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 Quick  Allegany  Taylor, Ronald
 Quick  Potter  Haskins,Roger A.
 Quick  Allegany, McKean  Maxson, Dan And Sally
 Quigley  Potter  Torrence, Edward
 Quigley  Cattaraugus  Stephens, Marge
 Quigley  Steuben  Flanagan, Vesta
 Quimby  Potter, Allegany  Wilcox,Janet
 Quimby  Wayne  Sweeney, Sally T.
 Quimby  Steuben  Quimby, Al
 Quinn  Cattaraugus  Griffin, James
 Quinn  Allegany  Griffin, James
 Quinn  Steuben  Griffin, James
 Quinn  ALL?  Everhart,Georgia
 Quirk  Allegany, Cattaraugus  Scidmore,Phyllis
 Raint  Potter  McAllister,Mary
 Randall Clark Wilber  McKean  Haefele,Greg
 Randolph  All  Crooks, Mary Jane
 Ransom  Yates  Roe, LaVerna J.
 Ransom  Steuben  Phillips,Robert J.
 Ransom  Ontario  Roe, LaVerna J.
 Rasey  Cattaraugus  Rice, Richard & Dona
 Rau  Allegany, Catt, Chaut, Steuben  White,Jud and Debra
 Rawleigh  Allegany  Swain, Melinda
 Rawleigh  Steuben  Swain, Melinda
 Ray  All  Jimerson,Cathy
 Raymond  Potter, Allegany  Tasch,Barbara
 Raymond  Potter  Grover,Jerry
 Read  Steuben  Jackson, Jean Kay Morse
 Reagan  Cattaraugus  Martin, Judy
 Reardon  Cattaraugus  Rodrigue, Gerald
 Reddy  Cattaraugus  Knepley,Matt
 Redeye  All  Jimerson,Cathy
 Redfield  McKean  Lugg, Anna
 Redington  McKean  Maynard, Thomas A.
 Redington  Potter  Maynard, Thomas A.
 Redner  Chautauqua  Davis ,Elizabeth E.
 Redner  Cattaraugus  Davis ,Elizabeth E.
 Reed  Allegany  Reed, Shirley Kay
 Reed  Orleans NY & Ontario  Moran, Alyce J.
 Reed  McKean  Rice, Richard & Dona
 Reed  Steuben  Reed, Shirley Kay
 Reed  Potter  Reed, Shirley Kay
 Rees  Potter  Martin, Kathie
 Regan  Allegany, Steuben  Cagney,Roberta
 Reiller  All  Jimerson,Cathy
 Reimer  Potter  Reimer, Alvin
 Remington  Cattaraugus  Milks,Frank L.
 Rexstrew  All  Eaton-Christensen,Maria M.
 Reynolds  Cattaraugus  Huckins,Lisa
 Reynolds  Allegany  Cary,Betty
 Reynolds  Allegany  Sippel, Glenda
 Reynolds  Allegany  Luedeke, Richard & Hope
 Reynolds  Cattaraugus  Luedeke, Richard & Hope
 Reynolds  Potter  Messing, Becky
 Reynolds  Steuben  Rittmeyer, Deborah (Deb)
 Reynolds  Potter  Sippel, Glenda
 Reynolds  Potter  Rittmeyer, Deborah (Deb)
 Rhoades  McKean, Potter  Ernst-O'Brien,Jackie
 Rice  Allegany  Wells, Sheri Nolan
 Rice  Cattaraugus  Oaks, Janet
 Rice  Cattaraugus  Officer, Cherie
 Rice  Cattaraugus, Steuben  Hollands, Steve
 Rice  Steuben  Quimby, Al
 Rice  Cattaraugus  Rice, Richard & Dona
 Rice  Steuben  McCutchan, Alice C.
 Rice  McKean  Rice, Richard & Dona
 Rice  Steuben  Sawyer, George
 Rice  Potter  Stephan, Dianne
 Rice  Allegany  Officer, Cherie
 Rich  Allegany  Noether, Lynn
 Richey  Steuben  Kiser, Sharon Stephens
 Rickerson  McKean  Wallace, Bob
 Rickerson  Cattaraugus  Wallace, Bob
 Rider  Steuben  Bowen, Tom
 Rider  Erie  Klahn, Elroy
 Riley  Steuben  Tuppen, Meredith
 Ring  Cattaraugus  Steffin,Nancy Ring
 Riordan  Cattaraugus  Rodrigue, Gerald
 Ripley  Steuben  Giometti, Paul
 Ripley  Steuben  Najarian, Lilian
 Rising  Steuben  Dilts, Thomas
 Ritchie  Potter  Torrence, Edward
 Roat  Allegany, Cattaraugus  Emmons, Sidney
 Robak  Cattaraugus  Robak Jr.,Eugene L.
 Robarts  Allegany  Robarts, Kathy
 Robarts  McKean  Robarts, Kathy
 Robarts  Cattaraugus  Robarts, Kathy
 Robbins  McKean  Przybysz, Linda
 Robbins  Cattaraugus  Przybysz, Linda
 Robbins  Allegany  Przybysz, Linda
 Robbins  Allegany  Usher, Gay
 Robbins  Potter  Przybysz, Linda
 Robbins  Allegany  O'Hara, Ann
 Roberts  Chemung, Tioga, Bradford  Lehrer,Linda
 Roberts  McKean, Potter  Herbstritt, Larry
 Roberts  Potter  Wilck, Debbie
 Robertson  Steuben  Powers, Vicki
 Robertson  Yates  Powers, Vicki
 Robinson  McKean  Linda,Wagner
 Robinson  Steuben  Schaaf, Laurie
 Robinson  Steuben  Eldridge, Theresa
 Robinson  Potter  Reed, Shirley Kay
 Robinson  Allegany  Reed, Shirley Kay
 Robinson  Steuben  Short, Linda J.
 Robinson  Steuben  Reed, Shirley Kay
 Robinson  Potter  Short, Linda J.
 Robinson  Allegany  Short, Linda J.
 Robinson  McKean  Short, Linda J.
 Robinson  Steuben  Powers, Vicki
 Roblee  Cattaraugus  Roblee, Phil
 Rockwell  McKean  Short, Linda J.
 Rockwell  All  Coonrad,Suanne
 Rockwell  Steuben  Short, Linda J.
 Rockwell  Allegany  Short, Linda J.
 Rockwell  Potter  Short, Linda J.
 Rodee  Catteraugus, Chautauqu, Steuben  Huggins, Daniel
 Roe  Tioga  Sippel, Glenda
 Roe  Ontario  Roe, LaVerna J.
 Roe  Yates  Roe, LaVerna J.
 ROFF  Steuben  Williams,Barbara
 Rogers  Cattaraugus  Stephens, Marge
 Rogers  Allegany  Usher, Gay
 Rogers  Potter, Allegany  Tasch,Barbara
 Rogers  Cattaraugus  Rogers, Patricia
 Rohan  Steuben  Wasser, Jeanne Rohan
 Root  Allegany  Powers, Vicki
 Root  McKean  Short, Linda J.
 Root  Potter  Short, Linda J.
 Root  Steuben  Short, Linda J.
 Root  Allegany  Short, Linda J.
 Root  All  McDowell,Michael L.
 Root  Cattaraugus  Turner,Bonny L.
 Root  Steuben  Powers, Vicki
 Rose  Steuben  Schaaf, Laurie
 Rose  Allegany, Cattaraugus  Emmons, Sidney
 Rosencrans  Steuben  Woodcock, Barbara R.
 Ross  Cattaraugus  Waterman,Nancy
 Ross  Cattaraugus  Thornton,Rosemary
 Ross  Cattaraugus  Rood,M Sue Walker
 Ross  Steuben  Woodcock, Barbara R.
 Ross  Chautuaqua  Rood,M Sue Walker
 Ross  Potter  Thornton,Rosemary
 Ross  Steuben  Thornton,Rosemary
 Ross  Chautauqua  Thornton,Rosemary
 Rossini  Steuben  Giometti, Paul
 Roth  Potter, Chatauqua  Jensen, Amanda
 Rouse  Allegany, Steuben  Cagney,Roberta
 Rowe  Steuben  Schaaf, Laurie
 Rowley  Allegany, Chautauqua, McKean  Hubennette, Edward
 Rowley  Steuben  May, Connie
 Rowley  Steuben  Sawyer, George
 Roy  Potter  Yepsen, Gladys
 Roy  Allegany  Yepsen, Gladys
 Rude  Steuben  Rude,Wiliam R.
 Russell  Potter  Foster,Thomas [Tim]
 Russell  Potter  Donovan, Jeanie
 Russell  Potter  Russell, Jim
 Russell  Potter, McKean, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Allegany  Russell,Kay
 Rutherford  Allegany  Redell, Nana
 Rutherford  Steuben  Redell, Nana
 Ryan  Steuben  Donovan,Catherine
 Ryan  Steuben  Powers, Vicki
 Ryan  Potter  Torrence, Edward
 Ryon  chautauqua, Cattaraugus  Haden,Jeanne (Huntington)

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