High School Class of 1949

Shinglehouse. Pa.,  Potter Co.

Submitted by PHGS Member Mike Henderson

Updated by Neil E. Ferguson from the 1949 yearbook Gleaner


1. W. Keyser 2. P. Washburn 3. V. Hyde 4. J. Jackson 5. H. Howard 6. W. Scott 7. M. Press 8. J. Jackson 9. J. Ferguson
10. P. Austin 11. J. Pearsall 12. E. Yeager 13. D. Freeborn 14. M. Howard 15. Yvonne Ferguson 16. R. Carroll 17. J. Costello
18. R. Rowley 19 B. Lawton 20. M. Wetzel 21. M. Graves 22. G. Taylor 23. J. Gross 24. B. Shepard 25. D. Rosenwie 26. J. Sackinger 27. J. Kapp

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