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 Sabin  Steuben  Powers, Bonita Ann Ordway
 Sadler  Chautauqua  Sadler, Linda
 Sage  Chautauqua, Cattaraugus  Sage,Matthew M.
 Sager  Steuben  Woodcock, Barbara R.
 Samhammer  Steuben  Zimmer, Carl
 Sammons  Steuben  Kiser, Sharon Stephens
 Sample  Cattaraugus  Robins,Sara
 Sample  Cattaraugus  Sampson, Caryl
 Sanden  Chautauqua  Kidder, Bonnie
 Sanford  Steuben  Canfield,Bob
 Saterlee  Steuben, Allegany  Emerson, Jean M
 Sattora  All  Cedeno,Mary
 Sauerbier  Steuben. Livingston  Moran, Alyce J.
 Saunders  Allegany  Emerson, Jean M
 Saunders  Allegany  Sherwood, Debra
 Sawdy  Steuben  Woodcock, Barbara R.
 Sawyer  Steuben  Reed, Shirley Kay
 Sawyer  Potter  Reed, Shirley Kay
 Sawyer  Allegany  Reed, Shirley Kay
 Sawyer  Steuben  Sawyer, George
 Saxton  Steuben  Wolfanger, David B.
 Scadden  Chautauqua  Sadler, Linda
 Schiefen  Steuben  Schiefen, Clark
 Schlosser  Cattaraugus  Tumser, Ann
 Schmeider  Steuben  Smyder, Dorothy
 Schmidtikrosky  Potter  Gregory, William
 Schnieder  Cattaraugus  Himes, James & Audrey
 Schoenemann  Cattaraugus  Tumser, Ann
 Schoenemann  McKean  Tumser, Ann
 Schoonover  Cattaraugus, Potter, Steuben  Hatch, Lorraine
 Schoonover  Allegany  Schoonover, Daniel
 Schoonover  ALL  Schoonover,Mike
 Schoonover  McKean  Schoonover, Daniel
 Schoonover  Potter  Schoonover, Daniel
 Schoonover  Steuben  Schoonover, Daniel
 Schoonover  McKean  Swain, Melinda
 Schott  McKean  Tumser, Ann
 Schott  Cattaraugus  Tumser, Ann
 Schrader  Cattaraugus  Warrior, Mary Jane
 Schroeder  Cattaraugus  Klahn, Elroy
 Schroeder  Steuben  Schroeder, D.W.
 Schryver  Livingston and Steuben  Schryver,Jane Mader
 Schults  Steuben  Vogt,Tom
 Schwalb  Allegany  Schwalb, Eleanor
 Schwartz  Cattaraugus  Klahn, Elroy
 Schwedt  Allegany  Officer, Cherie
 Schwedt  Cattaraugus  Officer, Cherie
 Scott  All  Lunn,Tim
 Scott  Allegany, Cattaraugus  Emmons, Sidney
 Scott  Allegany  Lee, Albert
 Scott  Cattaraugus  Milks, Brian
 Scott  All  Nickloy,Russ
 Seager  Steuben  Ness, Thomas
 Seager  Cattaraugus  Ness, Thomas
 Seager  Crawford  Taylor,Vera JEan
 Seamons  Tioga  Sippel, Glenda
 Searle  Allegany, Cattaraugus  Emmons, Sidney
 Sears  Allegany  Sears, Cliff
 Seely  McKean  Sharpley, Joyce
 Seely  Chautauqua  Sharpley, Joyce
 Seely  Steuben  O'Donnell, Phillis A.
 Seely  Cattaraugus  Sharpley, Joyce
 Seely  Allegany  Sharpley, Joyce
 Seely  Steuben  Sharpley, Joyce
 Seely  Potter  O'Donnell, Phillis A.
 Seely  Potter  Sharpley, Joyce
 Senn  Cattaraugus  Ford,Linda
 Session  McKean, Potter  Kiser, Sharon Stephens
 Sexton  Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Allegany  Carroll,Pat
 Shaff  Tioga  Sippel, Glenda
 Shaffer  Cameron, Potter  Butler,Lorraine
 Shane  All  Jimerson,Cathy
 Share  McKean  Vine, Barbara
 Share  Steuben  Vine, Barbara
 Share  Potter  Vine, Barbara
 Sharp  Steuben, Allegany, Luzerne  MacAuley,Pat
 Sharpe  Cattaraugus, McKean, Potter, Steuben  Lawry, Robert
 Shaut  Steuben  Tulloch, Sherry
 Shaver  Steuben  Smith,Scott
 Shaw  McKean  Crowley, Don
 Shean  Chautauqua  Evans,Holly
 Shedd  McKean  Wessel,Robert
 Sheffield  Cattaraugus  Phillips, Wendy
 Sheldon  Cattaraugus  Tasch,Barbara
 Shenfiel  Cattaraugus  Lake,Timothy
 Sherwood  McKean  Sherwood, Garry F.
 Sherwood  Allegany  Sherwood, Debra
 Sherwood  Cattaraugus  Sherwood, Debra
 Sherwood  Potter, McKean, PA and Allegany, Steuben, NY  Pokryfke,Phil
 Sherwood  Tompkins  Sherwood, Debra
 Sherwood  Allegany  Sherwood, Garry F.
 Sherwood  Cattaraugus  Sherwood, Garry F.
 Sherwood  Chautauqua  Sherwood, Garry F.
 Sherwood  Steuben  Sharpley, Joyce
 Sherwood  Allegany, Potter  Day, Kerry
 Sherwood  Potter  Sherwood, Debra
 Sherwood  Potter  Sherwood, Garry F.
 Sherwood  Steuben  Sherwood, Garry F.
 Sherwood  Cattaraugus  Taylor, Isaac
 Sherwood  McKean  Taylor, Isaac
 Sherwood  Potter  Taylor, Isaac
 Shipman  Steuben  Schwartz, Janet Wilkinson
 Shirt  Al  Coonrad,Suanne
 Shoemaker  Steuben  Prentice, Maryalice
 Shoff  Potter  Winne, Pat
 Sholts  Steuben  Kiser, Sharon Stephens
 Shongo  All  Jimerson,Cathy
 Short  McKean  Short, Linda J.
 Short  Allegany  Short, Linda J.
 Short  Steuben  Short, Linda J.
 Short  Potter  Short, Linda J.
 Shreve  Chautuaqua  Rood,M Sue Walker
 Shufelt  Steuben  Smith,Max
 Shults  Steuben  Tulloch, Sherry
 Shures  Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Steuben  Griffin,Roberta
 Signor  Allegany, McKean, Potter  Crooks, Mary Jane
 Sikes  Potter, McKean  Muller, Bill
 Silloway  Chautauqua, Erie  Myers,Marilyn
 Silverheals  All  Jimerson,Cathy
 Simmons  McKean  Henneberry, Alice M.
 Simmons  McKean  Vaughan-Emig, Janet
 Simmons  Tioga PA  Vaughan-Emig, Janet
 Simons  Steuben  Edgecomb,Beverly
 Simpson  McKean, Steuben, Cattaraugus  Holley,Christine A.
 Simpson  Chautauqua  Drewniak, John
 Sims  Steuben, Allegany  Giometti, Paul
 Skala  Poland  Woodgie, John
 Skea  Allegany  Hoffman, Julie
 Skillman  Cattaraugus  Davie, Janet L. Wheeler
 Skinner  Allegany  Sherwood, Debra
 Skinner  Cattaraugus  Sherwood, Debra
 Skinner  Steuben  Sherwood, Debra
 Skiver  Steuben  Rosinski, Marie
 Skiver  Potter  Rosinski, Marie
 Skiver  McKean  Rosinski, Marie
 Skiver  Chautauqua  Rosinski, Marie
 Skiver  Cattaraugus  Rosinski, Marie
 Skiver  Allegany  Rosinski, Marie
 Skotnik  Poland  Woodgie, John
 Slingerland  Allegany, Potter, Steuben  Messing, Becky
 Sloan  Allegany  Sloan, Charles R.
 Sloan  Potter  Sloan, Charles R.
 Sloan  McKean  Sloan, Charles R.
 Sloan  Cattaraugus  Sloan, Charles R.
 Sloat  Potter  Donovan, Jeanie
 Sluyter  Steuben  Lewis, Heather
 Smallman  Cattaraugus  Smallman,Beverly
 Smiley  Chautauqua  Myers,Marilyn
 Smith  Chautauqua  Unger,Gloria
 Smith  Steuben  Smith,Scott
 Smith  Steuben  Woodcock, Barbara R.
 Smith  All  Jimerson,Cathy
 Smith  Allegany and Cattaraugus  Sheret,Gordon
 Smith  Steuben  Supon,Maureen
 Smith  Allegany  Glady,George E.
 Smith  Steuben  Cappello,Gina
 Smith  Steuben  Smith,Max
 Smith  Potter  Winne, Pat
 Smith  Wyoming  Winne, Pat
 Smith  Steuben  Cary,Betty
 Smith  Potter  Cary,Bety
 Smith  Allegany, Cattaraugus  Emmons, Sidney
 Smith  Cattaraugus  Ewing, Chuck
 Smith  Allegany  Lee, Albert
 Smith  Cattaraugus  Lee, Albert
 Smith  Steuben  Lewis, Heather
 Smith  Allegany  Moes, Julia A.
 Smith  All  Poules, Silvia
 Smith  McKean  Rice, Richard & Dona
 Smith  Chautauqua  Roblee, Phil
 Smith  Allegany  VandenOever, Ginette
 Smith  Allegany  Wesley, Carolyn
 Smith  Cattaraugus  Wesley, Carolyn
 Smith  McKean  Winne, Pat
 Smith  McKean  Stevens,Rebecca
 Snakard  McKean  Snakard, Chuck
 Snakard  Chautauqua  Snakard, Chuck
 Snow  Chautauqua  Strickland, Peggy
 Snow  Cattaraugus  Snow, Wallace M.
 Snow  Cattaraugus  Patterson, Claudia
 Snow  Chautauqua  Snow, Wallace M.
 Snyder  Cattaraugus  Zimmer, Carl
 Snyder  Cattaraugus  Himes, James & Audrey
 Snyder  Cattaraugus, McKean  Snyder,Carl L.
 Snyder  All  Jimerson,Cathy
 Solarek  Cattaraugus  Wright-Mays,Judy
 Sortore  Allegany  Shipp, Sharon
 Soule  Cattaraugus  Huff, Janice & Charles
 Soules  All  Poules, Silvia
 Southwick  Chautauqua  Merow, David
 Southwick  Cattaraugus  Merow, David
 Southworth  all  Zins, Betty
 Spahn  Steuben  Barbes,Nichol
 Spaulding  ALL  Thomson,Jennifer
 Spaulding  Steuben  Spaulding, Susan
 Spencer  Steuben  Marvin,Charles
 Spencer  Allegany  Redell, Nana
 Spencer  Steuben  Kiser, Sharon Stephens
 Spencer  Ostego, Albany  Weitzel,Mark
 Spiller  Cattaraugus  Rice, Richard & Dona
 Spiller  McKean  Rice, Richard & Dona
 Splain  McKean  Crowley, Don
 Spoor  Steuben  Sherwood, Bruce Sr
 Sprague  Steuben, Chenango  Sprague,Thomas Edward
 Sprague  Steuben  Prentice, Maryalice
 Sprague  Steuben  Sawyer, George
 Sprague  Tioga PA  Sawyer, George
 Sprague  Allegany  Schwind, Ron
 Sprague  Cattaraugus  Schwind, Ron
 Sprague  Cattaraugus  Harden,Jeanne (Huntington)
 Springer  Tioga  Sippel, Glenda
 Springer  Potter  Sippel, Glenda
 St Clair  Allegany  Prentice, Maryalice
 Stady  Cattaraugus  Klahn, Elroy
 Stanford  all  Zins, Betty
 Stannard  Potter  Jensen, Patricia S.
 Stannard  Allegany  Jensen, Patricia S.
 Stanton  Steuben, Allegany  Castillo,Karen S.
 Stark  McKean  Wooten, Jean Stark
 Stark  McKean, Potter  Ernst-O'Brien,Jackie
 Stark  Cattaraugus  Hansen,Christina
 Starkey  Allegany, Cattaraugus  Scidmore,Phyllis
 Starks  Cattaraugus  Hansen,Christina
 Starkweather  VT, Cayuga, Chautauqua  Harden,Jeanne (Huntington)
 Starring  Chautauqua  Foster,Charles R.
 Statham  Potter  Wilson,Madelyn
 Statk  Potter, McKean  O'Brien,Jackie
 Stebbins  Cattaraugus  Foster,Charles R.
 Stebbins  Cattaraugus  O'Hara, Ann
 Stephens  Allegany  Reed, Shirley Kay
 Stephens  Potter  Reed, Shirley Kay
 Stephens  Steuben  Kiser, Sharon Stephens
 Stephens  Cattaraugus  Raup, Bette & Robert
 Stephens  Steuben, Tioga PA NY  Moran, Alyce J.
 Stephens  Potter  Raup, Bette & Robert
 Stephens  Allegany  Gardner,Sue
 Stephens  Steuben  Raup, Bette & Robert
 Stephens  Steuben  Stephens, Roland M.
 Stephens  Cattaraugus, Steuben, McKean  Smallman, Beverly
 Stephens  Cattaraugus  Stephens, Roland M.
 Stephens  Steuben  Reed, Shirley Kay
 Stephens  Allegany  Wilck, Debbie
 Stephens  Steuben  Wilck, Debbie
 Sterling  Cameron, Potter  Butler,Lorraine
 Sternberg  Chautauqua  Taylor ,Vera Jean
 Stevens  Potter  Warensford,Judy
 STEVENS  Allegany  Stevens,Robert
 Steward  Chautauqua  Oelheim, Ann
 Stewart  Steuben  Schifani, Stephen
 Stickles  McKean  Henneberry, Alice M.
 Stiffer  All  Jimerson,Cathy
 Stiffler  Potter, McKean, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Allegany  Russell,Kay
 Stillman  Allegany  VandenOever, Ginette
 Stillman  Allegany  Dunshie, Max
 Stillson  Cattaraugus, McKean, Potter, Steuben  Lawry, Robert
 Stilson  Steuben  Przybysz, Linda
 Stilson  Potter  Przybysz, Linda
 Stilson  Cattaraugus, McKean, Potter, Steuben  Lawry, Robert
 Stilson  Allegany  Przybysz, Linda
 Stives  Steuben, Potter, McKean, Allegany  Stives,Don Jr.
 Stives  Cattaraugus  Henneberry, Alice M.
 Stives  Allegany  Emerson, Jean M
 STOCKMAN  Allegany  Stockman,George
 STOCKWEATHER  Allegany, Livingston  Stockman,George
 Stocum  Tioga PA  Sears, Cliff
 Stokes  Steuben  Schifani, Stephen
 Stone  Allegany, Cattaraugus  Emmons, Sidney
 Stone  Cattaraugus  Merow, David
 Stoughton  Cattaraugus  Lake,Timothy
 Stout  Cattaraugus  Rice, Richard & Dona
 Straight  Allegany, Cattaraugus  Emmons, Sidney
 Strait  Cattaraugus  Trounstine, Deborah
 Strait  Allegany  Trounstine, Deborah
 Strang  McKean  Henneberry, Alice M.
 STRATTON  Steuben  Williams,Barbara
 Stratton  Cattaraugus  Foster,Charles R.
 Straub  Steuben  Buck,Joyce Straub
 Strickland  Cattaraugus  Strickland, Peggy
 Strikenberg  Chautauqua  Peterson,Craig
 Strong  Cattaraugus  Davis ,Elizabeth E.
 Strong  Steuben  Tulloch, Sherry
 Stryker  Allegany, Potter, Steuben  Morten,Barbara
 Stuart  McKean  Short, Linda J.
 Stuart  Potter  Short, Linda J.
 Stuart  Allegany  Short, Linda J.
 Stuart  Steuben  Short, Linda J.
 Stuck  ALL?  Everhart,Georgia
 Sturgis  Chautauqua  Sturgis, Anne
 Sturgis  Steuben  Sturgis, Anne
 Sullivan  Allegany  Connor, Charles & Susan
 Sumner  Allegany  White, Mary E.
 Svensson  Potter  Pfleuger, Geraldine
 Svensson  McKean  Pfleuger, Geraldine
 Swain  Steuben  Rogers,Esther L
 Swan  Steuben  Hicks,Cindy Jo
 Swan  Steuben  Sprague,Thomas Edward
 Swanson  Chautauqua  Rude,William R.
 Swanson  Chautauqua  Bennink,Dawn
 Swarthout  Allegany  Hill,Kathy
 Swarthout  Allegany, Seneca, Yates  Hope, John
 Sweeney  Allegany, Steuben  Cagney,Roberta
 Sweeney  Allegany, Steuben  Cagney,Roberta
 Sweet  Allegany  Gardner,Sue
 Sweet  Clymer, NY  Bennink,Dawn
 Swift  Allegany  Reid, Anita
 Swift  Cattaraugus  Reid, Anita
 Symons  Steuben, Chautauqua, Allegany  Pettit,Marcia
 Taggart  Potter  Messing, Becky
 Taggert  Potter  Mills,Duane "Skip"
 Talladay  Steuben  Smith,Max
 Tallchief  All  Jimerson,Cathy
 Tanner  Allegany, Potter, Steuben  McCaffery, Donna
 Tanner  Chautauqua  Kellett,Teresa
 Tanner  Allegany  Wells, Sheri Nolan
 Tanner  Steuben  Wells, Sheri Nolan
 Tanner  Cattaragus  Wells, Sheri Nolan
 Tarbell  Allegany  Moes, Julia A.
 Tarbox  Cattaraugus  Foster,Charles R.
 Taylor  All  Jimerson,Cathy
 Taylor  Allegany  Taylor, Isaac
 Taylor  McKean  Taylor, Isaac
 Taylor  Steuben  Taylor, Isaac
 Taylor  Allegany  Taylor, Ronald
 Taylor  Allegany  Henneberry, Alice M.
 Taylor  All  Lunn,Tim
 Taylor  Cattaraugus  Reid, Anita
 Taylor  Allegany  Reid, Anita
 Taylor  Potter, McKean  Taylor,Jay
 Taylor  Allegany  Kiser, Sharon Stephens
 TAYLOR  Steuben  Williams,Barbara
 Taylor  Steuben  Goodman, Susan
 Taylor  Allegany, Cattaraugus  Emmons, Sidney
 Taylor  Potter, McKean  Taylor,Vera Jean
 Tenbuckle  Chautauqua  Sadler, Linda
 Terry  Niagra, NY  Haskins,Roger A.
 Terwilliger  Cattaraugus  Twilliger,Laura
 Teuscher  Potter  Messing, Becky
 Thielges  Potter  Hyde, Barbara
 Thomas  Allegany, Catt, Chaut, Steuben  white,Jud and Debra
 Thomas  Potter  Reed, Shirley Kay
 Thomas  Allegany  Wright, Florence
 Thomas  Steuben  Reed, Shirley Kay
 Thomas  Allegany  Reed, Shirley Kay
 Thomas  All  Lunn,Tim
 Thomas  Steuben  Cady,Anne
 Thomas Brown m. Jane Jane 'O'Connell--Ellicottville  Cattaraugus  Ehle,Loretta
 Thomas Brown m. Jane Powers-- Ellicottville  Cattaraugus  Ehle,Loretta
 Thompson  all  Roush, Linda A.
 Thompson  Chautauqua  Bennink,dawn
 Thompson  Potter  Brown,Jaince Webster
 Thompson  All  Coonrad,Suanne
 Thompson  Cattaraugus  Roblee, Phil
 Thomson  ALL  Thomson,Jennifer
 Thorpe  Cayuga  Hope, John
 TIETZ  Cattaraugus  Pervier, Cheryl
 Tifft  Allegany  Dunshie, Max
 Tilburg  Potter  Garrett, Donna
 Tillinghast  Cattaraugus  Ribbeck,Cynthia L
 Titus  All  Jimerson,Cathy
 Tobias  Cattaraugus  Stephens, Roland M.
 Tobias  Steuben  Stephens, Roland M.
 Tobias  Cattaraugus, Steuben  Polmanteer,Bill
 Todd  All  McDowell,Michael L.
 Toland  all  Schery, Harold
 Tolland  all  Schery, Harold
 Tolles  Steuben  O'Connell, Dennis M.
 Tomb  All  Beaver,Janice
 Tomer  Steuben  Sherwood, Bruce Sr
 Tompins  Allegany, Steuben  Cagney,Roberta
 Torrey  Potter  Winne, Pat
 Towne  All  Nickloy,Russ
 Towne  All  NIckloy,Russ
 Towner  Allegany  VandenOever, Ginette
 Towner  Potter  VandenOever, Ginette
 Towner  Steuben  Edgecomb,Beverly
 Townsend  Steuben  Goodman, Susan
 Towsley  Steuben  Kiser, Sharon Stephens
 Trask  Allegany  Kilmer,David
 Trask  Chautauqua  Gregory, William
 Travis  All  Beaver,Janice
 Tremain  Tioga PA  Sawyer, George
 Tremain  Steuben  Sawyer, George
 Trenchard  Steuben  Tulloch, Sherry
 Trenney  Potter  Stephan, Dianne
 Trescott  Allegany  Wright, Florence
 Trial  Allegany, Cattaraugus, Steuben  Conway, Linda
 Trowbridge  Steuben, Allegany  Nettleton,Wes
 Truckenmiller  Potter, McKean, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Allegany  Russell,Kay
 Tubbs  Steuben  Murphy, R. Terry
 Tubbs  McKean, Steuben  Magid, Jan
 Tucker  Steuben  Woodcock, Barbara R.
 Tully  Steuben  O'Hara, Ann
 Tumser  Cattaraugus  Tumser, Ann
 Tumser  McKean  Tumser, Ann
 Tuneberg  Chautauqua  Peterson,Craig
 Turner  Allegany, McKean  Maxson, Dan And Sally
 Turpening  Steuben  Willis,Vicki L.
 Tuttle  Chautauqua  Waxham, Robert
 Twichell  Allegany, Cattaraugus, Erie  Cooney,Ethel Twichell

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