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Last updated on April 27, 2016


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 Updyke  All  McDowell,Michael L.
 Usher  Bradford  Usher, Gay
 Van Arnam  Chautauqua  Cordray,Erin Phelan
 Van Sickle  McKean  Thomas,Joan M.
 Van Wormer  Cattaraugus  Raymont, Joan Day
 VanAlstyne  Steuben  Wallace, Bob
 Vanamburg  Steuben  Pierce,Caroline
 Vanarsdale  Cattaraugus  Kidder, Bonnie
 Vanarsdale  Chautauqua  Kidder, Bonnie
 VanBrunt  Steuben  VanBrunt, Harry D.
 VanBrunt  Potter  VanBrunt, Harry D.
 VanBrunt  McKean  VanBrunt, Harry D.
 VanBrunt  Chautauqua  VanBrunt, Harry D.
 VanBuskirk  Allegany, Potter, Steuben  Morten,Barbara
 VanCampen  Allegany, Cattaraugus, Steuben  Conway, Linda
 VanCise  Cattaraugus  Washburn, Carl
 Vancurn  Allegany, Steuben  Kemp, Linda
 Vandermark  McKean  Ruiz, Patricia
 Vandermark  Allegany  Ruiz, Patricia
 Vandernick  Potter  Washburn, Carl
 Vandernick  McKean  Washburn, Carl
 VanFleet  Steuben  Hope, John
 Vangelder  Steuben  Veazie, Bruce
 Vangelder  Allegany  Short, Linda J.
 Vangelder  McKean  Short, Linda J.
 Vangelder  Potter  Short, Linda J.
 Vangelder  Steuben  Short, Linda J.
 Vanglider  Potter  Przybysz, Linda
 Vangorder  All  McDowell,Michael L.
 Vangorder  Steuben  Veazie, Bruce
 VanGorder  Potter  Sawyer, George
 VanGorder  Tioga PA  Sawyer, George
 VanHorn  Allegany  Schwind, Ron
 VanHouten  Steuben  Oteham,Linda
 VanKlomp  Chautauqua  Henneberry, Alice M.
 Vansickle(s)  McKean  Henneberry, Alice M.
 Vantine  Cattaraugus, McKean, Potter, Steuben  Lawry, Robert
 VanWegen  Potter  Sippel, Glenda
 Vanwickle  Allegany  Ward, Robert
 Vanwinkle  Allegany  Van Winkle, David
 VanWormer  Cattaraugus  Henneberry, Alice M.
 VanWormer  Steuben  Woodcock, Barbara R.
 Vanzile  Potter  Jensen, Amanda
 Vaughan  Cattaraugus  Vaughan-Emig, Janet
 Vaughan  Allegany  Vaughan-Emig, Janet
 Vaughan  Cattaraugus  Schultz, James E.
 Vaughan  Allegany  Schultz, James E.
 Vaughan  Cattaraugus  Roblee, Phil
 Vaughan  McKean  Vaughan-Emig, Janet
 Vaughn  Cattaraugus  Vaughan-Emig, Janet
 Vaughn  Cattaraugus  Roblee, Phil
 Vaughn  Allegany  Vaughan-Emig, Janet
 Vaughn  McKean  Vaughan-Emig, Janet
 Veazie  Steuben  Veazie, Bruce
 Vecellio  Cattaraugus, McKean  Monti, Dominic
 Vennard  Cattaraugus, McKean  Monti, Dominic
 Venuto  Steuben  Giometti, Paul
 Vincent  Allegany, Cattaraugus  Emmons, Sidney
 Vincent  Chautauqua  McIntyre, Norman & Sandra
 Voak  Steuben  Woodcock, Barbara R.
 Vogt  Steuben  Vogt,Tom
 Volts  Steuben  Zimmer, Carl
 Voltz  Allegany  Andera,Cathy

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