Near Oswayo, Oswayo Twp
GPS Coordinates: 41°54'30.52"N, 77°57'22.36"W

On 244, drive east of Oswayo for 3.5 miles. At the Y intersection with Nelson Run road, turn left onto Nelson Run road.
Cemetery is visible across the field on your left in about 100 yds. There is a mowed path to the cemetery.
In this old cemetery, most graves are marked only by broken stone bases.

From the road

Note five broken stones
Photos by Barb Hyde - October 2009

Transcribed from the records of the Potter County Historical Society by Barb Hyde, 2008
Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.
* denotes a birthdate calculated from the given death date and age at death.

COLE, Althea. Spouse of Henry. Born 10-10-1758*, died 3-10-1852. Age: 93y 5m 0d - Born in MA. (1850 Allegany Census) - 1
COLE, Elihue. Born 3-31-1791, died 12-31-1876. Age: 85y 9m 0d - Born in VT. (1850 Allegany Census) - War of 1812 Vet1
COLE, George E. Born 11-15-1829*, died 5-25-1865. Age: 35y 6m 10d - GAR Born in NY. (1850 Allegany Census) - Civil War Vet1
COLE, Henry. Born 5-31-1825*, died 9-11-1826. Age: 1y 3m 11d - 1
COLE, Samuel. Born 5-12-1837*, died 3-24-1841. Age: 3y 10m 12d - 1
DAGGETT, Edward. Born 1839, died 4-20-1901 - Born in ME. (1860 Allegany Census) - 7
DAGGETT, Henry D. Born 8-??-1788*, died 2-29-1862. Age: 73y 6m - [Details unreadable] (1860 Allegany Census) - 7
ELLIS, George T. Spouse of Rebecca J. Cole. Born 2-18-1823, died 8-27-1902 - Son of Consider Ellis. Father of Amasa and Oscar. Born in PA. Eight children. (1850 Genesee, 1860 Allegany, 1900 Oswayo Census) - 2
ELLIS, Rebecca Jane (Cole). Spouse of George. Born 1827, died 1892 - Eight children. Maiden name may be Rice. See 1850 Genesee Census - 2
ELLIS, Fannie M. Spouse of W. L. Born 7-12-1859*, died 10-26-1878. Age: 19y 3m 14d - 6
PARKER, Catherine J. Born 1843*, died 7-17-1862. Age: 19 - Dau of Eiljah and Eunice Parker. Born in PA. (1860 Allegany Census) - 3
PARKER, Hiram. Born 12-??-1844*, died 1-27-1862. Age: 17y 1m - Son of Eiljah and Eunice Parker. Born in PA. (1860 Allegany Census) - 3
PORTER, Charlie. Born 1-??-1891*, died 2-??-1891. Age: 1m - Son of J. L. and Agnes Porter - 4
PORTER, Mary. Born 2-??-1890*, died 3-??-1890. Age: 1m - Dau of J. L and Agnes Porter - 4
UNKNOWN, Lucy. Born ??, died ?? - [Large stone, only given name. Stone is gone in 2009.] - 5

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