Soldier's Memorial in Coudersport, PA
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Potter County's memorial to its veterans is in the courthouse square behind the courthouse. The column for the memorial was raised on December 20, 1874. On the four sides of the base of the column are engraved the names of the soldiers who died in the Civil War, organized by township. The 318 names were carved by Joseph Schwartzenbach, the brewer from Germania, who was also a talented stonecutter. In April of 1887, the statue of a Civil War soldier was placed on the top of the column to complete the monument. The completed monument was dedicated on June 8, 1887.

More recently, the monument has been expanded to honor all veterans. Four stone benches, World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam, face the monument. Behind them is a low wall with a center stone that says



The list of soldiers who died is a historic list, even though we know it is incomplete. The names of the soldiers inscribed on the base of the monument are:
South Face (Front) East Face North Face (back) West Face

Daniel Higley Judd
Adolphus J. Nelson
David Dayton
John Ross
Jeremiah J. Burd
George Cole
William Rogers
Perry Brown
William James
John Peet
George Byam
Carson Wilson
Henry Byam
Allen Hatch
John D. Burd
Chelson Bunnell
Huwlet Smith
Darius Brown
Philo Baker
William G. Raymond
Danial Elisha Smith

Allen Bennett
Joseph Kile
Leonard H. Merrick
William N. Howe
Girden M. Perry
John Graham
Daniel Monroe
Ephriam Kile
Valorus C. Merrick
Levi Hann
Abram Williams
Chandler C. Crum
Ezra Daniels
Calvin Morris
Washington W. Eddy
Fredus Bacon
Frones H. Cutler


John Staysa
Daniel S. Morey
Ira Chandler
Charles Welch
Henry Smith, Jr.
David Baker
Orrin S. Chandler
Joel Terwilliger
George Wakeley
Uriah Robinson
Niles K. Bessy

George W. Barr
John L. Burt
Abel C. Card
John W. Clark
Angelo Crapsey
John J. Dingman
Lewis A. Fisher
Almeron N. Lyman
John Maltby
David Marsh
John McDowell
William R. Pomeroy
Francis Reed, Jr.
Gardner Sheldon
Lawrence Stratton
Andrew Jackson Thompson
Martin Weimer
Samuel Grace

Samuel Schofield
Uriah Glace
Lorentus Cole
Elijah McNamara
Frank Crook
Loren Haggedorn
Hoxie Austin
R. C. Cannon
Lewis H. Yeomans
William McCann
William B. Jenkins

C. C. Cavanaugh
John Amidon
Dennis Clancy
Isaac E. Seely
James M. Barlow
Martin V. Ryan
Roger Rooney
Washington Wilson
Ira Downs
John V. Plants
Matthew Roach

Daniel Clark, Jr.
John Blackman
Ransom Fessenden
Charles H. Hydorn
Winfield Goodwin
George W. Higley
Benjamin Higley
Francis Davis
Leonardo J. Clark
Andrew W. Estes
Hosea B. Harris
Burdsell Harris
A. George Post
George W. Luce
Martin White
Edward Bickford
Cassius Strong
Roswell Burton
Almeron G. Burdick
Monterville Monroe
Lewis Higley
Ransom Higley
Nelson Campbell
Henry Hollenbeck
William VanWickle
John Phillips
Smith B. Finch
Chauncy VanWegen
Henry Ingram
George W. White
Moses R. Phillips

Dennis H. Chesbro
William B. Ayers
John Dereamer
Matthew O. Crosby
Almond M. Chesbro.
Austin Ayers
Mahlon Dereamer
Henry Hadley
George C. Rossiter
Charles J. Earle
Solomon Foster

George Haight

Joseph A. Dingee

Jirah R. Munson
Henry M. Munson
Benjamin R. Goff
John D. Barger
Joseph P. Miller
Wilson Hyatt
Jonathan Oles
Patrick M. Dermott
Henry Snath
Orson Kenyon
William Brizzee
John Brizzee
Cassius M. Cole
Eneas H. Munson
Edward Morley
Nathan A. Goff
William W. Robbins
Alvin B. Harris
James Badger
Edgar Furman
Gilbert M. Kenyon
William M. Wilcox
Leroy West
Milton Merwin
Samuel Stilson
Silas Andrus
George K. Hodge, Jr.
Abner Fosmer
Thomas Kenyon
D. W. Stiles
Henry Seneca Welsh

Barnet F. Stebbins
Asa Toombs
A. J. Northrup
Luman Warringer


John Butler

Ashley Leach
John Wilkinson
Rook Wilkinson
Thomas Wilkinson
Warren Owen
Joshua Owen
Jared Abbott
W. W. Little
James Brooks
Francis Surdam
James Blackman
Harlow Button
Oscar Webb
Charles Johnson
Simeon Ellis
George Vincent
Jackson Persing
Orlando Sunderlin
Stephen L. Loucks
John Douglass
Samuel Rogers
Sylvester Burdick
Alvin Martin
Austin Weeks
Peter Davis

William F. Stone
Samuel Stone
John A. Thomas
Redner Springer
John Springer
George Kennada
Henry Williams
Leonard Williams
John Harrison
George Ellis
Levi Ellis
Alva Palmatier
Burt Palmatier
William H. Raymond
Manassa Courtwright
George Kibbe
Harvey Warner
Henry Cummings
Leonard Fletcher
George Morgan
William Coston
Peter VariSickles
Harvey J. Warner
James Cotton
Theodore P. Metcalf
John W. Palmatier
M. Fay Sibel
Jeremiah Springer
Charles Worden

Henry McDowell
William Haynes
John Haynes
Philip Haynes
Amasa Eastwood

Stephen Redson
Elijah Willoughby

Andrew J. Ward
Chester Miles
Daniel D. Butler
Nicholas Palmeter
J. N. H. Bell
Alonzo Wagoner
Gottlieb Hundredmark.

M. B. Carson
James Logue
George Cooper

Orange A. Lewis
Judson Brown
Collins Brigham
Americus Byam
Abram Close
Duick Whipple, Jr.
Willard Whipple
Obediah Johnson
Raymond Calhoun
Edward Torrey
Melville Torrey
George Torrey
Nathan Torrey
Ephriam E. Howe
James T. Douglass
John Harris
Abram VanGelder
Rev. Charles Wilson
Andrew J. Swift
Sheldon M. Gibbs
Lester Fling
Luther Armstrong
Nelson Labar
James Haddock
Russell Perkins
Oliver Crum
Claudius Slade
Gilbert P. Whipple
Morris Schlessinger
Asa Shaver
Frederick Walters

Elliott A. Kilbourne
Walter S. Youngs
John H. Youngs
Samuel D. Youngs
Charles McCumber
George W. Howe
James Alvord
Walter B. Trask
Hiram Wilcox
Erastus Riley

Edwin A. Starkweather
Alfred Chapel
John S. Hulbert
Levi R. Preston
Charles McKenster
Harlow Mead
Jacob Burbank
Charles Terrett
Spencer Press
William H. Brightman
Joseph Pierce
Peter Rockefellow
William E. Rockefellow
Millard Hopkins
Winfield Hopkins
Richard Matteson
Cyrus Warner
Roscoe Warner
David Terwilliger
Beniah Terwilliger
John Covert
Alvin W. Kinney
Henry Mattison
Robert Bessy
William Hitchcock
Edmund Duel
James W. Vesper
Charles H. Johnson
William Peterson
Henry Goble
Henry Carpenter
George H. Barnes
Monroe Barnes
Edward Burslem
John Haynes
Welcome S. Coats
Elisha T. Blanchard
Lyman Allen
Ed. Griffith
Frank Norwood
Allen C. Barnes
Lot Crawford
Elijah C. Gilbert
Mendall C. Whitney
George White
Marvin Corwin
Hiram Pierce
Henry Hitchcock
Kingsley Snyder
William H. Hanyan
Elmer D. Kellogg
John Reckhow
Lewis A. Wood
Stratton Blanchard
Fred VanLiew
Wilder Wheeler
William S. Moore
Marion Sherwood
James B. Perry
Charles Christman
John Tompkins
John Hay
Hosea Perrin
Nichols Bradley
Volney Mix
Horace Pratt
Abel B. Sparks
Mendall L. Wilson

Warren W. Wetmore

Seth McMullen
Warren Mahon
Albert Card
John Jordan, Jr.
William Ross
Isaac W. Rounds
Dunham Courtwright
Abraham Courtwright
Horace Taylor
William Horton
Thomas Logue
George Cooper
Brewster Foster
Christopher Corwine

Chester Knickerbocker
James Thurston

Mathew Fetzer
Fred Schultheis
Charles Helfrecht
Jacob Braun
Frank J. Knik
Daniel Boligh
Newton Nelson

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