Coudersport Track Team 1922-23

Submitted by M.E.Bryant

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Back row L to R Willis Elliott, Guy Abson, Paul Potter, ----- Currier, Charles James

Mark ( Fergie ) Ferguson, Pat Dieter, Ferdinand ( Ferdy ) Gunzberger, Steve McGonal,

Seymor -----, Henry Staiger the Coach

Front Russell Moshier, Howard Smith, Jack Luft, Eugene Gillon,Edward Gillon.

Coudersport Graduation Class of 1923

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Back row L to R Porter Hunting, Arthur Menschel, Walden Breunle, Eugene Gillon,

Mark Ferguson, Minnie Mosch, Lucille Sonnekalb, Varta Huntington, Betty Luft, Walter Wells, Ferdinand Gunzberger, Charles James and Roy Goodenough

Middle Ruth Kelly, Daisy Frobel, Helen Fath, Claire Lawler, Francis Lignian, Helen Dieffenbacher, Hazel Holloran, Metta Nelson, Ruth Kidney and --------

Front Haven Clark, Arthur Beck, George Walen, harold Higley, Walter Gustwick, Vivian Patterson, Guy Abson, Lloyd Jones, Jack Luft.

Coudersport Senior trip to Mt. Vernon June 1923

Back L to R Prof. Retan, Roy Goodenough, Walter Gustwick, Haven Clark, Jack Luft, Marjorie Farly (teacher), Carlton Wolz, Betty Luft, Lloyd Jones, Guy Abson, Arthur Beck, Minnie Mosch, Mark Ferguson.

Front Mette (or Millie ) Nelson, Harold Higley, Frances Lignian, Charles James, Helen Fath, Ferdinand Gunzberger, Lucille Sonnekalb, Arthur Menschel, Ruth Kelly, Walter Wells, Daisy Frobel, Eugene Gillion, Helen Dieffenbacher, George Walen, Hazel Halloran and Weldon Breuhle.


I was getting this Article ready and my brother Neil said it would be so much better if we knew the names of the Class. As things happen, I saw an  article in the Olean Times Herald about a Ferdinand Gunzberger who was still serving in Potter Co. at age 95. I then called PHGS member Mikell in Coudersport, PA to see if she could get in touch with Ferdy, as he is called. I asked her to explain to him what we were doing and see if he could meet him at  the Historical Building  in Coudersport. I took the pictures to him and introduced myself. I told him about reading the article in the Olean Times Herald and he said he didn't know why they had to go and do that. He is a wonderful person and has a great sense of Humor. He had no trouble at all remembering the names of all these Students. He and my Father, Mark J. Ferguson were both in the graduation Class and on the track team. They called him Ferdy and my Dad Fergie.

When I asked him if I could use his name for this article he said it was ok as long as no one called him about getting their name wrong. He wants no fuss make about him, he said. I must say that day at the Historical Building in Coudersport, Pa he had the full attention of at least 6 women, and we were all making a fuss over him. Thank you Ferdy for a wonderful afternoon.

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