GPS Coordinates: 4141'4.80"N, 7810'41.29"W
Cemetery is above Reed Run road as you drive south from Keating Summit in a grove of hemlocks - very derelict.
Compiled from the records of The Potter County Historical Society and PHGS by: Charles & Kathleen Heffner

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Photo by Barb Hyde

There are many damaged and unreadable stones in this neglected little cemetery. Also, judging from the gaps between the stones that do exist, it is likely that most of the burials in this cemetery are unmarked. There is a row of military service markers, but they are not associated with graves.

** See link below for VanVolkinburg Family
BURLEW, Charles W. Born 10-2-1859, died 1-11-1936. Age: 76y 3m 9d
BUTLER, Archie. Born 1902, died 1902 - Funeral home marker
BUTLER, Bertha. Born 1887, died 1917
BUTLER, Charles A. Spouse of Julia A. Webster. Born 4-29-1843, died 7-19-1924. Age: 84 - Civil War Vet, Co B, 86th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Wounded twice.
BUTLER, Forrest G. Born 6-5-1899, died 5-7-1912 - Son of Claud and Ella M. Butler. (1900 Keating Census)
BUTLER, Fredie. Born 1915, died 1915 - Funeral home marker
BUTLER, Julia Ann (Webster). Spouse of Charles A. Born 10-9-1848, died 1-29-1912. Age: 63 - Dau of Jared and Amy (Daughtery) Webster, Born in Lansing NY, died in Port Allegany PA.
CANNON, Pearl. Born 4-8-1909, died 4-17-1909 - Dau of John B. and Ethel Cannon
DAY, Mary. Spouse of E. E. Day. Born 1885, died 1908
GLOVER, Thomas Adelbert. Born, died 11-18-1906. Age: 56 - Son of Thomas and Kate (Rivant?) Glover. Born in PA, died in Potter County PA
GOODWIN, Albert C. Spouse of Pearl Phillips. Born 1915, died 4-28-1960 - Son of Lewie and Emily (Lockwood) Goodwin. Born in Dents Run PA, died in LeRoy NY.
GOODWIN, Emily L. (Lockwood). Spouse of Lewie. Born 1895, died 1972 - Five children
GOODWIN, Lewie. Spouse of Emily lockwood). Born 1893, died 1968 - Five children
HAYNES, Catherine Althea (Quick) [Katie]. Spouse of William S. Born 11-1851, died 4-11-1908 - Dau of Samuel and Hannah J () Quick of Wayne Co PA. Wed abt 1870 in Wayne Co, three children.
HAYNES, William Sherwood. Spouse of Catherine A. Quick. Born 9-29-1845, died 2-15-1931 - Son of Joseph and Amelia (Kent) Haynes. Born in Delaware Co NY, died in Mercer Co PA. Wed abt 1970 in Wayne Co PA, three children.
HILL, Elnora. Born 1916, died 1917 - Funeral home marker (Switzer). No other information.
HILL, Henry. Born 1912, died 1914 - Funeral home marker (Switzer). No other information.
HOOKS, Findley Edward. Born 4-24-1893, died 2-9-1978 - Born in Armstrong Co PA, died in Emporiaum PA. At least two sons - WW I Vet, US Navy
JONES, Ethel. Born 3-2-1895, died 8-11-1895 - Dau of Jared and Stella G. (Mitcheltree) Jones
JONES, Jared F. Spouse of Estella G. Mitcheltree. Born 9-13-1868, died 3-27-1901 - Son of Van Buren and Harriet M. (Webster) Jones. Born in Steuben Co NY, died in Potter Co PA. Wed 8-12-1889 in Olean NY, six children.
KELLY, Harry W. Born 7-1886, died 4-9-1889. Age: 2y 9m. - Son of John and Emma M. Kelly
LEIGHTLEY, Dorothy LaRue (Blystone). Spouse of Clyde O. Born 7-17-1916, died 7-1-1982 - Dau of Peter O. and Lottie E. (Boyer) Blystone. At least seven children. Hand-chiseled stone
LEIGHTLEY, Gregory Wade. Born 10-7-1970, died 9-2-1973 - Son of Larry M. and Anna Maria (Clancy) Leightley. - Post-Vietnam, US Army, Pfc.
LEIGHTLEY, Larry Mark, Jr. Born 10-7-1969, died 10-7-1989 - Son of Larry M. and Anna Maria (Clancy) Leightley. Born in Kittanning PA, killed in an auto accident in Leesburg Louisianna while stationed at Ft. Polk LA. - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Army, PFC
LEIGHTLEY, Larry Mark, Sr. Spouse of Anna M. Clancy. Born 3-10-1950, died 3-1-1977 - Son of Clyde and Dorothy (Blair) sic Leightley. Born in Kittanning PA, killed in electrical accident at home. Wed 10-15-1968, four sons.
MCCANN, Katie Ann (Rinehults). Spouse of Willliam. Born 7-22-1874, died 7-19-1938 - Dau of John and Margaret Ella Rinehults. Born in Brockway PA, died in Keating Summit.
MCCANN, William. Spouse of Katie A. Rinehults. Born 11-11-1863, died 7-28-1944 - Born in PA, died in Coudersport PA.
MCCORD, Ivy M. (Kelley). Spouse of James R. Born 10-20-1891, died 6-17-1909 - Dau of D.E and Lillian (Butler) Kelley. Born, lived, and died in KeatingSummit PA.
MCLEOD, Alex D. Spouse of Sophia J. Born 8-10-1860, died 5-18-1905 - In 1900 Keating Census: Born in Canada, wed 7 years, one daughter.
MCLEOD, Sophia J. Spouse of Alex D. Born 6-1868, died 1953 - In 1900 Keating Census: Born in Sweden, wed 7 years, one daughter.
MITCHELTREE, John Dingle. Spouse of Martha J. Clark. Born 3-9-1837, died 3-2-1918. Age: 80y 11m 21d - "Son of ? And Mary Ann (Hevner) Mitcheltree. Born in Clinton Co. John, Becky, Martha and all 10 their children lived amicably and openly together for 32 years.
" - Civil War Vet
MITCHELTREE, Martha Jane (Clark). Spouse of John D. Born 4-16-1837, died 12-22-1928 - Dau of Henry Clark and Abigail Ford. From Jersey Shore, died in Keating Summit. No Marker. (1900, 1910 Keating Census)
MITCHELTREE, Ned P. Born 6-5-1908, died 10-20-1908
MITCHELTREE, Pauline (Parker) [Polly]. Spouse of William. Born 10-27-1888, died 10-12-1908 - Dau of Noah and Gertrude (Moor?) Parker of Gardeau, McKean Co. Died of Typhoid. Prob mother of Ned.
MORE, Charlotte M. Spouse of Harry M. Born 5-24-1880, died 4-14-1907. Age: 26y 10m 21d
MORE, Leo T. Born 5-7-1900, died 8-8-1900 - Son of Harry M. and Charlotte M. More
QUICK, Samuel E. Born, died 5-8-1889. Age: 63 - Civil War Vet
RINEHULS, Elsie. Born 1897, died 1898 - Dau of Frank B. and Mina (Raywinkle) Rinehuls. Born and died in Keating Summit.
RINEHULS, Frank B. Spouse of #1 Sarah Louger, #2 Mina Raywinkle, #3 Rebecca Wiltsie. Born 2-11-1858, died 4-1-1921 - Son of Henry and Larinda (Trask) Rinehuls. No children with Sarah wh0 d. 9-16-1880. Eight children with Mina. Two children with Rebecca.
RINEHULS, Frederick Eugene. Born 12-23-1887, died 2-3-1962 - Son of Frank B. and Mina (Raywinkle) Rinehuls. Born in Keating Summit PA, died in Port Allegany PA. At least four children.
RINEHULS, Henry. Born 10-30-1905, died 10-29-1907 - Son of Frank B. and Rebecca (Wiltsie) Rinhuls. Born in PA, died in Austin P
RINEHULS, Mina (Raywinkle) Frank B. Born 1867, died 1897 - Dau of William Frederick ad Eliza Raywinkle. Born in PA, died in Keating Summit. Eight children, died same year as last child, Elsie.
RINEHULS, Rebecca C. Spouse of William. Born 1848, died - Probably not wife of William H. Rinehuls, this cemetery. She was 40 years older than William H. and the only son of William H. was born when she was 60.
RINEHULS, Tracy. Born 1896, died 1896 - Son of Frank B. and Mina (Raywinkle) Rinehuls. Born and died in Keating Summit PA
RINEHULS, William Henry. Spouse of Not named. Born 1885, died 5-6-1923 - Son of Frank B. and Mina (Raywinkle) Rinehuls. Born in Keating Summit PA, a railroad worker. Killed by a train at Niagara Falls. One son, born 1908.
RINEHULTS/RINEHULTZ, Charles E. Born 4-25-1889, died 4-23-1915 - Son of John and Margaret E. Rinehultz. Born in Clarion Co PA, died in Austin PA
RINEHULTS/RINEHULTZ, John Margaret Ella. Born 9-30-1848, died 8-10-1921 - Son of John and Hilanda (Riant) Rinehultz. Born in Williasmport PA, died in Keating Summit.
RINEHULTS/RINEHULTZ, Margaret Ella John D. Born 11-29-1855, died 12-19-1917 -
SACKETT, Lennie. Born 4-26-1879, died 3-22-1888. Age: 8y 10m 25d - Son of A.J. and M. Sackett
SLADE, Lawrence - Small metal cross that says Baby. No dates, fo other information.
SNYDER, Alfred C. Born 1905, died 1976 - Funeral home marker: Switzer
SNYDER, Alton O. Spouse of Meta B. Born 1913, died 1981 - Son of Stanley and Alice (Lounsbury) Snyder.
SNYDER, Harry. Born 1893, died 1926 - Son of John and Elizabeth Snyder.
SNYDER, Julius Michael. Spouse of Eunice. Born 4-13-1865, died 7-1-1949 - 1900 Keating census: Born in PA, wed 9 years, four children.
SNYDER, Meta B. Spouse of Alton O. Born 1906, died 1997 -
SUMMERSON, Myrtle A (Vanvolkinburg). Spouse of Orville Ce. Born 4-8-1892, died 12-11-1912 - Dau of Amsey and Anna (Matthews) VanVolkinburg. Born, lived, and died of ruptured appendix in Keating Summit. One son.
VANVOLKINBURG, Olee Irwin. Born 11-20-1897, died 11-1918 - Son of Amsey and Anna (Matthews) VanVolkenburg
VANVOLKINBURG, Sanford. Spouse of #1 Amy Jenkins, #2 Mary Ann Johnson. Born 12-1816, died 6-26-1894. Age: 77 - Born in NY, died in PA. Two children with Mary Ann.
WEAVER, Alice Snowie. Born 1885, died 1888 - All names on one large stone. No other information.
WEAVER, Bird Lansing. Born 1878, died 1888 - All names on one large stone. No other information.
WEAVER, Della Maud. Born 1874, died 1888 - All names on one large stone. No other information.
WEAVER, Rosell. Born 1854, died 1888 - All names on one large stone. No other information.
WING, Edward Lorenzo. Born 8-23-1909, died 6-10-1911 - Son of William Henry and Lola Luella (Hart) Wing

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