilson S. Cushing of Knoxville, Pa. and Sarah D. Hamblin of Sylvester, Pa., married August 31, 1887 in Troupsburg, N.Y.
1887-09-25 Marriage Ella Clark of Ulysses and C. E. Farnsworth of Lewisville, married September 25, 1887 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1887-10-13 Marriage Miss Orisa R. Hurd of Genesee Fork, Pa. and Frank P. Wagner of Ulysses, married October 13, 1887 at Coudersport.
1887-10-3 Marriage Truman A. Burrell of Brooksfield and Minnie May Chapman of Willing, N.Y., married October 3, 1887 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1887-11-06 Marriage Miss Lettie M. Rushmore and Ira Sherwood, both of Westfield, Pa. married November 6, 1887 in Whitesville, N.Y.
1887-11-13 Marriage John Chappell of Lewisville and Miss Maggie McGinnis of Genesee married November 13, 1887 in Genesee.
1887-11-18 Marriage Lewis Edwards of Greenwood, N.Y. and Miss Adella Merrick of Watkins, N.Y. married November 18, 1887 at Spring Mills, N.Y.
1888-01 Marriage Alma C. Fish of Shongo, N.Y. and Royal W. Seger of West Union, N.Y. married at Whitesville, N.Y. (no date, but paper dated January 11, 1888).
1888-02-04 Marriage Abijah Cady and Miss Mary Cushing married February 4, 1888 in Ulysses.
1888-03-06 Marriage Miss Gertrude Evans of Bingham and George Nickerson of Lewisville married March 6, 1888 at Lewisville.
1888-03-24 Marriage Mr. H. Grodevant of Coudersport and Mrs. Mary Stryker of Ulysses, married March 24, 1888 at Lewisville.
1888-03-26 Marriage Miss Matie L. Johnson of Harrison and John B. Lewis of Bingham, married March 26, 1888 at Woodhull, N.Y.
1888-03-31 Marriage Mrs. Anita Sherer of Elmira, N.Y. and John Smith of Ulysses married March 31, 1888 at the Howell House.
1888-04-07 Marriage Mrs. Mary E. English of Mills, Pa. and Conrad M. Miller of Coudersport, married April 7, 1888 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1888-04-10 Marriage Jones Hall and Miss Lillie Hyer both of Potter Brook, Pa., married April 10, 1888 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1888-05-27 Marriage Miss Sallie Dodge of Ansonia, Pa. and Isaac Stryker of Colesburg, married May 27, 1888 at Spring Mills, N.Y.
1888-05-30 Marriage John A. Frith and Miss Angie L. Kilbourne of Hector, married May 30, 1888 at Harrison Valley.
1888-06-16 Marriage Fred W. Coinable and Miss Hattie L. Langdon, both of Raymond, Pa, married June 16, 1888 in Whitesville, N.Y.
1888-06-17 Marriage Miss Olive Heman of Terrytown, Pa. and Otis Burnett of Towanda, Pa. married June 17, 1888 at Spring Mills, Pa.
1888-06-17 Marriage Otis Burnett of Towanda, Pa. and Miss Olive Heman of Terrytown, Pa., married June 17, 1888 at Spring Mills, N.Y.
1888-06-2 Marriage Fred Munson of Ulysses and Miss Addie Neal of Hector married June 2, 1888 in Whitesville, N.Y.
1888-06-2 Marriage Miss Addie Neal of Hector and Fred Munson of Ulysses married June 2, 1888 in Whitesville, N.Y.
1888-06-20 Marriage Miss Allie M. Hendryx of Raymond, Pa. and Lyman M. Hurd of Harrisville, N.Y. married June 20, 1888 at Raymond, Pa.
1888-07-15 Marriage John Graves of Friendship, N.Y. and Miss Lois Wilson of Whitesville, N.Y. married July 15, 1888 at the residence of Cyrus Harris.
1888-08-1 Marriage Miss Lora A. Allen of Clara, Pa. & E. M. Dickinson of Manistique, Michigan married August 1, 1888 at Clara.
1888-08-16 Marriage Alvin W. Chapin of Washington, D.C. and Miss Grace R. Lewis, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. N. W. Lewis, married August 16, 1888 at North Bingham.
1888-08-25 Marriage Lois A. Parker and Albert Plaisted, both of Sunderlinville married August 25, 1888 at Spring Mills, N.Y.
1888-09-20 Marriage John T. McNeil of Westfield, Pa. and Miss Kate Newcome of Galeton, Pa. married September 20, 1888 at Elmira, N.Y.
1888-10-27 Marriage Mr. L.R. Harrison and Miss Mary E. Peterson, both of Mills, Pa., married October 27, 1888 at Ulysses, Pa.
1888-12-05 Marriage Miss Mary Rowley and Charles L. Wilber married December 5, 1888 at Eleven Mile.
1888-12-24 Marriage George A. Bartoo and Olive L. Jones both of Mills, Pa., married December 24, 1888 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1888-12-29 Marriage Miss Margaret Dunn of Allegany Twp and Stephen Snyder of Sweden, Pa., married December 29, 1888 at Raymond, Pa.
1889-01-16 Marriage Miss Kate E. Gee and Joel R. Grover both of Bingham married January 16, 1889 at Bingham, Pa.
1889-01-30 Marriage Mrs. E. Lou Ayers of Wharton and Henry H. Cobb of Lewisville, married January 30, 1889.
1889-02-05 Marriage Miss Hattie Eaton and Will Francis married February 5, 1889 in Ulysses.
1889-07-26 Marriage Mrs. Carrie Gates and Charles Kenyon, married July 26, 1889 at Hornellsville, N.Y.
1889-08-24 Marriage Will Satterlee of Hornellsville, N.Y. and Miss Edna L. White of Whitesville, N.Y. married August 24, 1889.
1889-09-05 Marriage A.J. Evans of Ulysses and Miss Anna Evans of Spring Mills, N.Y., married September 5, 1889 at Wellsville, N.Y.
1889-09-21 Marriage Henry C. Loucks and Miss Frankie Shaff, both of Hector married September 21, 1889 at Wellsville, N.Y.
1889-09-29 Marriage Carlton Eastman of Raymond and Mary Story of Sweden Twp., married September 29, 1889 at Brookland, Pa.
1889-09-3 Marriage Marilla V. Loomis, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Morris Loomis of Yates County, N.Y. and Samuel B. Miller of Sunderlinville married September 3, 1889.
1889-10-3 Marriage Mr. Harry Chivers and Miss Hattie Chase married October 3, 1889.
1889-11-27 Marriage James Hawley of Bingham and Mrs. Sadie Stanard of Genesee Fork married November 27, 1889 at Wellsville, N.Y.
1889-12 Marriage Miss Hattie Carpenter and William Currier married December 1889.
1889-12-25 Marriage Miss Ella James and Frank Palmatier married December 25, 1889 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1890-02-01 Marriage Lester Rogers of Ulysses and Miss Lillie Shaut of Greenwood married February 1, 1890.
1890-02-15 Marriage Burt Densmore and May Thatcher, both of Oswayo, married February 15, 1890.
1890-02-23 Marriage Miss Nellie M. Johnson of Wellsville, N.Y. and John W. Tidd of Ulysses, married February 23, 1890 at Wellsville, N.Y.
1890-02-23 Marriage Mrs. Amanda Heath and Mr. John P. Neal both of Harrison Valley, married February 23, 1890 at Harrison Valley.
1890-02-26 Marriage G.W. Jennings and Miss Nancy M. Novison both of Lodi, Seneca, N.Y. married February 26, 1890 in Shongo, N.Y.
1890-03 Marriage Lewis Carpenter and Elizabeth Munson of Oswayo, Pa., married March 1890 at Shinglehouse, Pa.
1890-03-05 Marriage Frank Councilman and Miss Hattie Dodge, both of Elmer, Pa., married March 5, 1890.
1890-03-25 Marriage Dr. A.H. Glover and Matie Taggart married March 25, 1890 at Ulysses.
1890-03-27 Marriage Miss Eldora Dickens and John H. Loucks, both of Sunderlinville, married March 27, 1890 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1890-04-19 Marriage Miss Nettie Evans and Herman Haskins, both of Pike Mills, married April 19, 1890 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1890-04-20 Marriage Eugene Downey and Miss Frankie Whitman, both of Hector, married April 20, 1890 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1890-04-24 Marriage L.D. Graham and Miss Lavina Hart of North Bingham married April 24, 1890.
1890-04-27 Marriage Emory Edwards of Harrison Valley and Miss Edith Stetson of Whites Corner, married April 27, 1890 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1890-04-27 Marriage Miss Angie Carpenter and Henry D. Rice both of Newfield, married April 27, 1890 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1890-05 Marriage Charles Knapp of Bolviar, N.Y. and Miss Ella Norton of Ellisburg married May 1890.
1890-06-04 Marriage Fred Rhodes of Austin and Miss Mary Seals of Shinglehouse married June 4, 1890.
1890-06-04 Marriage Fred Rhodes of Austin and Miss Mary Seals of Shinglehouse married June 4, 1890.
1890-06-08 Marriage Julian Snyder of Bingham and Miss Jane Tidd of Ulysses married June 8, 1890 at Wellsville, N.Y.
1890-06-25 Marriage T.C. Howe of Keech and Miss May Stevens of Whites Corners married June 25, 1890 at Coudersport.
1890-07 Marriage Elvin Burdick of Hebron and Miss Susan Staysa of Coudersport, married July 1890.
1890-07 Marriage Miss Minnie Carpenter of Newfield, Pa. and G. W. Dunn of Allegany, Pa., married July 1890 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1890-07 Marriage V.D. Howard and Miss Hattie Swartwood, both of West Pike married July 1890 at Westfield, Pa.
1890-07-04 Marriage Julius Snyder of Ulysses and Eunice Snyder of Sweden Twp. married July 4, 1890.
1890-07-05 Marriage Miss Elsie Kemp and E.W. Woodard, both of Eleven Mile married July 5, 1890 at Ceres.
1890-07-22 Marriage William Razey and Miss Sarah Ward, both of Sunderlinville married July 22, 1890.
1890-08-14 Marriage Corlis E. Buck of Westfield and Miss Lotta Cushing, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. B. J. Cushing married August 14, 1890.
1890-08-20 Marriage Fred Brown of Ulysses and Rose Coffin, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Peleg Coffin of Brookfield, Pa., married August 20, 1890.
1890-09-04 Marriage Miss Fannie Hazlett of Nelson, Pa. and W.O. Monroe married September 4, 1890 at Nelson.
1890-10 Marriage P.H. Miller and Miss Marilla Neal, daughter of Judd Neal married October 1890.
1890-10-05 Marriage Louis Martin and Miss Minnie Stilson, both of Oswayo married October 5, 1890 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1890-10-05 Marriage William Clark and Miss Sarah J. Morley both of Gold, married October 5, 1890 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1890-10-09 Marriage George Belknap and Miss Katie Shaff both of Ulysses, married October 9, 1890 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1890-10-12 Marriage George Blackman of West Pike and Miss Emma Horton of Sheshequim, Pa., married October 12, 1890 at Wellsville, N.Y.
1890-10-28 Marriage Miss Georgia Brightman and Hugh Wolcott both of Shinglehouse, married October 28, 1890.
1890-11 Marriage Dan Dwire of Wellsville and Miss Mary Roach of Genesee married November 1890.
1890-11-24 Marriage Miss Mary Genung of Newfield and Mark Spence of Ill., married November 24, 1890.
1890-11-25 Marriage Mr. Laughlin of Indiana and Miss Delia O’Donnell of Irish Settlement married November 25, 1890.
1890-11-26 Marriage Mr. T. Carney and Miss Ella Moore both of Oswayo, married November 26, 1890.
1890-11-27 Marriage Mr. E. Butler of Brooklyn, N.Y. and Miss Minnie Good of Oswayo, married November 27, 1890.
1890-12-17 Marriage Miss Mary Daniels & Mr. Laverne Howe, both of Bingham, married December 17, 1890 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1890-12-25 Marriage Miss Kate Foster of Pike and Mr. Clarence Woodcock of Allegany, married December 25, 1890 at West Pike.
1891-01-01 Marriage George Lunn of Shinglehouse and Miss Maggie Wood of Oswayo married January 1, 1891.
1891-01-24 Marriage Jeanette Goodnough and Henry James both of Andrews Settlement married January 24, 1891 at Coudersport.
1891-02 Marriage Alva Davis and Miss Mary West, both of Oswayo, married February 1891.
1891-02 Marriage Ben Barrett and Emma Gardner both of West Pike married February 1891.
1891-02-08 Marriage Miss Luella Morrison and Bert H. Tucker, both of Andrews Settlement married February 8, 1891 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1891-02-12 Marriage Miss Thera Howe and Mr. Norman Leete both of North Bingham married February 12, 1891 at North Bingham.
1891-02-14 Marriage Mr. Frank B. Smith of Petrolia and Miss Flora A. White of Whiteville, N.Y. married February 14, 1891.
1891-02-18 Marriage Mr. Walter Leonard of Spring Mills and Mrs. Libbie Mintonye of Westfield, Pa. married February 18, 1891 at Westfield, Pa.
1891-02-18 Marriage Mrs. Libbie Mintonye of Westfield and Mr. Walter Leonard of Spring Mills married February 18, 1891 at Westfield, Pa.
1891-02-22 Marriage Veolin Hurlbutt of Harrison Valley and Miss Alice Rogers of Wellsville married February 22, 1891 at Whiteville, N.Y.
1891-03 Marriage Mr. George DeGroat and Miss Etta Sherwood, both of Hebron, married March 1891.
1891-03 Marriage Mr. William Ordiway of Newfield and Miss Cora Roger of Raymond married March 1891.
1891-03-25 Marriage V. L. Disbrow of Eldred and Helen Leham of Eulalia Twp, married March 25, 1891.
1891-04 Marriage Milton Drake and Daisy Pooler, both of Sharon, married April 1891.
1891-04-02 Marriage Miss Lettie Gordnier of Coudersport and Milton J. Potter married April 2, 1891.
1891-04-23 Marriage George Metzger and Miss Maud Overhiser, both of Emporium married April 23, 1891.
1891-05-06 Marriage Minnie Brown of Mills and Joseph S. Burtis of Harrison Valley, married May 6, 1891 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1891-05-11 Marriage Mr. Edward Stewart and Miss Anna Zimmerman married may 11, 1891 at Coudersport.
1891-05-14 Marriage Miss Josie Gilbert, daughter of Charles Gilbert married may 14, 1891 to John Schweitzer both from Harrison Valley.
1891-05-26 Marriage Peter Green and Augusta Ianson, both of Coudersport, married May 26, 1891.
1891-06 Marriage Clara Scoville and Orlo VanWegen married June 1891 at Andrews Settlement.
1891-06 Marriage Jennie Knight of Harrison Valley and Ray Semans of Westfield married June 1891 at Canisteo, N.Y.
1891-06-03 Marriage A. Sidney Lyman of Coudersport and Alice Sayre, daughter of Rev. J.T. Carroll married June 3, 1891 in Charleston, W.Va.
1891-06-14 Marriage Bertha Graves and Edgar Peet both of Shongo, N.Y. married June 14, 1891.
1891-06-20 Marriage Julia Miles and William Walker both of Sweden Valley married June 20, 1891 at Spring Mill, N.Y.
1891-06-20 Marriage Mr. J.F. Hawkins of Little March, Tioga County, Pa. and Mary E. Monroe formerly of Ulysses, Potter County, married June 20, 1891 at Little Marsh.
1891-07 Marriage Miss Myrtie Barlow of Genesee Fork and Volney Stannard of Ellisburg, married July 1891 at Wellsville, N.Y.
1891-07-04 Marriage Jerome Keech and Miss Carrie Shutt both of Genesee married July 4, 1891.
1891-07-15 Marriage Miss Annis Aldrich, daughter of Mrs. J. H. Metcalf of Potter Brook and Arch D. Stevens, married July 15, 1891.
1891-08-19 Marriage O.W. Greenman and Myrtle Smith married August 19, 1891 at Oswayo.
1891-08-20 Marriage Mr. Frank Johnson of Wellsville, formerly of Ulysses and Miss Nettie Tibbs of Scio, N.Y. married August 20, 1891 at Scio.
1891-08-23 Marriage Miss Chloe Burdick of Bingham and Burt Farnham of Ulysses, married August 23, 1891.
1891-08-24 Marriage Mr. C. Corey and Miss Stella J. Wheaton of Sunderlinville, married August 24, 1891 at Hornellsville, N.Y.
1891-09 Marriage F. A. Brown and Jennie Foster both of West Pike, Pa., married September or October 1891.
1891-09-02 Marriage Miss Ida Barr and Mr. E. Bradley both of Oswayo, married September 2, 1891, at Wellsville, N.Y.
1891-09-08 Marriage John Gratton of Austin and Winnie Haskin of Moore’s Run married September 8, 1891 at Stannards, N.Y.
1891-09-15 Marriage Mr. T. Goode and Miss Maggie Maher both of Oswayo married September 15, 1891 at Oswayo, Pa.
1891-09-16 Marriage Mr. Andrew Brizzie of Oswayo and Mrs. Addie Ferguson of Wellsville, N.Y., married September 16, 1891 at Wellsville, N.Y.
1891-09-17 Marriage Mr. Clarence Crittenden and Miss Franc Holbert, married September 17, 1891 at Spring Mills, N.Y.
1891-09-25 Marriage Orville E. Allen & Mrs. Frank S. Ross both of Coudersport, married September 25, 1891 at the home of the bride’s sister, Mrs. E. K. Lane of Elmira, N. Y.
1891-10-01 Marriage J.M. Harris of Sweden Twp. and Miss May Kelley married October 1, 1891 at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. & Mrs. E.E. Kelley of Raymond, Pa
1891-10-04 Marriage Phillip Cowell and Miss Laura Lockwood of Hebron, married October 14, 1891 at Ceres, Pa.
1891-10-05 Marriage Mr. George N. Carr of Corning, N.Y. and Mrs. Florence Crandall of Belvidere, N.Y., married October 5, 1891 at Corning, N.Y.
1891-10-11 Marriage Jesse Kemp and Miss Cora Signor, both of Oswayo married October 11, 1891 at Wellsville, N.Y.
1891-10-14 Marriage Dr. E. Burdick of Olean, N.Y. and Miss Clara Clark, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Russell Clark, married October 14, 1891 at Spring Mills, N.Y.
1891-10-17 Marriage Miss Hattie Perry of Ulysses and A.C. White of Whitesville, married October 17, 1891 at Wellsville, N.Y.
1891-11-10 Marriage John Coulston of Austin and Miss Nora Seibert of Wharton married November 10, 1891.
1891-11-29 Marriage Mr. Burt Brown and Miss Nina Hammon of Sylvester, married November 29, 1891 at Sylvester, Pa.
1891-12-23 Marriage Miss Nellie M. Seeley, daughter of Silas R. Seeley of Independence and Uri W. Shumway of Austinburg, Pa. married December 23, 1891 at Independence, N.Y.
1891-12-24 Marriage Byron Shoff of Roulette and Miss Geraldine Torry of Sharon, Pa. married December 24, 1891 at the Howell House.
1891-12-27 Marriage Miss Ada Clark and Bert Rogers, both of Raymond, married December 27, 1891.
1891-12-30 Marriage Nettie Seibert and Clifford Unkrich both of the East Fork married December 30, 1891.
1892-01-06 Marriage Elery Baker and Mrs. Nancy Austin both of Duke Center, Pa., were married at the home of her sister, Mrs. Charles Barrows of Duke Center. (paper dated, January 6, 1892)
1892-01-11 Marriage William Gates and Ella Ruscher married January 11, 1892 at Coudersport.
1892-02-04 Marriage Jennie Morley and William Nelson married February 4, 1892.
1892-02-18 Marriage Miss Alma Berfield of East Fork and Jake Swanson of Costello, married at Olena, N.Y. (Married at Portville, N.Y. February 18, 1892.
1892-02-23 Marriage Miss Minnie Bryant of Ulysses and James Nelles, formerly of Ulysses but now of Washington, Pa., married February 23, 1892.
1892-02-23 Marriage Mrs. Mary Legart and George Schambacker both of Germania married February 23, 1892 at Addison, N.Y.
1892-03-02 Marriage W.B. Douglass of Jersey Shore and Altha Gridley of Ulysses, married March 2, 1892 at the residence of Mrs. Lucy Lewis of Ulysses.
1892-03-07 Marriage Miss Nettie Huyler of Westfield and Morris E. Wall of Harrison Valley married March 7, 1892 at Addison, N.Y.
1892-03-09 Marriage A Mr. Potter, aged 83 yrs hailing from Potter County was at Woodhull, N.Y. and married Mrs. Short, aged 71 yrs of that town. (Paper dated March 9, 1892)
1892-03-10 Marriage Miss Mattie Potter and John Smith both of Ulysses, married March 10, 1892 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1892-03-17 Marriage Mr. Erwin Baker of North Bingham and Andover, N. Y. married Miss Mary Hays of Purdy Creek, N. Y. March 17, 1892.
1892-04-05 Marriage Anna Boyer and Edward G. Stocking both of Coudersport, married April 5, 1892.
1892-04-09 Marriage Frank G. Manning of Potter Brook and Miss Satie A. Wilkinson of Sunderlinville, married April 9, 1892 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1892-05 Marriage Miss Florence Kelly of Eleven Mile and Mr. J. Lockwood, now of Buffalo, N.Y. married May 1892 at Portville, N.Y.
1892-05-07 Marriage Mr. B. Ayres and Miss Della Lawton, both of Oswayo, married may 7, 1892 at Wellsville, N. Y.
1892-05-08 Marriage Miss Mertie Allen of West Branch & John A. Parker of Sunderlinville, Pa., married May 8, 1892 at Spring Mills, N. Y.
1892-05-20 Marriage Mrs. Nancy Baker of South Hill, beyond Coudersport and Ezra Turner of Ulysses, married May 20 or 21, 1892. The groom is 78 and the bride is 66.
1892-05-22 Marriage Charles Genung of Ulysses and Miss Leah Tubbs of Loucks Mills married May 22, 1892.
1892-06 Marriage John Cole of Clara and Ruth Stevens of Shinglehouse married June 1892.
1892-06 Marriage Miss Edith Dunn and Seymour Toland were married June 1892.
1892-06 Marriage Miss Florence Gee and Mr. Frank Potter both of Potter Brook, married “over the line” June 1892.
1892-06-08 Marriage Egbert Clark son of Mrs. A. N. Clark of North Bingham and Miss Hattie Travis of Penn Yan, N.Y., married June 8, 1892 at Penn Yan.
1892-06-22 Marriage Miss Nellie Baker of Bingham and Mr. J. Alford Billington of Olean, N. Y. married June 22, 1892 in Bingham.
1892-06-22 Marriage Mr. J. Alford Billington of Olean, N.Y. and Miss Nellie Baker of Bingham, married June 22, 1892 in Bingham.
1892-06-26 Marriage Fernando Dorland of Harrison Valley and Miss Helen Doud of Mills, married June 26, 1892 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1892-07 Marriage Lena Barney and Frank Millard both of Potter Brook, married July 1892.
1892-07-02 Marriage Miss Josephine Hickox and Almeron H. Perry both of Genesee Fork, Pa, married July 2, 1892 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1892-07-12 Marriage Luther P. Brewster and Miss Grace Downs of Ellisburg, married July 12, 1892.
1892-07-13 Marriage Miss Dora Gardner of Westfield, Pa. and A.E. McLean of North Fork, married July 13, 1892 at Spring Mills, N.Y.
1892-08-04 Marriage Mrs. Ida Roseboom of Hebron and Fred Smith of Oswayo, [married?] August 4, 1892 at Wellsville, N.Y.
1892-08-10 Marriage Miss Myrtle Chrisman and Mr. G. F. Ellison of Mills, Pa., married August 10, 1892 at Weedsport, N.Y.
1892-08-10 Marriage Mr. Edwin L. Detwiler, M.D., of Washington D.C. and Herndon, VA was married August 10, 1892 to Miss Elvira Lawrence of North Bingham.
1892-08-18 Marriage Mr. Will Higgins of Johnsonburg, Pa. and Miss Lizzie Johnston of Coudersport married August 18, 1892.
1892-08-20 Marriage Miss Mary Chilson and Mr. Harden Fuller both of Ulysses, married August 20, 1892 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1892-08-29 Marriage Miss Cora Evans of Bingham and Warren Wetmore of West Pike, married August 29, 1892 at Elmira, N.Y.
1892-08-30 Marriage Miss Emma Childs & William D. Waterman both of Genesee, married August 30, 1892 at Belmont, N.Y. by Rev. S. W. Jennings.
1892-09-04 Marriage Miss Ethel Abbott & Mr. H. Robbins, both of Hector, Pa., married September 4, 1892 at Elmira, N. Y.
1892-09-06 Marriage Mr. John Barker of Hector and Miss Aggie Dennis of Bingham, married September 6, 1892 at Elmira, N.Y.
1892-09-28 Marriage Mr. Fred Benton and Miss Mary Weaver of Raymond, Pa., married September 2, 1892.
1892-10-22 Marriage Clarence Brizzie of Oswayo and Miss Katie Lawton of Hebron, married October 22, 1892 at Wellsville, N.Y.
1892-10-23 Marriage Mr. Eli M. Gardner of Ulysses and Miss Vinta Swarts of Hector, married October 23, 1892 at West Union, N.Y.
1892-10-26 Marriage Mr. William Burrow and Miss Mary Webster, married October 26, 1892 at Ellisburg, Pa.
1892-11 Marriage Clarence Inscho and Nettie Reed both of Sweden Twp. married November 1892 at Olean, N.Y.
1892-11 Marriage Frank Decker and Miss Jessie Guile of Sunderlinville, married November 1892.
1892-11 Marriage William Costello and Miss Julia Dodd both of Sweden Valley, married November 1892 at Coudersport.
1892-11-05 Marriage Samuel J. Beebe and Miss Minnie Slaughter both of Oswayo, married November 5, 1892 at Wellsville, N.Y.
1892-11-06 Marriage Joseph Potter and Cynthia Rutherford both of Potter Brook, married November 6, 1892.
1892-11-13 Marriage Albert Davey & Dollie Fuller, both of Ulysses, married November 13, 1892 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1892-12-04 Marriage Allen Gardner and Miss Carrie Palmatier, married December 4, 1892 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1892-12-08 Marriage Miss Betty E. Race and Mr. M.D. Spencer, both of Genesee married December 8, 1892 at Hornellsville, N.Y.
1892-12-15 Marriage Miss Maggie Stevens of Middlebury and William Wilkinson of Harrison Valley married December 15, 1892 at Corning, N.Y.
1892-12-25 Marriage Miss Jessie M. Fling and Frederick Hungerford, both of Willing, N.Y. married December 25, 1892 at Wellsville, N.Y.
1892-12-29 Marriage Miss Lena Cobb of Ulysses and Albert G. Miller of Elmer married December 29, 1892.
1892-12-31 Marriage Corydon E. Hinkley of Salamanca, N.Y. and Mrs. Julia M. Terhune of Ulysses, married December 31, 1892 at Ulysses.
1893-01-22 Marriage Frank L. Culver of Elmira, N.Y. and Miss Kate Monroe, married January 22, 1893.
1893-01-22 Marriage Miss Clara Hosley and William Jansen married January 22, 1893 at Chicago, Ill.
1893-02-21 Marriage Miss Anna Ainsworth of Whitesville, N. Y. and Mr. Harvey Leach of Genesee, married March 30, 1894.
1893-03-01 Marriage Seneca Deforest Tubbs and Miss Lena Tubbs married March 1, 1893 at Oswayo.
1893-03-17 Marriage Miss Clara Martin and Morris Stilson, both of Oswayo married March 17, 1893.
1893-03-27 Marriage Mr. Asa Hurd of Genesee and Miss Gertrude Waters of Elmira, N.Y. married March 27, 1893 in Waverly, N.Y.
1893-04-03 Marriage William H. Crippen of Potter Brook and Miss Anna Davis of Sunderlinville, married April 3, 1893 at Elmira, N.Y.
1893-04-06 Marriage John Anderson of Galeton & Miss Jennie Prouty of West Pike, married April 6, 1893.
1893-04-07 Marriage Mary H. Hancock and Joseph Lane, both of Potter Brook married April 7, 1893 at Westfield, Pa.
1893-04-13 Marriage Mr. Wakefield Hubbard and Mrs. Samuel Monroe married April 13,1893 at Elmira, N.Y.
1893-04-26 Marriage Eugene Atkins and Bertella Green, both of Clara, married April 26, 1893 at Wellsville, N. Y.
1893-05 Marriage John W. Burton and Miss Cora King both of Coudersport, married May 1893 at Olean, N.Y.
1893-06-14 Marriage William M. Hart of North Bingham and Mrs. Elizabeth H. Smith of Highland Home, Litchfield, Conn. married June 14, 1893.
1893-06-20 Marriage Mary Corcoran of Irish Settlement and James Donovan of Wellsville, N.Y., married June 20, 1893.
1893-06-28 Marriage Miss M.A. LaPette Doud, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C.H. Doud was married June 28, 1893 to Dr. Edmund Roy Gustin, in Harrison Valley.
1893-06-28 Marriage Mr. S.E. Evans and Miss Alice Marlatt, both of Ulysses, married June 28, 1893 at Ulysses.
1893-07-12 Marriage George Crouch of Oswayo and Mrs. M. Pepperman of Jersey Shore, married July 12, 1893 at Wellsville, N.Y.
1893-07-2 Marriage Ezra Fish of Oswayo and Miss Hallie Mitchell of Newfield, married July 2, 1893 at Shongo, N.Y.
1893-08-06 Marriage Arthur Brizzie and Miss Rosa Hosmer, married August 6, 1893 at Alma, N.Y.
1893-08-06 Marriage Mrs. Stella Brizzie and Mr. Hosmer, married August 6, 1893 at Alma, N.Y.
1893-08-15 Marriage Miss Bertha Countwright, daughter of Oren Courtwright of Costello and Robert Martin of Antigonis, N.S., married August 15, 1893.
1893-08-16 Marriage Miss Kate Lewis, daughter of Mrs. L.P. Lewis of Spring Mills and James Mansfield, married August 16, 1893.
1893-09 Marriage Cora Campbell and Charles Rice both of West Branch, married September or October 1893 at Hornellsville, N.Y.
1893-09-09 Marriage Miss Vina Councilman of Elmer, Pa., and Frank Thorn of Hornellsville, N.Y., married September 9, 1893.
1893-09-24 Marriage Mary Blowers and George Bishop both of Ulysses, married September 24, 1893 at Baptist Parsonage by Rev. Jones.
1893-09-26 Marriage Miss Eloise N. Stebbins and John Walter Wells married September 26, 1893 at Coudersport.
1893-09-or-10 Marriage Cora Campbell and Charles Rice both of West Branch, married September or October 1893 at Hornellsville, N.Y.
1893-10 Marriage Joseph Blass and Miss Jennie Bolich both of Carter Camp married October 1893 at Sweden Valley.
1893-10-04 Marriage John Buchanan of Ulysses and Mary Flynn of Genesee married October 4, 1893.
1893-10-09 Marriage Mr. J. H. DeLong and Miss Bertha Shaft of Mills, married October 9, 1893 at Addison, N.Y.
1893-10-18 Marriage W.B. Leet (Leete?) of Ulysses and Miss Jessie Manners married October 18, 1893.
1893-10-26 Marriage Mr. Vine Johnson of Harrison Valley and Mrs. Melinda Stewart of Sharon Center married October 26, 1893.
1893-11 Marriage Ernest E. Harris of Clara and Lottie Swift of Hebron married November 1893.
1893-11-25 Marriage Mrs. A. M. Chappell of Ulysses and John A. Robbins of Mills, Married November 25, 1893.
1893-12 Marriage Arthur Dunbar of Hebron and Maize Warner of Coudersport, married December 1893 at Wellsville, N.Y.
1893-12 Marriage Warren Gridley of Ulysses and Della Snyder of Coudersport, married December 1893.
1893-12-06 Marriage Lloyd Grover and Miss Birdeena Hart, daughter of Merrill Hart, married December 6, 1893 near Bingham Center.
1893-12-21 Marriage Libbie Hickox and Charles Seger married December 21, 1893 at Whiteville, N.Y.
1893-12-24 Marriage Miss Rosa Meeker of Allegany and Rawson Raymond, son of Thomas Raymond of Ulysses, married December 24, 1893.
1893-12-25 Marriage Miss Hattie Atherton and Mr. B. S. Packard, both of Hickox, Pa., married December 25, 1893 at Wellsville, N. Y.
1893-12-25 Marriage Mr. D.R. Healy and Miss C. Jenette Tubbs married December 25, 1893 at Oswayo, Pa.
1893-12-26 Marriage Prof. W.F. DuBois and Nellie Olmsted, both of Coudersport, married December 26, 1893.
1893-12-27 Marriage Miss Fannie Beese of West Pike, Pa. and C. N. Cunningham of Syracuse, N.Y., married December 27, 1893 at Horseheads, N. Y. She was a stepdaughter of Maj. J. M. Kilbourne.
1894-01 Marriage Lena Nelson and Allen Veley, both of Coudersport married January 1894 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1894-02 Marriage John Livermore of Sharon & Mrs. Delia Vorhees of Shinglehouse married February 1894. The couple is aged.
1894-02-23 Marriage Clinton Tarbox of Bingham and Miss Millie Westfall of Owego, N.Y. married February 23, 1894.
1894-02-26 Marriage Mrs. Jennie W. Pinney and George S. Scheanck, both of Coudersport married February 26, 1894.
1894-02-28 Marriage Miss Maud Easton, daughter of Ira Easton and Albert Reed, son of Dr. Reed, married February 28, 1894 at Genesee.
1894-03 Marriage James Hill and Miss Lina Worthington married March 1894.
1894-05-02 Marriage Miss Alice Lyman daughter of A.G. Lyman of Austin & Mr. H.L. Millner of Washington D.D. married May 2, 1894.
1894-05-21 Marriage Mr. Robert E. Dunn of Coudersport and Miss Anna Whitney of Newfield, married May 21, 1894 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1894-06 Marriage Miss Addie Hammond of Galeton and Charles Thompson of Gaines married June 1894.
1894-06-06 Marriage Miss Agnes Baker of Ulysses and Herman Baker of Millport, married June 6, 1894 at Wellsville, N.Y.
1894-06-20 Marriage Mr. D.P. Evans and Miss Jennie Mansfield, married June 20, 1894 at Spring Mills, N.Y.
1894-06-23 Marriage Alaric A. Hyde of Batavia, N.Y. and Nancy E. VanEpps of Sweden, Pa. married June 23, 1894.
1894-06-27 Marriage P.E. Crowl of Galeton and Miss Angie White, married June 27, 1894 in Harrison, Pa.
1894-07 Marriage Edgar Barnes and Stella Rossman both of Sweden Valley, married July 1894.
1894-07-04 Marriage Charles Hogland and Eliza McNerny both of Costello married July 4, 1894 at Buffalo, N.Y.
1894-07-07 Marriage Bertha Green and James Johnson both of Shongo, N.Y. married July 7, 1894.
1894-07-17 Marriage Miss Emma Howard and William Rosell both of Bingham married July 17, 1894 at Wellsboro.
1894-09 Marriage George Clark & Ida Dingman married September 1894.
1894-09-13 Marriage Nancy Burd and Fred Lewis both of Andrews Settlement, married September 13, 1894 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1894-10 Marriage William Hober and Miss Emma Weber, both of Germania, married October 1894.
1894-10-28 Marriage Hugh Clark and Bertha Whitney both of Gold, married October 28, 1894 at Wellsville, N.Y.
1894-10-28 Marriage Ira Bradish of Newfield and Phene Clark of Gold, married October 28, 1894 at Wellsville, N.Y.
1894-10-28 Marriage Wallace Bacon of Bingham and Miss Estella Tubbs of Westfield, married October 28, 1894 at Young Hickory, N. Y.
1894-10-31 Marriage Charles S. Bloss of Independence, N.Y. and Miss Loie E. Foster of Willing, N.Y., married October 31, 1894 at Willing.
1894-11 Marriage Benjamin F. Chester and May Dennis both of Harrison, married November 1894 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1894-11 Marriage D. C. Baker and Mrs. Charlotte Hackett, both of Clara, married November 1894.
1894-11 Marriage Daniel S. Wright of Hector and Amelia Yentzer of Sweden Twp. married November 1894.
1894-11-04 Marriage Eugene Langdon and Miss Emma Mattison both of Whitesville, N.Y. married November 4, 1895 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1894-11-04 Marriage Miss Carrie Coats of West Union, N.Y. and Mr. Alonzo Harrison of Whitesville, N.Y., married November 4, 1894 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1894-11-21 Marriage Frank McCarn and Estella Reed, daughter of Dr. Reed both of Genesee married November 21, 1894.
1894-11-25 Marriage B.S. Drake of Ulysses and Mrs. Cora Grover of Bingham Center, married November 25, 1894 at Monterey, Schuyler County, N.Y.
1894-12 Marriage Miss Cora Dunn of Colesburg and Riley Gilpin of Sweden, Pa., married December 1894 at Coudersport.
1894-12-25 Marriage Delbert Eugene Odell of Nelson, Pa. and Miss Hattie Smith of Genesee married December 25, 1894.
1894-12-25 Marriage Mr. Ed Bishop of Lewisville and Miss Annie Gridley, daughter of Mrs. Jane Gridley of Ulysses Twp., married December 25, 1894.
1895 Marriage George W. Bishop has moved to Spring Mills from Ulysses (1895).
1895-01 Marriage Miss Ettie Atkins of Fox Hill, Ulysses Twp. and George Mericle of Ulysses married January or February 1895 at Shongo, N. Y.
1895-01-02 Marriage Miss Addie M. Crum of Newfield and Fred N. Langdon of Raymond, married January 2, 1895 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1895-01-06 Marriage Walter W. Guernsey of Raymond and Lenora S. Weaver of Raymond married January 6, 1895.
1895-01-08 Marriage Theodore A. Bergman of Canton, Pa., and Charella Harris of Sweden Twp, married January 8, 1895 at Elmira, N.Y.
1895-01-31 Marriage Mr. Bert Clark & Miss Bertha Douglass of Sabinsville, married January 31, 1895.
1895-02-01 Marriage Miss Rhoda Cole of Jasper and Mr. Will Vanpelt of Harrison, married February 1, 1895 at Addison, N.Y.
1895-02-20 Marriage Mr. Frank Kibbe of North Bingham and Miss Grace Peat of Bolivar, N.Y. married February 20, 1895 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1895-02-28 Marriage Freelove Harris and John Kohler both of Sweden Twp. married February 28, 1895.
1895-03 Marriage Mary Gilliland and William J. Webster both of Ellisburg married March 1895.
1895-03 Marriage Mrs. Ellen Moore and Andrew Perry both of Potter Brook, married March 1895.
1895-03 Marriage Ralph Edgcomb and Miss Minnie Tice, both of Galeton, married March 1895 at Elmira, N.Y.
1895-04 Marriage Adelbert Millard of Coudersport and Jennie Snyder of Hebron married April 1895.
1895-04 Marriage James Hurlburt and Martha Kinney both of Coudersport married April 1895.
1895-04 Marriage John Dorr of Potter Brook and Minnie Taylor of Hector, married April 1895 at Addison, N.Y.
1895-04-06 Marriage Mrs. Anna Crippen, daughter of John Davis of Sunderlinville and Oscar Voight of Messengerville, Courtland County, N.Y., married April 6, 1895. Her husband was killed two years ago at Loucks Mills.
1895-04-16 Marriage Mr. Raymond Cobb of Ulysses and Syracuse was married April 16, 1895 to Miss Kittie Miller of Syracuse. He is the only son of Dr. A. H. Cobb.
1895-04-30 Marriage George F. DeGroat and Miss Rosa A. Janes, both of West Bingham, married April 30, 1895 at Wellsville, N.Y.
1895-05-14 Marriage Miss Lena Elliot and Elmer J. Johnson, married May 14, 1895 at Shongo, N.Y.
1895-05-30 Marriage Henry Clark of North Bingham and Miss Myrtle Smith of Harrison, married May 30, 1895 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1895-06 Marriage William Eaton of Genesee and Mrs. Pearl Peet of Colesburg, married June 1895 at Standards, N.Y.
1895-06-10 Marriage Mrs. Catherine Bailey, widow of Coye Bailey and George D. Stocum, married June 10, 1895 at Lewisville.
1895-06-23 Marriage Mrs. Louisa Head of Oswayo and John Shattuk of Wellsville, married June 23, 1895.
1895-07 Marriage Cora Carmer and Walter Hemphill both of Hebron, married July 1895.
1895-07-14 Marriage Clara Badgero and Herbert Crum, married July 14, 1895 at Brookland, Pa.
1895-07-14 Marriage Lessie Burdick and William Harrison, married July 14, 1895 at Brookland, Pa.
1896-12-30 Marriage Miss Emma Gratz of Coudersport and Joseph Vater of South Hill, married December 30, 1896 in Olean, N.Y.
1907-08-01 Marriage Miss Martha McPeek of Sylvester, Pa. and Henry Taylor of West Bingham married August 1, 1907 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1907-08-28 Marriage Eli Roe Bartoo of Marsh Creek, Pa. and Miss Mabel J. Carr, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James G. Carr of Harrison Valley, Pa., married August 28, 1907.
1907-08-28 Marriage Miss Nellie Kathryn Burt, only daughter of Mrs. Clarence Edgar Burt was married August 28, 1907 to G. Cleveland Wright of Petersburg, Va.
1907-09-13 Marriage Charles Curtis Proctor of Ulysses and Miss Satie Prouty of Galeton married September 13, 1907.
1907-10-07 Marriage Ward Hunt and Miss Nina Patterson married October 7, 1907 at Canisteo.
1907-10-30 Marriage Silas Mattison of Galeton and Miss Noelk of Germania married October 30, 1907.
1907-11-26 Marriage Miss Lula Fortner of Ulysses and Morgan Myers of Ledyard, N.Y. married November 26, 1907 at Ithaca, N.Y.
1907-12-04 Marriage Miss Lottie Briggs and Giles Hauber of North Bingham, married December 4, 1907.
1907-12-10 Marriage Miss Clara Richmond, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Anson Richmond of Genesee and Herbert Robbins, son of Mr. & Mrs. B.H. Robbins of Spring Mills, N.Y. married December 10, 1907.
1907-12-25 Marriage Erville Green and Anna Reynolds married December 25, 1907.
1907-12-29 Marriage Ella A Crum and Amos W. Dennis, married December 29, 1907 at West Bingham.
1907-12-30 Marriage Miss Nora Kenneda, daughter of A.G. Kenneda was married December 30, 1907 to L.G. Stevens, son of the late George Stevens both of Harrison Valley.
1907-12-31 Marriage Eleanor Allis and Frank K. Hurd, both of Ellisburg, married December 31, 1907 at Whitesville, N. Y.
1908-01-01 Marriage Bython Bennitt, son of Mr. & Mrs. G. W. Bennitt of Ulysses and Miss Lula Thompson, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. L. J. Thompson of Bingham, married January 1, 1908.
1908-01-15 Marriage Miss Myrtle D. Mattison, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Mattison married January 15, 1908 to Bert William Mitchell, son of Mrs. M.L. Nickerson.
1908-03-11 Marriage John Brimmer and Miss Maggie Sweet both of Harrison Valley, Pa., married March 11, 1908.
1908-03-12 Marriage Miss Fanny Guyon of Harrison Valley and Harry Seagers of Galeton married March 12, 1908 in Binghamton, N.Y.
1908-04-10 Marriage Miss Lena Rexford of Mills and Bert Trowbridge of Hector married April 10, 1908 at Mills, Pa.
1908-04-11 Marriage Miss Mayme Coppersmith and Harry H. Hosley, son of Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Hosley of Brookland, married April 11, 1908 at the home of her uncle C. E. Gridley of Galeton.
1908-05-24 Marriage Jay B. Kilbourne of Sunderlinville and Miss Bessie Weeks of Hector married May 24, 1908.
1908-06 Marriage Hazel Carpenter and Burt Palmatier married June 1908 at Smethport.
1908-06 Marriage Marshall Leon Benn of Coudersport and Miss Sarah Eugenia Grover daughter of W. J. Grover of Newfield, married June 1908.
1908-06-03 Marriage Alexander Campbell of Orange, N.J. and Grace Louise Carpenter, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Carpenter of Genesee, married June 3, 1908 at Genesee.
1908-06-03 Marriage Milton B. Carpenter, son of Mr. & Mrs. C. S. Carpenter of Ulysses and Miss Julia D. Silverster of Old Bridge, N.J., married June 3, 1908.
1908-07-06 Marriage Ira G. Bacon of Hickox, Pa. and Grace F. Raymond of Lockport, N. Y., married July 6, 1908 at the home of her brother Clayton Fairbanks in Lockport, N. Y.
1908-09-16 Marriage Clarence Jordan of Raymond and Miss Ida Morley of Gold, married September 16, 1908 in Coudersport.
1908-09-16 Marriage Henry Fuller of Raymond and Clare Rodgers of Gold, married September 16, 1908.
1908-09-16 Marriage Miss Finch and B. F. Shackett of Coudersport married September 16, 1908.
1908-09-22 Marriage O. L. Blackman of West Pike and Mrs. Amanda Wagner of Coudersport, married September 22, 1908.
1908-10-10 Marriage Miss Lea Patterson of Bingham Center and Thomas Sharp of Hickox married October 10, 1908.
1908-10-14 Marriage Miss Kate Ransom of Bingham Center and Earl Robbins of Hickox married October March 14, 1908.
1908-11-06 Marriage Miss Nellie Carpenter of Ulysses and Harry Wright of Gold, Married November 6, 1908 at Coudersport.
1908-12-17 Marriage Sidney Howell Borst of Galeton and Miss Edith Barbara Smith of Mills, Pa., married December 17, 1908.
1908-12-26 Marriage Miss Orpha Ives (Mrs. Orpha Rolls) of West Pike, Pa. and M.J. Woodard of Coudersport married December 26, 1908 at New Albany, Bradford County, Pa.
1908-12-31 Marriage Alice J. Collins, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. H. G. Collins of South Bingham was married December 31, 1908 to Asa R. Thompson, son of Mr. & Mrs. L. J. Thompson of Bingham.
1909-01-01 Marriage Clarence Bartoo of White’s Corners and Miss Ruby Miles, married January 1, 1909 at Whites, N. Y.
1909-01-03 Marriage Miss Grace Tremain of Galeton and Arthur VanWegan married January 3, 1909.
1909-01-12 Marriage Mrs. Carrie Gridley of Ulysses and Hiram Howard of Harrison Valley married January 12, 1909 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1909-01-29 Marriage John Cobb of Corning and Grace Story of Sweden, Pa., married January 29, 1909 at Sweden.
1909-02-16 Marriage Miss Maude Butler and Harry Tauscher married February 16, 1909 at Coudersport.
1909-03-06 Marriage Miss Blanche Canedy and Fred Henry married March 6, 1909 near Ulysses.
1909-03-13 Marriage Harry E. Bailey of Ulysses and Miss Minnie Burdick of Niagara Falls, N. Y., married March 13, 1909.
1909-04-10 Marriage Miss Lida Empson of West Pike and Orlo Wagner of Canada, formerly of Ulysses, married April 10, 1909 at the home of his mother, Mrs. O. L. Blackman.
1909-05-04 Marriage Miss Anna Clark daughter of Will Clark of Gold & Henry Martin of Hickox, married May 4 (11), 1909.
1909-05-05 Marriage Miss Lena Bassett, daughter of Mrs. Oriel Bassett of Ulysses and Thomas Stafford of Venus, N.Y., married May 5, 1909.
1909-05-05 Marriage William Costello of Belfast, N.Y. and Miss Kate Moran of Kinney, married May 5, 1909 at Kinney.
1909-05-26 Marriage Miss Mamie Klesa of Coudersport and R.D. Owen of Mansfield, Pa. married May 26, 1909.
1909-06-02 Marriage Charles Griffin and Miss Angie Hill of Genesee married June 2, 1909.
1909-06-22 Marriage Frank Foster Acker of Jeanette, Pa., formerly of Gold and Miss Jennie Margaret Wightman of Gold, married June 22, 1909
1909-06-22 Marriage Frank Foster Acker of Jeanette, Pa., formerly of Gold and Miss Jennie Margaret Wightman of Gold, married June 22, 1909
1909-06-22 Marriage Miss Myrtle Moore of Raymond and Chester Sykes of Galeton married June 22, 1909.
1909-06-23 Marriage Miss Mabel Dorthea Everett, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Everett of Gold was married June 23, 1909 to Fred L. Martin of Conrad, Pa.
1909-06-24 Marriage Willis Nichols of Millport and Mrs. Anna Nettie Wright married June 24, 1909 at Coudersport.
1909-06-29 Marriage Francella Clark daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. J. Clark married Bert C. Evans, June 29, 1909.
1909-07 Marriage Mrs. Iva Trowbridge and Hamilton White both of Harrison Valley, married July 1909.
1909-07-18 Marriage Miss Lena Ives and Maro B. Mulford of Potter Brook married July 18, 1909 at Potter Brook.
1909-07-23 Marriage Miss Blanche Abrams & Fred Sunderlin, son of D. A. Sunderlin, married July 23, 1909 at Ridgway, Pa.
1909-08-18 Marriage Miss Olive Mable Morrison, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.J. Morrison of Ulysses was married August 18, 1909 to F.R. Pickett of Wellsville, N.Y. in Wellsville.
1909-09-02 Marriage George W. Hunt of Port Allegany and Hilda Larson of Ulysses married September 2, 1909.
1909-09-15 Marriage Miss Alice Burt, daughter of Art S. Burt of Brookland, Pa. and William Miller of Fassett, Canada, son of Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Miller of Germania, married September 15, 1909.
1909-09-18 Marriage Mrs. George Crum of Ulysses and Prof. C. M. Miller of Coudersport, married September 18, 1909 at Olean, N.Y.
1909-09-28 Marriage Horace Cornell of Whitesville, N.Y. and Miss Clara Hamilton, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George Hamilton of Bingham, married September 28, 1909.
1909-09-28 Marriage Paul L. Hamilton, son of Mr. & Mrs. George Hamilton of Bingham and Miss Grace L. Plants of Andrews Settlement, married September 28, 1909.
1909-10-01 Marriage Mrs. Hannah Carey of Harrison Valley and Andrew Chestnut married October 1, 1909.
1909-10-06 Marriage Tom Leete and Bertha Shipman of Genesee married October 6, 1909.
1909-10-09 Marriage Miss Grace Leach and R. Potter both of Sabinsville, Pa. married October 9, 1909 at Harrison Valley, Pa.
1909-10-13 Marriage Miss Lena Evans, daughter of Mrs. H.T. Allen and Elliot McCracken, son of Mrs. W.C. Howley, married October 13, 1909 at Ulysses.
1909-10-30 Marriage Miss Ina May Conable of Ulysses and Dr. F. W. Daugherty of DuBois, married October 30, 1909 at Wellsboro, Pa.
1909-10-5 Marriage Miss Sadie Lambert of Ulysses, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. N. Lambert was married October 5, 1909 to George D. Stocum of Brookland, Pa.
1909-11 Marriage Miss May Brown and Charles Erway, son of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Erway both of Galeton, married November 1909.
1909-11-09 Marriage Lottie Annette Bossard, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bossard of Ithaca, N.Y. and Bert Kibbe of Genesee, married November 9, 1909 in Ithaca.
1909-11-24 Marriage John Knapp of Jeanette, Pa. and Miss Mable William of Gold, Pa. married November 24, 1909.
1909-12-02 Marriage Miss Florence Outman of Mills and James VanPelt of Elmira married December 2. 1909 at Elmira. They will live in Flint, Mich.
1910-01-13 Marriage Miss Helen Gridley and Ferdinand Kohler married January 13, 1910 at Coudersport.
1910-01-25 Marriage O. H. Bassett and Belle Brown, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. D. H. Brown, married January 25, 1910 at Ulysses.
1910-02-16 Marriage Mary A. Drake of Ulysses and Andrew Erway of Harrison Twp., married February 16, 1910.
1910-03-28 Marriage Katherine Ahearn & Lee Clark, both of Ulysses, married March 28, 1910 at Coudersport, Pa.
1910-03-30 Marriage Earl Bristol of Sunderville and Miss Bessie Mosher of Ulysses, married March 30, 1910 at Galeton.
1910-04-02 Marriage Miss Nettie Bump of Ulysses and Forest Hackett of Wellsville, married April 2, 1910 at Ulysses.
1910-05-26 Marriage Mrs. Nettie Gridley of Ulysses and Benjamin Parsons of Cincinnatus, N.Y. married may 26, 1910, at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. & Mrs. C.B. Bean.
1910-06-01 Marriage Miss Louise Corran and Harry Easton of Genesee married June 1, 1910.
1910-06-25 Marriage Grover C. Bartoo and Miss M. Louise Parker of Palmyra, N.Y., married June 25, 1910 at Buffalo, N.Y.
1910-07 Marriage Miss Mina Mallory of Harrison Valley and Dennis Tormy Jr., married July 1910 at Elkland, Pa.
1910-07-26 Marriage Carl Lambert, formerly of Ulysses, now of Newark, N.Y. and Miss Harriet Walters of Newark, N.Y. married July 26, 1910 at Newark.
1910-08 Marriage Floyd Sherwood of Genesee and Mrs. Norman Whitman of Ulysses married August 1910 at Buffalo, N.Y.
1910-08 Marriage Floyd Sherwood of Genesee and Mrs. Norman Whitman of Ulysses married August 1910 at Buffalo, N.Y.
1910-08-04 Marriage [?] of Ulysses and Miss Edna Pye of Ellisburg married August 4, 1910 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1910-09-14 Marriage Miss Edith Hyde daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Edson Hyde married Frederick Sabins of Mills, on September 14, 1910.
1910-09-29 Marriage Arthur L. Evans of Galeton and Miss Mae Peck, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C.L. Peck of Nelson, married September 29, 1910.
1910-11-28 Marriage Wayne Harrison and Miss Blanche Travers, both of Mills married November 28, 1910 at Elmira, N.Y.
1910-12-14 Marriage Miss Myrtle Kibbe of Potter Brook and Gerald Robbins of North Fork married December 14, 1910 at Ulysses.
1911-01-08 Marriage Coleman Doud and Miss Sarah Mills, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.F. Mills of Ulysses, married January 8, 1911 at Whitesville, N.Y.
1911-01-28 Marriage Miss Hazel Helenbrook and Benjamin Mead both of Elmer, Pa. married January 28, 1911.
1911-02 Marriage Minnie S. Garner of Harrison Valley and Jonas B. Mulford of Bingham married February 1911.
1911-02-07 Marriage Miss Bessie Hart, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. S.A. Hart was married February 7, 1911 to John Tierney of Penn Yan, N.Y. at North Bingham.
1911-02-08 Marriage James F. Burt of Ulysses and Miss Rheta Perkins of Newfield, married February 8, 1911. She was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Perkins.
1911-02-24 Marriage Fred C. Potter and Miss Sarah B. Pye, both of Ulysses married February 24, 1911 at Wellsboro, Pa.
1911-03-04 Marriage Harry Fox of Cross Fork and Miss Bertha McCaslin, married March 4, 1911.
1911-03-13 Marriage Miss Ida Bennitt to Allen Brewster both of Ulysses, married March 13, 1911.
1911-03-15 Marriage Walter J. Mattison and Miss Frances Blanche Pells of Newark, N.Y. married March 15, 1911.
1911-03-18 Marriage Miss Kathryn Grabe of Coudersport and George A. Mastin, son of Mr. & Mrs. W.L. Mastin of Ulysses, married March 18, 1911 at Coudersport.
1911-04-26 Marriage Miss Julia Ione Chestnut and Ira Iven Seely, married April 26, 1911 at Ulysses.
1911-05-27 Marriage Wesley Eaton of Willett, N.Y. and Miss Alva Loucks, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. D.E. Loucks, married May 27, 1911.
1911-05-31 Marriage Harry J. Loucks of Ulysses and Blanche F. Mattison, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Francis Mattison of Knoxville married may 31, 1911.
1911-06-03 Marriage Abijah Cady of Cornwall, N.Y. formerly of Ulysses was married June 3, 1911 to Miss Pluma Marie Robinson of Maplewood, N.Y.
1911-06-07 Marriage Mabel Reynolds, grand daughter of Mrs. H.T. Reynolds of Ulysses and John L. Spencer of Portsmouth, Va. married June 7, 1911.
1911-07-03 Marriage Henry Blow and Miss Ella Mansfield of Coudersport, married July 3, 1911.
1911-07-06 Marriage Andrew Jackson of Ulysses and Miss Maude William of Coudersport married July 6, 1911 at Belmont, N.Y.
1869-11-05 Birth Erwin D. Baker, son of Mr. & Mrs. B. J. Baker was born November 5, 1869.
1892-09-04 Birth Mr. & Mrs. John Coulston of Austin, a boy, September 4, 1892.
1900 Birth Wayne Bishop was a son of Mr. & Mrs. George Bishop, born in 1900.
1909-02 Divorce Cynthia A. Smith vs. Arthur B. Smith, divorce granted February 1909.
1909-02 Divorce Divorces Granted: February 1909, Anice Nelson vs. John Nelson
1909-02 Divorce Hattie M. Monroe vs. L.F. Monroe, divorce granted February 1909.
- Social Charles Lee and Erwin Lee of Wellsville visited their cousin D. T. Hauber and attended Mrs. Ryan’s funeral.
- Social Eben Peasley is visiting his cousin, Frank Patterson
- Social Frank Gee was a half brother of A. A. Presho.
- Social Leon Gee is a grandson of Mrs. N. Wakefield Hubbard.
- Social Martin Carey went to Philly to visit his daughter Mrs. H. L. Cobb and family.
- Social Mr. & Mrs. B. F. Langdon attended the funeral of his sister, Mrs. William Hart of North Bingham.
- Social Mr. and Mrs. Riley Ives of Stannard visited at West Pike.
- Social Mr. S. Lee and wife of Derrick City visited his sister, Mrs. B. J. Baker and then went to Andover to visit.
- Social Mrs. Charity Gridley, widow of the late Elijah Gridley has returned to Ulysses from Marathon, N.Y.
- Social Mrs. Elijah Gridley left Ulysses for New York State. At present she goes to Bodgetts Mills, Cortland County, N.Y. She married Elijah Gridley and came here from that vicinity 21 years ago.
- Social Mrs. Louisa Hosley and son James Hosley are visiting in Ulysses from Goodland, Kansas. They moved there six years ago.
- Social Rev. Abram Kimball and his sister, Mrs. K. Shutt have been visiting relatives in Dansville, N.Y.
1885-07-08 Social Mr. & Mrs. Barna Daniels celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary, July 8, 1885.
1889-02-14 Social The William Moyer’s have moved to Mich. Where Mrs. Moyer’s father lives. (Oswayo News, February 14, 1889)
1890-01 Social George W. Freeman of Paradise, Mich. is visiting his brother C.F. Freeman. He moved to Mich. 20 years ago. (January 1890)
1890-02 Social Jay Goodnough of Emporium is visiting his brother L.G. Goodough of Ulysses (February 1890)
1890-04 Social Daniel Baker a resident of Perryville is moving to Michigan.
1890-06 Social Miller Gridley of New York City has moved back to Ulysses and is staying with his brother, M.W. Gridley. He used to live here years ago. (June 1890)
1890-07 Social Frank Monroe of Big Rock, Mich. Is visiting friends and relatives in Ulysses. July 1890.
1891 Social Joshua Baker of Wellsboro is visiting his son Thomas at Gold.
1891-02-22 Social Mrs. Elijah Gridley was 82 years old on February 22, 1891.
1891-09 Social Mrs. H.H. Kies’ uncle, John L. Neff, aged 85 yrs. of Cuba, N.Y. visited her last week. (Sept 1891)
1892-01-11 Social George Monroe of Big Rock, Mich. Was among his friends last week. January 11, 1892
1892-09 Social John Swanson, citizenship papers, September court, 1892.
1892-10-07 Social Mr. & Mrs. Cale Gridley of Ulysses celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, October 7, 1892. at Whitesville, N.Y.
1892-12-27 Social Mr. & Mrs. W. C. Alexander of Genesee, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, December 27, 1892.
1893-07-17 Social A.J. Henry, wife and six children formerly of Ulysses, came from St. Paul, Neb., July 17, 1893 for a visit. They went west over twenty years ago.
1893-08-09 Social W.A. Monroe is in the west in Indian Territory. August 9, 1893.
1893-12-27 Social Mr. & Mrs. Lemuel Hammond of Galeston celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, December 27, 1893.
1894-12-06 Social Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Mansfield of Spring Mills celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, December 6, 1894.
1894-12-14 Social Mrs. Rhoda Harvey celebrated her 95th birthday, December 14, 1894 at West Bingham, Pa.
1895-02 Social Mrs. Rexford of Gaines is very ill. Her daughters Mrs. Hammonds and Mrs. Courtwright are with her. (February 1895)
1895-03 Social Frank Monroe of Atlanta, Mich. Is visiting in Ulysses. March 1895.
1895-05 Social George Parshall is back from visiting his parents in Mich. May 1895.
1895-09 Social Mrs. Sarah Douglass of Lewisville will be 94 in December. Her brother Abner Redner will be 100 in September 1895.
1908 Social Benjamin Green of Richburg visited his son Erville Green and daughter Mrs. M.F. Kidney of Raymond. (1908)
1908 Social Isaac Linsey of Galeton visited his sister, Mrs. George Hauber of Harrison Valley in 1908.
1908-06-17 Social Carl Lehman and family of Port Allegany spent the week-end with his sister, Mrs. D.J. Whipple. (June 17, 1908)
1908-10 Social Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Byam of Nile, N.Y. are visiting at Daniel Fuller’s (October 1908).
1909 Social Mrs. Kate Monroe of Ford Hill was a sister of Lee Wallace. (1909)
1909-03-20 Social Mrs. Ephraim Morley was 78 years old on March 20, 1909.
1909-05-11 Social Jerome Harvey was 84 years old on May 11, 1909.
1909-06-09 Social C.E. Monroe, formerly of Gold, Pa., started for Montana today. June 9, 1909.
1909-07-24 Social Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Baker went to Andover, N. Y. to attend the wedding of their nephew, Byron A. Clair Jr. to Miss Blanche W. Chaffee, July 24, 1909. They were married at the home of the bride’s aunt Mrs. Amelia Cottrell.
1909-08 Social Harry Ellis Jr. lives in Gibsonburg, Ohio (August 1909).
1909-10 Social Mrs. Clayton Monroe and four children have went to join her husband in the west. (Oct 1909)
1909-10-19 Social Mrs. Rufus Hosley was 90 years old October 19, 1909.
1910 Social Mrs. Vine Johnson and Mrs. J.N. Crowell were sisters.
1910-06-22 Social The Freeman Reunion, June 22, 1910. Front page. Good.
William E. Freeman of Long Beach, California
R.A. Freeman of Salamanca, N.Y.
Nelson Freeman of Salamanca, N.Y.
John E. Freeman of Coudersport, N.Y.
Mrs. L.F. Jackson of Machias, N.Y.
Mrs. A.M. Goof of Millopirt, Pa. [sb. Goff of Millport]
Mrs. Rocella Baker of Coudersport
George W. Freeman of Paradise, Mich.
1910-08 Social Mrs. F. D. Baker of Belmont visited her son Raymond Baker near Ulysses, August 1910.
1910-08-31 Social Baker’s reunion, good. August 31, 1910 Ulysses Sentinel.
1910-12-14 Social Bakers came from the West after 30 years to visit Ulysses December 14, 1910 (under local news).
1911 Social Isaac Byam of South Dakota is visiting his niece, Mary F. Chase and other friends in Gold (1911).


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