West Branch Twp.
GPS coordinates: 4141'42.29"N, 7738'21.51"W
Take 144 south from Galeton for 3 mi. Cemetery is on the right in the open before reaching the Button Hollow Rd that turns off to the left.
This cemetery is also known locally as South Branch Cemetery

Photo by Barb Hyde

Walked by Donna & Misty Allen
Updated with contributions from our users

Many of the entries that say no other info were just the name only on the stone.
There were numerous funeral markers too faded to read. Several had info that had fallen out leaving just holes.

Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.

ANDEREGG, Peter. Spouse of Mararitha Huber/ Katharina Huber. Born 1839, died 1926 - Son of Melchior and Elizabeth (Imdorf) Andregg, born in Switzerland. MARGARITHA AND Katharina were sisters.Wed Margaritha 9-28-1871 in Switzerland, 5 children. Wed Katharina in 1895 in PA. (1920 West Branch Census)
BENTLEY, Bertha (O'Bryan). Born 3-7-1903, died 6-1-1930
BENTLEY, Donald Edwin. Born 8-6-1920, died 8-1-1962 - WW II Vet, US Navy, GM2
BENTLEY, Edwin D. Born 1-6-1896, died 10-20-1969 - WW I Vet, 81st Field Arty, Pfc
BUTTON, Amos. Spouse of Flora Dailey. Born, died - No other info
BUTTON, Carolyn V. Spouse of Charles A Sr. Born 12-18-1942, died uncut
BUTTON, Charles A Sr. Spouse of Carolyn V. Born 7-7-1932, died 6-24-1998
BUTTON, Edward A. Spouse of Grace Carlin. Born 12-4-1924, died 8-14-1994 - WW II Vet, US Army, Pfc
BUTTON, Eugene. Born, died - No other info
BUTTON, Flora M () Dailey. Spouse of David V. Dailey/ Amos. Born 1888, died 1963
BUTTON, Grace (Carlin). Spouse of Edward A., Sr. Born 12-20-1926, died 9-23-2010. Age: 83 - Dau of Glenn and Bessie Mae (Dailey) Carlin. Wed 9-6-1947 at Nunda NY, 5 children.
BUTTON, Henry A. Spouse of Lois. Born 6-10-1901, died 12-1967 - Son of Henry and Sylvia Button (1920 West Branch Census)
BUTTON, Infant. Born, died - Infant child of Steven Button
BUTTON, Iyger. Born, died - No other info
BUTTON, James. Spouse of Louise E. Christian. Born 10-8-1930, died 5-26-2006. Age: 75 - Son of Henry and Lois Button, born in West Pike PA.
BUTTON, Jessie. Spouse of Addie. Born 1865, died 1932 - (1920 West Branch Census)
BUTTON, Lena. Born 1864, died 1960
BUTTON, Lois. Born 1908, died 1971
BUTTON, Mary Adelaide [Addie]. Spouse of Jessie. Born 1878, died 1932 - (1920 West Branch Census)
BUTTON, Simon P. Born 1893, died 1965
BUTTON, Steven E. Born 3-24-1928, died 12-23-1995
DAILEY, David. Born 7-26-1927, died 1-14-1998
DAILEY, Lucy. Born, died - No other info
DAILEY, Nancy L. Born 1895, died 1985
DAILEY, Paul [Pete]. Born, died - No other info
DAILEY, Sally. Born, died - No other info
EARL, Orvel. Born, died - Civil War Vet, GAR - Co D 136th PA Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company on May 29, 1863.
EDWARD, David. Born 6-7-1968, died 12-23 2001
GOBB, John. Born 1876, died 1916
GREEN, William. Born 1865, died 1946
HANLON, Wayne F. Born 1953, died 1960
HENDRICK, unknown. Born 1847, died 1939
HILL, Mott Hall Myrtle M. Manning. Born 4-12-1861, died 8-29-1933 - Son of John and Eliza Harriet (Bower) Hill, born at Clareyville NY.
HILL, Myrtle Melissa (Manning) Mott M. Born 1869, died 1938 - Born at Clareyville NY.
HUGGLER, Nancy M. Born 1966, died 1967
HUGGLER, Shannon. Born 1965, died 1965 - Son of Casper J. and Leona (Lovell) Huggler.
HUGGLER, Terry Lynn. Born 1960, died 1960 - Son of Casper J. and Leona (Lovell) Huggler.
JENKINS, Lora B. Born 1886, died 1932
JOHNS, Charles. Born 1865, died 1923
JOHNS, Elizabeth S. Born 1902, died 1920
JOHNS, Mary. Born 1869, died 1955
JOHNS, Mrs. Born, died - No other info
JOHNS, Ore Mae. Spouse of William C. Born 1912, died 1967
JOHNS, William C. Spouse of Ore Mae. Born 1895, died 1979
LILES, Jesse A. Born, died 5-14-1928 - WW I Vet, Missouri Corp 18th Div
MATTISON, Etelka (Robinson). Spouse of Raymond E. Born 5-10-1930, died 3-18-2014. Age: 83 - Dau of Lorenzo and Sarah (Griffin) Robinson. Born in Galeton, a homemaker. Four children
MATTISON, Raymond E. Spouse of Etelka Robinson. Born 3-23-1926, died 12-27-1994
MONROE, Natasha L. Born 1981, died 1983
NEWCOMB, Edna R. Born 8-29-1911, died 10-1911 - Dau of Henry and Mary (Smith) Newcomb
NEWCOMB, Elton L. Born, died 11-5-1918 - Son of Henry and Mary (Smith) Newcomb
O'BRYAN, Constance O. Born 1900, died 1910
PAUL, Addie M. (Button). Spouse of Jacob R. Born 1895, died - No other info. (1920 West Branch Census)
PAUL, Dorothy. Born, died - No other info. Dau of Jacob and Addie M. (Button) Paul.
PAUL, Ella. Born 1908, died - No other info. Dau of Jacob and Addie (Button) Paul. (1920 West Branch Census)
PAUL, Harold W. Born, died - No other info. Son of Jacob and Addie (Button) Paul. (1920 West Branch Census)
PAUL, Isaac. Born 5-1893, died 6-1935
PAUL, Jacob R. [Jake]. Spouse of Addie M. Button. Born 1884, died - No other info. (1920 West Branch Census)
PAUL, Richard. Born, died - No other info
PROUTY, Charles. Born, died aft 1890 - Civil War Vet, Co D, 136th PA. Vols, Pvt. GAR
PROUTY, Daniel. Born 7-1875, died 1951 - Son of Charles and Sally M. (Cobb) Prouty, born in West Branch Twp.
STREDICK, Edward A. Spouse of #1 ?, #2 Laura Ellen Dailey. Born 1-23-1932, died 10-26-2015. Age: 83 - Son of Carl and Helen (Klatt) Stredick, born in Regina, SK, Canada, died in Hornell NY. Five children from first marriage. Wed
STREDICK, Laura Ellen (Dailey). Spouse of Edward A. Born 5-19-1924, died 8-30-2016. Age: 92 - Dau of David and Flora M. (Button) Dailey, born in Westfield PA, died in Hornell NY. No children named, (He d. 10-26-2015)
SWAN, Mabel. Born 8-1-1894, died 11-21-1985
TAYLOR, Wallace H. Spouse of Wilma Butler. Born 1907, died 1970
TAYLOR, Warren. Born, died - No other info
TOUCHE, William [Billy]. Born 1931, died 1938
UNKNOWN. Born, died
WELCH. Born, died - No other info
WELCH, Bert. Born 1870, died 1937
WELCH, Ethel. Born, died - No other info
WELCH, Hendrick. Born 1847, died 1939
WELCH, Ida E. Born 1880, died 1963
WINDERS, Blanche E. Spouse of Giles T. Born 1889, died uncut
WINDERS, Giles L. Born 7-26-1917, died 2-1981
WINDERS, Giles T. Spouse of Blanche E. Born 1889, died 1956
WINSLOW, Edward Delos. Born 2-12-1908, died 8-26-1962 - Son of Erwin D. and Rosa Lorena (Prouty) Winslow, born in Westfield PA.
WINSLOW, Irwin D. Born 1881, died 1971 - Given name also Erwin, Ervin.
WINSLOW, Rose L. Born 11-13-1892, died 1984 - Dau of Hiram Carson and Minnie (Impson) Prouty.

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